Top 49 Apps Similar to Play Services Info (Update)

Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner 7.2.9
Clean Master, one of the best optimization tools with spacecleanerand antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phoneclean andsafe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAMto improveyour phone's performance. Enjoy your speedy phone now!Clean MasterKey Functions: 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) Clean Masterhelps freeup your storage space by removing junk, residual andcache fileswhich slows down your phone. With our professionalcleaner, you canalso free up much more space from cleaning cachedata from socialapps without worrying about deleting the wrongfiles. 👑 FREEANTIVIRUS Scans for virus on all apps (pre-installedor not),blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe fromviruses,trojans and protects your privacy with Clean Master'sfreeantivirus engine which is certified by AV-TEST! 🌟 WiFiSECURITYClean Master added the WiFi Security feature to detect fakeWiFiand unauthorized connections. Keep your phone safe frominsecurepublic WiFi. 🚀 BOOST MOBILE One Tap Boost helps speed upphone byfreeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run aspeedtest to see how much faster it is. 🔋 BATTERY SAVER CleanMasterhelps to save battery power and extend battery life byhibernatingrunning apps. 🎮 Game Master With Game Master, you canmanage yourgames, accelerate loading speed of games and find morefun gameshere. Other optimization features ☆CHARGE MASTER-Preventsovercharging, displays charging status and applicationmessagewhile charging. ☆ APPLOCK- Keeps your app privacy safe withanAppLock PIN or pattern. Clean Master, the world's leadingspacecleaner & antivirus app on Google Play. We added somepowerfulfeatures to make Clean Master more smarter and convenient.Thesefeatures will require additional phone permissions. Restassurednone of your personal info will be collected per thePrivacyPolicy. 1.New junk clean engine, added clean junk messagesand more(require SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar andLocationpermissions) 2.New way to interact with your phone on lockscreen(require Microphone permission) 3.More personalized settingstobeautify your phone New features are only accessible to someusersnow, welcome to contact us to try it in advance. 👉【LIKE US andSTAYCONNECTED】👈 Follow our Instagram and Google+ to getmoreinteresting pictures, videos & Clean Master usage tipseveryday! Instagram: Enhance thefunctionality ofthe intelligent data We will use the installedapp(s) list andapp(s) installation folder contents for the cloudengine to enhancethe junk files recognition capability of JUNKCLEANER (JUNK FILES),the running app(s) status for the cloudengine to enhance the effectof BOOST MOBILE and power savingability of BATTERY. TOS: AdChoice: CleanMaster useaccessibility services to improve junk clean feature insomedevices.
AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault 6.23.8
AVG Mobile
Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Android™ to help protect youfromharmful viruses and malware. Keep your personal data safe withAppLock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and AppPermissionsadvisor. Download for Free Now! Over 100,000,000 peoplealreadyinstalled AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. Join themnow and:✔ Scan apps, games, settings and files in real-time ✔ Boostspeedby killing tasks that slow down your device ✔ Extend batterylifewith Power Save ✔ Clean unnecessary files to free up space ✔Locksensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint ✔Enablelocating your lost phone via Google Maps™ ✔ Hide privatephotos inan encrypted Vault ✔ Stay anonymous with VPN ✔ Scan Wi-Finetworksfor threats ✔ Check Wi-Fi download and upload speed ✔ Getinsightinto the permission level of installed apps With AVGAntiVirus FREE2019 for Android you’ll receive effective virus andmalwareprotection, phone locator, task killer, app lock, callblocker,Wi-Fi Scanner and photo vault to help shield you fromthreats toyour privacy and online identity. App Features:Protection: ✔ Scanapps, games and files with our dual-engineantivirus and removemalicious content ✔ Scan websites for harmfulthreats (Android'sdefault browser and Chrome) ✔ Wi-Fi Scanner fornetwork encryption,password strength and Captive Portal (ones with'sign-in'requirement) ✔ VPN Protection: Secure your onlineprivacyPerformance: ✔ Extend battery life by turning offbattery-drainingsettings with Power Save ✔ Kill tasks and processesthat can slowdown your phone or tablet ✔ Clean unnecessary filesand free upstorage space ✔ Check Wi-Fi download and upload speedAnti-Theft:Use AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Android together withAVG’s remotemanagement console or text messages (SMS) to: ✔ Locateyour lost orstolen phone via Google Maps ✔ Lock your phone and seta lockscreen message ✔ Make your phone sound a siren ✔ Theftie[freetrial]: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone trying tounlockyour phone or tablet ✔ Device Lock [free trial]:automaticallylocks your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced ✔SurveillanceAgent [free trial]: remotely capture photos and recordaudio fromyour phone via our website ✔ Remote History: query thecall log,contacts and text messages remotely ✔ Wipe your phone ortablet andSD card content Privacy: ✔ Hide private photos inapassword-protected Vault to prevent snooping ✔ App Lock[freetrial]: lock sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety✔Call Blocker: protect yourself against spammers and scammers(forAndroid 8.1 and older) ✔ Delete clipboard content andbrowsinghistory (Chrome browser and Android version older than 5.0)✔ Stayanonymous with VPN ✔ App Permissions: get insight into thelevel ofpermission required by your installed apps App Insights: ✔Appusage tracker ✔ Monitor how you spend your time ✔ See whereyourdata is used ✔ Discover potential privacy issues This app usestheDevice Administrator permission. This permission allows youtoremotely lock and wipe your device from This appusesAccessibility permission to protect visually impaired andotherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.Byinstalling or updating this app, you agree that your use of itisgoverned by these terms: Google®,GoogleMaps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registeredinthe USA and in other countries Download Antivirus for Free Now!
Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster 5.0.9
The original CM Security upgraded to the Security Masterandredefined the scope of Phone Security: protects not onlyyourandroid phone but also your privacy. More than a simpleantivirusfor android, Security Master is built with more powerfulfeature,including: ★Intelligent Diagnosis - Antivirus, Junk Clean,PhoneBooster, Battery Saver, CPU Cooler ★SafeConnect VPN – fastsecureVPN proxy ★Wi-Fi security - scan Wi-Fi networks forthreats★Anti-Theft Alarm – protect your phone from theft bysounding analarm ★Message Security – hide notifications preview★Applock –lock and protect apps with a password ★Intruder Selfie -captureintruder using your phone Key Features: IntelligentDiagnosisAntivirus - Security Master, a free antivirus for android,keepyour phone and privacy safe from virus & malware with#1antivirus engine. Junk Clean - Intelligently scan and removejunkfiles including system and app caches with just one tap.PhoneBoost, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler - Remove background appsthattake high memory usage, overheat and drain battery. SafeConnectVPNBypass firewalls and freely access sensitive websites, watchvideosnot available in your country anonymously without beingtracked.Hide IP address and apply virtual location, protect youronlineactivities to prevent leak of online banking information,privatemessages, and browsing history. Wi-Fi security SecurityMasterdetects and identify phishing Wi-Fi network, test networkspeed andprotect phone's online safety. Anti-Theft Alarm Anti-TheftAlarmprotect your phone from theft by sounding an alarm whensomeonemoves your phone. Message Security Message Securityhidesnotifications preview timely to protect your privacy. Itgathersall chat notifications into one and makes them easier toread &manage. AppLock Lock Bluetooth & Wi-Fi switches,apps, photos,or any private data with a pattern, PIN code, orfingerprint. WithSecurity Master, a free antivirus for android,protect your phonefrom viruses and malware. Keep your privacy safewith Applock,SafeConnect VPN, Wi-Fi Security and more features.Terms ofservice: PrivacyPolicy: AdChoices: has used ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.
AppMgr III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps) 4.86
Sam Lu
AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design appthatprovides the following components: ★ Move apps: moves appstoeither internal or external storage for getting more availableappstorage ★ Hide apps: hides system (built-in) apps from theappdrawer ★ Freeze apps: freeze apps so they won't use any CPUormemory resources ★ App manager: manages apps forbatchuninstalling, moving apps or sharing apps with friends Supportapp2 sd for Android 2.x~9.x. For Android 6+,read if you don't see the Change button.Somedevices may not be supported, visit AppMgr > Settings >About> FAQ for details. ★ Over 50,000,000 Downloads! ★up-to-date UIstyle, themes ★ uninstall apps ★ move apps to externalstorage ★notify when movable apps installed ★ hide apps from appdrawer ★freeze apps to a stop state ★ 1-tap to clear all cache ★clear appscache or data ★ batch view apps on Google Play ★ exportthe applist ★ install apps from the exported app list ★ No ads(PRO) ★quick uninstall or move an app by drag-n-drop ★ sort apps byname,size or installation time ★ share customized app list withfriends★ support home screen widgets Functions for rooted device ★Rootuninstaller, Root freeze, Root cache cleaner ★ Rootappmover(PRO-only) Move apps Are you running out ofapplicationstorage? Do you hate having to check each and every appif itsupports moving to the SD card? Do you want an appthatautomatically does this for you and can notify you when an appcanbe moved? This component streamlines the movement of apps toonyour device's external or internal storage through yourdevice'sSettings. With this, you'll have more control over youreverexpanding collection of apps. This is crucial to anyone whohasmemory management issues. Hide apps You don't care for all theappsyour carrier adds to Android? Well, now you can get rid ofthem!This component enables you to hide system (built-in) apps fromtheapp drawer. Freeze apps You can freeze apps so they won't useanyCPU or memory resources and consume zero-battery. It's good foryouto freeze apps that you would like to keep in device, butdon'twant them to run or be uninstalled. Permissions•WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: use to export/import the apps list•GET_PACKAGE_SIZE, PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the size informationofapps • BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: this app usesAccessibilityservices to automate the function (e.g. clear cache,move apps),optional. It helps those who have difficulty in tappingandcomplete the task easier • WRITE_SETTINGS: prevent thescreenrotation during the automatic function • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW:drawa wait screen above other apps during the automatic functionWehave been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandboxpartner,for its innovative design and advanced technology.Credits:Arabic-Mohamed Hany Bulgarian-Димитър ДимитровCroatian-BrunoŠvorinić Czech-Michal Fiurášek Danish-ChristianStangegaardKappelgaard Dutch-Niko Strijbol Filipino-Vincent C. V.EstrelladoFinnish-Teemu Paavola French-Jérémy Roth (JeremX)Galician-Xesús M.Mosquera Carregal German-Marc C. Hübner, WolfgangDinterGreek-George Georgiadis Hebrew-Benjo26Hindi-AzamAliHungarian-RootRulez Indonesian-Khairul AgastaItalian-Luca TrevisanJapanese-nnnnn Lithuanian-bronxitas MacedonianNorwegian-MathiasAavik Polish-Kamil Szymański, Grzegorz Jabłoński,Dawid ZielińskiPortuguese-Altieres Lima da Silva, , Luis Barbosa deAssis JuniorRomanian-Stelian Balinca Russian-Павел АлексеевSerbian-BrankoRadičević Slovak-Patrik Žec Slovenian-Matevž KersnikSpanish-Tomásde la Puente López,, Lahiri López Swedish-HenrikAnderssonTamil-KUMAR D Telugu-Venkat Kamesh Thai-PimladaSingsangaTurkish-Kutay KuFTi Ukrainian-Михайло Грицина Urdu-HafizMuhammadMoin Ud Din Vietnamese-Phong Quang PdaViet
Anti-virus Dr.Web Light
