Top 2 Games Similar to Legend Exit

Damn Daniel 2 - Crazy Shot 1.0
Damn Daniel 2 - Crazy shot is one of the most exciting game thatyouwill play today. We have designed very special scenes in whichyouwill be able to play through space, obstacles etc. We have madesurethat you will have fun playing this awesome game.Damn Daniel !
Sky Wings 1.7
Woweez Games
You are losing the control, Damn, Daniel! Let me take over and bemyco-pilot!Sky Wings: Flight Simulator 2016 is one of themostaddictive flight simulation game of 2016. It’s time to sit inthecockpit and become an aviator! Fly in the infinite galaxy forthebest flight simulation experience. Take the flight control fortheright directions and all you need is to fly your airplanewithoutany damage.Get ready for the ultimate skyrush, hop onthe“Skyrider” super jet , become its pilot and steer throughthejungles, dodge obstacles like trees, rocks, bridges, otherplanesand maneuver around infinite galaxy. Use power ups and otheritemsto enhance your flight such as statue relics to respawn andkeepflying higher . Sky Wings has almost everything that an aviatorcanwish for in a flight simulator game. Whether you are a newbie oranexpert flight simulator skyrider, you will experience arealchallenge to fly the super jet through the skies. Get yourselfthebest plane of your choice and fly higher. Don’t forget to bagallthe coins in your super jet to unlock new planes i.e. NavigatororBluebird. More Features!★ Earn 5 different types ofamazingawards/badges by achieving flight records!★ Challenge andbeat yourfriends to stay on the top as the ultimate sky wingschampion.★ Usepower ups to enhance your flight.★ Collect coins andupgrade powerups.★ Unlock new planes! Use three different planesfor flying!Theoriginal Skyrider!Navigator – The beautiful vintagefan engineplane! Bluebird – A strong and powerful jet!★ Complete 90differentmissions and objectives to increase your multiplier.★Colorful andvivid HD graphics!★ One of the most advanced flightsimulator forall Android devices..Sky Wings Flight Simulator 2016will reallyshow you the fascinating world of flying and the bestflightsimulation experience! Feel free to contact us to giveyourfeedback!By Woweez GamesFor support contact:[email protected] inquiries: [email protected]