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Maui - Full Island GyPSy Driving Tour 2.14
GyPSy Guide
Just Like Having A Tour Guide In Your Car™ for all of Maui,Hawaii.GyPSy Guide GPS driving tour of Maui is an excellent way toexplorethe entire island. There are 450+ audio points thatplayautomatically, featuring what to see, stories, tips and advice.Allthe benefits of a guided tour, the freedom to drive yourself.TOURGUIDE AS YOU DRIVE AROUND MAUI If you like driving yourselfwhenyou go sightseeing, GyPSy Guide™ tour apps allow you to enjoyaguided tour experience for places like the Road to Hana,whileremaining totally independent. By driving yourself, you'll beableto get from place to place faster, see more things and not betiedto anyone else's schedule. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE BEST SIGHTSANDSTORIES The tour apps use your device’s location abilities toplaythe commentary AUTOMATICALLY. All you have to do is drive,listenand decide which places you want to stop at. Our tour guideshavecreated an insightful and entertaining tour of Maui.We’llrecommend the best places to experience and some greatlocationsthat most visitors will drive by. PLAYS AUTOMATICALLYGyPSy Guideknows where you are and which direction you are heading,and playscommentary automatically about the things you are seeing,plusstories and tips and advice EXPLORE LIKE A LOCAL It’s justlikehaving a local friend to show you around. And that friendjusthappens to be a professional tour guide. GREAT VALUE The sameandmuch more information you would get on a bus tour, a CD or fromaguide book, for just a fraction of the price. And you controltheitinerary and schedule. WORKS OFFLINE No data, cellular orevenwireless network connection needed while touring. DownloadoverWi-Fi before you tour. Anyone can use them with no need forroamingdata – even visiting from another country. DRIVING TOURROUTE Thetour has commentary everywhere on the island that you willwant toexplore. There is at least 3-4 days of sightseeing availabletoenjoy. This tour includes the most popular sightseeingareas,famous drives and much more: 1) The Road to Hana 2) Haleakala- theVolcano Reservations are required to visit for sunrise. 3)WestMaui including Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Kapalua and Kahakuloa 4)Kihei,Wailea and Makena 5) Iao Valley 6) and all the routes thatconnectthese amazing places, **Reservations to visit Wai'anapanapaStatePark and black sand beach along the Road to Hana arenowmandatory** NOTES Download the app on Wi-Fi from your networkathome or use any free Wi-Fi network. Because the app is filledwithaudio commentary and maps, its larger than "normal" apps.Manyphone/data networks may block the download because of size - soitsimportant to download over a Wi-Fi network. ++ Continued use ofGPSrunning in the background increases battery usage - westronglyrecommend taking a cigarette style DC outlet car charger.This ismuch better than simply plugging into the USB port in avehicle.ABOUT US GyPSy Guide™ produce award winning audio toursalongscenic drives around the world. Enjoyed by travelers whoprefer toset their own pace and itinerary on vacation, but enjoy afun,informative and educational guided experience. Our goal istoprovide a great introduction to the region and perhaps inspireyouto learn more and return. None of our apps include paidadvertisingor placements for benefit.