Top 23 Games Similar to NightChess: Zombie Lord 3D +

Ancient Chess 3D 1.0
Ancient Chess will take you to the MiddleAges,the era of brave knights, lovely princesses and kings, whereyou canenjoy game and develop your own battle strategy on thechessboard.This game is classic implementation of chess game withits unique 3Dgraphics and atmosphere of antiquity. Use yourstrategy skills anddefeat your opponent putting checkmate.Features:- Stunning 3D graphics- Great atmosphere of the Middle Ages- A pleasant musical accompaniment- Simple interface- Addictive gameplay
Tiny Battle Chess Free 1.3.2
Addictive chess game in a stunning 3Dfantasyuniverse.Lead your army trough wonderful environements and win thematchagain an evoluted artificial intelligence. You can choosebetweenogres, undeads, skeleton or dwarves.Duel on the chessboard wiht epic musics and use the zoom funtiontohave a detaildes view of the pieces.What are you waiting for? Install now the best chess game onthestore. Endless battles await for you...- Face an advanced artificial intelligence- Choose between five difficulty levels- Lead your 3D fantasy army: ogres, undeads, skeleton or dwarvesareawaiting your orders- Switch between 3D and 2D view- Explore stunning fantasy locations- Play on black or white side
Chess King 1.0
Chess King is your ultimate crossplatformOnline Social Chess Simulator.Chess King features online multiplayer capabilities,numerousgame modes. and countless other features making it the bestchesssimulator in the appstore. This game is currently supportingPlayServices. Not only can you play against the computer, but alsoyourfriends on both iOS and Android mobile devices aroundtheworld!Currently supports loading chess notation script files. Sincethelate 1800's numerous famous games have been recorded anddocumentedin time. Now with over 20 famous games you can see whatuniquetechniques the Chess Grand Masters used!Also you can play multiple renditions and variants ofChessincluding Blitz, Normal Timer, No Timer, Displacement,Chess960,Peasant's Revolt, and much more!The fully adaptable and customizable 3D world is impressivetosay the least. You can zoom in, zoom out, pan and pivot throughthe3D chess board. Also special effects have been addedforaesthetics, as you can see.Various sharing methods, and social media sharing featuresallowyou to send your game to your peers, and capture your victoryintrue essence! You can post natively in numerous socialoutletsincluding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+and muchmore. We also allow e-mailing and texting the PGNtext,Screenshots, and the actual PGN text file.Also included are numerous scenes, and customizable chesspiecesand boards. You can choose from 3 different scenes and 10differentthemes. Optionally you can turn on animation, andmusic/soundeffects. You can also toggle numerous camera viewingangles, andchange either a fully customizable camera or fixedcamera. Almostevery aspect of this game can be customized for anoptimal playingexperience!
Dwarven Chess: Goblin Campaign 1.0
Lead King Thorund the Wurmhewer and his clanofDwarves against the surging Goblin uprising! Learn Chess the funandeasy way through unique challenges in single player campaign asyourDwarves face Warg Riders, Goblin Raiders, Cannon Trolls,bombs,mortars, and traps! Then challenge yourself in Online PlayervsPlayer (PvP) as either the Dwarven or Goblin army!The first game of its kind, Dwarven Chess uses the addictive coreofChess combined with 3D fantasy pieces, boards, backgroundsandalternate moves to unleash new strategies in this ancientgame!Great for players ages 9-90, levels based on Minesweeper,Sobokan,naval battles, and outpost sieges introduce new players tothe funchallenge of Chess, but varying difficulty levels willchallengethe masters!=FEATURES=- Full version of Dwarven Chess- unlocked Goblin Campaign - 7newchallenges with 23 levels, 15 more pieces, 7 new BoardsandEnvironments, full storyline and accompanying art of theGoblinsand Orcs uniting with powerful new allies to wage war ontheDwarves!- Dwarven Campaign: 8 unique challenges with 24 levels!- Goblin Campaign: 7 unique challenges with 23 levels!*- 30 unique 3D Characters- 15 unique 3D Backgrounds- Table-top mode in Standard and Dwarven rules Chess- Play vs the computer AI in Standard or "Dwarven Rules"Chess- Play online player vs player in Standard or "DwarvenRules"Chess!!!