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Saint Seiya Omega Wallpaper 1.0.0
You who were born in the 90s must know this anime, SaintSeiya.Theanime tells the mystical knights (Saint) who fightusingsacredarmor (Cloth) whose design is taken fromvariousconstellations /constellations. The loyal fans of SaintSeiya maybe able to glanceat the latest anime this spring, SaintSeiyaOmega, which becamethe "sequel" as well as the resurrection ofToeiAnimation studiothat produces the Saint Seiya series.Omega isalsoa moment ofresurrection of Toei Animation as the studioresponsiblefor theanimation of the Saint Seiya property, after theend ofHades Arcfrom Kurumada manga in 2008. The Toei Animationpartycalls thisanime as the original story apart from Saint Seiyainfact, it isbecause Kurumada- sensei is not involved in thecreativeprocess ofmaking Omega (but getting credit as the creatorof SaintSeiya'soriginal concept).Omega storyline itself takes thesettingof timein the future, 25 years after the events of Holy Warsin the20thcentury from the original Saint Seiya (either mangaoranimeadaptation). The goddess Athena was still on earthafterbeingreincarnated to eliminate the effects of evil she haddoneforcenturies, along with the Saint whobecameherpatron.DISCLAIMER:This app is made by Saints Seiya fans,and itisunofficial. The content in this app is notaffiliatedwith,endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by anycompany.Allcopyright and trademarks are owned by their respectiveowners.Theimages in this application are collected from around theweb, ifweare in breach of copyright, please let us know and itwillberemoved as soon as possible.And please rate us 5 Star (*****)ifitworks for you, if you have any issues please mail usfirstbeforeleaving a negative review.Thank You.
Saint FanArt Seiya Wallpapers : Soul of the Gold 1.0
Hey Saints Seiya Lovers! There are awesome and bestqualitypictures, you can use this Sould of Gold Wallpapers on yourphone.New and beautifull images and all of for you!you will findmanycomplete collections of Saint Seiya players, includingAndromedaShun, Cygnus HyÅga, Dragon ShiryÅ«, Pegasus Seiya, PhoenixIkki,Saori Kido, Virgo Shaka.Features of Saint of Seiya WallpapersHD:-Most Popular and FREE Saints Seiya 2018 Wallpapers HD.- Justabout1 MB of size.- Ultra HD and 4K Wallpapers.- Just swipe tolookanother wallpapers.- Add your "favorite wallpapers" tofavoritelist.- Share images of Saints Seiya Wallpapers HD Legendwith yourfriends.- Save Saints Seiya Wallpapers HD to yourstorage.- SaintsSeiya Wallpapers HD weekly update.HOW TO USE:1.Open Saint of SeiyaWallpapers HD2. Choose your which your favoritepicture3. Tap theFloating Action Button "Set as wallpaper"4. CropImage and OK.5.Your wallpaper backgrounds has beenchangedDISCLAIMER:This app ismade by Saints Seiya fans, and it isunofficial. The content inthis app is not affiliated with,endorsed, sponsored, orspecifically approved by any company. Allcopyright and trademarksare owned by their respective owners. Theimages in thisapplication are collected from around the web, if weare in breachof copyright, please let us know and it will beremoved as soon aspossible.
■Introduction See your favorite characters from the series, suchasThe Dark Lord, Hades, Odin Seiya, and all 12 God Cloths! Youcanalso encounter warriors from the all-new series "The God Libraandthe 12 Weapons"! Enjoy epic battles with the over 100charactersavailable! [System] ■The greatest scenes from theanimated TVseries come to life once more in the palm of your hand.Enjoy theopening theme song "Pegasus Fantasy," as well as thelegendaryvoice acting talents of Morita Masakazu (Pegasus Seiya)and YujiMitsuya (Virgo Shaka) any time you please! ■Enjoy heatedbattleswith the simplest of controls! All it takes is a tap of yourfingerand you can unleash the Saints' devastating special moves,likePegasus Meteor Fist and Lightning Plasma! With the new"AwakenSeventh Sense" feature, you can enhance your favorite Saintstountold realms of power! ■Play the story from Poseidon throughtothe Hades arc! Relive the tale as it progresses from thebattlewith the Gold Saints in the 12 Gold Palaces to the conflictagainstPoseidon and the Marina Generals. But it doesn't end there—theHades arc has finally been released! As the story plays outinInferno, crush the powerful foes that stand before you withtheGoddess, Athena by your side! ■Play to your heart's content witharange of varied game modes! How you play is completely up toyou!Will you train your Saints with the aim of becoming anArenachampion, or attempt to win all 15 battles in the CosmoChallenge?Will you form a party of 15 warriors and battle in theGraadColosseo, or go for all out war in a grand Holy War againstanotherGuild? The choice is yours! Play on your smartphone and setyourCosmo ablaze!■SUPPORT: BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. Website: Bydownloading or installingthis app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainment Terms ofService. Terms of Service: Policy: Note:Thisgame containssome items available for in-app purchase that canenhance gameplayand speed up your progress. In-app purchases can bedisabled inyour device settings,see formoredetails. ●COPYRIGHT ©Masami Kurumada,Toei Animation ©2016BANDAINAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Hum Family Locator, Roadside Help, Driver Safety 6.091.1936.35
