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Bubble Level, Spirit Level 3.23
Spirit Level is also known as: bubble level, level,waterpas,electronic level, laser level, nivel, plumb bob, leveltool,clinometer, leveler, protractor, inclinometer, carpenter'slevel.It uses accelerometer sensor (g-force) to help you test anyobjectfor plumb and level, measuring angles of slope, elevationorinclination of an object with respect to gravity. It isbeautiful,functional and easy to use tool on every smartphone ortablet.Bubble level Features:- accuracy of measurement;- easy touse; -stylish design;- vertical and horizontal water levelindicatorfeature;- show angle or incline; - ruler (dimensionlength);- zerolevel with audible indication;- calibration;- 3different displaymodes;- definition of angle with or withoutdecimal;- anglemeasurement with hold function and the calculationof the angle;-display can be kept active;- lock icon to stop fromautomaticallychanging screen with inclination;- support for 15languages.Digitallevel (bullseye level, pitch & roll indicator,surface level)will help You to install the refrigerator or washingmachine, hanga shelf or picture, measure the angle of any surfaceto scan yourDesk or pool table in the bar. You can use this levelerappanywhere. Try building level and much more examples You willfindin practice.
ON Protractor 6.0
ON PROTRACTOR turn your smart phone into a useful protractor setforquick angle and slope measurement. It helps you measure theangle ofeverything conveniently and accurately with your phoneanywhere,anytime. It combines four most important angle measuringmodes inone app, which is Touch Measure On Screen, Touch MeasurewithCamera, Plumb Measure On Screen and Plumb Measure With Camera.Eachmeasuring mode operates differently to cater for your needsinmeasures the angle of different types of object from smallobjectto huge object and even objects far away such as buildings.ONProtractor is very easy to use, as described below. You canalsoswitch the protractor measurement unit between degree andradian byjust a click.With ON Protractor, now you always bring ananglemeasuring pack with you as in your smart phone. Measuring Mode1:TOUCH MEASURE ON SCREENPlace measured object on the screen andmovethe two line limiters to aligned with object's boundaries.Thismeasuring mode normally used for small object in the rangeofscreen size (Refer preview image 1) Measuring Mode 2: TOUCHMEASUREWITH CAMERAAim the camera at the target object, at the sametimemove the two line limiters to aligned with the object'sboundaries.This measuring mode normally used to measures largeobject. (Referpreview image 2) Measuring Mode 3: PLUMB MEASURE ONSCREENRotatethe orientation of device in clockwise orcounter-clockwisedirection until the plumb line and protractorcenter line alignedwith the boundaries edge of measured object.This measuring modenormally used to measures stationary and objectlarger than screensize. (Refer preview image 3) Measuring Mode 4:PLUMB MEASURE WITHCAMERAAim the camera at the target object androtate theorientation of device in clockwise or counter-clockwisedirectionuntil the plumb line and protractor center line alignedwith theboundaries edge of target object. Press 'Lock' to fix thescreenand take the measurement reading. This measuring modenormally usedto measures the slope of huge object. (Refer previewimage 4) Formore details information about how to use thismeasuring tool,please refer User Guide in this app. KEY FEATURES:★4 AngleMeasuring Modes★ 2 measurement unit: Degree and radian★Displaydevice verticality/tilt angle in plumb mode★ Lock/Unlockscreen★Customizable theme, line color, text color and text size★Simple& smart user interface design, HD image★ Keep screenawake ONProtractor is a free protractor set with a lot of usefulfeatureslets you measure angle of anything easily and accuratelyindifferent situation. We hope this protractor set is useful toyouin angle measurement. If you have any comments, suggestionsorquestions, please feel free to contact Thank you!!
kr.sira.protractor 1.5
Smart Protractor is in the 1st set of the Smart Toolscollection.This app measures the angle and the slope of an object.It hasthree protractor modes. 1. Touch mode : for angle. Afterputting anobject on the screen, touch the screen. 2. Plumb mode :for slope.A weight shows the slope of your device. 3. Camera mode:goniometer, inclinometer. It uses camera view. * Main features:-Tilt units (degree, percent, radian) - Zero calibration-Orientation sensor on/off - Material design * Pro versionaddedfeatures: - No ads - Various Tilt units - Screen capture -Ruler,Level, Thread pitch * Do you want more tools? download [SmartRulerPro] and [Smart Tools] package. For more information, watchYouTubeand visit the blog. Thank you.
Ruler 3.31
Ruler app includes the following functions:unit converter (mmtoinches, centimeters to inches), calculation of the length,straightline, calculation of area, defining the thread pitch,caliper,ruler online, etc. Ruler (tape measure) - is beautiful,functionaland easy to use tool on every smartphone or tablet.Screen rulerhas inflicted strokes (scale), multiple units oflength(centimeter, meter, inch) used to measure the distance.Electronicruler Features: - accuracy of measurement; - easy to use;- stylishdesign; - simple calibration; - set the units: cm, mm,inch; -measurement of the length (with hold function) either sideof thedevice; - graph paper, vertical and horizontal line; -measurementin 4 modes: point, line, plane, level; - translated to15Languages. Tap the screen to start using the bestmulti-touchmeasuring system and find size of all curious objectsaround you.
Protractor for measuring Angles. Free & No Ads. • Cameraviewwith Pause button. • Measure angle between two markers.•Horizontal and vertical plumb lines (Tap to snap nearest markertoline, double tap to track, tap again to release). • CAL buttontocalibrate Accelerometer if plumb lines are out. • Copy angleindegrees and radians to clipboard.
com.jonyups.poziomicagen 2.8
This levelling tool is professional spirit level, bubble levelusingto levelling surface. After correct calibration, you can goaheadand use this level tool instead of a real level. This bubblelevelis also a great tilt meter, angle meter professionally knownas aninclinometer. Any spirit level or levelling tool needscalibrationdue to the production defects or just because of aprotruding camerain mobile devices. Upgrade level tool to PROversion on whole day bywatching add or forever by purchase. Afterupgrade to PRO, you haveaccess to level calibration guide and tothe clipboard that storingspirit level results. After correctcalibration, you can use thislevel tool to floor levelling orlevelling any surface. You can useside levels to verticallevelling or vertical angle measurement.Spirit level is also knownas level, bubble level, level tool, tiltmeter, angle meter,inclinometer, level, waterpas, protractor, floormeasurer, nivel.This professional tool can be really handy in yourhome and worklevelling.
Smart Measure Tool Kit 17.6
PC Mehanik
Smart Measure Tool Kit is a toolkit app with 23 cool measuretoolsand utilities like ruler, spirit level, distancemeter,speedometer, magnetic field meter (teslameter),seismometer,metronome and more. Toolkit list: Ruler: Ruler size canbecalibrated; Spirit level: Check surface level. Spirit level canbecalibrated; Speedometer; Distance meter: Measure distanceandheight of different objects. Distance meter can becalibrated;Protractor: Measure the slope and angle of any object.Protractorcan be calibrated; Speed gun: Measure speed of movingobjects; Unitand currency converter; Compass; Location (map);Stopwatch;Magnetic field meter (teslameter); Seismometer: Observereal timeseismometer data, based on Richter scale; Luminositymeter: Measurethe environmental luminosity (Lux); Color meter;Heart rate:Measure your heart rate with a camera and observe a realtime pulsechart; Sound meter; Pitch tuner; Metronome; Thermometer;DragRacing; Battery tester; Accelerometer. The app supports alldevicebrands (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Toshibaandothers). However, not all models have the appropriate sensorstosupport all of the measuring utilities. It is tested mostlyonSamsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Toshiba. Free appwithads.
Angle Meter PRO 1.3
Angle Meter PRO lets you measure the angle or slope. Note thatyouwill be able to measure a variety of slope forms. You can choosetodirectly measure the surface by the second mode, which makesitrelatively easy to measure up,or to measure the angle of thetargetaway a short distance away from you after kilo meter. Bymeasuringthe angle from the camera aperture. This is a referenceline,respectively, and the angles are measured while the display onyourphone continuously. You also can take what you measure byshowingthe angle to keep a check on it later. Featured 1) Realtimedisplay angle value reference by horizontal axis. 2) 2 modeforusing(mode 1 and mode 2). 3) Support measure angles with thecameramode. 3.1) you can take screen short can be a target forrecordstore at a later time. 4) Support the ability to measure theanglefrom the image. 5) Graphics Animation display related by mode.6)Display 0 to 90 degree reference by horizontal axis. 7)Calibrateoption for accuracy. 8) Support Level Meter allows you tomeasurethe degree of tilt in the vertical plane and can take manyforms.The measurements in each axis is locked to the screen, stillmoreeasy to measure. ***For Level Measurement 1) The three modelsatthe same level. Including horizontal and vertical axis. 2) Soundawarning when it finds that the measure in the horizontalplane.That is the angle measured in the plane is less than 1 degree(youcan enable / disable this). 3) While the display is illuminatedatall times, making the work easier.
Spirit Level 2.01
Spirit Level. No Permissions Required. Free & No Ads. •Bullseye level with roll & pitch gauges screen• Horizontalandvertical bubble level and angle gauge screen. • Calibrationfeatureto correct for accelerometer misalignment & differentaxissensitivities.For best results touch CAL and calibrate first.TheSpirit Level is only as good as your accelerometer. Forindicationonly. Don't damage your tablet or phone, use a realspirit levelwhen appropriate.• Pause button to hold the currentreading. • Zeroand reset button to make measuring angles easier. •Option to autoselect screen based on inclination.That's it. Enjoy.