- If you like The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and Lord of theRings,you'll love Dwarven Chess!!!!- Possibly the most in- depth Chess Variant the app world haseverseen!!!!- *Goblin Campaign is an in-app purchaseFrom some people who like us:"VERY COOL! I have only played the first few levels, but as aplayerof rpgs and chess, this is really unique and fun. Greatjobdevs!""Unbelievable Really, I love it. Congratulations for your idea,verywell idea :)""Excellent I like it, it is unique not the usual chess games""It has LOADS of pieces so I will DEFINITELY put down5stars!""Great game! None to complain about!""Awesome Loved the game only thing that could make it better ismorearmies but all up probably best chess game I've everplayed"Dwarven Chess is not just a puzzle game, strategy game, orChessgame- it's all 3 in one! Play your own unique strategyinmultiplayer online battles against other chess opponents, orsimplyswitch to Classic Mode and play a standard 3D Chessgame.Participate in the storyline war as the Dwarves aresuddenlyattacked by goblin uprisings, or reverse the tables andplay as thegoblin army and wage war on the Dwarves! (GoblinCampaign is anin-app purchase). Some levels require strategictactics to defendthe Dwarves, while others are puzzles based onSobokan and MineSweeper. For Chess enthusiasts, see what it is liketo not followclassic openings and moves, but to meet new challengesin this"Chess Variant" with environmental obstacles andsituationaladvantages for your AI opponent. Face bomb-throwingGoblins as youhelp the Dwarven King escape, and set traps in theDwarven BearCamp as you defend it from a goblin patrol!Free to play, "Dwarven Chess Free" is filled with HD qualityart,forming over 30 unique pieces all with unique moves fromstandardChess. While the download is quite large, "Dwarven ChessLite" haslower quality graphics, but all the same gameplay withless thanhalf the memory used. 15 different 3D backgrounds andboards makeeach new challenge something to see, with 3 to 5 levelsfor eachchallenge. Face the Ice Ogres and Trolls with your DwarvenScoutPawns and Bear Rider Knights- all in just one of thesegloriouschallenges! Dwarven Chess is not just for Chess players,but forall fans of fantasy, strategy games, Role-playing games(RPGs),Trading card games (TCGs), puzzle games, board games, andevenaction and adventure game fans will find fun in all thatDwarvenChess has to offer :)
Napo Chess
Learn how to play chess or practiceyourstrategies and improve your skills with this amazinggame.You can play in 2D or 3D. In 3D mode, you can zoom and rotatetheboard as you like. Screen rotation is also supported.You can challenge your friends (playing using your phone ortabletas a board) or improve your skill playing against thefeatured AIengine (with 10 levels of strength) and see yourprogress in thestatistics table. Also, play Online with otherplayers. Finally,explore a collection of 1750 great chess games andlearn from themasters of all time.All rules of chess are followed, like en passant capturesandcastling. The game can detect stalemate, draw by thirdrepetitionand also draw by rule of 50th movement.
ChessWZombies-PAWN OF THE DEAD 1.08
Chess With Zombies: PAWN OF THE DEAD isacartoon-ish animated 3D chess game in which the white piecesarehumans and the black pieces are zombies. There are optionsforplaying against the computer (about 1800 strength), againstanotherplayer on the same device, and online. There are alsooptions forsaving and replaying games, setting up specificpositions, using aclock, etc. The tilt accelerometer can be used to"tilt" theviewing angle with an adjustable sensitivitysetting.A fun way for beginning and intermediate players to improvetheirchess skills, and for advanced players to practice. Evenpeoplejust learning to play can easily play games by using the"movablepiece" and "legal move" indicators.Recommended for tablets and larger phones.Please visit our FaceBookpage( for morescreenshots,info, questions, and news.NOTES:Minimum Android version is 4.0Play on mid sized and smaller phones may be difficult forplayerswith larger fingers.The online mode is still in development and may beunreliable.This is not meant to be used as an analysis engine.
Chess Free, Chess 3D (No Ads) 1.6.18
[How to play]A game chess pro with 3 mode :- Single player mode- Two player mode- Online player mode- Play online with your friends, you can view other roomplayonline, chat with friend in room chess- and create chess challenges with more option- chess standard or chess 960, pluzze chess dailyWith single player mode, you will 10 levels easy -> hard->hardest playing with android.With two player mode, you can play with your friendsAnd with online mode, you can connect with another player toplaygameYou can undo, redo state easy, auto save state of player.Support android 2.3 and higher (over 7k devices)Easy for player and nice UIA special, a game application free 100% NO ADVERTISINGShare with your friendsEnjoy game !Thanks
E.G. Chess Free 1.0.28
Earth Gaming
EG Chess was the first true 3D Chessappexperience to land on Google Play, and remains the top 3DChesschoice for purists and novices alike. It's no puzzle, justswipe torotate the board, pinch anywhere on the board to zoom in,tap yourpieces to move, form your strategy, capture, and win!Complicated problems around online player vs player gamesarecompletely eliminated with a simple layout, beautifully clearboardand pieces, online chat, and notifications of opponent's movessothat you can focus on your chess strategy. HD quality 3D piecesandboards come in 4 chess sets- Wood, Stone, Marble andClassic(Staunton) to mix up the visuals of your games, and alsokeep kidsinterested in learning chess! And it's completely FREE, soneed toworry about those pesky in-app purchases- none ofthose.Feel free to play with your friends next to you on your phoneortablet via localized (local) play mode, or Bluetooth! Move uptheleaderboard with ELO rankings against online players, live andinreal-time, or at a slower pace when your opponent is offline,butstill trading moves! If it's 3D Chess with no nonsense youarelooking for, look no further. EG Chess is just a virtual stepawayfrom the table.Features include:- Free to play!!!- 3D Board and Pieces with the ability to rotate to any view(HDquality)- Play against a computer opponent- 2 Player tabletop (local) mode- play your friend sitting nexttoyou- Play online versus your friends… or the WORLD!- Official FIDE (ELO) rating system- 4 different 3D environments with accompanying 3D piecesandboards- Marble, Stone, Wood, and Standard (ClassicStaunton)- Undo button- Online leaderboard- "Lobby notifications" notify you when your game is joined oramove is made- Multiplayer Chat- 2D button to lock the screen in 2D mode- 2D piece set option for 2D mode - have the best ofbothworlds!- 3D lock view button- lock your screen on your favorite viewtoplay with- Optional "auto rotate"- save your favorite viewing angleandreturn to it after every move made- Online games can be played at any pace, and your opponent doesnotneed to be online to play- Save and Load previously played games- PGN export and load (for the most serious chess players)- Varying computer opponent difficulty: Scrollable from easytohard, hard being impossibly hard…- FICS ( integration- Bluetooth enabled- play on your own device locally withyourfriend across from you!- Stop being puzzled with too many functions on your chessboard-the "featureless feature"!!- No complications to get in the way of your strategy- that's theEGway!!!Some reviews of players who like us:"Awesome This is by far (graphically) the best chess gameonandroid, so smooth it's crazy. And the AI isn't shoddyeither.Definitely get this!""Beautiful! Fully functional Chess game with varying degreesofdifficulty, customizable boards, play in 2d or 3d, with sounds,andChess notation. How do you not give this 5 stars?!? 5 Starsallday!!! This things a boss!!!""Great chess game Best graphics in a chess game I could findonAndroid. Dev is quick to respond and very helpful. More peopleneedto know about this game.""Fantastic app! Can't stop playing against my brotherfromafar!" rating - 5/5!!!! pure 3D Chess strategy, online multiplayer, in-game chatwhilekeeping to the world ELO chess rating system combined withFICS( integration, AND live or offline play, looknofurther than EG Chess! Once available only through Google Playappstore purchase, EG Chess is now FREE TO PLAY! Grab theopportunityto join the thousands of serious chess players who havebeen usingthis app for years to out strategize their friends andonlineopponents. Download EG Chess today and give us a review withwhatyou think! We will answer. :)
lichess • Free Online Chess
Built for the love of chess, this app isopensource and free for all.- 150 000 individual users daily and growing fast.- Play bullet, blitz, classical, and correspondence chess- Play in arena tournaments- Find, follow, challenge players- See your games stats- Practice with chess puzzles- Many variants, available online and offline: Crazyhouse,Chess960, King Of The Hill, Three-check, Antichess, Atomic chess,Horde,Racing Kings!- Game analysis with local computer evaluation- Server computer analysis with move annotations andgamesummary- Opening explorer in all variants- Endgame tablebase explorer for standard chess andatomicchess- Play against offline computer- Over The Board mode to play offline with a friend- Standalone chess clock with multiple time settings- Board editor- Available in 80 languages- Designed for both phones and tablets, supportinglandscapemode- 100% free, without ads, and opensource!Chess variants are supported, either in online and offlinemodes!Try them all:- Crazyhouse: every time a piece is captured the capturingplayergets a piece of the same type and of their color intheirpocket.- Chess960: pieces on the home rank are randomised.- King Of The Hill: bring your king to the center to win.- Threecheck: check the opponent king three times.- Antichess: lose all your pieces to win.- Atomic Chess: nuke the opponent.- Horde: destroy the horde to win.- Racing Kings: race to the eighth rank to win.Just like, this application is open source,andrespects user freedom. It is entirely free and without ads, nowandforever.Learn more about lichessphilosophy: code of the mobileapplication: code of the website andserver: thanks to the volunteers behind this app:- Vincent Velociter (lead dev) Renaud Bressand (design) Thibault Duplessis (dev) Sébastien Renault (dev of native stockfishplugin) Mark Henle (dev) out the app page on, and followuson twitter for updates:
暗棋爭霸2 1.8.2
華麗又可愛的多功能暗棋遊戲應用程式★ 連線上網對戰★ 單機挑戰電腦AI★ 同機共享電子棋盤對弈GooglePlay / iOS 均可下載跨平台連線對戰遊戲榮獲 App Store 棋盤類/教育類 首榜 新品推薦登入 App Store 24 小時內 榮登 棋盤類/教育類 前五名"切磋場"與"電腦場"開局★★★完全免費★★★玩朵拉-謝謝大家的支持。  《暗棋爭霸2》可以說是全能型的一款暗棋遊戲應用,棋士們可選擇競技場隨機配對連線模式,投身於來自全世界的棋藝好手一起爭奪棋王的榮譽。此外,也可以與好友進行對弈不必擔心不同系統的問題(Android及iOS系統都可跨平台連線對戰)或是啟用「同機對戰」把您的設備變身為一個電子棋盤,隨時隨地都可以找人來下一局暗棋。若想要個人享受下棋的樂趣,也可以選擇單機的模式。@_獨家等級系統你的棋藝決定你的高度,唯有高手才有辦法升上去。@_角色頭像搭配獨有的表情可愛華麗的角色造型頭像搭配獨有的表情,絕對讓你下棋也可以超萌特可愛。@_完善的排行系統將與全球的棋士進行多項排行競技,真實交流切磋棋藝,下一位棋王就是你。@_投降輸一半不是只有電影才有的橋段,絕對獨家貼心的勝負機制設計,展現君子風度不惡爭(投降也可以很瀟灑)。勝場冠軍競技規則參賽的資格:-棋士必須要完成升級帳號後,擁有會員級的身分方可參加。EX:帳號顯示「@00XXXXX」的棋士將無法參與勝場冠軍的競賽。比賽時間:-(台灣時間:早上8.00起)日勝場冠軍競技 當日7:55前結算週勝場冠軍競技 每周星期天7:55前結算月勝場冠軍競技 當月的1日早上7:55前結算競賽挑戰場次:-每一位棋士限定每日前200回合列入勝場冠軍的積分排行,直到日冠軍結算後方可在次重新投入當日的冠軍爭奪戰。PS:200回合是指當天個人勝場+敗場的總和局數。201回合以上的戰績不會列入比賽的分數排行內,但該紀錄還是會累積在棋士們的總勝場戰績裡面去。同樣的,週與月都根據日的回合制度來規範,要角逐週或月的棋士每天只能有200局的回合數來創造最好的積分來挑戰來自世界各地的棋藝好手。更多詳細的資訊可前往:暗棋爭霸2Online → Facebook粉絲頁。 