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Daff Moon Phase 2.98.6
This application displays current Moon phase, Moon phases foranymonth and other real-time information about the Moon, the Sunandall other major planets. Main features: ★ Current phase and ageofthe Moon; ★ Node passages of the Moon; ★ Moon phases calendarandRise/Set calendar for any month; ★ Full Information aboutLunarEclipses & Solar Eclipses with visualization; ★Day-length,Rise and Set times, Zodiac signs, Transit times,Altitude andAzimuth of the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars,Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto; ★ Moon, Sun and all majorplanetspositions on the interactive sky sphere; ★ Solstices andEquinoxes;★ Supermoon calendar for any year; ★ Orbits of theplanets; ★Information about golden and blue hours for each day; ★7Homescreen widgets; ★ Possibility to set up notificationsaboutcertain upcoming events (sunrise, Fullmoon, etc). In additiontostatic data you can see positions of Moon, Sun and eightmajorplanets on the simple sky sphere! The Moon phase image isdrawnwith high accuracy for any date and time. All data iscalculatedbased on user's location (geographic coordinates) and aspecifiedpoint in time. This App is absolutely free and contains noads. Ifyou like it, please, don't forget to rate it! Donations arealwayswelcome and appreciated! If you find bugs or have any ideasandsuggestions how to improve this application, please, send amessageto and I'll do my best to make it better!
Solar Eclipse Timer 3.04
The Solar Eclipse Timer app was developed by me, an experteclipsechaser, to help people get the most enjoyment out ofobserving andphotographing a total solar eclipse. #1 ECLIPSE TIMINGAPP It wasthe #1 eclipse timing app used during the 2017 totalsolar eclipsethat crossed the United States. It was then usedsuccessfully inChile and Argentina during the 2019 solar eclipse.It was featuredin Sky and Telescope Magazine in 2002, 2003 and2017. Fred Espenak,Mr. Eclipse, used the app in 2017 and herecommended it on hisblog. It’s been used by Destin Sandlin of theYouTube channelSmarter Every Day for his two eclipses, 2017 and2019, and herecommends the app. From, Elizabeth Howell,gave it apositive review. Over 630 positive comments were postedafter the2017 eclipse. The unique feature of the app is that itwillautomatically calculate your exact contact times when you areatyour final observing position. Then, I become your personaleclipseastronomer, because though the app I will talk you throughtheeclipse! It is so easy to use! Basically a “Two Tap Setup”.Getinto the path; 1 Tap to Geolocate. 2. Tap to Load theContactTimes. That’s it! You are now timing the eclipse! FREEDOWNLOAD Theapp is a FREE download to try it out. It then hasin-app purchasesto BUY the eclipse data set that you want to time.It is ready for2020, 2021, 2023 and 2024. The FREE download allowsyou to playwith the app, see its features and realize its benefitsfor you onEclipse Day. Watch a built-in app tutorial that explainsall of thefunctions of the app. WORKS IN REMOTE LOCATIONS SolarEclipse Timerwill work anywhere. The app does its calculationsinternally. Itdoes not require cell service or an internetconnection to work. Itonly requires a GPS signal, or manuallyentering GPS coordinatesfor the calculations to occur. OTHERBENEFITS AND FEATURES EclipseEducation - When you use Solar EclipseTimer, it is one part of mythree-part program of eclipse educationand preparation. This appis coordinated with my Solar Eclipse TimerYouTube channel and mySolar Eclipse Timer website. There is noother place in the worldto get such a comprehensive eclipsepreparation package! It’s likehaving me as your person solareclipse coach. Partial EclipseTiming Mode - It can also time theeclipse as a partial eclipse ifyou are not in the path of totality.It displays your maximumpercent coverage and then continuouslydisplays the progress of theeclipse. The announcements are alteredto be appropriate for yourmaximum eclipse percentage. ExtensiveHelp File – The Help File isa comprehensive guide not only to usingthe app but to learningabout eclipses. Within the help file textare external hyperlinksto my YouTube channel videos about eclipsesubjects. There are over3 hours of custom eclipse video contentincluding some of myoriginal research on my YouTube channel. ThisApp Is Ad Free!ALWAYS USE EYE PROTECTION DURING THE PARTIAL PHASESOF A SOLARECLIPSE! OR EVEN WHEN IT IS BRIGHT! NOT DOING SO CANCAUSE EYEDAMAGE! We are NOT liable for misuse of the app causinginaccuratetiming or the lack of eye safety precautions during theobservationof a solar eclipse. The "glasses off" and "glasses on"statementsare a guide based on the calculated contact times. Thetiming canbe affected by your phone's clock and the shape of theshadow dueto the edge of the lunar limb. Lunar limb adjustmenttimes forevery point on the path are available on the internet. Youareresponsible for the timing so use the Adjust buttons asnecessary.Glasses should be ON if it's bright!
2017 Solar Eclipse Theme: Quality Live Wallpaper 1.0.2
Theme King
Looking for the best places to view Solar Eclipse? Download theFullSolar Eclipse HD Wallpaper to your phone and you will find it!DONOT MISS 2017 Solar Eclipse Live Wallpaper!! Install SolarEclipsetheme and enjoy the incredible perfect quality wallpapersRIGHT NOWAmazing 2017 Solar Eclipse is coming. We already designtheINCREDIBLE Galaxy Space HD Wallpapers for you. Full solareclipsewallpaper is very unique theme with perfect quality. Yourphone willbe the best places to view Solar Eclipse.The Space Artphoto andFull Solar Eclipse HD background is Free Download ! Ifyou likeSolar, Eclipse, Sun,Night, Universe.You will enjoy thisThemeTheSolar Eclipse of 2017 Galaxy Pictures HD Wallpapers nowfor yourandroid phone NOW. Fun Facts : In a total eclipse, thedisk of theSun is fully obscured by the Moon. A solar eclipse is atype ofeclipse that occurs when the Moon passes between the Sunand Earth,and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. The 2017Full SolarEclipse Theme is very fantastic with Stylish Wallpaper.We bet youlove the amazing universe theme with Gold blackwallpapers and blackemoticons love this black silver theme becauseits looks stylish onandroid phone . U will love this Solar Eclipseof 2017 Theme withperfect quality Live Wallpaper!The dominantcolor is Gold &Black, which gives a stunning feeling loved bymany users. iscompatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similarlauncherproducts. And it is totally FREE! Install 2017 SolarEclipse Theme:Gold & Black Stylish Wallpaper and feel likeconquering theworld. Personalize your phone playfully! The richestcollection offree themes for Android! HD wallpapers and awesomeicons, tons ofcolorful skins, transparent app drawer interface andtheunparalleled DIY function which allows you to turn yourcreativeideas into unique themes right on your phone! No matterwhat kind ofthemes you are looking for. Cartoon, cute, cool,nature, love,animals, and so on. You can find it all in CLauncher! Q&A: Whatcan be changed with this skin? - Homescreen background;- Drawerscreen; - Menu screen; - App icons; -Folder icons How to apply thisskin? - Install Solar Eclipse Theme-Install the C Launcher (if youhaven’t yet);- Open C Launcher Themestore- Find your theme inLocal- Click Apply- And more! Find 5000 +free themes in Launcher/ULauncher! Updates are every day! Whatabout the compatibility withmy phone? C Launcher Team has alreadythought about that for you.All beautiful skins have been testedextensively and are compatiblewith 99% of the major Androiddevices. They are perfect for SamsungGalaxy, Samsung S6, HuaweiMate, Lenovo, and any other! Can I applyit on my tablet? Sure, ithas high definition format and can beapplied both, phone and tab!DIY a new theme?No problem! InCLauncher, you are the designer! Mixthe thousands of newwallpapers, skins and icon packs together,create new themes. Joinmore than 30 million C Launcher usersworldwide and show them yourcreativity right on your phone!Looking for the best skin forAndroid to show your style? That’sexactly what we provide! Allkinds of skins for all kinds of folk!Cartoon themes, cute themes,cool themes, love themes and more arewaiting for you to choose!Designers across the world are coming upwith new ideas every day!Notice: Solar Eclipse theme is customizedfor C Launcher Thanks forchoosing this skin. If you found it meetyour taste, rate five starsand share it with your friends. Yoursupport will definitely inspireus to design more new themes!Contact us: E-mail:clauncherteam@gmail.comFacebook:
Phases of the Moon Calendar & Wallpaper Free 6.1.7
