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Free Gun Games 1.0.2
Adductive Free Gun Games, including gun game shooting targets,gungames with snipers, gun games war, gun shooting games, gungamesfor kids and more. This makes a lot of easier for userstocomparison and choose to installing the application. Rankingbynumber of downloads and rating from users. **This is anapplicationthat is not an official of any brand. We only rankingtheapplications you need..
2 Player Games 1.00
hana games
2 Player Games===================Various kind of free 2 player games are in thiscollectionapp.===================A various collection of fun 2 player games in everycategoryandflavor you could ever imagine! Such as 2 playerfightinggames,racing games, shooting games, car games, 2 playergames forgirlsand for kids and much more. We have collected 2player gamesormultiplayer games. This will help you to find fungames. Youdon'thave to waste your time finding games for 2 playersand haveonlythe best quality like 2 player fighting games,racinggames,shooting games. the popular games 2 player in one app.HD,3D, 2D,simulation games 2 player, and carefully selectedqualitygameswith excellent graphics. Enjoy!Features:- A comprehensive 2 players games collection- 2 player Fighting games, Shooting, Adventure,Racing,Arcade,Zombies, 2 player games for for kids- Provide high-resolution game graphics.- Real-time updates.- Star category including the best games 2 player chosenbytheeditor.- Exciting gameplay.- Large game world.- Most popular and new releases games.
World Robot Boxing Avengers 1.1
Several people enjoy robot fighting games, for example.Transformersand Gundam. World Robot Boxing avengers come with easycontrolsystem. Can play and have fun Players will serve as acontrol. Canplay and have fun Players will get to control a robotfighting gameswith swords and guns. Broke into the Bases of theenemy robotunicorn attack. Robots players to fire weapons attackother robotswith guns. Collect coins and various special weaponsAlong the way.robot fighting games with swords and guns with afriend Download ithere.Free robot fighting game- Easy controls-Fire weapons such aslaser guns- Collect coins to buy More of shop-Enjoy beautifulgraphicsThank you for downloading
Freeze! 2 - Brothers 1.18
Welcome to "Freeze! 2", the highly anticipated sequel to themultiaward winning puzzle hit "Freeze!" (More than 11 milliondownloadsworldwide!).PLEASE NOTE:"Freeze! 2" is the premium fullversionwith 100 levels, with no in-app purchases and withoutannoying ads!So, it isn’t free - but we can also guarantee that youpay onlyonce for the entire game, and never again!+++ uniqueatmosphere,charm, and a compelling twist +++[PG Award,]+++top notch, highly innovative and immersive+++[5/5,]+++ worth your attention+++[]THESTORY:Many years ago, our old hero from „Freeze!“was kidnappedfrom evil aliens and locked in a tiny cell on a planetfar, faraway. He never found his way back.Now his little brotherheads tothe stars in his self-built rocket to find his lost brotherand tofree him from the clutches of the aliens!THE GAMEMECHANICS:You’llsolve twisted physics-based puzzles by rotating thecells aroundour heroes with your finger. And of course you’ll haveto use theFreeze-buttons to arrest gravity for the brothers. Soundssimple?Well, yes, it is - at first.NEW IN "FREEZE! 2":The basicgameplayis the same as in „Freeze!“, but there are manyexcitingextensions: In the levels you’ll encounter liquids likewater anddeadly rocket fuel sloshing around. The brothers have topass mostlevels together, fighting against lethal electric fields,smartbatteries (what?!?) and slightly sadistic leveldesign.HIGHLIGHTSOF "FREEZE! 2"• Premium game, no ads, no in-apppurchases,developed by Andreas von Lepel• New look and uniquegraphics by artdirector Jonas Schenk (• Withsurreal alien worldsby illustrator Jonas Littke (• 4alien worlds, 100varied and exciting levels, designed by HiroYamada• New darktracks from the Swiss Trance Master Karl Lukas(•Simulation of fluids such as water and deadlyrocket fuel• HighScores and Achievements - who’ll escape fastestfrom the prisonworlds?============= About „Freeze!“=============+++ Winner of the"Indie Prize Europe 2013"-Award++++++ "Top 10 Android Game of2013" (Android Qualityindex) ++++++More than 10 million downloadsworldwide +++»Freeze! is one of akind. It’s a whole new gamingexperience... Score 4.3/5«(, review)»Score 91/100«(, review)»Thetwisty-turny physics delights on offerhere are cleverer, darker,and more devious than what's on offer inyour average casualpuzzler.« (,review)»minimalistic yet stunningartwork … gameplay is fun,challenging and maybe even a littlemaddening ... Score 4/5«(, review)»Spooky, ChallengingPerfection - Score10/10«(,review)================================================
