Top 49 Apps Similar to XPOSED IMEI Changer

[ROOT] X Privacy Installer 1.18
This application will help you toinstallXPrivacy, the ultimate, yet easy to use,privacymanager.✦ ✦ ✦ Root required ✦ ✦ ✦If you don't have the Xposed framework installed already,theinstaller will help you to install this framework, since itisrequired to run XPrivacy.Android 5.x Lollipop devices: you will need to install XposedforLollipop manuallySee here for installationinstructions: support, please gohere: can prevent applications from leaking privacysensitivedata by restricting the categories of data an applicationcanaccess. XPrivacy feeds applications fake data or no data at all.Itcan restrict several data categories, such as contacts orlocation.For example, if you restrict an application's access tocontacts,that application will receive an empty contacts list.Similarly,restricting an application's access to your location willsend afake location to that application.XPrivacy doesn't revoke or block permissions from an application,somost applications will continue to work as before and won'tforceclose (crash).Read more about XPrivacyhere:
IMEI Analyzer 1.1.7
IMEI Analyzer is a powerful tool forIMEIAnalyzing, IMEI Checking and IMEI Calculating.- IMEI Checking:Check whether the given IMEI (15-digit number) is valid or notbycalculating the Check Digit (using Luhn algorithm) andthencomparing with the Check Digit of the given IMEI. There is alsotheoption that allow you to fetch data (Brand and Phone Model)fromthe popular website IMEI Calculating:You can enter the IMEI without the Check Digit (only 14 digits)andthis app will calculate the Check Digit by usingLuhnalgorithm.- IMEI Analyzing:Breakdown the IMEI into the following parts:• Type Allocation Code (TAC)• Reporting Body Identifier (RBI)• Mobile Equipment Type Identifier• Final Assembly Code (FAC)• Serial Number• Check DigitMore info about IMEI:IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.Thefull IMEI number is 15 digits in length. You can obtain theIMEI byopen the phone's dialpad and enter *#06*. Or you can see itin thelabel on the back of the phone, behind the battery.
Check IMEI 1.2.3
Check IMEI connects with officialIMEIdatabases, giving answers in seconds and with100%reliability.Do not risk your investment, check if your new acquisitionisproperly homologated (applies for the country of Ecuador) andfreeof reports, you have doubts about the origin of the IMEI oftheequipment?Consult official databases, gain exclusive access to theGSMAdatabase (GSM Association) which currently has more than 800mobileoperators (Movistar, Claro, ATT, T-MOBILE, etc.) as globalpartnersand 200 companies Similar, with the most complete IMEIdatabase inthe world.Also access the official IMEI databases, so that they do notre-sella phone reported in another country as new.Save a history with the queries and share the IMEI consultedwithyour friends.
Device ID & SIM Info 2.0
This is the simplest App to get your DeviceID& SIM Card information and share with your friends or onyouremail for future use and it is very useful tool for bothusers& developers.MAIN FEATURES:- Provide Device information including different types of IDsandserial numbers.- Provides SIM Card information with operator name, code.- Gives network information with type of the network.- Store multiple devices in the app that sync with securecloudserver.- Find out the lost device information such as IMEI number ordeviceID easily by login to your account from any other deviceusing thisapp.- Very useful app when you have multiple devices info to storeatone place.User can copy and share whichever information they want tocheckthat is required for personal use.NOTES:- This is advertisement supporting version and requiresINTERNETpermission. Your information will be safe in thisapp.- As there are too many devices available today, it might notworkperfectly on everyone's device, but we are working hard to getitwork on most of them. If you have any problem with your phoneortablet, please contact us freely anytime and we will try tofixyour problem very soon in the next version.
SIM Tool Manager 4.0.9
sadens Studio
★★★★★Very Easy and Fast to ↓↓↓View SIM Card Information.Import and Export Phone number.Delete or Add new Phone number.Multi Delete Phone number.Sent message or make a call from this app.Copy number and text into clipboard.Manage Sim contact number.Back up SIM phone number into Sdcard.Import phone number from Sdcard to your Sim card.Add new phone number into Sim card.SIM CARD INFORMATION/Network signal strength monitoring:Sim card status.Sim operator.Sim country location.Sim operator code.Network type.dBm level monitoring.ASU level monitoring.Signal strength monitoring.Sim serial number.Subcriber ID/IMSI.Voice mail number.Active Roaming. YES or NO.SMS capable support YES or NO.Voice capable support YES or NO.In the SIM Info, now posible to save and share sim details tosomepeople!NOTE: this features required location permission to detectnetworksignal strength of your Sim card.PHONE INFORMATION:Phone number. (now posible to add manualy phone number if yourphonenumber is not visible!)Phone type. (type of your phone)Model. (model of your phone)IMEI number.Serial number. (serial number of your phone)In the Phone Info, now posible to save and share phone detailstosome people.In this version Now location permission are required todetectsignal strength in your location area because we addednewfeaturesSIM Card Network signal strength monitoring!NOTE: If you feel unsafe because the application isrequestinglocation permission, you can switch to "Dark Edition"that does notrequire location permission. Means in Dark Editionversion has nofeature to detect signal strength dBm ASU Level ofyour Simcard/phone.NOTE: Permissions are required for the app tofunctionproperly!We do not collect user data/information.If you have any questions, feel free to contact
SIM Card 2.1
Get information about SIM card(s) inyourdevice.Application supports dual SIM phones if your have devicewithAndroid 5.1 or later.You can also access contacts stored on SIM card. Feature tobrowserSIM contacts on dual SIM phones supports only first SIMcontacts.Easily export your contacts to CSV file to backup thedata.For the first SIM Card installed in phone you will get full listofparameters. If you have Dual SIM phone you will getinformationabout subset of parameters.List of supported parameters:- SIM card state- SIM card serial number (ICCID)- SIM card country ISO- SIM card operator code- SIM card operator name- SIM IMSI- Phone number- Phone type- Voice mail text ID- Voice mail number- Phone type- Device IMEI- Device MEID or ESN- Network country ISO- Network operator code- Network operator name- Network type- Voice roaming- Data roamingPermission READ_PHONE_STATE is required to get information aboutSIMcard.Permission READ_CONTACTS is required to get contacts stored onSIMcard.This is adware version and requires INTERNET permission.
