Top 2 Games Similar to Hexagon Track Racing

Tank Shoot War 3.2
WAWOO Studio
Tank Shoot War is a convenient and sensitive operation ofsmallsimulation shooting game. Game simulating realperspective,allowing the player to experience the real fun tankshooting. Here,you will face the endless tank attack, you have todo is wipe themout. You can not only fired common shells, can alsohave a powerfultracking missiles. As long as you can get a score of14000 or theexperience of the game 25 times in the game, will beable to obtaina permanent right to use the tracking missiles. Thegame has asmall map guide for easy viewing situation around, with asmall mapfeature will allow you to dodge enemy shells breeze.Destroy tanksyou will receive scores, together with your partner toexperiencethe fun of the tank to play, to see who could get thehighestscores, who are the real king of thetank.◆◆◆GameFeatures◆◆◆★:Google Play game servicesLeaderboards★:Google Playgame services Cloud Saves★:Free games,easy operation, full offun.★:Simulate real tank shootingperspective, realistic gamingexperience.★:Realistic soundeffects.★:Characteristics missiletracking system, so you can easilydestroy any target in front.★:Featuring small map function for easyviewing enemies and enemyartillery positions around easily andquickly to avoid enemyfire.★:Ranking system that allows you andyour little friendstogether to level the contest to see who is thereal king of thetank.
Duck Hunting 3D 1.4.3
Grab the shotgun and master eye looking straight down the barreltopractice preseason duck hunting. This waterfowl hunter gamehasmultiple missions with varying degree of entertainment. Theendlessenvironment is very addictive and more entertainingcomparatively.On the hand, the natural pond mission is ideal tokick off yourcampaign slowly.Duck hunting 3D is giving you anopportunity tocompete against best hunters from all around theglobe. Outfoxother players by shooting more gooses in a shortperiod of time.Check leader board to see your position among otherhunters. Thepond environment has a time-based gameplay and theobjective is tosecure enough coins to unlock mission 2. Shootingother animals areprohibited and causes an immediate failure of yourpreseasonshooting campaign.Purchase better shooting guns and extrabulletsfrom inventory store. Duck hunting 3D has the followingfeatures1.Two hunting seasons with multiple waves2. Powerfulshotgun forwaterfowl shooting3. Beautiful game musicThe key to besuccessfulin Duck hunter 3D is not going too fast. Wait extrasecond or twowhen waterfowl are coming in, then rise up to shoot,there's plentyof time to take three careful, spot-on shots beforethe birds gettoo far away. Don't be spasmodic when mounting yourshotgun. Justtake your time, and focus completely on hittinggeese.Reward yourfriends by sharing the enjoyment of Duck Hunting3D. We are keen tolisten your feedback.