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Brand new FREE theme for GO SMS Pro!❤Notice:GO SMS theme isonlyavailable for phones with GO SMS Pro installed. Click heretoinstall GO SMS Pro!❤How to use this theme:After downloadingandinstalling this theme, go to Theme Store -> Local->Chooseyour theme -> Apply❤❤❤Follow us:GOSMSFacebook:
Snoopy GO Launcher Theme v1.0.10
Lucky Art
Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher Z!❤BriefIntroduction:Speciallydesigned for GO Launcher Z, providesdelicate app icons, wallpapers,folder and app drawer interface.Get it right now and have acompletely new makeover of your Androidsmartphone.❤Notice:GOlauncher theme is only available for phoneswith GO Launcher Zinstalled. Click here to install GO LauncherZ!❤How to Apply theTheme:- Directly open the theme aftersuccessful installation. - Orback to Menu>Theme, choose a themeyou like and apply it to yourphone.
Hey Snoopy - Zero Launcher 1.0.3
Presentation:- How simple and colorful a theme could be? Thisisit!An awesome way to turn a boring plain mobile interface toabeatiful one. It is free and beyond your imagination!-Speciallydesigned for ZERO launcher, provides delicateappicons,wallpapers,folder and app drawer interface.Get it rightnowand make your phone totally brand new!- If you are rather amobileenthusiast, surely you will recognize these elements fromourlatest theme and don't forget to share with your friends!-Theamazing HD screenshots we added will show you just how greatthistheme will look on your phone !DescriptionHow ToInstall:--Followthe 3 steps: open the application afterdownloading, click on the"Set as Active Theme" button and selectthe theme from thefollowing page!--This theme uses ZERO launcher.If you do not haveit installed, you will be redirected to adownload page!--If youare having problems installing ZERO launcher,please follow us onfacebook or send us an email:[email protected]:©All illustrations and imagesare the copyright of Sungy MobileLimited.
Snoopy Theme-AppLock Pro Theme 1.1.5
Presentation:- How simple and colorful a theme could be? Thisisit!An awesome way to turn a boring plain mobile interface toabeatiful one. It is free and beyond your imagination!- If youarerather a mobile enthusiast, surely you will recognizetheseelements from our latest theme and don't forget to share withyourfriends!- The amazing HD screenshots we added will show youjusthow great this theme will look on your phone !DescriptionHowToInstall:--Follow the 3 steps: open the applicationafterdownloading, click on the "Set as Active Theme" button andselectthe theme from the following page!
Snoopy Whoopy - Journey Begins 1.5
Join the adventures of your cute little friend "Snoopy" whoisdeliberately waiting to be a part of your life. His supercutenessand innocence will take your heart. We are sure that youwill lovehim and he will love you back in his adventurous ways.TheStory:Luck played a game with him and he found himself in astrangetrouble. Did you know that Snoopy has always enjoyed agoodrelationship with trouble? So what's Snoopy's story?Snoopypeepsinto the volcano and bends a little too much. His curiosityturnsinto an exciting adventure. With a courageous heart and acreativemind he is on his way up to escape from the perilousvolcano. Helphim in his quest to reach the top and be a free birdagain. It'snot just help. It's fun too. So what's "in" for you?•80breathtaking levels with addictive game play.• EightdifferentZones and two adventurous Worlds with unique enemiesandobstacles.• Essential power ups like Balloon Shield orDoubleBalloon to support the escape plan!• Collect free diamonds inbonuslevels.• Cool Wallpaper Friendly Graphics (Yes, you canprintscreen and make your screen look like Snoopy!)Play andExperiencethe Action with Snoopy: Download the Game today!
com.snoopi.users 2.9.2
סנופי - השוואת מחירים והזמנת מזון וציוד לכלב ולחתול! גם אתםמוציאיםבכל חודש מאות שקלים על מזון וציוד לחיית המחמד שלכם?מהיוםבלחיצתכפתור משווים מחירים בזמן אמת מבין מאות חנויות ברחביהארץ.בוחרים אתהעסקה הכי משתלמת, וזהו- המשלוח בדרך אליכם. כך תחסכוזמן וכסף!איך זהעובד? • נכנסים לאפליקציית סנופי • מזינים את מקוםמגוריכם • בוחריםסל מוצרים • ובקליק אחד! משווים מחירים בזמן אמת מביןמאות חנויותברחבי הארץ • כל מה שנותר הוא לבחור את ההצעה המשתלמתביותר, לשלםבאפליקציה • וזהו... המשלוח בדרך אליכם!אבל זה לאהכול!רוצים לקבועתור לחבר הקטן שלכםאצל ספר, וטרינר, מאלף או פנסיון?• מזיניםבאפליקציה את סוג חיית המחמד, תאריך התור והשעה המבוקשת •לוחצים "מיזמין?" • ובתוך זמן קצר כל בעלי המקצוע שבאזור יענו לכםחשובשתדעו,סנופי הוא חבר אמיתי!מתוך אהבה לחברים שהולכים על ארבע. סנופיתורם 5%מהרווחים לעמותות בעלי החיים. בקיצור עם סנופי חוסכים זמן,חוסכים כסףומחזירים אהבה לחיות המחמד. סנופי- מרחרחים. קונים.חוסכיםSanofi -Compare Prices and ordering food and dog andcat! Also youspend each month hundreds of dollars on food andequipment for yourpet?Today with the click of comparing prices inreal time fromhundreds of stores across the country.Choosing themost lucrativedeal, and Zho- shipping way to you. This saves timeand money!HowIt Works?Entering Sanofi app• enter the place ofresidence• choosea basket of goods• and with one click! Comparingprices in realtime from hundreds of stores across the countryAllthat's left isto choose the most advantageous offer, pay app• Thisis the way you... shipping!But that's not all!Wanted to scheduleyour littlefriendIn a book, a vet, trainer or board?• The appnutritious pettype, date and time desired line• click "Who isavailable?"• Withina short time all the professionals in the areameet youIt isimportant to know, Snoopy is a true friend!Lovefriends that go onall fours.Sanofi contributes 5% of profitslivestock associations.In short, with Sanofi save time, save moneyand return lovedpets.Snofi- sniff. Buyers. Save
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Peanuts Sticker for GO SMSThis is a premium sticker but freetodownload. you may1.Get it for free with Getjar Gold 2.Pay withIAP( In app purchase )❤How to unlock this sticker:1. Afterdownloadingand installing this sticker, go to face panel find outit and clickunlock2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free withGetjarGold.3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be severalappslisted, just download some apps to earn gold and then purchasewithGetjar Gold4. After purchase, enjoy the sticker and payattentionto our products© All illustrations and images are thecopyright ofDreamWorks Animation LLC.❤❤❤Followus:Facebook:
CallTimeWatcher 29.6
It is very easy to set up and if you make a phone call asusual,surveillance will start up automatically and will end at thesametime as the end.! ! Please be sure to check! !This applicationmaynot work depending on the model.We are sorry but support isonlypossible in Japanese.■ Features○ Ease of settingItautomaticallystarts up during a call, and ends automatically whenthe call ends.You can use it without being conscious of theapplication.○ It canbe relieved even if you do not want to finishtalkingautomaticallyIf you do not want to disconnect, you canterminatemonitoring with the button on the screen.○ When youreceive anincoming call, you will not automatically end a callonlymonitoroutgoing calls from you. .○ Small menu not to disturb thecallWhenmonitoring, a small state is displayed on the upper left ofthescreen. Even when you want to erase the display you caneasilyminimize it.■ For those using HUAWEI productsThere is apossibilitythat the operation becomes unstable due to the influenceof HUAWEIcompany specific setting.Please change the 『Lockscreencleanup』setting of the smartphone.Sorry for yourinconvenience butplease contact the manufacturer if you are unsure■For those usingASUS productsThere is a possibility that theoperation becomesunstable due to the influence of ASUS companyspecificsetting.Please change the 『Auto-start Manager』setting ofthesmartphone.Sorry for your inconvenience but please contactthemanufacturer if you are unsure■ For those usingFUJITSUproductsVibration is suppressed during a callAs anotificationmethod other than vibrating, we are preparingnotification byvoice, so please substitute there.Setting More →Vibration Setting→ Beep or Use Text ToSpeech■Notes○Please note thatwe do not takeany responsibility or liability for any damage orloss causedthrough our service.○The accuracy of the monitoring timeis nothigh, it does not guarantee the call charge○Depending on themodeland Android version, it may not function properly.■Listofpublications.(Japan)①日経BP社様日経PC21 2018年1月号増刊 必ず使える!スマートフォン2018年冬号(書籍)②NTTドコモ様(NTT DOCOMO, INC. is the predominantmobilephone operatorinJapan)dアプリ&レビュー③宝島社様Q&Aでわかりやすい!スマートフォン超入門2018(書籍)④ケータイWatch様「てっぱんアプリ」のコーナーにて掲載して頂きました⑤技術評論社様今すぐ使えるかんたんPLUS+Androidアプリ完全大事典 2018年版(書籍)今すぐ使えるかんたんPLUS+ Androidアプリ完全大事典2017年版(書籍)⑥ライブドアニュース様⑦Applion様⑧Appliv様⑨Octoba様 trademark of LINE Corporation.LINE'sLOGO is a trademark ofLINECorporation.TWITTER,TWEET,RETWEET,Twitter's logo is atrademark ofTwitter, Inc.
