Top 49 Apps Similar to Lockscreen Motivation

Memory Helper : To do list notepad 86
Do you easily forget things? ​ Try using the Memory Helper app!​Write down your list of things to do! ​ Be reminded everytimeyouturn on your phone! ​ Don't forget things you have to do fromnowon! ​ ​ ​ Particularly useful for: ​ - Those who frequentlyforgetto do things
I Remember 1.7.14
Did you remember that you forgot to make to-do list? Now, trytomanage through I Remember my ideas and things on the lock screen.Iwill always remind you to do it so you can't forget even ifyouwant to forget it!When you are walking the road and suddenlyanidea comes up,When you want to keep your promise to yourimportantfriend,When you make a list before going to a store,Whenyou arecreating a bucket list,Try to use me as a notepad,vocabulary,scheduler, to-do list, checklist and more!Notes, plans,goals,reminders, etc.I will help you with pretty wallpaperandeasy-to-use features!What features do I support?○ Main screenㆍEasytask management (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ View list of tasksbydate ㆍ Categories the task with colors ㆍ Set the due dateandDisplay remaining period ㆍ Various quotes○ Lock screen ㆍ Easytasksmanagement (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ Security lock(PIN /pattern)ㆍ Preview of push notifications ㆍ Quick Launcher ㆍ Variousandbeautiful wallpaper ** To use the lock screen feature, pleasesetthe I Remember - menu - lockscreen settings - lock type.**Pleasedo not hesitate to contact us if you have any bugs orimprovements.** Banner ads are included at the bottom of lockscreento providefull functionality for a lifetime free. I always rememberthatbetter features are available for free! ** Anyone who can helpwiththe translation your language, please contact us.----Permissions*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Get user image forwallpaper*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save newly set wallpaper*READ_PHONE_STATE- Unlock screen when receiving a call*DISABLE_KEYGUARD - Controlthe default lock screen*SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Show app lock screen
Next Lock Screen 3.11.6
Winner of "Best lock screen app for Android" award --AndroidPIT,Best Android apps of2016( Lock Screenisthe ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. Next helpsprotectyour phone from unwanted access by others, and you areinstantlymore productive. It is an excellent productivity lockerapp andcompanion for your everyday life.Perform the followingfunctions,directly on your lock screen:- Custom unlock: protectyour phonewith a PIN or pattern code. Fingerprint unlock isavailable onhardware-supported devices. Smart lock based onlocation (homeand/or work).- Notifications: view missed calls, textmessages, andmessage notifications from apps like Facebook, Gmailand WhatsApp.-People: easily call or text your favorite contactsfrom the lockscreen.- Apps: launch your favorite apps with ourbuilt-in applauncher.- Tools: quick access to the Camera,Flashlight, Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and more.- Weather: check the localweather withautomatic updates.- Calendar: view your upcomingevents, completewith time and location. Receive summaries on themeetings you havefor today and tomorrow.- Music player: controlyour favorite songsand playlists. Next supports the most popularmusic apps such asSpotify, Audible and Pandora.-Wallpapers: choose your ownimage or from our gallery ofphotos. Select the Bing Wallpaper ofthe day to receive a beautifulnew image on your screen everyday.Next Lock Screen is availableworldwide and supports theEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, and "Microsoft this weekend updatedits Next LockScreen app for Android, a personalized lock screenreplacement thatlets you see your calendar, missed calls, email andtext messagesat a glance, and then act on them without unlockingyourdevice....This really doeslooksweet."("Microsoft'snew philosophy of going cross-platform and cross-OSwith itssoftware has been paying dividends, and Next Lock Screenis anotherfine example of Microsoft's design acumen complementingtheAndroidecosystem."("Next Lock Screen does a great job adding productivity toyour lockscreen. It is an app that anyone who wants morefunctionality shouldplace at the top oftheirlists."("Nextputs important info—like your upcoming meetings, missedcalls, andtext messages on your lock screen for instant access.You can swipenotifications away to dismiss them (similar to thenotificationdropdown), and swipe down to unlockthescreen."( Screen is a Microsoft Garage project brought to youby thecreators of Arrow Launcher, the simple, personal launcherforAndroid. The Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into realprojects.Learn more about The Garage at: iscommunity-driven!Join ourvibrant Beta community at: on the bestfeature areas at: installingthis app, youagree to the Terms ofUse( and PrivacyPolicy(
Picturesque Lock Screen
Wallpaper, Notifications, Quick launch camera, Cricket, TopNews,Weather, Tools, Search web, Call/message frequent contactsandLaunch favourite apps from your lock screen ✔ Rewards:Referralprogram in India market has ended. Eligible users cancontinue toredeem their FreeCharge coupons✔ Wallpaper: Choose yourown imageor receive beautiful wallpaper for your lock screenbackground fromBing by Microsoft everyday ✔ Notifications: Viewmissed calls, textmessages, and other notifications. Customize andcategorizenotifications based on type and priority on your lockscreen✔Contacts: One click access to WhatsApp, call and messagefrequentcontacts. Search frequent contacts from lock screendirectly✔Favorite apps: Launch favorite applications right fromlock screen✔Security: Custom unlock features like enable pin,password andpattern unlock screen to secure your phone✔ News: Readlatest newsin categories like business, sports, politics, topstories,national news and more, right from the lock screen✔ Sports:Getlive Cricket scores on your locker and stay up-to-date ✔Search:Search contacts, applications and web without unlocking yourphone✔Tools: Quick access to tools like camera, flashlight,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, ringer and more✔ Camera: Get access to Camera insingletouch right from your locker, now don’t miss any moment tocapture✔Music: Control music from your locker✔ Weather: Getup-to-dateweather and temperature for your current locationdirectly on yourlock screen✔ Rewards: Earn Bing rewards (in USmarket) for yoursearchesPicturesque Lock Screen by Microsoft is onestop solutionto all your lock screen problems. Now secure yourandroid devicewith a beautiful background integrated with featureslike BingSearch and app shortcuts to increase your productivity.★ ★★ ★ Whatothers are telling about us★ Microsoft has been hard atworkbringing in a new update to give users more to love –AndroidHeadlines ★ Picturesque is undoubtedly one of thebest-lookinglockscreen replacement apps available for Android -BusinessInsider★ Yet another sign that Microsoft under CEO SatyaNadella isa proudly cross-platform company –Gigaom★ if you'relooking foradditional ways to spice up your locked device, it maybe worthadding Microsoft's Picturesque Lock Screen to your list –AndroidPolice ★ Gizmodo Top app of the week – Gizmodo★ Business ETCtop 5app of the week – Business ETC★ Picturesque may beexperimental,but it’s also a workaround, putting Microsoft’s searchengine frontand center from the moment users turn on their phones –Green Bot★★ ★ ★ Check out our videos made by Picturesque lockscreenlovers1. help us intranslating Picturesque locker? Please visit
Glimpse Notifications 4.1.1.X
Nullgrad Apps
Tired of having to press the power button to see newnotifications?Ex-iPhone user and cannot believe Android doesn'toffer such abasic function? Your new phone doesn't have LEDnotificationanymore? Want to pull your phone out of your bag orpocket andimmediately have it enabled? Like to get repeatedreminders forpending notifications? Then this app is for you!FINGERPRINTSENSORS AND SMARTLOCKS Depending on your configuration,this appmay need the Device Administrator permission. To implementseveral(optional) features, Glimpse Notifications may need to turnoff thescreen. This happens with a delay imposed by Android andsmartlocks such as fingerprint sensors will keep working.Alternatively,the app may be registered as a device administrator.The screen isthen locked immediately, but fingerprint sensors andother smartlocks will no longer work. FEATURES • Keeps using thedefault lockscreen • Control how long the lock screen is shown •Double-tap tolock • Choose which apps whose notifications shouldturn on thescreen • Multiple Quiet Times to prevent the screen fromturning onat a bad time • Supports Lollipop+ Priority InterruptionsandMarshmallow+ Do Not Disturb (DnD) modes • Extensive pocket modetoprevent the screen from turning on in your pocket • Double-taptolock on the lock screen (only < Oreo) • Recurringnotifications• Motion detection notices when you picket up thephone to check anew notification • Using modern Android APIs thisapp is ascompliant and energy efficient as possible • No ads • Thisis aprivate pet project - so it's free! No data is beingcollected!MEDIA REVIEWSXDA: DevelopmentThread:• BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: Core permissionto have theapp being informed about new notifications. This isrequired. •WAKE_LOCK: required to turn on the screen •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:to determine the duration of customnotification sounds. •SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: to implement double-tapto lock and to noticeuser interactions when a customizedlockscreen display time ischosen. • BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: for customlock screen durations ordouble tap to lock, you can chose toregister it as a DeviceAdministrator to fully and immediately lockthe screen. • VIBRATE:recurring notifications can be indicatedusing a vibration patternPERSISTENT NOTIFICATION ON SAMSUNGDEVICES Please read the FAQ postto understand why thisisnecessary: SAMSUNG EDGE LIGHTING Edge lighting and GlimpseNotificationstry to solve the same problem. To avoid conflicts, itis recommendedto disable Edge lighting or at least remove GlimpseNotificationsfrom Edge lighting. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY NullgradApps cannot beheld responsible for damages happening by using thisapp. Thisincludes, but is not limited to, notifications beingmissed ormisinterpreted due some function of GlimpseNotifications.