Love the Moon? Get this 3-D simulation, with Atlas,MonthlyCalendar, Live Wallpaper, Check Moon Phases forHunting/Fishingforecast, Widget, Astrology Zodiac Signs and more totrack theupcoming Full Moon, New Moon, and Eclipse. Hold the Moonin yourhand with this 3-D simulation of Moon phases with dataupdated inreal time. Swipe back and forth to move through thephases of theMoon. This app has all the data you need includingmoon rise andset times, moon illumination, phase name, astrologyzodiac sign andthe distance to the Moon, all in a beautiful,elegant app that'sfun to use. It's even got a monthly calendar soyou can see whatthe Moon will look like over time. Key Features:Moon Phase Alerts:Add a reminder for specific moon events/astrologyzodiac signs orchoose your own day/time. Is there a special lunarevent coming up?Set an alarm in advance to ensure you don't missthe lunar eclipse,or hunting/fishing moon phase venture. - Trackall cycles of themoon (including full moon, new moon, waninggibbous, waxingcrescent, first quarter, and more) through live moonwallpaper orthrough moon phase calendar app. See how the moon looksduringevery stage, including the total solar eclipse. - See thecurrentlunar phase with a 3-D simulation made by NASA data: You canevensee the shadows change. Includes a Live Lunar Wallpaper andaWidget so you don't need to enter the app to always know whatphaseit is. - Moon rise and moon set times: View for today or lookintothe past or future for updated times. - Hunting andFishingforecast: Before your hunting/fishing venture, check themoon phasefor your location. - Find the next Full Moon or New Moon:You canclick a button to take you to the next Full Moon or NewMoon.Interactive and informative free moon app: Smoothly drag theMoonphase back and forth with your finger, or even "spin it" toquicklyadvance forward or backward. - See the current date,distance,phase name, astrology zodiac sign and moon illuminationpercentage:updated in real time. GPS detection of your hemisphereand locationto make sure the Moon looks right for you. - See theMoon'slibration (wobble) as it completes an orbit around the Earth.-View craters and moon landing sites: Pinch-zoom the Moon to seeafull lunar atlas with spacecraft landing sites, mare, andlargecraters - Share with friends: Share your images on all thepopularsocial networks - Moon Events Calendar: Reminders for majormoonevents so you don't miss out on any spectacular mooneventshappening this month. Developed by M2Catalyst. Please emailus ifyou have any questions or if there are any problems withyourspecific version of Android. We'd also love to hear yourfeatureideas. Moon images created by NASA/Goddard Space FlightCenterScientific Visualization Studio Please, support developers ofthisapp and buy the ad-free versionhere:
Sky Events 1.5
Axl Softs
*** ASTRONOMICAL ALMANAC ***With this app, you can easily seeallastronomical events from 1998 to 2067, such as eclipses,lunarphases, equinoxes and solstices, moon apogee andperigee,moon-planet conjunctions, and meteor showers.Click eventsto seeexplanations about the different astronomical phenomena. Addeventsto your Google Calendar in order to not miss themanymore.Moreover,the search feature enables you to quickly find theevents you'reinterested in!*** SOLAR ECLIPSES ***Discover all solareclipsesvisible from your current location or from anywhere else intheWorld until 2024.Click eclipses to see all details about them:whenthey start, when they are at their maximum, their duration,theirmagnitude and obscuration, etc. Add eclipses to yourGoogleCalendar in order to not miss them anymore.*** LUNARPHASESCALENDAR ***A specific screen enables you to see upcominglunarphases at a glance.*** DAILY SUN AND MOON DATA ***Checkoutsunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times for yourcurrentlocation. 2.1
The time of beginning or ending penumbral eclipse issimultaneousaround the country but a place of beginning totaleclipse differsfrom pace to place. The Moon Book will show you thephases of themoon eclipse at your place. You will be able to set upanyobserving place beforehand if the moon eclipse star chartisselected. When you move to a distant place for observing themooneclipse, you will be able to know in advance a place wheretheEarth’s shadow starts hiding the moon. You will be able to checkastart time of the moon eclipse overseas also. Tapping on themoonicon at the upper left corner of the star chart will showyouthumbnail images of the phases of the moon eclipse atregularintervals. The interval of the thumbnail images can bechanged. Alarge volume of calculation is required for theindication of themoon eclipse and it will be better to use aterminal device withperformance as high as possible. For Android,version 4.0 or lateris recommendable.
Mobile Observatory 2 - Astronomy 2.75d
Wolfgang Zima
A new app, Mobile Observatory 3 Pro is now available on GooglePlaywith many exciting new features, enhanced graphics and anoptimizeduser interface. If your device has Android 7 or later, youcanpurchase the new apphere: is the perfect tool for anybody interested inthe sky'swonders, from the occasional sky gazer to the passionateamateurastronomer. Do you want to know if the next lunar eclipseis visiblefrom your location or when the next bright comet isvisible? Wouldyou like to be notified by your smart phone nexttime, Jupiter andthe Moon meet in the sky? Do you want to knowwhat the blazingbright object in the evening sky is? Do you wantto be alwaysup-to-date which celestial events that are visiblefrom yourlocation? Then this app is a must-have for you! MobileObservatorydoes not only include a live, zoomable sky map whichtells you whatsky object you are looking at but provides you withloads ofdetailed extra information on stars, planets, deep skyobjects,meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar and solareclipses as wellas detailed ephemeris of all included sky objectsand an interactivetop-down view of the Solar System. All that injust one app! MainFeatures - Zoomable sky map showing stars,planets, asteroids, andmore (above and below the horizon) -Interactive top-down view ofthe Solar System - Live mode (pointdevice on sky and getinformation on what you see) - Calendarshowing detaileddescriptions of celestial events - Push celestialevents to yourphone's calendar and set a reminder alarm - Rise,set, and transittimes for any object - Position of any object inthe sky (altitudeand direction) - Twilight times, length of day -Bright Star Catalog(~9000 stars) with detailed information - Morethan 400 000additional stars from the PPM Star Catalog (Android3.1 or higherrequired) - 2500 selected NGC objects (galaxies,clusters, ...) -Messier Catalog (110 objects) complete with images- CaldwellCatalog (110 objects) complete with images - HiddenTreasuresCatalog (109 objects) complete with images - Meteorstreams (begin,maximum, hourly rate, ...) - Lunar and solareclipses information -Lunar librations, ascending node, maximumdeclination - Brightcomets (automatically selected according tothe date) - Dwarfplanets: The five known dwarf planets - Minorplanets: bright, nearEarth, trans-Neptune (more than 10000 in thedatabase) - Updatedatabase online: download up-to-date orbitalelements of comets andminor planets - Moon phases, the apparentview of the sun andplanets - Current image of the Sun and sunspotnumber -Automatically generated visibility report for any object-Simulation of light pollution - Intuitive User Interface:quicklyfind what you are looking for - Widget with rise & settimes ofthe Sun and Moon - Maintain your favorite locations in alist -Automatic location determination from the mobile network orGPS -Select a location from a built-in database or online viaGoogleMaps - 400 observatory locations - Choose any time and date-Detailed ephemeris, visibility information of all objects -Datesof conjunctions between any object with planets or the Moon-3D-view of the Moon and the planets - Accurate calculationsfordates between 1900 and 2100 Keywords: Meteor shower, shootingstars
Eclipse Calculator 2 2.2.15
This is an application to compute and simulate astronomicalevents.A tool for astronomy lovers that allows to know in a simpleway thegeneral and local circumstances for solar and lunar eclipsesandplanetary transits. Which futur eclipses will be visible frommylocation? And from the antipodes? What they will be like? Howlongwill they last? And in the past, how many eclipses have therebeen?All these and many other questions about both, eclipsesandplanetary transits, are answered with this tool. Now, alltheinformation about these astronomical events in your mobilethanksto this application. Characteristics: * Access to data of allsolarand lunar eclipses and planetary transits between 1900 and2100(extendable to 1550 - 2300). * Computation of generalcircumstancesof the phenomenon, including global visibility maps. *Computationof the local circumstances of the phenomenon for anyplace in theworld (beginning, end, duration, altitude of the Sun orMoon abovethe horizon, ...) * Interactive maps to know thecircumstances ofthe eclipse. * Simulation of the phenomenon fromyour observationalpoint. * Simulation of the path of the Moonshadow on the Earth'ssurface (solar eclipses). * Simulation of theMoon's path throughthe Earth's shadow (lunar eclipses). * Choice ofobservation placefrom a data base, manually or from the GPScoordinates. * Lunarlimb profile and Baily's beads. * Sky attotality. * Continoustracking of you position and update of thecontact times. Useful ifyou observe the eclipse on board a ship. *Possibility to addingthe eclipses and transits to the personalcalendar. * Countdown. *Available in English, Catalan, Spanish,Danish, Polish andPortuguese.
