Top 23 Games Similar to Amazing Gun

2 Player Games 1.00
hana games
2 Player Games===================Various kind of free 2 player games are in thiscollectionapp.===================A various collection of fun 2 player games in everycategoryandflavor you could ever imagine! Such as 2 playerfightinggames,racing games, shooting games, car games, 2 playergames forgirlsand for kids and much more. We have collected 2player gamesormultiplayer games. This will help you to find fungames. Youdon'thave to waste your time finding games for 2 playersand haveonlythe best quality like 2 player fighting games,racinggames,shooting games. the popular games 2 player in one app.HD,3D, 2D,simulation games 2 player, and carefully selectedqualitygameswith excellent graphics. Enjoy!Features:- A comprehensive 2 players games collection- 2 player Fighting games, Shooting, Adventure,Racing,Arcade,Zombies, 2 player games for for kids- Provide high-resolution game graphics.- Real-time updates.- Star category including the best games 2 player chosenbytheeditor.- Exciting gameplay.- Large game world.- Most popular and new releases games.
World Robot Boxing Avengers 1.1
Several people enjoy robot fighting games,forexample. Transformers and Gundam. World Robot Boxing avengerscomewith easy control system. Can play and have fun Players willserveas a control. Can play and have fun Players will get tocontrol arobot fighting games with swords and guns. Broke into theBases ofthe enemy robot unicorn attack. Robots players to fireweaponsattack other robots with guns. Collect coins and variousspecialweapons Along the way. robot fighting games with swords andgunswith a friend Download it here.Free robot fighting game- Easy controls- Fire weapons such as laser guns- Collect coins to buy More of shop- Enjoy beautiful graphicsThank you for downloading
Top Sniper Gun Shooting Games 2.0
We have chosen the most effectivefpssniper& gun shooting games in this app for you.There is a list of the games. You cannot play them on thelist,with'install' you will be directed to the androidmarket.Our aim is to save you from the stuff games and to make accesstothemost popular arcade & action games easy.Besides free and paid categories, you see star categoryconsistingofthe top quality games selected by the editors.You find games categorized as Action Arcade in this app,just.Thiscategory includes shooting games, adventure games,fightinggames,battle games. Take your weapon and go to killterrorists,zombiesand other enemies. You find hundreds of weaponsincludingmachineguns, RPGs, sniper rifles and shotguns in thesegames.Features:- Free and paid categories- Games' videos- A complete list of the FPS shooting games- Daily update- Star category including the best action games chosenbytheeditor- Most popular and new released action games- High Resolution screenshots
Gun Sounds 1.1
This gun game have very realistic weaponsshotssounds. In guns fire sounds game you'll find a largecollection ofsounds, and by pressing on each gun you will hear howit shoots.This weapons sounds board have large collection shotssounds fromdifferent types of weapons such as machine guns,machine pistols,assault rifles, sniper, shot guns, as well aslauncher and handguns. If you want to play war with your friendsor just want toscare someone, this collection of gun sounds isbest one for yourneed!To shoot just choose your favorite gun click on it and struckterrorin your family or friends company. Here in this applicationyou findmost popular guns in the world M1911A1, M9, M500, Colt38,COP. Theyare currently most popular gun in the world.Guns Sounds game features:Here you find High quality guns ImagesSimple UI with 8 guns choiceEasily to use, just click on gun and it will shootWith Gun Sounds you can:You can prank you friends with Gun Sounds!Pretend to shoot your cat with Gun Sounds!Listen to high quality clips of classic guns! We've includedclipsfrom Remington rifles, R&S revolvers, Mausers, Marlins,andmany more!These days guns are probably the commonest weapons, even asfirearms are not particularly what everyone should have intheirpossession, now days with smartphone help you can as also hearthesounds of all kinds of gun shots of your choice with a singletapof the button.Want to feel the force of a powerful virtual weapon in yourhand?Then this is the app you are looking for! Guns Sounds is thebeastguns shots sounds game on Google Play Store.