Kpop HD Lock Screen 1.0
Rain Studios
kpop HD Lock Screen is an extremely Secure Screen Locker viapincode or password to enhance the security of your phone. Itisbeautiful, secure and customizable. 'Kpop Lock Screen' is thebestkeypad lock screen like iPhone lock screen tosetpassword/passcode/pin for your lock screen. The screen lockisloved by Kim Min-Seok,Kim Joon Myeon,EXO-M,BaekHyun,EXO-MCHEN,Park Chan Yeol,Doh Kyung Soo,Kim Jong In,Oh Se-hoon.Let theEXO god protect your phone.This is so cool dynamic wallpaperscreenlock. You can change different EXO Screen every day. Thismust beloved by many of fans.▲▲▲Well-Designed WallpaperThemes▲▲▲Wonderfulwallpaper themes to redecorate your Androiddevices. We providednumerous high resolution wallpaper themes,especially pic-in-picphotography idea wallpapers. And you canswitch different livewallpaper themes from setting.▲▲▲DIY lockscreen editor▲▲▲- CustomWallpapers: Choose an image from your owngallery of photos tocreate the wallpapers. - Custom Photo Passcode:Just select thephoto from album and make a personalised passcodescreen.- ClassiciPhone Passcode: Easy to get clean and beautifulpasscode page withLock Screen.- Hand Drawing Lock Screen: You cancustomize your ownpasscode interface.- lock screen pattern- lockscreen photo-passcode lock screen- os9 lock screen- kpop lockscreen▲▲▲Featuresof kpop lock screen▲▲▲- create widget home screenfor easysettings- create live wallpaper HD- set pin or password viakeypadlock screen to enhance the security lock of your phone.-require 4digits for lockscreen password- show battery health onscreen lock-consume less battery- can change color and fonts oftime, date-multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful- dynamic wallpaper fromourrepository - many beautiful anime girls to set wallpaper-displayreal time clock and date.- change background withwallpapers-support over 50 languages- custom background fromgallery.-optimized battery usage and battery saver- work well onphone,tablet device▲▲▲How to Use▲▲▲1. Open the app settings, andtick the"Enable Screen" checkbox to enable it.2. Click the"DisableLockscreen System" in case you use the system lock.3. Clickthe"Change Wallpaper" to switch to different beautifulbackgrounds.4.Tick the "Passcode" checkbox if pin mode isrequired.All Kpop 2017Groups Are here :f(x), 2NE1, 4Minute, AfterSchool, Brown EyedGirls, Girls Generation, Kara, Miss A, Secret,Sistar, Tara, WonderGirls, Super Junior, EXO-K, Big Bang, Shinee,Infinite, U-KISS,2PM, 2AM, B.A.P, Beast, MBLAQ, B1A4, Teen Top,NUEST, TVXQ and JYJ, Block B, BtoB, A Pink, Girl's Day, VIXX,Bangtan Boys (BTS), AOA,Twice, Exid, Red Velvet, Snsd, exo keyboardtheme and we will addmore Korean groups.If you enjoy our themedon't forget to rate theapp by 5 stars and leave a comment.Thankyou very much!!Enjoy!!!
Rasta Reggae Music Lock Screen 1.0
Rain Studios
Rasta Reggae Music Lock Screen is an extremely Secure ScreenLockervia pin code or password to enhance the security of yourphone. Itis beautiful, secure and customizable. 'Rasta Reggae MusicLockScreen' is the best keypad lock screen like iPhone lock screentoset password/passcode/pin for your lock screen.Cool "RastaReggaeMusic Lock Screen" HD For all fans of Rastafari - Very Funny"RastaPictures" Graphics 3D Illustrations!Rastafari is anAbrahamicbelief which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, followingthecoronation of Haile Selassie I as Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930.Itsadherents worship him in much the same way as Jesus in hisSecondAdvent, the title (Ras) and first name (Tafari Makonnen) ofIbefore his coronation. In Amharic, Ras, literally "head", isanEthiopian title equivalent to prince or chief, while thepersonalgiven name T?f?ri (teferi) means one who is revered. Jah isaBiblical name of God, from a shortened form of Jahweh orJehovahfound in Psalms 68:4 in the King James Version of the Bibleandmany other places in the Bible. Most adherents see HaileSelassie Ias Jah or Jah Rastafari, an incarnation of GodtheFather.▲▲▲Well-Designed Wallpaper Themes▲▲▲Wonderfulwallpaperthemes to redecorate your Android devices. We providednumeroushigh resolution wallpaper themes, especially pic-in-picphotographyidea wallpapers. And you can switch different livewallpaper themesfrom setting.▲▲▲DIY lock screen editor▲▲▲- CustomWallpapers:Choose an image from your own gallery of photos tocreate thewallpapers. - Custom Photo Passcode: Just select thephoto fromalbum and make a personalised passcode screen.- ClassiciPhonePasscode: Easy to get clean and beautiful passcode page withLockScreen.- Hand Drawing Lock Screen: You can customize yourownpasscode interface.- lock screen pattern- lock screenphoto-passcode lock screen- os9 lock screen- os10 lock screen- os11lockscreen- Rasta Wallpapers Lock Screen- Rasta Reggae MusicWallpapersLock Screen- Free Wallpaper of Rasta - This app is agreatcollection of Rasta Wallpaper▲▲▲Features of Rasta WallpapersLockScreen▲▲▲- create widget home screen for easy settings- createlivewallpaper HD- set pin or password via keypad lock screen toenhancethe security lock of your phone.- require 4 digits forlockscreenpassword- show battery health on screen lock- consumeless battery-can change color and fonts of time, date- multiple HDWallpaperbeautiful- dynamic wallpaper from our repository - manybeautifulanime girls to set wallpaper- display real time clock anddate.-change background with wallpapers- support over 50languages-custom background from gallery.- optimized battery usageandbattery saver- work well on phone, tablet device▲▲▲How toUse▲▲▲1.Open the app settings, and tick the "Enable Screen"checkbox toenable it.2. Click the "Disable Lockscreen System" incase you usethe system lock.3. Click the "Change Wallpaper" toswitch todifferent beautiful backgrounds.4. Tick the "Passcode"checkbox ifpin mode is required.If you enjoy our theme don't forgetto ratethe app by 5 stars and leave a comment.Thank youverymuch!!Enjoy!!!_________________________________________________________________________________________________Disclaimer- All images are copyright of their perspective owners.No copyrightinfringement is intended, and any request to removeone of theimages will be honored.
Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen) 2.4.4
***** Features ***** - Turn screen off and lock yourdevice/lockscreen without power button. - Works with fingerprintsensor andSmart Lock (bluetooth, trusted devices, trusted face,trustedlocation, on-body detection...). - You can turn screenofffromnotification panel and notification won't show in lockscreen.-There are many icon types and you can adjust icon size to fityourlauncher. - You can even provide your own icon if you don'tlikedefault icons. - Support Widget at home screen or lock screen.-Adaptive icon on Android 8 onwards. - Turn screen off andlockIMMEDIATELY and can still be able to unlock with fingerprintwhenusing Android 9 onwards. ***** NOTE ***** - If you usefingerprintsensor, please tick I do use fingerprint sensor at Step2. -Because this app uses admin privilege to lock screen so youcan'tuninstall it the normal way. Please go to Settings page,tapUninstall button to remove admin privilege and uninstall it.*****PERMISSION ***** This app uses the Device Administratorpermissionon some devices to turn screen off and lock screen. Forsome otherdevices this app requires Accessibility permission toturn screenoff and lock screen as pressing power button. You needto grantasked permission in order to use this app with fullfunctionality.***** Feedback and bug report please *****
Speed Locker Free 1.0.7
Speed Locker is a simple, elegant and efficient lock screenapp.With thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes, youcandesign your phone and make it like a new one. NotificationCenter,Weather Forecasts services can make your phone more easy touse.Download Speed Lock and experience its magic NOW! SpeedLockHighlights: ▪ Personalized - Thousands of freebeautifulwallpapers and themes offered to personalize your phone.▪Efficient- Quick access to your apps, cutting down the amount oftime youwaste unlocking your phone. ▪Small but powerful - With lessthan5MB, Speed Locker is smaller than most lock screen apps. ▪Noads -Clean and ad-free. Key Features: 1. Themes ▪Make your lockscreenstylish with free & well-designed themes. Not boringanymore. 2. Daily Wallpaper ▪Personalize your lock screenwiththousands of high-quality wallpapers. ▪Daily wallpaperwillprovide you a new wallpaper and make your phone morefresheveryday. 3. Lock Screen ▪Speed Locker protects your phonewith pincode or pattern. 4. Notification Center ▪Quick access tonewmessages on lock screen.  ▪Select apps that you want toshowon lock screen. 5. Weather Forecasts ▪Conveniently seeweatherforecast information for 24 hourly & future 10days,and add any location you choose. 7. Quick Access ▪ Accesstoyour camera and dialer from the lock screen. Never missthebeautiful moments or important calls again! ▪ Access toyourfavorite apps from your lock screen, saving tons of time. ▪Turnfrequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi, flashlight, brightness…) ON/OFFona panel and set your phone quicker. Contact Us: ✮ Help usimprovethe product:
com.adriadevs.screenlock.ios.keypad.timepassword 1.9.9
Adria Devs
Are you worried about exposing your PIN while you unlock yourphone?Here comes Screen Lock - Time Password (Dynamic Password)for therescue.You can make your phone current time its lockscreenpassword.And time changes every minute, so does the passwordtoo,so no one can even guess it. NEW FEATURES ★ Cool iPhone stylelockscreen for your android. ★ Support on most of android phone.★Fully customisable lock screen. ★ Highly secure lock screen. ★Oneof the best parallax effect Lock. ★ Customise sliding text. Youcanput your name or your friend's name on your lock screen.Features ✔Customise wallpaper for lock screen You can apply HDScreenwallpaper or choose from Gallery. ✔ Unlock soundenable/disable. ✔Unlock vibration enable/disable. ✔ 12 hour and 24hour format bothsupported. ✔ Consume less memory and battery,Simple and Cleandevice. ✔ 100% safe and secure Screen Lock- TimePassword ✔ Chooseyour own lock type You can choose your own way tolock your androidphone(Passcode change dynamically). ► Current Time: It is defaultpassword of your lock screen. e.g. If the time is01:47, your PINwill be 0147. ► Pin Passcode - User can choose anypassword. ► Pin+ Minute Passcode - e.g. if you choose digit is 12and the time is01:45 your PIN will be 1245. ► Pin + Current TimePasscode - e.g.if your choose digit is 45 and the time is 02:37your PIN will be450237. ► Pin + Day Passcode - e.g. if your choosedigit is 45 andthe date is 4 July 2017 your PIN will be 450407. ►Pin + HourPasscode - e.g. if you choose digit is 12 and the time is01:45your PIN will be 4501. ---FAQ--- ★How to open hidden ScreenLock -Time Password? 1. Enter #666#6 in dial pad, and tap callbutton. ★How to lock Xiaomi / MI phones? ►Xiaomi / MI phones havedifferentpermission management style. To use Screen Lock - TimePassword onXiaomi / MI phones, please follow the following steps.1. OpenSecurity App -> permissions. Choose option permissions->Screen Lock - Time Password -> Allow all the permissions.2. Goback to Permissions -> Auto Start -> Allow Screen Lock -TimePassword to Auto Start. ★ Explanation for thepermissions:android.permission.INTERNETandroid.permission.READ_PHONE_STATEandroid.premission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEAD company need read phonestate and network state to display andimprove there AD :to lock screenandroid.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : To lockdevice as soonas it restarts android.permission.CAMERA : Imagecapture for lockscreen wallpaperandroid.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Forchange lock screenwallpaperandroid.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS : For open lockscreenScreen Lock - Time Password will not collect your anyinformation.