Fatal shot sniper 3d shooting 1.4
Fatal shot sniper shooting - best action, sniper shootergames.Areyou ready for the best games of 2016, and sniper shootinggames 3dshooting games.Download this realistic shooting gamesfreeshootercall of You sniper duty shooter, your target armysniperassassin.In this realistic shooting games and shooter gameswhereyou have to shoot at a targetIt is a sniper 3d simulator inwhichyou are a sniper shooting games.Your duty to call the armysniperhas become a sniper and sniper shooting fps shootergames.SniperShooter Game all enemies cod must be killer on thebattle field 3dsniper rifle shooting games of a gun.Download andplay games andenjoy this shooter shooting games.Become a US Armysniper who amission on behalf of the performance of your armysniper shooter3dYour target arrows shooting games and sniperassassin allsnipers.Commando, cod survive the Army Sniper 3Dsimulator gamesyou take us out of 3D killer of a dead by a snipershootertarget.Once on the battlefield to see them with tanksandhelicopter gun, bazooka to kill.Download and play shootinggamesand enjoy this shooter shooting games. swatMust Kill allenemies onthe battlefield tank, a helicopter must be of a snipershot tokillHas the counter strike snipers kill all of the modernweaponswat shooters.Battle in the war between the guns and thesnipershooter you startedYou were sent to destroy the enemy baseand theenemy of all shooters.You sniper shooter commando sniperswith yourlife is a war against enemy arrows terrorists.Your callingto killall of the sniper shooter and a killer to kill, yourtargetshooting games onlineNow when your on the city, near the baseofthe enemy, you need to aim and shoot accurately at a targetthathas precisely survival note.In this best shooting games youeverhave to go through 10 missions in which you will meet with alot ofenemy sniper shooters, tanks and helicopter.This is for kids10 andunder-shooting games In this 3D shooting games, where you canwalkaround and aim, and great graphic
Top Sniper Gun Shooting Games 2.0
We have chosen the most effectivefpssniper& gun shooting games in this app for you.There is a list of the games. You cannot play them on thelist,with'install' you will be directed to the androidmarket.Our aim is to save you from the stuff games and to make accesstothemost popular arcade & action games easy.Besides free and paid categories, you see star categoryconsistingofthe top quality games selected by the editors.You find games categorized as Action Arcade in this app,just.Thiscategory includes shooting games, adventure games,fightinggames,battle games. Take your weapon and go to killterrorists,zombiesand other enemies. You find hundreds of weaponsincludingmachineguns, RPGs, sniper rifles and shotguns in thesegames.Features:- Free and paid categories- Games' videos- A complete list of the FPS shooting games- Daily update- Star category including the best action games chosenbytheeditor- Most popular and new released action games- High Resolution screenshots
Robot war fighting games x 3 1.0
When the world was born to fight and fighting, and the battleforresources between trans units fought pattern. With the robotthatwas created to preventable The Invasion and stormed the city byaunit of the robot is named for Mercury Ranger villageisResponsible for Protecting the invasion.The war between therobotand iron ice zoo man. And the man who transitioned intozombies.Wars never ended. The Invasion of the mutants by text invariousmissions, preventable many things Such as a blade or arobothoneysuckle body've become Robot Dinosaurs A Robot That DoesnotRequire the net.Players will control a robot lionhead, is oneofthe unit for Mercury Ranger left the final world namedBumblebee,players willhave to come to the base of the opponenttaisen. Andattack