Ruler 3.6.2
Xalpha Lab
A simple, user-friendly and accurate ruler for your phone! Useacoin or a credit card to calibrate the ruler anywhere, whenyoudon't have a real ruler with you! - Ad free, for real, forever!-Pick your units: fractional inches, decimal inches, centimetersormillimeters - Calibrate your ruler with a credit card to getyoustarted anytime, anywhere - Don't have a credit card withyou?Calibrate your ruler with a coin! - Calibrate your ruler withareal ruler to achieve the best precision in yourmeasurementtransfers - Manually set the ruler to a known length foraccuratemeasurements - Night mode to save battery (on AMOLEDscreens) andto relieve your eyes at night - Save your measurementsfor futureuse - No permission required Update history: 3.5 --Millimeters,set to predefined length 3.3 -- Calibrate with a creditcard,remove saved measurements from history 3.2 -- Fractionaldisplay ofmeasurements in inches 3.0 -- Android Material theme andnew scalefor measurements in inches 2.1 -- Calibrate with a coin,defaultcalibration button (reset) 2.0 -- You can now saveyourmeasurements 1.7 -- Night mode to save battery and/or readmoreeasily at night 1.6 -- Added default calibration for commondevices(Nexus series, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note 1, 2 and 3)
Multi Clinometer 1.14
Includes a 2D spirit level, a 2D clinometer and a roll &pitchclinometer (inclinometer) Perfect for measuring roll and pitchofvehicles, leveling of hobby constructions, leveling pictures onthewall etc. Accurately calibratable without the need ofexactlyvertical or horizontal surfaces The clinometers have bothanalogueand digital displays You can continuously adjust theresolution ofthe analogue displays using pinch gestures Theresolution of thedigital display is selectable. Choose eitherdegrees or tenths ofdegrees Adjustable noise level/time constantYou can choose anyorientation of your phone/tablet as zero for yourdisplay Afterzeroing, small angle changes can be accuratelymeasured Selectportrait or landscape orientation, backgrounds andcolors accordingto need and taste. All settings including thecalibration are savedwhen you close the app Support/
Map Area Measure Pro
Measure area on the map. How touse Function. 1. Measuretheland area. 2. Measure the distance. 3. Share informationthroughthe app. 4. Save image data. 5. Save measurement data. Canberetrieved later. 6. Get the address automatically. How to use.1.Select the map as desired. 2. Press and hold on the map atthepoint you want. 3. Press the finger icon to remove it. 4. PresstheFinger icon directly to move the point. 5. Press thebutton>Send photos to line or Facebook. - New function Add pointby walk.- New edit point - Save polygon logfile and send to otherperson. -Open logfile and edit logfile. - Add Change Map Type -Normal Map -Satellite Map (Recommend use) - Satellite Map WithLabel - TerrainMap - New Completed Draw Polygon design - addfunction add point -add search bar can search by word orlatitude,longitude (separatelat,lng by , ; : or space). - addsearch bar can search log inlocal phones. - add myLocation Iconwith GPS accuracy (+- m). - addfunction draw polygon area by GPSwith myLocation with GPS accuracy(+- m). This function can use byclick myLocation with GPS accuracyto place point in map. (thisfunction need to walk around landarea) Add Units of measurementArea. 1. ไร่-งาน-วา (Thailand) 2.Square Meter (m2) 3. Are (100m2)4. Decare (1000m2) 5. Hectare(10,000m2) 6. Square Kilometre (km2)7. Acre (United States) 8.Square Miles (mi2) 9. Square Feet (ft2)10. Square Yards (yd2) Formore information Or report a crash atbunjong.yosapa@gmail.comhttps://yosapa.com
Mechanical Measurement and Metrology 21.0
Ceyone Apps
The following mechanical measuring instruments are explainedwiththeory and images. Linear Measurements (Non precisioninstruments)-Steel Rule -Calipers -Inside caliper -Outside caliper-Springcaliper -Hermaphrodite caliper -Transfer caliper-Dividers-Telescopic gauge -Depth gauge Linear Measurements(Precisioninstruments) -Micrometer -External micrometer -Insidemicrometer-Vernier micrometer -Screw thread micrometer -Depthmicrometer-Vernier caliper -Vernier height gauge -Slip gauges-Comparators-Mechanical Comparator -Mechanical-Optical Comparator-ElectricalComparators -Pneumatic Comparator Angular Measurements(Nonprecision instruments) -Protractors -Bevel gauge -Engineerssquare-Combination set Angular Measurements (Precisioninstruments)-Bevel protractor -Dividing head -Sine bar -Spiritlevel-Clinometers -Autocollimator -Taper measurementsSurfaceMeasurements -Straightedge -Surface plate and surfacegauge-Optical flat -Profilometer -Profilograph -Use of laser
Screen Draw Screenshot Pro 1.0
With Screen Draw Screenshot you can draw on every screen ofyoursmartphone and take screenshots and videos. Quickaccessible,always and everywhere! Screen Draw Screenshot is perfectforpresentations, video tutorials or screenshots to highlight textsorimages on the screen. The Screen Draw Screenshot toolboxisindividual placeable per drag and drop. Addtional you canrotatethe draw toolbox horizontal or vertical that you can place itatthe best position on your screen or you just hide it inthenotification bar.Forget the inconvenient steps and keycombinationsto take and edit a screenshot. With Screen DrawScreenshot you cantake screenshots and videos with just 1 click!Activate the drawmode, draw or mark something and click on thescreenshot button.You can share your screenshot instantly!• Takescreenshots andvideos (Android Lollipop required)• Exportscreenshots as pdf• Cropscreenshots• Draw everywhere• Add text•Stroke color and widthselectable• Hide-mode• Always accessible•Individual placeable perdrag and drop (horizontal and vertical)•Undo/delete drawingfunction• Accessible with one click• Add screendraw icon to quicksettings (Android 7 required)• Autostart on bootof device• Deletestatus bar from screenshots
Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements 7.5.0
Use MapPad to calculate areas, perimeters and distances -save,export and share your measurements. MapPad isprovidingmulti-purpose mapping solution allowing location captureanddetermines distance and area for the shapes drawn on the maporcaptured using real-time GPS tracking. Calculate area of thefieldor a walk distance instantly using Google or Bing MapSatelliteview. Save petrol and time and capture features with fewclicks onthe map. Area & Distance measurements are veryaccurate -please compare with other apps and what's on the ground.WithMapPad you can capture, manage and share your data easily.Appsupports number of well-known cloud providers like G-Drive,Dropboxand export formats: SHP File, GeoJSON, ArcJSON, KML, GPX,CSV andAutoCAD DXF. MapPad is a very useful tool for anyoneinvolved inforestry, agriculture (measuring farms, soils, grow,check plantedarea etc.), roofing, solar panel planning and solarpanelinstallation, fencing, construction, real estate management,assetmanagement, winter snow removal or farming business. MapPadalsocan be used in the whole range of outdoor activities likegolf(distance meter and range finder), biking, walking,running,jogging and other sports where possibility of measure areasordistances is necessary. Please visit our website to find out howtoprepare offline map and get more information about thisproduct.Selected features: - Base maps: Google Maps (Standard,Satellite,Hybrid, Terrain), Open Street Map (Mapnik, Cycle), BingMaps(Satellite, Hybrid, Roads). - Google Maps Overlays (Custom WMSorArcGIS Server Tiled service), some layers like US Topographicmaphave been predefined. - Very accurate measurement of areasanddistances. - 3 methods of measurement are supported (Tap onthemap, GPS location, Map cursor location). - Support for numberofmetric and imperial units. - Support for several global andlocalcoordinate systems: WGS84 (decimal or degrees), WebMercator,British National Grid, UTM SAD69 (Brazil), UTM NAD83,NATO,Stereo70 (Romania), System 1992 (Poland), Greek Grid – ifyourequire support for any other spatial reference please getintouch. - Possibility to capture waypoints and group themincategories. - Possibility to add\edit title and descriptionforeach recorded measurement and waypoint. - Export single ormultiplemeasurements or waypoints to SHP File, GeoJSON, ArcJSON,KML, GPX,CSV and DXF to SD Card or cloud services like FusionTables,Dropbox or Directly to Open Street Map. - Share singlewaypointlocation directly by SMS, E-mail or other ways. - Elevationprofileavailable for measurements done by GPS. - Import of KML andGPXfiles to the application. - GPS status and satellites status.-Address, location search. - Quick open exported KML files inGoogleEarth - Ability to set default measurement units,waypoints'categories colours, track recording time and distanceinterval,transparency of Google Maps overlays and much more...Please note:If you experience any problems or have new ideas orcomments pleasedo not hesitate to contact us directly or using thecontact formsprovided on our website. We take your opinion veryseriously and doappreciate any form of feedback. Our users aresuccessfully usingMapPad in number of applications including: -environmentalsurveys, - roofing and solar panel planning, -calculations forsnow removal, - biking and walking routes planning,- forestryplanning and woodland management, - agriculture andsoils' surveys,- road constructions, - tree surveys
Laser Level 1.4.03
EXA Tools
Laser level (leveling instrument) is an excellent measurementappequipped with: laser pointer, regular 3-mode spirit level /bubblelevel (libella) and clinometer (inclinometer) formeasuringvertical angles and determining the exact horizontalplane. It'sperfect, handy and precise bubble level tool for everyhandyman.Main modes of this laser level: - innovative laserleveling / laserpointer - using built-in sensors (gyroscope andaccelerometer),camera and extended / augmented reality, helps youto determine thevertical and horizontal levels around you, -regular spirit level(bubble level, libella) - works like atraditional bubble leveltool, place your smartphone or tablet, onthe surface or on theobject to be measured or set at any angle, -clinometer, alsocalled an inclinometer, is primarily used tomeasure verticalangles and to determine the angle of inclination ofany object fromthe vertical determined by the gravitational force.These modes areequipped in precision digital and analog indicators.Data arepresented in degrees and percentages and any differentunits whichyou choose. Additional features, you can: - calibratelevel of yourdevice, - adjust the precision of measurement, - readdata indifferent units, - lock the orientation, - take pictureswhilemeasuring and you can send measurement results to anyone, -thisapp does not require internet access. Sample applications: -youcan measure the angle or inclination of any objects(includingdistant), such as roof, buildings, columns, mountains,trees, etc.- you can set any angle of inclination of the surfaceand the levelof home installed appliances, devices, such as:install arefrigerator, washing machine or hang a shelf, paintingetc. -suitable for repair and construction work, you can use it asadigital measuring tape or laser measuring tape, - usefulforinterior design, exterior works, in house and in garden, -manyothers. You can use this leveling application wherever youare.This level app is accurate, intuitive, easy to use andveryfunctional. We wish you successful and accurate measurements.