Screen Lock - HD Wallpaper & Funny Lock Screen App 1.3.1
Screen Lock is a cool and safe screen lock app. It providespasswordand pattern locks and unlock methods. This useful andfunny lockscreen app also provides security lock features likeintruderselfie. ------- Main Features of Screen Lock ------- ►Screen Lock& Unlock Methods It’s easy to use password lock andpatternlock/gesture lock of this useful screen lock master app toprotectyour privacy. Quite easy to lock and unlock your phone. •Lockscreen and unlock screen with safe password design. Simplyinputlock screen password to unlock your phone • Design customizedlockscreen pattern to lock your phone. Set a gesture lock screenas youwant! ► Cute Wallpapers & Screen Lock Screen Lock hasvariouskawaii wallpapers and cute little puppy wallpapers, alsohas emojiwallpapers and girl wallpapers, as well as full animewallpapers andbackgrounds. Among all these wallpapers, cute style,puppy themes,and girly wallpapers are the most popular cutewallpaper themes.Guess you may love the dog and cat lock screenthemes. ► BrokenGlass Prank Screen Lock Use broken screen lock forfun. It likes atime bomb broken screen prank. This funny lockscreen app can beused to prank your friends. The broken screenlock effect is sorealistic and they will be scared. Why your phonescreen is broken?It's a broken screen prank! Amazing screen lockeffect! This screenlock effect is cool and funny than other screenlock effects andmethods, like password lock and pattern lock! ►Phone Screen BigJoke Screen Lock is an amazing lock screen app forentertainment. Itwill display an animation of animals on the lockscreen of yourphone. For example, a spider, mouse or lizard willwalk from oneedge of your phone screen to another one. It is ascreen scary joke!Don’t like other lock screen methods, passwordlock and patternlock, this scary screen lock effect is more funny.► Diamond &Zipper Lock Screen Diamond & zipper lock screenis one of girl'sfavorite lock screen wallpaper themes. Now you canuse this coollock screen pattern to change the way you lock andunlock your phonescreen for good. ► Girl Wallpapers & ScreenLock Besides diamond& zipper lock screen, Screen Lock providesstylish & girlywallpapers, backgrounds, and themes for girls.Choose a funny lockscreen pattern design to match your taste andpreferences. ►Intruders Selfie Help to catch intruders by taking apicture whenhe/she tries to break in your phone. Screen Lock isdetermined tofight against deceptive ads Misleading downloads& deceptive adsare not tolerated in Screen Lock App. Privacypolicy
Screen Lock - one touch to lock the screen 6.6
Simi Studio
【It has more than 1,800,000 downloads, thank you for yoursupport!】Just one touch to turn off and lock the screen. Frequentuse toturn the screen on/off can easily damage the phone's hardwarepowerbutton. We provide software buttons to replace it and extenditsuseful life. ★ You can set the buttons to display indifferentlocations:   - Display on home screen  -Display in the notification panel   -(floating button)Floating on other apps ★ Features for all buttons:  -Built-in lots of free icons or your custom icons  -Vibration/sound/animation of the locking process  - Fixcan't unlock the screen with biometricauthentication(fingerprint/iris/face)   - Show "QuickMenu" to quicklyaccess to your favorite apps, games, settings ★Features of thefloating button:   - Adjust buttonsize/opacity  - Display weather information   -Support fornarrow-bar (home-bar) style icon   - Singletap/doubletap/swipe the button to trigger theactions:    ↪ RAM cleaner(speedbooster)/Flashlight/Screen capture     ↪APPshortcuts     ↪ Home key/Backkey/Recentapps/Last app     ↪Systemsettings/Notification panel/Power menu   -Automaticallyshow/hide when the screen is in the fullscreen mode orthe selectedapplication is displayed ★ Air gesture to wake up thescreen:  - Wave your hand over the proximity sensor (nearthefront camera) to wake up the screen ★ FAQ:  - ★ Permissionsrequired:  - If this application may require DeviceAdministratorto lock the screen, you must uninstall it from the"Uninstall app"option in the Screen Lock Settings.   -This applicationrequires Accessibility Services to support thefollowing features.    ↪ Turn off or lock thescreen    ↪ Home key/Back key/Recent apps/Lastapp    ↪ Make the floating buttonautomaticallyshow/hide
com.pingenie.screenlocker 2.2.6_GP
The most secure lock screen and Applock on Google Play. WithAppLock🔒, nobody can check your photos, videos, messages and apps.Thepatented PIN pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keepanyonefrom seeing your PIN, even if they watch you input it! 👀🙅Goaheaduse this Screen Lock & Applock to challenge your friendsto seeif they can crack your code! 😈 If someone tries to get intoyourscreen lock or apps, the intruder selfie function immediatelysnapsa photo and alerts you when you log in next time. Highestratedlocker on Google Play(4.6)😀 Top 10 Personalization app onGooglePlay😆 Top 10 utility app on Google Play😎 Key Features ★ScreenLock- Secures your phone from intruders! Lock your phone withthemost secure patented PIN pad screenlock. The magic PIN padlockyour screen with only 4 sleek buttons. Each button includes3numbers and all numbers reshuffle after each attempt. ★AppLock–Lock any apps in your phone! App lock can lock and protectyourfavorite apps such as Snapchat, Instagram,Facebook,Whatsapp,Messager, Gmail, photos, bank apps or any other apps thatyou wantto keep private, making it more than a screen lock! AppLockalsocan alert you who is trying to unlock your apps. Feel safe topassyour phone to friends and family without worrying aboutcertainapps being accessed! ★ Intruder Selfie -ProtectSensitiveInformation from the prying eyes. When intruder enters anincorrectpin code, this app will secretly snap a photo of theintruder‘sface and send alert you next time you log in. ★ WeatherReport- Getthe real-time weather info! You can check the accurateWeatherinformation displayed on lockscreen. ★ Personalization-Makeyourlockscreen more personal Numerous free HD wallpapers areprovidedin PIN Genie Locker. Amazing themes make your AppLock'sunlockscreen different. New wallpaper and themes added regularly.★Secure Option to disable phone for 30 seconds after 3 incorrectPINentries. AppLock protects your privacy, give your phoneAll-roundprotection ★Lightweight Small apk package that makes iteasy andfast to install and update. ★ Efficient Launchfrequently-used appson the lock screen. ★ Multiple Unlock OptionsOptions to choose PINGenie PIN pad, traditional PIN pad, andpattern PIN pad orfingerprint on Samsung Smart Phones. It’s FREE!Download NOW andstay away from wandering eyes around you!Permissions Required •Contacts & SMS: Display calls &messages • Camera: Shortcutto snap photos • Album: Customize yourwallpapers • GPS & Wifistatus: Deliver local weatherinformation • Notifications: Shownotifications on lock screen •Usage Access: Ensure the app workssmoothly-----------FAQ------------ How to use the magic PIN Pad?Followingthe steps to set password as 1234 1. Press any buttonwith thenumber ‘1’ 2. Press any button with the number ‘2’ 3.Follow thesame step to find out ‘3’ and ‘4’ 4. Please be noted ifany numberof your password appears on two or more buttons, you canpress anyof them, or if any button has two or three numbers ofyour passwordcombination, you can press the same button. How can Iunlock mydevice if I forgot the password? 1. By security answerTap thesecurity question icon on the lock screen and enter yoursecurityanswer to unlock; 2. By security email Check yourregistered emailand find out the email we have sent to you withthe password youset; 3. Email us Please send us email atcs_locker@pin-genie.comwith your registered email address so thatwe can send to you incase you don’t find the password in youremail. More about PG LockerFacebook: If you have any enquiry orfeedback,please contact us at:
LockScreen 3.0
Touch the shortcut to lock your device. (Quicky lockyourphone)NOTE: “This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.”only for lock your phone screen task**To uninstall theapp, pleasego to the setting page and click the "Remove deviceadministrator"button**Have a bug happen on Android 6.0.1 Samsungdevices. Whenyou lock and unlock, it requires password to unlock-Will find afix soon
Screen Off and Lock 1.17.4
**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) ifyoulike this app or support my apps development.Thanks!****Touninstall the app, please go to the setting page andclick the"Remove device administrator" button**With over 2 millionof usersand over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is theNo.1screen off application in Google Play Store.Screen Off andLockallows you to switch off your devices from:1. Launchershortcut2.Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+(Alsoavailable in lock screen for Android 4.2+) (Donateversion)3.Notification4. Floating button over all apps! (Double tapto useit) (Donate version)5. Search button (if your device hasit)Otherfeatures:1. Screen off animation (including the most famousOld TVstyle)2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect3. ScreenoffvibrationNotes:For those who cannot see the screen offanimationeven the app is reinstalled, please follow theproceduresbelow:Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options>Transition animation", and then select 1x for thisoption.Android2.x, Make sure you selected the option "Allanimations" under"Settings > Display > Animation".This appuses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Lock 1.1.0
It is an ultra small app for locking screen. No ads init!Note:1.Ifyou want to uninstall, first deactivate the proceduresin "Settings-> Security -> Device Manager", then uninstallit.2.The appis currently not suitable for use with "FingerprintUnlock".3.Thisapplication uses the administrator's privilege of theterminal
AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker 3.3.5