GalaxSim Unlock 2.9.6
Easily sim unlock your Samsung Galaxyfamilysmartphone/tablet (S, S2, S3, some S4, Tab, Tab2, Note,Note2...)so you can use any other network operator.No need for unlock code on most devices: as simple as onebuttonclick, and you can change your carrier sim card !GalaxSim Unlock is the only app that can instantlyandsuccessfully unlock new Galaxy devices. Even with recent ICSorJB roms update, your GS2, GS3, GS4 or Note2 won’t relockafterreboot.Major functions:★ Sim Unlock your phone (in-app payment)★ Backup and Restore EFS data, keep it safe on your email orDriveaccount (free)★ Get detailed information about your nv/lock state* Please note that due to different hardware, many LTE/4Gdevicesaren’t supported yet. On some SGS3, SGS4 and Note2, a recentromupdate brings a new lock system that can't be unlocked yet.Don'tleave bad feedback, we’re working on it, but that’s acomplexprocess that requires time and access to locked devices!*Features:✔ Unsimlock / unbrand your phone✔ Persists even after reset / flash / wipe / unroot✔ Supports any rooted rom (Samsung stock, aosp, aokp,cm10,cm11...)✔ Supports international GS4 GT-I9500/I9505, GS3 GT-I9300,Note2GT-N7100✔ Supports other Galaxy family devices (S, S2, Tab, Note andtheirvariants)✔ Supports devices previously unlocked with "voodoo unlock"or"galaxy s unlock"✔ Detects errors like lost imei / serial in nv_data caused bythirdparty apps✔ Gives detailed information about current locks status(locked,unlocked or "partially locked")✔ Automatic and manual efs backup (should guarantee a safeuse),restore it on demand✔ Supports more Galaxy devices soonEasy to use:• Be sure your rom is rooted (tutorial links included formajordevices)(you can unroot once unlocked)• Click on "unlock" button• RebootNotes:• If other carriers' sim cards are still refused after asuccessfullunlock, your phone might be "hardlocked" by yourcarrier, read FAQfor workarounds (only seen on Telcel and Claro sofar).• Free download and in-app billing to unlock so that you decidetopay if your device can really be unlocked, not before.Thebackup/restore feature is free and will stay free. Pricedisplayedbefore order. Buy once, illimited use. Refund on demand ifwe can’tunlock your device.• Tested on (full list available in the FAQ):- Galaxy S: GT-I9000 (SGS), GT-I9000, GT-I9003 (GalaxySL),SGH-I896, SGH-I897 (Captivate), SGH-T959 (Vibrant, Fascinate,4G),SGH-I997 (Infuse)- Galaxy S2: GT-I9100 (SGS2), GT-I9100, GT-I9103 (Royal),SGH-I777,SGH-I927 (Glide), SGH-S959G- Galaxy S3: GT-I9300 (SGS3), GT-I9300T, GT-I9308- Galaxy S4: GT-I9500 (SGS4), GT-I9505, GT-I9502,GT-I9508,SCH-I959, SM-C101, SGH-I337, SGH-M919, GT-I9195 (S4Mini)- Galaxy Note: GT-N7000, GT-N7100 (Note2), GT-N7102,GT-N7108,SM-N9005 (Note3), SM-N900T, SM-N900A- Galaxy Tab: GT-P1000, GT-P6200, GT-P6800, GT-P7100,GT-P7300,GT-P7500 (Tab 10.1), SC-01C, SC-02D, SGH-T849,SGH-T859,SGH-T869- Galaxy Tab2: GT-P3100, GT-P5100, GT-P5110- Misc: Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100), Pocket (GT-S5300, GT-S5302),Y/Pro (GT-S5360, GT-S5363, GT-S5367, GT-S5368, GT-S5369,GT-S6102,GT-B5510, GT-B5512), Pop (GT-S5570I), new Ace (GT-S5830,GT-S5839,GT-S6802), Mini (GT-S5570), Gio (GT-S5660), Fit(GT-S5670), Pro(GT-B7510)...• This app is not affiliated in any way with Samsung.• Trademarks and model names listed above are © copyrighted bytheirrespective owners.• YOU MAY NOT USE THIS APPLICATION FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.• Promotion video music by
Official TWRP App 1.18
Team Win LLC
TWRP - Team Win Recovery ProjectOfficial app developed by Team Win for TWRP. Use the app toalertyou when new TWRP versions are released for your device. Whena newversion is available, download it using the app and installit(root users only) without rebooting to recovery.You can find a brief guide and more details about theapphere: Official TWRP App does not require root to performversionchecking, however, additional features are available such asimageflashing if you grant root permissions.Currently the app is only able to flash images frominternalstorage. We will add the ability to use additionalstoragelocations very soon!We will be developing additional features in the near future,socheck back often!Please do not ask us to add TWRP support for your device. Wesimplydo not have access to all of the devices or the developerresourceto port your device for you. You can port your owndevicehere:
SuperSU 2.82
SuperSU is the Superuser access managementtoolof the future ;!!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser accessrightsfor all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU hasbeenbuilt from the ground up to counter a number of problems withotherSuperuser access management tools.Features include:- Superuser access prompt- Superuser access logging- Superuser access notifications- Per-app notification configuration- Temporary unroot- Deep process detection (no more unknowns)- Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)- Works when Android isn't properly booted- Works with non-standard shell locations- Always runs in ghost mode- Wake on prompt- Convert to /system app- Complete unroot- Backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies- Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible- Theme selectable from 4 options- Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#* or*#*#7873778#*#*(*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)NOTE: Not all phones take both codes. On some phones you need tousesingle *# instead of double *#*#The Pro version additionally offers:- OTA survival mode (no guarantees)- Full color-coded command contentlogging(input/output/error)- Per-app logging configuration- Per-app user override- Grant/deny root to an app for a set amount of time- PIN protection- Per-app PIN protection- Adjust auto-deny countdownSUPERUSERThis is meant to replace Superuser (if installed), you useeitherone or the other. You cannot combine them. Statements thatthisbreaks Superuser are therefore completely nonsensical.NOTICE: A SPECIAL PROCEDURE IS NEEDED FOR UNINSTALLATION. IF YOUDONOT LIKE THE APP, DO *NOT* JUST UNINSTALL IT, YOU *WILL*LOSEROOT.Superuser access management runs through a so called "subinary".There can be only one of these at a time. So if youinstallSuperSU, your previous superuser access management solutionwill nolonger operate. So if you want to switch back: (1) Openthatapplication, and search for an option for ittoinstall/update/replace the "su binary". (2) Confirm root-usingappsare using the superuser solution you want. (3)UninstallSuperSU.IN-APP PURCHASESThese are completely optional and more like donations. They donotunlock any functionality.Contact us:Website :
[root] FlashFire 0.73
FlashFire is the most advancedon-devicefirmware flasher available for rooted Androiddevices. It canflash full firmware packages from variousmanufacturers, as well asapply over-the-air (OTA) and ZIP updates- all while maintainingroot, and without using a custom recovery.It also offers fulldevice backup and restore functionalities inseveral formats.Relevant files can be stored on internal storage,SD cards, USBconnected storage, or can even be streamed directlyto and from yourcomputer using USB or Wi-Fi.FlashFire is the spiritual successor to theMobileODIN app, which was a similar solution (usingcompletelydifferent methods under the hood) exclusively for Samsungdeviceson older Android versions.FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, it shouldbeused with caution. Data loss, soft-bricks, and even hard-bricksarepossible if used incorrectly. Unless you are an expertuser,consult FlashFire's website and the XDA discussionthreadbefore doing anything potentially destructive.Note: currently all functionality is unlocked withoutpurchasingPro. This may change in the future!Website: discussionthread:
Clip Stack - Clipboard Manager 1.8.3
Catching Now