Features and Advantages • Quick or full file system scans, aswellas custom scans, of user-specified files and folders. TheSpIDerGuard monitor scans file systems in real-time whenever anattemptis made to store files and applications in the device’smemory. •Neutralisation of ransomware lockers: malicious processesareterminated even if a device is locked; lockers not yet presentinthe Dr.Web virus database are blocked; data remainsintact,eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom. • TheuniqueOrigins Tracing™ technology is used to detect new, unknownmalware.• Detected threats are moved to the quarantine from whichisolatedfiles and applications can be restored, if needed. •Minimal impacton system performance. • Restrained use of batteryresources. •Frugal data usage due to the small size of the virusdatabaseupdates—a big plus for users whose mobile device plans haveusagelimits. • Detailed statistics reveal what threats havebeendetected and what actions have been taken with them. • Aconvenientand informative widget for working with the SpIDer Guardfilemonitor. This version does not include these importantcomponents:the Call and SMS Filter, the Anti-theft, and the URLfilter. Toprotect your mobile device from all types of malware, usethecomprehensive protection solution Dr.Web Security SpaceforAndroid. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
Virus Cleaner, Antivirus, Cleaner (MAX Security) 2.2.3
ONE App Ltd.
Virus Cleaner - MAX Security, Antivirus for Android phones free,isone of the top rated (🏆4.7 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) security apps/freeantivirusapps in Google Play Store. With professional antivirus,virus scan,virus removal for Android, phone cleaner, Applock forprivacyprotection. MAX Security always gives you 24/7real-timeprotection. ☛ MAX Security, antivirus for Android phonefree is oneof the professional phone security apps &professional freeantivirus apps for your Android device. ☛ Provideauthoritativeantivirus engine. Trusted by more than 5.3 millionusers. The MainFeatures of MAX Security - Antivirus Software (virusremoval):☂️Real-time Protection - Provide 24 hours protection foryourprivacy security. ☀️Antivirus - Authoritative antivirus forAndroid& virus cleaner. 🌪Cleaner - Phone cleaner app/cachecleanerthat clear cache Android. 🔐App Lock - Security Lock thatprotectyour privacy apps. Download MAX Security - Antivirus, youcan get:🌟 professional Free Antivirus Free Antivirus app forAndroid withvirus scan and anti-malware removal. MAX Security,antivirus forandroid phones free, is one of the professionalantivirus freedownload - security apps with virus cleaner/virusprotection, antimalware removal, mobile free antivirus softwarewhich blocksspyware, malware and Trojans from phones. MAX Security-professional free antivirus app ensure your phone security. 🌟VirusScan & Virus Removal for Android MAX Security - AntivirusforAndroid Phones Free deep scans/clean system and remove virusesandthreats. As the antivirus app and mobile security guard,virusprotection makes phone safer. 🌟 Real-time Protection MAXSecurity -Antivirus for Android provide real-time protection withantivirus,precisely virus scan and virus removal for android.Reliablesecurity apps lock always protecting your data privacy.MAXSecurity - professional Free Antivirus Software. 🌟 App LockMAXSecurity also provides apps lock. With password/pattern toretainprivacy, lock sensitive apps and snap intruders withcamerapermission to protect your privacy. MAX antivirus softwaremakesure nobody can access your private apps. 🌟 Phone Cleaner&Cache Cleaner MAX Security also is one of powerfulAndroidantivirus cleaner. MAX Security - professional FreeAntivirus(virus cleaner) acts as Android cleaner with memorycleaner, withread/write external storage permission, to clean thejunk files ofyour SD card storage or internal storage. 🌟CallBlocker &Assistant Customize the numbers on your blacklist andblockunwanted calls. With Call, Contact and Read PhoneStatepermissions, MAX Security can provide powerful callassistance.🌟Better User Experience For better user experience,location &coarse location permission will be used to recommendthe mostsuitable and localized content for you. MAX Security needgetaccounts permission to keep functions work better. We willneverupload any of your location or accounts information. GETtheprofessional FREE Antivirus App, Antivirus for Android phonesfree:Virus Cleaner - MAX Security NOW!
Help for Play Services (Info - Update) 2.5.6
This tools help you quickly check the status of the GooglePlayservices. It shows the version number, installation date anddateof the last update. The app also can be used to install orupdatethe Google Play services. The app requires zero permissionsand isad-free! ✪ APP FEATURES: - Provides links to the Play Store;- FindGoogle Play Services; - Tips to fix Google Play Servicesstopped onyour devices. ✪ TRANSLATE: If you want the app supportyourlanguage, please help us translate from English to yourlanguage byaccess the link below. Thank you!✪ PLEASENOTE: - This app is not Google Play Services, it just helpsyou tohave information about it. - This app is not affiliated withGoogleLLC.
Google LLC
The Google app keeps you in the know about things that mattertoyou. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay uptodate with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the betteritgets. Search and browse: - Nearby shops and restaurants -Livesports scores and schedules - Movies times, casts, and reviews-Videos and images - News, stock information, and more -Anythingyou’d find on the web Get personalized updates inDiscover*: - Stayin the know about topics that interest you - Startyour morningwith weather and top news - Get updates on sports,movies, andevents - Know as soon as your favorite artists drop newalbums -Get stories about your interests and hobbies - Followinterestingtopics, right from Search results Unstable connection? -Googlewill automatically optimize results to improve loading onbadconnections - If Google cannot complete a Search, you’ll getanotification with the search results once you regainconnectionLearn more about what the Google app can do foryou: *some features of Discovermightnot be available in all countries
Fully Featured File Management Tool! Developed by the CleanMasterteam Highlights of CM FILE MANAGER ☆ Fully featured:Cut,copy,paste, delete, compress, decompress, search and more. ☆Cloudsupport:Switch between local and cloud files - supportsDropbox,Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and more. ☆ Wi-Fi Filetransfer:Useyour PC to wirelessly edit your mobile files using FTP.☆ Superconvenient:View files by type (image, audio, video,recent,download etc.), use a widget to access folders in one tapfrom thehomescreen. ☆ Multiple protocols: Supports file transfersusingFTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and LAN/SMB, stream mediafromLAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without downloading. --Supportedlanguages English, Arabic, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish,French,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish,Portuguese,Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Hebrew,Finnish,Hindi, Croatian and Serbian
Google Play Games
Google LLC
Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. Discover yournewfavorite game, then challenge your friends and trackyourachievements. As you master more games, show off your skillsinyour gamer profile. Plus, you can pick up where you left offfromany device. Play the world, anywhere in the world, all fromoneplace. KEY FEATURES • Gamer profile: Create your custom GamerID,earn XP, and level up as you master games across Google Play.•Achievements & leaderboards: Complete challenges, earnawards,and track them all right from the app. Then, see how youstack upagainst other players. • Built-in Google games: PlayPAC-MAN,Solitaire, Snake, and Cricket — even when offline. •Arcade: Findsomething fun in our New, Trending, and Editors'Choicecollections. • Gameplay recording*: Easily record and shareyourbest gaming moments from your favorite mobile games. *Onlyavailable in certain countries
Fix Play Store & Play Services Error Info (update) 1.1.1
Fix Google Play store & Google Play Services Error &version& Info of playstore and lot of Tips for Fix problem Ifyou can'tfind play services update, then our app helps you to geton playservices update. To fix "Google Play Services has stopped"errorsand get Google Play Store info. A user usually is not ableto getgoogle play services apk. So we have put option to let yougetgoogle play services apk. Small Google playstore app is usedtocheck the latest version,update Google Play Store & GooglePlayservices Info ★ Feature of Google Playservices & GooglePlayStore Info . ⇒ Google Play services Installed date ⇒ LastUpdatedDate of Google Play services ⇒ Google playstore installeddate ⇒Last Updated Date of Google Play Store ⇒ Update playstorechecker ⇒Android Version Info ⇒ Update Software checker ★ It alsoprovidesdirect link of the Google play services ⇒ Overview of theGoogleServices ⇒ Google Play services Release Notes ⇒Help page ofGooglePlay Store click on "More Details" you can also check thestatus ofthe Google Play Store, Instant Apps, Google ServicesFramework, andGoogle Account Manager,Google chrome,Google youtube.Please rateFix playstore & Google Play Services Error Info2019- Check newupdate if you find it useful! Disclaimer: • GooglePlay Store Info& Google Play services Info is not afflictedGoogle playservices or playstore but it has information about both.
Apk Share Bluetooth - Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage 3.3.0
✰✰Apk Share Bluetooth✰✰ - is a app manager that helps Share,Uninstall , Backup and Manage. Apk Sharer - Send Apk/LinkUsingthis app you can send apk or play store link easily by :⚡Bluetooth ⚡ Whatsapp ⚡ Email ⚡ NFC and etc. It also givesyouinformation about app sizes for transfer. Easy Uninstaller-Multiple Quick Uninstaller App will help you to findlastinstalled, more size applications and Uninstall it easily inoneclick. You can also manage system apps, but withoutrootpermissions it's not possible uninstall it. App Backup -Easiestbackup tool Bulk Apk Backup to SD card. FREE UP yourdevicestorage! Faster & Smaller. Features ✓ Multiple Apk Share-Transfer apps over bluetooth, email ,Facebook, Whatsapp etc.✓Multiple App Uninstall - Easy Uninstall multiple app faster inoneclick. Fast apk uninstaller. ✓ Multiple App Backup - Savemultipleapk to SD card in one click. ✓ Copy multiple app Link toClipboard✓ Auto Apk Refresher - Refreshes App list on new installoruninstall ✓ Quick Sort - Sort by Name, Install Date, Size ✓ViewApp on Play Store ✓ Launch Selected Application ✓ ShowSystemApplications ✓ Sweet & Usable interface ✓ Quick Search -Searchyour application easily by name ✓ Simple Animations ✓ AppInformer- Shows selected and all application count and size basedon yoursearch filter ✓ Used Permissions - Shows used permissions byapp ✓FREE Notice: » You can not uninstall system application ifrootpermissions does not exists. » If you are not seeing app onlist,try to use Show System Apps option. ► Required permissions→WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For Backup Apk to SD card ►Facebook-follow us → We aretrying dobest for you! FAQ 💬Why I not see some apk on list? 💡Forsystem appyou check the menu "Show System Apps" 💬Can I Share Apk tononAndroid devices? 💡Yes, if non android devices have bluetooth,emailand etc. then you can send , but you can not run apk on nonandroiddevice 💬Do both people need the app? 💡No , only sender needthisapp 💬How I can backup all app to SD card? 💡From menu choose"SelectAll" and then click "Backup" 💬How I can find moresizedapplications ? 💡Use Sort By Size. You can change sortdirection intwice click. 💬How I can find recent installedapplications? 💡UseSort by Date. 💬How uninstall system app? 💡Usingthis apkuninstaller you can delete only downloaded applications.System appcan not be uninstalled. But if you have root permission,then youcan delete apk easily using uninstall button.
Find My Device 2.3.008
Google LLC
Find My Device helps you locate a lost Android device and keepsyourdata safe and sound while you’re looking for it. FeaturesLocateyour phone, tablet or watch on a map. If current location isnotavailable, last known location is displayed instead. Play asound.Find My Device can play a sound at full volume, even if yourdeviceis on silent. Lock or erase the device, or show a custommessage andcontact number on lock screen. Find My Device lets yousecure yourdevice by signing out of your Google Account or addinga lock screenmessage. Permissions Notice • Location: Needed toshow your device’scurrent location on the map. • Contacts: Neededto access the emailaddress associated with your Google account.