AppLock is a light app protector tool to protect your privacyinmobile apps. ☀️——Highlights of AppLock——☀️ 🔒 AppLock canlockSocial apps: Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram,Tumblr,WeChat and so on. No one can peep 👀 at your private chat anymore;🔒 AppLock can lock System apps: Gallery, SMS, Contacts,Gmail,Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose.Preventunauthorized access and guard privacy; 🔒 AppLock hasmultiple lockoptions: PIN Lock、Pattern Lock and Fingerprint Lock.choose yourfavorite style to lock apps . 🔒 AppLock support screenlock.Prevent strangers from using your phone without yourpermission. 🔒AppLock has rich themes:We have built-in sets ofbeautiful Patternand PIN themes for your choice, will continue toupdate. Tips:Ifyou have a phone with a fingerprint reader that iseither made bySamsung or is running Android Marshmallow, you cancheck the box inthe App Lock settings labeled "Use fingerprint tounlock" 👮Real-Time Protection Monitor the new installation and appupdating,real-time remind avoiding potential risks, keeping yourdevicessafe. 🚀 Phone Boost Boost the speed of your Android deceive,clearjunk and cache. 🔋 Battery Saver Optimizing app to stopdraining thebattery with 1 tap, longer the phone battery life up to80% inAdvanced Saving mode. 👁 Intruder Selfie Capture any intruderofyour phone. Snaps photos of intruders who enters thewronglockscreen. 📪 Message Security Hiding notifications previewtimelyto protect your privacy. It gathers all chat notificationsinto oneand makes them easier to read & manage. ℹ️ NotificationCleanerOne-click cleaning of spam push notifications, Noannoyingnotifications anymore. 🛡️ Safe Lockscreen AppLock secureyour phonefrom intruders with PIN and pattern lock security. 🌈 LiveThemeLive Theme features to make unlocking apps even more fun! Wewillregularly launch the new Live Themes. ——More Features—— *Lockapplication to prevent others are free to buy,uninstallapplications! * Lock setting to prevent misuse of thephone tochange the system settings! * Pattern Lock: simple andfreshinterface, unlock faster! * PIN lock: random keyboard. Muchsaferfor you to lock apps * Fingerprint Lock: Operation ismoreconvenient and faster(The premise is that your phonehardwaresupports fingerprint unlocking) * Lock screen timeout *Lock 3G, 4Gdata, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more * Lock new apps *UninstallationPrevention * Set Lock Time to only activate lock atcertain time *Easy-to-use and user friendly GUI ——How it Works—— ■Download andinstall the Transparent Pattern Lock. ■ Go in settingand enablethe lock. ■ Set your pattern. ■ To unlock draw yourpattern and youopen the lock and see you home screen.——Permissions——Administrator permission For new users, pleasefollow theinstructions and authorize permissions for AppLock towork. Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. Open thispermissioncan prevent others from uninstalling AppLock easily.Accessibilityservice. To enable Power saving mode, please allowAccessibilityservices. The service is only used to remind userswithdisabilities to unlock apps, and reduce battery usage. ——FAQ——1.How to set my password at the first time? 🔔 Open AppLock ->Drawa pattern -> Confirm pattern;(or Open AppLock -> EnterPINcode -> Confirm PIN code) Note: For android 5.0+, allowApplockto use usage access permission -> Find AppLock ->Allow usageaccess 2. How to change my password? 🔔 Open AppLock-> Settings-> Reset password -> Enter new password ->Reenterpassword 3. What should I do if I forget the AppLock Litepassword?🔔 Click “Forget Password” -> Enter Luck Number ->Enter newpassword -> Reenter password Contact
Flashlight Locker Pro 1.1.1
Smart Lock Screen– the best free android lock screen to protectyourphone privacy and makes your phone more beautiful &efficient!Smart Lock Screen is a smart, efficient and ads-freelock screenapp. Thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themesare availablefor you to personalize your phone! Powerful intrudershot ensureprivacy protection! Download Smart Locker andexperience itssecurity and efficiency NOW! Smart Lock ScreenHighlights: ▪Security – Enhance your phone security with powerfulintruder shot,prevents your phone from being unlocked by others. ▪Efficiency –Unlock your phone quickly with quick access to yourapps! ▪Personalization – Customize your phone with thousands offreebeautiful wallpapers and themes. ▪ Small size, powerfulfunctions -Less than 5MB, Smart Locker is smaller than most lockscreen apps,but it provides your better protections and smootherexperience!Smart Lock Screen Key Features: 1. Stylish Themes ▪Freewell-designed themes make your phone stylish and unique. 2.DailyWallpaper ▪ Personalize your lock screen with thousandsofhigh-quality wallpapers. ▪ Provide you a daily new wallpaperandbring you surprise every day! 3. Intruder Selfie ▪ Snap photosofintruders who tries to unlock in your phone. Privacy isprotected!4. Lock Screen ▪PIN code and pattern are supported toprotect yourphone. 5. Notification Center ▪ Quick access to newmessages onlock screen. ▪ Select apps that you want to show on lockscreen. 6.Weather Forecasts ▪ Weather forecast information for 24hourly& future 10 days. ▪ Choose any location as you like. 7.QuickAccess ▪ Quick access to camera and dialer from the lockscreen.Never miss the beautiful moments or important calls! ▪ Quickaccessto your favorite apps from the lock screen. Save tons oftime. ▪Quickly turn ON/OFF frequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi,flashlight,brightness…) on a panel. Contact Us: Please feel free tolet usknow if you have encountered any problems or if you have anyadviceover Smart Locker at support!
Applock - Fingerprint Password 1.48
AppLock fingerprint is one of the best Android lock app withprivacyguard, the best app locker with password & pattern lockscreen,smart applock that provide high secure features in the oneapp. Thisis the super applock that will protects your privacy& givephone protection.  Privacy your note, call,sms, email,settings..., all the privacy guard functions for you toensure yourphone security and keep your privacy safe. With Applock securityprotection, your privacy is well protected withpassword lock screen& pattern lock screen AppLock can lockFacebook, Whatsapp,Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, …..Ensure personal &phone security. AppLock can hide pictures andhide videos. Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Galleryand only visible inthe photo and video vault. . App lock hasoption to enable invisiblepattern lock. No more worry people maypeep the pin or pattern. Keepsafe! With this secret app lock, Itsalso a so cool child lockto protect phone from your kids. Theapp is perfect app lock thathelp you to keep your personalsecurity, make protection app fromeveryone. ---Features--- -Fingerprint lock supported - Lock appswith a password, patternpassword safe with anyone - The vault: Safegallery vault, privatephoto vault help to hide pictures and hidevideos.  - With theimage vault & gallery lock, app movephoto/video to secretvault by auto-deleting hidden images from thegallery wall afterperforming hide photos & hide videos - Lot ofbeautifulpassword lock themes, pattern lock screen themes -Customized lockscreen password theme for the app, make privacyscreen with styleyou wanted - App block Settings automaticallyright after app isopened at first screen, help to prevent someoneuninstall app -Protect your emails, SMS, call log - Threesecurities private mode:Lock apps with password lock, pattern lockor DIY. The keypad lockscreen with passcode, DIY help you to makeyourself keypad lockscreen, pattern lock screen using your photo onthe gallery -Option to make invisible pattern on unlock screen,people can notsee your pattern lock screen while you are unlocking.More safe! -Easily to lock phone apps, unlock phone apps easilyfrom an applist by one click - Explorer more apps and the lockerthemes fromthe “More apps” feature. - Password manager: Changepassword typebetween passcode, pattern, DIY and reset passwordAvailable verysoon: - Data security: Delete app data when someonelogin fails somany times (probably not you) - Option to hide appsfrom the phonedesktop and open it in the app locker app. - Betterkids lock: kidslock only allow kids to play with some software thatis notsecurity apps like video, music, … without needing to unlockwholephone - Separated private photo vault app to only lock photos(orlock videos only) app, less app size. To make appworking onfingerprint password, you must setupyour fingerprint lockfirst on phone settings. When this is ON,the fingerprint lockscreen will be enabled at unlock screen,otherwise itrequires pattern or password for lock screeninstead.---FQA--- 1. How to protect my phone ? You need to lock atleastthese apps: Settings & Google Play to prevent someoneuninstallthe app lock app 2. How to change password ? To passwordfor apps,open the AppLock, click menu Settings then chose Changepassword 3.How to stop or uninstalling AppLock ? You must havepassword touninstall this smart app lock, if you forgot passcodeyou can resetit via security email. 4. I Forgot password, how tofind it ? Enteryour security email then click 'reset password'.IMPORTANT NOTE:This app uses the Device Administrator permission,it is NOTrequired, you can enable or cancel at anytime. Downloadsmart applocker with fingerprint right now, best app protector, appsecurityfor everyone. The privacy app: We does not collect anypersonal& device information of yours.
Taboola LTD
Start gives you all the news and videos that matter to you,withoutever having to scroll through another menu again. Startisjam-packed with great features: ✔ Start Magazine - youronedestination for all content in a variety of topics: news,sports,entertainment, business, technology and the newest viralvideos. ✔HUGE Wallpaper Gallery - choose from a large variety offreewallpapers and backgrounds and make your phone truly yours. ✔MusicPlayer - listen to your music, organize it the way you likeandcreate playlists for every mood. ✔ Weather - easily get allweatherupdates in your location. ✔ Selfie - taking Selfies hasnever beeneasier. Take a selfie picture from the Quick SettingStarter. ✔Smart Search - search for apps and contacts on yourdevice andsearch the web right from your opening screen. ✔ SocialNetworks -all your friends are right here in one screen. ✔ StartCaller ID-identify unknown numbers while the call is happening. Nomorenumbers guessing or avoiding unknown spam callers. Know who youaretalking with. ✔ Notifications Manager - with Start, yourimportantnotifications are always in front of you. Please visit ourTerms ofService at andPrivacyPolicy beforeaccessing orusing Start. Start is intended for individuals 18 yearsof age orolder.