鬼から電話 子育てシーンに役立つサポートアプリ 3.2.1
シリーズ累計1,000万ダウンロード突破!困ったときの鬼頼み?!ちょっぴり怖い、だけじゃない!子育てサポートアプリ怒ってしまいそうな時、ほめたい時、親子のコミュニーケションを円滑にしてくれるお役立ちアプリが登場!「おにから電話」を使えば、言い聞かせをしてくれる鬼や、早くお風呂に入ろうと誘いかけたり褒めたりしてくれる妖精から電話がかかってきて、子育てを楽しくサポートしてくれます。【使い方】1.多彩なシチュエーションの中から、お子さまに合ったものを選びます。2.キャラクターから着信があります。3.言い聞かせるシチュエーションの着信画面はちょっぴり怖いイラストが表示されるため、その時点で言うことを聞いてくれたり、意識に変化があった場合は「拒否」ボタンを押します。4.そのまま再生したい場合は「通話」ボタンを押し、お話に合わせて動くアニメーションを親子でご覧ください。【特色】・子育てシーンにありがちな多彩なシチュエーションに対応 ・本当の着信と見間違う、リアルな着信・通話画面・説得力あるイラスト・臨場感満点、声優による演技 【登場するキャラクター】 ・あかおに ・なまはげ ・サンタクロース ・ささきさん・おおかみ ・まじょ・ゆうれい その他大勢のキャラクターたちが電話がかかってくるよ 困ったときはもちろん、親子のコミュニケーションに。お役立てください。■もっと詳しいアプリの説明はこちら →■facebookページ → ■Twitterアカウント →@onikaradenwa /★鬼から電話サポートセンター★不具合に関するお知らせや、操作方法に関してご不明な場合は([email protected])までご連絡頂けますようお願い致します。-----------------------------------------Series total 10 milliondownload breakthrough! Demon asked in theevent of trouble? ! Alittle scary, not just! Parenting support appWhen it seems to getangry, when you want to praise and practicalapplication us tofacilitate parent-child of the community over KeDeploymentappeared! With "phone from the demon", me and the demonthat wasthe telling, an incoming phone call is from a fairy whowill orpraise or Sasoikake about to enter the early bath, makesfunsupport child care. [How to use] 1. from among the varietyofsituations and choose the one that suits your child. 2. There isanincoming call from the character. 3. remind for incoming screenisthat a little scary illustration of the situation is displayed,oryou listen to say at that time, when there is a changeinconsciousness and press the "reject" button. 4. Press the"Call"button If you want to play as it is, please refer to theanimationthat moves according to the story in the parent andchild.[Feature] - located in the parenting scene corresponding totend toa variety of situations - a real incoming and mistaken,realisticincoming-call screen - convincing illustrations - realismperfectscore, acting by voice actor [Characters that] • The Akao-Namahage ·Santa Claus - Sasaki's - Wolf - Witch ·Ghost Otherlargenumber of characters who come phone call When in trouble,ofcourse, to the parent-child communication. Please help us. ■Moredetailed application described here→ ■ facebook page→ ■ Twitter account →@onikaradenwa/★ telephone from demonsSupport Center ★ Announcements and on theproblems, if you have anyquestions about the method of operation weask that you can contactus at([email protected]).-----------------------------------------
Charlie Brown Jr.Rádio 1.0
AppsLugs Inc
App criado em homenagem a banda CBJR com os grandes sucessosdoeterno Chorão!#CharlieBrownJrPraSempreApp created in honor ofCBJRband with the great successes of theeternalwhiner!#CharlieBrownJrPraSempre
世界で1億5千万ダウンロード突破!Android版ドルフィンブラウザ(DolphinBrowser)は、最速のフラッシュ対応無料Androidブラウザーです。あなたのアンドロイドの可能性を広げる、スマホ・タブレットならではの機能が満載。フラッシュ、アドブロック、ChromeブラウザやFirefoxとのブックマーク同期...ぜひ使っていただきたい、人気の機能がこちら!✔Webゲームやフラッシュ動画を速く、楽しくデバイスにFlashPlayer(フラッシュプレイヤー)をインストールし、ドルフィンの設定からプラグインを有効にすることで、4.1〜4.4(KitKat)でも動画などのFlashコンテンツが閲覧可能!HTML5対応なので、Webゲームを楽しむ方にはその速さをより実感していただけます。Flashの設定について、FlashPlayerについて詳しくは、こちら↓※端末によって対応内容が異なります。※Flashプレイヤーは別途無料ダウンロードが必要です。✔ブラウザとブックマークを同期!パソコンでChromeブラウザ、Firefoxブラウザをお使いのみなさま。ドルフィンの拡張機能(エクステンション)*を使えば、ワンタップでお使いのChromeブラウザまたはFirefoxとブックマークやタブが同期できます。ブックマークは左端から右にスワイプ(フリック)するだけ!サイドバーからの簡単アクセスが人気です。同期の方法について詳しくは、こちら↓✔パソコンのようなブラウジング体験パソコンがなくても大丈夫!?ユーザエージェントを使えば、AndroidからでもパソコンやiPhoneから閲覧しているような状態に。タブブラウジングだから、面倒な画面の移動なしでウェブページを素早く簡単に開いたり、切り替えたりできます。サイドバーによるブックマークの呼び出しや管理のしやすさも、パソコンのブラウザー並み。もちろん、フルスクリーンにも対応。Android端末の限られたスペースを有効活用できます!✔デバイス間での同期と送受信スマホとタブレット、パソコンなど、複数端末を持っている方にも。FacebookまたはGoogleアカウントを使ってドルフィンコネクトに登録すれば、開いているタブや履歴、ブックマーク、パスワードなどを端末間で簡単に共有できます。✔片手で楽々ブラウジングスマホだからできる!音声認識のソナーや、一筆で操作ができるジェスチャを使えば、ウェブ検索だけでなく、新規タブを開く、ブラウザーの終了、ブックマークなどのブラウジング操作も音声や指一本で行えます。ジェスチャはオリジナルの記号も作成可能!共有機能などでは前に使ったアプリも記憶しているので、共有によく使うアプリが選択しやすくなります!✔自分好みのブラウザにカスタマイズアドブロック、明るさコントロールやスクリーンカットなど、60以上のアドオンの中からニーズに合ったアドオンをインストールすれば、更に便利なブラウジングを体験していただけます。スタートページにはよくアクセスするサイトを登録できるスピードダイヤルがあるので、ワンタッチでお気に入りのモバイルサイトにアクセスできます。新たに追加されたテーマ機能で、ブラウザ画面をお気に入りの色や背景にカスタマイズすることもできます。✔プライバシを重視した、安心、安全なブラウジングメニュー>設定からあらかじめ設定できることはもちろん、ブラウザの終了時にもキャッシュや履歴をクリアするポップアップが表示されるため、簡単にプライバシーをコントロールしていただけます。◎ユーザの意見を常に製品に反映させています!より良いブラウジング体験をご提供し続けるために、ぜひみなさんの貴重なご意見をお聞かせください。◎アプリ権限についてドルフィンブラウザで利用する様々な機能、また特定のwebページなどに権限が必要となります。各権限について、詳しくはこちらのリンクをご参照ください。◎ドルフィンブラウザは、アプリ内課金やフリートライアル期間のない、完全に無料のブラウザアプリです。◎ドルフィンブラウザでは、ユーザの個人情報を製品の改良の目的以外に収集・利用することは一切ありません。ドルフィンFacebookページ:ドルフィンTwitter:ドルフィンGoogle+ページ:ドルフィンウェブサイト:ドルフィンブラウザ(DolphinBrowser)提供元:ドルフィン・ブラウザ株式会社世界で初めてジェスチャ、音声、アドオン機能を搭載したスマートフォン/タブレット専用の無料ブラウザ。2009年10月にAndroid版でサービスを開始して以来、「ユーザに最高のモバイル体験を提供する」というミッションのもと、世界初の機能を追加し続け、モバイルブラウジング体験に革命を起こしています。2011年12月に日本語版をリリースし、2014年12月、全世界で1億5千万ダウンロードを突破。現在も世界中で多くのユーザの皆様にご愛用いただいています。1150 million download breakthrough in the world! AndroidversionDolphin browser (Dolphin Browser) is the fastestflashcorresponding free Android browser. Expand the possibilitiesofyour android, feature-packed of the unique smartphonetablet.Flash, ad block, bookmark sync with Chrome browser andFirefox ...I would like you to use all means, a popular feature ishere! ✔Webgames and faster flash video, fun Install the device inthe FlashPlayer (Flash Player), by the setting of the Dolphin toenable theplug-in, can be browsed Flash content such as videos,even 4.1~4.4(KitKat)! Since HTML5 response, for those who enjoy theWeb gameyou will be able to more feel the speed. For setting ofFlash, formore information about the Flash Player, here↓ ※ different corresponding content bytheterminal. ※ Flash player is required free download separately.✔synchronize the browser and bookmark! Your everyone Chromebrowser,the Firefox browser on a computer. With Dolphinextensions(extension) *, you can sync your Chrome browser orFirefox andbookmarks and tabs with one tap. Bookmarks are only toswipe(flick) from the left end to the right! Easy access from thesidebar is popular. For more information about thesynchronizationmethods, here ↓ ✔ browsingexperience, such asa personal computer Even without a personalcomputer is all right!? With the user agent, to the state, such asbrowsing from yourcomputer or iPhone from any Android. Becausetabbed browsing, quickand easy to open and a web page without themovement of tediousscreen, you can switch. The ease of bookmarks ofcalls andmanagement by the side bar, the browser the same level ofpersonalcomputer. Of course, also supports full screen. Limitedspace youcan effectively use the Android terminal! ✔ sync withthetransmission and reception between the device Smartphoneandtablet, personal computer, etc., for those who have more thanoneterminal. If you register to Dolphin Connect using FacebookorGoogle account, open tabs and history, bookmarks, can beshared,such as the easily between the terminal password. ✔ onehandeffortlessly browsing Possible because smartphone! Sonar andspeechrecognition, if you use a gesture that can be operated byonestroke, as well as web search, open a new tab, the end ofthebrowser, browsing operations, such as bookmark also can bedonewith a single voice and fingers. Gestures can also createoriginalsymbol! Since the sharing function, etc. are also storedapps usingbefore, making it easier to select the apps that use wellto share!