into the enemy village players can jump a builtand eagle,teeth or attacked by the sword atoms to opponent playerscan forcea robot. Attack on and can overpriced collect items Suchas theGundam item items to Increase Blood and Gundam items and rpgThatCan Be Converted into a robot and cat. A big fly and ultimate,thisand players can hit or boxing reel at the seed enemy and minirobotas well a stadium and a cot draw fps. The player must waittheopponent's attacks of corps mike unicorn, with botheringkingrobots your a Newerth steel, special forces vs. Taft Americaniceto go shoot the weapon is dyed into When The player isattacked.Blood and power is the reduced and toy. The opponent willbe ableto walk the walking and disguise, and overpriced can jump,attackWhen The player through to the final bros a combine, andCanAchieve the goal, success. Will be a heroic champions LRN inthegame and get statistics in the game Immediately.The Gamesguideshare exchange real robot- How all three Mission Mission toplayESL and sky.- Enemy opponent car. There are many types, Such astherobot police special forces.- Can collect super items andspecialiron subway and iron Kill equipment During The Game.-Launcher run,collect medals were the most and esploder.The game isplayed forfree, online and offline. Can be downloaded to play forfree today!!!!Thank you for the download.
Gun Sounds 1.1
This gun game have very realistic weapons shots sounds. In gunsfiresounds game you'll find a large collection of sounds, andbypressing on each gun you will hear how it shoots. Thisweaponssounds board have large collection shots sounds fromdifferenttypes of weapons such as machine guns, machine pistols,assaultrifles, sniper, shot guns, as well as launcher and handguns. Ifyou want to play war with your friends or just want toscaresomeone, this collection of gun sounds is best one for yourneed!To shoot just choose your favorite gun click on it andstruckterror in your family or friends company. Here in thisapplicationyou find most popular guns in the world M1911A1, M9,M500, Colt38,COP. They are currently most popular gun in theworld.Guns Soundsgame features:Here you find High quality gunsImagesSimple UI with8 guns choice Easily to use, just click on gunand it willshootWith Gun Sounds you can:You can prank you friendswith GunSounds!Pretend to shoot your cat with Gun Sounds!Listen tohighquality clips of classic guns! We've included clips fromRemingtonrifles, R&S revolvers, Mausers, Marlins, and manymore!Thesedays guns are probably the commonest weapons, even asfire arms arenot particularly what everyone should have in theirpossession, nowdays with smartphone help you can as also hear thesounds of allkinds of gun shots of your choice with a single tap ofthebutton.Want to feel the force of a powerful virtual weapon inyourhand ?Then this is the app you are looking for! Guns Sounds isthebeast guns shots sounds game on Google Play Store.
Army Shooting Games:Zombies 16
Army Shooting Games:Zombies is a the latest army games forkidsYouare Arnold the biggest soldier of the army, but your townisinfested with ugly zombies in this army shooting games!So thegoalis simple, cross the city and kill all the zombies! Don't getbiteby them and collect coins on your way! You will be able toupgradeyour gun for a machine gun or even a shotgun to blastzombies inthe head!!!KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES TO SURVIVE!In this citywherezombies have taken your town, you can jump to avoid them ifyouwant, but the best way to survive when you play army shootinggamesis to shoot zombies and kill them!!COLLECT ALL THE GOLD! Theonlyway to get a better gun is to collect many coins when you playthiskids army games, so shoot all the zombies and upgrade yourweaponnow! In the shop you will find the best army combat shootinggun,revolver, machine gun and shotgun!Army men, you're on yourwayhome!Soldier, Big Guns, Zombies and Blood in this shootinggames,what more could you ask for in an army zombie games?FEATURESofArmy Shooting Games:Zombies:- 9 levels fully loaded withzombies!-Great selection of army weapons : Revolver, Machine gunandShotgun- HD graphics- HD Quality Audio- Classic gun vszombiesattack gameplaySo are your ready to play this army games forfree?Download and play Army Shooting Games:Zombies now !
