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Your personal travel guide to Mykonos!Free download the bestdigitalguide for the island of Mykonos on your mobile phoneand/ortablet.The travel application Click Mykonos will become yourbestpartner on an exciting journey.A guide for true tours inplacesthat will raise your interest and you will never forget. Itis surethat you will want to visit everything! So, let's take aglimpse ofwhat Mykonos really means.In this stunning Cycladic town,we walkalong the tiny streets with whitewashed paths to thewindmills. Donot be surprised if you see a Hollywood star to walkbeside you, iscommonplace since the island, from the 60s, is afavorite traveldestination of celebrities from the internationaljet set. Willvisit the Archaeological Museum and the church of OurLady ofParaportianis and will definitely stop to the most famousalley inMykonos, Matoyianni. There beats the heart of nightlifeandfashion. And when we say Mykonos, we mean frantic dancesandendless diving in the beach of Paradise and Super Paradise, thetopand most famous beach in Cyclades. While, we will enjoyourswimming in Elia beach with its crystal clear waters andendlessgolden sands. Just before the sun rises, we will be inLittleVenice, a unique area in Greece, to enjoy the sunset inamagnificent landscape. Of course, we will not forget to trythedelicious almond biscuits and Kopanisti of Mykonos, a softcheesefermented with a peppery and spicy taste, which has beenofficiallyrecognized as a designation of origin product. Whateveryou do inthe picturesque island of winds, your personal tour guide,ClickMykonos, will be beside you to live Mykonos like alocal!CONTENTTheapplication of Mykonos offers you extensiveinformation for aperfect stay:• Hotels, apartments-villas,restaurants, cafe bars.•The most popular spots, such as littleVenice, Matoyianni street,Psarou, Paradise, super Paradise, Eliaetc.• The main attractions,history, culture, natural environment,gastronomy and localproducts.• Suggested routes, beaches and otheractivities.• Pricesfor tickets, routes (to and from Athens andPiraeus and locally),drugstores, gas stations, maps.• The mostbeautiful areas, cornersand neighborhoods of Mykonos with manyphotos.At Click Mykonos youwill find detailed references and richtexts with usefulinformation on the main points of interest (suchas archaeologicalsites, museums, neoclassical buildings, squares,villages) thatwill make your stay more interesting and moreenjoyable.The ClickMykonos enables you to discover and explore eachpoint near you,smartly and fast. It is a pleasant way to discoverthe beauty ofMykonos.The application's content is constantlyupdated,incorporating new photos, new functions and features inorder to befor you a true gateway to the beautiful island ofMykonos.EXTRA•Multilingualism support: The application supportsEnglish and Greekcontent.• Offline mode: You can see all contentwithout Internetconnection. However, if you are online, you willsee additionalphotos and features that are really valuable anduseful.NOTESTheapplication is available for iOS and Android. Thefirst time youwill use it, all the content will be stored on yourdevice, whileyou will be online. This would seem particularlyuseful when youwon’t have wi-fi connection, because you will beable to use theapplication offline. Although, stay online in orderto use allsmart features of the application such as Near By,Share,maps.SUPPORTFor any information you will need abouttheapplication, do not hesitate to contact our supportteam:[email protected]
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Ανακαλύψτε την αληθινή Μύκονο!Αν έχετε κουραστεί να διαβάζετετιςίδιες, γνωστές πληροφορίες για το glamorous lifestyle καιτην«trendy» πλευρά της Μυκόνου, η ταξιδιωτική ομάδα τουExperienceGreece σας προτείνει να βιώσετε μια διαφορετικήεμπειρία.• Ναγνωρίσετε την αληθινή Μύκονο, την ιστορία, τηναρχιτεκτονική, ταμυστικά της (ναι, εξακολουθεί να έχει!).• Ναμάθετε πώς η Μύκονοςκαθιερώθηκε παγκοσμίως ως ο πιο διάσημοςπροορισμός στις Κυκλάδεςήδη από τη δεκαετία του 1950, και γιατίέγινε ο πιο gay friendlyπροορισμός στην Ελλάδα.• Να περιηγηθείτεβήμα προς βήμα την πιοδιάσημη Χώρα του Αιγαίου και τα αξιοθέατάτης.• Να διαβάσετε γιατις υπέροχες παραλίες του νησιού, να δείτεφωτογραφίες καιπληροφορίες για όλα τα beach bar. Να ενημερωθείτεγια τιςδραστηριότητες που μπορείτε να κάνετε.• Να βρείτε τακαλύτεραεστιατόρια (από γκουρμέ, μέχρι ψαροταβέρνες), τα café, bar,ταclub. Αλλά και να ανακαλύψετε το Παλαιόκαστρο με το κάστροτωνΓκίζι, τον αρχαιολογικό χώρο της Φτελιάς και την ιστορίατουφοβερού πειρατή Μερμελέχα!• Να βρείτε την πιο πλήρηλίσταξενοδοχείων όλων των κατηγοριών (Πολυτελείας,Boutique,Οικογενειακά, Μεσαίας κατηγορίας, Οικονομικά, Κάμπινγκ),μεαξιολόγηση, όλα τα χρήσιμα στοιχεία, περιγραφή, φωτογραφίες.Ναμάθετε αναλυτικά πού θα κάνετε shopping στη Χώρα(καταστήματαρούχων και αξεσουάρ, κοσμηματοπωλεία, γκαλερί,ινστιτούτα ομορφιάς,βιβλιοπωλεία κ.α.).• Κι ακόμα, να γνωρίσετε τημοναδική Δήλο, τηνιστορία και τα μνημεία της, αλλά και τα γειτονικάνησάκια –τηΡήνεια, τον Αγιο Γεώργιο, τα Χταπόδια.Η εφαρμογήExperience Mykonosείναι ένας πλήρης οδηγός της Μυκόνου, φτιαγμένοςαπό την καλύτερηκαι πιο έμπειρη ταξιδιωτική ομάδα της Ελλάδας.Αξιόπιστη, φιλική,λειτουργική, ενημερώνεται με διαδοχικέςαναβαθμίσεις. Είναι ημοναδική με δυνατότητα εντοπισμού όλων τωνσημείων ενδιαφέροντοςστην περιοχή όπου βρίσκεστε (λειτουργία Nearyou για αξιοθέατα,παραλίες, μουσεία, αρχαιολογικούςχώρους,εστιατόρια, ξενοδοχεία,café, bar, club, καταστήματακ.α.).Λειτουργεί OFFLINE, ώστε να μηνχρεώνεστε για το «κατέβασμα»δεδομένων από το δίκτυο κινητήςτηλεφωνίας. Εχειενσωματωμένηλειτουργία Search και Favourites.Όλεςοι πληροφορίεςείναι 100% αξιόπιστες.Discover the true Mykonos!Ifyou are tired ofreading the same, known information about theglamorous lifestyleand the «trendy» side of Mykonos, the travelteam Experience Greecehas to experience a different experience.•To experience the trueMykonos, history, architecture, secrets(yes, it still has!).• Learnhow the Mykonos established worldwideas the most famous destinationin the Cyclades since the 1950s, andit became the most gay friendlydestination in Greece.• To navigatestep by step the most famoustown of the Aegean and its sights.• Toread about the wonderfulbeaches of the island, to see photos andinformation about all thebeach bar. To inquire about the thingsyou can do.• Find the bestrestaurants (gourmet, until taverns),the café, bar, the club. Butto discover Palaiocastro with Gkizicastle, the archaeological siteof Elm and the story of theterrible pirate Mermelecha!• To find themost complete list ofhotels of all categories (Luxury, Boutique,Family, Mid-range,Economics, Camping), by evaluating all relevantinformation,description, photos. To learn more where to do shoppingin Chora(clothing stores and accessories, jewelers, galleries,beautysalons, bookstores, etc.).• And yet, to meet the uniqueDelos,history and monuments, but also the neighboringislands-Renia,Agios Georgios, the Octopus.Implementation ExperienceMykonos is acomplete guide of Mykonos, made from the best and mostexperiencedteam of travel Greece. Reliable, friendly, functional,withconstant updates. Is the only enabled detection of all pointsofinterest in the area where you are (feature Near youtoattractions, beaches, museums, archaeologicalsites,restaurants,hotels, café, bar, club, shops, etc.).It works OFFLINE,not tocharge for the "download" data from the mobile network. IthasbuiltSearch function and Favourites.All information is100%reliable.
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Wonderful photos from GreeceAkropolis, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Meteora andmanyotherbeautiful places.Make wallpaper your favorite photo and listen to Zorbasasyou'rewatching slide show in portrait or landscape modeEnjoy
DISCOVER THE REAL MYKONOS ISLAND• A comprehensive andhandyapplication about the most cosmopolitan island of theCyclades.•Compiled by the best and most experienced Greek travelteam.• Areliable, user-friendly, updated and functional travelguide tohelp you get acquainted with the history, the architecture,theattractions and the secrets of the island. The texts areoriginaland specially written for iPhone users.• The amazing storyofMykonos’ tourist growth from 1950 till today: From Onassis,Callas,Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, Nureyev, Soraya, Niarchosto thehippies, the nudists, the VIPs and the celebrities of the21stcentury.• The most gay friendly destination in Greece and allthegay friendly hotels, bars, clubs, beaches and beach bars.•Dozensof places that are worthwhile visiting: The famous Hora ofMykonos(history, the windmills, the pelicans, walking), all thebeachesfrom A-Z along with the beach bars, the facilities and thewatersports provided, the museums in Hora, the archaeologicalsites(Palaiokastro hill and Ftelia).• Delos: A special sectionisdedicated to the sacred island of Apollo, that bears themostimportant insular ruins in Greece. History, guided tour,thearchaeological museum.• More than 500 hotels (luxury,boutique,family, mid-range and budget) restaurants (gourmet, fishtavernsetc.), bars, clubs, beach bars, galleries, shops, jewelries,giftshops, SPAs etc. Texts, photos and useful information.•ExperienceMykonos is the only application that enables you to trackallpoints of interest in your location (Near You featureforattractions, beaches, museums, archaeological sites,restaurants,hotels, cafes, bars, clubs, stores, etc).• It isdesigned tooperate OFFLINE, so that you are not charged for datadownloadingfrom the mobile telephony network.• All the points ofinterest(attractions, beaches, food, accommodation,entertainment,shopping) are illustrated with a color code on themap of Mykonos.•The embedded Search option allows you to look upthe contents ofthe application at a glance.• The Favorites featurehelp you selectyour own points of interest.• All information is100% reliable andup to date.