✔ customize to your favorite browser Ad block, such asbrightnesscontrol and screen cut, if you install the add-on to meetthe needsfrom among the more than 60 add-on, you will be able toexperiencea more convenient browsing. Since the start page there isa speeddial can be registered the most visited sites, you canaccess yourfavorite mobile site at the touch of a button. Newadditionalthemes feature, you can also customize the browser screento yourfavorite color or background. ✔ with an emphasis on privacy,peaceof mind, safe browsing Of course, it can be pre-set fromthemenu> settings, for a pop-up to clear the cache and historyevenat the time of the browser end is displayed, you will be abletocontrol the easy privacy. ◎ always be reflected in the producttheopinions of the user! In order to continue to offer abetterbrowsing experience, please by all means let us know yourvaluableopinion of you. ◎About app'spermissions Various functions utilized in the Dolphinbrowser, alsobecomes necessary authority, such as to a specific webpage. Foreach authority, For more information, please refer to thislink.◎Dolphin browser is not within the billing and free trialperiodapplication, is completely free of the browser application. ◎Inthe Dolphin browser, it does not have any way to collect andusethe personal information of the user for any purpose other thantheimprovement of the product. Dolphin Facebook page: Dolphin Twitter: Dolphin Google+ page: Dolphin web site: Dolphin browser (Dolphin Browser)Postedby Dolphin browser Co., Ltd. The world's first gesture,voice,smartphone / tablet-only free browser equipped withadd-onfeatures. Since launching the service in the Android versioninOctober 2009, the original mission of "to provide the bestmobileexperience to users", continues to add the world's firstfeature,it has revolutionized the mobile browsing experience .Released aJapanese version in December 2011, December 2014, topped150million downloads worldwide. Also our patronize everyone ofmanyusers all over the world now.
GLAY 1.3.2
GLAYの公式アプリです。NEWS、LIVEをはじめ、オフィシャル情報はもちろんGLAYのストリーミングサービスの再生もこのアプリから!GLAYのデビューから現在までの音楽、ミュージックビデオ、ライブ映像などのコンテンツを収録。ミュージックシーンを席巻するロックバンド・GLAYのストリーミングをいつでもどこでもお楽しみいただける、ファンの方必見のアプリです。GLAYis the official app. NEWS, including LIVE, officialinformation is,of course Playback of GLAY streaming service fromthis app! Musicfrom GLAY debut until now, music videos, recordedcontent, such aslive video. The music scene enjoy streaming ofsweeping rock band ·GLAY anywhere at any time, is a must-see ofthe application towardsthe fan.
ホロライブ - VTuberになれるアプリ 1.0.4
●使い方・キャラキャラクターの変更をすることができます。・背景プリセットされた背景を表示することができます。・カラー特定のキャラクターの髪の色、瞳の色を変更することができます。●hololive公式Twitter●Howto use·CharacterYou can be a change of character.·backgroundYoucanview the preset background.·ColorThe color of the specificcharacterof the hair, you can change the color of the pupil.●hololiveofficial Twitter
Find Angles! - Math questions 2.54.0
Find Angles! Once you have completed the basic questions fromStage1 to Stage 4, try to solve the challenging questions on theFinalStage! If you can't solve a question, you can check the hintof thequestion or ask the answer to your friends via Twitter.'Angles'contains following contents: --- -The sum of the Angles ofatriangle -Exterior angle of a triangle -Isoscelestriangle-Right-angled triangle -Vertical angle -Correspondingangle-Alternate angle -Parallelogram -The sum of the Angles ofaquadrilateral -The sum of the Angles of a polygon -Inscribedangles-Alternate segment theorem ---'Areas'Find the coloredarea.8x8grid, the area of each cell is 1.π(Pi) is the ratio ofthecircumference = 3.1415… .Stage 1,2,3,4,5,6 haveeasyquestions.Stage 7,8,9 have hard questions.Stage 10 have veryhardquestions.'Sequences'Find the number that fits in "?"1st Stagehaveeasy questions.Final Stage have hard questions.
写真で一言ボケて(bokete) 5.6
500万DL突破ありがとうございます!写真で一言「ボケて」は、3秒で笑えるアプリです。学校で、職場で、お家で、電車で、ボケを見て爆笑してくださいね。▼世界最大級・5,900万ボケ突破!▼殿堂入り、人気、注目、新着ボケランキングが毎日リアルタイムで更新!▼無料会員登録で評価、コメント、お気に入り、ボケ機能が使える\(^o^)/-----------------------------------------------------<使い方>1.ボケを見る毎日4万件以上投稿される職人のボケで爆笑しよう。殿堂入りボケをはじめ、新着、注目、人気、セレクト、ピックアップランキングも!2.ボケを評価してコレクションする笑ったら、職人のボケを星3つで評価しよう。評価したボケはお気に入りに保存できます。ボケコレクションを作って学校で、職場で、家庭で、笑わせよう。(無料会員登録が必要です)3.笑ったらシェアLINEやTwitter、Facebook、メールで友達を笑わせてみよう。4.ボケるお題一覧から、お気に入りのお題を探してボケよう。評価が沢山付けば、注目、人気ランキングに掲載されます。目指せ殿堂入り!-----------------------------------------------------<メディア掲載実績>テレビ朝日スマホポリス、テレビ東京WBS、日経ビジネスアソシエ、AneCan、Scawaii、BLENDA、GISEL、チョキチョキガールズ、週刊現代、FRIDAY、FRaUetc...・2013年3月ボケて本「写真で一言 ボケて」発売12月文化庁メディア芸術祭2013のエンターテイメント部門「審査委員会推薦作品」を受賞。12月ボケて本第二弾「写真で一言もっとボケて」を発売。・2014年4月 リアルイベント「ボケてナイト」開催7月パリ・ジャパンエキスポ出展9月ボケて本第三弾「写真で一言 まだまだボケて」発売・2015年6月リアルカードゲーム「写真で一言ボケてカードゲーム」発売7月ボケて本第四弾「写真で一言ボケて Cute!」発売・ 2016年4月リアルイベント「ボケソニック」開催12月AppStoreおすすめ はなしのタネ「これ面白いよ」選出・ 2017年2月アプリ累計500万ダウンロード突破9月ボケて大学生選手権2017開催-----------------------------------------------------楽しいとき、悲しいとき。友達や恋人といるとき、一人でいるとき。ヒマな時、宿題や仕事で忙しいとき。ボケてを手にとってくれたら嬉しいです。笑ったら、レビューでコメントくださいね。Twitter:アップデートのご要望・お問い合わせはこちらまでお願いいたします。[email protected] DL Thank you break through!"Blurred" word in thephotograph isa funny app in 3 seconds.At school, at work, at home,on the train,but please to laugh to see a blur.▼ the world'slargest - 59 millionblur breakthrough!▼ Hall of Fame, popularity,attention, New blurranking updated in real time every day!▼evaluated in freemembership registration, comment, favorite, blurfunction use \ (^ o^)/-------------------------------------------------- ---View1.blurTrying to laughter in the blur of craftsmen that isposteddaily more than 40,000.Including the Hall of Fame blur,new,attention, popularity, select, also pick up rankings!2.collectionto evaluate the blurAfter laughing, trying to evaluate ablur ofcraftsmen in the three stars.Evaluated blur can be savedtofavorites.At school make a blurring collection, at work, athome,you Warawaseyo. (Free membership registration required)3.ShareSmiledLINE and Twitter, Facebook, let's laugh a friend bye-mail.4.blurredFrom the theme list, blur so looking for a favoritetheme.Ifput evaluation a lot, attention, will be posted on thepopularityrankings. Aim HallofFame!-------------------------------------------------- ---TVAsahiSumahoporisu, TV Tokyo WBS, Nikkei Business Association,AneCan,Scawaii, BLENDA, GISEL, cutting sound Girl, Shukan Gendai,FRIDAY,FRaU etc ...·2013March blur Te "Te word blur in thephotograph"Books releasedHe won the December Japan Mediaentertainmentdepartment of the Arts Festival 2013 "JuryRecommendedWorks".Released "word Te more blurred in the photo,"second editionbook on 12 May blurred.·2014April real event "Nightblurred"heldJuly Paris Japan Expo exhibitorsThe third installmentthis TeSeptember blurred "photo Te word still blurred in the"sale-2015June real card game "card game Te word blur in thephotograph"is releasedThe fourth bullet this Te July blur "with aphotographTe word blurred Cute!" Is released- 2016April real event"blurSonic" heldDecember AppStore Recommended story of seed"This'minteresting" election- 2017February app 5 milliondownloadbreakthroughSeptember blur Te college student Championship2017held-------------------------------------------------- ---Funtime,when sad.When you are with friends and lover, when youarealone.Leisure time, when busy with homework and work.I am happyifme taking out of focus in the hand.After laughing, butpleasecomment in thereview.Twitter: inquiries of updatesthank you to [email protected]