Direction to UnLock - Wave to Unlock 1.0
Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction is theapplicationthat show screenlock uses your finger to swipe to thephone screento turn the lockscreen the Protect the power button onyourphone.with Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction.Justslide your finger on the screen of your phone to turn thescreenlock. This is called multi-touch recognition mode on thesettingsscreen to prevent your screen transition.With the DirectionLockScreen – Lock Screen By Direction. You can set a passwordbyswiping your gestures with your finger on the screen to setapassword, something you have not done with the appbefore.Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen By Direction will allowyou toset different passwords in different directions so that noone canknow the password you have installed.Also with the DirectionLockScreen – Lock Screen By Direction you can set a backuppasswordwith numbers unless you forget your current password so youcanreset the password you set earlier. Key features available intheDirection Lock Screen – Lock Screen By DirectionSecurepasswordsettings quickly+ Install backup password+ Easily changethe lockscreen wallpaper+ Change background coloreasilyUser-friendlyinterface, easy to useDirection Lock Screen –Lock Screen ByDirection is a free and easy-to-use application. Whento use theapp if you issue any errors, please reply to me. Set andenjoy!Ifyou like the Direction Lock Screen – Lock Screen ByDirection app,do not forget about the five star rating ★★★★★ orreview. Thank youvery much
Durga Mata Temple Doors Lock 2.0
APPz Trends
Durga Mata Temple Doors Lock Screen for your mobile homeScreen.Option to set lock screen or live wallpaper. Touch to doorstounlock lock screen.Virtual Durga Mata Temple with animationeffectby touch Puja Items and also option decorate temple,decoratedtemple background option to save or set lock screenbackground orshare.* 10+ different types of Lock screen Durga Matabackground*10+ Different types of Durga Mata live wallpaper's withDepamAnimation* 15 Designer Durga Temple Door Themes for Lockscreen*Doors opening animation for lock screen opens.* Durga MataThemePhoto frames option set lock theme , LWP & Send it.*DurgaColoring Pages & Durga Matha Theme Decoration withStickers andadd text.* Temple Bell Sound for Lock opening door.*Durga PugaMantras, Aarti, Chalisa, 108 Names for Prayer DurgaDevi.This AppEspecially Designer for Indian Hindu Devotes.
Face ID Lock Screen - Screen Lock Plugin
Face ID Lock Screen is a plugin that only works inside Screen Lock-Fingerprint Lock Screen App, Fun & Safe. You can useitspowerful screen lock and screen unlock features to protectyourmobile phone with your face!Face ID Lock Screen is ahighlyadvanced technology for phone screen locking. Face unlock isone ofthe perfect ways to secure your mobile phone. It is quitesimple toprotect your phone using Face ID Lock Screen.
Flash Locker Pro
Flashlight Locker - the smartest screen locker provides youwithprivacy protection, beautiful free wallpapers & themesandweather info on the lock screen! 👉 Less than 5MB, FlashlightScreenlocker is smaller than most lock screen apps, but it providesyourbetter protections and smoother experience! 👉 DownloadFlashlightLocker and experience its security and efficiency NOW!FlashlightScreen Locker Highlights: ✨ Security – Enhance your phonesecuritywith powerful intruder shot, prevents your phone frombeingunlocked by others. ✨ Efficiency – Unlock your phone quicklywithquick access to your apps! ✨ Personalization – Customize yourphonewith thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes.✨Smallsize, powerful functions - Less than 5MB, Flashlight lockerissmaller than most lock screen apps, but it provides yourbetterprotections and smoother experience! Flashlight Screen LockermainFEATURES: 💥️ Stylish Themes: Free well-designed themes makeyourphone stylish and unique. 💥 Daily Wallpaper: Personalize yourlockscreen with thousands of high-quality DAILY wallpapers. 💥IntruderSelfie: Snap photos of intruders who tries to unlock inyour phone.💥 Lock Screen: PIN code and pattern are supported toprotect yourphone. 💥 Weather Forecasts: Weather forecastinformation for 24hourly & future 10 days. 💥 Quick Access:Quick access to anyapps from the lock screen. Save tons of time.
ICE - In Case of Emergency 1.9.2
This application will create a permanent and visible from theLockscreen notification (only from Android Lollipop). Thisnotificationwill contain all necessary information and yourcontacts in case ofemergency . German translation by Jochen Renz.Italian translationby Federico Marchesi.
Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) 1.3.0
Team SSimple
Hide Screen is a simple and easy tool that 1. Hide Screen(LockScreen) 2. Save battery when you need "Hide Screen" or"Screenguard", such as playing game in autoplay mode or keepingscreen ONfor downloads.
PS Lock Screen - Lockscreen for Parallel Space 1.0.3059
LBE Tech
PS Lock Screen is a convenient tool for lock screen messagesandnotifications which perfectly matches with Parallel Space.Youcansimply click on the notification and quick access to ParallelSpaceor recently used cloned apps. And it shows messagesandnotifications from cloned apps separately from original ones.KeyFeatures:- Perfectly matches with Parallel Space- Instantmessages& notifications- Customized background for lock screenContactusAny problem or suggestion please send us
Screen Lock & Unlock Screen 5.0
Slight Studio
You have trouble with your Lock/Unlock button? Pressing thebuttontoo many time may cause damage to it. As the result,yourLock/Unlock button is hard to press or even malfunctioned.Withthis app you can Lock/Unlock your phone without touchingthebutton. This is the best app to lock screen with consumelessresources and save battery power. **To Deactivate the app,pleaseopen app and click the "Inactive/Uninstall" button**Afterinstalling this free app, your phone has become smarter withthefollowing superior functions: ★ Turn Off Screen + Screen offvianotification with one touch. You can turn off screen in theLockscreen + Double-Click HOME button to lock quickly + AddshortcutsScreen Off Button on the screen + Widget and Shortcut toeasy lockyour phone + Or you can set to Unlock when you open theapp + Easyto use + Support Android 8+ ★ Turn On Screen + Turn onscreen bypressing the volume keys up or down + Shake to unlockdevice. Allowyou to customize the shake strength + Double tap toturn on screen★ Note + This app uses the Device Administratorpermission + Touninstall app, open and click uninstall button + Ifyou settingunlock with Fingerpint, Iris Scanner or FaceRecognition. When youuse this to lock, may be take a short time toyour phone turn off ★Feel free to contact or give
Mosque Door Lock Screen 2.4
A Most Secure Mosque Door Lock Screen available in market. Nowgetan instant free security screen lock for your smartphones.Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designed door lockforandroid devices Mosque door lock screen looks like a real doorlockand contain sounds for unlocking and opening door,Tap on CentreofDoor handle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIY Locker: Mosque DoorLock✔ Enable/Disable Mosque Door Lock on One-Click. ✔ Youcanenable/disable visibility & Customization to change textcolorstyle of DATE,TIME,BATTERY % ,NETWORK SIGNAL etc. ✔Enable/DisableVibration & Sound. ☆HD Wallpapers Background withOwn PhotoSupport ✔ You can easily change your background of behindthe DoorWallpaper from Built in collection of HD Wallpapers or Youcan alsoset as your own photo to background. ✔ Also you canenable/disablebackground to show your phone home screen. ☆MultipleStylish Doors✔ Choose from variety of Stylish Door to set as YourDoor LockScreen. ☆Secure Pattern and Keypad DIY Lock Screen ✔ Youcan set a4 digits pin or Passcode / Pattern for LockScreen via yourkeypad.✔ Compare to others our Door locker will disable your homeand backbutton to make your phone more secure. ☆Random PasscodeSecure ✔You can enable Random Passcode to hide your passcode frompryingeyes. ☆Efficient ✔ Less memory and battery usage. It is quickandsmart with Highly Secure & Trusted. Download thisversatileMosque Door Lock Screen Application and show your friendsanattractive look of your smartphone If you like it please sharewithyour friends and remember to rate us 5 stars.
