Top 49 Games Similar to Trump vs. Zombie

Donald Trump Soundboard 1.17
★★★★ Donald Trump Soundboard ★★★★★The Donald Trump soundboardishere!This soundboard contains more than 300 of DonaldTrumpspopular phrases. A must have for every fan or hater ofDonaldTrump.FEATURES:★ 300+ Phrases★ Customize your favoritephrase★ Setphrase as ringtone★ Set phrase as notification sound★Play randomDonald Trump sounds★ More phrases will be addedsoonINCLUDING:★ "Iwill build a great great wall"★ "I'm reallyrich"★ "I have a greatgreat company"★ "I am officially running forpresident of theUnited States"★ "We will make America great again"★"The stamina"★"You're fired"★ "A small loan of 1 million Dollars"★"Wrong!"ThisDonald Trump soundboard is a must have for every Trumpfan orhater.Have fun :)
Trump World Adventure - Super Classic Games 1.3
Who is Donald Trump?Trump World Adventure bros go with Trump toajourney that come to the president, come on with him.In thesuperjungle world, Trump must smash enemies to pass somuchthreats.Trump'll run and collect coins, power-up to fight with8boss on 4 worlds, smash and smash.Special Features of thisgame:-Great graphics and music.- 80 levels free with 4 worlds and 8bossfights and more coming soon.- Over 20 enemies and powerupobstacles- 7 leaderboard- 26 achievements- it've appeared onallstore: IOS, Google Play, Google...You can see anywhere, it'ssosimpleJoin us on Trump World AdventureFacebookPage: go with Trump tohisjourney Adventure, are you ready, install and play now!
Trump - Crazy American Style 11.0
FCat Games
In anticipation elections of new president of the USA, play innewcovfefe crazy game about business man and one the famouspilitics -Donald Trump! During the presidential campaign, Trumpmust be lookgreat and fashionable, try yourself as a stylist ofDonald!Atdebates and in the white house he always dressed in aformal suitand the best tie, but what if mr. Trump likes adifferent style ofclothing? Its time to figure out this, and pick anew crazy outfitfor the main republican representative!Create aunusual style forthe Donald, and fill his wardrobe with originalclothes! At yourdisposal will be many different costumes, amongwhich you will finda super hero and cosmonaut uniform, ballerinacostume, glasses,fashionable hats, many kinds of pants, socks,funny shoes, glamourskirts and jeans!Makeup the Donald with bestcosmetic, change eyecolor and skin tone, apply a pink lipstick,blushes, try awesomeface decor, and do not forget to choose superhairstyle! Make hislook more fashionable with stylish earrings,necklaces, luxurycrown, bracelets and many other items!Create yourown incredibleand crazy style for the presidentialcandidate!***Features ***Playabsolutely freePick awesome outfit forthe Trump in dressupmodeApply unique makeover in makeup modePlaywith colors of yourmakeoverTake a photo of famous politic a for themagazineBigcollection of royal backgrounds for you!Try our otherdressup andmakeup games for fashionable kids! Play free and chooseaccessoriesfor the fantastic mermaid or prepare sweet princess forthe firstdate and the first kiss with brave prince, make weddingmakeoverand become a stylish bride!All materials in the game aretheproduct of our artists' imagination. Any resemblance toothercharacters, artworks, and other graphical materials ispurelycoincidental. All rights belong to their actual authors.Youhaveany questions? We will be glad to see [email protected] out ourFacebook: onTwitter:
Donald Draws Executive Doodle 1.5.1
321 Fetch
You don't have this app? Sad. You don't need this app? Wrong.You'rewrong.This app is gonna be uge. It's gonna be big. It'll bethebiggest app. It'll be the best app. It is the best app. Thisapp isgonna make the United States of Amemeica great again. It'sgonna beeverything. Trump approved.Upload a photo, draw a pictureand addtext to your favorite living meme. Post it to Twitter orFacebook orwhatever and you'll be uge, you'll be the greatest,you'll be thebest meme maker out there. The alternative fact hereis that thisapp has the most downloads of all time. Soon. Soyou're going toneed to get it now, right away, to start makingyour meme collectionbig enough to impress your friends andstrangers. No need to keepthat tanning salon membership, you'll bebasking in the glory ofyour peers. No longer will you need to combover your hair, yourluscious locks will flow just like the likesyour memes will get. Soget started and MAKE MEMES GREAT AGAIN.
Driving President Trump 3D 1.1
You’ve chosen your president. Now it’s time to put words toaction.From the makers of superhit games -Race to White House andParkingFrenzy, comes an exciting new game – Driving PresidentTrumpSimulator 3D!You’ve got yourself an all-important job ofdrivingPresident Trump around. Take charge of the Presidential Carand getMr. President to reach in time. Be an active part of MakingAmericaGreat Again Campaign. Whether driving him to pressconferences,working dinners or family time, ensure Mr.Presidentmakes hismark.Enjoy the Trump banter, choose from a collection ofswankycars and drive around over two different cities – WashingtonandNew York! Can you handle Mr. President’s demand?Get onduty!Download Driving President Trump Simulator 3D from the GooglePlayStore.Driving President Trump 3D features:- Drive in 80excitinglevels!- Choose from 50 swanky cars!- Drive around 2differentcities - New York & Washington!- Explore more in theFree drivemode!- Enjoy 3 unique camera views!- 3 different drivingcontrols:Steering, Tilt and Touch Controls. Includes Manual geartoo as anoption.Driving President Trump 3D requires thefollowingpermissions :* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : This permissionsisrequired by ad networks.Please note that we use Advertising IDforserving better ads and improving the product throughAnalyticsAboutus:Games2win is a fun company that believes increating amazing andenjoyable games for all ages. We have over 800+proprietary gamesthat are available both online and on mobile. Someof our smash hitgames are Car Driving & Parking School,International FashionStylist, Driving Academy, Parking Frenzy andFab Tattoo DesignStudio. Currently, our company boasts of more than100 million appdownloads and 3 million gamers a month. And this isjust thebeginning! VISIT US: LIKEUS: FOLLOWUS: Contact [email protected] for any problems you may havewithDriving President Trump Simulator 3D.PrivacyPolicy:
Derrota a Trump 1.1
Donald Trump wants to be the next president, and only you canstophim. Stop the business man and his robots from getting tothewhitehouse, or be a loser.
