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Chennai Auto Traffic Racer
"Chennai Auto Traffic Racer" is one of thebestendless arcade 3D racing games available. Try to reach themaximumScore/ Close Calls/ Distance and become the BESTTHREE-WHEELERDRIVER in the Global leaderboards as well asFriendsleaderboard.CHENNAI AUTO TRAFFIC RACER VS OTHER TRAFFIC RACERS-This game is focused on "Auto Rickshaw" or "Tuk-Tuk" (3Wheeler)which is one of the most commonly used local transportvehicles inIndia- An auto ride is itself a fun especially when the driver dodgesthebuses, lorries, trucks and cars with ease- This is game is spiced with some typical South Indianflavoursimported from Chennai CityKEY FEATURES- Best game play with well known user controls foreasyhandling- Realistic 3D graphics- Smooth handling- 3 Different Camera Views - Typical Top View, Rear View andDriverView- 1 Auto Rickshaw with customization- 2 different environments with 4 variations (Beach HighwayDrive,Beach Highway - Night Drive, City Highway Drive and CityHighway -Night Drive )- 3 Game modes: Endless One-way, Endless Two-way &TimeTrial- Catchy unique South Indian background music score that adds totheimpressiveness- Online leaderboards & achievements- Available for iOS and Windows Phone 8HOW TO PLAY- Tilt or Touch to steer- Touch accelerator button to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow down- Touch horn button to honk- Touch Camera button to change the camera viewTIPS- Drive fast to score fast- Get more close calls to earn more cash- Drive in convenient camera view (Top view, Rear view andDriverview)Chennai Auto Traffic Racer will be updated with more featuressoon.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement ofthegame.FOLLOW US** you all for your wonderful reviews and comments. Weareworking hard to improve this game. Watch out for moreupdatessoon!!!
Stunt Car Racing 3D 1.2
Stunt Car Racing 3D is a free race game that is perfect forrecklessstunt car enthusiasts, taking you and your appetite forcrazy carstunts to challenging courses in a colorful 3Denvironment. The gamefeatures a variety of fast vehicles, 24unique race tracks, andincredible action to challenge yourself.Hit the gas, collect allthe coins, be careful not to fall off thetrack, and get to thefinish line in time. Do you have the drivingskills to master a highspeed stunt kart and challenging tracks?Get in your car, try thesecolorful racing courses, and enhanceyour stuntman career!FEATURES★Free to play★ No speeding tickets★Single player simulator game★Realistic 3D graphics and colorfulcartoon tracks★ Accelerate tojump over ramps and perform extremecar stunts★ Avoid crashing andfalling off the tracks★ 24 uniqueauto race tracks★ Collect coins tobuy new racing karts★ Smooth,easy drive controls and incrediblegameplay★ Arrows to changedirection, and buttons to hit the gas orthe brakes★ Game over?Continue by watching a video or retry★ Formobile andtabletUNLOCKPerform stunts and get to the finish line intime toearn coins for each level you complete. Keep winning andspend yourcoins in the game store to unlock and buy 4 cool newcars. Expandyour collection of cars even faster by picking up allof the coinson each racing circuit.
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw: Auto Traffic Racing Simulator 0.1.2
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw: Traffic Racing Simulator is one of the bestandamazing Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw racing game, especially forthosepeople who love auto rickshaw driving games. Let’s you playthenewest and most realistic tuk tuk rickshaw racing gameacrossvariety of roads, tracks and challenges. Enjoy the CrazyAutoDriving on the highway roads as a Tuk Tuk Auto RickshawDriver.Don’t miss the opportunity to drive the real Driving AutoRickshaw.Test your Tuk Tuk Auto Driving skills in the three wheelerwalagame. Let’s start your Auto Rickshaw Driving journeycarefully.Drive your three wheeler Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw and raceagainstdifferent opponents in different thrilling race modes,involveyourself in one of the most hyper-realistic arcade racing 3Dgamesever. The action is endless and you are sure to have fastandfurious fun. Tuk Tuk Rickshaw: Traffic Racing Simulatorgameincluded five high quality rickshaws, during game playfirstrickshaw is free for drive, if you want to play withanotherrickshaw then you will perform best and get points toupgrade newrickshaw. In this endless arcade Auto Rickshaw racinggame threemodes are included, 1st one is Highway, 2nd one is Desertand 3rdon is Greenland. Tuk Tuk rickshaw driving and real driftingwillbring a fun part in your life. The heavy traffic like oiltanker,busses, cargo trucks, cars, and other vehicles maycreatedifficulty on road for you. So drive carefully throughthedangerous and challenging rushy roads, avoid the trafficaccidents,drive your auto rickshaw smooth through heavy traffic,show you’redrifting and traffic riding skills and become theprofessional Autorickshaw racers. Drive your three wheeler as alegendary tuk-tukdriver. The road turns and lanes will gives you areal driving andracing experience. Drive as fast as you like butdrive carefully toavoid hitting obstacles and other vehicles, ifyou hit any vehiclesor obstacles then you will not complete themission. You can enjoyriding, racing and drifting experience inthis auto rickshaw racingsimulation game. Tuk Tuk Rickshaw: TrafficRacing Simulator is anamazing Tuk Tuk rickshaw driving game, havefun dodging cars andtrucks while you speed up to the limit, if youwant expert rickshawdriver, then you must show your Auto Rickshawdriving skills.Overtake closely to another vehicles and get points,these pointsare very useful to upgrade new rickshaw, during gameplay enjoyfull of exciting challenges, avoid hitting other vehiclesin thisendless arcade racing game, show your racing driving skillsandbecome one of the fastest driver in all over the world. TukTukAuto Rickshaw simulator is providing you best Tuk TukRickshawTraffic racing game which have highly modified Tuk TukRickshaw, Ithave Heavy Engine Power with Perfect Braking System sodrive threewheeler and become Tuk Tuk Rickshaw wala. Enjoy theCrazy AutoDriving on the road as a Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Driver.Don’t missthe opportunity to drive the real Driving Auto Rickshaw.Test yourTuk Tuk Auto Driving skills in the Tuk Tuk Rickshaw:Traffic RacingSimulator game, show you are the only one and onefastest rickshawdriver in the global. Game Play ---Tilt to left andright move.---Touch gas button to accelerate. ---Touch brake buttonto slowdown. TIPS ---The faster you drive the more scores you get.---Overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash. ---Don’thitother vehicles or obstacles Features ---3 game modes(Highway,Desert and Greenland) ---Multiple Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw.---High HDgraphics with stunning physics. ---PerfectControl/Braking and BestEngine Provided. --- Addictive Backgroundsounds
Racing Formula 3D Game - Real Need For Race 1.3
The Game Link
Make your history in the gaming world after playing formulacarracing mania and get the more fame over the worldwide. Needforracing car 3d is the best racing game for those who haveracingfever and want to become the world’s best player. Defeat alltheopponents of formula one car race 3d and stay alive throughoutthecomplete game. If you are searching for free formula racinggamesthen you can meet your desires after playing need for carrace2018.Do you love to play free formula racing games? If yesthenwhat are you waiting for? Grab your handset device and playformulacar racing mania and refresh your mind. You will surlyforget toplay all other best free games after playing this topformula onecar race 3d. You can enjoy throughout the need forracing car 3dand become the champion of this formula one contest.You can modifyyour skills while playing need for racing car 3d.Doyou have enoughpotential to take part in formula car racing mania?If yes, thenits time for you to show your daredevil formula one carrace 3dskills and prove yourself the real champion of this game.Show yourhidden talent while playing need for racing car 3d and getrid ofboredom after playing this game. Do you like free formularacinggames 2018? If yes then it’s good time for you to utilize theofferof formula car racing mania.Game Environments:- Sunny-SnowFalling- Cloudy & RainyAre you interested to play bestfreegames 2018? If yes then hurry up and download this game nowandmake a lot of excitement during playing of free formularacinggames. We bet you will never played need for racing car 3d inyourlife before. You will be shocked after playing sports carracingrally. You will get rid of tensions after playing such anamazinggame of formula one car race 3d.Formula car racing maniawillprovide you real-time driving experience in your real life.Showyour expertise by performing stunts and drifting during sportscarracing championship. Complete all challenging levels on therealasphalt tracks and get the title of crazy sports car racer. Doyoufed up other free best games? If yes then you must try oursportscar racing championship.TIPS:- Customize all formulae carsandupgrade them - Complete the formula one race before allocatedtimeto get rewards- Be careful in knockout event- Defeat alltheopponentsFeatures:- Stunning scenes- HD graphics &Qualitysound- Smooth gameplay controls- Plenty of formula cars-East toplay but hard to be the master
Turbo Driving Racing 3D 2.2
Conquer street and sky in Turbo Driving Racing, a mix ofhigh-octanedriving and endless racing. Turbo Driving Racing is oneof the bestarcade endless racing games with stunning 3D graphics.This is TurboDriving Racing. The ultimate endless race in the citystreets,countryside roads and seashores, featuring amazingvehicles,addictive gameplay and intense traffic competition.Barrel throughpacked streets, avoid crashes, take down trafficcars, pick up coinsand perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts!The game willchallenge even the most skilled racing fans. GameFeatures: -Breathtaking visuals and amazing tracks - Earn cash tounlock andupgrade 8 high-performance vehicles - Pick your favoritecolors with9 paint choices - Customize your cars through 9different types ofwheels
Fast Racing 3D 1.8
Burn up the street with the fastest and most exhilarating 3Dracingaction in Fast Racing today! Live your life a quarter mile atatime as you take over the streets in this #1 acclaimed 3Dracinggame. Fast Racing combines stunning, high fidelity graphicswithaddictive gameplay that will have you swerving throughoncomingtraffic, collecting power-ups, and knocking other racersoff theroad. With astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, andawesomecars, Fast Racing creates a new type of racing experienceforAndroid users. Game Features: - Cutting Edge 3D Graphics andgnarlyimpact-crash sound effects - Upgrade and customize yourownvehicles - Earn cash rewards to unlock new cars - Race the wayyouwant: you can touch or tilt to steer - Enjoy well over 10 hoursofgameplay in the massive career mode with 48 levels
Hill Racing 3D: Uphill Rush 1.06
This is the most addictive physics-based mountain climb racinggamewith 3D graphicsThis racing game challenges you to unlock lotsofdifferent cars and well designed 3D stages, drive as faraspossible to collect more coins and using coins to upgradeyourvehicles. Each vehicle is unique with their own feature andtheirown upgrade options, some is suit for climbing hills, some issuitfor driving in the cave.Features:- Stunning 3D graphicsandrealistic physics.- Lots of vehicles (Dune Buggy, DirtBike,Monster Truck, Pickup, etc) with their own feature.- Eachvehiclehas a range of upgradeable components.- Well designed 3Dstages ,and more challenge stages will come soon.Start this amazinguphillclimb & car racing game now!
Rage Racing 3D 1.8.133
Rage Racing is a extreme 3D car chasing game, which is theperfectintegration of parkour and racing!Drift on the roads, rollin theair, rush out from the surrounded by cops! Enjoy theexcitingmoments of real speed racing!Features:☆ Real 3D graphics☆Onlyrequires 30MB of storage☆ Easy to control with one finger☆Allkinds of luxury cars☆ Customize the paint and upgrades☆ Threekindsof camera perspective☆ Endless mode and career mode☆ 100+levels tochallenge☆ Highway traffic: Super Car, Truck, Van, Bus,SUV, PoliceCar, Copter, etc.☆ Exciting sounds of engine andbackground music☆Online leaderboards and achievementsControls:*Slip right/left tochange lanes* Slip up/down to use the NOs* Tiltyour device todrive car slantwiseMore Super Cars are On The Way!