Clip Stack is an open-source project. Thisisthe only OFFICIALapp. video: , byMaxPatchs.If you have any suggestions or complaints Please don'thesitateto contact me at .Clip Stack The easiest way to extend multi clipboardforAndroid.✓ Free ✓ No-Ads ✓ Material Design ✓ Open-Source************- XDA-Developers: The developer offers up an app thatallowsyou to control your clipboard and easily store multiple linksandcopies.- Droid Views: After extensively using this app I mustsaythis app is a true winner in actually making it easier for ustofreely copy text and then use it some other time.- Android Community: The app is an open-source project andsoit is absolutely free and with no ads to boot!************🌐 Unlimited ClipboardsClip Stack can remember all your clipboard history and recovertextafter reboot. It's a clipboard manager,a user friendlynotebook,and maybe a tiny GTD manager.You can easily copy, share, star, delete, and mergeeverytext.🌐 Works EverywhereWhatever phone, tablet, and wear, all Android devicesaresupported.🌐 Powerful NotificationClip stack's notification is simple and powerful. You can switchtherecent 5 texts just in notification.Notification will be displayed only when copying new text andyoucan dismiss it by swipe or even disable it by long press.🌐 Permission UsageRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start a background service to listenthesystem clipboard. It only cost 4.5M - 6M RAM. You can close itinSettings if you really don't want it.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Forexportclipboard history. This app won't write any other files toyour SDcard.VENDING.BILLING: Only for donate. Clip stack is a fullfreeapp.------------Important Notice:Recently Google Play updated its policy and normal appsareforbidden to use the Accessibility API, otherwise they willberemoved within 30 days.As a result, Inputting+ may no longer be available on GooglePlay.Some feature of Clip Stack (floating bubble, black list,autopaste)has been removed.Sorry for bringing you inconvenience but we can notdoanything.MoreInfo:
Mobile Tracker for Android 4.9
Android Mobile can be Tracked and deletefilesafter it get lost.About Mobile Tracker Application:Benefits in Mobile Tracker for Android app,* When the Android phone get stolen/lost and When the new SIMcardis inserted in the mobile, this Mobile Tracker for Androidappbegins and automatically sends SMS from the SIM card whichisinserted.* When Android phone got stolen/lost, you can even delete filesinthe phone by sending "DELETE ALL" as SMS to yourmobilenumber.* You have to store your family/friends mobile numbers in theappand the SMS can be sent to those mobile numbers. The SMScontainsthe IMEI number of the mobile and service provider detailsof theSIM. The security enhanced by prompting password to opentheapplication.Mobile Tracker for Android Features:* Delete files by sending SMS* Users can see their current location address* Mobile Number Tracker* Application Password Recovery* Turn On/off the app is useful for multiple SIM cardSteps to use:* Step 1: Install Mobile Tracker for Android from GooglePlay.* Step 2: Set Up Password for your secure access.* Step 3: Pick 4 Contacts and click save to store thosecontactnumbers inside this app.* Step 4: Accept delete files by sending SMS feature.* Step 5: Goto help option and get our support if required.How it works?After mobile phone get stolen/lost, and when the new SIM cardisinserted in the mobile, this app begins and automatically sendsSMSfrom the SIM card which is inserted. Once the SMS is received,youcan make a complaint on that number you received SMS from andtrackyour mobile.Delete phone memory files by sending SMS.Proceed with thestepsdescribed in the app.Mobile Number Tracker Feature:* Search any indian mobile number details from this mobilenumbertracker feature.* Mobile Number Tracker provides complete information of anyindianmobile number and service provider.* Mobile Number Location can view in mapMy Location Feature:Mobile Tracker for Android Application has feature to displayandshare current location information.Support:If you required any assistance/guidance, click on support linkgivenin help option and ask your queries. We will help you attheearliest.Important Notes:* Mobile Tracker App is password protected. Other persons cannotseeor use user's information from this app* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read the contact andmakeuser's to pick individual contact to store in the applicationanddisplay picked contact numbers when user get in to thisapp.ThisApp won’t use the contacts for any other purpose* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to send SMS automaticallywhenSIM change/password recovery. SMS send by the application whenSIMchange/password recovery, will cost you money as per SIMcardnetwork plan. This App won’t use the information in SMS foranyother purpose* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read phone state, to getthephone number of the device, current cellular networkinformation anda list of any PhoneAccounts registered on thedevice. All theseinformation included in automatic SMS.This Appwon’t use theinformation for any other purpose* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to Receive SMS and ReadSMS,Which is the used in one of the feature of this app to deleteallthe files in memory by receive and reading the SMS. This Appwon’tuse the SMS information for any other purpose* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read/write internalandexternal storage, Which is the used to delete all the filesininternal and external memory when mobile get lost from user.ThisApp won’t use the information's in memory for any otherpurposesand once deleted the memory information's could notberecovered* Mobile Tracker App uses permission to access coarse andfinelocation, which allows an app to access approximate andpreciselocation, to display location in Google map. This App won’tuse thelocation information for any other purpose.
ICC ID 1.1
Tamer Saadeh
This is an incredibly simple andsmallapplication that provides only the integrated circuitcardidentifier (ICC ID) of the current subscriber identity module(SIM)card. This number is needed when transferring from onenetworkprovider to another. It makes the transition much easierwithoutthe need to switch off the phone/tablet to get this valuethat theyrequire.To read more about the ICC ID, goto phone state: this is required to get the value of theICCID.And nothing else!
Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)
Willi Ye
REQUIRES ROOT (THIS APP WILL NOT ROOTYOURPHONE)WARNING: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE!I DIDN'T MISSPELL ADIUTOR !Read the FAQ in the application for further informations(You are not using any kernel mentioned above? Don't worry thisappwill work on any device!)An application which manages kernel parameters.It depends on your kernel which features you can use.With Kernel Adiutor you can tweak and monitor things like:CPU (Frequency, Governor)I/O SchedulerKernel Samepage MergingLow Memory Killer (Minfree settings)Virtual MemoryFlash/BackupBuild prop EditorRecovery (Flash, Wipe)Init.d editorSaving Profilesand a lot more... (check it out, keep in mind that onlysupportedthings will appear on your phone!)Features which aren't supported by your device won't show up inthefirst place.This Application is open source! testing Thread me translating this application! want to support me? of waiting for an update? New features every day! Joinbetatesting now. more news about this app? Follow me on Twitter
Device ID Changer 1.10
NOTEThis is only ANDROID_ID changer.REQUIRED☀Your Device must be rooted for using this appFEATURES:☀This Device ID Changer App Provide you facility of changingyourphone ANDROID_ID which is unique for every device.☀This App backup your original ANDROID_ID which can berestoredagain when you need.☀By this App you can fill random id with only one click.ANDROID_IDA 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generatedwhenthe user first sets up the device and should remain constantforthe lifetime of the user's device but it can be change byfactoryreset of phone. When we factory reset phone every timeIDchange.By this app we can change ANDROID_ID without reset phonebecausewhen we reset phone our phone data may lost. By this app ourdatais safe and we can easily reset ANDROID_ID.
Device Id IMEI Serial MAC 1.0.8
If you want to know your AndroidId,Advertising Id, IMEI, Sim Serial, Wifi Mac address etc.Install this application in your device. You can simply copy bylongclick on any id and and share that easily with others.
IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 1.8.8
The app is in English, Spanish, French,Turkishand Hindi. The IMEI GENERATOR is a simple app forgenerating andanalyzing IMEI for mobile phones. Each IMEI has beentested andconfirmed to be real. With the IMEI GENERATOR, there isno chance ofgetting a fake IMEI. There are more than a hundredphones listed andmore will be added as time goes on. The app iseasy to use with nocomplications. IMEI GENERATOR is brought to youby gibatekpro.Generate multiple IMEI at a go.This app makes it easy to analyze your IMEI to check if itscorrect.It is also used to check the IMEI of your device with justaclick.The Phone specifications function of the phone provides the usersofthis app with basic information of many models of differentbrandsof mobile devices.Specifications include:Operating SystemProcessorNetworkAppearanceDisplayCameraMemoryConnectivity SensorOther features includedEasy Comparison:This app makes it easier to compare multiple devices with itstabfunction allowing you to slide through each device anditsspecifications with ease.The specifications, however, do not include images of the phonedueto copyright concerns. For complaints or questions, contactthedeveloper directly on the app has no link whatsoever to any app or website thatprovidessimilar contents. Contents on this app have no affiliationwith anywebsite.This app DOES NOT load its contents from any website andiscompletely independent.For any complaints, ensure you contact the developer you for your support.
Sim Details and Location 1.5
SIM Details : Operator name, SIMStatus,SIM IMSI, Roaming Information, Mobile Data Status,CountryISO.Network Info: Network Provider, Network Type 2G, 3G, LTEEtc,Operator ID, Data State.Device Details: IMEI Number, Device Type GSM/CDMA,ModelName, Manufacturer, Brand, Hardware Info.Operating System Info: OS Name like Jellybean, Kit Kat,SDKVersion, Android Version, Binary Type* Updated with latest 7XXX and 8XXX Series* Includes Videocon numbers, Landline Numbers andTollfreeNumbers* No Internet connection required, Works offlineaswell.* Locate phone number area and state.* Shows Caller Information during the call.* STD Code of all Cities in India* ISD Codes of all Countries in world.Smart Call Logs: Call logs with fine detail of everycalllike Location of call, SIM service service provider nameetc.Smart Contacts: Contacts with detail like Geographicalareaof Service Provider, Location etc.
Sim - Phone Details 3.3
This app reads your current Sim Cardinfo,Phone info, Smart Watch details, Android TV Info, CellularNetworkand android OS info.Android Wear Standalone independent app.Following details read for any android device...1) Sim Card Infoa) Sim Serial Numberb) Sim State1. Absent2. Network Locked3. Pin Required4. PUK Required5. Ready6. Unknown7. Not Ready8. Error, permanently disabled9. Error, present but faulty10. present but not usable due to carrier restrictionsc) Sim Country ISOd) Sim Operatore) Sim IMSIf) Sim Roaming2) Network Infoa) Operator Nameb) Network Type2G ( GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, 1xRTT, IDEN )3G ( UMTS, EVDO_0, EVDO_A, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, EVDO_B, EHRPD,HSPAP)4G ( LTE )c) Data ConnectionWifi, Mobiled) Country ISOe) Operator ISOf) Cell ID (CID)g) Location Area Code (LAC)3: Phone Infoa) IMEI Numberb) Device TypeCDMA, GSMc) Screen Sized) RAMe) Screen Resolutionsf) Screen Densityg) Modelh) Brandi) Manufacturerj) Hardware4) OS Info Readsa) OS Installedb) SDK Versionc) Android Versiond) CPU TypeTranslation Support for multi languages:============================================Phone details Info App translated in followinglocalizedlanguages:1) English2) Arabic ( العربية )3) Chinese ( 中文 )4) Russian ( русский )5) Spanish ( Español )6) French ( français )7) German ( Deutsche )----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM Manager
ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP foranyAndroid root user. (Over 10 million downloads andcounting!)* Flash your recovery to the latest and greatestClockworkModrecovery.* Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.* Organize and perform backups and restores fromwithinAndroid!* Install ROMs from your SD card.* Install your favorite ROMs over the air!Premium Version:* Incremental update zips (save your data plan!)* Premium ROMs* Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!* Automatic backups* Install Queue* Web Connect* Backup Download Server lets you easily transfer backupsasflashable zips to your computer.Do you prefer using only recovery manually? Check out theTouchRecovery in app purchase, for the most advancedrecoveryavailable!Why does ROM Manager ask for account permissions?Web Connect only needs to access your Google account to connectitto your google account. It can't access any private dataorpasswords.ClockworkMod Touch Recovery:ClockworkMod Touch recovery (and recovery) is work that needs toputin for every new device that is released by amanufacturer.If work on ROM Manager ceased completely, all the premiumfeatureswould continue working without issue. However, newrecoveries donot port and build themselves. Without ClockworkModTouch being aper device purchase, there is no way to recouprecurring servercosts and labor. Keeping ROM Manager free andoperational coststens of thousands of dollars a year, and that doesnot includeengineering costs.Your support is appreciated.Troubleshooting:Droid users: Stuck at the "M" logo? Flash an alternate recoveryandflash back to ClockworkMod.HTC Users: Flash recovery not working? Try fastbooting arecoveryon.Droid X/2/Pro Users: You must run the Bootstrap application firsttouse ROM Manager.Samsung users: You must flash a Clockwork compatible kernelfirst(see XDA forums)IF YOU ARE HAVING LICENSE ISSUES, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THELATESTVERSION OF FREE (4.0+) AND THE LATEST LICENSE(1.0.8+)INSTALLED!
Root Master 2.8
Top Tools
Root Master app increases Speed, Battery&Stability of your android device using our strongoptimizedalgorithms. You(user) have to decide which boost is bestfor youbecause some Users need Speed, some need Battery savings&others need overall stability. All these modes optimizesAndroid OS(Operating System), RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU(CentralProcessing Unit) of your android device. Each & everytechnicaldetails are explained in detail.Speed BoostThis mode hibernates most of the CPU demanding applications,ittests your RAM & sets RAM VM Heap size for betterperformanceand stability. This mode sets CPU governor whichinsuresperformance boost. Using this mode the processing power ofyourprocessor will be boosted and you will gain more performancetoplay hardware demanding games.Battery BoostIt hibernates Battery demanding applications. It sets CPUgovernor& RAM VM heap size to ensure huge battery savings&improving battery life.Stability BoostIt hibernates poorly programmed apps to ensure 100% functionalityofall your apps.Unlike other RAM Cleaner / Booster apps that alwaysrequiresconstant user interaction(by notification/ widget, etc), weneverdisturb you. After activating any Boost Mode keep thisappinstalled & start experiencing your device's truepotential.You never need to Clean RAM & Kill Apps, ouralgorithm istaking all the care in background. The complete processis 100%safe & it also have auto backup system so don't worry itneverdamages your phone.Root Master app works best with rooted android devices. Ifyourandroid device is rooted, please grant Super User permission toit.If your phone is not rooted or you are not able to root yourphone,this app helps you to get most out of your device in respecttoPerformance, Battery & overall Stability.You can even verify this app by testing the benchmark score ofeachboost mode.This app even shows Linux executing code on activating Boost.If you have any suggestion/problem/question regarding thisapp,please mail us, we will surely help to solve yourproblem.And if you like this app, please rate us 5 stars(🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟), itwouldhelp us a lot.
