Top 46 Games Similar to Catch Pixelmon Go!

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO just introduced a new research feature thatencouragesTrainers to explore the world by completing a variety ofobjectiveswith the opportunity to earn helpful rewards and discoverpowerfulPokémon. Join Trainers across the globe who are discoveringPokémonas they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is theglobalgaming sensation that has been downloaded over 800 milliontimesand named "Best Mobile Game" by The Game Developers ChoiceAwardsand "Best App of the Year" by TechCrunch.Venusaur,Charizard,Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon havebeendiscovered!Pokémon are out there, and you need to find them. Asyouwalk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibratewhenthere’s a Pokémon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poké Ball…You’llhave to stay alert, or it might get away! Search far and wideforPokémon and itemsCertain Pokémon appear near theirnativeenvironment—look for Water-type Pokémon by lakes and oceans.VisitPokéStops and Gyms—found at interesting places like museums,artinstallations, historical markers, and monuments—to stock uponPoké Balls and helpful items. Catching, hatching, evolving,andmoreAs you level up, you’ll be able to catch more-powerfulPokémonto complete your Pokédex. You can add to your collectionbyhatching Pokémon Eggs based on the distances you walk. HelpyourPokémon evolve by catching many of the same kind. Choose aBuddyPokémon to walk with and earn Candy that will help you makeyourPokémon stronger. Compete in epic Gym battlesYou’ll join oneofthree teams and battle for the ownership of Gyms with yourPokémonat your side. As your Charmander evolves to Charmeleon andthenCharizard, you can battle together to defeat a Gym and assignyourPokémon to defend it against all comers. Team up to defeatpowerfulRaid BossesA Raid Battle is a cooperative gameplayexperience thatencourages you to work with up to 20 other Trainersto defeat anextremely powerful Pokémon known as the Raid Boss. Ifyou succeedin defeating it in battle, you’ll have the chance tocatch an extrapowerful Pokémon of your own! It’s time to getmoving—yourreal-life adventures await!Note: - This app isfree-to-play andoffers in-game purchases. It is optimized forsmartphones, nottablets.- Compatible with Android devices that have2GB RAM or moreand have Android Version 4.4–7.0+ installed.-Compatibility is notguaranteed for devices without GPS capabilitiesor devices that areconnected only to Wi-Fi networks.- Compatibilitywith tabletdevices is not guaranteed.- Application may not run oncertaindevices even if they have compatible OS versions installed.-It isrecommended to play while connected to a network in order toobtainaccurate location information.- Compatibility information maybechanged at any time.- Please visit foradditionalcompatibility information. - Information current as ofMarch 28,2018.
EvoCreo - Lite
Play EvoCreo for Free! Adventure through the land of Zenithfilledwith monsters called, Creo. Battle and trade with friendsacrossplatforms.Test your skills at the first arena in this demoversionof EvoCreo. Upgrade to the full version of the game tounlock allof EvoCreo's features. The full version of the gameincludes:-Over130 monsters to capture & evolve!-Fully animatedmonsters andcharacters-A massive open world to explore where Creoroam-An epicadventure over 40 hours long-Cross-platformmultiplayer-Challengeother Evokers and become the ultimate EvokingMaster!-Customizeyour Creo’s moves, traits, and abilities to suityour very ownstrategy!Like us on Facebook for more news andupdates:
Cats GO
Cats GO! Catch pocket cats in real life! Augmented Reality! Findallthe kitties in the city, buildings and streets! Search cats, goongeo map! Explore environment around you to catch all the pocketcatscreatures! Cats go is built on Augmented Reality technology!Catchtricky pets at geo locations, reach the point on map and usetheyarn ball to catch furry pocket cats! Catch different kittens!Catchpets in real life and make your own Cats GO collection! Youraim isto catch as many pocket cats as possible! Catch kitties intheenvironment around you! Catch them with friends! Find outwhichcollection of caught animals is bigger! Learn catching cats intheAugmented Reality and try to catch all the pocket cats! CatsGOfeatures: - Augmented Reality Technology - Catching pocketcats& kittens is as interesting as searching for theirgeolocations on the map - Catch as many pets as you can and fillupyour own Cats GO collection - Explore the environment around youtocatch pocket cats
Poke Go Fight
Are you ready for amazing fight game ?Choose the your strongestpokeGO monster in the Battle Arena and defeat your rivals.19specialpokemonster to each other stronger are waiting for you.Eachcharacter has different abilities, attack and specialpowers.Therules are too simple! Choose your favorite poké GO fightcharacter.Fight your rivals and defeat them. Become the strongestin the pokeduel arena.And all poké GO monster characters are FREEand waitingfor you.Poke balls consist of 5 special powers.Electric , Fire ,Water , Stone and leaf! Each monster takes itscharacter attacksfrom these special and pocket forces.Discover thecharacters youlove in poké GO arena !Super Poke monsters arewaiting foryou!Pixlef, Kaktus, Magma, Cino, Woden, Sandbo,Kloston, Ocpo, Ayce,Elektmas, Gowast, Gunlizer, Ciklet, Galfi,Xgeridho and many pokeCharacters.Try it and Enjoy !★★★ FEATURES★★★.19 Awesome PokeCharacters.Surprise Bonus pokéMonster.Impressive Ultra HDGraphics.Excellent fight arena.SpecialAbilities and Powers.Hardcoregameplay. ★★★ JOIN US ★★★✔ Facebook:✔ Twitter:
IV Go(get IV for Pokemon)
Just simple! IV GO reveals EVERYTHING you need to know aboutyourPokemon in various clear and concise formats. SHADOWBANNEDWARNING:**We recommend you to use the offline mode(manuallyinput), which is 100% safe for your account**If you haveproblems,please email to yijhen.yang@gmail.comMany thanks to Koreanversiontranslators:Baek Su-whan, Kim Yong-juMany thankstotranslators:Ken, Luis, Mayke, Étienne, Andrey, Yunes Calore,TommyFlankert, Raymond
Trash Vs Pikacu 4.0
Trash Adventure Game Vs Pikacu is aclassicplatform game with a journey of purple bird with large-eyedthatbrings your childhood back. This classic purple pigeon Gamewillmake you addict to.In the Trash world, Pikacu must smash the bird to pass somanythreats. Trash World Adventure is such a childhood game.In this adventure game, pikacu run and collect coins with anfunnyanimated sprite of the bird vigorously thrashing its head upanddown, power-up to fight enemies in 4 worlds.Great Features Of Dancing Dove Vs PiakcuThe dynamic game engine will provide ultimate fun with thepurplepigeon. Each level is a new challenge.How Bout Help the bird to collect as many coins as possibletochallenge your friends to be the greatest Dancing dove.★★★ Game features: ★★★● Magnificent graphics with more detail● 4 Hard levels● Available for all ages● Amazing background● Phone and Tablet Support● Try to get your high-scores● Music and sound effects● Smooth user interface● HD Display support● 10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.Be the super Dancing Trash in the game to overcomedangerousobstacles like massive monsters.Download & play Trash Game Vs Pikacu now ?✔ Thank you for downloading the game Everything has beencarefullydesigned for you to have a lot of fun! Please Enjoy thisfree andcool Adventure Game.