Wolf Bubble Shooter 3.9
Try out the best football balls game you can find right nowonGoogle Play! Wolf Bubble Shooter is a special title that willhelpyou pass the time in the best possible way, without spendingadime. No matter where you need to go, this game will accompanyyouat all times and provide you with the entertainment value thatyouneed.Do you love football bubble shooting games? Then youwillenjoy this title as well! Explore beautiful stadium locationswithyour wolf friend as you try to get the best results.Remove alltheballs from the game world as fast as possible in order to win,inhundreds of unique levels that will test your competitiveabilitiesand skills. Play into the wonderful arcade mode where youcan solvecountless quests or engage in the one of a kind survivalmode thatwill test your every skill as you try to move up theranks, tryingto get the best score. No matter what game mode youwill choose,you are certainly in for a lot of fun, as Wolf BubbleShooter ishere to help you get the best possible entertainmentvalue veryfast.The game offers a beautiful design, as well as agreat bubbleshooting algorithm and cleverly created levels that arehere totest all your skills and commitment to solve the puzzles.Thanks toits one of a kind concept, Wolf Bubble Shooter manages tostand outof the crowd and offer the ultimate bubble shootingexperience thatyou can find in the gaming world.The control schemein Wolf BubbleShooter is very similar to the one that you can findin many otherfootball bubble shooting games, with fluid tappingmethods that youwill certainly enjoy. You can even continue a gamethat youpreviously started without losing progress, so once you getintothe game you are in for a treat. If you are a person that likesallballs shooting titles, then you definitely try this onerightaway!Instructions:You will need to find the right angle andshootthe ball in order to create groups of 3 or more balls thathave thesame color. Shooting is as simple as tapping with yourfinger andblasting away the balls. Of course, the more bubbles youhave theopportunity to pop, the better the score that you willreceive inthe end. Wolf Bubble Shooter is very addictive thanks tothe largenumber of levels that it offers, and because each levelprovidesyou with a certain number of stars, so replayability is atits besthere. If you want to try out a unique, interesting footballballsshooting game, then you need to try this game right away! Useyourstrategies and gain the highest score, in some of the bestfootballbubble shooting games out there!
Air Attack 4.54
The full arsenal of modern war equipment is unleashed upon youinthis breathtaking arcade game! Burn in napalm, suffocate in gasorbe nailed to the ground with depleted uranium shells!FEATURES★3different game modes★ Infinite islands to play on★Destructibleterrain★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers★ Powerups★Nuclear bombsDiffers from the free version in that there arenoads. Thanks for your support.Android TV users: a compatiblegamepadis strongly recommended to play.
Cowboy Zombies Shooting Games 13
Cowboy Western Shooting Games is a new cowboy gun games.So you'reaCowboy kids? Come and play this cowboy games with guns!!!Thegoalis to survive... but you wont. How far will you go? If youenjoycowboy shooting games, this one is for you!SHOOT ZOMBIESTOSURVIVE!In this western cowboy games for free, jump toavoidzombies if you want, but you need to kill them! No, you can'tjumpon the zombie, it won't work because they are what theare...ZOMBIES!COLLECT MONEY! Shoot zombies and collect more coins.That'sthe only way to get a bigger and better gun in this zombieandcowboy games! Why not buy a machine gun or a shotgun?Shootingzombies as never been more fun... KILL TO SURVIVEImproveyourskills, unlock weapons, beat all your friends in this coolcowboygames! It will be hard to put this one down.Cowboys, Guns,Zombiesand blood in this western cowboy games. What more could youwant!?Play Cowboy Western Shooting Games now!FEATURES:- HDgraphics- HDQuality Audio- 3 Guns - 9 levels fully loaded withzombies!Downloadand enjoy a cowboy life in Cowboy Western ShootingGames !