Race In Car 3D 1.7
Driving and racing in sports car is real fun, enjoy extremecarridingDrive your real speed car on the asphalt roads of cityandshow your real extreme driving skills as fast highway furiouscarracer. Ride your super-fast sports car in beautiful cityandovercome you’re driving high speed race fever. Be the expertcardriver, race through endless traffic. Test your real drivingskillswith the modern and latest ultra-speed fast driven cars andenjoythe in car extreme racing with a cockpit view. Racing insports carwith a cockpit view is real fun drive. Dr Ultimatedriving highwayrace 2017 is full with action, adventure and thrill.Extremedriving ultimate racing in real car simulator 3D is designedtoenhance your car driving skills on the asphalt road with a lotoftraffic. Real racing in speed car ultimate drive mania 2017 isthelatest and addictive game. Enjoy the modern and newest carracingsimulator with sports cars.Xtreme racing in fast car realdrivingmania 3D will improve your driving and racing skills. Becomethechampion of car racing by completing all the challengingmissions.There are three modes in asphalt racing nitro high speedfever2017, first fuel mode you have to take the fuel and keepyou’redriving continue. In second Time Trial mode you have to drivemorein the limited time. In last endless mode you can driveendlesslyuntil you crash with other traffic vehicles. Test yourdriving andracing expertise in real traffic and become theprofessionaldriver. Play the car ultimate racing game with heavytraffic havingextra challenges and overcome you’re driving hunger.Show yourdriving skills to the world and get the title of prodriver. Clearall the missions or levels with three stars and getcash. Use cashto unlock other modes and to buy new more featuredcars.Visuallycool HD graphics and wonderful city environment willblow yourmind. Really awesome crash animations and challengingmissions willtake the game to next level. Smooth controls and bestsounds willmake your interest in game. Download this amazing gamefrom theplay store.HOW TO PLAY• Tilt or Touch to Steer• TouchPaddle Buttonto Accelerate• Touch Brake Button to SlowDownFEATURES:• Realisticdriving experience• Awesome 3D environment•Lovely graphics• Smoothand simple controls• Thrilling missions•Cars with upgradablefeatures• Nice effect of sounds• Excitingobstacles
Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D 1.12.0
Get the respect you deserve from your unstoppable rivals and raceinyour abandoned homeland! Download Racing Xtreme: Fast RallyDriver3D NOW! Features: – Pick from 30 extreme post-apocalypticcars! –Discover different car classes: buggies, 4x4 off-roaders,SUVs,jeeps, sports cars, funny cars, and dragsters! – Win theDaily Racemode with real MONSTER TRUCKS! – Let your creativityflow through aton of tuning and customization options! – Racevictoriously throughthe wasteland and admire the old destroyedrefinery, abandoned powerplants, and more! – Drive top-classluxury DARTZ PROMBRON 4x4s: TheDictator, SpaceBaller, DrIvE Hards6x6, Iron.Xtal, Black.Shark, andthe brand new Prombron BlackAlligator! – Enjoy XTREME 3D graphics!CHOOSE FROM 30INDESTRUCTIBLE RIDES Pick and tune to perfection 30rides from 7unique car classes: buggy, off-road, SUV, jeep, sportscar, funnycar, and dragster. Choose from 25 car colors andcustomize your carby tuning its appearance. Slap on over 60 decalsif you want to!Upgrade almost every aspect of your ride – Engine,Turbo, Intake,Nitrous, Body, Tires, and Gearbox – and max out itsperformance!RACE & GET THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE! Beat yourracing rivals ina world where gasoline is scarce! Reach Xtremespeeds by expertlytiming gear changes and bursts of nitro to becomeone of the epicracers in this post-apocalyptic world! Race as fastas you can andgain the respect of your opponents! Switch on thenitrous andthrust yourself into another level of adrenaline-fueledracing!Some of your rivals were the best rally drivers in the worldbeforethe apocalypse. You'd better watch yourself! Show them whoshouldhave been the real rally champion! DRIVE LUXURY 4x4 DARTZPROMBRONCARS! Jump behind the wheel of indestructible andunstoppable DARTZPROMBRON rides made in Riga – bulletproof opulencetrusted bybillionaires, superstars, generals, and dictators since1869.Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D features 6 officiallylicensedvehicles from the world's most prestigious carmanufacturer! Jointhe world of unique cars created for winners!Feel like an immortaldictator driving these unstoppable machines!Choose from 6 XtremeDARTZ PROMBRON cars: The Dictator, SpaceBaller,DrIvE Hards 6x6,Iron.Xtal, Black.Shark, and the brand new PrombronBlack Alligator!Available on your mobile for the first time!ULTIMATE 3D REALISTICGRAPHICS Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3Dsets a new standard inthe racing genre. Enjoy extremely impressivegraphics and face yourrivals mad with the smell of gasoline.Discover thepost-apocalyptic world racing through the old destroyedrefineryand abandoned power plants with their rusty scaffolding andimmerseyourself in the wasteland. Explore your new homeland wheredrivingskills matter! MOST POPULAR AND REALISTIC MONSTER TRUCKSAVAILABLE!Get behind the wheel of Xtreme 4x4 MONSTER TRUCKS andexperienceadrenaline-filled excitement in the Daily Race mode.Reachimpossible speeds by expertly timing gear changes and burstsofnitro. Take on the challenge and beat the high score to set anewmaximum world speed record! Dear racers, these are the timesthatdefine a new racing genre! Finally available on Google PlayforFREE! Discover our other games: Followuson Facebook: Follow us onTwitter:
Crazy Prado Race 4x4 Rivals 1.0.1
hi, welcome to the world of crazy offroad racing mania. it is agameof luxury Prado simulation. you have to pass through a 4x4adventureof city roads, desert and hilly mountain tracks. it is auniverse of3D simulation games. you may enjoy the Prado park sim.player todrive a SUV Prado. you may have highway Prado riding toenjoy andenhance your driving skills. it is a huge land cruiser tojust makeyour play amazing. the game play is simple and you arenot asked todo much but only to do some Prado stunts challenge.there aredifferent levels with varying difficulty andenvironments. there arelevels with extreme jeep racing. the modelselection gives youvariety to play like versatile monster jeepsbecause it is crazyprado race 4x4 rivals involving crazy rivals torace. the roads areso designed that the play will love extremeasphalt super racing onthem to become a real hero of the game.youhave to be a furioushummer racer to give a win-win situation.overall the game containseach and every type of fast nfs modelcars from the makers of themfrom all over the has carswhich supports not only 4x4racing but 6x6 and 8x8 racing. if youhave a deadly racing fever,its best choice for you to get on theroad and start the race withultimate drift monsters. be a realhero and legend of ultimateracing with furious 8x8 Monster jeep.traffic is on. and show yourreal angry racing face to all theracing rivalsIf you're a realcrazy lover of death racer and loveto simulate driving skills amongtraffic wide racer then must enjoythis drag race and enjoy realformula racing and become a realtruck racing rivals. If you're areal crazy lover of gmc cars andlove to drive off-road cruiser withultimate adventure of Prado andrange rover then drive with real simof 4x4 express jeep racing.Jeep racing legends gives you a loads ofmodes of driving. Now youcan simulate your driving skills enough toprove yourself as a realroad legends with ultimate off-road cruiserdriving 2016. Jeepracing ultimate legends also gives you a chanceto show your realracing fever to all the racing rivals withultimate racing mania.Start engine, tap speed and thrill the racewith asphalt nitrospeed and become a real racing champion offormula racing + . Enjoyextreme road trip with crazy traffic racingexpress and become areal off-road legend with ultimate racing 2017of 4x4 pradoJeepracing legend is a free game for driving lovers. Ifyou're gettired of transport games, racing rivals and otheroff-road racingfever games then must enjoy this real off-roadcruiser with crazyjeep racing legends. Earn more and more money bywin the and unlockgmc cars from the huge collection of cruiser.JeepRacing LegendsFeaturesEnjoy crazy simulation of extreme roadtrip.Free drivingand racing + mania.Thrill the race with asphaltnitro engine.Smoothdriving and ultra modern graphics.Speedy Engineand real offroaddriving.Huge collection of gmc and offroadcruiser.Free and champmode of driving.Different model selectioninvolving American, Euroand Russian Pradoasphalt roads and offraodhilly tracks
Rickshaw Race Simulator - Hill Drive Chingchi Game 1.3
Grab real fun of Tuk-Tuk rickshaw racing game in off roads andcityareas. Try real Rickshaw Race Simulator thrilling levels,becomethe super hero by winning modern taxi rickshaw competition.Beforeplaying crazy off road rickshaw race you have played manyothershooting, car running, jeep competing & many simulationgamesbut now we come up with innovative idea of modern driveracingcontest. Drive three wheeler high speed taxi in uphill’s,mountainscity, other open areas where you enjoy ride of thisadventurevehicle. Pick the passengers from their destination andrelish themwith high speed fight of city chingchi rickshaw. Usethis auto cabfor school children with amazing control of contestand brakes.Children will happy by taking ride of crazy runningsimulator van.Drive crazy off road chingchi cab, on cities,mountains fieldsenjoy fun of its amazing control in beautifulenvironment greenvalleys, sea shores uphill climbing areas.Download & playTuk-tuk taxi simulator game by enjoying relaxingenvironment ofnature, beautiful scenes in busy off roads streets.Hill climb offroad rickshaw race give pleasure to user, you feelgood by takingchallenge to complete this real chingchi motor drive.Crazyrickshaw racing has different interesting levels, of raceincities, deserts, mountains and off roads. Use tilt orleft/rightbutton to move the real city motor driver, amazing usercontrolwill guide you competing this chingchi. Careful aboutdriving thehigh speed auto cab, it can cause acceleration, sounds.Use offroad rivalry, handle this interesting real auto tournament,free,smooth, tricky roads support you winning racing match.Accomplishcrazy challenge, improve driving skills and make yourselfworldwidetop driver of modern rickshaw challenge. Download and playthisRickshaw Race Simulator game in your device and have funwithmultiple racer. Drive safe and obey the all rules oftrafficotherwise the policemen or road warden will make a challengeforyou. You can have a choice of meeting, drive, and contest orpickthe passengers or children in Chingchi auto cycle, drop themontheir destination. Some passengers will bargain with you aboutfarebecause you take extra fare of driving this crazy autobikecontest. Give them discount, they will support you in winningthismotor match, also they will come to hire you while goinganywhereelse. Enjoy this motorbike simulator 2017 game on off roadscityareas. Polish your drive skills with this crazy motorbike.Drivethis real taxi match in uphill, mountain, sea shore areas andpickthe tourist, give them ride of cycle simulator 2017.Enjoybeautiful sounds, music creative artwork of3Denvironment.Features: Realistic environment of auto chingchimotorbattle Different midway challenges to drive this crazy autobikeThrilling Rickshaw Race Simulator Game  Drop passengers totheirhome with auto rickshaw
Formula Car Racing 3D 1.4
