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GM Files 2.0.9
The File Manager has been designed to give android users afree,unlimited and ad-free experience. File Manager categorizesfilesfor you with its smart feature. Easily access photos, videos,musicand other files on the phone. Cloud Storing(Supportsmultipleaccounts) Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Yandex Disk,Box andFacebook Support the cloud storage system and allow you toaccessyour cloud accounts through a single application. MediaAnalysisTool File Manager will analyze internal memory and sd cardand findunused, repetitive and large files for you. Easily TransferwithWifi File Transfer: Easily access your PC using WiFi withFileManager and transfer files from computer to phone ortablet.Support multi-file transfer cloud, sd card or internalmemory ofall your devices with Sandanywere. Application Manager:View allapplications installed on your device with File Manager andremove,backup or share them with friends. Extra space With OTG-SDCardSupport Compress(zip) and decompress(zip, rar) files andfolderswith File Manager. Move compress files between sd card andinternalstorage. Enlarge space using OTG support. Basic FileOperationsEasily do things like Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete,Move toRecycle, Hide and more in sd card, internal memory, andcloud. WithFTP, SFTP, FTPS support, manage your files withoutneeding a PC.Internal Gallery Feature There is an internal galleryin FileManager. That supports many file formats and play gif files.Setphotos as wallpaper or make a WhatsApp profile photo. Set MP3sasringtone and alarm sound. User Friendly Interface: Easy to useand7 different theme features, choose the design thatsuits.Multi-language support Supports 18 languages. Turkish,Arabic,Azerbaijani, German, English, Spanish, French,Croatian,Italian,Georgian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian,Albanian, Russian,Urdu, Uzbek Translation Help Support us fortranslation at
Total Commander - file manager
C. Ghisler
Android version of the desktop file manager TotalCommander( Important note: This app does NOTcontain anyads. However, it contains a link "Add plugins(download)" in thehome folder. This is treated as an ad by the PlayStore because itlinks to our other apps (plugins). Main features: -Copy, Movewhole subdirs - Drag & Drop (long press on file icon,moveicon) - Inplace rename, create directories - Delete (norecyclebin) - Zip and unzip, unrar - Properties dialog, changepermissions- Built-in text editor - Search function (also for text)-Select/unselect groups of files - Select by tapping on file icons-Select range: Long tap+release on icon - List of installedApps(built-in plugin) - FTP and SFTP client (plugin) - WebDAV(Webfolders) (plugin) - LAN access (plugin) - Plugins forcloudservices: Google Drive, Microsoft Live, Dropbox - Root supportforthe main functions (optional) - Send files via Bluetooth (OBEX)-Thumbnails for pictures - Two panels side by side, or virtualtwopanel mode - Bookmarks - Directory history - Media player whichcanstream directly from LAN, WebDAV and cloud plugins -Configurablebutton bar for changing directories, internal commands,launchingapps, and sending shell commands - Simple help function inEnglish,German, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech - Optimizations forvisuallyimpaired, like text for icons - Supported languages of themainprogram: English, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech,Danish,Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian,Italian,Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian,Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish,Swedish,Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. -Publictranslation via new permission "SuperUser": This permission is nowrequested tomake Total Commander work better on rooted devices. Ittells theSuperUser app that Total Commander suports root functions.It hasno effect if your device is not rooted. Root functions allowTotalCommander to write to system folders like /system or /data.Youwill be warned before anything is written if the partition iswriteprotected. You can find some more informationhere:
File Manager
“File Manager” is a dedicated application for Sony PortableWirelessServer WG-C20 and Micro Vault USB flash drives USM-SA1 andUSM-CA1series.This application enables you to browse, copy anddeletecontent on the WG-C20, USM-SA1 and CA1 series.[SupportedOS]Android4.0.3 - 5.1On Android 6.0 devices, the File Managercannot work withMicro Vault USB flash drives and cannot supportwith PortableWireless Server "WG-C20" in some functions. Pleaserefer to the website below for details.*The customer who usesUSM-SA1 and CA1series.*Thecustomer who usesWG-C20.
WiFi FTP Server 1.8.3
Medha Apps
**** On Android 5.0 & higher, to access external SD card, inappsettings, click mount folder, select "custom" and then selecttheexternal SD card in the nextscreen. **** Convertyourandroid phone/tablet into a FTP Server! Use this free app tohostyour own FTP Server on your phone/tablet. Use the FTP Servertotransfer files, photos, movies, songs yourandroiddevice using a FTP client like FileZilla. Key features:★CompleteFTP server with configurable port number ★Supports FTPover TLS/SSL(FTPS) ★Configurable anonymous access ★Configurablehome folder(mount point) ★Configurable user-name/password ★Avoidusing USBcables for file transfer and copy/backup files over Wifi★Worksover Wifi and Wifi tethering mode (hotspot mode) Steps to usetheapp: 1. Connect to WiFi network and open app. 2. Click thestartbutton 3. Key in the server URL in a FTP client or windowsexplorerand transfer files Like this app? Try our ad-freeversion: will be added soon Please email feedback/bugs to thesupportemail-id. If you want to use FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL),please notethat the server URL would be ftps:// and not ftp://Please note thatFTPS and SFTP are not the same. SFTP support willbe added soon.Port number should be greater than 1024 as bindingto ports like 21will not be possible on non-rooted phones. Thedefault port numberis configured to 2221 and can be changed fromsettings screen. Forsecurity reasons, anonymous access is notenabled by default. It canbe enabled from settings screen. If youdont have a FTP client, youcould download Filezillafrom You canalsoaccess the ftp server from windows file explorer. Follow usonfacebook:
My Computer File Explorer - Mobile Manager
My Computer Mobile File Explorer App has amazing featurelikebrowse, cut, copy, paste, delete, send files. The File mangerwhilebrowsing feels like your computer file explorer. You have anoptionfor application manager and you can launch from thisexplorer, Appsearch feature is there and also one touch to take allapps backupto the mobile.Computer is a free, full-featured fileexplorer.Itprovides access to pictures, music, video, documents,and otherfiles on both your Android devices andyourcomputers.Features:-> Quick to open Music, Picture,Videos,Documents, Download files by folder wise.-> ApplicationLauncherwith search fields.-> Net Work information from thisapp.->Set different type of themes for "My Computer MobileExplorer" withdifferent type of text colors.-> Create NewFolder/Directory,Search file option for your files.-> DisplayMemory Space,available Space and also Shows number of files &foldersincluding date of created folder.-> Different type ofexplorerview like Tiles, Thumbs, List like desktop folder view.-> Cut,Copy, Paste, and Delete files.-> Access to show hiddenfileexplorer for this need to enable "Show Hidden Files/Folder".Findthis on menu and settings button.->Different types ofsortingfor files browse. Find this on menu and settingsbutton.-> Fileexplorer: manage your documents like you do onyour desktop orlaptop. -> Access your home PC shared documentson network.->Functions as your FTP or SFTP client for internetconnections.->Application manager: switching to other programs,uninstall or viewany app's system management page. Launchedapplications are also inthe taskbar.-> Built-in media viewer andplayer for variousmedia format, including photos, music, andvideos.-> Thumbnailsfor APKs and images.-> Built-in ZIPsupport allows you todecompress or extract ZIP files.-> Killrunning tasks, increasememory and speed up your device.->Supports tabs andside-by-side windows, so you can open multiplefolders at the sametime.-> Easy to access OTG devices throughthis OTG FileExplorer application.-> Computer File Explorer forandroidallows you to open and copy files from any USB mass storagedevicewith a FAT32 or NTFS file system using the USB OTG port ofyourdevice, tablet or phone.With a FAT32 file system, you cancopyfiles to any USB mass storage device and manage your files onit(edit filenames, add directories, delete files)So many featureareplease find while using this mobile explorer.Please write usyoursuggestions and feedback to make this app wonderful. Weappreciateyour suggestions & feedback. We will consider themfor futureupdate.Thank you using this application. Thank you.
Microsoft exFAT/NTFS for USB by Paragon Software 3.1.3
Microsoft exFAT/NTFS for USB by Paragon Software is auniversalnon-root method for transferring files between onboardmemory ofyour Android device and Windows or Mac-formatted USB FlashDrive.The app is fully integrated with Paragon File System Linkdocumentprovider, based on Storage Access Framework (SAF), thatensuresaccess to device storage, cloud storage services, USBstorages anddata management. Microsoft exFAT/NTFS for USB byParagon Softwarealso provides data access on USB Flash Drivesdirectly fromSAF-supported third-party applications - filemanagers, messengers,and social networks (requires Android built-infile managerDocuments running on the device). NOW with Android TVsupport! WithParagon File System Link you can: • Get access toexternal HDD orUSB-Stick memory without a PC • Free up storagespace: transferfiles from Android smartphones or tablet on a thumbdrive • Mountpopular file systems – HFS+ and Microsoft exFAT / NTFS• Use filesdirectly from USB storage – view photos, listen tomusic, readbooks or watch videos • Copy, Move, Delete and Renamefiles on USBstorage devices using various file managers. • Streamdata fromexternal memory to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,Dropbox orother cloud services • Share files via Gmail, Telegram,Skype orWhatsApp Supported USB file systems are available viain-apppurchase + you can evaluate the app functionality withintrialmode* - HFS+, Microsoft NTFS, Microsoft exFAT (for non-TVdevicesonly) - or get all file systems support pack with a 50%discount.*You can activate the trial mode, authorizing via Google +or for apost on Facebook. HOW IT WORKS 1. Install MicrosoftexFAT/NTFS forUSB by Paragon Software on your device. 2. Connect aUSB flashdrive via USB OTG and mount the file system you need. 3.Tap«Browse» button and choose: a. Open files* to open and viewfiles(media and documents) from USB storage b. Manage filestocopy/move/delete files using a built-in Android file manager. 4.Tochoose your USB volume, tap on the hamburger menu andchooseParagon File System Link. Note: some devices may notsupport"Browse" button functionality due to deviceconfigurationrestrictions. *Allows only open and view files. Forfile managementfunctionality please use Manage Files. Manage Files:• Android 7.xand 8.x: Copy, Move, Delete, Rename; • Android 6.x:Copy, Delete; •Android 4.x and 5.x are not supported by built-inAndroid filemanager. Please use app’s Plugin for Total Commanderfunctionality.Full Paragon File System Link integration is providedby X-ploreFileManager: as Plugin for Total Commander file manager install itfromGoogle Play and click the Open button on the MicrosoftexFAT/NTFSfor USB by Paragon Software main screen. It will openTotalCommander with mounted volumes of the USB storage. YOURFEEDBACK ISVERY IMPORTANT! If you have issues using the app, pleaseprovideyour feedback through the Google Play page of our app or bytappingthe "Report a Problem" button inside the app menu. You canalsoemail us at [email protected] If you havedonated,please contact us at [email protected] to gainfreeaccess to HFS+ and Microsoft NTFS. Don’t forget to attachpaymentconfirmation to support request. PRIVACYPOLICY: AboutParagonSoftware Since 1994, Paragon Software has been deliveringreliablesoftware products and technology solutions that every dayhelpusers, IT professionals and businesses keep data healthy andsafe.We offer file systems and storage management, deployment,andmigration of heterogeneous appliances and systems, dataprotection,business continuity and disaster recovery for hybridenvironments.Our global business partners include AJA, Asus, QNAP,WesternDigital, ZTE, and many others.
