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Oops! AppLock
★★★★★Addictive tips, lifehacker reviews the app asunique."Hilariously brilliant and effective." - AndroidAuthority.★★★★★Oops! application locker does not use any on screenpasswordie. pin based or a pattern based locking system.We usevolume keypattern as the password. You can make any pattern usingvolumekeys, like UP UP DOWN UP.- Oops Applock is Totallyinvisible.- OopsApplock ScreenLock is most safest screenlock.-Using Oops ApplockScreenLock nobody can unlock your phone. - UsingOops ApplockScreenLock nobody even notice phone is locked.- OopsApplockScreenLock has different styles to choose.- Oops Applock isMostsecure way to lock apps.- Nobody even notice your app islockedwith Oops Applock.- Oops Applock is Simple.- Oops Applock isFun touse.- Oops Applock can lock any applications.- You cansetdifferent background for lock screen on every locked App withOopsApplock.- Transparent and Black background makes as ifyourapplication is stuck.- Fool friends with custom backgroundsusingOops Applock.Tip- While choosing custom background, make sureitmatches with your screen size to avoid clarity of theimage.Detailed How to by wonder howto, at xda forum, so i can keep in touch with you.Help meTranslatetootherlanguages
LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo
★★★ Congratulations! LOCX Applock is highly praised andrecommendedby authority media including Android Community, AndroidHeadlines, and DGtle! ★★★LOCX is the best app lock andphoto vaultfor Android, which will help you to lock apps, privatephotos,secret videos, messages and more with the safest andmostcustomized and fun way. Get the perfect guard for your phoneandsnoopers won't disturb your privacy. HIGHLIGHTS OF LOCXAPPLOCK:☆Protect private apps: Lock apps you use every day! Hideyour chatin WhatsApp or Facebook, personal accounts in Twitter orInstagram!With perfect applock LOCX is easy and 100% safe!☆ Hidepictures:With Applocker LOCX you can hide private photos in thesafest photovault and keep them invisible for the snoopers!☆ Hideprivatevideos: Keep all your private videos invisible from anyintruders!Perfect applock LOCX will safe all your secrets!☆ Lockall phoneprivacy: Using applocker you can lock contacts, messages,email,gallery or phone settings! And you never worry about snoopersmaystole your private info or your kids may buy unwanted apps.☆Putmore features into less space: LOCX App lock is now fasterandlighter than ever, taking up half as much phone memory asothers.We significantly reduce the size of APK file as low as 1.8MB.☆Material design, an all-new design: We completely redesignedthenew version of LOCX Applock and globally lead to applymaterialdesign of Google with innovation. Every little detail isattractiveand exquisite.FEATURES OF LOCX APP LOCK:► ApplicationsLocker:Secure your Android and protect all your privacy withapplicationlock protection feature. You can hide secret app insteadof theentire phone. Customized lock screen and wallpapers bring youmorechoices to choose the passcode you like between pattern andPINcode.► Photo Safe Vault: Hide and encrypt your photos and keepyourpics locked behind your pattern or PIN pad in the safestphotovault. Don’t worry about your private photos may be viewedbyothers.► Video Vault: You can hide your secret videos aswell!Intruders will never find it! ► Email Lock: Lock email andkeep itsafe and private under the passcode;► Pattern or PIN code:chooseyour own way to lock apps by choosing the lock screen stylebetweenpattern or PIN code.► Themes: We have proudly announcedlargequantities of attractive lock screen wallpapers designed bytheworld’s top designers. They are so amazing and fantastic. Youmayapply new themes and lock screen wallpaper in “LOCX App lock”>“Side nav" > “Themes”.► Chameleon - App fake cover:Disguiseyour apps lock screen to prevent from breaking into yourpassword.Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog will hidethe reallock screen. And more covers are coming soon!► InvisibleLock:Protect your secrete lock screen password from the snoopers,makeit invisible!► Delay to lock: Re-lock is not requiredwhenreturning from a brief exit, avoiding to frequently unlockandsmoothing the app switches.► Quick lock / unlock: Awesomeandconvenient. Adding new applications locker widget to yourscreen,you can take the applock enabled or disabled with just onetap.Getthe best applocker LOCX to lock your secret apps andstaytuned:Google+: for the bestapplock for Android to lock apps or photo vaultto hide pics andsecret videos? Try chameleon LOCX and protect yourprivacy with thesafest and most customizable way!
summary:Are you worried about your phone book, mobilevideopeeping.Do you worry about your phone settings aremodifiedothers.Do you worry about the phone is child-buy the game,chaoticsetting.Do you worry about losing important data, secretpeeping?Doyou want a nice lock screen?has AppLock help:He no longerhas toworry about your smartphone to your friends to play!You nolongerhave to worry that someone could see your phone!Never worryaboutyour lock screen too ugly!Do not worry about the kids buythegame!A key lock, simple, quick!Lock application to preventothersare free to buy, uninstall applications!Lock setting topreventmisuse of the phone to change the system settings!Privacylock, toprevent others from seeing your album, video and a varietyofsensitive applications!Digital Lock: Choose a variety of typesofdigital lock screen!Gesture Lock: simple and freshinterface,unlock faster!DIY Lock: Use your photos to makeapplication lockscreen, you can add filters to your photos so youcan see your mostbeautiful day!More features coming soon ...Pleasefeel free to letus know!
App lock
Lock your applications with keypad and patternEasy to use,smoothand very niceApplication lock, best app lock & privacyguard ,is the most smart Application lock !Lock message, gallery,facebook..Lock by pattern, password, keypad many types for lockapps. veryinterestingNobody can open apps without passwordDo notworry aboutthe kids buy the game!Lock settings to prevent othersfrom changingsystem settings. Really lock your phoneapplications.Lock Galleryphotos, contacts, text messages and otherpersonal privacyapplications.Lock by pattern, password, keypad manytypes for lockapps. very interestingApp Lock can lock Facebook,Whatsapp,Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings,incoming callsand any app you choose. Ensure security.You havecustomize yourlock, eg: change lock type, change background★ WithApp Lock, youwill:- Never worry about a friend borrows your phoneto play gameswith mobile data again!- Never worry about a workmategets yourphone to look the gallery again!- Never worry aboutsomeone readsprivate data in your apps again!- Never worry aboutkids mess upSettings, send wrong messages, paying games again!★★★Feature- Lockany apps(sms, Game, Photos, Videos ...)- Lock appsusing FakeForced Close pop-up- Lock apps using multiple password-Lockincoming calls- Lock system settings to prevent a mess bykids-Lock Google Play to prevent buy games, movies, books- Lockveryeffective and high security- Easy to use and fast.- Lockmessage,Lock call, Lock phone setting ...- Lower capacity, lessmemory.-Power saving mode to save battery.- App Lock can lock yourphotos ,gallery and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends . Tobe yourprivacy guard !- Full protection for your phone.- Neverworry abouta friend borrows your phone to play games with mobiledata again!-Never worry about a workmate gets your phone to lookthe galleryagain!- Never worry about someone reads private data inyour appsagain!- Never worry about kids mess up Settings, sendwrongmessages, paying games again!- Lock any apps(message, Game,Photos,Videos ...)- Lock Google Play to prevent buy games, movies,books-Support multiple devices- Support multiple language
Letters Lock Screen
★ A unique app letters lock screen where you can secure yourmobilewith letters, signature or pull gesture your password.★ Thelockscreen detects and adjusts every time the letters is createdandstored on the lock screen with their letters by as your lockscreenpassword. You can draw and save each item as the symbol ofthestar, heart, triangle, square, circle, etc., or you can useanyletters, numeric number or a signature of her as a password.★WithLetters Lock Screen, you can draw letters,shapes,numbers,signatures and contextual gestures to unlock yourphone.★ ★Letters Lock Screen top features ★ ★✔ Password (Letterslockscreen) create any letters, shape,numbers, signature, etc.providedthat. In single stroke without picking up your finger orstylus inapplication letters lockscreen.✔ Hide letters or gesturestops whendrawing with Letters LockScreen.✔ Show app notificationson lockscreen : unread messages,missed calls, music player, alarm✔Doubletap app notification to draw letters or signature to unlockandopen app.✔ Supports both single stroke (one touch drawing)andmultiple strokes.✔ Set lock your own text (name) with fontandcolor adjustment onscreen✔ Very beautiful andcrystallizewallpapers in Letters lock screen to choose forbackgrounds as wellas choose from gallery.★★ Letters Lock Screen isfor free★★ Pleasedon’t forget to review our application LettersLockScreen and giveus 5★ Stars,You will never regret downloadLetters Lock ScreenThankYou,
Lock Screen
Lock Screen Pattern is best app to create lock patterns for usewithAndroid's built-in pattern lock and have many beautiful lockscreenwallpaper.If your friends borrow your phone to play games oryouconcern your phone may be accessible by people you donotwant.Pattern Lock Screen helps you out!Main features of'LockScreen Pattern' app:✔ Set custom lock screen wallpaper,background✔Disable HOME/MENU/BACK button in Pattern Lockscreen, itmeans thatno one can access your phone without right password orpasscode(very security)✔ Security: easy to set pattern password toprotectyour phone✔ Pin this locker app to status bar forfastconfigurationHow to use Lock Screen Pattern:1. tick heartsymbol"Enable Lock Screen" (line 1).2. draw memorable pattern3.confirmpattern.This 'Lock Screen Pattern' has been testedsuccessfully onthese devices:❀ Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung GalaxyS3, SamsungGalaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5❀ Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2,Xperia Z3❀ HTCOne, HTC M8❀ LG LTE, LG2, LG3❀ Nexus 4, Nexus 5,Nexus 7With 'LockScreen Pattern', you no longer have to worry aboutanyone gettingaccess to your phone. It’s the simplest Droid Lockscreen at Googleplay store with a simple real-time lockingpattern.Just FREEDOWNLOAD and share it on Facebook, Twitter andWhatsApp.if you loveus, please leave your well comment and 5 starsto keep us alive.Thank you!If your device is not supported, pleaseemail, contact usat:
App Lock Keypad
App Lock Keypad is an app protector which can lock your e-mail,sms,photos or any app in your phone or tablet. Best feature aboutit? Itcan sound the alarm in case of intruders! With this applockyoudon't have to worry about your kids or others invading yourprivacyor messing with your phone! - Choose a passcode (password)whenopening the application for the first time.- Choose which appstolock.- Change Background.- (Optional) Access the settings screenformore options.Your apps will be password protected and only youcanopen them!