Install:Super Mario Run Tips 1.2
A guide that will come the gameisphenomenal"Super Mario Run" Though no solid release date hasnotbeenannounced, apart from "in time for the holidays," thisgamehasalready appeared in the App Store with the ability tosetthenotification to start the day, bot not to the Play Store,soyoucan get immediate notifications with this app. We'rejustwaitingon the release of this game in the play store.Super Mario Run is a Guide upcoming endless runnerplatformergamefor mobile devices,announced on 7 September 2016. In the game, Mario continuestomoveto the right and the player can make him jump bytappingthescreen.This game will feature four modes: premade program,createaprogram, play other user-created program, and a battlemodewhereplayers can race against other players time called"theFrogRally."In order to make the program, the Coins that mustbecollectedfrom the other modes.[6][7] This game can beintegratedwith aNintendo Account.Legal note:This is not an official application and not associated tothegamedeveloper or publisher. This application is onlyintendedforeducational and informational purposes, alongwithcontinuedamusement and examination of the game. Please contactusif youhave any questions or problems.the doctrine inaccordancewith USlaw and the equivalent in other jurisdictions.
Monster City
Bored with all of the monster game??? Well time to say goodbyetoboredom, a new, exciting game of monsters is just a clickaway.Play “Monster City” and get cute, adorable, and friendlymonsters.Alife time experience with monsters in the land ofadventure iswaiting for you. Feed your monsters; train them forbattle againstopponents all over the world. Crossbreed to get new,rare, exotic,legendary monsters. Explore lands full of fun andadventure. Assignthe villagers to feed the monsters. Build yourland of imagination.Explore different kinds of land. Free to playin android and allIOS devices.Features:- Free to play in androidand IOS device.-Cute, rare, adorable, legendary monsters.- Battleagainst opponentsand win the ultimate battle of monsters.-Crossbreed the monstersto get rare & exotic ones.- Add multiplehabitats to evolveyour monsters.- Build your own imaginary land.
Nob's World - Jungle Adventure
Nob's World is the best classic adventure game for your Androidandit has gone prehistoric.Nob’s World is a jungle adventure gamethatyour Hero can jump, run and shoot enemy.If you enjoy thesegames,you may like Nob’s World.Features:+ Beautifulhigh-resolutiongraphics + Awesome gameplay similar to retro classicgame+ Easy andintuitive controls with on-screen retro controller+Hidden bonusbricks and blocks with strawberry, flower and shield+Destroyablebricks, blocks and moving platform+ Hidden bonus levelswith lotsof classic and modern coins+ Additional collectibles,coins,shields and more+ 6 beautiful worlds with 120 well designedlevels+Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run+ Over 20enemiesand obstacles+ 12 boss fights: angry scorpio, spider, bigbee andgolem+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlockworldsbefore finish other worlds+ Unlock free coins, buy items tomakemike and max stronger+ Rankings for you and your friends tocompetewith player from other country+ Achievements andleaderboards togain, get best score over the world+ Achievementsand leaderboardsthrough Google Play Game Services+ Classic retroplatform gamestyleHow to play:+ Eat strawberry and flower to becomestronger anddefeat all monsters.+ Tap Left / Right to move.+ Jumpto crash theenemy.+ Eat flower to shoot enemy.+ Collect all coinsand bonusitems to get more points and buy additional items instore.DownloadNob's World now! It is a fun game for every one!Tryit out andenjoy!
Ladybug Adventures World 1.9
Ladybug Adventures is a super smashadventureand legendary side scrolling platformer.+ addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle smash hit+ retro jump and run / obstacles platform runner+ classic platformer for kids, children and adults+ miraculous side scroller gameplay with easy game consolepadcontrols+ free and easy to play but hard to master+ classic retro running and jumpingLadybug Super Hero girl has to pass lots of evil crocs, spidersanddragons and also go through noir castles. You are Ladybug -thecool superhero girl!But be careful! Lots of dangers, enemies, troubles,obstacles,difficult traps and bosses are defending your way throughthejungle, castles and wonder worlds.To finish the platformer game Super Ladybug will have to jumpandrun over many obstacles, fight and shoot against chibininjas,cruel crocs, hedgehogs, skeletons, leps, cats and manyothermonsters and dragons.Climb up huge miraculous bridges, mountains and stairs,fightagainst prehistoric enemies, avoid falling bricks, find hiddennoirblocks and levels, collect coins, swim through dangerousseas,explore lot of challenging and addictive jungle worlds andlandsand defeat all cruel bosses and enemies.This miraculous Jump and Run is an addictive old schoolarcadejungle adventure game!Exciting features of Ladybug Adventures:+ 4 different addictive worlds (miraculous land, crazy noirforest,egypt world and cave sphere)+ 80 wonderful, well-designed, exciting and challening levelswithslowly increasing game difficulty+ 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, beecatgolem and crocodile boss) in 8 different dark castles+ great number of power ups, bonus rounds, secret blocks andbonusitems+ over 20 various, great animated enemies such as crocs,cats,frogs, spiders, monsters, dragons, snails and many more+ great mix between 2D and 3D graphics in very highresolution+ retro arcade music and old school sound effects+ perfect, intuitve super game control through retro consolegamescontrol pad+ special skills hidden in destroyable blocks and bricks+ awesome gameplay reminding to retro classic dash games+ water and sea worlds - jumping, running, fightingANDswimming!+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number oneofleaderboards!How to play Ladybug Adventures:+ click right or left on your control pad for moving ladybugsuperhero girl!+ down-button is for ducking and also to get to some bonuslevels(under tree stumps)+ press B-button to make Super Ladybug jumping!+ press A-button AND right or left for running; press A andBtogether for a higher and wider jump!+ by eating an apple you will become Super Silver Ladybug, getmagicpowers and then be able to destroy bricks!+ by eating golden flowers you will become Super Golden Ladybugandbe able to throw fireballs+ ladybug also can swim sometimes - press A-Button multiple timestoswim higher ... release finger from button to go down!Have fun with this cool new super adventure platformertalegame!