Calendar - Sun & Moon 2.3.16
This application is used to determine the position of sun andmoonanywhere in the world, and help you determine the time ofsunriseand sunset, twilight, the duration of the day, moon phaseand muchmore. With this program you can predict the best time fortakingpictures of landscapes, nature, and any other outdoorsshooting, aswell as a variety of astronomical observations. Alsothe programwill be useful to calculate the days and hours ofmaximum activityof animals and fish, depending on the position ofthe sun and moonin the sky (the time when the moon is in the upperand lower pointsof its orbit with respect to the observer'sposition, as well aswhen the moon is midway between the upper andlower points - see.John Alden Knight - "Solunar theory"). Features:* Determination ofthe position of the stars at a given point at thecurrent time(geographical area, height above the horizon) * Timingsunrise andsunset, astronomical noon, as well as day length *Timing ofsunrise and sunset, the moon, and the moment it passesthrough thehighest point * Calculation of the time slots for thecivil,nautical and astronomical twilight * Calculation of theoptimaltime for pictures - "gold" or "magic" hour, "blue" hour*Definition of the current location (latitude and longitude),andthe choice of any place on the map, location search * Forecastdataon the sun and moon on the calendar grid on an arbitrary month*Forecast phases of the moon (new moon, full moon, crescentmoon,first quarter, etc.), its illumination * During the next fullmoon,new moon For whom: * Photographers * Travelers and tourists*Fishing, Hunting, Angler, Fisherman * Architects * Gardeners*Campers * Real Estate Buyers * Astronomers
LunaSolCal Mobile 6.3.1
A smarter way to watch the sun and moon. Quickly calculate sunandmoon activity. * Calculates the following data: - Sunrise -Solarnoon - Sunset - Twilight times - Equation of time -Declination -Azimuth of sunrise and sunset - Altitude of sun atnoon - Moon rise- Moon transit - Moon set - Declination - Azimuthof moon rise andmoon set - Altitude of moon during transit - Dateof next new/fullmoon - Sun Path during the day - Moon Path duringthe day -Solstice and Equinox dates * Specify a location by : - GPSreceiver- list of more than 30000 cities - WGS-84 coordinates * Anydatebetween 01/01/1901 and 01/31/2099 can be selected * Speciallayoutfor tablet devices (8-inch and larger) * Information can besharedon Twitter and Facebook Please note that the accuracy ofthecalculations decreases for locations north of 65°N and southof65°S
Sun & Moon Tracker
Sun & Moon Tracker is a 3D Virtualization app to find Sun&Moon position at for any time! ★ Sun & Moon show on 3Dcompassball ★ Sun & Moon set rise time ★ Moon Phase ★ Timemachine:adjust time and date ★ Manunal calibration compass whenautocalibration not work well. << Please REMOVE the metalcase ormagnetic cover to avoid interference and get accurateorientation!>>
3D Solar Eclipse Theme&Emoji Keyboard 4.3
★ Notice ★The 3D Solar Eclipse keyboard theme is speciallydesignedfor Typany Keyboard users. Typany Keyboard is a smartkeyboard appthat makes typing fast, easy, and fun!Click here todownload TypanyKeyboard for FREE! ★Typany Keyboard Features★►SMALL► SPEEDY ►SMART► STYLISHTypany -Type Anytime AnywhereAnything✔ Integratedand compatible across all popular apps✔AutoComplete and WordPrediction:✔ Mixed Language Input withoutswitching.✔ Support 100+Languages✔ Massive stylish themes andemojis. ✔ Exclusive text faceand stickers.✔ Customized wallpaperand layouts. ✔ Word Predictions& Suggestions✔ SmartAuto-correct✔Diversified click sounds★Contact Us ★Facebook: anythinganytime anywhere with 3D SolarEclipse Emoji keyboard.
Lunar Calendar 2018 - Daily Moon 2.1.3
This app is a real individual and accurate lunar calendar,yourirreplaceable adviser, which is always with you. You no longerhaveto buy paper versions of lunar calendars for each year. Youcanadjust your plans every day with it. When should you havesurgeryto recover as quickly as possible? When should you have yourhaircut to make your hair stronger and more luxuriant? When shouldyouwater your plants? Besides, you regularly receivesupplementaryrecommendations concerning the thorough influence oflunar rhythmson your general and everyday life and health. For thefirst timeever we’ve developed the most accurate algorithm of lunardayscalculation available in the internet, so you don’t have toworryabout the correctness of recommendations and you won’t missthebeginning of a lunar day. For your convenience we’ve integratedthefeature of calculation of the nearest days with thedetaileddescription. All recommendations are based uponmultipleparameters, such as the moon in a certain zodiacal sign,the moonphase, the lunar day, etc. For long-term planning you canselectany date from the calendar without any limitations plan aneventand share the info with your friends in a social network, sendanEmail, etc. For better choice of recommendations we’ve addedthedatabase of settlements in the CIS countries. Currentlythefollowing headings are available: 1. Health and nutrition 2.Haircare (haircut calendar) 3. Garden and agriculture 4. Businessandfinances
Moon Phase Calendar 1.41
This application is not only an advanced lunar calendarwithnotifications, but also a valuable source of information abouttheMoon in your chosen location! You can check here e.g. currentphaseof the Moon, the illumination and the dates of subsequentphases.You will also find useful information about the Sun,dawn,twilight, and important phenomena of light. Get interested inourapplication if you are: • a person who is feeling the influenceofthe Moon on his or her body - the calendar of the Moon phaseswillallow you to carefully plan important events in your life sothatthe Moon favors the implementation of your plans! Withthisapplication you will get a notification up to 3 days inadvanceabout Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter or Last Quarter andyouwill be able to properly prepare for this day. In addition, youcanobserve phenomena such as perigee (the Moon closest to theEarth)or apogee (the Moon farthest to the Earth) - thanks to thisyouwill know when the influence of the Moon is strongest and whentheweakest! • amateur astronomy - view of the compass withthevisualization of the azimuths of the Moon and the Sun will allowabetter understanding of the phenomena associated with them(atschool, university or during independent observation). Thecompassshows with colored arches the visibility of the Sun or theMoon inthe sky on a given day in the selected location. •photographer –the view of the Sun allows you to check when there isa "goldenhour" and "blue hour", so you can plan to take beautifulandprofessional photos outdoors. The most important functionalitiesofthe application: - The Moon view with over 15 usefulparameters,including the current phase of the Moon, illumination,rise and setof the Moon, the dates of subsequent phases - The Sunview withover 10 useful parameters, including sunrise and sunset,dawn,twilight, length of day and night - calendar with a view oftheselected month and important parameters of the Moon or the Sun.-compass view is the visualization of azimuths of the Sun andtheMoon (and elevation angle) for the selected location -notificationwith current Moon illumination and phase name -notification ofupcoming Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter or LastQuarter inadvance up to 3 days - widget with the visualization ofthe currentphase of the Moon - the ability to check the parametersof the Moonand the Sun for any date, both future and past (eg dateof birth) -everything for you free and offline! Permissions: •Access to thenetwork -> access to our site, information aboutour otherapplications, displaying a world map, advertising •Location ->automatic location search In the case of issues inthe applicationor the idea how to improve it - contact us using theenvelope iconin the application or by email at the bottom of thepage.Translations into various languages thanks to: Afrikaans -LaniTheromp Arabic - Ziyad Allawi Bulgarian - anonymous Croatian-Mariana Benkovic, Dalibor Olujić Chinese - Valeska C.SokolowskiCzech - Vlasta Puczok, Vojtěch Uhlíř, anonymous alias:LachendeBestien French - Patrick Zajda, Marc Serrau German -RainerMergarten Hungarian - Juliett Jokán Italian - AlessandroBoccarussoKorean - Changhwan Kim Macedonian - Melani JosifovaPortuguese -Valdir Vasconcelos, Paulo Azevedo Romanian - AdrianMazilu Russian- anonymous Slovak - Samuel Ján Sokol Spanish - JoseOswaldoMendoza Swedish - anonymous Tamil - anonymous Turkish -anonymous