Grandfather in Battlefield
Gun shooting with touch control.
Super Jumping Finn 1.02
Play Super Jumping Finn and kick some buttwithFinn and Jake! The evil Ice King has kidnapped PrincessBubblegumand it’s up to Finn and Jake to rescue her.The Ice King’s fortress is in the far away Frozen Land andtheonly way Finn will ever get there to rescue the princess isforJake to kick him all the way. Launch Finn into the air withJake’smighty kick and keep him flying through the air by ridingshootingstars, getting a lift with Lady Rainicorn or getting awhack fromMarceline’s axe guitar. Watch out for those penguinsthough!With each jump you earn stars that can be used to upgradeandunlock skills and characters to help Finn fly faster, higherandfurther! How far can you get Finn to fly?Super Jumping Finn is another awesome game from CartoonNetwork.You know what time it is… it’s Adventure Time!
Shooting game, western gun 1.2
Shooting game for free time. Free android game for everyone.Playwith guns, western gangsters and shoot as much objects as youcan.Shoot the buffalo, whiskey, gangsters, western hat. Freeandroidgame for kids same as android game for adults.
Zombie Defense 3.0.0
Doomsday is near. Zombies invade thecitywasattacked. People can not fight against the zombies.Cityhellalike. Zombies are attacking the people. The city'ssecuritycanonly provide you. You're the only force in the defenseofzombies.You must repel the zombies inside the shelter.Noopportunity torelax. Develop a strategy and battle againstzombieswith greatweapons. Save the city from the zombie outbreakfor thesalvationof humanity. Prevent the global epidemic.Zombie City Defense game Your aim is to save the cityfromthezombie invasion. Spiders, you should clean the areaswherethefastest way against various monstrous creatures. You needtousetheir best shot. You can not change forever the magazine.Thecityto prevent the destruction of the zombies need toprotectimportantpoints. Prepared to challenge. Save the city beforethelight ofday. Zombie defense game you can both individual as wellasbe ableto hunt zombies in the air by helicopter. If youmustprotect homesdo not protect you lose the game. You have todestroyall thezombies to completely get rid of the city. Levelproceedswillincrease the number of zombies.FEATURES- 6 different weapons.- EXPLODING OBJECTS IN THE PLAYING inside.- Different zombies.- 28 DIFFERENT LEVEL cost.- SPECIAL AUDIO AND VISUAL EFFECTS.- CHANGING THE GUN CHARGE in, ZOOM AND FIRE MAY theirability.- ACCORDING TO THE NUMBER OF WEAPONS TO WIN headshot.
Real Boxing Stars Boxing games 1.0
Real Boxing Stars is an interesting game for boxinglovers.Thehottest action boxing game hits on store now!!! If youare reliablein fighting love to fight so strong and fearless toface the realcompetitors you are going to love this very addictivegame. Real 3DBoxing Star is essential of perfectly set physics ofgreat paired3D Boxer model. Champions aren't born, they are made.Real boxingis a sport fights game. Use your arms to beating youropponent. Youcan poke, cross or punch. Move about the ring anddodge all yourenemy hits. Progression yourself at the gym andrehearsal yourpower moves because you will need it. Try to hit yourenemy at thecorrect distance to make the most powerful damage. Youcan alsoavoid your opponent movements just by covering yourself. Inthiskind of unfamiliar fights your quickness and stability are amust.Every boxer in the city would like to fight with you. You haveonly3 rounds to beat your enemy before the time is up. Rememberthatyour speed moving around the ring is essential. In every fightyouwill attack your opponent and at the same time you have tosecureyourself if you want to be alive.Real Boxing stars is acompletegame it will surely make you addictive because of itsenormousamount of challenges.Feel the real experience of boxing asyou arein the boxing ring. Real Boxing stars is the warmestreal-timefighting games. Install this fight games and surprise yourboxingpersonality at this fighting night, be a fighting hero andwin thefight night boxing champion in the fight final. With thetrue 3Dmodels and magnificent 3D sound, makes you feel that as youarewatching real boxing live stream just in the boxing match.Fightingreal boxing star game real-time 3d fighting games in themarketwhich offers a genuine and great quality experience. Withtheaccurate models, we confirm you will be addicted inthisstimulating boxing stars games for android smartphones.GameFeatures:ü Real Boxing Stars consist of 07 boxers fromdifferentcountries.ü - Real Boxing Stars involves of 3 rounds, eachround of60 Seconds.ü Great Graphics great controls great levels andhighlyaddictive game.ü Best graphics, great gathering, greatmusic.How ToPlayü Swipe on screen. Right Swipe will allow you touse leftpunch. Left swipe will allow you to use right punch. Upperswipewill emit an uppercut and down swipe will work as defensingcover.üMake assured your green energies line is full.