Welcome to the world’s largest social platform for play.Everymonth, over 64 million active players come to Roblox toimagine,create, and play together within immersive 3D worlds builtbygamers just like you! Already have an account? Log in withyourexisting Roblox account and play now!THOUSANDS OFUSER-GENERATEDGAMESEverything in Roblox is user-generated. Playerscan create theultimate theme park, compete as a professional racecar driver,star in a fashion show, become a superhero, or simplybuild a dreamhome and hang out with friends. In this safe andmoderatedenvironment, imagination rules supreme. CROSS-PLATFORMMULTIPLAYERGAMINGHang out with your friends and millions of otherplayersacross computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, and VR inaninfinite variety of games and experiences!CUSTOMIZABLEAVATARSTakeon a new persona and dress up your avatar with anunlimited varietyof hats, shirts, faces, gear, and much, much more!CHAT WITHFRIENDSConnect with your friends online using in-gamechatfeatures, private messages, and groups!FREE-TO-PLAYRoblox isfreeto play, but players can also use real money to purchase Robux(ourvirtual currency on Roblox) to spend on in-game upgradesoraccessories for their avatar. Players can also purchase anoptional“Builders Club” membership, which provides extra privilegesand adaily Robux stipend (tap the “More” tab at the bottom of thescreenin the app, and then “Builders Club” to learn more). CREATEYOUROWN GAMES FOR FREE:’SGUIDE: NOTE: A networkconnectionis required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.
Hario World : Merry Christmas
Hario World : Merry Christmas is thegreatestplatform adventure for android.yes its like marin adventure but Everything has beencarefullydesigned for you to have a lot of fun! We warn you, it´snot aneasy game so good luck.**************************************************- 32 levels classic- Clean and colorful graphics- Easy and fun to play- Smooth user interface- Phone and Tablet support
Jungle World of Mark 1.1
Foehn Game
Jungle World of Mark is adventures of superboyand his smash bros. In heat jungle, princess is stolen bymonster,Mark must pass so much threats to run to target world tosave her.On his road, Mark can use weapon to kill monster butweapon ishidden in somewhere.[How to play]+ Use button to jump, move and fire+ Find weapon in flowers[Features]Jungle World of Mark is super platform with so much features+ So much smash world (jungle, frozen, cave, subway,galaxy....)+ Super Boss in end of each world+ Addictive gameplayLet's goo and play Jungle World of Mark!
Hunt Monster GO 1.0.2
★Top monster hunting game for playstore!- Free and no additional purchases- Top real-time environment scenes- Thrilling music and art made by professional- Smooth control and easy to play★Well-made game with many monster to catch- Hunt wild monsters in garden- Catch your favorite monster for high score- Upgrade the ball to catch monster at the item shop- Play and compete with your friendHunt Monster Go are the best free games ever!Discover and hunt as many wild monsters as you canHunting monster is fred and this is the ultra hit intheappstore!Enjoy the whole new gaming experience if you areadorablemonsterlovers or monster collectorDownload this game fast while it is FREE!
Chaves Adventures
Chaves Adventures is a super classic adventure andlegendaryside-scrolling arcade platformer.+ addictive, thrillingandchallenging jungle adventure hit+ old school jump and runplatform/ obstacles runner+ classic platformer for kids, childrenandadults+ side-scroller gameplay with easy game console padcontrols+easy and free to play - hard to master+ classic jungleretrojunning and jumping adventureChaves`s princess is beingkidnappedby evil crocs, spiders and dragons and brought to darkcastles. Itis up to Super Chaves, the little kid to rescue her!Buttake care!Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles, traps and bossesaredefending your way through the jungle and wonder worlds.To gettothe loveley princess, Chaves will have to run and jumpoverobstacles, fight and shoot against angry bees, crocs,crawfishes,snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs, mushrooms, skeletons,leps, snailsand many other dragons and monsters.Climb up hugemountains andstairs, fight against perhistoric enemies, avoidfalling bricks,find hidden blocks and levels, collect coins anddiamonds, swimthrough dangerous seas, explore lot of challengingand addictivejungle worlds and lands and defeat all cruel enemiesandbosses.This cool Jump and Run is an addictive non-stop oldschoolarcade jungle adventure game!Features of Chaves Adventures:+4different addictive worlds (wonder land, crazy forest, egyptworldand cave land) + 80 beautiful, well-designed and challeninglevelswith increasing difficulty+ 8 awesome boss fights (angryscorpion,dangerous spider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in 8differentcastles+ many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks andbonusitems+ over 20 different, great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs, spiders, snails and many more+ high resolutiongraphics -great mix between 2D and 3D graphics+ retro arcade musicand oldschool sound effects+ perfect, intuitve game control throughretrocontrol pad like on console games+ special chaves skillshidden indestroyable blocks and bricks+ awesome gameplay remindingto retroclassic games+ sea and water worlds - jumping, running andswimming!+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number oneofleaderboards!How to play Chaves Adventures:+ for moving thechavescharacter click on right or left on the control pad!+ clickdownfor ducking or on some tree stumps to get to a bonus level!+pressB-button to make Super Chaves jumping!+ press A-button ANDright orleft for running; press A and B together for a higher andwiderjump!+ after eating an apple you become Super Silver Chavesandwill be able to destroy bricks!+ after eating a golden floweryoubecome Super Golden Chaves and will be able to shoot balls -pressB-Button for shooting!+ chaves swimming: press A-Buttonmultipletimes to swim higher ... release your finger from button togodown!Enjoy this brand new super jungle adventureplatformergame!bae786b946
Jungle Adventures
On beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly evil monster appearedfromdeep jungle out of no where. That evil moster capturedAddu'sgirlfriend and ran away in deep jungle. Addu is on adventuretorescue his girlfriend by defeating monster and teach himalesson.To bring Addu's girlfriend back he needs your help. Runandjump through the deep jungle, avoid traps, clear all enemiesinyour way and defeat all bosses.Features :+ Classic gameplay+Simpleyet beautiful graphics+ Easy and intuitive controls+ Abilitytodouble jump+ More than 80 unique levels+ Ton of bossbattles+Suitable for all agesContact us if youneed any help!Follow Us to get newsandupdates: are required by this app: Record_Audio: Thispermissionis required to better understand users TV mediaconsumption behaviorand to target relevant content and improveuser experience. Userscan opt out and further details can beobtained at Microphone: The apprequires thispermission to analyze television media viewingpatterns.Location: Tohelp serve specific offers & ads.This appcontains a softwaredevelopment kit (“SDK”) from a third party, RedBrick Lane MarketingSolutions Private Limited (“RBL”). The SDK isintegrated with thisapp for the purposes of profiling the deviceon media consumptionand other device data and utilizing the sameto target relevantcontent and ads to the device (“Services”)pursuant to the terms andconditions of RBL Services (“Terms ofUse”). Further details can beobtained at
Popaye Spinach Jungle Man Game 1.2
The Popaye games considers itself amongthemost recognized characters in the world Entire, who among usdoesnot know what characters , we made the game entertainingmatchesand is for children boys and girls, adult men and women ,everyoneknows that the game Papaye and inspired a cartoon film,Popai issailor a very intelligent man , capable and crude, it ischaractersfalls in love with a skinny woman who called OliveoylPapay the sailor accompanies her fiancé in most ofhisadventuresPapaye gulps of epinardscpour become strong to save Olive oil,RobinWilliams is the strong sailor who is the hero in this gamewithPopaye go on a journey of endless adventures through thelevels thatin this game**Characteristics**- Download Popoy now on your Android device for free- Easy to play with popoy- Papay is a free game download it now- Crazy characters and funny- 105 levels to play- Good music and soundtrack- Perfect control for play- This game for everyone who loves oil download now for free- I hope you enjoy playing with Popi