Qoo10ショッピング-お得で便利な通販アプリ 4.0.5
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 今ならQoo10ショッピングアプリを 無料ダウンロードするだけで1,000円割引クーポンがもらえる!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 新しいショッピング生活 Qoo10ショッピング日本全国はもちろん、シンガポール、インドネシア、マレーシア、中国、香港など 全世界でお買い物できるグローバル通販アプリ。いつでもとこでもサクサク検索して間単にお買い物できるから Qoo10ショッピングアプリだけあればいつでも欲しいものが見つかる!*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*Qoo10ショッピングアプリの主な特徴*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*・*■□アプリだからできる!アプリ限定特価□■アプリだからこんなに安い! Qoo10ショッピングアプリだけあればどんな時にでも特価でお買い物できます。■□一番安く!一番早く!タイムセール□■ 毎日00時・10時・17時のタイムセールを狙え!Qoo10ショッピングアプリがあれば欲しかったものを一番安く、一番早くゲットできます。 ■□価格破壊 Qoo10 SUPERSALE□■毎月定期的に行われるスーパーセールで お得な割引クーポンはもちろん、たくさんの商品を最安値で購入できます。その他、24時間限定で進行される「今日の特価」やカートクーポンを使ってよりお得にお買い物できる「共同購入」まで!Qoo10ショッピングアプリでもっと安く、より便利にお買い物が楽しめます。 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The Qoo10shopping app if now Justdownload free Get 1,000 yen discountcoupon! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Newshopping life Qoo10 shopping Japan, ofcourse, Singapore, Indonesia,Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, etc.Global mail-order app that can beshopping in the whole world. Atany time and crispy search in TokoSince between can simplyshopping If only Qoo10 shopping app Youfind what you want at anytime! * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -* - * - * - * - * - * - *- * - * The main features of the Qoo10shopping app * - * - * - * -* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -* - * - * - * ■ □ can notbe wrong app! App limited budget □ ■ Socheap because app! If onlyQoo10 shopping app You can shop at abargain at any time to. ■ □cheapest! Fastest! Time Sale □ ■ Everyday Aim for the time sale of00 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 17! If there isa Qoo10 shopping appCheapest things I wanted, you can most quicklyget. ■ □ pricedestruction Qoo10 SUPER SALE □ ■ Super Sale thatmonthly regularbasis Discount discount coupon, of course, You canbuy a lot ofproducts at lowest price. Other, Ya "Today's Special"which isadvanced in the 24-hour limit It can be shopping more dealsbyusing a cart coupon to the "joint purchase"! Cheaper inQoo10shopping app, More convenient shopping can be enjoyed.
Mr. QR: Super Cute QR Scanner/Reader 2.10.2
Fuller, Inc.
Mr. QR: Cute Barcode & QR Scanner/Reader A free Bardcode&QR Scanner without any ads. Simple, smart and cute! Mr. QR isthefourth app in the series of "Mr." character apps. QR Codes?QRCodes are really handy, you can use them to exchangeemailaddresses or share important information easily. You can evensavethings like contact details or phone numbers. That's where Mr.QRcomes in, you can easily scan QR codes with the app and keeptrackof the codes you have scanned in the past. You can even createapersonal QR code from your contact details(name, phone,emailaddress). Recommended For * People who want a cute QR Codereaderapp. * People who like cute Japanese mascot characters. *Peoplewho trade contact details often. * Fans of the "Mr."smartphone appseries. * People who struggle trying to figure outthe best way toshare contact details. What is a QR Code? 'QR Code'is anabbreviation for "Quick Response Code", which is atwo-dimensionalbarcode that is readable by smartphones. QR Codesare able toencode over 4000 characters into a two-dimensionalbarcode.
Simeji顔文字パック 猫編 1.3
Simeji(日本語文字入力&顔文字キーボード)の顔文字パックです。様々なシーンで使える、猫の顔文字をピックアップ。かわいくて時に人間くさい、愛すべきにゃんこたち。人気の顔文字アプリを今すぐインストール!!★ダウンロード★人気テーマの顔文字を一括ダウンロード♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*顔文字をタップするだけで簡単コピー!★猫顔文字の一例★昼間の顔→ (ⓛωⓛ🎀)🎵夜の顔→ ❃ႣᄎႣ❃ボール遊びが大好き♡ ヾ(⌒(ノシ*ìωí)ノシΞ●気になるヤツには猫パンチ ヽ(=^・ω・^=)ノ💫猫飯拳!ヒトのおやつを狙ってくることも (●ΦωΦ●)✧🍮                           ★アップデート★             人気急上昇中の顔文字を随時アップデート。大人気!芸能人愛用の顔文字を大量追加!★便利な機能★顔文字ランキングで好きな顔文字にいいね!すると、キーボードにお気に入り登録されます。お気に入り登録した顔文字や、一度選択した顔文字は、キートップの顔文字パレットから使えます。本アプリケーションは以下利用規約(ソフトウェアガイドラインを含みます)を御確認の上ご利用ください。           Simeji拡張アプリ利用規約                               <お問い合わせはこちら>デベロッパー情報に記載のメールアドレスよりお問合せください。Simejiを既にご利用の方は、下記ご参照の上お問い合わせください。 of Simeji (Japanese character input &emoticonskeyboard).It can be used in various scenes, pick up thecat ofemoticons.Cute man at the time and stinking,lovableNyankotachi.Now install the popularity of emoticons app!!★Download ★Batch download the popular theme of emoticons ♦ ♫ ♦ ·*:... ♦ ♫ ♦ * ° ¨ ゚゚ · *Easy copy by simply tapping theemoticons!★an example of a cat face character ★Daytime face → (ⓛ ωⓛ🎀) 🎵Nightof the face → ❃დ ᄎ დ❃Ball play is love ♡ Isuzu (⌒ (*waves * * ìωí)* waves * Ξ ●Cat punch ヽ the guy anxious (= ^ · ω · ^=) Bruno 💫Nekomeshiken!To come aimed at the snack of humans (● ΦωΦ●)✧🍮   ★ Update ★From time to time update thefacecharacter of the rising popularity.Very popular! Add a largeamountemoticons entertainers favorite!★ useful functions ★I hopetofavorite emoticons emoticons rankings! Then, it is afavoriteregistered with the keyboard.Or your favorite registeredfacecharacter, once selected emoticons, you can use from the keytop ofthe facecharacterpalette.                                                                                                                                        Thisapplicationthe following Terms of Use (including the softwareguidelines)Please use on the check.Simeji extension app TermsofUse contact us fromthee-mail address according to developer information.If youalreadyuse the Simeji, please contact us on thefollowingdetails.
キラキラ姫系壁紙きせかえ Princess Story 1.2
★アイコン20点増量★レースのシルエットに煌びやかなビジュー。童話のプリンセスをイメージしたきせかえテーマ+.*ピンク×パープルのカラーが甘すぎず、エレガントな仕上がりに♪大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはホームアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。★icon20-point increase ★ 煌Biyakana Bijou to race silhouette.Kisekae theimage of a princess of the fairy tale theme +. *Thecolor of pink ×purple is not too sweet, ♪ elegant finishVerypopular! Wallpapericon Kisekae app ♪+ Is a free Kisekae theme ofHOME (plus home).TheKisekaeru requires the installation of homeapplication "+ HOME".■ +A HOME?Wallpaper, icons, widget with asimple operation is a wholemakeover!Very popular all over theworld ★ + HOME is a free dress-uplauncher.Cute from 1000 or moretypes of rich theme fashionable,cool! You can customize like yousmartphone ♪■ how to use inquiryand requests [email protected] The image is animage. Theactual things might be different.