Kyäni Pro 2.6.2
With Kyäni Pro, Kyäni Business Partners around the world areunitedon one clear path to building and duplicating successfulbusiness.With high-powered training and certification in Kyäniproducts,values, and best practices, Kyäni Pro creates a solid andethicalfoundation for Business Partners of all experience levels.Inaddition to training, Kyäni Pro also providesstate-of-the-artmobile tools that enable Business Partners to buildand managetheir business with the speed and efficiency of just atap or aclick.
com.kafuiutils 2.0
Kafui Utils
Do a lot with just one multi-purpose App! Smart Kit 360 isanall-in-one app and is half the size of a common "standalonetool"application like compass, translator or a ringtone maker app.Thisway you'll save a lot of disk space, time and frustrationsearchingfor all the daily tools you need! Main Features ★ TinySize ★ Morethan 40 apps can be replaced with one app ★ Has the mostcommonlyused app features ★ One easy tap to create shortcuts onyour homescreen ★ Tools are arranged as per different category bywhichfinding them is very easy ► Productivity • Utility •Calculation •Conversion • Navigation & Measuring Tools SmartKit 360combines uniquely with several functions ► 1. Heart RateMonitorMeasure your heart rate with device camera and observe areal timepulse chart. Checking your pulse is a simple way to getinformationabout your health. 2. Translator (All languages) Easilytranslatewords from one language to another through simpleoperations. 3.Multilingual Dictionary Free online dictionaries foralmost everyexisting language. 4. Exercise Timer Ultimate fitnesscompanion forany of your gym or home workouts. 5. Cache Cleaner,RAM BoosterKeep your phone clean! Clean junk files, cache and boostdeviceRAM. 6. Battery Saver Save and Extend Your Battery Life withthisone-tap easy optimiser. 7. Sound Meter Monitor the currentsoundpressure level and its spectrum. 8. Map Get directions faster,findplaces, shows your current location on the map & share yourGPScoordinates 9. Compass Get the right directions always in yourhandfor most of your outdoor activities. 10. Magnifier Magnifysmallobjects that are hard to see. It also includes a flash light.11.Mirror See yourself using your front facing camera even atnight.12. Protractor Measure the slope of any object using yourcameraand imaginary weight. 13. Audio, Video Cutter Select thepart/sceneyou want to cut and this tool will handle the rest. 14.MetalDetector Detect magnetic field of nearby materials and observeiton real time chart. 15. Notepad Take notes easily in yourfavouritecolours. Backup notes, stay organised! 16. CurrencyConverterConvert between different currencies. Currencies areupdatedautomatically. 17. Calculator & Graph Make basiccalculationswith graphs 18. Unit Converter Convert betweendifferent physicalunits. 19. Audio Recorder Easily record andplayback high qualitylong-time sound recording on your smartphoneor tablet. 20.Metronome Classic metronome with adjustable tempo.21. Pitch TunerTune the pitch of your voice or musical instruments.It can alsoplay the corrected tone. 22. Code Scanner Scan bar andQR codesquickly with your camera. 23. File Manager, Root ExplorerFilemanager with Root Explorer. 24. Altimeter Calculates yourelevationvia GPS 25. Abacus Simple calculating tool and usefullearningdevice 26. Ruler Easily measure the dimensions ofdifferentobjects. 27. Leveler Check the surface levels. 28.SpeedometerShows useful speed and distance information for yourjourney. 29.Flashlight Use it as a manual torch light, as a strobelight or asa music light show. 30. Checklist, Reminder Get ThingsDone with aflexible to-do list. 31. Stopwatch Precision stopwatchwith “AutoSave” results function. 32. Vibrometer Measuresvibrations on all 3axes: X, Y, Z 33. Pedometer Records the numberof steps you havewalked 34. Internet Speed Test Accurate Internetconnection speedtest 35. Lux Meter Light meter for measuringilluminance (lux, fc)36. Time Zones World time with weather Toolssupport both metricand imperial unit formats and several languages.
Mobile Investigation Forensics Report Maker PRO 4.10
Free App to examine and analyze your mobile phone or otherAndroidcell phone Devices like a Professional ForensicsInvestigationexperts and Prepare detailed report about your mobilecontents.This is the pro Edition of our previous app and hasadditionalfeatures of Excel Backup and Advance items selection etc.DataDoctor Mobile investigation app scans and reads your cell phoneandprepares report of following parameters: * SIM Card Information*Device Information * Display Details * Network & Bluetooth*CPU & Processor Details * Phonebook Contacts * SMSTextMessages * Files & Directory structure * Export SMSTextmessages Backup in PDF or Excel File * Export and savephonebookcontact in just single tap. * Export Backup ReportsFullInvestigation Report is generated in standard PDF Documentformat.Backup features are additional perks in PRO release. You cansharethis PDF file is just single touch Tap or can download toyourmobile phone storage or memory card for later use purposes.
Lux Meter (Light Meter) 1.4
Lux Meter is a simple light meter for measuring illuminances(lux,fc) by using the light sensor of your android device.KeyFeatures:★calibrate your device with the multiplier★ shows theminimum,maximum and average value★ shows the sensor data★ 100% free
Gallery 2.3.35
The best place to enjoy, organise, edit and share all yourdigitalmemories. It brings together photos and videos from allyourdevices, enhances them to make great photos even betterandorganises them into beautiful albums for you. Photo Viewdisplaysadditional information such as location, camera used anddate takenif available. Photo Slideshow : The slideshow isflexible, allaspects can easily be configured andembedding/hardcoding theslideshow gallery is a breeze. Selectphotos and videos toinstantly get an awesome gallery slideshow.Hide Photos, Video -Hide it Pro: Hide photos & videos from yourphoto gallery andaccess them easily using a secret PIN code. Nowyou can easilyshare your phone without worrying about privacy. Piceffect andmore and get credit like you become real paper artist ofyourgallery app. MyRoll Gallery, the fastest growing gallery appforAndroid. Photo in albums with effects, preview photo forgalleryPro. Share pictures of photo secrets to your closed friendsand getboost wishes from friend circle. it is the most intelligentandadvanced Gallery app. read metadata (EXIF, XMP, IPTC) datarightfrom the image, metadata based search, GIF support, lockpictures& videos with password protection, slideshow modewithdifferent transitions to choose from and more. HD GalleryFirstly,the app supports all image types, GIFs and video files. Itsortsout your pictures based on the folders, tags & date and italllooks great in the app’s homepage. Photo Gallery Prime Galleryapphas one of most feature-rich photo management apps out there.Theapp supports almost all the different image and video files.Myroll Gallery My Roll Gallery is another very cool Gallery appforAndroid and while it includes a number of cool features, themostunique has to be its Smart Mode. The Photo Gallery app isarguablythe best photo organizer of the lot. “Gallery Lock" hidepicturesand videos and it is an gallery locker that isabsolutelyneeded for protection of personal privacy of gallery lockappsdownload. Gallery Vault can hide its app images andkeepyour privacy absolutely safe. Gallery Pro work Likea GalleryVault. Hide Picture and Hide Video app toprotect yourprivacy! Gallery Pro is ideally the bestalternative galleryapp designed for managing your beloved photosand galleryvault hide video and photo and app.  forprotecting yourprivacy as hiding each of the media files usingpassword! You candownload and hide any favorite photos from webpage. Gallery, thebest Secret Gallery vault, photo hider &photolock app,securityhide private photos&videos. gallery for motog4 with lots ofoptions for photo editing & filtering effects(Coming soon).Feature - Quick app launching, view thousands of yourphotosinstantly. Gallery Pro smooth user experience is optimizedforlarge screens and multiple finger gestures worklike galleryfor moto g4 plus. - Easily hide or exclude yourprivate photos andvideos from all gallery apps and protect themwith apassword.  • A gallery for moto e3power that's notbacked up is a sad photo gallery! # Method torecover photos orVideos when problems occur If for some reasonGallery Pro Lock doesnot run, recovery can be made by following themethod below. 1)Uninstall Gallery Pro 2) Download Gallery Pro fromthe Market andinstall it. 3) Go Setting in the Gallery Pro, Enter aNew Passwordand Confirm a New Password 4) The missing files will berecoveredto save in Same as a Previous one. Galería, صالة عرض, 畫廊,Galerie,foto, Galeri, गेलरी, तस्वीरें, fotos, encryptedphotos,forgotgallery,gallery vault,hidden icon mail,privacyprotect,thinkyeahvault Organize and view your photos better withthese alternativeGallery apps keywords : Smart Gallery, GalleryVault, gallery forsamsung, hide pictures and videos, gallery formoto g4
Handy Tools for DIY 1.11
Universal set of tools for every DIY containing:- spiritlevel-protractor- Plumb bob- rulerOur tool box will help you inanyhomework. Perfect for any handyman.