Hum is a Connected Car and Family Location solution that allowsyouto stay connected to those you care most about, no matter howfarapart you are. With Hum, you can: Use the Hum app to locateyourfamily using your phone’s location, in “Groups”, which areonlyvisible to those who have opted to share location withinthe“Group”. View real-time location of your family in yourprivategroup Receive real-time push notifications when familyarrive orleave destinations through “Groups” Accept or Denyrequests to joina “Group” Manage your sharing preferences acrossIndividuals and“Groups” at any time *Privacy of your family is atop concern forus, reveal your location only to people you trustYou can use theHum App on its own to get life safety tools likephone-based crashresponse, roadside assistance, find cheap gas nearyou, share yourphone’s location with family and get notified whenthey reach alocation. Or, add a Hum Device and get more featureslike AutoHealth, Vehicle Location, Vehicle based Crash Response,PinpointRoadside Assistance, and so much more. To get the most fromthe HumApp, visit to purchase a Hum+ or HumX System.Hablasespañol? Enjoy all of Hum's features, services, andcustomersupport in Spanish. Find the Hum that’s best for you:HumEssentials Enroll in a free 30-day trial of Hum Essentials.Enjoyon-the-go safety essentials, no matter what car you’rein,including phone-based Crash Response and Roadside Assistance.Atthe end of your trial, you can continue to access yourSafetyScore, share your phone’s location with family and haveaccess toNavigation and Local & Travel Discounts. Hum+ GetHumEssentials features, plus Vehicle Diagnostics, Speed &BoundaryAlerts, Vehicle Location, access to a Mechanics Hotline andmore.HumX Get the Hum+ features, plus a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot for upto10 devices, as well as a Bluetooth Speaker for access to helpatthe push of a button and the NumberShare feature that allows youtocall three of your favorite numbers without using your phone.PhoneLocation Permissions: Phone Location tracking may be turned onoroff at any point while using the App for the followingfeatures:Location Sharing, Safety Score and Gas Finder In order toensure anoptimal experience, choose “Always Allow” for LocationPermissions.Hum uses your phone’s location and activity sensors totrack youractivity to provide a Safety Score. To disable trackingof youractivity, disable Safety Score in the Menu > Safety Score>Settings. If Safety Score is disabled, we may continue to useyourphone’s location for other features such as Crash Response. Toturnoff completely, go to your mobile phone settings anddisablelocation. Choose to enable or disable phone’s location withotherHum users *Verizon Wireless data plan required for HumX.VerizonWi-Fi available on select devices. Data usage applies.Coverage notavailable everywhere; see for details. For moreinformationabout Hum’s PrivacyPolicy: Formoreinformation about Hum’s Terms ofUse: For more information aboutHum’sTerms of Service: Buy: @verizon Call: 1-800-906-2501
Saint Seiya Wallpapers HD 1.0.0
Gold Saint Wallpaper Art provides the latest, complete andcoolimageof the Gold Saint Seiya character that you can makewallpaperon yourmobile phone, tablets and smartphone.Saint SeiyaWallpapers4K HD isa free app that has a large collection of HDwallpapersand a homescreen backgrounds. HD wallpapers has a largevariety ofHDBackgrounds updated every day! Download Saint SeiyaWallpapers4K HDto stylize your device's home screen and make itunique.SaintSeiyaWallpapers 4K HD is an application that providesimages forSaintSeiya fans. There are awesome and best qualitypictures, youcan usethis Saint Seiya Wallpapers HD on your phone.New andbeautifullimages and all of for you!You will find manycompletecollections ofSaint Seiya players, including AndromedaShun,Cygnus HyÅga, DragonShiryÅ«, Pegasus Seiya, Phoenix Ikki,SaoriKido, Virgo Shaka.WithSaint Seiya Wallpapers HD, you can alsotakea screenshot of your ownimages in yourgallery.ApplicationfeaturesWallpapers in Hdquality.4Kwallpapers.Gold Saint WallpaperArtSaint Seiya WallpaperArtSaintSeiya WallpaperSaint SeiyathemesBest selection ofWallpapers.Noneed Internet connection toview the images!Set imagesaswallpaperAll is completely FREEThecoolest theme features.Tapthe"Set as wallpaper" buttonYourwallpaper has been changedSaveandShare "Gold Saint SeiyaWallpaper Art" to Facebook,Twitter,Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr,WhatsApp, BBM, Flickr,Stumbleupon,Instagram and friendsSaint bestWallpapers 4KZodiaqueWallpapersHDVirgo Backgrounds ArtKnights ofthe Zodiac WallpapersLiveSaiyanfreezer Fan Art Wallpapers3DChevaliers du ZodiaqueBackgrounds3DSaint Seiya ArtWallpapersSaint Seiya BackgroundSaintSeiyaLockscreenSaint SeiyaThemeCartoon WallpapersAnimeWallpapersBestSaint SeiyaWallpapersAnd easy to use.How to usethis:Saint SeiyaWallpapers HDis really simple and easy to use, justmake sure yourdevice isprotected by selecting the function key andenteringyourpassword.If you want to enable this free application,selectthe"enable" option to enable the lock screen slide, andselect"Enablepassword" to set the code to your phone.We will addnewHDwallpapers for your updates and interests. Please supportusbygiving us your comments.LEGAL WARNING:This applicationissuitablefor "fair use" US copyright laws. We are notaffiliatedwith theWallpapers in any way. We are not caricaturemakers and wedo notdemand any connection with them. Thisapplication is onlyforWallpaper Fans. If you believe that there isa direct copyrightortrademark infringement that is not followedunder "fairuse"guidelines, please contact us directly.
