Top 48 Games Similar to 消除六边形

Hexagon Drop! 1.0.1
TooDoo Studio
Discover awesome and super fun in this addictive puzzle gameever!Play with the most exciting game in the world has everseen!HexagonDrop! is a brand new puzzle game with easy to play gameconceptthat can make you addicted! Totally free to play. Easy toplay, andpleasurable game for all ages.The goal is to keep the sixhexagonfigure on the tower of blocks and not let it fall off for aslongas possible.Don't rush, the six block can easily dwindle inanydirection, gain momentum and roll down into the abyss. Although,itmight look simple at first, don't get yourself fooled andhexagonflip.▶ KEY FEATURE✴ DESTROY BLOCK PUZZLETap the block,destroy itand make the hexagon fall down. Remember to keep thehexagonbalance, don’t topple it.✴ CLASSIC GAMEPLAYEndless gameplaywithlots of milestones for you to get over. ✴ LOTS OFBEAUTIFULSKINSTry your best to get high scores and change skins ofthehexagon (six-edge block)You will never get bored.✴ENERGYSAVINGOptimized engine for energy saving.Play without worryofenergy waste. Enjoy the game everywhere in every time.✴STUNNINGGRAPHICS- Fun sounds and gorgeous visual effects.✴CHALLENGE YOURFRIENDSChallenge your friends, beat their score andbe the Number1.Try to achieve over 1000 points. Only 1% of hardcoreplayer canachieve it.NOTES :• Hexagon Drop! contains the adslikeinterstitial and rewarded video ads.• Hexagon Drop! is freetoplay, but you can purchase In-app items for ADS FREE.
3d Hexagon magic Partials 1.1.7
Welcome to get 3d Hexagon magic theme!You can get 3d Hexagonmagictheme from personalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screenandexquisite icon packs! It includes dozens of uniform iconsandwallpaper art, with which you can easily personalize yourdevice.All artistic app icons are to give you a distinctivelystylizedphone for free. It is 3d Hexagon magic theme with 3dHexagon magicscreen wallpaper! Install this 3d Hexagon magic themeright awayand feel your new 3d Hexagon magic live wallpaper.3dHexagon magicis designed especially for launcher users. Long pressto activatethe unique set of live interactive effects of each 3Dtheme. Youwill be amazed by the endless surprises.Features of Free3d HexagonmagicTo use 3d Hexagon magic, there is no need to root.You caneasily protect apps from peepers by hiding them inspecialfolders.3d Hexagon magic has world leading 3D transitioneffects onscreens and folders, elegant and simple in screenswitching screen lock protects your phonefromstrangers.Here comes the new tech dreamy theme! With active3dHexagon magic wallpapers and delicate icons, the theme makesyourphone more attractive.3d Hexagon magic includes 3d Hexagonmagicwallpapers, dreamy lock screen, tech icons, providingactiveexperience and so on.1. dreamy lock screen: once you have setthelock screen, it offers full protection over your privacy,makingyour phone more secure.2. tech icons: decorate every folderandicon well for you, pretty cool and fashionable.3. 3d Hexagonmagicelegant interface: 3D effect weather forecast and dynamic 3Dclock,these stylize your phone as well. 4. Theme Center: You canfind allkinds of free themes in Center, such as the cool skull orlovelycartoon themes, etc. Additionally, you have a list of cool3D,Halloween and Christmas audio themes to choose from.5.WallpaperCenter: There are various HD and dreamy dynamic livewallpapers.6.After installing 3d Hexagon magic theme, you can setup tech dreamytech active keyboard theme, so that your phone willbe totallydressed up.3d Hexagon magic theme supports a variety ofAndroidphone models.3d Hexagon magic Live Wallpapers’ blinkinglights anddynamic effects keep updating continuously over time. Youcanenjoy- Plenty of different active themes. - HD graphics andOpenGL. - Optimized battery use. - More than 99% of the mobilephonedevices that are compatible. - dreamy Wallpaper that supportsthehorizontal screen fully and looks amazing and tech on the tabletaswell as on the phone. Make the most of your phone withdreamywallpapers and advanced features. Enjoy this free andactivedynamic wallpaper!Find 3d Hexagon magic and tech wonders inone ofthe best wallpapers. The fun is worth trying. Downloaddreamywallpaper for free and enjoy the high resolution wallpaperswithsurreal parallax effects from all over the world, improvedtechbeauty. Also, with tech active backgrounds, your Samsung orHuaweiphones will be active and dreamy.Before installing 3dHexagonmagic, you need to install our launcher. Have fun with us!
3D Neon Tech Hexagon Theme 1.1.8
The fabulous 3D Neon Tech Hexagon Theme is a cool back fusionthemewill bring your phone screen a brand manly new look.The cool3DNeon Tech Hexagon Theme with incredible gestureinteraction(touchthe screen to make the hexagon up and down) &3D animationeffect will make your phone screen look more fantasticandfabulous.🎁Features:- Fabulous 3D transition effects on screensandfolders switching.- Elegant and simple 3D screennavigation.-Screen management interface with 3D effect.-Astonishing 3D clockwidget and glossy hexagon weather widget.-Dynamic display on AllApps alphabetical list, or “App drawer”.-Compatible with 99%phones device.- Very small, will not affectsystem performance.-Battery save function.Why choose the fantastic‎‍💻3D Neon TechHexagon Theme‎‍💻💖 The cool 3D neon theme launchershows the glossyhexagon up and down on your screen.💖 It isimpressive when you tapthe fabulous black hexagon, the glossyhexagon will up and down.💖Download fabulous 3D cool black theme toown manly business stylishicons, technological black fusionwallpapers and tons of neon techthemes. 💖 Cool 3D black tech themeis a manly black tech theme withwallpapers of the most highdefinition classy black colors anddelicate manly icons.Cool 3D NeonTech Hexagon Theme is a new free3D Cool Black theme among tons offantastic black tech themes.Ifyou download the fabulous 3D NeonTech Hexagon Theme withincredible 3D gesture animation effect, youcan enjoy:❤️ Morevariety themes/wallpapersYou can find all sorts oftheme categoriesin the theme center, including anime, black, 3D,skull, pink,purple, love, white, blue, green, music, dragon, gold,cartoon,panda, girl, stars, artistry, people, football, wolf,graffiti,live, car, neon, cat, lion, joker, sports, tech, and has alargevariety of HD Backgrounds/Live Wallpapers/Themes/keyboardsupdatedevery day! You can find what you want here!❤️ More stylishlivewallpapersWe are a creative team, and always make great effortstocreate more extraordinary live wallpapers for you. We havemade:koi fish live wallpaper, cruelty flame tiger live wallpaper,goldbutterfly live wallpaper, wolf live wallpaper, dolphinlivewallpaper, skull live wallpaper, grim reaper live wallpaper,horselive wallpaper, etc. Cool 3D Neon Tech Hexagon Theme is afreeblack tech theme specially designed for our launcherusers,including dozens of delicate black icons and blackfusionwallpaper/background, which can personalize yourphoneseasily.👨‍💻How to Apply the Theme:Note: Cool 3D Neon TechHexagonTheme is only available for phones with our launcherinstalled.1.Download and install the cool 3D Neon Tech HexagonTheme;2. Installour launcher;3. Start our launcher and then you canapply thefantastic black tech theme you downloaded. If you alreadyhave ourlauncher on your phone, you can also directly go to“Themes--Mine”to open the cool black fusion theme and apply it toyour phone.Ifyou like this cool 3D Neon Tech Hexagon Theme, pleasesupport us byrating it.If you have any ideas or suggestions,contact us byemail:, we are so happy to receiveyour valuableadvice. Your satisfaction is the best payback for us!
