Top 49 Games Similar to Food Mash

Gems & Magic adventure puzzle 2.3.2
Ice Storm
PLAY A NEW HOT ADVENTURE PUZZLE GAME! This is not another"match-3game" or a dull mahjong! New game mechanics and many levelsof coolgameplay. A blitz clash between of crystals and your brainwill beroyal! In the game, you need to move the hexes withgems,collecting the whole picture. When the gems are connectedtheylight up, and if all the gems on the field begin to shine -BOOM!you match a beautiful puzzle. Collect animals, fish,stars,equipment, figures, toys and treasures! It’s just an blastoffantasy! The game has a lot of challenging levels that willforceyou to strain up your brain or use hints. The game is betterthanmatch-3, isn’t it? Gems and Magic is absolutely free. Features:-Not match-3 game, no mahjong, no tapper - a unique game thatwillhelp you increase your IQ - More than 100 puzzling levels ofsaga,and new ones on the way - Unpredictable pictures. What kindofobject is hidden on the hexes: cat, star, fish, candy,toy,treasure, or maybe a tank or a robot? Collect all the uniquelevelsand discover all the secrets! - Useful game - the brainstrains,the IQ grows! - An adventure with cool graphics andrelaxing music- the best rest is guaranteed - The game will notmake you angrylike a red bird. Instead, you will be the king ofyour free time. -With Gems and Magic You, do not need to runanywhere, like a hotdog. Instead, you can play at home, in thesubway, at work or inyour garden and discover colorful pictures andscapes, rather thansurf the Internet NEW LEVELS are coming soon!
Raccoon's Adventure: The Pirate Island - Match 3 1.22
Adventures of the Raccoon: The Pirate Island - an exciting match3game! Help Raccoon find the treasure on the island of pirates!Inthe game, you need to swap jewels so that you can collect threeormore identical jewels in a row! Thus, you will destroyobstacles,collect bonuses and pass logical levels! Features:Classicaddictive gameplay! Great graphics and sound! Lots oflevels! Nolimits on life and time!
Magic Circus - match 3 1.5.9
Magic Circus - this is a special mysterious world, peek behinddoorsthat dream not only children. The atmosphere of the gamewillcapture you from the first minute! Create combination of 3 inarow. Collect crystals to pass the levels, use magicalpower-ups,they will help you in passing this exciting puzzle.Features:Completely free match 3 game! A large number of levels! Alot ofobstacles! There are no restrictions on time or attempts to -playas much as necessary! Magic has begun!
SPOOKIZ POP - Match 3 Puzzle 1.2.2
Go on a thrilling 🎢 adventure with your SPOOKIZ friends now!Enjoylimitless Match 3 fun without worrying about hearts! 💕 Frankieis adull slowpoke 👾, Zizi has a crush on Cula 👹, Cula has OCD (andis atotal neat freak) 🧛, Kong Kong is self-conscious about hisshortheight 👻, and Kebi is always energetic and bubbly 😨! JointheSPOOKIZ for an exciting Match 3 adventure! 【Features】 🆓Free toplay😂Easy and simple gameplay 💖Unlimited life / hearts 🎮Juicygraphicsand enjoyable puzzle challenges! 🧩Over 1500 levels andstages!📶Offline mode supported 👍Facebook supported 💻Tabletsupported🙋Supporting 16 languages - This game supports '한국어','Indonesian','Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體','Deutsch','français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский', 'Arabic','Portuguese','Turkish', 'Italian'. - This game is acceptable forpurchasing theitems partially. When purchasing the items, theadditional costscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right ofDefense accordingto the item types. Official Website: OfficialFan Page: Customer Center:E-Mail
Sweet Hearts - Cute Candy Match 3 Puzzle 1.3
Love is in the air! The most romantic game of the year hasarrived:Sweet Hearts! This lovely match 3 puzzle saga features noless than2400 relaxing and challenging levels. Play the calmingpuzzles whenyou want to relax, or when you're in the mood for somegirly pinkmatch 3 fun, after looking for love in a dating app. Nomatter ifyou're hot or not, you will love this sweet and cutematching gamewith loads of enjoyable easy levels. Use the explodingheartbooster, the cross booster or the colored heart booster tohelp youcollect the candies, stars, pink letters, hearts, bows andmore.Make big matches to create more powerups, get down thelovelypresents and collect the tasty chocolates. Also make sure toinviteyour friends to share the love! You might even meetsomeonespecial. For more great match-3 games, visit our page onFacebook:
Reef Rescue: Match 3 Adventure 4.0.0
Qublix Games
Discover epic sceneries as you pop, crush and journey throughthisstunning underwater world of the deep blue sea. Who needsanaquarium when you can build your own Reef?! Completechallengingand fun match-3 puzzles to win coins and rescue fish! Bea hero asyou smash and collect gems, blast through obstacles, farmcoins andrejuvenate your Reef as you buy the most prestigiousdecorations.Share photos of your brilliant fish to become the envyof yourFacebook best friends. Watch your fish splash around as yourReefcomes to life! Features: - Craft your underwater paradise asyoublitz through hundreds of match-3 levels. - Feed, play withandwatch the true stars of your reef: your fish! - Collect starstolevel up and unlock jam packed chests filled with treasure. -Winrewards daily by spinning the Bonus Slot. - Complete unique taskasyou pop and smash jelly, clean fish, drop beach balls andcollectbubbles. - Explore and unlock different Reefs as you make asplashin this All New Free Game!
Jacky's Farm: Match-3 Adventure 1.2.7
Become the best farmer in this fun match-3 game based onyourfavorite fairy tales! Go on an exciting adventure, travelingtheworld of the beloved fairy-tale characters. Defeat the evilGiantwho robbed Jacky's farm. Go after him on the beanstalk andhelp toreturn the stolen items and teach the scoundrel a lesson.Match 3fruits and other crops in a row to collect harvest and winexcitinglevels! Grow crops on the farm to get daily rewards. 🍓Matchfruitsand crops! Fun addictive gameplay! 🥕Thousands of challengingandunique match-3 levels! 🍋 No Wi-Fi or Internet connectionrequiredto play! 🍊Powerful and fun magic boosters and power-upswill helpyou! 🍇Completely free, you can win all levels withoutpaying! 🍏Funboss-fight levels! Defeat the Giant and show him who'sthe boss!🍅Play levels to top the leaderboards and beat best playersin theworld! 🍍Meet beloved characters from your favoritefairy-tales!🍐Various fun in-game events and sales! 🍉Play with yourfriends andbeat their score! 🍑Don't forget to log in daily to getyour dailybonus! You can play alone, or with friends to share avictory andovercome challenges in the game together. Picturesqueplaces,colorful graphics, stunning effects and a fascinating gamegenrewill keep you at the edge of your seat during the game. Theworldof farming and fairy tales is waiting for you!