Tower Sim: Pixel Tycoon City 1.2.3
Become a CEO and turn your Business into a billion dollarempire.Assign roles of secretary, financial officer tofavoritecelebrities and run the show.Pick from your favoritepoliticianslike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton; business tycoonslike SteveJobs, and build a multi-billion dollar business.Are youup for thechallenge to make billion dollars? If yes, then, readthis shortmanual carefully. If you directly want to start, thenscroll downto the bottom and read “How to Play” section while thegame isbeing installed. What is Tower Simulation Game?TowerSimulation(Tower Sim) is a latest simulation game which will keepyou gluedto your phone screen for hours. In this game, the goal isto buildup a mega money tower for your super mall kingdom &Megapolis.It is very easy to understand, so read on.Famouscelebrities aroundthe world will help you to manage different shopsand businesses.Your job, as the venture's CEO, is to allocate thosecelebritieswisely. So, arrange resources for the best performance.This gameis packed with a lot of features, have shops to help youmakerevenue, and much more. Features that will help you make mostoutof the game1. Invite celebrities to help you to build up thetower.Trump, Hillary, Obama and many more celebrities withdifferentabilities and skills!2. Upgrade your tower and make moremoney fromyour Simcity & Megapolis3. Unlock over 70 Celebritiesand over100 talents to finish the collection!3. Upgrade and unlocksover200 products!4. Discover over 70 items and gears!5. Discoversecretboxes for special chance to get bonus!6. Compete with everytycoonover the world!7. Unlock White House, Police Station,LogisticsCentre, Casino, Parks and more for special events!OVER 50Types ofSHOPSRestaurant, Pizza, Fast Food, Coffee Shop, DesignHouse,Bitcoin Bank, Cooking Center, Football Club, BasketballCourt, andmore!Catch Up on Fever of 2016 presidential electionsOutof all theHillary Clinton and Donald Trump games, this would leaveyouentertained the most. Pick Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton oranyother celebrity, and run your business.HOW TO PLAY1. You work asafounder of the city. You need to pick up one celebrity(eitherObama, Trump, Hillary and more) as the CEO for yourbusiness.Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and hundreds of othercelebritieslike Steve Jobs are available to choose.2. Build a newshop, newrestaurant and assign a celebrity to startup thebusiness.3. Buy inresources from markets and fill up the orders.4.Collect FriendChips and upgrade your managers and buildings!5.Unlock new hotelsand generate more income!6. Join the leadershipboard and becomebillionaire!FOR FUN AND COLLECT ALL TALENTS1. Youhave to manageall talents to build up the tower. It simulates howto run businessand buy in resources2. Allocates friend chips toupgrade differentproperties, buildings, towns and towers3. TowerSim has the uniquegame play that you can't miss!4. Compete for yourcountry and bethe world's top billionaire!So, don’t hold back andexplore thisHillary Clinton and Donald Trump game today. Whetheryou are a bigfan of Hillary Clinton games or Donald Trump Games,you are certainto like it.Install this now and explore this superaddictive freegame. Hit the install button to explore one of thebest freesimulation game now!For Support/Comments,pleasevisit:http://www.mostcore.comThanks, and happy playing!
Donald Trump Draws 1.5
Tiny Hands
☆ Write TRUMP executive orders by your own way☆ Using photos ordrawanything you want☆ Easily share to Facebook, Messenger,Twitter oranywhere you want☆ Let's MAKE US GREAT AGAIN
Dodge The Trump 1.5
Xaavia Games
Are you ready to beat the trump in a funny run and mostthrillingand crazy surf skate. President Trump is about to build awallacross Mexico and now you have to help your Mexican andArabianfriends to stop the Trump to laugh and dance at you. Youmust runin line in order to dodge the President of United States.Once youare caught you will be deported from America by DonaldTrump. Runas much as you can to earn maximum coins to stay inUSA.Get readyto survive with the help of magic shoes, flying JetRocket andGreen Card that enables you to stunt him for long.Jumping boots ,magnet , score multiplier and coins are the plus andskater rushwill be fun.Now get ready when trump is one the run.Play the trumpgame “Dodge the Trump” and experience the mostthrilling surf skaterun. Skater rush out for trump in order toretain your citizenshipand keep your stay in USA So get ready whentrump surf for you .You must be tricky enough to run away formtrump.Run from trump andchallenge your friends.Be great skater ofsurvival .GAME FEATURES•Multiple Characters ( Mexican , Arabian ,Doctor , Worker )• Powerups ( magnet , rocket , jumping shoes ,distance multiplier)•Achievements and leader board• Stunning andvivid 3D graphics •Amazing heroes• Simplistic and realistic gamecontrolsAbout XaaviaStudios Designs, Develops, and Publishes gameson mobileplatforms.For more information please
Jungle Adventure 1.0.1
So many threats are waiting for super boy! You will have themostamazing and exciting moments when playing this game. As apartnerof super jungle boy, you guys will face with a lot ofdangers andchallenges. Jump, run or use weapon, The Jungle boy cando anythingto kill monster. On the way to kill the enemies, don’tforget tocollect more weapon to become powerful!FEATURES- Play forall ages-Game is free- Spirit of old school classic platformers-Greatgraphics and music- Many items: mushroom, flower, shield,hiddenblocks...- 55 levels freeHOW TO PLAY- Use button to jump,move andfire- Find weapon in boxWe hope all our players have agreat timeplaying it, please rate and thanks a lot for playing!Whatare youwaiting for? Play Jungle Adventures World Run now!
Flaco Libre: mexican luchador faces Trump wall 1.1
Trump’s WALL has finally been built on the mexican border bythepresident’s order. Put on the hero’s mask of el luchador andseekrevenge on President Trump for all the oppressed Mexicansbydestroying the wall. Give control to your inner luchador heroanddive in this fun, challenging and offline world of the mexicanheroand luchador Flaco Libre. Each level will require skills toconqueryour sworn enemy President Trump. The Mexican Raging Bullwill bethe ally of our mexican luchador hero in helping you destroythewall, wreak the wall or annihilate the wall. Unlock thismexicanToro with the treasures collected while fighting PresidentTrump’swall. FEATURES:· ATTACK the president and your enemies with6amazing weapons· DISCOVER 4 amazing mexican sceneries nearthewall· CHALLENGE yourself with hundreds of offline levels·DEVELOPyour hero aiming skills to wreak havoc· SURVIVE against allofTrump's allies and weapons· EXPERIENCE different offlinegameplayThis game also contains rewarded videos, which are optionaltowatch.    DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS,SUGGESTIONS,IMPROVEMENT, AND/OR ISSUES? Writeusat [email protected]: Limited: https://emilence.comGraphics: JustinLimSounds:Étienne Roy-Bourque This application may requireinternetconnectivity and subsequent data transfer charges mayapply.
