Top 47 Games Similar to Zombies Vs Gladiators

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies
JUDGEMENT IS COMING!You must protect Mega-City One from azombieinvasion! Arm yourself with a Lawgiver pistol and threeotherdevastating, upgradable weapons. Fight four deadlyzombiearchetypes in thirty levels of game play. Choose from sevenspecialupgrades to give you an edge over your undead foe! Earnstars andcommendations based on performance. Ensure your Law meteris keptto maximum at all times by eliminating zombies, collectingshieldsand avoiding damage. Watch your ammo count as you blastthroughwaves of attacking undead. When the going gets tough,upgrade yourLawgiver or try the Spitgun, Scattergun or Hi-ExLauncher. Immerseyourself in a future world where the extreme isthe norm! JudgeDredd vs. Zombies features: - Simple to learn anduse'Single-Stick' controls - Four upgradeable weapons -Sevenequipment upgrades, from Body Armor to Iron Will – each givesadifferent combat advantage - Three episodes and thirty levelsofgame play, with high replayability - Star and Commendationsystemreward skilled gameplay – are you good enough to earnaCommendation? - 16 achievements to collect!
Stupid Zombies 2
What's a good zombie story without an epic sequel?The undeadreturnin this new, jam-packed release with exciting, brainlesscreatures,weapons, puzzles, moody environments all wrapped up in aslick,player-friendly package. They say you can’t kill what isalreadydead, but it can’t hurt to make a splash by shooting intheirgeneral direction.It is just you vs zombies, so make sure tostopthe endless angry hordes before you run out ofbullets.Features:Funtastic gameplay, now even better! Now with 600levels. Choosebetween a male and female hero character.
Legend vs Zombies
Get ready to defend your kingdom against the army of Zombies,Legendvs Zombies features zombies with their own special skills,so you'llneed to think fast and plan your strategy ahead of timeto combatthe forces of darkness.Mission is to hold your groundagainst theruthless enemies in war via powerful powers &robust towers!Play as great Samurai legend to defend your empireagainst hordes ofbrutal zombies! Perfect your skills and unleashstunning SpecialAttacks.Recruit allies and build defense to siegethe forces of darkdemons! Center your attack to defeat powerfulbosses. When the deadare rising, Legend must stop them! Take tothe Arena in the mostaction packed slash fighting game.Be adefender to stand out aslegend of your kingdom."Legend vs Zombies"is free to play defensestrategic game. "Legend vs Zombies" is afavorite for all ages, fromthose who grew up with classic actionarcade games. The funneverdies!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STRATEGICGAMEPLAY:Set up your strategic defenses against hordes ofzombies!WORK WITHALLIES: Get some help from army hero’s includingarchers, warriorswith sword, freezer and much more!UPGRADE YOURALLIES: Become morepowerful by acquiring better weapons, defensesand magicalabilities!SPECIAL ABILITIES: Kill chaos of zombiemonsters withspecial power ups of Legend to get outofdanger.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GameFeatures★Experience50 levels of glorious victories againstblood-thirsty zombieapocalypse!★Epic defense battles that willhook you for hours!★Plantstrong towers for your kingdomdefense.★Battle with undead includingMortar Zombie boss, Butcher,evil wizards and other nasty zombieseach with its ownskills★Awesome graphics, great soundtrack★Specialized towerupgrades to customize your strategy!★Build yourarmy with 9+ highlyskilled allies for your defense★Exclusiveupgrades of hero, alliesand power ups to conquer the battle!★Addictive defense gameplay todefend your empire!★ Optimized forAndroid Phones andTablets!Download today to stem a zombie attack onyour Androiddevice and reveal the mystery!Game available in:English, French,Spanish, Russian, and Thai languages.If you likeour work, pleaselike us on Facebook, to offer you better games.FOLLOW US, watch out game trailer onYouTube!
SWAT and Zombies - Defense & Battle
- The defense game with over 11 million downloads is back withmoreadvanced graphics and systems!- Kill or be killed! It’s one ortheother! It's the breathtaking confrontation for mankind'ssurvival!-Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to thesecondhalf of the stage! Feel the intensity!- Join the andkill all the zombies. You must protect Perfectville, thelastremaining safe zone.- Shoot all the guns at an endlesszombiehorde! Use bombs too!- A new defense game that offers FPSsnipermechanics with strong addictive authentic defense elements!Go andimmerse yourself in this fun game!■ Game Features ■-CollectWeapons: Collect around 50 different types of weapons.Improve yourFPS skills with them!- Bizarre Zombies: Skateboarding,bowling,spear-wielding, fat, pink-wearing, and even dog zombies!Face allkinds of zombies!- Challenge Hell Mode! Hell Mode Stagesstimulatethe desire to fight, but will be tough without upgrades!If youhave the skills and confidence, try it!- Challenge InfiniteMode!Eliminate endless zombies and challenge the world rankings!Savehumanity with your friends.- Experience our concept of areal-timebattle mode! Compete with S.W.A.T. teams around the world!Checkyour skills through the real-time network battle!- WorldCleanupDay! Let's clean up constantly appearing zombies! Sweep awayallthe zombies that have conquered the planet with players aroundtheworld!- Ultimate Weapon System: Drag your finger on the screentotarget zombies with the best weapon, the sniper!- CreatetheStrongest S.W.A.T. Team: You can make your S.W.A.T. more andmorepowerful with
Combat Pixel Vehicle Zombies Offline
This game survival is perfect to play every time you want to funonthe environment of pixel apocalypse Win this cube warfarebycompleting all mission from each mod and mapEnjoy ! ! !