Pengle - Penguin Match 3 2.0.5
Match and collect 3 or more colorful blocks in Pengle! Pengle isafun match 3 puzzle game that makes you feel happy. Play it Now!TheAntarctic Ocean is covered in oil, caused by a container ship!Thebrave Penguin Pete is having a hard time cleaning up all thisoilby himself! Help Pete cleanse the ocean so that he can go backtocatching fish with his ocean friends! Make the Antarctic cleanbymatching colorful blocks. Pengle is a fun and simple match 3gamewhere you can match three or more blocks of the same color.Useyour fingers to match as many blocks as you can and go for thehighscore! Pengle awaits you with its stunning graphics andaddictivematch 3 game play! There are plenty of levels for you tobeat! Playit now! Pengle features : • Never ending exciting match 3puzzlegame! : Over 2,000 awesome levels! Updates will be continued!•Something awesome happens when you match five blockstogether!Match the 5 same color blocks and Make the wild card!These helpyou in different directions to clear the board. • Who isthe bestmatch 3 mania? : Play with friends and see who can get thehighestscore! If you get the highest score, you are the best match3mania! Challenge now! • Go! Penguin Pete! Get rid of allobstacles!: With the colorful and powerful items, you can get ridof allobstacles such as pesky vines, changing squids and darnsharks! •Whenever, wherever you are, connecting must go on! : Youcan stillenjoy Pengle. Anywhere, anytime, Play Pengle! • Googleplaystorefree download Pengle is completely free to play butin-gamecurrency, to buy items such as extra moves or lives, willrequirepayment with real money. • To add to the fun, you can signin toyour Facebook account and compete with your friends! Like usonFacebook for the latest news: Facebook page Link- * This application requiresthefollowing permissions: * - Read & modify or delete contentsonSD card - View network connections - Install shortcut -Vibrationcontrol - Google Play Payment Services - Search foraccounts ondevice - Read phone status and ID - Run at startup -Data messageapp delivery - Receive data from the Internet - Modifysystemsettings - Prevent your phone from going to sleep - Readingandwriting badge alarm [Essential Access Permissions] - none[OptionalAccess Permissions] - Storage space / Phone / Addressbook: Storageaccess permission required to store game data * How toset andrevoke access authority * - Android 6.0 or higher:DeviceSettings> Manage apps> Select app> Revoke access -UnderAndroid 6.0: You can revoke access by removing apps
Booty Quest - Match 3 - Pirate Treasure Game 1.34.0
Ahoy matey, come aboard and join the crew of the Black Paw!BootyQuest is the ultimate Match 3 adventure, full of pirates,puzzlesand peril. Set sail from the jungles of Monkey Mountain tothechilly winds of Penguin Peak, as you hunt for legendarytreasures.Develop a strategy to succeed as you combine jewels tocraft combosand outwit the villainous Pirate Queen! Booty Quest isfree todownload, and free to play, so why don’t you give it a trytoday! •100s of bite-sized levels; perfect to fill the gaps inyouradventures! • Collect the pieces of treasure to unlockamazingrewards! • Invite your friends and show those scurvy dogswho’sboss! • Battle it out in Global Multiplayer Tournaments forthechance of being crowned the Ultimate Pirate! • Our dedicatedteamis working hard to create fresh new content for you! “It’s agoodone!” – Droid Gamers Challenge yourself with 6 unique gamemodes.Prove that you’re the fastest pirate in PvP races. Train yourbrainwhilst you hunt for hidden treasure. Defend your Ship inourrevolutionary match 3 combat mode. Defeat each challengetodiscover where the hunt leads next, unlocking new ships,boosts,and bootiful storylines. Take the plunge and become a piratetoday!FAQ What kind of game is Booty Quest? Booty Quest is a uniqueMatch3 adventure. It combines a pirate treasure hunt story withpuzzles,dynamic game modes, and a dash of strategy. In each levelyou areto match 3, or more, objects together to solve the puzzles,collecttreasure, and outsmart your rivals. Is it really free? BootyQuestis free to download, and free to play. There are optionalin-apppurchases that cost real money, but playing for free doesnotrestrict your access to gameplay. As an independent studioourlivelihood is dependent upon the generosity of our players, andifyou are enjoying the game then please feel free to supportusthrough in-app purchases. For less than the price of a cupofcoffee, you can help us create more puzzle, adventure, andstrategygames! I’m struggling, can you help? We try to make ouradventuresand puzzles challenging, but sadly sometimes this canmake them abit too tricky. If you are ever needing help in atreasure hunt, orany other challenge, there are a few things youcould try. Youcould use a strategy such as trying to match from thebottom of theboard first. If that doesn’t help, consider joiningour amazingFacebook community, who are always happy to provide tipsandtricks. If you are wanting to speak directly to someone inourcommunity support team, then please get in touch through User Reviews “Raises the bar of match3games. Gameplay and graphics are fantastic. Characters andstoryare great too. You won't find a better match 3!” – Tom Kane“Thisis very cool. The higher the levels the more challenging thegamebecomes. It's a great game” – Pamela Matthews “I love this gameIget started and can't stop.... Also my special needs 9 yearolddaughter loves it! We play together all the time BEST GAMEEVER!!!”– Sheelah McBride Support We understand that sometimespuzzles canget a bit tricky, or technology can go wrong. We arededicated tokeeping your adventure alive, so if you areexperiencing anytrouble please contact our Support Team. You cancontact themdirectly at, or drop us amessage on any oneof our Social Media © 2017 - 2018Outplay Entertainment Ltd. BootyQuest, Crafty Candy, and MysteryMatch are all trademarks ofOutplay Entertainment Ltd. All rightsreserved. If you are a fan ofMatch 3 adventure strategy games,please try some of our othertitles, such as Crafty Candy or MysteryMatch.
Pet Frenzy 1.0.107
Pet Frenzy, the most adorable match-3 game! The lovely, naughtyandcute pets are coming! Where are the magic cute pets? Come onandjoin the magic cute pets' wonderful journey! Travelthroughgrassland, farmhouse, fence, and infinite amazing magicislands andsolve every puzzle on the wonderland. Slide your finger,switch andmatch cute pets to make miracles! The cutest game will becuterbecause of you. Free to download and play except in-gamepurchases.Pet Frenzy is a brand new match-3 game. Match cute petsto achievetarget. Pet Frenzy Features: 6 cute pets that will alwaysmake youhappy Refreshing gameplays give you different experiencePowerfulboosts to help with challenging levels Easy to start andplay,challenging to master Friends system allows you to competewithyour friends
Candy Bug Match 3 1.00.005
Match 3
Candy Bug Match 3 game will take you to a new level of fun andwilltotally change your mind about bugs! Used to be scared ofbugs?Forget all about it because you’re gonna’ love our superawesomeforest bugs who look like sparkly precious gems.Come visittheirhidden magical place, travel through the woods, see themagnificentwaterfall and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds ofnature. Playtoday and explore thousands of amazing levels filledwith ladybugs,butterflies, bumblebees and shiny beetles * Swap andmove forestbugs to burst and win points* Match at least 3 items ofthe sametype to pop the combination and clear the board * Winawesomebonuses and rewards that will help you advance through themagicalmap * Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on everylevel*Collect gems and win levels!* Complete the missions set atthebeginning of each level Candy Bug Match 3 is an easy and funpuzzlematch game for the whole family to enjoy! Download for freetodayand jump into the match 3 fun!
Sweet POP Mania : Match 3 Puzzle 1.5.5
▣ Sweet POP Mania - A sweet matching puzzle game! ▣ Enjoy asweetgame of matching candy, jelly, and ice cream! ▣ 700 excitinglevelsand stages filled with sweet candy. ▣ Explore various worldthemesand play over 700 challenging levels. ▶ Sweet POP ManiaOfficialFan Page : This gamesupports'한국어', 'Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語','中文简体','中文繁體', 'Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย','Русский','Arabic'. 【 How to play Sweet POP Mania 】 ☞ Match 3 ofthe samecolored candies to earn points. ☞ If you match 4 candies,theybecome a special candy! ☞ Use the power of special candiesforspecial advantages. ☞ Clear stage missions with a given numberofmoves. ▣ Achieve a 3 Star Rating! ▣ Use your best move toclearchallenges and obtain 3 stars! ▣ A variety of missionsandobstacles provide exciting new challenges. ▣ More than700different missions await to challenge you. ▣ A strong,addictivegame! ▣ An addictive Match 3 Puzzle game you can pick upand playany time! ▣ A fun puzzle game! ▣ A simple puzzle game ofmatching 3identical sweets of the same color. Free fun with a highlevel ofstrategy! - This game is acceptable for purchasing theitemspartially. When purchasing the items, the additional costscould beoccurred and limited Consumer Right of Defense according totheitem types. ▶ Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀ ☆ SUPERBOX Official Website☞ ☆ SUPERBOX Official Fan Page☞ ☆ SUPERBOX Customer Center☞E-Mail :
Matchland Quest 1.4.6
Are you ready for a breathtaking Match-3 game unlike anyother?Forget about slow and boring match-3 puzzles where it allcomesdown to one game. We offer you a great adventure instead.Matchyour way through tons of fun! A Match 3 game for everyone! •Uniquegameplay mix. You make matches and go on an adventure all inone. •Create mighty power-ups and just tap once to explode them. •Engagein a story full of gripping quests and memorable characters.•Collect magic elixir to remove dark spells from the lands.•Regular updates: you'll never run out of new adventures!