AirDroid: Remote access & File
★★★Featured on Google Play in 30+ countries.★★★Recommended by PCWorld, BGR, LifeHacker, CNET, Gizmodo,XDA,Phandroid and many more technology media/websites.Delight Your Multi-Screen LifeAirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phoneortablet from Windows, Mac or the Web, wirelessly, for free.Better focusedCalls, SMS, and the app notifications you allowed, mirrored tothelarge computer screen you are focused on.Better equippedType with full physical keyboard and control with a mouse.Transferthings faster without looking for a cable. Betterequipments,better life.Better connectedControl your Android from computer and use any apps oncomputer,like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. (root NOTrequired.)Other major features:1. Notification MirrorMirror phone notifications from any allowed apps to yourcomputer.Reply to mobile messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,Telegramand Kik) from desktop clients.(Desktop client only)2. Backup & SyncBackup photos and videos from phone to computer.(Desktopclientonly)Share clipboard between phone and computer.3. SMS & Contacts managementSend and receive SMS, and manage phone contacts fromthedesktop.4. AirIMEUse your desktop keyboard to type on your phone.(Desktopclientonly)5. Record screenshotRecord phone screenshot with one click, no root required.(Android5.0+)6. Speed boostClean memory and boost phone speed.7. Other phone management features (Web client only)Find phone: locate your phone when it’s lost.Remote camera: See through the lens of both front andbackcameras.Apps & Media: manage photos, ringtones and videos,upload,install and export apks.Connect with our team and other usersOfficial Forum: Blog: Weibo: support@airdroid.comWe may not be able to respond to each message, but we do read allofthem. Thank you!Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. It isusedfor the Find Phone feature.
L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT] 1.4.31
REQUIRES ROOT!!! (This app will notrootyour device)I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE!!!What is L Speed:L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside anintuitiveapplication, Its goal is to improve overall performance,reducesignificant lags, and extend battery life.The mod will and should work on any device that meets itsminimumrequirement.You only need a rooted Android device, Android 4.0.3 and laterisneeded for L Speed app to function properly.L Speed comes with a nice and clean user interface. Options suchastweaks are separated with sections, their explanation can alsobeopened with a long click. L Speed also supports changingthemecolors, with Light and Dark option available to suiteveryone'staste.Requirements:- Root (we recommend Kingo Root- White-listing (read below)L Speed white-listing:You may also need to whitelist L Speed from memorycleaning,autostart, hibernating or similar functioning apps orfeatures onyour device.Here are the list of some known functionality where youcanwhitelist L Speed:Samsung: Settings -> Security -> Auto-startSony: Settings -> Power management ->STAMINAmodeMIUI: Settings (Security Center) -> Permissions->AutostartHuawei: Settings -> All (Permissions) ->StartupmanagerThese may or may not be available depending on the version ofyourinstalled firmware / ROMHow to uninstall:Simply uninstall L Speed and reboot device.Supported architectures: ARMv7, ARMv8, x86 and x86_64Beta channel, join as tester: - Allows applications toopennetwork sockets, required for L Speed - Allows an app toaccessROOTandroid.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Allowsanapplication to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that isbroadcastafter the system finishes - Allowsanapplication to read from external storage, requiredforbackup& - Allowsanapplication to write from external storage, requiredforbackup& - Allowsanapplication to access networks state, required forpushnotificationsandroid.permission.BATTERY_STATS - Allows an applicationtoaccess battery statsandroid.permission.WAKE_LOCK - Allows an application towakeup device from deep sleep, required for governor tuner andappservicesandroid.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS - Allows an applicationtowrite device settings, required for aggressive dozeHelp with app translation: beta channel on playstore: L Speed on G+: L Speed on Facebook: L Speed on xda-developers: L Speed discussion on Telegram:
Wheres My Droid
Find My Phone!The first find your phone app on the Android Market continues togetbetter and better. Now with more features, it is easier thanever totrack down your lost phone.Wheres My Droid Features~ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate~ Find phone using GPS location~ GPS Flare - Location alert on low battery~ Text your attention word~ Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes~ Notification of changed SIM card or phone number~ Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word~ White/Black list to control who can use the app via text~ No battery drainAdvanced Security Features in Pro~ Take pictures with the devices camera~ Remotely lock device - Requires Android 6.0.1 or less~ Remotely wipe SD card~ Remotely wipe phone data~ Prevent app from being uninstalled~ Hide the app icon~ Use a landline to activate the app~ Customizable ringtone when lostPremium Features in Elite~ Geofencing~ Auto Theft Detection~ Passive Location Updates~ Motion Alarm~ Location History~ View Contacts and Call Log~ View Device Stats and Nearby Wi-FiLost Phone?Where's My Droid can turn the ringer volume up and make yourphonering. The app can also get the GPS coordinates with a linktoGoogle maps if you're not near enough to your phone to heartheringer. You have the freedom to track your phone from anywherewitha text messaged attention word or with our onlineCommander.Stolen Phone?Feel secure knowing that a thief won't be able to accessyourpersonal information on your lost phone. In the Pro version youareable to wipe and lock your stolen phone. Locking your phonewillmake it unusable while you try to track your lost phone'slocation.If there is no hope of finding your phone, then you canerase yourpersonal information with the wipe feature.The app does require a lot of permissions. For more details onwhythe app needs these permissions visit* This app uses the Device Administrator permission *
Root/Su Checker Free [Root] 2.2.8
KShark Apps
ATTENTION: THIS APP WILL NOT ROOTYOURPHONE, IT JUST HELPS YOU TO CHECK ROOT STATUS OF YOURANDROIDDEVICE!!Root Checker Advanced gives you an easy way to know if you haveRoot(Superuser or supersu) properly setup and installed in yourAndroidDevice. Aside from root check, It also lets you checkbusyboxinstallation and applets. Root Checker shows you the systempathsfor both Superuser and busybox binaries. All the superuserapps likeKingroot, SuperUser, SuperSu are inherentlysupported.Get Pro Version at 50% off Checker Advanced give you an easy explanation of what isRootand what is Busybox.The app has been updated with Materialdesignand supports Root and Busybox detection in AndroidNougat,Marshmallow, Lollipop, Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean,Gingerbreadand even froyoIf you have any doubts regarding root like What is Root? WhatisBusyBox? How to root my phone? How to Root Check? All thequestionswill be answered in the application. Also, if you haveanyquestion's that you want to know but are not there in Info,It'svery easy, download the application, go to Info Screen, Scrolldownto the bottom and select the yellow FAQ card, now you send usaquestion regarding Root and we'll answer it within 2 days.KEY FEATURES- Offline Busybox Installer- Get Root Check results- Verify Busybox installation- Check if any superuser app like SuperSU, SuperUser or Kingrootisinstalled- Find su binary location- Find busybox binary location- Find SELinux status- Check Build Info like Device Name, brand name, hardware,model,cpu etcDO YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ROOT AND BUSYBOX INYOURPHONE?Buy PRO (Root Checker Advanced Premium) for only 1.99$. Paidversionunlocks these features:-Offline Busybox installer-More Root Information-Fastest Root Check-More Busybox Information-Better experience-Find the best root apps-Get Premium Updates-No AdsHOW CAN I ROOT MY ANDROID PHONE?If you are finding how to root your phone, try to search inGoogleor XDA-Developers forum, there are lots of useful guides torootyour Android phone.The model that you need to follow to find a good guide issomethinglike that:"How to Root" + Phone NameFor example, if I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini, you will search-->How to Root Galaxy Mini, and if you don't find it I can addmoreinformation ---> How to Root Galaxy Mini S5570I.Easy, right?Some popular developer forums which provide info on how torootandroidList of suggested Forums :http://www.xda-developers.comhttp://www.androidcentral.comhttp://www.modaco.comComing with Material design, Root Checker Advanced is the bestappto Check Root in you android. It is small, fast and getsthejob done. See your Root results within 5 seconds. Don'tbothertrying other apps, this is the real deal!
