Top 24 Games Similar to Sea Warship Battle 3D

Navy Gunship: Warship Gunner
Navy Gunship battle: Its about to stop the enemy carrier shipattackon our sea troops by gunship war. Fast paced naval battleswithauthentic warships from the World War II era. Take the battleto theSea!!Hi Commodore! Enemy carrier ship is approaching nearerto ournaval ships, we have to defend and destroy the enemy at anycost.Let's defend yourself by attacking with Gunship HelicopterCounterStrike.For this purpose you have AK47 Gun Shoot, so firebravely onthe enemies and stop their invasion.Game Features:>Amazinggunner's battlefield environment.> Excellent soundeffects.>Very easy UI and controls.> Just swipe with oneside and shootthe enemies.> Enemy AI, so be careful>Dominate the seas withmighty warships!> 3D Naval warfareWARSHIP BATTLE!Like our othergames as frontline commando gunnerand rate us for more good games.thanksBy Tap4Games
Sea Battle 3D PRO: Warships 5.20.1
Sea Battle – well known from childhood game with classicrules,implemented in 3D graphics with realistic effects. Theapplicationis colorful and intuitive, in a unique style. At yourdisposal are10 modern warships, use strategy and tactics, arrangeships andstrike at the opponent's fleet. To win - sink all enemyships.Features: 3D graphics and effects The game provides a lotofopportunities that were not on paper! The game againstAndroid(artificial intelligence) Three levels of difficulty in asingleplayer game BLUETOOTH Multiplayer Naval combat on bluetoothfortwo: with friends, colleagues or acquaintances! BattlesOnlineFights on the Internet with real rivals from around theworld!Space theme Space ships are at your disposal. Fights not onlyonthe sea, but also in space! Game Achievements Win in battles,earna rating, raise the rank from the lieutenant to the admiral ofthefleet! Global Leaderboard It's time to find out who isthestrongest in the sea battle! Full free version of the gameDownloadthe application in 2 seconds. No expectations, immediatelyintobattle! ***** We advise all lovers of sea battle, play thisgame,you will like it!
Naval Clash Battleship 2.4.6
* New version! Now play battleship on the web using differenttypesof weapons! Sea battle begins!Play classic battleship gamefromyour childhood. Setup your ships on the field, then shootenemy'sones.The objective of this guess and shoot game is to findand sinkall enemy ships. You should do it faster than youropponent.Playonline with your friends in our AdmiralEdition.Features:- Nicehand drawn graphics- Single player fightswith your Android-Multiplayer clashes via bluetooth- Worldwidebattles on the Webusing weapons- Mines, radars, anti-radars andmore - Coins andstars for victories- Ranks for the stars, weaponsfor the coins-Tree types of fleets for your choice- High scores-Global highscores- Supports Honeycomb tablets- Free, no Ads.-App2SDTake alook to Naval Clash Admiral Edition with manyadditionalfeatures.Join us onFacebook: us onGoogle+: us on Twitter@NavalClash, weare glad to hear your opinion and suggestions.If youhave anyproblem with the game do not set a low rating, just send use-mailand we will fix it. E-mail to navalclash@gmail.comThe gamemaycollect anonymous statistics about your battles.This is a remakeofpopular paper game with two navy fleets equipped with warshipsandother types of battle ships. Your ship is in combat with theenemynaval forces and you need to win this war.Video provided byS-KadrStudio (
Navy Gunner 3D: Carrier Battle 1.2
Navy Gunship Counter Strike: is about to shoot directly on anenemycarrier warship. Destroy it with full power and stop theirmovementin any way. Otherwise they may attack on our navyairbase.About:The enemy has attacked your naval base and with thehelpof one of the largest air craft carrier, they are about toenter inyour sea water. They need to be stopped before they invadethewhole country. Enemy is backed by the helicopters and theirspecialsquad on the motor boats.Mission:Your job is to protectyourcountrymen from the brutal army, attacking everyone. Beingequippedwith the latest machine gun and rocket launcher, you needtodestroy their carrier, soldiers, motor boats and helicopter.Thereare waves after waves that won't let you settle down. Forthispurpose you have AK47 Gun Shoot, so fire bravely on the enemiesandstop their invasion.Game Features:- Navy Warship Battle- HDrooftopheli view of scenic ocean combat arena- Stunning visualgraphicswith realistic battlefield sounds- Enable the zoom to setsnipershooting view- Complete environment of navy battleshipwarThanksfor your feedback and ratings to improve this game.
Warship Navy Battle: Gunship 1.4
Sea Warship Battle: Sail your battleship over the Pacific Oceanforbattle and destroy enemy's warships cruise fleets in yourarea.Command your naval warship crew members to prepare yourvesselsGatling machine gun and anti aircraft missile launcher totargetrivals warships and gunship helicopters. Your navy admiralassignsyou to locate and target enemies’ warships and armyaircraftsbefore they destroy your naval base.You are in a counterstrikewar. There is enemy invasion near our naval ship, yourmission isto check and destroy the enemy warship. Let's shoot thenavycarrier ship with your shooting skills with the help of aflyingcobra gunship helicopter.> HD rooftop heli view of scenicoceancombat arena> A top free Gunner shoot war game>Stunningvisual graphics with realistic battlefield sounds>Enable thezoom to set sniper shooting view> Complete environmentof navybattleship warStory:The enemy has attacked your marine baseandwith the help of one of the largest air craft carrier, theyareabout to enter in your sea water. They need to be stoppedbeforethey invade the whole country. Enemy is backed by theapachehelicopters and their special team is on the motor boats. Youneedto destroy their carrier, soldiers, motor boats and fighterplanes.Good Luck!
Pirates Storm - Ship Battles 1.5.061
Recruitment of the bravest pirate! StartNavalBattles!In the Great Navigation Ages, the pirates driving the mostfamouspirate ship on the infinite sea. We need the smart andambitiouspirates to defeat and conquer the enemy. Who is the best?May bethe next is you!Features:- Easy to play but inconceivable challenges- More powerful Boss waiting for your challenge- Many famous pirate ships waiting for you to handle- Incredible weapons and wonderful scenes- Funny game with exciting enjoyment- Connect to Facebook share your best records and playwithfriendsHow to Play:- Use your finger to control the position of Pirate ships- Game props are assisting to complete the mission- 3 stars bring the extra rewards- Daily surprise rewards- View your rank on the Top list, and become the best pirate.Free Joining the Pirates Storm!
Warship Creed 1.00
Ship simulator.3D graphic and special effects.Dynamic combats vs many enemies.Your galleon knocked against pirate fleet in open sea.Fightvscorsairs and defend your carry. Show the power of warshiptotheenemy. Destroy the enemy band. Epic battle will remaininmemory.The ocean will hide shipwrecks from curious eyes.
Battleship 2.0.3
An excellent and well-known way to "kill" time and just tocompetewith friends in logicAVAILABLE GAME MODES - ONLINEMULTIPLAYER - VSANDROID - VIA BLUETOOTH - TWO PLAYERS AT ONEDEVICEONLINEACHIEVEMENTSGLOBAL LEADERBOARDSSAVEGAMES IN THE CLOUD -you maystore your progress in the Cloud and load it into any deviceusingyour Google accountSCORES - score points for victories,defeats,achievements...RANKS - 20 ranksDIFFICULTY LEVELS -experience workof artificial intelligence at three various levelsofcomplexityKEEP ARRANGEMENTS OF THE SHIPS - keep unlimited numberofmaps and receive statistics of games/victories on eachofthemFLEXIBLE SETTINGSUSER-FRIENDLY INTERFACENONCOMMERCIAL VERSION-there is no advertizing or built-in purchases.
The Amazing Spider-Man 1.2.3e
Get ready for intense web-slinging action with TheAmazingSpider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app of thishighlyanticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play through the moviestoryline asSpider-Man faces off against the Lizard and rampaginggangs.Web-sling and crawl your way through an open, fully 3D NewYorkwhile using your amazing skills to save the city.** Note thatTheAmazing Spider-Man needs 2GB of free memory to install**THEOFFICIAL GAME OF 2012’s HIGHLY AWAITED SUPER HEROBLOCKBUSTER•Fight the Lizard and his minions to put a stop to hisdarkschemes.• Play The Amazing Spider-Man through more than25immersive missions inspired by the upcoming movie'sstoryline.•Climb, jump and web-sling from building to building foran aerialthrill like never before!FREE NEW YORK CITY• Explore thecitythrough its five distinctive districts (Central Park,Business,Downtown, Pier and Residential)• An exciting and enjoyablefightingsystem with melee, ranged, combo attacks and much more• Awideselection of upgrades to customize your style, attacks andskillsAHIGH PRODUCTION-VALUE GAME• Explore an open-worldManhattan,teeming with action. Discover random missions,collectibles andmore secrets in the City that Never Sleeps!• Fightin a fully 3DNew York City with cutting-edge graphics. • Advancedshaders andvisual effects make Spiderman more realistic than everbefore!Minimum hardware requirements to play The AmazingSpider-Man:- 1GHz CPU- 512 MB RAM- PowerVR SGX540 GPU orequivalent- 1.5 GB offree space on the deviceFor optimalperformance, we recommendrestarting your device and closing otherapplications beforeplaying The Amazing Spider-Man.----Visit ourofficial site athttp://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft.Certain apps allow you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third party site.PrivacyPolicy : of Use: User License Agreement:
Frontline airforce shooting gunner helicopter 3d 2.9
Frontier air force shooting is a thrilling free FPS 3d actionpackedsuperhero shooting incredible game. This is a special opsfurygunner helicopter mission assassination 3d free action gamethatwill let you experience and fury land gun shooting skillsinfrontline war environment game and ship shooting free games.Youare the best superhero air force shooter of the country so be aairshooter commando you must has to hold aim & target inthisultimate air gunner killer special ops shooting mission. Be atrueincredible frontline shooting hunter in this shooting for freegamewhere air force hero war to assassinate terrorist, gangsters&enemies hidden around to bring back peace of your seaborderline.This is one of the best helicopter fighting free fpsgame as itwill take you to the war ravaged red alert city areas andgive youthe thrills and chills of being a machine gun and gunneroperator.As the city has been taken over by enemies you have to flyover thesea shipper in the gunship helicopter and destroy the enemybasesin one of the free flying games.This is the #1 casual shootergamein helicopter shooting game and you will have a lot funwhilecompleting the top secret mission of the airforce. Thestunning 3dvisual graphics will keep you glued to your screen for along time.It is the best of realistic and immersive helicoptergames free fpsaction missions. Shooting with a machine gun &army gunnerwhile in a moving aerial vehicle is a difficult taskhence it willrequire a lot of effort from the shooters in thishelicopter flyinggames.It is top free action filled shooting 3Dgame which you holdaim, target & hunt as a super stealth airforce superhero andairforce commando that kill brutal warterrorist, gangsters andunder world mafia. This is a war againstthe terrorist who arehidden in their secret sea camps. So be a armyassassin and destroyall terrorist at fury land by using explosivematerials like bombs& gunship strike for survival. You have tofocus & be anaccurate shooter in this anti-terrorist battle andshooting peoplegames. Counter enemy attacks & strike hard toensure yoursurvival & win this combat like a true war heroandgunfighter.How to Play:- You can drag the screen anywheretomove/rotate your gun left, right, up or down- Tab Fire buttontofire, press hold button to continually fire.- Try to shoot andkillenemy soldiers on first spot- The weapons will reload itselfandyou have unlimited number of bullets- You don’t need to controlthehelicopter, it will give you around view of shipGamefeatures:-Great top view from helicopter in airforce gunner shootwar 3dgame- Complete battlefield real looking 3d environment ofsea. Itis a real boat battle war- Enemy AI with sea war shootingmissions-Good quality sound effects.- User friendly GUI andcontrols.-Efficient weapon controls & movement.- Enemies willattackthrough missiles and your life will reduce and missionfailed-Efficient weapon control- It is army gunner free game
IGI Forest Commando Adventure 1.0
STRONG STORY >>>>>>We Have Introduce New 3DGameStreath Forest Commando War Have Totally New Idea .Differentmaterials are used.that are Tank Oils , Oldest Buildings,Different Weapons,Different Enemies and First Person. Where weusedthe first person and different enemies. all enemies are liesonland,Buildings and Oil Tanks. there are different materialsareused and Different weapons that are Guns .Army havedifferentwarrior as a frontline commando war, mountains with snipergunshootings:: We have introduce Plus shape way like as Road likeaswarship Battle . my person have move from one side and He sawtheenemies.Enemies only attack when my commando is in 10 mdistanceaway otherwise they not attack Fallennation,Sea,mountain.Each havea changeable.Forest and Fury actionhave the First AttackAssassinates and warrior,heli .last armysniper including gunshiphelicopter war and enemy military troopswar have a largeDetail.Great navy commando Streath ultimateFronlines commandosmilitary soldiers.most user used IGI Havebecause this Game is moreefficient to other Games.freedom is veryimportant to expand herlife shadow fighter,sea,Modern and unkilledenemies that are Gluand Bubblo . Animal is the part of the life ,Lion ,cat ,deerHunting ,wild Hunter,safari,Duck,Real,Russiananimals,americananimals, Australia and other countries.Peoplesplaying more type ofapplications that are Shhoting,loneKiller,Contractkiller,Robocop,Mission Impossible,IronDeath,Zombie,clash war,1965war. and many other peoples like thepuzzle Apps include Candy,Farms,HerosDigger,Alphabetty,Pet,Rescue,BubbleWitch,Diamond,Charm,calaputt,Soda,Xperiatheme Papa and other farmof Pyramid ,In This 3D Game i haveintroduce Differentfunctionality,That are >>>> RadarCircle Where we findthe enemies >>>> Fire Button Playerused the fireButton to kill enemies.>>>> Scope Buttonwhere playerhave Zoom in and Zoom out the Scope and Targettheenemies.>>>> Health Bar This is the life ofPlayer.>>>> Pause Game , Menu Game , Win Game and LoseGame>>>> Joystick is Also used . where Player Have amoveto different location. move to left Right and Down, Up. How ToPlay>>>>> >>>> To Move Commando LeftRight,Up and Down Using Joystick.>>>> kill the enemiesusingFire Button.>>>> To Target The enemies using thescope.>>>> To Find The enemies using Radar.Full GameFeatures>>>> Nexus Sound . >>>> Actionthrillinglikes as Commandos war .>>>> Full thrillingAction Gamewith First Person Game .>>>> Download freeGame likesas IGI First .>>>> Reload Automatic Gun.>>>Wonder Full Sound and Music >>>> DifferentTypesMission each have ChangeableNote : This 3D Game is TottalyFree andIt available To Google Play Store and i have Requested ToAll userThat Give me our Feedback so i have update in next version. Thankyou For All You.Best Luck andEnjoyIt>>>>>>>>>>>>
Apache Gunship Heli Battle 3D 2.2
It’s high time for the Final Gunship battle and air strike tonaildown the enemies! This Apache Gunship Helicopter Battle 3D isanultimate, battle helicopter simulation game, take control ofthemost advanced Gunship Heli chopper and helicopters hoveringoverthe red canyon, report to airbase, submerge and simulatestraightinto the chaos battlefield as you know the art of modernwarfareand engage yourself in the war on terrorism and eliminateall yourenemies.Your call sign is Spartan and as an ace and proapachecobra helicopter and ex jet fighter pilot, your air force isreadyand your wingmen are airborne and simulating the gunshipcobrahelicopters to back you up in the battle field and getthedominance against the enormous enemy as they are fully preparedforan attack through armed forces equipped with panzer tanks andantiaircraft guns, air force ready for an airstrike with F18,F16,green hornet jet fighters, military base loaded with armysnipersand anti air craft guns installed inside the installationand navybattle ships already in deep seas. Your job is to go behindtheenemy lines with your wingmen and take down all your enemyanddestroy their backbone, derailing military base equipped withheavyartillery and assassin all sharp sniper shooters throughArielattack, this gunship mission is full of perils, so enjoy thisfreeonline helicopter game of Apache gunship helicopters battleandconquer your dreams. Attack your enemy like an airwolf anddon’tlet them regain the dominance over your country.Engagingandsimulating into the world’s most powerful air combatgunshiphelicopters at your finger tips, like cobra, apache, seaking, getback into action and be the supreme lord of air combatsandairstrike and dominate your enemy, engage yourself in deadlycombatmissions behind the enemy lines. Apache gunship helicopterbattleis full of action, combined with stunning 3D graphics, andfullflight control simulation, your country defeated the opponentinworld war II, ww2 so now to keep the fame of your country, youhaveto prove yourself as the best Apache and cobra gunship battlefieldand fighter jet pilot of all time, go behind enemy linesanddestroy all your targets, in air you will encounter some ofthedeadliest flying machines fully equipped with stealth techwithsupport of some great battle tanks like panzer, which will trytoput you down in the battlefield. After successful operation inlandand sea, find your way in the middle eastern deserts where allthemilitary bases are set to destroy the fame of your country,youhave to face severe and rough weather condition ofsandstorms,rain, heat waves, desert storms, face them with courageand risehigh as an expert Apache and Cobra gun ship heli battlepilot. Flyhigh through the red canyon and so take the challengedeadly airstrike and air attack and enjoy as a real navy aviationapache andcobra gunship fighter pilot. Disengage your apachegunship from SAMmissiles, guided radar systems with your latestweapons and destroywarships and Gunship aircrafts. The missions arebreath taking andyou have to eliminate all the enemy military basesin this epicbattle, you have a full range of latest war heads witha wide rangeof missiles, mounted machine gun and rockets to use onenemy’smilitary bases, blow up all their tanks, navy battle shipsandsoldiers and snipers hideouts and hidden bunkers withsharpshooters as they will shoot back with heavy artillery, protectyourhelicopter as the fire will come from all directions and canbereal damaging, the super commandos are airborne so be careful,nowits your duty to take them all and go behind the enemy linesanddestroy all your designated targets.Enjoy this actionpackedstunning helicopter simulator game of Apache gunship helibattle 3Dand fight for your country’s honor and victory.
Army Gunship Clash - Heli Battle Game 2017 1.3
Army Gunship Clash – War Game 2017 is world’s most powerfulGunshipHelicopter combat mission game where you will be engage incrossborder multiple combat missions. Your helicopter will roarindifferent environments like urban city, desert and in densejungle.Your job is to shoot the enemy. Watch out for your enemy astheywill use excessive force against you in their armored Jeeps,wartanks, Gunship helicopters, F-16, battle ships and many moredeadlyarsenal of army weapons. Look out the enemy troops in battleofglory in a direct encounter & destroy your enemies beforeyourenemy strike your gunship helicopter in this gunship Heliwarfare,shooting game. Have a critical strike at your enemies &keepyour allies in the battleship safe from the enemy attack. It’sanaction packed play store game, easy to play but verychallenging.It’s a game of war, Live strong & die hard.ArmyGunship Clashis not like a world war game or a naval warfare gamebut it’s akind of Strategy war game. You got multiple top fighterChoppersplane parked at battle ship craft. Choose wisely accordingto themission. Don’t collapse with buildings and escape yourselffromenemy counter strike as your Gunship might get crash inthisdeadliest battle and you will lose the deadly mission. You gotonlyone Aim that is shoot to kill rather being killed and fightforsurvival to get the reign of your occupied territory byenemytroops in airstrikes. Army Gunship Clash – game of war is bestarmyshooting game which includes a gunship pilot simulationgameexperience to offer you most realistic game play withsplendidflying experience kind of role playing at variousstunninglocations in a real war clash via airstrikes.Army GunshipClash –War Game of Pro 2016 is best Helicopter war game where youhave tocome out like a Hero or villain, savior or conqueror sochoice isyours so take your seat in the Gunship cockpit and conquertheBattle field now. Army Gunship Clash is war of heroes andtopgunship clash game at many deadly Army combat mission of itskindin world to defend your country’s territory from Enemies. Itstopaction game with excellent HD graphics, flight controlsimulationexperience while engaging Military scenes to have animmerse joywhile playing Army Gunship Clash – war game, from freegames ofGoogle Play store. The game also features massive highlydetailedwar planes with ultra realistic physics control.Take holdof yourGunship Heli equipped with modern weapons and get ready forepicwarfare and furious action! Don’t express any mercy to theenemyarmy, and take back your occupied territory!Features:***Thrilling,Fast-paced and Realistic battles!*** Defend yourcountry’sterritory in co-op combat!*** Multiple Gunships equippedwithmodern shooting weapons.*** Immersive Multiple 3Denvironments.***Multiple Missions*** HD Graphics & Sounds
Fighter Pilot: TPW
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****Fighter Pilot:ThePacific War has now a complete Free version available. Thisversioncontains all the content that the paid version does.Youcandownload it from ourpublisherhere:************ **** **** **** **** **** **** **** Unleash totaldestructionwith an American dive bomber!In Fighter Pilot: ThePacific War, youwill take command of your SBD Dauntless divebomber to support yourtroops, on land, in the air or at sea. Aftera devastating blow tothe US Navy at Pearl Harbour in World War II,you will take part inthe American struggle to defeat the Empire ofJapan by fighting inthe most important battles of the PacificWar.To secure the victoryof your courageous ground forces, theyrely on your initiative andprecise bombing attacks to give themthe firepower to overcome theenemy. However, anti-aircraft fireand enemy fighters will try stopyou at all cost. At the end of theday, only the most skilled anddedicated fighter pilots will beleft in the sky. To prove once andfor all that you are bestfighter pilot ace in the world you canalso upload your battlescores to the international hostedleaderboards. With thousands ofactive players it will become oneintense competition to see who isthe best! All this is and more iswaiting for you. Strap in and getready for the flight of yourlife!=== Key Features of the game ===-Choose from various weaponssuch as heavy, light or cluster bombs,rockets and torpedoes.- Enjoya variety of operations, includingfleet to fleet combat, landingand defence battles or sole aircraftdogfights for intense fun.-Witness powerful battles with over 300objects fighting at the sametime!- Enjoy an extensive soundtrackwhile composing a symphony ofdestruction, with the extrafunctionality to add your own music tothe game soundtrack.-Compete globally with thousands of otherplayers for the besthighscore in each mission - 4 levels ofdifficulty to make itinteresting to the novice and the toughenedveterans=== What youget in the Unlocked Version ===* Access to allthe 16 missions ofthe game, plus historical information on thePacific War.* Thecomplete soundtrack, a total of 6 different songs,with each beinglonger than 3 minutes!* Higher quality graphics* Atleast 8+ hoursof intense Action=== Campaign and Mission breakdown===1942 -Solomon Islands Campaign• Battle of The Coral Sea (NavalBattle)•Battle of Guadalcanal: Pre-Bombardment (Bombing Battle)•Battle ofGuadalcanal: Taking Lunga Point (Amphibious LandingBattle)• Battleof Guadalcanal: Defending Henderson Field (DefensesBattle)1943 -Gilbert Islands Campaign• Battle of Bismarck Sea(Naval Battle)•Operation Vengeance - The hunt for Isoroku Yamamoto(Massive AirBattle)• Battle of Tarawa (Amphibious Landing Battle)•OperationHailstone - The airstrike on Truk Island (BombingBattle)1944 -Mariana Islands Campaign• Battle of Saipan (AmphibiousLandingBattle)• Battle of the Philippine Sea: The Raid (MassiveAirBattle)• Battle of the Philippine Sea: The Counterattack(NavalBattle)• Return to Guam (Amphibious Landing Battle)1945 -Volcanoand Ryukyu Island Campaign• Battle of Iwo Jima: CapturingMountSuribachi (Amphibious Landing Battle)• Battle of Iwo Jima:Takingthe Motoyama Plateau (Land Battle)• Operation Iceberg - Theassaulton Okinawa (Amphibious Landing Battle)• Typhoon of Steel:The FinalBattle (Defenses Battle)
Navy Gunship Sniper Shooter
Helicopter Gunship Battle: Its good first person shootingnavywarship gunner game, You are in a counter strike war. Thereisenemy invasion near our naval ship, your mission is to checkanddestroy the enemy warship. Let's shoot the navy carrier shipwithyour shooting skills with the help of a flying cobragunshiphelicopter. For this mission you have AK 47 gun shoot withamazingsniper shooting feature.Special Features:- A top free NavyGunnershoot war game- HD rooftop heli view of scenic ocean combatarena-Stunning visual graphics with realistic battlefield sounds-Enablethe zoom to set sniper shooting view- Complete environment ofnavybattleship war- Top view of the enemy navy carrierfromHelicopterStory:The enemy has attacked your marine base andwiththe help of one of the largest air craft carrier, they areabout toenter in your sea water. They need to be stopped beforethey invadethe whole country. Enemy is backed by the apachehelicopters andtheir special team is on the motor boats. You needto destroy theircarrier, soldiers, motor boats and fighter planes.HOW TO PLAY-Touch and drag gameplay to rotate axis- Aim your enemyand shootthem to earn points- Head-shots will earn your highscores- Use thezoom option to have the clear viewThanking you foryour ratings andcomments with your feedback to improve thisgame.Offered By:GamesOutlet
Ocean Keeper 2.0
You are alone in the ocean. All the fleethasbeen destroyed and your warship is the last hope.Constant waves of enemy planes fly over you throwing an endlessrainof bombs. There is no other way to follow through.You are obligated to undermine everything you can to keep yourenemya chance to win the final war.You've survived many battles but this time know that the endisalready written ... or maybe not.It's time for war. This is the second battle.Strategy, action, arcade free game.User different weapons in this awesome battle.Please do not forget to rate our game and make suggestions.Visit us in:
Helicopter Gunship War 3D 1.0.2
Amazing Gamez
A classic navy gunship battle helicopter game taking you totheworld war era, where you are midst gunship battle. OnlySurvivaltip: Destroy all enemy battleship entering your vicinity inthenavy war game. In Helicopter Gunship War 3D, you are in thestateof air navy war and your only task is to win the world war.Theenemy fleets are approaching and firing missiles at the airnavyand you have to fight this naval warfare and navy gunshipbattleall on your own by experiencing an air fighter and armyhelicopterwar adventure.You the air fighter helicopter pilot arewellequipped with state of the art weapons, ammos and armories,counterattack to defeat the helicopter war terrorists. The airbattle forglory will not be easy it will be an ultimate modern aircombat andgunship war between you and the counter terrorists. Butbeware, fornext time you are launching a counter attack armyhelicopter airstrike you will have to showcase immense skills, andextremehelicopter combat precision to destroy the enemy fleet,ensuringminimum self-damage in the modern air combat.HelicopterGunship War3D is one of those aircraft combat battle games thatgives you realbattlefield environment and gunship helicopters thatare the mostadvanced apache attack and warship machines. KeyFeatures: >Various challenging gunship helicopter levels >Easynavigational army helicopter war controls> Different enemiesandterrorist to battle> Realistic Sound effects> Epic worldwargame play
IGI Commando War Zone 3D 1.0
commando War Zone 3D is a very interestingandexcellent and also commando warrior game at the highmountainhills.In ghost commando game you are the commando man.Inghost gameyou follow your senior boss that enemies caught the someciviliansmen in jail your aim of commando that platoon fighting atthe frontline of battle place.your first person shoot skills isvery welland you can shoot the all enemy.After a very long periodof timeyou can't attack on the all civilians men. you have getmanychances to run the enemies camps at the mountains hillsfrontline.Wish you good luck and can be save your health.After alongperiod of time effort and you provided a chance to gain therescueof innocent all civilian men and shoot the enemies. Now itstimethat you can be show your shoot skills of fighting and provethatyourself as a best commando.Most of the enemies are terroristsandunderworld gangster.Most new wars nuclear power use anddestroyedevery thing in just few mint us and shoot the enemies andsquarethe all civilians men.this is the biggest and more dangerouswarstart that nuclear power use by kill the armies.Developtheshooting of enemies and making your way through themountain.commando war Zone 3D story:few year ago commando war zonewascompleted great and biggest rescue mission in past frontlinecommando action army. Army men not fear the deadly on gunwarshipair carrier, gunship heli,tank level on the high mountainsand thedangerous shooting place and army camp war zone squaremission.nowthis time commando assign very hardly mission at thehighmountains.Army man pickup his extre very long range snipershootgun for the shoot are a commando that assign averyaction mission.this time is the very dangerous Warriormission.Thatgame is like as counter strike action 3d game.You havea big andmodern sniper shoot gun that you can use to shoot the longdistanceenemies.How to Play:- Touch on the mobile screen and look everywhere,right and leftorup and down.- Move forward, back,right and left use the left bottom joystickcontrol.- Touch on the Fire button for fire to enemies.- Touch on the zoom button for zoom and then fire and killtheenemies.- Shoot the enemies very soon that you can be hurt by theoppositebullets of the enemies.Features:- Most excellent graphics mission.- Most excellent environment on the high mountains cliffsandhills.- Download this game free.- Automatic re-loaded guns like as-counter strike.- Nice and fabulous first person shooting action 3d game likeascovert strike.- Correct first person shooter game (FPS) in ghost commando as IGI.- See the Map for detecting position of the enemies on theredarsystem.- Easy to control and lightly play.
Elite Task Force Sniper Rifle
Team up with elite paramilitary forces to restore world’s peaceandfree it from terror and chaos. Play Elite Task Force SniperRifle,the newest 3D action game to dismantleterroristorganization.Terrorists have held some civilian hostagesin citypark and trying to escape driving through mountains. Inteltellsthat enemy has weapons stored in a room at a resort hotel upon thehilly area. Load all the ammo and modern weapons in thetrunk,upgrade your sniper guns and customized rifles to become akillingmachine. Drive SWAT vehicle to chase terrorists on hillyterrain.Engage in thrilling battle with enemy soldiers and blasttheir jeepwith burst fire. Study the art of conventional warfare tofightagainst rogue military commander with a spear.Zoom-in andfocusyour target to get a perfect head shot. Become the ultimateactionstar of the world fighting against terrorism and rescuethehostages. Eliminate any threats to the national security andkillrogue agents in this combat. Drive SWAT vehicle toterroristheadquarters and blow up their armory. Teach a lesson torebelofficers and put an end to their freedom. Features:Play themostthrilling action based missionsMultiple weapons to choose,likesniper gun and assault rifleRealistic battle environmentandamazing hilly terrainIncredible 3D graphics and vehicle blastsonfireIdeal controls for driving and first personshootingDownloadElite Task Force Sniper Rifle 3D game for hardcore action inintense hostile situations.
Navy Gunship 2: Elite Sniper 1.1.2
Legion Games
Get ready for an intense navy combat with this epic sea battle.InNavy Gunship 2: Elite Sniper, shoot down the enemies who areaboutto breach your sea territory from your gunship helicopter. Bethebest sniper shooter and destroy all the naval battleships inenemyfleet in your army helicopter.Enemy has waged an all out waronyour nation and captured your army base in a terrorist attack.Navysniper! It is time for you to fight for glory and defendyourcountry honor and pride. Secure the important Jerricho armybasethat holds nuclear warheads in Navy Gunship 2: Elite Sniper.Youhave the most modern warfare artillery at your disposalfightingthis sea battle. Action never ends in this world of navalwarshipbattle. Fly your navy gunship helicopter and shoot down therivalson their naval ship which is trying to enter your territory.Killall the terrorists that try to resist, take killer head shotsandprove you are the best navy sniper. Infiltrate enemy army baseandprotect your own military assets captured by the terrorist forceinground attack missions. Resist against the enemy invasion inthisultimate navy gunship battle. Use the most modern armorylikerifles and gatling guns to fight the enemies. Fight your rivalsandclaim victory in this naval shooting battle. Features:- FPS(FirstPerson Shooter) Game- New Weapon Deals and more excitingupgrades.-Challenging and exciting sniper shooter missions-Excellent real 3Disland environments with mountains- Get dailyrewards.- Supportmissions to earn more currency- Great backgroundMusic and Sound.-Easy GUI and controls
Wing Zero 2 - Ultimate Edition 1.4.3
ULTIMATE EDITION - all features unlocked - no Ads! Bullet HellShmupmeets RPG and Color Puzzle elements! Control a Wing of ChoiceandPower Up to survive Waves of different Enemies in a variety ofAir -Land - Sea Battles and Epic Boss Fights in this ultimateaddictive,fast paced Sky War Game! Change between 2 Firemodes: REDor BLUE.You can absorb Bullets of the same color to use your "OVERLOAD "Screen Bomb Skill or change Color to maximize Damage andRisk. Jointhis epic Battle now! 100% AD-FREE ULTIMATE EDITION!UPGRADE YOURWINGS TO THE MAX! Level Up your Wings and Pilot Rankto unlock newpermanent Upgrades. Get Drone Pets, new Weapons orFiremodes and usethem in the Battles. Assign Skillpoints to the100 Points Skilltreeand play the Game the Way you like it! Jointhis epic Battle now andfight online for leaderboard rankingsULTIMATE EDITION: - allfeatures unlocked - no advertising Gamefeatures: - Quick & EasyControls - Fast paced Action Shmup -Permanent Upgrades -Leaderboards & Achievements - Huge WeaponArsenal - Epic Shootem up Bossfights - X-Mode, Crit-Buff and morespecials - Haptic /vibration effects - Auto-Save function - HDparticle effects -Overload , screen bombs - Damage System,Critical Hits - RPGelements - Level Ups, Skilltree and more -Color Puzzle elements - 3difficulty Levels - 100% unique IndieAdventure - Unique Gameplay,FX & Music Wing Zero 2 UltimateEdition is a Bullet Hell Sci-FiShmup Indie Game Production byPolarityFlow. Feedback and support isvery welcome!
Air Battle: World War 1.0.16
Have you been waiting for somethingdifferent3D action air battle of WW1?Now you can play "Air Battle: World War"Air Battle: World War allows you time travel running back over1century ago.You fight as a pilot from allied powers or central powersagainsteach camp in the first world war.Fighters* Basic airplane : Sopwith Camel* Sopwith Triplane* Spad S XIII* Bristol F.2* S.E. 5s* Fokker series* Albatros seriesAirships and balloons* Graf Zeppelin* Drachen* Type 800 hot-air-balloon* HMA 23Ground units* Tanks* Armored vehicles* Infantry* Trucks* Military train* Guard towersYou have over 50 missions.Game Features(1) 18 fighters based on real history(2) Many of enemy airships , hot-air-balloon andfighters,bombers(3) 40 normal missions and extra 14 custom missions(4) Various weather condition(5) Various terrain mapsEach mission has wide array of modes.Tracking, slaughtering, looting, defense and so on.You can eliminate dozen of enemy fighters and ground unitsusingonly one shot, Le Prieur rocket. (splash damage)You can buy new advanced fighter, rocket, extra gas, repairkitand divine protection a shield saving mission moneyNow hit the road!Into the fire of burning western front sky.Time to travel to 1 century ago to be a ace pilot of WW1airbattle.Glory of sky is waiting for you!Homepage: :
Alone Gunship War: Heli Gunner 1.6
The world's most powerful combat helicopters are at yourfingertips.Perfectly suited for any action players out there.Gunner troop’smissiles are fired to hit you! You need to hittargets to finishterror.Gunship battle is a helicopter action gamethat combinesstunning 3D graphics with flight control simulationand engagingmilitary scenarios to pull you into an immersivecombat experiencethe moment you start the game.Story Line:there isan enemyhelicopter invasion in our near by army remote camp. Enemyhasattacked with their fully loaded military helicopters. Its timetoshow the best ever ground to air attack. Keep in mind there aremanybattleship waves, you have to shoot them hard! Do not givethehelicopter enough time to fire at your position. If theapachefires at you, you will lose your life. So be careful.Loosingthisbattle is not acceptable, you need to win at any cost.Themissionyou have been assigned named as “War of destruction"SpecialGameFeatures:- User friendly GUI and controls- Its a FirstPersonShooter game- Complete army remote camp with real looking 3Darmyenvironment- Efficient weapon controls & movement- EnemyAI-Share with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc- Sethighrecords- Compete your friends- Arm your chopper with a varietyofweapons and equipment.This game is for hardcore gamers whoenjoythe top latest FPS, shooting and racing games. Never beforewillyou have found yourself shooting amidst intenseenemycrossfire!This is Ads supported version, thanks for yourfeedbackand support to improve its game play by posting yourcomments.ByPrimelogix
AVP: Evolution
Check out AVP: Evolution remastered, now featuringexquisitelyrendered high-detail environments, vastly enhanceddynamic lightingand other eye-popping effects such as real-timeshadows with addedreflections, mist, rain, and fog.The deadliestcreatures in theuniverse face off for the first time on your phoneand tablet. Playas both the Alien and Predator in this officialgame brought to youby Angry Mob Games, the creators of PREDATORS™,Guerrilla Bob andMuffin Knight. On a distant planet, the blood feudbetween Predatorclans continues to rage. In a final attempt toeradicate the JungleHunter Clan, the Super Predators secure thecapabilities of anunlikely and unwilling species, the Aliens. As anAlien, you mustultimately destroy the Super Predators and free yourspecies fromenslavement. As a Jungle Hunter Predator, you musteliminate theAlien Queen in order to prevent the Super Predatorsfromannihilating your clan. VICIOUS CHARACTERS & FIERCE COMBAT*Twodistinct gaming experiences as you engage in the ultimatebattle asboth the Alien and Predator *Vicious attacks and brutalfinishingmoves give players a lethal arsenal to wreak havoc on theenemyCREATE YOUR OWN ULTIMATE KILLING MACHINE *Engineer your ownuniqueAlien and Predator via character upgrades, enhancedabilities, anda multitude of powerful armor and weapons *Gain theadvantage inbattle with Facehugger Calls, Rage Rechargers, NetGuns, ProximityMines, Thermal Vision, Alien Vision, Plasma Cannonsand much moreCHILLING ENVIRONMENTS *It’s kill or be killed as youadvancethrough the Temple Arena, Marine Base, Alien Hive and manyothereerie settings INCREDIBLE GRAPHICS UNLEASHED *Richdetail,impressive character models and distinctivelightingOptimized forMOGA controllers!