Royal Garden Tales - Match 3 Puzzle Decoration 0.9.1
Do you have a crush on decoration and like to play match 3games?Forget about shooter games! In Royal Garden Tales,challengeyourself with puzzle after puzzle of exciting 3 in linegames andgain fairy dust to decorate a classic luxury mansion anditssurrounding garden to uncover its histories of magic secrets.Everymatch is guaranteed fun for kids and adults, online andofflinetoo! In this entertaining match 3 game you will accompanyAmelia,princess and heir to the mansion, in her adventure to buildherfamily castle again with the help of her new magic fairyservant,Lulu. Make design choices about plants and flowers in thegarden,match materials and decorate the palace in marble, diamondsandjewels... Become the princess of gardening and the queen ofmanordecoration and help Amelia to discover the past of herancestors...Who was the king of the castle? Is Amelia part of thelast childrenof her dynasty? Escape from reality and start todecorate ourmanor! Royal Garden Tales is an amazing saga of match 3puzzleswhere the fun never stops! Just like a jigsaw, you need topiecetogether the parts of the story as you follow these twogirls,Amelia and Lulu the fairy, on their quest to decorate themansionand uncover the mysteries surrounding the gardening house.FEATURESof this match 3 puzzle with manor garden builder elementsClassicMatch 3 decoration puzzle with a tic-tac-toe twist: Make aline of3 of balloon shapes to blast it off, you can also build apower upby making shapes of the same colors and it will help youblast morethan one row or line. Building an arrow will act like ashooter andwill remove same balloon colors out of the jigsaw.Combine abooster and a special bubble breaker to make a blastcombo. Everyjigsaw will have challenges for you to overcome: acertain numberof balloon colors have to be removed from the puzzlefirsttherefore increasing the level of difficulty of the match3decoration puzzles. Solve this entertaining 3 in linemansiongardening puzzle, match every critter to obtain fairy dustrequiredto build the palace house and decorate the home garden andthen,between every match 3 puzzle, watch an episode of the magiclegendunfold. Build the palace manor garden and help with its match3decoration: Become an expert mansion decorator and enjoychoosingsmart new things to decorate and design their home justlike kidsin a candy store! With the help of your mysterious andcute maid,Lulu, you´ll free the secrets of the house and the royalgarden bychoosing colors, materials and flora. What style will youchoose?Classic or modern? When you finish decorating each area, anew onewill appear. Help Princess Amelia decorate the whole gardeninsideand out. Do not try to escape from this match 3 world fullofmagic! Royal Garden Tales saga is a free match 3 puzzle gamewithdecoration elements that can be played online and offline.Someitems can be purchased in-game with real money. Notesregardingpermissions: External storage access is used for cachingvideo& save game purpose. Find out more about our online andofflinegames in, we have puzzles, RPG, and shootergames too.Come and visit us! Like Us on
Indy Cat Match 3 1.69
Solve the great match-3 puzzle with Indy Cat and help him getbackthe magical Ball of Fate! We promise 5-STARS QUALITY for you!•Amazing graphics; • Entrancing music; • Diverse gameplay;•Intriguing storyline; • FB synchronization. Endless count oflevelswith weekly updates and a lot of different events will makeyouradventures funny and addictive! JUST ENJOY IT!
Witchy World 31.0
Match magical ingredients to solve over 100 levels inthisenchanting and addictive puzzle adventure! Brew magicpotions,elixirs, charms and philters for adorable fairy talecharacters inthis adventure of sorcery and witchcraft. Startbrewing now andshow your friends that you're the best witch to befound! 5 STARFEATURES: . Easy to learn, hard to master . Colorfuland vividgraphics . Over 100 exciting levels with challengingobstacles .Leaderboards to compete against your friends throughFacebook .Seamless synchronization with Facebook . Boosters to helpyouthrough tough levels Already a fan of Witchy World? Like usonFacebook for the latestnews: So what are youwaitingfor? Plenty of magic potions are waiting for you in themostaddictive game on Facebook. Play now! Please note that WitchyWorldis completely free to play but some in-game items such asextramoves or lives will require payment.
Forgotten Treasure 2 - Match 3 1.25.03
The Forgotten Treasure 2 is an exciting match 3 game in whichyouneed to complete levels, overcoming obstacles and matchingjewelsto find treasures! There are no time and energy limits, soyou canpass as many levels and as many times as you want! Alltheadventures in this game are completely free, regularly updated,andthe game does not require the Internet! Slide the jewels,matchthem in combinations, create bonuses and go through allthenumerous levels of the game! At the moment, the game has morethana thousand levels and it's far from the limit! In the gamethereare different game modes: you can take an excitingadventure:collect treasures, help the deer return the Christmasmooddecorating the Christmas tree! In addition to adventure, youcancomplete seasonal levels, for each of which you collectdifferentparts, and with them you can create the most beautifulrelics! Andif you just want to relax, then you can enjoy the gamein arcademode, unhindered to collect crystals and set records andcompetewith your friends or with the whole world! Features: -Greatgraphics and sound! - A huge number of levels! - Differentsets ofcrystals for every taste! - Various adventures andtreasures!Constantly there are new adventures! - A lot ofobstacles! -Different bonuses! Treasures are waiting for you!
Jewel Match King 1.9.22
Swap and match as you journey through Puzzle Adventure! HOW TOPLAY• Swap and match 3 or more jewels. • Remove as many jewels asyoucan! • Match special jewels to make a bomb! • Achieve 3 starstoget more coins! • Score higher with boosters! FEATURES • 3MATCHPUZZLE - Unlimited stamina as there are puzzle games • TONSOFUNIQUE LEVELS - Over 300 puzzles are unique and full of funandamazing challenges! • EASY AND FUN PLAY - Easy to play; simplyswap& match. • NO TIME LIMIT - Play at your own pace. • NOWIFI? NOPROBLEM! - Enjoy the game offline! NOTES • Jewel MatchKingcontains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.•Jewel Match King is free to play, but you can purchase In-appitemslike AD FREE and coins SUPPORT UNIVERSAL APP • Enjoy the gameonvarious devices (phones and tablets). E-MAIL •help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • Thanksforplaying!