[root] StickMount 3.50
Automatically mount and dismount USB sticks on various deviceslikethe Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. The Nexus 4 isnotsupported - this is an issue with the device, not withStickMount!!!! REQUIRES ROOT !!!Various Nexus and "stock Android"devices donot automatically "mount" mass storage devices (such asUSBsticks). StickMount has been made to solve this problem, andgiveyou access to the files on your USB connected storage from allyourapps.StickMount is known to work on many devices, but isbuilt*only* with *Nexus* devices in mind.Once StickMount isinstalledand you connect a USB stick with a "USB host / OTG cable",thedevice will show you a popup if you want to open StickMount. Itisadvised to tell the device that you want to do this by default.Ifyou have just installed StickMount and you already had a USBstickconnected, you must manually launch the program,ordisconnect/reconnect the USB stick for StickMount tostartworking.Mass storage devices are mountedto"/sdcard/usbStorage/xxxx/".----- (Pro) Kill apps preventingunmount-----Sometimes an app has a file in use located on the USBdevice,and won't let go of it. This can prevent StickMount fromunmountingthe USB device. It will seem like the device staysconnected (thisis harmless). StickMount Pro provides an option thatattempts tokill (terminate) all the apps that are preventing theunmount fromsucceeding.----- (Pro) Media scan -----StickMount Prosupportstriggering the media scanner on each (un)mount action. Thiswillautomatically make the files on your USB device available inappslike Gallery and Music. Please note that the media scanner isnot avisible process on all Android devices - it might actuallyworksilently in the background without any visual cues. It may takeaminute for your files to show up, so don't panic if they don'tshowimmediately.Even if you have this option enabled, you canpreventfolders from being scanned by placing an empty filecalled".nomedia" in that folder. If you put it in the root of theUSBdevice, the entire device will not be scanned.----- (Pro) Mountaspartition label -----Instead of using the block device name forthepartition, use the partition label as mount name, falling backtouuid or block device name if the label is unavailable.-----(Pro)Create symbolic links -----Create symbolic links in /mntand/storage to the actual mounts in/sdcard/usbStorage/-----Filesystem support -----The filesystemssupported depends on yourdevice firmware. On most devices, at leastvfat/fat/fat32 andext2/3/4 are supported. On the latest Androidversions, ntfs isalso supported in read-only mode. Some devicesalso support exfatout the box, but most do not.StickMount canutilize the "ntfs-3g"and "mount.exfat-fuse" binaries to add supportfor ntfs (untested)and exfat, but these are not included. If youplace the "ntfs-3g"or "mount.exfat-fuse" files in the root of yourinternal storage (/sdcard ), StickMount will automatically usethem.You can find theneeded fileshere:ntfs-3g: some users, the app appears not to work,while in fact itis the device itself or the cable not working. OneOTG cable is notthe other OTG cable. If you have a USB stick witha light on it, itshould light up when you connect it to the GalaxyNexus using yourOTG cable. If it does not, either your cable oryour Nexus isfaulty. 99 out of 100 times it is going to be yourcable. That thecable works fine with another device does not meananything! Cablesknown to work on a one devices may not work onanother device.SDcard unmounting: If your SD card unmounts whenunmounting a USBdevice, you have a bug in your kernel. This is*not* a bug inStickMount !
7Zipper - File Explorer 3.10.19
This app help you to browse (It is archiver/extractor and Itisuseful tools for file management, and it require somepermissions.)Features: - archive zip, seven zip, jar - extract zip,alz, egg,tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz2, rar, jar, 7z, lzh supportsplit ziparchive (z01, z02 ..., zip.001, zip.002 ..) - Multi-select-copy,move,paste (file, folder) - open,rename,delete (file,folder)- sdcard usage - backup app - image viewer (support animatedgif) -text viewer ( you can open large text file) - systeminformation -task killer - ftp client - ftp server (you can managefiles of yourphone by wifi) - http server (you can manage files ofyour phone bywifi) - SDCard Storage Usage - Manage Default applauncher - ImageResize - file search & find string intext-files - supportlan-network - support access for externalstorage / usb - supportshortcut for system app permission managerTranslationnote.
usb otg checker pro 6.3.2
📱 - USB OTG Checker Pro allows you to read USB flash drives, aswellas card readers from your phone or tablet. All you have to doisconnect the flash drive to an OTG Disk Explorer allows you toreadUSB flash drives, as well as card readers from your phone ortablet.All you have to do is to connect the flash drive to anOTG(On-the-go) cable then plug in the micro USB connector ofyourAndroid mobile, tablet, mouse or wifi adapter then open USBOTGChecker Pro you will see all files in USB drive and you canopenfiles with your favorite app viewers or editors It Workswell.Current support for the FAT32 disk format of flash drives.📱-OTGDisk Explorer lets you read USB flash drives .as well ascardreaders from your phone or tablets. All you have to do isconnectthe flash drive to an OTG (On-the-go) cable then plug in themicroUSB connector of your tablet, or mouse or wifi adapter thenopenthis app you will see all files in USB OTG drive and you canopenthem with your favorite app viewers or editors. CurrentsupportFAT32 disk format of flash drives. Note; Lite version limitsinglefile size to 30mb, if you need to open a file larger than30mb,please consider OTG Disk Explorer Pro.📱 - After loading oftheapplication, it is necessary to change OTG Checker operationmodefor connection of an external disk, for this purpose itisnecessary to press the OTG mode host button. It is possibletoconnect an external disk or the USB stick further it wasn'tmadeyet, and to press the Mount button then on the screen theattacheddevices will appear. For an output of more detailedinformation, itis possible to use the Mounted button.📱 - You can:USB OTG CheckerPro2._ Automatic mount.3._Mount and Unmount drivewith a singleclick.4._Full NTFS support OTG.5._exFAT support! USBOTGcheckerpro6._Notification when drives mounted!.7._Load modulesrequiredautomatically.8._Option to enable utf-8mode.9._Automatically openthe mounted drive 10 Media scannertriggered on the mount.You cancheck our more app like USB OTGChecker Pro or OTG File Manager.
USB Stick Plugin-TC (TRIAL)
A Step-by-Step installationguide: FREE trial version.Thetrial version is full functional, but it has a time limituntilDecember 31st 2016. Works with the meenova Mini MicroSD CardReader(see and SanDisk 64GB microSDXCcardout-of-the-box (no reformatting necessary) withoutROOT! This Plugin is for tablets (liketheNexus 7 or Nexus 10) or phones (like Nexus 5) which have an USBOTGconnector, but do not mount attached USB Sticks. Reading fromandwriting to an attached USB-Stick is possible. ROOT rights areNOTneeded. FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT formatted sticks can bereadand written. NTFS formatted Sticks can be read. If you havetestedthe plugin you can buy the full version or update to the nexttrialrelease. Please report problems to theforum: orviadeveloper mail to: [email protected] ThefilemanagerTotal Commander can be installed from thePlay-Store: is at your own risk. Do not use it with stickscontainingimportant data. For more details look at theforum: About the permission "fullnetworkaccess": This is needed to open a local network socketforstreaming. The plugin does not connect to the internet.
X-plore File Manager 4.12.00
Highlights: ● Dual-pane tree view ● Root, FTP, SMB1 / SMB2,Sqlite,Zip, Rar, 7zip, DLNA/UPnP explorer ● Disk Map - see whichfilesconsume most space on your disk - ●Cloudstorage access: Google Drive™, Dropbox, Box, Amazon clouddrive,ОБЛАКО,, OneDrive, Flickr, Webdav,Yandex.disk,MediaFire, IDrive, Owncloud, PCloud, SugarSync, DumpTruck, pCloud,Picasa ● SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and SSH Shell- *** ● Music player *** ● App manager ● USBOTG● PDF viewer (on Android 5.0+) ● WiFi file sharing ***- ● Manage files from a PC web browser ***- ● Favorite folders ● Built-in viewersforimages, audio, text ● Video player with subtitles *** ●Batchrename ● Hex viewer ● Fast Image viewer with zoom and slidetoprevious/next images ● Thumbnails for images and video as wellasfor various file types (depending on associated application)●Multi-selection - always available, yet not disturbing ● ViewAPKfiles as ZIP ● Share - send files by Bluetooth, email, orwhateverthe device supports, from any location ● Configurablebuttons andkey shortcuts ● Seamless work with Zip (as if it wasnormal folder)● Vault for encrypting sensitive files - *** ***marked features are paid - they requiredonation X-plore allows youto see inside of your Android device.And also outside. This is adual-pane explorer, there are twofolders shown at same time, andcommon operation such as copyingfiles are done from one pane toanother. And X-plore shows folderhierarchy in a tree view forclear orientation and fast switching toother location. You mayexplore internals of the device, and ifyou're power user and haveyour device rooted, you can make changesto system data - backupfiles, remove unwanted applications, etc. Ifyou're standard user,you may choose to hide internal memory fromview and be sure not tomess with system. You can comfortably seecontents of mass memorieson your device, or possibly attached USBmemory stick. Simple appmanager allows to see, run, copy, share,uninstall and furtherexplore installed applications. WiFi filesharing Access files onyour Android device from other Androiddevices over WiFi. Accessfrom a PC web browser Manage files on yourAndroid device from yourPC. Access to FTP and FTPS (secure FTP)servers is supported.Multiple servers may be configured. X-plorecan display sharedfolders on other computers in LAN. X-plore canaccess various webstorage "Cloud" servers, and access their files.You need to haveaccount in supported web service, then you canaccess your filesstored online through X-plore. Supported is alsoSSH File Transfer(SFTP) and Terminal shell emulator. X-plorecontains music playerthat can play music tracks from any availablelocation. With Vaultfunction, you can encrypt sensitive files, evenby yourfingerprint. Main operations are related to managing filesandfolders - viewing, copying, moving, deleting, compressing toZip,extracting, renaming, sharing, and more. SQLite databaseviewerX-plore can show SQLite database files (those with .dbextension)as expandable list of tables, each table containing listof rowsand columns with database entries. Main interaction is donebytouch screen, clicking on folders or files to open files,orlong-click to open context menu which contains options which canbedone on particular clicked item, or multiple selecteditems.Multi-selection allows to do operation on more files atonce.Opening file may mean to use one of built-in viewer formostpopular file types: images, audio, video and text. Or youmayconfigure X-plore to use system application for opening files,inwhich case system-predefined application that can openparticularfile is launched. Archives (currently supported are Zip,Rar and7zip) are displayed as other folders.