Hexagon 1.1.5
Keep the Hexagon on the tower of blocks and Don't let it fallfromblock towerIf you are looking for a minimalist challenginghexagongame and if you like breaking the bricks or blocks, thenyou'vereached right game. There is a hexagon shape on the towerofblocks. Its basically a tower building of blocks.Crush theblocksbeneath the Hexagon (six sided shape) to make the score.Break theblocks in a way that hexagon(sides) does not fall from thetower.If the hexagon falls from the tower, the hexagon will crushandgame will over. If you want to make more score then trick istocrush only the consequent blocks for the defense of hexagon.Youcan tap one block at a time so that game is totally addictiveandunder your control.The Hexagon is six sided shapeThe Hexagonissuper coolThe Hexagon is super awesomeThe Hexagon is superFunnyThe Hexagon is super AddictiveThe Hexagon is super Challenging
Hexagons 0.0.2
Hexagons is the best way to have fun and enjoy yourfreetime.Challenge your mind with this amusing puzzle. Dragthedifferenttriangles to make multiple Hexagons. !Achieves yourbestscore andchallenge your friends!Hexagons is a addictive andveryfun blockmatch puzzle game, don’t doubt in playing ititscompletelyFREE![HOW TO PLAY]• Drag the triangles and makecolorfulhexagonsto earn points.• While the hexagon more bigger is,morepoints youwill earn.• ¡Chill out! Hexagons has no limit time.•Youcan rotatethe triangles before you put them in the table.• 2GameModes –SmallBoard, BigBoard[Features]• Block Match Puzzle1.Idealfor allages.2. Puzzle game with gorgeous colors.3. Playeasilyandquickly.• Save your games quickly. !Don’t Worry! Yourgames willbesaved when you quit or turn off your phone.• NO TIMELIMIT!NOHURRY! There’s no limit time, u can play it anytime in alongorshort time.Hexagons is the best way to have fun and enjoyyourfreetime. Challenge your mind With This amusing puzzle.Dragthedifferent triangles to make multiple Hexagons. ! Achievesyourbestscore and challenge your friends!Hexagons is a veryfunandaddictive block puzzle game match, do not doubt inplayingitcompletely ITS FREE![HOW TO PLAY]• Drag the trianglesandmakecolorful hexagons to earn points.• While the hexagonismorebigger, more points you will earn.• Chill out! Hexagons hasnotimelimit.• You can rotate the triangles before you put theminthetable.• 2 Game Modes - SmallBoard, BigBoard[Features]•BlockPuzzleMatch1. Ideal for all ages.2. Puzzle game withgorgeouscolors.3.Play Easily and quickly.• Saveyourgamesquickly.        !DonotWorry! Your games will be saved When you quit or turnoffyourphone.•NOTIMELIMIT        DONOTHURRY!There's no time limit, u can play it anytime in a longorshorttime.
1010 Hexagon Grid Fit Puzzle 1.1
MT Mobile
1010 Hexagon Grid Fit - Addictive as a bee1010 Hexagon GridFitPuzzle - six edges block puzzle, beehive building game(If youwantto play 1010 full mode: Square, Hexagon, Triangle, youcoulddownload 1010 Grid Fit all in one)You are maybe addicted withmanygame kind of 1010 but they are the square version. In thisversion,we submit a new one with only single mode: Hexagon.Hexagonwith sixequal edges is a perfect cube to make a grid. You could seetheboard game as a beehive. And now busy bees will buildtheirhoneycomb by bring hexagon blocks to fit with the gridstructure.When drag & drop the hexagon blocks into the grid andform aline (from an edge to another), these bricks will beunblocked anddisappear. You must from as much line as possible.Remember thebomb, you have to make it disappear asap before itexplode and ruinthe beehive. Be really careful!Now, let's try thisgame and enjoyyour free time building honeycomb. Have fun!Manythanks,DTAMobileLike us: us: @dtamobile
HexaGone 2
Flat Hamster
A game about making hexagons go away. ✔ Enjoy an AD-FREEGAMINGEXPERIENCE✔ Test your agility on TIME MODE✔ Test yourintelligenceon TAPS MODE✔ Become a better player by passing all 54CHALLENGES✔Play on one of the 3 DIFFICULTY LEVELS✔ Choose from twodifferentTHEMES✔ … and don’t forget to SHARE YOUR HIGH SCORESFollowFLATHAMSTERon:Facebook
com.permadi.hexagonCrushGame 2.2.4
F. Permadi
Crush, blast and tumble tower of blocks. The aim is to descendthehexagon (a geometry with six sides) while preventing itfromfalling. Reach the flag in the bottom of the tower to win! Thegamemechanic is a combination of geometry logic, puzzle, strategy&reflexes. Easy to learn game that combines puzzle andarcadeelement. Challenging and can be hard to master. Game Mechanic• Ahexagon shape (hex or hexa) is on top of stacked blocks/mines.•You can't move the hexagon but you can tap the blocks to crushthemso that the hexagon gets closer to the ground. • The blocksarelike mines, which will be destroyed when you tap on them.Becareful when the tower starts to wobble, it may tumble - don'tletthe hex fall. • If the hexagon trips and falls into the abyss,thegame is over. • To win the game, move the hexagon from the topofthe tower to the bottom until it reaches the ground to capturetheflag. The levels are like puzzles because you need topickcarefully which block of mines to crush and smash, so thatthetower structure doesn't tumble and disintegrate. When blocksaredestroyed they will disappear, and the tower/structurebecomesshorter. However, not only the block you tap will becrushed, butthat block may affect other blocks, causing the stackto roll,drop, fall or slip. Consequently, the hexagon will react tothe lawof physics (it has six sides, so it's almost like a ball) -don'tlet it fall before it reaches the ground. So the puzzlegameelement is deciding which block to crush. This seem like alongexplanation, but the game is actually simple to play. Justtap&tap with single touch (one touch mechanic) to startplaying.The game is driven by physic-engine which takes intoaccount themass of the blocks, friction & gravity. It comeswith lots ofpuzzle variations, rendered in beautifulabstract/surreal stylewith bursting colors. Variety of block shapesand stack structures(pillars, monuments, towers, stacks, grids, andother abstractstructures). The levels have various difficulties,the towers willget taller with different geometric shapes as youprogress. Youneed reflexes and puzzle solving skill to beat alllevels and landthe hexa on the ground. There are over 100 levelthat you can playfor free (no In App Purchase). Many levels areshort enough forquick sitting, while waiting, or for relaxationwith the easy onetouch game play mechanic. Some levels can befrustrating and hard,but don't give up. If you want to play endlesstower, you canselect the infinite/endless mode for a super tall,infinite towerof blocks. Summary of Features • Addictive one touchgame mechanic.Crush & blast cubes and help the hexagon(six-sided geometricshape) to reach the flag at the bottom ofblocks stacks. Touch/tapblock of mines to crush and blast. They maytumble and rumble, withpotential chain reactions. Keep the hex/hexabalanced, don't let itfall. • Driven by sophisticated physicsengine. The blocks react togravity, mass, friction, and shape. •Over 100 free levels to play,some easy and some frustratingly hard.• Includes 2 play modes:infinite & levels mode. • Surreal styleartwork with richdreamy colors. • Cool sounds & special effects(the hex/hexaglows, blocks explodes with particle effects). Tips •Middle blocksnearest to the hexa are usually safer to blast. •Unbalanced blockson the sides aren't safe - they may fall. •Horizontal full-widthblocks are usually safer to blast. • Leavingblocks on left &right may prevent hexa from falling (with sixsides, it rollseasily when there's nothing blocking it). • Mostlevels emphasizestrategy but a few do require quick reflexes. Insum, if you'relooking for a free addictive physic puzzle game,download &start playing now. Conquer the towers of blocks. Tap,crush, smash,& tumble but don't let the hex fall!
Hex FRVR - Drag the Block in the Hexagonal Puzzle 3.10.3
Merge bricks and destroy full lines on the hexagonal boardbydragging and dropping hexa blocks in the blanks and getamazingcombo bonuses. Relax and play this block match game forfree.Simply drag the hexagon tiles and try to fill all the cells ofthegrid. The best puzzle game for brain teasers and jigsawlovers!🔶🔷Download Hex FRVR and play now for free!🔶🔷 This is not aregularboard puzzle where you just have to align blocks row afterrow.This is HEX FRVR, a new concept of puzzle! A hexagonal boardwhereyou’ll match the pieces in 3 directions! Too easy foryou?...Relax, the purpose of this hexic block puzzle is fun!There’s nolives mode, no levels, play unlimited! It’s just you andyourpuzzle solving skill. Defy your brain in this easy tounderstandyet fun to master logic game. This unique hexagon puzzleboard is alogical challenge for even the advanced jigsaw fan. Don’tworryabout making color matches, just fill all the grids withthehexagonal tiles and try to fit each piece in the correctblank.Explode thousand of jewel bricks in this brain teaser puzzlewith atwist. Play in a 10x10 hexa board, or try a bigger hex gridfor areal challenge! The gameplay is easy: just pick up a piece,drag itto the panel and drop it to combine other bricks and try toget aline! Try to complete as many lines as you can in onesinglemovement to achieve the high score and coins to get specialthemesand colors for the bricks and the grid. Keep your brainactive andsharped, analyze all the possibilities and choose wiselythe hexablock to increase your victory options. Merge the hexagonpieces inany of the primary three directions and complete as manylines ofthe grid as you can. Move blocks to fill up the cells andgetpoints for each line you complete! Drag the blocks and place itinthe blank, aiming to fit all the hexagon bricks to create linesandcolumns. 🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷 Forget about the classic jewel block gameswhereyou have to wait for the blocks to drop and try to blast asinglehorizontal line of gems. Play HEX now and get that extratwist youneed in board games. Possibilities of fun have beenmultiplied bysix. Just drag and use the blocks you want, anytime,in this hexajigsaw every jewel piece is different, every move is achallengeand it’s up to you to merge the right line! They areunlimitedcombinations for solving this jewel puzzle, your onlyrival is thelogic! Because you’re playing in a hexagonal panel, youcan mergelines of block in three directions so you can makeincrediblecombos! Save the right cube, fit it and unleash a chainof blockblasting combination. The more lines you merge, the biggerthenumber of coins you can get. Unblock +10 styles for yourhexaboard! From neon jewel style to a classic wooden blockpuzzleboard! Playable in airplane mode, without data connection. No4G orWi-Fi required. It’s the perfect block matching game for ashortperiod of refreshing brain training on the bus, at school orin theoffice. Easy to play hexa game for all ages and all kind oftabletsand phones. It runs smoothly both on high-grade smartphonesandlow-performing devices. Hex FRVR is a low storage game, youdon’tneed more than 35 mb to play! This free tetra puzzle gameonlyfocuses on giving you a truly fun experience in a low mb gameforfree. It’s an easy to play hexagon block matching gamewithincredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young andadultscan have fun. Play online or offline, since you don’t needaninternet connection to merge hexa cells. And relax, you can playasmuch as you want, there’s no time limit! It’s just you andyourbrain! 🔶🔷Simple Block Puzzle Game! Combine Blocks to Fill-IntheBlank!🔶🔷 Do you like it? We have a lot of free games for you!