Puzzle Heart Match-3 Adventure 2.4.4
A hurricane ripped through the island where young farmer Helenlivesand ruined the whole city. Are you up for helping her withrestoringthe city and prevent a new disaster? Dive intochallengingadventures in this unique game that mixes beautifulcity-buildingand lively match-3 puzzle! Starting from the Helen’shome, you willhelp her rebuild and design the destroyed city bycompletingexciting match-3 levels. With thousands of engaginglevels, plentyof quests to complete, new buildings and designs toconstruct,fascinating characters to meet — you won’t stop playing!REASONSYOU’LL LOVE PUZZLE HEART: - RESTORING THE CITY: Repair andbeautifybuildings and build the city of your dreams brick bybrick! - VIVIDAND DYNAMIC LEVELS: Make explosions with differentchipcombinations! You won’t find such a variety of specialeffectsanywhere else! - DIFFERENT PUZZLE MODES: A huge number ofvariousmodes won't let you put this game down! - AMAZING BOOSTERS:You canearn a diversity of bonuses and power-ups – you’ll developyour ownstrategy for using them. - INSPIRING ADVENTURE: Engagefriendlypeople and work your way through the game to reveal thestory ofthis incredible island. - COLORFUL ANIMATED GRAPHICS: Theartworkisn't a simple, bland cartoons. Rather, it's agraphicalmasterpiece always in motion. - REGULAR UPDATES: Newlevels,buildings, quests, events and adventures will keep youcaptivated!All this and much, much more — FREE! STAY TUNED: Findus: Have morefun: Follow us: Watchus: Enjoy ourart: Questions? We would love tohearfrom you! You can reach us at
Jewel Match King: Quest 2.3.39
Play the fun & challenging Jewel Match! Hop in your airshipandembark on new magical adventures! Whip your way throughfantasticaljewel islands and rescue a jewel fairy from the witches!Earnrewards along the way to take on tons of levels! With thousandsoflevels, challenging game modes and daily events, JewelMatchKing:Quest provides endless hours of fun and excitement!FEATURES◆Swap, match, and crush jewels in thousands of fun andchallengingmatch-3 puzzle levels ◆Brand-new power-ups and ways toplay! ◆Swapand blast your way through ever-expanding new worlds!◆Check backoften for events, free rewards and new levels! ◆Collectkeys tounlock new worlds and crush challenges! Please Note - JewelMatchKing:Quest is supported on various mobile devices. - JewelMatchKing:Quest contains ads like banners, interstitials, videosandhouse ads. - Jewel Match King:Quest is free to play, however,youmay purchase in-app contents like AD FREE and coins. NeedHelp?Have Questions? Please contact us at VisitUs Like Us on Facebook to StayUp-to-Date! [RequiredPermissions] -None [Optional Permissions] - Photo / Media / File:requiredstorage access permission to save game data [Permissionsetting andwithdrawal method] - Android 6.0+: Device Settings>ApplicationManagement> Select App> Revoke Access - UnderAndroid 6.0:Can revoke access by deletingapplication===============================
Fruit Land – match3 adventure 1.258.0
Match juicy lines of 3 fruit to solve 2000+ challenging levelsinthis delicious puzzle adventure. Download Fruit Land now! Dipyourfingers into the best juicy fruit mania game ever. Challengeandcompete with your friends inside the game and get rewarded! Youarenot going to put it down once you have started! Take yourself onawild journey and experience the match3 adventure with fruitmaniain kingdoms of orange, lemon, cherry and other deliciousfruit.Never ending game and never ending fun with daily bonus everyday!Features: -Well-known match3 gameplay with a twist -Cute andjuicydesign -Compete with your friends -Delicious kingdoms -Dozensofboosters -2000+ difficulty levels – each one is unique Indulgeyoursweet tooth craving for delicious fruit! Download Fruit Land–match3 adventure!
My Museum Story: Mystery Match 1.60.0
🏆Welcome to our free to play online game 🏆 Become amystery-solvingdetective and find hidden artifacts and losttreasures to buildyour own mystery museum! Swap around and matchartifacts by colorto collect objects, decorate house building andhalls of the museumand solve mystery quests! Beat breathtakingmatch-3 levels andsearch for hidden treasures of ancientcivilizations. Carve yourway through a story packed with mystery,romance and adventures!Excited? Mystery museum is waiting for you!Customize the halls ofthe museum and surrounding garden scapes. Goon a journey to thepyramids of Egypt, travel to Greece and solvethe mystery ofPoseidon, have a fascinating trip to Japan! You canalso open yourown Jurassic mansion and build fountains outside themuseum toentertain your visitors even more! You ain’t a mysterydetectivelike Lara Croft? Of course you are, jump on in! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆The gamefeatures ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Easy and fascinating gameplay — swapmatchingmystery items to complete match 3 puzzle game. ★ Creativefreedom —choose the museum decor, open new locations and startbuilding aunique museum. ★ Various constructions — build your ownJurassicCity, place fountains outside the museum mansion and muchmore! ★Exciting episode — restore your museum and embark on athrillingadventure game! ★ Unique game design — colourful gamescenes andsparkling match 3 jigsaw puzzle levels won’t leave youunimpressed!★ Challenging tasks — choice quests to fill your museumwith newmystery items and collect lost artifacts. ★ Multiple gamelocations— crawl through haunted museum halls, developsurroundingterritories and go on a search for ancient artifacts ofEgypt,Greece and Japan! ★ Lovely in-game heroes to accompany you onyoursearch for hidden artifacts. ★ A Facebook community ofmysterydetective episodes to share your progress with. ★ Free toplayaccess: just install to start your own museum adventure. Incaseyou have any issues, questions or comments don’t forget toe-mailus at Join our FacebookCommunity: Follow us onInstagram:
Monster Busters: Hexa Blast 1.2.48
Monster Busters: Hexa Blast is a brilliant match three puzzle game–a brand new yet classic match 3 style game with a hexagonal twist★Join a Mind Blowing Adventure Play on a board composed ofhexagons,beat the evil monsters and climb the monster tower. Savethegingerbread friends as you clear stages with variouschallengesclimbing up the tower! Progress in the game by swappingmonstersand matching colors in order to destroy them. Match 3 in arow ormore and the tiles explode! ★ Fun & Fresh Tile MatchingGame Itoffers unique gameplay experience with an engaging cartoondesign,a wide variety of items, original sounds and a storylinethat willkeep you on your toes. ★ Play with Your Friends Whatbetter way isthere to celebrate friendship than by destroyingmonsters togetherand giving each other free lives? With Hexa Blast,you are neveralone. Invite your friends to join the party or meetnew ones fromthe official Facebook fan group Features: * Over 1,000stages, eachepisode filled with different concept of challenge. *Tons of coinrewards when you beat the stages, complete weeklychallenges, andmore. * Breath taking cartoon style design withArabian themedartwork. * Wide variety of unique items &avatars. *Challenging bossfights.--------------------------------------------- Hexa Blastiscompletely free to download and play, but some in-game itemsmayneed to be purchased.---------------------------------------------Visit our officialhomepage for more information: Like us onFacebook for the latest news: ofService:
Food Crush 1.1.0
♥ Unlimited sweet food puzzle! ♥ The sound effect is the best!♥Play Match 3 Puzzle in a sweet-filled world■■■■■Introduction■■■■■▣ Food Crush - A sweet matching puzzle game!▣ Enjoy a sweet gameof matching candy, jelly, and ice cream!Popular developerDAERISOFT's new Match 3 puzzle game! Homepage ▣400 exciting levels and stagesfilled with sweet candy.▣ Explorevarious world themes and playover 300 challenging levels. ▣ FoodTruck Collection ▣ Collect yourown food truck! Gather the best foodtrucks and use your powerfulabilities to play the game morefavorably. Boast your friends whenyou have a great food truck!■■■■■How to play Food Crush■■■■■ ☞Match 3 of the same coloredcandies to earn points. ☞ If you match4 candies, they become aspecial candy! ☞ Use the power of specialcandies for specialadvantages. ☞ Clear stage missions with a givennumber of moves. ▣Achieve a 3 Star Rating! ▣ Use your best move toclear challengesand obtain 3 stars! ▣ A variety of missions andobstacles provideexciting new challenges. ▣ More than 300different missions await tochallenge you. ▣ A strong, addictivegame! ▣ An addictive Match 3Puzzle game you can pick up and playany time! ▣ A fun puzzle game!▣ A simple puzzle game of matching 3identical sweets of the samecolor. Free fun with a high level ofstrategy! Every review youleave encourages us to make a bettergame. Thank you! Daerisoftgames will continue!