コクリコ色 お花畑の壁紙きせかえ 1.1
秋風にそよぐ真っ赤なコクリコのお花畑をセンチメンタルな雰囲気のきせかえテーマにしました*.+大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはホームアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。Theflowergarden of bright red Coquelicot swaying in the autumn windwas inKisekae theme of the sentimental atmosphere *. +Verypopular!Wallpaper icon Kisekae app ♪+ Is a free Kisekae theme ofHOME (plushome).The Kisekaeru requires the installation of homeapplication "+HOME".■ + A HOME?Wallpaper, icons, widget with asimple operation isa whole makeover!Very popular all over theworld ★ + HOME is a freedress-up launcher.Cute from 1000 or moretypes of rich themefashionable, cool! You can customize like yousmartphone ♪■ how touse inquiry and requests [email protected] Theimage is an image. Theactual things might be different.
AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE 1.6
AMOLED Live Wallpaper is best for save battery and phonedisplay!SeeMOSAIC 3D 160+ Live wallpapers library!FREE TEST:! Thanks!
Mickey Wallpapers 1.0
Micky Wallpapers HD Free is a personalized app that features alotof character shots from cartoon film Mickey Mouse and MinnieMouse.There are many Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wallpaper HDqualitysuitable to be used as wallpaper for fans of Mickey MouseandMinnie Mouse.Features:- Mickey wallpapers- Mickey wallpaper-Mickeywallpapers HD- Mickey wallpaper HD- mickey , micki , color-girlybackgrounds , fun wallpapers and backgrounds , girlswallpapers andbackgrounds , girly wallpapers and backgrounds ,girly wallpaper +13- bowknot , minnie mouse wallpaper , mickeymouse wallpaper ,dotted bow - disney wallpaper and backgrounds ,disney wallpaperand backgrounds free , disney wallpapers , lab ratsdisney xd ,tsam tsam disney + 15- temas femininos , minnie mousewallpaper ,temas femeninos , micky mouse wallpapers ,tema rosado +14- Bestselection of Mickey wallpapers (including other cartooncharacters)in HD quality- High screen image resolution (720p x1024p)- Savewallpaper in the phone- Share wallpapers on socialmediaPopularCategories:- Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse HD Wallpaper- MickeyMouse and Minnie Mouse Wallpaper and Background- MickeyMouse andMinnie Mouse Theme HD- Cute Mickey Mouse and MinnieMouseWallpaper- Beautiful Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wallpaper-BestMickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wallpaper HD 2017- Cool MickeyMouseand Minnie Mouse Wallpaper- Mickey Mouse and Minnie MouseArtWallpaper- Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Vector Wallpaper-MickeyMouse and Minnie Mouse Cartoon Wallpaper- Mickey Mouse andMinnieMouse Characters Wallpaper- Mickey Mouse and Minnie MouseHDWallpaper - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Friends WallpaperHD-Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wallpaper 4k- Mickey Mouse andMinnieMouse Live Wallpaper- Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse LockScreen-Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wallpaper App- Mickey MouseandMinnie Mouse Wallpaper Real- Wallpaper For Mickey Mouse andMinnieMouse- Wallpaper of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Toato 1.1.0
Kumapaw Tech
Toato is a mobile application providing wallpapers touhouprojectfrom fans. All wallpaper toho / touhou project here isanimestyle.In touhou there are some characters includemagicians,beasts, vampires, ghosts, tengu, mermaids, and kappa.There areothers characters that could be youkai depending ondefinition,such as fairies, spirits, phantoms, vengeful spirits,poltergeists,hermits, oni and gods.Unlike other anime wallpapersapp this apponly focused on touhou characters, so there is no otheranimewallpapers besides touhou project wallpapers.Toatofeatures:*Search Category* Save Images* Set as wallpapers* Zoomimages* Setas favorite* Share images* etc
ゴシック壁紙 Gothic Crown 1.0
硝子の玉座には主を持たない黄金の王冠が…ゴシックファン必見のきせかえテーマが登場!大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはホームアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。Goldencrownthat does not have the Lord to the throne of the glass is ...Gothicfan must-see Kisekae theme appeared!Very popular! WallpapericonKisekae app ♪+ Is a free Kisekae theme of HOME (plushome).TheKisekaeru requires the installation of home application "+HOME".■+ A HOME?Wallpaper, icons, widget with a simple operation isawhole makeover!Very popular all over the world ★ + HOME is afreedress-up launcher.Cute from 1000 or more types of richthemefashionable, cool! You can customize like you smartphone ♪■how touse inquiry and requests [email protected] image is an image. The actualthings might be different.
艦これカットイン(ver.コレキタ) 1.3
☆Androidに魔法のカスタマイズ☆ホーム画面にカットイン!!スマホのスクリーンONが楽しくなる、新カスタマイズアプリ!スマホをつけるたびにかわいいキャラクターがお出迎え♪本アプリは、艦隊これくしょんの2次創作アプリです。【使い方は超簡単!】① タップでカットイン再生!②「設定する」でカットインマネージャーに設定すると、ホーム画面にもカットインを表示できます!これだけです!【カットインとは?】無料でダウンロードできる「カットインマネージャー」というアプリを別途インストールすることで、ふとした瞬間にカットインアニメーションが流れます!カットインマネージャーでは、以下のタイミングにカットインを設定することができます。☆消灯状態のスクリーンが点灯したとき☆充電器を接続したとき☆イヤホンを挿入したとき☆日付が変わったとき☆バッテリー残量が少なくなった時【キャラクター素材について】本アプリ内で使用させていただいた、キャラクター素材はすべて [コレキタ] くるくる様 より提供していただきました。ツイッターのアイコンなどにぴったりの、ハイクオリティなアイコン素材を配布してくださっています!☆Customizemagic to Android ☆The cut-in to the home screen! !ONscreen of thesmartphone becomes fun, customized new app!Cutecharacters welcomes♪ every time you put a smartphoneThisapplication is a secondarycreation app collection fleet.[How touse is super easy! ]Cut-inplay in ① Tap!If set to cut-in manager ②in "Settings", you can seethe cut-in to the home screen!That'sit!And [cut-ins? ]By installinga separate application that can bedownloaded free of "cut-inManager", cut-in animation flows tocasual moment!The cut-inManager, you can set the cut-in to thefollowing timing.☆ when thescreen goes out of state is lit☆ If youhave connected a charger☆when you insert the earphone☆ When thedate is changed☆ when theremaining battery power becomes lowAboutthe character material]AndI am allowed to use in this app, allmaterial character[Korekita]courtesy of from like round andround. have the perfectdistribution, the icon high quality materials,such as icon ofTwitter!
蝶夜曲-桜- for[+]HOMEきせかえテーマ 1.1
幻想的な世界に桜の花が舞い散る。輝く月と蝶が目を引くテーマの登場です。大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはホームアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。Fantasticworldto the cherry blossoms fall dance. Is the emergence of themesthatshining moon and butterfly is eye-catching.Very popular!Wallpapericon Kisekae app ♪+ Is a free Kisekae theme of HOME (plushome).TheKisekaeru requires the installation of home application"+ HOME".■ +A HOME?Wallpaper, icons, widget with a simpleoperation is a wholemakeover!Very popular all over the world ★ +HOME is a free dress-uplauncher.Cute from 1000 or more types ofrich theme fashionable,cool! You can customize like you smartphone♪■ how to use inquiryand requests [email protected] The image is animage. Theactual things might be different.
和風壁紙 撫子牡丹 1.0
淡いピンク色の牡丹と蝶が彩りを添える和風きせかえテーマ。大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはホームアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。PalepinkJapanese style Kisekae theme peony and butterflies addcolor.Verypopular! Wallpaper icon Kisekae app ♪+ Is a free Kisekaetheme ofHOME (plus home).The Kisekaeru requires the installationof homeapplication "+ HOME".■ + A HOME?Wallpaper, icons, widgetwith asimple operation is a whole makeover!Very popular all overthe world★ + HOME is a free dress-up launcher.Cute from 1000 ormore types ofrich theme fashionable, cool! You can customize likeyou smartphone♪■ how to use inquiry and [email protected] The image is an image.Theactual things might be different.