Empire adventure Game 1.0
Fight epic battles,wingloriousvictories.The dark times has come, train your soldiers, find allianceandforgethe weapons to protect your homeland.Only the ones with courage and wisdom would's uptoyou!Die or Die trying is your choice! Play for freeFEATURES:* CUSTOMIZE your soldiers of infantry,archers,cavalry,magicians, sorcerers, and more* Come join us and survive the end of the world.* This game works in offline mode without Internet – playitonthe plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!* Amazing characters with compelling life stories* embark on expeditions to distant lands and so much more!
Army Training Shooting Academy 1.1
Test your special skill; arm and marshal yourself with deadlyaloneepic war assassin machine guns.Here is a simple game forrangeshooting practice for all ages shooter. It’s a best rangeshootingpractice game. Get ready shooters to enjoy the best updateof RealArmy Shooting Training of 2016 for army training on yourandroiddevice from google Play Store.Aim and Shoot! Modern ArmyWarTraining is #1 first person shooter game that will blowyouaway!This game is designed to give user the best ever experienceofrange shooting game with real guns while keeping all pointsinmind. Think of a person who is in a competition, if he hassomesort of prior experience which will help him to win therivalry.While being in jungle as hunter, this range shooting gamewill helpyou to be the best shooter/hunter and taking the headshots withaccuracy. Also a soldier in war can also use theexperience tobecome the best sniper shooter of all time. Being asoldier it’snecessary to aim, shoot and kill with accuracy. A bestrangeshooter is one who don't miss the fire and shoot in head or inthecenter of his enemy. To be a new IGI Commando on the front lineofthe battlefield against the most dangerous terrorist threats totheglobal world order you have to train yourself hard in armyrange!This is a modern war fought by an alone army commando used tobe aassassin shooter in the mountains once. Move through the levelsinjuicy first person missions and take the all-importantKillShots!Protect your city by training all the so calledsoldiersroaming around the city. Last city is under attack you havetoprotect your town by killing all the soldiers and become a warherobut for that you have to train hard to become a first classrealshooting army commando. This fps game has three different kindsofpistols you can use them if you have specified points.Targets:-Bottles- Glasses- Floating bottles in airFeatures:- FireButton onbottom right.- Zoom button on bottom left.- DifferentExcitingLevels- Thrilling sound effects - Bullet time!-Destroy-ableenvironment- Full functional army baseenvironment!***New guns andnew exciting missions will be addedsoon***Your suggestion would beour great pleasure for theimprovement of the games features timeto time.Follow usat;
2 Players Games 1
If you are looking foe 2 Players Gamesthathashuge game collections with stunning wonderful 2HD , 3HDdisplayandgraphics, the search is over!! All 2 Players Games isalreadyhere.This App is an amazing best app including 2 playerFightinggames,Shooting, Adventure, Racing, Arcade, Zombies, 2player gamesfor forkids. So download this App now and get the best2 PlayersGames injust one App-Enjoy its stunning feature.-Advanced graphics-Easy and quick guides-Play it anytime,anywhere.You must have Internet access service is available.