Wolf Bubble Shooter 3.8
Try out the best football balls game youcanfind right now on Google Play! Wolf Bubble Shooter is aspecialtitle that will help you pass the time in the best possibleway,without spending a dime. No matter where you need to go, thisgamewill accompany you at all times and provide you withtheentertainment value that you need.Do you love football bubble shooting games? Then you will enjoythistitle as well! Explore beautiful stadium locations with yourwolffriend as you try to get the best results.Remove all the balls from the game world as fast as possibleinorder to win, in hundreds of unique levels that will testyourcompetitive abilities and skills. Play into the wonderfularcademode where you can solve countless quests or engage in theone of akind survival mode that will test your every skill as youtry tomove up the ranks, trying to get the best score. No matterwhatgame mode you will choose, you are certainly in for a lot offun,as Wolf Bubble Shooter is here to help you get the bestpossibleentertainment value very fast.The game offers a beautiful design, as well as a greatbubbleshooting algorithm and cleverly created levels that are heretotest all your skills and commitment to solve the puzzles. Thankstoits one of a kind concept, Wolf Bubble Shooter manages to standoutof the crowd and offer the ultimate bubble shooting experiencethatyou can find in the gaming world.The control scheme in Wolf Bubble Shooter is very similar to theonethat you can find in many other football bubble shooting games,withfluid tapping methods that you will certainly enjoy. You canevencontinue a game that you previously started without losingprogress,so once you get into the game you are in for a treat. Ifyou are aperson that likes all balls shooting titles, then youdefinitely trythis one right away!Instructions:You will need to find the right angle and shoot the ball in ordertocreate groups of 3 or more balls that have the same color.Shootingis as simple as tapping with your finger and blasting awaytheballs. Of course, the more bubbles you have the opportunity topop,the better the score that you will receive in the end.Wolf Bubble Shooter is very addictive thanks to the large numberoflevels that it offers, and because each level provides you withacertain number of stars, so replayability is at its best here.Ifyou want to try out a unique, interesting football ballsshootinggame, then you need to try this game right away! Useyourstrategies and gain the highest score, in some of the bestfootballbubble shooting games out there!
Air Attack
The full arsenal of modern war equipmentisunleashed upon you in this breathtaking arcade game! Burninnapalm, suffocate in gas or be nailed to the ground withdepleteduranium shells!FEATURES★ 3 different game modes★ Infinite islands to play on★ Destructible terrain★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers★ Power ups★ Nuclear bombs"Air Attack is undeniably fun and offers punchy soundanddistinctive visuals" -knowyourmobile.comDiffers from the free version in that there are no ads. Thanksforyour support.Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is strongly recommendedtoplay.If you are looking for shooting games, Air Attack is an alltimeclassic in the shooting games genre. It has dominated thefreegames lists for years and as shooting games goes Air Attackwilldefinitely not disappoint anyone browsing the free games listforshooting games.
Cowboy Zombies Shooting Games 13
Cowboy Western Shooting Games is a newcowboygun games.So you're a Cowboy kids? Come and play this cowboy gameswithguns!!!The goal is to survive... but you wont. How far will you go? Ifyouenjoy cowboy shooting games, this one is for you!SHOOT ZOMBIES TO SURVIVE!In this western cowboy games for free, jump to avoid zombies ifyouwant, but you need to kill them! No, you can't jump on thezombie,it won't work because they are what the are...ZOMBIES!COLLECT MONEY!Shoot zombies and collect more coins. That's the only way to getabigger and better gun in this zombie and cowboy games! Why notbuya machine gun or a shotgun? Shooting zombies as never beenmorefun...KILL TO SURVIVEImprove your skills, unlock weapons, beat all your friends inthiscool cowboy games! It will be hard to put this one down.Cowboys, Guns, Zombies and blood in this western cowboy games.Whatmore could you want!? Play Cowboy Western Shooting Gamesnow!FEATURES:- HD graphics- HD Quality Audio- 3 Guns- 9 levels fully loaded with zombies!Download and enjoy a cowboy life in Cowboy Western ShootingGames!
Grandfather in Battlefield 1.0.033
Gun shooting with touch control.
Super Jumping Finn 1.02
Play Super Jumping Finn and kick some buttwithFinn and Jake! The evil Ice King has kidnapped PrincessBubblegumand it’s up to Finn and Jake to rescue her.The Ice King’s fortress is in the far away Frozen Land andtheonly way Finn will ever get there to rescue the princess isforJake to kick him all the way. Launch Finn into the air withJake’smighty kick and keep him flying through the air by ridingshootingstars, getting a lift with Lady Rainicorn or getting awhack fromMarceline’s axe guitar. Watch out for those penguinsthough!With each jump you earn stars that can be used to upgradeandunlock skills and characters to help Finn fly faster, higherandfurther! How far can you get Finn to fly?Super Jumping Finn is another awesome game from CartoonNetwork.You know what time it is… it’s Adventure Time!
Shooting game, western gun 1.2
Shooting game for free time. Freeandroidgamefor everyone. Play with guns, western gangsters andshoot asmuchobjects as you can. Shoot the buffalo, whiskey,gangsters,westernhat. Free android game for kids same as androidgameforadults.
Zombie Defense 3.0.0
Doomsday is near. Zombies invade thecitywasattacked. People can not fight against the zombies.Cityhellalike. Zombies are attacking the people. The city'ssecuritycanonly provide you. You're the only force in the defenseofzombies.You must repel the zombies inside the shelter.Noopportunity torelax. Develop a strategy and battle againstzombieswith greatweapons. Save the city from the zombie outbreakfor thesalvationof humanity. Prevent the global epidemic.Zombie City Defense game Your aim is to save the cityfromthezombie invasion. Spiders, you should clean the areaswherethefastest way against various monstrous creatures. You needtousetheir best shot. You can not change forever the magazine.Thecityto prevent the destruction of the zombies need toprotectimportantpoints. Prepared to challenge. Save the city beforethelight ofday. Zombie defense game you can both individual as wellasbe ableto hunt zombies in the air by helicopter. If youmustprotect homesdo not protect you lose the game. You have todestroyall thezombies to completely get rid of the city. Levelproceedswillincrease the number of zombies.FEATURES- 6 different weapons.- EXPLODING OBJECTS IN THE PLAYING inside.- Different zombies.- 28 DIFFERENT LEVEL cost.- SPECIAL AUDIO AND VISUAL EFFECTS.- CHANGING THE GUN CHARGE in, ZOOM AND FIRE MAY theirability.- ACCORDING TO THE NUMBER OF WEAPONS TO WIN headshot.