Fully Featured File Management Tool! Developed by the CleanMasterteam Highlights of CM FILE MANAGER ☆ Fully featured:Cut,copy,paste, delete, compress, decompress, search and more. ☆Cloudsupport:Switch between local and cloud files - supportsDropbox,Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and more. ☆ Wi-Fi Filetransfer:Useyour PC to wirelessly edit your mobile files using FTP.☆ Superconvenient:View files by type (image, audio, video,recent,download etc.), use a widget to access folders in one tapfrom thehomescreen. ☆ Multiple protocols: Supports file transfersusingFTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and LAN/SMB, stream mediafromLAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without downloading. --Supportedlanguages English, Arabic, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish,French,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish,Portuguese,Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Hebrew,Finnish,Hindi, Croatian and Serbian
File Manager & Clean Booster 1.8.5
Tools Dev
A file manager, file explorer, file wireless transfer andfilecommander, Take control over your files! File Manager &CleanBooster, is a full-featured file manager that allows you tohandleall your files with a intuitive and clean interface. Alsoit's asmall, fast, and smart Android device cleaner andperformancebooster, featuring a junk cleaner, memory booster,deviceoptimizer, app manager. File Manager * Browse and accessfiles bycategory((Images, Music, Videos,Documents, app, zip) *Manage yourfiles with search, cut, copy, paste, rename, collect anddeleteoperations. * List the detail info(name, path, type, sizeandmodify time) for files. * Built-in photo gallery and videoplayer,click to play videos, check images File Explorer APowerfuldesktop-grade features tool, Access directorys and fileslikewidowns simple and convenient. Click the node of the file ordirpath quickly to change path. File Wireless transfer Functions asanFTP: When this feature is enabled, you can manage and transfefileson your phone from your computer Other Main Features *Favorite:You can add your frequently used file and directory toFavorite forquick access. * Shortcut: Add a shortcut of file ordirectory tothe desktop * Recent: Quick reaccess recent files ordirectorys *Recycle Bin: Delete your file into Recycle Bin fordeleted bymistake or recover. * App Manager: Easily to manage allyourinstalled applications. Speed Booster: With one-tap boost,thisAndroid accelerator makes phone faster by 50%. This speedboosterand cleaner makes your Android phones reborn with betteruserexperience. Junk Cleaner: With this feature, you canquicklyanalyzes storage space on your Android device and identifiesallunnecessary data, such as cache junks, ads files, obsoletetrash,memory cache and other junk file, delete cache and residualfilesto reclaim storage, boost speed and improve the performance ofyourdevice and SD card. CPU cooler: With Our Cleaner Master, youcaneasily Find and Stop the apps that are causing it tooverheat,cooling the CPU and make your battery last longer! AppManager:Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps. Scan and cleanredundant APKfiles. Search Large File: Find hidden large files,easy to manuallycleaning.
Zipper - File Management 2.1.75
Zipper help you to browse (Zipper is not just unzipper but asupercommander for file management, and it require somepermission)SDCard,copy,move,delete,rename,zip,unzip,checkusage,backup andlaunch app Features: - Multi-select -copy,move,paste (file,folder) - open,rename,delete (file, folder) -zip,unzip,send as -sdcard usage - backup app - zip(unzip, alz, egg,tar, tar.gz,tar.bz2, gz, bz2, rar, jar, lzh support) support splitzip archive(z01, z02 ...) - image viewer (support animated gif) -text viewer- swf (flash) viewer - system information (cpu, memory,battery,network etc..) - task killer - ftp client - ftp server (youcanmanage files of your phone by wifi) - http server (you canmanagefiles of your phone by wifi) - show media file meta-data(mp3, mp4,avi, wmv, wma, jpg etc..) - photo calendar (all of yourphotos willbe sorted by the date automatically. you can browse yourphotos bycalendar) - hex viewer - sdcard stroage use - default appmanager
Computer File Explorer
Byte Mobile
Computer is a free, full-featured file explorer, designed tosupportmultiple tabs and windows opened side-by-side. It providesaccess topictures, music, video, documents, and other files onboth yourAndroid devices and your computers. Features List: * Fileexplorer:manage your documents like you do on your desktop orlaptop; *Access your home PC shared documents on network; *Functions as yourFTP or SFTP client for internet connections; *Application manager:switching to other programs, uninstall or viewany app's systemmanagement page. Launched applications are also inthe taskbar; *Built-in media viewer and player for various mediaformats,including photos, music, and videos; * Thumbnails for APKsandimages; * Built-in ZIP support allows you to decompress orextractZIP files; * Kill running tasks, increase memory and speedup yourdevice; * Supports tabs and side-by-side windows, so youcan openmultiple folders at the same time;
Bit Manager Pro
★ ★ Fully Featured File Management Tool ★ ★ ★ Designed forphone★Designed for tablets★ Designed to tv★ Highlights of FileManager★Fully featured:Keep backup, extract apk, share, edit files,Cut,copy, paste, delete, compress, decompress, search andmore...★Wi-Fi File transfer:Use your PC to wirelessly edit yourmobilefiles using FTP.★ Cool Customize-able:View files by type(image,audio, video, recent, download etc.), use a widget toaccessfolders in one tap from the homescreen.★ Supports filetransfersusing FTP, FTPS.★ Diffrent views are available.★ SecurityFeature:Bit manager could be secure with PIN.★ System Optimizer/MemoryOptimizer: Optimize RAM / memory with one single click★ Fastandeasy to use.★ Extracts almost all application,includingsystemapplications.★ No ROOT access required.★ Provided Searchoption tosearch applications.★ Compatible with latest version ofAndroid★All in one file explorer★ View Folder sizes acrossstorages★ FirstFile Manager for Android TV!★ Fully customizablethemes colors forthe app and theme types to choose from. Dark themeis fullysupported. Choose the color that suits you from a widerange ofmaterial colours
File Expert - file manager V8.3.0
GMobile Apps
File Expert file manager / file explorer can fully access andmanagefiles on various locations in sdcard, external sdcard,cloudservices, SMB, FTP, WebDAV, HTTP, NAS, USB OTG and systeminternalflash if working on a rooted phone. You can browse filesinclassical tree hierarchy or by its categories or via lastmodifieddate with fast search enabled. File Expert file manager /fileexplorer supports all file operations in extremely easy,safe,fast, stable, modern, customized and informative ways.Features ✓Support sync files between cloud and local, always getyour deviceand cloud synced. Support auto sync and record synchistory.Exclusive feature only found in File Expert!✓ full featuredlocal& network file manager for Android, one of the best of itskindand most popular app✓ LAN access for ftp, sftp, ftps, SMB,WebDAVand clouds include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box,Yandex,SugarSync, GCloud and many more✓ SQLite Database Editor youcanbrowse, edit, import, export, create, delete, alter, viewAppdatabase etc…* Graphic UI makes interaction easier* Supporttablestructure alteration* Support field modification of tableandauto-alter index and view✓ always build with latestAndroidtechnology, brings the most whole Android experience to ourusers✓material design and animations on file operation andactivitychanges✓ multiple tabs file management✓ root accesssupport, modifysystem files and change file permissions, needrooted phone✓ zip /unzip, zip, rar, 7z, tar, APK, jar and more arecoming (compress /decompress)✓ fastest file search performance✓built-in advanced Appmanager, install, uninstall, backup, autobackup apps wheninstalling and unstalling✓ support file tag withdifferent namesand colors✓ select / unselect batch of files✓ selectsingle file bylong tap✓ tap on any other targets after singleselect for batchselect of files✓ file thumbnails, support imagevideo music app,both local & network✓ display count of filesand size of eachfolder✓ properties page for file and dir✓ supportprivate cloud,you can build your own private cloud center in yourhome or officecomputer and access it anytime & anywhere,support Windows,MacOS X and Linux operating system✓ built-in videoand music playerwith enhanced network streaming feature. Streamvideo & MP3from cloud service or NAS, all network protocolsupported likeHTTP, FTP, SMB, WebDAV and Chromecast, floatingwindow playsupported✓ built-in text editor (txt log conf config INIINF sh xmlhtml htm)✓ recycle bin, recover deleted file✓ batch filerename✓file shred, shred file to delete permanently and can’trecover✓ ftpserver✓ share and transfer files via bluetooth or wifi✓safebox tokeep your private file safe✓ App Lock, set unlock patternto startFile Expert✓ file converter, converts Word doc, Excel xlsandPowerPoint ppt pptx to PDF✓ wireless printing✓built-inmulti-thread and resumable downloader, also supportsofflinedownload to GCloud✓ Chromecast supported, cast your files tobigscreen✓ light and dark themes✓ support Arabic, Bengali,BrazilianPortuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi,Indonesian,Italian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian,SimplifiedChinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Turkish,Romanian,Polish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese for nowFile Expert filemanager /file explorer is shipped with many advanced features whichyoucannot find in a traditional file explorer. Just give it a tryandit will become your daily file manager / file explorerFollowUsFacebook: have any questions, send email to [email protected] or gotoSettings to Submit Feedback in the App
Connect Drive 2.1.1
Quick OverviewAccess and manage your SanDisk Connect™WirelessStick, the next generation of mobile storage for yourAndroid™based phones, tablets and PCs with the SanDisk ConnectDrive app.Easily save videos and photos, stream videos and musicdirectlyfrom the drive—even when it’s tucked away in your bag or intheoverhead bin. Note – SanDisk Connect App requires a SanDiskConnectWireless Stick to work (sold separately). This app isnotcompatible with prior generation of SanDisk Connect productslikeWireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive. To learn moreaboutConnect wireless drives, go to www.sandiskconnect.comKeyFeatures:•User-friendly interface to access your contents onSanDisk ConnectWireless Stick• Wirelessly store and stream contentdirectly fromthe drive, without the hassle of wires or cables – noInternetconnection required• Transfer photos, videos and largefiles fromyour phone or tablet to the drive and free up space•Easily accessfiles from the drive, copy them to your phone ortablet for localaccess• Enjoy your photos in slideshow mode• EnableAuto-Backup tocopy photos and videos from your Galleryautomatically• Backup andrestore contacts• Auto-play all musicfiles with the built-inplayer• Preview documents in-app or in otherapps• Swipe to theleft or right easily navigate through content •Optional viewmodes: list, tile Support1. App requires a SanDiskConnect WirelessStick (sold separately)2. This app is not backwardscompatible andwill not work with the previous version of SanDiskConnect(Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive) AboutSanDiskConnect wireless drives (Specs)1. Works wirelessly viaWi-Fi(802.11 b/g/n)2. Storage capacities up to 128GB3.Simultaneouslyconnect up to 8 devices, and stream video to up to 3*4. Batteryoperated 5. Accessible up to 150 feet away6. Wi-Fipasswordprotection (WPA2)*SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick Note: TheDriveserves all file types. However, streaming content such asmoviesand music is dependent on files supported by your device.SanDiskis a trademark of Western Digital Corporation or itsaffiliates,registered in the United States and other countries.©2016 WesternDigital Corporation or its affiliates. All rightsreserved.