Dragon Land
Social Point welcomes you to Dragon Land, the brand new 3Dplatformgame that’s packed with stunning levels, arcade action andawesomedragons! Expand your dragon collection and set off on theadventureof a lifetime! Jump, dash, climb and glide your waythrough everyepisode. Unlock new dragons and learn differentskills! When amysterious evil appears, it’s up to the plucky dragonBlaze to savehis friends and return peace to the world. Inspired byclassicgames, Dragon Land is a thrilling and fun platformer foreveryone!DRAGON LAND FEATURES: 3D Platformer Campaign- Jump throughover 100levels full of rewards and secret items!- 3D graphics andgameplay,just like your favorite oldschool games!- Secret levels:find keysto unlock these extra-tough, extra-rewarding areas.-Multiplayerchallenges where you race against friends in real timeto climb therankings! Dragon Collection & Upgrades- Collectdozens ofunique dragons, each with their own special skill!-Dragons geteven more impressive when you level them up!- Customizedragonswith unique skins. Challenge Levels in Quick Play- Onehit,infinite levels. How far you can get?- Beat your friends’scores inthis challenging mode! Stay tuned for regular updates. Newlevelsand features added constantly! Adventure and action awaitsinDragon Land, the episode based 3D platformer from SocialPoint!Take control of Blaze and save the dragons! Download DragonLandand enter the world of dragons today! Are you enjoying thegame?We’d like to know! Leave us a nice review sharing yourthoughts!Having an issue? Go to Menu > Support, we’ll try tohelp you thebest way we can!Dragon Land is FREE to download andFREE to play.However, you can purchase in-app items with realmoney. If you wishto disable this feature, please turn off thein-app purchases inyour phone or tablet’s Settings.
Super Oscar
Super Oscar is the greatest platformadventurefor your android! Everything has been carefully designedfor you tohave a lot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easy game sogoodluck!The game includes:- 5 beautiful worlds(more coming soon)- 30 awesome levels(more coming soon)- 40+ different enemies- 4 different characters- 6 different costumes- 8 different bullets- Upgradable characters- Achievements- Leaderboards- And a lot more features!All this completely free, so you should at least try it.We hope all our players have a great time playing it, pleaserateand thanks a lot for playing!
Super Woody with Lost World
Super Woody is a fun, action packed adventure and platformgamewhere you need to test your skills as you try to help Woodythetimberman find his friends. In this amazing title you can takeyourplatforming to the next level by collecting coins which canbetraded for power-ups, all while avoiding the enemies that canbefound at all corners and which give you demandinggameplaychallenges that you want to avoid.We extend the adventurewith LostWorld and Bonus World new adventures in this awesome worldof SuperWoody.Tip: There are some new tricks in the game. Like theGodMode.Features:• Fun adventure and platforming gameplay•Collectcoins and unlock powerful bonuses• Stunning HD graphics•Unique,fun soundtrack• Access multiple game worlds like themountain,forest or desert
Castle of Illusion
Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion, afantasticalreimagining of the Sega Genesis classic. When the evilwitchMizrabel kidnaps Minnie, it’s up to Mickey to brave thedangers ofthe Castle of Illusions to rescue Minnie. Gather yourcourage andtraverse enchanted forests, take on hordes of rebellioustoys andnavigate mazes of living books. Play as Mickey and saveMinnie fromMizrabel’s evil clutches!GAME FEATURES – - Play asMickey Mouse inthis reimagining of the classic Sega Genesis/MegaDrive game!-Experience a world of wonder, brought to life withall-new graphicsand magical adventures!- Journey across fivemagical worlds filledwith Mizrabel’s powerful minions!- Completehidden challenges tocustomize Mickey with classic costumes!You canupload and savecontent from this app to your device.Privacy Policy- Children’s Privacy Policy- - https://disneytermsofuse.comFor additional informationaboutour practices in the United States and Latin Americaregardingchildren’s personal information, please read ourChildren’s PrivacyPolicyat
Monster Ball GO
Monster Ball GO is a game based on geolocation, using yourrealposition and getting to venture into the game by findingtheMonsters lost that way created by a powerful spatial ball. Youcancapture your monster with Augmented Reality using the cameraofyour mobile phone. Have a better experience using thiscombinationof innovative technologies, and gather the most powerfulmonstersfor a great battle online.Attention:minimum requirementsforAndroid for the game work wellAndroid Version: can not be IntelRAM in Minimo: 1GBrequired on GPSand Internetconnected WiFI or3GPrivacypolicy
Cats GO: Offline
Enjoy this AR game! Try to catch all pocket pets! Get thelargestcollection of caught kittens ever! Our game is one of thegamesthat don't use wifi!Chase pocket cats and use your threadballs tocatch them! It’s not another merge cats game, this is afunnyaugmented reality game! Find and collect pocket catscreatureswithout leaving your room!Enjoy this real-life petmonstercollecting game! Just like in the original Cats Go youshould seekfor funny kitty cat creatures, but you don't need thewi-ficonnection to play this AR game!Check famous monstercollectinggame without using GPS! Enjoy this pets go offlinesimulator andhave fun!Your new beast friends are waiting for you –find andcatch them all!Cats GO: Offline features: - AugmentedRealityTechnology — catch pocket cats without leaving your room-Play asoriginal Cats GO - without GPS on a real map!- Catch as manypocketpets as you can- Get the largest Cats GO creature collection
Super Adventure Games World 2.0
Super Adventure Games World the bestsupermaker game. It contains many difficult levels to play. Run andgainlots of coins as you can. Download to play and discover.Features:- Many worlds to play- Beautiful graphics and really nice control- Difficult and challenged levels- Try to get highscore
Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world
🍄 Victo’s Adventures or jungle adventure is a journey ofsuperJungle boy. In heat jungle, Victo must pass so much threats torunto target world. On his road, you can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere.🐌🐌🐌 Game Features :🍀 Realretrogame play - Jungle Adventure is a classic platform game.🍀 Morethan80 colorful levels. Map carefully designed to make theadventuremore enjoyable and addictive.🍀 Beautiful graphics andmusic.🍀Smooth game play and easy to play.🍀 4 super worlds unlockfree whenplay to end of that super world.🍀 Tricky monsters: snails,spiders,scorpion, carnivorous flower and so many otherenemies...destroythem with jungle boy.🍀 Play, run, jump and attackenemies and superboss and discover worlds with journey game🍀 It Isan addictiveadventure game game and a lot of challenges.🐌🐌🐌 How toplay thisadventure game:+ Use button to jump, move and fire+ Findweapon inflowers🍄 Start your adventure now and smash through thosetrickymonsters: snails, spiders, scorpion, carnivorous flower andso manyother enemies🍄 Super Victo- journey game. Runs and jumpsacrossplatforms and atop enemies in themed this adventuregameThese include a multitude of power-ups and items that givesuperboy special magic powers such as fireball-throwingandsize-changing into giant and miniature sizes.🍄 With thisjourneygame, Run across secret worlds and discover greenisland,jungle,desert, and deep sea...It is amazing adventure withsuperboy.Adventure game - Are you ready?Play Victo’s Adventure-adventure game and come back to chilhood with jungle boy !🐌🐌🐌GetVicto’s Adventures - Jungle Adventure for free today. Have fun !
