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SSC English Language 1999-17 Solved Papers Offline 1.1
1. Common Errors 2. Improvement of Sentences 3. TransformationofSentences (Active/Passive) 4. Direct/Indirect Speech 5. Fill intheBlanks 6. Synonyms 7. Antonyms 8. One word substitution 9.Idioms/Phrases 10. Selection of misspelt word/ correctly spelt word11. Anarrangement of Sentences 12. Cloze Test 13. ComprehensionTest
Lucent General Knowledge in English OFFLINE 1.0
ChapterDetails--***************************IndianHistoryIndianEconomyModernHistoryWorld HistoryIndianPolityGeographyIndianGeographyPhysicalGeographyMountains, Pass& LakeClimateOtherResources &EnergyPopulation &UrbanisationUniverse &SolarSystemAtmosphereLongitude&LatitudeMapLinesPhysicsHeatLightWaveMotionMechanicsElectricityChemistryAtomicStructureMainMetalsStatesof Fluid & WaterNuclearEnergyScience&Bio-TechnologyBiologyScienceBasicTerminologyGeneticsCellBiologyBacteria & Virus BornDiseases& DeficienciesSkeletalSystemCensus 2011ComputerCADStands ForABug in a Program isTelnetis aThe Expansion of RDBMSisUSB Refer to
Quotes & Sayings of Mufti Menk 1.0
Quotes & Sayings of Mufti MenkOther Mufti MenkAppsHistoryofProphetsMufti Menk Lectures Audio mp3Mufti MenkTafseerQuranMuftiMenk SocialMufti Menk Day of judgement Otherislamic Appsbythesame developerQuotes & Sayings of MuftiMenkQuotes&Sayings of Zakir NaikQuotes & Sayings of BilalPhilipsAlQunutHisnul MuslimIslamic Way of LifeComplete Audio QuranbySheikhSudais, Shuraim, Khusary, Seed Al Ghamdi and Ahmad Sulaiman
Conjugaison Française 2.27
This application allows you to learn regular and irregularfrenchverbs. It contains the most common french verbs (2,000+ andaddingmore). It shows the conjugation of verbs in differenttenses:Conditionnel, Subjonctif, Imparfait, Passé composé andothers.Features: - Tenses: Indicatif (Présent, Passé composé,Imparfait,Plus-que-parfait, Passé simple, Passé antérieur, Futursimple,Futur antérieur), Conditionnel (Présent, Passé),Subjonctif(Présent, Passé, Imparfait, Plus-que-parfait), Imparfait(Présent,Passé), Infinitif (Présent, Passé), Participe (Présent,Passé),Gérondif (Présent, Passé). - Examples, definitions,pronunciation,conjugations and notifications. - Verb translationsfor: English,Spanish and Portuguese. - Strings for: English,French, Spanish,Portuguese, German, Russian, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean,Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Chinese. - Sort by:group (1st, 2ndor 3rd), most common (top 25, top 50, top 100, top300) or color. -Quick Search. - List and card mode. - Favoritessection. Have funwhile you learn! Send feedback or feature requeststo:[email protected]
Beanstack Tracker 1.9
Zoobean, Inc.
Track your reading to earn incentives at your library andstaymotivated to read more. ---- Barcode Scanner Scan barcodestoquickly add titles to your Log. ---- Reading Session TimerRecordreading sessions to keep track of what you’re reading. ----ReadingStats View totals and averages of your time spent readingandtitles read. ---- Family Accounts Manage each member ofyourfamily’s reading log and view their stats.
French - Spanish 2.6
Save time and money while learning the language withthisapplication. This application is an offline French ↔Spanisheducation application. This is a very fast dictionaryapplication.• French ↔ Spanish dictionary.• French ↔ Spanishtranslator.•French → Spanish 82,000 words and phrases. • Spanish →French83,000 words and phrases. • Test, writing, flashcard, dualgame andmore... • 550 phrases.Keywords:offline frenchspanishdictionary,french spanish dictionary,frenchspanisheducation,french spanish translator,offline spanishfrenchdictionary,spanish french dictionary,spanishfrencheducation,spanish french translator,spanish french,frenchspanish
Babbel – Learn Languages 20.15.0
Speak a new language with confidence. Learn Spanish,French,Italian, German and many more languages with Babbel.— getthe appnamed one of Google Play’s Best Apps 2015! Try out the firstlessonfor free. THE BABBEL METHOD Here’s what makes Babbel moreeffectivethan any other language learning app: ★ Confidence — Weteach youhow to engage in practical, everyday conversations, makingiteasier for you to have authentic experiences in your newlanguage.★ Comprehension — Our lessons immerse you in relevantculture andreal-life conversations. ★ Retention — We know you’rebusy. That’swhy our lessons are short but sweet: about 10-15minutes, anddesigned to send your new language straight tolong-term memory.*Named 2016’s “most innovative company ineducation” by FastCompany* *The World’s Highest Grossing LanguageLearning App**Google Play’s Best Apps of 2015* FEATURES • Extensiveselection ofinteractive courses for 14 different languages. • Idealfor bothbeginners and advanced learners. • 10-15 minutesbite-sizedactivities that fit in your schedule. • Entertaininglistening,writing, reading and speaking exercises. • Learnvocabulary from awide range of topics (including travel, culture,and business) •Speech recognition technology aids pronunciation •Review Managerkeeps vocabulary in your long-term memory • Learningprogresssynchronized across all your Android devices and on the webAVARIETY OF LANGUAGES With Babbel you can learn Spanish,French,German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish,Polish,Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. BABBELHELPS YOUACHIEVE YOUR GOALS After just one month, you will be ableto speakconfidently about practical topics, such as: •Transportation •Shopping • Directions • Making friends andsocializing • Dining •And much more! WHAT PEOPLE SAY “Babbel is oneof the stalwarts ofthe online language-learning sphere.” -The NextWeb “Babbel’slessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on buildingbasicconversational skills.” -The Economist “Babbelexceedsexpectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses in13languages.” -PC Magazine --------------------------- PLEASENOTEYou will need a subscription in order to get access to thefulllearning materials for one language. Each subscription willbeautomatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least24hours before the end of the current payment period. YourGooglePlay account will be automatically charged at the same priceforrenewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of thecurrentpayment period unless you change your subscriptionpreferences inyour account settings. When a subscription iscanceled, access tothe app’s courses and features will expire atthe end of thecurrent payment period. ---------------------------VISIT US FOLLOW US LIKEUS Education from Babbel: Babbeloffers you a complete onlinelanguage learning experience forthirteen different foreignlanguages. Learn French, Spanish,German, Italian, Portuguese,Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian,Russian, or any one of theScandinavian languages — Swedish, Danishand Norwegian. Whetheryou're using your mobile phone, tablet orcomputer, Babbelautomatically synchronizes your study progressacross all yourdevices. This means you can brush up on yourgrammar and work onbuilding an extensive vocabulary anytime,anywhere. Beginner?Advanced? Babbel’s courses are perfect forlearners of all levels.Want to concentrate on French verbconjugation, or perhaps Spanishtense review? Babbel’s languagecourses are arranged thematically,and cater to just about everyinterest.
Reasoning Telugu Exam Offline 1.0
Reasoning telugu Exam bank govts jobs 2018 Logical Skills
QuranHive 1.0.0
QuranHive is a platform which aims to provide a deep,attractiveanduser friendly learning of the Quran - with relativeease. Wetry toachieve this by bringing together key andreputableresources forthe Quran in an intuitive and efficient way,whilewrapping it allin creative features. These resources andfeaturesthen offerdifferent and complementary angles to give theuserbroadunderstanding of the Quran.
Rune Rider 3.2
Get a weapon and equip runes on slots. It's all aboutSTRATEGY.Customize your weapon type! : MAX speed / MAX damage /FULL passiveAddictive Idle RPG game “Rune Rider” ◆ Various enemy& bosses ◆Enjoy PVP battle mode! ◆ Collect DAILY GIFTS! ◆ Newmode added :Gift Run Services ◆ Enjoy the game with punk ROCK bgm!◆ Competewith your friends with GooglePlay Support Enjoy theaddictive“RuneRider” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway,waitingat the bank. Whenever, wherever “Rune Rider” is ready foraction!!! Thank you!
Learn Chinese daily - Awabe 1.1.7
Learn Chinese is an easy to use mobile Chinese Phrasebook thatwillgive visitors to China and those who are interested inlearningChinese a good start in the language.FEATURES*1200+ commonwordsand phrases.* Carefully translated list of essentialphrases*Remind learn words or phrases* No internetconnectionrequiredCATEGORIESContains over 1200 essential phrases inthefollowing categories"Greetings""GeneralConversation""Numbers""Timeand Date""Directions&Places""Transportation""Accommodation""EatingOut""Shopping""Colours""RegionsandTowns""Countries""TouristAttractions""Family""Dating""Emergency""FeelingSick""TongueTwisters""Occasion phrases""Body parts"Developed byAwabe.
SmoothTv 1.0.7
SmoothTvNuestro reproductor de video, adaptado para la comodidaddetodas las personas.Compatible con VLCSmoothTvOur videoplayer,adapted for the comfort of all.Compatible with VLC
Laugh & Learn™ First Words Fun 1.6.0
Play and interact with Fisher-Price® First Words Blocks andourfavorite friends, Puppy and Sis! Three levels of Smart Stagesplayoffer fun games and activities that grow with baby. Features:•Level 1-Explore (6m+): Teaches first words and bringsfamiliarobjects to life! • Level 2 – Encourage (12m+): Fun matchinggamereinforces first words and encourages development ofcriticalthinking and fine motor skills. • Level 3 – Pretend (18m+):Explorethe four seasons with Puppy and Sis by creating fun sceneswithfirst words. • Fun 3D music videos!
Spelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning 2.4
Spelling Master is for Kids to learn common spellings.Leanspellings with picture. If kids enter wrong spelling itwilldisplay it in red with sad smiley. You can remove wrongspelling byclicking on it. Tap on image to speak it sound. Kidswill alsolearn how to pronounce words as we have included text tospeechengine. Features 1. Thirteen spelling categories areincluded. 2.Learning Alphabets spellings. 3. Learning Animalsspellings. 4.Learning Fruits spellings. 5. Learning Vegetablesspellings. 6.Learning Body Parts spellings. 8. Learning Numbersspellings. 9.Learning Flowers spellings. 10. Learning Birdsspellings 12.Learning Transportation spellings. 15. Learning Shapesspellings.16. Learning Colors spellings. 18. Learning Three letterswordsspellings. 19. Learning Four letters words spellings. 20.LearningFive letters words spellings. 21. Learning Six letterswordsspellings. 22. All thirteen categories of spellings are free.23.All categories have high quality images. 24. You canchangespelling by using next and previous arrow keys. Morespellings willbe added soon.