Empire adventure Game 1.0
Fight epic battles,wingloriousvictories.The dark times has come, train your soldiers, find allianceandforgethe weapons to protect your homeland.Only the ones with courage and wisdom would's uptoyou!Die or Die trying is your choice! Play for freeFEATURES:* CUSTOMIZE your soldiers of infantry,archers,cavalry,magicians, sorcerers, and more* Come join us and survive the end of the world.* This game works in offline mode without Internet – playitonthe plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!* Amazing characters with compelling life stories* embark on expeditions to distant lands and so much more!
2 Players Games 1
If you are looking foe 2 Players Gamesthathashuge game collections with stunning wonderful 2HD , 3HDdisplayandgraphics, the search is over!! All 2 Players Games isalreadyhere.This App is an amazing best app including 2 playerFightinggames,Shooting, Adventure, Racing, Arcade, Zombies, 2player gamesfor forkids. So download this App now and get the best2 PlayersGames injust one App-Enjoy its stunning feature.-Advanced graphics-Easy and quick guides-Play it anytime,anywhere.You must have Internet access service is available.
Vritra Digest 1.5.2
Neotro Inc.
A free digest version of 2d shootinggame"VRITRA"!-Full version is now available!You can purchase the full version that contains allthestages!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Throw down a challenge to all the 80s and 90s gamers. Get backtheenthusiasm you had once!Control the dragon and the vajras, and destroy the evilDragonEmperor "VRITRA"!Awesome graphics, powerful sound effects and amazingcontrols.This ultimate 2D shooter is a step forward in the history oftheshooting games!-----STORY--------------------------------------------------------100 years ago the world was a peaceful place and peoplelivedtogether in peace.However a black dragon arrived followed its folks with evilthoughtsand built their nation.The dragon called itself Dragon Emperor and ruled the wholeworldspreading fear, massacring and looting.The long-suffering inhabitants prayed to be saved, as theybelievedtheir old legend:"when the black dragon will fade in the dark, the blue dragonwillshine a light on the world again."-----ABOUTTHEGAME--------------------------------------------------------- This is a 2D side scrolling shooter. Control the dragon andthevajras to destroy the enemy!- Use the single boost button only. Keep pressing to blow uptheenemies!- There are 4 kinds of vajras. Take advantage of characteristicsofeach vajra: - Blue vajra... Concentrated front attack - Green vajra... Defense - Yellow vajra... Wide range attack - Red vajra... Technical all directions attack- Each vajra has a different boost behavior! Mastering how tohandlethe vajra is the key to rule the game!- You can multiply your score by damaging or destroying theenemywith boost! Build up more multiplier and aim at a highscore!- Support replay function! Download the other users' replay dataandlearn how they completed the game!-----SUPPORTDEVICE--------------------------------------------------------- Android OS 2.3 or later (*)* The app may not be compatible with some devices.-----SUPPORT--------------------------------------------------------- Support site Company site (Neotro Inc.)
Luck Fishing-family fishingjoy 3.1.2
E-sports fishing "explosive" completefishinggame, a cannon took thousands of fish! A large number ofgold COINSinto the bag, owners please come to experience thefeeling ofmonopoly!Unique:Frozen: frozen sea, capture!Speed: rapid fire artillery, are invincible!Lock: track, no hiding!Weapon one like:Range artillery: machinery for storing the cannons,Machinegunpowerful,tens of thousands of fish to catch!Laser cannons: like a chivalrous man drawn out the sword, andlightand shadow, who is another day!VIP gun:VIP gun owners see flowers bloom! Car see car! Power ofitsown, VIP shells can let the fish to slow down and takemoredamage!Competitive one like:Game mode, game and server links, large server to ensure gamedatain real-time transmission, always feel the fishinggameexciting!@ recruit:Use the skills, slow moving sea monster, KO seamonster,achievement fishing enthusiasts.@ competitive: network pattern of athletics, ten thousand peopleatthe same time. Accumulated skills improved weapons, robrankhero!@ awakening: using abilities trigger arms awakening,explosive,firing, sweeping thousands of fish.@ dual mode: the game can switch single stage mode andmultiplayermode, no matter the subway transit family outdoor enjoyfishing canbe perfect.『Intuitive game rules』@ Tap screen to catch fishes@Drag and drop an itemLine:280880560Email:woyunkeji@126.comGood luck!