Exploration Pixelmon Go 2.0
Play the complete mega-packed gameontheandroid in 2017, in which you will plunge into a worldfullofdangerous monster after the apocalypse, which is builtfromblockand pixel pixel monsters but not zombie world.This game is suitable for boys and girls who love pixelmon,andtrainmonster in a go!Play as the trainer boy and explore the beautifuljungleenvironment– in jungle heat, discover new types of pixelmonandcatch them inthe pixel ball! Throw the pixelball and engagethembefore theyengage you. Some wild monster can be veryaggressive,be careful.Collect all the pixelmon for high score, andunlock asmany pocketpixelmon as possible! Mystical wild creatureareroaming andwondering around the world! Be the best trainer,fightand captureall the monsters. This pocket sized game isdefinitelysuitable forall kind of android devices as it isoptimized toenhance your gameexperience. Guide and train thepixelmon andcatch the rarestmonster hidden somewhere in the map.You need tofind them all,complete each and every level and show itto yourangryfriends!To complete a level, you'll need to test your skills andfastreact!Make use of the pixelball and power-ups given and donotforget tocollect ball along the road.- New pixelmon mod- Great Story mode- Survival as long as you can to fight the fearsome boss- run, jump, throw pixel ball- Tons of block to discover- 4 Maps available- Battle with rare creature- Fun game for kids- Free to playPlay this fun blocky game today and find all the pixelmon!
Jungle Adventures 2
Winner of 24 FPS International Best Game Design 2016 award!!!TheFruity forest is in trouble, A mighty magician has stolen allthefruits of the jungle to become immortal. Addu, Ourfearlessadventurer along with his loyal pet bullion set out tobring allfruits back to breathe new life into his homeland.Discover Addu’samazing new abilities.• Addu could jump, swimand throw stones.•Now he can pick up, throw and glide.• He can ridehis pets toassist him in his journey.• Run, jump and explorethearcades.Contact us on if you needanyhelp!Follow Us to get newsandupdates:
Monster Warlord
The best monster collecting battle game on mobile!Collecthundredsof unique monsters and battle them in friendlycompetition!"If youlove collecting monsters and battling with themyou'll love thisgame." (Gameteep)"Some of the monsters (like mylittle tiger thing)are simply adorable." (148apps)■ COLLECT ■-Catch rare andmysterious monsters by questing and battling!-Discover all 6 types- Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy!-Each monster has itsown special attributes and abilities- so themore the merrier!■COMBINE ■- Combine two monsters to create aleaner, meaner, betterone!- With over 20 monster tiers, thepossibilities are endless!-Combine for a chance to receive aspecial Plus monster strongerthan normal monsters and dominate thecompetition!■ COMPETE ■-Engage in epic World Boss battles and climbto the top of therankings!- Raid mysterious Dungeons and returnwith large rewardsand powerful monsters!- Compete in the Arena tosee who is the topWarlord!■ BATTLE ■- Battle players from aroundthe world in GlobalPvP!- Avenge fallen allies and collect largebounties!- Battleothers in the Battle League and rise to the topfor great rewards!■SOCIALIZE ■- Play with players from around theworld!- Form vastalliances and join close-knit clans!- Fight it outin the GlobalBoss where all servers compete for the top spot!※RequiredPermission GuidelinesWhen using the app, we may askpermissions foraccess to provide the following services.[RequiredPermissions]-STORAGE: Used to store game data in external memoryand etc.-READ_PHONE_STATE: For processing in-game events andgivingrewards[Optional Permission]- CONTACTS: Used to connectGoogleaccount** There may be additional costs when trying toobtaincertain items.Terms ofService:
Mino Monsters 2: Evolution 4.0.104
Mino Games
WELCOME TO MINO MONSTERS 2: EVOLUTIONDiscover 100+ monsters as you embark on a journey in anadventurousworld of battles, quests, and PvP! Hero up and defendthe land fromimpending darkness. Embrace the power of evolution torestore peaceand harmony. The evolution of the world is in yourhands.GAME FEATURES- Collect, train and battle 100+ monsters.- Evolve Minos into Epic Forms.- Complete Quests and Missions to earn rewards.- Destroy rivals in PvP Tournaments.- Weekly, special events with new monsters.- Discover the rare Guardian Minos- Hours of addictive gameplay- Colorful, vivid HD graphics and animationsLike us on Facebook:
Marin Adventures - free
Marin Jungle Adventure is the greatestplatformadventure for your android. Everything has been carefullydesignedfor you to have a lot of fun! We warn you.****************************************************- 8 beautiful worlds(more coming soon)- 32 awesome levels(more coming soon)- 10+ different enemies- 2 different characters- And a lot more features!All this completely free, so you should at least try it.Now,it'stime to install the game and enjoy, You are a real hero...
Simulator Of Hello Neighbor 3.0.3
Only here you can get alpha of helloneighbor,it is a fully complete demoplay to play for endlessfun
leps pirat super jungle 4 run
leps pirat super jungle 4 run is in dangerous. He is stolenbymonsters. But now he escaped from caves. Help heplease!*----Features ----*+ Addictive game play.+ Very much scenesforadventures+ So nice graphic and sound.Please download andplay,thanks!
Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world ofplatformingchallenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1mobile adventuregame and a 3D platformer, now also available forAndroid phones andtablets.“Swordigo is a love letter to theplatforming and adventuregames of the past.” — SlideToPlay, 4/4“There’s never a dullmovement as you hop between platforms andslash your sword againsta plethora of enemies.” — Apple’n’Apps,4.5/5 “Honestly, if youonly buy one game this week, you shouldchoose Swordigo.” —AppAdvice A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magicalrealm of dungeons,towns, treasures and devious monsters. • Gainexperience and levelup your character. MAGIC AND SWORDS • Findpowerful weapons, itemsand spells to defeat your enemies. • Ventureinto gloomy caves anddungeons to discover powerful hiddenswords.SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME• Fluid and challengingplatforming gameplaydesigned specifically for mobile devices.•Precise touch controlsoptimized for smartphones and tablets. •Customize the controls toyour preference.
Bito's Adventure
🐘 You love super classic platform game - Jungle adventure,journeygame .You would like to return childhood memory, Bito'sadventureis best choise for you enjoy and relax in free time.🐰 🐰🐰GameFeatures:🌷 Beautiful high-resolution graphics🌷 Impressivegameplayas the retro classic games🌷 80 colorful levels and 4differentchallenging worlds🌷 8 awesome boss fights: super scorpion,icespider, crocodile... in 4 different lost worl🌷 Lots of bossesandsuper cute enemies to defeat in this journey game.🌷 Thesefourstunning worlds with best designed levels🌷 Power-upitems:Powerball, burger, tennis ball,...🌷 Hidden bonus bricks andblockswith strawberry, lollipop and so many coin.🌷 this bestadventuregame is freeDiscover Bito amazing abilities:- Bito couldjump, swimand throw fire.- He can pick up, throw and glide.- Run,jump andexplore in deep jungle.🐁 Jungle Adventure got over 1million user!Just download Bito's Adventure - Amazing journey andenjoy.🐮 Getthe powerful items to be stronger, undefeatable and beable tothrow the tenis balls.🐷In this journey game, Bito - SuperBoy hasthe ability to stomp the monsters and has skill of throwingBulletto attack the monsters. Of course the monsters waiting himwith somany stuffs and traps.jungle run, jungle jump, action andadventureall in the game and is harmoniously combinedJump into theworld oftotal fun and adventure,with journey game, you can discovergreenisland, jungle,desert, and deep sea...It is amazing adventurewithsuper boyThe challenge is to beat the game by loosing as fewlivesas possible.🌟🌟🌟 Contact Us:🐌🐌🐌 Whatare youwaiting for now just try?...Just download Bito's adventureandenjoyHave fun !
✮ Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2015 Japanese MediaArtsFestivalIngress transforms the real world into the landscapefor aglobal game of mystery, intrigue, and competition.Our futureis atstake. You must choose a side.A mysterious energy hasbeenunearthed by a team of scientists in Europe. The origin andpurposeof this force is unknown, but some researchers believe itisinfluencing the way we think. We must control it or it willcontrolus.“The Enlightened” seek to embrace the power that thisenergy maybestow upon us. “The Resistance” struggle to defend, andprotectwhat’s left of our humanity.Install Ingress and transformyourworld.The World is the GameMove through the real world usingyourAndroid device and the Ingress app to discover and tap sourcesofthis mysterious energy. Acquire objects to aid in yourquest,deploy tech to capture territory, and ally with other playerstoadvance the cause of the Enlightened or theResistance.StrategyThestruggle is being played out globally. Trackthe progress ofplayers around the world, plan your next steps, andcommunicatewith others using an Intelligence map.What is theNianticProject?Is this just a game? An InvestigationBoard( filled with crypticcluesand secret codes awaits. The story evolves everyday.Powerfulsecrets and game tech are there to be unlocked.FormAlliancesThestruggle to save the planet spans the entire world.Groups ofpeople acting together can be more effective thanindividualsacting alone. Cooperation across neighborhoods, cities,andcountries will be needed to achieve the ultimatevictory.Note:Ingress uses the "Read_Contacts" app permission tomake it easierto invite your friends to join you in your mission tosave theworld. The app will not contact anyone without yourexplicit actionto recruit a particular friend.Join theinvestigationG+:
Island Adventures of Boy
Island Adventures of Boy is a journey of super boy. In heatjungle,He must pass so much threats to run to target world. On hisroad,super boy can use weapon to kill monster but weapon is hiddeninsomewhere.[How to play]+ Use button to jump, move and fire+Findweapon in flowers[Features]• So much scenes (jungle, frozen,cave,subway world ....)• Very much scenes to pass• Have moredifferentlevels• Great graphic and sound• Classic platform gamestyleLet'sgo and play Island Adventures of Boy!