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03
Serkan Bakar
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Donald Trumpete Game 1.59
Play the top game of Donald trump, discover the fuuniest worldwithincredible characters, Game modes, power ups andlevels.:Shot-Run-Fly-Jump-Figth, everything to be richer thatDonaldTrump.Stay entertaining and fun with your friends in theranking,complete the game and unlock all achievements to showeverybodythat you are the best.Play the entertainment game modesandmaximize your experience accumulating wheal to be powerfulthatDonald trumpete and unlock all the secretsEnjoy the top gameofDonald Trump voting for the next character who appears in thegame“You can vote on”¡Can you defeatDonaldTrumpete and stay on the Top?¡Characteristics of DonaldTrumpeteGame:-AWESOME GAME MODES; You can play different Mechanicsin thesame game, Run-Shot-Jump-fight-Fly “The game begins with twomodesRun and Fly”.-ICONIC CHARACTERS: Play with Donald trumpeteandunlock “Obaman”-“HillaryClintorys”-“Mexicantrumpete”-“AdolfHipster”-“Hijue Putin” and many more.-VOTE: youhave the power todecide who is the next carácter in the game, eachmouth we make avocation on our web site, the carácter with morevote appears inthe game.-LEVEL ART STYLES: Play with Donald in theInferno, in theSky, in a City, in a Bech, in the forest, in a Candyland and myfavorite, the unicorn land.-POWER-UPS: get wheal quicklywithpower-ups, like extra hearts and points X2.-ACHIEVEMENTSANDRANKING: Show everyone who you are the Top Gamer ofDonaldTrumpete.*Note: Donald Trumpete is a free game, butcontainsinternal Purchases with the application, to see allfunctionalitiesyou need internetDiscover the world FollowDonaldTrumpete:www.twitter/donald.comwww.facebook/donald.comTermsofuse:www.somniagame/condiciones.comPrivacyPolicy:www.somniagame/ Important messageforparents:-The game contains links to websites aimed at peopleover13-Direct Internet links-Advertisements for SomniaGamesproductsand selected partners-Opportunity to make internalpurchases. Askyour parents for permission before making anypurchasesEnjoyplaying Donald Trumpete Game and remember, to defeatDonald Trumpyou need to have more wheal that him,so…Run-Jump-Shot-Fight-Fly,do everything that you need to stay ontop and fun when DonaldTrump will defeat.
One Shot One Zombies 7.2.5
The unknown virus infects human beings; the zombies rule allcities.As the only survivor, can you escape from the city? Or canyou findthe antidote to rescue human beings? Take your sword andbrave,start the great adventure. Kill all the zombies and savetheworld.One Shot One Zombies is a classic platform game. You cangetexciting experience of jumping & running. It combines theoldschool play and new arcade elements. This is the mostchallengingadventure! Take you back to your childhood! More than 1millionplayer’s choice can’t be wrong!Join the exciting platformgame!Jump, Run, and Fire, try to kill all the Zombies and find allthetreasures.+++++ Features +++++Horrible Zombies.70well-designed.Easy controls.Challenging Boss.High qualitygraphics.High qualityscary music.Dark and dangerous world.Be quick,just join us now!Fight the zombies with your wisdom and skill, justhave fun!
Great America 2.0
Support Donald Trump’s Presidency with the Great America appfromanywhere! * Get insider information and updates * Get involvedanddemand Congress act on the Trump Agenda * Earn "Trump Points”toget free Great America gear and unlock badges * Take polls tomakesure your voice heard * Report FAKE NEWS from the anti-Trumpmedia* Watch and react to livestreams of Pres. Trump’s speechesandappearances * Test your knowledge with Trump Trivia PresidentTrumpneeds YOUR support to pass his agenda and the Great Americaapp isthe easiest and most interactive way to help Make AmericaGreatAgain!
Trump Tweets 1.2.5
Want to receive notifications when Donald Trump posts onTwitterwithout creating an account? Trump Tweets is the easiest waytofollow his latest social media posts. Features: • 1,000 tweetsandcounting from Donald Trump, dating back to 2012 •Receivenotifications whenever Trump posts a new tweet • Save yourfavoritecomments from President Trump to a convenient list Iconcredit:Leif Michelsen @ the Noun Project Photo credit: MichaelVadon
Trump Wall 3.5
Harambe Games
FREE TRUMP WALL SIMULATOR!Best of Trump games! Totallyfantastic!YUUUGE!!!- DonaldDonald Trump has won and is now thepresident ofUnited States. But Hillary is angry and wants herrevenge!!How longcan you build the wall, before she catches you?Can you survive theexplosions?? Will you use the Trump card?Whetheryour vote went toTrump or Hillary, you will enjoy this TOTALLY BESTFREE TRUMP GAMEOF ALL TIMES!! #HumbleBragGame includes 34collectible charactersincluding president Donald Trump, BarackObama, Bernie Sanders,Harambe, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,Russian hacker,Hillary Clinton, Art of deal, Trump steak, trumpet,Vladimir Putin,Captain 'Merica and many others!MAKE FREE TRUMPGAMES GREATAGAIN!Political views expressed in this free electiongame do notreflect views of its creators.You can play the gameoffline andonline for free, internet or WiFi are NOT required.Doyou have anissue with the game? For support, contact [email protected]
America First 1.10
This is the official mobile app for Donald J. Trump forPresident!Stay up-to-date and always be one of the first to knowthe latestcampaign news and events. Connect with other Team Trumpsupporters,earn badges and prizes, sign up to vote and much more.Help bringchange and Make America Great Again — download theapptoday!Features include:*Stay up to date on the latestcampaignnews*Meet and communicate with fellow supporters*Earnpoints fortaking action to unlock special activist badges andwinprizes*RSVP, get directions, and check-in at official eventsandrallies*Sign up to vote, sign up to volunteer, and makeadifference*Invite your friends to join you on the app!…manymorefeatures will be rolled out in the weeksahead!Downloadtoday!Questions? Email: [email protected] officialDonald J Trump for President websiteat
Flora and the Darkness
Darkness may never win!Darkness covers the whole planet. Thelightbeings are either lost or trapped. Saved by her mother, onlyonesurvived, a little light girl: Flora. Help her in theadventureagainst the Darkness in this spectacularly artistic2Dside-scrolling platformer. Show the world that hermother'ssacrifice was not in vain!Discover the amazing living worldof herplanet. Reach the end of the levels with the help of thespecialplants and with using the abilities of the ancientGods.Activateall the ancient gates to chase the Darkness away! Thefuture of theplanet is in your hands!Game Features:• captivatingstunning artstyle• intuitive and simple one-touch control• 21challenging,carefully crafted levels• special abilities forstrategic options•boss fight finale• epic music• various moving andstatic enemiesTheDarkness is spreading!Don't wait, save theplanet!Reach us at:[email protected]:
Farty Trump 1.2
Annex Apps
Collect and compare your Trump wealth with friends while tryingtosecure a new high score!Tap to make Trump fart!Store andadditionalgame play coming soon!Fart your way to the presidencywith Mr.Trump!Store will include: Trump skins, power-ups, andcheckpoints.DISCLAIMER: Reference to any celebrity, artist,musician, person,product, name, trademark, service mark, or companyname is fordescriptive purposes only and does not constitute orimplysponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation.