Sakura Live Wallpaper 2.1.1
Beautiful and fully customizable sakura live wallpaper!☆Sakurapetals realistic falling style!☆ Flip screen to "blow"sakurapetals!☆ Real place of interest with beautiful sakura at USA,Japan& Korea!☆ Full customization of number of petals,size,transparency etc!☆ Cool flare effect!☆ Wind directionsettings!☆Option to set background brightness!☆ Full support forportrait& landscape mode, phone & tablet!☆ 100%FREE!CreditsSome ofthe cherry blossoms scene background are fromcreative commons,,below are theirrespectable links:Title:Cherry Blossoms at Night(Seoul OlympicPark)Creator: EmyLamSource: (New York Central Park)Creator: CharleyLhasaSource: MonumentCreator: TomFinzelSource: Sakura (TokyoChidorigafuchi)Creator:MarufishSource: NickKenrickSource:
Stalker Cat Wallpaper 2.1
Welcome a sneaky cat to your home screen. He'll pop up fromrandomlocations along the edges of the screen and get all smug ifhethinks you haven't detected him. With mesmerizing eyes andcolor,this cat live wallpaper is subtle and enchanting.Stalker Catis abeautiful dark themed live wallpaper and looks great behindanyicon.Art by Anne Pätzke.
和風壁紙 レトロ*ロマンチカ 1.1
男の子と女の子の和風&レトロでおしゃれな影絵がきせかえテーマになりました!壁紙は2枚搭載!気分に合わせて壁紙もきせかえてみて!大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはランチャーアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。Stylishsilhouettein the boys and girls of the Japanese style and retro isnow Kisekaetheme! Wallpaper two installing! Wallpaper to matchyour mood eventry Kisekae!Very popular! Wallpaper icon Kisekae app♪+ Is a freeKisekae theme of HOME (plus home).The Kisekaerurequires theinstallation of the launcher app "+ HOME".■ + AHOME?Wallpaper,icons, widget with a simple operation is a wholemakeover!Verypopular all over the world ★ + HOME is a freedress-up launcher.Cutefrom 1000 or more types of rich themefashionable, cool! You cancustomize like you smartphone ♪■ how touse inquiry and requestsfrom [email protected] image is an image. Theactual things might be different.
月華 for[+]HOMEきせかえテーマ 1.1
夜空に浮かぶ満月が月夜に咲き誇る青白い花と蝶を照らし出す幻想的なきせかえテーマ!大人気!壁紙・アイコンきせかえアプリ♪+HOME(プラスホーム)の無料きせかえテーマです。きせかえるにはホームアプリ「+HOME」のインストールが必要です。■+HOMEとは?簡単操作で壁紙・アイコン・ウィジェットがまるごと大変身!世界中で大人気★+HOMEは無料の着せ替えランチャーです。1000種類以上の豊富なテーマから可愛く・オシャレに・カッコよく!あなたらしくスマホをカスタマイズできます♪■使い方・お問い合わせ・ご要望はこちらから[email protected]・画像はイメージです。実際のものとは異なる場合があります。FantasticKisekaetheme full moon floating in the night sky begins toilluminate thepale flowers and butterflies in full glory in amoonlit night!Verypopular! Wallpaper icon Kisekae app ♪+ Is a freeKisekae theme ofHOME (plus home).The Kisekaeru requires theinstallation of homeapplication "+ HOME".■ + A HOME?Wallpaper,icons, widget with asimple operation is a whole makeover!Verypopular all over the world★ + HOME is a free dress-uplauncher.Cute from 1000 or more types ofrich theme fashionable,cool! You can customize like you smartphone♪■ how to use inquiryand requests [email protected] The image isan image. The actualthings might be different.
Silent Mode/All Mute Trial (Camera Mute) for Free 4.2
his application can to be mute mode on your device. You cansettarget to mute individually: - Camera application - Theotherapplication This application is a trial version of paidversion AllMute Mode application.
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker 3.36b825516
Make your Android Launcher or Lockscreen look unique with Kustomthemost powerful Widget creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG(What YouSee Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs anddisplayany data you need, at once and without draining yourbattery as manyothers tools do! You want animations too? Thencheck out KWGT littlebrother Kustom Live Wallpaper! With KustomWidget you can createcustomized watches like Digital and AnalogClocks, Live Map Widget,Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticatedBattery or Memory meters,randomly changing images, Music Players,World clocks, Astronomywidgets and much much more. Imagination isthe limit. PLEASE do notuse reviews for support/refund questions,use email or G+/Redditlinked below You get: - Some skin to startwith and some Komponent(a Widget in Kustom) - Text with customfonts, colors, sizes andeffects - Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs,Triangles, Exagons andmore - 3D flip transformations, curved andskewed text - Gradients,shadows, tiling and color filters - Zooperlike progress bars andseries - Layers with overlay effects likepro image / photo editors(blur, clear, xor, difference,saturation) - Touch actions /hotspots on any object you create -Status Bar Notifications (text,images package name and so on) -PNG / JPG / WEBp Image and SVG(scalable vector graphics) supportwith builtin picture scaler -Google Fitness support (segments,calories, steps, distance, sleep)- Complex programming languagewith functions, conditionals andglobal variables - Arbitrarychange Widget Background or aspectbased on touch, time, location,weather, anything! - Dynamicdownload of content via HTTP (livemaps, weather and so on) - Nativemusic utilities (current playingsong title, album, cover) - Weatherwith wind chill, feels liketemperature and more - Multiple weatherproviders like Open WeatherMap, Yr.No, Weather Underground(plugin), Darksky (plugin) and more- RSS and free XML / XPATH /Text download - Tasker support (loadpreset via Tasker, changevariable via Tasker and so on) - A hugeamount of data to displaysuch as: date, time, battery (withduration estimation), calendar,astronomy (sunrise, sunset,illumination, stardate), CPU speed,memory, countdowns, WiFi andcellular status, traffic info, nextalarm, location, moving speed,rom/device, ip, network data and muchmore) Pro will: - Remove theADS - Support the dev! - Unlock importfrom SD and all externalskins - Recover preset - Buzz Launchersupport - Save the worldfrom alien invasion More? - FAQ: - G+Community: -G+ Gallery: Feature Requests: - Tutorials: Translations: - Videos: -Permissions: APK Skin Howto: Similar apps (go check themout, KWGT isbetter, full comparison here -HD Widgets - Zooper Widgets -UCCW Ultimate Custom Widget - Makeyour own widget - Buzz widget
minimalist wallpapers app is loaded with a unique andcreativecollection of minimalist Backgrounds. Make your mobilestand outwith excellent MINIMALIST wallpapers and Background. Eachand everywallpaper is unique in its own way. Give a special look toyourdevice using this wallpaper app now. This application has2500+minimalist wallpapers and backgrounds. And New wallpapersadded tothe list every day. so you'll get New wallpapers every dayfor yourdevice. And each Wallpaper is designed to fit with anyscreen andwidgets. Some Features : ✦ Awesome collection of artisticandminimalistic wallpapers. ✦ Daily New High-QualityMINIMALISTWallpapers arrival. ✦ Well arranged categories and addingnewcategories over a time. ✦ Add to favorite Option to makeacollection of your selected minimalist wallpapers. ✦ And Muchmoreoptions like Share, Save, Crop, Setting as a wallpaper, andpinchto zoom too. ✦ Beautiful layout with a material dark theme. ✦Eachwallpaper is in breathtaking ultra HD Quality. ✦Exclusiveminimalist wallpaper that can't found anywhere else. ✦Swipe tochange : You can easily swipe to change wallpapers. ✦Slideshow :You can start the slideshow of wallpapers in the app. ✦Wide rangeof minimalist wallpapers with separate categories ✦ FREEand alwayswill be. ✦ New Quick Random Option ✦ Option to requestand Submitwallpapers ✦ Link of suitable Icon pack (Minimalist Iconpack)Choose among hundreds of minimal Images and feel the bestphonecustomization ever. So what you are waiting for download theappand experience the change. we can assure you that you'll lovethisapp. Our Team is always working to give you a Masterpiecenewwallpapers every day. So you can feel happiness every time youlookat your screen wallpaper. Note: Every Picture listed in thisapp iseither found on public website or licensed under creativecommon.If you find that we forgot to credit you and want to claimcreditfor a picture or want us to remove it, please don't hesitatetocontact us to solve the issue.
Fonts for Samsung (AFonts) 3.5
Features : 1.No Need Root ! 2.Easy to change fonts.3.SupportedAndroid Oreo & Nougat 7.0 & 7.1 , 8.0 & 8.14.Supportlanguages : English, Arabic. 5.Supported Samsung devicesonly.------------------------------------- I am pleased to receiveyourinquiries, suggestions and feedback. ViaTwitter:
Water Ripple Live Wallpaper 1.4
Get free water ripple live wallpaper!Water pool backgroundsnowcomes with "water ripple" effects!Plenty of clear waterpoolbackgrounds! Cool 3D particle effects!This app is safely anditwill not consume your battery!Please rate for this app and shareitwith your friends!Thank you!Features:- Amazing 3D Water RippleLiveWallpaper for your Android phone!- Full support for landscapemodeand home - screen switching!- Amazing Full HD graphics;- Motionofflashes and lights keeps changing with time.- OptimizedBatteryUsage- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- The appwillsleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper willnotdrain your battery.How to use:Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper - Water Ripple Live WallpaperInstructionsforuse:Open Water Ripple Live Wallpaper app , click on the "Continue" button, select "Water Ripple Live Wallpaper" from thelist, andset the phone wallpaper . This is the best free livewallpaper foryour Android cell phone.Note:To develop more freegreat livewallpapers, we have implemented some ads insettings.Advertisementcan support us to develop more free greatlive wallpapers.This livewallpaper has been tested on latestdevices such as Samsung GalaxyS3 / S4 / S5 / S6 Edge /S7 Edge,Nexus 7, HTC One M8, LG G3 G4 G5and Sony Xperia Z series and someAndroid Tablets. Please contactus if your device is notsupported.If your wallpaper resets todefault after reboot, you willneed put the app on phone instead ofSD card.This is a free appabout Android live wallpaper. It makesyour android phone's screenmore beautiful.It's not a screen locker( Lock Screen ) or alauncher. Wish you love it and support us!Let's go and downloadit!You can share this free app to yourfriends by use Twitter,Facebook, LINE, Google+, QQ, Wechat and soon!You can also give ussome suggestions by Email to us or ratethis app and leave commentson Play Store.We need your support tohelp us to develop moreamazing free live wallpapers for you! Thankyou very much!