Has maximum efficiency when using lucky eggs to evolve pokemonsandgain XP with this calculator to Pokemon Go! The app iseasilyaccessed in the notification bar without leaving the game.Manynews soon!App built by a fan to help other players. If you haveanysuggestions, questions or demands, please send an
Pocket Quest: Combate de Elfos 1.1.5
Pocket Quest - Liga de Elfos é um jogoRPGestilo Pocket Monstro de batalhas pvp online organizada emturnosque combina um jogo de cartas, com a ação de um RPG. Exploreo mapapara recrutar heróis com visual de anime, melhore suashabilidades,faça evolução de seus personagens e ganhe feitiços,crie sua ligade heróis na guerra contra o mal! Você não pode perderesse jogo deguerra!Comece agora essa aventura e baixe esse épico jogo de guerra deRolePlaying Game estilo Pocket Monstro.Um demônio está tentando destruir o mundo de PocketQuest!Invocadores com superpoderes formarão alianças para lutarcontraele, junte seu poder com o poder de outros heróis e forme sualigade heróis para defender o mundo Pocket Quest nessa guerra!Façaevolução de sua magia e fique mais forte! Comece agora a jogaresseépico jogo de guerra RPG.Em Pocket quest – Liga de Elfos, o cenário é exibido em formadetabuleiro, onde cada turno ocorrem batalhas pvp online e aofinalde cada combate alguma coisa é revelada! Você também podeexploraro mapa e recrutar heróis poderosos, desenvolver suashabilidades eformar uma liga de heróis. Faça o uso de magia paraderrotar oinimigo e se defender contra investidas. Você está prontopara aação? Comece agora esse épico jogo de guerra de Role PlayingGameestilo Pocket Monstro.Durante suas batalhas pvp online, você pode movimentarseuspersonagens movimentando o dedo para cima ou para baixo eusarfeitiços, magia e habilidades especiais para se defenderdoinimigo. Pocket Quest é um jogo online multiplayer de RolePlayingGame estilo Pocket Monstro que vai te fazer pirar! Entrenessaaventura!Explores Masmorras e comece batalhas pvp online. Não fique deforadesta guerra épica!Você está preparado para começar sua jornada RPG? Tenhaaventurassurpreendentes com mais de 200 elfos estilo PocketMonstro!CARACTERÍSTICAS DO APP------------------------------------ 3 NÍVEIS DE EVOLUÇÃO DOS ELFOS: Os monstros setornampoderosos guerreiros. Mais de 200 monstros para vocêconstruir suaprópria liga de heróis, ganhar superpoderes ehabilidadesespeciais! A cada missão um nível diferente dedificuldade.- SISTEMA DE EXPLORAÇÃO DE MASMORRAS PIONEIRO:Diferencie-sedo tradicional modo masmorra! A cada missão, masmorrase mais de100 eventos vão te surpreender a cada minuto de pura ação.Explorepara ganhar grandes tesouros e recrutar heróis!- HABILIDADES MÁGICAS: Faça a evolução de seus monstrosparaaprender magia, feitiços e habilidades especiais. Utilizefeitiçosno momento certo para causar mais dano aos Demônios. Façasuasalianças e complete sua missão ao defender o mundo PocketQuest.Não fique de fora dessa guerra épica!- ELFOS LEGENDÁRIOS: Quer ter o seu próprio elfo chefe?Elfoschefes aparecem aleatoriamente dentro do gameplay. Eles sãotãomisteriosos quanto mortais. Simplesmente entre em combate eagarre oseu!-----------------------------------Equipe seus personagens com armas e itens de combate, explore omapapara recrutar heróis e formar sua equipe de elfos. Batalhecomadversários que surgem mais poderosos a cada combate. Junteforçase poder nesta guerra. Junte-se agora a essa aventuraRPG!-----------------------------------Comece agora suas alianças e entre nessa guerra contra o mal!Quantomais alianças, maior suas chances de ganhar! Baixe agoraPocketQuest – Liga dos elfos e junte-se nesta aventura RPG.Conheça Pocket Quest – Evolution o jogo online de Role PlayingGameestilo Pocket Monstro que vai te fazer pirar!Pocket Quest -LeagueElves is an RPG style game Pocket online pvp battlesMonsterorganized in shifts that combines a card game, with theaction ofan RPG. Explore the map to recruit heroes with visualanime,improve your skills, make evolution of their characters andgainspells, create your heroes league in the war against evil! Youcannot lose this war game!Start now this adventure and download this epic war RolePlayingGame Pocket Monster style.A demon is trying to destroy the world of Pocket Quest!Invokerswith superpowers will form alliances to fight it, join yourpowerwith the power of other heroes and form your heroes leaguetodefend the Pocket Quest world in this war! Make evolution ofhismagic and get stronger! Start now to play this epic RPGwargame.In Pocket quest - League Elves, the picture is displayed in theformof board, where each shift occur online pvp battles and at theendof each fight something is revealed! You can also explore themapand recruit mighty heroes, develop their skills and form aleague ofheroes. Make use of magic to defeat the enemy and defendagainstassaults. Are you ready for action? Start now this epic warRolePlaying Game Pocket Monster style.During your online pvp battles, you can move your charactersmovingyour finger up or down and use spells, magic and specialabilitiesto defend against the enemy. Pocket Quest is a multiplayeronlinegame Role Playing Game Pocket Monster style that will makeyou gocrazy! Among this adventure!Explores Dungeons and start online pvp battles. Do not miss outthisepic war!Are you ready to start your RPG journey? Have amazingadventureswith over 200 elves Pocket Monster style!FEATURES OF THE APP------------------------------------ 3 LEVELS OF EVOLUTION OF ELVES: The monsters becomepowerfulwarriors. More than 200 monsters for you to build your ownleagueof heroes, gain super powers and special abilities! Eachmission adifferent level of difficulty.- SYSTEM Dungeon PIONEER EXPLORATION: Differentiate fromthetraditional dungeon mode! Every mission dungeons and over100events will surprise you every minute of pure action. Exploretowin great treasures and recruit heroes!- MAGICAL ABILITIES: Make the evolution of your monsters tolearnmagic, spells and special abilities. Use spells at the righttimeto cause more damage to Demons. Make your alliances andcompleteyour mission to defend the world Pocket Quest. Do not missout thisepic war!- ELVES LEGENDARY: Want to have your own elf boss? Headselvesappear randomly within the gameplay. They are as mysteriousasdeadly. Simply enter combat and grab your own!-----------------------------------Equip your characters with weapons and combat items, explore themapto recruit heroes and form his team of elves. Battle withopponentsthat arise more powerful every fight. Join forces andpower in thiswar. join now this RPG adventure! -----------------------------------Start now and their alliances between this war against evil!Themore alliances, the greater your chances of winning! DownloadnowPocket Quest - League of elves and join in thisRPGadventure.Meet Pocket Quest - Evolution online game Role Playing GamePocketMonster style that will make you go crazy!
Super Viking 2.1
Unfair Mario
The Vikings were a seafaring people fromthelate eighth to early 11th century who established a nameforthemselves as traders, explorers and warriors. They discoveredtheAmericas long before Columbus and could be found as far east asthedistant reaches of Russia. While these people are oftenattributedas savages raiding the more civilized nations fortreasure andwomen, the motives and culture of the Viking people aremuch morediverse. These raiders also facilitated many changesthroughout thelands from economics to warfare.Super Viking is a great platform adventure for your android.It'sa story about superboy Wario, he is a Viking warrior andMariobrother. In heat jungle, Wario must pass so much threats, hemustfight against many monsters, enemies on the journey to findandsave his princess. On his road, he can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere.How to play+ Use button to move, jump and fire+ Find weapon in hidden blocks+ Collect coins, jewelsFeatures+ Addictive gameplay for platformer, Vikings game+ 4 worlds, 80 levels, 8 bosses and many enemies+ Many scenes (jungle, desert, subway world, cave)No need to explain how this will remind you of ourfavoriteplumber but it’s definitely another 8 bit mario style gametheolder geeks will appreciate. And remind you about Mariobrother,Wario hero. Just try it!Thank you for playing Super Viking games !
Monster World - Fire
Monster World: Story about a thousand years war of 2 Gods,onemanage Heaven, one manage Earth. Who will win?Monster World:Worldof Pet and Legendary Monster. With the boy, Neil, findhischildhood girl friend and discover the big mystery aboutherlife.Monster World: Carry your monster in a Pet ball, batlewithothers and catch wild monsters to train. Lets become the bestpettrainer - Golden Pet Trainer.Monster World: More then 100pets,divided in 7 types. A interesting world is wait fordiscovered.