Ninja fight 1.2.0
TOH Games
Ninja fight is an action ninja game. In this game, ninja willfightsagainst lot of monsters, zombies, devilThis ninja game willtake youthrough series of classic levels, various enemies and bossbattleswith amazing experience of side scrolling platform gamesInthis fastpaced ninja game,Your task is to fight against themonsters,zombies, kill the king of monsters, zombies, collectingmore energyball and items to get powerful weapons* Features:- 20+bloody stageswith various type of monster: zombie, beast &more - Upgradeeach character with unique attacks, weapons, specialabilities -Challenge yourself on tough battles against challengingbosses in 3environmental zones - Dress up your characters with 6fantasticcostumes - Enjoy best gaming experience with high qualitygraphics,voyeuristic video effects and realistic sound effects-Both HD/SDare supported- Amazing graphics and sounds.- Classicplatform gamestyle.- Global leader board & achievement-Excellent multipliersystem- 10+ zones: Forest, barrens, depth-With 20+ Levels-Different kind of enemies. Challenging bossfights- True ninjaexperience- Power-ups, utilities and more- Tonsof missions- Fastpace and simple control- Different kinds ofweapons to attack-Hundreds of weapons and Power Up!- Achievementsystem to stimulateyou game.We also keep working to improve thegame and make more kindof ninja game with different experience forplayer.Let's downloadNinja Fight to fight monsters, zombies now!
Trump's Empire 1.0.1
Feng Mobile
It is time to make America great again!Make billions...Startingfrom $1.00! Rise through the ranks from a regular americanguy to abillionaire. Do not waste your time, play and have funrightnow!Change your destiny in developing the USA. Climb to thetopsthrough all difficulties. Swipe money as it is a passporttohappiness. Make business with your mob, racket the smallventures,invest in american companies and cooperate with theWhiteHouse.*Any similarities between a fictional character TrumpandDonald Trump or any other person living or dead arepurelycoincidental.
Election Day - USA 2016 - Presidential Campaign 2.4
Want to become the next President of USA?You can maketheRepublicans take over the White House or keep the DemocraticPartyin power for another 4 years. Take a stand on current issues,winsupport from various factions like Public, Media, Businessetc.,debate other candidates and run for presidency in thiscasualpolitics simulation game. Will you support gun control,immigrationor stand against? Will you play dirty and run negativeads againstyour opponents? Will you stick to your views and lose orcompromisewith your ideals to become the President? Gameplay: -Play as 1 of12 candidates. Candidates include Donald Trump, HillaryClinton,Bernie Sanders etc. - Take a stand on important issuesfacing thecountry today- Debate against other PresidentialCandidates.-Politics game where you have to survive in the electionrace for aslong as possibleWant Hillary to be the new US President?Want tostop Trump from building his wall? Or want him to be thenewPresident? Remember, every decision counts. Be part of apoliticalrevolution. There is a thin wall between getting extremelypopularand your campaign completely crashing. Get support fromallfactions, improve your Poll Rating, Punch your way throughyouropponents and become victorious on ELECTION DAY. Carve yourname inthe history of USA!
Hanuman Return Games 33089010
Hanuman return gameIn the ancient Sanskrit epic RamayanaWhenLakshmana is severely wounded during the battle againstRavana,Hanuman is sent to fetch the Sanjivani, a powerfullife-restoringherb, from Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas, torevive himGame -playIt a Platform game - (not simple running ) youwill be able torun jump walk over bridge .. beat the bad and alsobig fight withthe big monster to clear the level you need to killall the villainand reach the ends point to go the next levelatevery the 3 level,you will be sent to the boss fight level - youwill need to surviveand find a way to kill the monster-- total 9level- 4 boss level-Special attack to defeat boss
Super Ted Adventure 2 (Jungle Adventure ) 1.1.16
64 Games
--- 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS Super ted Adventure ---Now 64 gamespresentsclassic side scroller "Jungle Adventures" game. This gamebring backmemories of old school adventure games withnumerousadventure.Jungle World of this game contains well designedlevels,various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphicsandsoothing music and sounds.Super Ted Adventure 2 is aclassicplatform game with a journey of Super Jungle Adventure thatbringsyour childhood back. This classic game will make you addictto.Inthe new super jungle world, ted must smash enemies to pass somanythreats. With familiar characters, Super Ted Adventure 2 issuch achildhood game. In this jungle adventure game, Ted runandcollect coins, power-up to fight with bosses in newworlds.GreatFeatures Of Game- Great graphics and music.- freelevels with 2worlds and 2 bosses to fight and more coming soon.-Over 30 enemiesand power up obstacles- 64 jungle world is waithingfor you (thereare more than 64 jungle world in super ted adventure1 & superted adventure 2)Please Download now and start theJungle Adventurejourney .
Trump vs Hillary - elections 3.6
**************FEATURES **************Trump vs Hillary -elections2016 features a contest between two characters – HillaryClinton& Donald Trump, packed with the following features: ✓Chooseyour candidate – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump✓ Choose astate toplay in to win all its delegates✓ Gain votes/stars byhitting theball and scoring your election symbol or star✓ Dunk youropponentwhen all state’s delegates are won✓ Winning Experience ofthecandidates at the end of each state’s elections ✓ Shareyourresults with your friends on Facebook ✓ Use your stars topurchasedifferent hats/caps for your candidate✓ Check yourstatistics✓Bonus feature! Trump’s Quotes: Tap on the Trumpcharacter to hear afunny quote fromTrump’scampaign********************************DETAILEDDESCRIPTION********************************Trumpvs Hillary -elections 2016 is the ultimate election game, whereboth candidatescompete against each other over different states towin delegatesin them. The candidate that gains the highest numberof delegatesgets to be the winner of the elections, and is declaredthe 45thPresident of the United States of America (in the game…).Whetheryou are a politics enthusiast or just enjoy fun games, achild oran adult, you will enjoy this fun, easy to controlexperience, withamazing graphics and sound effects, cool features,and a greatsense of achievement with every state won!Please notethis is onlya game, created for entertainment purposes, and has norelations toor effect on the results oftheelections.***********EXTRAS***********✓ This app helps yougetfamiliar with the different states of the US✓ It also enhancesyourknowledge about the upcoming elections, the size &importanceof the different states, the odds for each candidates,etc. ✓ Kidscan also play this game for fun, while enhancing theirknowledge oftheir nation’s biggest democracy event – theelections.*******************************ABOUT THE2016ELECTIONS*******************************The 2016 UnitedStatespresidential elections will be held (for the most part)onTuesday, November 8, 2016. Duringthis election,the President and VicePresident of the UnitedStates will be elected. TheUnited States presidentialelection of 2016 will be the 58thquadrennial U.S. presidentialelection. Assuming Barack Obamaserves out his full term, thewinner of the 2016 election willbecome the 45th President ofthe United States. HillaryClinton and Donald Trump arecurrently leading thepolls.*********************DONALDTRUMP*********************DonaldJohn Trump is an Americanbusinessman, politician, televisionpersonality, author, and thepresumptive nominee of the RepublicanParty for President in the2016 election. He is chairman of TheTrump Organization, which isthe principal holding company for hisreal estate ventures andother business interests.Trump firstcampaigned for the U.S.presidency in 2000, and withdrew before anyvotes were cast. OnJune 16, 2015, Trump again announced hiscandidacy for president,as a Republican.On May 26, 2016, Trump hadgained the 1,237delegates needed to secure theRepublicannomination.*********************HILLARYCLINTON*********************HillaryClinton is an Americanpolitician and a candidate for the Democraticpresidentialnomination in the 2016 election. Hillary served as a USSecretaryof State in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2013.the juniorUnited States Senator representing New York from 2001 to2009,First Lady of the United States during the presidency ofBillClinton from 1993 to 2001, and a senator from New Yorksince2000.**************SAY HELLO**************If you haveanysuggestions to make this app better, please do write to us.Wewould love to hear from you. If you like this game, please donotforget to rate us and share amongst your friends.