SHAREit - Transfer & Share 5.1.58_ww
SHAREit, excellent sharing app with fast cross-platformtransferspeed & free online feeds including movies, videos,music,wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player,whichhelps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music. ►Fastestin the World 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highestspeedgoes up to 20M/s. Transfer files without losing quality. ►TransferAll Types of Files Photos, videos, music, installed appsand anyother files. ► Infinite Online Videos HD & Selective,Offlinewatching, Continuously updated ► Excellent Video PlayerSupportalmost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience ►DiscoverTrending Music Tens of millions of high quality songs,andthousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline ►ElegantMusic Player Powerful equalizer provides immersiveexperiences foryou ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers Personalized,Funny, Download& Share 【LIKE US and STAY CONNECTED】►Facebook►Twitter ►VK►Instagram Note:SHAREit will notaccesspermissions that are irrelevant to our functionality. ByaccessingLocation, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users.Plus, it isrequired by Android system to access this permission.By accessingBluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearbyusers more quicklyso as to connect with Sender/Receiver moreefficiently.
All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, More Storage & Speed v8.
✔ Cache cleaner ✔ Storage cleaner, Junk Removal ✔ Memorycleaner(RAM booster) ✔ Battery Saver 🏆Most trusted & TOPrated(4.7★★★★★) Android Cleaner App 2019 🏅With more than 50Milliondownloads worldwide, All-In-One Toolbox is a smart Androidcleanerapp and includes a variety of useful features. Whether youhave32GB, 64GB or 256GB on your device internal storage orexternalsandisk microSD Card, it gets filled with time. All-In-OneToolboxdoes a great job of finding unnecessary files and helps youdeletethem. Install All-In-One Toolbox on your Android now to getmorespace, faster speed, longer battery life and enhanceddeviceperformance with one tap!🚀🚀🚀 ►See All-In-One Toolbox(Cleaner,Speed Booster, Battery Saver) Features ✔⭐Junk FileCleaner: Bestspace cleaner to remove System/App cache, residualfiles, obsoleteapks, app leftover, temp files, thumb images andempty folder tofree up device space. All-In-One Toolbox can alsoscan big spaceeating files and delete duplicate photos. ✔🚀SpeedBooster: Detectapps and process which drain ram memory, helpyou kill hiddenprocess to release RAM/memory space to make phonerun faster. ✔🔋Battery Saver: Help you turn off background serviceswhich makephone processor work more than usual to drain phonebattery. ✔ ❄CPUCooler: Analyzing CPU usage and checking device’stemperature, cooldown hot device by 1 click when you need. ✔ Wi-FiAnalyzer ✔ AppManager: Decide which apps to start up when phoneboot, manageinstall app, uninstall wanted apps, batch installer& uninstallapps, backup or restore apps. ✔ App2SD: Move appsfrom phoneinternal storage to your SanDisk or Huawei or Samsung orMicroSDHCor other Micro SD Card ✔ File manager: Find differentkinds offiles stored on device, sort by file type like music,video, image,downloads, compressed or APK files; or find files bydirectory ,stored folders ✔ Photo Compression ✔ Sysytem Info: Phonehardwareinfo checker ✔ Easy Switch: switch between AIO tools,recent appsand system settings ►All-In-One Toolbox also integratesmany handydownload-able plugins ☑ 🔒APP locker ☑ Mobile ads detector☑ AppPermission checker ☑ Game booster ☑ ⏰Auto task ☑ Volumesettings ☑Flashlight ☑ Compass Guess how much GB you will need toinstallabove tool apps separately?! ! All-In-One Toolbox saves youlots ofspace! ►💪 Contact Us Any trouble shoot or feature suggestionpleasedrop us an email at ►SupportLanguagesEnglish, العربية, Deutsch, Español, Française, हिंदी,Magyar, 日本語,한국어, Ελληνικά, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Românâ,Pусский,Türkçe, Bahasa Indonesia, 简体中文, 中文(香港), 中文(台灣), српски,Italiano,فارسی ,עיברית, Shqiptar, Slovenská, hrvatski, ไทย, tiếngViệt,български, Azərbaycan, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska Thanks &Enjoy!
CCleaner: Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer
The makers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaningsoftwarebring you CCleaner for Android. Remove junk, reclaim space,cleanRAM, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the masterofyour own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!✔Storage cleaner ✔ Memory cleaner (RAM booster) ✔ Optimizer✔Storage analyzer ✔ App Manager ✔ System monitor Optimize andClean● Speed up your phone and clean junk safely ● Cleanapplicationcache, download folders, browser history, clipboardcontent andmore Reclaim Storage Space ● Streamline your Androidsmartphone ortablet ● Quickly and easily uninstall multipleunwantedapplications ● Free up valuable storage space on yourdevice ●Clear junk, such as obsolete and residual files ● Analyzeandoptimize your storage space with Storage analyzerAnalyzeApplications’ impact ● Check which apps consume your data ●Findapps draining your battery ● Discover unused apps with AppManagerSpeed up your Device ● New! Quickly stop running tasks andcleanmemory with Task Killer (RAM Booster) ● New! AppHibernationfeature will stop apps from running in the backgrounduntil youmanually open them Easy to Use ● Optimize your Android injust afew clicks ● Simple, intuitive user interface which is easytonavigate ● Fast, compact and efficient with low RAM and CPU usage●New! App Stats feature lets you quickly determine theoverallimpact of individual apps on your device Monitor your System●Check the usage of your CPU ● Keep track of your RAM andinternalstorage space ● Check out your battery levels andtemperature
Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock 1.7
DoMobile Lab
AppLock provides app protection. Hide private images andvideos.Prevent people snooping secrets in Snapchat, Instagram,,hike messenger and Pinterest etc.What if someoneuninstalls AppLockto break the locks? It will not happen after youenable AdvancedProtection. Advanced Protection prevents forcestopping or removingAppLock.With AppLock and Advanced Protectioncombination, yourprivacy can be totally safe. Get the latestAppLockfrom: the Device Administrator permission.To enableAdvancedProtection, please activate Advanced Protection as"deviceadministrator". It's only used for preventingintrudersuninstalling AppLock. Please be assured that AdvancedProtectionwill never use this permission to access your
Google App Settings Launcher 1.0
NOTE: If your phone has Google App Settings. You don'tneedthis.Update: For those who does not know how to use this apppleasedon't rate. Do a research first "What is Google App Settings"ThankyouAnd if it does not work on your device send meanemailunspoken0623@gmail comSome phone has removed the GoogleAppSettings under Phone Settings. But actually it was moved toGooglePlay Service and you will not be able to access it via GooglePlayservice. This app will launch Google App Settings from theGooglePlay service. Think of it as a shortcut.*********GoogleAppSettings – 10 Features Every Android User Should Know1.Administeryour Connected AppsDo you remember what services you haveallowedto connect to your Google account? Well, In this GoogleSettingsapp page you can look for such information as well as thekind ofaccess they have to your account. You can also disconnectany ofthe connected apps from your account on this page.2.Supervise YourGoogle+ AccountIf you have Google+ installed, thenyou can managethe Google+ auto-backup feature and account settings.This pageconsists of your Google drive storage as well. Tosupervise yourGoogle+ account3. Handle your Play GamesNotificationsIn the GoogleSettings app, you can handle Play Gamesnotifications you want toreceive from your installed Androidgames.4. Manage Your Search& Now SettingsIn this GoogleSettings page, you can enableGoogle Now plus its Search & Nowcards feature. All the optionsunder Search & Now cards willhelp you optimized your GoogleNow experience, by including personalresults on your Google Nowcards, web history, contact recognitionand plenty others that youcan choose from.5. Ad ControlGoogleSettings also lets you resetyour advertising ID (like clearingcookies from your browser) orjust opt out of interest-based adsentirely. This gives you morecontrol over the information that issent to any advertiser servingads to apps you use.6. Enable AppVerification To ImproveSecurityThis is an important feature insidethe Google Settings appthat we believe all Android users needs touse. You can choose toverify the apps you intend to use to preventsecurity problems, orharmful apps from being installed. You willalso receive a warningregarding potential harm on your Androiddevice by any offendingapp.7. Enable Android Device ManagerFeaturesif you already have anAndroid Device Manager app installed,then these settings shouldalready be enabled by default. 8. EnableTransfer Files Only OverWiFi For Google DriveIf you use GoogleDrive on your Androiddevice, then it is probably best that you havethis feature enabledto save your data plan as well as your batterylife. You can enable"transfer files only over WiFi" for GoogleDrive in the GoogleSettings page.9. Have Your Device LocationEnabledFor Google andall location-tracking apps to be able to trackthe location of yourdevice, you need to enable the Locationfeature. In the GoogleSettings page you can choose to enable thisfeature, decide on thelevel of accuracy, retrieve apps that requestyour device locationand manage your location report based on yourGoogle accounts.10.Clear Third-Party App Data Stored Within YourGoogle AccountIf youwould like to clear all third-party app datastored in is licensedby
Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall 3.3.4
Easy & Fast & Handy uninstall tool for android, removeappsby several taps. Clean up storage and free up more spaces.■Feature ----------------------------- • App remove •Batchuninstall • AntiVirus - Virus Scan (Trustlook Supported) •BatteryUsage Tracking • App Usage Tracking • Batch uninstall •Fastuninstall by one click • List all installed apps • Showappname,version,update time,size • Search app by name • Varioussortmode • App share • Launch app • Cached app list • Search inGoogleMarket • Support Android 1.6-4.x • Support App2SD •UninstallHistory (Recycle Bin) • Uninstall Reminder ■Description----------------------------- Easy Uninstaller is a tooltouninstall apps for android phones. It is quite easy to use, youcanselect multiple apps that you want to uninstall, andclick"Uninstall Selected Apps" button to uninstall them.EasyUninstaller also supports app search & sort. Type keywordinthe textbox on the top to search the app that you wanttouninstall. Click "Menu"->"Sort" to sort the apps in manysorttypes. Long press specified app, a context menu will pop upandprovide more options. You can view app details byclicking"Application Details". You can share apps by clicking"Share", andyou can search the app in the Google market by clicking"Search inGoogle Market". Easy Uninstaller cannot uninstallpre-loaded orpre-installed apps in the system because it is limitedby thesystem mechanism. ■ FAQ ----------------------------- Q: Howtouninstall android app? Check the apps that you want touninstall,then tap the uninstall button. Q: Why can't it listpre-loadedapps? A: Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled, only ifyour phoneis rooted, you can search "root uninstall" in Googlemarket. Q: Whyare some apps not on the list? A: Try to click"Menu"->"Refresh"to clean the cache and re-load the app list. Q:Why can't I closethe app? A: The notification bar icon is used forquick start ofthe app. If you don't want the notification bar iconshown afteryou exit the app, you can just disable it in thesettings. Click"Menu"->"Setting", uncheck the "Notification BarIcon" checkbox.
Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Hawk App
Super Cleaner is a world-class cleaning & boostingprogramfor Android, which has functions of Junk file Cleaner,PhoneBooster, CPU Cooler, App Lock and even Antivirus, trustedbyover 95 millions of users worldwide! Super Cleanerboastsa 4.7 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)rating, is one of the highest ratedcleanerapplications on Google Play! 