Waterfall Live Wallpaper 2.3.2
There are so many beautiful , amazing waterfall pictures.Flashinglight, Great parallax effects... Hope you enjoy it. How touse: 1.Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers 2.Longpress on the screen -> Live Wallpapers Note: If yourwallpaperresets to default after reboot, you will need put the appon phoneinstead of SD card. About Ads: Ads can support us todevelop morefree live wallpapers. About devices: This livewallpaper has beentested on latest devices such as Samsung GalaxyS4 S5 S6 Note,Nexus 7, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. Please contact usif yourdevice is not supported.
Particle Constellations Live Wallpaper 1.3.0
A live wallpaper that draws a randomly flying particles thatformconstellations in space.Customizable: you can tweak colors,size,speed, density, frame rate and even add abackgroundimage.Lightweight: uses only native theme and does notcontain anyunnecessary resources.
InsWall - Wallpapers 2.0.6
Experience the world of personalization with theseincrediblewallpapers that were selected from among the best to showoff yourbest screen. What do you expect to personalize your phoneforfree.FEATURES: ★ Over 1000 Wallpapers in Full HD★Beautifulcategories★ Section of Personalizations★ Gradientwallpapergenerator★ Capture and save your current wallpaper★Android NLauncher Simulator★ Integrated Image Editor★ Multiple viewof thewallpapers★ Apply wallpaper with one touch★ Simple andbeautifulinterface★ Tablet support★ Constant Updates COLLECTIONSAVAILABLE:🌑 Amoled Wallpapers🐉 Anime Wallpapers🚘 Car Wallpapers📱DevicesWallpapers🎮 Games Wallpapers👸 Girls Wallpapers🏆 SuperHeroesWallpapers⛅ Minimalist Wallpapers🌄 LandscapesWallpapers💻Wallpapers 4K (PC, Tablet, etc)🎨 And among others. AbouttheWallpapers? The wallpapers are obtained from differentsources,where the credits are given to the owners. If we haveforgotten youcan write us to give the credit or if you want that wedelete it.Why do you prefer InsWall? Because it is a complete andunique appthat focuses on bringing to your screen images with thebestquality and design. Apart from that it has interestingsectionsthat you will not find in other apps. Why do we delay inuploadingthe Wallpapers? It is because you make a strict selectionof eachwallpaper, taking into account the quality and design and ifitcomplies with all of this just added to the application. Also,itis not easy to get wallpapers with those features.If youlikeInsWall do not stay alone for yourself, share it with allyouracquaintances, and leave us a good rating and also acomment,because thanks to it we continue to improve.👥 Join thecommunity📱 Get InsWall Pro📧E-mail: [email protected]
Battery Saver Frank-remark 1.0.28
Battery Saver & Battery widgetsPlease enjoy personalizationofyour home screen with this live wallpaper & batterywidgets.Please tap on the widget to change a battery design. You’llfind ita tool with full of entertainment. Keep pressing the homescreentill an additional menu of widgets appears. Pick out“Frank-remarkBattery Widget” from a list ofwidgets.(C)itsukiyu
Total Launcher 2.4.7
ChYK the dev.
* This app requires Device Admin privileges to implement the"screenlock" launcher action. * This app uses Accessibilityservice for afew Launcher actions only if necessary. Totallauncher is the bestcustomizable launcher in Android. Of course,it is still fast, lightand easy to use. Do you like a simple home?Use this. Do you like abeautiful home? Use this. Do you like asmart home? Use this. Isthere no home launcher you want? Make itwith this. Whatever youwant for home, this is it. I would like totell you just one phrase."Press and hold it to edit it" You cancustomize it, whatever it is.#launcher, #customization,#extreme_customization, #theme
Galactic Core Free Wallpaper 2.41
A stunning live wallpaper featuring a rotating spiral galaxy!Theperspective shifts as you touch the screen! Rendered inOpenGL,Galactic Core works on phones or tablets, and fully supportsbothportrait and landscape views. Galactic Core also is also afullyfunctional Daydream on 4.2+ devices!If you enjoy this,pleasepurchase the full version so we can keep making these! Thefullversion has an extensive settings screen with lots ofoptions,including alternate visual themes, orientation sensorusage,framerate control, rotation and camera speeds, and more!TOUSE:Home->Long Press->Live Wallpapers
Cute Red Mice Live wallpaper 1.1.2
Cute cartoon Live Wallpaper is a latest and stylish LiveWallpaperwith all animated, cute, funny, entertaining and stylishemojiswith trendy and stylish animation keyboard. Fantastic redLiveWallpaper designed for girls and boys who do not fear fromanythingand want to bring exciting and stylish look to their plainMobilephone today. It has glittering and glossy red wallpaperfilled withdifferent nuances of color red .Features of passionamazing andoutstanding Red Mouse Live Wallpaper🌟 You can make yourphone lookbrand new with the help of shiny Rosy Blush LiveWallpaper you willget fully customized phone interface as this LiveWallpaper willchange mobile wallpaper, mobile icons and amazinggraphics willincorporate the electric and cool black in youreveryday life inhappy and funny try now..!Accessibility-shiny Red 2D LiveWallpaper can be accessed on all social mediaapps.New Look- TryFlourescent Red Mouse Live Wallpaper to give newlook to yourandroid phone and replace default Live Wallpaper withexciting LiveWallpaper. More Space - shining and glittering miceLive Wallpaperonly covers 2MB space of your phone and keep yourandroid mobilesafe from virus.Compatibility - flourescent RedMouse LiveWallpaper is compatible with all android mobile phonesand mobilephones like and do not hang your phone. Battery Friendly- RedMouse Live Wallpaper is battery friendly LiveWallpaper.ReplaceIcons - Cute Cartoon Live Wallpaper replaces yourdefault iconswith exciting bright trendy and stylish icons andkeyboard withemoji keyboard.Good News - and the amazing news isyou can alsoshare creative shiny and gleaming Live Wallpaperlauncher animatedLive Wallpaper on. Background and High DefinitionLive Wallpaper-This animated Blood Red shine Live Wallpaper hasanimatedcaricature wallpaper background so change backgroundpicture if youwish to have Classic and stylish Live Wallpaper. 2Dcomic strip redLive Wallpaper is a High definition Live Wallpaperand when it isused, it makes your android phone very easy andfeasible for typingwith emoji keyboard.3D Effects 🌍-If you are fedup of all old andboring Live Wallpapers and if you are looking forsomething amazingwith rose, rosa, blush, maroon, sheen thendownload Abstract redLive Wallpaper with 3D animations andgraphiceffects.Availability- you can simply download BeautifulMaroonLive Wallpaper from anywhere as it is available on googleplay andall other Mobile apps.Smooth Typing Experience- playsounds ofalphabets and autocorrect spellings while typing withanime cartoonLive Wallpaper launcher tema with trendy Cute Littlered Mouse LiveWallpaper.Make Your typing experience morecomfortable with MiniRed mouse Live Wallpaper & Keyboard.talkin different andsuitable languages with your friends with the helpof electricshine Red Mice Live Wallpaper (FREE).Customized LiveWallpaper-animation caricature comic strip Live Wallpaper withbeautiful redtema is a customize Live Wallpaper and you can applyand removetrendy and Glossy glitter Blush Rose Live Wallpaperwhenever youwant to. To download Customized cute anime cartoon LiveWallpaper(FREE).download red Mice Live Wallpaper.apply Dark BloodShinyRed 3D Live Wallpaper.Keep stylish matte sparkling RedLiveWallpaper for 24 hours to unlock 3D effects.Share reviewandratings, as reviews matter the most.😊
Quick Settings 6.2
If you have some problems to apply tiles, please add everyQuickSetting is in the top and then remove tiles you aren'tinterestedin Note: It does NOT work on Chinese ROMs. This is NOTapp's fault.It doesn't work because THE MANUFACTURER didn't includeTileServiceAPI. It won't work until that API will be implemented bytheMANUFACTURER --------- This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. This permission is used only to lock thescreen if theuser enables this feature. It will never be used forother purposesand always with the maximum freedom of choice fromthe user.---------- Android Policereview:'sone of the easiest to use while still packing a lot offunctionality- Android Police --------- Substratum themes supportAre you athemer? You should know that this app has all colorsexposed incolors.xml file (values or values-night) since version5.0. Do youneed help? Email me. More than 53 cool quick settings:- Dice -Counter - Smart Reminder - Night screen filter - Weather -Battery -Music volume - Play / Pause - Volume - In-Ear Audio -Ringer mode -Cast - App & Shortcuts #1 - App & Shortcuts#2 - App &Shortcuts #3 - Calculator - Lock Screen - Contact -Search - Storage- Alarm - Timer - Camera - Advanced reboot -Caffeine - Screenshot -Brightness - Auto brightness - Sync - NFC -Screen timeout - VPN -Rotation - Vibrate for calls - Cellular datatype - Input methodpicker - LineageOS Profiles - Hotspot -Immersive mode - Heads-Up -Battery saver - Ambient Display -Invert colors - Reading mode -Position - Mobile data - Mono audio- ADB - Adb Over LAN -Animations - Notification LED***************** Enable lots of quicksettings, even without root.On your PC type: adb shell pm grantit.simonesestito.ntilesandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS****************** DO YOUHAVE AN IDEA FOR THE APPLICATION? [email protected] and will be answered as soon aspossible******************
aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper 2.5.2
Create your own marine aquarium. Full version features:* 20fishcategories, 180 fish species* Up to 20 fish in the tank* Abletofeed fish and fish grows* Matured fish may have babies*Backgroundchange* Landscape mode* Many options available, such asfish speed,growth speed, food type, light animation,etc.Touse:HOME/MENU/Wallpaper/Live wallpapers/aniPet Aquarium(free)Thislimited free version only has 2 fish and withoutsettings, butprovides 2-day trial of the full features.