Network Browser 2.5.2
Network Browser is a simple file manager/browser utilityforbrowsing files on your Windows network. It can connect tostandardWindows or Samba shares. Use it to browse files on yourSambashares, view pictures, play network music, watch videos thatyouare on your network, etc. Presently, Network Browser should beableto connect to most Microsoft Windows or Linux and Mac OSX smbsambanetwork shared folders. You need to know the IP address ofthenetwork server you are trying to connect to. You can connectasguest, or supply your username and password. You can alsoopenfiles that you find on your network. Tapping on a file willopen itin the default editor on your Android system. Currentlysaving anduploading is not supported, but if there is interest inthe projectI can certainly work to add these features. NetworkBrowser nowsupports music and video streaming over the network! Thecurrentrelease only supports mp3 format for music and m4v and mp4formatsfor videos, but I plan on adding support for more mediaformats inthe future. Give it a try and let me know which formatsyou want meto work on next! Network Browser can now be yourultimate homenetwork media streaming app! Network Browser nowsupports AndroidTV! Stream videos from your network straight ontoyour Android TVdevice. Network Browser is for you guys, so if thereis anyinterest in this project, I will add any features that youwant orrequest. With time and effort this could be a fullyfunctionalnetwork file manager and Windows Networking app, but ifthere is nointerest in the project then I will not put the timeinto it. Justlet me know! Network Browser relies on functionalityfrom the JCIFSlibrary, which can be found here:
Moto File Manager
Manage your files efficiently and easily with Moto FileManager!Moto File Manager helps you handle all your files whetherthey arestored in your device's main storage or microSD card.-Filecategory - Browse files easily by category right from MotoFileManager’s home screen: picture, music, videos, archive,documentsand recent files. It’s quick and easy to access files ineachcategory. -File operations - allows you to copy, move,rename,delete, compress and decompress ZIP files, create encryptedZIPfiles and share files. -Storage info - Easily see the locationofeach category file and the SD card usage. -One key transfer -Oneclick to transfer all picture, music and video files fromthephone’s internal storage to the external SD card. Transferredfilesare stored in the FileBrowser folder in the external SDcard.-Global search - Search in all folders and files of thedevice.-Remote Management - Conveniently browse files on the devicefromyour computer with remote management.
Solid Explorer File Manager 2.6.0
This is Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager Please note thatthisis a 14 day trial version If you own the Solid ExplorerUnlockeryou can use the premium version for free! New feature! Nowyou canprotect your files and folders with a password. If yourdevice hasa fingerprint sensor you can use it to open encryptedfiles withouta need to provide the password. The same applies forcloudstorages, which can now be accessed with the fingerprint aswell.Useful links:Google+: Share yourideas:https://neatbytes.uservoice.comTranslation: Features: - MaterialDesign! - Twoindependent panels serving as file browsers - Richcustomizationoptions: icons sets, color schemes, themes - Drag andDrop insideand between panels - FTP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS clients- Abilityto read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, evenencrypted- Ability to create password protected ZIP and 7ZIParchives -Cloud file manager: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, GoogleDrive,Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex - Root accessmakesSolid Explorer a fully functional root explorer -Extensibility:more features in separate plugins available in GooglePlay -Indexed search finds your files in a couple of seconds -Detailedfile information with storage usage statistics - Batchrename:change names of multiple files at once using regularexpressionsand variables - Useful tools: hiding unwanted folders,FTP Server(plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast support, media browserLooking fora good file explorer with a sleek, modern look and manyfeatures?Good to see you here! Solid Explorer is the best lookingfile andcloud manager with two independent panels, which brings toyou anew file browsing experience. This is the only fully featuredfilemanager with Material Design you can find in the Play Store.It'sbetter, faster and solid when compared to the competition.Apartfrom the ability to manage files in almost every location, italsogives you many customization options, such as themes, icon setsandcolor schemes. You can freely adjust the interface to matchyourtaste. Dual pane file browsing with drag and drop greatlyincreasesyour productivity. Solid Explorer is a great cloud filemanager,because it provides you a wide support for cloud storagesincludingDropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Owncloud.This filemanager can also connect to your Windows PC and manyremote serversworking with FTP, SFTP and WebDav. By the way, youwill appreciatethe ability to create or extract most commonly usedarchiveformats, such as ZIP, RAR and 7ZIP. Maybe you're tired ofuglylooking root explorer apps? This file manager will meet yourneeds.It features a root explorer with ability to change systemlevelfile properties. You don't need to remember about mountingfilesystems as read/write. Solid Explorer will do it foryouautomatically. Solid Explorer is also a great file managerforviewing your media. It can arrange your photos, videos and musicinone place for easy and quick access. It has a built in musicplayerand image viewer, which even allow you to play remotecontentstored for example on your PC, Dropbox, OneDrive or GoogleDrive.The most cool thing is that the content can be casted toyourChromecast. Just give it a try! You will not be disappointed.
usb otg checker app 13.3.1
📱 USB OTG Checker app Checker allows you to read USB OTG(On-the-go)flash drives otg pen drive, as well as card readersfrom your phoneor tablet. All you have to do is connect the flashdrive to an OTGDisk Explorer allows you to read USB flash drivesotg supportsoftware flash drive, as well as card readers from yourphone ortablet.📱 All you have to do is to connect the flash driveto an OTG(On-the-go) flash drive cable then plug in the micro USBconnectorof your Android mobile, tablet, mouse or wifi adapterthen open USBOTG Checker app you will see all files in USB driveand you can openfiles with your favorite app viewers or editors ItWorks well.Current support for the FAT32 disk format of flashdrives in USB OTGChecker app.📱 OTG Disk Explorer lets you read USBflash drives .aswell as card readers from your phone or tablets.All you have to dois connect the flash drive to an OTG (On-the-go)cable then plug inthe micro USB connector of your tablet, or mouseor wifi adapterthen open this app you will see all files in USBOTG drive and youcan open them with your favorite app viewers oreditors. Currentsupport FAT32 disk format of flash drives. USB OTGChecker app Note;Lite version limit single file size to 30mb, ifyou need to open afile larger than 30mb, please consider OTG DiskExplorer Pro.📱 Afterloading of the application, it is necessary tochange USB OTGChecker app Checker operation mode for connection ofan externaldisk, for this purpose it is necessary to press the USBOTG modehost button flash drive. USB OTG Checker app It ispossible toconnect an external disk or the USB stick further itwasn't madeyet, and to press the Mount button then on the screenthe attacheddevices will appear. For an output of more detailedinformation, itis possible to use the Mounted button.📱 You can:USB OTG Checker appflash drive2.* Automatic mount. USB OTG Checkerapp3.*Mount andUnmount drive with a single click.4.*Full NTFSsupport USBOTG.5.*exFAT support! USB OTG Checker6.*Notificationwhen drivesmounted!.7.*Load modules requiredautomatically.8.*Option to enableutf-8 mode.USB OTG Checker appflash drive9.*Automatically open themounted drive 10 Media scannertriggered on the mount.You can checknaw our more app like USB OTGChecker app or OTG File Manager.
File Selector/Explorer 2.5.2
FS (File Selector) has two main functions: 1) when you startfromthe main screen, which acts as a normal file browser. 2) whenyoustart from another application, in this case acts as afileselector that allows the user to select any type and numberoffiles. It is useful so that other applications can avoid theneedto build a utility for selection of images, videos or anyotherfiles. It has the usual functions of a file explorer: Open,Share,Search, Show Details, Copy, Move, Rename, Zip, Unzip, Sortby, ViewBy, Create new file or folder, etc.. It also allowsapplicationmanagement, creating shortcuts to folders and of coursethemulti-selection. File Selector/Explorer is a great file managerforAndroid that makes organizing documents and folders much fasterandeasier. Very used to share files. Thank you for trusting us.