Lock screen pattern
Lock screen patternThe best lock screenThis lock screen is verysafeand high securitySimple, easy to use, highsecurityBeautifulwallpapersThis lock screen pattern is very nice,fast, simple,lowercapacity and very easy to use.Create lockpatterns to protect yourphone.Here are some of the key functions ofthe application.★ Thisapp help generate security patterns.★ A lotof beautiful wallpapersto choose ★ This lock screen allows to usewallpaper from Yourgallery★ Lockscreen, You Can create patternswith any length★Display real time clock and date in lock screen.★Custom HDbackground wallpaper .★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACK key inLockscreen,so no one can access your phone without rightpassword.★Fast, simple, smooth, high security and easy to usePleaseemail usif your device is not supported,we will try our best tosupport it.
Photo Pattern Lock Screen-DIY
DIY Lock Screen - Photo Pattern is an excellent personalizedscreenlocker app, it allows you to lock your phone with yourbelovedphotos. It is beautiful, secure and customizable.AppFeature:★DIYLocker allows you to lock your phone with your ownPhotopasscode.★Swipe up to open the OS 9 Style control center, youcaneasily access some daily used app such as flash light,calculator,Camera, music and wifi, air plane mode.★This LovePattern LockScreen contains plenty of beautiful wallpaper, livewallpapereffect with falling snow and flying firefly with magictouch.★DIYLocker Master supports sliding text customize, you canuse my nameto personalize your Lockscreen.★Classic slide to unlockscreen.Howto Use:1. Open the app settings, and tick the ""EnableLockScreen"" checkbox to enable or disable it.2. Click the""DisableSystem Lock"" if you use the system lock.3. Click the""SetWallpaper"" to switch to different beautiful backgrounds.4.Tickthe ""Pattern Lock"" checkbox if you want to use the Photopatternlocker.Please go and download our wonderful Lock Screen Apps- WOWLocker.
App Lock - Plane
AppLock Pattern Theme - Plane ✈️ belongs to the main applicationofAppLock, please download it at first! What is AppLock ? AppLockisa light app protector tool to protect your privacy in mobileapps.★ AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger,SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app youchoose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensuresecurity.★AppLock has PIN and Pattern lock, choose your favoritestyle tolock apps . Pattern lock is more easier and faster tounlock . PINlock has random keyboard. Much safer for you to lockapps . No moreworry people may peep the password or pattern. Moresafe!★RichthemesWe have built-in sets of beautiful Pattern and PINthemes foryour choice, will continue to update.★ With AppLock, youwill:🔒Never worry about a friend borrows your phone to play gameswithmobile data again!🔒 Never worry about a workmate gets yourphone tolook the gallery again!🔒 Never worry about someone readsprivatedata in your apps again!🔒 Never worry about kids mess upSettings,send wrong messages, paying games again! ——Main Features——* A keylock, simple, quick!* Lock application to prevent others arefreeto buy, uninstall applications!* Lock setting to prevent misuseofthe phone to change the system settings!* Privacy lock, topreventothers from seeing your album, video and a variety ofsensitiveapplications!* Pattern Lock: simple and fresh interface,unlockfaster!* PIN lock: random keyboard. Much safer for you tolockapps* Lock any apps using pattern(e.g Twitter, Gallery,Camera)*Home Screen Locker* Lock screen timeout* Lock 3G, 4G data,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and more* Lock new apps* Uninstallation Prevention*SetLock Time to only activate lock at certain time* Easy-to-useanduser friendly GUI——How it Works——■ Download and installtheTransparent Pattern Lock.■ Go in setting and enable the lock.■Setyour pattern.■ To unlock draw your pattern and you open thelockand see you home screen. Contact US:
AppLock – Privacy Guard & AppLocker
AppLock, best privacy guard, app protector and applocker, is asmartapp lock app!AppLock, powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLocklock themost private apps, gallery, messages and any apps with PINlock andpattern lock, giving your phone all-around privacyprotection withsafest & fastest applock app password lock.AppLock, your bestapplock and gallery lock app for android device,lock Facebook,WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat,Contacts, SMS,Gmail, Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hideand encryptprivate & sensitive photos and videos with passwordlock andpattern lock with free app lock for apps. With applockprivacyprotection, your phone privacy is well-protected, no onecan snooparound your private apps, gallery, and messages, mess upyour phonesettings. AppLock, a must-have privacy guard&applocker!AppLock-Privacy Guard &AppLockerHighlights:►AppLock:-Lock social apps: AppLock can lockWhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Wechat andMessenger.No one can peep at your private chat anymore!-Lockshopping apps:AppLock can lock Amazon, eBay, Farfetch,Net-A-Porter, and games.Prevent kids from buying unnecessaryitems!-Lock work related apps:Protect your important files andinformation safe!-Lock Android payapps: AppLock can Google Wallets,PayPal, Amazon Payments, andAndroid Pay. No one can buy anythingwithout your permission!-Lockphone settings: AppLock can locksystem settings like Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and Data. No more worry aboutphone settings got messedup by children!-Lock Play Store: AppLockcan lock Google PlayStore. Prevent children from buying unnecessaryapps andgames!►Gallery Lock: Lock gallery. Hide and encrypt privatephotosand sensitive videos behind PIN & pattern lock. No moreworryabout privacy got peeped by intruders!►Password & PatternLock:AppLock lock most private apps, hide sensitive photos &videosvia PIN lock and pattern lock. Choose your favorite way toprotectprivacy security. Password lock has random keyboard. Muchsafer tokeep privacy security safe. No more worry about people peepyourpasscode. Pattern lock is much easier and faster to unlockapps.Hide draw pattern and make draw path invisible.Ensuresecurity!AppLock-Privacy Guard & AppLocker MainFeatures:-Lockapps with password, pattern-Lock private social apps-Lock systemsettings to prevent a mess by kids-Hide and lockprivate photos& videos-Lock Play Store to prevent childrenbuying apps &games-Lock game apps to keep kids from addicted togamesAppLock useAccessibility Services to save more battery power!Please enableit!Feel free to contact us
Kitty Cat Pin Lock Screen
If you are a kitty cat lover you would definitely lovetheapplication "kitty Pin Screen Lock". The all new latest cutekittycat Pin lock screen is here to give your phone a ravishinglook.You can refresh the look of your phone by downloading thisfree ofcost application that is kitty cat Pin locker. You just havetoswipe and enter pin code as previously set Pin and your phonewillgive you access to the content of your phone. It is an easyandsecure way to protect your phone data.App Flow: When youopen"kitty Pin lock screen" app. Setting Screen will Open. EnableorDisable lock screen checkbox. When your check enable for thefirsttime you are moved to next screen where you can set the Pin asperyour desire. Your Pin must cover at least 4 digit.To experienceacoherent usage, you are advised to disable the default phonelock.For this, you can tap on the "Disable Default Lock" Optionfrom theSettings of the application "kitty Pin lock screen." Itwill moveyou to security lock screen settings of your device. Fromthere youcan disable the default lock. By doing this you will justhave toenter a single Pin of kitty screen lock to get access ofyourdevice. Else wise, you will have to unlock multiple locks.First,the Pin of kitty lock screen and then the default lock ofyourdevice.You can also change the background of the lock screen.Youare provided with several beautiful and mesmerizing cutekittywallpapers in the application other than thedefaultbackground.FEATURES:~ Enable/Disable the application fromthesettings.~ Change wallpapers from settings~ Date and Timedisplayedon Lock Screen~ FREE for everyone.~ Finest security lockscreen~ Noprivacy assaultHow to set Lock~ Enable your kitty Pinscreen lockfrom setting screen~ Set the Pin and remember itHow tounlock~Swipe Left to Right~ Enter your Pin correctly to UnlockYoucanappreciate us and suggest us if there are any improvements thatcanbe made to kitty Pin locker. You can also tell us via emailaboutany issues that you are facing while using the application. Wewillhelp you in any way possible. Please give your preciousfeedback sothat we make improvement and provide you a useful toolwith awesomeeffects. Your suggestions and feedback will behighlyappreciated!Thanks and Enjoy kitty Pin lock screen
app lock
Do you want to increase the security of your apps and stopothersfrom meddling with the apps on your phone? App Lock can helpyouimmediately!What our app does it hat it helps you lockyourapplications with a PIN or lock pattern immediately all so thatyoucan obtain the best results and astounding user experience intheend. Not only do we focus on helping you increase theoverallsecurity of your apps but we also make accessing them veryhard forthose persons that shouldn’t see/use them in the firstplace.AppLock is the ultimate tool to protect your apps and we helpyouenable or disable the lock as you see fit, you can evenchoosebetween the lock pattern and text password mode at alltimes.One ofthe main benefits of using App Lock is that it helpsyou takecomplete control over what apps you use and how you usethem, butat the same time you get complete customization optionsandincredible attention to detail.You can change the password fromtheSettings menu and you can also reset the password from theMenuoption too, which can come in handy quite a lot! Don’t hesitateandharness the power of App Lock right now, take your app securitytonew heights and keep unwanted access away fromyourcomputer.Features:• Multiple protection modes• Switchbetweenprotection modes as you see fit• Plenty of customizationoptions•Strong and very powerful app protection
love keypad lock screen
passcode lock screen protects your Android phone.lockscreenpasswordthis is best love keypad lock screen to personalizeyourlock screen with water droplets effects.we create many typesoflock screen:- love pattern lock screen- lock screen keypadphoto-lock screen slider- lock screen with water droplet effect-lockscreen passcode- iphone lock screen- os9 lock screenfeaturesoflock screen droplets:- create widget home screen for easysettings-create live wallpaper HD- set pin or password via keypadlockscreen to enhance the security lock of your phone.- require4digits for lockscreen password- show battery health on screenlock-consume less battery- multiple OS9 HD Wallpaper beautiful andallbackground OS 7 and wallpaper OS 8 - dynamic wallpaper fromourrepository- many beautiful girls to set wallpaper- customizetextdisplay on lock screen: your name, idioms, etc...- displayrealtime clock and date.- change background with wallpapers-supportover 50 languages- custom background from gallery.- supportturnoff screen by shortcut.- work well on phone,tabletdevice-----------FAQ---------1) how to avoid double lockscreen?Goto PIP Lock Screen homepage - "Disable system lock".2) howmanytimes for entering wrong passcode?How can I unlock my device ifIforgot the passcode?you will have recovery code to unlock ifyouenter wrong password more than 5 times. Contact directly usonFacebook page for more support.please email us if your deviceisnot supported, we will try our best to support it.if you lovethisphoto love locker application, please give 5 stars toencouragedevelopers.