Smurfs Epic Run - Fun Platform Adventure
Gargamel’s has casted an evil fog spell to capture all theSmurfs.The whole village is gone and you’re the only Smurfleft!Experience the next generation runner game with gorgeous2Dgraphics!• RUN, jump, glide, rush, dash, parkour… your waythroughmore than 100 levels to free all the captive Smurfs anddefeatGargamel’s minions!• RACE and compete against your runnerfriends& the world to establish the best score in theWeeklyTournament. Who will run the farthest in these weeklyendlessgames?• CUSTOMIZE your Smurfs with cute companions, magicrings andartefacts for awesome bonuses!Choose your favorite Smurfand embarkon an epic adventure!• PLAY with your favorite SmurfsincludingSmurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and otherfamous& funny characters! • GATHER your team of blue runnersandenter the Epic Adventure: a daily challenge where the dangeriseverywhere. But so are the rewards!• FREE each Smurf and usetheirunique epic powers (Dash, double jump, stomp, glide, magnet…)torush through each level and set the best score.Discover agorgeous,magical and funny world directly inspired from theoriginal Smurfcomic-books.• PARKOUR multiple locations of theSmurfs worldincluding the village, the forest, the mine andGargamel’s Castle!• COLLECT dozens of items from the Smurf universeto complete setsand unlock bonuses.• EARN great prizes everyday bycollectingGolden Keys, completing Daily Missions, spinning theWheel ofChance or asking the Farmer Smurf for his Good Deals.Stayon top ofyour game! Meet other players and get the latest news,deals, andmore at....FACEBOOK:• This game is free to download and free to play butsome gameitems can be purchased for real money. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings. • This gamecontainsadvertisements.• Making any in-game purchase willdisableinterstitial ads forever.
Minecraft: Story Mode
Episode 1 - FREE - THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME IN THE WORLDOFMINECRAFT***Continue your adventures with the New Order oftheStone by purchasing the Adventure Pass (via in-app), whichincludesaccess to download Episodes Six, Seven, and Eight***In thisfivepart episodic series, play as either a male or female heronamed'Jesse,' and embark on a perilous adventure across theOverworld,through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. You and yourfriendsrevere the legendary Order of the Stone: Warrior,RedstoneEngineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the EnderDragon.While at EnderCon in hopes of meeting Gabriel the Warrior,you andyour friends discover that something is wrong… somethingdreadful.Terror is unleashed, and you must set out on a quest tofind TheOrder of the Stone if you are to save your world fromoblivion.•Created by award-winning adventure game powerhouseTelltale Games,in partnership with Minecraft creators, Mojang•Featuring thevoices of Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson,ScottPorter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, BillyWest,and Paul Reubens• You will drive the story through thedecisionsyou make: what you say to people (and how you say it), andwhat youchoose to do in moments of thrilling action will make thisYOURstoryMinimum specs:GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600series,PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 4 CPU: Dual core 1.2GHz Memory:1GB- - --Examples of supported devices include:- Galaxy S5 and up-HTC One(M7)- LG G2/G2 Mini and up- Motorola Moto XExamples ofunsupporteddevices include:- Galaxy Tab 4 and below- Galaxy S5 Miniand below-Nexus 7 2012- Droid RAZR
Best Pokemon Go Tips Pokemon
This Guide For Pokémon Go containsuggestionstoimprove you efficiency to play the game also sometips andTricks toenhance your gaming experienceComprehensive Guide, Useful Guide Tips and TricksforPokemonGoPokemon Go Game allow players to capture PokemonwithPokeball,battling between Pokemon, and train virtual Pokemon ingymwhoappear throughout the real world. Its is a geonavigationbasedgame very fun to play.Upcoming complete guide for upcoming geolocation basedgamePokemonGo.If you don't like the app or you think that his appcouldbecomebetter with your suggestion. Please left us acomment.Guide for Pokemon Go is not associated,affliated,endorsed,sponsored or approved by Niantic.This App is not associated or affiliated by Niantic
Pixelmon planet: Crafting mod
You missed a fantastic game based on the famous cartoon series?Thegame "Pixelmon planet: Crafting mod" is designed for real fans(forboys and girls) for teens of any age! Interesting and excitinggamein the craft mode. Explore the world, travel, dream! All inyourhands! There are a lot of advantages, which is why shouldchooseour game!Characteristics:Open World Day follows night,travelingaround the cube world, familiarity with the other players,a largenumber of worlds and servers. To perform the mission. Alargenumber of game modes (Story mode, Survival mode, mode 1Sun1)Building:Collect minerals / materials for craftingandconstruction of the city! Careful crafting menu, very easyforanyone! Find an ax, pickaxe, a shovel for your home! BuildspecialPok-house your pixelmon. Live and train together! Build abase fortraining arena for battles!Survival:To survive you have toeat! Isor buy food for yourself and your pet. To have the strengthfor thebattles you need a house in which you will be abletosleep.Pixelmons:Each game has a Poke-Balls to catch your pet.Findthe most beautiful and powerful pixelmon! Let it be yourfriend!Train together. The more pixelmon trains, the faster it willbeable to evolve! Evolution pixelmons! A new level of pet, whichismuch stronger than it was! Fight with other players. Prove thatitis your pixelmon the strongest on the planet!Planetpixelmons.Multiplayer:In this game you can play with yourfriendsin multiplayer mode (Multiplayer). Create your own clan,livetogether in the same house together and train yourself! Exploretheentire planet! Let your friends will alwayshelpyou.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thisgame"Pixelmon planet: Crafting mod" will help you with boredom!You willnever be bored.Download the game now absolutely for freeand playwith your friends online! Good luck in your research!
Jungle Monkey 2
New more fun 12 levels, come to play !Jungle Monkey 2 is acoolrunning and jumping game. It's an easier version.Monkey Kong isabrave, agile and lovely monkey, on a beautiful day he went intothejungle to pick up fruits.But the jungle is full of danger,heneedsyour help !Would you like to join him to start theexcitingadventure in jungle? 1 2 3 GO.***How to play***1.Just tapthescreen to let the monkey jump.2.Collect bananas as many asyoucan,do not fall off the ground.3.Run to the end of jungle topassthe level.***Features***1.Easy and smooth control andbeautifulanimation.2.24 levels and 3 scenes you can play and morelevelswill be added in future.
Stick Escape - Adventure Game 1.0
It is time for some fun. You areabouttocontrol the actions of the featured stickman character inthegamewho is in the prison. His ultimate goal is toescapetheprison.