Top 11 Games Similar to The Dark Vampire Bat

Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story (Full) 1.1
G5 Entertainment
Sink your teeth into a gripping vampire adventure that isequalparts fantasy, romance and suspense! A vampire who longs tobehuman again, Todd is in the middle of proposing to Jessica, hisonetrue love, when he’s kidnapped. Worse, Todd discovers thathisclose friend Zack, a charismatic and dangerous vampire,hassinister plans for Jessica. Now this desperate young lovermustfind his fragile fiancée and protect her from a terriblefate.Explore eerie locations, meet mysterious yet friendlycharacters,collect useful objects and solve brain-teasing puzzlesas youexperience an immortal love story with bite! ● 40 fantasticlevelsto explore ● 25 stunning locations to search ● 24challengingmini-games to play ● Five mysterious characters to meet● Twodifficulty modes: casual andadvanced______________________________ Game available in: English,Chinese,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, BrazilianPortuguese,Portuguese, Russian,Spanish______________________________COMPATIBILITY NOTES: This gameperforms best on high-endsmartphones andtablets.______________________________ ***Sign upnow for a weeklyround-up of the best from G5Games!***______________________________ G5 Games-World of Adventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" inGooglePlay! Adventure: ▶ Pirates & Pearls: A TreasureMatchingPuzzle▶ Mahjong Journey: A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶HomicideSquad: Hidden Crimes▶ Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons:ObjectFinding GameStrategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶VirtualCity Playground®: Building Tycoon▶ Stand O’Food® City:VirtualFrenzy▶ The Island Castaway: Lost World®▶DoomsdayPreppers™______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova (Full) 1.1
Artifex Mundi
FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORSOFENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS!Vampire Legends: The True StoryofKisilova is a mystery hidden objects type of game with handpaintedvistas, an immersive setting, and an intriguing story.62hand drawnmysterious locations set in 18th century Europe! 18thcenturyEurope: fifty years after a mysterious, far-reaching plaguesweptthe land of the Habsburg dynasty, a series ofhorrifying,unexplainable deaths occur in the fascinating, , andremote Serbiantown of Kisilova. Fearing that the story may berepeating itself,the residents begin to flee their homes.Put onyour detective hatand embark on a dangerous adventure! Summoned bythe Prince ofWürttemberg himself, Imperial emissaries come toKisilova toinvestigate the mysterious events and prevent furtherdeaths.36challenging mini games and 21 scenes with hidden objects!Theheroine and her companion have to lead a detectiveinvestigation,explore every nook and cranny to find hidden objects,and solvemany puzzles to reveal the truth.14 characters to meetduring thedetective investigation! Will they be able to crack allthe puzzlesand mini games to uncover the secrets of the localdignitariesshrouded in mystery? Will they discover the identity ofthemysterious hooded stranger trying to thwart theirplans?Continuethe story in the Collector’s Edition! Learn whathappened next in abonus chapter with more additional content,including hiddenobjects, puzzles, and captivating soundtracks andhand paintedconcept art.Bring all the hidden object puzzleadventure games withyou! Optimized for phones and tablets, filledwith hidden objects,perfect for playing while traveling. No - wifirequired for thisoffline game!Sign up to our newsletter for newadventure gamesevery Month! Captivating adventures, stories, talesand eeriemysteries await in our selection of immersive hiddenobject puzzlegames!Look for “Artifex Mundi” to get more hiddenobject puzzleadventure games like this!• 62 hand drawn locationsset in 18thcentury Europe!• Put on your detective hat and trackdown thesource of evil!• 36 challenging mini games and 21 sceneswithhidden objects!• 14 intriguing characters to meet duringthedetective investigation!• Continue the story in theCollector’sEdition!• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized fortablets andphones! +++ WE ARE HERE +++WWW:http://artifexmundi.comFACEBOOK:
Creepy Mansion Vampire Secrets 1.0
Creep into the darkness and stay hidden in the shadows. Takecare,move smart, and definitely don't get caught; if you do, youmightnight make it out alive. In this scary mansion, each roomholdsneat antiques from centuries past that were collected bythemansion's owner: a dark and brooding vampire. Stick close tothewalls and look around carefully because this frightening tripisn'tjust a fool's errand. There are secret objects all around thehouseand your dangerous mission is to solve the mystery of thevampiremansion without getting caught. Melt into the darkness andtakecare not to make a sound so you can solve the mystery ofthissecret-filled house.Product Features:Vampire mansion themedhiddenobject game.Collect objects around the house bypicture,silhouette, or word.Explore antique rooms and dark,mysteriousareas of the house.Choose from three different game modestochallenge yourself.Find all the secrets hidden in the darknesstosolve the mystery.How to Play:Use interactive controlstoplay.Choose a game mode: picture, silhouette, or word.Look closetofind all the secrets of the house.Take care and play it smarttofind all the hidden objects.Find all the hidden objects tosolveeach puzzle.
Vampire Massacre 1.1
GoldKat Games
Buy the PRO version without ads and more levels.Kill allthevampires you encounter as you need a high level to advance thegameand thus unlock powers and abilities.The Vampire plague is outofcontrol, They are killing all humans to bring to life theVampirebeast King, Help the sacred sword guardians stop it.