Hexa Blast 2.18
HEXA BLAST Hexa Blast is a game of strategy and spatial ability.Thegame consists in avoiding that the hexagonal bricks that appearatthe top of the screen and go down reach the bottom line. Eachturnyou have to throw a ball that bounces and makes contact withas manyhexagonal bricks as possible. Each hexagon has a numberthatindicates how many times it must be hit to destroy it. Thehexagonsgo down one row each turn, if you do not destroy them theywill comedown and you will have lost. Although the mechanics ofthe game arevery simple, this is very difficult to master, becausein each turnyou should look for more than three or four reboundsagainst thehexagons. You have to make similar bounces to 8pool orbilliardspool. When playing without a strategy you get scoresbetween 8 and10 points, there is no fun. But if you play itthoroughly you canget scores of more than 100 points. The Classic/ Normal mode recordis at 664 points. It was obtained by a man wholives in HoustonTexas. Accept the challenge. Could it be that youcan beat it?Invite your friends to play it and they can sharetheir scores bygoogle play games. HOW TO PLAY IT * Hexes willappear, each with anumber that indicates how many hits It needs tobe destroyed. *Hexagons with a mark indicate that they have achain reaction andhit their adjacent hexagons. * Throw the ball sothat it bounces asmuch as possible to destroy as many hexes in ashot. * If any hexreaches the bottom line, you lose. * But do notconfess! A bad throwcan mean your downfall and the end of thegame. * Without timelimits. * Free game without internet or wificonnection * It is oneof the games that do not need much spaceFeatures * The game hasthree different game modes: The Classic,Magical and Gravity * Inclassic mode you can only use the bouncingball and chain reactionhexagon. * In magic mode hexes with powerswill appear. Ghost can gothrough and place the ball in ghost modewithout bouncing with theneighbors. Hexagon rocket, frees threerockets that destroy otherhexagons, dimensional portal hexagoncauses the ball to exit throughthe other hexagon that is alsoportal. * In gravity mode in additionto the magic hexagons thegame will have a slight gravity that willmake everything moredifficult. * The game has connection withgoogle games to be ableto challenge your friends * Collect coinsduring the game that youcan spend in the store * In the store youcan buy models ofhexagons, backgrounds, color palettes and ballstelae to customizeyour game. Tips to get good scores * Look forthe ball to bouncebetween the upper hexagons and the top of thescreen. * Takeadvantage of the angles of the hexagons to hit thehex twice,hitting the hex below, then the wall and then up. * Enterthe ballbetween the joints of the hexagons or between a hexagon andthewall. For its minimalist style, HEXA BLAST is one of the gamesthatdo not need much space on your device so you do not havetouninstall a thousand applications to play it. It is also easytoplay, fast, has colorful graphics, eye-catching sound effectsandan interesting challenge to your intelligence so you kill timeinan entertaining and challenging way. The game is perfect to playinshort leisure times: when you wait for the entrance to ameeting,when you are on the bus or the subway, between class andclass. Youcan also minimize and pause and continue playing when youhave freetime again. We are the same creators of Rope Pirate EscapeandCatstronaut.
Hexagon Puzzle 2
This is the puzzle of the hexagone pieces in a fun andentertaining.The idea of the game hexagon puzzle is to arrange thepieces to fillthe game space like a game Jigsaw. Hexagon puzzle isEasy to playand suitable game for all without age barrier Familygame. The funof the game is to move and put pieces or blockshexagone to fill aspecific area to move you to a higher level. Donot tire yourselfwith time because they give all the time. Thegame is suitable forthe concentration and development ofintelligence and acumen the wayof playing Pull the colored pieceor block and move it. Try to matchthe playing area. You can notrotate the blocks and the importantthing is no limit to time Gamefeatures -No specific time -Dailybonus -Play without the need forInternet wifi -You can play them atany time without anyrestrictions -The graphics are beautiful andattractive -Inaddition to fantastic sounds -Over 200 levels to play-The gamedoes not force you to buy from the game, this is optionalE-MAIL • Like us on FACEBOOK• Thankyou!
Hexagon ▶ 1.0.6
K17 Games
Get ready for the legend rebirth. Hexagon is finally here!Hexagonisan abstract strategy board game that involves two player playingona hexagonal grid. The rules are really simple but the strategiesarenot. You will learn the game in a minute but mastering Hexagoncantake a lifetime ☺The object of the game is to make yourpiecesconstitute a majority of the pieces on the board at the endof thegame, by converting as many of your opponent's piecesaspossible.The game inspired by such classics as "Ataxx"and"Hexxagon" will test you tactic skills and entertain you andyourfriends!Features:★Top-notch quality★Amazinggameplay★Minimalisticuser interface★Many boards to play★Strongadjustable AI★ClassicHexxagon game★You can play it with yourfriends...a ton of otherfeatures ☺Hexagon is an abstract strategyboard game that willfascinate you.
Neon Block Puzzle : Square & Hexagon Brain Test 1.3
Ready for a completely new hexagon puzzle adventure with 10gamemodes? Go with Neon Block Puzzle, an addicting brain teaserwithsimple yet challenging hexa & square puzzles designed totrainyour brain. Pick a game mode, use the 3 different shapes andplacethem on the hexagon jigsaw puzzle. Can you manage to dominatetheleaderboards in all 10 game modes? Immediately start havingfunwith one of the best hexa & square block games! ULTIMATEBRAINTRAINING Train your brain completely free, fun and challenginghexpuzzle game, suitable for the whole family. Develop your logicwiththis simple game that lets you combine puzzle blocks, buildanddestroy structures by creating lines. Enjoy addictingbraintraining exercises with the power of Neon Block Puzzle.REQUIERSGOOD STRATEGY Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. While theconceptof Neon Block Puzzlee : Fill Board is dragging the smallsquare,hexagons, singularly or in groups, onto the main board,thestrategy of doing so will be what will challenge you tothefullest. 10 GAME MODES IN 2 KIND OF GAMES: Pick between:relax,bomb, time, hard and rotate and enjoy countless hoursofchallenging and entertaining puzzle hex mobile gaming. Remember,notime limit, no color matching, no match 3 repetition! Just fillthegrid with shapes to form a line and train your brain withNeonBlock Puzzle! HEX FILL FEATURES: - all new Neon BlockPuzzlechallenge - vibrant HD graphics - sleek polished designandtypography - intuitive UI & gameplay - 5 game modes -Globalranking system ------------------------------------ See whywe areone of the best square & hexa block puzzle games of theyear.Get the new square & hexa challenge for FREE and top theglobalhex game puzzle rankings! fill in puzzles,makehexa,fillin,fill-ins,hex puzzle,fit the shape,1010,lolo,hexfrvr,merged!,13
Hexagon King 1.1.7
Hexagon King is an easy to play but challenging six puzzleactiongame, where you have to tap on blocks to remove them.The goalis tokeep the six hexagon figure on the tower of blocks and not letitfall off for as long as possible.Don't rush, the six blockcaneasily dwindle in any direction, gain momentum and roll downintothe abyss. Although, it might look simple at first, don'tgetyourself fooled and hexagon flip.Score higher, never give upandbecome the King of Six!If you think it is too easy to play,thenwe've got a special treat in store for you. Take the challengeto awhole new level by choosing from the many geometrical figureswehave prepared for you to play with:Circle (Infinite) -mostfrustating and nearly impossible.Octagon (Octa): EightSidesHeptagon (Hepta): Seven SidesHexagon (Hexa): SixSidesPentagon(Penta): Five SidesStar Plus (Cross) We warned you,this isn't yoursix classic game. Try out all of them and let usknow which one isyour favorite and which one you find the mosttricky. Challengeyour friends and see if they can beat your highscore.Careful:addictive six puzzle game!