NoRoot Data Firewall 5.4.1
FEATURES:* NO ROOT REQUIRED mobile and Wifi data firewall.* Control the access permission for each app to access internetwithmobile network and WIFI network.* Support to only blocking background data and let foregrounddatago.* Record, analyze and sort the data usage for each app.* Show the history data by hour, day or month in bar chart.* Notify when one app has new internet connection.* Set temp permission for just 1 hour.* Support mobile network only mode which disablefirewallautomatically in wifi network.* Analyze the accessed websites for each app.* Domain filter.* Domain resolution.* IP filter* No image mode.* Night mode.* Set DNS server address.* Startup automatically.* Capture data packets, which means you can sniffer theinternetdata on your device with no-root needed.* Support profile* Network throttleATTENTIONS:1. This app is based on VPN interface, which is the only waytoimplement the firewall on noroot devices. It works as theproxybetween the common apps and the servers. The app doesn't stealyoudata or send even one bit of its own.2. The app needs the permission to read/write sdcard fortwofeatures: 1). Backup/Restore the firewall rules to/from thesdcard.2. Store the captured package pcap file in the sdcard. Itdoesn'tsteel your data on the sdcard.If you still think it's not secure, please DO NOT install it.If you meet any issue or have any suggestions, please mail thanks for volunteer translators:Spanish(Athbezi@getlocalization, revoluazul@xda,RaggaMuffin@xda),Hungarian(hevesi_j@xda),Russian(gaich@xda, Serbul@getlocalization),Swedish(Helluuu@xda),Indonesian(Ledare@xda),German(naseweis520@getlocalization),Arabic(EslamA7med@xda),\nTurkish(realceday@getlocalization,profprof@xda),Italian(eagle983@getlocalization),Dutch(MainbraiN@getlocalization),Danish(FinnC@getlocalization),Polish(minedsafe@xda),French(coco206@getlocalization,pbenoit@xda,pelo26@getlocalization),Persian-Farsi(,Portuguese(rdg.camacho, Isai.Alcantara@getlocalization),Bengali(Subhro Bhandari),Japanese(pafff),Greek(GreekDragon@xda).Welcome yourtranslationat\n Forum1. Googlegroups:!forum/norootdatafirewall2.XDA: app is developed in my spare time.All the features are free and there is no ads in it.\n\nIf youlikeit and want to support the author, you can buy the donationpackageof FirewallDonationPackage( for your support.
imei info iphone 2.0
Here you can check your iPhone imei onmodel,size, color, serial number, coverage status, find my iPhonestatus,simlock and another information.EXEMPLEIPHONE 6S 64GB ROSE GOLDIMEI 355420009725219Serial number DNQQHU08GRYFActivated YesRefurbished by Apple NoTelephone Technical Support ExpiredRepairs and Service Coverage ExpiredFind My iPhone ONiCloud Status Lost/stolenWarranty Start Date 25.11.2015Warranty End Date 24.11.2016Estimated Purchase Date: 25.11.2015Sold By Click for buy check!Blacklist status Buy blacklist check!SIM Lock UnlockHere you can checkyouriPhone unlock solution on model, size, color, serialnumber,coverage status, find my iPhone status, simlock Reviews andanotherinformation.EXAMPLEIPHONE 64GB 6S ROSE GOLDIMEI 355420009725219Serial number DNQQHU08GRYFactivated YesRefurbished by Apple NoTelephone Technical Support ExpiredRepairs and Service Coverage ExpiredON Find My iPhoneiCloud Status Lost / stolenWarranty Start Date 11/25/2015Warranty End Date 24/11/2016Estimated Purchase Date: 11/25/2015Sold By Click for buy check!Buy Blacklist blacklist status check!SIM Lock Unlock
XDA 1.1.6b-play
XDA is the first and only app builtentirelyin-house with our own API to access the famous is the world's largest Android forumwhere youcan come to discover apps, ROMs, root tools, kernels, andmore, oryou can make some friends and just talk about phones.Features:- Fast- Fully material design- Read, write, and reply to threads- Full support for quotes/mention- Light/dark themes- Notification support- Great search toolsEnjoy!
SIM Card Info
SIM Card Info is a quick and simple appthatdisplay all the information stored on SIM card of your device.Itlets you quickly access information about your device simcards,network status, device information and the data stored ontheprimary sim card. It aims to be clean and simple to useandprovides a multitude information on the sim cards ofyourdevice.- SIM Card informationSupports dual and triple sim devices*Phone NumberVoicemail NumberSerial Number (ICCID)Subscriber Id (IMSI)Operator NameOperator CodeSIM CountrySoftware Version- SIM Network InformationAirplane Mode statusRoaming statusNetwork Type (CDMA/LTE/HSPA/GPRS)Network Operator IDNetwork Operator NameNetwork Country- Device InformationBrandModelManufactuerCode NameIMEIHW SerialAndroid VersionAndroid SDK versionKernel versionBuild IDPhone Type- Also supportsReading contacts stored on SIM cardReading SMS stored on SIM CardDetails of the required permissions. They are only requestedasneeded :READ_PHONE_STATE = Display general SIM and phone informationREAD_CONTACTS = Display Contacts on the SIMREAD_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMRECEIVE_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMRECEIVE_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMINTERNET = Required by Google ADs* Due to the vast amount of android devices some features mightnotwork on every device, but I am working to have working 100%onevery device. For any feedback about SIM card info app pleaseleavea mail at
Thief Tracker 4.0
Soft Brain
This application is specially design totraceyour stolen mobile and caught your mobile thief. Whenthisapplication is installed in your's phone.It will provide you your's phone set IMEI Number,Location ofyour'sPhone set automatically through SMS. Fantastically, it willsendSMS from thethief Mobile SIM when they put his SIM in your's Mobile so youwillalso get the thief SIM Contact Number and further you canextractmore information about the SIM card through Police. To checkthisapplication functionality just restart Phone set.
MTK Engineering Mode 1.2
This Application allow you to runAdvancedSetup from Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones, also calledSERVICEMODEIt don't need your position like Mobileuncle will work only on MediaTek based Phones..Use the secret menu carefully..if you don't know what you are doing... don't do it!!
Purify – Speed & Battery Saver
Purify optimizes your phone’s battery lifeandspeed up your android device by terminating frequentlyauto-startapps smartly. It’s completely free to use.How can Purify improve battery life?Many third party apps claim that they can save your phone’sbattery,but what makes Purify stand out?Purify Battery SaverPurify Battery Saver Smart Save detects your battery lifeandadjusts the battery-consuming settings accordingly such asyourscreen brightness. In addition, you can manually switch overfromSave Mode to Super Save when your phone’s battery isdrainingfast.In addition, we have programmed a complete set of rules tocontrolwhat apps and when should they be terminated to fullyoptimize yourbattery life. These rules are kept in the cloud andupdatedfrequently to fit every individual user requirements.How do I know whether my phone needs optimization?On Purify’s dashboard, we provide a mobile score to indicateyourphone’s running performance. If your mobile score is too low,youmay want to tap onto one-click to see improvementsinstantly.Furthermore, if you are fed up of tapping the one-click buttonfromtime to time, you can enable Auto Purify under the settingsandPurify will still be running in the background, terminatingappswhenever necessary.What other benefits do I have when using Purify?Purify Apk is able to help you archive all your notificationsinbatches, making your notifications bar look organizedandneat.Try Purify today to optimize your Android phone, save battery,speedup your android and remove unwanted bloatware. If you haveanyfeedbacks, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.*This app uses Accessibility services. AccessibilityServicepermission is enabling to clean up background processes andarchivenotifications from notification bar automatically.Download noticeWe only publish Purify Apk on Google Play, and our onlyofficialwebsite is If you find anotherdifferentpackage on a different site, please DO NOT download. Youmay kindlyreport spam to our mail addresspurifyappsteam@gmail.comThank you.
SIM Card Details 45
SIMPLE APP to View yourSIM/PhoneInformation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dual SIM supported added, you can see Both Network andSIMinformation about each cardSupport for SIM contacts added, you can View,EDIT andDeletecontacts on the SIM. and Save it to Phone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Serial Number (the one on the back of your sim card)Deveice Software VersionIcc Card InformationPhont type (GSM or CDMA or SIP)Operator Name ( Code and Full Name)SIMcardState(Unknown,ABSENT,PIN_REQUIRED,PUK_REQUIRED,NETWORK_LOCKED,Ready)Phone NUmberVoice NumberSubscriber ID (IMSI)And Network information like,NETWORKTYPE(GPRS,EDGE,UMTS,CDMA,EVDO_0,EVDO_A,1xRTT,HSDPA,HSUPA,HSPA,IDEN,EVDO_B,LTE,EHRPD,HSPAP)Data Connectivity ("No traffic","receiving IP PPPtraffic","sendingIP PPP traffic","sending and receiving","Dataconnection is active,but physical link is down")Data State(Unknown/Connected/Disconnected/Connecting)Roaming (Yes or NO)Operator Name (full and code )WiFi Information,State, RSSI, Link Speed, Net ID, Metered Hint, Frequency, etcGalaxy Y Duo, Galaxy Duo, Micromax duo and HTC duosAdd Pakistan Sim Check by CNIC IDYou can also,adjust the fontCopy all CodesShare to Apps.Key Features, Sim card, IMEI , 89 numbers on the back.
Root Checker 6.2.6
Verify proper root (superuser or su) accessisconfigured and working using Root Checker! Free, fast, easy,andused on over 10 million Android devices, Root Checker showstheuser whether or not root (superuser) access is properlyinstalledand working.This application provides even the newest Android user with asimplemethod to check their device for root (administrator,superuser, orsu) access. The application provides a very simpleuser interfacethat easily notifies the user whether or not theyhave properlysetup root (superuser) access.*Feel free to email me with any questions. I always reply!*This application will test the device for root (superuser)accessusing a very simple, quick, and reliable method that hasbeensuccessful for over 10 million Android devices. The su binaryisthe most common binary used on Android devices to grant andmanageroot (superuser) access. Root Checker will check and verifythatthe su binary is located in a standard location on the device.Inaddition, Root Checker will verify that the su binary isproperlyfunctioning in granting root (superuser) access.Many times users experience issues along the path ofinstalling,configuring, and gaining root access. For some users theprocesscan seem complex while for others the process can seemsimple.Regardless of the user's technical skill set, Root Checker,willquickly and correctly verify whether or not root access is100%functioning. The process of confirming root access issometimesknown by other terms such as, gaining superuser access orgainingadministrator access. Root Checker covers all these terms astheyrelate to one core function, being able to execute commandsthroughthe su binary with root access.If the Superuser management applications (SuperSU, Superuser,etc.)are installed and working properly, these applications willpromptthe user to accept or deny the root access request fromRootChecker. Accepting the request will allow Root Checker to checkforand confirm root access. Denying the request will result inRootChecker reporting no root access.Please don't leave negative feedback about a concern, bug orissue!Instead, please email me, tweet me, contact me on my web site-, IRC, or on the forums(XDA,RootzWiki, SDX, etc.) with your feedback, suggestionsandcomments!Facebook AdChoices: do my best to assist as many people as possible and appreciateallthe support that has made this application successful!Thankyou!
ROM Toolbox Lite
JRummy Apps
ROM Toolbox is THE MUST HAVE APPforevery root user. Get ROM Toolbox Pro to unlock all the features!ROM Toolbox combines all the great root apps into one monsterappwith a beautiful and easy to use interface. ROM Toolbox haseverytool you need to make your Android device fast and customizedtoyour liking.ROM Toolbox has been featured on LifeHacker,XDA-Developers,Droid-Life, Android Central, RootzWiki, AndroidPolice, DroidForumsand other popular sites. ROM Toolbox has one ofthe highest ratingsin the top 100 paid apps. Over 12,000 peoplegave it a full 5star review!This app requires root permission. For fast and friendlysupportplease email us at We will be glad tohelpanswer your questions and troubleshoot with you.ROM Toolbox combines apps like Titanium Backup, RootExplorer,SetCPU, MetaMorph, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator,Scripter, SDBoost, BuildProp Editor, Font Installer, BootAnimations & manymore apps into an all-in-one app!★ ROM Management ★☆ Install ROMs & themes. AOKP, CyanogenMod and otherpopularROMs included.☆ Create, manage & restore nandroid backups☆ Wipe data, cache, dalvik-cache, battery stats☆ Install multiple ROMs & ZIPs from your SD card★Root Explorer ★☆ Access the whole of android's file system (including theelusivedata folder!).☆ Batch copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, move any file or folder☆ Change file permissions and ownership☆ View, edit & share files☆ File manager with two panels for easier management★ Scripter & Terminal Emulator ★☆ Create and run scripts as root☆ Set your scripts to run at-boot★ Auto Start Manager ★☆ Enable/disable apps that run on start-up☆ Enable/disable any broadcast receiver, activity or service★ Rebooter ★☆ Reboot recovery, powerdown, bootloader, restart statusbar,etc.★ Font Installer ★☆ Install custom fonts from a huge list or from your sdcard☆ Set fonts as favorites & send them to friends★ Boot Animation Installer ★☆ Install custom boot animations from a huge collection or fromyoursdcard☆ Preview boot animations☆ Create a boot animation from a GIF file☆ Have a new random boot animation each time you boot-up!★ Theme Manager & Statusbar Icon Changer ★☆ Create and install full themes (MetaMorph compatible)☆ Customize your status bar by installing custom icons forwifi,signal, gps, etc.☆ Change your battery icons in the status bar to a custom one fromalist of 200+★ Boot Logo Changer ★☆ Change your boot logo for supported phones★ Theme Chooser Themes ★☆ View a list of themes for the TMobile Theme Chooser★Set CPU ★☆ SetCPU & scaling governor☆ CPU Profiles☆ Kernel tweaks to speed up performance★ Build.prop Editor ★☆ Easily edit your build.prop☆ Change lcd density, improve battery life,increaseperformance★ Auto Memory Manager ★☆ Set minfree values & select from presets. Apply valuesatboot★ SD Booster ★☆ Increase the speed of your SD cardWhat should our next app be? Let us know what you thinkhere: - Backup call log and smsSMS - Backup call log and smsAccounts - Backup and restore from Google Drive
Terminal Emulator for Android 1.0.70
Jack Palevich
Access your Android's built-in Linuxcommandline shell. Unleash your inner geek!This is a new version of the popular "Android TerminalEmulator"application. Same great program, just with a newname.Top Features+ Full Linux terminal emulation.+ Multiple windows.+ Launcher short cuts.+ UTF-8 text. (Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese,Korean,Russian, Thai, etc.)+ Completely free. No ads, no in-app-purchases, no nagscreens,nothing.Quick FAQ:+ If you are having trouble entering text, try installing thefree"Hacker's Keyboard IME". (Especially if you have a Samsung orHTCdevice.)+ This app isn't a game emulator.+ This app won't help you root your phone or change yourphone'sIMEI.+ You need to know (or be willing to learn) how to use theLinuxcommand line to use this app.+ You may want to install a set of command line utilities like"BusyBox" or "Debian chroot" in order to add commands beyond thecommandsthat come built into your Android device.+ If you get a -505 error when trying to install this appunderAndroid 5.0, it means that some other app is using thesamepermissions. You will have to uninstall the other app in ordertoinstall Terminal Emulator for Android. (People tell methat"jrummy's Toolbox Pro" causes this problem.)Want to know more about Terminal Emulator for Android?Join the G+ community: #Android Terminal Emulator check out the documentation wiki: to add or improve a translation of Terminal EmulatorforAndroid?See
MIUI tweaking Xposed module
Xposed module for MIUI tweaking.For working it require installed and functional Xposed!You can find detailthere:! In free version of module available all thefeaturesof the full version, so you can evaluate them.However, changes to the settings you have made will notbesaved!
SystemUI Tuner 255
SAMSUNG USERS READTHIS: Commands for more convenient copy-paste:- adb shell pm grantcom.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS- adb shell pm grantcom.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS- adb shell pm grantcom.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.DUMPFor some reason, a lot of manufacturers seem to have a problemwithus customizing our own devices, to the point where some disablethebuilt-in Android System UI Tuner.This app aims to fix that problem, by providing a replacement.Forthe most part, this is a replica of Android's System UITuner;however, there are a few extra goodies that Android'ssolutiondoesn't include by default.Using this app you can:- Control which icons appear in your status bar (not everytogglewill work on every device)- Customize Demo Mode- Control the importance level of notifications (7.0+; doesn'tworkwell on Samsung)- Enable some hidden features of Android- Toggle Immersive Mode- Change Quick Settings options (TouchWiz 7.0 users can changethegrid size)- Customize animation speeds- And so much moreMost features should work on most devices. Heavily customizedOEMversions of Android (such as TouchWiz) will have lessavailable.There is nothing that can be done about this.MIUI WILL NOT WORK AT ALL!TOUCHWIZ MARSHMALLOW WILL NOT WORK AT ALL!Now for some notes:- This app does NOT require ROOT, but you will need to grantsomepermissions using ADB (instructions in app). ADB IS NOTROOT!- If your device is rooted, the app will attempt to gainrootaccess. You can deny access if you want, but you will need touseADB to grant the permissions.- This app should work on any device running AndroidMarshmallow(6.0) or above, except devices running MIUI and deviceson TouchWiz6.0.- This app is EXPERIMENTAL! Certain features may not work onyourparticular device. If they do not, that is unfortunately out ofmycontrol.If you have a problem, visit the XDA thread, or email me. Icheckthese multiple times per day.XDA: Translate: to Android Dev for the feature graphic!(
HEBF Optimizer ▪ Root 2.0.2
Android VIP
This application requires root access,ifyou don't know what it means, please do not install :)HEBF (empty heart, full battery)Feeling heartbroken? Someone screwed up with you? Forget it.Yourheart can be empty, do not let your battery get too!What is HEBF:HEBF Optimizer is an application that aims to increasetheperformance of your device, also by focusing onbatteryperformance, we didn't forget it. With a clean, fresh andpleasantuser interface, HEBF shows you the explanation of eachoption rightbelow it. The application also features a useful andsmart toolboxthat you can use whenever you want.A brief history:Created in the midst of a broken heart, on top of this, themydevice's battery was discharging fast and increasing my fury.Thenthe application was created in 2014 (before in shell) intendedtoimprove battery life and performance of your phone. -IvsomEmídio.Requirements:▪ A rooted phone▪ Busybox installed (If it did not come with the root)▪ Android 4.1+Why do we need access to storage?We need to copy the necessary files for the application works,readthem and then run them, for that, we need thispermission.Why do we need busybox?The busybox assures us that all commands will run on all versionsofthe system, it is a binary that gathers the most commonbinariesinto one, so if one of them is missing on your system, itwill bepresent in busybox.Support:At the XDAThread: to you by: Lennoard Silva and Ivsom Emídio fromAndroidVIP
My SIM Toolkit Manager 1.0
My SIM is very easy and fast to view SIMcardinformation. Import or Export and Delete or Add new Phonenumber.Sent message or make a call from this app. My SIM ToolkitManagerAn application that helps manage the SIM card easily.Facilitatethe management of information on the SIM card by manageyourcontacts. And provides information that is useful. I hope MySIMwill help facilitate adequate and useful to users. Abilitytomanage the SIM card easily.★★★ SIM CARD INFORMATION ★★★★ Device Id (IMEI/MEID/ESN).★ IMEI SV.★ Network type.★ Active Roaming.★ Network provider.★ Phone type.★ SIM Serial number.★ SIM Operator.★ SIM Country of origin.★ SIM IMSI.★★★ MAIN FEATURE ★★★★ View card★ View all contacts stored on the SIM card.★ Search contacts★ Add contacts★ Remove or delete the contact list.★ Modify the contact's information.If you like this app don't forget rate 5 star ★★★★★ or review.Thankyou so much.
SamMobile Device Info 1.0.8
Share the information with your friends orcopyit to the clipboard.Find out the following about your device.General:* Model* Device type* Product name* Manufacturing date* Mobile operator* KNOX warranty bitFirmware (Samsung Specific):* Product Code* PDA* CSC* Baseband* BootloaderAndroid:* Changelist* Buildnumber* Build date* Build fingerprint* Build description* Android version* Kernel versionHardware:* Manufacturer* Internal storage* Board* Chip name* Platform* Modem* Total RAM* Screen* DPI* PPI* CPU ABI* Sound Chip* GPU* Rear and Front CameraPersonal:* Android serial number* Samsung serial number* IMEI for dual SIM-card devices* Bluetooth nameThe app will also work with other manufacturers but someinformationwill not be available.Migrated to Firebase which added 3 new permissionsincludingWAKE_LOCK and permissions to receive push messages (notused atm).Also adds BLUETOOTH permission to find out thebluetoothname.The app needs the READ_PHONE_STATE permission to be able tofetchthe IMEI number