Vampire Bat 1
Rabbit Apps
This vampire bat is bored living on the tree. Now he wants somefunto go around the forest in the night. And there are lots ofdangersout there in the forest, where he is going for flying.Vampire batneeds your help to become flying master and roam aroundthe forestfaster in the night. There are many animals who arelooking toclutch on the vampire bat. The vampire bat is flying inthe forest,and there are dangerous pillar in his path. You need totap on thescreen to control the up and down of the bat. When youtap, vampirebat will rise, and then fall again because of gravity.So keeptapping and rising vampire bat, and make vampire bat passthedangerous pillars safely. In this story you are the only trainerofvampire bat in this forest, who will teach him to fly properly.Inthis dangerous land, train vampire bat to fly, and watch himenjoythe ride. Tame your vampire bat to be your bestbuddy.GAMEFEATURES Great high quality graphics Cute & niceforestenvironment Sweet background musicNice sound effects
Vampire Games Free 1.0
The Vampire Games Free is three round matching game with vampiresasthe theme. A not so scary matching game for ages eight and up.Thefirst round in the Vampire Games Free is 100 seconds and eachafterthat is 10 seconds less, so will have the time to improveeachround. Another cool feature to the Vampire Games that makes itevenmore awesome then just a matching game you must find the iconsthatlink together in some way! When you make a linked match theVampireFalls it will show the link. You also get some help alongthe way.You can use the REFRESH button 3 times, this mixes up thegame cardsso it is easier to find linking matches. You can alsouse the FINDbutton 3 times, and this will find the matching linksforyou.Vampire Games Free is an addictive race to find thematchinglinks, that gets harder each round. Have Fun!!!
SnowBoarding Vs Vampire Battle
Ampire Fighting for Android is very popular and thousands ofgamersaround the world would be glad to get it without anypayments. Justa few easy steps and you are enjoying full version ofthe game fortablet or phone!SnowBoarding Vs Vampire Battle iscaptivated withthe hordes of vampires attacking everyone, who comeson their way.Go to a sacred campaign and destroy evilgeneration.Will EARTHSurvive in the midst of the ultimate war ? Inthis excitingSNOWboarding games only one winner. YOU or vampires 'YOUR LIFEYOUR CHOICE'Tips for you to reach higher score:* Earncoins whenkill VAMPIRE.* As long as you do in this police game,pick up thetools* Gravity sensing, you just need to control theArmy balance,nice turn will show a beautiful curve.* Collect coinswillmotorcycle attack* Infinite Track - Never Ending Fun!* Easytoplay, developers listen to your suggestions, and isconstantlyupdated with new features. Get this game!
Vampire Hunt 0.0.1
Young clerk from real estate agency Nathan Parker is senttoCarpathian Mountains to meet Count Orlok and sign with himacontract about selling his real estate.After distressfuljourneythe Count welcomes him on his castle. (LEVEL 1 in thispre-alphaversion)But during the first night he discovers the crueltruth,count Orlok is a vampire.Welcome to the world of vampires,bats andother monsters!Happy Halloween!Game contains shortintro,incomplete menu (only Play, About, Donate) and 1st look onlevel 1– Meet Count OrlokThis version will be continuously updateduntilthe game will be finished. Final version of the game willcontainaction parts (Meet Count Orlok) but logical as well.VAMPIRESHUNTwill be in free version with ads and paid version with no adsDateof full completion Q2/2016. If you like the game you can donateusby clicking DONATE a clicking an ad banner afterwards. THANK YOUINADVANCE!
Hidden Object - Vampire Castle
Time Out Apps
Hidden Objects by Time Out Apps updated! If you are crazy aboutthegame or you are a winner, challenge yourself by VampireCastle!Thistime you are in an old & horrible castle. Thebloodsucker ishidden somewhere. You need to escape!There are manyunknown thingshidden behind the dark. You have NO CHOICE but todiscover them tosolve the mysteries.How to play:-Observing to findunusual objectsand places.-Collect objects by the pictures,silhouettes andwords.-Use tools to find objects.-Solve hiddenpuzzles to get moreinformation-You can only solve the mystery byfinding out all theobjects!An interesting and educational game forkids. Best forparents and kids training together. DOWNLOAD FOR FREENOW!
Vampire 6.0
At last, you have reached the house of the vampire. No time toscarynow. Just concentrate on your mission and find the vampireinsidethis house, a complex labyrinth full of monstrous guards anddeadlytraps that eat your power every time they touch you. Youhave tounlock doors and entire sections of the house as well, thatrequiresfrom you to find first a key or an object that fits in thelock inorder to go deeper in the house. Inside the game and nearthe upperleft corner there is always a "MENU" button for viewingtheselections menu. From there you have the choice to save onesinglegame, to turn on/off the sounds, etc. If you finish the gamethenthe community of this game in Facebook( ) is waiting to hearaboutyour experience once you get the finish-code from the finalroom ofthe castle!Good luck.