The DIY Locker has changed into Solo Locker now! The product ofSoloSystem by NewBornTown(Newborn-Town). The world’s first DIYscreenlocker, allowing you to lock your phone with photos. Smooth,lite,and ready to increase your privacy security. The world’sfirst DIYpattern locker in the style of material design. SoloLocker(DIYLocker) adds fun and personality to your unlockingpatterns. SoloLocker(DIY Locker) provides you with spectacularwallpapers and lockscreen themes with unique unlocking styles, aswell as applicationshortcuts to make your phone easy to use. Youcan even set youridols as your screen lock, so make your celllocker different rightnow! ★Highlights: Photo Passcode You can usea photo as part of thephone's passcode Pattern Passcode You canuse cute or cool cartoonpictures as your passcode Passcode StyleYou can customize your ownpasscode interface Widgets Notifier,music player, and app quickstart Beautiful Wallpapers Moreselection of wallpapers ★Styles: 1.【Photo Lockscreen\9-PhotosStyle\Custom】edit photos of yourself aswell as your idol into thecode of your lock. 2. 【9 Box Style】usethe cute app recommended 9box style to customize your unlockpattern 3. 【Slide Style】DIY thetext in the slide lock screen. 4.【Love Style】photo styleheart-shaped lock screen. 5. 【My Name】useyour name as your ownunique lock screen. 6. 【Family】make a screenlock from your familyand friends. 7. 【My Love】DIY photo screen lockof your darling. 8.【Number Style】custom the color of your numberstyle lock screen★Functions: 1. 【Widgets】lock screen widgetsincluding date andtime, quotes, timing and countdown. 2.【Wallpapers】set wallpapersfrom your gallery and camera, easilychoose unlock background andmanage your wallpapers. 3.【Music】automatically search local musicfiles, and sort play list byyourself. 4. 【App Shortcuts】quickaccess to your frequent apps onthe right of your lock screen. 5.【Message Notification】shownotifications on the lock screen and letyou control it by yourself.6. 【Lite】saves your battery andstorage. ★Notice: 1.【Disable】disable your system lock screen incase you have to unlockyour phone twice. 2. 【Notice】please set thesecurity question andthe back up code. 3. 【Important】in order toensure well functioningplease add Solo Locker to the white list ofyour clean applications.4. 【Importan】Solo Locker can onlyfunctioning in Android 4.0 orabove. 5. 【Importan】please restartbefore using Solo Locker.★Authority: 1. 【Authorize the popupwindows】mi users please turn onthe popup windows functionbefore use Solo Locker 3. 【Authorizethe Contacts/Messages】to showyou missed calls, messages and evenmore notifications on your lockscreen. Please feel free to let usknow if you have encountered anyproblem, or have advice over SoloLocker, Thank you for yoursupport!★Follow us: Facebook: LINE ID:diylocker Wechat ID:diylocker
Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock v4.3.3
Mobiloucos 2
Do you fear that your phone is taken while you are distracted?Orthat someone look at your personal information? Alarm AntiTheftthe application is right for you, if someone get your phonewhileAlarm Anti Theft is enabled, it will sound a loud alarm, fireapolice siren, starts to vibrate and blink effects on thescreen,thus making the person desist from taking your phone, orbetter youknow someone is with him. Make your video taking a nosytrying topry your mobile and send it to us enjoyed your fun withthe PegaLadrão. For moreinformation:
Lakshmi Ji Door Lock Screen 2.4
A Most Secure Lakshmi Ji Door Lock Screen available in market.Nowget an instant free security screen lock for your smartphones.Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designed door lockforandroid devices Lakshmi Ji door lock screen looks like a realdoorlock and contain sounds for unlocking and opening door,TaponCentre of Door handle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIYLocker:Lakshmi Ji Door Lock ✔ Enable/Disable Lakshmi Ji Door LockonOne-Click. ✔ You can enable/disable visibility &Customizationto change text color style of DATE,TIME,BATTERY %,NETWORK SIGNALetc. ✔ Enable/Disable Vibration & Sound. ☆HDWallpapersBackground with Own Photo Support ✔ You can easily changeyourbackground of behind the Door Wallpaper from Built incollection ofHD Wallpapers or You can also set as your own photo tobackground.✔ Also you can enable/disable background to show yourphone homescreen. ☆Multiple Stylish Doors ✔ Choose from variety ofStylishDoor to set as Your Door Lock Screen. ☆Secure Pattern andKeypadDIY Lock Screen ✔ You can set a 4 digits pin or Passcode /Patternfor LockScreen via your keypad. ✔ Compare to others our Doorlockerwill disable your home and back button to make your phonemoresecure. ☆Random Passcode Secure ✔ You can enable RandomPasscode tohide your passcode from prying eyes. ☆Efficient ✔ Lessmemory andbattery usage. It is quick and smart with Highly Secure&Trusted. Download this versatile Lakshmi Ji Door LockScreenApplication and show your friends an attractive look ofyoursmartphone If you like it please share with your friendsandremember to rate us 5 stars.
com.approids.calllock 2.2
Approids Tech
Incoming Call Lock is the best security app for lockingincomingcall available on play store. This is a must haveapplication. Thisapplication will protect your phone's Incomingcall to be picked bysome one else. This application will not allowany one to see thecaller's number, name or any other details as thepassword inputscreen will be up on the screen. Incoming Call Lockgives youflexibility to use it as per your instruction. Features:-**Enable/Disable Incoming Call Lock ** You can select pattern lockorpassword lock as a lock screen. ** No one can talk to yourincomingcalls by picking the calls using earphones. ** AutoDisconnect Callif tried with wrong password three times. ** CallerType LockSettings : All, Known, Unknown, Selected ** Show NameSetting **Call Blocking ** Call Lock Prevention to be killed bytheprocessor. ** Lock Screen Background can be chosen from galleryorgiven 6 backgrounds. ** Pattern visibility settings. **FingerprintUnlock
Face Screen lock Prank 1.0
This is basically prank face lock app . It simulates theexperienceof face lock can be open with pressing the button forwhile.You canfool your friend that your phones lock open with yourface.However, it is the prank app in which lock opening is dependon thepressing the button for some time.Notes/ Disclaimer: This appisnot the real face lock app. This app is developed for fun, thisisnot real face lock app. It is made to fool your friends.
X Locker - Themes & Wallpapers 2.6.0
X-Locker Team
A highly customizable DIY lock screen, you can select yourfavoriteunlock effect and wallpaper to be displayed in your lockscreen.With the fantastic unlock effects, your phone can beeasilydisguised as another device totally. Features ✨ Abundantunlockeffects and themes Galaxy series: poping colors, ripple,lensflare,watercolors, geometric mosaic, etc. LG: particle,crystal, dewdrop,pixelate, vector, etc. Others: Slide to unlock,blinds, revolvingglass, etc. ✨ Customizable lock screen wallpaperYou can set yourfavorite scenery or your family's photos as lockscreen wallpaper,you can let the lock screen display system staticwallpaper evenlive wallpaper directly. By default, the builtinwallpaper ofcurrent theme is used. ✨ Third party app notificationsOnce youallow the notification permission, X Locker is able todisplaythird party app notifications on lock screen, this is quickusefulwhen you are using some chatting or social apps(likeFacebook,Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat, etc.). ✨ EfficientshortcutsYou can add the most frequently used apps as lock screenshortcuts,and launch one of them with a simple swipe on the lockscreen. ✨Lock screen widgets X Locker allow you to add widgets onthe lockscreen, the widgets will all be placed in left pages. Justswipefrom left edge of lock screen to add the first widget. ✨Securitylock Setup a Pin or Pattern lock to protect yourprivacy.Permissions - Device Administrator With the permission wecan turnoff and lock the screen. - Accessibility services This appusesAccessibility services to display notification on the lockscreenin pre-4.3 android version. - Read Text Messages & CallHistory& Contacts These permissions are used to display theunreadmessages and missed calls on the lock screen. -ReadPhotos/Media/Files With the permission we can pickbackgroundwallpaper from your photos and other image files. -Access StorageWith the permission we can cache the remote images tolocalstorage, which will improve the performace of app. - ReadPhoneStatus With the permission we can automatically unlock thescreenif there is an incoming call. - Run at Startup With thepermissionwe can lock the screen as soon as boot completed, whichwillprotect information for users. - Draw over other apps Withthepermission we can draw the lock screen. Q & A - Howtouninstall X Locker If you have activated X Locker asdeviceadministrator in order to use some features(Screen AutoTimeout,Double Tap to Turn Off Screen), when you try to uninstall XLocker,you will be told that you can not uninstall it because it isadevice administrator. You need to deactivated deviceadministratorfirst. - How to deactivate device administrator Formost androidphones, you can go to System Settings -> Security-> Deviceadministrators, uncheck X Locker. Also, you candeactivate directlywithin X Locker: go to X Locker Settings ->More ->Deactivate device administrator, tap on it. - How tochange lockscreen wallpaper In the drawer menu, tap on "Wallpaper"to openwallpaper settings page, you can add or apply/unapplywallpapers. -How to enable app notification In the drawer menu, tapon"Notification" to open notification settings page, and checkthe"Show apps notification". If it is the first time to enable theappnotification, you will be asked for notification permission,justallow the permission. - How to setup security lock Go toSettings-> More -> Security lock, select one of "None","Pattern" and"PIN". - How to open settings of a theme Tap on thethumbnail ofyour local theme, you will be navigated to the detailspage of thetheme. There will be a "Settings" icon on the toolbar(ifthe themehas). Contact Us Email to
Kali Ji Door Lock Screen 2.4
A Most Secure Kali Ji Door Lock Screen available in market. Nowgetan instant free security screen lock for your smartphones.Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designed door lockforandroid devices Kali Ji door lock screen looks like a realdoorlock and contain sounds for unlocking and opening door,TaponCentre of Door handle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIY Locker:KaliJi Door Lock ✔ Enable/Disable Kali Ji Door Lock on One-Click. ✔Youcan enable/disable visibility & Customization to changetextcolor style of DATE,TIME,BATTERY % ,NETWORK SIGNAL etc.✔Enable/Disable Vibration & Sound. ☆HD WallpapersBackgroundwith Own Photo Support ✔ You can easily change yourbackground ofbehind the Door Wallpaper from Built in collection ofHD Wallpapersor You can also set as your own photo to background. ✔Also you canenable/disable background to show your phone homescreen. ☆MultipleStylish Doors ✔ Choose from variety of StylishDoor to set as YourDoor Lock Screen. ☆Secure Pattern and Keypad DIYLock Screen ✔ Youcan set a 4 digits pin or Passcode / Pattern forLockScreen viayour keypad. ✔ Compare to others our Door locker willdisable yourhome and back button to make your phone more secure.☆RandomPasscode Secure ✔ You can enable Random Passcode to hideyourpasscode from prying eyes. ☆Efficient ✔ Less memory andbatteryusage. It is quick and smart with Highly Secure &Trusted.Download this versatile Kali Ji Door Lock ScreenApplication andshow your friends an attractive look of yoursmartphone If you likeit please share with your friends andremember to rate us 5 stars.