AndFTP (your FTP client) 4.5
AndFTP is a FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP client. It can manage severalFTPconfigurations. It comes with both device and FTP file browser.Itprovides download, upload, synchronization and share featureswithresume support. It can open (local/remote), rename, delete,updatepermissions (chmod), run custom commands and more. SSHRSA/DSA keyssupport. Share from gallery is available. Intents areavailable forthird party applications. Folder synchronization areavailable inPro version only. Tags: FTP, FTPS (explicit, implicitover TLS),SFTP (Secure file transfer over SSH), SCP, client, sync,uploadfiles, download files, Filezilla import, retry on transferfailure,resume, active, passive mode, multilanguage support,UTF8,streaming
FolderSync 2.9.16
FolderSync enables simple sync to cloud based storage to andfromlocal folders on the device SD cards. It support a wide rangeofdifferent cloud providers and file protocols, and support formoreplatforms are added continuously. Root file access supportedonrooted devices.Effortlessly sync your files. Backup yourmusic,pictures and other important files from the phone to yourcloudstorage or the other way around. It has never beeneasier.Automation support using Tasker and similar programs enablesfinegrained control of your syncs.FolderSync contains a fullfilemanager, that enables you to manage your files locally and inthecloud. Copy, move and delete your files in yourcloud/remoteaccounts. Support for creation/deletion of buckets inAmazon S3.Upload and download files from the phone. It'sallsupported.Supported cloud providers- Amazon Cloud Drive- AmazonS3Simple Storage Service- Box- CloudMe- Dropbox- GoDaddy- Google Drive- HiDrive-Hubic-Livedrive Premium- MEGA- MyKolab-NetDocuments-OneDrive- OneDrive for Business- OwnCloud- pCloud-Storegate-SugarSync- WEB.DE- Yandex DiskSupported protocols- FTP-FTPS(SSL/TLS implicit)- FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)- SFTP (SSHFileTransfer)- Samba/CIFS/Windows Share- WebDAV(HTTP/HTTPS)Pro/Freeversion The free version contains ads and hasno sync filters. Youcan upgrade in-app to pro version. The proversion has nolimitations. In all other regards the pro and liteversionsareidentical.Changelog determine current network stateACCESS_WIFI_STATENeeded toaccessinfo about the current WiFi state(SSIDetc.)CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE/CHANGE_WIFI_STATEThese two areneeded tobe allowed to turn WiFi on andoffCHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATENeededto autodiscover WebDAV, SMB,FTP and SFTP servers usingBonjour/UPNP protocolINTERNETNeeded toaccess the internetconnection to send andretrievefilesREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGENeeded toread andwrite files from and to SD cardRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETEDNeededtoautomatically start after reboot of device, so scheduled syncswillstill runWAKE_LOCKNeeded to keep the device running during async,so it doesn't enter sleep mode
File Commander - Manager, Explorer and FREE Drive. 5.3.20258
File Commander is a powerful file manager that allows you tohandleany file on your Android device, cloud storage or networklocationvia a clean and intuitive interface. You can separatelyhandlelibraries of pictures, music, videos, documents, as well asrename,delete, move, zip, convert and send files with just a fewtaps. Thelatest File Commander file explorer takes full advantageof AndroidP and features the redesigned Storage Analyzer. It showsdetailedinformation on what occupies space on your device andprovidessuggestions on what you can delete or move, to quickly freeupinternal or external storage. The File Converter feature(availableas an add-on) allows you to easily convert your filesinto one ofmore 1200 different formats, while Secure Mode* enablesyou toencrypt and hide your sensitive data. TAKE FULL CONTROL OFYOURDEVICE – Do more with your Android smartphone or tablet • Anewfresher look makes File Commander the most intuitive filemanagerin the world • File Converter – perform over 1200 typesofconversions and convert your files into more than 100 otherformats(available as an add-on) • Secure Mode* – easily encrypt andhideyour sensitive data • Login profile can save your app settingsandpersonalizations across devices • Categories for yourMusic,Picture, and Video files, along with sections forArchives,Documents, and more • Sort your files by location: Cloudaccounts,network addresses, local files, and Downloads • Easilymanageexternal storage such as microSD cards and USB OTG drives(ifsupported) REMOTE FILE ACCESS AND SHARING – Get to your filesfromanywhere • PC File Transfer – Now you are able to manage yourfilesand folders even easier directly from your PC • AccessWindows/SMBbased local network locations, FTP/FTPS servers, andRemote shares(for Sony Xperia devices) • Cloud accounts supportfor: GoogleDrive, DropBox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, and MicrosoftOneDrive •Link up with nearby devices via Bluetooth • Share fileseasilyusing a wide range of sending options FILE AND FOLDERMANAGEMENT –Powerful tools put desktop-grade features in yourpocket •Fully-customizable Home screen with quick access tiles •Findon-device files with fast local search options • Manage yourfileswith cut, copy, paste, rename, and compress operations •Quicklypick up where you left off using the Recent files feature •Sendtime-consuming file operations to the background so youcancontinue working GET EVEN MORE WITH FILE COMMANDER PREMIUM-Premium features right at your fingertips • Secure Mode letsyouhide and encrypt your files and folders, making theminvisibleoutside of File Commander - File Manager/Explorer •At-a-glanceview of all your files and folders using the StorageAnalyzer •Bookmark your files and folders • Recycle Bin* so you candeleteand restore files • Access to hidden files and folders •Ad-free*Recycle Bin file restoring feature and Secure Mode areonlyavailable in File Commander Premium. File Commandergrantedpermissions-
Explorer File Manager 1.4.3
☆ Access system files ☆ Ultimate explorer for root devices ☆Fast,small size, basic and easy to use file manager ☆ Perfectformanaging sd card and internal storage files ☆ Custom yourfolder,wallpaper ☆ Save favorite files, folders ☆ Create shortcutson homescreen ☆ Smart changing paths
WiFi File Transfer 4.1
Do you still use the troublesome USB wire cable to connectyourPhone and computer?Now throw that bothering USB wire cableaway,WiFi File Transfer help you to manager files in your Phone onthecomputer over wireless connection.FEATURES• Upload ordownloadmultiple files at once• Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzipfilesusing the built-in file manager interface• Shortcuts tophoto,video and music directories• Runs as a background service•Viewphotos directly in your web browser (integratedthumbnailgallery)Only simple steps:1.Ensure your Phone and computerconnectin the same WiFi network;2.Start WiFi File Transfer by press"StartService" button;3.Copy and paste the URL noticed into yourFTPClient or Windows file explorer, then you scan and manager filesinyour Phone on your computer.
File Manager 2.0.9
File Manager + is easy and powerful file explorer forAndroiddevices. It’s free, fast and full-featured. Because of itssimpleUI, it’s extremely easy to use. With File Manager +, you caneasilymanage your files and folders on your device,NAS(Network-attachedstorage), and cloud storages. What’s more, youcan find how manyfiles & apps you have on your device at aglance immediatelyafter opening File manager +. It supports everyfile managementactions (open, search, navigate directory, copy andpaste, cut,delete, rename, compress, decompress, transfer,download, bookmark,and organize). File Manager Plus supports mediafiles and majorfile formats including apk. Major locations andfunctions of FileManager Plus are as following: • Main Storage / SDcard / USB OTG :You can manage all files and folders on both yourinternal storageand external storage. • Downloads / Images / Audio/ Videos /Documents / New files : Your files and folders areautomaticallysorted by their file types and characteristics so thatyou caneasily find exactly the file you are looking for. • Apps :You cansee and manage all applications installed on your localdevice. •Cloud / Remote : You can access your cloud storage andalsoremote/shared storage like NAS and FTP server. (Cloudstorage:Google Drive™, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Yandex) • Accessfrom PC: You can access your android device storage from PC tomanagefiles on your local android device using FTP(FileTransferProtocol). • Storage analysis : You can analyze localstorages toclean up useless files. You can find out which filestake up themost space. • Internal image viewer / Internal musicplayer/Internal text editor : You can choose to use built-inutilities forfaster and better performance.
FX File Explorer: No ads, No tracking, No nonsense
NextApp, Inc.
FX File Explorer features a Material Design UI and new waystotransfer your files between devices and computers: * SMBv2support.* New "FX Connect" transfers files from phone-to-phone withWi-FiDirect. Supports NFC to connect two phones by physicallytouchingtheir backs together. (requires FX+) * New "Web Access"enablestransfer and management of files and media from yourcomputer's webbrowser. You can drag-and-drop entire folders to yourphone fromyour computer, or stream your phone's music playlists toyourcomputer over Wi-Fi. (requires FX+) FX is a file explorer builttomake working with files and media on your phone or tablet aseasyas it is on your computer: * Productivity-oriented "HomeScreen":Directly access your important folders, media, and cloudstorage *Multiple window support, with dual-view mode to see twowindows atonce * "Usage View" mode shows the total size and contentmakeup ofevery folder, as you browse and manage files * Support formostfile archive formats FX protects your privacy: * Noadvertisements* No tracking of user activity: FX does not ever"phone home" *Built by NextApp, Inc., a US corporation founded in2002; allproprietary code was developed in-house The optional FX+Add-Onmodule enables more functionality: * Access networkedcomputers,including FTP, SSH FTP, WebDAV, and Windows Networking(SMB1 andSMB2) * Connect to cloud storage including Google Drive,Dropbox,SugarSync, Box, SkyDrive, and OwnCloud * Manageinstalledapplications, with support for browsing applications basedon theirrequired permissions * Create and explore insideAES-256/AES-128encrypted zip files * Browse audio contentbyartist/album/playlist; manage and organize playlists *Directlybrowse photo and video folders * Encrypted password keyring(useone password to access network and cloud locations) FX includesanumber of built-in editing/viewing applets: * Text Editor(withundo/redo history, cut/paste, search, and pinch-to-zoom) *Binary(Hex) Viewer * Image Viewer * Media Player and pop-up AudioPlayer* Zip, Tar, GZip, Bzip2, 7zip archive creators and extractors* RARfile extractor * Shell Script Executor Android 8 / 9LocationPermission Notice * NOTE: Android 8.0+ unfortunatelyrequired us toadd the "approximate location" permission, as it'snow required forapps that support Wi-Fi direct (because Wi-Fidirect leaks thisinformation). FX does not ever actually query yourlocation, andthis permission will only ever be asked for on Android8.0 andlater when using FX Connect. This requirement previouslyappliedonly to Android 9.0, but because FX now specifies fullsupport forthe latest Android API, Android 8.0 also requires thispermission.
SD Maid Pro - Unlocker
SD Maid is an app and file management tool that helps you tokeepyour device clean and tidy! This app unlocks the "Pro" statusinthe free version of SD Maid, enabling all additional features.Thisis not a stand-alone app. You still need to install thefreeversion of SD Maid. I don't mind a quick mail if youhavequestions. If you are unhappy with your purchase, mail mewithin aweek and ask for a refund.
USB Stick Plugin-TC
Ferenc Hechler
Before buying this plugin please try the FREE trial version,whetherit fits your requirements ornot: FREE version does not work for you, then the FULL versionwillalso not work! A Step-by-Step installationguide: Works with the meenovaMiniMicroSD Card Reader (see and SanDisk64GBmicroSDXC card out-of-the-box withoutROOT! Please report problems to theforum: orviadeveloper mail to: [email protected] This Plugin isfortablets (like the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10) or phones (like Nexus5)which have an USB OTG connector, but do not mount attachedUSBSticks. FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT formatted Sticks can bereadand written to. Reading and streaming from NTFS formattedSticks ispossible. ROOT rights are NOT needed. The filemanagerTotalCommander can be installed from thePlay-Store: is at your own risk. Do not use it with Stickscontainingimportant data. For more details look at theforum: About the permission "fullnetworkaccess": This is needed to open a local network socketforstreaming. The plugin does not connect to the internet.
File Manager - Local and Cloud File Explorer 2.7.0
Fininity Apps
Smart File Manager (File Explorer) is the simplest, Powerful,Small,Free and perfect App to manage files like Images, movies,documents,Music, apps in your mobile.Features List : * FileManager - Fileexplorer to access and manage storage, copy andpaste files, deletefiles, backup files, transfer files, showhidden files, compress anddecompress files and many such similaractions easily.* CloudStorage - file manager for Dropbox, box,google drive and multipleclouds.* Application Manager - easilybackup,uninstall and createshortcut for your apps.* Root explorer- powerful root explorer toolfor root users, allows access to theentire file system and all datadirectories.* Built-in various filetypes viewers and players :video player, image viewer, documentreader inside app.* App manager- create backup, open, createshortcut and uninstall your app’s.*ZIP and RAR support :compressed and decompressed ZIP, RAR, JAR, TARand APK files withpassword(encryption AES 256 bit).* FTP Server -using FTP manageyour files of mobile from Your PC.* SMB : accessyour home PC fileson your mobile using samba.* View media bycategory : browse andaccess your media files by category (likeimage,video,recentfiles,history..).* Supports 30 languages.AppManager & StorageCleaner* Manage system and user installedapps* Backup apps to apkfile* Uninstall apps* Share appsCloudStorage Manager* Supportsmultiple cloud storage :Onedrive(skydrive), Google Drive, Dropbox,Box, OwnCloud, Yandex,Sugarsync, WebDAV, Mediafire and some more.*FTP client and WebDAVclient : access and manage WebDAV serversjust like your localstorage.* Remote File Manager : easily manageyour phone files fromyour computer.* SMB (Windows) : access yourhome PC files usingSMB.Material Design File Manager* Improved UIand UX for bestperformance* The app support multiple light anddark themes* Multicolor options support* Simple and Clean indesignFTP Server* accessand download files and folders from yourphone to PC.Help us toTranslate the app* TranslationURL:* Please let us know at [email protected] aglance :- cloud file manager pro - all in one cloud storagemanager: support almost all popular cloud storage providers.- fileexplorer- cloud manager & file manager.- android file explorer- browseinternal storage and external sd card storage easily.-android filemanager app - this application will manage your filesefficiently.-storage analyser app - free up mobile storage andfunctioning smartby analysing regularly.- file manager forexternal memory - accessfiles on USB flash drive or access fileson microSD.- filemanager -transfer content between internalstorage, external storage, usbflash drive, and cloud storageeasily.- fileexplorer : this apphelps you to browse and accessyour media files by category(likeimage,audio ,video...).- FTP filemanager - transfer and managefiles or documents over ftpconnection.- file commander : easilyhandle all your files whetherthey are stored in your device'smemory, microSD card, cloudstorage, or local area network(usingwifi).- SD Card Analyst : theapp dashboard shows complete analyzeddetails of your phonestorage.- A+ file manager - this app is rated“best file manager”by users based upon multiple ratings andreviews.
File Manager 6.0.3
File manager works for android same like Computer laptopsandhandbooks to explore your system files. File manager workssharplyon enhancement of accessibility towards exploring of files.Filemanager provides the facilities ofsearch,copy,delete,move,rename,same like windows explorers. Filemanager is a standard version forevery android mobile support withproviding awesome and excellentlook and feel. File manager easilymanage your files in differentparts. Where you can see everysection of saved of file in yourmemory and Micro Sd card. Everyfile is managed in differentsection like audio files are separate,Video,Compressed,Exe, anddocuments search in easy way access indifferent sections. Filemanager provides handy tools a useractually demand like Apk Searchaccess and installation. FileManager comes with otg/usb support
DriveDroid 0.10.50
This application requires root DriveDroid allows you to boot yourPCfrom ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal fortryingLinux distributions or always having a rescue-system on thego...without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.DriveDroidalso includes a convenient download menu where you candownloadUSB-images of a number of operating systems from yourphone (likeMint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux). Around35 differentsystems are available at this moment. You can alsocreate blankUSB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive.From your PCyou can store files onto the USB-drive, but also usetools on yourPC to write images to the drive. Notes • Thisapplication usesfeatures of the kernel that may or may not beavailable/stable onyour phone. Tests have shown most phones workwithout problems, butplease keep in mind yours might not (yet)work out-of-the-box. •Most kernels support emulating USB drives,some support emulatingCD-rom drives and kernels with the rightpatches support both. •Most Linux-related ISOs can be booted fromUSB drives, but some ISOscan only be booted from CD-rom drives orrequire some kind ofconversion. Paid version • No ads. • Resizingof images. • Add yourown download repositories. Nice for companiesor groups that want toshare custom or licensed images. Moreinfo:
Advanced Tools 1.99.1
A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Toolsis:file manager, task manager, apk manager, system manager andnowmuch more with new device-related tools (sensors, gps,flashlight).Even more options and features available for rootusers. **** NOTES**** Logcat tool now requires root in order torun, READ_LOGpermission has been removed. CAMERA permission wasadded to makeflashlight tool suitable for more devices. This appinvolves a lotof work and updates are given frequently, pleaseavoid badrating/comment because of the permissions, if you feelnotcomfortable with them contact us for any question. **** BASICHINTS**** Open the main menu by swiping from the left edge to theright.Open the info/guide panel by swiping from the right edge totheleft. File Manager - for any of the item in the list tap theiconto select, tap the file name to open, tap the three dots ontheright to open the context menu. **** SOME OF THE THINGS YOU CANDO**** FILE MANAGER * Operate on (up to) four different tabs *Fileoperations between tabs (no need to navigate back!) *Access/modifyRO folders, system, data, etc. (root) * Copy, cut,paste, delete,rename files or folders * Add new folders * Add newtext files *Integrated mini text editor * Search files or folders *Get file orfolder details * Set file or folder permissions (root) *Zip/unzipfiles or whole folders * Browse zip file's contents *Unzipselected contents from a zip file * Browse APK file's contents*Send files via bluetooth * Share supported files * Storageinfowith pie charts * Set starting folders (shortcuts) *FTP:download/upload files or whole folders * FTP: browse FTPcontents,add new folders APP MANAGER * Detailed info about eachinstalledapplication * Uninstall apps * Freeze system apps (root)*Uninstall system apps (root) * Backup and restore apps * Clearappcache/data * Startup apps (grant/deny auto-start) * Manageappcomponents! (Pro only) * View content of manifest file (Proonly)SYSTEM MANAGER * Plenty of info about system, memory, graphic,hw,battery * Change LCD density (root) * Change the heap size(root) *Change "max events per second" value (root) * Change theWiFi scaninterval (root) * more properties from build.prop file *Change"min free kbytes" value (root) * Change "vfs cache pressure"value(root) * Change swappiness value (root) * Change dirty ratioanddirty background ratio (root) * more kernel's VM andsysctlparameters * Configure Android's internal task killer *Accessspecial settings and info * View filesystem * View dmesg(KernelDebug Messages) * View live logcat * Record, filter, stop,resumelogcat * Detect CarrierIQ TASK MANAGER * Kill selectedapplications* Filter system processes (security options) * Infoabout runningservices SENSOR ANALYZER * Scan and analyze all thesensorsinstalled * Compass tool * Compass calibration tool *Magneticfield detector GPS STATUS AND FIX * Get all the info passedby GPSdevice * Fast fix tool to get signal fixed in less time *Scansatellites and get dedicated info * Get your currentlocation'saddress CPU MONITOR * CPU Time in State monitor *Real-time CPUmeter * Set CPU scaling frequencies and governor(root) ATOOLSTERMINAL (Pro only) * Pseudo terminal emulator *Execute linuxcommands * Quick buttons for mount and set permissionsOTHERS *Quick launch from notification bar * Use the cameraflashlight as atorch * Blue light filter for eyes confort * Lightand dark themesEnjoy Advanced Tools!
Fully Featured File Management Tool! Developed by the CleanMasterteamHighlights of CM FILE MANAGER HD☆ Fully featured:Cut,copy,paste, delete, compress, decompress, search and more.☆Cloudsupport:Switch between local and cloud files - supportsDropbox,Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and more.☆ Wi-Fi Filetransfer:Use yourPC to wirelessly edit your mobile files usingFTP.☆ Superconvenient:View files by type (image, audio, video,recent,download etc.), use a widget to access folders in one tapfrom thehomescreen.☆ Multiple protocols: Supports file transfersusing FTP,FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and LAN/SMB, stream mediafromLAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud withoutdownloading.--SupportedlanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Czech, German,Greek, Spanish, French,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch,Polish, Portuguese,Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai,Turkish, SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian,Hebrew, Finnish,Hindi, Croatian and Serbian
Serial USB Terminal 1.22
Kai Morich
'Serial USB Terminal' is a terminal / console appformicrocontrollers, arduinos and other devices with a serial /UARTinterface connected with a USB to serial converter to yourandroiddevice. This app supports USB to serial converters based on- FTDIFT232, FT2232, ... - Prolific PL2303 - Silabs CP2102, CP2105,... -Qinheng CH340 and devices implementing the USB CDC protocollike -Arduino using ATmega32U4 - Digispark using V-USB software USB- BBCmicro:bit using ARM mbed DAPLink firmware To connect USB toserialconverters, your android device must support USB OTG aka. USBhostmode. Most devices support this today, but in case of issuescheckwith one of the various USB test apps, if host mode is enabledinyour android kernel. All features in this app are free.In-Apppurchase is only used for the 'Donate' option.
MyFiles 3.0.1
MyFiles is a file manager. Other things you can do whencopyingfiles. Because it supports running in the background.* Itappliesto all resolutions.* Add grid view.* Runfaster.*Support:Android4.x Android5.x Android6.x Android7.x Android8.x orlater
Ftp Server 1.32
Read/write any folder, including sdcard, in your android devicewiththis ftp server. You can backup your photos to your PC, copymusicand movies to your device, etc.If you still do not have a ftpclientI recommend FileZilla client (you can download iton but you can also use fileexploreron windows.Free version does not allowlandscapescreen.Features:Use any network interface in your deviceincluding:WIFI, Ethernet, Mobile network, USB...Anonymous user (canbedisabled).One Ftp user (can be disabled). Name and password canbechanged.Home directory can be root directory, Readonlymode.Passive and active modes.Show hidden files.Customhomefolder.Option to run server as a foreground service.Energysavemode.Languages supported: English, Spanish, Romanian,French,Italian, Hungarian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean,Russianand Catalan.Intents:com.theolivetree.ftpserver.StartFtpServercom.theolivetree.ftpserver.StopFtpServerTODO:Runserver as rootuser (only rooted devices).TLS/SSL support forsecureconnections.How to connect with Ftp server using USBcable:This canuseful when you have USB cable and not networkavailable. 1) Onyour phone go toSettings->Applications->Development and setoption "USBdebugging".2) Connect your phone to your PC using USBcable.3) Startadb server. On your PC run command "adbstart-server". adb is aprogram that you can find on android sdk.Usually you will find iton android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.4)Forward needed ports from yourPC to your phone. On your PC runcommand "adb forward tcp:2221tcp:2221" You will need to repeatthis step for all ftp server andpassive ports configured in yourphone. It will be easier if you usea small range of passive ports.With this, any connection in your pcto will beforwarded to your phone in port 2221.5)Run Ftp server in yourphone, open settings and in "Networkinterfaces" select "Loopback(" or "All"6) Start ftpserver.7) In your PC connect yourftp client to might be different, itdepends on your Ftp Serverconfiguration).Connections in this modeneed to be always started byPC so only passive mode is availablewhen using USBconnection.Permissionsneeded:INTERNETACCESS_NETWORK_STATEACCESS_WIFI_STATENetworkpermissionto enable server to open network communication withftpclients.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEEnables ftp server writereceivedfiles from ftp clients on sdcard.WAKE_LOCKKeeps phone wakeonlywhile server is running. If phone is not wake connections toftpserver can fail.Libraries used by this program: Apache ftpserverv1.0.6. Apache2 License. Android viewflow pakerfeldt(01/Nov/2011).Apache2License: to:Beatriz Vera, Surjit Panda, Alex Sovu, Balazs DavidMolnar, DamienVarvenne, Simone Balducci, Juanvi, Chengcheng Hu,Noelia, NoxaTagakov, Joon Lim, Tomokazu Wakasugi and PaulinoFeitio.
File Manager 3.4
Features List:* File ManagerManage your files (file explorer)likeyou do on your desktop or laptop using MultipleSelect,Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share,Send,Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark;* Application Manager–categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps*3sets of commercial icons for 80+ different file types, toolbarandmenu items* Multiple resolutions support* Support 19languages*List and grid view for file explorer* Compress anddecompresssupport* Search and share files* Multiple selection andvarioussorting support* Thumbnail for photo, video and apk files*Supportfile shortcut on Home screen for easily access* Basicfeatures likecut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easilyaccessible- Workon multiple tabs at same time- SMB(windows) filesharing- Multiplethemes with cool icons- Navigation drawer forquick navigation- AppManager to open, backup, or directly uninstallany app- Quicklyaccess history, access bookmarks or search for anyfile- Rootexplorer for advanced users- and the list goes on...*Attractivematerial Design UI/UXLight & smoothSimple &cleanMultithemes support* App ManagerBackup appsUnistall appsShareappsPlaystore app link* FTP ServerDownload files and folders fromyourphone* Hidden FilesHide any file on you deviceNote:Basicread/writeoperations might not work on external memory on KitKatdevices.Don't use cut/paste from or to external SD Card. You mightlooseyour files.Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear fromyou!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]:FileManager, File Explorer, App Manager, FTP Server.
UsbTerminal 1.4.0
Lior Hass
UsbTerminal is a terminal emulator (sometimes called "monitor").Ituses the phone’s or tablet’s USB port to communicate withexternaldevices. The phone or tablet must support USB-Host Modea.k.a USBOn-The-Go (USB-OTG), and a USB-OTG cable isrequired.Features:●Support CDC-ACM based devices● Support FTDIbased devices● SupportWinchiphead-CH340/CH341 based devices. (Thisis somewhatexperimental. Please send feedback).● Support twokeyboard inputmodes: 1. Auto - Like on a “real” terminal, there isno dedicatedinput field. Characters are sent to the serial deviceimmediatelyas keys are clicked on the keyboard. This is the defaultmode. 2.Dedicated input field - Keyboard input goes to a dedicatedinputfield and is sent to the device only after a “Send” buttonispressed.● Support sending control character (e.g. Ctrl-C)●Supportcontrolling of DTR and CTS● Log sessions to files. These logfilescan then be analyzed, emailed, etc● Large scroll-backbuffer(configurable scroll-back buffer size)● Blinking cursorthatindicates the current cursor position on the screen● Statusline.Indication of connection state and error messages● Build-inhelp.No need to be online to read the help screen● NorootrequiredLimitations:● No support of escape-sequences forcursorpositioning, text color, etc. This means no VT100 emulation,andthat Unix programs like vi, emacs, top, etc arenotsupportedSupported USB devices:● As of version 1.4 it ispossibleto work with devices that are not predefined in the app,providedthat they use one of the three supported protocols(CDC/ACM,FT232R, CH340). When using such non-predefined device,click"Connect USB device" on the main menu, and then selectwhichprotocol to use● Arduino. FTDI-based (e.g. original ArduinoUno),CDC-based (e.g. Arduino Uno R3) and CH340-based (e.g. cheapArduinoclones)● Any device that uses the FTDI FT232R chip● Note:Prolificdevices (e.g. devices based on the PL2303 chip) arecurrently NOTsupportedIf you know of other devices that use CDC-ACMthat arecurrently not supported, and you can email me theirtechnicaldetails (Vendor-ID and Product-ID), I will be glad to addsupportfor them.A note to Arduino users:One advantage ofUsbTerminal isthe way it handles DTR. Typically when an Arduinoboard isconnected to a PC, it will reboot every time a terminalemulatorapplication is connected to it. This is because the PCdrops theDTR signal low whenever a connection is formed, andArduino isdesigned to reset when DTR line is dropped low.UsbTerminal on theother hand, doesn’t automatically set or resetthe DTR signal. Whenyou connect a phone or tablet to an Arduino andopen UsbTerminal,your Arduino continues whatever it was doing atthe time. If youwant it to reboot, you can easily control the DTRsignal fromUsbTerminal with a dedicated button.
Description Ever wanted to browse and manage files stored onyourQNAP NAS with your Android mobile device? The free Qfile app istheperfect answer. Prerequisites: - Android 4.4 or later - QNAPNASrunning QTS 4.0.0 or later Major features of Qfile: - Accessfileson the QNAP NAS anytime, anywhere. - Upload your photosanddocuments directly from mobile devices to the QNAP NAS. -Easysharing: Create a download link for files to share and send itviaemail or SMS, or simply email the file as an attachment. -Easymanagement: Move, copy, rename or delete files on the QNAP NAS,allvia your mobile device. No computer required. - Offlinefilereading: Qfile provides a simple way for downloading files fromtheQNAP NAS to mobile devices for offline reading. Other features:1.Support displaying photo thumbnail. ( QTS 4.0 and above supportallshare folder) 2. Support control playback from NAS to AppleTV.(NAS must install QAirplay QPKG) 3. Support control playbackfromNAS to DLNA device. (DLNA control only support QNAP MediaServer onQTS 4.0) 4. Support for file compression (zip / unzip, andfor QTS4.0 and above only.) 5. Support for changing the downloadfolder onan external SD card. 6. Support for sharing folders withsharingdownload links (QTS 4.0 and above only.)