Handy Tools for DIY PRO 1.5
Universal set of tools for every DIY containing: - spirit level-protractor - Plumb bob - ruler Our tool box will help you inanyhomework. Perfect for any handyman.
Sound Meter HQ 2.1
Application "Sound Meter HQ" calculates sound level (noise level)ofsurroundings with the help of built-in microphone. Result ofthemeasurements are displayed in decibels on the screen of youphone.IMPORTANT: This tool is not a professional device tomeasuredecibels. It uses built-in microphone, which was created tocapturehuman's voice. Such a microphone isn't able to capturesounds above~ 90-100 dB. Maximum value differs depending on kind ofmicrophoneyou have. Additionally some devices are equipped withAGC(Automatic Gain Control). This system can additionallydisturbcorrect sound pressure level measurement. Calculated valueof noiselevel is displayed with the help of indicator on the gauge.Rangeof measurements from environment is between 0-140 dB.Besidescurrent measurement the application displays also minimumandmaximum level of the sound. You can clear minimum andmaximummeasurements any time by using "Reset" button. Additionallytheapplication displays noise power in descriptive way.Availabledescriptive sound thresholds: 10 dB - Breathing 20 dB -Rustlingleaves 30 dB – Whisper 40 dB – Quiet library 50 dB –Moderaterainfall 60 dB – Normal conversation 70 dB – Vacuum cleaner80 dB –Food blender 90 dB – Power tools 100 dB – Motorcycle 110 dB– Rockconcert 120 dB – Chain saw 130 dB – Jet takeoff (100 m. away)140dB – Shotgun Program calibration: If you have an accesstoprofessional sound pressure level (SPL) measurements device youcanuse it for calibrating the application. Check current dB readingonscientific measurement device and with the help of calibrationmenu(calibration icon under MAX value) set the same value using+,-buttons. Features of application: - dB level presented on thegaugeand in the descriptive way - quick reaction on sound levelchange -possibility of calibration the result according toprofessionaldevice. - minimum and maximum measurements levels.
Smart Level 1.1.8
Smart Level is in the 1st set of the Smart Tools collection.Thisapp measures the angle or slope of an object simply andaccurately.Put the back of your device against a desk, or put itsshort/longside on a frame. * Main features: - Surface level (bubblelevel) -Spirit level (clinometer) - Zero calibration - Tilt units(degree,percent, radian, roof pitch) - Lock screen - Materialdesign * Proversion added features: - No ads - Multi-Touch mode -Ruler,Protractors, Thread pitch * Do you want more tools? download[SmartRuler Pro] and [Smart Tools] package. For more information,watchYouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.
Clinometer + bubble level 2.4
This professional tool called Clinometer is the most precise(allyou can get with some calculations) slope measurement toolforAndroid devices using all sides of the device plus the camera.Itcan be used for simple applications like aligning a frame aswellas for more sophisticated fields of applications where anarbitraryslope needs to be measured exactly. Read the reviews (andwriteyour own) for all the applications you find! Thank for allyourpositive feedback! Please use our support link if youhavequestions and suggestions, we don't read the Play Storereviewsevery day. Common description of an inclinometerA clinometerorinclinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope(ortilt), elevation or depression of an object with respecttogravity. It is also known as a tilt meter, tilt indicator,slopealert, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge,levelmeter, declinometer, and pitch & roll indicator.Clinometersmeasure both inclines (positive slopes, as seen by anobserverlooking upwards) and declines (negative slopes, as seen byanobserver looking downward) using three different units ofmeasure:degrees, percent, and topo (see Grade (slope). Astrolabesareinclinometers that were used for navigation andlocatingastronomical objects from ancient times to theRenaissance.Inaircraft, the "ball" in turn coordinators or turn andbankindicators is sometimes referred to as an inclinometer.Drawingofan inclinometer, Museo Galileo, Florence.Inclinometersincludeexamples such as Well's in-clinometer, the essential partsof whichare a flat side, or base, on which it stands, and a hollowdiskjust half filled with some heavy liquid. The glass face of thediskis surrounded by a graduated scale that marks the angle atwhichthe surface of the liquid stands, with reference to the flatbase.The zero line is parallel to the base, and when the liquidstandson that line, the flat side is horizontal; the 90 degreeisperpendicular to the base, and when the liquid stands on thatline,the flat side is perpendicular or plumb. Intervening anglesaremarked, and, with the aid of simple conversion tables,theinstrument indicates the rate of fall per set distanceofhorizontal measurement, and set distance of the slopingline.TheWell's clinometerThe Abney level is a handheld surveyinginstrumentdeveloped in the 1870s that includes a sighting tubeandinclinometer, arranged so that the surveyor may align thesightingtube (and its crosshair) with the reflection of the bubblein thespirit level of the inclinometer when the line of sight is attheangle set on the inclinometer.One of the more famousinclinometerinstallations was on the panel of the Ryan NYP "TheSpirit of St.Louis"—in 1927 Charles Lindbergh chose the lightweightRieker IncP-1057 Degree Inclinometer[1] to give him climb anddescent angleinformation.Measuring slope with a clinometerAforester using aclinometer makes use of basic trigonometry. Firstthe observermeasures a straight-line distance D from someobservation point Oto the object. Then, using the clinometer, theobserver measuresthe angle a between O and the top of the object.Then the observerdoes the same for the angle b between O and thebottom of theobject. Multiplying D by the tangent of a gives theheight of theobject above the observer, and by the tangent of b thedepth of theobject below the observer. Adding the two of coursegives the totalheight (H) of the object.The forester stands at afixed distancefrom the base of the tree. The most common distancesin the UnitedStates are 50 feet (15.24 m) and 66 feet (20.12 m).[2]To obtainaccurate readings it is best to use taped measureddistance insteadof paced distances. For the most accurate readingsit is best touse a distance that is not less than the height of thetree beingmeasured,[3] that is, that the clinometer will measure anangleless than 45° (100%).
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊 1.2.10
Smart Tools Laser Level is augmented reality app forcomputinginclination, slopes, angle, compass and elevation androtationvalues using sensors and drawings on camera. Features •3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger) •Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it to origin.•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required) •Fast and accuratecalibration option. •Freezescreen to have more precise and robustreadings. •Leveling optiondisplays pitch and roll angles as line,square or circle whichmakes it easier to align your device andresults more accuratemeasurements. •Option to toggle between backand front(ifavailable) camera. •Flashlight for situations morelight needed•Option to visualize your progress using charts. •Imagegallerywith details, Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0andabove), and other features such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable app settings and user interfaceInstructionsMeasurement Screen Rotate your device on laser levelmeasurementmode or align with object you want get readings from. Toget moreprecise reading make sure that leveling line is alignedwith laserlevel. You can freeze preview and measure any slope orangleeasily. Swipe your screen right to open Navigation MenuRecordsScreen You can review your recorded measurements and get xlsfileusing diskette button. Excel files are stored inselecteddirectory. Charts Screen Records can be reviewed via chartsusingCharts section. It's possible to get image of the charts inJPGformat using camera icon. Gallery Screen Gallery screendisplaysimages inside the image directory selected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to display details. Important: To displaysome ofthe Exif data your device must be Android 7.0 and above.Touchingimage on gallery opens zoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: Ifyou find a bug using the application, PLEASE with your phone model name andthedescription of the problem, before writing a negative comment. 🤝✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we will do our besttofix the issues as soon as possible!
Swiftly switch - Pro
Swiftly Switch is an edge app that improves your Androidexperienceby allowing you to use your phone with one hand andmakingmultitasking faster! Swiftly Switch runs in the backgroundand canbe easily accessed from any screen with just one swipe fromedgescreen. It's fast, battery friendly, highly customizable andnoads. Swiftly Switch offers new ways to handle your phone: •Recentapps switcher: Arrange your recent apps in a floatingcirclesidebar. Switch between them by one swipe from trigger screenedgezone. • Quick Actions: swipe in deeper with a right directiontopull down notification, switch to the last app, back or openGridFavorites section. • Grid Favorites: a side panel where youcanplace your favorite apps, shortcuts, quick settings, contactstoaccess from any screen. • Circle Favorites: like the RecentAppssection but for your favorite shortcut Why Swiftly Switch makeyourAndroid experience better? • One-handed usability: don't needtostretch out your finger to reach the back, recent button,togglequick settings, or pull down notification • Fastmultitasking:switch to recent apps or last used app with just oneswipe. Thereis no faster way to do it. • No cluster home screen:because nowyou can access your favorite apps and shortcuts fromanywhere. •Focus on user experience: ads free, the app is fast,easy to use,beautiful and extremely customizable. Currentlysupportedshortcuts: apps, contacts, toggle wifi, on/off Bluetooth,toggleauto rotation, flashlight, screen brightness, volume, ringermode,power menu, home, back, recent, pull down notification, lastapp,dial, call logs and device's shortcuts. Swiftly Switch isextremelycustomizable: • Shortcuts can be arranged in circle piecontrol,sidebar, float side panel • You can change theposition,sensitivity of the edge screen's trigger zone • You cancustomizeicon's size, animation, background color, haptic feedback,separatecontent for each edge, the behavior of each shortcut. TheProversion of Swiftly Switch offer you: • Unlock the second edge•Customize the columns count and rows count of the Grid Favorite•Pin favorite shortcut to Recent Apps • Auto disable infull-screenapp option Download the best app switcher now with piecontrolpattern that brings your Android experience to a new level.SwiftlySwitch also support folder, backup settings to Google Drive.Thisapp uses Accessibility services. What permission Swiftly Switchaskfor and why: • Draw over other apps: Used to turn onfloatingwindow support required to display the circle, sidepanel,... •Apps usage: Needed for getting recent apps. •Accessibility: Usedfor performing back, power menu and pull downnotification for someSamsung devices. • Device Administration:Needed for the "ScreenLock" shortcut so the app can lock your phone(turn screen off) •Contact, phone: For the contact shortcuts •Camera: Used forturning on/off flashlight with device less thanAndroid 6.0. Pleaseuse the "Email us" section in the app todirectly interact with thedeveloper via email, we alway try toresponse every email in lestthan 24 hours. Any Feedback,suggestions, and bug reports are muchappreciated. •Developer'semail: •De-studiofacebook page: •Google Plusbeta testcommunity: you want to help me to localize it in yourlanguage, please go to DownloadSwiftly Switch and get betterAndroid experiences today.