The Best secret app lock and app protector in Play StoreApplockerprovides Play store lock , SMS lock , messenger lock ,Contactslock , mail lock , Gmail lock , Facebook lock , twitterlock ,whatsapp lock , photo lock , Gallery lock , Settings lock ,Callslock , chat lock , game lock , browser lock , video app locker,app store lock , instagram lock , Photo Vault lock, videoVaultlock, phone lock, and any app you want to lock. Protectingyourprivacy. Protects(Locks) installed Apps using password ,patternlock protection and signature lock.make App lock as a secretapplock by hide app iconGives you a security lock and safe lockandApp Protector for your security for your androidappand android easy-to-use PIN pad. With App Lock, onlyyoucan see your hidden pictures. Privacy made easy!With the helpofApp Lock, you may:lock or unlock your application orgames.Neverworry about a friend borrow your phone to play gamesagain!Neverworry about a workmates get your phone to have a lookagain!Neverworry about private data in some apps may be read bysomeoneagain!Never worry about your kids may changing phone'sSettings,paying games, messing up it again!1..How to changepassword?OpenAppLock, left menu , settings, Change PIN2..I forgotmypassword,How to find it?Tap AppLock icon to start Apps Lock.Tapthe'forgot PIN' on "send code to above address" applockwillgenerate randomly 4 digit pin and send it to youremail,collectapplock pin from your email and enter now you canreset your pinpattern and signature.enter the code and reset yourpassword orreset your patternReset your password.---- Features---App LockWith password or pattern password protectionApp LockWith patternlockpassword protectionsecure your facebook fromfriends with thislock master your gmail yourmessages from friends..Set individual passwordsfor eachappProfiles, easy to change the locksLock systemSettingsLockGoogle Play StorePrevent apps from beinguninstalledAppLock can beprevented from being uninstallAppLockcannot be killed by taskkillersLittle memory footprint andpower-savingLock Your PersonalAppsfake lock for fake users app willshow force closedifferentthemes for app lock key pad andwallpaperSignature lock unlockchecklast opened app's history
AppLock, best app protector, privacy guard & apps locker,issafest app password lock!The most powerful & smartapplock.Easy and fast password for apps!AppLock, protect privateapps, hideand lock sensitive photos and videos with PIN and patternpasswordlock!AppLock, best apps lock and gallery lock for free,supportsApp Locker, Photo Vault, Video Vault, PIN & PatternLock,Intruder Selfie, Fake Cover, Lock Disguise. The best applockandphoto vault can lock private apps, sensitive and hot photos&videos, private messages with PIN password lock andpatternpassword lock, giving your phone privacy all-around and360°security protection.🔒 With AppLock, you will never worryaboutparents check your Facebook and Snapchat messages🔒 WithAppLock,you will never worry about colleagues get your phone snooparoundgallery🔒 With AppLock, you will never worry about friendsborrowyour phone to play games with mobile data🔒 With AppLock, youwillnever worry about kids mess up phone settings, buyingunnecessarygames & apps🔒 With AppLock, you will never worryaboutgirlfriend/boyfriend pick up your private callsWithAppLocksecurity protection, your privacy is well protected withPINpassword lock, pattern password lock!AppLock Highlights:AppLockLock PrivacyAppLock can lock SMS, Gallery, Calls, Settings,Gmail,and Contacts with password lock. Giving your phoneall-aroundprivacy protection, keeping snooper away from phoneprivatecontents!AppLock Lock AppsApplock can lock social appslikeFacebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger; Applockcanlock system apps like Contacts, SMS, Email, Google Chrome,andGallery; AppLock can Android pay apps like Android Pay,SamsungPay, Paypal etc. Prevent unauthorized access and protectphoneprivacy!AppLock by PIN & Pattern LockAppLock hasrandomkeyboard and invisible pattern lock. No more worry aboutpeoplepeep your PIN code or pattern! Ensure security!AppLockPhotoVaultAppLock can hide private and sensitive photos &videos.Hidden pictures and videos will vanished from gallery andcan beonly checked in private photo and video vault. AppLockCatchIntruderTake a picture of someone who try to unlock privateappsand record the date and time in AppLock for check!AppLock FakeLockScreenDisguise app lock screen to prevent snoopers frombreakinginto private apps. “Fake force close dialogue” &“FingerprintScanner” will hide real lock screen. No more worryabout phoneprivacy be checked!AppLock is the most powerful privacyguard, appprotector and applocker free password lock for apps.Still lookingfor applock for Android to lock apps, hide privatephotos &secret videos? Try Applock and protect privacy insafest way!
Gallery Lock
Gallery Lock is a fantastic privacy protection app to easilyhideand encrypt your photos, videos and any other files that you donotwant others to see. Gallery Lock can also manage your videos&photos more easily. Gallery Lock is a great privacy protectiontoolfor Android. Lock Your Messages, Mail, Album Gallery,Contacts,Browsers, SMS etc, behind a passcode or pattern. One-tapto lockapps . Lock takes just seconds , 500% faster than anyotherapplocker. Very easy and convenient to use.What's more,GalleryLock is just a smart applock that has the beautiful design,itprovides you the smooth and secure privacy experience.GalleryLockallows you to lock all you images and videos behind a password.Itis practical, easy, effective and extremely lightweight. Itcanlock your photos , gallery and messages from prying eyes andnosyfriends . To be your privacy guard !✔ With Gallery Lock, youcan★Choose gallery lock , Never need to worry about your friendsborrowyour phone to play games .★ Choose gallery lock , yourcolleaguescannot check your privacy with your phone any more .★Choosegallery lock , you don't need to worry about your privatedata maybe read by some other apps .★ Choose gallery lock ,children arenot able to change the setting of your phone and messup your data✔ Smart Features★ Gallery Lock is free and has nolimitations★ Keepyour messages safe★ Protect uninstallation andsettings for moresecurity★ Customize autolock time★ It islightweight. Uses lowresources and space★ Design attractive andsimple user interface★Password & Pattern protects★ Gallery Lockcan hide its app iconand keep your privacy absolutely safe★ GalleryLock providesre-lock policies✔ FAQ1) How to set my passcode at thefirst time?Open Gallery Lock-Enter passcode- Re enter your passcode.Chooseapps that you want to lock-Next .Setting Appswithaccessibility-Gallery Lock-Permit ON .2)Forgot password, Howtofind it?Update to the latest version Gallery Lock first, thenOpenit.1. If you set Pin Lock Screen, then click the icon at thetopright corner of lock page, tap the 'forgot password'. Bysecurityemail we will send your password to your gmail Id.2. If yousetPattern Lock, click the icon at the top right corner of lockpagethen switch to pin lock screen and follow the steps thatisdescribe in point number one just above.3) How toopen/unhidegallery lock, if you hide gallery lock icon?There aretwo ways toopen it:1. dial padenter #* password in your dial pad,and tap callbutton.2. Manage Space buttonTap the "Manage Space"button inSystem App Detail Info page of Gallery Lock(SystemSetting->Apps->Gallery Lock)Facebook Guideline: NoticeGalleryLockmay ask for permission to access the following features•Phonepermission for icon hide option.• Contacts permission foraccessingcontacts and profiles on the User's device, including thechangingof entries.✔ Support :- batterysaver50@gmail.comFor anykind ofhelp or confusion, simply write to us, and we would happilyresolveyour problems. Kindly do not leave us any negative stars,we'rehere to help. Thanks : )
AppLock is a useful privacy protection applocker or appprotectorfor all Android devices. AppLock can safely lock any appslikesystem apps, social apps, lock your private Gallery,downloadedapps and game, and prevent your personal information frombeingsnooped. With AppLock security protection, your privacyiswell-protected with password and patternlock.AppLockFeatures:-Lock apps with password lock, patternlock-Lock Facebook,Instagram, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger,Snapchat, SMS-Lockincoming calls-Lock settings to prevent a mess bykids-Lock GooglePlay Store to stop buying games-Lock private photos& videos toprevent snoopers-Random keyboard to prevent peoplefrom peeping PINcode-Hide draw pattern and be invisible-Lock newappsproactively-Power saving mode to battery power-Light, lessmemoryusageAppLock Highlights:➊AppLock:▶Hide photos, videos andlocksocial apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger. Prevent yourmostprivate messaging apps, photos and sensitive videos frompeeping bysnoopers.▶Lock work related apps. Secure your importantfiles andsecret work information.▶Lock shopping apps like Amazon,eBay andgames. Keep your kids away from buying unnecessaryitems.▶LockSystem settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Contacts. No moreworryabout your phone settings got messed up byunauthorizedaccess.❷Lock All Phone privacy:Using AppLock, you canlockcontacts, messages, email, gallery, or phone settings. Andyounever worry about snoopers may stole your private info or kidsmaybuy unwanted apps and games.❸Hide & Encrypt PrivatePhotos& Videos:Hide & encrypt private photos and sensitivevideosand keep them locked behind PIN or pattern. No more worryphotosand videos being snooped by intruders❹Lock with PIN Code&Pattern Lock:PIN or pattern lock, choose your favorite way tolockapps. Pattern lock is easier and faster to unlock. You canhidedraw pattern and make draw path invisible. PIN lock hasrandomkeyboard. No more worry people may peep your passcode. Muchsaferto protect privacy!AppLock, the most powerful app locker&privacy guard, gives your phone real-time securityprotection.Download it now!*AppLock use Accessibility Services tosave batterypower!Feel free to send us your
App Lock - Privacy lock
App Lock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger,SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings and any app you choose.Preventunauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.Lockyoure-wallet apps.Snap the intruder who tried to unlock your appsNoonecan read your important chats and messages.LimitedPermissionsrequired by the app.- Android pay apps: Lock AndroidPay, SamsungPay, Paypal and so on. No one can use your wallet topurchase anyitem.- A must-have privacy guard !- It can protect yourprivacy,give your phone All-round protection.- With AppLockSecurity,Nobody can check your phone except yourself.- Lock by PINorPattern lock. PIN and Pattern lock, choose your favorite styletolock apps .Find who tries to access your mobile. Catch yourfriends& family red handed.