HexGrid Live Wallpaper 1.2
A modern hexagon grid based live wallpaper with minimalisticshadingeffects.Multiple settings allow you to customize how thegrid looksand responds.Purchase premium through an in-app purchaseto supportthe developer and unlock even more customization.Pleaseuse the"Email developer" button to report any problems and tosuggest newfeatures.
Hexagon Cafe 14.15.1550376437
The Hexagon app is the easiest way to pay, earn points, andcollectrewards all in one place!
Hexa Mania Fill Hexagon Puzzle, Hex Block Blast 4.4
Ready for a completely new hexagon puzzle adventure with 4gamemodes? Go with Hexa Mania, an addicting brain teaser withsimpleyet challenging hexa puzzles designed to train your brain.Pick agame mode, use the 3 different shapes and place them on thehexagonjigsaw puzzle. Can you manage to dominate the leaderboardsin all 4game modes? Immediately start having fun with one of thebest hexablock games! 👆 ULTIMATE BRAIN TRAINING Train your braincompletelyfree, fun and challenging hex puzzle game, suitable forthe wholefamily. Develop your logic with this simple game that letsyoucombine puzzle blocks, build and destroy structures bycreatinglines. Enjoy addicting brain training exercises with thepower ofHexa Mania! REQUIERS GOOD STRATEGY Don’t be fooled byitssimplicity. While the concept of Hexa Mania Fill Hexagon Puzzleisdragging the small hexagons, singularly or in groups, onto themainboard, the strategy of doing so will be what will challenge youtothe fullest. 4 GAME MODES: Pick between: relax, bomb, time andhardand enjoy countless hours of challenging and entertainingpuzzlehex mobile gaming. Remember, no time limit, no colormatching, nomatch 3 repetition! Just fill the grid with shapes toform a lineand train your brain with Hexa Mania! FEATURES: ✅ allnew hexachallenge ✅ vibrant HD graphics ✅ sleek polished designandtypography ✅ intuitive UI & gameplay ✅ 4 game modes ✅Globalranking system ------------------------------------ See whywe areone of the best hexa block puzzle games of the year. Get thenewhexa challenge for FREE and top the global hex gamepuzzlerankings!
Hexagon Live Wallpaper 1.0
Bogdan Zuy
Hexagon - stylish live wallpaper with abstract geometricpattern."Honeycomb" dynamically glow in rainbow colors. Thesebeautifulcolorful live wallpaper will adorn your phone. Incontrastingbackground clearly visible overhead signs and labels.Wallpaper isinteractive - the touch painted over several adjacentcells. Thesettings can adjust the size of hexagons, the ability torespond tochange the home screen and the parallax effect, so youcan adjustthe picture as much as possible to your desires. Hexagon- livewallpaper FullHD quality with parallax effect. Note:Theapplication contains ads (only on the screens of settings).
Red hexagon Best Music Theme 1.0.6
This is the "Red hexagon" theme for the Best Music Player.Geometryhas a beauty that inspires one to dream of the idealpurpose,perfection. *** How to Apply this Theme *** 1. Open "Redhexagon"player skin after installation 2. Click the "Apply theme"buttonThe "Red hexagon" music skin will direct you to download theBestMusic Player for free if it is not already installed onyourdevice. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
Hexa Block Puzzle - Starry Night Hexagon Mania 1.10202
A wonderful match of hexagon and block. Hex Blocks Puzzle is averyfun brain puzzle games full of challenging! Drag the hexablocksinto the block world, as long as all the small hexagonscombiningjust full of a straight line, you can finisheliminate!Mysteriousbrain training games, amazing logic reasoningpuzzles, the hexapuzzle games will bring you endless brainstorm!Free download andenjoy this best kill-time games which is easy toplay and ispleasurable for all ages, conquer the Leaderboards!Howto play:1.Drag block hexa to make a line2. Create combos to earnhigh score3.No time limit, do without networkTOP FEATURES ofHexagon puzzlegames:★Brain mind puzzle games with endlesslevels★Strategy blockpuzzles from beginner to master★Five freestylemodes, colorfulblock puzzle★Block puzzle games, crazy hexa blockmania★Classicblock hexagon, your free brain trainer★Solo offlinegameplay, colormatching games★Beautiful animations, wonderfulfinger battle★Freepuzzle games of hexa blast, mystery puzzles★Mixof puzzle games,wonderful block puzzle★Best brain quest game withblock puzzlemania★Brain teaser games, awesome block hexapuzzle★Amazing logicgrid puzzles, great brain yogaUnique mind hexablock puzzlejourney, come to wonderful block city!Combine humblepieces of hexacolor block bring unexpected enchantment. Wonderfulmind games!Each level of block mania allows you to feel the thrillandpleasure of block hexa puzzle. Free to put the hex lucky blockinhexagon block square, its unexpected effect may bring you amorefantastic block puzzle mania experience.Boutique blockpuzzlechallenging games, best choice for pastime. Super cool blockhexapuzzle experience, brand-new functional allocation may lead allofyou into block puzzle legend mania. If you want somethingexciting,you can join our hexa block puzzle pop games, in here, youcan getunique brain training and relaxation!Highlights of hexblockgames:*Perfect gameplay and endless brain teasers freetoplay*Mystic starry night game interface, colorful hexa blockwars*3kinds of slide puzzle modes with unlimited logicpuzzles*Uniquehexagonal checkerboard, magic hive structure*Soothingsounds andgorgeous visual effects*Easy to learn and fun to master,fun 1010block puzzle maniaHEXA Blocks Puzzle Games mode:Hex Puzzle:Createand destroy full lines in any of the primary three directionsbydragging and dropping blocks to the square. Hexa puzzle slidegamesmake you review special sliding blocks!Combine: Each threehexablock adjoin with same color can be merged. Experience the joyoffree jigsaw square puzzles, open the magic blocksworld!Six-In:Each three hexa block adjoin with same color can bemerged. And theplacement of blocks under the screen can beadjusted. Play the hexmerge mode, become hexagon king!Creative mindpuzzle game,fantastic hexagon elimination trip!Discover the magichive blockworld, explore the secrets of hexagon brain puzzles,challenge themystic hexagon square. This creative mind puzzle gamewill greatlytrain your brain and intelligence. The rule is simple:all you needto do is create and destroy the hexagon in all threedirections. Socome on join our hexagon trip!Extreme challenge ofpuzzle and hexa,strength contest of logic and eyesight!Enjoy thetelltale games andhave fun! Beautiful graphics with vivid colorswill make feel theblock hexa mania and brainstorming. Hex blockpuzzle games is trulyexciting. Maybe the awesome mind puzzle gamescan be difficult butstill worth it. Move blocks and win the game,we are waiting foryou!
com.suntemple.hexblockspuzzle 1.2.3
Sun Temple
When compared to a box or cube, a hexagon adds a new degreeofcomplexity to the mind games! Drag the hex blocks over thehexagonboard to cover it up. Match the whole board and use up allshapesto solve the puzzle. Train your brain as you advance throughthelevels and unlock higher difficulty modes of the game. Youwillneed to solve 5 easy levels to unlock the medium difficulty,and 20medium ones to get to the hard puzzles. The higher thedifficulty,the bigger the hexagon board. Additionally, as youadvance throughmedium or hard mode, the size of the hex blocksdecreases, whichmakes the game even more complex for the mind. Thepuzzles aregenerated by the algorithm giving the player virtuallyunlimitednumber of levels to play in any of the three modes! Beatas manystages as you can to boost your position in the leaderboardsandunlock cool achievements! Train your mind to match the hexagonwithshapes faster to win time based rewards. Get Hex Blocks Puzzlenowto have some fun while improving your brain for free! Keyfeatures:★ Unlimited FREE puzzles! ★ Three board sizes ★ Use hintsto getaid with harder levels ★ Designed for phones and tablets ★Supportsboth portrait and landscape screen orientations! ★Compatible withARM and x86 devices ★ Numerous achievements tounlock ★ Make it tothe top of the leaderboards and challenge yourfriends via GooglePlay Games ★ Improve your mind while having fun!
Hexagon 3.0.0
Mohsan Azad
Hexagon is simple game of matching blocks of same coloraroundpolygon.-INSTRUCTIONSThe goal of Hexagon is to stop blocksfromleaving the inside of the outer gray hexagonTab anywhere onscreenright and left to rotate the Hexagon right or leftClearblocks andget points by making 3 or more blocks of the same colortouchSpeedup by tab on centered hexagon.
Catch the Hex 1.0.0
RB games
This is a simple game with simple rules. Just trap the theorangehexagon within the matrix. This is one smart hexagonthough...Justtap on the white to make red hexagons to catch theorange one.
air.ron.hexagon 1.0.0
Orange Corp.
בחר משושים מצד המסך וחבר אותם בלוחChoose hexagons from thescreenand attach them to the board
Hex Flip 1.2.2
Yeti Studios
Press a hexagon to flip the colour of all the adjacenthexagons.Have all hexagons be the same colour to solve the puzzle.
Hexagon Fall 18
Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game is beautiful, simpleandaddictive logic game. Easy to play yet challenginggameplay,beautiful puzzle graphics, six sided hexagon and hundredsof levelswill keep you entertained for hours and hours. HexagonFall -Endless Puzzle Game. Don't fall and keep going down: this isthemain goal of this amazing game. In the game you are challengedtostay on the top of the tower of various shaped brick uponwhichrests a hexagon block. The aim is to get the hexagon down thetoweras further as possible. You do this by tapping on the brickstomake them disappear bringing the hexagon down into thespacecleared underneath. It sounds easy, but when the hexagonstarts toroll or the tower tilts, and with pressure of high scoresyou’llfind it’s not as easy as you originally thought. If theremoval ofthe blocks topples the tower or the hexagon gainsmomentum androlls off the screen, then the game is over and youhave to startall over again. Easy to play yet challenging gameplaywithbeautiful environment will addict you to this gameimmediately.Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game will have you hookedon gettingas far down the tower as possible for hour and hours.Playing thisgame is simple and fun, but claiming a spot on theleaderboard andoutperforming your friends is challenging andrewarding. KeyFeatures: ● Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay.● Challengeyour friend’s high scores, challenge the world. ● Funand engagingexperience. ● Beautiful and modern design. ● Engagingandaddictive. ● Play for a few seconds or many hours anytimeandanywhere. ● 300 levels and six game modes. Discover awesomeandsuper fun in this addictive puzzle game ever! Play with themostexciting game in the world has ever seen! Hexagon Fall -EndlessPuzzle Game is a brand new puzzle game with easy to playgameconcept that can make you addicted! But try to prevent calmfall ofhexagon. Totally free to play. Pleasurable game for allages. Buildyour own strategy with the exciting game playexperience! HOW TOPLAY : • Tap different shape blocks and break it• Move the hexagondown safely, but don't let it fall! • Challengeyour friend’s highscores, challenge the world •ACHIEVEMENTS&LEADERBOARD fromGoogle Play Games Can you keep sixsided Hexagon on the tower ofblocks Are you fond of a minimalistchallenging hexagon game, youare on right game. Keep your hexagonblock on the tower of bricks.Destroy the blocks under the Hexagonto increase score. Crush theblocks beneath the Hexagon (six sidedshape) to make the score.Break the blocks in a way thathexagon(sides) does not fall fromthe tower. If the hexagon fallsfrom the tower, the hexagon willcrush and game will over. Game isaddictive and under your control.The Great things about HexagonFall - Endless Puzzle Game game are:Hexagon Fall - Endless PuzzleGame is best offline game, whichmeans you don't need wifi to playit - offline without wifi.Hexagon Fall - Endless Puzzle Game is aneasy to play butchallenging puzzle action game. The goal is to keepthe six hexagonfigure on the tower of blocks and not let it falloff for as longas possible. Don't rush, the six sided block caneasily dwindle inany direction, gain momentum and roll down intothe abyss. Scorehigher, never give up and become the king ofHexagon Fall - EndlessPuzzle Game! If you think it is too easy toplay, then we've got aspecial treat in menu for you. Take thechallenge to a whole newlevel by choosing from the many geometricalfigures we haveprepared for you to play with: Hexagon (Hexa): SixSides Octagon(Octa): Eight Sides Decagon (Deca): Ten Sides Try outall of themand let us know which one is your favourite and whichone you findthe most tricky. Challenge your friends and see if theycan beatyour high score. Careful: this Hexagon Fall - EndlessPuzzle Gameis very addictive!
3D Live Blue Neon Hexagon Tech Keyboard 10002
3D Live Blue Neon Hexagon Tech Keyboard Theme withincredibleNeonlight animation effects will totally refresh yourphone. Cool3Deffects will give you a completelydifferentexperience.-🌸TheDynamic laser cube matrix background withActivitymaze is soreal.-💖The fantastic keyboard will show youincredibleNeon lightanimation effects when you tap the keys.-🐟TheActivitymazebackground moves as you long press the keys.-🎶TypewithinterestingTap Technology keyboard sound to enjoy texting.-😍3DLive Blue NeonHexagon Tech Keyboard Theme is an amazingtheme.Besides, there areplenty of other beautiful and incrediblekeyboardskins for yourphone or tablets can be found in ourkeyboard. -😍3DLive Blue NeonHexagon Tech Keyboard will make yourkeyboard lookmore lively,hope you can enjoy the serenity of NeonlightY and feelthe vigourof Activity maze.-😍You'll be simplyattracted by 3D LiveBlue NeonHexagon Tech Keyboard and its livelysounds which willmake youfeel like you are in front of a fish pond.-😍The Neonlightanimation effects will bring you fashion styles andshoweveryoneof your good taste with such a cool 3D keyboardtheme.❓❓❓Why 3DLive Blue Neon Hexagon Tech Keyboard theme:🎀 Usefreeemojikeyboard to text friends with lovely emojis, funemoticonsandstickers. We keep update fun emoticons and fun gifpictureseveryday.🎀 Designed free fonts like skull fonts, rose fontsandneonfonts to bring text to life.🎀 Automatic correction to helpyoutextfaster than ever with 3D Live Blue Neon HexagonTechKeyboardtheme.🎀Next-words and emoji suggestionswill makeyourkeyboardsmarter and more efficient after you apply 3D LiveBlueNeonHexagon Tech Keyboard theme.🎀You can alsoexperiencegesturetyping, multi-languages typing, set your favoritepicturesaskeyboard backgrounds, create whatever you like with 3DLiveBlueNeon Hexagon Tech Keyboard theme.🎀 Free keyboardthemecenterincluding anime, black, 3D, skull, pink, red, purple,love,white,blue, green, music, dragon, gold, cartoon, etc. Youcangetwhatever you want.🎀 There will be more awesome 3Dkeyboardthemes.Be fashionable every day and have thousands ofthemes aroundyou.Keep following us on new cool 3D themes.❓❓❓How toApply 3DLiveBlue Neon Hexagon Tech Keyboard Theme?Note: Pleaseinstallourkeyboard first1️⃣Download 3D Live Blue Neon HexagonTechKeyboardtheme, tap the INSTALL button.2️⃣Download our keyboardfromGooglePlay Store. If you already installed, please taptheAPPLYbutton.3️⃣After installed and applied, 3D Live BlueNeonHexagonTech Keyboard theme will be automatically displayed onyourphonewhen typing.
Hexagon Puzzle 1.0
bubble shoot
Welcome to the Hexagon Puzzle - one true brain,free,veryexcitinggame!Hexagon Puzzle is now qualify as a member of retrogamesfamily: its simple, smart and yet very addictive.The rule isquitesimple: all you have to is move hexagons to create and destroyallthe full lines in three directions. Don’t forget to avoidthoselogic blocks from filling the screen, otherwise: game over.