How does Super Cleanerimprove yourdevice performance?
 Junk Cleaner - Clean junkfiles
 CacheCleaner - Clean up useless application cachefiles
 PhoneBooster - Optimize memory and speed up your phone
GameBooster - Boost speed performance and expertly free upmemoryspace
 Antivirus - A powerful virus cleaner thatefficientlyremoves all threats
 CPU Cooler - Minimize CPUtemperature andenhance performance 
 App Lock - Protectprivateinformation in apps with extra passwords 
AppManager -Analyze and manage the status of appsintelligently 
 BatterySaver - Shut down power-consuming appsto extend the life-span ofyour battery 
Super Cleaner key featuredetails: 

 Junk FilesCleaner 
 Analyze and safely removethe junk files that takeup your memory and storage space. Cleanwith only 1-tap, free upspace and boost phone speed. 

 CacheFiles Cleaner 
Clean residual system cache files left byuninstalled apps to freeup disk space for Android phone or tablet.

Storage Optimizer& Cleaner 
 Clean up duplicate photos,music, documentsand unnecessary apps, free up space and accelerateyourdevice. 

 CPU Cooler 
 Intelligently analyze CPUusageand end the process of overheating apps to decreaseCPUtemperature, with only 1-tap.

 Security & Antivirus -VirusCleaner 
 Powered by a world-class virus detectionengine,Super Cleaner protects your device from all virus attacksand anyother threats.

 Phone Booster
 A quick booster can free upRAM andclean background tasks. 

 Security App Lock 
WithAppLock, you can add extra password protection to sensitiveapps,such as Facebook, Message, Gmail, WhatsApp and Snapchat.Keepprivacy snoopers away from your private information by settinganadditional pattern or PIN password. 

 Game Booster
Cleanyour device’s memory to give it a significant speed boost.Endbackground processes to boost gaming performance.Automaticallyboost gaming experience by 30%+ when launching!

NotificationsCleaner & Manager 
 Annoying notifications onyour devicedriving you insane? Super Cleaner helps to compile alluselessnotifications and silence them, keeping your device clean,quietand more efficient than ever before! Private browsing 
SuperCleaner’s fully encrypted browser allows you to visit anywebsitewithout leaving any history on your phone. Worrying aboutprivacyexposure? Not anymore! Smart charge Shows charging state andofferoptimization suggestions when charging, also provides ascreensaverwhich displays the running condition of your device.
Google Now Launcher 1.4.large
Google LLC
Upgrade the launcher on your Android device for a fast, cleanhomescreen that puts Google Now just a swipe away.Available onalldevices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.Keyfeatures:•Swipe right from your Home screen to see Google Now cardsthatbring you just the right information, at just the righttime.•Quick access to Search from every Home screen.• Say “OkGoogle” tosearch with your voice, or tell your phone what to do:send a textmessage, get directions, play a song, and much more.•A-Z appslist, with fast scrolling and quick searching of apps onyourdevice and the Play Store.• App Suggestions bring the appyou’relooking for to the top of your A-Z list.
Google Calendar
Google LLC
Get the official Google Calendar app for your Android phoneandtablet to save time and make the most of every day. •Differentways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month,week andday view. • Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert,restaurantreservations and more are added to your calendarautomatically. •To-dos - Use Reminders to create and view to-dosalongside yourevents. • Goals - Add personal goals—like “run 3times a week”—andCalendar will schedule time for themautomatically. • All yourcalendars in one place - Google Calendarworks with all calendarson your phone, including Exchange.
Notes 2.2.5
Notes is an intuitive, lightweight notepad application thatallowsyou to capture and organize your ideas. Supportsimport/export,pattern screen lock features.
Google Docs
Google LLC
Create, edit and collaborate with others on documents fromyourAndroid phone or tablet with the Google Docs app. With Docsyoucan: - Create new documents or edit existing files -Sharedocuments and collaborate in the same document at the sametime. -Work anywhere, anytime - even offline - Add and respondtocomments. - Never worry about losing your work – everythingissaved automatically as you type. - Research, right in DocswithExplore - Open, edit and save Word documents. PermissionsNoticeContacts: This is used to give suggestions of people to addtofiles and share with. Storage: This is used to save and openfileson USB or SD storage.
Google Translate
Google LLC
• Translate between 103 languages by typing • Tap to Translate:Copytext in any app and your translation pops up • Offline:Translate 59languages when you have no Internet • Instant cameratranslation:Use your camera to translate text instantly in 38languages • CameraMode: Take pictures of text for higher-qualitytranslations in 37languages • Conversation Mode: Two-way instantspeech translation in32 languages • Handwriting: Draw charactersinstead of using thekeyboard in 93 languages • Phrasebook: Starand save translationsfor future reference in any languageTranslations between thefollowing languages are supported:Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic,Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani,Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian,Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano,Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Corsican,Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English,Esperanto, Estonian,Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician,Georgian, German,Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian,Hebrew, Hindi,Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish,Italian,Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean,Kurdish(Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian,Luxembourgish,Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese,Maori, Marathi,Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian,Pashto, Persian,Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian,Samoan, ScotsGaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala,Slovak,Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish,Tajik,Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek,Vietnamese,Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu Permissions NoticeGoogleTranslate may ask for permission to access the followingfeatures:• Microphone for speech translation • Camera fortranslating textvia the camera • SMS for translating text messages• Externalstorage for downloading offline translation data •Accounts andcredentials for signing-in and syncing across devices
com.newpower.apkmanager v20190718
ApkShare is a versatile applied management software for managingApkuninstalled and Apk installed . We support: * SupportAppinstallation, uninstall, backup, sharing and setting uptheshortcut, * Support silent installation and uninstall afterROOTpermission conferred, and uninstall system App * Support allkindsof models from Android1.5 to Android8.1 system * SupportAndroiddevice screens of various resolution * Supportmultiple-languages:English, Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese, Arabic. * Supportdual SD card models * Support via WiFihotspots, realizeface-to-face sharing function. * Support RTLlayout and the Arabicregion. Main functions: * Installation: TheApp files on thestorage card can be scanned automatically. Thethird-party App usedfor installation can be easily going withinstallation or batchinstallation. * Silent installation: Afteropening ROOT labfunction, without intervention, it can complete theinstallationautomatically. * Uninstall: Program installed in thephones can bescanned automatically. Uninstall or batch uninstallcan be expectedto be completed in a button. * Silent uninstall:After opening ROOTlab function, without intervention, it cancomplete the uninstallautomatically. * Start: For the programsinstalled or the Appbuilt-in, it can be launched in a button. *Backup: Supportinstallation package backup of App programs. Appprograms packageinstalled can be backup in the storage card. Thedefault locationis / sdcard / apkshare / backup. Backup locationcan be modified bysetting. Documents backup can be sent to yourfriends throughvarious ways or other devices for installation.*Documents share:You can send the App to your friends by e-mail,Bluetooth, etc.Sending email through GMAIL, the maximum attachmentcan be 25M. Itis therefore suggested that you had better use it ina good networkenvironment. *Documents connection: The App link onGooglePlay canbe shared in various ways, convenient for goodfriends to view theApp information. It supports batch operations.*A shortcutcreation: Support establishing an App quick entrance onthe desktopin launcher . *Details: Opening the detailed interfaceof Appmanagement is convenient for the cleanup of the App cacheandmovement of the App location. *Electronics market search:Jumpingto the App details in the electronic market directly isconvenientfor you to get the best and latest App. *Status barstaying:Supporting the App staying in the status bar can beconvenient tostart the App directly. *Information copy to theclipboard: Copythe information to the clipboard is convenient toapply in avariety of places. * Sort: A sorting function is added,executingthe sequence according to the rank, the package name, thesize andthe location. * Transmit via WiFi: Via WiFi hotspots,realizeface-to-face sharing function. We need your support: * Giveus thescore and your feedback, tell us whether you like or dislikeit,and tell us why? * Give us the better advice and tell us whatkindof functions you need. * Help us translate our software, sothat wecan support more languages (such as Japanese, Korean,Spanish,Portuguese, French, etc.). In "Settings" - "TranslationandAcknowledgments" function, through which you can present to meyourtranslation Contact: Email: Welcome tocontact usdirectly at any time. Notice!!!! If you use Android6.0 orabove ,Please set "trust this application". Operational Approach :OpenSettings-->Apps-->ApkShare-->Permissions-->Setindividualpermissions-->Trust this application. After thisoperate ,Restart Apkshare ! I will upload new version to supportthe newestandroid version as soon as possible.
Chrome Beta 78.0.3904.62
Google LLC
Welcome to Chrome Beta for Android! • Preview the latestfeatures:Try out the newest features. (Sometimes these may be alittle rougharound the edges.) • Give early feedback: Let us knowwhat youthink and help make Chrome for Android a better browser.You caninstall Chrome Beta alongside your current version of ChromeforAndroid.
Apk Installer / Apk Manager / Apk Share 1.4.1
Apk installer / Apk Manager / Apk Share / App Share is alightweihtfree apk installer, uninstaller, backup, restore andshare.APKInstaller / App Installer - the best app manager forAndroid. Theredesigned APK Installer makes it easier to manage yourAndroidApps.Apk Manager / App Manager can easily install,uninstall,share, copy and move your apk to other location.With ApkSharer /App Share you can directly share the installed app and apkonsdcard to others.Feature• Scan all APKs in SD card• InstallAPK•Unistall APK• Share the installed application to other uservia.Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, Gmail, Whats App, Facebook,QR-Code,Dropbox etc.• Backup Multiple APK files for future use andsharing•User can launch any installed application directly.• SearchAPK•Batch rename APK's filename• Batch Move APKs to directory•Searchand delete all duplicate APKs in one click• Show apk details:size,package, apk path.• Search in market• Search in website byapkname, package name, app name
AppLock 2.9.6
DoMobile Lab
Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacywithpassword, pattern, fingerprint lock. ★ #1 App lock in over50countries. ★ Over 400 Million users, supports 45 languages.☞AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger,Snapchat,Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming callsand anyapp you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guardprivacy.Ensure security. ☞ AppLock can hide pictures and videos.Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and onlyvisible inthe photo and video vault. Protect private memorieseasily. No pin,no way. ☞AppLock has random keyboard and invisiblepattern lock. Nomore worry people may peep the pin or pattern. Moresafe! ★ WithAppLock, you will: Never worry about parents check yourSnapchat,! Never worry about friends borrow your phone toplaygames with mobile data again! Never worry about a workmategetsyour phone to look the gallery again! Never worry aboutsomeonereads private data in your apps again! Never worry aboutkids messup Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again!---FAQ---1)How to change password? Open AppLock, Protect, UnlockSettings2)How to open hidden AppLock? Please update to the latestversionand then try the following four methods to open hiddenAppLock: 1.Gallery Open your Gallery, select a picture, click thesharebutton. Find "Open AppLock" and click it. 2. Widgets Longpress thehome screen, click Widgets. Find "Open AppLock" and dragit to thehome screen. 3. Dial pad Enter *#*#12345#*#* in your dialpad. 4.Browser Open any link in the browser: ① openapplock.com② 3)How to stop uninstalling AppLock?Pleaseenable Advanced Protection in Protect of AppLock, so nobodycanuninstall or kill AppLock without password. You candisableAdvanced Protection when you don't want it. 4)I forgot mypassword,How to find it? Update to the latest version first. Andthen tapAppLock icon, click the icon at top right corner of lockpage, tap'forgot password'. 1. Security answer: enter securityanswer, click'reset password'. 2. Security email: click 'send codeto securityemail', input reset code, click 'reset password'.---Features--- •Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprintlock. • Vault:hide pictures and videos • Well-designed Themes •Incognitobrowser: no history record • Private SNS: log in multipleaccounts• Intruder Selfie: take photos of invaders. •Customizedbackground, select a favorite picture • CustomizedProfiles: setdifferent locked app groups • Time Lock:auto-lock/unlock accordingto time • Location Lock: auto-lock/unlockaccording to location •Hide AppLock icon • Advanced Protection:prevent AppLock beingkilled by task killer • Random keyboard:prevent people peeping pincode • Force stopped cover • Lock switch(WiFi, Bluetooth, sync) •AppLock widget: enable/disable AppLockwith one tap • Quick lockswitch: Lock/unlock in notification bar •Lock incoming calls •Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids• Allow a briefexit: no need password, pattern, fingerprint againwithin set time• Prevent uninstalling apps • Low memory usage. •Power saving modeAppLock uses the Device Administrator permission.To enableAdvanced Protection, please activate AppLock as"deviceadministrator". It's only used for preventingintrudersuninstalling AppLock. AppLock uses Accessibility service.To enablePower saving mode, please allow Accessibility services.The serviceis only used to remind users with disabilities to unlockapps, andreduce battery usage. Please be assured that AppLock willnever usethese permissions to access your private data. Feel freeto sendyour feedback to us! Official SNSaccountFacebook: Website:
Play services update & info 1.0
With this app you can update Google Play services and fixerrorswhich are crashing your phone. With one click you can checkactualversion of Play services and update it by installing a newversionfrom official store.This app can be used to checkcurrentlyinstalled version of Google Play services and update themto thenewest one to avoid crashes and errors during the usage ofyourmobile phone!
CM Browser - Ad Blocker , Fast Download , Privacy
☆ Download: Easily downloadonlinevideos from plentiful websites.☆ Ad blocker: Block annoying pop-ups and ads, enjoy aclearand clean browsing experience.☆ Security: All-around protection! #1 antivirusengine(rated by AV-TEST)CM (Clean Master) Browser is a lightweight mobile browserwhichcan protect you from malicious threats and still give yourapidbrowsing speed. With the help of its video detection function,CMBrowser makes various online videos downloadable. With thisamazingfeature, you can download most of the video files youwant.Moreover, the Adblock function can clean annoying pop-ups,bannerads, video ads and give you a comfortablebrowsingexperience.Features:★ Smart DownloadThe smart detection function of CM Browser can automaticallydetectdownloadable videos while you browse through the web,allowing youto download and save online videos from almost everywebsite. Witha download icon at the address bar, CM Browser willinform theuser, whether there are online videos that the user candownload ornot. You do not have to worry about where to downloadthe onlinevideos. Video download will be very easy by using thesmartdownload function.(!!!Download at YouTube is not supported duetothe policy of google!!!)★ AdblockThe Ad blocker is a powerful tool integrated in CM Browser. WiththeAd block function, CM Browser can effectively block annoyingads,pop-ups, banners, as well as some specific Javascript, to giveyou acomfortable browsing experience. Furthermore, the Ad block ofCMBrowser can not only make the page loading speed faster, butalsoreduce the internet data usage for users.★ Malicious preventionWarns you when browsing potentially fraudulent ormaliciouswebsites. CM Browser will inform users before they clickon linkson websites that may lead to malware-infected pages. Asthesecurity browser will check a list of pages against CM’s listsofsuspected phishing, malware and unwanted software pages inrealtime.★ Download protectionScans apk file downloads for malware with a backgroundcheck,keeping your device secure. Once the download is finish,thebrowser will start a safety scanning for you. It will offereveryuser a comfortable browsing experience withall-aroundprotection.★ Incognito ModeBrowsing without leaving any history, cookies, cache etc.Incognitomode makes your browsing experience perfectly privateandsecret.★ No trace behindAll history data will be deleted automatically when you exittheapp. Want to go to some privacy sensitive websites but do notwantanyone else to know? CM Browser can clean your trace toprotectprivacy data from leaking out.★ Browsing speed accelerationPreload mechanism to speed up browsing.★ Speed dialNavigation websites make your surfing ease. Your can addwebsitesvia a recommend list or by input a customized url.★ Page TranslatorThe page Translator function offers more than 40 languages whichispowered by Google Translate. This function will make yourbrowsingsimple and easy while visiting foreign websites.★ Text search★ Font size adjustment★ Personalized bookmarks★ Card tabs for multi-tab control★ Search engine switch--**Join us to build your dream browser together! Beta communityonGoogle+:, join now!--Other apps from us on the Play Store:Clean Master Security:​TOS Privacy: Choice:
Quick Video Recorder is a camera app which helps you record videobyone click easily with the option to enable/disable camerashuttersounds and camera previews. Useful functions includecontinuousrecording when your screen is off, scheduled recording,an easy touse one-click Video Recorder shortcut/widget &support formultiple languages. [Note] + On Android 6.0 Marshmallowpleaseselect “allow all permissions” + Beta versionhere[FQA]Q: Why does recording stop when a video file size reached 4GB(about30 minutes)? A: The default, Android system will stop arecordingwhen a file size reached 4GB or duration is 30 minutes.You canenable "Limit time and Repeat recording" feature to try.You shouldset max time is 30 minutes or shorter(the best choice istheduration of video on your device when a video file reached 4GB)toavoid crash file. Or if you are saving file on SD Card youshouldformat SD Card is exFAT instead of FAT so the app can recordvideolong time (more 30 minutes). [Main Features] + Supportsmultiplelanguages (English, Czech, French, Brazilian Portuguese,Italian,Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese,Arabic,Turkish, Dutch, Polish) + Trim videos after you record them+Enable/disable preview views + Enable/disable shutter sounds+Supports “Night mode” + Supports auto white balancing withmultipleadvanced options + Schedule your camera to record video atspecifictimes + Supports widget icon changes + Supports back andfrontcameras + Supports Dash Camera mode + Easy storage locationoption+ Unlimited video duration. Easily set the time duration youwantto record + Supports “auto stop recording” when device storageislow + Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p,480p...)+ Secure well-coded app + Beautiful material design GUI[UserGuide] + Click the pink floating button in the app or clicktheVideo Recorder shortcut/widget to start and stop recording.QuickVideo Recorder is a free app. Simply install, set it up andenjoy!.If you like the app please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ & giveit asmashing review. I would highly appreciate it! [NOTE] + Toappworks best if you update to google play services 9.0 Helpmetranslate into yourlanguage our translators: Čabrádek Jiří - Czech Arthur Souza -Portugueseof Brasil Jonathan Jon - French mattiavolpe - ItalianMiguel AngelCarrasco Bacab, tgarrido67 - Spanish Dukenukemf,Пилифф Пупкин -Russian Peyam Maroufi - Swedish RaphaelKoppensteiner - German ChrisWang, 2wcheng1314 - Simplified ChineseNikola Assad - Arabic CuneytO. - Turkish Peterbastiaan - DutchŁukasz Wysocki - Polish Shadow -Hebrew Many users - Greek Manyusers - Catalan My fan page here:
Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster
Virus Cleaner (Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock&Booster) is one of the 🏆TOP rated (4.7★★★★★) free antivirusandsecurity applications for Android phone, enjoyedby 100million users worldwide. 

 Virus Cleaner 'sKeyFeatures 

 Antivirus - Professional securityprotectionwith virus scan and clean Super Cleaner - Remove alljunk andcache files effectively 
 Phone Booster -Significantlyboost your device to get it running faster andsmoother 
 CPUCooler - Optimize CPU usage and shut downoverheating apps tocool down CPU temperature
 File Scan - Scanboth the internaland SD card  
App Lock - Protectsensitive apps withwell-designed themes
 NotificationCleaner - Manage andorganize notifications
 WiFiSecurity - Test your WiFi speedand protect online safety
 SafeBrowsing - 24/7 onlinesecurity protection  

VirusCleaner 's function details

Powerful Antivirus Protection - Virusscanner and remover forandroid
 Virus Cleaner is powered by Avast -the highly productiveanti virus engine - protecting your phone fromransomware,extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans. Throughourofficial partnership with Avast, Virus Cleaner is able to offeraworld-class antivirus protection service globally. 

Itisusefu l
antivirus cleaner for android phone. Super Clean –JunkCleaner & Cache File Cleaner 
Clean app cache,residualfiles, ad junk, unused package and memorycache. 
Efficientlyremove the junk files that occupy yourmemory and storage space.Clean up all junk files with one-tap, freeup more space and boostphone speed.

 Phone Speed Booster -Accelerate & BoostPhone  
Boost your mobile to get itrunning faster andsmoother. Efficiently utilize your phone's memoryand speed up yourdevices. Just with one tap on the “booster”button, your phoneperformance will get fully improved. 
App Lock -Smart App Lockwith Stylish lock Themes 
 With Virus Cleaner 'sApp Lock, youcan add extra password to protect sensitive apps. Lockyour privateapps by using fingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep yoursecret safefrom snoopers. 

 Notification Cleaner -Notification &Message Control Centre  
Manage and organizenotificationseffectively, significantly reduce disturbance tousers, creating asmooth, clean and fast mobile experience. 

CPU Cooler - CoolDown Temperature 
 Detect and close apps thatcauseoverheating. Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detecthighresource-consuming apps and start cooling progress,effectivelyreduce the temperature of your device.

 WiFi Speed TestandSecurity 
 Virus Cleaner can also protect youronlinesecurity. Test WiFi speed, detect WiFi security and protectyourdata from being hacked. 

 Scheduled Virus Scan 
-Cleaner and Booster For Android Phone Automatically scan yourphonedaily, weekly or monthly by your settings.

 Deep Scan -Scanningand Examining Files 
 Scanning both the internaldevicestorage and SD cards. Thoroughly exterminate viruses andthreatsfrom your mobile phone. 

 Safe Browsing - ForReal-TimeOnline Protection 
 Block malicious URLs and protectyourselfagainst phishing websites with instant warningnotifications.

Wish Virus Cleaner can help you a lot.
Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows 3.7.9
Connect your phone and PC to get instant access to yourphone'snotifications, texts, and photos. Install Your PhoneCompanion andlink it with the Your Phone app on your PC to getstarted. You loveyour phone. So does your PC. With Your PhoneCompanion you caneasily sync your Android phone with your Windows10 PC. Get instantaccess to everything you love on your phone,right on your PC.Reply to your text messages with ease, stopemailing yourselfphotos, and receive your phone's notifications onyour PC's biggerscreen. Your Phone Companion features: Connect yourphone and PC •Receive and manage your Android phone's notificationson your PC •Read and reply to your text messages from your PC •Photos taken onyour phone are instantly available on your PCDiscover newMicrosoft apps • Find phone and PC apps that help youseamlesslywork across devices • Discover apps by Microsoft incategories suchas Productivity, Education, News and more You mustlink yourAndroid phone to your PC in Windows Settings or throughYour Phoneapp. Requires Android 7.0 or later. By installing thisapp, youagree to the Terms ofUse and PrivacyPolicy Tell uswhatfeatures you'd like to see next by selecting "Send feedback"insettings in Your Phone or Your Phone Companion.
Gallery 3.10
SB studio
Gallery - Phone Storage App Beautiful 3D gallery withlatestgraphics instead of old one. Use special gallery colorgallery appfor photos, hot videos, movie collections gallery is smart gallery, format galleries, collectionGallery withthis android gallery google play store Arrange order ofgalleryitems based on your selection. QuickPic gallery collectionfor fastuser interface. Gallery download free app is thewell-designedgallery replacement for the built-in phone gallery appfor tami a1.Special animated gallery look. Smart Gallery PhotoViewer, GalleryVideo Viewer. Enjoy with unlimited gallery video andimages forshow your friends and others. Gallery for SD card androidphone appSpecial Gallery collections of your smart phone. You canshare yourpictures to social networks like Facebook, whatsapp,twitter etc.Configurable thumbnail size/colors photo. gallery formo g4automatically backed organized. Its great galleria,photographygalleries, dato, sb & photo album app for yourmobile. it isthe gallery pro app. it is the gallery new version2019 Phone .beautiful hot collection of gallery of smart phone, itschangingmarshmallow gallery, lollipop gallery, gallery for Nougat,galleryfor Orea and have new one below class features. gallery formo g5plus Animated Effects with photo, My Roll Gallery effects onphoto.important gallery backup is necessary for phone. KeyFeaturesSpecial Features - Create an photo albums in gallery pro. -CreateAlbums and choose best photos of yours into secret folder. -SelfieCamera photo albums gallery hd. - Crop photo view. - galleryyouvideo and pics - Custom Effects on photo & background. -Slideshow animation with unlimited photo pics of secret gallery forminie4 plus. - Set as Wallpaper. - Open photo with preferable apps.-Use as photo app inbuild function. - Show photo details. -gallery3d can Change Theme color from setting. - Beauty CameraEffects onfavorite gallery images. - Create effects like photofilter effectsbased on device. - gallery mot app Multi selection ofmove &copy paste files. - Customize Background Color. - galleryable toselect image from outside gallery. - rotate image. - galleryzoom -gallery calculator for photos and videos. - open gallerycameraapp. - gallery editors choice free app 1) Video Player WithGalleryapps - Supported all video formats and you can say like flvvideoplayer, mp4 video player, avi video player etc. - BestGalleryvideo player. - Easy to handle any videos. - HD video Playerwithbeautiful looks. - Smooth gallery user interface. 2) Photos -ableto show unlimited video grid. - zoom in and zoom out photofilters.- Edit or rename as default gallery photo. - Rotatephotobackgrounds. - Share to social networks from gallery. - SortbyOption. Sort by Name, Sorting by Date, Size wiseSorting,Ascending/Descending Sorting photo grid. - Fast refreshgallerycollections. - Professional gallery looks. 3) Gallery Lock-Gallery Lock for security. - Go to Setting & Create PINalongwith security question. - Make you photos and videoscollectionsprivate by using lock for gallery. - Lock seems likeuser can hideprivate photos like girl friend photos, hot photos,naughty photos,dirty photos, secret photos. so 'Gallery' app is thestrictlyconfidential, top secret, hidden application. - CreateSecurityquestion and use it if forgot password. - Modern galleryapp lock.- Gallery Photo Vault Added: Hide Media now. - You need tocreateSecurity Question & Password for Vault fromSetting/VaultButton. Note:Security Question & Password are bothseparate forVault & Gallery Application Lock Note : SD cardoperationsupported from lollipop and above android versions. Tags :Gallery2019, Gallery pro, Gallery lock, Gallery vault, Galleryprivate,Foto Gallery
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Google LLC
Gboard has everything you love about Google Keyboard—speedandreliability, Glide Typing, voice typing, and more—plusGoogleSearch built in. No more app switching; just search andshare,right from your keyboard. Glide Typing — Type faster byslidingyour finger from letter to letter Voice typing — Easilydictatetext on the go Handwriting — Write in cursive and printedlettersSearch and share — Press the G to search and share anythingfromGoogle Emoji Search — Find that emoji, faster GIFs — Searchandshare GIFs for the perfect reaction. Multilingual typing — Nomoreswitching between languages manually. Gboard will autocorrectandsuggest from any of your enabled languages. Google Translate—Translate as you type in the keyboard Hundreds oflanguagevarieties, including: Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic,Assamese,Azerbaijani, Bavarian, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Burmese,Cebuano,Chhattisgarhi, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, andothers),Chittagonian, Czech, Deccan, Dutch, English, Filipino,French,German, Greek, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Igbo, Indonesian,Italian,Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish,Magahi,Maithili, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Northern Sotho,Odia,Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian,Russian,Saraiki, Sindhi, Sinhala, Somali, Southern Sotho,Spanish,Sundanese, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tswana,Turkish,Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu,and manymore! Visit for the full list oflanguagessupported Pro tips: • Gesture cursor control: Slide yourfingeracross the space bar to move the cursor • Gesture delete:Slideleft from the delete key to quickly delete multiple words •Makethe number row always available (enable in Settings →Preferences →Number Row) • Symbols hints: Show quick hints on yourkeys toaccess symbols with a long press (enable in Settings →Preferences→ Long press for symbols) • One handed mode: On largescreenphones, pin keyboard to the left or the right of the screen•Themes: Choose your own theme, with or without key borders
App Backup & Restore - Easiest backup tool 1.5.9
Apex Apps
✰✰ Sponsored & Authorized by Apex Apps ✰✰ Best AppBackupRestore Tool - Backup your apps to SD card or RAM or clouddrive.FREE UP your device storage! Faster & Smaller. Super ApkBackupRestore Tool - Simple Transfer : Apk Extractor & ApkEditor& Apk Installer & Apk sharer ! App Backup &Restore isa Small, Simple, Easy backup tool developed by Trust Lab,who aimsto develop useful Tool & Productivity apps for Androiddevices.What can you do with App Backup & Restore? - BulkBack-up &Restore apps that are not used frequently to save morespace .It isa appsaver and APK backup assistant. - Auto Back-up& Restoremulti-versions to avoid unnecessary or dissatisfiedupdates. -Batch Back-up & receive & Restore your apps toenhance datasecurity. - Customize Back-up & Restore apps tocreate your ownlocal appstore and transfer & share apps toothers. Highlightsof App Backup & Restore ◈ Apk Extractor -Extract &Retrieve apk files and export as duplicates. ◈ ApkEditor -Downgrade app versions if you dislike updated ones. ◈ ApkInstaller- Receive & Restore & Recover apks after factorresettingor in a new device. ◈ Apk Assistant - Create your ownlocalPlaystore by backing app up. ◈ Apk List Refresher - Autorefreshyou app list. ◈ Apk Sharer - Migrate & Send apps todifferentdevices. Receive apps from other devices while traffic islimitedor the network is not in good condition. Features · BackupRestoreto Local by default · Easy Backup & Restore to externalSD card· Super Backup & Restore to Cloud drive · Simple Backup&Restore to Cloud drive to keep multiple version · Scan apk&files on your device · Auto backing app up with notifications·Easy Backup apps without closing them · Show & Backup&Restore system apps · Schedule auto backup · Auto Listrefresher ·Show backups’ size & time & version & name ·Protectbackup & restore against deletion · Bulk & Batchbackuprestore, send receive, upload download · Upload &Download appsto at Google Drive, Dropbox, etc · Send & Share& Receivebackups through Email or other channels · Overwrite& Downgrade& Backup old versions · Manage apps byinstalled/archived ·Sort installed & archived by name, date,size · Show Local& SD card storage usage · Hypershell speed ·Cache Cleaner& App List Refresh Manager · Scan virus/malwarefor mobilesecurity · Touch & Hold apps to check details · Sharemarketlinks and see detailed information about the app · Searchapps inPlaystore · Options to change daily schedule, disableautomaticschedule. · Types of app & apk supported includingGame, Tool,Social Media etc. · App Restore & PhoneRecovery,Samsung/Xiaomi/Lenovo/Motorola backup supported Notice: 1-AppBackup & Restore CANNOT backup/restore data or settingsofapps, it only backup/restore apk files. 2- App Backup &Restoreis a APK, Game Extractor that can only restore apk filesthat havebeen backed up BEFORE. 3- If you want to auto backup apps,pleaseopen our app before updating apps. 4- Please backup apps toSD cardor cloud before factor resetting, or backups will be removeddue tosystem restriction. 5- For some devices, our app backup toolcannotsupport SAF permission so it cannot switch to SD card. Pleasetrywith Backup Restore - Apk Extractor. Requested Permissions: -READSD CARD to modify or delete the contents of your SD card -READPHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY to enable auto backup Like usonFacebook: Join our Google+Community: Contact us:
WPS Office (BETA) 12.1.3
In order to provide better products and services, we changedthename of "Kingsoft Office" application to "WPS Office (BETA) ".【WPSOffice (BETA)】 Unlike the official version of WPS Office, theBETAversion means: Preview the latest features: Try out thenewestfeatures. Give early feedback: Let us know what you think andhelpWPS Office better 【Important】 If you need more stability,moresupport for multiple languages, and more support fortablets,please install the final version WPS Office , you candownloadithere:
Google LLC
Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices •Safelyback up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud •Accessthe contacts in your Google Account from any device Keepyourcontacts organized and up to date • View your contacts byaccount(e.g., work vs. personal) • Easily add contacts and editinformationlike phone numbers, emails, and photos • Getsuggestions for addingnew contacts, cleaning up duplicates, andmore Contacts is currentlyonly supported on devices runningAndroid Marshmallow and above
Lock 1.1.0
It is an ultra small app for locking screen. No ads init!Note:1.Ifyou want to uninstall, first deactivate the proceduresin "Settings-> Security -> Device Manager", then uninstallit.2.The appis currently not suitable for use with "FingerprintUnlock".3.Thisapplication uses the administrator's privilege of theterminal
Antivirus & Mobile Security 3.1.0
TrustGo Team
TrustGo is a free professional antivirus application. Itfeaturesthe most powerful virus scan engine, allowing you toquickly findmalicious apps carrying viruses or stealing privatedata on yourmobile devices. TrustGo can also fully protect yourdevice fromsystem vulnerabilities and privacy risks. It is alsospeciallydesigned with extras like Data Backup, to back up yourlocal datain just one second, App Manager, to easily uninstall appsyou don’tuse often, and Privacy Advisor, to help you fullyunderstandprivacy permission usage on your device.TrustGo is acompletelyfree professional antivirus application, which uses themostpowerful virus detection engine. It boasts a 100% virussampledetection rate, using an engine independently developed basedonbig data processing. This application is an 8-time champion oftheAV-TEST evaluation, having received full marks each time. ★NoImage mode–save mobile data and reduce page load★ BlockmaliciousURLs and protect yourself against phishing websites withinstantwarning notifications.TrustGo Antivirus & SecurityImportantFeatures:★ AppLockThe only AppLock that does not haveanadvertisement.With AppLock, you can add an extrapasswordprotection to sensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Message,WhatsApp,Snapchat, Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Avast, McAfee. Lockyour privateapps by using pattern or PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.★ App ScanFully scans every app to prevent virusandTrojan and protect your privacy.Scan pre-installed andinstalledapps and the file system to keep your phone safe fromvirus.Scanfor viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans - with latestantivirusdatabase★ Full ScanPerforms a deep scan of the system tofindhidden viruses.★Payment protectionHelp finds out unofficialapps,so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Deepscanpayment environment,Discover viruses andvulnerabilities,Protectpayment security。The Payment protectionfeature can easily protectAmazon Shopping,PayPal,Androidpay,Alipay,Airbnb,booking,Facebook,Whatsapp and any apps &games you choose.★ DataBackupCompletely free backup and recoveryfeature that supportsone-key backup and restoration of contacts,SMS, and call history.★Privacy AdvisorAllows you to easily viewprivacy-related apps toidentify and prevent risks.Our securitysolution helps you toprotect privacy and defends you againstidentity theft. You canhide your contacts, phone calls and SMStexts from prying eyes,protect your vulnerable personal informationand control whatothers can see if they pick up your device★ AppManagerHelps youmore easily uninstall apps which are not frequentlyused to keepyour phone clean.★ Find Phone | Anti-TheftThe best"FREE" find myphone tool.This protection tool allows you to turn onan alarm onthe device remotely, lock and locate your phone, wipepersonalinformation (messages, photos, and videos) and take amugshot ofthe person currently using your device in the case oftheft orloss.★ System ManagerDisplays your device’s real-timebattery andmemory use, in order to save power and make your phoneeasy touse.Memory-hungry apps running in the background will slowdownyour phone, Super Cleaner can help you find the culprits, stopthemto reduce memory usage and boost your phone’s performance.Inaddition, you can create an 1-tap boost icon on your homescreen,so you just need one tap to boost your phone. Speeding upyourphone has never been easier.★ Supported LanguageDeutsch,Español,English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil,Pусский, Türk,Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, TiếngViệt, 日本語, 한국어,中文(简体), 中文(繁體)Contact Us:Email:trustgocs@gmail.comFacebook:
WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Inc.
WhatsApp from Facebook WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messagingappavailable for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp usesyourphone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, asavailable)to let you message and call friends and family. Switchfrom SMS toWhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos,videos,documents, and Voice Messages. WHY USE WHATSAPP: • NOFEES:WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGEorWi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friendsandfamily, so you don't have to pay for every message or call.*Thereare no subscription fees to use WhatsApp. • MULTIMEDIA: Sendandreceive photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages. •FREECALLS: Call your friends and family for free with WhatsAppCalling,even if they're in another country.* WhatsApp calls useyourphone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan'svoiceminutes. (Note: Data charges may apply. Contact your providerfordetails. Also, you can't access 911 and other emergencyservicenumbers through WhatsApp). • GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chatswithyour contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friendsorfamily. • WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receiveWhatsAppmessages right from your computer's browser. • NOINTERNATIONALCHARGES: There's no extra charge to send WhatsAppmessagesinternationally. Chat with your friends around the worldand avoidinternational SMS charges.* • SAY NO TO USERNAMES ANDPINS: Whybother having to remember yet another username or PIN?WhatsAppworks with your phone number, just like SMS, andintegratesseamlessly with your phone's existing address book. •ALWAYS LOGGEDIN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in so youdon't missmessages. No more confusion about whether you're loggedin orlogged out. • QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your addressbookis used to quickly and easily connect you with your contactswhohave WhatsApp so there's no need to add hard-to-rememberusernames.• OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notificationsor turn offyour phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messagesuntil the nexttime you use the app. • AND MUCH MORE: Share yourlocation,exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notificationsounds,email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contactsatonce, and more! *Data charges may apply. Contact your providerfordetails.---------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you! If you have anyfeedback,questions, or concerns, please email or follow us ontwitter:
Google LLC
Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets.Seewhat the world is watching -- from the hottest music videostowhat’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more.Subscribeto channels you love, share with friends, and watch on anydevice.With a new design, you can have fun exploring videos youlove moreeasily and quickly than before. Just tap an icon or swipeto switchbetween recommended videos, your subscriptions, or youraccount.You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, createplaylists,edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments orshares,cast a video to your TV, and more – all from inside the app.FINDVIDEOS YOU LOVE FAST • Browse personal recommendations on theHometab • See the latest from your favorite channels ontheSubscriptions tab • Look up videos you’ve watched and liked ontheAccount tab CONNECT AND SHARE • Let people know how you feelwithlikes, comments, and shares • Upload and edit your own videoswithfilters and music – all inside the app
Super VPN - Best Free Proxy 6.6
SuperVPN Inc
SuperVPN - Forever FREE VPN ■ Features: - Unlimited time,Unlimiteddata, Unlimited Bandwidth - No credit cards required -Noregistration or login required - No Log is saved from any users-Simple, easy to use, one tap connect to VPN - Select locations-Protect your security and privacy - Provide global VPNserversnetwork(USA, UK, Japan, Singapore,Germany,Australia,France,Netherlands,Canada, India, etc) ■ What canI dowith a VPN? - Provide privacy by hiding your internet activityfromyour ISP - Protect you against hackers or online trackerswhenusing a open WiFi hotspot - Break out of a restrictive networkatwork or school - Access full Netflix and streaming contentfromoutside the USA - Change your IP address - Unblock or Bypassallblocked websites Note: Please don't use download, any P2P willgetaccount blocked!
Service Report 6.07
Simão Lúcio
A fast and functional tool for Jehovah’s Witnesses, JW, torecordand report the time spent in the field ministry. It'sdesigned tobe the more simple and user-friendly possible. Theinstallationfile is only 630 kb (once installed, the app sizedepends ondevice), preventing eat up space or drain your battery.Light andfast, the application offers all the essential features: •sendreport via SMS, email or third party app like whatsapp • useastopwatch • set monthly or yearly goals for pioneers • LDCtime(available in the settings) • automatically count the exactnumberof bible studies • round (up or down) the hours at the end ofmonth• works totally offline, no internet connection neededCurrently,the app is available in 25 languages. I want to thank allthefriendly brothers that contributed for the app or forthetranslation. And I especially thank Jehovah that qualify meforthis work. If someone wants to improve a translation, pleaseemailme. *********** About permissions:-android.permission.READ_CONTACTS This permission is only usedforsetting the email or sms receiver for sending report .-android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE This permissionallowsdata backup. JW.
ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus
ESET Mobile Security is a fast and powerful antivirusandantimalware application protecting your Android smartphoneortablet. Join millions of users around the world and takeadvantageof PREMIUM features including an intuitive andeasy-to-useinterface, Proactive Anti-Theft and Anti-Phishing. Afterdownload,you will automatically get 30 days for FREE to try out allthe coolPREMIUM features and to experience what having a fearlessAndroidexperience means. Afterwards, you can decide to continuewithPREMIUM’s enhanced features, or keep the basic FREE version.Enjoysafer technology without thinking about ransomware,adware,phishing other malware while checking your emails,downloadingfiles or simply browsing the web. TAKE ADVANTAGE OFTHESE FREEFEATURES ✓ See something suspicious? Run the scan formalware. ✓Afraid the website you are visiting isn’t safe? Noworries,Anti-phishing will cover your back. ✓ How am I protected?Checkdetailed security report. SUBSCRIBE NOW TO GET THESEPREMIUMFEATURES ✪ Concerned about security of your home network?UseConnected Home to scan the network and all connected devicestoidentify potential vulnerabilities. ✪ Lost your phone withthebattery depleted? Proactive Anti-Theft sends last locationwhenyour device is low on power – maybe it is a good start to findyourdevice. ✪ Worried that your kids, family or colleagues messwithyour sensitive data? Easily protect access to any app with PINorfingerprint. ✪ Just installed an app and you are not sure aboutitspermissions? Check them now using Security Audit. ✪ Want toscanyour device regularly? Chose from many different scenarios andscanit when you plug-in your charger, or schedule it for any day&time. ✪ Pay once, use it on up to 5 devices connected to thesameGoogle Account. ✪ Use any device to access my.eset.comwebinterface and get its location, take pictures from bothcameras,show a message, or remotely wipe all sensitive data. JOINOUR BETATESTING COMMUNITY Get your hands on the latest versions ofESETMobile Security and help us shape the future of our Androidapps byfollowing thislink: ✓This app uses the Device Administrator permission.This permissionallows you to remotely wipe your device in case itis lost orstolen. ✓ This app uses Accessibility services. App usesthepermission to Anonymously protect you against phishing websites.Find more information about the permissions requested byESETMobile Security here: you install ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus, youwillbecome part of our community, enabling you to send inyourfeedback. If you have any suggestions, questions or just wanttosay hello, please send an e-mail to
Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen) 2.4.4
***** Features ***** - Turn screen off and lock yourdevice/lockscreen without power button. - Works with fingerprintsensor andSmart Lock (bluetooth, trusted devices, trusted face,trustedlocation, on-body detection...). - You can turn screenofffromnotification panel and notification won't show in lockscreen.-There are many icon types and you can adjust icon size to fityourlauncher. - You can even provide your own icon if you don'tlikedefault icons. - Support Widget at home screen or lock screen.-Adaptive icon on Android 8 onwards. - Turn screen off andlockIMMEDIATELY and can still be able to unlock with fingerprintwhenusing Android 9 onwards. ***** NOTE ***** - If you usefingerprintsensor, please tick I do use fingerprint sensor at Step2. -Because this app uses admin privilege to lock screen so youcan'tuninstall it the normal way. Please go to Settings page,tapUninstall button to remove admin privilege and uninstall it.*****PERMISSION ***** This app uses the Device Administratorpermissionon some devices to turn screen off and lock screen. Forsome otherdevices this app requires Accessibility permission toturn screenoff and lock screen as pressing power button. You needto grantasked permission in order to use this app with fullfunctionality.***** Feedback and bug report please *****
Gallery is an excellent, feature-rich app for organizingyourphotos. Password-protect your photos, organize them, displaythemslide-show style, share photos via email or social networks. itissmart gallery, format galleries, collection Gallery withthisandroid Gallery. Its pixel gallery, gallery no ads &smartfotos app. Its great galleria, photography galleries, quickphoto,dato, sb & photo album app for your mobile. it is thegallerypro app. Default Gallery is used hiding beautifullyphotograph.This is offline gallery app. open gallery & my rollphotos.This is the photos gallery doctor. Gallery app provide photobackupusing photo bucket in drives. Photos spaces app. Gallery isreally"Great FOTO Gallery" app. We bring you the best in classfeaturesto edit, add special effects, and stickers. Gallery makessharingpictures a pleasure while viewing slide shows with commentsfromfriends and family. Spend less time managing and more timeenjoyingpictures. With HD Gallery you will be able to displayimages tofill your entire screen. ■ Event Album : Create andorganizealbums, and choose your preferred design With "Gallery",you canfreely create albums, and add photos and videos. ■ Originaldatawon't be modified. With "Gallery"(Photos), when you importphotosor videos from the Camera Roll, it saves the original,unmodifieddata. ■ Secure data set up The photos and movies takenfrom yourcamera roll are saved using original data. Time stamp andlocationinformation included in Exif data along with the originalfile nameare available. In addition, data imported into the appwill beautomatically backed up online using Google Cloud! ■ PinProtection: There is a section in gallery for private photos whichis numericpin protected. user can hide private photos like girlfriendphotos, hot photos, naughty photos, dirty photos, secretphotos. so'Gallery' app is the strictly confidential, top secret,hiddenapplication. ■ "Gallery Lock" hide pictures and videos andGalleryVault is gallery locker that is absolutely neededforprotection of personal privacy of gallery lockappsdownload. Gallery Vault can hide its app images andkeepyour privacy absolutely safe. Hide Picture and Hide Videoappto protect your privacy in hidden Gallery! ■ Gallery Prosmoothuser experience is optimized for large screens and multiplefingergestures work like work gallery as fasterefficiencyslideshow. ■ Photo viewer & photo slideshow effectslikeDefault, Alpha, Rotate, 3D, Cube, Flip, Accordion, ZoomFade,Fade,ZoomCenter, ZoomStack, Stack, Depth, Zoom, InRightDown,InRightUp,SlowBackground ■ Photo Slide Show : Turn your AndroidPhone into aslide show viewer that automatically rotates throughall thepictures within a gallery. You can change the intervaltiming,sequencing, and how the image is displayed (fill screen oruniform)in Galleries settings. Photo Editor - Rotate, Crop,Effects,Brightness etc Online Backup - Google Cloud upload &sharePhotos, Videos - Import from Camera Roll - Save to Camera Roll-Move to different Album - Copy to different Album - Notes, Tags-Search - Slideshow - Send by email - Message support - PostonFacebook - Post on Twitter - Post on Flickr Albums Set -Createalbum in album Albums - Create, edit or delete - Customizelistingorder - Grouping albums by album set This is the Fast, lightandmodern gallery with special animated gallery looks for Galerie is also called as "Quick Gallery". Download thisFreePhotos(Galerie Alben) android app & enjoy it! Tags :GalleryPro, Gallery Lock, Gallery Vault, Gallery Private, PhotoAdda,gallery doctor, my roll, download free gallery, galery,potos,images, smart gallery, gallery no ads, X gallery
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google LLC
Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, and secure webbrowser.Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized newsarticles,quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and GoogleSearchand Google Translate built-in. Download now to enjoy thesameChrome web browser experience you love across all yourdevices.Browse fast and type less. Choose from personalized searchresultsthat instantly appear as you type and quickly browsepreviouslyvisited web pages. Fill in forms quickly with Autofill.IncognitoBrowsing. Use Incognito mode to browse the internetwithout savingyour history. Browse privately across all yourdevices. Sync ChromeAcross Devices. When you sign into Chrome, yourbookmarks,passwords, and settings will be automatically syncedacross allyour devices. You can seamlessly access all yourinformation fromyour phone, tablet, or laptop. All your favoritecontent, one tapaway. Chrome is not just fast for Google Search,but designed soyou are one tap away from all your favorite content.You can tap onyour favorite news sites or social media directlyfrom the new tabpage. Chrome also has the “Tap to Search”- featureon mostwebpages. You can tap on any word or phrase to start aGooglesearch while still in the page you are enjoying. Protect yourphonewith Google Safe Browsing. Chrome has Google SafeBrowsingbuilt-in. It keeps your phone safe by showing warnings toyou whenyou attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or downloaddangerousfiles. Fast downloads and view web pages and videosoffline Chromehas a dedicated download button, so you can easilydownload videos,pictures, and entire webpages with just one tap.Chrome also hasdownloads home right inside Chrome, where you canaccess all thecontent you downloaded, even when you are offline.Google VoiceSearch. Chrome gives you an actual web browser you cantalk to. Useyour voice to find answers on-the-go without typing andgo handsfree. You can browse and navigate quicker using yourvoiceanywhere, anytime. Google Translate built-in: Quicklytranslateentire web pages. Chrome has Google Translate built in tohelp youto translate entire web to your own language with one tap.Use lessmobile data and speed up the web. Turn on Lite mode and useup to60% less data. Chrome can compress text, images, videos,andwebsites without lowering the quality. Smartpersonalizedrecommendations. Chrome creates an experience that istailored toyour interests. On the new tab page, you will findarticles thatChrome selected based on your previous browsinghistory.