Break The Lock
Tap properly at the right moment to break the locks, make asinglemistake and you lose. How far are you ready to go ? Do youhavewhat it takes to break lots of locks to dominate theworldleaderboard.
It is an ultra small app for locking screen. No ads init!Note:1.Ifyou want to uninstall, first deactivate the proceduresin "Settings-> Security -> Device Manager", then uninstallit.2.The appis currently not suitable for use with "FingerprintUnlock".3.Thisapplication uses the administrator's privilege of theterminal
Cute Dogs Labrador HD AppLock Security
Lots of nice and cute Labrador dog patterns for screenlock!Ifyou’re a fan of dogs, especially the Labrador breed ones –then wehave a perfect screen lock for you, full of Labradorpatterns,including their puppies! Download it now and enjoy manynicedoggies whenever you wish!Fascinating features:Cute andniceLabrador dog patterns!Password, slide or Pin – all what isneededto protect your phone data! Our phone lock takes littlespace,memory and battery!Totally customizable!This account has manyotherapp locks for you!
AppLock - Best App Lock
AppLock is a privacy protector app for Android. It can keepyourphone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.Features:AppLockprotects your privacy with your own AppLock pattern:★ Locksocialapps - Protect apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger,Vine,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. No one can peep atyourprivate chat any more. ★ Lock system settings – Preventmalicioususe of your settings such as Contacts, SMS, Gallery,Videos, Emailand etc. ★ Lock your privacy - AppLock can lock anythird-partyapps, including Youtube, games, gallery (Gallery Vault),videos,photos, files and etc. AppLock hides the draw path to makepatterninvisible, securing your password to the greatestextent.AppLockgenerates dynamically colorful lock screen accordingto theprincipal hues of the app being protected.AppLock is a smallbutpowerfull protection toolkit:★ small APK package forfasterinstallation and update.★ easy to operate with One-TaptoEnable/Disable locking service.AppLock provides the mutilockoptions. You can select a suitable mode for you.★ Lock your appatthe device screen off★ Lock your app after exiting the app for30secs or 2 mins★ Lock your app after you minimizeitimmediatelyAppLock provides the uninstall protection whichpreventsavoiding the uninstallation of the protected apps byothers.AppLockis free, which provides you with the ultimatesimplicity and userexperience.How to use:★ Start app, set thepassword and the answerof Security Question.★ Select the app youwant to lock in AppLock'sapp list.★ Enter the password to unlockthe app your choosinglocked when you start that.★ If you forgot thepassword, it isconvenient for you to reset new password byanswering the securityquestion you set before.Note: For android5.0+, please allowApplock to use usage access permission.You canfirst find AppLockand then allow usage access.If AppLock do notwork, please makesure you enable floating window on your androiddevices (i.e.HuaWei/XiaoMi/Vivo/MIUI/ Yureka) .Try followingmethods:Entersettings--app application, find AppLock and enable thefloatingwindow for our AppLock.
Teddy Bear Pattern Lock Screen
The all new latest Teddy Bear pattern screen lock is here togiveyour phone a colorful and ravishing look. you can refresh thelookof your phone by downloading this free of cost application thatisTeddy Bear pattern screen lock. You just have to swipe up onthedots in the previously set pattern and your phone will giveyouaccess to the content of your phone. It is an easy and securewayto protect your phone data. App Flow: When you open "TeddyBearPattern Screen Lock" app. By tapping on settings you will movetosettings screen.In Settings, you will see enable or disablelockscreen checkbox. When you check enable for the first time youraremoved to next screen where you can set the pattern as peryourdesire. Your Pattern must cover at least 4 dots. When youswipeover the dots, they glow to give you a fascinating look andshowsyou that you swiped over these specific dots. Then aftertapping onContinue, the application will ask you to draw thepreviously setpattern again for confirmation and to avoid any sortof ambiguity.In case you draw a different pattern this time, dotswill turnblack and you will have to draw the same pattern again.Then, whenyou draw correct pattern, the "Confirm" option will turnvivid andyou can tap it now. After tapping over it you havesuccessfully setyour Teddy Bear pattern Screen lock.To experience acoherent usage,you are advised to disable the default phone lock.For this, youcan tap on the "Disable Default Lock" Option from theSettings ofthe application "Teddy Bear Pattern Screen lock." Itwill move youto security lock screen settings of your device. Fromthere you candisable the default lock. By doing this you will justhave to entera single pattern of Teddy Bear screen lock to getaccess of yourdevice. Else wise, you will have to unlock multiplelocks. First,the pattern of Teddy Bear screen lock and then thedefault lock ofyour device.You can also change the background ofthe lock screen.You are provided with several beautiful andmesmerizing wallpapersin the application other than the defaultbackground.FEATURES:~Enable/Disable the application from thesettings.~ Changewallpapers from settings~ Date and Time displayedon Lock Screen~FREE for everyone.~ Finest security lock screen~ NoprivacyassaultHow to set Lock~ Enable your Teddy Bear patternscreen lockfrom setting screen~ Set the pattern and remember itHowto unlock~Draw your pattern correctly to Unlock~ If you draw wrongpattern,those dots turn red.You can appreciate us and suggest us ifthereare any improvements that can be made to Teddy Bear patternlocker.You can also tell us via email about any issues that you arefacingwhile using the application. We will help you in any waypossible.Please give your precious feedback so that we makeimprovement andprovide you a useful tool with awesome effects. Yoursuggestionsand feedback will be highly appreciated!Thanks and EnjoyTeddy Bearpattern screen lock
AppLock, your smarter privacy guard, applocker and appprotector,can lock the most private apps, hide and encryptsensitive &private photos and videos with PIN lock and patternlock. AppLockis a free app lock and privacy guard keep intruders orsnoopersaway from your most private data on your Android device,lockprivate apps, hide sensitive photos and videos by lockingGallery,prevent kids from messing up system settings, deletingimportantdata, buying unwanted apps/game, protect privacy securitywith thissmall yet powerful app lock!AppLock, best privacy guard,appprotector and smarter applocker app, protects your privacy,giveyour phone all around protection. AppLock can lock any appsyouchoose, including: -Lock social network apps: AppLocklockFacebook, WhatsApps, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Twitter,Messenger,Wechat and any social apps you choose. No more worryintruders maypeep your private chat with other! Ensure privacysecurity!-Locksystem apps: AppLock can lock system apps likeContacts, Calls,SMS, SNS, Email, and Play Store and so on. No onecan mess up yoursystem apps anymore!-Lock Android pay apps: AppLockcan lockandroid pay apps like Paypal, Android Pay, Amazon Payments,andGoogle Wallet. No one can use these apps to buy anythingwithoutyour permission!-Lock incoming calls: AppLock lock incomingcallsto prevent girlfriend/boyfriend pick up private phonecalls-Locknew apps-Lock other apps: AppLock can lock third-partyapps likeGmail, Vine, YouTube, game and so on. Giving your phone360°privacy protection!AppLock hide & encrypt photos andvideos.Applock lock your private photos and sensitive videos.Preventintruders from peeping your privacy. AppLock protect privacywithPIN & Pattern Lock. AppLock has PIN code lock and patternlock.PIN code lock has random keyboard. Much safer to lock apps.Patternlock is easier and faster to unlock apps. Hide pattern drawpathand make pattern invisible. Unlock more secure!AppLockOtherImportant Features:►Intruder Selfie: Secretly take a pictureofthose who try to unlock your private apps with wrongpasswords.Find out who is curious about your phone privatedata.►App FakeCover: Disguise applock icon with Calculator, Music,and Notepadand so on. Prevent snoopers from breaking in yourphoneprivacy.►Customize applock settings: New app reminder, applocklockfrequency, and reset password and so on. Customize thesesettingsin order to satisfy your need.►Security Question: Setsecurityquestion in case you forget applock password.AppLockusesAccessibility Services. Please enable it to save morebatterypower!Feel free to send us your feedback
Street Racing Lock Screen
We present you "Street Racing Lock Screen" the new app to lockyourandroid screen with security wallpapers, If you one ofstreetracing lovers this application for you!Amazing "Street RacingLockScreen" For all fans of racing and speed!No one can enter intoyourphone without correct password.Street racing is typicallyanunsanctioned and illegal form of auto racing that occurs onapublic road. Street racing can either be spontaneous orwellplanned and coordinated.Beautiful and modern wallpapers and inthesame time you save your privacy with this lock screen app,streetracing lock screen allow you to set a passcode to protectyourprivacy, or you can just using slide to unlock without pincode.Youcan select various wallpapers, fonts, date and time format,unlocktext and a lot more to make your unlock screen look niceandcool!For additional security you can set pin password(passcode)via keypad lock screen for lock security.Main Features:-Easy touse.- Small application size- Slide to unlock.- Set passcodetoprotect your privacy.- Working fast.- Cool themes.- Streetracingwallpapers.- Free application.- Fully customizable- Consumelessmemory and batteryCheck out our account for more beautifullockscreens and backgrounds !We would appreciate if you rate ourlockscreen.