com.abmdev.spiritlevel 1.5
This Spirit level or Bubble Level measuring tool (Water Level)isvery useful and perfect for all little works by turningyourSmartphone into a helpful spirit level bubble tool. Digitallevelwith high precision for engineering and trade professionals aswellas DIY users. This angle levels meter allows you to measurethedegree of tilt in the vertical plane digitally, electronically,andwith an actual number, at every angle, all 360 degrees ofacomplete circle. You can use this digital spirit level as arealspirit bubble level like Johnson Level, Empire Level, StabilaLeveland others brands. This level app is a tool used to indicatehowparallel / level or perpendicular / plumb a surface is relativetothe earth. And is very useful when doing a wide variety ofDIYProjects. to: - Checking Horizontal Levels, - CheckingVerticalLevels. How to Use Digital Electronic Spirit Level: 1) TurnOnLevel Meter application and place your smartphone on thesurfaceyou want to measure. 2) Wait a few moment for the bubblestable. 3)Adjust the surface accordingly to bring the degreereading to 0. 4)Double check the level reading by referencing thebubbles vials, ifthey are present. If the vials and LCD Display donot match, yourelectronic level needs to be recalibrated. You cancalibrate thebubble and set its sensitivity in the settings menu.
Sound Meter 1.2.6
EXA Tools
Sound Meter - smart tool-app to measure noise and sound levelormeasurement of sound pressure level (SPL) in decibels (dB). Togetprecise measurements, we recommend, before start using, makeappcalibration: settings -> calibration (automatic or manual).Thisapplication use the built-in microphone in your smartphoneortablet and results of measurements are shown in the chart.Soundmeter includes the following features: - measure of soundlevel,vibration meter, noise detector - record of: minimum (Min),average(AVG), maximum (Max) sound level - logarithmic graph ofsound levelin decibels (dB) - calibration tool - two modes: manualand autocalibration - ability to stop and record the resultsofmeasurements at any time Enjoy with Sound Meter !
ImageMeter Pro - photo measure
Dirk Farin
ImageMeter provides tools that help you measure lengths, anglesandareas in your photos. Instead of drawing sketches by hand,simplytake a photo and annotate it with the dimensions on yourphone ortablet. ImageMeter has the broadest support for Bluetoothlaserdistance measurement devices. Most devices fromvariousmanufacturers are supported (see below for full list ofdevices).What is also special about ImageMeter is that it enablesyou tomeasure within the image once you calibrated it with areferenceobject of known size. It often happens that after takingthe photo,being back at home or in the office, one realizes thatsomeimportant distances have not been measured. This is noproblemanymore with ImageMeter because it enables you to measurethemissing data directly from the photos, afterwards.Additionally,with this feature, you can also easily measure thedimensions forplaces which are too difficult to reach. The onlything you willneed to do this is some kind of reference object tocalibrate toabsolute size. ImageMeter will take care of allperspectiveforeshortening and will still compute the measurementscorrectly.Features: - measure lengths, angles, circles, andarbitrarilyshaped areas based on a single reference measure, -measure theheight of poles using two reference markings on thepole, -freehand drawing, insert texts, draw basic geometric shapes,-Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters formeasuringlengths, areas, and angles, - context sensitive cursorsnapping todraw quickly and accurately, - export to PDF, JPEG andPNG, - sortyour images into subfolders and export complete foldersas ZIParchives, - metric and imperial units (decimal andfractionalinches), - fast and correct value input withautocompletion, - textannotation with user definable preset textsand automatic textformatting. Supported bluetooth laser distancemeters: - LeicaDisto D110, D810, D510, S910, D2, X4, - Leica DistoD3a-BT, D8, A6,D330i, - Bosch PLR30c, PLR40c, PLR50c, GLM50c,GLM100c, - StanleyTLM99s, TLM99si, - Stabila LD520, LD250, - HiltiPD-I, PD-38, - CEMiLDM-150, Toolcraft LDM-70BT, - TruPulse 200 and360, - Suaoki D5T,P7, - Mileseey P7, - eTape16, - Precaster CX100,- ADA Cosmo120.---------------------------------------------------- This isthepro-version of ImageMeter, with: - unlimited number ofannotations- circle and point measurement tool - no watermarks inyourexported images. - unlimited Bluetooth measurements Note: ifyouare trying to reinstall the pro version on a new device butthePlayStore tells you that you should pay again even thoughyoualready upgraded to the pro version, this is probably becauseyouupgraded the free version through an in-app upgrade. In thiscase,please install the free version again. It will thenautomaticallyupgrade to the proversion.----------------------------------------------------ImageMeter isa winner of the "Mopria Tap to Print contest 2017":most creativeAndroid apps with mobile printcapabilities.----------------------------------------------------*** This OldHouse TOP 100 Best New Home Products: "a superpower foranyoneshopping for furnishings to fit a space"***---------------------------------------------------- Feel free to contact me if you observeanyproblems, or just want to give feedback. I will answer toyouremails and help you resolveproblems.---------------------------------------------------- Atthis place,I'd like to thank all users for all the positivefeedback I get.Many of your proposals have already been implementedand improvedthe app a lot, and many ideas are waiting to beincluded in thenext versions. Let me assure you that all of yourproposals areconsidered, as my goal is to make this app as good aspossible toimprove your productivity.
ImageMeter - photo measure
Dirk Farin
ImageMeter provides tools that help you measure lengths, anglesandareas in your photos. Instead of drawing sketches by hand,simplytake a photo and annotate it with the dimensions on yourphone ortablet. ImageMeter has the broadest support for Bluetoothlaserdistance measurement devices. Most devices fromvariousmanufacturers are supported (see below for full list ofdevices).What is also special about ImageMeter is that it enablesyou tomeasure within the image once you calibrated it with areferenceobject of known size. It often happens that after takingthe photo,being back at home or in the office, one realizes thatsomeimportant distances have not been measured. This is noproblemanymore with ImageMeter because it enables you to measurethemissing data directly from the photos, afterwards.Additionally,with this feature, you can also easily measure thedimensions forplaces which are too difficult to reach. The onlything you willneed to do this is some kind of reference object tocalibrate toabsolute size. ImageMeter will take care of allperspectiveforeshortening and will still compute the measurementscorrectly.Features: - measure lengths, angles, circles, andarbitrarilyshaped areas based on a single reference measure, -measure theheight of poles using two reference markings on thepole, -freehand drawing, insert texts, draw basic geometric shapes,-Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters formeasuringlengths, areas, and angles, - context sensitive cursorsnapping todraw quickly and accurately, - export to PDF, JPEG andPNG, - sortyour images into subfolders and export complete foldersas ZIParchives, - metric and imperial units (decimal andfractionalinches), - fast and correct value input withautocompletion, - textannotation with user definable preset textsand automatic textformatting. Supported bluetooth laser distancemeters: - LeicaDisto D110, D810, D510, S910, D2, X4, - Leica DistoD3a-BT, D8, A6,D330i, - Bosch PLR30c, PLR40c, PLR50c, GLM50c,GLM100c, - StanleyTLM99s, TLM99si, - Stabila LD520, LD250, - HiltiPD-I, PD-38, - CEMiLDM-150, Toolcraft LDM-70BT, - TruPulse 200 and360, - Suaoki D5T,P7, - Mileseey P7, - eTape16, - Precaster CX100,- ADA Cosmo 120.This is the free evaluation copy with watermarks inexportedimages, some limitations on the number of measures perphoto andlimited Bluetooth measurement distance. For the fullversion,either install the pro version or upgrade within the freeapp. Bothways give you the full set offeatures.----------------------------------------------------ImageMeter isa winner of the "Mopria Tap to Print contest 2017":most creativeAndroid apps with mobile print capabilities. *** ThisOld House TOP100 Best New Home Products: "a superpower for anyoneshopping forfurnishings to fit a space"***---------------------------------------------------- Feel free to contact me if you observeanyproblems, or just want to give feedback. I will answer toyouremails and help you resolveproblems.---------------------------------------------------- Atthis place,I'd like to thank all users for all the positivefeedback I get.Many of your proposals have already been implementedand improvedthe app a lot, and many ideas are waiting to beincluded in thenext versions. Let me assure you that all of yourproposals areconsidered, as my goal is to make this app as good aspossible toimprove your productivity.
Pro Mail
Pro Mail is a new multifunctional email app to satisfy bothyourpersonal and business needs. Pro Mail is simple, yetpowerful.Designed exclusively for Outlook and Microsoft Exchange,the appalso supports Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, GMX andanyIMAP, SMTP or POP3-enabled mailbox. With Pro Mail for Outlookyoucan: • Set up multiple Outlook or other email accountsandcustomize push-notification times • Seamlessly manage yourinboxwith swipe gestures and numerous filters (ActiveSync issupported)• Search for a specific attachment or a flagged email, byrecipientor date or simply for a particular subject • Increase youemailsecurity by setting up a PIN password to access the app •Accesslocal and server contacts • Filter by unread, flagged oremailswith attachments • View complete email conversation inthreads •Save attachments as files • Customize your email signatureandthere’s more! Pro Mail for Outlook is optimised for your phoneandtablet on Android. We have a strong interest in beautifulanduser-friendly design ;) We also believe in security. Our appusesOAUTH authentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail andOutlookaccounts. Start enjoying email again! Find the perfectwork-lifebalance with Pro Mail for Outlook email client. If youhave andquestions or ideas, please send us an email
Handyman Calculator 2.4.6
Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. The appforconstruction and DIY! Reduce Waste, Save Time and Money!Welltested by more than a million contractors and home owners! Top100productivity app. Give it a try! Calculate materials,trackinvoices, time spent, manage to-do list and save calculationstonotepad.Listed in "This Old House" magazine "The TOH Top 100:BestNew Home Products 2013" and Bob Vila newsletter.The bestcontractorapp for construction!Time Tracking toolTo-dolistCutListcalculatorFeet and inches calculatorSquarefootagecalculatorConstruction calculatorMeasurementcalculatorContractorcalculatorCarpenter calculatorWoodworkingcalculatorAsphaltcalculatorConstruction materialcalculatorsPlywoodCalculatorFraming calculator BuildingmaterialscalculatorsConstruction projectcalculatorsCarpenterscalculatorFlooring calculatorBrickcalculatorBid calculatorProjectcalculatorPlywood calculatorJobestimate calculatorFeet inchescalculatorImperial calculatorAnglecalculatorLumbercalculatorWoodworker CalculatorsConcreteCalculatorSidingcalculatorElectrical calculatorsMetric unitsarithmeticFeet,inchesTO Metre,cm,mm ConverterTape measurecalculatorFractionCalculatorFraction SimplificationCubicFootageCalculatorLumber,Asphalt calculatorLength, Area andWeightConverter.Temperature ConverterDensity ConverterBoardFootCalculatorBoard feet and Linear feet ConverterLumberWeightCalculatorDeck Baluster CalculatorDeck BoardCalculatorSpacingCalculatorWall Framing CalculatorFirewoodCalculator and BTUChartLumber Log Volume calculatorConcrete, Brick,Block, Mortar andSand CalculationsExcavation CalculatorAsphaltVolumecalculatorAggregate CalculatorDrywall calculatorCrownMoldingCalculatorCarpet CalculatorLaminate Flooring CalculatorWallPaperCalculatorTile CalculatorPaint CalculatorStairsCalculatorArcLength CalculatorAir Conditioning and HeaterCalculatorRoofCalculatorRoof Pitch Angle ChartRafter LengthCalcRebar WeightChartMulch and Topsoil CalculatorPatio PaversCalculatorBrickCalculatorPlants Calculator.Wood FenceCalculatorGrass SeedCalculatorSod CalculatorBlown Insulation Rvalue CalculatorGoldenRatio(Golden mean) CalculatorSpeed, Distanceand TimeCalculatorRain water Collection CalculatorLoanCalculatorSpeed andVelocity Unit ConverterWater Flow RateCalculator. Tank CapacityCalculatorOhm's Law CalculatorResistorColor CodeCalculatorResistance ConversionPower Calculator Amps toWattsCalculatorCapacitance, Frequency, Inductance andResistanceCalculatorVoltage Drop and divider CalculatorWireSizeCalculatorPower Wash CalculatorSine Bar CalculatorWrenchConversionChartDecimal and Fraction ConverterDiagonalcalculatorSlopeCalculatorRight Triangle CalculatorRectangleCalculatorSquareCalculatorCircle CalculatorPolygonCalculatorFraction to PercentageCalculatorAngle ConverterPowerConverterEnergy ConverterTorqueConverterForce Units ConverterLiquidUnits ConverterPressureConverterMagnetic Flux ConverterVolumeFlowRate UnitsConverterDegrees, Minutes, Seconds and DecimalDegreesConversionBMI CalculatorMiles Per Gallon (MPG) andKilometers PerLitres CalculatorGas and Oil mixture RatioCalculatorDiscountCalculatorDate Duration CalculatorTipCalculatorGraphingCalculatorPCB Trace Width CalculatorWorldClockShipment DensityCalculatorCurrency ConverterOil DrillingCalculatorsRefrigerantPressure Temperature ChartPercent Grade toDegrees ConverterPercentGrade CalculatorMowing CalculatorElectricCharge ConverterFuelConsumption ConverterEnthalpy ConversionLedResistor Calculatorincluding Series and ParallelFrequency,Wavelength and EnergyConverterMilling Machine calcsMat bordercalculator for pictureframesTap and Drill ChartWoodturners SegmentCalculatorLumens toWatts CalculatorMetal detector
A+ File Manager Pro 1.5.2
Manage your files efficiently and easily with A+ File ManagerFileExplorer! File Manager helps you handle all your files whethertheyare stored in your device's memory, microSD card, localareanetwork, and cloud storage accounts.A file manager or filebrowseris an android app that provides a user interface to managefilesand folders. The most common operations performed on filesorgroups of files include creating, opening (e.g. viewing,playing,editing or printing), renaming, moving or copying, deletingandsearching for files, as well as modifying fileattributes,properties and file permissions. Folders and files maybe displayedin a hierarchical tree based on their directorystructure. HD Filemanager Expert is best file manager apps forandroid. You use asfile browser, file manager Viewer for androidпроводник orCommander Application is very famous in google appstore.Filetransfer and File Explorer • Root Explorer: The ultimateset offile management tools for root users. Provides access to theentirefile system and all data directories, and allows the user tochangepermissions. • Bluetooth file browser: You can copy and pastefilesbetween Bluetooth-ready devices. ES File Explorer (FileManager)supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferringfilesbetween Bluetooth devices • Wi-Fi File transfer: Use your PCtowirelessly edit your mobile files using FTPKey Features•MainStorage: You can manage all files and folders in your localdevicestorage.• SD Card: You can manage all files and folders inyour SDCard.• USB Storage: You can manage all files and folders inyourUSB OTG.• Downloads: You manage all files (including apk andzipfiles) in download folder.• Images: You can manage imageandpicture files in your storages. Image preview isavailable.(Supported file formats: bmp, gif, jpg, png and etc)•Audios: Youcan manage all music and sound related files. (Supportedfileformats: mp3, ogg, flac, m4p, wav, wma and etc)• Videos: Youcanmanage all video files in your device. (Supported fileformats:asf, avi, flv, mp4, mpeg, wmv and etc)• Documents: You canmanageall document files in your device. (Supported file formats:doc,ppt, pdf, and etc)• Apps: You can see all applicationsinstalled inyour local device. You can stop or delete apps. You candelete dataor cash of apps. You can backup your app as apk filealso.• NewFiles: You can manage new files moved and downloaded toyour localdevice.• Remote: You can access remote or shared storagelike NASand FTP server.• Access from PC; You can access yourandroid devicestorage from PC to manage all files and folders inyour localandroid device using FTP(File Transfer Protocol).*AppManagerBackup appsUnistall appsShare appsPlay store app link*FTPServerDownload files and folders from your phone* HiddenFilesHideany file on you deviceKeywords :- File Manager, FileManager Pro,File Explorer, App Manager, FTP Server, Easy FileManager, Filebrowser
Mixing Station XM32 1.0.6
Control your Behringer X32 / Midas M32 mixer with your smartphoneortablet. WARNING: THIS APP DOES NOT PLAY ANY SOUND! IT'S FORREMOTECONTROLLING ONLY! Features: - RTA overlay in PEQ view -RTAaveraging - Level timeline for gate and dynamics (pro version)-Peak hold for all meters with changeable hold time (pro version)-Peq preview in channel strip (pro version) - High contrast modeforoutdoor usage (pro version) - Popgroups (pro version) -RoutingMatrix - Limit access to only one monitor mix (withpasswordprotection) - Supports all firmwares starting from version1.15! -Create unlimited DCA groups (IDCAs) - Customizeable layer,channelorder and mutegroup labels - Up to 32 channels visiblechannels perlayer - Channel move and batch copy - Access topresets, scenes,cues and snippets - Runs on smartphones and tablets- Direct emailsupport - Much more :-) Compatible mixer: - X32, X32Producer, X32Compact, X32 Rack, X32 Core, M32
Smart Applock Pro - Security Vault 1.0.1
Tritons App
Protect your app privacy with pin/password, pattern lock andhiddenvault.AppLock 7 star Features are asfollowings.1.AdvaNceProtection : just switch on to prevent fromuninstall.2.Break inAlert Images : Take selfie photos automaticallywhen someone tryingto unlocking your application with wrong pin,password orpattern.3.Easy Lock New Install or UninstallApp.4.Strong SecurityApp Lock : Change your security question andanswer for advanceapplock protection.5.Easy Switch lock Pin toPattern Password : Setfour digit, six digit pin and patternpassword and also hide orinvisible your pattern lock.6.Hide Photoand Video Vault : AppLockcan hide user photos, videos, phonecontacts, files with all typesof extentionslikepdf,jpg,jpeg,excel(xls),word(doc),note(txt),android(apk),image(png),mp3,mp4,movieetc.7.GroupingApp Lock are as followings.(A)Switch : Keep Wifi andBluetooth Safeand Secure with wifi lock and bluetooth lock withsecurescreen.(B)Advance : Protect your Whatsapp, Facebook,Messenger,Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Phone Contacts, Email or Gmailand SystemSettings.(C)General : Protect your Contacts, Phone,Messaging,Selfie(front) and rare Camera and other importantapps.Protectprivate memories easily. No pin, no way.AppLock hasinvisiblepattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pinpassword orpattern. More safe!With This AppLock, you will:1.Noworry aboutfriends n followers borrow your smart phone to playgames withmobile data again.2.No worry about a workmate gets yourphone tolook the phone gallery again.3.No worry about someonereads yourprivate data in your apps again.4.No worry about parentsto checkyour Whatsapp, personal SMS and messages.5.No worry aboutkids messup Settings, send wrong Chat SMS or messages, paying moreCOC gamesand reducing your phone battery again.6.Lock Google Playto preventbuy games.7.Lock incoming and outgoing call screen.WithThis PhoneDoctor, You will:1.Memory Boost your phone Ram speed andbatterywith App cleaner & booster features!2.Use Clean JunkFiles toClean your phone storage catch memory with Boostmasterquickly!3.Use Battery saver to Fast Charging phone batterywithpower saving down your phone with phone cooler.Wehopethat you will enjoy our Smart Applock Pro - SecurityVaultapllication.Note:"This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission" for advance protection.Please Feel free tosend yourquality feedback to us! forimproving ourservice to serve you better apps product.