Vritra Digest 1.5.2
Neotro Inc.
A free digest version of 2d shooting game "VRITRA"! -Full versionisnow available! You can purchase the full version that containsallthe stages! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Throw downachallenge to all the 80s and 90s gamers. Get back theenthusiasmyou had once! Control the dragon and the vajras, anddestroy theevil Dragon Emperor "VRITRA"! Awesome graphics, powerfulsoundeffects and amazing controls. This ultimate 2D shooter is astepforward in the history of the shootinggames!-----STORY--------------------------------------------------------100years ago the world was a peaceful place and people livedtogetherin peace. However a black dragon arrived followed itsfolks withevil thoughts and built their nation. The dragon calleditselfDragon Emperor and ruled the whole world spreading fear,massacringand looting. The long-suffering inhabitants prayed to besaved, asthey believed their old legend: "when the black dragonwill fade inthe dark, the blue dragon will shine a light on theworld again."-----ABOUTTHEGAME---------------------------------------------------------Thisis a 2D side scrolling shooter. Control the dragon and thevajrasto destroy the enemy!- Use the single boost button only.Keeppressing to blow up the enemies! - There are 4 kinds ofvajras.Take advantage of characteristics of each vajra:  - Bluevajra...Concentrated front attack  - Green vajra... Defense  -Yellowvajra... Wide range attack  - Red vajra... Technical alldirectionsattack - Each vajra has a different boost behavior!Mastering howto handle the vajra is the key to rule the game! - Youcan multiplyyour score by damaging or destroying the enemy withboost! Build upmore multiplier and aim at a high score! - Supportreplay function!Download the other users' replay data and learn howthey completedthe game!-----SUPPORTDEVICE---------------------------------------------------------Android OS 2.3 or later (*) * The app may not be compatiblewithsomedevices.-----SUPPORT---------------------------------------------------------Support site - Company site (NeotroInc.)
Top Shooting Games FPS Zombie
This Christmas, shoot zombies in this awesome FPS topshootinggame.Zombies are magically appearing in your home town.You'redetermined to blast them to kingdom come!Use the right sideofscreen to walk, and left side to look around and toshoot.Collectpower up and health packs.Play across 2 maps.How longcan yousurvive the zombie hordes?Have fun in this FPS games, andhave aMerry Christmas!
Luck Fishing-family fishingjoy 3.1.2
E-sports fishing "explosive" completefishinggame, a cannon took thousands of fish! A large number ofgold COINSinto the bag, owners please come to experience thefeeling ofmonopoly!Unique:Frozen: frozen sea, capture!Speed: rapid fire artillery, are invincible!Lock: track, no hiding!Weapon one like:Range artillery: machinery for storing the cannons,Machinegunpowerful,tens of thousands of fish to catch!Laser cannons: like a chivalrous man drawn out the sword, andlightand shadow, who is another day!VIP gun:VIP gun owners see flowers bloom! Car see car! Power ofitsown, VIP shells can let the fish to slow down and takemoredamage!Competitive one like:Game mode, game and server links, large server to ensure gamedatain real-time transmission, always feel the [email protected] recruit:Use the skills, slow moving sea monster, KO seamonster,achievement fishing [email protected] competitive: network pattern of athletics, ten thousand peopleatthe same time. Accumulated skills improved weapons, [email protected] awakening: using abilities trigger arms awakening,explosive,firing, sweeping thousands of [email protected] dual mode: the game can switch single stage mode andmultiplayermode, no matter the subway transit family outdoor enjoyfishing canbe perfect.『Intuitive game rules』@ Tap screen to catch [email protected] and drop an itemLine:280880560Email:[email protected] luck!