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Gin Rummy - Offline Free Card Games 1.4.1
SNG Games
Gin Rummy is now available for android mobile phones andtabletswith its high quality graphics and game play. Download nowand playfor free. You can play Gin Rummy - Offline anywhere youwant. Thereis no need for an internet connection. You can earnmillions ofchips and play in high-bet rooms against artificialintelligence ifyou are a really good Gin Rummy player. Gin RummyOffline is a cardgame for two players, combining elements of thecard games Rummy,Cribbage, Carioca and Euchre. The maincontribution of our game isplaying offline gin rummy plus its betand room structure. Younever run out of chips. We always send youmillions of chips asgift. By this way, you can always play inhigh-bet rooms. Play thebest free offline game and improve yourskills. Gin Rummy isintended for adult audiences and does not offer"real moneygambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.Practiceor success at our game does not imply future success at"real moneygambling".
With Rummy-Palace you can play live Rummyforfree and without any advertisements. Find opponents from aroundtheworld. Thanks to thousands of members you will meetlike-mindedplayers online 24 hours a day for the popular live cardgame.Shuffle your deck with your favorite card design and step up inourfree ladder system. Or join one of the famous card clubs andfindnew friends to play with. Our standard tables are set to themostpopular version of Rummy rules, but we also offer tableswithcustom rules like „Knocking“, „Cyclic Laying“, Without firstmeld“and many more.The Palace is a huge community for Rummy online and nowavailablefor all your mobile devices and desktop computers.Download the appnow and play immediately, no registrationrequired!General Information:Rummy-Palace is intended for an adult audience and does notofferany real money gambling nor is it possible to win realmoney.Practice or success at Rummy-Palace does not imply futuresuccessin real Rummy.
Classic Canasta game featuring:- Single player and online multiplayer- Challenging computers- Statistics- Several decks, including special Canasta decks- Change a color style of the game- Landscape and portrait support- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesIt's time to play Canasta!
Gin Rummy 2.10.0
This game is Gin Rummy free. Gin Rummy is known Gin. Play thefamousgame of Gin against opponents simulated by advancedartificialintelligence. Now play Gin Rummy, offline gin downloadnow. GinRummy is a hugely popular card game for 2 players, wherethe aim isto form sets and runs of cards before your opponent.It's simple andquick to play, and if you are new to the game thenGin Rummyprovides everything you need to learn it! Gin Rummy plussuppliesclassy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalabledifficulty& much more! Gin Rummy free is kind of Rummy. If youlike rummycard game, you will like Gin offline. You can use thisfeatures inthis Gin Rummy free. Features: * Google Game PlayServices, *Achievements, * Score and Win Leaderboards, * Quests, *Levels, *Stats. * Game Difficulties. Settings: * 6 differenttheme, * FinishScore option, * Game Speed * Avatar Select, * Autosort cards, * GinRummy Rules. * 12 Avatars selection, * Customiseplayer names, * GinRummy plus designed for tablets and phones.
Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)
Speed a card game also known as Spit orSlam,is very fast-paced multiplayer card game and it could resultindamage to the cards -- so play this on your device and don'truinyour actual playing cards. Spit and Slam are variationofSpeed.Speed supports online multiplayer mode over the internet. Testyourspeed skills against other players.Speed is a game for two players of the shedding family ofcardgames, like Spit or Slam, in which each player tries to get ridofall of his cards. Speed is a game associated with thegameNertz.If you have ever played Spit or Slam before you willloveSpeed.Controls: Tap or Drag the cardsObjective: To play all your cards first.How to Play:-Each player is dealt five cards to form a hand, and each playerisdealt 15 cards face down to form a draw pile. If you areplayingwith jokers, you use them as wild cards and give each drawpile 16cards. A stack of five cards, placed face down on each sidebetweenthe players, serves as a replacement pile. Finally, twocards areplaced face down in the center between the replacementpiles.-You may play a card in your hand by discarding it in the"PlayPile" if the card is 1 number/value higher or lower. (e.g. 5can beplayed on a 6 or 4, a Queen can be played on a King orJack)-A 2 may be played on an Ace and a Ace may be played on a 2.-You may have up to 5 cards in your hand at a single time. Whenyouhave less than 5 cards in your hand you may draw from your"DrawPile"-First player to play all of his/her cards wins!The rules are based of the wikisite: ByJimmy Dickinson
9 Fun Card Games - Solitaire 1.0.46
Forgot to bring a deck of cards?Noproblem!This app brings you 9 addicting solitaire games!!Preparefor hoursof fun with 9 different card games. Enjoy classicgamesalong withsome new ones! This pack includes classicSolitaire,Freecell,Pyramid, Poker and more!! 9 Fun Card Games-Solitaire willsurelypull you out of your boredom!The pack contains the following 9 games:Wild West Solitaire (Classic Solitaire)Gin Rummy (Classic Gin Rummy)Baker's Game (Similar to FreeCell , but sequences arebuiltbysuit)3 Pyramid Tripeaks (Tripeaks Solitaire)Frozen Mahjong (Not a 'card game' but we thoughtyou'denjoyit!)Magic Castle Solitaire (Tripeaks with extra bonus cards)FreeCell Summer Holiday (Classic FreeCell card game)Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt (Pyramid Solitaire)Vegas Poker (Texas Hold'em Poker)Powered by Dolby® on supported devicesThis app is certified Actually Free© which means you getthefullgame experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signupnow forour newsletter or learn moreathttp://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOK US: US: US:
Rummy - Offline 1.3.5
SNG Games
Rummy offline (the board game version of its card counterpart)isnow ready for android mobile phones and tablets with itshighquality. Download now and play free. You can play Rummy -Offlineanywhere you want. There is no need for an internetconnection. Youcan earn millions of chips and play in high-betrooms againstartificial intelligence if you are a really good rummyplayer.Rummy offline is a tile-based game for four players,combiningelements of the card game rummy, rummy 500, Indian Rummy,boardgame okey and mahjong. It is also a puzzle game likeklondike,solitaire, spider and free cell solitaire. In some partsof theworld, our game is known as rummicub or rummykub.
Gin Rummy - 2 Player Free Card Games 4.2
Artoon Games
The ultimate Gin Rummy Free Card Game is now availableonGooglePlay! It’s also known as Knock, Straight &Oklahoma.DownloadGin Rummy Card Game Now! Gin Rummy Free Card Gameis amostpopular, top rated, 2 player game in the world. It is100%freewith an amazing artificial intelligence that auto-adjuststoyourplaying level you are sure to have the rummy cardgameexperienceever. Download Gin Rummy free ever conceived theAmericanplayersand improve your skills. It comes with uniquevariationStraight,Oklahoma & Undercut! Features of Gin RummyFree CardGame: ♠Beautifully illustrated graphics & smoothgameplay. ♠DifferentModes: Straight, Oklahoma & Undercut. ♠Easy optionsto sortyour cards. ♠ Most authentic rummy card gamesexperience. ♠Hoursof entertainment! ♠ Download Gin & Playoffline. DonotRequirement Internet. ♠ Best Free Card Game! In GinRummy freecardgame where the aim is to form sets and runs of cardsbeforeyouropponent. It's simple and quick to play, and if you arenew tothegame then this game provides everything you need to learnit!GinRummy free card game supplies classy graphics,supersmoothgameplay, highly scalable difficulty & muchmore!Download Ginto get your brain flying high! It can berelaxing,challenging andfar more! Stay sharp! Variations: Gin RummyFree:only a playerwith 10 or fewer points of deadwood mayknock.Knocking withdeadwood points is known as going down.Straight:Knocking is notallowed. Scoring and rules remain thesame.Oklahoma: The value ofthe first up-card is used to determinethemaximum count at whichplayers can knock. If the up-card is aspade,the hand will countdouble. The popular game is availableinhigh-quality localizationsfor the following languages:English,German, Spanish, Indonesia,Malaysia, South Korea, andJapan.Download Gin Rummy free card gameon your phone and tabletstodayfor hours of fun. It is a terrificGin Rummy card game thatyou'resure to enjoy!
Pinochle card game featuring:- Double-deck and single-deck games- 4 players and 3 players- Single-player and rating-based online multiplayer- Really challenging computers- Options for bidding, passing cards, scoring and someregionalvariations- Statistics- Change names and avatars- Change a color style of the game- Choose between several decks- Landscape and portrait supported- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesTime to play Pinochle!
Hearts Free - Card Game 2.4.0
Improve your hearts playing skills by playing our top-rankedfreeHearts cards game with Leaderboards and Achievements. With alltheStatistics and Smart AI opponents, you will enjoy joker cardgameoffline. Download and play hearts card game to become bestplayerof card game. 
 Accept the new hearts multiplayer cardgametournament challenge and become a Hearts pro by winning allthematches in the hearts championship. A Hearts cards classic 2019hasdifferent difficulty settings so that you can play byadjustingaccording to your hearts playing skills up to playing likea pro.All statistics will available for wins and losses and moonshots sothat you could see your performance and analyze how muchyou areimproving yourself over time in hearts plus game. You canchooseeasy, standard or pro according to your hearts playingskills. Allcards are distributed randomly to all players in thisnewmultiplayer cards game, the difference between the easy,standard,and pro you will feel in computer players that how theychoose toplay the cards with you. You can also click on the hintbutton tosee how to play hearts plus card game offline. New heartscardsfree brings to you to play hearts online 2019 with classiccardsand popular 4 players to connect with them online. You canstarthearts championship just by connecting with 4 online cardsplayersin this online classic hearts game. New Hearts cards 2019freeprovides high class graphics with super smooth gameplay. Youwillfind highly scalable difficulty and much more in this heartsonlinecards game. Play hearts online as multiplayer cards game andalsoplay hearts offline with system designed AI in differentdifficultylevels. New classic hearts 2019 is premier hearts cardsgameavailable now for smart android phones and tablets. Just followthecard game rules designed in this game.

 Free heart game isawell-known and very famous game over the world. Peoplesfromdifferent places love to play new hearts for free. But for nowdearhearts gamers you don’t need to worry in finding the cardplayersphysically to play card game, you can just find card playersonlineby just installing this new online hearts plus 2019 game.Everytype of cards like spades and hearts, king and queens alsojokersare available for real hearts game online fun and enjoyment.NewHearts Online 2019 game features:

 - Really challengingheartsgame for real card gamers
 - Statistics visibility to analyzecardsplaying performance 
- Passing performance rules settings 
-Easy,standard and pro levels to play 
- Landscape and portrait HDviewsupport 
- Different characters to choose and play against them
-Different background options 
- Jack of Diamonds Variant, ( aruleof Hearts ) 
- Available for Tablet and Phone Downloadheartsoffline from google play and enjoy its new updatedpremiumfeatures. Have an online fun with friends, break heartsafterwinning the cards championship. Don’t be smart, don’t cheatincards championship game, you would never been successful inplayingcards with friends by cheating in real. Give your valuablefeedbackafter playing this hearts plus multiplayer game afterplaying it.Your comments will help us in improving game quality,graphics andmuch more. Good luck gamers.
Marriage Card Game 1.0.38
Play your favorite cards game Marriage on your mobile! - PlayinSingle Player Mode (with bots). We have a long queue of bots,withvarying playing skills and personality. 10 bots are active atatime, and you can keep unlocking new ones as you take away allthechips from the active ones. - Lots of game variationsareimplemented, and you can choose them as per game tables. Youcanplay Murder (Maal Dhoos), Kidnap or the Classic. You haveoptionsof using Man (Joker) cards and Superman (Photo/Calendar)cards. Youcan play in different stake levels. - The user interfaceprovidesintelligent hints, automated techniques of cardsselections, quickbuttons for cards arrangements, and cleanfonts/designs; so thatyou can have all your focus in the gameitself. - You can win a lotof achievements while playing the gameand also winning bonuses formost of them. You can also check yourstatistics and your rankingamong the bots in leader-board screen. -You can also use CenterCollection Point Calculator utility when youare playing the gamefor real. The utility supports lots ofvariations, saves games andkeeps history, tracks dealer, can makeplayer active/inactive, etc.
Tonk League - Online Multiplayer Card Game 4.2.3
Garia Games
Tonk or Tunk is a popular fast-paced multiplayer free cardgame.Enjoy playing card games? You will love this! Download andplaywith your friends, compete in tournaments and get bonus chipseveryfew hours! Download to join the largest community of card gamefansand get an invite to the exclusive Tonk Fan Club. 5 Reasons toWHYTonk League is #1 1. Hundreds of players online all day &night2. High stakes – 50,000+ coins 3. Live tournaments every 30mins24/7 4. Get bonus chips every few hours 5. Host your ownprivatetables Tonk League is the best free card game ever! Learnhow tomake "spread" cards, "hit" a card and "knock" in this cardgame.Amazing Customer service - Have a problem or a suggestion inthegame? Email our development team directly and have yourqueriesresolved! A little history about the game: Also known as“Tunk”,“Texas Tunk” or “Knot” it is a kind of knock rummy card gamethathas now become wildly popular in the US. It was popular withbluesand jazz musicians in southern Louisiana in the 1930’s and1940’s,including Duke Ellington's orchestra, and was played duringbreaksin the back rooms of bars. Tonk League has all the rules oftheoriginal card game and while is it played with 5 cards itissomewhat similar to Gin Rummy. See you at the CardTables!Important Disclaimer: Tonk League is for FUN and amusementpurposesonly! Statutory Warning: Once you play it you will keepcoming backfor more! :)
Tongits Plus 2.1.0
Tong-its is the most exciting three player rummy game thathasbecome popular in the northern Philippines in recent years. #1FreeMultiplayer Tongits Game. The Most Popular Filipino card gamenowwith multiplayer and offline mode. You can create table byyourselfand play with your loved ones in Tongits Multiplayer.Download nowbest Pinoy or Pusoy Card Game and get 50,000 FREECOINS. AwesomeFeatures for the Best Tongits - Offline Gaming ✔ChallengingArtificial Intelligence. ✔ Statistics. ✔ Update ProfilePicture& update Username. ✔ Select Room of particular betamount. ✔Game settings includes i)Animation speed ii)Soundsiii)Vibrations.✔ Manually rearrange cards or auto sort. ✔ DailyBonus. ✔ HourlyBonus ✔ Level Up Bonus. ✔ Get Free Coins by InvitingFriends. ✔Leader board. ✔ Customized Rooms ✔ Simple tutorial tohelpbeginners get in the game fast. Players & Cards Tong-Its isagame for three players only, using one standard Anglo-Americandeckof 52 cards (without jokers). The cards in each suit rank: Ace2 34 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King. An Ace is worth 1 point,Jacks,Queens and Kings are worth 10 points each, and all othercardscount their face value. Objective The object of the game is,bydrawing and discarding, to form sets and runs, and to tominimizethe count of unmatched cards remaining in your hand. A runconsistsof three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, suchas ♥4,♥5, ♥6 or ♠8, ♠9, ♠10, ♠J. (A-K-Q of a suit is not a runsince acesare low in this game). A set consists of three or fourcards of thesame rank, such as ♥7, ♣7, ♦7. A card can belong toonly onecombination at a time - you cannot use the same card aspart ofboth a set and a run. The Deal The first dealer is chosenrandomly.Thereafter the dealer is the winner of the previous hand.The cardsare dealt one at a time counterclockwise, starting withthe dealer:thirteen cards to the dealer and twelve cards to each ofthe otherplayers. The remainder of the deck is placed face down toform thestock. The Play Each turn consists of the following: DrawYou mustbegin by taking one card from either the top of the stockor thetop card on the discard pile, and adding it to your hand. Youmayonly take a card from the discard pile if you are able to createameld (a set or run) with it, and you are then obliged to exposethemeld. Exposing Melds If you have a valid meld or melds (setsorruns) in your hand you can expose any of them on the table infrontof you. Melding is optional if a card was taken from thestock; youare not obliged to expose a meld just because you can,and notethat melds held in hand do not count against you at the endof theplay. A player must lay at least one meld on the table forthe handto be considered opened. In the special case that you canmeld aset of four and you have not drawn from the discard piletocomplete the meld, you can lay the set of four down face down.Bydoing this you can "open" your hand without losing thebonuspayments for a secret set of 4 and without revealing the cardstothe other players. Laying off (sapaw) This is also optional. Ifyouwish, you may add cards to sets or runs previously meldedbyyourself or others. There is no limit to the number of cardsaplayer may lay off in one turn. A player need not have openedtheirhand to lay off. Laying a card off on another player's exposedmeldprevents that player from calling Draw on his or her nextturn.Discard At the end of your turn, one card must be discardedfromyour hand and placed on top of the discard pile face up.Contact UsTo report any kind of issues with Tongits Plus, shareyour feedbackand tell us how we can Website:http://mobilixsolutions.comFacebook
Spades card game featuring:- Really challenging computers- Rating-based online multiplayer and games with friends- Options for jokers, deuces, nils, blind nils, passing, ...- Regular spades, suicide, mirrors and whiz- Statistics- Change names and avatars- Change a color style of the game- Choose between several decks- Landscape and portrait supported- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesEnjoy playing with partner who covers your Nil!
Indian Rummy 4.7
One of the most popular Indian card games, Indian Rummy isfinallyout on the google play store. Non stop Rummy fun is finallyhere.Indian Rummy or Paplu as it is sometimes called, is a cardgamewith little variation from the original Rummy. It isnormallyconsidered a cross between Rummy 500 (500 Rum) and GinRummy. It isplayed with 13 cards and at least two decks andsometimesjokers(wild cards). Indian Rummy has evolved from aversion ofRummy of South Asia that goes by the name 'CelebesRummy'. Twokinds of sets are possible: a 'run' of consecutivesuited cards,and three or four of a kind with no duplicate suits.The basicrequirement for winning a hand is at least two sequences,one ofwhich must be 'pure', i.e. made without any jokers.Developedspecifically for the the Phone and Tablet with anintuitiveinterface, Indian Rummy will be a pleasure to play andpass timeanywhere, anytime. And guess what? Indian Rummy is FREE!Boredsitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch IndianRummyand rack your brains and win! Play Rummy now with your friendson aprivate table, or a set of real people in Online Multiplayermode.We have developed Indian Rummy for a smooth gameplayexperience, apleasurable experience altogether. ★★★★Features★★★★ ❖❖**NEW** Playwith upto 4 Players in Online & Private Tables ❖❖Play withyour friends on a Private Table ❖❖ True multiplayer whereyou canplay with real people online in online multiplayer mode. ❖❖VeryIntuitive Interface and game-play ❖❖ Classic Styled IndianRummyCards ❖❖ Free Chips to keep on playing ❖❖ Adaptableintelligencewith smart AI when playing against computer DownloadIndian Rummyfor your phone and tablets today for hours of fun Forany kind ofIndian Rummy support, visit:
 http://Ironjawstudios.comPleasedon't forget to Rate and Review Indian Rummy, we aim to makeIndianRummy one of the best card games out there on the googleplaystore. Note: Please update to the latest version of the gamefor asmooth online experience.