Verizon My Fios
Get access to your Verizon Account and Services when you want,whereyou want with the newly redesigned My Fios app. Not limitedto Fios,the app allows all Verizon TV, internet and home phonecustomers tointeract with Verizon bill pay, rewards, support andmore on theirsmart phone or tablet, 24/7. Tools and featuresinclude: - BILL ANDACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – View and pay your bill,see bill history, signup for paper free or auto pay billingservices, update your profileand more. - COMMUNICATIONS – Listento voicemail, review call logsand important messages from Verizon.- SUPPORT – Type your questionand get support information andtools for your Verizon services. -CONTACT US – Have a question oran issue you can’t solve throughsupport? Chat with us via FacebookMessenger or call us directly. -MY WI-FI INFO – Your home networkwireless details are at yourfingertips with My Fios. Connect allof your devices in a snap. -SPEED TEST AND Wi-Fi ANALYZER – Testyour home network speed and thehealth of your Wi-Fi connections(available for Quantum routers).Get step by step instructions onhow to improve your Wi-Fi health.-ENTERTAINMENT – Access featuredmovies and trending shows.Seamlessly connect to the Fios Mobileapp for advanced entertainmentfeatures.
Verizon - VZ
Protect your private information from digital threats.DigitalSecure is a one-stop suite of privacy and security tools foryourmobile devices and home computers. Safeguard yourinternetconnection and personal data with antivirus, anti-malwareandidentity theft protection so you can browse with peace ofmind.Here’s what you’ll get with Digital Secure. You’ll getfreesecurity and privacy tools, plus you can get advancedprotectionfor $5/mo per line or $10/mo per account. 1. Security andPrivacyProtect your device from online threats and getaround-the-clockpeace of mind. Get warnings when connecting to anunsecure network,visiting risky websites or attempting dangerousdownloads. Plus,you’ll be able to see how installed apps arecurrently using yourpersonal information. 2. Safe Wi-Fi Connectwith confidence to anypublic Wi-Fi. With Digital Secure, it’s easyto make any Wi-Ficonnection private. You’ll get an on-the-go secureVPN connectionso you’ll be able to keep personal data and onlineactivities toyourself. 3. Identity Theft Protection (IDTP) Takecontrol withalways-on IDTP and social media monitoring, dark websurveillanceand theft alerts. 24/7 cyber monitoring means you canbe notifiedif we detect any personal information you’ve asked us tomonitor isshared online. You’ll also get step-by-step guidance fromrecoveryand replacement specialists if essential items such ascredit cardsand IDs are lost.
Anime Fan Art Wallpapers v35 1.1
Fan Art Drawing of Saint Seiya Wallpapers V.35 forAndroidBackground- Images of Fan Art Anime Characters.- Easy tobrowse.-Simple to Set as Wallpaper.
Smart Family Companion 8.12.1
Verizon - VZ
Get the most out of the Verizon Smart Family app when you pairyourchild’s device by installing Smart Family Companion. You willbeable to: o Receive on demand device location &schedulelocation alerts o See who is calling and texting, and wheno Blockunwanted contacts o See the sites and apps your child isvisitingon their device every day o Block apps & websites oInstantlypause the internet o and much more Don't worry if thecompanion appis removed from your kid's phone, rest assured, you'llbe notified.If you haven't already subscribed to Verizon SmartFamily you willneed to visit tosubscribe beforecontinuing. SET UP – Easy as 1-2-3 With companiondevice in hand:Step 1 Send an invite text from your Verizon SmartFamily app toyour child’s phone. Step 2 Open the text and tap thelink. Step 3Tap the download button and follow the instructionsthat appear onyour child’s phone screen KIDS This will help preventyou fromseeing bad content and in case you ever get lost, yourparents willbe able to locate your device. Don’t worry! SmartFamily does notlet your parents read your texts! Smart Family isthere for yourdigital safety. Important Information: Verizon SmartFamilycontrols requests and uses Device Admin Permissions to ensurethatthe application cannot be removed from the device once setup(application can be removed at any time by parent.) Selectingtheoption to "Get Companion App" which will send a text messagetoyour kid's compatible phone with a link to download this app.
Saint of Seiya Wallapapers HD 1.1
The description of Saint of Seiya Wallapaper 4K you will findmanycomplete collections of mortal combat players, includingAndromedaShun, Cygnus HyÅga, Dragon ShiryÅ«, Pegasus Seiya, PhoenixIkki,Saori Kido, Virgo Shaka. Hey Saints Seiya Lovers! There areawesomeand best quality pictures, you can use this Wallpapers onyourphone. New and beautifull images and all of for you! FeaturesofSaint of Seiya Wallpapers HD: - Most Popular and FREE SaintsSeiyaWallpapers HD. - NO NEED TO INTERNET - Ultra HD and 4KWallpapers.images of Saints Seiya Wallpapers HD Legend with yourfriends. -Save Saints Seiya Wallpapers HD to your storage. - SaintsSeiyaWallpapers HD weekly update. HOW TO USE: 1. Open Saint ofSeiyaWallpapers HD 2. Choose your which your favorite picture 3.TaptButton "ok" 4. Your wallpaper backgrounds has beenchangedDISCLAIMER: This app is made by Saints Seiya fans, and itisunofficial. The content in this app is not affiliatedwith,endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company.Allcopyright and trademarks are owned by their respective owners.Theimages in this application are collected from around the web, ifweare in breach of copyright, please let us know and it willberemoved as soon as possible.