Zombie Ragdoll
The most addictive and entertaining zombie based physicsgame,Zombie Ragdoll promises hours of fun as you aim, tap, andshootzombies into deadly weapons to complete levels. Get ready tobebombarded with Fun with this zombie infested physics game. Thegamecombines the physic feel and firing of a ragdoll with zombies.It'sa deadly combination that promises hours of zombie killing funandentertainment. The game is super easy to play, simply tap tofire,but hard to master. If you love physic games, then this gamewillchallenge you as you progress through the levels! It requiresyourbest zombie shooting skills. Zombie Ragdoll offers tabletoptimizedUI and game play. Download and play this fun zombieshooting game,on any Android optimized tablet and enjoy HD graphicsand sounds.Key Features:♥ Plethora Of Weapons To Shoot ZombiesInto♥ Feel TheSensation Of Firing Zombies Wildly♥ Tap & AimControls, Fun ForAll Ages ♥ 160 Extremely Addictive Levels ♥Amazing Graphics &Fun Zombie Sounds♥ Compete With Your FriendsOn Facebook♥ GoogleGame Play Services Integrated The game fullyintegrates Google GamePlay Services, and Facebook for added fun& competition betweenfriends. Simply, login to Facebook andGoogle Game play Servicesand see how you are doing compared to yourfriends. Compete withfriends to see who can complete all the levelsfirst. Specialfeatures for parents or users who are not fans ofshooting games orgames with blood and gore. Zombie Ragdoll includesa less goreoption within settings. The heart of this game is alevel basedphysics puzzle ragdoll firing game; so if you love thosetypes ofphysics puzzle games, then this is for you. Download thisfunphysics zombie game now!
Kill Zombies Now- Zombie games
The unknown virus infects human beings; the zombies rule allcities.As the only survivor, can you escape from the city? Or canyou findthe antidote to rescue human beings? Now pick up theweapons toprevent attack and to prove whether you are the onlysurvivor torescue human beings.ziusa is a shooting game,free gameand actiongame.
Zombie Waves 3D
Zombies? OH YEAH!3D graphics and full 3D environments? OHYEAH!100%free to play? OH YEAH! First Person Shooter FPS controls?OH YEAH!Guns? OH YEAH!Grenades? OH YEAH! Launcher? OH YEAH!Marketplace tobuy more guns and ammo with coins from killing zombies? OHYEAH!New levels with every update? OH YEAH! Install now and startyourcounter walking dead experience!
Grow Zombie - Zombie Inc
Abandoned + synthetic + strategy gameAddictive synthesisandstrategic battlePlease generate and grow zombies and conquertheworldCombining zombies and developing evenstrongerzombiesStrengthen various weapons, tanks, spacecraftHuntfor aliensand mutations![Game Features]◈ Please synthesize zombiesanddevelop high-grade zombies◈ Awaken the zombies and learnspecialabilities◈ Make zombie troops and start hunting◈ Pleasehuntvarious bosses, aliens and mutations◈ Research institute,developancient ruins and improve the ability of zombies◈ Variouskinds ofzombies (space zombies, mutant zombies, prize zombies etc)
Zombie Drift
Are you ready to smash some zombies while drifting? Get behindthewheel and survive the waves of monsters!Buy new cars, upgradethem,and get weapons to assist you with your survival!- Free toplay-Cute 3D graphics- Realistic physics- Tons of levels- 4 carstochoose from
Battle of Zombies: Clans War
The most epic strategy game 2015. Just try this royal game!BattleofZombies is an exciting mixture of strategy and royaldynamicbattles. Create a powerful zombie army. Produce setsofsuper-secret weapon and join clans. Attack enemies and deprivethemof trophies and resources. Download Battle of Zombies now! GotoWar!Game features: ● Free-to-play MMO RTS game● Online MMORTSbattles with other players ● 10 unique zombie fighting unitswithlevels of upgrades ● 12 types of defensive structures withlevelsof upgrades● 9 types of secret weapons with levels ofupgrades●Develop your Zombie Base to produce more resources● Joinclans tofight clan battles● Bonuses for beginners● Multiplayer RTSgame●Interesting quests for quick development of the player●ExcitingCampaign Map● Funny and charismatic characters andbeautifulgraphics● Clan tournaments and contests
shoot zombies
Destroy all the zombies with your gun, bullets ricochetscenariouses objects to leave no stupid zombie.
Call of Mini: Zombies
The Smash-Hit #1 Action Game in the App Store is now on Android!ASMALL TOWN INFECTED… UNDEAD ROAM the STREETS…LOCK 'n' LOAD andcomeout GUNS BLAZING in HD GLORY!A strange virus has taken hold inasmall town; one after another, the town's people havesuccumbed,losing their appetite for food and gaining one forBRAINS. A fewbrave men hold out against all hope, machine guns androcketlaunchers their only aid. Will they survive another day?That's upto YOU.• Amazing 3D VISUALS• Fast & furiousRUN-AND-GUN ACTION•Awesome WEAPONS in the ARMORY
Help!! Zombies
Help!! Zombies is a single-player game about running away fromtheroaming zombies. All you have to do is run, run and run. Itisjam-packed with various kinds of zombies (think zombieapocalypse),various traps but keep your eyes open for the hiddentreasures. Thedead are rising, can you outrun them?AndroidHeadlines: 4/5Rating"Help!! Zombies Halloween is a game that’s wellworth lookinginto, regardless of whether or not it’s Halloween whenreadingthis. It’s a great Zombie game that offers fresh endlessrunnergameplay that players just won’t get elsewhere. The 3D spaceand 3Dgraphics all work wonderfully together, and there’s enoughfeatureson offer here to make this a classic Zombie game."GameRamble:"Help!! Zombies is a free to play game that DEFINITELYbelongs onyour iOS or Android device. It is a lot of fun to playand packedwith plenty of content to keep you busy"Help!! Zombies isa 3Dsurvival zombie-run game with pixel art style with funny,crafty,unique characters. It's Fall Season in November! The leavesarefalling but it doesn't stop the zombies one bit!Get the 3 FREENEWcharacters: American Ranger, Ken Bone, Ahok and one morecharacterto choose from: Dali. It is time for us to prepareourselves forThanksgiving fun with turkeys and lots of apple