Hanuman Ji Door Lock Screen 2.4
A Most Secure Hanuman Ji Door Lock Screen available in market.Nowget an instant free security screen lock for your smartphones.Doorlock screen is completely free and newly designed door lockforandroid devices Hanuman Ji door lock screen looks like a realdoorlock and contain sounds for unlocking and opening door,TaponCentre of Door handle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIYLocker:Hanuman Ji Door Lock ✔ Enable/Disable Hanuman Ji Door LockonOne-Click. ✔ You can enable/disable visibility &Customizationto change text color style of DATE,TIME,BATTERY %,NETWORK SIGNALetc. ✔ Enable/Disable Vibration & Sound. ☆HDWallpapersBackground with Own Photo Support ✔ You can easily changeyourbackground of behind the Door Wallpaper from Built incollection ofHD Wallpapers or You can also set as your own photo tobackground.✔ Also you can enable/disable background to show yourphone homescreen. ☆Multiple Stylish Doors ✔ Choose from variety ofStylishDoor to set as Your Door Lock Screen. ☆Secure Pattern andKeypadDIY Lock Screen ✔ You can set a 4 digits pin or Passcode /Patternfor LockScreen via your keypad. ✔ Compare to others our Doorlockerwill disable your home and back button to make your phonemoresecure. ☆Random Passcode Secure ✔ You can enable RandomPasscode tohide your passcode from prying eyes. ☆Efficient ✔ Lessmemory andbattery usage. It is quick and smart with Highly Secure&Trusted. Download this versatile Hanuman Ji Door LockScreenApplication and show your friends an attractive look ofyoursmartphone If you like it please share with your friendsandremember to rate us 5 stars.
Smart Lockscreen protector 2.4.3
nez droid
Ram cleaners must exclude my app Android M introduced doze andmayaffect the app from running on background, some users added tothe"whitelist" or not optimize for better performance The first apptofix a security flag from your android, prevent to unwantedusersturn off, mute or set airplane your device when they are inthelockscreen and bypassing the code. *This app will not blockforLong press power button (10 seconds) since its hardwarerelated.*"Ideal for avoiding shut down the device in the pocket"*This appcan block status bar (it may not work on all devices) onlyin thelockscreen * Battery Friendly *Small and compact * Usefulforsecurity apps like Cerberus or find your phone from Google,youdon't want people can turn off the device so easily This Appmaywork or may NOT work (working on 90% of devices includinglollipopand marshmallow) . *No root *Free
Lock screen pattern photo 1.4.1
Lock screen photo, lock screen pattern with photos Love photolockscreen, lock screen by pattern Lock screen very high securityThislock screen app has a beautiful lock screen with manyphotosPersonalize your lock screen Create lock patterns to lockyourphone ★ Create pattern for lock screen ★ Fast, simple, smooth,easyto use and very beautiful ★ Create image for button fromyourgallery ★ Create a separate image for each lock button, setphotoson button in heart (for example: your wife, your husband,yourflowers, your pets..) ★ You can add photos of relatives forthelock screen button in heart ★ Set your photos into buttons ★ Alotof beautiful wallpapers ★ Photo Lock Screen also allows tousewallpaper from Your gallery ★ Security: easy to setpatternpassword to protect your phone ★ Support your languages ★Supportalmost phones and tablet devices ★ Consume less memory andbatteryHow to use: Open application: 1. Activate lock: + TickEnable lockscreen + Create pattern (password) + Confirm pattern 2.changewallpaper + Click change wallpaper + Choonse wallpaperavailble orin gallery + Crop wallpaper and save 3. change photo +Click Changephoto + Choose button to change + Choose image fromgallery + Crop,edit image and save 4. change password + ClickChange password +Draw old password + Draw old pattern + Confirmpattern If you loveLock Screen Photo please write review toencourage developers
Smart AppLock (App Protect)
★ The elegant, light and professional App Lock - Smart AppLock ★--Unlock with Fingerprint (Samsung or Android 6.0 devices) --SmartAppLock is a tool to lock apps you like, protect you fromprivacyleak! It is your great privacy guard and app lock! WithAppLock,you are able to ☆ Lock privacy - lock apps containingprivacycontent, such as photos, videos(Gallery), short messages(SMSorMMS) and call logs ☆ Lock apps - lock SNS apps, such asFacebook,Whatsapp, Twitter ☆ Lock Incoming Calls ☆ Lock settings -locksystem settings, install/uninstall apps to keep phone awayfrombeing messed up by others or kids ☆ Lock markets - lock gamesandmarkets to prevent your kids from addicting in games orpurchasingin markets without your knowing Special Features ofAppLock: •Disguise your lock screen to prevent from breaking intoyourpassword • Protect apps with multiple lock types, such asPatternLock, PIN lock • With AppLock home screen widget, one clicktotoggle lock status • Custom lock screen style, custom lockscreenbackground • Light, less memory usage • Advice you to lockrelatedapps smartly, privacy has never been so safe • Beautiful UIandeasy to use • No delay auto start after device reboots •Lockrecent history, prevent app screenshot being leaked • Hideandencrypt pictures and videos with GalleryVault • Launch lockedappwithin AppLock without password • Break-in Alerts: Take aphotowhen someone tries to enter your locked app with aninvalidpassword • DelayLock: Once unlock any app, no password isrequiredwithin a delay time • Unlock with Fingerprint. -----------FAQ--------- ► I forgot my password, how to retrieve it? Whenyousetup the password/pattern the first time, AppLock will ask youtosetup a Password Retrieve method: "Security Question". Toretrievepassword, tap the "Forgot?" button to show RetrievePassword panel.Security Question Input the answer to the questionyou setupbefore. ► Dose Smart AppLock support iOS platform? Yes, wehave aniOS version "iAppLock" for iOS users, you canvisit to get the download orsearch"iapplock" in Cydia to install.(requires Jailbreaked iOS)---- Anyissue or suggest for AppLock, welcome to send mail tous! We focus on Privacy Protect, providetheprofessional AppLock to protect your privacy!website: Google+: Supported languages:English,Russian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Portuguese, French,Japanese,Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
com.highsecure.lockscreenpattern 1.5.4
Creates lock patterns for use with Android's built-in patternlock(lock screen by pattern) Features: - This app helpgeneratesecurity patterns. - Simple, Beautiful - A lot ofbeautifulwallpapers available - Can create patterns with any length-Support customize wallpaper - Multi languages - Variableminimumand maximum path length How to use "lock screen": 1. select"enablelock screen" (line 1). 2. create pattern. 3. confirmpattern.
Touch Lock Screen - Easy & strong photo password 1.35
Display a cool photo on my cell phone screen and use it as aquickand simple way to unlock by touching specific positions ofthephoto!! The touch lock screen can simply set a "touchpassword"with the touch of specific positions on my photo such aseyes,nose, mouth, face, or hand. - It provides an advanced levelofsecurity as both "Photo” and "Touch position" set on thelockscreen become a touch password. - As soon as others touchthescreen on the cell phone, a "warning" message pops up so nooneelse can unlock it. - It safeguards my cell phone filledwithconfidential financial data and personal information. Coolphotosturning into my cell phone password!!! @@ - I can also usephotosof K-pop stars and their stage performance that I cherish inmyphone. Photos of my girlfriend that I took in person, thelifetimebest shot, travel photos, family photos, and some nicephotos Idownloaded from Internet can be used as strong password aswell. -I can also set my baby’s cute photo on the first screen ofmygrandmother's cell phone to use it as both photo album andscreenlock. Available to use any photo I want, this is a genuinephototouch lock screen~ It is simply done only if I touch anyposition Iwant on the photo of my choice. Lock screen compatiblewith anyversion of cell phone - Surprisingly, this simple andpowerful newsecurity technology is compatible with low-end and oldmobilephones as long as their screens are touch-aware. - Since Icandirectly set the "touch password" on my favorite photo, mycellphone becomes much easier to use in addition to itsdecorationeffect. - There is no inconvenience of setting a separatepasswordon my phone once I set the photo password. This is becauselockscreen’s touch position itself functions as a strong password.Thisfirst introduced "Touch Lock Screen” is a patented technologyusinggraphic authentication. Security is undoubtedly strongAninnovative way to avoid exposing password to others whenenteringthe "Touch Password"! It is because It only comes withthetouch-lock screen. Should I be concerned about the possibilitythatonly touching photos makes my phone vulnerable to certainsecuritybreaches such as an attempt to crack my phone’s password byguessor unintended password exposure to others? No need to worry.-There is a technology hidden inside the touch lock screenthatprevents others from finding out what actually makes up the"touchpassword” during its use. The password is hardly noticeableeven ifit is shown purposefully. This magic like technology, whichisbeing introduced for the first time in the world, is alsopatentedtechnology. ※ "Touch lock screen”’s graphicaluserauthentication(GUA) technology, touch password, randompasswordsystem, and other technologies are protected by patent sothey areprohibited from being reproduced or modified withoutpermission. [Our Patents ] - Graphical image user authenticationandsupplementary service system - User authentication usingpasswordcontained with random key - Image sliding password system-Password system using characters - User authentication systemusingjunk data Total 8 registered patents including abovelistedtechnologies. In addition to that, we hold 4 internationalpatents(PCT) and 36 patent applications.
Screen Lock - On Off Button
Screen Lock, is created to extend the life of hardware powerbuttonby using the feature within the app. Support for both Adminlockand Smart lock system. Easy to Screen off and lock thedevicedepending on your selected preferences. This app uses theDeviceadministrator permission. Necessary for the app to lock withAdminlock. Read write system settings permission to enable Smartlocksystem if needed. One tap to off and lock the device using: ☞Adminlock (Shortcut) ☞ Smart lock (Shortcut) ☞ Screen lock widget☞Admin lock and Smart lock from notification ☞ FloatingwidgetScreen lock using available device sensors for both lock andwakeupfeature: ☞ Flip cover ☞ Air swipe ☞ Desk option ☞ AwesomeshakeUsability enhancements: ☞ ‘Movement listener’ optionfordestruction-free reading experience. ☞ ‘On home screen’ foreasygoing. ☞ ‘Pause on landscape’ to play games effortlessly. ☞‘Pauseon call’ to let the device follow its default course ofaction.Personalisation features: Animations to pick for Phonelockexperience. Vibration feedback upon Phone locked. Lock andunlocksound at varied points to play the tone you love to hear.Soundvolume is picked from notification sound as volume and canbefurther adjusted with ease, also respects DND mode.Highlycustomisable lock icon with easy to use interface. Option touseMetallic and Material icon as choice for both Admin lock andSmartlock. Animation speed is adjusted with “Transitionanimationscale," and “Animator duration scale”. Our advice, use 1xfor best‘Screen Off’ experience. The changes may take place afterlock andunlock. Note 1: Device administration must be disabledbeforeuninstalling. Note 2: Disable default device lock and unlocksound,if applying from this app. Any suggestions for improvingScreenlock app are most welcome. We’ll do our best to present youdesiredusage experience.