UltraCleaner provides free, fast andeasyservice.--------------------------------------------------------------------[CacheCleaner]provides a quick scan for your phone to clean upunnecessarydata.[Process Management] Manage the applicationscurrently runningon your phone. Protecting your phone will notoverheat and consumetoo much memory,Improve the speed of your lovemachine.[SoftwareManagement] software management provides all theapplications in thephone, support for single and multiplesimultaneous uninstallmanagement, save your love machinememory.[Settings] providesinformation about your love machine sothat you know more about yourphone and care more aboutyourphone.--------------------------------------------------------------------Thankyoufor your support. Your suggestions are our motivation. We mustdoour best to listen to your needs and provide you with aperfectproduct.
Gallery Lock
Gallery Lock is completely free to hide unlimited photos andvideos.Do you want your personal life really personal? Keep safeyourgallery and No need to worry when giving your smart phone tofriendsand family when Gallery Lock app installed in yourphone.TopFeatures☆Hide Pictures & Videos:Your files will besecretlystored and can only be viewed in this app after a numericPIN orPattern is entered.☆Safe Browser:Surf through internet usingsafebrowser and even download photos and videos which will bestoredsecretly inside this app. You can even bookmark yourfavourite sitesto access them easily.☆App Lock:Powerful App Locksystem to lockprivate and social apps along with FingerprintAppLock option forcompatible devices.Advance Features►Share toHideYou can directlyhide pictures and videos from phone gallery orSD card by sharing toGallery Lock app.►Fake VaultCreate Fake vaultwith differentpassword for storing fake photos and videos.►StealthMode (Replaceapp icon)Gallery Lock app icon magically disappearsand getsreplaced with a secret icon e.g. News, weather, radio,etc. You canalso start this app without icon from yourphone'sSettings/Apps/Gallery Lock/MANAGE SPACE.►Face Down LockTheapp willperform action given by you when your device facesdownward. Youcan choose to close the app or open a website or otherapp inemergency.►Fake CoverDisguise your apps lock screen toprevent frombreaking into your password. Fingerprint scanner andfake forceclose dialog will hide the real lockscreen.►IntruderSelfieAutomatically takes Intruder selfie whensomeone tries tobreak in your privacy by entering wrong passwordorpattern.►Inbuilt Image Viewer and Video PlayerSupport InbuiltImageViewer to view pictures and slideshow them withtransitioneffects.Support Inbuilt Video Player to play videos withany mediaplayer installed in your phone.–►UninstallProtectionPreventsGallery Lock app from being uninstalled from kidsor strangers.Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission.QuickTips✔ In orderto Change PIN quickly go to Settings tab and click onChangePassword.✔ After you Hide Pictures and Videos, Export iconinGallery lock brings back your media whenever needed.✔ EasilyChangeSlideShow interval using the Settings tab.✔ Use Theme icon tomakethe Vault Lock Screen colourful so you don’t get bored.
TeddyBear Lock Screen Plus
TeddyBear Lock Screen Plus Powered By Dubai Studio. TeddyBearLockScreen Plus is a zipper lock screen application. This will giveacutest look to your mobile screen because it made with a HD picofTeddy Bear and a beautiful Heart. If you have any Suggestion,thendo not hesitate to contact us atZipperlockscreenplus@gmail.comAlso don't forget to Rate it.
weather forecast
Weather forecast app forecasts weather daily &hourlyWeatherforecast app is a weather channel which has fullweather forecastnews.Weather forecast app has a beatiful layout andyou will lovethe hourly reports with all the updated info.Weatherforecast isvery helpful with everybody. When you wake up, seeweatherinformation on your phone, you know the weather today, youwillhave good preparation, you will be sucessful at work andhavebetter life.Let use our Weather forecast app. Everythingaboutweather information will be stored on your android phone.Today,tomorrow, 7 days later: You will see that Weather today isupdatedhourly. Weather forecast app also has a weather report onweathertomorrow, weather for today, also 7 day weatherforecastWeatherforecast app is a weather channel and a weathernetwork whichstores weather anywhere. Users see weather of theirlocations withdefault settings. Then users can add other locationswhich theywant to see weather forecast. On location screen, userscan type aname of the place then choose one on a suggestion list.It is veryeasy to use.Weather app find your current locationintelligently,then weather forecasts information will displayinstantly. Weatherforcasts have atmospheric pressure, weathercondition, visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferent unites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in additionto ten days futureforecast, also hourly weather forecast.Realtimetemperature,humidity, pressure, wind force and wind direction areall in thisweather app based.Main features:- Weather channel,weather network,weather information for everywhere.- Full report.Weather forecastwith information such as: location time,temperature, atmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibilitydistance, relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint, wind speedand direction- Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7days later. Weatherfor today, tomorrow’s weather, … hourly weatherin each hour.-Hourly and Daily - Detect your location by network orGPS.- Can adda lot of places to see weather- Has weathernotifications. If youdon't like you can turn off this feature-Accurate and ReliableThisis first version of weather and weatherforecast app. We willimprove this daily weather forecast app betterand better.pleaseget weather forecast app and use as a weatherchannel and a weathernetwork to receive weather information hourlyand daily.
Zone AssistiveTouch
Zone AssistiveTouch, an efficient tool for Android.This appusesAccessibility services. Requesting Accessibility service is tohelpthe users who cannot conveniently press HOME/BACK/RECENTS key.Youneed grant this permission to perform HOME/BACK/RECENTS key byZoneAssistiveTouch.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.You need to grant this permission to use "Lock screen"feature byZone AssistiveTouch. You need to deactivate DeviceAdministratorwhen you uninstall the app. But if you does not wantto use "Lockscreen" feature, you does not need to activateDeviceAdministrator.Features:-Customizable menu: quick action oropeningapplication-Swipe circle to select menu: new experienceforlarge-screen phone gesture control-App Freezer: freeze the appsyourarely used-Become transparent smartly: does not disturb thenormalscreen displayQuick action:-Home, Back, Recentskey-OpenNotification-panel-Camera-Torch-Lockscreen-Screenshot(Android5.0+)-Power dialog(Android 5.0+)-Menukey(Root)-LaunchAssistant-App FreezerOpen application:-Openpreviousapplication-Any application you favorite-ShortcutsFeedback- If youlike Zone AssistiveTouch, please give us 5 star - Ifyou have anyproblem with the app, please contact us by email
Valentine Theme Applock
Valentine Theme Applock is a reliable safeguard to protectandsecure your applications and private chats from WhatsApp andothermessengers - Hike, WeChat, Line, SMS, Viber, BBM,Facebook...Additionally, it also helps to lock your photos &videos andprovides stronger protection for your Android.Now you canheave asigh of relief and not worry about:Girlfriend/boyfriendtrying togo through your messages when you’re in theshower.Parents/kidscurious about your gallery and FBstatus.Colleagues accidentallysee “private” pics/videos when youlet them use your phone.with aperfect designe graphic UI (ThemeLove)✓Why do I need this App?1)lock incoming call , prevent otherspicking up private phone call2) replace app lock icon with weather,calculator or alarm clockfor more security protection .3) personalsettings:* changepasswords in the settings into password orpattern* brief exit timesetting: set lock frequency on your ownchoice* random passwords toprotect from peeping eyes* hide patterndraw path to secure yourpattern passcode* lock new apps when newapps installed , easyprivacy* up to 10 digits pin4) lock system UIusing lock recentapps feature .5) catch intruder selfie : takepictures of intruderswhen wrong password entered 6) set personalprofile lock :customize your profile page lock different apps7) appfake cover toconfuse snoopers, a lot of fun with applocker8) usepattern /digits password to protect your apps, up to 10 digits aspassword9)Lock SMS, game, gmail, contact, note, lock facebook,etc.10) lockinstalled apps and system apps with password lock It isreallyfabulous application with awesome designing to protectuser'spersonal data.