Formula adventure will start with a race for you.Get readyselectyour car with feature to speed your car up.Now challenge theanydriver and try to win from all with Formula Car Racing 3DGame.Youcan increase and decrease your formula car speed and applybrakeswhenever you want at any time.Drive like a super man isdifficultbut by playing this game you can become super Formula CarRacing 3Ddriver.Make a lot of stunt while driving your car.Rush upyour carinto other stop and change the direction is up to yourcommand.Adirectional map is for your guidline which show runtimeyourformula car navigation and other car which are crossingorcrossed.You can select your car according to your own mindset.Nowfeel comfortable and authentic feeling which playing formulacarracing 3d game.There are four tracks which comes when oneiscompleted.In each track there are two laps.Features:- StunningHighQuality 3D Graphics- No Internet Connection Required- ImprovedandPerfect Interface- Option to speed up and apply brakes- 4Differenteasy to hard track- 2 laps in each track- You can selectyour car-Cool and smooth graphicsPrivacy Policy :-We do not collectanypersonal user information for our use or any of ourpartners.Details can be checked frombelowlink:
Highway Bike Riding Free Bike Games 1.0
DRIVE THROUGH HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ON ASPHALT TRACKSAre you ready foroneof the most compelling and satisfying traffic racing experienceinthe world? If yes then download this endless bike game. Let mebreaka biggest secret about this highway bike riding free bikegames andthat is this highway bike riding free bike games is justnot bikeracing game but a car racing and rickshaw racing. With itsadvancefeatures now you can choose between 4 different cars, 2racer bikesand multiple monster racing vehicles. This highway bikeriding freebike gamesis a milestone in the genre of endless race.Race throughhighway traffic, avoid any traffic incident for thelong time andget opportunity to become a local traffic racer. Youare a speedrider and going to rock this endless bike race andendless car raceon your high speed car and on your high speedbike. Smooth andrealistic car handling make this endless trafficrace game a highwaybike riding free bike games with realisticracing and drivingphysics. If you drive endlessly through thehighway traffic withhigh speed on your speed bike or on your speedcar then you canbecome a first traffic racer of this highway.ENJOY THE SMOOTH ANDREALISTIC HANDLINGAre you tired of all thoseold racing trafficgames? Do you want to play something innovativewith different kindof vehicles of your own choice? If yes thendownload this top racinggame. In this highway bike riding freebike games of speed cars andsuper fast bikes there are differentracing cars and racing bikes ofyour own choice. Drive your car ordrive your bike through thehighway traffic earn cash and upgradeyour speed car or just go forbuy new vehicle. In this traffic racegame there are different kindof super fast racing vehicles like 4super fast cars, 2 motorbikes,a rickshaw and a monster truck. Thishighway bike riding free bikegames is just not traffic bike raceor traffic car race but it isalso an endless rickshaw race.Endless bike racing is now redefinedwith the choices of differentcars. Drift through highway traffic onyour speedy car or your fastbike or perhaps you may like endlessrickshaw. Get ready forendless traffic race on your super fastrickshaw or on your monstertruck. LEADER BOARS AND ACHIEVEMENTSThistraffic race is going tobe your next addiction with multiple racemodes, like there are 4different addictive environments snowy, citynight, rainy anddesert. Along with choice of different environmentsyou can choosebetween 4 different racing cars, 2 racing bikes and amonster truckalong with rickshaw. Faster you drive through trafficthe morescore you get and opportunity to become a local trafficracer.Addition of leader boards and achievements make this endlessbikerace a top racing game. There are different addictive gamesmodeslike: two way, endless, time trial and free ride. Yoursracingrivals in this top racing games are trucks, buses, sportscars,racing bikes and SUVs. While driving over the 100 kmhovertaketraffic closely to get extra bonus and opportunity tobecome acompetitive traffic race. KEY FEATURES:• Smooth andrealistichandling and driving• 4 Cars, 2 bikes, a monster truck anda luxuryRickshaw• 4 game modes: time trial, endless, two-way, andfreeride• 4 detailed environments desert, snowy, rainy, and citynight•Traffic rivals includes: buses, trucks, cars, rickshaws, andPrado•Leader boards and achievements GAME CONTROLS:• Tilt or touch•Touchcorner brake button to slow downGAME PLAY Tips:• Drive fasterandget more scores• Drive over the 100 kmh and overtaketrafficclosely to get extra bonus• Drive in opposite directionwhileplaying two-way mode to get extra cash and scoresWe Updateourgames and remove bugs on regular basis. Your valuablefeedbackwould be appreciated gladly.
Car Traffic Race 12
Become a car racer and drive through traffic at crazyspeeds.Features: - Beautiful 3D graphics - Tap to accelerate -Release toslow down - Auto speed ups - Collect coins - Drive carthroughcity, desert, and bridges
Car Racing Online Traffic 10.8
Download and play Car Racing Online Traffic for FREE and playthemost addictive online racing game on the Google Playstore. Ifyouare a fan of car racing games or driving games, you need to tryourreal car racing simulator now. We will bring you the bestendlesstraffic racing online experience for you!There are many cargamesand car racing games out there. But can you have all the funthatCar Racing Online Traffic can give you? Race the traffic inourEndless Play mode and see how far you can go. Race onlinewithfriends and fellow gamers on our race track. Explore the globeinfour different maps with different terrains and challenges.Upgradeyour racing cars to the max. There are so many things to doin ourcar game that you will never get bored. Fans of free onlineracinggames will go crazy when they discover what else they cando.=========================================Car Racing OnlineTrafficHIGHLIGHTEDFEATURES:=========================================UNBEATABLEGAMINGEXPERIENCEExperience our latest cutting edge gamingtechnology. Youwill be amazed on how smooth and realistic the carhandlingexperience in this traffic racer game. ENDLESS MODEPlaytheultimate endless traffic racer game on our Endless Mode. Weusecutting edge technology to make your driving experience morereal.ONLINE RACE MODE FROM DIVISION 1 TO DIVISION 8!We prideourselvesas being the best multiplayer racing game onAndroid!Choose the carthat suits your best and race online on ourOnline Racing LeagueChallenge! You can get massive prize forparticipating in ourOnline Race League from Division 1 to Division8. Steer your car!Show your best high speed driving skill andovertake your friendsand other players from around the world!CAREER MODEPlay our careermode and play the endless traffic realcar racing in more than 4maps and 3000 missions! It is truly adream come true for a carracing games fan. CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITECARS!We provide 15 cars thatyou can choose with realisticenvironment. Rich types of NPCtraffic including trucks, buses andSUVs.HIGH SPEED DRIVINGSteeryour car and overtake other cars toearn more coins. The moredanger you face, you will get even morecoins!HIGH QUALITYGRAPHICS
Enjoy our cutting edge 3D graphictechnology. We bring youthe most realistic environment and carsamong other driving games.UPGRADE YOUR CARS
You don’t have tosettle for basic car featuresnow. You can upgrade your car to itslimits, modify it, andcustomize it with colorful car paints andwheels. You can upgradeand modify your car’s Speed, Acceleration,Handling, and Brakingoptions. EXPLORE DIFFERENT MAPS
Experienceracing like you’ve neverhad before! Explore different terrains withits own challenges. Seeif you have the skill to win against youropponents in 4 differentmaps. Prepare to overcome the nature andweather. Challengeyourself on the hot Island, sandy Desert, denseForest, and icyWinter. SHOW WHO’S THE BOSS!
Show off your drivingskill and earnhigh score. Compete with your friends and globalplayers in ourmultiplayer racing mode on the race track. Put yourname our OnlineLeaderboards andAchievements!=========================================These aresome of our bestfeatures and will make every car games enthusiastenjoy our game.We will bring even more cool features so we will betruly numberone among other car racing games. So download our gamenow and racethe traffic to victory! We love to hear from ourplayers! Pleasedon’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback andcomments on ouremail address (email). We will also appreciate yoursupport byleaving us a rating and review!
Furious Car Racing 1.2.1
Mouse Games
This is Furious Car Racing, the ultimate drag racer in thecitystreets! Build, Race, and Tune your car until it's at theabsolutepeak of its performance to dominate the gang city. Competeincareer mode and work your way from rookie to pro by defeatingthegrand auto gangsters in the city of San Andreas. Then takeitonline and go up against the best around the real world inonlinemultiplayer play! No need for car theft now, the stakes arehighand the risk is real in this game. Back you bets to be as fastaspossible unless you are prepared to lose! Game Features: -Stunning3D graphics and streamlined controls - Find the optimaltune foryour car with hundreds performance parts - Fullcustomization foryour cars including paint, plates, wheels and etc.- Live opponentsof real racing competition in Underground mode
Turbo Cars 3D Racing 1.1.3
Speed Freaks, get ready for one of the most furious carracinggames! This turbo racing game will give you the thrill you’vebeenlooking for. Get ready for challenging missions, race fastandfearless and dominate your opponents. The top-notch GT racingcars,the 3D environment and the treacherous asphalt track will makeyourcompetition even more enticing. If you love the action, thespeedand the beautiful sports cars, this game will perfectly suityourneeds. All you have to do is to get it as soon as possible fromthestore, then fasten your seatbelt and start the turbo engine.Canyou feel its handling? Outset the rally with a circuit racingtypeand beat the laps of all the opponents. But, this is not allwehave for you! Try out the knockout rush course and the timeattacktype. You will definitely love this racing game and letitentertain you for many hours! The amazing collection ofstunningcoupe cars will give you the possibility to race yourfavourite onethroughout 16 very captivating levels. The smooth andrealisticcontrol will enhance your driving experience and you canchoosebetween pedals or simply tilt the screen of you device. Yourracingskills will be pushed to the limits! Keep your eyes wide opentonot veer off the track, but if you will end up going in thewrongdirection, the reverse button will save your course. Havefunplaying this fast-paced racing game and become the king ofspeed!GAME FEATURES: ▶ 16 different levels that will entertain youformany hours; ▶ 20 stunning GT coupe cars for an awesomeracingexperience; ▶ user-friendly control - choose between pedalsortilting the screen; ▶ 3 racing types - circuit, knockout andtimeattack; ▶ Stunning 3D graphics, amazing environment andasphaltracing track; ▶ Different camera angles to perfectly setyour view.JOIN OUR COMMUNITIES:Facebook:
Car Racing 3D 1.08
i6 Games
Car Racing 3D is a thrilling and exciting super carracingsimulation game. Be the best driver of some of the fastestcars onthe city streets in a collection of some of the world'smostexciting sports cars. This amazingly realistic racing cardrivingsimulation game is packed full of super cool fast race carsandexciting, dynamic racing levels. Car Racing 3D will pit youagainstother racers and you must drive into first place and reachthefinishing line before the other racers. Car Racing 3D offers youagreat, fun gaming experience that will help you to become thekingof the city streets and the best driver on them. So are youexcitedto get behind the wheel of some realistic super cars andraceagainst other racers, then you'll be very excited to playCarRacing 3D!