Match Masters - PVP Match 3 Puzzle Game 2.402
🌟 A NEW WAY TO PLAY MATCH 3 🌟 Play live against opponents fromallover the world in fun online match-3 games! Played thousandsoflevels in other matching games? It's time to prove yourskillsagainst others in Match Masters! 🌟 PVP MULTIPLAYER ACTION 🌟InMatch Masters, players take turns playing on the same gameboard,so the choices they make affect each other. Each move hasthepotential to turn the course of the entire game, and realMatchMasters take into account not only a move's score but alsotheopportunities it will create for their opponent! 🌟 COMPETEWITHYOUR FRIENDS 🌟 Match Masters is even more fun when you playwithfriends 😊 Connect with Facebook to challenge your friends andfindout who the real Match Master is! Every game you win helps youtakeover the top spot in the Friends Leaderboard, and exchanginggiftsboosts everyone's progress! 🌟 NEVER GET BORED 🌟 Match Mastersispacked full with Boosters, Mixers, Outfits and other secretstounlock! 🌟 TOURNAMENTS AN D COMPETITIONS 🌟 Play againstotherplayers in existing new tournaments every day, with hugeprizes anda real time gameplay. 🌟 PROVE YOUR SKILL 🌟 Play againstothers headto head to earn trophies and prove your skill. You'll bematchedagainst players at a similar level to you, so you'll alwayshave anenjoyably challenging experience. Earn trophies to unlocknewstudios and compete against other players in the leaderboards!🌟AWESOME POWERUPS 🌟 • Every blue star you collect chargesyourBooster, while your opponent collects red circles • Useyourpowerful Booster at the right moment to tip the game inyourfavour, make satisfying comebacks and score huge combos! • Pickoneof 15 available funky Boosters, each with its own play styleandeffect Don’t miss out on the latestnews:
Candy Valley - Match 3 Puzzle
"Dream of collecting… not jewels, but recipes for the tastiest,mostincredible sweets, don’t you? Grab a can of soda; you’ll needit towash down all the jelly beans and sugar candies! You, yourassistantElla and the candy-maker Edward will set off on a questto thatpuzzling place, Candy Valley, where the locals are famousfor theirexquisite recipes! Travel with the Rainbow and learn tocook allkinds of delicacies by matching the ingredients! Dangerand hardshipawait you on your adventure, but you are sure to bestany puzzlewithout trouble! Cool action waits for kids and adultsalike. Boysand girls, you will have unlimited fun playing thisjewel of a game!You can log in with Facebook, import your progressand play for freeanytime you want on your smartphone! A new onlineclassic saga ofmatch 3 games. Simple rules: find the matches,starting from threein a row, and combine them. Become the ultimatecrusher of sweetsand digger of recipes. Dash to the most complexpuzzles in the appworld, match threes, and rush to the very top!Travel the sweetestland imaginable. Note: The purchases in thein-game store areoptional and meant to make game progress easier.A Wi-Fi or mobileInternet connection is needed to play the game —you can’t do itoffline."
Water Splash - Cool Match 3 1.6.5
"The world’s coolest new matching 3 adventure, Water Splash!Matchthe colorful water balloons and feel cool streams! AdorableotterOris really loves water! One day, evil crocodile Mr. Crokerinvadedthe Animal’s cities and stole town’s water! Match theballoons asmany as possible with Oris and defeat the evilcrocodile! Clearlevels and bring water back for Oris and hisfriends! You can takeon this delight alone or play with friends andfamily to see whocan get the highest score! It's best match 3 gamefor adults andkids! Water Splash features • Never ending excitingmatch 3 puzzlegame! : Over 1,900 awesome levels! Updates will becontinued! •What if I match the cross balloon with the colorballoon…? : Matchthe various types of balloons as many as you can!If you match morethan 4 balloons, you will get a special balloon!You can even crushsolid rocks! • Who is the best match 3 mania? :Play with friendsand see who can get the highest score! If you getthe highestscore, you are the best match 3 mania! Can you clear alllevelswith 3 stars? If you have a mania for match 3 game, challengenow!• Who moved my candy? : If you match the balloon with thecandy,you will get sweet candies! Match the candies as many as youcanand get special gifts! Candies await you now! • Go! RubberDuck!Get rid of all obstacles! : With the colorful and powerfulitems,you can get rid of all obstacles such as mini crocodiles,dolphinsand rubber cones! • Whenever, wherever you are, matchingmust goon! : You can still enjoy Water Splash without internetaccess.Play Water Splash without wifi! Anywhere, anytime, matchtheballoons! • App store free download : Water Splash is FREEtodownload and play, however some game items such as extra movesorlives can also be purchased for real money. • Don’t missoutspecial gifts! : If you sign-in to Water Splash via Facebook,youwill receive special bonus and find various functions! If youhavea mania for match 3 game, If you have a mania for addictinggame,If you have a mania for awesome game, You must play this coolgame!A great way to pass time, Fantastic Matching 3 Adventure,WaterSplash! Are you ready for Water Splash? Like us on Facebook!.io.
Jewel Blast : Temple 1.4.0
Cheetah Games
Easy game play and rules. the ultimate addicting game thatanyonecan enjoy Jewel Blast : Temple! Find and tap 2 or more jewelsofthe same color. Jewels are cleared when their colors match.Trytapping more than 2 jewel to get a high score. Way to work,Wayhome and Anywhere in the subway or Bus, enjoy the game withJewelBlast : Temple! ▶ Jewel Blast : Temple Official Fan Page: - This game supports'한국어','Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体','中文繁體','Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский','Arabic','Portuguese', 'Turkish', 'Italian'. 【Jewel Blast : TempleFeatures】◈ An addictive game enjoyed by people all around theworld! ◈ Playclean, stylish with quality graphic. ◈ Over 1,000special stagemodes! ◈ A brain game that will increase yourconcentration. ◈ NoWi-Fi? No problem! Play anytime without aninternet connection. ◈Supports 16 languages. ◈ A small game thatcan be downloaded by anydevice! ◈ Supports all tablets. 【How toplay Jewel Blast : Temple】◈ Tap 2 or more jewels to match thecolors! ◈ Use hidden items byremoving more than 5 jewels! - Thisgame is acceptable forpurchasing the items partially. Whenpurchasing the items, theadditional costs could be occurred andlimited Consumer Right ofDefense according to the item types. ▶Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀ ☆SUPERBOX Official Website ☞ ☆ SUPERBOX OfficialFan Page ☞ ☆ SUPERBOX CustomerCenter ☞E-Mail :
Gem Quest Hero - Jewel Match 3 Games 3.5.8
Miik Limited
Gem Quest Hero is a jewel match 3 game released with welldesigned300 levels! Finally to see if you can beat the clock inlast "SuperHard" levels and get the last precious!Best experience,graphicsand puzzles on your Android phones/Tablets! Never miss-outthematch-three (match 3) quest!Gem Quest Hero highlight Features:●Complete different targets to win the level before you run outoftime. ● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.●Acres of luscious levels to complete. ● Take on your friendstocompete for the best score and see who can switch their way tothefattest onions ever! ● Rechargeable boosters, extra to,eandspecial power-ups to help with those challenging levels. ●Discoverprecious in Egypt style graphics.Play Gem Quest Hero todayand joinmillions enjoying the latest touch craze!If you lovediamond gameor jewel match game, we're sure you will love this "GemQuestHero". If you don't like jewel type mania game, we stillsuggestyou try this one. The strategy & skills inside will makeyouexcited.NOTE-1: Gem Quest Hero is completely free to play butthereis ads in this game. If you do not like ads you can remove itinsettings by purchasing.NOTE-2: There might be unpredictable bugsonsome low-end android devices. We are sorry about this and wearetrying our best to fix this.Gem Quest Hero is completely freetoplay but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment. You can turn-off the payment feature bydisablingin-app-purchases in your device’s settings.