AppLock - Fingerprint
✔ Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lockandprotect apps using a password or pattern andfingerprint.LockFacebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with password andprevent the appsfrom being exposed by snooper!✔ In addition toperfect lock,AppLock can catch intruders by taking a picture andeven hide thefact that lock the app with fake error window!The mostadvancedAppLock! try it now!--- Main Features ---▶ AppLockLock theapp witha password to protect your privacy. e.g) Messenger, WeChatand anyapps▶ Catch IntrudersIf someone access your app then, takeapicture and send to your email.▶ Fingerprint Supportsconvenientand powerful lock with fingerprint sensor.(Samsung deviceorAndroid Marshmallow)▶ Fake LockYou can even hide the fact thatlockthe app with fake error window.▶ Notification LockBlocks thelockedapp's notification message in the top notification bar▶ScalablePatternScalable pattern size up to 18x18 than the existingsimple3x3 pattern.▶ Smart LockLock only specific time orauto-unlock whenconnected to specific WiFi or Blutooth.▶ MultiplePasswordYou canset a different password for each locked app.▶Remote LockLock orunlock remotely your device via SMS text.▶ HomeScreen LockLock thewhole phone using lock screen of AppLock insteadof lock screen ofsystem.▶ Screen LockPrevents the screen turns offwhen runningcertain apps.(make use of Internet, E-Book)--- AppFeatures ---▶The first generation AppLock and verified by tens ofmillions ofpeople to download the app until now.▶ The app size isjust about3MB and working fast and lightly.▶ AppLock provide avariety offeatures and detailed options than simple feature inother app.▶Supports 31 languages.--- Other features ---· SupportPIN, Pattern,Password, Guesture, Fingerprint.· Easy to lock/unlockusing widgetand notification bar.· The user can decorate the lockscreen. e.g)change a background the desired photo.· AppLocksupports theability to reset a lost password.· You can place thebuttonsarranged of password randomly.· Restrict unlock attempts topreventothers continually to attempt to unlock it.· Supports theabilityto lock Outgoing/Incoming Call.· Supports the ability tolock WiFi,Bluetooth.· You can auto-lock newly installed apps.· Whenrunningcertain apps that can automatically rotate the screen (orverticalfixed).· Guard private data, privacy and keep security andappprotection/safer.· In addition, it includes more features.---FAQ---1) How can I prevent AppLock to be uninstalled anddelete?·Please enable 'Uninstallation Prevention' option insettings, thenAppLock is never uninstalled.2) How can I preventAppLock to bekilled by Task Manager?· Please install Helper, then,Task Managercan't kill AppLock.3) Is there a feature for forgottenpasswordYes,if you set your email or security QnA, you caninitialize yourpassword when you forgot password.4) How can I hidepictures andvideo?If you lock Gallery app then, other user can'tsee your photoand video.5) Can't run(find) Smart AppLock(or AppLockdisappears inApp Drawer)· if you hide Smart AppLock's Icon inoptions, and thenAppLock will disappear. To run it, please put'Widget' of AppLockin Widget List and click it.6) Can't uninstallSmart AppLock.·Please disable 'Uninstallation Prevention' option inSettingsbefore uninstalling Smart AppLock.AppLock uses theDeviceAdministrator permission.(only used to prevent AppLockbeinguninstalled)AppLock uses Accessibility services.* App Nameischanged from Smart App Protector.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
Fingerprint Screen locker with finger scanner for all apps isnotonly a private guard, it also provides various password themesforlock screen while lock privacy and lock security. It cansimulatesthe real fingerprint scanner locker only for your ownfinger. ✔Fingerprint: Use your fingerprint unlock apps (onlyavailable indevices that support fingerprint scanner)✔ Pattern:unlock your appwith your patternFeatures of Fingerprint App LockPrank :-Download one of the fingerprint lock apps.- Activatethe app bychecking the box field next to 'Enable Fingerprint LockScreen'.-Display view: get a real lock screen widget by displayingtime,date and battery percentage.- Don't forget to rate thiscool“fingerprint sensor” app and share it with your friends.-Get“fingerprint lock screen prank” for free!Lock the screenwithfingerprint gestures! Get our Fingerprint App Lock Prank-customizable screen locker that simulates thebiometricauthentication to unlock your phone screen. It will helpyouprotect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you willbeinstantly more productive. But keep in mind that this“thumbprintapp” cannot really identify your fingerprint, it's justa simulatedapp used for fun purposes only. Be original – use thisfree appthat offers you awesome screen saver pics that will makeyour phonestand out in the mass of dull mobile phones!Don’t wait amomentmore, download this Fingerprint App Lock Prank and give yourmobilephone a beautiful and unique look. Try all of thelockscreenanimations for unlocking the screen as well as thedirection of theswipe style, all for free. It can also be a greatprank applicationand a fun game to play with your friends if youwant to fool themthat your phone is a real fingerprint scanner orthe truthpolygraph! They will laugh so hard! So get it today andhave lotsof fun!
AppLock can lock apps, photos, videos and other private datawithpassword lock or pattern lock. IVY AppLock is a free app lockandprivacy guard to prevent intruders & snoopers from peepingatyour private data, hide sensitive photos and videos byencryptingyour Gallery, keep children or snoopers away from messingup yoursettings, deleting important things or making in-apppurchase.Customize app lock settings as you want, more secure andsmart tolock all privacy in one small AppLock.☞ AppLock can lockallandroid apps, including: - Social apps: AppLock can lockFacebook,WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,WeChat andso on. No one can peep at your private chat any more. -Systemapps: AppLock can lock Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Videos, Emailand soon. No one can mess up your settings for system apps. -Android payapps: AppLock can lock Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypaland so on.No one can use your wallet to purchase any item. - Otherapps:AppLock can lock any third-party apps, including Gmail,Youtube,games and so on. Completely protect your privacy.☞ AppLockcan lockphotos and videos. After locking gallery and video apps,nointruder can peep at your private photos and videos. No worryaboutprivacy leakage.☞ AppLock provides invisible pattern lockandrandom keyboard. No one can peep at your password orpattern.Completely safe!-------FAQ------1. How to set my passwordat thefirst time? Open AppLock -> Draw a pattern ->Confirmpattern; orOpen AppLock -> Enter PIN code -> ConfirmPINcodeNote: For android 5.0+, allow Applock to use usageaccesspermission -> Find AppLock -> Allow usage access2. Howtochange my password? Open AppLock -> Settings Resetpassword-> Enter new password -> Reenter password3. Whatshould I doif I forget the AppLock password?At present, you canreinstallAppLock if you forget the password.Highlights of AppLock:★DIYThemes: -Choose favorite themes from AppLock Theme Store,orcustomize themes or wallpapers with your picture, loversphoto,enjoy fun DIY.★Intruder Selfie:-Take photo of intruders whotryingto break in your phone-Record the time and data in AppLockforcheck★Replace AppLock Icon:-Replace AppLock icon with AlarmClock,Weather, Calculator, Calendar and Notepad on home screen,easy toconfuse snoopers and keep privacy safe.★Lock Frequency: -Youcanset AppLock to run in Always Lock/5 minutes/Until screen offmode.Customize lock frequency, more user friendly.★Power Saving:-Savephone power by 50% after enable power saving modeinAppLock.★One-Tap to Enable/Disable AppLock:-Tap the lock iconatthe upper right corner on Lock App page, to enable ordisableAppLock.More features will come soon, please stay tuned,including:-Screen Lock: Use the same AppLock password to lock phonescreen,more powerful.-Photo Vault: All locked private photos willbe movedfrom Gallery to photo vault.-Video Vault: All lockedprivate videoswill be moved from Gallery to video vault.- AppDisguise: Usefingerprint lock or force close to confuse intruders,more secure.Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who wantto accessyour phone Fingerprint Lock stop unauthorized access-Cleaner &speed boost: Clean junk files and boost phone speed,easily to getit done in AppLock.AppLock uses Accessibility Serviceto savebattery.Website:http://www.ivymobile.comFacebook: Community, to be a volunteer tester, enjoy thelatestversion of AppLock in advance, and help us improve AppLocktoprovide much better user experience. If you havebetterlocalization translation for AppLock and its description, oranyquestions and suggestions, please feel free to contact
Safe Gallery (Media Lock)
This is a Must-Have App. for protecting your privacy as hidingeachof the media files using password!You can download and hideanyfavorite photos from web page.You can manage the albums ofgalleryhandily and view & move pictures easily.[ Main Features]-Audio : Show all audio files on your phone. manage theaudios.-Gallery : Show all media files on your phone. manage thegallery.-Safe Photo : Show all locked photos.- Safe Video : Showall lockedvideos.- Safe Web Image : Show all locked web images.-Safe Audio :Show all locked audios.- Screen Lock Type : PINs,Password,Pattern, Fingerprint- Supported GIF(Animated)- Can usead-free App.for a while through playing the reward ads.[ Tip ]- Becareful whendeleting unlocked media files. If you do that, you willlost mediafiles. Steps to recover it : Safe Gallery Reinstall >Setting> Lock Media Recovery- If you delete ".SafeGallery"folder inSDcard, locked files will be deleted.- If you choose"Clear data"menu(path : Settings > Applications manager >Safe Gallery(Free)), information of locked files will be deleted.-App whichhas function like cleaning up storage(ex. Clean Master)might beable to delete locked media, so do not delete any relativefiles ofSafe Gallery while cleaning up your smartphone.- Do notforget tounlock and back up locked medias before upgrading firmwareorformatting internal/external SDcard If not, all locked mediasmightbe able to be deleted.- Before deleting Safe Gallery, do notforgetto unlock all locked medias and then delete Safe Gallery. Ifnot,all locked medias might be able to be deleted.- Please backupimportant locked media in extra storage. All locked medias mightbeable to be deleted in other Apps or outbreak situation.- App Hide:If "it is not installed application" or is not running inthelauncher, because it is checked "App Hide Mode" at Set up.Pleaseuse dial #789 in your phone and press call.- When notexecutecalling to dial : Run Gallery(Default) on the phone >Select andshare photos > Select Safe Gallery and lock > callto dial#789- Settings of app > Recovering media file : it canrecoverdisappeared or invisible locked media files.
★The best FREE lock software which was downloaded over tenmilliontimes★AppLock is a smarter and safer android app locker&cleaner, which guards your privacy securitywith privatevault, safe lock screen, hide icon.AppLock canlock Facebook,Snapchat, Whats app, SMS and any other applicationsyou want tolock and have much free wallpapers! Provide you aprivacy safetyguard!Highlight features◆ Smart App Lock> Lockyour social appsprivacy: Facebook, Snapchat, Ins, WhatsApp,prevents otherschecking your message, email and contacts!> Lockphoto &video, hiding your personal pictures ◆ Safe lockscreen> AppLock secure your phone from intruders with PIN andpattern locksecurity.◆ Calculator Hide Icon> Change AppLock iconintoCalculator icon. Hide applock icon to others.◆ PrivacyScan>Scan for protecting your privacy information andpreventdisclosure. Daily Privacy Report help you manageprivacybetter.Other optimization features◆ Break-inalertAutomaticallytake a picture of the guy input wrong password,privacy defense.◆Message protectionApp lock protect messagedetails, never worryothers peeking your chat or picture.◆DisguiseDisguise offers asafer and unbroken lock for you to protectprivacy in public.Therewill be ad content shown in certain scenesin our app. For moredetails, visit app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission. Open this permission canprevent othersfrom uninstalling AppLock easily.Thanks for usingour product!Keepin touchEmail:
AppLock - Gallery Vault,Fingerprint
AppLock,a privacyguard which can lock apps,,hide photos andvideoswith password,pattern and fingerprint lock.Also Supportintruderselfie, incognito browser and 24 languages.+ Lock Apps:Lockallapps containing private content by using pin, patternandfingerprint. such as, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,Messenger,Snapchat, Gmail, etc.+ Gallery Vault& VideoVault:Hiddenpictures and hidden video to protect your privacydata.+ AdvancedProtection:Prevent the AppLock is uninstalled byothers.+ FakeCover:You can even hide the fact that lock the appwith fake errorwindow, prevent some intruders peeping your privacyapps.+ IntruderSelfie:Take picture who try to unlock your phone,protect yourprivate SNS and incognito browser.+ NotificationLock:Blocks thelocked app's notification message in the topnotificationbar.---FAQ---1).How to stop uninstalling AppLock?PleaseenableAdvanced Protection in Protect of AppLock, so nobody canuninstallor kill AppLock without password. You can disableAdvancedProtection when you don't want it.2).How to unlock photosandvideos?There is an edition button on top right corner,clickit,thenyou can unlock your photos and videos.3). How you can getthepassword if you forgot it?If you forgot the security answer,pleasecontact to us soon+ MoreTheme: Facebook Groups
Hanuman Ji Door Lock Screen
A Most Secure Hanuman Ji Door Lock Screen available inmarket.Nowget an instant free security screen lock for yoursmartphones. Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designeddoor lock forandroid devicesHanuman Ji door lock screen looks likea real doorlock and contain sounds for unlocking and openingdoor,Tap onCentre of Door handle to unlock.Best Features:☆DIYLocker: HanumanJi Door Lock ✔ Enable/Disable Hanuman Ji Door Lockon One-Click.✔You can enable/disable visibility & Customizationto changetext color style of DATE,TIME,BATTERY % ,NETWORK SIGNALetc.✔Enable/Disable Vibration & Sound.☆HD Wallpapers BackgroundwithOwn Photo Support✔ You can easily change your background ofbehindthe Door Wallpaper from Built in collection of HD Wallpapersor Youcan also set as your own photo to background.✔ Also youcanenable/disable background to show your phone homescreen.☆MultipleStylish Doors✔ Choose from variety of Stylish Doorto set as YourDoor Lock Screen.☆Secure Pattern and Keypad DIY LockScreen✔ Youcan set a 4 digits pin or Passcode / Pattern forLockScreen viayour keypad.✔ Compare to others our Door locker willdisable yourhome and back button to make your phone moresecure.☆RandomPasscode Secure✔ You can enable Random Passcode tohide yourpasscode from prying eyes.☆Efficient✔ Less memory andbatteryusage. It is quick and smart with Highly Secure&Trusted.Download this versatile Hanuman Ji Door LockScreenApplication and show your friends an attractive look ofyoursmartphone If you like it please share with your friendsandremember to rate us 5 stars.
Emoji Locker
Emoji Locker - FREE easy-to-use emoji screen locker with tonsofwell-designed wallpapers and themes. Increase your privacysecuritywith smiley and funny emojis! Emoji LockerHighlights:✨Security -Enhance your phone security with powerfulintruder shot, preventsyour phone from being unlocked byothers.✨Efficiency - Unlock yourphone quickly with quick access toyour apps!✨Personalization -Customize your phone with thousands offree beautiful wallpapersand themes.✨Small size, powerful functions- Less than 5MB, SmartLocker is smaller than most lock screen apps,but it provides youwith better protections and smootherexperience!Emoji Locker KeyFeatures:1. Stylish Themes- Packed withtons of awesome HDwallpapers, themes, Emoji Locker makes your phonestylish andunique.2. Daily Wallpapers- Personalize your lock screenwiththousands of high-quality wallpapers.- Provide you a dailynewwallpaper and bring you surprise every day!3. Lock Screen-Secureyour phone from intruders with PIN code and patternpassword.- Snapphotos of intruders who enters with wrong lockscreen password.4.Quick Access- Quickly access to camera and dialerfrom the lockscreen. - Quickly access to frequently-used favoriteapps from thelock screen. Contact Us: Please feel free to let usknow if youhave encountered any problems or if you have any adviceover EmojiLocker at Thanksfor yoursupport!
AppLock is to Lock your app with patternLock appwithpasswordAppLock is to keep your privacy by locking appslikeWhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, Banking app or anything youwant.Lockyour apps with a "secure" but "easy to unlock"pattern.AppLocksupport many types of keypad like pattern lock,password lock,photo lock, etc...You can change your lock type,change background,settings anything if you want- Social apps:AppLock can lockFacebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter,Instagram, Snapchat,WeChat and so on. No one can peep at yourprivate chat any more. -System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts,SMS, Gallery, Videos, Emailand so on. No one can mess up yoursettings for system apps.-Android pay apps: AppLock can lockAndroid Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypaland so on. No one can use yourwallet to purchase any item. - Otherapps: AppLock can lock anythird-party apps, including Gmail,Youtube, games and so on.Completely protect your privacy.★★★ WithAppLock, you will:- Neverworry about parents check your Snapchat,!- Never worryabout friends borrow your phone to playgames with mobile dataagain!- Never worry about someone readsprivate data in your appsagain!- Never worry about kids mess upSettings, send wrongmessages, paying games again!- Never worryabout a workmate getsyour phone to look the gallery again!★★★ WithApp Lock, you can :-Lock any apps(message, Game, Photos, Videos...)- Lock apps usingFake Forced Close pop-up- Lock incomingcalls- Lock system settingsto prevent a mess by kids- Lockmessage, Lock call ...- Lock appsusing multiple password: pattern& passcode- Lock Google Play toprevent buy games, movies,books- Lock phone setting★★★ Feature-Pattern Lock: simple andfresh interface, unlock faster!- PIN lock(keypad lock):Much saferfor you to lock apps- Customize: changetype, change button, changewallpaper- Lock app very effective-Lower capacity, less memory.-Power saving mode to save battery.-App Lock can lock your photos ,gallery and messages from pryingeyes and nosy friends . To be yourprivacy guard !- Applicationlock, best app lock & privacyguard , is the most smartApplication lock !- Full protection foryour phone.- Supportmultiple language- Lock your app accuratelyand smartly- Lock newapps- Lock app very high security- Easy touse and fast.- Good atperformance and power-saving- Kinds ofbeautiful lock typesIf youlove this AppLock, please give 5 starsto encourage developers.
Download the Kevo app for use with the Kevo Touch-To-Opensmartlocks made by Kwikset and Weiser.No more fumbling for yourkeys.Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and just touch thesmartlock to open.Send eKeys to family, friends and guestsfromanywhere, anytime with the mobile app or from the web.Controlaccess by choosing to send an Anytime, Scheduled orGuesteKey.Check Kevo’s history to see lock/unlock events all usersandset up notifications when they come home or leave.TheKevoTouch-To-Open smart locks are available from retailers in theUSA(Kwikset) and Canada (Weiser). For more information or to buyaKevo smart lock, visit for Android is made possible bythesewonderful open sourceprojects:
App Lock
Application lock100% lock, unlock any application on the phone,akey lock, simple and fast! Protect personal privacy.Yousimplypress the beginners guide to open the phone tap permission tolockapplications.Lock settings to prevent others from changingsystemsettings. Really lock your phone applications.ApplySettingsSettinghide unlock pattern, set up in numerical order todisrupt, preventothers from seeing your password.E-mail securitysettings to helpyou recover your password.Depending on yourneedspersonalize.Privacy lockLock Gallery photos, contacts,textmessages and other personal privacy applications.PhotoSafeHideyour private photos, select the photo that you want to hidea keyhidden.Free ThemesFree cool lock screen theme, let thephonedifferent from the lock screen start.The new lockscreenInterfacedesign aesthetic, functional design is praise,first-class design,first-class applications.
AppLock Master
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The best free App Lock ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Feature🔒Lockapps with PIN, Pattern # Fingerprint (Only for Samsung deviceswithfingerprint sensor and Android 6.0 devices with fingerprintsensor)# Random keyboard # Time Password # Show Passwordtransformation #Invisible Pattern # Pattern size🔒 Lock Incomingcall, Recent tasks,Switch lock ( Wi-Fi , Bluetooth),Install/Uninstall and 3rd partyapps.🔒 Temporary unlock. You don'tneed to unlock apps every time #Delay lock at time # Lock your appat the device screen off # Enterpassword once to unlock all🔒 Cover(Disguise your App Lock screento prevent from breaking into yourpassword. fake Fingerprintscanner and fake Force close dialog willhide the real lockscreen)🔒 Lock screen orientation (Systemsettings, Auto-rotate,Portrait, Landscape)🔒 Hide AppLock Mastericon🔒 Intruder selfie #Take a photo of who tried to unlock yourdevice🔒 Theme, background# Background (Choose from gallery, Systemwallpaper, Transparent,Blur) # Theme # Theme customize (Show themeicon, show app name,hint message)🔒 Animation lock screen #Animation type (Fade, Zoom,Slide left, Slide right, Slide up,Slidedown)----------------FAQ----------------1. How to openAppLockMaster after hide AppLock Master icon- You can using 3 waybelow toopen AppLock Master again + Open Phone application ->Dial##12345 (this is default dial code of AppLock Master) + Visitweb out widget icon of AppLock Master and click to open2. Howtouninstall AppLock?After you turn on uninstall prevention,nobodycan uninstall AppLock without password. If you want touninstallit, please turn off uninstall prevention first.3. How touse timePIN?- Device's time will combine with your PIN at end.Ex:If thetime is 19:02, ***1902 would be your PIN (*** is yourPIN)AppLockuses the Device Administrator permission. (only used topreventAppLock being uninstalled)Any issues or suggest for AppLockMaster,welcome to send email tous!Email:ammy-support@vnnewsolutions.comFacebook:
Incoming Call Lock
Incoming Call Lock is the best security app for lockingincomingcall available on play store. This is a must haveapplication. Thisapplication will protect your phone's Incomingcall to be picked bysome one else. This application will not allowany one to see thecaller's number, name or any other details as thepassword inputscreen will be up on the screen. Incoming Call Lockgives youflexibility to use it as per yourinstruction.Features:-**Enable/Disable Incoming Call Lock**Enable/Disable Sound**Enable/Disable Vibration** You can selectpattern lock or passwordlock as a lock screen.** No one can talk toyour incoming calls bypicking the calls using earphones.** AutoDisconnect Setting iftried with wrong password three times.**Caller Type Lock Settings: All, Known, Unknown, Selected** ShowName Setting** CallBlocking** Call Lock Prevention to be killed bythe processor.**Lock Screen Background can be chosen from galleryor given 6backgrounds.** Pattern visibility settings.Note:- DefaultPasswordis 1234.
App Lock is a light app protector tool to protect your privacywithfingerprint lock and intruder selfie feature.★ AppLock canlockGallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Email, Chat, Settings,incomingcalls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized accessand guardprivacy. Ensure security. ★ AppLock has PIN lock Patternlock withrich theme and fingerprint lock, choose your favoritestyle to lockapps. AppLock has random keyboard and invisiblepattern lock.Muchsafer for you to lock apps. No more worry peoplemay peep the pinor pattern.★ AppLock can hide pictures, hidevideos. Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Gallery andonly visible inthe photo and video vault. Protect private memorieseasily. No pin,no way. More safe!★ With AppLock, you will:☞ Neverworry about afriend borrows your phone to play games with mobiledata again!☞Never worry about a workmate gets your phone to lookthe galleryagain!☞ Never worry about someone reads private data inyour appsagain!☞ Never worry about kids mess up Settings, sendwrongmessages, paying games again!Great privacy protection toolforAndroid which supports 12 languages. Fingerprint lock only worksinAndroid 6.0+.MAIN FEATURES• A key lock, simple, quick!• Lockappswith password lock, pattern lock, or fingerprint lock.•Photovault, hide pictures• Video vault, hide videos • Hide AppLockicon•Lock incoming calls• Lock new apps• Fingerprint Forcestoppedcover• Well designed themes• Customized background, selectafavorite picture• App Lock has random keyboard andinvisiblepattern lock • Allow a brief exit : no need password,pattern,fingerprint again within set time • Pattern Lock, simpleand freshinterface, unlock faster• Lock system settings to preventa mess bykids• Lock application to prevent others are free to buy,uninstallapplications• Lock setting to prevent misuse of the phoneto changethe system settingsFAQ1) How to set my pin at the firsttime ?OpenAppLock - Enter pin - Re enter your pin.Setting Appswithaccessibility - App Lock - Permit ON, Choose apps that you wanttolock For more FAQ visit- NoticeAppLockmayask for permission to access the followingfeatures•Photos/Media/Files for Vault feature and customize yourtheme &wallpapers.• Camera for Snap photo of intruder and toget picturesand videos for intruder selfie feature.• StoragePermission : Thisallows us to locally store some data when you areusing the app forhiding pictures and videos.• Contacts permissionfor accessingcontacts and profiles on the User's device, Yourinformation willkept confidential.• Phone permission for incomingcall lockoption.• Identity for find accounts on the device.AppLockuses theDevice Administrator permission.To enable AdvancedProtection,please activate AppLock as "device administrator". It isonly usedfor preventing intruders uninstalling AppLock. Please beassuredthat AppLock will never use this permission to access yourprivacydata.Contact AppLockEmail : support@nevways.comFacebook: Ads Guideline:
Dialer Vault - VaultDroid Hide Photo Video OS 10
Dialer Vault - VaultDroid Hide Photo Video OS 10 locks yourpersonaland confidential pictures and videos or any file you wanton yourAndroid smartphone using fast encryption techniques. Ithidepictures from any unauthorized person and secure them in appthatwill be called zDialer. These encrypted images or videos canonly beviewed and accessed via this app using the passcode and noone canopen it without the passcode that you will set once youinstall ourapp.There are some images and videos that cannot beshared withothers. Luckily, you no longer have to dread lettinganyone gothrough your photo gallery lock on your Androidsmartphone or tabletas you can easily use our photos locker tolock all these privateimages, videos, audios or any type of filethat you want. So, onceyou install our app on your device, we makesure that no one can seeyour private files or even find thembecause we used the latestsecurity technologies inside our app andbecause it was developed bya team of experts in datasecurity.Dialer Vault - VaultDroid HidePhoto Video OS 10 works asa perfect photo vault and is a perfectphoto keeper. With our app,your privacy will remainpassword-protected and hidden fromunauthorized users in yourprivate photo vault. The app will beaccessible via zDialer name onyour app drawer and there you willbe able to find everything youhided before. Best of all, you willknow who is trying to access toyour sensitive files because wewill take a secret photo of anyonewho entered a wrong passcode andwe will also log the time and dateof this access attempt.Why youneed to download and install DialerVault - VaultDroid Hide PhotoVideo OS 10 to secure images and lockvideos instead of othergallery encryption apps?• Easy :✓ Our app isvery easy to use andyou can use it instantly once you download it.You can find the appwith a Dialer logo under the name of zDialer sothat no one canfind it easily.✓ Set a passcode in the very firsttime and rememberit to access easily to your encrypted filesanytime and anywhereyou want from your android smartphone ortablet.• Free :✓ The bestthing is that Dialer Vault - VaultDroidHide Photo Video OS 10 isfree and it will stay free for life, sothere is no hidden fees, nospecial memberships and no annualsubscription fees to keep yourgallery vault private.• SecureGallery Vault :✓ We integrated thelatest encryption technologies tohelp you to keep videos andphotos safe. Once you add images to ourapp, no one will be able tosee them because they are protected withVaultDroid. The only onewho can see them is you because you havethe passcode of GalleryLock.• Facedown lock:✓ Do you want to closethe app automaticallywithout taking a few second to exit it? Placeyour phone face downand our app will automatically close and lockitself. Super easyGallery Lock!• Fingerprint unlock:✓ Do you wantto open our appeasily without passcode? Use your fingerprint andopen your hiddenfiles within a second!• Alerts with photo :✓ Youdon’t need toworry about who tried to access to your hidden filesbecause oncesomeone type a wrong passcode, we will take care oftaking a livesecret photo of him and also log the date and time.This featurewas developed especially to help you to know who istrying to spyon your files and data.• Lightweight:✓ Our app is verylightweightand will not take more too much space from your devicestorage, soeven if you have a low space on your memory, you canstill hideyour photos, videos and sensitive data.What are youwaiting for ?Download Dialer Vault - VaultDroid Hide Photo Video OS10 for Freeand enjoy the best free images locker and videos lockerappever!This app uses the Device Administratorpermission:-BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: Only used to prevent accidentallyuninstallapplication from your device.Feel free to email usat"" so we can bring you thebestexperiences and updates.
App Locker Master
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best, lightest, fastest and most professionalAppLock★ ★ ★ ★ ★♣♣♠ Don't worry when someone borrow your phone&read your privacy. ♠♣♣► With App Locker Master (Protect app)youcan☆ Lock individual app and all app in your phone andpersonalthings from other users.☆ Lock: Messages, Emails,Contacts,Gallery, Google Play Store, Settings, etc..► All this withveryless battery and memory consumption for sure!► App LockerMaster(Protect app) help you to feel secure when:☆ You share yourphonewith anyone☆ Your kids play with your phone☆ You havepersonalimages in Gallery.☆ You have SMS, MMS, other chatapplication, etc.that you don't want to be shared.► Features:★ Locksystem app and3rd party with App Lock advance feature★ PATTERN andPIN for lockin portrait and landscape screen mode★ Protectuninstalled andinstalled.★ Hidden icon of AppLock★ Themes (Eggs,Love, Circle,Emoticon)★ Change locker background, set your favoritephoto inyour gallery★ Time PIN for more secure (Ex: If yourpassword is 12and the time is 08:15, your PIN will be 120815)★ Dialto open AppLock★ Widget icon for open and switch on/off lock AppLock service★Smart Locker screen orientation★ Delay lock time★ DIYyour Lockscreen + Animation in/out + Change your hint message★ Moresecurewith: random password key, pattern size, invisible pattern★Startthis App Lock immediately when your phonestart/restart/boot.★Plug-in "Intruder Selfie", capture or selfieany intruder trying toaccess App Locker Master★ Interface easy touse, easy to lock anyapps----------------FAQ----------------✔ Howto open App Lock afterhide icon App Lock- You can using 2 way belowto open AppLock again+ Open Phone application -> Dial ##12345(this is default dialcode of AppLock) + Drag out widget icon ofAppLock and click toopen✔ What I need to do when forgot password?-In this case you canusing "Forgot Password" in setting, first timeyou start lock anyapps this feature will show for you, you need tousing your emailfor retrieve password when forgot it- Other, youcan using the codein "Forgot Password" for reset you password,✔ Whythis App Lock notworking in Android 5.1 above- Cause Android systemupdate so youneed to allow AppLock access Usage Stats in yourphone, we willguide this to you when first install/open AppLock✔Why this AppLock not working in LG, SONY devices run Android 5.0-Cause Androidsystem update so you need to allow AppLock accessUsage Stats inyour phone, so please turn on Usage Stats by belowguide: Settingsapp -> Security -> Usage Stats -> turn onfor App LockerMaster✔ Why this App Lock sometime auto turn off inOPPO devices-Cause OPPO devices auto kill so background app whenfull memory, soplease add App Locker Master to whitelist by belowguide: Settingsapp -> Security Center -> Memory Cleanup ->Whitelist-> add App Locker Master into this list✔ How to usetime PIN?-Device's time will combine with your PIN at end.Ex: Ifthe time is22:35, ***2235 would be your PIN (*** is your PIN)Ifhave anyproblem when using App Locker Master (Protect app)welcometo sendemail to us!applockermaster@vnnewsolutions.comWebsite:http://www.vnnewsolutions.comFacebook:
App Lock Privacy is a useful applocker & protector appagainstanyone spying or snooping you .Best free app locker toprotect andlockdown apps AppLock Privacy is good tool for lockallapplications on your phoneAppLock can lock any appsFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail,Messenger ,Settings,incoming calls and any another app chosed by you . alsothisapplocker can lock system install/uninstall and enjoy powerfulfreesecurity lock for your apps Features * installed Apps willbeprotected using password lock or using pattern lock* Easily Touseapp lock for Android Device* Hide app icon *Choose yourebackgroundimage for lock like zipper app lock *easy to use andprotect yourapps if you love us, please leave your well comment and5 stars tokeep us alive. Thank you for using applock it's free applock.andbe sure Your apps will be protected and only you can openthem!