Amazing!!! Pegasus Seiya Wallpaper 4K 1.0
Amazing collection of Pegasus Seiya Wallpaper HD, Home ScreenandBackgrounds to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingreatquality.☀☀ Application Features ☀☀* Wallpapers in full HDquality.*Nice design and intuitive user interface.* Wallpaper canbe used inone click.* Use the images as wallpaper orbackground.*Automatically change Amazing Pegasus Seiya HD.* Thehigh speed ofthe application.✔ Offline Mode and Small SizeApplication✔ FastLoading✔ Best Quality Picture✔ Easy to use✔ Newdesign for AmazingPegasus Seiya HD 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020✔ Freeapps✔ Now, you canchooseAmazing Pegasus Seiya HD that you want.✔hope you enjoyYoucan find Amazing Pegasus Seiya HD free anddecorate your screen ina best possible way.Popular Categories:-Amazing Pegasus Seiya- howto draw goku super saiyan blue- how todraw goku super saiyan blue-goku super saiyan blue wallpapers-super saiyan blue gokuwallpaper- Amazing Pegasus Seiya HD- AmazingPegasus Seiya ARTDon'tforget to rate and review us.To use: Home-> Menu ->Wallpapers -> Set Wallpaper -> get PegasusSeiya WallpaperARTWe truly appreciate your kind comments and highstar ratings.Thank you so much for you contributing, using andsharing!NOTE:This is an Unofficial App. All trademarks andcopyright protectedto the respective owners.----LEGALDISCLAIMER-----All in-gamescontent are copyright and or trademarkedto their respective ownersand usage for this wallpaper app fallswithin fair use guidelines.This app is intended purely for the fansof the game and help themto find an easier way to set images astheir mobile phonewallpaper.
com.tracfone.generic.mobiletransfer 2.0.74
Mobile Transfer Wizard is a powerful mobile contenttransfersolution which provides you the ability to easily transferbackupand restore your personal content from one Smartphone toanother(i.e. from your old device to your new device). UsingTransferWizard now you can effortlessly transfer your contacts,picturesand videos simply over Wi-Fi.
myMetro MyMetro_HTML_3.0_500012
This free application is used for MetroPCS customers to makechangesto their account at their fingertips. Check your balanceand duedate, review your 4G data usage, make payments, changeplans orfeatures, and even reset your voicemail password. Justanother wayto take care of the simple things without making a callor standingin line.
Verizon - VZ
The GizmoHub app lets you call, find and control your Gizmowearabledevices. You’ll need to download and install the app onyour phoneto set up your Gizmos. Once they’re set up, you can usethe app to:-Speak with Your Child Call your child’s Gizmo anytime, and yourchild can use it to call you. -Find Your Child Checkthe location ofyour child’s Gizmo with just one tap. You can alsoschedule a timefor the Gizmo to automatically check your child’slocation or setGPS boundaries and get notified if your childcrosses them. -AddContacts Invite Buddies, Caregivers and otherGuardians who can callthe Gizmo and receive calls. The number ofcontacts varies dependingon the type of Gizmo you have. Guardiansand Caregivers can also usethe GizmoHub app to find your child’sGizmo. -Send Messages to YourGizmoGadget Send short text messagesto your child’s GizmoGadget.And your child can send emojis, voicerecordings and pre-set textmessages to you. -Manage Your Child’sGizmo You can use the GizmoHubapp to change settings on the Gizmolike the volume, ringtones andfun sounds. You can also check yourGizmo’s battery level and turnit off. - Keep Your Child’sInformation Safe You can protect thisapp by adding a PIN. Even ifyour phone is lost or stolen, yourchild’s information will remainprotected. Download this app andfollow the onscreen instructionsto get started!
It’s the only streaming app you’ll ever want. There’s liveTV,premium channels, On Demand and your DVR content, too.Withrecommended watchlists, easy-to-find favorites and a smartandsimple interface. You can take it to go, download to watchofflineor stream data-free on Verizon Wireless. It’s included withyourFios TV subscription. Robust Watch hundreds of live TV channelsathome and on the go, or thousands of movies and shows OnDemand.With a visually beautiful and smart, full-screen videoplayer.Personalized Easy access to your personal DVR recordings, OnDemandpurchases, downloads, bookmarks and more. Get recommendationsforshows and movies you’ll love. Intuitive Easy to find yourfavoriteentertainment. Search for shows, movies, actors, teams.Filter bygenre, ratings, favorite channels and more. Smart Manageyour DVR,watch recordings or use the app to play them to your TV.Data-FreeVerizon Wireless customers stream data-free. InstantDownload theFios TV app and start streaming as soon as you placeyour order.Req. compatible device and Fios® TV. Contentrestrictionsmay apply. Fios Internet req’d for in-home use.Full channelaccess and DVR streaming require Fios Multi-RoomDVR Enhancedor Premium Service. Max. combined 4 simultaneousLive TVand/or DVR streams per media server. Req. compatible deviceandFios® TV. Content restrictions may apply. Fios Internet req’dforin-home use. Full channel access and DVR streaming requireFiosMulti-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium Service. Max. combined4simultaneous Live TV and/or DVR streams per media server.VerizonWireless Data-Free Streaming: Req. postpay 4G LTEservice.Non-streaming activity and app diagnostics (e.g., appdownloads,starting/restarting the app, going off airplane modeandtransitioning from Wi-Fi to 4G LTE) will incur data charges.ForVerizon Unlimited customers, app data usage will be counted,notbilled. Early access to Fios TV app begins with activation&ends upon installation or in 14 days, whichever comes first.Remotecontrol functionality requires use of Fios® router &HDset-top box.  Please note: This app featuresNielsen’sproprietary measurement software which contributes tomarketresearch, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Pleasesee for more information.
My Verizon
Verizon - VZ
***The My Verizon App works best if you are on one of ournewerplans. Don’t have a S, M, L or Unlimited? Switch now.*** TheMyVerizon App has a new look! Use this app to manage yourentireVerizon account from anywhere, in style. Features include:The FeedAll you need to know about your data, plan, and bill inoneseamless Feed, personalized with products and content just foryou.The Data Hub Your data control center. Clearly see how muchdata isbeing used, who is using it and how to get more the secondyou needit. Plan Management Review and manage your plan fromanywhere.Easily switch to a different plan or go unlimited at anytime rightfrom the palm of your hand. Simplified Bill A clear andsimple billthat explains what's changed from month to month.Understand andpay your bill with just a few taps Verizon Up RewardsRewards youreally, really want. Just for being a Verizon customer.Fromamazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to tons of good stufffromthe brands you love. Because, thanks. Simply, enrolltoday,exclusively in the My Verizon app. On-Demand Support In-appsupportthat’s there before you need it. Instant access to theanswers youwant without having to call for help. Shop Tech Thefastest andeasiest way to browse, buy and customize the latestdevices andaccessories, all without leaving the app. In-Store AppExperiencesIn your settings, set app location services to “Always”prior toyour visit and take advantage of customize in-storeexperiences.Optimize your visit by checking-in for appointmentsupon arrival,scanning accessories for self-checkout, and much more.One app.Total control. ***The My Verizon App is now also availabletoconveniently serve all prepaid self-service needs. Makepayments,enroll in Auto Pay, monitor usage, add data or change aplandirectly on your prepaid device. Managing your prepaid accountonthe most reliable network has never been easier.***
Ustream 3.2.2
Watch live video and broadcast live on your phone or tablet-anytime, anywhere!• Watch live and recent videos, discoverupcomingevents• Broadcast live to any number of viewers using thecamera ofyour device• Manage and re-share your Ustream recordedvideos•Interact with your audience by chatting• Access yourfollowedUstream channels and events that you’re attending• EnjoyyourUstream Premium Membership ad-free experience on your device•Golive right from your Home Screen using the new QuickBroadcastwidgetHD BroadcastingBroadcasting in 720p HD and 360p HQisavailable on the following devices: • All Android 6.0 ornewerdevice• LG Optimus F6• Samsung Galaxy S4• Sony Xperia L• LGNexus4• LG Leon• Samsung Galaxy Note 4• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge•VerizonHTC One• Verizon HTC One Max• Verizon LG G2• Verizon SamsungGalaxyS5• Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4• Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3•VerizonSamsung Galaxy S4 Mini• Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini•VerizonSamsung Galaxy Note 2• Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3•VerizonMotorola Razr M• Verizon Motorola Razr Maxx• VerizonMotorola RazrHD• Verizon Motorola Droid DNA• Verizon Motorola DroidUltra
cz.tmobile.selfcare 3.2.8
Můj T-Mobile Business is primarily used for managing accountsofT-Mobile business customers with a framework contract.Forcustomers without a framework contract we introduced anewapplication Můj T-Mobile application. At the moment,customerswithout a framework contract have the option to use MyT-Mobile andMy T-Mobile Business simultaneously. In Můj T-Mobileyou will seehow much data you have left and you top up with oneclick. You willsafely pay your bill or recharge your credit. Everymonth you cancompete for great prizes. And don‘t worry, theapplication is freeand doesn‘t use your data, even abroad. Newversion brings a wholenew design, adjusted also for latestsmartphones. Switching usersdirectly in a quick overview so you canmanage all your numbersquickly and easily. You can also name allyour numbers. Here aresome other features: - Better work in theBilling section anddirect download of invoice in PDF - For Twistcustomers info on therecharge bonus directly in a quick overview -Actual spending and VAT - Smart widgets includingActual spending 8.0.0
Hapvida faz bem pra você. Aplicativo permite entre outras funçõesamarcação e desmarcação de consultas. Hapvida is good foryou.Application allows among other functions selection anddeselectionqueries.
Verizon Smart Family 8.12.2
Verizon - VZ
Smart Family gives parents the ability to locate and managetheirchild’s device all in one app. You can schedule alerts fortheirdevice location, block apps & websites, pause theinternet,view their text and call history, and so much more!Verizon SmartFamily- Your partner in parenting.----------------------------- ☆KNOW WHERE THEY ARE –Rest easyknowing your loved ones are wherethey should be. Set an alert totrack their device so you know ifthey made it home or to practice,or check on your own time byviewing the real time device map. ☆CHILDPROOF YOUR INTERNET -Block access to inappropriate apps andwebsites. You can block mostsocial media, messaging, and gamingapps; unblock just as easilywhen you feel they are ready for them.☆ SET SMARTER BOUNDARIES -Take back family time by instantlypausing the internet or limitingaccess to calls, texts and data.You can also set purchase limitsfor apps, games, and music. ☆MONITOR USAGE & ACTIVITY - Seewho is calling and texting, andwhen. Block unwanted contacts, andsee the sites your child isvisiting on their device every day. Youcan also keep an eye ontheir device's battery life. ☆ IN-HOME& ON-THE-GO - Controlyour child’s online experience whetherthey’re using Wi-Fi or yourdata. If you're unable to download theapp, please ensure that youdo not also have the companion app onyour phone. If it is, pleasedelete it and try again.
com.app_thedigitalstore2017.layout 2.5.3
The Digital Store app is designed to keep you in touch &updatedwith the latest deals and exclusives from The DigitalStore, yourVerizon Authorized Retailer. View exclusive offers,locate ournearest store, schedule an appointment, and calculatedevicetrade-in values. Stay connected with your storerepresentative withthe ability to call or email them directly. •Easily connect withyour personal The Digital Store representative.• Convenientlyschedule appointments. • Find and contact ournearest store. •Calculate device trade-in values. • Get couponsfor exclusive offersand promotions.
The Official NTT IndyCar Series Mobile application powered byNTTDATA. The INDYCAR Mobile App allows fans to keep up with thelatestnews, photos and videos of their favorite drivers or teams.Racingfans will not miss a single turn or checkered flag. Feeltheexcitement of the 2019 NTT IndyCar Series. DRIVERS STARTYOURENGINES! Live features for INDYCAR Mobile App – FreeSubscriptionusers: - Available to ALL users, regardless of carrieror country.- Real-time leaderboard with full-field track map andcar telemetry- Live in-car camera video streaming for selectdrivers - Livedriver and pit crew radio transmission streams -Advance Auto PartsINDYCAR Radio Network audio streaming during alltrack activities -NTT IndyCar Series Championship“Points-As-They-Run” leaderboardKey Features: - Listen to INDYCARTeleconferences and PressConferences, as well as Full Race Replaysfrom the Advance AutoParts INDYCAR Radio Network - Import the 2019NTT IndyCar Seriesrace schedules direct to your mobile calendar -Select yourfavorite driver and favorite team for quicker access tofollow -Video-On-Demand: For on-track highlights, pressconferences, andspecial feature videos - Latest news and photos -Standings, raceresults, upcoming schedules, and race extras suchashigh-resolution track map, pit assignments, driver performancesandspotter guides - Driver and team profiles - Get in the gamewithINDYCAR Fantasy Challenge presented by Firestone - Stayup-to-datewith INDYCAR on Social Media - Learn more about the sportwithINDYCAR 101 - Current track weather and forecast - … and more
com.vzbusiness 3.7.0
Verizon - VZ
Sign in directly from your mobile device to manage youraccount:Pay, view or download your paper bill Upgrade your deviceBuyaccessories Pay off your Device Payment balance Set-up auto-payandmanage your Paperless settings View wireless usageChange/Activateyour Device Manage Data Alerts One Talk Management:Business anduser features Add or remove a feature Track orderstatus Registeras a Primary Contact Change your account share orindividual plansChange your data allowance Suspend and resume awireless numberChange wireless user information or billing addressReset yourvoicemail password Call forwarding Block a phone numberfromcalling or texting you Get the latest phones now by upgradinginthe app Get live chat support. Get the latest 5G devices tomeetyour business needs here. New features include: - Latest 5GDevices- One Talk: Group Management - One Talk: Busy Lamp FieldWe'realways looking to improve the App - this versionincludesperformance and usability fixes
CellOnly 1.0.2
The CellOnly app is designed to keep you in touch & updatedwiththe latest deals and exclusives from CellOnly, yourVerizonAuthorized Retailer. View exclusive offers, locate ourneareststore, schedule an appointment, calculate device trade-invalues,and submit TMP claims. Stay connected with yourstorerepresentative with the ability to call or email themdirectly.•Easily connect with your personal CellOnly teammember.•Conveniently schedule appointments.• Stay up to date withourlatest events and exclusives.• Find and contact our neareststore.•Calculate device trade-in values.• Get coupons for exclusiveoffersand promotions.• Submit TMP (Total Mobile Protection) claims.
Work Mobile
Work Mobile is for customers using Verizon Connect Work. If you’reacustomer of Verizon Connect’s Workforce, download WorkPlan.VerizonConnect Work’s new fieldworker app, Work Mobile, letstechnicians inthe field receive job details and share notes,photos and signatureswith Admins in the office -- all withimproved speed andperformance. What’s new in Work Mobile - Fasterperformance whenaccessing job information. - New mobileexperience, designed bycustomers like you. - Improved Map &Jobs List with jobassignments. - Multi-photo upload with thumbnailand gallery view. -Automatically work offline when jobs are out ofrange. Get access tothese features, too. - See job details,contact information andspecial instructions. - Get instant updatesthrough pushnotifications. - Quickly complete a checklist at thestart and endof a job. - Record findings and work performed onsite. - Capturephotos of the site to provide proof of service. -Collect customersignatures when the work is complete. - Recordparts used and timespent on the job site. - Track when the jobstarts, when it’s inprogress and when it’s finished. - Sendinvoices and track paymentsright from the field. Not a VerizonConnect Work customer? Sign upfor a demo, or contact us at866-844-2235 to help you get started.
Spotlight by Verizon Connect 14.0.0
Spotlight is a perfect companion to highlight where yourbusinesscan save money through the optimization of your mobileassets. Stayon the pulse of your business with quick access to yourmobileenterprise’s most critical information around assetutilization,driver safety and vehicle maintenance. Optimize yourvehicles,people and work with Spotlight: - Access insights into theoverallstatus and performance in key areas: driver behavior andsafety,fuel efficiency and vehicle health - Save time by quicklyfindingand contacting the nearest drivers and connected vehicles -Avoidcostly breakdowns with real-time access to vehicle diagnostics-Gain visibility into your work by connecting and findingnearbysites and accessing general site information Never miss abeat withinstant mobile access to vital information and avoidcostly eventsbefore they happen. If you’re interested in signingup, contactyour Verizon Connect account manager to find out more.
VZTrack User
View Real-Time Visitor Notifications & History, as well astheirPhoto, Mobile Number, Address, and Purpose of visit duringthe timeof entry at the security gate. Make Your Housing Society aVibrantCommunity! Say Goodbye to Old Bulky Intercoms with Next-GenWirelessSolutions & a State-Of-The-Art Gate Security Solution.Also getaccess to a myriad of features such as: • Admin Features -Create& Broadcast Messages, Notices, Polls, and Complaints. •Visitors- View Real-TIme Call Based Notification of VisitorInformation& History. • Rainbow Residents - Place Audio/VideoCalls Or TextMessages to your fellow Residents Without the need oftheir PhoneNumbers. • Invite Guests - Send a 4-Digit Code to yourGuests forEase Of Access into the Society. • Message - ViewImportant Messagesfrom the Society Admins. • Notices & Minutes- View ImportantNotices & Minutes from the Society Admins. •Invoice - ReceiveInvoice regarding any kind of Society RelatedExpenses from theSociety Admins. • Service Provider - Search forLocal ServiceProviders like Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers,etc. • ComplaintRegister - Create and also View the Status for allkinds of SocietyRelated Complaints. • Search/Add Vehicles - Knowwho the Vehiclebelongs to, by searching for the last four digitsof the vehiclenumber, in case of any parking issues. • Polls -View &Participate in the Polls created by the Society Admins.• Know YourMaid - View Real-Time info whether the maid is in thesociety ornot, as well as Hire New Maids through the app. •Marketplace - Postan Ad for any kind of Product/Service that youare Selling withinthe society. • Local Stores - View all LocalStores delivering inyour society, including delivery charges &special offers theyare providing. • Carpool - Request For or Offera ride to yourneighbours within the App itself. • VehicleServicing - Book aTwo-Wheeler Servicing appointment at yourdoorstep with the VehicleServicing option. • Emergency SOS - Analarm based notification issent to the Security Guard’s devicewhen you tap on the EmergencySOS button, in case of an Emergency.Why choose VZTrack? • SayGoodbye to the Maintenance Charges ofyour Intercom/CommunicationSystems. • Absolutely No WiringRequired. • Place Audio/Video Callsto your Residents &Security Guards Without The Need Of AnyPhone Numbers, to MaintainEase of Communication Within the Society.• We at VZTrack take DataSecurity very seriously, we do not takethe phone numbers or emailids of the flat owners. We use a 256-bitencryption domainvalidated (DV) SSL certificate to secure your datawhensent/received from the tablet to the server and fromyourbrowser(while accessing the web site for admin application) totheserver. We use SSL for VZTrack Security App, VZTrack User’s Appandsociety admin’s web application (
Ensignal 1.0.3
The Ensignal app is designed to keep you in touch & updatedwiththe latest deals and exclusives from Ensignal, yourVerizonAuthorized Retailer. View exclusive offers, locate ourneareststore, schedule an appointment, and calculate devicetrade-invalues. Stay connected with your store representative withtheability to call or email them directly. • Easily connect withyourpersonal Ensignal representative. • Convenientlyscheduleappointments. • Find and contact our nearest store. •Calculatedevice trade-in values. • Get coupons for exclusive offersandpromotions.
Verizon Universal Identity 2.5.5
The Universal Identity Services application is a securitysolutionthat facilitates strong authentication to web sites,applications,and/or networks. The available features of thisapplication includea one-time passcode generator and a mobilemessage center forreviewing, approving, and/or rejectingtransactions. In order touse this application, you must firstregister for a VerizonUniversal ID. During the registration processyou will receive anactivation code that is required to enable useof this application.
I am Verizon 7.11.0
Verizon - VZ
The I am Verizon mobile app puts the latest Verizon news,events,thought leadership, awards, articles, podcasts and mobilecontentat your fingertips no matter where you are. Download the apptoread and learn about the latest Verizon news or do more bysigningin to share directly to your social channels. You can alsosubmitcontent and schedule shares to elevate your personal socialmediapresence and review how well your shared content performed.Ifyou're an advocate, ambassador, employee, partner, or just afanthen you should download the app today!
BeMobile 2.0.7
The BeMobile app is designed to keep you in touch & updatedwiththe latest deals and exclusives from BeMobile VerizonAuthorizedRetailer. View exclusive offers, locate the closeststore, andschedule an appointment with us. Stay connected withyour storerepresentative with the ability to call or email themdirectly. •Get coupons for exclusive offers and promotions. •Locate andcontact our closest BeMobile store anytime. • Easilyconnect withyour personal BeMobile representative. • Stay up todate with ourlatest events and exclusives.
VZ Navigator for Merge
Verizon - VZ
Try VZ Navigator FREE* for 30-Days and then pay only$4.99/monththereafter, or use it when you need it for just $0.99for 24hrs ofuse. This download includes a free version with maps,directions,and local traffic.VZ Navigator Maps – Local search formillions ofbusinesses, ATMs, restaurants, movie and event listings,gas pricesand weather conditions. Maps are updated often withreal-timetraffic incidents. Plan your route and see detaileddrivingdirections.With VZ Navigator, get spoken turn-by-turnnavigationwith live traffic and choose your preferred route withRouteSelector.• Navigation trusted by millions• Beat the gridlockwithour Real-time Traffic• Turn-by-turn spoken directions withstreetnames• Advanced 3D navigation instructions that use roadfeaturesand landmarks such as traffic lights and number of streets•Seewhich lane(s) to take for highway maneuvers and exits,complexstreet turns and intersections• Stay informed aboutupcomingjunctions, lane changes and exits with highway signs andfreewayviews• Drive safely, VZ Navigator alerts you around schoolzonesand warns you when you speed• Automatically get a new routewhenyou miss a turn• Virtual city driving with detailed 3Dbuildings**and landmarksLearn more at*Offer valid fornew VZ Navigatorsubscribers. Limited-time offer. Customer willautomaticallycontinue with the $4.99 monthly subscription afterthe 30-day trialperiod ends. Unsubscribe anytime using the “MyAccount” menu optionin the app or by calling 1.800.922.0204 within30 days ofdownloading the app to avoid being charged.**Enhanced3Dcapabilities available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston,Charlotte,Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver,Detroit,Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas,LosAngeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix,SanDiego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Paul, and Washington D.C.
Verizon Visual Voicemail
Visual VoiceMail makes it manage your voicemail messageswithoutdialing. It shows all of your messages in a list and letsyoumanage them on your phone. You can listen to messages in anyorderand delete them without listening to instructions. ToviewVerizon's privacy policy, pleasevisit To viewMotorolaMobility's privacy policy, pleasevisit
Cellular and More 4.1.2
The Cellular and More App is designed to keep you in touch&updated with the latest deals and exclusives from yourlocalCellular & More Verizon Premium Wireless Retailerlocations.View your exclusive offers, manage your account &more. Rewardscan be earned by downloading the app and visiting anyCellular& More Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer locations.
Nena Faulkner
The Event App is a mobile resource for event attendees fromourcompany. Agendas, maps, links, surveys and anything else youneedthem to see can all be delivered to phones and tablets rightfromhere. This app is not open to the public.
SmithConnect 10.70.700
SmithConnect allows you to both re-connect with classmatesandleverage the trusted Smith School of Business environment toexpandyour professional network. By fully integrating withsocialnetworks, and cultivating a culture of helping and givingback, youwill be amazed at how vibrant your Smith School ofBusinesscommunity is!
eCrimp 1.3.2
Gates eCrimp is an innovative app that enables usersanddistributors of Gates hydraulic and industrial hose productstofind the most up-to-date crimp specifications quickly andeasily.With just a few taps, you'll have all the specs necessarytoprovide your customers with factory-quality hose assemblies.
Motorola Update Services
This is an update to the over-the-air (OTA) installer thatdownloadssystem updates. This update is necessary to enable theupgrade toAndroid 5.x, Lollipop for the following devices: Moto G(1st Gen.)Moto E (1st Gen.) Moto X (1st Gen.) Moto G with 4G LTE(1st Gen.)All users with these devices should accept this update.Please seeMotorola’s software upgrade page to check on the latestfor yourdevice.
Wisconsin MyWIC 2.0.11
MyWIC: The MyWIC app is designed for families enrolled intheWisconsin Women, Infants, and Children Program. Families canvieweWIC benefit balances, find WIC-approved foods, andlocateauthorized grocery stores and pharmacies. To use the MyWICapp, youwill need an eWIC card issued by the Wisconsin WIC Program. 10.0.0
Driving across town or across the country, VerizonRoadsideAssistance lets you travel with confidence and peace ofmind.Designed exclusively for Verizon customers, VerizonRoadsideAssistance offers 24-hour emergency roadside service. TheVerizonRoadside Assistance mobile application has been carefullydesignedto make requesting assistance faster, more accurate,andconvenient. Functions: • Request assistance for a mechanicalissue,dead battery, flat tire, out of fuel, lock out, and more •Use GPS,maps and satellite to pinpoint the vehicle location •Follow adialogue assisting you in diagnosing the problem andrequestingappropriate service • Retrieve confirmation service is onthe wayand the estimated time of arrival • Your VerizonRoadsideAssistance membership confirms eligibility for roadsideassistanceunder your plan. The app is free to use with VerizonRoadsideAssistance.
Barqa 0.0.2
Barqa Ltd.
Barqa is hyperlocal search and browsing platform that willconnectyou to fashion shops in your vicinity! Find exciting newfashionfrom local designers on the Barqa app.
Kortext ebooks & etextbooks 1.4.16
The Kortext digital platform gives you access to all ebooksandetextbooks. Our ebook reader will help you with your studying-take notes, create citations and even share notes withyouruniversity friends. Our online library has more than half amillionebooks from romance to law and from history to engineering,so youwill find all the cheap ebooks you need for your studies,work, orhobby.
AT&T Device Alive 4.5.14
Do not install this on your device unless you are anAT&Trepresentative and have obtained the password required toopen theapplication. The application is designed to runcontinuously untiluninstalled and will drain the battery.
Supervisor by Verizon Connect 1.0.13
Managing remote workers presents many challenges. WithSupervisor,you can quickly view the location of your crew andinstantlycontact drivers. Know where your team is at all times andmoreeffectively manage your fleet. - Quick view map- Findnearestvehicles- Playback vehicle history- Contact drivers-Searchcustomer locations
power2max 18
Saxonar GmbH
The power2max app can be used to change power meter settings,applyupgrades and upload firmware updates.
LogMeIn, Inc.
*ONLY DOWNLOAD IF DIRECTED TO DO SO BY A SUPPORT TECHNICIANYOUTRUST* The Rescue + Mobile applet for Android allowssupporttechnicians to troubleshoot a problem you are having onyourAndroid device. To use this application you must bereceivingsupport from a technician who is using LogMeIn Rescue andwillprovide you a pin code to start the session. Technicians havetheability to chat, transfer files, view systemdiagnosticinformation, pull and push APN configurations (Android2.3), pushand pull WiFi configuration, and more. Remote control isavailableon the latest devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei,Sony,Vertu, Kazam and more. For more information or for a freetrial ofLogMeIn Rescue visit our website: to use: 1) Install theapplication 2) Launch the applicationfrom your Applications folder3) Enter the six digit pin code givento you by your supporttechnician 4) Allow your trusted supporttechnician to connect toyour device This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Wear24 1.0.18
Verizon - VZ
Note: -This app only works with the Verizon Wear24 watches-Thisappwill not appear as a standalone app on your phone. But don’tworry,it‘s still working! You’ll find the Wear24 functionalitywithin theAndroid Wear app. Just open Android Wear on your phoneand tapWear24 under Watch facesUse the Wear24 app to do more withyourWear24 watch.Customize the lookChange accent colors, fontstylesand more.Design your own watchface with widgetsMake yourWear24your own with groups of widgets perfect for the differentparts ofyour life like going to work or working out.Get the rightwidgetsat the right timeSet your widget groups to appear when youget tospecific locations, like the gym or the office, so thewidgets youneed are always at your fingertips.
Taaj 2.2.9
L'application de votre supermarché Taaj pour ne plus rienlouperdespromotionApplying your Taaj supermarket to notmissanythingPromotion