andlovelymultifunctional Dark Chess game application★ Battle Internet connection★ stand-alone challenge the computer AI★ machines share the same electronic chess boardGooglePlay / iOS cross-platform connectivity can be downloadedwargameWon the App Store chessboard class / education class first listNewProductsTopped the chessboard class / education classes within five logAppStore 24 小时"Demonstrate their field" and "computer games" start ★★★completelyfree ★★★Play Dora - Thank you for your support."An Qi StarCraft 2" can be said of an all-An Qi gamingapplications,in terms of financial arena they choose randomlypaired connectionmode, engaged in chess players from around theworld compete for thehonor of Chess. In addition, you can playchess with friends withouthaving to worry about the problem ofdifferent systems (Android andiOS systems can be cross-platformconnectivity Battle) or enable the"Battle with the machine," putyour device to transform into anelectronic chessboard, anytime,anywhere you can find An Qi personto the next round. If you wantthe individual to enjoy the fun ofplaying chess, you can choose astand-alone mode._ Exclusive rating systemYour chess determine your height,Only master only way to rise up._ Characters with unique expressions AvatarCute picture with a gorgeous unique role modeling expression,Definitely let you play chess can also super cuteMengspecial._ Perfect ranking systemWill be more competitive with the global ranking in termsoffinancial,Real exchange ideas chess, chess is your next one._ Surrender lose halfNot only have the movie plot, the outcome is absolutelyexclusiveintimate mechanism design,Show the gentleman is not evil fight (surrender can also beverychic). Atletico rule wins championship Entry qualifications: -After the upgrade must be completed in terms of financialaccounts,identity has a membership level before taking part.EX: Account Show "@ 00XXXXX" in terms of financial will not beableto participate in the competition wins the championship. Time:-(Taiwan Time: 8.00 am onwards)Japan wins the championship athletics before settlementday7:55Zhou wins championship athletics weekly Sunday 7:55beforesettlementMay wins the championship athletics 7:55 am on the 1st of themonthbefore the settlement Challenge contest screenings: -Every day 200 rounds before limited in terms of financialinclusionRanking points wins the championship,Until the day before the championship after the settlement intimeto rejoin the battle for the title that day. PS: 200 rounds that day refers to the sum Bureau individual wins+defeated farm. More than 201 rounds of record will not be included in thegamescore ranking, but the record will still accumulate on theinsideof their total wins in terms of financial record to go.Similarly,week and month are based on round system to regulate day,week ormonth to compete only in terms of financial daily Rounds 200Boardto create the best chess players integral to the challengesfromaround the world. More detailed information can go to:Dark Chess hegemony 2Online → Facebook fan page.
Chess PRO Free 4.2
Classic Games
Chess PRO is the most advanced Chess gameforAndroid. Chess PRO has the strongest Chess engine everdeveloped,making it extremely had to beat by even the most skilledworldclass professional players. Normal players can adjustdifficultylevels, making if fun to play for beginners, intermediateplayersand making it a tough challenge for even the bestchessplayers.To play select figure you wish to move and double tap where youwantto move it.Chess PRO app contains all features any chess player wouldeverneed. From different themes to advanced analytical features.ChessPRO can be played against computer or in two playermode.Chess PRO app is the best, the hardest to beat and mostadvancedfree chess game on Google play!
Chess 1.0.5
Play chess against your phone or tablet.Game Features:*10 difficulty levels.*Chess game saved automatically.*Nice Graphics and sound.*Play chess offline, without an internet connection.*No ads.*Free.Credits:Using CuckooChess engine of chess: