Top 47 Games Similar to Ben 10 - Super Slime Ben: Endless Arcade Climber

Ben 10 Heroes 1.7.1
Use the alien powers of the Omnitrix to save the Earthinthisfast-paced match-3 battle game! Collect an arsenal ofaliensandupgrade them, unlocking special powers abilities that cangiveyouthe edge in battle. Choose your team of three aliens andusetheirpowers strategically to defeat your opponents inreal-timebattle!Match tiles on the battle board to charge up youralienpowers!Brace yourself and unleash fire storms, uppercuts,crystalswords,laser beams, stink blasts and so much more! Battleallyourfavorite villains across epic locations from the Ben 10TVseries!Unlock the alien power of the Omnitrix and save theEarth!IT’SHERO TIME! FAST-PACED MATCH-3 BEN 10 BATTLES: • Powerupandunleash epic alien powers in battle! • Use yourfavoritealiensfrom the TV series like Four Arms,Heatblast,Diamondhead,Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Overflow, Grey Matter,Stinkfly,XLR8,Upgrade and more! • Switch your aliens during battletoperfectyour strategy! BUILD YOUR ARSENAL OF RARE ALIENS: •Discoverrareand epic rewards by opening Omnivaults! • Collect,level upandmanage your aliens – each with a signature play styleand setofpowers! • Use alien powers strategically in battle!•Earnexperience and level up your aliens to unlock theirtruepotential!• New aliens are added all the time! BATTLE YOURFAVORITEVILLAINSFROM THE BEN 10 TV SERIES: • Battle all yourfavoritevillainsincluding Vilgax, Hex, Dr. Animo, Zombozo, SteamSmythe,Maurice,Sydney and more! • Discover Vilgax’s ultimate planand stophimbefore he gains control of the Omnitrix and conquers theEarth!NEWEVENTS AND CONTENT ADDED REGULARLY: • Compete in specialeventstoearn epic Omnivaults and unlock powerful new aliens!•Completedaily, weekly and monthly quests to unlock rewards! •Newaliens,adventures and rewards added regularly!
Beyblade Burst Rivals 3.5.2
BEYBLADE BURST RIVALS is the official fast-pacedmatch-3puzzlebattle game for BEYBLADE BURST! Choose yourfavoritecharacter,become a Master Blader, and enter BEYBLADEBURSTtournaments! Userare and powerful Beys with the help of yourloyalAvatars and LETIT RIP in epic battles! Collect an arsenal ofBeysand upgradethem, unlocking special Bey techniques that provideadecisive edgefor the ultimate battle. Which ones will youmaster?Use strategyto defeat your opponents and strive for RingOutFinishes, SurvivorFinishes, and epic Burst Finishes! Do youhavewhat it takes tobecome the best Blader in the world? Grab yourBeyand LET IT RIP!FAST-PACED MATCH 3 BEYBLADE BURST BATTLES: •Unleashepic BeyTechniques in battle! • Use your favorite BeyTechniqueslike RushLaunch, Counter Break, Quake Launch and more! •Switchyour Beysbetween rounds to perfect your strategy!BATTLEHEAD-TO-HEAD WITHYOUR FAVORITE BLADERS, BEYS & AVATARS:•Collect and use allyour favorite Beys in battle includingVictoryValtryek, StormSpryzen, Raging Roktavor, Xeno Xcalius, LostLúinorand more! •Battle all your favorite characters includingValt,Aiger, Rantaro,Daigo, Ken, Wakiya, Xander, Zac, Shu, Lui andmore!• Activate yourdevoted Avatars, charge up, sit back and watchtheirexplosiveaffects across the board • Challenge the bestBladers!COLLECT THERAREST AVATARS, BLADERS & BEYS: • Discoverrare andepic lootby opening Bey Boxes! • Collect, level up andmanage yourAvatars,Bladers and Beys and use their powersstrategically inbattle! •The more powerful the Blader or Bey, thebetter theirstats, powersand abilities will be! • New Bladers andBeys areadded all thetime! BUILD YOUR ARSENAL OF RARE BEYS: • Buildyourarsenal of rareBeys and battle with them in the Beystadium!•Collect 5-star Beysto unlock new Bey Techniques! • Earnexperienceand level up yourBeys to unlock their true potential!BECOME THEBEST BLADER IN THEWORLD: • Compete in tournaments inawesomelocations likeMountaintop, Seaside, and the NationalStadium! •Train yourarsenal of Beys by battling in Quick Play! •Compete inspecialweekly tournaments for epic rewards! • Defeat thegreatestBladersand earn your place in history! Follow us to get thelatestNEWSand UPDATES: Twitter - @Beyblade_RivalsInstagram-@beybladeburstrivals Discord -
Henry Danger Crime Warp 1.1
The Game Shakers & Henry Danger have joined forces tobringyouthe Henry Danger Crime Warp game! The Time Jerker andhisevilallies have escaped through time. Collect mad coinage asyouslide,jump, dive and punch giant popcorn monsters, in thisnon-stopdashto stop them! • Play a REAL game from Nickelodeon's hittvshows:GAME SHAKERS and HENRY DANGER! • Swipe your finger tojump,slide,and punch nonstop through time! • Unlock new levels asyougo! •Warp through 5 worlds to beat Swellview's most notoriousbadguys!• Power up as Kid Danger or Captain Man! • Collectingcoinsandupgrading gear feels goooood! So what are you waitingfor?Downloadthe Crime Warp app on your Android device today!HenryDanger CrimeWarp collects personal user data as wellasnon-personal user data(including aggregated data). Userdatacollection is in accordancewith applicable law, such as COPPA.Userdata may be used, forexample, to respond to user requests;enableusers to takeadvantage of certain features andservices;personalize content andadvertising; and manage andimproveNickelodeon's services. Formore information regardingNickelodeon’suse of personal user data,please visit the NickelodeonGroupPrivacy Policy below. OurPrivacy Policy is in addition toanyterms, conditions or policiesagreed to between you andGoogle,Inc., and Nickelodeon and itsaffiliated entities arenotresponsible for Google's collection oruse of your personaluserdata and information. Additionally, thisApp may use“localnotifications.” Local notifications are sentdirectly from theAppto your device (you don’t need to beconnected to the Internet)andmay be used to notify you of newcontent or events within yourApp,among other reasons. Use of thisapp is subject to theNickelodeonEnd User License Agreement. Forusers residing in the EU,HenryDanger Crime Warp may include theuse of persistent identifiersforgame management purposes andinstallation of this appconstitutesyour permission to such usageof persistent identifiersfor allusers on your device. End UserLicenseAgreement: The End UserLicenseAgreementfor this app includes arbitration for disputes –seeFAQs:
Ben 10: Up to Speed 2.0
Cartoon Network
Use Ben 10's alien powers to run, jump and smash your waypastenemies, obstacles and supervillains in Ben 10: Up to Speed!MEETBEN TENNYSON Ben was on a road trip with his Grandpa Max andcousinGwen when he discovered the alien watch known as theOmnitrix. Now,he can use it to turn into alien superheroes, eachwith amazingabilities. UNLEASH ALIEN POWERS Turn into thesuper-strong FourArms, the fiery Heatblast, the lightning-quickXLR8 and moreincredible aliens. Use their individual powers toblast the badguys, smash through obstacles and even accessalternate paths.POWER UP THE OMNITRIX Level up your aliens and theOmnitrix itselfto become faster, stronger and more heroic. Changeinto the rightalien in each situation to make the most of yourpowers. MOREALIENS, MORE LEVELS, MORE BOSSES Stay tuned for massiveupdates!We'll be adding new aliens with their own unique powers forevenmore ways to play. You'll also get new levels &environmentsand new boss battles to test your skills. Master theOmnitrix andits aliens to save the day in BEN 10: UP TOSPEED!********************* This game is available in thefollowinglanguages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (LatinAmerican),Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Korean,Japanese Ifyou're having any problems with this app, feel free tocontact usat Tell us about theissues you'rerunning into as well as what device and OS versionyou're using.********************* IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: Thisapp maycontain ads that feature other products, services, shows oroffersfrom Cartoon Network and our partners. PRIVACY INFORMATION:Yourprivacy is important to us at Cartoon Network. This gamecollectsand uses information as described in Cartoon Network’sPrivacyPolicy linked below. This information may be used, forexample, torespond to user requests; enable users to take advantageof certainfeatures and services; personalize content; serveadvertising;perform network communications; manage and improve ourproducts andservices; and perform other internal operations ofCartoon Networkweb sites or online services. Our privacy practicesare guided bydata privacy laws in the United States. For usersresiding in theEU or other countries outside the U.S., please notethat this appmay use persistent identifiers for game managementpurposes. Bydownloading this application, you accept our PrivacyPolicy and EndUser License Agreement, and you give permission forsuch uses forall users of your device. The Privacy Policy and EndUser LicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.  Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Puppy Rescue Patrol: Adventure Game 2 1.2.7
Puppy rescue patrol is waiting for its hero adventures!Thistimerescue team gives for free an exciting runner to gothroughfromthe series of shooter games for boys. Superheroes areonservice!Try a lot of different levels, new fighting toolsandsuperherogames, which any cartoon doesn't know. It is muchmorebetter toplay a dynamic shooter than just to watchcartoons.Superheromovie, exciting action are waiting for us. Puppyrescuepatrolwatches over the order of one thousand universes andalltheinhabited planets and it is always ready to helpallpeacefulcitizens. As well as all our games to go through,ourrunner forboys has a lot of playing levels and uniqueenemies,which shouldbe fought by brave superheroes. But to get avictoryover superevil, it is not enough just to get into action.Superevil is notjust like play with toys! There is a teamworkneeded andof coursethe full team of rescuers, which we are going tocollectbefore wehave a fight with bosses. Feel the victory withevery cellof yourbody! Make your own superhero behavior and winsupercriminals byyour own, this is much more better than just towatchcartoons,where other superheroes are doing it. Such adventuresandbrightemotions you can't get in any cartoon! It is much morebettertoplay shooter puppy rescue patrol than watch even ahundredofsuperhero cartoons. Puppy rescue patrol is waiting foritsheroesto start new adventures! Leave all your toys, the teamofrescuersis waiting for you! Superheroes invite you to a newrunnerto gothrough for boys. Play the most interesting superheroshooterforfree!
44 Cats - The Game
Rainbow SpA
Your kids will love joining their favorite furryfellowsLampo,Milady, Pilou and Meatball in lots of meowtifuladventuresaroundtown. A fun and dynamic app with 4 minigames andlots ofcontent,videos and songs from the 44 CatsTVseries.************************** 4MINIGAMES************************** 😺Jump obstacles with Lampo 😺EscapeTrappies with Milady 😺 Play thedrums with Pilou 😺 Eat allthesnacks with Meatball**************************FUNCTIONALITY**************************😺Explore 5 different towngameenvironments and collect yarn balls😺Play minigames withLampo,Milady, Pilou, Meatball and completethem all to unlockdifferentBuffycats versions, with vehicles andother pawesomeaccessories😺Complete the challenges of each levelto get extra yarnballs andunlock many new characters, like Cosmoand Gas, the StinkyCat -with 10 stars you win 5 yarn balls - with20 stars you win 10yarnballs - with 30 stars you win 15 yarnballs 44 Cats – The gamewillhelp your kids: 😺 Improve eye-handcoordination 😺 Developspatialorientation skills 😺 Trainobservation and research skills"
Boomerang Make and Race - Scooby-Doo Racing Game
ON YOUR MARKS...PICK YOUR FAVOURITE BOOMERANG CARTOON! This isafungame for the whole family, where parents and kids cansafelybuildcars, race and play! Now, who will you race with? Choosefromyourfavourite Boomerang stars including: ・Scooby-Doo andVelma・Tom andJerry ・Stunt Happo and Bella the Ballerina Happo・TheWacky RacersPenelope Pitstop, Dick Dastardly and Muttley・BugsBunny and TweetyBird GET SET…CUSTOMISE YOUR CAR The race ison! InMake and Race notonly do you get to race as some of yourfavouriteBoomerangcharacters - you get to make their car too! Checkout allthe waysyou can design the ride of your dreams! PICK A CARBODYWhat kind ofride do you want? A sleek box car? A massive barrelonwheels? Thechoice is yours! CHOOSE YOUR WHEELS You know whattheysay: if it'sshaped like a circle it can be used as a wheel!Mixand match withbicycle tires, donuts, saw blades and everythinginbetween! Findthe wheels that best express you. A NEW COAT OFPAINTWant a brightblue speed machine? How about a hot pinkconvertible?Spray paintyour new ride in all the colours of therainbow! TIMEFORACCESSORIES Decorate your car with lightning bolts,hearts,electricguitars, giant engines, flames and more! You caneven addstickersof your favorite characters! You can even earnupgradepoints whileyou're racing to get even more fun ways todecorateyour ride.GO...LET THE RACE BEGIN! Once you've got your carandracer it'stime to hit the road! Race against classicBoomerangcharacters asyou dodge obstacles while trying to get firstplace!******* Ifyou're having any problems with this app, feel freetocontact us Tell us about the issuesyou'rerunning intoas well as what device and OS version you'reusing.****** PRIVACYINFORMATION: Your privacy is important to usatCartoon Network, adivision of Turner Broadcasting System,Inc.This game collects anduses information as described inCartoonNetwork’s Privacy Policylinked below. This information maybeused, for example, to respondto user requests; enable userstotake advantage of certain featuresand services;personalizecontent; serve advertising; performnetworkcommunications; manageand improve our products andservices; andperform other internaloperations of Cartoon Networkweb sites oronline services. Ourprivacy practices are guided bydata privacylaws in the UnitedStates. For users residing in the EUor othercountries outside theU.S., please note that this app mayusepersistent identifiers forgame management purposes. Bydownloadingthis application, youaccept our Privacy Policy and EndUser LicenseAgreement, and yougive permission for such uses forall users ofyour device. ThePrivacy Policy and End User LicenseAgreement are inaddition toany terms, conditions or policiesimposed by yourwireless carrierand Google, Inc. Cartoon Networkand its affiliatesare notresponsible for any collection, use, ordisclosure of yourpersonalinformation by Google or your wirelesscarrier. TermsofUse:
DC Super Hero Girls Blitz 2021.1.0
Budge Studios
Barbara Gordon here! A.k.a. the one and only Batgirl. Youmightknowmy awesome friends and me as the DC Super Hero Girls!We'renot youraverage high school students: we also fight crimebygoinghead-to-head with Super-Villains. Do you want to join usforsomecrazy fast games and challenges? Be ready to jump,dance,zip-line,and climb your way around the city as you help usearnstarsthat'll upgrade our super-secret hideout! PLAY 24SUPER-FASTGAMES• JUMP across rooftops or zip-line your way toaSuper-Villainbattle! • BATTLE The Cheetah, Wonder Woman-style!•SOLVE puzzleswith Bumblebee! • ROCK OUT like Supergirl! • FEEDcuteanimals withGreen Lantern! • USE magical spells like Zatanna!•BEAT your highscore! Yeah! • COLLECT all the comics to unlocknewgames! MEET THEDC SUPER HERO GIRLS • BATGIRL: atechnologicalmastermind who'salso a fangirl for all things Batman!• WONDERWOMAN: a crusaderfor truth and justice who courageouslyleads theDC Super HeroGirls! • SUPERGIRL: a rebellious teen with abig heartandsuperhuman strength! • BUMBLEBEE: a super-genius whonever givesupand can also fly and shrink! • GREEN LANTERN:acompassionatepeacemaker who has incredible energy superpowers!•ZATANNA: amesmerizing magician who's charming and superconfident!DECORATETHE HIDEOUT • EARN stars to upgrade oursuper-secrethideout withcool decorations! • COLLECT outfits anddress up thewhole crew!PRIVACY & ADVERTISING Budge Studiostakes children'sprivacyseriously and ensures that its apps arecompliant withprivacylaws. This application has received the“ESRB(EntertainmentSoftware Rating Board) Privacy CertifiedKids’Privacy Seal”. Formore information, please visit our privacypolicyat:, oremailourData Protection Officer at: privacy@budgestudios.caBeforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try,butsomecontent may only be available via in-apppurchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to youraccount.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases,changeyourdevice settings. This app may containcontextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads forrewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from ourpartners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permitbehavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may alsocontainsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parentalgate.END-USERLICENSE AGREEMENT This application is subject toanEnd-UserLicense Agreement available through thefollowinglink: ABOUTBUDGESTUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with the missiontoentertain andeducate children around the world, throughinnovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolioconsists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintainsthe higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and hasbecome a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones andtablets. Like Followus:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: We always welcomeyour questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 DC SuperHeroGirls Blitz © 2019 DC Comicsand Warner Bros. EntertainmentInc.Software code © 2019 BudgeStudios Inc. All rights reserved.DCSUPER HERO GIRLS and all relatedcharacters and elements © &™DC Comics and Warner Bros.Entertainment Inc. TM & © 2019.Allrights reserved. BUDGE, BUDGESTUDIOS and all related logosandelements © & ™ Budge StudiosInc. TM & © 2019. Allrightsreserved.
Tag with Ryan 1.20.2
Official authorized app of Ryan's World. Do you have what ittakestooutrun Combo Panda? Tag with Ryan is the coolest endlessrunnergamefor ALL AGES! Combo Panda, the ultimate gamer, haschallengedhisfriend Ryan to an endless game of tag! Combo Pandahas hiddenRyan'sdifferent costumes all over the game, and Gus theVTuber ishelpingguard them. It's up to you and Ryan to unlock themall! -Collect allof Ryan's cool costumes - Run throughincrediblelandscapes - Unlockepic power-ups - Speed through levelsinawesome vehicles - Completenew missions every day - Free toplay!Collect Suns and Pizzas, anduse them to unlock awesomeupgradeslike power-ups, vehicles, andcostumes! The farther yourun, themore you collect! Can you unlockthem all? Join Ryan in hiscoolestrunning adventure, Tag with Ryan!
Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash 1.6
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Transformers Rescue Bots:DisasterDash!Assemble all the Rescue Bots and go on anaction-packedadventureto save the world from the evil Dr. Morocco!Rescuecitizens,outrun disasters and chase down Morbots. Avoidobstacles,collectEnergon and morph from bot to vehicle to epicDinoBot! Rollto therescue! THE MOST EPIC ADVENTURE AWAITS •COMPLETE excitingmissionsin four major cities, including GriffinRock • USE specialjumppowers to rescue citizens in Bot mode • RIDEfast and catchevilMorbots in vehicle mode • COLLECT Energon andbecome agiantDinoBot! • OUTRUN lava flows, tsunamis, avalanchessandtornados! •AVOID meteor showers, lightning strikes, icy hailandflingingcars! • TEAM the Rescue Bots together to destroy theMorbotKing •DEFUSE the sinister Disaster Machine and save the world•BONUS:Play with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Quickshadow! 7RESCUEBOTS,EACH WITH THEIR OWN MODES AND POWER-UPS • HEATWAVE:Fire-Bot,withthe Apatosaurus Water Blast • CHASE: Police-Bot,withtheStegosaurus Shield • BLADES: Copter-Bot, withthePterodactylTornado • BOULDER: Construction-Bot, withtheTriceratops BatteringRam • OPTIMUS PRIME: leader of theAutobots,with the T-Rex Roar •BUMBLEBEE: legendary Autobot Scout,with theRaptor Leap •QUICKSHADOW: Spy-Bot and new recruit, with theDashingSlashPRIVACY & ADVERTISING Budge Studios takeschildren'sprivacyseriously and ensures that its apps are compliantwithprivacylaws. This application has received the“ESRB(EntertainmentSoftware Rating Board) Privacy CertifiedKids’Privacy Seal”. Formore information, please visit our privacypolicyat:, oremailourData Protection Officer at: privacy@budgestudios.caBeforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try,butsomecontent may only be available via in-apppurchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to youraccount.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases,changeyourdevice settings. This app may containcontextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads forrewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from ourpartners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permitbehavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may alsocontainsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parentalgate.TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This applicationissubject to anEnd-User License Agreement available throughthefollowing link: STUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with themission toentertain andeducate children around the world, throughinnovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolioconsists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintainsthe higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and hasbecome a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones andtablets. Like Followus:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: We always welcomeyour questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 BUDGEandBUDGE STUDIOS are trademarks ofBudge Studios Inc. TRANSFORMERSisa trademark of Hasbro and is usedwith permission. © 2017Hasbro.All rights reserved. Licensed byHasbro. Transformers RescueBots:Disaster Dash © 2017 Budge StudiosInc. All Rights Reserved.
Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game 1.92
Frojo Apps
Moy is finally back for the 7th installment! This time therearesomelarge changes to the UI and the way you interact withthedifferentrooms that Moy spend time in. There is nowmoreinteraction with theenvironment than ever before and thegamefeels much more alive andinteresting. You can now choose fromover85 different games andactivities. As always there are awidevaritety of games and ways tocollect coins. The mini-gamesarecategorized into four differentgenres - casual, arcade, racingandpuzzles. There are also plenty ofcreative activities suchasplaying the piano, drums or guitar. Youcan also spendtimepainting, filling in a coloring book, managing azoo,plantingflowers in your garden, saving patients by playingdoctorand muchmuch more! This game is all about caring for yourMoy. HelpMoy bybrushing his teeth, showering him when he's dirty,tellinghim whento go to bed, give him healthy food, exercising himandplayinggames with him. The more you care for your Moy the morehewillgrow and be happy. The coins you collect from playing anyofthedifferent mini-games can be spent on purchasing newclothing,bodycolors, hairstyles or even beards for your Moy. Youcan alsospendcoins by decorating your house, buying fishes fortheaquarium, newanimals for your zoo, buying ingredients forbakingyour owndesserts and much more.
PJ Masks™: Hero Academy 2.0
It’s time for you to take control of the PJ Masks’epicadventures!Hero Academy teaches STEAM (science,technology,engineering, artand maths) learning through thefundamentals ofcoding, standingapart from other learning apps withits fun andexciting gameplay,stories and animated action. For kids,aged4-7yrs, this app willintroduce age-appropriate concepts suchaslogic, puzzle-solvingand algorithms – breaking the big pictureintosmaller steps foryour mini-heroes. Join PJ Robot in the HQ andhelpguide Catboy,Owlette and Gekko through obstacles usingtheirawesome superpowers, and defeat the night-time baddies! Watchasthe actionunfolds and learn core skills along the way. EARLYYEARSCODING& PUZZLES • This app will teach your child thecoreprinciplesbehind coding using precoding techniques. • Itutilisesproblemsolving and testing through trial and error. •Progressthrough thelevels will organically teach your child andgraduallyincrease thecomplexity of the challenges. • Educationalelementsare seamlesslyintegrated into gameplay keeping it fun toplay. •Each packfeatures different challenges and coding learnings.• Haveup tothree different profiles for your children so theycanprogress attheir own speed. FEATURES • The app has over 15levelsthat arefree to play, and additional content can be boughtvia theShop inthe app. • Play as Catboy, Owlette or Gekko,completingexcitingpuzzles and adventures. • Drive the Cat-Car, theGekkoMobile, andfly the Owl Glider. • Create your own race tracksforendless fun!• Use the PJ Masks power ups to get past obstacles!•Explore theCity Canals, the Park, the Sports Field and manymorelocations. •Win rewards and unlock bonus levels! • Defeatthevillains anddon’t forget to collect the golden stars andmissiontargets! •Play offline, no WiFi or data required. SAFE ANDAD-FREEPJ Masks™:Hero Academy gives parents peace of mind with:•Age-appropriatecontent tailored for 4-7 year olds. • A safeandsecureenvironment: NO ads! • Parental gate to stop yourlittleonesmaking unauthorized purchases PJ MASKS PJ Masks is abigfavoritewith families all around the world. Together the trioofheroes –Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko – embark onaction-packedadventures,solving mysteries and learning valuablelessons alongthe way.Watch out nighttime baddies – the PJ Masks areon theirway, intothe night to save the day! ABOUT EntertainmentOneEntertainmentOne (eOne) is a market leader in thecreation,distribution, andmarketing of award-winning kids' contentthatconnects withfamilies around the world. Inspiring smiles withtheworld's mostbeloved characters, from Peppa Pig to PJ Masks,eOnetakes dynamicbrands all the way from screens to stores. NOTETOPARENTS * Thisgame is free to play, but it contains items thatcanbe purchasedfor real money. You can turn off this featurebydisabling in-apppurchases in your device’s settings. SUPPORTForthe bestperformance, we recommend Android 5 and above CONTACTUSFeedbackor questions? We'd love to hear from you. MORE INFORMATIONPrivacyPolicy: TermsofUse:
Transformers: RobotsInDisguise 1.9.0
Hasbro Inc.
The Insecticons are everywhere and we need your help todefeatthem!Take control of your favourite Transformers, collectenergon,andunlock power modules to gear up and defeat theInsecticons.▶TAGTEAM GAMEPLAY:Bumblebee can’t take them all on byhimself.Select ateammate to take into battle with you. When Beegets tiredhisparner can take over and finish what he started.Discover lotsandlots of new Autobots and Decepticons characters tounlock alongtheway from ▶CUSTOMIZE your character with new weaponsand boostsbycollecting Power Modules throughout the game. ▶TRANFORMintoVehicleMode, rev your engines and smash into yourenemies,knocking themout of action! COMING SOON During 2015 you’llbe ableto unlock yournew Transformers “Robots in Disguise” Toys inthegame by scanningthe new Transformers “Shield” icon. (See gameformoreinstructions). All unlocks are available through play,nopurchasenecessary to enjoy the game. INFO FOR PARENTS Otherthanfordownloading and updating the game, Transformers RobotsinDisguisegame does not require an internet connection (3G orWiFi)and resteasy, it has NO in app purchases. Hasbro, Transformersandallrelated logos and character names and trademarks aretrademarksofHasbro, Inc. © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
Transformers Rescue Bots: Hero Adventures 2021.1.0
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS:Hero!Volcanoes,earthquakes, avalanches, or wildfires — wherevertherearedisasters, wherever there are people in need of help,youcanalways count on the Rescue Bots. Work together as a teamtorescuethe civilians of Griffin Rock from hazardous disastersandDoctorMorocco’s evil Morbots. Complete each mission successfullytoearnbadges. Transformers Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue! 6RESCUEBOTSOptimus Prime: The Autobot leader Bumblebee: ThefriendlywarriorHeatwave: Fire-Bot Chase: Police-Bot Blades:Copter-BotBoulder:Construction-Bot 5 RESCUE MISSIONS AND MORE THAN10GAMESVolcanoes: Extinguish lava to save civiliansEarthquakes:Restorepower to Griffin Rock Avalanches: Clear the snowto rescuestrandedcivilians Wildfires: Extinguish ravaging forestfiresMorbots:Defeat and capture the invading Morbots PRIVACY&ADVERTISINGBudge Studios takes children's privacy seriouslyandensures thatits apps are compliant with privacy laws.Thisapplication hasreceived the “ESRB (Entertainment SoftwareRatingBoard) PrivacyCertified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. For moreinformation,please visitour privacypolicyat:, oremailourData Protection Officer at: privacy@budgestudios.caBeforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try,butsomecontent may only be available via in-apppurchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to youraccount.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases,changeyourdevice settings. This app may containcontextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads forrewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from ourpartners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permitbehavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may alsocontainsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parentalgate.TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This applicationissubject to anEnd-User License Agreement available throughthefollowing link: STUDIOSBudge Studios leads the industry byprovidingentertaining apps forkids through innovation andcreativity. Thecompany develops andpublishes apps for smartphonesand tabletsplayed by millions ofchildren worldwide. Like Followus:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: We alwayswelcome your questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7at TRANSFORMERSisa trademark of Hasbroand is used with permission. ©2016-2019Hasbro. All rightsreserved. Licensed by Hasbro.Transformers RescueBots: HeroAdventures © 2016-2019 Budge StudiosInc. All rightsreserved BUDGEand BUDGE STUDIOS are trademarks ofBudge StudiosInc.
Talking Husky Dog 2.38
Talking Baby
Talking Husky Dog repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Husky Dog .PlaywithHusky Dog : - Talk to Husky Dog and he will repeateverythingyousay with a funny voice. - Threw Frisbee to me quickly!-reallysweet. - look at my dancing. - have a sleep. - I’mthemonster ofcircus. - Poke his head, Arm or feet. This is a freeapp,downloadand enjoy it
LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA
Relive the galaxy's greatest adventure in LEGO® Star Wars™:TheForce Awakens™ for mobile! Play as heroic characters fromthemovie, including Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, and BB-8,aswell as Kylo Ren and General Hux. LEGO® Star Wars™: TheForceAwakens™ immerses fans in the new Star Wars™ adventure likeneverbefore, retold through the clever and witty LEGOlens.Additionally, players will experience previously untoldstorylevels that explore the time leading up to Star Wars™: TheForceAwakens™. FEATURES: • LEGO Star Wars™: The ForceAwakens™introduces exciting gameplay mechanics never beforeavailable in aLEGO game including: Multi-Builds, Blaster Battlesand enhancedflight sequences. • Choose from multiple buildingoptions with thenew Multi-Builds system to solve puzzles, or justto have fun. Allactions advance the experience in different ways. •Leverage yoursurroundings as cover and engage in intense BlasterBattles todrive back the relentless First Order and emergevictorious. •Experience the thrill of high-speed, action-packedflight likenever before, including arena-based aerial battles anddogfights. •Enjoy all new levels and characters with the purchaseof the AllContent Season Pass. Exciting content will be rolling outthroughthe year.
PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes 3.0.2
Choose your favorite hero character to play with, and journeyacrossthe moonlit rooftops and through the night, collecting asmany orbsas you can. But beware of those pesky villains, they’reup tomischief again! The PJ Masks are on their way, into the nighttosave the day! FEATURES • The app has 21 levels that are freetoplay, and additional content can be bought via the Shop in theapp.• Collectable orbs - collect orbs to add to your final score.•Gold amulets - pick up gold amulets along the way to boostyourfinal score. Make sure you keep your eyes out for thembecausethey’re hard to find! • Hazards - dodge the obstacles thevillainsare throwing in their way! CHARACTER POWERUPS Collect thecoloredamulets and trigger the heroes’ superpowers: • Catboy –ability tojump higher • Owlette – ability to see hidden orbs •Gekko –ability to smash through obstacles SAFE AND AGE APPROPRIATETrustedby millions of families across the globe, PJ Masks:MoonlightHeroes gives parents peace of mind with: • Age-appropriatecontenttailored for preschoolers • A safe and secure environment,with nothird-party advertising • May contain promotional contentaboutother PJ Masks related products and eOne’s preschool shows.•Advertising in the app can be disabled at any point bypurchasingadditional content in the shop section. • Parental gateto stopyour little ones making unauthorised purchases. PJ MASKS PJMasksis a big favorite with families all around the world. Togetherthetrio of heroes – Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko – embarkonaction-packed adventures, solving mysteries and learningvaluablelessons along the way. Watch out nighttime baddies – the PJMasksare on their way, into the night to save the day!ABOUTEntertainment One Entertainment One (eOne) is a market leaderinthe creation, distribution, and marketing of award-winningkids'content that connects with families around the world.Inspiringsmiles with the world's most beloved characters, fromPeppa Pig toPJ Masks, eOne takes dynamic brands all the way fromscreens tostores. SUPPORT For the best performance, we recommendAndroid 5and above CONTACT US Feedback or questions? We'd love tohear fromyou. Email us at MORE INFORMATIONPrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: MoreInformation:
PJ Masks™: HQ 20.90.40
Play as Catboy, Owlette and Gekko in this free app. It’s time tobeahero, defeat the villains and save the city in theseawesomegamescreated especially for PJ Masks fans! The PJ Masks areontheir way,into the night to save the day! GAMES STICKYSPLATSOCCER • Defendthe PJ Masks HQ from the Ninjalinos andtheirSticky Splats • Play asCatboy, Owlette or Gekko • Tap at therighttime to deflect theSticky Splats • Earn stars and scorepoints! •Improve your reactiontime and see if you can beat yourtop score!HOWLING HAVOC • Dodgethe Wolfy Kids’ Super Sonic Howls •Play asCatboy, Owlette or Gekko• Use your hero powers: Super CatStripes,Super Owl Feathers andSuper Gekko Muscles. • Defeat thevillainsand earn stars! • Get yourtiming perfect to see if you canbeatyour top score! MOONFIZZLEMADNESS • Help protect the CityfromLuna Girl and her MoonfizzleBalls • Play as Catboy, OwletteorGekko • Draw and match shapes onscreen! • Use your heropowers:Super Cat Stripes, Super OwlFeathers, Super Gekko Muscles!• Earnstars for every correctdrawing! • Increase your accuracy tosee ifyou can beat your topscore! MOUNTAIN MAYHEM • ProtectMysteryMountain from the Splatcano• Play as Catboy, Owlette orGekko •Block the Mountain Splat beforeit gets too big! • Watch outforNight Ninja and the Ninjalinos andtheir Sticky Fingers! • Useyourhero powers to lift heavy boulders!• Increase your speed tosee ifyou can beat your top score! SAFE ANDAD-FREE Trusted bymillionsof families across the globe, the PJMasks™: HQ givesparents peaceof mind with: • Age-appropriatecontent tailored forpreschoolers •A safe and secure environment -NO ads! PJ MASKS PJMasks hasbecome a firm favorite with familiesall around the world.Togetherthe trio of heroes, Catboy, Owletteand Gekko embark onactionpacked adventures, solving mysteries andlearning valuablelessonsalong the way. Watch out night-time baddies– the PJ Masksare ontheir way, into the night to save the day!ABOUTEntertainment OneEntertainment One (eOne) is a market leaderin thecreation,distribution and marketing of award-winning kidscontentthatconnects with families around the world. Inspiringsmiles withtheworld's most beloved characters, from Peppa Pig to PJMasks,eOnetakes vibrant brands all the way from screens tostores.SUPPORTFor the best performance, we recommend Android 5 andaboveMOREINFORMATION PrivacyPolicy: ofUse: CONTACT US Feedbackorquestions? We'dlove to hear from you. Email
Furious Goal(Ultimate Soccer Team) 1.2.2
【Game Introduction】 Welcome to the football game"FuriousGoal".Youcan start up your dream team in the game and win thechampioninthe League Cup. You can also engage in a real-time battlewithyourfriends online. we have simplified football rules to makethegamemore fluent and exciting, also added surreal props gamemodeforplayers to experience alternative football charm. Althoughthisisa leisure game made by two independent teams in China, itisfullof sincerity and rich in content.Name your club, createyourteambadge, collect your favorite soccer stars, and createanall-starsoccer team. Customize your formation and first teambeforethegame and win every game. Pick the best footballers andwineverycontest. Do you want to be a great coach? Build yourclubandmanage everything: squads, tactics, training, transfers,etc.Thetop stars of European and world football are waiting for youinthegame. The new free-kick game mode has been added.Let'sinvitefriends to play together. 【Game features】 *Toomanyplayers'movements * Real-time PVP Fair Fighting *Freeadjustmentof formation and main force * Dress up your playersandbuild apersonalized team. * Upgrade your home stadium and getmorehomereward income
Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 4.2.0
Build a mighty army of furious slugs to beat slingers andbecomekingof the arena! Slug it out 2is an adventurous slugshooter gamethatwill blow your mind with a pack of fun andintensivechallenges.Solve puzzles, raise slugs, and play ignitedwars withslug mastersin different caverns that seem like differentplanets.Slug it out 2creates dual fun with a super cool appearanceandchallengingmissions which help to test your skills. Comebeneaththe surface tomeet the creatures that inhabit Slugterra,Slugs! Inthis luminous,high-tech, underground world, explore everynook andcranny of the 99caverns to see what awaits you. Make suretobefriend as many slugsas you can along the way; they all haveaspecial talent where theycan transform into powerfulmagicalbeasts! Harness the power of yourslug friends, train them,andevolve them to their epic Megamorphform! 🐛 Have you everwanderedin the arena of slugs? 🐛 Have you everbattled in combatwithslugs? 🐛 Do you want to enjoy puzzles in afighting game? Nowit’stime to take charge of the world of slugs.Let’s become aproSlugterra Slugslinger! Once you become anexperiencedSlugslinger,you’ll be able to control the power ofElementals, thelegendaryancestors of all Slugs! Will you discovernew friends, newrivals,or simply new information to piece togetherthe history ofSlugterra? How To Play Slug It Out 2? • Move into thefield andtake onchallenges to double the fun • Match 3 or more ofthe sameslugs inthe puzzle to charge them • Shoot the furious slugsontheopponents to beat them • Defeat your rival and take yourgametothe next level • Complete the initial levels to increaseyourslugcollection SLUGTERRA SLUG GAME FEATURES: ===HUNDREDSOFFUNPUZZLES=== Slug it out 2 brings hundreds of cutepuzzleswithintensive challenges where raised slugs become yourrealweapons.These are based on one of the best TV seriesever,Slugterra!===EXPLORE MULTIPLE MAGICAL WORLDS=== From storymodecaverns tothe Slug Hideout, where your slugs can hang outandinteractthrough various activities with one another – andyou!===COLLECTCUTEST SLUG CHARACTERS=== With your evolution stones,youcan buildand level up a team of Megamorphs, which are theslug'sfastest andstrongest form with more to discover! Combinethese withElementalSlugs, who are the ancestors of all slugs foundin theworld ofSlug terra! ===MULTIPLE MODES=== Enjoy the differentmodesofSlugterra game such as Story, Multiplayer, and Duel.Eachmodebrings a new face of the game that keeps you engagedwiththecharacters. ===GRAPHICS & BACKGROUND MUSIC===Slugslingergamehas clean and colorful graphics that produce a greatcrunch inyourgaming experience. A special thanks to therelaxingbackgroundmusic that also keeps your interest alive.===PLAY DAILYEVENTS===Win new rewards daily and receive awesomeshop upgrades,coins,gems, and gifts! ===STAY TUNED=== Keep an eyeout formonthlyupdates with newer slugs, challenging levels, andexcitingrewards!Play the most fascinating slugterra games toconquer yourboredom!Like Slug it Out 2 onFacebook Slug it Out 2onInstagram JointheSlug itOut 2 Discord community
Little Panda's Hero Battle Game
Danger is upon us, and world peace is being destroyedbyfourpowerful enemies. Our superheroes are preparing for battle!Youcanchoose from four heroes. They have different skills withwhichtheycan withstand the attacks of the enemy. The enemy canonlybedefeated with consecutive attacks. Run! You must keepyourherorunning past the forest and the tunnels all the waytothebattlefield; Collect energy! Don't miss out on the coins,whichcanbe used to buy even more powerful and cool equipment foryourhero.Stock up on Energy Hearts so that your hero can fall backonplentyduring battle; Dodge attacks! The enemy will launchitsattacks,and so you have to drag your hero in order to dodge.Onlythis waywill you have chances of winning; The battle Charge!Yourhero willuse his or her skills to attack the enemy repeatedly.Youwin whenthe enemy's energy level hits zero! This is a gamethatisspecially designed for children. It helps children tosummonuptheir courage and be brave enough to face andchallengethedifficulties that crop up in everyday life. AboutBabyBus —————AtBabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparkingkids'creativity,imagination and curiosity,and designing ourproductsthrough thekids' perspective to help them explore the worldontheir own. NowBabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videosandothereducational content for over 400 million fans from ages0-8aroundthe world! We have released over 200 children'seducationalapps,over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymes and animationsofvariousthemes spanning the Health, Language, Society, Science,Artandother fields. ————— Contact us: ser@babybus.comVisitus:
Ricky Zoom™: Welcome to Wheelford 1.4.1
Make room for the vroom! Explore Wheelford, the world ofpreschoolTV show Ricky Zoom. Teaching friendship and teamwork andfilledwith zoomtastic bike rescues, it's an aspirational show foryourlittle ones. The possibilities are endless on two wheels! Inthisapp you can meet the characters, test out their gadgets andlookaround the amazing world of Wheelford. Packed with fun minigamesand interactive playgrounds kids can learn the skills requiredtobecome a Bike Buddy. All for one and bikes for all! FEATURES •Tonsof exciting mini games to play. • Meet Ricky, Loop, Scootio,DJ,Toot, Maxwell and the Zoom family. • Explore Maxwells Garageandthe Rescue Pod. • Wash the bikes - grab a sponge and popthebubbles! • Includes matching and sorting games, designed todeveloppre-schooler's cognitive abilities. • Gameplay encouragessocialand emotional development as you help out the Bike Buddies. •Learnand progress by choosing your difficulty level. • Interactwith allthe Bikes, test their gadgets and play. • Drive to everymini gamecollecting points as you go. • Watch out for obstacles toslow youdown! • Celebrate every victory with the Bike Buddies! •Playoffline, no WiFi or data required. SAFE AND AD-FREE The RickyZoomapp gives parents peace of mind with: • Age-appropriatecontenttailored for preschoolers • A safe and secure environment:NO ads!RICKY ZOOM Meet Ricky Zoom! Built for speed, he’s a littleredrescue bike who shares his experiences with his Bike BuddiesLoop,Scootio and DJ. Together they speed around the sports track,trynew stunts at the park, and race to the rescue! Join Ricky andhisBuddies as they zoom into every adventure! ABOUT EntertainmentOneEntertainment One (eOne) is a market leader in thecreation,distribution, and marketing of award-winning kids' contentthatconnects with families around the world. Inspiring smiles withtheworld's most beloved characters, eOne takes dynamic brands alltheway from screens to stores. SUPPORT For the best performance,werecommend Android 5 and above. CONTACT US Feedback orquestions?We'd love to hear from you. Email MORE INFORMATION PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: MoreInformation:
Robocar Poli Games: Kids Games for Boys and Girls 1.5.5
Join Robocars and save the city playing these cool boy gamesforfree! Find out who has super wings! Maybe Polly? 🤖 Play girlsandboys games free for kids and complete missions! Become abraverescuer and help Robocars to save Broomstown and its citizensinRobocar Poli Games: Kids Games for Boys and Girls 🤖! Put outthefire 🚒, find the cat 🐱, repair the building and much more! AnewPort has been opened recently, and there's a typhoon there!🤖ROBOCAR POLI 🤖 Poli Robocar girls and boys games are based onacartoon with Robocars called "Robocar Poli". Robocars liveinBroomstown, look after its citizens, help in emergencies andliketo play in cool boy games for free! 🚙 COMPLETE MISSIONS 🚙Playgirls and boys games free for kids and follow the dispatcher asshewill tell you about all the incidents that happen in town. Inthesegirl and boy games free you will have easier missions too:find amissing cat, fix cars and school buses, rebuild gas stationsandothers. 🚗 USE ROBOCARS 🚗 Robocars each have different,specialskills that can really help you to play these cool boy gamesforfree, and someone has super wings: Poli Robocar is the fastestofall and he will be the first at the incident spot. Roy isthestrongest and can handle a lot. Amber is the smartest and willfinda solution to any problem. Helly will cheer your mood at anytime!All of them want to play these girl and boy games free withyou! 🏠EXPLORE ALL TOWN SPOTS 🏠 In this game you will respond toincidentson the City Road, on Bricks Bridge and other places inRobocar Poligame for kid free! Play our kids games boys and girlsand completemission with Robocars! When you complete a mission, youget an itemfor your city. 🤖 Are you ready to save Broomstown andplay littleboy games free? Robocars are ready! 📲 Download the game:“RobocarPoli Games: Kids Games for Boys and Girls!” Play thesegirls andboys games free for kids and solve incidents inBroomstown! 👍 Yoursubscription will automatically renew at the endof thesubscription period. The free trial will automaticallyconvert to apaid subscription at the end of the trial period unlessyou turnoff the auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of theperiod.Your account will be charged for the applicable subscriptionfeewithin 24 hours of the end of the previous subscription periodortrial period. You may turn off auto-renewal at any time fromyourGoogle account settings. The current version of Terms of Useisavailable here: is important to us! ✉️ Contact 🔔Stay tuned: 💻 Ourwebsite:
Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases 1.90
Hop in the Mystery Machine and join Scooby, Shaggy and the restofthe Mystery Inc. gang to solve mysteries. Become famousonMystery-Tube and gain more followers as you look for cluesincluttered scenes, play mini-games, build traps and unmaskthevillain. Featuring: • Over 45 levels of silly, spooky gameplay•Dress up Scooby and Shaggy in silly costumes • Earn Scoobysnackswhen you complete levels to buy more costumes • Upgradeyourcostumes for extra hints, more time, and more snacks •Completedifferent challenges and earn bonus stars • Watch videos,readcomic books and character bios • Play everyday to earn dailysnacksThere’s so much to do, so get sleuthing and let’s see who therealculprit was!
Masha and the Bear: Good Night! 1.3.4
Today we will say good night and help go to bed all thecharactersfrom the cartoon Masha and the Bear! Bedtime storiesandinteractive lullabies are a special type of apps from the seriesofeducational kids games. There are interactive stories with aplot,puzzles and adventures, your task is to put characters to bedandwish them goodnight. These games are interesting for boysandgirls. Interactive lullabies are much better than ordinarybedtimestories or cartoons. There is night and some lights arevisible inthe forest where Masha and the Bear couldn’t sleep. Allthe otheranimals don't sleep too. Every character, from the cartoonMashaand the Bear, has a lot of urgent things which they shoulddobefore going to bed. Somebody wants to put the things inorder,another one wants to count starts. One character wants towatchcartoon, or to listen to the lullaby, and another characterhascome to the Masha’s house to take a shower and to listen tocalmand pleasant music before going to sleep. Today all thestorieswill be unusual and very interesting. Bedtime storiesandinteractive lullabies are much better, than just cartoons. Youaregoing to be the main character of the most interesting storieseverand write a new exciting fairytale about your own adventures inourkids game. Anybody, who likes cartoons and adventures, Mashaandthe Bear invite to a new interactive kids game Bedtimestories!Make all the animals go to bed and wish them goodnight.Play withall the family members! Have a lot of positive emotionsand spendfun and useful time together. Stay tuned and play with us.Oureducational kids games for boys and girls will always make youandyour toddler happy and you will always have a good mood playingoureducational games.
Talking Gummy Free Bear Games for kids 3.6.0
Download Talking Gummy - Funny bear free games for kids, oneofthebest casual games for kids you’ll find on the store. Playcasualinfamily this game and enjoy the features Gummy bear bringsyou.Allthe fans of this bear are in luck because they can gettheofficialcasual game: TALKING GUMMY! Fun bear free games forkids&family. INTERACT WITH TALKING GUMMY BEAR Talk to himandgummyrepeats all you say. If you look for bear games, TalkingGummybearis the game you are looking for Talking Gummy - Funnybearfreegames for kids is a casual game designed for boys andgirlstospend a hilarious time in family. All the kids enjoyplayingthisgame with their friends. Every kid wants to have theirown petandthis virtual pet will be all they want to have to playwith.Boysand girls loves gummy bear and now they can playwiththeirfavorite candy bear. Gummy bear repeats what you say!Touchthescreen to see Gummy Bear’s funny reactions and learn toplaythetuba with your new casual virtual pet! FEATURES & HOWTOPLAYTHIS TALKING GAME • TAP and watch his hilarious reactionsmadeforkids’ happiness! • PLAY the tuba with the famousTalkingGummyBear! • TAKE a photo with Gummy Bear and SHARE WITHYOURFRIENDS! •ENJOY casual mini-games with your favorite virtualpet. •MAKE yourfavourite songs your RINGTONES. • PICTURES withGummy onsillyposes that will make you laugh • MAKE him DANCE andchoosehisdance • PLAY the mini game and rescue the candy bearsfallingdown!Talking Gummy - Funny bear free games for kids belongstoMyTalking Toys Family Casual Apps designed for kids to playinfamilyand with friends. My Talking Toys family are composedby:Rebeccathe Monster Girl, Rapper, YooHoo, Gingerbread, TeddyBear,ClayKids, Garfield Cat, Pinocchio, Princess, Pirate, Tibbie,ArnoldtheElf & Cowboy. Enjoy this Talking Family Friends andhavefunwith our casual characters made for all kids. Boys andgirlswillplay in family and with friends. Talking Gummy - Funnybearfreegames for kids is a casual game for all the familyandincludesadvertising. This casual game also includes linksthatdirectcustomers to My Talking Toys other apps and playingcasualgames.
Superhero for Kids 1.5.4
All the boys without exception like superheroes and comics.Everyboyin his dreams saved his home city from evil forces morethanonce, asthe real heroes do. But each child has their ownidol,theirfavourite character. But how one game canpleaseeveryone?Superheroes and comics are so different. But it'snot aproblem forus! Our game for boys will satisfy the needs ofeverychild. Thistime, our kid’s stories brought the most popularheroestogether.Today your child, as well as all superheroes, willdefendtheircity, playing any character they like. So, we arepleasedtopresent you another great free update of the kid’sfairytalesseries. All the heroes and comics today will gathertogetherin oneplace. An exciting and dynamic game for the boys iswaitingfor us!So what happened? Why do we urgently need realheroes?SuddenlyHippo City faced all the disasters at once! Cityisattacked by thebig spiders and the water monsters, andsometimesthere is a meteorrain. But it’s not a problem. Real heroeslookafter their city andwill not allow the trouble to happen.Allpopular superheroesgathered in a Hippo’s secret residence. Wewillbe following thenews and, receiving an alarm, immediately rushtorescue. But firstwe need to open comics and select one ofthefavourite characters.Who will protect the inhabitants of theHippocity today? Batman orHippo-Hulk? Or maybe it willbeHippo-Spiderman or Hippo-Ironman?Choose and go towardsadventures!Try our new wonderful productfree of charge. Give yourchild lotsof positive emotions! Staytuned and stay with us. Ourfreeeducational games will always makeyou and your children happy.
King Tongue 1.2.0
BANANABUNGA!!! Since the BANANA KING declared war on themonkeys,thousands of bananas ARMED TO THE TEETH have come from allover toattack with everything they’ve got! BUT IT’S PAYBACK TIME!You’reKING TONGUE, lord of the monkeys, a gorilla among capuchins,andyou’re going to make these bananas go monkeys! You’ve only gotoneweapon against the high-tech military hordes waiting tostrike:your TONGUE! It might not seem like much, but... it’s arealGRAPNEL! No mercy for bananas! You’re public enemy #1inBananaland! And one thing is for certain: you’ll give noquarter...Features • King Tongue is an old-school arcade game whereyou usejumps and combo sequences to try and get the highest score!• Yourtongue is one of a kind in the animal kingdom! Thisone-buttongrappling hook lets you hang, swing, and throw yourselfto and frowith an ease rarely seen with a single finger! • Take onthe wavesof bananasoldiers, each with more improbable weapons thanthe last(bananazookas, bananacopters, superbananas, and more)! It’sup toyou to find and exploit their weaknesses... • There are40magnificent and peaceful (before you got there, anyway) arenas in4worlds for you to drool over (and to make you suffer)! • Unlocknewmonkeys! What’s after King Tongue? You can play with PingThongue,Hong Tongue and Queen Tongue! In addition to having theirownstyle, each primate has a different specialty! • The holy grailofthis very lofty quest: an infinite mode to show who’s boss! Thisiswhere you want to score! Who’s the King of the kings!? • Thegameis 100% playable offline, so you can play it wherever andwheneveryou want.
Baby Panda World
Baby Panda World is a collection of all the popular appsofBabyBus!All of your favorite content can be found here! Can'twaittoexplore a world that belongs to you? Let's create yourownstory!EXPLORATION OF THE 100 AREAS There are 100 fun areas inBabyPandaWorld! You can enjoy shopping in the supermarket or goingtothemovies. Want to go to the amusement park? Plentyofentertainmentfacilities are waiting for you! Or pack yourluggageand set off ona journey from the airport! You may arrive atacoastal city throughdeserts and glaciers. Explore thebeachfronthotel, the ice creamshop...Have a wonderful time! ROLEPLAY AS YOUDESIRE Which rolewould you like to play? Policeman,doctor, chef,pilot, and more.You can play any role you like in BabyPanda'sWorld! If you likedressing up, turn into a stylist andcreatestylish looks for yourprincess or pet. Do you fancy farmlife?Raise farm animals, andplant fruits and vegetables. Become asuperfarmer! START ENDLESSADVENTURES Little adventurer, are youready?Go through the junglesand fight against witches; out to theseaand beat the pirates.Embark on a journey of adventure atBabyPanda World! You can alsotravel back in time to theJurassicperiod and visit the dinosaurkingdom, or go underground tohelprabbits hide from enemies.Realize your adventure dreams withthesefun experiences! There isnew content available every week atBabyPanda's World. Feel free toexplore this world at any timeandenjoy every moment of fun!FEATURES: - This APP features morethan80 popular BabyBus products.- Play with popular BabyBuscharactersand create your own story. -Learn about 8 major fieldsofknowledge: science, painting, music,math, language,emotionalintelligence, health, and society. - 100areas to beexplored:kindergarten, town, jewelry store, dreamcastle, dinosaurworld,enchanted forest, and more. - Play differentroles:astronaut,archaeologist, athlete, little captain,convenience storemanager,little painter, and more. - Endlessadventures await you:treasurehunt, deep-sea rescue, mazechallenge, space exploration,timetravel, and more. - New funcontents available every week.AboutBabyBus ————— At BabyBus, wededicate ourselves to sparkingkids'creativity, imagination andcuriosity,and designing ourproductsthrough the kids' perspectiveto help them explore the worldontheir own. Now BabyBus offers awide variety of products,videosand other educational content forover 400 million fans fromages0-8 around the world! We havereleased over 200children'seducational apps, over 2500 episodes ofnursery rhymesandanimations of various themes spanning theHealth,Language,Society, Science, Art and other fields. ————— Visit us:
Super Brawl Universe 2.26.65300
Join iconic characters from Nickelodeon’s all-time,mostpopularshows to battle it out in the ultimate action showdown!Allyourfavorite Nicktoons have answered the brawl call:SpongeBob,AvatarAang, the Rugrats, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesand lotsmore!Let’s get ready to BRAWL! BRAWL WITH YOUR FAVORITECHARACTERS-Recruit new and classic characters from acrosstheNickelodeoncartoon universe! - Combine your favorite Nicktoonsforthe world’swildest teamups! Will it be Squidward, Invader ZimandLeonardo? Orwill it be Korra, Danny Phantom and Rocko? Youdecide!- Activateeach character's unique ability, from recharginghealthto extracritical hits to temporary invincibility! - Show offyourtopbrawlers in Character Spotlight events! GET SLIMED! -CollectNickSlime to upgrade your fighters into unbeatable brawlers-Unleashsuper moves like Raph’s tonfa smash, Tommy Pickles’babyrattle andSpongeBob’s imaginaaation rainbow blast! - Power upwithnew tasksand events every single day! ENTER THE TOURNAMENT -Testyourskills in 1-on-1 matches, epic 3-on-3 brawls andstorychallenges -Climb to the top of season leaderboards fornewbrawlers andcostumes! - From the Avatar Air Temple to theKrustyKrab! Travelacross the Nick universe and battle it outinincredible locationslike Invader Zim’s lab, the Loud Houseandmore! Compatibility:Super Brawl Universe was specificallydesignedto work on as manydevices as possible, optimized to work onthefollowing: SamsungGalaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+, S7/S7 Edge,S8/S8Plus, A5, A8+, S9/S9+Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Exynos / Note 8XiaomiRedmi 3S GooglePixel /XL, Pixel 2/XL, Nexus 6P OPPO R9sPlus,R11/R11t MotorolaMoto G4 Huawei Mate 10, P10 LG V30+, G6SonyXperia Z5, XZ SuperBrawl Universe collects personal user dataaswell as non-personaluser data (including aggregated data)andconnects with 3rd partysocial media applications. Userdatacollection is in accordancewith applicable law, such as COPPA.Userdata may be used, forexample, to respond to user requests;enableusers to takeadvantage of certain features andservices;personalize content andadvertising; and manage andimprovePlaysoft's services. For moreinformation regardingPlaysoft’s useof personal user data, pleasevisit the PlaysoftPrivacy Policybelow. Our Privacy Policy is inaddition to any terms,conditions orpolicies agreed to between youand Google, Inc., andPlaysoft andits affiliated entities are notresponsible for Google'scollectionor use of your personal userdata and information.Additionally,this App may use “localnotifications.” Localnotifications are sentdirectly from the Appto your device (youdon’t need to be connectedto the Internet) andmay be used to notifyyou of new content orevents within your App,among other reasons.Additional Notes: SuperBrawl Universe offersin-app purchases andcharges real money foradditional in-appcontent. You may lock outthe ability to purchasein-app content byadjusting your device’ssettings. Super BrawlUniverse may containin-app advertising. Forusers residing in theEU, Super BrawlUniverse may include the use ofpersistentidentifiers for gamemanagement purposes and installationof thisapp constitutes yourpermission to such usage ofpersistentidentifiers for all users onyour device.PrivacyPolicy:©2019 Viacom InternationalInc.Danny Phantom and The FairlyOddParents created by ButchHartman.Hey Arnold created by CraigBartlett. Rocko's Modern Lifecreatedby Joe Murray. Rugrats createdby Klasky Csupo.SpongeBobSquarePants created by Stephen Hillenburg.
CKN Car Hero Run 3.2.1
The official game from YouTube superstars CKN Toys! Join Calvinashezooms around a giant toy city, skids through an orientalwinterandraces down a space launch town in the desert, collectingpowerups,skins and cars in this runner game adventure for allages.DASH,DODGE AND SPIN TO AVOID OBSTACLES Can you collect thegoldcoins asyou run without crashing into the roadblocks? Orskidunder obstaclesand dodge the giant spinning billiard balls ontherun? UNLOCK POWERUPS Power ups include: - Magnets- let thegoldcoins come to you! -Coins x2 - double the number of gold coinsyoucollect -Invincibility shield - no need to dodge obstacles,crashinto themand they allow you to keep going - Rocket -accelerate torace atturbo speed COLLECT GOLD AS YOU RUN Spinthrough the toycity, alongthe beach and through an oriental winterlandscape,collecting goldcoins as you run to unlock power ups. CARRUNNERGAME FOR THE WHOLEFAMILY Who can drive to the top of theleaderboard in your family?Challenge everyone to beat your bestscore inthis endless runner cargame adventure. Are you ready?Buckle up,rev the engine, let’s getthis show on the road! This appcontainsads and in-app purchases.PrivacyPolicy: TermsofService: Have questions? Sendusan
My talking Booba. Your virtual pet tamagochi 3.5.1
Its your talking Booba - not a cat, but friend who play kidsgamesMytalking Booba is the best virtual pet game for your kids.Inthiscool free game find Booba in different locations andplayamazinggames with him. Booba is the famous cartoon celebrity.Heis not acat, not a dog, and even not a parrot. Someone says heisahobgoblin. Meet him in an exciting branded game for kids -Nowyoucan play farm game with Booba - You need to care aboutBoobaeveryday, making sure he sleeps enough, get enough food,takinghim totoilet, and keeping him happy. - Take care ofyourhouse-keeper - puthim in nice clothes PLAY MINIGAMES - Findacollection of mini gamesdesigned to test skills, reflexesandpuzzle solving ability GROWYOUR OWN FARM - At your disposalwillbe a farm where you have togrow different varieties ofvegetables,berries and fruits. You willbe feeding them Booba, thehouse-boyloves this kind of food -Experiment. Cross plants betweeneachother. Try growing a pumpkin orsalad melon. Gardening withBoobais not only exciting, but alsofunny! TALK WITH BOOBA - Boobalikesto be spoken to - he repeatseverything he hears in hishobgoblinfunny voice! PLAY FOR FREE!WATCH BOOBA NEW EPISODES Andwhen youget tired of experiments andgames with this little funnyman,watch cartoons with Booba. Allcartoons about Booba, you canwatchonline or download them to yourphone. Such cartoons willbeavailable to you at any time of the dayor night, even withouttheInternet. After all, watching Boobacartoons is so much fun!Mytalking Booba offers an exclusive premiumsubscriptionwithadditional gaming functionality as an optionalpurchase in theapp.Premium subscription in the application of threetypes: itsmonthlycost is $ 1.99 per month, semi-annual - its costis $ 5.99and itsannual cost is $ 9.99. After confirming thepurchase, thepaymentamount will be debited from the user account iniTunes.Thesubscription will automatically renew every month (sixmonths orayear depending on the type of subscription) until theuserdisablesthe automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the endofthecurrent payment period. If during this period theautomaticrenewalremains active, the subscription price will bededucted fromtheuser account. User can manage subscriptions;auto-renewal canbedisabled in your iTunes account settings afterpurchase.However,you cannot unsubscribe from the current activemonth - onlythenext. Any unused portion of the free trial, ifoffered, willbecanceled when the user purchases a subscriptiontothispublication, where applicable. This app contains: -advertising-content personalization to encourage users to playtheapplicationagain; - view Boobа cartoon videos; - the possibilityofpurchasesfrom the application; - items offered at various pricesinvirtualcurrency, depending on the current level reached bytheplayer; -alternative access to all functions of theapplicationwithoutmaking any purchases from the application forreal money(gameprogress, in-game functions) Termsofuse:
My Little Pony Rainbow Runners 1.6
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony Rainbow Runners!Apowerfulcolor-stealing spell has been unleashed on Ponyvilleandit’s up toyour favorite ponies to break it with the powerofFriendship! Run,jump, awaken your ponies’ Rainbow Powers andusetheir epicabilities to bring the colors back to the world! ACOLORFILLEDADVENTURE • PLAY exciting missions all over Ponyville! •RUNtoclose the color-stealing portals, one platform at a time!•JUMP,FLY and SLIDE to avoid obstacles, holes and muddypuddles!•TRANSFORM your ponies into their epic Rainbow Power form!•COLLECTPony Power and upgrade your ponies’ Rainbow Powers •EMBARKon apersonal quest with each pony 6 PONIES, EACH WITH THEIROWNRAINBOWPOWER AND SUPER FORM • PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLES:Clearsthe wayof obstacles with her Magic Blast • PINKIE PIE: Jumpshigherthanever with her Mega Bounce • RAINBOW DASH: Dashesandsmashesthrough obstacles with her Rainboom • RARITY: AttractsPonyPowerwith her Magnetic Personality • APPLEJACK: Turnsobstaclesintoapple sauce with her Apple Strike • FLUTTERSHY:Glidesgracefullyover and above anything with her Super FlightPRIVACY&ADVERTISING Budge Studios takes children's privacyseriouslyandensures that its apps are compliant with privacylaws.Thisapplication has received the “ESRB (EntertainmentSoftwareRatingBoard) Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. Formoreinformation,please visit our privacypolicyat:, oremailourData Protection Officer at: privacy@budgestudios.caBeforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try,butsomecontent may only be available via in-apppurchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to youraccount.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases,changeyourdevice settings. This app may containcontextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads forrewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from ourpartners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permitbehavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may alsocontainsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parentalgate.TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This applicationissubject to anEnd-User License Agreement available throughthefollowing link: STUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with themission toentertain andeducate children around the world, throughinnovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolioconsists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintainsthe higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and hasbecome a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones andtablets. Like Followus:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: We always welcomeyour questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 MY LITTLEPONYand all related characters aretrademarks of Hasbro and areusedwith permission. © 2017 Hasbro. AllRights Reserved. LicensedbyHasbro. BUDGE and BUDGE STUDIOS aretrademarks of BudgeStudiosInc.
Hasbro Inc.
BEYBLADE BURST is taking the world bystorm!Create, customize and battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops intheBEYBLADE BURST App. Compete to win matches and unlockvirtualpieces! BEYBLADE BURST brings the excitement and energy ofBEYBLADEto your own personal device!NEW MULTIPLAYER ONLINE PLAY & BEYMASTER FEATURES!*•BATTLE FRIENDS: Battle head-to-head against friends onlineandchallenge others worldwide! •LEVEL UP TO BEYMASTER: Earn achievements to level up as aBlader—from Rookie to an ultimate BEYMASTER!•LEADERBOARDS: See who is the top Blader among your friends inthefriends leaderboardFRIEND LEADERBOARD•PERSONALIZED PROFILES: Select a player icon and color fromagallery of options. Choose a continental team badgeforbattle!•ENHANCED TOP SELECTION: Redesigned BEYBLADE BURST topselectionscreen allows you to easily see and filter yourcollection•RESTORE PROGRESS: Retrieve lost progress through arestorecodeBEYBLADE BURST:- Battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the app withexcitingpowers- Customize your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the app with differentpartsand colors- Battle and you can unlock virtual pieces for your BEYBLADEBURSTtops- Compete in head-to-head battles online against otherplayers(internet connection required)USEFUL TIPS:This app requires access to your device’s camera to scan the codeonyour BEYBLADE BURST products. Visit your device's privacysettingsto enable the camera.*Features such as multiplayer online, friends leaderboardandprogress restore require an internet connectionSupported Devices- Android 4.4+- Samsung Galaxy S4+- Samsung Galaxy Note 3+
The Smurf Games 1.5
Budge Studios
FEATURES ·      Compete in6differentfantastic events ·     Earnmedals, andmove up the eventleaderboard·      Winto unlock over 20Smurfs withspecial skills·      Earn ALLof themedals to unlockHefty, the best in everysport·     Intuitive touch and tiltbasedgameplay·      Designed to challengebothyoungand older kids PRIVACY & ADVERTISING BudgeStudiostakeschildren's privacy seriously and ensures that itsappsarecompliant with privacy laws. This application hasreceivedthe“ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) PrivacyCertifiedKids’Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visitourprivacypolicyat:, oremail ourDataProtection Officer at: privacy@budgestudios.caBefore youdownloadthis app, please note that it is free to try,but somecontent mayonly be available via in-app purchases. In-apppurchasescost realmoney and are charged to your account. Todisable or adjusttheability to make in-app purchases, change yourdevice settings.Thisapp may contain contextual advertising(including the optiontowatch ads for rewards) from Budge Studiosregarding other appswepublish, from our partners and from thirdparties. BudgeStudiosdoes not permit behavioral advertising orretargeting in thisapp.The app may also contain social medialinks that are onlyaccessiblebehind a parental gate. TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSEAGREEMENTThis application is subject to anEnd-User LicenseAgreementavailable through thefollowinglink: ABOUTBUDGESTUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with the missiontoentertain andeducate children around the world, throughinnovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolioconsists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintainsthe higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and hasbecome a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones andtablets. Like Followus:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: We always welcomeyour questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 BUDGEandBUDGE STUDIOS are trademarks ofBudge Studios Inc. The SmurfsGames©2015 Budge Studios Inc. AllRights Reserved.
My Town: Movie Star & Cinema - Movie Game for Kids 1.12
Your movie is about to start in the My Town Movie TheaterEnterthemovie theater and buy a ticket for the film you’d liketoenjoy.You get to choose from 3 different movies specificiallymadeforkids! Take photos with your favorite movie star or superheroonthe red carpet and grab your popcorn before settling downinyourcinema seat. What’s even more fun than just going to seeamovie?Running the movie theater yourself! Your friends willbehungrybefore the film, and you can make them their own popcorn.Nomoviemenu is complete without a drink, so don’t forget thesoda!Youeven get to enter the projection room and run themovieprojectorall by yourself! Sometimes the projector breaks downandyou’ll getto fix it with life-like tools. What’s even MORE funthanrunning amovie theater? Directing or acting in your own movie!Makeyourvery own film, you can even direct or act in the filmthewizard ofOz that is being shot at the movie studio. Become amoviestar inthis movie game for kids developed by the makers of theMyTownGames. My Town: Movie Star & Cinema - Movie GameFeatures*Manynew characters with new costumes to dress up - choosetheperfectoutfit for the movie premiere, so your movie star canshineon thered carpet *The movie game offers so many rooms todiscoverandexplore! Starting direct at the movie studio and makesure youhavea great time at the cinema! *14 characters to choosefrom,manyroles to play, including: movie directors, movie starsandcinemastaff If you can imagine it, you can make it.Everythingispossible in this movie game by My Town *Create your ownmoviesandshow them in your cinema in this movie theater gameforkids*Become the biggest movie star the My Town Community haseverseenRecommended Age Group Kids 4-12: My Town games are safetoplayeven when parents are out of the room. Younger childrencandirectmovies together with their parents, while older kids runthemovietheater alone or with friends. About My Town The MyTownGamesstudio designs digital doll house games thatpromotecreativity andopen ended play for your children all over theworld.Loved bychildren and parents alike, My Town gamesintroduceenvironmentsand experiences for hours of imaginative play.Thecompany hasoffices in Israel, Spain, Romania and thePhilippines.For moreinformation, please visit
LEGO® Tower 1.24.2
NimbleBit LLC
Build, operate and manage your own LEGO Tower! Construct awiderangeof apartments and businesses for your Minifigureresidents tolive,work and play in. Visit your friends’ towers andtrade itemsto helpthem build. Collect hundreds of uniqueMinifigure piecesand discoverhidden characters. Build your dreamLEGO Tower to newheights, thesky's the limit with content fromNINJAGO, City &Creator!Perfect your management and grow theperfect building foryourresidents! Perfect the decoration of eachresident's homeandbusiness! Make all your bricks match colors orgo crazy withyourdesign! Collect epic roofs from lines such asNINJAGO, City,HiddenSide and classics such as space and pirates.Unlock specialhiddencharacters like Diner Waitress, Explorer,Ninja, Nurse, PopStar,Warrior Woman, Astronaut, Space Fan, Zombieand many manymore!Unlock new LEGO cars, trucks and more and helpthemcompletemissions by searching for hidden objects in yourtower.Thousandsof collectible Minifigure pieces await yourdiscovery toturn everyresident into the star of their own story!Management ofyourtower's business simulation is as casual orstrategic as youmakeit. Give your worker's a holiday and let theshop sit idle orplacepeople in their dream jobs to become aprofitable tycoon.Keeptrack of how tower life is treating yourresidents byfollowingtheir own simulated social network. You caneven sign intoyourLEGO Life to save your tower across multipledevices andunlockspecial character pieces in both LEGO Tower andLEGO Life!
Thomas & Friends Minis 3.0.1
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Thomas & Friends™ Minis! Createyourvery own train set piece by piece and bring it to life withThomasand all his friends. Customize endlessly and let yourimaginationrun free with whirly waterslides, frozen loops, rainbowbridges,dino spine rails and more! Climb aboard your favorite Minisengineand experience every twist, turn and stunt! Ready, set,build! THEULTIMATE TRAIN SET BUILDER • IMMERSE yourself in yourtrain set andexperience it like never before with AugmentedReality!* • BUILDtons of exciting tracks, from twisting turns torattling ramps •ROCKET yourself through spectacular stunts, boldboosts and ragingrollercoasters! • DECORATE your train set withtall trees,beautiful buildings and dazzling decorations • PAINTyour set’sterrain with sandy beaches, bubbling lava and snowyblizzards •DRIVE through your creations in 3rd person with Thomas,Percy andmore! • COLLECT golden gears to unlock epic engine skinslike HeroHiro or Spooky Spencer! *AR is compatible with Android 7.0(Nougat)and above and available on certain devices only. GETCREATIVE WITH8 UNIQUE WORLDS TO DISCOVER • THOMAS’ COUNTRYSIDE:Explore thewindmills, train stations and workshops of verdantSodor! •GORDON’S WINTER WONDERLAND: Ride over frozen bridges andcrashthrough ice walls! • PERCY’S SPOOKY FOREST: Dare you enterthehollow log tunnel and haunted mansion? • TOBY’S BUSY CITY:Visitthe fire station, hospital and deliver the mail downtown!SPENCER’SAQUA PARK: Dive through the whirlpool tunnel and slidedown thewaterslide loop! • JAMES’ JURASSIC COVE: Venture to thelost landof treasure-filled cars and triceratops skull tunnels! •DIESEL'SENCHANTED VALLEY: Ride through the magical forest and jumpthroughincredible waterfalls to find the Medieval Castle! •EMILY’SCOASTER CITY: Embark on a rollercoaster adventure at thefair, willyou dare to jump through the Fire Hoop? PRIVACY &ADVERTISINGBudge Studios takes children's privacy seriously andensures thatits apps are compliant with privacy laws. Thisapplication hasreceived the “ESRB (Entertainment Software RatingBoard) PrivacyCertified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. For more information,please visitour privacy policyat:, or emailourData Protection Officer at: Beforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try, butsomecontent may only be available via in-app purchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to your account.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, changeyourdevice settings. This app may contain contextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads for rewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from our partners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. Please note that this appgives users theability to take and/or create photos in-app that canbe savedlocally to their devices. These photos are never sharedwith otherusers in-app, nor are they shared by Budge Studios withanyunaffiliated third party companies. TERMS OF USE / END-USERLICENSEAGREEMENT This application is subject to an End-UserLicenseAgreement available through the followinglink: ABOUT BUDGESTUDIOSBudge Studios leads the industry by providing entertainingapps forkids through innovation and creativity. The companydevelops andpublishes apps for smartphones and tablets played bymillions ofchildren worldwide. Visit us: Follow us: @budgestudios Watch ourapptrailers: HAVE QUESTIONS? Wealwayswelcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us24/7at BUDGE and BUDGE STUDIOS aretrademarksof Budge Studios Inc. Thomas & Friends™ Minis ©2017-2020 BudgeStudios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Superheroes Puzzles - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles 1,8,36
Superheroes Puzzles offers hours of FUN for you! Alsooffersunitethe Superheroes. Enter the Superheroes Universe anddiscoverthismarvellous universe. Then match the parts and helpthesuperheroes.IMPORTANT: All characters you select or representinthis game arethe right and / or trademark of yourrelatedinformation. This isthe low viewing in the application, theuse ofimaging, thecopyright law to be used for free use, whichisqualified forfairuse.Source: are not affiliated with the trademark owner inany way.Createthis game to keep you make happy, this is our firstgoal.Thisapplication complies with the US Copyright law rules of"fairuse","Superheroes Puzzles - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles". You areadirectcopyright or trademark infringement that does not includethe"fairuse" guidelines, please contact us directly. Ourapplicationwas notauthorized or created, only the originalinformation inthisadventure game, unofficial, for entertainmentpurposes only.
Kids Superheroes free 1.4.7
Super criminals are again in action! Boss, the strength of whomhasbeen never told about even in comics, has appeared from theverydepth of the space. Hippo Town and its citizens are indangeragain. Very soon all the streets will be fulfilled withfuriousmonsters and all the possible criminals. And that meansthatsuperhero adventure goes on! All the heroes and superheroeswant tohelp! Hippo town will be saved! But to win Boss you need totryvery hard and gather all the superhero squad together.Onlytogether they can win Boss. Hippo-Spiderman, HippoBatman,Hippo-Hulk, Hippo-Iron man are ready to help! Join game, itwill bean epic fight! It is much more interesting than to readcomics. Allthe history will be created only with your victories andheroicachievements! Free educational games for boys are renewedwith anexciting novelty! This time it will be a new dynamic andexcitingsuperhero adventure. You’ve never before seen suchbattlesanywhere, even in comics! We will gather all the superherosquadand then could choose which heroes will take part inthecompetitions with super criminals. Who will wintoday,Hippo-Spiderman or Hippo-Batman? Or maybe it will beHippo-Hulk orHippo-Iron man? Who will frighten to death thesefurious monsters,it is always up to you! Now you can choose anysuperhero you want!You need only to choose a superhero and start anadventure! Beattentive and fast, make important decisions, attackand use aprotection so that to win a super criminal in a dangerousbattle.Gather all the superhero squad and take part in acompetition withBoss. Become the best superhero, the achievementsof whom will beshown in every comic. Let’s go! Superheroes andachievements arewaiting for you! Try this exciting novelty from thefreeeducational games for boys. Adventures, courageous heroesandtricky monsters are waiting for you! Have a lot of fun andpositiveemotions by playing our games with kids! Stay tuned andstay withus! Our free educational games for boys will make you andyour kidshappy! Visit us: Website: http://psvgamestudio.comFacebook:
Masha and the Bear. Educational Games 6.6
Discover the fantastic world of Masha and the bear throughthese30educational games. You will love it! The educational gamesofMashaand the bear are aimed at children up to 6 years old.Thisgame isbased on the characters of the popular serie that dealswiththeadventures of Masha, a girl who is cared for by a bearandherfriends, animals like the tiger, wolf, penguin,squirrel,hare...Masha and the Bear Educational Games is composed of6differentcategories of games for children to have fun: - Paintandcolor:the most fun drawings to paint with colors. - WordSearch:learnwords in different languages - Memorize objectsandsilhouettes:They will help improve visual perception and memory.-Solvepuzzles: with pieces of different sizes and shapes. -Musicandinstruments: play the xylophone, the piano or the drums.-Simplenumbers and operations: learn the numbers from 1 to 10.Aseries ofgames featuring the characters of the children'sfavoriteTV serieswith which they will learn while having funplaying alone,withfriends or with parents. Your kids will loveplaying withtheeducational games of Masha and the bear with whichthey willenjoyhours of entertainment and assured fun. The "Mashaand theBear"series has become a family hit worldwide because it isa smartandfun entertainment designed to educate both childrenandparents.Masha and The Bear educates children about truefriendshipin a funand intelligent way. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!Edujoyhas morethan 60 games for children of all ages; fromkindergartento teens.Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games.We lovecreatingeducational and fun games for you. If you haveanysuggestions orquestions, feel free to send us feedback or leaveacomment.