Magic Particles 1.6
Magic Particles is made with awesome particle effects for peoplewhowant to have fun or relax themselves.When you touch the screen,theparticles will flowing around your fingers and you can controlthemto form different shape.It's really simple, beautiful,andrelaxing.Magic Touch features:★ 2 particle modes in onepackage★Multi-touch support, up to 5 points★ Relaxing backgroundmusic★Live wallpaper support, set as home screen wallpaperSupportIf youhave any question, concerns, or suggestions with thisapp, pleasefeel free to contact us.
Wallp - Stock HD Wallpapers
Stress Codes
Get the best free Wallpapers and make your phone look amazing asyouare. Wallp Stock HD Wallpapers App is a free app that has alargecollection of HD stock wallpapers. New stock wallpapers areadded assoon as they come out. Wallp - Stock HD Wallpapers havelargevariety of wallpapers which is increasing everyday. Stylizeyourphone and make it look just like the new phones. Main FeaturesofWallp - Stock HD Wallpapers * Popular Tab so you can seewhichwallpaper other people are downloading and you get best one'sontop. * Search functionality to find the wallpapers easily. *NewTab so you can see new wallpapers easily. * Scroll Ablewallpaper2160 x 1920. * Crop wallpapers (beta) * Add wallpapers tofavorites* UHD (Ultra HD) wallpapers 2880 x 2660 * Wallp SpecialCategory,our own designed wallpapers which you won't find any whereelse. *Good looking User Interface so you feel amazing while usingapp. *Categories so you can find the wallpapers easily. Categories: *Samsung stock wallappers * Google stock wallpapers * LGstockwallpapers * Apple stock wallpapers * IOS stock wallpapers*Android OS stock wallpapers * Xiaomi stock wallappers *Huaweistock wallpapers * Oneplus stock wallpapers * HTC stockwallpapers* Sony stock wallpapers * OPPO stock wallpapers *Motorola stockwallpapers * ASUS stock wallpapers * ZTE stockwallpapers * Meizustock wallpapers * Lenovo stock wallpapers *Lineage OS stockwallpapers * VIVO stock wallpapers * Razer stockwallpapers * Wallpspecial wallpapers, * Change default tabaccording to your liking.* Delete app cache from within the app. *Fast loading ofwallpapers * Easy to use User Interface. *Consistence App updatesto solve all the issues you face. * Getnotification when newwallpaper added. * Recent search suggestions *Set differentwallpapers on Home Screen and Lock Screen With everynew release ofdevice our wallpapers increase. Wallp - stockwallpapers will be onbest stock wallpaper on android market as weget your supportbecause our goal is to never settle. Keepsupporting us so we keepmaking WallP - Stock HD Wallpapers better.If you love wallpapersthat mobile phone manufacturer provide withtheir phones than Walp- Stock HD Wallpapers is the best app you canget in the market. *What makes wallp - stock wallpapers appdifferent? Ans : Wallpprovides special wallpaper category in whichwe add wallpaperswhich are designed by our own team which can't befound in anyother app. All the other phone manufacturers which arenot addedyet will be added soon as we cover these categories first.we aimto make wallp - stock hd wallpapers the best stock wallpapersinthe market. Little fact about wallp - stock hd wallpapers :wallpname supposed to be pronounced as walp because ofpronunciationmistake we ended up using wallp which is pronounced aswall - P.Permissions Notice Photos/Media/Files:Needed to allow youto usecustom photos as wallpaper. Storage: Needed to downloadwallpapers.Cache Access: So you can delete cache from with in app.PopularDevices Wallpapers : Google Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel 2/Pixel 2XL,Iphone 10/X, OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, SamsungGalaxyNote 8, Huawei P20/P20 Pro, ignore this section tags for playstorelisting optimization. wallp stock hd 4k wallpapers backgroundswalp, samsung apple oneplus google lg htc sony android huaweioppomotorol xiaomi nokia asus ios, stock wallpaper bundle ,mobilephone manufacturers, stresscodes, stress codes, walp - stockhdwallpapers
Beach Waves Live Wallpaper 1.1
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AMOLED Wallpapers 4.2.0
AMOLED Wallpapers brings you an amazing premium collection ofdarkwallpapers up to 4k resolution for your smartphone. Do youknowdark wallpapers act like battery saver on AMOLEDdisplaysmartphone? These AMOLED wallpapers are specially designedforbattery saving purpose. By installing “AMOLED Wallpapers” youwillget a premium collection of high-resolution dark wallpapers.Thesedark wallpapers look amazing on home screen plus they’llreduce thepower consumption which results in less power consumptionfor yourAndroid device & increase screen on time up to 15%. Weareexclusive all wallpaper having 50%+ (#00000) Black Color Hexcode.This will save battery juice since AMOLED displays don'tilluminatepixels on black color. Darkops is best for all kinddisplaytechnology especially suitable for AMOLED, Super AMOLED,OLEDpanels. These wallpapers looks sick on any AMOLEDsmartphoneincluding latest edition Samsung s7,s7 edge,s8,s8+,Oneplus3t,Oneplus 5. You don’t need to look around for darkwallpapersanymore. To maximize your battery life, “Darkops” ishere, It is anew cool way to maximize your screen on time bysetting up thepitch black background of your AMOLED home screen.We’ve designedsome of the most stunning collection of premium blackwallpaper foryour home screen to give a phone immersive appearanceaccording toyour taste when using your phone. Why "AMOLEDWallpapers" isAmazing: • Universal app, install on any Androiddevice with AMOLEDdisplay including tablets • Amazing premiumcollection of blackwallpapers with High resolution • 10+ categoriesto choose from •Supports landscape mode • Minimal & BeautifulUser Interface •One-click Wallpaper setup • One-click Wallpapersave • One-clickShare wallpapers • Make your own Favorite wallpaperlist •1080p,2k,4k wallpapers collection • App is 100% Free to useHow touse Muzei: - Make your Favorite list in Darkops - Click onMuzeibutton - InstallMuzei( Muzei app - Select "Darkops" as your source - Done“AMOLEDWallpapers” is a must have app for your AMOLED Androiddevice.POINTS TO BE NOTED Disclaimer - All logos/images/namesarecopyrights of their perspective owners. These images arenotendorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images areusedsimply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringementisintended, and any request to remove one of theimages/logos/nameswill be honored. - We use several permissions inapp to keep trackof our wallpapers used by your device - This appis 100% free touse - Thanks for love and support IMPORTANTDISCLOSURES AND CONSENTBy clicking to install this app you consentto the installation ofthis app and any updates or upgrades that arereleased. Youunderstand and agree that this app (inc. any updatesor upgrades)may (i) cause your device to automatically communicatewith ourservers to deliver the functionality described above and tomakeour products more efficient and effective, (ii) affectapp-relatedpreferences or data stored your device, and (iii)collect personalinformation to provide the features described aboveand as set outin our privacy policy. You can uninstall the app atany time. Forassistance, please contact us [email protected] leave us ratings, reviews andlet us know what you thinkabout it. Your feedback will play bigrole in app improvement andfuture updates. Enjoy!