Metal Classic Contra 1.3
Classic Contra, destroy enemies, soldier, shooting games. NewContrawith different weapons! Enjoy!In this Classic Contra, youprovidedwith a gun, but you can find various kinds of weapons fromthe likeAK, heavy gun machine and commando etc. along withextremelydestructive bullets.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Features of MetalClassic Contra :✈Classic platform game style✈ Nice graphics,beauty gun, heavymachine, and more✈ Smooth control and easycontroler✈ Real music andsound effects✈ 14 kinds of enemies:Multiple enemies characters likesoldier, tank, boss, helicopter,commando.✈ Compete against friendsin the endless mode and shareyour score✈ No up-sells or upgrades,you get everything & freeupdates✈ The game requires less memoryand supports more mobiledevice.How to play this game soldier:1:Move soldier forward,backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.2: Tap jump to jumpavoid obstacles
Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest 43
Mooff Games
2018 Feb update.. still working on Blackmoor 2, stay up to dateonour youtube channel forvids( Club is now availableforcompatible devices, plenty of Blackmoor chars!Blackmoorfeaturesfast paced arpg platformer action with combos, specialmoves andtons of boss fights. A game of ghosts, goblins andstreetfightingfrom the old school. Co-operative multiplayerincluded!Long ago theminions of the Dark Lord Blackmoor forged aTalisman that would,when the time was right, return him to humanfor. It was kept inthe depths of hell until a valiant band ofcrusaders stole it. Yourmission is to destroy the talisman beforethe instruments of deathreach you. Features - 7 heroes with uniquemoves, weapons and magic- Cooperative multiplayer side-scrollingadventure- Nice smoothcontrols - 16 unique maps, 20 unforgettablebosses - 57 enemies(each their own wife, kids and dreams) - Randomweapons, armor,pets - BOSS v BOSS (place your bets) - Incredibleatmospheric RPGmusic by Matthew Pablo- Different playstyles withSwords, Daggers,Whips, Bows &WandsFOLLOWUS:
Super Boy World Adventure 2018 1.0.0
Super Boy World Adventure 2018 - Jungle Adventures is aclassicplatform game. You can get exciting experience of jumping&running . It combines the old school play and new arcadeelements.This is the most challenging adventure! Take you back toyourchildhood!Jabber’s golds was robbed by evil Monster. For takingthegold coins back, Jabber start his adventure. Jump to beattheMonster. Collect coins, gold, acceleration props! This gametellshis super jungle adventure, which is a fantastic 2dside-scrollingplatform game with the best sense of control, 20+kinds of enemies,5 big bosses, 70 well-designed levels, and a lotof classiccharacters, such as Pac Bear, Zombie Bunny, VampireHunter and soon.Now, it's time to install the game and enjoy FunRun and Jump,Crouch, Power-Up., You are a real hero...Super BoyWorld Adventure2018 -Jungle Adventures Features- Over 70+challenging levels, morelevels are coming soon- Stunning graphics,run better- Differentmonster has different skills,jump to crashthem- Tons of props,boost your adventure- Collect a large amount ofgold coinsRelax,and let’s take an adventure in Super Boy WorldAdventure 2018-Jungle Adventures !
Ninja Kid vs Zombies - Special 1.0.7
Ninja Kid vs Zombies now comes with wonderful boosted tastyUpdatein this new Special Edition. The performance of the game ishighlyboosted with more richer and vibrant graphics.Samurai andNinjaGirl Characters are all unlocked and selectable.Daily CoinsRewardsso you can get your Shurikens and Ninja Magic withoutworryingabout collecting coins.Just play this phenomenal game andcompletethe 36 challenging levels with yourfavoriteCharacters.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------80sStyleRetro Platformer game with a ninja warrior kid andhisfriends.Welcome to the super world of zombies and monstersofHalloween Land. Zombies have found a way from another dimensionandrunning around everywhere. They have their monster friends butsohave Zombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master NinjaGirland Angry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So Run, Slash, cut, useyourNinja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy thelivingdead demons which has become out of control.The Ninja WarriorKidshave no match when they use their special Shinobi magic**(Shinobiwas another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan) NinjaKid: -->Ninja Spirit Fury Light MagicKung Fu Master Ninja Girl:-->Firewall Tsunami MagicSword Master Hungry Samurai: -->LightningBolt MagicGAME FEATURES-Total of 3 different worlds with12challenging leves. Total level count is 36.-Worlds inside thegameare; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.-The furtherlevelsget more challenging and addictive.-The game is a combinationofretro platformer game and hack and slash style game withextrafeatures.-You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magicasextra power to defeat enemies more easily.-2 extraunlockablecharacters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So makesure to checkall of them.-3 different 80s style retro backgroundmusic each for3 different worlds.-Colorful and Simple leveldesign.-Differenttypes of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and manymind blowingpuzzles and full of traps.-Make sure to keep yoursanity duringgame play.How to Play:Simple Platform action. Jump onZombies tokill them or alternatively you can hack and slash themwith yoursword. Just touch the swordbutton on screen.You can alsothrow yourninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemies need morethan onehit to be destroyed.If you are in trouble touch theLightningbutton and use your ninja magic to destroy everythingonscreen.When you slash and chop the boxes they will give fruitssomake sure to collect them for extra score.That's it! Enjoythischallenging and wonderful world of retro platformer game withmanyaddictive levels.Followuson
Metal Squad: Shooting Game
Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will takeyouthrough series of classic levels, various enemies and bossbattleswith amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games.Usevarious weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight yourwaythrough a multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters and put an endtothe evil army leader's and his world of terror. Blow up allenemiesin Metal Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shootergame.Pleasehold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.FEATURE ★Different kinds of weapons, such as shotgun, heavy machinegun,rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades. ★ Different characterstochoose. ★ 5+ unique zone with 30+ Levels ★ Different kindofenemies. ★ Challenging boss fights ★ Amazing graphics, coolmusicand sound. HOW TO PLAY ★ Use the joypad to move ★ Tap Jumpbuttonto jump avoid obstacles ★ Tap fire button to shoot ★ TapGrenadebutton to make deadly explosion Download Metal Squad now andletthe shooting begin! Contact us at email:[email protected] us on Facebook: JoinGroup withus: Thankyou!
Super Dangerous Dungeons 1.2.4
Pocket Gamer Silver Award "A super sharp-edged, but superenjoyableretro platforming challenge " – Pocket Gamer, 8/10 "SuperDangerousDungeons is just a good, solid platformer" – TouchArcade,4 starsHop into a challenging platforming adventure with thelittletreasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trapandpuzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are fullofspikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what ittakesto conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendarytreasure?GAME FEATURES: - Over 50 challenging levels, includingbosses andsecret stages! - Stylish and retro pixel art graphics! -SNESinspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
Race to White House - 2020 - Trump vs Hillary 1.2
It’s the battle of the Presidents to be – Trump Vs Hillary -2020!And you get to choose the winner. Be a part of their journey,helpyour president reach their final destination- The WhiteHouse!TrumpVs Hillary – Who is your choice?Drive your Presidentcandidate tovictory, while helping them beat stress, impressing thecrowd,reaching important investor meetings in time and muchmore!Alongwith 70 levels of crazy driving in 16 awesome cars,select yourfavorite President and drive with them. From their everyday choresto attending important meetings, be a part of yourPresidentialcandidate’s journey, and drive them to the White House.Don’tforget to enjoy the hilarious Trump Vs Hillary banter!DownloadRaceto White House - 2020 - Trump vs Hillary @Games2Win from theGooglePlay Store and let the fun begin!Race to White House - 2020 -Trumpvs Hillary Features:A Driving Game With A Twist:- Drive aroundthepalatial White House!- Select your president – Trump orHillary?-60 challenging driving levels to ensure the win of yourselectedPresident- 10 levels driving to the White House with thePresidentand living the lavish life!- Unlock 15 new cars throughthe game,including Presidential State Car, The Beast.This apprequires thefollowing permission:* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Thispermission isrequired by Ad networks.Please note that we useAdvertising ID forserving better ads and improving the productthrough AnalyticsAboutGames2win:Games2Win is a fun company thatbelieves in creatingamazing and enjoyable games for all ages. Wehave over 800+proprietary games that are available both online andon mobile.Some of our smash hit games are Parking Frenzy, StarFashionDesigner, Fashion Diva, Power Cricket T20 and BFF HighSchoolFashion. Currently, our company boasts of morethan 120million app downloads and 9 million gamers amonth. And thisis just the beginning!VISIT US:http://games2win.comFOLLOW US: [email protected] for any problems you may have withRaceto White House - 2020 - Trump vs Hillary.PrivacyPolicy:
Mad Dex 1.3.5
game guild
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldof Mad Dex, one of the greatest platformers of all time!You’re MadDex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love of yourlife hasbeen kidnapped by a merciless monster that has taken overthe city,and now all you can think about it how to save her fromhis vileclutches. Use your special parkour abilities to overcomeall theobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all the bosses, fightyour wayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Put your agilityto thetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend off your evilfoes’deadly attacks, and never give up! Mad Dex is ahardcoreplatformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone who’swillingto go the extra mile to reach their goal. Features: •Epicfree-to-play action game • More than 50 levels withvariousdifficulties • Hardcore boss battles • Awesome visualeffectscombined with unique physics and exciting gameplay •Peppysoundtrack • Global score leaderboard and a global leaderboardforevery level • We read every review, so YOUR IDEA just might makeitinto the game one day! Only you can save Miss Dex! How toplay:just press the jump button rather than tapping it, andeverythingwill be fine ;) Thanks for playing Mad Dex ! Don't forgetto ratethe app and give us your feedback. We are constantly tryingtoimprove the game and we love hearing your thoughts !
Mad Caveman 7.2.3
Back to the stone age, let's be a caveman.Simple game play.Justjump run and throw your weapon to kill dinosaurs. Collect Coinsandhave fun.Nice GameEasy ControlGood MusicThis addictive and fungamewill have you hooked from the beginning!Your goal is to jump onthenecessary blocks without falling down... Sounds easy?It'snot!Every level brings more challenges but also tricks youcanperform to reach your goals!With amazing graphics and effectsgetready to use your logistics skills to the max!Readycaveman?Goooooo!!!!
Mad Dex 2 1.1.8
game guild
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldof Mad Dex 2, one of the greatest platformers of all time!You’reMad Dex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love of yourlife hasbeen kidnapped by a merciless monster that has taken overthe city,and now all you can think about it how to save her fromhis vileclutches. Use your special parkour abilities to overcomeall theobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all the bosses, fightyour wayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Put your agilityto thetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend off your evilfoes’deadly attacks, and never give up! Mad Dex 2 is ahardcoreplatformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone who’swillingto go the extra mile to reach their goal. Features: •Epicfree-to-play action game • 75 levels with various difficultiesin 5chapters • Exciting story • Hardcore boss battles • Awesomevisualeffects combined with unique physics and exciting gameplay •Widevariety of traps • Characters with different skills andupgrades •Peppy soundtrack • Global leaderboard for every level •Speed: getmedals after fast level-complete • Explorer: secrets ateach level• We read every review, so YOUR IDEA just might make itinto thegame one day! Only you can save Miss Dex! Good Luck at thegame !)Thanks for playing Mad Dex 2! Don't forget to rate the appand giveus your feedback. We are constantly trying to improve thegame andwe love hearing your thoughts !
Overpainted 1.4.3
Overpainted – it is awesome and dynamic platformer.You're in adarkroom. Visibility is zero. The only way to see anything inthedarkness - spray paint everywhere. Painting - your visionandorientation in space.Here you stay alone with reflexes andlogic,good luck - it will be difficult.Be careful, dodge fromcirculardisks, overcome difficult obstacles, defeat enemies and useyourabstract thinking to find a way out.100 spicy, full offlavor,hardcore and colorful levels with dispiteous bosses arewaiting foryou.If you are tired of usual platformer games and wantsomethingunordinary so here you are!Features:-Goodanimations-Unusualgraphics-A variety of levels-The game isaddictive-Unusualgameplay-Control with two fingersFormoregames:
Viva Sancho Villa 2.90.4
A Mexican hack & slash action adventure platformer, play astherevolutionary hero Sancho Villa! Using your machete andlegendaryrevolvers, liberate Magico’s land from the corruptedforces of evilin this revolutionary saga of war and folklore.Getimmersed in asurreal world of music, traditions, mythology, artsand craftswhile you travel through colorful towns, dangerousfields, uprisingvillages, haunted forests and much more. VivaSancho Villa shallawe you and last in your memory forever!Its afun, unique andinnovative gameplay with easy to learn controls,letting you run& slide high hills and steep slopes, jump fatalcliffs andrepel attacks. Fight back with combos and surviveunexpectedsituations to the rhythm of fanfares, cheers, confetti,shoutingand celebrations. No one stands in your way!
Maxim the robot: Meca World Adventures 2.1.0
• A platformer with the quality of console games! Inspired bythebest retro side-scrolling games from the 90s, Maxim will bringyouback to the golden age of platforming games! Run and jump todefeatthe great variety of enemies. All the robots have theirspecialabilities and will help you complete the game. Learn tomaster thegameplay: roll, jump on the walls, climb, fly, shoot,swim,sprint... And so much more! Choose your controller:Joystick,D-Pad, or Bluetooth gamepad. • A 2D platformer game thattakesplace in the Meca World. Discover 6 unique worlds, for a totalof72 levels. Travel through the tropics, Run and jump in thejungle,climb the mountain, ride in the canyons... And more! Eachworld hasits Boss, that you will have to fight. You can unlock 6bonuslevels by finding all secret coins in each world. FEATURES :-Enjoy over 80 epic levels! - Combination of colorful 2d and3dgraphics! - Control Maxim, or any of his friends, with eachtheirweapons and special powers! - run, jump, double jump, roll,dash,fight, fly, shoot... and much more, with an extremely fungameplay!- Customize your robot! - Legendary boss fights! -Awesomesoundtrack with more than 15 original music! - Run fasterthan yourfriends, and rank first in the leaderboard! - Find allsecretszones, pick up all coins, and unlock the bonus world! -Compatiblewith all Bluetooth controllers and gamepads! - Funmini-gamescoming soon! - Play ad-free and offline with Premium packAre youready? Come and join the adventure! Download the game nowand play!
Penguin Run 2 1.3.6
Penguin Run 2 is one of the best ICE WORLD adventuregame.Oneday,Penguin Ruba found an ancient map in the warehouse leads to a secret world.Ruba decide to explorethesecret world.But the world is so danger and also many manymonstersin the world.So Ruba need your help.Please help Ruba runout of theworld.You shound runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesin themed levels.GO!GO!GO!Penguin Run 2 has many challenginglevelsto play and discover.Features:-Amazing world:ice world,greensnowworld-Beautiful graphics and control-Addictivegameplay-Challenginglevel design(more than 50 levels)-Easy,intuitive controls-Manydifferent enemiesHow to play:- Use button tojump, move and fire-Kill enemies by firing or jumping on theirheadDownload Penguin Run2 now and enjoy the game.
Super Jabber Jump 3 3.0.3912
Super Jabber Jump 3 is a Classic platform game. Take you back totheschool days. Jabber’s ancestral Gem was robbed by evil Monster.Fortaking the gold coins back, Jabber start his adventure.ControlJabber to run, jump and pounce on monsters. Start youradventure,run across five worlds as you smash through those trickymonsters.Filled with unexpected obstacles, struggle to get to theFINALdestination. Then Jabber can take his Gem back. Are youready?Tips: attack tunnel monster in the midair, double jump overthoselong gaps. Super Jabber Jump 3 Features: - New puzzleelements,exciting adventure - Classic platform game and easy tocontrol -Magnificent graphics, vivid and smooth animation -100well-designed levels, full of challenges - Tons of trickymonsters,difficult to handle - Customized props, unlock and upgradethem tohelp you Find hidden chests in the secret paths, openthem,surprise you! But be aware of this: Monster is alwayswithtreasure. Time to take an adventure! Download for free! Let’srunand jump!
Super boy - Super World - adventure run 1.1.4
🐼 An evil wizard appears, he kidnaps all the villagers exceptSuperboyThe whole village is gone and you’re the only Super boyleft!🐰Super boy - jungle games Is an adventure run game withsimplecontrols and great graphics, Super boy run also having goodsoundeffectsSuper boy - Game Features:🌲 More than 120+ challengelevelsand more🌲 12 bosses to fight and more coming soon.🌲 Greatgraphicsand music.🌲 5 different worlds: ice, desert,forest...🌲Classicplatform game and easy to control🌲 Customized props, unlockandupgrade them to help you🌲 Over 20 enemies and power upobstacles🌲 7leaderboards and 26 achievements🐠 In this superadventure, Controlsboy to run, jump and pounce on monsters🐱 Tap tojump and doubletap to double jump and escape the pitfalls. Bewareof sign boardsand complete all the levels.🐌 Super boy - junglegames is a one ofthe best journey game🐺Downloat it now!! and startyour journey!
Roy's World 1.0.1
Roy need help to begin and finish his journey. He need you tosavehis princess.In that game you will pass all levels and try toavoidenemies, traps, kill boss enemies and others.In every worldyouhave to fight to boos enemies. They can beat you but you mustuseyour skills to win with them and get your prize.You will fightwithlots of enemies as bird, golem, hedgehog, scorpion, ghostandmore...Story starts in Jungle World where you have to fightwithjungle monsters like monkeys, snakes, lep and more. Also youcanfind other worlds like lava cave world, castle world.You mustavoidall traps. Also there is tons of hidden bonus items andcoins.Youcan find great bonus items: stone, bumerang.Game can bringyourmemories from childhood when you were playing platform gamesonyour retro console.You must finish your adventure and never giveupwhen you loseall your lives.This game has great features:- GreatHDgraphics- Nice music and effects- Store where you canbuyadditional items- Many levels- Hidden items- Game can bringbackyour memories when you were playing old platform games.Howtoplay:- Left and Right arrows to move left or right- Down arrowtogo inside the pipe to bonus level where you canfind lots ofcoins-A button to run faster or shot- B button to jump Corycharacter
Leap Day 1.93.2
Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand newlevelevery day! really EVERY DAY! until the END OFTIME!Features: • A brand new level you can finish every day! • Setin adifferent location every day! • Everyone will have exactly thesamelevel every day! • Different traps every day! • Differentmonstersevery day! • Finish the day and get a gold trophy stamp onyourcalendar... every day! (As long as your good enough!) • Did wegetacross there's a ton of new stuff every day? Also: • Simpleonetouch gameplay in portrait orientation. A perfect platformer onthego! • A colourful and stunning pixel art world. Retro nostalgiaisa go! • A real labour of love from the whole Nitrometeam!-Important information- This game contains third partyadvertisingand cross promotion for other nitrome games, both whichcan beremoved via a one time In App Purchase.
Super Adventures of Teddy 1.07
Bun Studio
You love Classic Platforme. You love old school game. You wouldliketo return childhood memory, Our game Super Adventure of Teddyisbest choise for you. He and Teddy lived in jungle world fromtheirchildhood. It is a free running, jumping game where boy hasformission Super Adventures of Teddy is an amazing running andjumpingadventure game, Super Adventurer of Teddy is a FREE gamewithaddictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay Run, jump andexplore thearcades. Travel across dangerous forest, volcano,desert, swamps,machine room, castle, etc. Collect coins, gold,hammers to help youdefeat the Monster, Ghots, Zombies! SuperAdventures of Teddy can bedownloaded for FREE. You can try out allmodes before purchase:World Tour, Castle House, Snow Maps, more!HOW TO PLAY 1.Just tapthe screen to let the boy jump. 2.Help boyto pass all thechallenges to where you need to cross differentobstacles 3.Run tothe end of the subway to pass the level. ***Super Adventures ofTeddy Features *** - 140 new levels - A JungleWorld with 3D IMAZINGappearance - Run and Jump with style torescue Princess Peach - 6scenarios with magnificent graphics - 22different monsters from theformer versions - Jungle Adventures cantransform his size,marvelous experience! Please note this: eachworld ends with a FINALBOSS! Challenge him! Explore those toughlevels with a relaxed mood.Secret tunnels are ready to show yousurprises! Download for freeand have fun!
Rolling Ball 1.0.4
Candy Mobile
Easy rule, easy control but unlimited fun! Rolling Ball is #13Darcade balance game packed with plenty of platforming actionandphysics-based puzzles!Rolling Ball is a game that pushestheboundaries of your speed and reaction. It’s a fast-pacedracethrough unpredictable obstacles & maze-like platforms andtimeis running out! Control the ball by rolling, spinning andjumpingto move along the course without falling off the screennow.How toPlay:- Swipe on the screen to control the movement of theballGameFeatures:- Tease your brain with challenging gameplay- Playover 50levels and more to come- Stunning 3D stereo visual andsuperrealistic physics
Campaign Clicker 1.0.10
Trump Vs Clinton! It's the political battle of the decade! Takeonthe role of a campaign manager working for the party ofyourchoice.(play a little to unlock Bernie, or Ted!)• Intensetappingaction as you try to win over the majority of the Americanvoters!•Stay up to date with the real-life action, as thecandidates usereal quotes pulled live from their Twitter feeds.Cast your vote!See how you can impact the world, as your tapscontribute to aglobal leaderboard. Check in at any time and seewhich players areputting the most energy into supporting!• Get yourpoint across!Have something to say? Tweet it to us @campaignclickeralong withthe candidate you want to talk about. If we re-tweet you,yourwords will appear inside the game for everyone to see!Neverbeforehas an app blurred the lines between real political debateand theawesomeness of a videogame! Level up your campaignprofile,discover secret characters and don't stop collecting votes!Thefuture is in your fingers!Permissionsrequired:-AccessCoarseLocation: This app requires access to youapproximatelocation in order for our partners to serve relevantadverts foryour region.- ReadExternalStorage andWriteExternalStorage: Cacheadverts in background for seamlessviewing ads experience
Rogue buddies 2 1.3.1
Rogue Buddies 2 features our 4 mercenaries; Maximus (assaultandgrenade specialist), Smoke (heavy gunner and rocketlauncher),Alpha Tech (shield and drones) and Duster (jumping ninjaandkatana) on a new quest for gold and revenge against theevilCompany. The game is a 2D action platformer shooter. Thegamefeatures tons of levels, filled with puzzles and enemiestoeliminate. [ Environment ]Not only will the buddies face dangerinan infested jungle, they will also visit lost cities, epictunnelsand the center of the earth. You will cross ruins, swim inthedepths of caverns and scale the gold carved mountains of theAztecjungle. [ Storyline ]The 4 Buddies are on a quest for gold buttheywill be soon interrupted by their former evil corporate bossesandalso a savage intruder. Maximus and his team will becaughtoff-guard and trapped by the natives. Your quest is to saveyourcrew, gather as much gold and take revenge on the evilCompany.[Enemies ]Regular henchmens, heavy gunners, blockers (thatpreventyou from accessing certain areas), the natives (that arequick andhard to kill) and of course the 4 Company Bosses. [Missions /Level design ]There are over 50 levels (main andside-objectives).Each level can be completed with a level of stars,which are neededto unlock certain areas on the map. In each levelyou will beconfronted with puzzles, requiring each of thecharacter's specialskills, swapping back and forth between yourbuddies.[ Vehicles]Inthe game there will be 3 types of vehicles(Bike, Chopper,Skiboat), that will require the player to find thekey in thatlevel. In some levels, the vehicle is necessary tocomplete thestage, whereas in other levels it is optional.MainFeatures• Weaponupgrades• Mind-bending Puzzles• Various enemies ofdifferentdifficulties• Traps and surprises• Swim under water•Bunnies tocollect (For bonus)• Character costumes• Cracking doors•Swingingropes• Savage natives to avoid• Awesome vehicles to ride
Chicken Trump 1.7.2
Chicken Trump is an endless flying game where you play as acutechicken to fly across the Trump's wall to enter United State.Butyou need to avoid all the obstacles and survive for as longaspossible! There are 30 cool chickens to be unlocked andmanyawesome power-up to to be collected!Download for FREE nowandcompete with your friends to become the best chicken ! Watchthechicken lay eggs on Trump in this funny and addictingendlessflying game ![FEATURES]♥ Colorful and cheerful graphic !♥Fun andchallenging obstacles !♥ Dodge Trump's arsenal: lasers,missiles,rockets, helicopters and many more !♥ 30 adorable chickensto beunlocked !♥ Level up cool items to fly further !♥ Simpleone-touchcontrol, tap or hold to fly !♥ Compete worldwide for thebestdistance ![30 Collectible Adorable Chickens]♥ HarambeChicken,Supreme Leader Chicken, Harley Cuinn, Trump Chicken,Heisenbird,Zombie Chicken, One Flap Chicken, Cyborg Chicken andmany more !!!♥Tutorial ♥1. TAP or HOLD on the screen to fly.2.Avoid all theTrump's arsenal.3. Fly as far as you can.4. Collectcoins to playgacha for unlocking new chickens.5. Enjoy watchingchicken lay eggson Trump !6. Get the best distance among yourfriends.♥ Note ♥- Allthe reference characters in this game are justa parody.- Thiscasual game is purely for fun and entertainmentpurposes.FacebookPage: Love MelonGames