Hrithik Car Racing 1.43
Nazara Games
Experience the real city car racing game. Presenting HrithikRoshanin his real racing Avatar like never before! This is theultimatedriving game for all the Hrithik Roshan fans out there.Race it outin real 3D and defeat all the enemy bosses to rulethestreets.Hrithik Car Racing is a real 3D racing game, which letsyoudrive insane high-speed cars. Drive in cities tocompletedeath-defying Airborne stunts and race with the best ofcardrivers. Don't be afraid of being airborne and crashingwhileperforming wild stunts in real exotic cars! The customisablecarswill also give you the absolute real drift experience.Dash yourwayto victory in over 50 challenging levels!!Hrithik 3D CarRacinggame is fully packed with real super-fast cars andadynamic/engaging racing career mode. The tracks are as good asreallife tracts and it takes a perfect car driver to beat them!Thefeeling of accomplishment, after beating difficult races istrulyunsurpassable.Hrithik Car Racing is the epitome of 3D cityracinggames. The game makes full use of touch screen capabilitiesandgrants other control options like Joystick, Tilt and Touchforcontrolling vehicles rather than simply speeding up andbreakinglike conventional games.Hrithik Car Racing has 10unprecedentedZones with each zone having 5 different city racemodes.Participate in Weekly Tournaments and win exciting prizesincludingexclusive Hrithik Merchandise.Adding to the fun isinnumerablecustomisation and upgrade options to makeover your carto matchyour style and race along with Hrithik through theexquisite cityat night. Perform awesome stunts and drive at sounddefying speeds,using nitrous around the city, to get airborne toovertake youropponents.Hrithik Car Racing is a real car driver'saddiction! Itwill keep you hooked for hours while you drift yourcar around thecorners in the city!Dash against the best car driversaround theworld in your own city to understand how skilled you arewhen itcomes to car racing. Track your success story with ourachievementtracker. So what are you waiting for? Top theLeaderboards inHrithik's Official Racing Game.It's about time, youheaded to thestart line and be the real deal you were meant tobe.Ready, set,go!◆◆◆◆ Hrithik Car Racing Features ◆◆◆◆✓ ManyCustomizationsfeatures to choose from✓ Weekly Tournaments✓ 5 uniqueRace Modes✓10 Unique cars✓ 50 Challenging Levels✓GlobalLeaderboards-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HrithikCarRacing respects your privacy, does not store anypersonalinformation and does not allow you share thisinformation.We dorequire a few additional Permissions tofunction:1.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThesepermissionsare needed to cache and read ad content during the gameplay.2.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONThesepermissionsare needed to show suitable ad content for targeteduser for betterad experience and also for tournaments updates.3.RECORD_AUDIOThisis required for zapr SDK which is integrated withthis app for thepurposes of profiling the device on mediaconsumption and otherdevice data and utilizing the same to targetrelevant content andads to the device ("Services") pursuant to theterms and conditionsof RBL Services ("Terms of Use").4.GET_ACCOUNTSThis permissionwould use your google account name andpicture to show it on theleaderboard once you sign in.Brought toyou by Nazara Games, makersof the Chhota Bheem & Motu Patlugame series, (Chhota BheemJungle Run, Chhota Bheem The Hero,Chhota Bheem Talking Toy, ChhotaBheem Race, Motu Patlu game) forthe occasion of Christmas!Pleaserate and give your feedback forHrithik Car Racing and help usimprove the game.
Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Racing 1.1
TUK TUK AUTO RICKSHAW driver is a real off road drivingsimulatorgame. Experience the real auto rickshaw driving with3denvironment. This is one of the best auto rickshaw drivinggamealso named as real chingchi rickshaw drive. Now you can drivethetuk tuk as taxi rickshaw while exploring the city.Best auto tuktukhill climbing racing game with four levels of racing.1.Highwayauto rickshaw game provides 3d simulator of highway traffic.Drivethe auto rickshaw in a crowdy highway. Test your highwayracingskills with steering and accelerator. Keep away from the carsandtrucks coming in your direction. Check your score whileclearingthe levels in the scoreboard.2. City auto rickshaw driverlevelprovide real city driving environment. Now you can enjoy Asiantuktuk auto rickshaw driving in the center of the city. Drivechingchirickshaw in the middle of the city while testing yourdrivingskills.3. Desert auto rickshaw driving simulation providebestdesert safari racing environment. Drive tuk tuk auto chingchiinthe sahara Desert with best driving skills. We provide UAEandMiddle East best sahara Desert environment. Drive asiachingchirickshaw in the sahara desert.4. Greenland environmentprovide realgreenary location. Drive the chingchi rickshaw in thelush greenyenvironment. auto rickshaw games 3d simulatorProviderealenvironment for driving tuk tuk rickshaw. Tuk Tuk AutoRickshawDriving Features:• It contains Four Level of Challenge.•City TukTuk Rickshaw • Highway Tuk Tuk Rickshaw • Desert Tuk TukDriving•Greenland Tuk Tuk Real Driving.• Tap on accelerator todriverickshaw fast on the highway. • Best 3d Environment withrealobjects.• Tap the brakes to slow down the tuk tuk rickshaw.•Moveleft or right with tilt.
Racing games for toddlers 3.5
New Car Racing for toddlers! Kids games free 3 years old. Doyourkids like to play with car toys, or just love machinery andracing?Then this car racing for toddler is specially for yourlittle fanof speed! It’s the finest hour! Rush towards the wind,overcomevarious obstacles - it's racing trucks where you have tofix themand race online game, become the winner and get the PRIZE!Ready?3…2…1… Go! Start the game and get 5 cars for free! One ofthegame’s features is that it’s possible to cross the finishlinewatching the game as a cartoon but chances to winsubstantiallyincrease if children interact with the game. Kidsdon’t have todecide on how to overcome the obstacles on the way.Instead, theyshould pay attention to difficulties that appear onthe road andtap them while the car teaches your child the best wayto comethrough. It’s a nice and simple cars racing games fortoddlers toplay and improve fine motor skills, learn to beattentive on roadsas well as develop leadership qualities. Herewe’ve reached agradual transition from watching a cartoon aboutracing into carracing games 2016. Moreover with this freeeducational gametoddlers get to know different kinds of vehicles,from truck andpolice car to a fantastic concept car. Police carracing games fortoddlers. Yet, the game is still quite interactiveand easy tonavigate. Even before race your child has fun timechoosing a carfrom a wide variety and find the one he or she likesmost. Whatvehicle is your kid’s favorite – a police car, turbotruck or maybejeep or bike? The process of selecting and upgradingvehicles willbring loads of pleasure not only to boys but also togirls. Letyour kids feel like a professional racer and win theirfirstmonster truck games easy for kids freek.! Features of truckracinggames for kids under 6 for children to enjoy: - Build yourcar - Anexpansive collection of cars for hours of gameplay -Intuitive userinterface and touch control make this race cars forlittle kids to3 and up a perfect game - Animated high qualityimages and soundeffects - Your little driver can accelerate the carand honk hornjoyfully - When obstacles appear on the road suddenlyit’s hightime to train your toddler’s attention and reaction time -Thesenew car racing games 2016 are even more enjoyable if yourtoddlerpop clouds, tap animals and background objects to make themmoveand sound what makes the app really interactive. - A winnergets anice cup with bright star fireworks. And the grand prize: Avehiclewith unique design which is placed on your child’s personalprizeshelf. They can select a prize car and start the next racinggamesfor girls. - Amass a big collection of cars and other vehiclesonyour personal prize shelf. If your child really enjoysmachinery,машинки, cars and other vehicles then this application isthe bestchoice. The collection contains 3 sport cars, bigfootmonster truck(really awesome!), cabriolet, four-wheeler, smart car,motorcycle,retro-beetle, van, race car, concept car, big jeep, 4x4pickup and,of course, police car. The collection is planned toincrease!Motorcycle racing games for kids free This game is one ofreallygood car racing games for toddlers and kids. Our games arealsodesigned for 2-3 year old children and help to develop theirfirstcomparison skills, fine motor skills, recognize numbers, findoutabout contemporary and old-timer cars and vehicles and simplyenjoythe blaze and the monster machines racing games free. Allgames areeasy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers,little boysand little girls.
Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer Rickshaw Driving Game 1.0
Are you ready to drive your heavy fast, speed vehicle incityhighway to get yourself the title of best highway, traffic,citydriver? Then you have the right game besides you. It is yourgameof fun, drive your tuk tuk rickshaw into the busy city roadsandtake fast twist turns from roads. Make sure you don’t collidewithany heavy vehicle in means of racing, because you will loseyourvehicle as it is a semi-open and driver is foing to risk hisliefein this Tuk tuk racing, automobile, that is assigned a work ofpickn drop passengers to drop door to door, in simulation 3D game.Keepnotice of your Road speed, and next bus to ride efficiently.Enjoythe best Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw games that includesspeeddriving, parking, pick and drop service in the mountain city.TukTuk Auto Rickshaw is now all set to drive on Mountain roads.Theheavy unexpected traffic vehicles such as truck and busses onthehill roads and the turns gives you a real hill drivingexperience.So you are going be an auto rickshaw driver in thisamazing parkingsimulator game. Tuk Tuk cannot park itself, it needsa driver justlike you. We are sure you will enjoy this cool andlatest On RoadTuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Driver Simulator 3D game.Tiredof playingmodern tuk tuk rickshaw games in city environments?ChingchiRickshaw Tuk Tuk Sim 2016 will take you to the Pakistaniand Indianculture where you can enjoy real time localtransportation systemof these areas. In this game you will drive alocally made Chingchirikshaw in off road environment.Do you want totest your drivingskills? You think you are good at handling trafficwhen it comes toroad driving and racing? Then you are really wrong,because webring you Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer game, to test andchallengeyour driving skills. You were missing the fun of theseamazingspectacular crashes with realistic physics, real-time tuktukrickshaw collapse effects. You are definitely going to forgetallprevious racing, drifting, augmented reality car racing 3D,Virtualreality highway traffic racing games. For the real fun,don’t missto check the fantastic features of this Highway TukTukTrafficRacer game, which has road racing. You have to accelerateand crossall Lorries, vehicles with a speed that matches the speedoflight.In the event that you haven't travelled in Tuk Tukrickshawthen this is the best ever chance for you to experince theroughjourney auto rickshaw ride. The surprising Highway TukTukTrafficRacer amusement allows you to drive something else thentheordinary driving vehicles, like cars, trucks, busses,militaryloader trucks. The game will test your aptitudes ofquickening,guiding, driving and stopping. Is it your first timedriving a TukTuk ricshaw in traffic? busy and highways roads? Don’tbe hesitantto drive like a newborn, as it will give expertise inyour gamewith continuous and regular play. Appreciate HighwayTukTuk TrafficRacer rickshaw floating and drive as quick as youprefer, yet drivecarefully to abstain from hitting city activityand street sides.Finish the mission target to finish the level.Rough terrain trackswill be troublesome after every level ofdiversion. Presently totalmissions Survive through various missionand finish theundertakings to open the following missions.HighwayTukTuk TrafficRacer has following features:Busy Highway Adventurous&Thrilling Auto Rickshaw DrivingHours of Driving Fun with TukTukrickshaw drivingMultiple addictive levels with difficultyofhighway traffic varianceAddictive levels of Tuk tukRickshawOff-road DriveMultiple views with multiple cameras forbestgameplayAmazing environment with traffic and vehicles.Steer,tiltand touch controls are given for better userexperienceDownloadHighway TukTuk Traffic Racer now, ND dive intothe real fun ofamazing Tuk Tuk racing game. This is what you wantedin the name ofchange than regular, car ,bike, sports vehiclesracing.
City Racing 3D 2017 1
Drive the fastest cars on the planet in City Racing 3D 2017ultimatefever racing game which will test your skills anddetermination tobe the best racing driver on the world.Competewith other players inexciting multi player mode or become the kingof the leaderboards.Try your skills in driving simulation game andfeel the rushof the fast and hi-speed races. Defeat your opponentson race trackin very demanding yet intuitive game with naturalracingmodel.Features:- Lots of cars with completely differentsteeringmodels;- 4 unique tracks;- driving model which connectbest elementsfrom simulation and arcade games;- unique system ofmatchingopponents in multiplayer which guarantee fun andchallengingexperience;- achievements on asphalt tracks,Everyoneduring watchingracing events on awesome asphalt tracks in TV wantsto be rallydriver, at least for the short time feel the realspeed, experienceadrenaline rush which is exclusively reserved forformula 1 drivers.Imagine how they can feel during indycar ornascar race. Stopdreaming, start Real Speed and immerse yourselfin world of fastestand skilled drivers who live and sometimes dieson amazing asphalttracks.CSR Motorsport is not for everyone - testyour skills in thissimulation of grand prix races.Finally find theanswer on questionwhich bothers you - are you determined enough tobecome world rallychampion in asphalt races? Try out rightnow!Drive fastest circuitsand own the leader boards, let otherplayers be envy of your drivingskills - fell like a champ of mostfamous races: le mans, nascar,monaco, indianapolis or formula 1.Use your top gear and defeatother competitors in real lifemultiplayer race where your score oncircuit may become the legendamongst other race drivers.Shift yourmind in underground thinkingand ignore all common sense rules ofdriving on asphalt - race likecrazy, only this can assure you thatthe win and glory will beyour.Plenty of mobile games offersopportunity to experience rallyand race with others, but our uniquephysics provide chance tobecome extreme driver in quite realisticenvironment ofprofessional racing.Make drifts and dirty tricks,fight for life ordeath and use your manual skills and achieveperfection in racingand make fast circuits on in asphalt races -feel the speed if youneed it.Stop dreaming about driving cars likelamborghini, ferrarior porsche and start real racing on the fastestavailable asphalttracks - hot pursuit after your opponents on greatasphalt tracks,if you demand great unleashed run, this is what weprovideyou!Experience the most realistic car simulator available onthemarket which will show you excitement and provide adrenalinerushfor real racing. GT cars aren't only ones available - choosefromretail models or earn sophisticated and fastest cars on theplanet.Speed which you will experience is surprisingly realisticand cantrigger permanent need of racing on pure and cleanasphalt.Rally onseveral different asphalt tracks - with asphaltsurface orsemi-grass and sand. Every surface include variabledrivingconditions, which are also depends from other car you chooseandyour way of driving.High speed, sound of engine and adrenalineinveins, this is what every gamer loves and exactly this weareproviding in our production - new and amazing racing gamewhichlinks fast arcade model and skill required simulation,emotions ofdynamic drifts and sense of accomplishment after fewskillful"moves" in race.Choose model of steering:- simulation wayofdriving which allow players feel like a pro race driver onmostprofessional racing tracks,- arcade steering if you prefereasieryet still demanding driving technique,Free Endless Clash RaceinCity streets with City Racing 3D 2017!
Real City Speed Racing 3D 1.0
The 2016 winter racing season is about to begin! Be a snow manracerof car in real city racing. This will be the real life ridethat youcan imagine. You need to be a real skilled racer tocompete in theseIllegal races as there are no rules and policechase, your onlyambition is to become top street racer of Americancity at any cost.For seamless fast racing experience the trafficin city is stopped.For car overtaking make sensible jumps anddrifts on the ramps ofhighway tracks. Drive the fastest cars incity racing 3D. Thisextreme fever racing game which will test yourskills anddetermination to be the best racing driver in theworld.It's time tofasten your seat belt and race in car. Takecontrol of your crazycar by going behind the wheels, use nitro toget the top speed ofthe car and overtake the relentless rivals instreet racing. It'snot that easy to chase these hot cars in thesetracks as they arecovered with snow of the winter. While drivingthe car hit the rampsand make awesome stunt tricks to fly your carat extremely highspeed. Become furious and make stunts alongdifficult routes. Youneed to calm down while taking turn on streetcorners.You will getthe best car simulator experience of 2016. Youcan even enjoy yourriding in the nights of streets as sometimesyou get tired to drivein sunlight. Its your time to become a realracing racer. It's arace for survival!Real City Speed Racing 3DFeatures: - Its Free forlife time!- Drive and customise the mostspeedy cars- Explore thebreathtaking views of snowy winter roadsin city- Earn Gold and buymodern sports cars and upgrade them.It's Free!- Extreme Fast racingtracks- Sunlight and Night Modes-Real 3D Graphics and tracks- Slowmotion Camera effects while carflying- Most realistic car dynamics(brakes, engine, acceleration,brakes, drifts, etc)- Climb up the Topcharts with leaderboardsscore!Gameplay• Real steering mode•Automatic Transmission• Liveunits for speed measurement• 3 Uniquescamera angles to drive thecar, choose according to your drivingstyle• Realistic simulationof all aspect (engine, drivetrain,tires, etc.) of the carRealisticControls for Car Balance • TiltScreen• Using Car Steering • Bytapping on the left and rightcontrols on the screen
Highway Race Car Drive Road Drift 1.1
Build Solid
Welcome to the latest and amazing road driving and racing gamewithmuliple speed vehicles like cars. Go and get ready to initiateyourpassion on drift tracks like city, mountains, desert andwater.Perform your best to achieve the goal to get success in thisracinggame. Choose your favorite automobile car and start enginetoinitiate the race. Be careful from turning tracks and roads tosavefrom accidents. Control the speed and acceleration of the carsandbecome professional player of this game.Come towards levels ofthisgame. In this game, start each level professionally andsurviveagainst collision. Dodge other cars and reach thedestinationwithin time limit. Interesting interface and sorroundingwill amuseyou. So, enjoy the game and become professional.
Top Speed Highway Car Racing : free games 2.0.046
Door to apps
Top Speed Highway Car Racing : free games: Hit the road and winthehighway car racing game 2109 challenge! Top speed highwaycarracing is a free racing game. Here you have to drive your caronhighway to compete a traffic rush. Driving in traffic hasneverbeen easy. This offline game is an out class real racing incar.Let’s drive a car with crazy speed. Show real racing to alltheracing driving your express car with boosting speed. Thisracinggames gives you some new speed cars for racing. Follow thetrack towin racing in a racing car games. You have top speed racingcarcollection to drag on highway with your actions. There aremanyother traffic racing are driving their vehicles. So focusondriving and avoid to get any injury. Keep on dodging cityvehicles.Players are crazy for fast racing games. They love tospend timewith free games. A new way of driving with hugecollection of carsis ready to thrill the road. So get started withyour fast andspeed racing vehicle. Let’s drive your racing car onhighway moreand more. Try to get maximum score to unlock brand newracing car.Environment of modern car race gives you a real endlessracinggames. You feel like you are dragging a new racing car onhighwayagainst traffic. So let’s get ready to begin a 3D racing onyourAndroid device. Thrill the whole track with a new chapterofendless racing. Let’s forget all the driving games now. A neweraof driving with a real spice of speed car racing is rising.Enjoyextreme road trip with your crazy racing vehicle. A boosterwillallow you to fly your speedy car and win the track of carracing.You will break all the records of ultimate racing with newhighwaycar racing games. Let’s get the car racing challenge becomea realhighway legend. Drive your sports cruiser on highway withnitrobooster and crazy speedy engine. Drag a car on highway givesyou asimulation of real car racing. So become a traffic race bywinningthe real racing battle on android device. Top Speed HighwaycarFeatures: - Realistic 3D city view - Drive with city, beachandhilly roads - Race with the different racing cars - Completethemission to unlock new levels - Race within the limited time -Drivewith different camera views - Realistic driving and racing-Stunning world scenarios - Simple car controls If you have nowifi,you still can play highway games absolutely free. Soquicklydownload this interesting car racing of 2019 offered by DoortoApps from Google Play Store on your android smart phones.
3D Car Racing Real 1.7
Get on your Car and ride through city. Become a car racer anddrivethrough traffic at crazy speeds. Features: - Beautiful 3Dgraphics- Tap to accelerate - Choose your car - Release to slowdown - Autospeed ups - Collect coins - Drive car through city,tunnel, andbridges.
Car Racing Online Traffic 2 1.2
Download and play Car Racing Online Traffic 2 for FREE and playthemost addictive online racing game on the Google Playstore. Ifyouare a fan of car racing games or driving games, you need to tryourreal car racing simulator now. We will bring you the bestendlesstraffic racing online experience for you!There are many cargamesand car racing games out there. But can you have all the funthatCar Racing Online Traffic 2 can give you? Race the traffic inourEndless Play mode and see how far you can go. Race onlinewithfriends and fellow gamers on our race track. Explore the globeinfour different maps with different terrains and challenges.Upgradeyour racing cars to the max. There are so many things to doin ourcar game that you will never get bored. Fans of free onlineracinggames will go crazy when they discover what else they cando.=========================================Car Racing OnlineTraffic2HIGHLIGHTEDFEATURES:=========================================UNBEATABLEGAMINGEXPERIENCEExperience our latest cutting edge gamingtechnology. Youwill be amazed on how smooth and realistic the carhandlingexperience in this traffic racer game. ENDLESS MODEPlaytheultimate endless traffic racer game on our Endless Mode. Weusecutting edge technology to make your driving experience morereal.ONLINE RACE MODE FROM DIVISION 1 TO DIVISION 8!We prideourselvesas being the best multiplayer racing game onAndroid!Choose the carthat suits your best and race online on ourOnline Racing LeagueChallenge! You can get massive prize forparticipating in ourOnline Race League from Division 1 to Division8. Steer your car!Show your best high speed driving skill andovertake your friendsand other players from around the world!CAREER MODEPlay our careermode and play the endless traffic realcar racing in more than 4maps and 3000 missions! It is truly adream come true for a carracing games fan. CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITECARS!We provide 15 cars thatyou can choose with realisticenvironment. Rich types of NPCtraffic including trucks, buses andSUVs.HIGH SPEED DRIVINGSteeryour car and overtake other cars toearn more coins. The moredanger you face, you will get even morecoins!HIGH QUALITYGRAPHICS
Enjoy our cutting edge 3D graphictechnology. We bring youthe most realistic environment and carsamong other driving games.UPGRADE YOUR CARS
You don’t have tosettle for basic car featuresnow. You can upgrade your car to itslimits, modify it, andcustomize it with colorful car paints andwheels. You can upgradeand modify your car’s Speed, Acceleration,Handling, and Brakingoptions. EXPLORE DIFFERENT MAPS
Experienceracing like you’ve neverhad before! Explore different terrains withits own challenges. Seeif you have the skill to win against youropponents in 4 differentmaps. Prepare to overcome the nature andweather. Challengeyourself on the hot Island, sandy Desert, denseForest, and icyWinter. SHOW WHO’S THE BOSS!
Show off your drivingskill and earnhigh score. Compete with your friends and globalplayers in ourmultiplayer racing mode on the race track. Put yourname our OnlineLeaderboards andAchievements!=========================================These aresome of our bestfeatures and will make every car games enthusiastenjoy our game.We will bring even more cool features so we will betruly numberone among other car racing games. So download our gamenow and racethe traffic to victory! We love to hear from ourplayers! Pleasedon’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback andcomments on ouremail address (email). We will also appreciate yoursupport byleaving us a rating and review!
Fast Racing Car 3D Simulator 1.3
Are you ready to experience maddening speed? Welcome to new eraof3D car racing games. Be a fast and furious racer. TheHalloweenexcitement has begin. If you know what is halloween andwant tofeel the spirit of halloween in racing games, then you willlovethis simulation game. Enjoy the halloween games through carracing.Speed is important ! Drive everywhere you want ! Race as youwant!Fast speedy race starts now and it is your chance to be inthelist of top racers. Test your driving skills in the 3DHalloweengame based environment. This fast car racing game of 2017is basedon a nice halloween theme. Your goal in this racingchallenge is tospeed up your car and beat the opponents car. Youcan climb thehill and mountains by going off road and takeshortcuts through thehighway hidden tracks to reach the destiny.There is also a timetrial mode where you have to drive your carwith speed and accuracywithin a give time frame to reach to thecheck points. You will getthe new racing experience with realhalloween race tracks. Therewill be flames and blazing fires thatare coming on your way fromhigh lava mountains, don't be afraid ofthem, accelerate your waythrough them and keep focus on yourdriving so that you can get thetop speed by moving car fast andbecome a top racer! Be careful onsnowy roads the breaks may fail ifyou cannot control the speed.Fast Racing Car game of 2017Features:♠ Fun and excitementguaranteed♠ Enjoy realistic halloweengraphics♠ Heart touchinghills and mountains environments♠ Awesome3D Graphics♠ Real Physicsfor car balance♠ Simple, easy andintuitive controls♠ Fun andexcitement guaranteed♠ Easy to playracing game for everyone!
Horse Racing 3D 2.0.1
Candy Mobile
Live the dream of owning a realistic horse and join the realworldof horse racing! Horse Racing 3D is the most authenticracingsimulation game. Race for dominance in this high addictivehorseracing game in immersive environment. Will you be capable ofridingyour stallion to dodge and jump over the obstacles in thefiercecompetitions? Remember to balance the speed and stamina sinceifyour horse runs too fast the stamina will be used up veryquickly.Now saddle up, steer your horse to reach the WorldChampionships!Game Features: - Amazing 3D graphics and virtual 3Dsound system -Intuitive tile or touch controls to steer your horse- 60+challenging courses to compete and more to come
Hill Slot Car Racing 3D UAE 31
Are you fond of hill, Mountain Slot Car Racing 3D racing game,thenyou are at right place? Mountain Slot Car Racing racing 3D 4x4is asimulation game. Driving 4x4 truck in 10 curvy mountains tracksisextreme fun. Complete 10 levels and finish mountain climb racing3D4x4. How to Play Mountain Climb Racing 3D 4x4. Use acceleratorandbrake paddle for controlling the 4x4 truck. Use gear paddleforreverse and forward movement. Use steering forcontrollingdirection of truck Features: 4x4 wheel truck withPowerful engine.Realistic car physics. 3D mountains and hill.Excellent engine andtruck sounds. Excellent background music. HDland with excellentcontrols of truck. Best of luck for mountainclimb racing!!! Peoplefrom all over the world and specially SaudiArabia, UAE, USA, UK,Canada, Italy and Germany love this amazingcar racing game.159bd5a17b
Turbo Drift Race 3d : New Sports Car Racing Games 3.0.9
Turbo Drift Race 3d : New Sports Car Racing Games Conquer streetandsky in turbo mobil car racing new Game, a mix of high-octanedriving and level mode racing. Turbo car new games is one ofthebest arcade level modes racing game with stunning 3D graphicsinracing garage. Turbo drift 3d car racing new games is a HDgamedesigned for fans of extreme car games with real dream turbomobilecars in new games with super graphics. The ultimate levelsmoderacing in the city streets, countryside roads andseashoresfeaturing amazing vehicles. Addictive game play andintense trafficcompetition in new games. The only way to win is torace as fast asyou think that you are driving like a jet. Super carracing on thehighway, drag and drift driving with no worries fordeath! Race inyour car on the best car games racing track aroundthe world. Youwill really enjoy car racing game 2019 where you willsit insideracing car & perform a perfect shift of gears withnew 3d racegames. You can get a speed boost up with perfect shift& gainnitro to perform more drift and beat your rivals in speedracingtracks. We have set controls for easy drift racing for kidsoreveryone. You may have played lots of street racing games butthisis the best highway racing game ever in huge car simulator.HatcomInc. brings best story free racing game for you. There aremultiplereal cars available in the garage. Accelerate harder andbreak thespeed limits with best racing cars. The rules are verysimple inthe car games. Drive cars fast and race your way tofinishing line.There will be rival racers as well. Well trained andexpert racingdrivers will give you a challenging race in new games.In new cargames your competition is very hard, need to race withnitro carwithout limits on fast car racing tracks & make itbest racinggame. The modern race game gives you a perfectopportunity to ruleas free racer. There are different racing carsto thrive you toplay this game. Incredible Gameplay: The gameplayis very exciting.First select your race car and tap play button.The off road racewill start in a while. Rev high on the start lineand launch yourspeed car in first gear. Thrive your speed car formore fuelconsumption and burn rubber on the real race track.ChallengingRacing: You can test your car driving skills in thegame. The realrace track is smooth and does not even have a singlebump. Therealistic challenges with modern cars will double the funofdriving fever game. Drive Through: The race featuressomecollectibles as well. You can drive through the nitro boostersandflame up your road car in fire of speed. You can also collectgoldcoins in the off road driver game. Enjoy car drift & dontgetcar crash like a crazy car driver due to extra speed racingwithasphalt pickup because roads have too many sharp turns sobecareful. Dont give up, you should have to win races becausethereare no limits for car driving. Climb on Top of Leader’sboard:There is a leader’s board ranking racing drivers universally.Youcan become a number one car racer by competing in more racecarevents. User Friendly Controls: The car racer game has veryeasycontrols. You can use different controllers to control yoursupercar. Use buttons or gyro sensors whatever suits you most in3dracing game. Tap and hold the acceleration to speed up yourmoderncar. Dodge the rival racers and try to make your run to thefinishline in the first place to win modern racing event.Features:Multiple super cars to choose Nitrous boost to speed upturbo carAwesome realistic 3D graphics Easy and simple controlsBest ofLuck…! If you have no wifi, you can play Turbo Rush TrafficCityRace, is absolutely free. So quickly download thisinterestingTurbo Rush Traffic City Race game of 2019 offered byHatcom Inc.available on Google Play Store on your android smartphones.
Impossible Tracks Stunt Car Racing Fun: Car Games 2.0.0138
Welcome to the world of real impossible tracks car racinggames.Enjoy the real impossible track race on the endlessextremeimpossible tracks in the sky highs. If you are a fast speedracerand have a passion for car racing games then be ready toexperiencethe real car rally in the mid of sky with no limits infree games.Rush like a crazy stunt master while riding thebeautifullydesigned real impossible tracks and beat the rivalracers in thisbreathtaking adventure car game. Perform the extremecar drivingdrifts and insane acrobatic mid-air flips on theimpossible track3D and rush like a real car drifter. The impossibleracing is areal challenge, so fasten your seat belt before takingoff and winthis car racing simulator game 2019. Unlike other carstunt games,this off road car rally is going to be a real fun andadventure ofcar games. You will surely get addicted to this insanecar racergame. Get ready to play the world no. Play free games andenjoy 1drift car racing game and enjoy the crazy and insaneimpossibletracks simulator in most realistic manner of car game.Perform carstunts by playing car stunt games 2020. The realimpossible trackrace allows you to boost your car racing and cardriving skills byproviding you the most realistic simulation view.Jump and ride onthe mid-air amazing tracks and feel like achampion’s racer. Usethe nitro boost to cross the difficult hurdlesand obstacles inthis car stunt games 2020. Rush like a crazy riderand perform theadrenaline fueled pump action to discover the moreand more amazingfeatures of this off road car racing game. Fly overthe ramps anddust off the rusty containers with your stunts anddon’t lose thecontrol of your stunt car. Unlike other stunt cargames, the realimpossible track racing give you the mostadventurous game play andrealistic car racing simulation on thereal impossible tracks instunt game. So enjoy the endlessimpossible racing and beat theimpossible race tracks and become themaster of this stunt racinggame. There are several sports caravailable in this realimpossible track race game to perform theincredible stunts on theramps like new games. Select your favoriteride in impossible gameand start discovering the most dangerous andcurvy off road tracksof the racing world. The narrow and sharpracing tracks are builtover the city in the endless blue sky. Soplay each thrillingracing mission with extreme care and get to thefinish line withintime in new games. You have to complete eachimpossible racemission in order to unlock the next one. Use thedifferent cameraviews to avoid the crashes and fall downs from thetop of theracing tracks in new game. Be perfect while taking thesharp andnarrow turns and rush like a pro stunt master. Tap thenitro buttonto boost your stunt car while playing new game 2020whenever youfeel your speed slow. Download the top android game of2019 andbecome the real champion of the amazing impossible trackscarracing game. Real Impossible Track Race Features: • Sharpandnarrow impossible racing tracks to ride. • Marvelous 3Dgamegraphics and realistic views. • Nitro boost to performinsaneacrobatic stunts. • Smooth controls and easy gameplay. •HighQuality sounds. • Different camera views to make simulationdrivingeasy. • Best sports cars collection. • Narrow ramps andextremehurdles to cross. Game Play: • Tap the left/right button tosteerthe car. • Tap race button to boost up your simulator. • Usebrakebutton to stop the stunt car simulator. • Tap reverse buttontoreverse the stunt car. If you like the real impossible trackrace,please try our other games by clicking “More from Developer”or byvisiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rateandreview. We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements.
Racing Car Race Game 2017 1.0
Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game you have beenlookingfor. You drive your car in cockpit view through the endlesstrafficand realistic environment.Enjoy the fun of fast and furiousrealspeed racing adventures in fast-paced 3D racing action. Highspeedcar racing with extremely high quality of graphics andgraphicalenvironments. This best racing game lets you steer yourcar atunimaginable speed, giving you the heart pumping andenthrallingexperience that you’ve always dreamed of. Test yourdetermination,reflex and driving skills and have extreme fun onhigh speed in carrace simulator. Try to complete it successful withbest time andyou will be king of the road.Improve your car racingand driftingskills and keep customizing your cars as you get newones as weupdate the game. Upgrade your engine, make your tiresstickier andset up your ride with nitrous and suspension.If youlike full andfree racing games, challenges and the smell of thereal racers thanthis car race simulator is perfect for you!This isthe game gettingrapid downloads.Let’s start this game.Key Featuresfor Endless CarRacing Game:1. Easy and fun to play2. InterestingGame Play3.Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics4. High Techspeedy cars5.High quality 3d environments
3D Formula Grand prix Racing 13.2
3D Formula Grand Prix Multiplayer Racing is one of thefastestFormula racing games that you're likely to play this year.Get intoyour high performance vehicle and accelerate to breathtakingspeeds on the track, beat your AI opponents formula rallyrace carsand take home the Cash and become one of the greatestracinglegends to compete in the Formula Racing arena! Competeagainstother rally racing cars off the grid and win the race to topthepodium and unlock the next stunning racing game Turbo EngineSpeedCar. Enjoy Turbo Formula Hot Wheels racing fun for kids. Wintherace and become super hero racing champion. Drive InBahrainInternational Circuit and other racing tracks. The racingcar’sgear is on full throttle and the foot is on the pedal, all youwillneed to do is to take control and drive your formula cars onsomeof the fastest race tracks in the world. Yes you have been hitbyReal Grand Formula OffRoad Cars. 3D Formula Grand PrixRacingMultiplayer is the ultimate formula racing game that lets youkicksome serious gaming stuff. It is one of the best in the list ofcarracing games for kids. New FX Racer Collision and particleeffectsfor formula drift racing fever. This is the best FormulaMonsterTruck with Female Drivers. Be the racer you always wanted.RealThumb Car Racing Experience with formula racing rivals.BestMotorsport Game this year. Real 3d formula Forza racing game isonyour way. This formula Rally Racer Dirt is a drift basedformularally game and not a traffic racer. Drive with formula hillclimb,asphalt drift, and real dirt drift. Rally with drifttogether. Thiscategory redefined with GP Rally Racer Dirt. RallyRacer Dirtintroduces best realistic and stunning controls for arally game.Have fun with drifty and realistic tuned physics withdetailedgraphics, vehicles and racing tracks. Be a rally car racer,driveas Ken Blocks, and Collin McRae on the tracks not in thetraffic.Everyone during watching racing events on awesome asphalttracks onTV wants to be rally driver, at least for the short timefeel thereal speed, experience adrenaline rush which isexclusivelyreserved for formula racing 1 drivers. Imagine how theycan feelduring indycar or speed race. Stop dreaming and start “RealSpeed”and immerse yourself in world GT Motorsport is not foreveryone -test your skills in this simulation of grand prix races.3D FormulaGrand Prix Racing features: - High-end racing carsoutrunning eachother - Visual masterpiece with Brilliant HDgraphics in a visuallystunning 3D experience - True to lifeadrenaline rush of driving aprofessional formula race car - Simplytilt your phone left andright to stay clear off vehicles push racebutton to move forward -Built for gaining high speeds like no otherasphalt game - Rally ondifferent types of tracks - with asphaltsurface or semi-grass orsand - Sure to be your favorite along withother Asphalt racinggames or formula games - My way or the highwayracing experience –take the competition to the next level -Configuration of thesuspension, brakes and set-up gearbox - Amazingformula Cars withGirl Drivers - Realistic car physics and soundeffects, giving areal 3D racing experience - 5 different formula GPracing cars -Experience driving in the highest class of open wheelmotorsportracing - 5 different international race tracks (normal,city anddessert races) - Detailed and realistic 3D racing tracks,ThirdPerson racing at its best *100% FREE game play. *Upgradeandcustomize different cars for racing. *NEW Realistic racingphysics.*Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views. *Smoothcontrolsfor racing cars. *Explore different Tracks & newmissions.*Real Drift Physics with High Speed *Single seat autoracingsimulator in a retro style Accelerometer , UI Buttons andstaringcontroller are available . Chose how you like it . AccepttheRacing challenge and become the formula racing legend!
Airborne Real Car Racing Free Game 1.0.01
***Accelerate the super car***Airborne Car Race is anamazingsimulation and the development of superb quality racingstand-alonegame. This is very impassive racing game, where you candrift inthe city. Hold the steering wheel, accelerate the vehicleand rideagainst professional racing rivals. Get ready for the greatjourneyof the world. Get into your best car and prepare for a fastnfurious drift across the road. You can use nitro to boost upyourcar. Collect more and more nitro boosters to leave yourrivalbehind and speed up your car. Drive your car fast on thetrickyhighway and asphalt, drag and drift with no fear. Upgrade thecarsto increase speed, power and durability of car. Play this gametobecome the pro racer and stunt man of the world. ***Burn uptheroads with driving*** Race across some of the mostpopularlocations on earth with your new and latest Airborne’s cars.Takeyour best vehicles and build your dream ride with anunbelievablerange of cars. Win more and more races, up your powerthen moveinto more races. Your ride is waiting you. Burn up theroads,street and towns with your driving. Avoid to clash withothervehicle, drive safe and cross more check points to proveyourself.This Racing game is addictive for the lovers of simulationgames.You can increase your driving abilities through this game.Feel theracing craze and try to be one of the fastest drivers inthe globalvillage. ***Themes and graphics***Ride your car throughstreetswith real life traffic and avoid to destructive obstaclesanddeadly path. Stunning graphics, five shiny environment andamazingracing roads made this game very incredible. Sound of gameand fastcars are mind blowing. Tilt or push the buttons to controlthe car.Drift your car with break buttons. The control is very easyandrealistic of this game. ***How to play*** - Download free thisgamefrom Google play- Choose the best car and start the race-Controlthe car through tilt and buttons- Push the break buttons fordriftthe car- Get more nitro to boast up your car- Cross thecheckpoints in limited time and increase your time duration-Avoidtraffics and hurdles. ***Features***3D stunning graphics15+latestand sports cars5 fabulous environmentsSmooth andrealisticcontrolUpgrade speed, acceleration and other vehiclepartsIn apppurchase to remove adds and buy carsBeautiful 3DgraphicsAuto speedupsChallenging levels
In Car Racing 20161219
Drive fast cars from cockpit's view through the endlesshighwaytraffic and realistic city. Tilt your phone and move caracross theroad, overtake traffic, earn money and buy new cars. Yourrankrises as you do close overtakes.Features - highway-drivesimulationcontrols - 3D view from real driver's seat - HD graphics- fastsport cars - leaderboard - compete with other playersLet'ssee ifyou can win this.
Toto Drive - Racing Game Free 1.0.2
TOTO drive game is a unique racinggameamongother car driving games. Toto is an eccentric brandnewcharacterfor your enjoyment and it will make you learn to driveacar andwill enhance your interest in car driving games. Totoisamazingand aspiring driver of racing car who will enhanceyourdrivingskills too. Let’s start driving with TOTO andenjoywonderful cardriving experience. Toto drive is most addictiveandenjoyableendless driving game you ever had seen before onplaystore. Thiswill be the best mountain climb car racing game foryoubecause carused is extreme car and you will get a chanceforextreme cardriving for free. Face the challenges of dangerousroad.Can youtake your car to the end point safe and sound?Download TOTO drive game free from play store andStartLimitlessjourney with TOTO, tap on accelerator to controlspeed, onleftside there is brake pedal to stop car and acceleratorforcarsimulation. Collect all the coins on your way to makemorepoints,keep tight control on accelerator. Ups and downs ofroadbother youbut you should control on your speed. Attractivemetersof speedand fuel indicates you about gas and speed. Collectall thegasduring drive because it is very important for yourjourney.Theshortage of gas or your car overturned due to rapidspeed andgotdamaged, then game will be over. So you would bestartraceagain.TOTO DRIVE GAME FEATURES:• Absolutely free to play.• Compatible with all android devices.• Outstanding 3D graphics.• Wonderful natural environment.• Cool physics simulation.• Flip flop challenging road.• Super cool background sound.• Realistic sound of accelerator, engine and brakes.• Smooth control..• Collect as many coins as you can.• Pick all the gas cans while driving.• Craziest ride.• Excellent game play.• Control the speed with accelerator and brake.
Drag Racing 1.8.3
Drag Racing is the original nitro fuelled racing gamewhichfascinated over 100 000 000 fans around the globe. Race,Tune,Upgrade and Customize over 50 different car styles from JDM,Europeor the US. We added limitless car customization options whichwillmake your garage unique and standing out. Challenge otherplayersonline: race 1 on 1, drive your opponent’s car, orparticipate inreal-time 10-player races in Pro League.CUSTOMIZATION TO STANDOUT: Collect unique stickers and liverydesigned by our friendsfrom CIAY Studio and Sumo Fish. Turn yourbeloved cars into racingmasterpieces. Your imagination knows noboundaries - combine allcustomization options to make your ownstate of the art car liverydesign. UNLIMITED DEPTH: Do you thinkracing in a straight line iseasy? Try to find the right balancebetween power and grip whilestaying in your class. Tune your carand accelerate your way tovictory, Add nitrous oxide for more fun,but don't hit the buttontoo early! Go deeper and adjust gear ratiosto shave off preciousmilliseconds through 10 levels of cars andrace categories.COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER: Racing on your own may befun enough, butthe ultimate challenge is in the "Online" section.Go head-to-headagainst your friends or random racers, beat themwhile drivingtheir own cars, or race against 9 players at once inreal-timecompetitions. Join a team to exchange tunes, discussstrategy andshare your achievements. AWESOME COMMUNITY It's allabout theplayers! Connect with other car game fanatics and enjoyDrag Racingtogether: Drag RacingWebsite: FRIENDS CIAYStudio: SumoFish: TROUBLESHOOTING: - If thegamedoesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, please get in touchandwe'll do our best to help. If you have any questions, make sureyoucheck out our FAQ at use one of the twoways to contact us through our Supportsystem: or via
Crazy Racer 3D - Endless Race 1.6.061
Crazy Racer 3D is a slim size car racing game!Earn cash to buyyourdreaming car! Conquer all the race tracks in Crazy Racer3D.World's best driver tryouts launch! Crazy Racer 3Dfeatures:-High-performance cars driven experience- 24 race tracks,all sortsof traffic road driving conditions- 6 different super carstochoose and upgrade- 3 game modes: Career, Chase racing,Linearracing- Slim size but run well on all android devices- DailyloginawardsHow to play:- Tilt or Touch to steer & autospeed-up-Touch N2O button to get extra turbo engine boost- TouchMissilebutton to attack the cars above yours- Touch Shield buttontoresist attack or obstruction- Touch Bomb button createsometroubles to the cars behind yours- Earn cash to buy new carsandpowerful propsSoon, we will release the new super racing carsandracetracks!Facebook:
Kids Race - Car Racing 1.1.3
This racecar game has nice, slow levelsfortoddlers and very challenging levels for teens andgrown-ups.🏎️This endless car racing for kids features:🚕 Free and safe game for children🚗 Simple tap controls, easy to learn, fun for 2 to 10yearsold🚙 5 Levels with endless challenges that suits every skill🚓 Increasing speeds in the final ultra race challengeforadults!🚗 Unlock and collect all race-cars🚛 Good response and agility trainer for your child🚐 Smaller than 25 MB and under 20 MB ( just 18 MB)🚜 No wifi needed, can be played offline🚒 Flat design graphics, Free Vector Art by Vecteezy🏎️ Kids car racing game for 2, 3, 4 or 5 yrs old and older.Verychallenging for grown-ups, too ! Tap to switch lanes. Freecarracing game for toddlers and preschool children. The bestracingcar game for kids on android, free! Boys and girls love it.Onetouch to switch lanes to avoid traffic.🏎️ Take the steering wheel, hit the road and drive fast. Bethepilot of the speeding hot rod and overtake all other riders.Dodgecars, trucks, hot rods and muscle cars. Avoid hitting roadpylons.Swiftly switch lanes while manoeuvring through thecompetitivefield of excellent speedy drivers. Collect all the starson theway. Can you beat the competitions and be number one? Jumpinto theaction and put the pedal to the metal.🏎️ This cute and endless kids racing game is one of the bestracinggames for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The best gamethatimproves your child's motoric skills and agility while havinghoursof fun. No Wifi? No problem. This is an offline game,too.💓 You also might like these Funny Addicting games for kids:- Girls Race: Bubble Wrap - Balloon Pop: Surfer Princess: Mermaid Bubbles: Crossy Dory: Kids Animals Memory: Fishy Nom Nom Cat:😁 Please join us on Facebook:
Crazy Car vs Monster Racing 3D 1.0.1
This is not just another car racing game. This time you willbecomethe real racing racer of heavy monster truck and you have tobeatall the crazy cars out there on the awesome 3D tracks thatarebased on professionally designed maps.Start the new adventureofyour life in an all-time speed race that is between crazy carsandmonster truck racer, prove that you are the best driver and betheracing champion. Reach to the check point in best time andupgradeyour monster trucks with the bonus cash collected.This racecartruck is designed for all ages so this is also monster truckforkids. In this racing mania play games of monster truck with carsascrazy rivals. To beat the rebel cars make use of nitro to boostandspeed up the monster truck racers in this challenging realmonstertruck rally racing mania.Six Free Cool Monster Trucks withbig hotwheels for cars demolition:- Bison- The Comet- Bandit- TheMissile-Tiger- The HoundCrazy Car vs Monster Racing Features:- Ridetounlock new racing trucks - Realistic balance of Big truckswhilerace- While playing monster racing game- Put on a helmet andfastenyour seatbelt as a precaution- Real animated motion effectswhileMassive Collisions with opponent drivers- True HD soundtracksandawesome 3D graphics and natural environments- Select from 3controloptions for unique driving style- Extreme turbo for gettingtopspeed- No truck destruction because it's not damageable
Train vs Prado Racing 3D 1.0.14
PLAY AN AMAZING TRAIN RACING VS CAR RACING GAME Racing in carvstrain driver is an amazing train game and car racing game. Thereisa real adventure of car racing with a racing train. In thistrainvs car race game there are many driving trains. Racing trainwillride from one railway station to another rail station. You areacar driver your duty is to race your car with full speed oncityroad parallel to the racing train. You feel real cardrivingexperience while racing with train. Train car racing is afreedriving game and car drifting game among other racing games.Youhave played many car racing games but in this car driving gameyouwill feel real car driving. Train car 2019 is racing 3D gamewithcar driving adventure and train racing. There is a realracingcompetition of driver’s racing skills of train driving andcardriver. Train car racing game is a best train vs 4x4 car racingof2019. There is also a drifting feature in your racing cars,whileplaying this train car racing game you can fully enjoydrifting oncity roads with your speed cars and win the race withdrift racingadventure against racing train. PRADO DRIFT RACING VSRACING TRAINTrain vs 4x4 Prado racing is a real racing adventurewith fullPrado drifting adventure. There are many fast speedluxuries Pradoin this Prado vs train racing game for drifting andracing withfast speed train. Select your choice 4x4 Prado fastenyour seatbelt and start racing against train with your driftingPrado. Thereare many eye catching environments which boost yourexcitementlevel in train vs prado racing games. So install thisPrado vstrain racing game and enjoy the adventures race with trainindifferent city environments. In this game your goal is todrivePrado car carefully and reach to the end point before traintocomplete the racing successfully. In this racing game therearemany challenging levels for you to win racing against drivingtrainand show some fun with your Prado driving skills. Use yourbestdriving skills and win the most challenging race car game.KEYFEATURES Prado vs train racing is totally free game ManyLuxuriesand drifting 4x4 Prado Different city and villageenvironmentsRacing with modern trains Challenging levels Mostaddictive racingprado car game So what you are waiting for justdownload Train vsPrado racing game and explore your racing skillswith best anddashing Prado Train Racing 2019.
Street Racing Car Driver
Game Pickle
Car racing games don't come much better than the latest inracingsimulators. Race against other vehicles around the citystreets,unlock faster sports cars to drive, drift, jump, and smashintotraffic in the all new open world racing car drivingsimulator!Street Racing Car Driver is one of the best racing cargames forAndroid! Put pedal to the metal and reach top speeds, zoompastbusy city traffic race past unaware police cars, taxi cabs,andangry traffic. The more you drive you'll unlock faster,better,real sport and racing cars! Want to feel the experience ofdrivingin realistic racing car game? Turn the key in the ignitionandstart burning tire rubber as you go from 0-60 in no time,performdrifts, stunt jump, and wreck your car with realisticvehicularbody damage. Witness in real time every bump and scratchwith eachnew car crash! Showboat and show off your elite drivingskills,perform amazing car stunts in one of the best free racingcardriving games available now! Get closer to the action likeneverbefore in massive open worlds from one of the best cardrivingsimulator game experience! Race your fast sports cars inmultiplebig cities, perform tricks and stunts, and causedisorder!Experience the most realistic and extreme car driving gameout now!Features: - Multiple open world driving simulator cities -Miles ofdriving on open roads - Multiple massive open world citiesto drivein - Download and play on Android TV - Unlock new, fasterrace carsas you play - Authentic, real sport and race vehicles -Realisticcar driving game physics - Intelligent city A.I trafficdriving -Multiple dynamic HD camera angles - Hundreds of AI carsthroughoutthe cities - Easy to play car driving controls - One ofthe bestcar driving games available!
Traffic Bicycle Rider 3D Racer 1.0
Welcome to one of the mostprogressive,advancedand professional bicycle racing games trackracer, rideyour bicyclelike a heavy bike rider in traffic.Excellent visuals,ambient soundwith stunning gameplay and knockoutcompetitioncreates a new type ofhydroplane racing mania, firstendless racinggame for you. Let’stake you on bicycle rider racegames that givesyou the enjoyment ofriding a real bicycle racingand Moto dragsimulator. If you loveracing games cycle game,bicycle games deathracing games, furiousracing and traffic racinggames then you’lllove Traffic BicycleRider 3D Racer game! latest3D simulation game2017. Being a bestsports bicycle rider, it’stime for you toperform the wonderfulbicycle stunt with one of thebest bicycleracing 3d. Get ready toenjoy an invigorating bicyclesimulatorwith the blend of adventurousracing games in one of thebestbicycle racing games. How fast canyou ride as a bicycle racer?Howfast can you go on a Bicycle Ride intraffic with perfecthandlingcontrol, be a hero in this fast andfurious racing track.Ride yourbicycle in the endless highway roadsovertaking thetraffic.Riding Bicycle in Traffic is a fast and daring driving gamethatletsyou drive past cars and trucks at blazingly fast speedsonyourBicycle. Dodge traffic, increase your speed and score inthisfast,real racing challenge! Bicycle Race on busy highwayenjoyvariousmodes like , Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, PoliceChase andFreeRide, the best new generation bicycle racing games.Full ofkillertricks, awesome freestyle action and insane stunts.TrafficBicycleRider 3D Racer Simulator is a high paced racingadventure!Racingbicycles on busy highways with amazing 3D designracing gamefull ofadventure and fun. Racing lover and stuntoriented withnumbers ofhurdles for you to confuse so drivecarefully .3D racingon bicyclewith extreme traffic with latestbikes of differentspecification.Being a master rider you can showone wheelingskills and othersstunts like drifting and adventure injam packtraffic. Applyingboost or turbo to nitro engine, enjoyrapid nitropower. Tap boostbutton to boost stunt bike speed, tapto makenitro flames in stuntbike simulator. Get through thefuturisticsports bicycle in thisaddictive game. If you love Tourde France,bicycle sports andendless traffic racer games you willlovethis!Traffic Bicycle Rider 3D Racer Stunning Features:^ Detailed environments with different Views.^ Endless Knockout gameplay for hour-long playing.^ Dodge traffic and near miss overtake to gain extra points^ Latest new generation bicycles^ Stunning 3D graphics with ambient music andRealisticSoundEffects^ Smooth and realistic Bicycle handling^ Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.^ Detailed environments with different Views^ Do Stunts while trying to be on First position.^ Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.Traffic Bicycle Rider 3D Racer game involve the sports bicycleinthebicycle traffic race real action with the bicycle 3Dsimulator.Proveyourself best sports bicycle rider. Be the winnerofwonderfulbicycle rally with one of the best Sports bicycle.Tryextreme stuntsriding the bicycle race in the newest combinationofbicycle racinggames. Play the true game of war on thehighway.Artificialintelligence advance made the life much easier.BicycleRider oftraffic takes the endless racing genre to a wholenewlevel by addinga full career mode, first person viewperspective,better graphicsand real life recorded bike sounds andmuch more!Bicycle racingproviding greater opportunity to the youngathletesand sprinters toenhance their stamina by fastpeddling.Grafton Games Studio always update according toyoursuggestions.Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback.So,download andenjoy the ride NOW!
Girls Race 😄 Endless car racing game 1.2.0
It's time for some cool girly car drivingfun.Drive fast, switch lanes and dodge cars. Collect make-up,diamondrings, women shoes and lipstick to earn stars.This race-cargamehas nice, slow levels for toddlers and very challenging levelsforteens and grown-ups.😆 This endless car racing for girls features:🚕 Free and safe game for children🚗 Simple tap controls, easy to learn, fun for 2 to 10yearsold🚙 3 Levels with endless challenges that suits every skill🚓 Increasing speeds in the final ultra race challengeforadults!🚗 Unlock and collect all race-cars🚛 Good response and agility trainer for your child🚐 Only 25 MB🚜 No wifi needed, can be played offline🚒 Flat design graphics, Free Vector Art by Vecteezy🏁 Kids car racing game for 2, 3, 4 or 5 yrs old and older.Verychallenging for grown-ups, too ! Tap to switch lanes. Freecarracing game for toddlers and preschool children. The bestracingcar game for kids on android, free! One touch to switch lanestoavoid traffic.🏎️ Take the steering wheel, hit the road and drive fast. Bethepilot of the speeding hot rod and overtake all other riders.Dodgecars, trucks, hot rods and muscle cars. Avoid hitting roadpylons.Swiftly switch lanes while maneuvering through thecompetitivefield of excellent speedy drivers. Collect all specialfemalefashion items on the way like the lipstick, high heels anddiamondring. Can you beat the competitions and be number one? Jumpintothe action and put the pedal to the metal.💓 You also might like this Funny Addicting games for kids:- Kids Race - Car Racing:😁 Please join us on Facebook: 2.5.3179
#1 Free 3D Car Racing game! City Racing Lite Released!Incrediblesmall size, Real racing competition, Mad tricks anddrifting,Online Battle your friends using WiFi connection! DrivingAhead,Race to Win! Features: • Super cars • Easy controls • Madcardrifts • Real racing competition • Upgrades and customizeextremecars • WiFi Multi-Player racing be supported • Small sizegame butreally good graphics and effects • whole new level speedracinggame! Lite Version Notes: For serve more game players, wedevelopedthis lite version which can support more Android devices.Get thefull version, please download # City Racing 3D # Thanks foryoursupporting. We will always keep improving.