Bloomberry — match-3 story 0.37.166
Skyway lab
Welcome to Bloomberry! What awaits you: exciting adventures,therestoration of a beautiful planet, friendly characters, afunplotline and exciting match-3 levels! Decorate a glade andhouse,grow plants, solve puzzles, make friends with funnycharacters andunlock new clearings! Create coziness in Bloom’shouses and he’llgive you his warmth! Features: ● Unique gameplay:make match-3combinations with berries, decorate houses andclearings and enjoya fun story – and all in one place! ● Hundredsof original match-3levels and puzzles. ● Complete mini-quests andother challengesthat the Fairy has for you. ● Take care of yourpet, feed itlollipops, fruit, pastries, candies and other tastydishes, andsometimes tuck it in to sleep. ● Decorate the gardenwith flowersand beautiful butterflies will come to see you. ●Assemblecollections of gnomes and kittens. ● Cute characters thatcanbecome your friends – meet them all! ● Connect to Facebook:visityour friends’ houses and give them gifts. ● Clearings indifferentstyles: Herbalist, Fisherman, Buddhist and many more. ●Lots ofbeautiful decorations: an aquarium of fish, statues andmore. ●Your charming friend Bloom who is always glad to seeyou.Bloomberry is a free game, but certain game items can be boughtforreal money. You can play Bloomberry without an Internetconnection.Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an
Ice Crush 3.6.1
Ice Crush is a brand new game from the makers of Garden Mania 2andGarden Mania 3! Switch and swap, match 3 ice crystals, adoptandraise snowman, challenge snow monsters and elves, facepuzzlinglevels, save bunnies and polar bears, collect coconuts- allwithstrategic matching! Ice Crush is an all-new matching puzzlegivingyou a new way to play in the frozen adventure, you'll beaddictedfrom the very first hit! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆ ★Hugeand brand new game play! It's time to show your matchingskills! ★Great rewards and daily bonuses prepared for you! ★Eye-catchinggraphics, cute and adorable opponents and friends! ★Rechargeableboosters, well-designed power-ups help with thosechallenginglevels. ★ New way to win coins and snowballs for you toupgradeyour equipment. ★ 800+ levels plus well designed topiclevels! Freelevels and game modes added regularly! ★ Facebookconnected, easyto sync progress on different devices. ★ Free &easy to pickup, yet challenging to fully master. ☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play☆☆☆☆☆ ★Switch and match 3 or more ice crystals, create combos toreach thetarget. ★ Unlock power-ups, collect coins and snowball,adoptsnowman for the preparation of tough levels. ★ Less moves youpassa level, higher score you'll get. Can you score high enough toearn3 stars on every level? ★ Ice Crush is completely free to playbutsome in-game items may require payment. Like Ice Crush onfacebookfan page to get the latestnews!
Gem Quest Super Hero 1.1.8
Miik Limited
Improved version of Gem Quest Hero is coming! Download free nowandtry this unique jewel match 3 game with Move & Matchgameplaying.Gem Quest Super Hero is a classic jewel match 3 gamewithhundreds of fun levels.Best experience, graphics and puzzlesonyour Android phones will make you fully entertained inthismatching game.This game is completely unique with other match3games because this game let you "Move & Match" tosolvepuzzles.Gem Quest Super Hero highlight Features: ●Completedifferent targets to win the level before you run out oftime. ●Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master. ●Acres ofluscious levels to complete. ● Take on your friends tocompete forthe best score and see who can switch their way to thefattestonions ever! ● Rechargeable boosters, extra to,e andspecialpower-ups to help with those challenging levels. ●Discoverprecious in Egypt style graphics.Play Gem Quest Super Herotodayand join millions enjoying the latest touch craze!If youlovediamond game or jewel match game, we're sure you will lovethis"Gem Quest Super Hero". If you don't like jewel type maniagame, westill suggest you try this one. The strategy & skillsinsidewill make you excited.NOTE-1: Gem Quest Super Hero iscompletelyfree to play but there is ads in this game. If you do notlike adsyou can remove it in settings by purchasing.NOTE-2: Theremight beunpredictable bugs on some low-end android devices. We aresorryabout this and we are trying our best to fix this.Gem QuestSuperHero is completely free to play but some in-game items suchasextra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-offthepayment feature by disabling in-app-purchases in yourdevice’ssettings.
Charm King 6.3.0
PlayQ Inc
Once upon a time, a new game appeared to lay claim to the titleofthe most charming Match 3 puzzle game in the world! WelcometoCharm King! Play now and embark on a magical journey throughafairy tale kingdom, filled with fun, adventure, and humor.Alongthe way you will meet unforgettable characters andsolvechallenging puzzles to help everybody live happily everafter.CHARM KING FEATURES: • Completely FREE to play with THOUSANDSofcharming levels • ENJOY beautifully vivid HD graphics • RELAXandde-stress with soothing game play and audio • LAUGH OUT LOUDwithhilarious fairy tale stories and cute characters •CHALLENGEyourself to solve tricky puzzles • PLAY and progress withfriends •WIN spectacular boosts to blast through challenges •Alwayssomething new to unlock with DAILY and SEASONAL EVENTS!Please noteCharm King is completely free to play but some in-gameitems suchas extra moves or lives will require payment. You canturn-off thepayment feature by disabling in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.
Gemmy Lands - Match 3 Games 8.80
Nevosoft Inc
Welcome to Gemmy Lands! Join Gemmy with exciting match 3jeweladventure through the beautiful Gemmy Lands! Discover secretsofthe Gem Planet, swap and match, create combinations of 3 gemsandmore in a row. Enjoy each and every stage with uniquechallengesand find the hidden treasures! ● Over 20 000 000 peopleare alreadyplaying! ● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels ● Stunninggraphicsand special effects ● Incredible power-ups and bonuses ●Epic jewelcombos to unleash colorfull explosions ● Special rewardsand eventsall the time ● Build your very own Gem Planet ● ChallengeyourFacebook and VK friends and reach the top of Leaderboards ● Youcanplay Gemmy Lands without internet Gemmy Lands is free toplaypuzzle, though some in-game items can also be purchased forrealmoney. Learn more about the game!Facebook:
Candy Riddles: Free Match 3 Puzzle 1.126.0
Enjoy Candy Riddles - the sweetest match 3 puzzle! Cute cookiesandcolorful candies with fun animations will certainly get youhooked!Jam through challenging levels matching scrumptious combosandcollect great prizes! Connect delicious ice creams, popcupcakes,match three pleasant characters in our addictive match3game! Wepicked the best from match3 games to create the sweetestgame ever:swap items to get 3 in a row and receive extra sweeties.If youlike brain games - Candy Riddles is definitely for you. Ourgame isa real charm king among them! Meet with the Candylandinhabitantsand travel together. Soda, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Jellyand morecute friends are waiting for you. Match and swap your ownsweetroad through the Ice Cream Forest and Candy Valley! CandyRiddlesfeatures: ✜ Colorful graphics and joyful game process withvariouslevels and challenging goals. ✜ Play in Candy Riddles aloneorchallenge your friends to get the highest score in the recordtableto collect extra bonuses and game boosters. ✜ Continue to playonany platform with automatically saved game progress. You canplayon desktop and continue to play on mobile later with samegameachievements. ✜ Candy Riddles is absolutely free to play anonlinegame with optional in-game purchases. ✜ The game is availableonplatforms: Facebook, Android, iOS
Momo Pop : Match 3 Hexa Blast! 1.7.0
Momo Pop is the most adorable free MATCH 3 puzzle game starringthelovely alien fellows, Momo Friends. Play the best match 3games.Explore the universe and restore the planets! A whole newmatchingpuzzle adventure awaits you!▶ Play fresh new hexa match 3puzzles.Explore space riding spaceships and help restore themagicalplanets. Your journey is filled with fun and exciting newmatch 3games. Begin your journey now!• Swap and match 3 puzzlepieces andcrush the unique-shaped hexa board!• Match 4 or morepieces tocreate powerful boosters. Blast all at once!• Solvematchingpuzzles, collect stars, rebuild planets and discover newlevels!•While playing match 3 puzzle games, complete constellationstounlock the epic bonus levels!• Hundreds of levels tochallenge!•It's easy to learn but hard to master!▶ Even morefeatures:• Enjoythe original comic strips starring Momo Friends.You're gonnalove'em!• Collect and ride dozens of spaceships. Eachspaceship hasa special skill that makes your gameplay unique likeno other!• Nowi-fi? No worries. Play off-line without aninternetconnection.It's a real hidden gem with so much fun and somanystuff to enjoy. Try your hand at this sweet match 3gametoday!Facebook:*Momo Pop is free to play anddownload, but some optional items maybe available after purchase.Payment feature can be disabled byturning off in-app purchase usein the device’s settings.* The gamecan be played offline, butprogression can only be saved safelyonline.
Treasure Hunters: free match3 gems 3.3.5
JEWELS! JEWELS! JEWELS! Your pirate team has found it! Use jewelstobuild the Town on your island. Travel through the ocean andsolvesacred puzzles. Be calm and happy when returning to home.Yourisland needs jewels to repair the old town. Match the 3s ofjewelsand you will receive the great treasures! Every mach3 levelhas itsown unrepeatable style and unbelievable rewards: + diamonds+sapphires + brilliants + rubies... and sacred jewelry! You needjustcombine jewels to make 3s or more similar gems in a row. Newfreematch game: - Lots of interesting puzzles! And each 2 weekstherewill be more! - Beautiful and calm island, where you canbuild yourown Town. - Use a sacred Portal to find the newterritories! - Nicepirates! Master the difficulties making supercombinations withgems! - Lots of bonuses and daily rewards willhelp you to solve allpuzzles and collect all diamonds-jewels. -You can play offline! -It’s absolutely free match 3 game, but youcan buy some additionalmoves or other game features. - No ads."Treasure hunters" - theworld of match 3 adventures in yoursmartphone. Play match-3 gameabout pirates and treasures. At the"mach 3" levels you will find alot of puzzles, beautifulanimations, and useful bonuses. Join thefan page and find out theupdates first!Facebook:
Easter Sweeper - Chocolate Candy Match 3 Puzzle 1.6
Spring is in the air! Get in the mood for Easter with thiswonderfulmatch 3 game! Play over 1200 mesmerizing levels filledwith manychallenges. Collect the golden eggs, fill your basketwith chocolategoodies and get the Easter bunny out of the magichat. Clear theremaining ice, make the spring flowers bloom andcollect the firstbutterflies. Eat the cookies, uncover the tastycakes and fire offthe explosive candy canes! Easter Sweeper willkeep you engageduntil long after Easter! There are no lives tolose, and you don'thave to annoy your friends to progress. Play aslong as you want.This game will fill your holidays with lots ofpleasure! Swap, dragand sweep the sweet Easter pieces, like theEaster eggs, thechocolate bunnies, the creamy cupcakes, the candystars and greenspring leaves. Make matches of 4 or 5 to createpowerful bombs andpower-ups. And use the magic wand to collect asingle piece. You'llbe rewarded with cookies, cakes and lots ofchocolates! Be sure toshare the fun with your facebook friends.Invite them and competewith them in the leaderboards and on thelevel map! If you likeholiday themed match 3 puzzle games, clickand match, swap and matchor any type of casual match 3 puzzle gamethen Easter Sweeper is theperfect game for you!
Garden Crush Match 3 1.0
Match 3 Enjoy
Enjoy Summer Time: Match and collect 3 or more fruits inGardenCrush. Exquisite pictures and Kinds of sweet fruits aredesignedfor you carefully. Join and share the fun with your friendsinFruit Garden! Welcome to garden crush Scapes!GardenCrushFeatures:❤ Journey through almost 500 enchanting levels.Updatescome out all the time!❤ This is a completely free game, nolifelimited. You can play Fruit Garden endless.❤ Enjoy thesesweetfruits, fruit juice, fruit platter. You can get fun andknowledge.❤Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-upsto helpwith those challenging levels!How to play fruit garden crushmatch3:• Swap to match 3 or more same fruits in farm garden.•Matchfruit juice, fruit platter to get power-ups and win.•Collectfruits, and complete the game targets mania!• Enjoy othervariousmissions!Garden Crush Mania is free to play, though somein-gameitems can also be purchased for real money.
Treasure Puzzle Egypt Pyramid 1.2
treasure puzzle egypt pyramid One of the best Egyptian games.appearin ancient Egypt!Enter the Great Pyramid of Giza, explorethe tombsin the valley of the kings and find the lost treasure.Can youescape Egypt pyramid? Explore the ancient ruins of theLibrary ofAlexandria to find the maps of secret passages andtombs. features:- free match 3 puzzle game - enormous amount ofunique levels -beautiful empire with colorful surrounding - match3 or more jewelsin the jewel world - classic matching puzzle gamewith a twist -ancient Egypt jewel world full of jewels and gems -pyramidadventure with Egypt games Play this ancient Egypt game andhavefun!
Marble Age 2.5.133
Marble Age is the most interesting puzzle game!Your goal issimple.Shoot to match 3 or more same colored marbles. Clear allthemarbles before they are absorbed by mysterious cave.Have funinthis puzzle adventure!How to play:1. Tap to shoot balls2. Match3or more marbles to eliminate3. Tap ejector to swap balls4.Makecombos to create chain reactions and earn higher scoresMarbleAgefeatures:☆ Easy to learn but hard to game master☆ Stunningspecialeffects and soundtracks☆ 96 addictive and challenging levelswithwell-designed maps☆ Freeze stone, Rainbow stone, Bombs andmanyinteresting props waiting for your explorationThanks everygameplayers! Any suggestion is welcome!
Clockmaker - Match 3 Mystery Game
Welcome to Clockmaker, a free match three game. Cascades of threeina row: gems, jewels and puzzles. Find out the Mystery oftheMaleficent Clockmaker. Rescue an old town. Embark on a magicpuzzleadventure. Play a variety of 3 match games for free offline,online- no Wifi or Internet connection required, no ads. Newupdates andchallenges every month! Great magic gem quests with astory andstory characters. The Maleficent Clockmaker cursed an oldtown andits dwellers. Broken mechanisms, spider webs, and darkness-immerse yourself into a thrilling atmosphere. Pop jewelry,crushpuzzles, find the Clockmaker - a dark figure of the town andrevealhis secret. 💎 Features: - Intricate match three in a row -ancientsartefacts, cursed and broken mechanisms; - Pop jewelry,crush andblast puzzles - challenge yourself! - Immerse into amysteriousatmosphere - gloomy and majestic buildings; - Find theMaleficentantagonist and reveal his secret, find out the Mystery! -Save anold town from the curse - bring joy to the dwellers! - Usepowerfulboosters - pop jewelry, blast puzzles easily; - Over athousandbreathtaking puzzle quests - drive away your boredom! - Newupdatesand challenges every month - join us on Facebook; - Facebooklogin,new HD graphics, cross device, Android support; - Playfreeoffline, online - no Wifi or Internet required, no ads;-Clockmaker - a game with an amazing story for adults andyoungadults. Riddle Stones, The Chest, The Cryptex... - Masterallpuzzles of the magic jewel saga! 💎 Magic jewels and gems 💎-«Clockmaker» downloads have exceeded 30 mln and it isgrowingday-to-day. People all over the world daily are playingthisamazing atmosphere match 3 adventure quest game - amazingjewelsaga! Play offline, online - no Wifi and Internet, no ads.Anamazing story for adults and young adults! ⬇️ BE the saviour!Playnow! ⬇️ Lots of challenges await! We constantly update ourproductsto make your experience better. Please leave a commentbelow andlet us know what you think! CM is a free to play 3 matchjewelrygame but some optional in-app items will require payment.Follow usto get news and updates: thehardest gem quests you have encountered. Watch thewalkthroughs ofthe puzzle adventure game. Reach out with any Wifior Internetconnection issues, bugs. Enjoy daily/weekly bonuses whenoffline,online. Enjoy new levels, locations and stories! Exploreotherproducts by our company: (pop&crush candies saga) (available for Android aswell) (farm, adventure island) (availableforAndroid)
Halloween Magic Match 3 1.0.20
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with a HalloweenMagicMatch 3! Solve magic puzzles, unlock brain puzzling levelsand enjoyhours of fun in this highly addictive match 3 game!DOWNLOAD FORFREE and challenge your brain now! Match 3 games havenever been sofun: help the cute little Witch advance through thisnew puzzle gameby solving puzzles presented by the powerfulWizard! Get ready andjoin millions of boys, girls and adults inthis brand new match-3puzzle game! Halloween Magic Match 3 is FREEto play with FREEupdates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and more everyweek! JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE - Match your waythrough the magicworld of Witch Puzzle - Match enchanted itemsfrom Halloween such asskulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples toclear the board - SpecialLevels: super hard puzzles, great forbrain training - CompletelyFREE to play Connect social and playwith friend, help them, sendthem more live or send request tothem. With every friend youinvited, you will receive an certaincoin, play with friend, morefun, and more exciting. Thank you fordownloading our HalloweenMagic Match 3 game and scoring a lot ofstars in our game. And wesuggest we develop in the next version.
Bejeweled Stars: Free Match 3 2.23.1
Experience endless fun and unique challenges every day inabeautiful world filled with surprises, explosions, andplayfulpuzzles. Combine sparkling gems to earn rewards, createboosts whenyou need them most, uncover collectible emojis toexpress yourself,and even control the game board itself as youplay. Free todownload. DISCOVER AMAZING CHALLENGES Bejeweled Starscomes to lifewith exciting twists and distinctive ways to play.Master movingCurrents of gems to enhance your matching strategy.Maneuvergem-filled Clouds around the board, causing winningcascades.Rescue floating butterflies before they slip away into thesky.EARN, COLLECT, AND SHARE BEJEWELED EMOJIS Open chests torevealexclusive and delightful Bejeweled emojis that let youexpress yourown style and send personal messages. There arehundreds to enjoyas you play! CREATE GAME-WINNING BOOSTS Collectbrand-new SkyGemsand use them to create special boosts. Use theStar Swapper toblast through difficult spots. Shuffle the gameboard for newmatches with the Scrambler. Deploy the boosts youwant, when youwant them, and perfect your winning strategy. LIGHTUP THE NIGHTSKY Earn shining stars with every level you play. Watchas theyfill Constellations in the sky and unlock amazing rewards!BECOME ASTAR Looking for some friendly competition? Each level hasits ownleaderboard, making it easy to track progress in the game,competewith friends, and show off your powerful skills. Go to yourshinyplace in this brand-new matching experience that takes you farawayfrom the everyday. Important ConsumerInformation:Requiresacceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policyand User Agreement.Contains direct links to the Internet and socialnetworking sitesintended for an audience over 13. User Agreement:terms.ea.comVisit for assistance orinquiries. EA mayretire online features after 30 days’ noticeposted
Jewel Castle - puzzle game 1.2.0
Come and help the cat 🐈 earn it's jewels 💎 from the castle🏰!Beatthe levels to help the cat collect them all! Enjoy limitlessmatch3 fun without worrying about hearts💕! A gorgeous andbeautifulJewel Castle 💎🏰 awaits your challenge. 【Features】 🆓Free toplay😂Easy and simple gameplay 💖Unlimited life / hearts 🎮Juicygraphicsand enjoyable puzzle challenges! 🧩Over 1,000 levels andstages!📶Offline mode supported 👍Facebook supported 💻Tabletsupported🙋Supporting 16 languages - This game supports '한국어','Indonesian','Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體','Deutsch','français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский', 'Arabic','Portuguese','Turkish', 'Italian'. - This game is acceptable forpurchasing theitems partially. When purchasing the items, theadditional costscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right ofDefense accordingto the item types. Official Website: OfficialFan Page: Customer Center:E-Mail
Furry Rascal - match3 1.1.0
Join the Furry Rascal on his adventure in this exciting "match3"puzzle game! Eat candy, complete levels, and explore more andmoreuncharted lands! Where will the road of adventure take you?
Jewels Classic - Match 3 1.7.05
Jewels Classic - Match 3, one of best and free of Match 3puzzletype game launch on Android Market.Match and swap jewels intableto complete mission game and get relax and fun.How to play:1.Oneach level, you have mission to clear all cell and makespecialjewel droping to bottom2. Match 3, match 4, match 5 jewelswithsame color to destroy jewels3. Learn to use special jewelrytoclear cell on board quickly4. Notice that: complete game withshorttime, you will get more score5. If you have any difficultswapingjewels, you could use finding button on the top6. Matchjewels andtry your best to get best score. Good Luck7. Match 3jewels - justnormal destroy8. Match 4 jewels - Destroy jewels andcreate a bombjewel or a thunder jewel.9. Match 5 jewels follow lineshape or Tshape - Destroy jewels and create a special jewel colourFeature:-More than +500 puzzle Levels in game are waiting you :)-The Levelsstructure are from easy to hard, so easy to play but hardtomaster.- Awesome graphic with sparkling jewels, explosioneffectwith shader.- You have 3 time support free for each level.Let'syou it saving :)- The Sound funny and relax.- Line map systemisreally nice with hight sense.- Jewels Bomb can clear a areaaroundit.- Jewels Thunder can clear a row or collum jewels- Jewelscolourcan clear all Jewels same color with jewel that youchoose.Nice,here is the time for relax. You can get last version ofJewelsClassic - Match 3 on store. And We still keep update todevelopgame. Thanks for your watching. Have a good time.
Treasures of Montezuma 2 Free 1.0.15
A sequel to the popular PC game “Treasures of Montezuma” willpleasefans of puzzles and the match-3 genre. Over 100 levels ofancientAztec secrets and riddles, plenty of magical artifacts andthreegame modes – that's what awaits for the players. Playing“Treasuresof Montezuma 2” you'll have to combine pieces of thesame color andcomplete missions within the given time. Successwill be rewardedwith bonus scores and gold which you may spend topurchase variousbonuses and upgrades. Upon the discovery of Aztecmagic andgathering all the precious jewels the player will rebuildtheHeavenly City Tenochtitlan. Game features: • Over 100 levels(fullversion game) • 3 game modes • Magical bonuses and totems•Mysterious atmosphere of Aztec civilization ***** TheQualityIndexof "Treasures of Montezuma 2" is7.9 and 800x600 devices not supported at thistime._____________________________________ If you wish to playTreasuresof Montezuma 2 without any ads, just check out thisspecial premiumversion of the game here: Treasures of Montezuma 2on Google Play_____________________________________ FOLLOW US:@Herocraft WATCHUS: LIKE
Indy Cat for VK 1.74
Indy Cat is a game belonging to the popular match-3 genre. HelpIndyCat find the magical Ball of Fate! Complete levels,makecombinations of gems and solve entertaining puzzles. Indy Catis acompletely free game, but some game elements like moves andlivescan be purchased for real money. Indy Cat match-3 is: -completewith hundreds of captivating levels - graphicallyimpressive - apopular match-3 game - able to synchronize progresswith VKontakte- a completely free game