Sunshine - Stream My Videos and Movies Remotely 1.6.0050
Stream and transfer all your media files stored on yourcomputer,tablet or other smartphone. Instant streaming of videos,photos andaudio files without downloading or cloud storage! Alsotransferlarge files without size limits! *Important: InstallSunshine fordesktop ( way, youcan access all you desktop stored media and stream ordownload!Your PC will become a media server.✰ Stream from otherdevices:Open and play videos and images stored on other devices.Instantstreaming without downloading and in the original quality. ✰Castto TV: Cast movies from your phone, computer or tablet toyourSmart TV or DLNA supported device. It is compatiblewithsubtitles.✰ Manage Files: Download and transfer your videos,imagesand other media files across your devices. Compatible withAndroid,iOS (iPhone, iPad y Mac) and Windows.✰ Transfer Big Files:You canalso send big media files to your friends with no limits insize orfile number. Your friends can instantly stream shared mediafilessuch as videos, images and music without downloading.■ CaseStudies■ - "I want to access and stream video files stored on my PCfrommy phone”. Now you can instantly stream your favorite TVseries,without downloading, while you are lying on the bed. Openany videostored on your desktop from your phone / tablet withSunshine andpress play! You can also cast your videos to Smart TVor any devicethat supports DLNA.- "I want to share a big file withmy friend butmessaging apps are too slow and email doesn’t allowme." Sunshineis not cloud based so the file transfer is direct(device todevice), you will see the speed difference! Transferlarge filesbetween any devices without size or file quantitylimits. Inseconds, your friend can preview the files withoutdownloading andthen decide which ones to download.■ How to Use ■1.InstallSunshine on all your devices. *Download PC/Macversion: Login with thesameaccount on all your devices to sync.3. Select the device thatyouwant to access on “My Devices”. 4. Stream media files stored onanydevice without downloading.5. Cast to Smart TV any mediafilesstored on any of your devices.6. Add your friends and shareandtransfer large files with them!■ Media Player Characteristics■-Devices: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and Windows.-DLNAplayer: We support DLNA devices, which includes most modernSmartTVs.- Subtitles: Add and edit subtitles and stream videofiles.-Video and audio formats: avi, mp4, mov, mkv, m4v, wmv, mp3,flac,m4a, wav, etc. - Codecs: h264, h265, x264, xvid, divx,quicktime,ac3, aac, dts, etc.- Compatible with WiFi Speakers.■Privacy andSecurity ■Sunshine uses P2P technology to share filesbetweendevices. With Sunshine, you access the other device's mediafilesinstantly. You don't need to upload and download as thecloudtechnology.Your files are always stored in your local devices.Thismeans, outside hackers can't access and see your files.Inaddition, two separate and complex authentication systems blocktheaccess to unidentified users.
APUS File Manager (Explorer)
Small, simple, powerful, APUS File Manager is one of the bestfilemanager for Android who provides full-featured file managementandtransfer for Android. Even better, this pro file managerandexplorer can help transfer files among Android, PC, and iOSthroughhotspot. Key Features of APUS File Manager ★ Full-featuredFileManager (Explorer) This pro Android file manager andexplorerprovides full-featured file management, including cut,copy, paste,move, delete, rename, check detail, share files, etc.for internalmemory and SD card. It works perfectly as file renamerand vieweras can open any file format. ★ Super Fast File TransferWithbuild-in wifi file transfer, this free file manager andexplorerexploits wifi & hotspot to transfer files to anotherphone andPC even without internet connection. Without limitationfor filesize and type, users can transfer any file including apps,video,music, picture, etc. super fast. ★ Storage Analysis &Junk FileClean Intelligently, this pro file manager will analyzestorageusage, detect large files, redundancy files, andnewly-createdfiles. Therefore users can make sense of storageusage, clean junkfile and other files & folders that are nolonger neededeffortlessly. ★ File Search The optimized searchengine of fileexplorer will find file in internal storage and SDcard in 1second. And users can browse files by category, e.g.image, music,video, apps, etc. ★ Private & Safe This free filemanager andexplorer provides 100% local file management. Thereforethere is norisk of any file leak. Your files and information arecompletelysafe. Minor Policy We do not provide the service/contentfor anyminors under 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age inrelevantjurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the aboveconditions, youmust read the terms of User Agreement and use thisapp under theguidance of your guardian, and confirm that yourguardian agrees toyour Use of this app. Contact us: Email:[email protected] APUSFile Manager Homepage:
PC To Mobile Transfer – Send Files Anywhere 8.6
PC to Mobile Transfer allows you to transfer files betweenyourAndroid device and a Windows PC using Wi-Fi or mobile network.Thisis the simplest and most reliable solution for transferringfilesbetween your Windows PC and a group of mobile devices. PC ToMobileTransfer works with Windows PC software - FTP Manager Lite.If youwant to use the advanced features such as automaticscheduling thenyou can use Auto FTP Manager. If you are using aWi-Fi network,please make sure your mobile device and PC are on thesame network.If you are outside your local Wi-Fi network, usemobile data forfile transfer. The speed of file transfer betweenyour mobiledevice and PC is dependent on your internet speed. Watchthe videotutorial to see how easy it is to set up. Key Features:- •Accessall data stored on Phone, tablet or SD card. • You cancreate, moveand delete the files from your Windows PC. • No USBcable isrequired to transfer files. • Transfer Photos, videos,music, andany other files. • Create multiple connection profilesfor filetransfer. • Set password to prevent anyone from randomlyaccessingyour connection profile. • Autostarts the application ondevicereboot. If you need help with PC To Mobile Transfer, pleasereferto our support forum. LIKE US and STAY CONNECTEDFacebook: ContactUs:
LAN plugin for Total Commander 3.06
C. Ghisler
This is a Plugin for Total Commander for Android!It does notworkstandalone!Do NOT install if you do not useTotalCommander!IMPORTANT: If you cannot connect to your serverwithversion 3, then your server probably doesn't support theSMB2protocol.Solution: Please open the connection settings by longtapon the connection name. Then disable SMB2. This will use theoldSMB1 protocol. Normally the plugin should detect automaticallywhena server doesn't support SMB2, but some NAS devices seem toreactdifferently.
Expiry Wiz 2.4
Expiry Wiz is a product expiration date organizer, a bestbeforereminder tool and a whole lot more than that. It will helpyouorganize and keep from expiring any item you can think of:food,medicines, documents, your credit cards, ID or driver'slicense, orcosmetics. You can even put an expiry date on yourfriend'sbirthday, a meeting or something else and get remindedabout it ontime.Instead of wasting food and medicines, use ExpiryWiz to trackits expiration date for you, so you can use them beforetheyexpire. There are countless possibilities. It's important tonotethat in the end, this app will save you a lot of time andmoney.Main features:- Track expiry dates of an unlimited numberofproducts/items- Organize items into groups- Manage your owngroupsas you like- Attach picture to a product for easiernavigation-Receive notifications at any time you find convenient-Changebetween several color palettes to suit your taste-Create/restorebackups to keep your data safe, locally or optionalon GoogleDrive- Sync expiration data between multiple devices-Unlike othertools, your dates won't be affected by daylight savingtime ortraveling to different time zones. The time you set, expiryorreminder, is always local time. App auto corrects depending ontimezone.How to create/restore backups (advanced users)- Backupiscreated in folder: "/storage/emulated/0/ExpiryWiz". This folderisusually visible by third party tools (file explorers) underthislocation: "Local storage>Device Storage>ExpiryWiz".Whenconnected via USB cable with PC, folder is usually visibleunder"Phone/ExpiryWiz"- Restore expects to find data in the exactsamefolder as previously explained.- For additional protection, youmaycopy that folder to a safe location, to your SD card or transferitto your PC over USB cable or Bluetooth.How to backup/restorewithGoogle Drive- Make sure the 'Google drive for backup' check boxischecked in 'Settings' - For first time use: Make sureInternetconnection is active- For first time use: Optionally selectdesiredGoogle account . This is not necessary later once connectionisestablished.- Always Create Backup after application update!-Tosync between different devices, create backup on one deviceandthan restore backup from the other - If backup operationfailed,make sure your SD card is available and google playservicesproperly installed.- For any other questions please contactme onemail.Icon credits:Icon made byMadeByOliver(
USB OTG File Manager for Nexus 2.12
USB OTG File Manager for Nexus allows you to open and copyfilesfrom any USB mass storage device with a FAT32 or NTFSfilesystemusing the USB OTG port of your device, tablet orphone.With a FAT32filesystem, you can copy files to any USB massstorage device andmanage your files on it (edit filenames, adddirectories, deletefiles) too.You can also manage your files in theinternal memory ofyour device.This application has been designedfor Nexus productswhich have an USB "OnTheGo" port, as the Nexus 5,Nexus 7 and Nexus10, and the brand new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. But itcould work on anydevice with an USB OTG port Under Android 4.0 orlater, includingthe last Android 5.0 Lollipop.Root privileges areNOT necessary!Fornow, FAT32 filesystem is supported for data readand write, andNTFS filesystem is only supported for data read. Youcan use USBsticks or SD card readers with any compatible USB OTGcable.*** NEWFEATURE ***You can now play playlists (m3u and m3u8files) andmultiple audio files (mp3, aac, m4a, flac, ogg and wavfiles) atthe same time from your USB OTG mass storage device. Forthat, youneed to install my new app Simple Music Player whichexists in twoversions:- Freeversion: to support my developments and get some additionalfeaturesinthefuture: Player is installed, select the files you want to playon yourUSB device, push the open button and select the SimpleMusic Playerapp.This is a brand new feature, so if you have anyissue, don'thesitate to send me an e-mail! Your feedback would beappreciatedtoo.*** FEATURES ***USB OTG File Manager for Nexusallows you toopen your files directly from your USB device! Youjust need to havean app that can handle it. For audio and video, Iadvise you to useVLC.The new Network Access authorization is onlyhere for local useto be able to open the files. The app NEVER sendor receive datato/from Internet.USB OTG File Manager for Nexussupports deviceswith multiple logical units (like a GPS with aninternal memory andan additional SD card) and allows you to choosewhich logical unityou want to read.USB OTG File Manager for Nexusnow includes an"Advanced Mode" which allows you to access to allthe files of yourdevice. You can now create files and directoriesoutside of theofficial Android public directories. This is foradvanced usersonly!Before buying this application, please try thefree trialversion named USB OTG File Manager Trial for Nexus to besure thatthis application is working with your USB devices.This isnot anofficial Google application. Nexus brand is the property ofGoogle.