LEGO® Super Mario™ 2.0.7
With the LEGO® Super Mario™ companion app you can: ·Establishaconnection between the app and LEGO® Mario™ and/or LEGO®Luigi™.·Build your sets, easily add them to your digitalcollectionandexpand your personalized LEGO® Super Mario™ world(remember,alwaysbegin with the Starter Course!) · Get easy-to-use3Dbuildinginstructions for all of your LEGO® Super Mario™sets.Theinstructions are live in the app, so no trees get hurt.·Keeptrack of your coins after completing a level in reallifewithat-a-glance results for collected coins, defeatedenemiesandcompleted obstacles. · Put your skills to the testwithaninspiring collection of fun challenges. · RememberyourfavouriteLEGO® Super Mario™ moments by saving them to yourgalleryandsharing your creations in a safe LEGO ecosystem. · Createorsignin to your LEGO® Account to synchronize your progressacrossallyour devices. · Tag your friends to let them know whenyouuploadnew pictures. · Pin your favourite creations thatothershaveshared so you can easily find them again. We don’tdothird-partyadvertising. We only share our own marketingcontentandcommunication (such as news about LEGO sets and otherLEGOgames)with the aim of inspiring children’s creative play. Isyourdevicecompatible? Check it at Ask foryourparents’permission before going online. The LEGO® Super Mario™setsaresold separately. Need help with the app? ContactourConsumerService. For contact details, hopoverto You accept our privacypolicyandterms of use for apps if you download this app. Readmoreon"LEGO,theLEGO logo and the Brick and Knob configurations aretrademarksand/orcopyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2021 The LEGOGroup" TM &© 2021NINTENDO
Rescue Patrol Adventures: Action Games 1.0.9
Fantastic rescue patrol is on service of space borders oftheplanet.As soon as any trouble happens and alien monstersstarttheirinvasion, brave and courageous dogs rush to help. Allyourfeats andadventures are written by rescuers to the notebook,whereevery pageis an action and exciting story about thepatrolfighting withunbeatable evil. And you can try out alltheseadventures! Turn overthe pages of the notebook and take partinour fantastic battlegames! This is a new arcade, where theheroesare brave dogs and youcan have not only a hurricane action,but alot of bright emotions.This battle game has a lot of levels!Ourheroes rescuers havealready defeated the attacks of devilforces,but this timecourageous dogs will meet with a new, neverseenbefore, danger. Darkmatter attacks peaceful planet! Itturnsanything it touches intodisgusting monsters. The longerdarkmatter is on the planet, themore evil creatures appear.Withoutyour help brave patrol can'tdefeat them now. Warm up thebattlelaser, take on a super suit andtry our fantastic battle gameandamazing adventures! Rush to help!Courageous heroes invite youtotheir team! Peculiarities of thegame: - a lot of levelsandvariety of planets - player has a choice,who he would rush tohelp- exciting arcade with shooter elements - alot of variousmonsters- powerful bosses and exciting final battle -simpledynamicgameplay - a lot of unexpected moments and surprises-beautifuland bright characters Collect your own unique patrolandlook foradventures on the new unexplored planet. Dogs rescuersareonlywaiting for your orders to start an amazing hurricaneactionandfight with a legion of monsters and all the possible evilpowersofthe universe.
My Town: After School Neighborhood Street 1.11
School is out! Time to explore your Neighborhood and startyourfunadventures Welcome to My Town : After School, it's finallytimetoexplore the neighborhood and start playing! Our streetandourneighborfood has everything you wish for in a afterschoolthemeddoll house. Visit your local library, get your favoritestoryororganize a book party with lots of fun costumes. Doyouatoothache? Visit the dentist, he is just down the street.Saywhat?You want to know where the dentist lives? Luckily heisyourneighbor and his house is just around the corner. MyTown:AfterSchool is a digital version of the classic doll house andhas9awesome locations and 2 interactive mini games with hoursoffunimagination based game play kids love! Life begins afterschool-Find out who lives on your street Explore the neighborhoodinthisafter school game. There are many fun things to experienceinthisdoll house game. Let your child explore in the environmentoftheirown home and have them learn about the dentist visits. MyTown:After School Neighbourhood Street Features - A dentistofficeandthe dentists home. Teach your kid about a visit todentists inthesafety of your own house. - Check out your doll houselibrarywitha magical story time all kids love - Visit the fashionstoreandorder some food at the local restaurant. - 9 locations,2minigames, NEW characters and clothing for all your my towngames-Emotions will allow you to choose the mood of your character-Saveyour progress and start where you have left off intheneighborhood- My life after school in your home street-Multi-touch Feature:Play with your friends and family on thesamedevice! If you canimagine it, you can play it. Everythingispossible in a My Towndoll house! Recommended Age Group Kids4-12:My Town games are safeto play even when parents or otherfamilymembers are out of theroom. About My Town The My Town Gamesstudiodesigns digital dollhouse games that promote creativityandopen-ended play for yourchildren all over the world. Lovedbychildren and parents alike,My Town games introduce environmentsandexperiences for hours ofimaginative play. The company hasofficesin Israel, Spain, Romaniaand the Philippines. For moreinformation,please
My Town : Police Station. Policeman Game for Kids 3.02
With My Town 's 🚨Police station🚨 it is your time tobecomeapoliceman or of course a police woman, a detective andevenacrook. Adventure and fun can be found all aroundthepolicestation. Check out the Police car, take it for a ride,Helpthedetective solve mysteries and do everything thatpolicemanandpolicewoman do at the station! 🦸‍♀️Everything🦸‍♀️ispossibleinthis highly interactive imagination game for children.😍FEATURES😍🚨Lots of new characters to play with, including Both apoliceman,👮🏻‍♀️policewoman, 🕵🏻‍♂️detective 🕴🏻crooks and many more.🚨Hugegame pack including 7 different locations 👀 aroundthepolicestation to explore such as Jail, Police dog training yardandtheSafe ! 🚨 Over 300 different accessories and 👒 clothing🩳tointeractand play with! 🚨 Game🤝connects🤝to other My Towngames.Movecharacters🏃‍♂️ and items between all our games🚶‍♀️foranevenbigger adventure 🚨 Multitouch feature added🤲 , Playwithyourfriends and family on the same device! WHAT IS MY TOWNALLABOUT?My Town games are all about experiencing, imaginingandhaving pureplaytime fun. Our digital doll house gamesallowmillion’s of kidsto have a new and fun adventure everyday!Ourgames promoteimagination and stress free fun game play forkids.RECOMMENDED AGEGROUP Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to playevenwhen parentsare out of the room. Younger kids will enjoyplayingtogether withparents while the older kids can play alone orwith afriend usingour new multitouch feature! Just think about allthegreat storiesand adventures around the police station with somanycharacterssuch as police man, crocks and of course the entireMyTown familycharacters. ABOUT MY TOWN The My Town Gamesstudiodesigns digitaldollhouse-like games that promote creativityandopen ended playfor your children all over the world. Lovedbychildren and parentsalike, My Town games introduce environmentsandexperiences forhours of imaginative play. The company hasofficesin Israel,Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For moreinformation,pleasevisit or visit us on the MY TOWNFacebookpage andtwitter!
KleptoCats Cartoon Network 1.3.2
The KleptoCats have returned to invade the colorful worldsofpopularCartoon Network series such as Adventure Time, TheAmazingWorld ofGumball, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe andWe BareBears. Somehave theorized that we are not alone in themultiverse…that thereare creatures out there far more clever, moresmarter,moreadvanced-er and more cuter-er than we could possiblyfathom.Theywere right! Blossom, Ice Bear, Steven, Gumball and Finnareabout tolearn the hard way that having a (klepto)cat problemissoooo muchworse than it sounds. Witness as the adorableKleptoCatsunleashchaos turn their worlds upside down. But look onthe brightside! TheKleptoCats can bring some pretty PAW-somestuff... likeAdventureTime’s Enchiridion or Gumball’s cursed GameChild gameconsole. Usethe mystical KleptoScope to travel to theworlds ofAdventure Time,The Amazing World of Gumball, ThePowerpuff Girls,Steven Universeand We Bare Bears and witness asyour favoriteCartoon Networkcharacters interact and engage withthe adorableKleptoCats. Wetherit’s marveling at Adventure Time’sJake enjoyinga signature burrito,helping The Amazing World ofGumball's titularcharacter plan for adate with Penny, or listeningto The PowerpuffGirls’ Mojo Jojo droneon about how great he is,again... therewill never be a lack ofamazing and unforgettablemoments toexperience. But of course, likewith any fancy feline,you need totake good care of the KleptoCatsto keep them healthy,happy andklepto-y. Make sure to frequentlypet, wash and feed thelittlerascals and then send them out on ajourney to recover lostitems,or even bring back magical gizmos andwhatnots from otherworlds.KleptoCats Cartoon Network Features: PetSimulator Game •Take careof multiple cats. • See the cats youunlock playing in therooms. •Keep your cats clean, full and happyby washing, feedingandpetting them. Relaxing Idle Game • Easygameplay - check ineveryonce in a while to see what the cats havebrought. • ExploretheCartoon Network worlds at your own pace. •Idle game - lettheKleptoCats do the… “klepting” for you. CollectorGame •Collecthundreds of special Items. • Unlock cute cats in eachworld.•Unlock reactions and moments from characters suchasAdventureTime’s Marceline the Vampire Queen and We Bare Bear’sNomNom. CuteMystery Game • Learn the secrets of the KleptoCatsandCartoonNetwork worlds from the heroes themselves. • Uncoverlostimportantitems. • Unlock hidden emotional moments. CrossoverGame •ClassicKleptoCats idle gameplay. • Interact with CartoonNetworkHeroes. •Watch characters mingle. Minigame Collection •Differentmini gamesfor each Cartoon. • Slash targets with Finn. •Tend yourgardenwith Steven Universe. • Play villain whack-a-molewithBlossom,Buttercup and Bubbles. • Earn coins playing manymoresecretminigames! So come on down and join your favoriteCartoonNetworkcharacters and meet the most adorable,quintessentiallykawaiiheroes, the KleptoCats, in their greatestadventure yet.
Cartoon Network App
Whether you want to catch up on the latestfullepisodes (available the day after they air!) or take a quickpeek atsome hilarious clips, you can watch tons of awesome videosin theEmmy® award winning Cartoon Network App!ALL YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS IN ONE PLACEWatch videos from hit Cartoon Network shows like Teen TitansGo!,The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Clarence,AdventureTime, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Ninjago, PowerpuffGirls, MightyMagiswords, and many more.WATCH YOUR OWN CUSTOM MIXTell us which shows you like, and we'll build a personalizedvideomix just for you. As you rate the videos you watch, we'lllearnwhat you like and don't like, and your mix will get betterandbetter!SEE UNLOCKED EPISODES—NO LOGIN REQUIREDEnjoy a selection of full-length episodes from your favoriteCartoonNetwork shows without any login or authentication. Downloadthe freeapp and start watching! Just look for the episodes withouta key.(Episodes with a key still require your TV providerinfo.)APP EXCLUSIVE PREMIERESGet ahead of the game by watching exclusive premiere episodesbeforethey even hit the air. See it first on the app!Participating TV providers include AT&T U-verse,BendBroadband,Blueridge, Cable One, Cablevision Optimum, Charter,Comcast, Cox,Dish, DirecTV, EPB Fiber Optics, GrandeCommunications, MassillonCable TV, Mediacom, MidcontinentCommunications, Suddenlink,Verizon, WOW and Xfinity.********************If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contactusat Tell us about the issuesyou'rerunning into as well as what device and OS versionyou'reusing.********************IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS:* This app may contain ads that feature other products,services,shows or offers from Cartoon Network and ourpartners.* Adults must authenticate with their cable or satellite TVproviderinfo to view locked episodes.PRIVACY INFORMATION:Your privacy is important to us at Cartoon Network, a divisionofTurner Broadcasting System, Inc. This game collects andusesinformation as described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policylinkedbelow. This information may be used, for example, to respondtouser requests; enable users to take advantage of certainfeaturesand services; personalize content; serve advertising;performnetwork communications; manage and improve our productsandservices; and perform other internal operations of CartoonNetworkweb sites or online services. Our privacy practices areguided bydata privacy laws in the United States. For users residingin theEU or other countries outside the U.S., please note that thisappmay use persistent identifiers for game management purposes.Bydownloading this application, you accept our Privacy Policy andEndUser License Agreement, and you give permission for such usesforall users of your device. The Privacy Policy and End UserLicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.Terms ofUse: