Top 49 Games Similar to Florida Surf

World Surf League 5.4.10
The World Surf League is the home of all the world’s bestsurferscompeting at exotic locations around the globe to becomethisyear’s WSL champion. For the first time ever, you can now watchourLIVE event broadcasts and keep up-to-date with yourfavoriteathletes anywhere, anytime. *** FEATURES *** LIVEBROADCASTS Watchthe latest Championship Tour and Big Wave eventsanytime, anywhere.EVENT ALERTS Never miss a wave, get notified whenChampionship Tourand Big Wave competitions start. DISCOVER SURFINGGet the latestvideo highlights, wipeouts, news and more. Updateddaily, this isthe place to stay in the loop with the world ofsurfing. FOLLOWATHLETES Build your own personalized “MY WSL” feedfeaturing thelatest videos, news and photos of all your favoriteathletes. Goeven further and create athlete alerts, so you alwaysknow whenyour favorite surfers hit the water. WATCH IT LATER Savethose wavehighlights, wipeouts and big wave rides for later.RANKINGS &EVENT SCHEDULE Stay up to date with the competitionwith our fulllisting of tour rankings and event schedule. PLAYFANTASY Thinkyou’ve got what it takes to build the ultimate FantasySurfingTeam? Pick your team and start competing against friends andothersurfing fans today. If you have any trouble with your apppleaseemail us at so we can help youout.
The Journey - Surf Game 1.1.34
"The real surf experience" YouRiding The Journey is afree-to-playmobile surf game developed by Intellysurf, the onlinegamedeveloper and publisher of YouRiding since 2007, the surfingandbodyboarding browser game with over 1 million playersworldwide!With an impressive selection of over 300 real waves,stunninggraphics and intuitive touch-screen controls, YouRiding TheJourneymakes it easy to travel the world, ride perfect waves, getbarreledand pull off big moves no matter where you are! Surf thetourevents and prove you are the best with live rankings. Can youbethe best in the league? "A delightful resurrection of surfvideogames". - STAB Magazine "It’s pretty damn fun, even for adecidednon-gamer like myself." - Surfer Magazine "The game is sickfun". -Matt Wilkinson (World Surf League (WSL) top 10 surfer) "Bestsurfgame ever! Finally, someone decided to come out with a realsurfgame. This is by far the best surfing game app out there!Nothingeven gets close." - Player - Terry Weissman FEATURES - Over300real waves including Pipeline, Teahupoo, Mundaka, Snapper RocksandTrestles - Real-life physics that create realistic ridingmoveslike the power carve, nosepick, tailblow and airs -Customizationwith real products from such brands like Superbrand,Quiksilver,Rip Curl and more - Detailed tutorials and riding tipsfrom realpros and world champions including Ry Craike, BalaramStack andmany more - Ability to invite your friends to play online-Constant graphics enhancement and updates, as well asoptimizationfor various devices - World tour events with realrankings! Can youwin the league? Download The Journey now for FREE!Languagessupported: - English - Portuguese - Spanish - French"Never StopRiding" Follow us on social media: @YouRidingGames Formoreinformation please visit:
Broou surf forecast & live realtime reports 1.6.3
broou surf forecast and reports is a tool that shows thesurferhow’s the forecast of the surfing condition in the exactlymomenton his favourite surf spots and now it also has a feed ofreportsfrom other surfers that are already on the spot, so that youcandecide if the surf is good or not to go out.One click andyouaccess the surf forecast for the next 5 days and can check thesurfreports feed of that surf spot with the informations shared bythesurf community.For the brazilian coast line broou offersanexclusive shallow water surf forecast system. We use NOAA’sWW3(Wave Watch III - National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration)wave model as the main data resource. For all theinternationalsurf spots available on the app we use the NOAAinformation withoutany data interpretation.broou is the first surfapp that reallytalks to surfers: an exclusive curation of the bestsurf conditionsfor each surf spot enables an automated analysisthat tells if thesurf conditions are good or not for that spot onthis specifictime.If the icon is BLUE, means that that condition isgood for thespot. But if the surf conditions on your spot aren’tgood, use theGPS to quick compare the conditions of nearby surfspots.thisversion of broou surf forecast app features:• NEW! SURFREPORTSfrom other surfers• Wave size range• Unlimited amount offavoritesurf spots for you to quickly check the surf conditionsright away•5 day surf forecast with the most important informationdetailed: –wave height with range – swell direction – peak waveperiod(seconds) – wind direction and speed – tode charts – weather,airand water temperature – sunrise and sunset times – moon phases•GPSfunction to compare current conditions of all nearby beachessurfspots• Personalise measure systems: meters or feets, milesorkilometers….• Share the surf forecast with your friends bye-mail,whatsapp, facebook, twitter e others social networks•Biggest andbest surf spot list in Brazil: more than 700 surf spotsregistered.If your local spot is not covered, just let us know andwe’ll addit for you.• More than 500 surf spots registered all overtheglobe: Hawaii, Califórnia, Peru, América Central,Europa,Indonésia, Austrália, África, Ásia… all with surf datainformationdirectly from NOAA• All the surf spots of the WSL worldtour on theappPrediction is not precision. Forecast how the oceanwill be in agiven time is a complex task and errors do happen. Butourobjective is to offer a consistent surf forecast for you, andweneed everyone’s help to improve this free service. Whentheconditions don’t match we need to know where, when and what istheerror to fix it. Send us a message using the report problembuttonlocated on the share options in the spot icon or drop us aline onthe email bellow.Any critics, suggestion or idea of functionyouwould like to see on broou for it become the perfect surf appforyou?Write to you, bro.
Surfing Master 1.0.4
Candy Mobile
Ride on the forward face of the moving wave, perform amazingtricksin the air, and become the pro surfer there is! SurfingMaster is#1 realistic 3D surface water sports game on Android.Master themaneuvers of bottom turn, re-entry, cutback, reverse,layback,snap, stall and all latest real-life tricks. Surf inbreathtakinglocations all over the world now! Your skill andimagination arethe only limits to the tricks you can pull off! GameFeatures: -Real-life physics that create realistic riding moves -Stunning 3Dgraphics and intuitive controls - 10+ surfing boards, 8differentsurfers and tons of challenging levels
Billabong Surf Trip 4.01
Best Surf Game ever ! - More than one million surfers can't bewrong- Thanks for all your support and feedback!Billabong SurfTrip haswon a Zon 2010 Award and is nominee for Best Sport game atthe 7thIMGAwards.------Check our friend Frankie Chavez musicat: the perfect mix ofSurfingSimulation and Arcade Action in ‘Billabong Surf Trip’.Theadrenaline rush begins as you grab your board and exploretheworld’s best surfing spots on your way to becoming the ultimateprosurfer. Discover the unique feeling of an amazing surf barrelandthe power of your board when performing an aerial maneuver.REALLOCATIONSExperience different waves and master the trickchallengesat 15 instantly recognizable locations from the WorldChampion SurfTour. Huntington Beach, Jeffreys Bay,Teahupoo,Fernando de Noronhaare just a few of the visually stunningrecreations that await youand your board. Each destination has beenrecreated withexceptional accuracy and because of the innovativewave simulationsystem, the game actually recreates the type ofwaves you find ateach location in real life. No two waves are thesame!REALSURFERSGet essential tips from 2012 ASP World ChampionParko andBillabong’s A-team Pro surfer Taj Burrow. Let these guysguide youon your way to become the world’s greatest surfer!REALACTIONPaddleout to the line up and drop into huge waves. With 18uniquereal-life tricks to master you’ll need use your skills to gettothe top. Boost some airs or get barreled to rack up pointsandachievements!REAL CHOICEIt’s your surfer so customize andchoosefrom a variety of boards, suits hairstyles and boardshortstocreate the pro-surfer YOU want. Different wave swells mayneeddifferent kind of boards and it's up to you to discover thebestoption.UPGRADE TO FULL!In this free version, you’ll be able toplayBurleigh Heads beach in Surf Trip and Surf Spots!Upgrade ingametounlock +11 Surf Spots, New Maneuvers, Extra Boards and ExtraSuits!
The Journey - Bodyboard Game 2.1.0
"The real bodyboard experience" YouRiding The Journey isafree-to-play mobile bodyboard game developed by Intellysurf,theonline game developer and publisher of YouRiding since 2007,thesurfing and bodyboarding browser game with over 1 millionplayersworldwide! With an impressive selection of over 300 realwaves,stunning graphics and intuitive touch-screen controls,YouRidingThe Journey makes it easy to travel the world, rideperfect waves,get barreled and pull off big moves no matter whereyou are! "Thebest bodyboarding game" - "More than 300 real waveswith real movesand real gear? You can’t do better than that!" -"Not only is thisgame fun and addictive but I’m also becoming abetter bodyboarderin real life!" - FEATURES - Over 300 real wavesincluding Pipeline,Teahupoo, Mundaka, El Fronton and The Wedge -Real-life physicsthat create realistic riding moves like thebackflip, invert air,air forward and ARS - Customization with realproducts from suchbrands like Pride Bodyboards, Hubboards, Scienceand more -Detailed tutorials and riding tips from real pros andworldchampions including Pierre-Louis Costes, Mike Stewart,JeffHubbard, Dudu Pedra, Lewy Finnegan and many more - Abilitytoinvite your friends to play online - Constant graphicsenhancementand updates, as well as optimization for various devicesDownloadThe Journey now for FREE! Languages supported: - English-Portuguese - Spanish - French "Never Stop Riding" Follow usonsocial media: @YouRidingGames For more information pleasevisit:
Surfing Lessons 1.00
Do you like summer sports? Would you like to learn how to surfinginan easy and entertaining way? Would you like to improveyourtechnique and become a professional surfer? With the appSurfingLessons, you will learn everything you need to learn how tosurfingand to improve your technique, with videos that will helpyou tocorrect your body position while you practice this sport. Andallof this for free!
Email mail Inbox email suite All emails - RSS FEED 1.79.89
Email mail Inbox email suite All emails - RSS FEED Is Email AppWithRSS Feed, Podcast, Forum Support, Pro Red & Red Themes RSSFEEDPodcast Forum All In One Email App All Emails, MaildroidEmailDroidEmail mail mail Inbox email suite All emails All EmailProviders AllEmail Clients All Email Access Like Yahoo, Gmail,Live Mail, AOL+Other
Sherpa Surf Guide 4.21
Sherpa is a comprehensive New Zealand surf guide that matcheseachspots optimum conditions with todays forecast, finding you thebestwaves. Sherpa ranks and compares up to 40 spots at a time,andsends you straight to the spot of your choosing with yourin-builtmapping application. Whats more, Sherpa is completely free.Sherpacontains detailed information on over 300 spots including:*Optimum swell and wind direction * Ideal tide * Wave type *Wavedirection * Spot rating * GPS coordinates * DescriptionofspotDaily and 6-day forecasts break down conditions intofinedetail including:* Swell size, direction and period * Windstrengthand direction
League18 4.0.2
You can use this program to contribute to 90 TV show and castyourvote. Results of last voting You can also view results oflastvoting. You just need to provide your name, email and mobilenumberto receive your activation code.
appdater - Breaking and Trending News 3.3.2
Appdater is a customized news app that allows you todiscoverbreaking news, trending topics, to view the latest videos,and tobe updated on all news happening around you. Main Features:•Breaking and Flash news: Be the first to be updated of thebreakingand flash news. • Trending news: Read the latest and mostpopularnews articles on all categories: entertainment, economy,finance,business, technology, science, sports, travel, fashion,andpolitics - all delivered by trusted global and national media.•Customized news: Powered by appdater AI news engine,appdaterdelivers real-time, AI-curated content according to yourinterests.The more you use the app, the better it serves you.Yourpreferences and personal information are kept completelysecure;appdater will never share your private data with anyone. •Searchnews: Want to search for any news, please use the search baranddiscover all what you need to know. • News pushnotification:Receive important breaking news alerts directly onyour mobilephone. • Follow your favorite channels Discover allchannels fromvarious categories politics, entertainment, finance,business,sport, technology, lifestyle and Follow your favoriteones. •Offline reading: Save your favorite news to your phonewhileconnected to Wi-Fi and read them later offline without usingdata.Moreover, appdater does not consume data bandwidth when youare notusing it. appdater is available in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,UAE,Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco,Algeria,Tunisia, Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria, France, Brazil, Argentina,Mexico,and Colombia Don't wait, be appdated !
Zen: personalized stories feed 4.7.1
Yandex Zen is an infinite feed of stories, images, videos,articles,features and many more, sourced for you by artificialintelligence,based on your personal interests and preferences.Enjoy a limitlessstream of content to tickle your fancy, right atyour fingertips.Download Yandex Zen to discover something newevery day! No fees orsubscription charges. Yandex Zen is availablein English, as well asHindi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil, among 50other languages.Highlighted features: ENJOY CONTENT FROM OVER 1000SOURCES Enjoy oneof the largest collections of stories from morethan 1,000 trustedsources covering everything from sports tocelebrities, and frombusiness to technology. Bollywood, cricket orhoroscopes – discoversomething interesting personally for you. GETZEN TO KNOW YOUFine-tune your personal feed by liking or dislikingarticles to seemore of similar content or less of it. Each of yourlikes ordislikes counts. The more you use Yandex Zen, the more itlearnsabout your individual interests, the better content it willbeoffering you. THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL Adjust your Yandex Zen toyourpersonal perspective by liking more global articles or morelocalarticles, or disliking them, to see more of similar contentor lessof it in your feed. SEE WHAT HAPPENS ABROAD Discover newinterestingstories popular in other countries simply by changingyour sourcecountry in Settings. READ STORIES IN YOUR PREFERREDLANGUAGE Enjoycontent in your preferred language regardless ofyour location – beit your mother tongue or an acquired language.Simply choose thelanguage you prefer in Settings. PICK YOURSOURCES Add yourfavourite content sources to the feed in Settingsand view morearticles from your favourite media, or simply blockthose sourcesthat fail to entertain you. CHOOSE WHERE TO VIEW YOURFEED Installthe app’s widget on any screen of your smartphone andenjoy yourpersonal content feed where you want it. KEEP UP WITHWHAT’S NEWView snapshots of the latest additions to your personalfeed rightin Notifications. VIEW CONTENT RIGHT IN ZEN Readstories, viewimages or watch video right in Yandex Zen. Enablethis function inSettings and save time by viewing content withoutopening yourbrowser. UPDATE YOUR FEED WHENEVER YOU WANT Simplyswipe down fromthe top to see more stories. Your content feedupdatesautomatically, but you can always update it yourself. Getin touchwith us with your comments, requests or suggestionsat .
Surfs App PRO 1.0.4
Ran Mor
SurfsAppPRO is an easy to use worldwide surf forecast appwithfeatures that allow you to instantly find the closest and bestspotto surf.SurfsAppPRO lets you to enjoy your outdoor activitieslikesurfing, SUP, kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing, sailing andmore.Free daily surf forecasts, wind and weather conditions at allthebest beaches throughout the world.Features:3 day surfforecastwinddirectionwind strengthwave heightwater and airtemperatureWithSurfsAppPRO you don’t have to worry about anythingbut enjoyingsurfing, SUP, kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing,sailing and more.
MMA News 2.3.1
All MMA & UFC news in one place! Top mma news sites andRSSfeeds will keep you updated in the world of the UFC and MMA.Nowupdated with Material design! Search and add MMA feeds andyoutubeplaylists. The feeds are updated automatically and the appnotifieswhen there is new information to read (can be turned off).** Thisis the free version of the app! There is also a paid versionwithno ads called MMA News Pro. ** Features; - Rss Feeds and Newssites- OPML import and export - Swipe down to refresh feeds -Searchfeeds or add feeds manually - Add/update/delete websites -Starreditems - Share functionality - Automatic or manualsynchronization -Notifications (can be turned off) - Automatic andmanual cleanup
Betting Tips 1.4
Exbet Betting TipsDaily betting tipsDaily Football tipsDaily2.5Over / Over tipsDaily first half results tipsBonus andSupercarMatchesBasketball GamesDaily Tennis tips- Daily ticket(comboticket, with an odd around 2)- Daily matches (best availableodds)-Notification service (subscribe/unsubscribe options)- Allbettingtips are completely FREE- Betting tips history (all ticketsandmatches from the past 7 days)- Easy to use interface
KHL 3.7.9
The app is convenient and user-friendly, with a new interface,swiftinfo updates, and live broadcasts of key moments from games.The newtradition of Mastercard and KHL gives hockey fans anopportunity toshare a trophy with the player of their favoriteteam. You can votefor the best players of the game in the KHL appand collect points.We make all these improvements to KHL apps justfor you, so staytuned for the latest news You can send anyrequests and comments
Super Surf Bros 1.2
SUPER SURFING ACTION! Get mad air and pull rad spins to unlocknewgear and rock the competition. TAKE DOWN THE SURF ACE! Playstorymode and work your way up through the ranks. Do you have whatittakes to beat him? HEAD TO HEAD! Challenge your friends to aheadto head battle on the same device. ROCK PAPER SCISSORS?Challengeother surfers to a game of rock paper scissors to settlethingsonce and for all!
Shakabay 1.4.0
Shakabay is the first platform for water sports. We provide thebesttools for you to decide where and when to surf!Access freedetailedforecasts on 10 000 surf spots. Understand the bestweatherconditions for your spots to be on, and create customweather alertsto keep yourself ahead of the game.Find, compare,and book your nextsurf adventure. We select for you the best surfcamps, guided trips,beachfront guest houses, and surf schools inthe world’s best surfdestinations. App features detailed below:***Surf spots ***- Nearly10 000 surf, windsurfing and kitesurfingspots referenced on allcontinents. - Detailed information aboutthe spots: precisegeographical position, length and direction ofbreaking waves,bottom type, common attendance.- The best knownweather conditionsfor the spots to be. You can customize privatelythese sessionsettings (swell and wind direction, swell size, windstrength, tidelevel) according to your level, support, andknowledge of the spot.-A dashboard with quick access to yourfavorite spots.- Aninteractive map to navigate from spots to pointof interests.***Weather forecast ***- 7-day marine weatherforecast including: swell(size, period, direction), wind(direction, strength), tide (waterlevel, tidal time).- A system ofweather alerts and notifications toinform you of ideal conditionsup to 5 days in advance!***Experiences****We work with the bestpartners in the surf industry,all over the world, in the aim tooffer you a large choice ofexperiences. Initiation course in LesLandes? Boat trip for advancedsurfers in Nicaragua? Beachfrontyouth hostel in Peniche? Find andbook your next surf adventure.Oursurf camp, surf trip, surf house,and surf school offers can bebooked directly from the application.We promote a high quality ofservice as we only work with certifiedprofessionals. Also, weguarantee you the best prices, becausethere’s no middle man. Wework directly with our partners, whichmeans the prices we have onour website are identical to theirs.There’s absolutely noadditional charge of using ourservices.Shakabay’s community isgrowing everyday, join us! Userfeedback is always welcome. Contactus via,your suggestions and advice will beappreciated and taken intoaccount.If you are professional and wantto register your activity:write us to
Expert Betting Tips 3.0
Now you win with the most used betting tips application all overtheworld. You can earn money every day with the odds that aremostlikely to win. Bets will be refreshed on a daily basis and hasahigh percentage of success of the bet. In this way it is easiertowin bet. And every day, you win more bets on the previousday.Ifyou want to win, download this application now ! Good luck !
Feedly - Smarter News Reader 74.0.0
Feedly Team
Your central place to organize, read, and share the informationyouneed to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry.Everyday, millions of professionals and passionate learners useFeedlyon their phones and tablets to follow the blogs, magazines,andother sources that matter to them. With Feedly, you caneasilyorganize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, andmorein one place and consume and share more efficiently. No morezigzagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a cleanandeasy-to-read format. People use Feedly to read blogs, learnnewtopics, and track keywords, brands and companies. Faster accesstolots of different sources of news and information means thatyoucan more easily keep up with important trends in your industryandbuild up expertise on the topics you really care about.BecauseFeedly is connect to more than 40 million feeds, you canreally godeep and find the niche content that is specific to yourwork orpassion - this is a big difference from alternatives thatfeel veryshallow and random in the content that is available. Fromtech tobusiness, design to marketing, media and beyond, Feedlyhelps youdiscover great feeds that you can organize in your feedlyand readin one place. Because it is powered by RSS, Feedly is anopensystem: you can add any RSS feed and read it wherever you go.Justenter the URL of that feed in the search bar or search for itbyname. Feedly offers useful integrations with Facebook,Twitter,Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, andZapierso that you can easily share stories with your networksandteammates. We believe in speed and simplicity. We spent a lotoftime making sure Feedly is the best free reader available ontheAndroid phones and tablets. The app loads fast and offers asimpleand clean reading experience. The best way to start is tosearchfor a blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add ittoyour Feedly. If you are looking for inspiration, you can openthesearch panel and browse some of our popular topics. We helpyoudiscover the best blogs for tech, business, food,marketing,entrepreneurship, design, baking, photography and more.Our missionis to deliver in one place all the knowledge andinspiration youneed to keep ahead. Happy reading! [We and@feedly if you need support or want to report abug]
Bet Prediction 9.2
Are you into football prediction and betting on the resultsofsoccer matches? How do you usually predict the results? How doyouuse statistical data as well as mathematical algorithms tomakesure your predictions are as accurate as it takes to win thebets?So, how about a free app for forecasting football results thatusessmart prediction algorithm to provide accurate results?BetPrediction, as the name suggests, delivers everything youshouldexpect from such soccer prediction apps and it even sets thebar toa higher level by offering complex mathematical algorithmstopredict the matches, always up-to-date database ofstatisticalresults and it covers almost all the major football andsoccerleagues all around the world. So, if you are looking for afreesoccer prediction app to give you accurate forecasts aboutupcomingfootball matches, you’ve come to the right place. DownloadBetPrediction on your Android device, go to the Soccer Predictionmenuand enjoy the accurate predictions. Forecasting footballresultshave never been so accurate Bet Prediction, the freebettingcompanion app, comes with a clean and neat design and theinterfaceis so user-friendly that you’ll get the whole idea afterbrowsingthrough the menus for a couple of times. If you still havedoubtshow accurate the predictions are, head to the Stats menu andseehow well this football prediction app have predicted thepreviousmatches. You’ll be surprised to see the high success rate.Themathematical prediction algorithm along with the statisticaldatais the key point to deliver such accurate predictions. What arethesupported leagues? Premier League in England, La Liga inSpain,Bundesliga in Germany, Serie A in Italy, Ligue1 in France aswellas the soccer leagues in Argentina and Brazil are some of themostimportant leagues that you get to see the predictions in thisfreesoccer betting app. Bet Prediction Main Features At a Glance:•Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface •Supportsevery major football leagues all around the world • Getaccurateprediction for Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1,andBundesliga • Follow football leagues from differentcountries,including Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Spain,Germany,Italy, and Netherlands. • Always updated database ofhistoricaldata • Smart mathematical algorithm • High rate ofcorrectpredictions • Prefect betting companion for both amateursandprofessional betters • Free to use So, Bet Prediction can beeasilynamed as your best companion when it comes to predictingsoccerresults accurately. The smart prediction algorithm alongwithhistorical data guarantee the forecasts are accurate and youcaneasily rely on the given results. We are always monitoringoursmart algorithm and update our historical data to keepdeliveringaccurate predictions and forecasts. Download BetPrediction forfree, enjoy the accurate soccer results, and let usknow about anybugs, questions, feature requests or any othersuggestions.Disclaimer: Bet Prediction is not a betting app and itjustprovides accurate predictions for almost any soccer matchesallaround the world.
MSW Surf Forecast 4.4.2
The Magicseaweed mobile app provides long-range surf forecastsforthousands of spots around the globe. Our forecasts include theMSWstar rating; surf height; swell height; period and direction;windspeed and direction and air and water temperatures. With theMSWapp you'll have access to: - More than 150 surf cams worldwide.-Panoramic, multi-view surf cams. - Swell, wind, period andpressurecharts. - Live buoy and wind data. - Real-time surf reportsfromour network of trusted reporters. - MSW editorial features andthelatest surf news. - Your favorite spots, accessible acrossanydevice. - Our local surf-spot and beach business directory. -Thebest surf-specific photo gallery, uploaded by you, in theworld.And for the ultimate Magicseaweed experience, upgrade to and receive: - Unlimited advert-free access toourglobal surf cam network. - 16-day extended spot forecasts. -16-dayextended charts. - 16-day extended tides. - Access to decadesofhistorical forecast data. - No adverts. Ever. The easiest waytofind exactly what the surf is doing at locations around you.Makingit easier than ever to decide where to surf.
Maxbets co.
wanna win easily...,try this offering 2+ odds per dayaccuracymaintained at 97%,our betting tips are analyzed byfootballanalysts and expert on soccer matches, we offer app freetips forconfidence,if you need serious cash ;we carter for you onour2+odds fixed vip on our telegram platform,only two odds per daytostake everything and guaranteed 100% returns
BCM Surfing Game 4.5
World’s most realistic surfing competition game has come! Thegamedesigned for the real surfers by the real surfers. Enjoy andlearnabout surfing. [ REAL SURFING SPOTS ] 1 Snapper Rocks / GoldCoast2 Teahupoo / Tahiti 3 J-bay / South Africa 4 Trestles /California5 Banzai Pipeline / Hawaii The each surf spot isreproduced to bereal. The wave shifts every moment. [ EASY HANDLING] It ispossible to make various maneuvers with only a few buttons.You cando a deep bottom turn to vertical off the lip, round housecutback, huge air and so on! Especially in the aerialsituation,surfers make stylin’ grab tricks, alley-oop, superman,rodeo andlatest real-life tricks. [ THREE DIFFERENT PLAY MODE ] **WorldTour mode ** You become a pro surfer as a member of the WorldSurfTour. Like real-life surfing competition, you aim to achievetheWorld Title. ** Score Attack mode ** Compete the score withyourfriends and world surfers. ** Free Surf mode ** Enjoy thefreeriding without any restriction. [ FOUR CHARACTERISTIC SURFERS]Each surfer has different parameters like balance, power, etc.[SHARE YOUR BEST RIDING ] It is also possible to share yourridingin the Free Surf Mode by Everyplay. For recording support,mostdevices running Android 4.1 or later should work. Note: Somegameitems can be purchased for real money. If you don't want tousethis feature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.
Serie C Brazilian 2018 Brc 1.1
Download now!!!. Follow your favorite team and get alltheinformation on this competition. Do not miss out.Thisapplicationoffers:Table GamesClassification of TeamsList ofScorersDetail ofthe information in Real TimeFavorite TeamNewsSports
KRAV MAGA Effective Self Defense 14
Krav Maga (mean "contact-combat" in Hebrew) is amilitaryself-defense system developed for the IsraelDefenseForces (IDF) and Israeli security forces that consistsof acombination of techniquessourcedfrom Boxing, Wrestling, Aikido, Judo,Karate alongwith realistic fight training. Krav Maga is knownfor its focus onreal-world situations and its extremeefficiency andbrutal counter-attacks. It wasderived fromthe street-fighting experience ofHungarian-Israelimartial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. This appcould be used as asystematic technique reference of Krav Maga.INCLUDE: - Combativetechnique: punches, elbows, kicks, knees, ...- Take downtechniques. - Ground fighting techniques. - Selfdefense techniquesagainst: punches, kicks, chokes, hugs, wristgrab, weapon, ... - ...
hr.apps.n164105603 5.64.14
Shoutem, Inc.
Exclusive benefits for people employed in the Floridahospitalityand tourism industry.
Water Surfing Bike Ride 1.2
Time to race with water surfer bike at beach and ocean withsurfingmotorbike riders.Challenging and dangerous ocean water racewithreal water surfing bikes.You may have played water surfingcargames but in this game you will ride and race on watersurfingbikes on vast ocean environment in style.Drive motorbikeboatriding race and have best perfection for most challengingamazinglevels.How about going on an ocean adventure as super watersurferin an amazing moto bike driving simulator 2017.Get in yoursuperfast modified race motorbike to race for glory in this fastpacedsuper bike racing game.Follow the arrows for direction, moveyoursuper furious bike over deep sea where tires transform suchthatthey float like a real epic jet ski on ocean surface.You mighthaveenjoyed extreme Jet Ski and boating adventure in deepoceans.Selectyour favorite bike rider for surfing around in thisepic drivingsimulator of 2017.Motorcycle surfer float drivingexperience oncity town beach and on water surface where your bikeacts like aSki Jet boat.Drive your vehicle at furious speed on sandbeach andpass through the checkpoints in furious speed drivingsimulator.Getready to drive the water racing bike and enjoy thebeach andsea.You can ride a bike on beach then jump into sea yourmotorbiketires are floating like a boat.You will test your ability,timingand accuracy as your perfect skills to gainmaximumspeed.Features:-Outstanding Water Surfing Bikes-RealisticPhysicsof floating motorbikes-Beautiful beach and oceanenvironment-Easyand intuitive controls-Many different types ofbikes andlevels-High Quality 3D Graphics and Engaging SoundEffects!Win yourrace, collect points and unlock other mission withwonderfulluxurious motorbikes.Ride your fastest surfing bike tocollect allthe check point.Like an amazing floating car boatdriving,ride bikein beach city with beautiful surroundings will popyour eyes out ofyour head.Drift on the beach, perform stunts ordrag race on waterwhere you can ride your Jet Ski bike boat atfurious speed enjoyingsurfing and perform some real stunts as asuper water surfer seadriver in beach city.Modified bikes areadrenaline filled forracing game.Prove that you are the bestsurfing motorbike racer.
Palabre Feedly RSS Reader News 3.2.4
Your beautiful news reader for Feedly, RSS feeds, Inoreader, TheOldReader or Twitter. Build your dose of daily news.ApersonalizedAndroid news reader just for you. Palabre is an all inone newsapp, acclaimed as the best user experience as a Feedlyreader, aRSS Reader, Google news (Google reader) and got reallygoodpress.Palabre is RSS Reader that features offline reading,extractfull articles (readability like) from RSS feeds, a darktheme,synchronize reads/unreads Feedly Reader, import RSS feedsfromOPML, magazine layout, scrollable news widgetFollowourrecommendations or search for your favorite site or blog to addnewcontent.Manage your RSS feeds or Feedly subscriptions easily.Addyour Feedly account, find content based on your interests, oraddany RSS feed manually.Palabre is also a modern andbeautifulmaterial design application with a lot of great features:-Feedlyclient with full synchronization- Support all RSS feedformats likeRSS 2.0 or Atom, import your RSS Feed with OMPL import-Read newsfrom your Twitter timeline with the provider extension-Support forTwitter, The Old Reader, Inoreader or even Flickr withthe optionalextension- Magazine layout, Large Cards or List displaymode-Complete offline reader for full article and pictures, whichcan becached only when your device is charging if you want- Extractthefull article from the website using our readability /mobilizertechnology- Save anything to Pocket, Instapaper or Palabreitselfto read it later- Beautiful widgets (scrollable widgetavailable)-Customizable notifications- Android Wear app- Darktheme, fontcustomizations, or save bandwith by loading pictures ondemand-Chrome tabs support- Other customizationsAny Androiddeveloper canvery easily expand Palabre for new services (reddit,newsblur,feedbin are some ideas) using the PalabreextensionSDK: ourGoogle+community: coming! You can submit featurerequesthere: the community if you have an issue, before giving a badrating,we're ready to help!
Kiskoo S.R.L.
Pelota Invernal es una aplicación para todos los seguidoresdelBeisbol Invernal Dominicano. Con esta aplicación podrán seguirasus equipos favoritos: Aguilas, Estrellas, Gigantes, Leones,Tigresy Toros en tiempo real. Resultados, calendario y posiciones.
Golf Channel
Golf Channel
The Golf Channel app is your personalized guide to everythinggolf.You’ll find up-to-date scores, news and notifications for allyourfavorite tours and players. Golf Channel's mission is to makesureyou never miss a great golf moment. Stay up to date withscores,news, and schedules for all major tours including: PGATourEuropean Tour Tour PGA Tour Champions LPGA NCAA Andformajor events like: The Masters The U.S. Open The Open FedexCupPlayoffs PGA Championship The Players The Presidents Cup RyderCupANA Inspiration and more... With the Golf Channel app youcaneasily fin: The latest golf news and scores Live streamingandother popular Golf Channel video programs Info on yourfavoritegolfer Historical golf scores and event info
Jazz Cricket: PSL 2020 Live Cricket Streaming HD 9.3
Jazz Pakistan
Live Streaming Pakistan Super League 2020 Cricket Lovers!! Areyouready for the Fifth Edition of the Pakistan Super League 2020?Jazzcricket app has covered it all for you. As Jazz Cricket bringsyoua full month of exciting Live Cricket Streaming. Jazz Cricketisoffering live streaming for the whole Pakistan Super League2020.So Sit back and enjoy every bit of PSL 2020 live cricketstream. Awhole month of live cricket with action only on JazzCricket mobileapp a pure delight for the cricket lovers. JazzCricket app offersthe best chance of following your favorite PSL2020 team withglamorous international cricket players. Just let thePSL cricketcraze begin with Live Cricket Stream, inside cricketmatch videos,cricket news, ball by ball highlights and commentary.Jazz Cricket:PSL 2020 Live Cricket Stream app is studded witheverything youneed to know about Pakistan Super League 2020 season5. It doesn’tmatter which Pakistan Super League team you supportyou will lovethem all. → Quetta Gladiators
 → Lahore Qalandars
 →Karachi Kings
 → Islamabad United 
 → Peshawar Zalmi 
 → MultanSultans JazzCricket is celebrating the PSL 5 festival so join us inthe cause.Jazz & Warid Customers grab your best chance ofgetting alllive Cricket Streaming, live score, news and updates.Install Jazzcricket app now enjoy every bit of PSL 2020 season 5. -PSL5-PSL2020 Live Cricket match streaming, Live Cricket scorecardforjazz and Warid customers. More From Jazz Cricket: PSL 2020LiveCricket Stream and Updates: *Global Coverage: AllinternationalCricket Tournaments, IPL, BPL, BBL, CPL, APL CanadaT20, PSL 2020,T10 World Cup, Asia Cup, Cricket World Cup, T20 WorldCup 2020.*Cricket tournament & series, Live Score, MatchSummary,Fixtures and much more. *Stay Updated!!! Catch CricketEventsSchedules, live score, match summary, ball by ball livetextcommentary and much more. Jazz Cricket: PSL 5 Live CricketStream2020 Features: ✦ Ongoing PSL 2020 Live Streaming.
 ✦ Ball byballscore card updates of all cricket matches.
 ✦ Live Crickettextcommentary.
 ✦ In-match videos and cricket highlights.
 ✦Videopackages & post-match video highlights.
 ✦ Detailedmatchsummary.
 ✦ Complete squads and fixtures of all seriesandtournaments.
 ✦ Live animated widget for the home screen.
 ✦Pushalerts for match start, innings break, boundaries, andmatchresults.
 ✦ Complete social media integration.
 ✦ New appdesign.
✦ Schedules of upcoming matches So Don’t miss PakistanSuper League2020 Live Streaming, Live scores, highlights andupdates only onjazz cricket the best live cricket Scores app.Download the JazzCricket live streaming app and Enjoy Cricket.
Permit Test FL Florida DHSMV Driver's License Test prepares you for DHSMV Driver Permit KnowledgeTestfor Florida FDOT includes all FL. Download it for free. Theappcontains pdf Driver's License Handbook. This App is build basedonthe official DMV Manual 2019; it helps you study for driver'spermittest 2019. The user-friendly interface provides supereasynavigation inside the application, which speeds up yourlearningprogress. Also, you can practice for free online on ourwebsite Our driver's permit contains: 1) Tools to learn:-flashcards; -listwith questions and answers; -pdf Driver's LicenseHandbook 2019;-topics manager: Laws, Signs, Situations, etc. 2)Tools to testyourself: -The Practice Test, which is similar to thereal Driver'sDHSMV FL ( Florida ) Knowledge Permit Test; -TheMarathon Test,which gives you an opportunity to explore allavailable Driver'sDHSMV FL ( Florida ) Knowledge test questions. 3)Driver-Start.commade Statistic tool to display information aboutyour knowledgelevel of each topic so that you can evaluate yourreal progress. 4)Also, our easy navigation and chosen colors of themenu and testsections made your preparation to Driver's DHSMV FL (Florida )Driving Permit Test more enjoyable. Read Driver's LicenseManualDOWNLOAD, PRACTICE, PASS, The Driver's DHSMV FL ( Florida)Knowledge Permit Test 2019. Online driver's permit test practiceonour website Happy learning for yourdriver'spermit test,
gReader Pro | News | RSS 4.3.1_pro
★★★ "gReader Is Hands Down The Incomparable King Of RSS ReadersOnAndroid." - AndroidPolice ★★★gReader is a simple, fastandintuitive feed/rss reader for Feedly and The Old Reader,featuringbeautiful themes, podcast support and full offlinesupport. Readall your rss/feed news in one place, where keeping upwith yourfavorite websites is as easy as checking your email. Moreon* The Old Reader: To use TheOldReader you need to create a mobile login in TOR settings*Pleaselet us know of any issues you encounter via email.* If youstillget ads: Clear the cache of the market and check the licenseingReader again (Menu->More->Check License)* Read theFAQbefore commenting:*Beta:* PlayStore:*Support developers* Ad-Free version* Better Widgets* BetterPodcastsfeatures* Voice-Reading* Custom NotificationSERVICES:*Feedly Cloud:Feedly Cloud is a new way to browse the content ofyour favoritesites.* The Old Reader: The Old Reader is a simple,web-based RSSreader with lots of great sharing features.* RSSReader: Use gReaderwithout any online services. All data are savedlocally.FEATURES:*Synchronization: Use gReader at home, at youroffice, or anywhereyou go and keep your feeds, tags and shareditems synched in oneplace.* 2-Way Sync: Synchronize your readitems between gReader andFeedly/The Old Reader. Keep your articlesup-to-date* Autosynchronization* User Interface: Simple, fast andintuitive*Tablet-Optimized: Read your news more comfortable on atablet*Themes: Light, Black and Dark, Sepia, Blue, Green* NightMode: Readyour articles with white font on black background. Savebattery andincrease readability in the night.* Offline Reading:Reading fullarticle content without internet connection* Mark readon scroll*Podcast support* Voice-Reading (Text-To-Speech)* SearchFilters:Search and filter keywords, save search results* Folders /Tagssupport* Notification* Share articles via Email, Facebook,Twitter,...* Services: Translation, Mobilizer (Google,Instapaper,Readability)* Save to Pocket (Read it later) /Instapaper /Readability* Sort: by newest, by oldest, by feed* Quickand Swipeactions: faster access to useful functions* Rich articlelist(snippet and thumbnail)* Widget: Icon widget with unreadbadge*Easy Reading: Reading mode view, inverse webpage color*Fullscreenmode: Enlarge your reading space* HTTPS connection: UseHttp Secureto get your feeds* Backup/Restore: Backup/RestoreyourpreferencesTry it yourself and build your ownopinion.PERMISSIONS:*GET_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS: Allows accessto the list ofaccounts for quick login.* READ_LOGS: Used forfeedback feature.Users could send logs to developer for identifyingissues.
ACLEDA Unity ToanChet 2.8.6
ACLEDA Unity ToanChet is a FinTech Application running onSmartPhone, enabling customers to do banking transactions fromanywhere,anytime.
Latest Greek News 1.2.0
Latest Greek News has a variety of categorised rss feeds andletsyou either view the selected rss or even subscribe to it soeverytime you start the application, your subscriptions willbeloaded!You can be redirected to the original url with the fullfeedstory by clicking the left square icon of the feed.Don'thesitateto contact me for bugs or things that you'd like to see inthisapplication.
RSS Widget 2.6.1
Waqas Aslam
100% Ads-Free! Tired of unnecessarily complex widgets taking uptoomuch space on your phone? Here is the solution. A verysimple,clean and easy-to-use widget to present RSS feeds on yourhomeand/or lock screen. It does what it's meant to do, takingupminimal fraction of your phone's memory. Multiple RSS feeds canbeconjoined in a single widget and supports transcriptsfromright-to-left. NOTE: This is a widget, not a regular app tolaunch.Please do not give low rating because you are unable to findtheapp in launcher. It is supposed to be included as a widget onyourhome/lock screen. How to add a widget->
Surfing Animated Keyboard + Live Wallpaper 2.50
💥 Beautiful Background for your Android Phone 💥 🙌 SurfingAnimatedKeyboard + Live Wallpaper combines unique visual effectswith agreat user experience making the app a great addition toyourpersonalized Phone. Enjoy the amazing graphics andcoolanimation... it is FREE and easy to install. New themes everyweek!🙌 💥 Awesome Features 💥 - HD unique graphics for your keyboard&phone background; - custom keyboard background &wallpaper; -privacy - we do not monitor or store your typingactivity; -optimized for battery life 🔋🔋🔋 💥 Amazing Call ScreenAnimations 💥 📲Beautiful, dynamic and stylish caller screen themesto customizethe after call screen.📲 👇 To activate the keyboardtheme follow theinstructions bellow: 👇 - Install Surfing AnimatedKeyboard + LiveWallpaper; - Open app; - Click "Apply Keyboard"button. You'll beredirected to the theme manager and the theme willbe applied; - Ifyou don't have Wave Keyboard, our app will redirectand guide youthrough the installation process; 👇 To activate thelive wallpapertheme follow the instructions bellow: 👇 - InstallSurfing AnimatedKeyboard + Live Wallpaper; - Open app; - Click"Apply Wallpaper"button. On the next screen you will have a“Download” followed byan “Apply” button => the theme will beapplied; - ENJOY! 😎 😍 💥Your feedback is highly appreciated and willhelp us improve ourability to create even better themes in thefuture. 💥
Glassy App is an application that enables you to improveyoursurfing technique by storing your sessions' data and offeringa7-day forecast. Be part of the largest surfing community— withover18,000 spots worldwide—created by the surfers themselvesandvalidated by our team. LOG YOUR SURF SESSIONS 🏄 Log, measureandassess your surf sessions to improve your technique. ACCESSOVER18,000 SPOTS WORLDWIDE 📍 Create a list of your favorite spotsandadd your own spots to be part of the world's largestsurfingcommunity. CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDS Share your surfsessions withyour friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Follow otherusers, compete with them and enter the ranking withyour bestwaves. Add pictures, log your board and move on to thenext level.7-DAY WAVE FORECAST 🌊 Get real-time, 7-day weatherforecasts (wavessize, swell direction, wind direction and period)for the wholeworld. RECEIVE ALERTS 🌤 Don't miss any session.Customizenotifications for your favorite spots to receive alertswhenconditions are ideal for surfing (waves size, swell direction,winddirection and period). MEASURE YOUR REAL TIME SESSIONS WITHGLASSYZONE⏱ Connect your app with the best wearable surf GPS inthemarket, logging your sessions, your sleep quality and exposuretoUV rays while enjoying the waves. More info at www.glassy.proYouropinion helps us keep growing. So, if you have any ideasand/orsuggestions, you may write to us at UseyourGlassy Zone for water sports—surf, bodyboard, longboard andSUP.We're working on offering you kitesurf, windsurf andwakeboardsoon.
Nextcloud News Reader
David Luhmer
The Nextcloud News Reader App makes it possible to synchronizefeedsbetween Android and the Nextcloud/ownCloud News App. -Offlinereading - Cache images offline - Background synchronization-Customizable Listview - Mark as read while scrolling -Dark/LightTheme - Customizable font - Widget - Pull-To-Refresh -and manymore! In order to use the newest beta version, please clickon thefollowinglink: is under AGPLv3 license terms. It is free and the sourcecode isavailable under: the app please report Bugs and Feature Requestson, ownCloud, Feed, Feeds, Rss, Reader, Nachrichten
Brazilian 2018 Bra 4.3
Follow your favorite team and get all the information onthiscompetition. Do not miss out, download now !Thisapplicationoffers:Table GamesClassification of TeamsList ofScorersDetail ofthe information in Real TimeFavorite TeamNewsSports
News+ Premium 1.0.1
The News+ Premium application is a key that unlocks allPremiumfeatures from the free version of News+.Unlock News+features:*Multi Services* No Ads* Widgets (coming soon)* Podcast*VoiceReading* Support developmentBrought to you by the creatorsofgReader.*** About News+ ***Since Google has decided toshutdownGoogle Reader, lots of new and innovative RSS services havearoseto light. Many of those services appeared as worthyreplacements,and even an upgrade. We couldn’t choose just one ortwo, and wealso had to make some decisions about how our work willcontinue.We decided not to pick! We created a new app that is thesuccessorof gReader, taking it’s features and functionality butsupports asmany reading services as possible: News+.*** Simple,fast andintuitive ***Our goal was to create a news reader with thebestpossible reading experience. Our users LOVED howcustomizablegReader is, and it made sense because a lot of thefeature ideascame from the community itself. So, on News+ users canalso quicklyread their feeds in a simple and intuitive userinterface. Articlepages can be reduced to the minimum of just themain contents, sothat a reader could just concentrate on, well…reading! Consumingcontent at places without an internet connectionis also possibleusing the great offline Reading features. You canalso let News+read your news to you when out laud, leaving yourhands free forother tasks. These and many more features could befound on thefeatures page, at*** Whychoose justone service? Supporting extensions in News+ ***The powerof News+is as an aggregator. We took gReader’s functional featuresandadded the ability to expand News+ with extensions. Not just forRSSservices, but Read Later services as well (Pocket, ReadabilityorInstapaper), and news websites could be integrated too. We planonintegrating more and more services to News+, making itaone-stop-shop for all your news and articles needs. In asingle,unified user interface, you can now read and consume contentfromvarious different services, and the list will just get biggerandbigger.Extensions are independent app that can be createdandpublished by everyone. News+ recognized the extensions byitselfand shows them directly in the app. Here is a list ofcurrentservices News+ supports:* Google News* Feedly* InoReader*Bazqux*Tiny Tiny Rss* FeedBin* NewsBlur* SubReader* Reedah*CommaReader*PocketFinally, we encourage the News+ community tocreateextension, and have them published to everyone!***Links***Homepage: http://newsplus.coAPI Documentation andExtensionsource codes:!forum/news_plusPlayStore(beta): app with GoogleNewsfeatures.
Floating Water Surfer Car Driving - Beach Racing 1.0
Do you love driving water car games on beach and oceans?Arefloating water surfer car racing and boating is a fun andthrillfor you? If yes then get ready for water surfer floatingcardriving adventure on city town beach where you transform yourcarinto floating ships like sky jet boats. As a best watersurfingdriver race your boat cars in immense sea with fast speed tobeatall jet car surfers. This ultimate beach surfing game is bestforreal water boat lovers who got some amazing boat driving stuntsonwater simulation. In water racing mode drive boat type car onbeachsurface and show some extreme stunt riding skills.Get controlofwater surfer car which has powerboat engine to ride jet ski onhighspeed and perform amazing water stunts. The physics forsimulationwater is specially designed to get best surf gameexperience forsurfers. Test your water boat driving skills withextreme power carboat ride on sand ocean. If you jump into deep seayou will getreal water splash push on jet car. Enjoy ocean rideswith floatingwater cars boat. Floating Water Car Driving Game play:There aretwo modes challenging and career mode. In challengingmode you willrace with other jet ski to beat them on beach. Incareer mode drivethrough all the checkpoints for victory of yourocean ride. 2.5.3 is one of the largest transport portals inLithuania.Here you will find thousands offers - cars,motorcycles,agricultural machinery, rims, tires, audio equipment,parts etc.Also you can check your road traffic rules skills, readarticles,reviews take part in car enthusiasts forums.
K keyboard - Myanmar 1.2.0
Kyaw Su Thwe
•HOW TO ENABLE “K KEYBOARD”: •Step1: Press “Enable Keyboard”andselect Kkeyboard” •Step2: Press “Set Default Android Keyboard”set“K keyboard” •“K keyboard” is working on android version 4.1.1andup. •Language "Myanmar(Zg) , Myanmar(Uni) , Shan(Zt) , Shan(Uni),Paoh(Zg) , Paoh(Uni) , Thai(10key & 12key)" •1000+ CuteandSmart Emoji & Emotion & Emoticon & Smiley faces.•Translate as you type in the keyboard •Translate ButtonLongPressBy Select Language •Clipboard to Auto Myanmar TextConverter andFavorite •SmartPopup Myanmar Text Auto Converter•Background Color.•Background Wallpaper. •Suggestion BackgroundColor. •KeyBoard KeyStyle. •RGB Mode Support. •KeyBoard FontsColor. •Myanmar(Uni)Easily Typing. - And more... • if you like thisapp, you will clickfbpages and like
Gênio Quiz 1 1.1
Gênio Quiz 1 trás 50 questões exclusivas para testar todoseuconhecimento!Eis algumas características:-Perguntas inovadorasecapciosas;-Originalidade em perguntas únicas;-Aprendasedivertindo!Genius Quiz 1 50 back issues unique to test allyourknowledge!Here are some features:and innovativetrick-Questions;-Originalidade in single questions;-Learn havingfun!
PEN Studio
TACHYON is a rapid, cool and very hardcore dodge game.Racefasterthan light and challenge the world records!Made byAhnDonghun, YoonTaegeonMusic by256 Works, Sirplus
Galnet News From The Frontier
Sorry, Frontier have removed the RSS data feed. Unless theyrestoreit I will need some alternative to keep the app working. Iaminvestigating and will manually copy articles for now.Pleasesubscribe to the app news on the settings page fornotificationsabout progress and issues. Thanks Keep up with thenews from acrossthe Elite: Dangerous galaxy with Galnet newssourced from theofficial RSS feed. View the Engineers and how tofind them,Blueprints and Components required for crafting moduleupgrades. Ifanyone would like to help beta test this please emailme Thanks. This is a fan madecompanionapp for Elite: Dangerous. All the news content is provideddirectlyfrom Frontier Developments plc. Please let me know if yourfind anyinaccurate data and as always I am looking for more betatesters.