Bluetooth spp tools pro 0.16
The software for the Bluetooth client communication tools(ie:Bluetooth slave mode), Bluetooth serial communication canbetested. Can connect a Bluetooth MCU and PC serialport.Supportandroid 4.0+ version of the system.Hardware 1.SerialPort BluetoothModule( TTL )2.Arduino Microcontroller Board3.MCUserialcommunication4.Can search for Bluetooth low energy devices(nothingmore)Software features: 1. Search for Bluetooth devices,anddisplays the class and RSSI (signal strength); 2. The use ofserialcommunication, receiving and sending data; 3. Can be set toASCIIand HEX input and output mode; 4. The data results can besaved tothe SD card(/sdcard/Bluetooth spp pro/...). 5. Can searchforBluetooth low energy devices (nothing more) This toolthreemodules: 1. Byte stream mode: the basic input-output model;2.Keyboard mode: Can customize the output value of 12buttons;Eachbutton has three states(respectively: Down | Long-press| Up), eachstate can send commands event. 3. Command Line: Set thecommandterminator for communication debugging.If the connectedBluetoothdevice is not paired, the system will automatically promptyou forpairing. Bluetooth pairing is successful, try to connectagain.Thiscan only connect Bluetooth serial module devices,Bluetooth devicesare generally used for MCU serialcommunication.System using theBluetooth pairing means: [menu->Settings -> Wireless andNetwork -> Bluetooth Settings], openthe Bluetooth feature, andto search for Bluetooth devices to pair,paired with a device onlyonce.System Configuration (includeskeyboard mode button settings)file can be found in the SD cardBluetooth spp pro directory. Youcan back up the configuration file,or copy the configuration fileto another terminal equipment,covering his profile to completerecovery. Special cases:Non-normalend of the Bluetooth function,may lead to not be able to connectBluetooth devices such as thisis the case, please restart the phonecan often return tonormal.Contact the author (Welcome to AC):WeiBo: Email:lijian@gmail.comKeywords:Bluetooth,communication, MCU , industrialcontrol, serial Assistant, Arduino,Robot Control, TTL debugging
Flashlight PRO + Color Screen Flashlight 3.4.4
NoWi Apps
Ultra Bright Flash light and torch light for your Android. NewandFree FlashLight with all possible sources of light in yourphone.Light up the dark spot with new Flashlight app. Make partyshinewith Strobe/Blinking mode. This handy torch app is apowerfulllightning tool and its Free. Simple operation, beautifuldesign andmany options. This is a Bright Flashlight PRO app. BestBrightestFlashlight App on google play store. Main features: ★Ultra BrightFlash Light - Guaranteed ★ Takes little space in phonememory ★Fast start on all phones and tablets ★ Convenient superbrighttorch front and back ★ Adjustable dimmer for screenlightbrightness ★ Screen and LED Torch with strobe effects ★ScreenFlashlight with Color picker ★ Vibro confirmation of modeswitch ★Strobe/Blinking light adjustable with several frequencymodes ★Useful screen flashlight for phone and tablet without ledflash. ★Beautiful ON/OFF switch - Turn on the light easily andquickly ★SOS Emergency calling via LED or Screen in Darkness ★SimpleInterface and Clean Layout make the Light operation simpleandfast! ★ Easy-to-Use - Fast Startup and Smooth Operation ★Lowbattery consumption - the app is optimized to use thebatterywisely ★ Android Production Pro Tools ★ Totally free app ★LedFlashlight ★ A battery-operated portable light. Used toilluminatethe camera's LED on your android phone. You can set theflashingfrequency of the Stroboscope LED flashlight. Another optionis toset SOS torch light mode in Morse language. Also knownasReflector, Flashlight, Torchlight, Lamp, Galaxy, Tactical,MilitaryFlashlight, flashlite. ★ Screen Flashlight ★ Simple, whitescreenwith full brightness adjustment to provide bright whitelight. Whenusing a color palette, you are not limited by choosingcolors likeother Flash + Light applications. You can choose theblue, red orgreen colors all these and other colors you choose willbrightenyour phone. To adjust the brightness, use the slider on themainscreen. Also known as LCD light, AMOLED light, White light,Colorlight, Lamp, Reading flashlight, soft light, book light,nightlamp, torch, Lampara, Linterna. ★ Can’t find your key in thedark?★ Like to read your favourite books at night? ★ Forgot tobringyour torch when camping or hiking? ★ Or want to be a beaconoflight in the darknesss? Get Bright Flashlight Pro ! Thelatesttorchlight app with a top user-friendly design. BrightFlashlightPro is a smart and tiny torch application that transformsyourdevices into an extraordinarily bright flashlight in aninstant.Your device camera LED light will be fully utilized tolight up.Available Options: Turn on startup - LED will start toshine whenapp starts Turn off at exit - LED stop shining when mainscreenlooses visibility Use Screen as Light - White background willbeused for production soft light Off Timer - adjustabletimerdisplayed on main page Hide status bar - Hide or show statusbarSound and Vibration - ON/OFF switch will be moreinteractiveSharing New Flashlight app with friends possibleCompatible phonesand tablets: Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Sony,Lenovo, ASUS, Motorola,Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu The Flashlightapplication wasphysically tested on: Samsung Galaxy S6+EDGE, S7, S8* Note3,4,5,8* LG G3, G4, G5, G6 Sony Xperia Huawei P7, P8, P9, P10*Mate HTC ONE M8 ★Multi-languages Flashlight - English,Português,Españo, Español, Česky, Pусский, Français, Italiano,हिन्दी, Dansk,Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe,Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語, 中文 and other Thank you fordownload!We'll be excited if you give us a ★★★★★ rating and let usknow whatimprovements or other features the app should have.CameraPermision is only for controlling Camera LED flash on theback ofthe phone.