pies.Nobody canbeat American Ranger, when he cuts the onions, the onionscry! KenBone has tasted his rise and falls and Ahok is the governorofIndonesia. They all represent our gifts to you for the monthofMowember! Spread the words. The more fans play, the more wecangive you!Gameplay:• COLLECT coins and use it for a chance tounlocka new unique character• RESCUE SURVIVORS task to earn extracoins •JUMP, roll, crouch, dash do whatever you can to outsmart thezombiehordes• WIN amazing rewards daily• Exciting POWER UPSoptionsGameFeatures:✔ PLAY with over 50 characters, most can beunlockedwithout purchase✔ ENDLESS Open-world procedural levels✔ 5UNIQUElevels✔ SHARE your run pictures and videos to social mediaappssuch as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or to your phone gallery✔UNLOCK all of the achievements and became the best survivor✔BESTall of your friend by posting it in the leaderboard✔ FREEtodownload and play✔ Awesome POWER-UPS✔ FUNNY charactersandzombiesFor more up-to-date news on Help!! Zombies, thewackiest,funniest, 3D survival pixel art zombie game, please:Add usonFacebook:h on Twitter: @oneaperture✮✮✮THANK YOU FOR PLAYING✮✮✮
Metal Army vs US Zombies: Tower Defense
In 2100, the zombies attacked and invaded the world.In 2101, mostofthe big cities in the world have been occupied.In 2102, humanfallsand only one a hiding place ...But we still have the mostpowerfularmy…Join the battle in the Tower Defense game: Army VSZombies.Build up troops, lead soldiers in the fierce battleagainst thezombies increase power in overtime. Army VS Zombiesbrings togethertactical elements such as Army building and Generalfighting.Thegameplay combines attack and defense, uniquecharacters, many gamemodes, Leaderboard Online honors the playersaround the world, willbring you a great Tower Defense game inMobile.Features:• Fight inClassic mode• Brainstorm in Puzzle Mode•Challenge in Survival Mode•Build a brave and loyal army who arealways with you• Many items tocollect and exchange to upgradepower• Many zombies have power up inover timeInteresting:• Uniquegame graphics• Impressive soundeffects• Opportunity to receivegreat rewards from openingtreasures.• Leaderboard Online honorsplayers around the worldBebrave! The battle is beginning!♥Facebook:★Youtube: and revieware highly appreciated.Support
Heroes Vs Zombies
★★★★★ HEROES VS ZOMBIES ★★★★★ is a war game that mixes strategygamefun with real time action . Its a fight between the dangerouszombielords and heroes. You can hire Heroes as mercenaries. Killandeliminate zombies units to collect free gold and wargoodies.Upgrade heroes, meteor missiles, earthquake and get allthefighting power you need. A combination of action,strategyandmagic. You can plant a mine or use the same iron to create ahumanwarrior to fight for you. There are four clans of zombies.Each hasone clan lord who is equipped with a special power.Theobjective ofthe game is that you have stop zombies from run intothe temple.Place human warriors and humans to stop all the zombiesyoucan★★★★★ COMBAT WITH UPGRADED WEAPONS ★★★★★ Each zombie clanlordis equipped with a mysterious fire power. Some will kill youtooeasily, the others will convert you to zombies. Fight with gutsandgo for the glory. Each zombie lord on elimination gives enoughgoldto let you collect more weapons you need.★★★★★ SUPER STRATEGYGAME★★★★★ Only if placing of heroes or to plant a mine was sosimple.You need to be alert and careful in picking up your enemies.Timeis crucial and choose enemies that you can kill fast. But alsobecareful not to let them sneak in too close to the wall.★★★★★WARHEROES AND ZOMBIE LORDS ★★★★★ Fight with the mighty zombieLordswith your fierce arrow , magic and spartan defense butalsoconsider hiring extra help to take on the rest of the armywhileyou fight with armies of zombies .★★★★★ A FREE GAME ★★★★★ Thegamein itself is free. To support our bills we had to integrateAds.But thats not at the cost of user experience. If you feel wehavedone a good job then please rate us.
Zombie Offroad Safari
Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous worldpackedwith zombies, challenges and loot! Take the wheel of4x4off-roaders, Monster Trucks, Six Wheeled Gas-Guzzlers and climbthehighest mountains where no man has gone before! Deadlyweaponsawait you in this post-apocalyptic open world off-roadsandboxgame. Do what you please: explore massive landscapes,completechallenges, smash zombies, find secret locations, unlockandupgrade cars and weapons, it's up to you!Features: - 6 regionstoexplore, filled with zombies and fun! - 12 vehicles to unlockanddrive, each with unique abilities. Police car, fire truck,APC,monster truck and much more. - Machine-gun, shotgun,rocketlauncher, electric gun to unlock and use against the dead -Manychallenges to complete: checkpoint hunt, path finding, bossfightand much more! - Find hidden treasure chests scattered aroundtheworld - Find "explorer flags" sitting on the highest mountains-Awesome power-ups to use to your advantage - Various zombietypesto fight - Fun driving simulator model - Moon map with lowgravityfun!- Open World design, drive freely anywhereAll-terrainvehiclesare going to be your key tool to survival and progress,upgradethem to be more durable and fast!Take control! Tacklethechallenges laid before you as you choose!Start Driving! WelcometoZombie Safari!
ZombieBooth 2
"ZombieBooth2" is the sequel to the successful zombie transformappthat was downloaded 20 million times.It turns your face into a3Danimated zombie. Scare your friends or evenyourself!Features:-Stunning special effects for zombie looks justlike Hollywoodprofessionals.- Tons of zombie parts available withthousands ofcombinations.- Realistic zombie behavior, such asbreathing orgrowling.- Interactive experience. Drag to follow yourfinger witheyes. Tap to bend the zombie's head backwards (Watchout! Thezombie will gnaw your finger off if you get too close!)-Sharezombie images via Twitter, Facebook, etc.- Share movies.(RequiresAndroid 4.3 or over)WARNING: Parental guidance isadvised."ZombieBooth 2" contains horror content that many will notfindsuitable for young children.
Zombie Fighting Champions
2036 AD. A genetically engineered Serum transforms humanstozombies. A new evil, Papa Rainbow, controls the undead tounleashthese deadly zombie fighters on humans and destroy mankind.Yourmission is to create your Zombie fighting team with an arrayofbone-crushing weapons and take on the undead in gruesomepitfighting leagues. Collect three classes of zombies withuniqueskills, strength, power, attacks and agility to defeatmightyopponents.Are you ready to unleash your match-winningstrategy,build your zombie horde and experience a captivating storyto getto the end and save mankind?BUILD YOUR BATTLE HORDE Unravelyourmonstrous roster of Zombie fighters. Engage inskull-crushingmayhem with Scarecrow, Clown, Hannibal, Tombstone andotherfighters inspired from the meanest ever known to mankind. HONEYOURWINNING STRATEGYCombine Brute, Mauler & Stalker classes inyourzombie fighting team to win. Unleash the sheer thrashing powerofBrutes against Maulers. Take down any Stalker with extremehealthand agility of a Mauler. Use Stalkers to mow down Brutes withfastand special attacks.EQUIP DEADLY WEAPONS AND ARMOURChoose fromanarray of bone crushing weapons to rip apart any opponent andtankup with strong armor to withstand piercing damage. FIGHTEXTREMEBATTLESJourney through four intense Fighting Leagues anddefeatmighty zombie bosses to become the ultimate champion.BECOMETHEHERO OF HUMANITYFight evil in the dark Salvage Yard,FortuneCasino, StreetFight, SteakHouse and ShowTime Arenas. Eachwin getsyou closer to defeating your nemesis Papa Rainbow andsavingmankind! JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE CLUB OF ZOMBIE FIGHTINGCHAMPIONSFANSEnjoy regular news on game updates, characters,features,views, video tips and more for Free*Also optimized fortabletdevicesVisit us: Like us onfacebook: us ontwitter: Watch us onyoutube: game is completelyfree todownload and play. However, some game items can be purchasedwithreal money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchasesinyour store’s settings.*Permission:-android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS- is needed to accessthe list ofaccounts in the phone
Zombies vs Bubbles
The zombies are coming! Make sure to stay clear of them inthisbrand-new online bubble shooting game! Play the challenginglevels,and match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop thegroup.Travel along the graveyard map, and experience the thrillingpuzzlegame. Play this game for free and enjoy hundreds ofintriguinglevels, boosters, and powerups.Clear all the coloredballs from thescreen, and make combinations of 3 or more the samecolored bubblesto pop the zombies away! The more bubbles you removefrom the boardin one shot, the higher score you’ll get. Plan ahead,and form astrategy to clear all the bubbles to complete the levelsand winpoints - Zombies vs Bubbles is hours of bubble popping fun!How toPlay+ Drag your finger to move the laser aim and lift it toshootbubbles.+ Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to popthegroup and clear the board.+ Help the zombie to pop all thecolorfulbubbles!+ Enjoy hundreds of spooky levels in a colorfulsetting.+Solve the bubble puzzles and win levels. + Change thecolor of yourbubble with a tap, bubble swap is totally free!+Addictivegameplay, fun for all ages to play and enjoy. + Classicand funpuzzle game. + Cool power-ups and boosts. + Free to play.DownloadZombies vs Bubbles for free from Google Play and experiencesomebubble shooting extreme fun packed with colors, puzzles andsupercool power-ups. Unlock magical power ups that will help youclearchallenges and level up. Work your way through somebubblechallenges and puzzles, overcome all the obstacles on yourway andclear the board! Share the fun with family and friends andenjoyhundreds of exciting levels packed with colored bubbles,coolgraphics and fun puzzles!
Baseball Vs Zombies
City is under effect of unknown virus converted whole city intozombie land in one night. Now only survivors left arethespectators and Baseball Team that are inside baseball stadium.Tosave the mankind, Baseball team of the city have to standagainstthese Zombies and stop them entering inside theStadium.Create yourfantasy baseball team and Kill these evilzombies. Hit, smash andkill Undead to save the survivors.Baseballvs. Zombies is asurvival defense game which featuring giganticZombies. Baseballteam comprises of different skills such as Hitter,Pitcher, CheerGirls, ball machine and Coach. Get more help fromGrass cutter andChopper. You can plant Ball Factory, CoachingAcademy, TicketCounter and many more buildings. Download now andprotect themankind, the last survivors on earth.FEATURES:★Thrilling ambiencesound and sound effects!★ Indulging, intensegameplay★ Fivedifferent Player Units with Unique ability.★ Sixdifferentbuildings related to units.★ Lots of powerful zombies tokill★Three awesome Power ups to ease your way of victory.★Upgradeplayer abilities.
Drive Die Repeat - Zombie Game
DDR is one of the best zombie racing game ever made! Hit,shoot,stomp and kill zombies driving your car and weapons in thevein ofclassics like Earn To Die! Drive your way through dozens ofcreepyzombies, willing to die in order to stop you from saving theworld!🚘 Nonstop Action:Shoot and stomp zombies with your uniquevehiclesand an ever growing arsenal of weapons. Kill zombies fasterandprogress to new environments in the game! How far can you get?🚘Special Upgrades:Collect money by hitting and smashing asmanyzombies as you can. Use coins to upgrade your vehicle, weaponsandarmor in the cool junkyard! These upgrades can help you getahigher score by increasing your vehicle speed and your fireratewhen facing the vicious zombies! 🚘 Epic Gameplay:Smash and runoverzombies or kill them using your powerful guns. Master yourdrivingand shooting techniques to save the world from thezombie’sapocalypse! 🚘 Game Features:Highly addictive zombiegame!Impressiveupgrades and vehicles!Amazing graphics andgameplay!6 beautifuldesigned levels! 🚘 Community:Like Drive DieRepeat on Facebook:
Zombie Squad
Drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. Fire your guns andkillall zombies in your path. Avoid other cars and obstacles andget asfar as you can. Zombie Squad allows you to choose your carandupgrade it. Personalize your car by changing its weapon oritsarmor. Also, you can buy new car models in the store. Killallzombies in your way, gather as many coins as you can, andupgradeyour ride in this amazing game for android!Features:- Lotsofzombie killing fun.- Great cars and weapons. - Excellentgraphics.-Amazing gameplay.
Cube Zombie War
A dark city with full of zombies! It is a shooting game todefeatzombies coming from every direction as a 3rd person.You willbeable to enjoy thrilling action game through various weaponsandupgrade.Don't worry if you are isolated by zombies, you canescapethe danger area by using lethal move.Enjoy playing fun actiongame,'Cube Zombiewar'.Homepage:
Zombies occupies the city and all the building and roadsgotbroken.HERO-X moves to save the Earth.The Costumes:-Make thesuperpower heroes by Power-up! -Change the costumes byPower-up!-MixHeroes.The Combo:-The special attack by eachhero.-More than 30Combo Skills.-Basic combo, air combo, varietiesof combo.-Level-upsystem like RPG games.The Weapons:-UZI, M-16,AK-47, Beretta,Magnum!-Using attacking guns, rifles,grenades.-Carry, destroy, andthrow the objects.-Utilize conveyerbelts, icy ground, jumpingboard, and propellers.The A.I.-VariousBoss stage with the bestA.I.-Smart play with optimized system formapping.-Many attackingskills like a fighting action game.TheQuests:-Collect gold ascompleting many quests.-Use a lot of skillsbased on buttons.ThePuzzles:-Stage consisting of numerous maptiles. The GameFeatures:-Have action animations more than200.-Collect gold, buyheroes, and Level-up!-Clear the Zombieseasily with Level-up andexperience points.-Feel the retro arcadegame!-Classic style 8 bitold school Corn Pixel game.-SuperHeroes.Support: This game thatdon't need Wi-Fi to work.Size: 28M
Popcorn Zombies
Popcorn Zombies is a fun arcade game.Keep pressing on the screentofill the cup with unpopped zombies. After a second ofcooking,watchthe zombies pop. If you just fill the cup, you advanceto the nexttour; you don’t fill, you don’t pass :D Be careful notto overfillthe cup, if the lid falls, you restart.You start thegame with onekind of zombie. As you reach the checkpoints, you’llopen a newkind. You should keep going to see all kinds. Let’s seewho canscore the most!
One Shot One Zombies
The unknown virus infects human beings; the zombies rule allcities.As the only survivor, can you escape from the city? Or canyou findthe antidote to rescue human beings? Take your sword andbrave,start the great adventure. Kill all the zombies and savetheworld.One Shot One Zombies is a classic platform game. You cangetexciting experience of jumping & running. It combines theoldschool play and new arcade elements. This is the mostchallengingadventure! Take you back to your childhood! More than 1millionplayer’s choice can’t be wrong!Join the exciting platformgame!Jump, Run, and Fire, try to kill all the Zombies and find allthetreasures.+++++ Features +++++Horrible Zombies.70well-designed.Easy controls.Challenging Boss.High qualitygraphics.High qualityscary music.Dark and dangerous world.Be quick,just join us now!Fight the zombies with your wisdom and skill, justhave fun!
Zombie Age 3: Survival Rules
★★★★ The awesome Zombie Age series returns with a lot more ofsavagezombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy thezombieslaughter with your own style. And If you’re about to lookfor thebest zombie shooting game, look no further! ★★★★So you’restillalive… Congrats!... But for how long when they have youabsolutelyoutnumbered? What are you prepared to do?... Keep playingas a lonehero killing every walking dead on the route? Trust me,you won’tlast two days! It's not about surviving in the zombieapocalypseany more, it's about winning this war.FEATURES ★ Enjoythe zombieslaughter in many different ways ★ Cooperative gameplaywith yourfriends ★ 30+ deadly weapons at your disposal ★ 20+characters withunique abilities to develop ★ 10+ different zombies& horriblebosses ★ Up to 10 game modes with thrillingly toughboss battles ★Achievements & Global Leaderboards ★ Tons ofmissions ★ Tabletssupported ★ Truly HD graphic
Wild Zombie Online(WZO)
Welcome to the best animal game, Wild Zombie Online (WZO)Go hunt!Ifyou don’t hunt first, they will hunt you after.The wild, theworldof animals where only the strongest survives according to thelaw ofthe jungle! A life-and-death animal hunting action gamewhere youbecome a zombie animal to chase and hunt wild animals. InWildZombie Online, you grow to become the best animal hunter bychasingand hunting animals living in the wild. With giganticmonsters, youmust subdue and hunt wild animals who resist and comeat you. Youmust bravely confront the attacks by strong and roughcarnivores andgive the fear of death to herbivores who stand upagainst you in alarge herd.Will you become a powerful and violentwild animal hunterwho will beat the attacks of numerous hostileanimals and make allwild animals tremble in fear by you? 1.Differentiated, Rich MapsThemaps are divided into Sahara, a bleakdesert; Siberia, covered bysnow and ice; and a savanna, a vasttropical grassland. They alsoconsist of regular maps that havedifferent natural environments aswell as special maps such asMonster Field where to block wildanimals attacks with giant zombiemonster and Dragon Lava wheredragons with the properties of fire,ice, and lightening. Inaddition, you will also have maps withvarious characteristics anduniqueness such as an event map whereyou can enter only at acertain time, PVP Zone where you can have a1:1 battle. 2.Diversified Hunting MeansYou can experience huntingand attacking inoriented battles like the ability to transforminto a powerfulzombie monster and summoning the same kind, powerattack3. VariousMissions and Master MenusYou can add more fun tothe game throughthe Trophy Menu where you can make achievementsand earn honorpoints by performing specific missions such astravelling, hunting,and acquiring as well as the Master Menu thatenables you to givemuch more damage when hunting a certain animal.※ If you delete thegame, all the data will be gone and notrecovered.※ Please visit ourFacebook page( orYouTube( channel if you wantmoreinformation.
Zombie Frontier
In 2020, T viruses spread all over the world. A large numberofpeople are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You areoneof the survivors. You are involved in the war against thezombies.FEATURES:★Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!★Experiencethesensation of firing wildly!★Kill different kinds ofzombies!★Newweapons and upgrade system!★Challenging role growthsystem!★New andunique bonus items!
Zombies TD
Like Zombie Games ?The zombies are coming…Zombies have takencontrolof everything! Ay karamba!Scare off the Zombies using TNT,spikedballs, turrets and Boxes. Collect Inventory and battle yourwaytrough 20 levels and two Amazing challenges in this ZombieGamestitle.Zombies TD (- Tower Defence ) - Is now Free For All !
Toys VS Zombies
Get ready to defend your dreams as group of hungry zombies areaboutto invade your dreams. Use your arsenal of toys to defeatthosehungry zombies before they eat all your cookies.28+addictivelevelsEnjoy different type of levels - Time Survival ,UnderLimited Resources and more . Complete All the levels to unlocktheEndless Survival Mode for endless fun.Place your towers ,defeatzombies and save your cookies.Update your towers to defendagainstlarge zombie waves.Download the Toys VS Zombies today.
Tired of killing zombies? How about turning people intozombiesinstead! "Best Game of the Year 2012" - Armor Games "CarnageWasNever So Cute" - JayisGames "Guaranteed to bring mayhem fun"-Indigo Entertainment "This Game is Epic" - AstralX7"Infectonatoris made more robust" - IGN "Great Pixel Art Graphics"- AppAdviceInfectonator is infecting mobile devices! From thepopular Flashgame hit, The Infectonator series is now mobile. Newcharacters,awesome pixel-art graphics, and more! Best of all, itstill has thesame addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonatorgives you allthe awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them intozombies, anddominate the World once again from the palm of yourhands!
Zombie Zombie
A serious virus crisis breaks out in Batty City. Citizensstartturning into zombies one by one. Various heroes are sent tothecity to combat zombies and try to figure out the cause ofthiscrisis. Save the city with the powers of heroes', and makeyourselfa hero too!FEATURES:* EXPERIENCE THE MOST REFRESHING ZOMBIEBATTLEIN YEARS* Over 10 heroes have got prepared for battling*Combatzombies with awesome upgradeable arsenal* Conquer varietiesofmissions to make yourself a hero!
The Day - Zombie City
■ This nightmare started all of a sudden…■ StoryYour neighborsareturning into zombies. Tom, who was happy with his peacefullife,now has to struggle to survive.Tom manages to seeanotherdaylight.Defeat hordes of incoming Zombies and gather Goldtoupgrade Tom.Customize Tom's appearance with various weaponsandoutfits.Level up and learn new skills to overcomeincreasinglydifficult battle.■ This game shares the same backgroundwith100DAYS.■ Tip.Gears will alter Tom's appearance.As your levelup,new Skills will be available. Level up to increase basicstats.Tommanages to see another daylight.Use skills wisely foreasierprogression.Check Diamond corner in the shop forfreeDiamonds.Visit Shop and increase base stats with LP.Kill Bossandyou'll get Accessory.Learned a new Skill? Make sure you know howtouse it!Defeat hordes of incoming Zombies and gather Gold toupgradePeter.Customize Tom's appearance with various weaponsandoutfits.Level up and learn new skills to overcomeincreasinglydifficult battle.You can retry Stages that you havealreadycleared.Dash and Double Jump can improve your performance.■Thisgame saves player data in device. Deleting the app willterminateall save data.
SAS: Zombie Assault 4
Purge the undead! Awesome upgradeable guns and armor, uniqueclassskills, and 4 player co-op! Play the most intense zombieshooter onmobile, from the makers of Bloons TD 5.A virus outbreakon adistant trans-federation planet unleashes horrors fromhumanity'spast. A powerful, rapidly growing zombie horde threatensthe veryexistence of humankind, and the only ones capable offighting backare the highly skilled, highly weaponized specialforces of theSAS.Choose from 3 character classes, maximize thefullycustomizable skill tree, and select from hundreds of weaponsandarmor pieces to build the ultimate zombie killing hero.Playdynamic, challenging levels in single player or 4cooperativemultiplayer and give our ravaged civilization its lastbesthope.INTENSE ACTIONZombies swarm the screen, exploding intobitsunder your hail of bullets. Each of the 17 unique zombie typeshavespecial attacks and behavior, and they can evolve -manifestingterrifying new powers as you progress through thegame.And justwhen you think you've beat them all, savage bosszombies hunt youdown, puking out acid worms or storming after youin rage mode.Learn their strengths and weaknesses as you lead theaction across7 story-driven maps with varying victoryconditions.UNBEATABLE 4PLAYER CO-OPQuickmatch with up to 3 otherplayers of similar leveland use the custom skills and weaponschosen by all players to forman effective fire team. Coordinateauto-turret placements, highlevel room-clearing powers like AssaultTeam, Aerial Bombardment,and Zombie Antidote, and move physicsobjects to create temporarycover while you paint the room red.HEAPSOF EPIC LOOTOver 160incredible guns and armor pieces are locked uptight insideincreasingly rare strongboxes that you can find insecret rooms oron the mangled remains of your enemies.Your loadoutincludes apistol and two rifle class weapons - choose from fastfiringsubmachine guns, devastating shotguns, high damage assaultrifles,brutal machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers,lightningguns, and more. Armor up for protection against physical,thermal,and chemical attacks, then round out your arsenalwithauto-turrets, grenades, and special high damage ammo to ripthroughthe undead before they rip through you.AMAZINGRPG-STYLEUPGRADESThe Assault, Medic, and Heavy Gunner classes eachhaveunique upgrade trees, giving each character 19 skills tocustomize.Hundreds of guns and armor pieces have a range of gradesand apowerful RED version when you reach high levels. In additionyoucan add powerful augmentations to your guns and gear whichenhancecore properties like damage and rate of fire, but can alsoimprovereload time, resist damage, and heal.Download for free andplaySAS: Zombie Assault 4 now!Please Note: SAS: Zombie Assault 4isfree to download and play (aside from internet, carrier,data,device, and other services for which the player isfinanciallyresponsible), but some in-game items can be purchasedwith realmoney. You can turn off the payment feature by disablingin-apppurchases in your device's settings.SAS: Zombie Assault 4isrecommended for players 12 years of age and older, and thefantasyviolence, gibs, and zombie blood are to be expected giventhesurvival theme. We have included a "Gore" setting on theOptionsscreen specifically for young or sensitive players, andthisremoves the blood and gibs when Gore is toggled Off.
Call of Mini™ Zombies 2
A sequel for the Call of Mini™ Zombies!► ► ► ► ►Secondaryweaponsand a combo system are here. Fight off hordes of zombies andtakeon powerful bosses to save the world again!► ► ► ► ►• 10deadlyweapons• 5 awesome characters with unique secondary weapons•10fearsome zombies• 8 engaging environments• Real-timelightingeffects• Monthly updates: new avatars, guns, bosses, modes,etc. ►► ► ► ►• Complete various missions in fast-paced battles•Fluidshooting gameplay with a great combo system• CompleteDailyMissions for extra rewards• Challenge new bosses: Chef andRugbyPlayer
Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
You keep the defense inside the house, which storms thebloodthirstycrowd of zombies! Your goal is to survive and crumbleas many aspossible of the living dead! The ability to buildbaricades and ahuge selection of different weapons (knives, axes,pistols,submachine guns and shotguns) will help you to containthesehordes.The main thing be alert, because even among the weak,halfdead dead there are strong monsters with unique abilities,ready totear you to pieces at any moment.Features:- Cubicfirst-personshooter- Unique locations in pixel style- Hardcorebosses- A hugearsenal of weapons (from a knife to a machine gun)-Realisticphysics- Pocket edition, so you can play on the road-Dynamic Actionin confined spaces- Craft of weapons and ammunition-Pixel variantof the game Black Ops ZombieDownload Pixel Combat:Zombies Strike,survive in the shelter under the onslaught ofzombies!
DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak
Is it Last Day on Earth? Not yet, this is a FREE MMORPGzombieshooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors aredrivenby one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can inthispost apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies. There isnoplace left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadlyplaguevirus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone fullofunkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in thispostapocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies. A fewmonthsago, the secret Research Center leaked a lethal virus"DEADPLAGUE". The warm tropical environment spread the virusrapidly,turning people into enraged zombie mutants. An organizationnamed“BIOCORP” stood out to prevent the virus from spreading. Youhavebeen assigned into their strike team to work in thedangerousinfected areas to collect DNA samples and reveal themystery behindthe outbreak. There is hope that a cure can be made.Act quicklyand decisively to defend mankind from a killer virusspreadingacross in this survival and action packed top down3Dshooter!Features:• Male and female characters (each with auniqueskills).• The game can be completed in a single- ormulti-playercampaign with unique quests, missions and battles withZombieBOSSES.• Up to 4 players in the online co-op mode! Play withyourfriends!• Story driven single player campaign with uniquequestsand missions.• Vast arsenal of powerful weapons andcharacterskills to help you stay alive.• Additional battleequipment: mines,frag and stun grenades, adrenaline shot.•Different types ofzombies, with varied behaviors and abilities.•Realistic lightingand dynamic weather environment effects.• TwinStick Shootercontrols optimized for phones and tablets. • ToughBOSS battlesdesigned to push you to the limit.• Translated intoEnglish,German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese,Korean,Chinese and Russian. • No additional downloads afterinstalling thegame!Annihilate the walking dead to save humanityfrom the zombieapocalypse in this awesome top down zombieshooter!Here is thepromo code for a free reward: XXXYYZZZLike us onFacebook: us onTwitter:
Pixel 3D Warfare Multiplayer
Pixel Bullet warfare bring a party fun wars with 2 modeagainstbloodthirsty zombies and fight with bad boys pixel . Ofcourse, inmultiplayer mode, so everyone can be a Zombie or you canplay alsoclassic game against soldiers.Join in the rooms opened orcreate aserver, pick a gun and try to be the best player .Enjoy !
Cut Rope With Zombies
Cut Rope with Zombies is a unique physics-based game! ItslikeStupid game with Zombies Game.100 plus Cut Rope Levels FunwithDifferent type fun Engagement levels.Are ready for CUT ROPEGAMEWith Zombies!How to Cut Rope with Zombies :Just Swipe yourfingerto Cut rope and Kill the Zombie Feel the Perfect Cut RopeGameplayAgain With New Levels One of the best Free Game Have FunGameFeatures :Unique Levels Addictive Game playHdGraphicsNiceSounds.its totally Free Game in 2017 Download it now.Hurry
Zombie: Whispers of the Dead
Zombie: Whispers of the Dead - a zombie hardcorefirst-personshooter, events which unfolded against the backdrop ofthe world,in the death agony of a zombie apocalypse.DownloadingZombie:Whispers of the Dead FREE you will get the opportunity tobecomeone of the survivors, who is desperately trying to save selflife.A terrible game atmosphere will accompany you from the startofyour journey to the end ...FEATURES :- Ergonomic interfacethatwill allow you to always keep the enemy at gunpoint and at anytimeopened fire ;- Sound quality will help you to feel moredeeplycreepy atmosphere around the events taking place (recommendusingheadphones) ;- Technology RagDoll will make every kill zombies-unique ;- Low demands on processing power, which makesitcomfortable to play even on slower devices.
Last Heroes: Battle of Zombies
Clash of Zombies is an exciting SLG with Superheroes vsZombiestheme! Besides upgrade your base to increase defense, youcan alsorecruit the unique heroes to build your team and battlewith theother players. When your base reach certain level, you canjoin theleague and fight the league battle. The game contains raid,defenseand training elements. You cannot become a master in one dayinthis game, the key is to be perseverant and keep at it.Do youwantto recruit powerful Super Heroes to defeat Zombies in thedoomsday?Come on to download Clash of Zombies! You can recruit moreHeroes,play more interesting features than Clash ofClans!*REVIEWS*--Thisis an exciting SLG with Superheroes vs Zombiestheme.--If you arelooking for a sci-fi strategy combat game, thisgame is the bestone for you!--Sure to get you hooked, if you likeWorld War Z orsuperhero flicks!Zombie disaster outbreaks! Buildyour base, trainyour troops, recruit superheroes and unlock moretechnology todefend against zombie's attack! Command your army tosavehumanity!*FEATURES*--FREE to Play!--30+ Superheroes: youcanrecruit more heroes and experience more fun!--Hundreds ofcontent:Mutants, Enemies, Heroes, Bosses, Super Weapons,etc!--Create yourLeague to take part in League War with yourfriends!--Challengepowerful Boss with your league mates!--Take partin ZombieChallenge and capture them to fight for you!--Play Arenawith otherplayers to win plenty of Power Stones!--Save Dr. X outand he willhelp you to enhance the base!--There are more ExcitingFEATURES andInteresting ITEMS than Clash Of Clans. Join us!*ContactUs*--QQGroup:285306911--Facebook:
Stickman fights vs zombies: escape
You are stickman warrior and it is the new escape adventuresfromworld of zombies like a big jail! Your task is to play forStickmanand find all the ways to successfully escape from azombie's prisonon the car for a stick man. Destroy stickmans usingyour parkourskill, weapons and epic slowmotion effects.You shouldfight vsenemies for the jailbreak. There are a lot of traps like asaw orstickman's falling. It is hard to survive.Use your brain andmindto solve fighting puzzles. Only 1 % of people can completethisgame.One wrong step and you die from the enemies andguards.Thegame is free.
Stickman Zombie 3D
You are a stickman! Shoot and kill the stickmen zombie hordeandalso other enemy survivor stick figures! Find a gun, andstartkilling anything that is still walking! Warning: this gamecontainslots of blood and fun violence!~ Features - Postapocalyptic 3Dworld with zombies - Easy controls for running andshooting -Physics based ragdoll deaths of stickmen - Lots ofshooting andkilling! - Death and blood!Music:dem0lecule-Global-Mechanization
Zombies and Guns
★ ★ ★ NEW CONTENT ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 new Types of Zombies★ AddictiveLevels★New Guns★ 9 Different Guns★ 3 Upgrades for Each Guns★ChallengingZombie Boss Fights★ 40 Achievements and Ranks★ VariousTypes ofZombies★ Local Heroes to Hire★ Various Boosts to Help You★WildWest Desert Country Environments★ Night, Day andUndergroundMissions★ Mix of Simple Arcade and Action (find,protect, destroy)Afree zombies shooter game from the Wild West! Nobullet can miss! Azombie infection attacked your town! You can stopthe infectionmassacre only when you shoot all the stupid undeadbiters to thehell! An Indian legend says than only The One candefeat the death!Are you the hero? Grab your guns and protect goodpeople fromDesert Town from the hordes of lifeless beaters andwalkers in thisshooter, hero! They will help you defeat the evil!No zombieallowed in this country. Upgrade your guns, hire some helpandequip yourself and start bulleting to survive on variousmissionsin the infested Wild West desert. Gain ranks to be strongerinfight against bad zombies! Become one of the heroes whodefeatedthe death. You will be the living legend of good,hunter!Gunsready? Play the action game Zombies and Guns now forfree!Eternalglory or eternal suffering?!Completely Free to Play
Z City
Zombies… zombies are everywhere! It’s the moment you’ve beenwaitingfor! They mocked your underground bunker, months of cannedfood andsubstantial arsenal, but you were ready. Now you’veemerged as theLeader of a human settlement. Are you ready torebuild civilizationyour way? You’ll have to build, gather andfight, but this is whatyou prepared for. It’s going to befun!Zcity is a zombie-themedfree-to-play mobile strategy &tower defense game. As the Leaderof a new human City, you’ll needto rebuild and develop the citywhile defending against a varietyof enemies. Join players fromaround the world and fight againstzombies and other powerfulLeaders. Form an alliance, train avariety of troops and engage inmassive multiplayer battles. Do youhave what it takes to be thestrongest Leader in Zcity?GameFeatures*Free-to-play social strategygame*Tower defense : join thecity battle ,win the battles for tonsof diamonds and unlock moreunits. *View battles in the world map inreal time, and chat &team with alliance membersworldwide*Battle zombies and otherLeaders to expand yourCity.*Zombie Troops: Train your own petzombie troops to defend yourcity or attack others!*RecruitOfficers - hero characters - withunique skills andabilities. *Varied Skill Trees allow playersto develop heroesto fit their play styles. *Frequent in-gameevents giveconstant challenges and offer great rewards.*Allianceactivities,buildings and technology encourage players to worktogether toachieve powerful bonuses*Choose your own play style!Zombies may betaking over, but how you rebuild is up to you!