Ultra Hex Frenzy 1.0
Yael Sagi
Collect the hexagons that are identical to the hexagoncurrentlyshown at your side of the screen. Collect as many hexagonsas youcan and have fun! 2 players game.A Global Game Jam game madeby:IdoAdlerOren ShvedYael Sagi
3D Hexagon Black 1.1.9
Hot Launcher
New lightly tek 3D Hexagon Black is coming! Apply the lightly tek3Dnero Hexagon Black theme to enjoy more FREE Wallpapers anddynamicsThemes! Make your phone lightly and stylish! 3D HexagonNero Blackis our latest free theme with charcoal beautiful lightlytek 3DHexagon Black nero HD wallpaper and lightly charcoal 3DHexagonBlack icon pack. The 3D Hexagon Black theme is packed withHD tek 3DHexagon Black wallpapers and exquisite nero 3D charcoalHexagonBlack app dynamics icons, designed for dynamics mobilethemefanatics. Please download the lightly charcoal tek 3D HexagonBlackbreakaway theme now, more breakaway surprises are waiting foryou todiscover!Come and download the tek 3D Hexagon Blackdynamicsbreakaway theme for free and make your Samsung, Huawei andanyother brands of Android mobile stylish. You can enjoy withlightlytek 3D Hexagon Black: Cool themes and tek HD wallpapers-Highquality Images specially designed for your phone- Brandnewbeautiful themes updated every day3D themes - Add lightly tek3DHexagon Black theme to your 3D theme- 3D Hexagon Blackdynamicwallpapers with a variety of touch gestures, so you can feelthebeauty of lightly 3D Hexagon Black at your fingertips.- More3Ddynamics nero themes and dynamic wallpapers with fluid 3Dneroeffects, experience today's cutting-edgetechnology.LiveWallpapers- Different live wallpapers, including thegold rose,waterfall and many more. - You can also add gestures andparticlesto the wallpapers to make your phone look cool Otherbenefits: s-Different variety of themes, wallpaper, app icons anddailyupdates.- We provide special designs during festiveperiods,whether it's Christmas, Halloween and other holidays, wewill havea theme for you and everyone, so you can feel thefestiveatmosphere that you love.- Like football, basketball andothersports? Find your favorite sports theme here, along withyourfavorite celebrities, cartoons, and anything else.-Experiencesmooth 3D and HD themes and wallpapers regardless of whatphonemodel you useHow to apply the 3D Hexagon Black theme? To applythetheme, please install our launcher first. Apply the 3DHexagonBlack theme, to make your phone faster, orderly and cool.Theoriginal app icons, clock and weather theme of your phone willbereplaced by the 3D Hexagon Black theme. We have designedmanycustomized themes for popular apps, these include cameraapps,social apps, entertainment apps, useful tools and messengerapps.Our app also provides you thousands of themes fromothercategories, namely cartoon and anime themes, graffiti themes,goldthemes, pink themes, black themes, love themes and many more.Allof our beautiful themes are free and available at GooglePlayStore. Download and apply 3D Hexagon Black now! There aremoresports (football, basketball), games and other beautifulthemeswaiting for you!Apply the 3D Hexagon Black theme now, to makeyourphone faster and organized. The original app icons, clockandweather theme of your phone will be replaced by the 3DHexagonBlack theme. Come and enjoy this 3D Hexagon Black theme ofyourmobile phone. If you have already tired of the boring screenofyour phone, please enjoy this 3D Hexagon Black theme!
Hexagon Edge CM12 Theme 1.8b
Elegance Team
ONLY FOR THIS WEEK THEME AND 'AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE OF 40%!!!*Hexagon Edge, the finalist of the contest of Cyanogen isfinallyavailable on the play store! *Hexagon Edge is a stylishthemecompatible with the new Theme Engine CyanogenMod 12Makessureeverything become Hexagon andColourful.Itincludes:#Settings#Framework#Bootanimation (Will beupdated but isthe stock ofEleganceThemes)#Icons#Font#Wallpaper#LockScreen#Contacts#Dialer#Sms#Gallery#Calcolator...Andmuch more.Optimized for the Trebuchet Launcher--After Eachupdate toa REBOOT--If you have any suggestions or problems, pleasecontact usat elegancethemes@gmail.comG+ Community:
Numix Hexagon icon pack 2.0
Numix-Hexagon is an high resolution icon pack to install onyourdevice and use with plenty of launchers. It is madebyNumixProject.All the icons are hexagons and pack utilises insetanddropshadows and subtle gradients. UPDATES:We just added masksinlatest release: now we cover all icons. Be sure to use ourlatestbuild! Specifications:• 192x192 pixel icons which supportsdisplaysup to xxxhdpi;• Over 250+ icons and growing;• Comes withNumixSquare wallpaper;• You are free to critique on any icon fortheyare all open to change;• Depending on your device displayquality,the quality of the icon pack may vary. Supportedlaunchers:• Apex•Nova• Holo• ADW• Action• Trebuchet(CyanogenMod)and many more...Requests:You can request an icon fromthe icon theme appitself.ADDITIONAL INFOPlease visit our websitefor more Numixrelated artwork: http://www.numixproject.orgNumix-high resolutionHexagon is an icon pack to install on yourdevice and use withplenty of launchers. It is made by NumixProject.All the icons arehexagons and pack utilises inset and dropshadowsand subtlegradients.  UPDATES: We just added masks in thelatestrelease: now we cover all icons. Be sure to use ourlatestbuild!  Specifications: • 192x192 pixel icons Whichsupportsdisplays up to xxxhdpi;• Over 250 + icons and growing; •Comes withNumix Square wallpaper; • You are free to critique on anyicon forthey're all open to change;• Depending on your devicedisplayquality, the quality of the icon pack may vary. launchersSupported: • Apex• Nova• Holo• ADW• Action•Trebuchet(CyanogenMod)and many more ...  Requests: You canrequest anicon from the icon theme app itself. ADDITIONAL INFOPlease visitour website for more Numix relatedartwork:
Math Hexagon Puzzles 1.3.1
Math Hexagon Puzzles is a free set of cross-figure logicpuzzles(the numerical version of a crossword), using a hexagonalgridinstead of the usual crossword puzzle grid. Clues are given toeachpuzzle and the player fills in blank spaces with numbersmakingsure they meet the criteria of the clues.There are 4different setsof puzzles ranging from Easy puzzles, designed tohelp ease playersinto the process of completing the math puzzles,and finishing withVery Hard puzzles which require more time tothink through andsolve. The player has to achieve a certain numberof puzzles beforethey can unlock later sets of puzzles.Each puzzlehas clues,calculator, list of square numbers, list of cubed numbersand alist of prime numbers to assist the player in completion ofthepuzzles. The player also starts with 5 hints and receivesextraones when a level is completed to help solve the puzzles whicharecausing a challenge.This app follows the same concept as theMathPuzzle Challenge app, (also published by RikkiGames), exceptthatthe puzzles are more straightforward.What makes this set ofpuzzlesmore interesting is the challenge of working with ahexagonal gridinstead of the usual square grid. Clues go diagonallyup,diagonally down and down instead of the usual across and down.Thismeans that a digit could be part of three different numbers.Thehexagonal crossword grids lend themselves to someinterestingpatterns using reflective and rotational symmetry. Thepuzzle gridsare three different sizes. The lengths of the hexagonalgrids usedfor this set of puzzles is 2, 3 and 4 allowing for 7, 19and 37blank spaces or digits. There are a total of 60 puzzles withfourlevels of difficulty, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very HardListofpuzzle difficulties and number of puzzles:- Easy has 14puzzles-Normal has 22 puzzles- Hard has 12 puzzles- Very Hard has12puzzlesMath Hexagonal Puzzles can also help improve yourmathskills and knowledge of number properties. How do you know ifanumber is divisible by 2, 3, 4 or 11? What are the only digitsthata square number can end with? What is the largest numberwhosesquare is less than 1000? What are the possible values thatthefirst digit of a 4 digit number have if it is 5 times a 3digitnumber? What are the only digits which a prime number can endwith?As you work through the puzzles, you may start to discovertheanswers to these questions and other number properties, if youdonot already know them.
Minesweeper at hexagon 1.0
This is an old, classic minesweeper with some peculiarities:*cellsof the field are hexagonal shapes instead of squares like inan oldversion of the game;* Game helper mode, that helps you inno-exitsituations.Minesweeper at hexagon is a single-player videogame.Thegoal is to uncover all cells without mines.Game is playedin twomodes: mine mode, where you can click to open cells, and flagmodewhere you can put flags.FEATURES:- Game helper mode- 3difficultylevels for 7 size of field- Countdown timer from yourbest time-Game pause during a phone call- Offline high score-Autosavefunction (you can interrupt the game anytime and continuelater)-Flag tiles with long click- Switch between mine mode andflag modewith volume button- Nice, clean and easy to useinterfaceEnjoy thisrealization of the classical game 90s.
Hexagon Colors 1.6
Hexagon game - connect hexagons from lighter to darkercolors."Hexagon Colors - highly addictive connect-the-dots stressreliefgame." "Relaxing ads-free swiping game with hexagons.""Endlesshexagon hexagon hexagon hexagon hexagon hexagon hexagonhexagonhexagon fun!" ★ Ads-free ★ Fun swiping game ★ Five modes tomaster★ 27 achievements to unlock ★ Relaxing background music ★Switchcolors and choose between 3 board sizes ★ Use Power-Ups toboostyour play ★ Relax and run away from everyday stress ★ Switchcolorand customize hexagon style ★ Free to play and free tocomplete!(It's possible to get "Ruler of the Universe" achievementwithoutbuying anything) ★ Great stress relief swipe game == HOW TOPLAY ==The goal in this game is to connect as much hexagons aspossiblewith a single swipe. Hexagons can only be connected fromlighter todarker colors. Start the swipe on some hexagon withlighter colorand start adding nearby hexagons with darker anddarker colors. Itmight sound easy, but it can be surprisinglychallenging. The morehexagons you connect the more coins you'llget. Discover your innerartist! If your life is all about colors,you'll love 'HexagonColors'. All color palettes are hand designedto test your colorskills. Hexagon Colors is a great way to relievestress, relax andadd a bit color to our monochrome lives. Connectcolors and checkhow good is your color vision. Share your scorewith friends.Relieve stress by connecting hexagons in differentcolors, andswitch between 5 different play modes. Switch betweencolorsdepending on your mood. Pick your favorite color palette andstartswiping colors, Little Bear Production
Hexagon Jigsaw Puzzle Block 1.6
Do you love the game of slide puzzle,brick puzzle, block puzzleorunblock puzzle game and jigaw puzzle game ?Enjoy 600 levels offunwith Hexagon Jigsaw Puzzle. More levels will be updateeveryweeks.Hexagon Jigsaw Puzzle is a game that you’ll love. Blockofbite hexa fun puzzle for everyday play. This is the mixtypegameplay between jigsaw puzzle game and block tetris game.Placeyour hexagon, hexus or hexa block in the field.HexagonJigsawPuzzle is way too much fun. Clear up the Block and rack up asmanyhexa as possible in the puzzle. Drag and drop the hexusorcolourful hexa blocks creating a full line on the grid,diagonally,vertically or horizontally. Hexagon Jigsaw Puzzle is funfor allages. Eliminate the Block by placing the hexa in thepuzzlegrid.Hexagon Jigsaw Puzzle is a simple and addictive brickpuzzlegame. Use your brain and try hard to solve eachpuzzle.HexagonJigsaw Puzzle is a tetris style puzzle game, anaddictive blockpuzzle.Hexa puzzle is easy to play, and pleasurablegame for allages. The goal is to drag pieces to board and fill upall grids.Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay. Enjoy game forany time,anywhere and a short time. You can play offline inanytime.Easy toplay and pleasurable game for all age. Simply Dragthe blocks, andfill up all grids.From now on, let's enjoy a simpleand addictivepuzzle game! Once you start, you'll be hooked.You canplay gamesfor FREE!The game features:* Addictive hexic puzzlegameplay* Quick& Easy to Learn to play the jigsaw puzzle game*Enjoy puzzlejigsaw game for any time, anywhere and a short time.*Smooth hexablock puzzle gameplay* No Time Limit on block puzzle *RelaxingmusicHOW TO PLAY Hexagon Jigsaw Puzzle• Drag the hexapieces tomove them.• Try to fit them all in the grid frame.• Thehexa piecescan't be rotated.• It does not limit time toplay!FEATURES• Providetons of free levels., • Simple rules and Easycontrol• Smooth anddelicate animation• Hours of fun, exciting play•Support bothPhones and Tablets.• FREE Update!NOTES• This appcontains banner,interstitial and video ads.• This app sells In-appproducts likeAdFree.- Video ad is an option for AdFree-usersTIPS :•Use hintwhen you don't know where to place the block pieces right.
Hexagonal Break 1.31
Hexagonal Break is a fast paced puzzle game.Break, move,and,avoidthe blocks. You need to break the puzzle blocks in such awayas toprevent your hexagon from rolling off the platform. Youwillbechallenged with 100 levels, each progressively moredifficulttocomplete. Try Hexagonal Break today and see if you canmasterthetoughest levels!Features:1. 100 levels of gameplay.2.Challengeplay. 3. Stress relief.4. Breaking glass sounds.5.Reallygoodstress relief! 1.9.1
🔺🔺🔺Alert: Google removed the means for apps to react to SMS.SMSanimation is not available anymore. Notifications animation asanin-app purchase is still available. Monitor your battery levelwiththis hexagon grid live wallpaper! The number of filledhexagonsreflects your battery charge, and their color shifts fromgreen toyellow to red. Highly customizable! ⬢ 4 hexagon styles ⬢ 3drawingpatterns ⬢ Resizable hexagons grid ⬢ You can create yourcustomcolor theme ⬢ Animation when you receive notifications ⬢Must-havelive wallpaper for Neon Genesis Evangelion or NERV themedstyles Isthis wallpaper eating too much RAM? Do you experiencerandomcrashes? Please try using a smaller grid. Fewer hexagons onscreen= fewer memory used.
Hexagon Fit - Block Hexa Puzzle & Merge Brick 1.2
LHP Studio
Welcome to the Hexagon Fit - one true hexagon puzzle game!Inspiredby the best of hex puzzle block games, Hexagon Fit is nowqualifyas a member of retro games family: its simple, smart and yetveryaddictive. The rule is quite simple: all you have to ismovehexagons to create and destroy all the full lines inthreedirections. Don’t forget to avoid those logic blocks fromfillingthe screen, otherwise: game over. The game is shipped with 3modes:- Classic mode: play this brick puzzle legend inspiration inthemost classic way! - Bomb mode: this is an amazing mode!Try toclearthe bomb before the expired time or it will be blown. -Rotatemode: a brand new mode. Now you can rotate your blocks tohave abetter fitting positions. Hexagon Fit is a true brain puzzlegame,if you ever love 2048, 1010 or similar ones, you will loveHexagonFit.
Hexagon Bee 1.1
Hexagon bee is an abstract strategy board game that involves playbytwo players on a hexagonal board with 5 squares edgelength.Theobject of the game is to make your bees constitute amajority ofthe bees on the board at the end of the game, byconverting as manyof your opponent's bees as possible.Each playerbegins with threepieces on the three corners of the board. Oneplayer has the BlueBee, and the other one plays with the PinkBee.In each round theplayer can either multiply to the neighboringbees or jump to adistance of two, where all the opponent's bees(surrounding yournewly placed piece) will become yours! The winneris always theplayer with the most bees. If both have the samenumber of bees onthe board, the game is a draw.Play hexagon beeagainst computer orwith your local friends.
Biznetx LLC
7x7 hexagon, bloxorz fun hexagon puzzle game. Crush bloxorzsuperdiamond electra hexagon match. Chase hidden 4, 5, 6, 7blockcolors, place them in a line, make super combination, explode7x7electra diamond bloxorz stones, break pool of top bloxorzdiamonds,unblock electra jewels color line and show super diamondmatchscore. Work your way by finding a match path for the 7x7hexagondiamond. Complete fun levels quickly to increase yourmultiplier,but make sure you don't run out of moves! Play this fundiamondgem-swapping puzzler! The goal is to make lines,horizontally orvertically, of three or more matching crystal gem.As the gem fallif they also match in a set of three or more, thenyou will earnextra points for super bloxorz combo connectionsmatch.EssentialSkills: • Problem Solving - apply previous knowledgeto newchallenges• Spatial Reasoning - move electra block gem withinaconfined space• Computational Thinking - view complex challengesasa series of simpler stepsGreat new features:• autozoneundomovement of line blast, just tap the appropriate button.•specialhexagon block diamond for super cool line mazes!•includesLeaderboard and 26 Achievements!Have fun, download now forfree andset your own top record!
Hex Cells Pro 1.1
Hexagon abstract wallpaper, grid with color run, tile wallpaperwithcolor touchHex grid wallpaper with animation, abstract appwithtouch color and glitter effect.If you swipe across the screenaroundthe finger appears a halo glowing tiles. You can enable orremovethe grid for hexagonal cells.If the grid is turnedoff(option"Brght" on max) and turn on shiny(option "Glitter" onmax), tiles assparkling drops when you touch a drops as though arerolling.Whenthe grid is enabled, the lwp like a hive, when youtouch the screenof the cell glisten like tiny mirrors. Hexagonlive wallpaperdisplays hex tiles with smooth changes colors,abstract wallpaperwith touch and glitter effect.TOUSE:home>menu>wallpapers>live wallpapers>Hex Cells Pro
Geometry PRO 2.21
Geometry PRO is advanced application for solving geometryproblems.There is a complete solution delivered for each issue tosatisfyevery teacher or student. The application solves everyalgebraicproblem including those with: - fractions - roots - powersyou canalso use parentheses, decimal numbers and Pi number.Thisapplication is able to do calculation on the following figures:-square - rectangle - rhombus - parallelogram - triangle-equilateral triangle - right triangle - isosceles triangle-triangle 30-60-90 - circle - annulus - trapezoid - righttrapezoid- isosceles trapezoid - Pythagorean theorem - regularhexagon -sphere - cylinder - cone - regular tetrahedron - cube -squareprism - cuboid - ellipse - regular Pentagon - Kite -trigonometry -inradius and circumradius of cube - inradius andcircumradius on asquare or an equilateral triangle - sphericalsector - sphericalcap - annulus sector PRO version: - Squarepyramid - Triangularpyramid - Triangular prism - Regular triangularprism - Thales'theorem - Truncated cone - Regular octagon - Regulardodecagon -Hexagonal prism - Hexagonal pyramid - Pentagonal prism -Barrel -law of sines - law of cosines - spherical wedge - sphericallune -spherical segment - spherical zone An advanced validation ofdataentry allows you to find the errors quickly and corrects themforyou immediately. Geometry PRO will calculate all the parametersofthe figure, if you enter the necessary data. The order ofdataentry depends on you! - Do you want to calculate a side ofthesquare? No problem. Geometry PRO will do it for you. - Do youhavean angle and a side of the right triangle? Perfect. Othervaluescan be calculated. None of your geometry tasks will be aproblemnow with Geometry PRO. This application has very advanced,powerfuland easy - to - use interface. Additionally, it containsall theuseful formulas which you will need to solve geometry tasks.Butthats not enough! You do not have to figure it out how did yougeta result. This application not only gives you the solution, italsoshows you all the formulas which had been used.PythagoreanTheorem, sines and cosines are no longer a problem.
Hex Blast Block 1.1.10
Tap bricks to challenge a longer falling distance of hexagon. Inthegame you are challenged to interact with a tower block ofvaryingshaped bricks upon which rests a hexagonal block.. You needto tapthe bricks appropriately to make them disappear so as tobring thehexagon down into the space cleared underneath.It soundseasy, butwhen the hexagon starts to roll or the tower tilts, andwithpressure of high scores you’ll find it’s not as easy as whatyouthought . If the removal of the blocks topples the tower orthehexagon gains momentum and rolls off the screen, then it’sgameover and you have to start all over again. Challenging, emotiveandblissfully and simple to play. This game will have you hookedongetting as far down the tower as possible.Key Features-Offlinemode available- Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay-Challengeyour friend’s high scores, challenge the world.- Fun andengaginggraphics.- Engaging and addictive.- Play for a few minutesor hoursat a time.
Block Mania : Classic Square & Hexagon Fill Puzzle 1.9
Ready for a completely new hexagon puzzle adventure with 10gamemodes? Go with Hex Fill, an addicting brain teaser with simpleyetchallenging hexa & square puzzles designed to train yourbrain.Pick a game mode, use the 3 different shapes and place themon thehexagon jigsaw puzzle. Can you manage to dominate theleaderboardsin all 10 game modes? Immediately start having fun withone of thebest hexa & square block games! ULTIMATE BRAINTRAINING Trainyour brain completely free, fun and challenging hexpuzzle game,suitable for the whole family. Develop your logic withthis simplegame that lets you combine puzzle blocks, build anddestroystructures by creating lines. Enjoy addicting braintrainingexercises with the power of Hex Fill. REQUIERS GOODSTRATEGY Don’tbe fooled by its simplicity. While the concept of HexFill: BlocksPuzzle is dragging the small square, hexagons,singularly or ingroups, onto the main board, the strategy of doingso will be whatwill challenge you to the fullest. 10 GAME MODES IN2 KIND OFGAMES: Pick between: relax, bomb, time, hard and rotateand enjoycountless hours of challenging and entertaining puzzle hexmobilegaming. Remember, no time limit, no color matching, no match3repetition! Just fill the grid with shapes to form a line andtrainyour brain with Hex Fill! HEX FILL FEATURES: - all new HexFillchallenge - vibrant HD graphics - sleek polished designandtypography - intuitive UI & gameplay - 5 game modes -Globalranking system ------------------------------------ See whywe areone of the best square & hexa block puzzle games of theyear.Get the new square & hexa challenge for FREE and top theglobalhex game puzzle rankings!
Hex: Origins 1.1
Hex: Origins is a casual puzzle game based on a completehexagonthemed colorful experience. Enjoy a refreshing, calmingandoriginal experience, which is extremely easy to pick up but hardtomaster as you progress in the game. Across the multitude ofgamemodes and levels you will encounter, you must place piecescomposedof anywhere from 2 to 10 and more hexagons, each using upto 6different colors. Everything in the game is based on twosimplerules:- You can place a piece anywhere on the board withnorestrictions as long as all the neighboring tiles are empty.-Ifone hex has a colored neighbor on the board, at least one ofthoseneighbors needs to match its color.Building upon thesesimplerules, we added special board pieces and power-ups in ordertocreate a fun and colorful experience. As long as you keepplacingpieces on the board, its requirements for placing pieceschange -so be careful about the order, colors and type of shapesyou canuse. Always plan ahead!GameplayHex: Origins offers you 4differentgame modes, 2 available from the start, and 2 unlockedwith tokensyou earn while playing the game:- Classic: a linearexperiencebundled up in Episodes, structured into 6Chapters,each containing 6 Levels that you can play in 3difficulties.Each Episode introduces new mechanics into gameplayand with eachpassing chapter, the difficulty is slightly raised -but so are therewards! - Flow: a linear experience similar toClassic, with theadded requirement of connecting various batterypieces to lightbulbs in order to power them up! Carefully plan yourcolored waysacross the board and take up the challenge! Don'tforget to fill upthe board, though.- Exploration: Give up thestatic board andexpand in any direction! Exploration maps feature acenter startingpoint with all the colors onto which you will startexpanding inany direction you want.- Treasure Hunting: On rareoccasions youwill find treasure map fragments. Assemble them into amap andembark on a  thematic journey in order to find thehiddentreasures of Hex: Origins. Always remember that X marksthespot!Features- Over 800 levels of ever-increasing challengeswith 3difficulty options- Dynamic level difficulty & nouniquesolutions: the moves you make always alter the possibleshapes thatcan be placed thus making it easier or harder foryourself. As youplace these pieces the game will try to generatepieces that youcan use. Plan ahead carefully. Finish a level in anyway possible!-Shuffle mechanic: discard existing pieces and drawnew ones inexchange for a tiny fraction of your progress bar.- 5power-upsthat you can use to slightly alter or completely changethe gameboard.- Special bonus shapes: from time to time a difficulttoplace piece will appear (9+ hex piece). Place it on the boardandsuccessfully finish the level and earn extra rewards.-Completein-game quests that range from easy to hard and getawesomerewards!- Open treasure chests and reap the rewards whileyoucomplete any level!- Unlock custom hex piece skins.Customizeyour board with that extra bling!- Customize the gameexperiencewith 9 beautiful backgrounds!- Cloud saving,achievements, stats,leaderboards and many more!Oursite:http://www.prettybatgames.comOur YoutubeChannel: FacebookPage: Google+page: us onTwitter:
Balance Hexagon & Avoid Topple 1.0
Balance Hexagon & Avoid Topple is a simple &addictiveblocks timeless puzzle game from Mage Bear Studio. Youraim is totap Tetris blocks to move Hexagon down while keeping itbalance ontop of the tower.Keep tapping on the Tetris blocks andavoid yourhexagon from topple. The aim is to keep the hexagonbalance on thetower block of varying shaped bricks. Get the hexagondown thetower to earn stars. To achieve it tap on the bricks andmake themdisappear bringing the the hexagon down.It is not as easyas itsounds, when the hexagon starts rolling or tower startstilting,things will go out of control and there is always pressureof highscore, which make things more complicated. As the hexagongainsmomentum and tower starts tilting game will become morechallengingand blissfully complex.Seems too easy? Unlock differentpolygonshapes like crazy octagon and crazy circle for increaseddifficultyand see how far can you go then. With Crazy Circle youhave to tapfast and plan your moves asap to avoid the circle fromfallingoff.
 With improved physics and natural bounce, you need toplanyour moves to stay on top.Enjoy endless & timeless mode toseehow far you can go or kill your time with excitinglevels.Challenge your friends with different polygon shapes and seewho'sgot the moves!Six Tetris will get you hooked for muchlongerbecause of its addictive and blissfully emotive gameplay.Claimingtop spot on leaderboard and brag your friends with highscoresmakes Six Tetris more interesting and challenging.Withtimelessfeature, you can play at your own pace in this infinitepuzzle.Soyou think you can balance a Crazy Circle on top of awobblytower?FEATURES:
● Timeless mode: Play at your own pace &avoidtopple.● Beautiful colours to light up your mood.
● Music andsoundeffects can be turn off / on.
● Easy to learn how to play.
●Eachlevel presents new challenges.Fan of Tetris Game? You willlovethis game Six Tetris Play and brag your score with friendsandfamily :) Keep your pace and build up momentum to hittheleaderboards.
Hexagon Pop 1.0
Hexagon Pop is a addictive puzzle game. Only drag anddropSimplydrag the colorful triangles to fill up Hexagons!When youmake sixsame-color hexagons , you will unlock Hexa Bomb.Hexagon Popis avery fun and exciting block match puzzle gameIt is a perfectperiodof refreshment in metro, bus, school or in the office. Withthissimple and addictive puzzle game, challenge yourself andcompetewith your friends, colleagues and the family.Game Features:+Freeto play+ Have many play mode+ Challenge your friends with thebesthighscore+ Beautiful graphics and soundtrack+ Game state savedwheninterrupted• EASY AND FUN PLAY- Easy to learn and fun tomastergameplay• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!- You can play offline inanytime.•NO TIME LIMIT- Enjoy game for any time, anywhere and ashorttime.SUPPORT UNIVERSAL APP• Enjoy the game with variousdevices.(Phones and Tablets)************ DOWNLOAD IT NOW************