lt.noframe.fieldsareameasure 3.8.8
Easy to use, useful app for an area, distance andperimetermanagement. This tool is helping for million people tomeasuretheir fields, mark their needed points and sharing theirmeasuredmaps with their colleagues. Don't waste your time searchingfor thebest free app to measure area, distance and perimeter -choose ourapp and simplify the measuring process! UNIQUE FEATURES:➜ Fastarea/distance marking ➜ Smart Marker Mode for very accuratepinplacement ➜ Name, save, group and edit measurements ➜ “Undo”buttonfor all actions ➜ GPS tracking/Auto measure forwalking/drivingaround specific boundaries It also includes afeature to send anauto-generated link to your friends or partnersof pinned/selectedarea, direction or route – displays the area youwant to share. Afeature to add the point of interest or POI on thefield helps toavoid stones, mark fences or boundaries of paddocks,grazeterritories for dairy cows, cattle, beef and other livestock.Inneed for more advanced versions?: ❖ PROversion ❖ Ad-free version Tryout our other apps for farmers: ❖ FieldNavigator ❖ AgroBASE ❖SoilSampler ❖ Commodity Spy❖ Calcagro Disclaimer:Subscription is notincluded in ad-free or PRO versions, it is anadditional featureobtained by an in-app purchase. The mentionedversions influenceand expand functionality. * The app perfectlyworks with a GARMINGLO and GARMIN GLO 2 external GPS antennas.Download it and startmeasuring your fields today! GPS Field AreaMeasure is also usefulas a map measurement tool for outdooractivities, range finderapplications and sports such as biking ormarathon. Comes in handywhen exploring golf area or as a golfdistance meter, convenientfor land surveys, practical for fieldpasture area measure, helpfulin garden and farm work or planning,great to keep area records.It’s great for constructions andagricultural fencing. Thisapplication is practical even for solarpanel installation, roofarea estimation or trip planning. Ourmeasuring app has the highestaccuracy in the market, that being themain reason why we’re theleading measuring app among constructionsites, building and farmcontractors and farmers. Among our usersare people constructingroofs, buildings and roads, farm owners whoare spraying,fertilizing, seeding, harvesting farms or tilling.It’s helpful forbiking, traveling or planning trips. For growinggardens andpaddock, grass or lawn – we are the number one choice.Includingpeople who are farming beef, pork, or poultry – theapplicationcomes in handy for fence measuring and planning. Pilotscan alsouse this app while flying in the fields. Farm managersandcontractors who are exploiting agricultural work for farmerscanuse this app to count the amount of planted fields and sharethemwith the owner. The fields are displayed in Google Maps. It'sagreat tool for paddock calculation and measuring. This is thebestsolution for farm owners who grow wheat, corn, rapeseed,maize,sugar beet and need to measure the planted area annually. Allinall, it is useful for: - Farmers, for farm management -Agronomists- Town planners - Construction surveyor - Landscapeartists - Landbased surveys - Land record management - Constructionsurveys -Health, Education and facilities mapping - Farm fencing -Sportstrack measurement - Construction sites and building sitesarea -Asset mapping - Landscape design
Map Area Measure
Measure area on the map. *** If you cannot open APP afterUpdateVer.1.1.1, Please Re-Install APP.*** How touse Function. 1. Measuretheland area. 2. Measure the distance. 3. Share informationthroughthe app. 4. Save image data. 5. Save measurement data. Canberetrieved later. 6. Get the address automatically. How to use.1.Select the map as desired. 2. Press and hold on the map atthepoint you want. 3. Press the finger icon to remove it. 4. PresstheFinger icon directly to move the point. 5. Press thebutton>Send photos to line or Facebook. Version 1.1.0 - AddChange MapType - Normal Map - Satellite Map (Recommend use) -Satellite MapWith Label - Terrain Map - New Completed Draw PolygondesignVersion 1.0.9 -add function add point Version 1.0.8 - addsearchbar can search by word or latitude,longitude (separatelat,lng by ,; : or space). - add search bar can search log in localphones. -add myLocation Icon with GPS accuracy (+- m). - addfunction drawpolygon area by GPS with myLocation with GPS accuracy(+- m). Thisfunction can use by click myLocation with GPS accuracyto placepoint in map. (this function need to walk around land area)Version1.0.7 Add Units of measurement Area. 1. ไร่-งาน-วา(Thailand) 2.Square Meter (m2) 3. Are (100m2) 4. Decare (1000m2) 5.Hectare(10,000m2) 6. Square Kilometre (km2) 7. Acre (United States)8.Square Miles (mi2) 9. Square Feet (ft2) 10. Square Yards (yd2)Formore information Or report a crash atbunjong.yosapa@gmail.comhttps://yosapa.com
Aurora Applock Pro 1.8.8
Prevent spying, Protect privacy, guard your phonesecurity.Ifsomeone uses your phone, the “AppLock Pro” to lock theprivacy appand prevent others from snooping.Through the password topreventothers to view your social software and other privacy app,to avoidrevealing unnecessary secrets.Easy to use, efficient andsafe“AppLock Pro” app, should be your good choice.We have thefollowingfeatures:1. You can choose to encrypt all applicationswithin thephone, all aspects of protection of your mobile phone andprivacysecurity;2. Use pattern password, digital password in twoways toprotect mobile phone security;3. Efficient and stable,compared tosimilar App more stable, more energy-saving use.AddDevice ManagerpermissionsA privacy protection application, in orderto preventbeing maliciously uninstalled. We need to add DeviceManagerpermissions to prevent third parties from uninstalling. Ofcourse,if you need to uninstall, please go to the application toturn offDevice Manager permissions, and then you can uninstallthisapplication.
Flashlight PRO 1.10
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This is ad free (no ads) version of myFlashlight: device into a flashlight. Flashlight in your pocket -when youneed it, where you need it. Essential app for everyAndroid device.Flashlight app used your camera LED at full power,making it thebrightest flashlight. Flashlight app has thefollowing features: -On / Off- SOS signal for emergency use- 60seconds light On- Batterymeter- Brightest LED- Screen light ondevices without camera LEDflash- Easy and fast to use- Stunningand realistic HD design-Supports all Android devices
com.grymala.aruler 1.4.1
AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to tapemeasurethe real world with your smartphone’s camera. Target aim onthedetected plane and start to use ar tape measure tool. iPhone&iPadversion: Ruler app – allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm, m,mm,inches, feet, yard. 2) Distance meter – allows to tapemeasuredistance from device camera to a fixed point on the detected3Dplane. 3) Angle – allows to tape measure corners on 3D planes.4)Area and Perimeter – allows to tape measure perimeter and areaofthe room. 5) Volume – allows to tape measure size of 3D objects.6)Path – allows to calculate the length of the path. 7) Height–allows to tape measure height relative to the recognizedsurface.8) Plan – generates plan projection for drawn objects andexportsit to PDF format. 9) On-screen Ruler app – measure smallobjectsdirectly on the smartphone’s screen. Try AR Ruler app now –we’dlove to hear your feedback! Note: Please note that AR Rulerapprequires ARCore library produced by Google. ARCore isconstantlyimproving, which, in turn, positively affects the qualityandaccuracy of AR Ruler app. Customer Support: Should you haveanyquestions about AR Ruler app or need help, please do nothesitateto contact us via developer email.
MusiX Player PRO (Trial) 1.6.5
⚠ *** -40% SALE *** ⚠ Best music player with a unique designforlarge smartphones (5 - 8"). Screens of devices are growingeveryyear, unlike our hands :) It's time to think about theusability ofthis stuff! The main player controls are within accessof thethumb. No need to reach for the distant areas of the screen.Norisk to stretch the fingers / drop the phone ;) MusicPlayerFeatures: ■ One handed use concept ■ Sidebar for controlandnavigation ■ Stylish "Hi-Fi" skin ■ 3D effects for swipes(cube,inside, flat) ■ Visualizer with fine-tuning of appearance■Floating Widget ■ Lock Screen (with visualizer and animation) ■TagEditor ■ Tabs for open playlists ■ Intuitive trackscontrol(drag&drop in queue, select, add, delete, send) ■Pull-to-Sortand powerful sorting of all lists ■ Folders &standard musiclibrary categories ■ Crossfade & Fade ■ Equalizerwith presetsand preamp ■ Unique widgets with seekbar: Notification&Homescreen +appearance tuning ■ Sleep Timer (stop and start)■Choose encoding for non-Unicode tags (gibberish correction)■Control playback with wired headset and Bluetooth AVRCP ■SupportsALL audio formats supported by the phone: mp3, flac, aac,m4a, mp4,ogg, wma, wav (depending on the Android version) <-14-daystrial version-> ✒ Translate MusiX Player to NEW languageand getPRO version for free! Music Player Music Player PRO version exclusivefeatures: ■Visualizer with fine-tuning of appearance ■ Lock Screen(withvisualizer and animation) ■ Floating Widget ■ No Ads<-ATTENTION -> MusiX Player is actively developing. Wereallyappreciate your feedback! In case of problems: 1. Keep Calm;) 2.Let us know through the app (Settings - Support button) orbyemail/forum. Please do not use Google Play reviews forthispurpose, because it complicates communication and bug fixing.
Cache Cleaner Pro 5.0.1
The ultimate cache cleaning app.Cleans Cache more than otherCacheCleaning Apps in Android, Does it without root access!FlushAllApps Cache, Clean individual App Cache, Auto Clean Cache(ProFeature), and lot more features..Cache Cleaner gives youultimatecontrol over your device cache. Now Free up 100's ofpriceless MBsfrom your device/phone memory (Internal) and boostyour devicespeed in just one click of a button!Auto-Cleaner (ProFeature),Cleans memory automatically. Available intervals: 1minute, 5minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours,12hours, 1 day .Works on both rooted andnon-rooteddevices.Permission requirement:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:For deletingcache files from external storage.By,8JAPPS
Toolbox - Smart, Handy Carpenter Measurement Tools 2.6.1
"Toolbox" is a set of handy and elegant measuring tool kit. Itturnsyour smart device into a swiss army knife that measureeverythingyou will ever need.Currently, this carpenter tool boxincludes 14metering tools:- BAROMETER- ALTIMETER- COMPASS- DECIBEL(Sound LevelMeter with dBA, dBC)- TESLAMETER (Metal Detector)-METRONOME-STOPWATCH- TIMER- SEISMOMETER (Vibrometer)- PLUMB BOB-SURFACELEVEL- SPIRIT/BUBBLE LEVEL- RULER- PROTRACTORTry "Toolbox"for FREEnow today.
Brand new FREE theme for GO SMSPro!❤Features:Colors:green,brown,grayDecor: teddy bear,boyCustomDesign:InboxBackground,Cov Background,Chat Bubbles,Popup Window,TopBar &Bottom Bar,ect..❤Notice:GO SMS theme is only available forphoneswith GO SMS Pro installed. Click here to install GO SMSPro!❤How touse this theme:After downloading and installing thistheme, go toTheme Store -> Local ->Choose your theme ->Apply❤❤❤Followus:Facebook:
YouTags Pro 4.0
Find TAGS of any YouTube Video