Durga Ji Door Lock Screen 2.4
A Most Secure Durga Ji Door Lock Screen available in market. Nowgetan instant free security screen lock for your smartphones. Doorlockscreen is completely free and newly designed door lock forandroiddevices Durga Ji door lock screen looks like a real doorlock andcontain sounds for unlocking and opening door,Tap onCentre of Doorhandle to unlock. Best Features: ☆DIY Locker: DurgaJi Door Lock ✔Enable/Disable Durga Ji Door Lock on One-Click. ✔You canenable/disable visibility & Customization to changetext colorstyle of DATE,TIME,BATTERY % ,NETWORK SIGNAL etc. ✔Enable/DisableVibration & Sound. ☆HD Wallpapers Backgroundwith Own PhotoSupport ✔ You can easily change your background ofbehind the DoorWallpaper from Built in collection of HD Wallpapersor You can alsoset as your own photo to background. ✔ Also you canenable/disablebackground to show your phone home screen. ☆MultipleStylish Doors ✔Choose from variety of Stylish Door to set as YourDoor Lock Screen.☆Secure Pattern and Keypad DIY Lock Screen ✔ Youcan set a 4 digitspin or Passcode / Pattern for LockScreen viayour keypad. ✔ Compareto others our Door locker will disable yourhome and back button tomake your phone more secure. ☆RandomPasscode Secure ✔ You canenable Random Passcode to hide yourpasscode from prying eyes.☆Efficient ✔ Less memory and batteryusage. It is quick and smartwith Highly Secure & Trusted.Download this versatile Durga JiDoor Lock Screen Application andshow your friends an attractivelook of your smartphone If you likeit please share with yourfriends and remember to rate us 5 stars.
Free AppLock & DIY Lock Screen Wallpapers Security 2.3.4
Free AppLock & DIY Lock Screen Wallpapers Security is themostelegant and unique Applock & Lockscreen on Google play.Toprotect your personal apps, games and photos, lock your phoneandsecure your privacy with Free AppLock & DIY LockScreenWallpapers Security. 🎈🎈 ❤️You can easily design yourownpersonalized and customizable lock screens with HI Locker’slivelyHD wallpapers. There are large variety of 3D/2D themes,HDwallpapers, 4K backgrounds, launcher and keyboard themes!Downloadthis android app “Free AppLock & DIY Lock ScreenWallpapersSecurity” and get awesome HD Wallpapers, cool fonts,colorfulThemes and 3D Live Lock Screen for 100% FREE! 😄 ❤️ Newitem>>Locker pack ”3D Live Lock Screen Wallpapers Security”Debut!!🔥 Ex)Diamond Lips Locker, Pink Cute Kitty, Diamond Ziplock,Funny ZipperEmoji, Pink Eiffel Tower Paris, Pink Anime Cute Owl,Zipper SmileyEmoji, Night Sky Wolf, Galaxy series, etc. ❤️Anti-TheftProtection👑 Link Hi Locker with your Facebook account toremotelylock and locate your device or set off its siren forprivacysecurity. Capture photos 📷who want to peeping your privacyandenters the wrong password. Then HI Locker will give you thephotoas soon as possible. AppLock can lock and protect your privacyofthose apps such as 📧Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp,Facebook,Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Line, Kik, Imo, Telegram,Yahoo SMS andother social media messengers. Available across allmajor OS andsmart devices. ❤️ Personalization🌹 > HiLocker ispacked full ofawesome HD wallpapers, theme and password modes,where you can mixand match to create your unique Lockscreen. 3D and4K HD wallpapersand background & theme are updatedautomatically. 😎 >HiLocker Center offers all categories ofstylish android themes,glitter HD wallpapers like Golden Bow theme,delicate themes likeGalaxy theme, cute animal themes like Panda🐼theme, etc, which arecompatible with almost all android phone,including Samsung (S7edge / J7 / J8 ), Lenovo, Oppo, Huawei,Motorola, etc. You canalways find your favorite no matter you likeanime HD wallpaper,emojis😙 HD wallpaper or cute HD wallpaper!HiLocker provides kindsof wallpapers for you to customize yourandroid phone screen as youlike. ✨ Featured: * Hi Locker allowsquick access to musiccontrols, camera, and apps that you want touse easily. * Hi Lockergives you maximum security to protect yourphone with PIN andpattern lock security, and allows you to lockyour phone screenwith photos from your album. * Daily WallpaperChanger functionhelps you change your Lockscreen wallpaper tosomething new everyday. * Fast Booster and battery saver:FastBooster can speed upyour phone and battery saver save your phone’spower. *Notification Reminder: Access to new messages instantlyonlockscreen, and will hide the message details.😊 * ReplySMSmessages (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line, etc.) onlockscreen directly, enjoy chatting with friends withoutunlockingphone. 👭 * Hide the message details. * Handy toolbox.Flashlight,calculator, nice apps, wifi changed, security protected,CPUcooler❄️, junk cleaned, speed cleaner, brightness and manymorehandy tools. * HiLocker is the most efficiency, Light, usefulappfor android phone in 2018. The main feature: Intruder Selfie,SOSand Compass, RAM Booster, Control Panel, Customize UnlockPortrait,Weather Layout, Music Player Support, Lock ScreenFlashlight,Multilanguage Support, Variety Layout, Live Wallpaperdaily update,Fluency notification, Pin and pattern Privacy andSecurity,HiLocker will never collect your personal info and collectthephotos you set as HD wallpapers. We only use the words typed byyouto make the predictions more accurate. Contact
God Door Lock Screen 1.4
And Roid Apps
Secure your mobile screen with God Door Lock Screen. A unique waytolock your mobile screen. God Door lock screen will open uponclicking home button or mobile navigation button. How itworks.:Its a God door lock screen where on waking up your mobilescreen,you just need to tap the handle of your door to unlock themobilescreen and get darshan of different hindu gods. App Features:1.Keep " Lock Enable " on "ON" to use the app. 2. You can keepSoundand vibrate on "ON" or "OFF" status as per your likes. 3. Youcanselect different hindu God and Goddess as background of lockscreenfrom with in the app. 3. The look screen will display youTime,Date and Battery indication on the screen. You can easilybypassthe app by pressing the home button. Hindu Indian god like,GanpatiGanesh, Mahadev, Shiv Shankar, Radhe Krishna, Laxmi Mata andmuchmore.
keypad lock screen 2.1.5
Lock screen droplets water Animations of water dropletsnaturallyLock screen by passcode The best lock screen keypad Thisapp iseasy to use and very beautiful Very simple and nice,multiplebeautiful wallpaper * Features: - Lock screen dropletswater, verynice and lively - Enter Passcode to Unlock - Setpassword withnumbers - Show state of mobile as network, wi-fi,battery .. - Highsecurity, prevent accessing your phone withoutpassword - User canchange background of lock screen - Multiplewallpaper to choose,you can choose your own wallpaper from gallerytoo. - Consume lessmemory and battery,simple and clean design
Lock screen water 2.1.5
Lock screen droplets water Slide to unlock Lock by passcodelockscreen very good Animations of water droplets naturally,verylively The best lock screen application, to help you protectyourprivacy, prevent others trying to access your phone illegally.Thislock screen app has a beautiful lock screen with manywaterdroplets. ** Features: - Slide to Unlock - Enter Pascode toUnlock- Show missed call, sms, .. on lock screen - Show state ofmobileas network, wifi, battery .. on lock screen - Set passwordwithnumbers - High security, prevent accessing your phonewithoutpassword - User can change background of lock screen -Multiplewallpaper to choose, you can choose your own wallpaper fromgallerytoo. - Consume less memory and battery,simple and cleandesign
Goku Lock Screen HD 1
super goku lock screen for DragonBall super and ball Z is ascreenlock application with special design that similar to os11lockscreen and phone X and has good securitygoku super saiyanlockscreen provide many Dragon Ball super Wallpapers : Goku, Jiren,Hit , Vegeta, Gohan, Freeza, Majin Buu, Piccolo,bardockKuririn…and all characters with super Ultra instinct , andeverything aboutDragon Ball Super . With many style of DragonBallWallpaper to lockyour screen with ,This app was designed for easyusing andOptimized battery usage.How to Use:1. Open the appsettings, andtick the Enable Screen check box to enable it.j2.Create passwordand confirm this password3. Click the Disable SystemLock in caseyou use the system lock.4. Click the Set themeWallpaper to switchto different awesome backgrounds of super GokuSuper Saiyanssj4FEATURES:✔ many Wallpapers for DBZ.✔ Super SaiyanGoku Fan Artwallpapers✔ Optimized battery usage.✔ 6 digit security✔HDWallpaper for anime dragonball super and ball Z full HD✔ Setpasscode to protect your privacy.✔ You can Download any Wallpaperyouwant.✔ You can Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest,Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram… with yourfriends.what is thebest for you ? vegeta, Goku Super Saiyan orsuper goku with superultra instintct , black Goku Super Saiyan ,and others? You willfind one of their beautiful keyboard in thislock screen.this applock screen was created with much love of GokuSuper Saiyan superGoku Super Saiyan and JiraiyaDownload and Enjoythe amazing Heroesyou like best.Share this app with your friendswho love Dragon Balllike you.We look forward to hearing yourfeedback.DISCLAIMER:Thisapp is made by DBZ fans, and it isunofficial. The content in thisapp is not affiliated with,endorsed, sponsored, or specificallyapproved by any company. Thisapp is mainly for entertainment andfor all DBZ fans to enjoy theseDBZ Wallpapers.