Planet's Position 2.2.11
Tim Gaddis
Planet's Position is a program to calculate the position oftheplanets in the night sky based on a given location on Earth.SkyPosition: Individual planet's positions can be calculated foranytime between the years 1900 to 2100. Rise/Set: Calculateswhichplanets are rising or setting. Lunar Eclipses: Calculates thelunareclipses partially or fully visible. Lists the time of eventsofthe eclipse (Penumbral Start & End, Totality Start &End,etc). Lunar Occultations: Calculates the lunar occultations oftheplanets. Lists the times of start and end and the position ofthemoon. Solar Eclipses: Calculates the Solar eclipses partiallyorfully visible. Lists the time of events of the eclipse(EclipseStart & End, Totality Start & End, etc). Displayspath oftotality/greatest eclipse on Google Maps. Update Location:Updatedevice location with GPS or manual entry.
Space Events 1.06
Oleg Kikin
Space Events keeps you updated on rocket launches, solar andlunareclipses, asteroid passes. I will send you a notification anhourbefore the event, so you have enough time to watch it live.
Sun, moon and planets
For sun, moon and planets you can calculate things like ★Position(azimuthal and elevation angle) ★ Distance to earth ★ Riseand set★ Daylight ★ Moon phase ★ Eclipses Graphical displays of ★Currentlunar phase (plus globe of moon) ★ Objects now above thehorizon ★Solar system (Current position of planets and otherobjects) ★Moons of Jupiter (Current positions as seen from earth) ★Rings andmoons of Saturn (Current positions as seen from earth) ★Moons ofMars ★ Moons of Uranus ★ Moons of Neptune ★ Moons of Pluto★illuminated earth (as map or globe) ★ NEW: All stars in ourcosmicneighborhood ★ NEW: Selected planetary systems andexoplanetsGraphical Widgets for Android's home screen ★ Currentlunar phase ★Objects now above the horizon ★ Solar system (Currentposition ofplanets and other objects) ★ illuminated earth (as mapor globe) ★Times of Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset Get thisastronomy appnow!
Smithsonian Eclipse 2017 1.0.1
Our local star, like you've never seen it before! TheSmithsonianSolar Eclipse app is your interactive guide to the 2017Total SolarEclipse, giving Americans a front row seat to a rarecelestialevent. It is a free app, made possible by funding fromtheSmithsonian Women's Committee (SWC), with content fromtheSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) and poweredbySkySafari 5, the next-generation award-winning astronomy appforAndroid.Watch a live NASA stream of the eclipse as ittravelsacross the continental United States, calculate your viewwith ourinteractive eclipse map and get a virtual view in oureclipsesimulator. While you wait, check out some of theSmithsonianAstrophysical Observatory's solar research and get evencloser tothe sun with near-live views from space.TheSmithsonianAstrophysical Observatory (SAO) is one part oftheHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, whereleadingastronomers ask, test, and answer some of humanity’sgreatestquestions.Since 1890, SAO has conducted solar research,includingthe study of solar radiation and the solar constant.Todayourtelescopes and instruments send back high resolution images oftheSun and other data to study phenomena including how thesolaratmosphere is energized, the topology of solar features, andspaceweather, to name just a few. During the 2017 solar eclipse,SAO’sAIR-Spec instrument will ride along a unique aircraft builtforscientific research in order to measure plasma emission fromthesun.Our solar research is more than a century in the making, andwecan’t wait to share it with you.The Smithsonian Eclipse appwasmade possible by a grant through the Smithsonian Women'sCommittee. SWC supports the Smithsonian through volunteerfundraising, grantawards, and public relations.
My Tide Times - Tide Tables, Forecasts & Tides! 3.5.2
My Tide Times is the only tide tables application you'll everneed.Whether you're surfing, fishing or just going to the beachyou'llbe able to use it to get quick and easy access to the tides.Wethink it's the most beautiful tide times application on themarketto date. FEATURES - Supports over 9,000 tidal stations inover 30countries (including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain,France,Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand)! - Find thenearestlocations to you when the app opens, so you can get tidetimes nomatter where you are! - Never have to worry about ensuringthe datais up-to-date because the app takes care of that for you! -See7-day forecasts for all locations (some even have 30-daytidecharts!) - View the moon phase, moonrise and moonset times! -Seecurrents information (the slacks, ebbs and flows for each day)atselected locations around the US & Canada! Just try toviewtide times as you normally would, if there's a currentsstationnearby you'll see an extra tab for "Currents". - Basic windspeedinformation for all tidal locations! - When information hasbeendownloaded it is stored on the phone so you can view it withoutaninternet connection! - It offers a clean interface that youjustwon't get from other apps! If you're in need of tidetables,charts, forecasts or times, don't go elsewhere - you caninstall MyTide Times today.
Moon & Garden 4.6.0
Moon & Garden makes the best of your organic garden byusingbiodynamic. Based on moon influence, this app will tell youwhat todo. You are an organic addict, whether you are a very goodgardeneror amateur, Moon & Garden is for you. You will be ableto seewhat is best to do following the day. Lunar gardeningcalendarstands as a result from the collection of so-calledmillenniumexperiences related to biodynamic. Plants are stronglynaturallydependant on lunar phases (full moon, new moon...):thereforegardening activities such as sowing, repotting,transplanting,harvesting, ... would likely profit from lunarcalendars, alsoconsidering on the crop nature (either the root,leaf, flower, orfruit of the plant)… This app shows you the currentphase of theMoon and also the current zodiac sign. Have a look toweatherforecast to garden in good condition. With Moon &Garden, youcan also take notes, check lunar phases and takepictures of yourorganic garden and share them. Schedule yourgardening tasks usingthe reminder feature. The app will remind yourdaily tasks. Moon& Garden will help you manage your organicgarden. Moon &Garden is gonna be your best gardening friend.
My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases 1.7.2
My Moon Phase is the best app for tracking the lunar calendar.Ithas a sleek dark design which makes it easy to viewinformationsuch as the current moon cycle, moonrise & moonsettimes aswell as extras such as when the next full moon will be. Ifyou'reinterested in moon photography, you can also find out whenthegolden hours and blue hours are so you can take the mostbeautifulphotos. - View the moon cycle for any date in the futurebyscrolling on the date bar or by tapping the calendar button!-Either allow the app to use your current location ormanuallyselect a location of your choice to use! - See how cloudythe skyis expected to be on upcoming days so you can work outwhetheryou'll be able to see the moon or not! - Find the upcomingmoonphases straight on the main screen - you'll instantly know whenthenext full moon, new moon, first quarter and last quarter are.-Golden hour and blue hour times are available to allow youtocalculate when to take photos. - More specific informationisavailable such as the moon's distance from Earth, the age ofthemoon as well as the current altitude. This is available foranydate on the lunar calendar. - Receive notifications when themoonreaches a particular phase of your choice. - Completely freeofcharge for all functionality, no in-app purchases. If you wantthemost efficient way of keeping up with the lunar calendar andthecurrent moon phases, then My Moon Phase is the right app foryou.
Moon Calendar 1.2
The moon is a natural satellite of the Earth, which influencesonhuman beings, animals, plants, tides..., and with thislunarcalendar can know their status.- Valid for the northernandsouthern hemisphere.- Check the status of the moon on anydate,without any limit.- Know exactly what time enter the new orfullmoon.- Shows the percentage of moon visible from a certainday.-Alarm function to alert you when the moon enters a certainstage.-Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, ItalianandPortuguese.
Deluxe Moon - Moon Calendar 1.91
LWS Research
The most comprehensive application about the Moon for Android.Agreat tool for astronomers, photographers, hunters. Deluxe Moonisa beautifully crafted application with innovative moon design.Theapplication combines traditional lunar themes withmoderntechnology to bring you the best: style, convenience of themoon ina pocket and a feature rich interface. Comprehensivemooninformation includes information about the Moon at yourlocation,such as precise times of the moon phases, brightness,altitude,moon phase calendar, sunset and sunrise time table,specificgardening advice based on the current moon phase,animatedZodiaccircles, void-of-course precise times, moon horoscope, moondaydescriptions and much more! Are there connections between themoonand plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health orfinance?Discover new amazing relationships with Deluxe Moonapplication!Features: Interface - Touch-n-turn: swipe the moonvertically tochange the date by a month, or horizontally to changeit by a day.- Phase scan tells you exactly when the next moon phaseis. - Mooncalendar with moon phases and zodiac signs. - Largecompass. Toswitch to it tap on a small moon compass. - Sunrise,sunset andzenith: tap on either of moon timers to see it. -Automaticpositioning by GPS or cellular network. - Networkindependence: theapp works anywhere without Internet or cellularconnections. -Flexibility: you can manually set any location, time,date and UTCoffset. - Widgets are always enabled instead of SD cardsupport. -Scrollable moon brightness diagram. - Sun and Moon riseand settime table. - Monthly Moon phase table. - Apogee/Perigeetable. -Equinox/Solstice table. - Diagram menu: tap on the Moonimage toactivate. Moon Parameters - Precise moon phases times. -Currentmoon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle. -Percentof the illuminated moon area. - Zodiac sign the Moon is in.-Moonrise and moonset times for your location. - Moon timers:amountof time since moonrise and until moonset. - Moonrise andmoonsetazimuths. - Moon elevation. - Moon distance to the Earth.-Ecliptic longitude and latitude. - Sunrise, sunset andzenithtimes. Gardening and Astrology - Specific gardening advicebased onthe current moon phase. - Animated Zodiac circles: siderealandtropical along with astronomical constellations - Zodiaccircleswith the Moon and the Sun. - Precise Void-Of-Course times.-Detailed Moon astrology: Moon day description with aspectsforbusiness, personal life and health. - Lunar horoscope Languages-English, Russian. Resolutions - WXGA (720x1280)+-------------------------------------------------------REQUIREDPERMISSIONS "Your location" Is required for rize/setcalculation."android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION""android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"-------------------------------------------------------Weappreciate your input. Please help us make this applicationbetter– visit our website to see more screenshots and videos andlet usknow what new features you would like If you likeDeluxeMoon, please write us a review on Android Market. Yoursupportwould greatly help!
Moon Calendar 1.1
Moon calendar:- Lunar days, the start and end of lunar day;-Themoon's age, the time of sunrise - sunset, moonrise - moonset;-Signof the zodiac for the Sun and the Moon at a given time;- Phasesandillumination of the Moon;- The lunar day determination for agivencalendar date;- The ability to find the location on the mapandinput the coordinates manually. ***Chinese astrology:- the datesofcommencement of the new year on the Chinese Lunar andSolarcalendar;- the full name and the characteristics for Chineseyearof Feng Shui. ***- The dates for the celebration ofEaster:Orthodox (old and new style), Catholic, JewishPassover(Pesach)=============================================Keywords:mooncalendar
PlanetDroid 6.0.1
W. Strickling
Astronomy ephemeris app for calculating high precision ephemerisandpositions of Sun, Moon and the Planets for engagedamateurastronomers and planetary observers, prefering data andfactsinstead of pretty picture-apps. Planetdroid finds rise,culminationand set times, the beginning of seasons, lunar phasesand planetaryaspects. Augmented reality (AR) view: See thepositions of planetsor comets live on a camera image and searchyour selected objectwith your phone! Since version 3.0 Planetdroidcomes with avisibility diagram. You see the elevation above thehorizon of yourselected body (white line) of the current nicht andthe elevationof the sun (dark yellow line), as well as the twilighttimes. Thehorizontal black line ist the horizon, the vertical redline yourselected time. Since version 3.3 it is possible to savelocationsoffline. The file containing the locationsissdcard/.com.strickling/location.txt. It can be edited with anytesteditor. To start the editor, simply click menu in thelocationselection form. Download elements for asteroids and cometsfrom theinternet. Supports GPS localization. Calculates (select ordeselectdifferent items in the menu): - time of rise, culmination,set, -azimut of rise and set - equatorial right ascension anddeclination- ecliptical coordinates and distance - azimut anelevation -equation of time, true local time, sidereal time -diameter,brightness, central meridian, position angle of the axis -forcomets and asteroids: motion velocity and direction -Civil,nautical and astronomic twilight - begin of the seasons,lunarphases, and lunar age - times of opposition, conjunctionandgreates elongation for planets. - time of perihelion for cometsOnsome devices without front camera Google Play Store willindicate,that Planetdroid is not compatible with your device. Thefrontcamera is needed for the augmented reality screen. If you liketoinstall Planetdroid without using augmented reality, pleaseinstallit from mywebsite: toMark Huss for his AstroLib containing the VSOP-routinesand to thetranslators Nenad Trajkovic (Serbian), Alfredo Caronia(Italian),IDris a.k.a. MANsur, Ghost-Unit (Russian), Sizhuang Liu(Chinese),M. César Rodríguez (Spanish) and Osama Al Shammari(Arabic).Required Permissions: - Hardware controls: Camera.Required for AR.May cause compatibility refusal for devices withoutfront camera.Try installation from my website! - Exact location:Forsite-specific calculations eg. rising and setting times. -InternetAccess: Online access to asteroid and comet orbitaldatabases andonline selection of an observation site. - SD cardaccess: Storingorbital elements data, settings and locationcoordinates foroffline search. More translators are welcome! If youlike this appand prefer using it in your language, contact me!Translation isvery easy. Frequent users are asked to purchase thePlanetdroiddonation version to share the Android market fees. Bugsor problemsfound? Please send error report for error loclisationand removalor send an email instead of giving bad ratings! Keywords: sun,moon, planet, planets, solar system, coordinates,position,physical ephemeris, planetoid, planetoids, asteroid,asteroids,comet, comets, ephemeris, sky, astronomy, observation,rise, set,culmination, azimuth, azimut, elevation, coordinates,position,physical ephemeris, conjunction, opposition, elongation,AugmentedReality, AR, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptun,Pluto, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, droit,planetdroit,planet-droid, planetandroid, Planet droid
Did You Know? - Just Facts 3.0
Jazzy Worlds
Knowledge is powerful. and when it comes about small andunknownthings it becomes more important. Knowledge is mostimportant thingin current fast and progressive world. If you haveenough knowledgethen you can conquer the world. Are you searchingfor sciencefacts? Cool facts? Or just interesting facts abouteverything? Thenyou are in right place. We present to you our newapplication named"Did you know?" with currently more than 10,000+factsimages/Pictures with adding new facts on daily basis. In theapp,we serve to you mesmerizing and wonderful facts from all overtheworld and covering almost all things. This app will beknowledgebooster for you. You can then show off to your friendsandrelatives about these unknown facts. You will learnaboutinteresting information about the whole world from ourandroidapplication. Did you Know? has more than 10,000+ factsaboutanimals, life, coffee, love, history, bees, people,science,countries, music, companies, geography, socialsecurity,immigration, space, cities, nature, politics, cat, dog,food,Technology, human body, Animal World, Geographic, history,WeirdFact, Other and even psychology facts. More to come asweconstantly verify and upload amazing facts pictures. Every factyousee is verified and approved by our research team. All factsaboutlife are 100% checked and verified! Features of our app: -10,000+Real facts Picture. - Daily update new facts & unknownthingsin Picture - High performance and less memory consumption app- Youcan download and save to make collection of it in yourlocalstorage - You can see saved list of your favorite FactsPicture.You can also manage your saved list by deleting it - Youcan seePictures as thumbnails and sliders both as per yourpreferences -You can share your favourite fact Picture on Facebook,Twitter,Whats app, Google+, Hangout, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn andmanymore social platforms. - Easy to handle UI - 100% freeapplicationDisclaimer: All logos/images/names are copyright oftheirperspective owners. All images in the app are available onpublicdomains. This image is not endorsed by any of theperspectiveowners, and the images are used simply for aestheticpurposes. Nocopyright infringement is intended, and any request toremove oneof the images/logos/names will be honored. You will besurely lovewith this app.
Moon Facts 3.4.2
A smarter way to watch the moon. Quickly calculate sun activity.*Calculates the following data: - Moon rise - Moon transit -Moonset - Declination - Azimuth of moon rise and moon set -Altitude ofmoon during transit - Date of next new/full moon proversion: -Sunrise - Solar noon - Sunset - Length of day - Twilighttimes -Equation of time - Declination - Azimuth of sunrise andsunset -Altitude of sun at noon - Sun Path during the day -Solstice andEquinox dates * Specify a location by : - GPS receiver- list ofmore than 30000 cities - geo coordinates supportedare:latitude/longitude, UTM and MGRS * Any date between 01/01/1901and01/31/2099 can be selected * Information can be shared onTwitterand Facebook or send via email
Shoot The Moon 1.71
Shaun Coleman
THE MOON WILL NOT STOP SINGING! Shoot rockets at him to makehimstop. Hmm. That only annoyed him ... Good! KEEP DOING IT. Takeananimated journey through the weirdest reaches of space... *Shootrockets at the angry cartoon moon as it sings to the music.*Balance risk vs reward. Longer shots = more points. But donotmiss! * Reach goal milestones for extra score bonuses. Try tobeatyour high score and climb the leaderboards! * Unlock a bunchofsilly costumes! :] * How mad can you make the moon? Can youmakehim stop singing? It's you versus the moon. As you always knewitwould be someday. "A very approachable concept with a whole lotofpersonality and a surprising amount of nuance." - TouchArcade"Anyone will be able to pick up the game and have a blastplayingit." - Modojo "I had a lot more fun than I expected to,which is nosmall feat for a casual free-to-play arcade game." -148Apps - Thisis the original Shoot The Moon by Pipsqueak Games.Simple butchallenging! Play this fun high score chasing game forfree, now!:D -
Star Walk - Night Sky Map and Stargazing Guide
Star Walk - Night Sky Guide: Planets and Stars Map is an appforastronomy stargazing, identifying and observingplanets,constellations and stars in real time on the night sky map.Enjoysatellites overhead, find planets and identify stars in thenightsky, learn astronomy, study astronomical calendar and find outallthe secrets of the outer space. Explore the stars and thewholeuniverse right now with Star Walk. Star Walk - Night SkyGuide:Planets and Stars Map is a perfect educational tool forastronomystargazing for space enthusiasts of all ages. It can beused byteachers of science during the astronomy lesson, by studentsforpreparing projects about stars, planets and constellations,byparents to introduce their children to the basics of astronomyandby anyone interested in our universe and the sky above.Yourinteractive night sky guide to planets, stars andconstellations.Main features of our stargazer app: ✦ Constellationsand stars inreal time. You’re presented with the sky map of starsandconstellations on the night sky when you open the app. Learnallabout celestial bodies (general info, gallery, Wikipediaarticles,astronomy facts). ✦ Astronomical calendar of thisstargazing appcontains various celestial events (meteor shower,solar eclipse,lunar eclipse, full moon, new moon, etc). Choose anyastronomicalevent and get a deeper understanding of the sky above.✦ With ourconstellation star finder you'll easily identify starsand planetsin the sky. Move your device around, and this app willcalculatethe device’s orientation and also your GPS location, so itwillprovide you with an accurate presentation of the arrangementofcelestial bodies in the night sky.* ✦ Use Time Machine todiversifysky observation and explore the sky map of differentperiods. To dothis, tap the clock icon in the top left corner andslide the rightedge dial down for the past and up for the futureposition skyobjects. ✦ Identify stars, constellations and planetsin the nightsky with our mobile observatory. Night mode bathes theinterface ina red glow in order to make the sky observation morecomfortablefor your eyes. ✦ This night sky viewer allows you tochange thecolour of the display to represent various kinds ofradiation:gamma, X-Ray, visible spectrum, Infrared, and Radio, etc.Explorethe map of the sky in its various representations. ✦ StarWalk'smobile observatory also gives astronomy facts and daily statslikesunrise and sunset times, visible planets, moon phases andmuchmore. You won't need astronomy books and atlases. ✦ ARstargazing.Enjoy map of the sky, stars and planets in augmentedreality. Withour star chart app you can merge live footage fromyour camera withthe app’s presentation of the night sky. *Thisfeature (StarSpotter) is available for devices with digitalcompass. If yourdevice does not have the digital compass, use yourfingers tochange the view of the sky map. NO INTERNET CONNECTION ISREQUIRED.Go stargazing anywhere! The app contains a subscription(STAR WALKPLUS). STAR WALK PLUS removes ads from the app and givesyou accessto the calendar with astronomical events, deep spaceobjects,meteor showers, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, andsatellites.It offers a one-week free trial followed by anauto-renewingsubscription. The subscription can be managed in theGoogle Playstore. Stars: Sun, Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri,Arcturus, Vega,Capella, Spica, Castor, etc. Planets: Mercury,Venus, Mars,Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, etc. Meteor showers:Perseids,Lyrids, Aquarids, Geminids, Ursids, etc. Constellations:Andromeda,Aquarius, Cancer, Capricornus, Cassiopeia, Pisces,Sagittarius,Scorpius, Ursa Major, etc. Satellites: Hubble, SEASAT,ERBS, ISS,Aqua, Envisat, Suzaku, Daichi, Genesis, etc. Astronomicalcalendarwith celestial events: solar eclipse, full moon, lunareclipse,etc. Get a little closer to the deep sky with Star Walk!
Fish Planet Calendar
MP Fish
Fish Calendar from "Fish Planet" gives an accurate predictionofsuccess on a fishing trip and is addressed to all fishermen -fromamateurs to anglers. For a complete fishing forecast - justclickon the day you are interested. The probability of th catchispresented in a simple graphical form for each fish. Forconvenienceof display, you can choose to only desired fish species,disablingforecast for that types of fish that you are not going tocatchsoon. Fishes are distributed by families in App settings.Insettings you can specify a point on the map, for which you needtowatch the forecast. This is useful when planning a fishing trip-specify a point, choose a day - and get the forecast. FishCalendarcan notify you about the forecast for today. Notificationswillalso be displayed on a gadgets, connected to your mobilephone,such as an electronic clock or fitness bracelets - forexample,Samsung Galaxy Gear, Samsung Galaxy Fit and others. Theforecastbased on the mathmatical model of fish MathFish5.0 (TM),whichtakes into account: climatic zone (detailed three-dimensionalmodelof the Earth, based on topography, permanent ocean and seacurrentsand winds); dynamics of change of food base in a givenpoint; thebehavior characteristic of each species of fish -spawning,feeding, winter; reaction of each species of fish on thephases ofthe moon. Not taken into account: impact of local weatherevents onfish appetite; daily changes associated with sunrise,sunset,moonrise and moonset; impact on fishing tides. Thecalendarpresents 199 species of fish. Mathematical model offishMathFish5.0 (TM) is developed for each fish. The basic freeversionof the app includes 32 major fish species. Separatelyavailable fordownload regional packages: North America - 73 speciesof fish;Europe and Asia - 131 species of fish; Sea Fishes - 124species offish. In addition to the calendar, we recommend thefishermen toinstall the application "Fish Planet" - the mostcomprehensivemobile reference fish for anglers. This fishing guide:containsdetailed biometric data and descriptions of the habits andways offishing for 360 species of fish and has both free andpaidversions. Fish Calendar from "Fish Planet" - is the result ofourwork on the biennial fishing calendars, calendar thirdgeneration.On fishing this application will be most useful in yourmobilephone!
T.D. Jakes Motivation 1.6
Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of the world’s most reveredmasterminds,leverages his pioneering vision and instinct to serveothers inareas extending beyond the church. In order to help leadpeople totheir destiny, you have to meet people where they are inlife. Itis with this earnest approach that Bishop Jakes has beenable toreach millions of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds,races,nationalities, and creeds. Digital media, film, andtelevision,among others, have been instrumental in helping BishopJakes meetthe disparate needs of countless individuals. T.D. JakesMotivationFree App: Over 100 motivation videos. DISCLAIMER: Thedeveloper ofthis app (MTSOFT) is not a representative, affiliate orsubsidiaryof the Bishop T.D. Jakes. Therefore any enquiry orrequest asregards the Bible teachings accessible through this appshould besent to the Bishop T.D. Jakes.
net.sylde.Moon 2.9m enables you to predict the moon pathandits phase, simply looking through your phone. This is a 100%freeaugmented reality app: no ads, no in app payments! Findmoonriseand moonset times, not only on the horizon, but alsodepending on abuilding or a mountain. You can even predict wherethe moon willbe... if reflected in water! Caution: some phonesdon't handlecorrectly gyroscopic sensors. Should you notice anyinnaccuratedisplay, try deactivating gyros into applicationmenu/settings. in the press:100BestAndroidApps ."Positively awesome." AppsZoom . "UI is greatand features are veryinteresting." zAugmentedReality . "Cool app."If you have aquestion, if you wish for an improvment or if you havetroublerunning the application on your phone, please allows you to displaythe futuretrajectories of the moon in augmented reality: * Lookthrough yourphone and see the path of the moon. * Find out if themoon will befull or what phase it will be in. * Plan the moonriseand moonsettimes, not only on the horizon, but also on a buildingor a relief.* Travel in time and see what path the moon will followin themonths to come. * Take and save photos. * Check afterwardsthedifferent trajectories of the moon for a whole year.Photography: *Plan to include the moon in your pictures, whether byday or night.* Plan when a subject (like a statue for instance)will be alignedwith the moon. * Use the calendar of the moonphases. * Use theagenda to plan your future pictures. * This way,you will know whento return to the site to take your picture to themaximum effect. *Use Google Maps to pinpoint its exact location.
Tide Tables Brazil 7.6.3
David Sousa
To get ready for your trip to Brazil, check tides, waves andwindsusing the best app for Android: Tide Tables Brazil. Withfluent andnatural english support! ››› IMPORTANT ALERTS! READBEFORECOMMENTING: • If you have any problem, critic or question,Isuggest you send an e-mail first, since the comments space istoorestricted. ››› DESCRIPTION: • Includes only data fromofficialbrazilian gov offices. • No fake, calculated data. • Fullyfreeapplication without advertisements (“AD”s). • Great tabletsupport.• High resolution graphics. • Modern interface for MaterialDesign.• Support for Pebble and Pebble Time smartwaches. •Dashclock andAndroid default widgets. • Automatic cache that savesdata foroffline use. • Automatic and manual selection of meters andfeet. •Current tidal conditions. • Easy prediction of past andfuturetides. • Moon phases integrated with each prediction. •Illuminatedfraction of the Moon disk in each table prediction. •Automatic andconfigurable time zones. • Automatic daylight savingtimeconversions. • Seamless transition between months. •Automaticlocator identifies nearby geographical stations. •Compatibilitywith newer and older devices (Froyo to Marshmallow). •Codeoptimized for modern multicore CPUs. • Exclusive panel withhourlypredictions. • Share the predictions with all your apps. •Seachtides by Moon phases Compare with the others in the PlayStore: noother is that polished, easy to use, intuitive, complete,modernand according to the standards set by Google for Androidprograms.››› ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This application is nowfully freeand does not include advertisements. If you bought orrenewed yourlicense in May 2019 or any later month, send an e-mailto theauthor in order to ensure your refund. 2. To install thePebblesmartwatch program, search for it in Pebble Store. Supportisautomatic. 3. The time zone indication only applies if thetimezone setting is defined to “Your device”, inside the program,andyour own device is configured to a time zone in whichdaylightsavings time is in effect. If this feature does not workproperly,please make sure your device settings for date and timeareproperly configured before complaining.
Lunar calendar Dara-Pro 8.2
The app contains: - Moon phase data - lunar calendar withthreedisplay modes (current day, more detailed weekly display andastandard calendar month display) - exact time of entering anewZodiac sign / Moon position in the Zodiac - exact start time ofanew lunar day - exact time of a full Moon - detailed descriptionofeach lunar aspect, its interpretation and recommendations-additional lunar aspects information on dreams,meditation,relationship, business, gardening, nutrition andhousework - searchfor a favorable day (haircutting, hair coloring,business, sauna& massage, gardening, etc.) - notifications forthe Moon movinginto the next Zodiac sign or at the start of a newlunar day -personalized biorhythms calendar to calculate yourphysical,emotional and intellectual rhythms according to your birthdate -customizable notes and reminders - GPS location - a widgetfor yourdesktop
Tides NC 7.2.1
Coco Geek
Find out about the time of the tides on a dozen ports inNewCaledonia, as well as the schedules of the sunset / sunrise,theweather, the lunar calendar, the wind and the swell.Convenient,fast and NO internet connection is needed!
Moon Calendar - Moony 3.1.3
Freckled OG
Moony is a beneficial guide and reference book for you to liveyoureveryday life in harmony with the moon phases. It shows youthecurrent phase of the moon as well as the current Zodiac sign.Thelunar calendar offers detailed tips and recommendations basedonancient knowledge. - You would like to know when you should cutordye your hair? - You have problems cutting your fruit trees? -Thehouse cleaning should be as quick as possible? Moony offers youawell-arranged overview for the desired information! There arealso3 Widgets available for a quicker overview: - Basic OverviewWidget- Favorites Widget - Planner Widget Customize the appaccording toyour needs. You can: - choose favorite tasks -configure a planningcalendar - customize the day view - disablecategories or tasks inwhich you are not interested - change thesort order - choose acustom time for the notifications Have fun!Manu and Markus
TheMoon is a FREE daily Hijri calendar showing the phase of themoonfor each day. The Hijri date can be adjusted in accordancewith moonsightings for the local area, and the time of theappearance of theMoon from after 12:00 (at 13:00) to after 23:00(at 00:00). TheMoonhas an accompanying widget, which can beinstalled on an AndroidHome Screen. TheMoon Widget shows tha moonphase and the Hijri date.IMPORTANT: The Arabize ON/OFF PreferencesOption should be set toOFF on devices having an Arabic OperatingSystem software, otherwiseit should be set to ON. Incorrectsetting of this switch results inincorrect display of the Arabictext. If the diplay is not correct,select Menu - Settings ->Arabization toggle.
Bustan Sheikh Saadi 2.0.0
Sheikh Saadi was a great Scholar and has said a lot of proverbsandthose are very informative and lessons for all of us. BustanSheikhSaadi application content is Sheikh Saadi Quotes in Urdu.-Fingerswipe option to change pages.- Sharing option to shareyourfavourite Sheikh Saadi hakayat on all social media websites.-Easydownload option to save Saadi hakayat or Quotes in yourgallery.-This Hakayat-e-Shiekh saadi app you can also use offline.-if don'twant adds so use this app after turnoff your wifi ordatapackages.Note: Please give us feedback about any issue orproblemif you face.Get our developer id from this page...
Moon 1.6
Features:- Illustrating the phase of the moon with a picture-Addthe current Moon on your Homescreen and Lockscreen (onlyAndroid4.2 or newer)- Percentage of the visible moonarea- journeythroughtime - in the past and future- list of the upcoming fullandnewmoons- free and no ads- install this app on yourSD-Card(Android 2.2 or newer)When is the next fullmoon? Is themoonincreasing at the moment? How many percent of the moon isvisible?With this app you are always well informed about themoon.NEW:Since Android 4.2 it is possible to add widgets on yourlockscreen.We are one of the first apps that implement thisfeature!Developedin Germany byAmadeusGebauer
Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Temperature Converter 4.2
In the new version 4.0 was presented Countdown to the nextTotalSolar Eclipse that will take place on Monday, April 8, 2024,andwill be visible throughout North America. If you live or plantovisit Mexico, the United States or Canada during this greatevent,keep this countdown handy with your Eclipse gear!FahrenheitCelsius Kelvin Temperature Converter features: • Thetheoreticallimits of -459.67F (-273.15C, 0 Kelvin) for negativetemperaturesare respected • Converts each temperature unit to theother twosimultaneously • Takes both whole and decimal numbers •Takes bothpositive and negative numbers • Simple and elegantone-page UI •Runs on both phones and tablets • Internet connectionis NOTrequired Kelvin is designated by K with no degree sign,because itis the unit of measurement for the Absolute temperature,andformally it is not a "degree". We really appreciate yourbusiness,thank you so very much! ************ NOTE: Please go toour websitefor important information! ************
IAS UPSC Quiz 1.4
This app provides you questions and their answers for entrancetestpreparation like IAS, UPSC and many more. It's very useful apptoprepare your self for entrance exams.
Speed reading: the best! 1.4
Do you want to learn how to read quickly? Want to try? Launchtheapp "Speed reading: the best!". Here are collecteduniquetechniques for teaching fast reading. In the application"Speedreading: the best!" you will find several simulators forlearningspeed reading: * Schulte tables * Remember Number * SerialNumber *Search Text * Search Word * Speed Meter For each simulator,youwill find recommendations for training. The basis fortrainingspeed reading is working with the "Schulte table"simulator, whosepurpose is to determine the stability of attentionand performancedynamics. Work with simulators is aimed at improvingperipheralvision, increasing the amount of visible text and,therefore,accelerating reading. Simulators "Remember number" and"SerialNumber" will help you learn how to quickly memorize numbersandwords and significantly increase the speed of reading.Trainings"Search Text" and "Search Word" will teach you to quicklysearchfor the necessary fragments in the test, quickly learnnewinformation. You can control your reading speed with the"SpeedMeter test. Discover the world of speed reading! Found amistake?Have a wish? Please contact us at help us make the application even better.
Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)
Adam Ratana
Sun Surveyor takes the mystery out of the sunrise, sunset, andmoonphases, allowing photographers and filmmakers to scout thebestlocations, plan effectively, and get the perfect shot. TheLiveCamera View, Interactive Map (with Street View), 3D Compass,anddetailed Ephemeris provide a wealth of information aboutthelargest natural light source in the galaxy, as well as themoon,and milky way: - View augmented reality projections of the sunandmoon paths, pinpoint the time the sun or moon will be ataparticular location in the sky - Predict and plan for thegoldenhour, blue hour and every sunrise, sunset, moonrise andmoonset -Prepare night photography shots with the Milky Way &star trailfeatures Solar Industry (PV) Professionals, architects,real estateagents, and gardeners will also find a wealth ofempoweringinteractive features: - Show clients the quality andquantity ofseasonal sunlight at a given location - Understandpotential shadeof surroundings and discover any obstructions -Create images ofthe summer and winter Solstice & Equinox pathsfor a siteAdditional features: - Photo Opportunities (new!) - aninteractivelisting of critical times to help inspire and generateshot ideas;including the full moon looming low in the sky duringmagic hour,total darkness for stargazing, and more - PositionSearch (new!) -an extremely powerful tool to search for sun, moonand milky waycenter positions within various constraints, for theperfectionistplanner - Visual time machine - take a quick glance atthe lightfor a day, or dial in desired compositions easily - Moondistance,age, apogee, perigee, super moon predictions - Sunshadowinformation - calculate the length of shadows cast by objects-Share details and locations with clients and colleagues -Offlineusage (excludes Map View, Street View) - enter coordinates,save& load locations with no data connection or GPS available-Measure distance, and difference between elevations, andverticalangle differentials with the Map view - Import and exportGoogleEarth .kmz/.kml locations - Magnetic declination compensation-Widgets - 9 varieties of sun and moon widgets for yourhomescreen** NOTE: the Live View and 3D Compass portions of thisapp make useof your device's compass. Some devices may not have acompass.
Lunafaqt sun and moon info 1.26
Ron Nijssen
Lunafaqt is an app to render the moon on any specific date andorlocation. It also calculates the rise and set times for the sunandmoon, twilight times, time and date for the next moon phase. Ifyouhave an issue, please contact me by emailing and i will do everything i can to resolveyourissue. Features: - Draws the current phase of the moonwithparallactic angle - Swipe left/right to increase/decrease thedateby a day - Two homescreen widgets with moon image andrise/settimes - Adjustable widget transparency - Location based onGPS ormanual coordinates - Coordinate lookup by address, cityname,postal code or landmark - Adjustable date and time in 12/24hourformat - Sun rise, set and twilight times for the givenlocation -Moon rise, set and transit times for the given location-Percentage of the moon's visible disk illuminated - Currentmoonaltitude and azimuth in degrees - Moon age and distance toEarth -Current zodiac sign the moon is in - Date and times of thenextmajor phases - Lunar calendar wich shows the phases for onemonthwith indications of the major phases, swipe left/right tochangethe month - Supports installation to SD card (Note: ifinstalled toSD card, the widgets won't work! This is not a bug butan Androidissue. See: Languagesupport for English, Dutch, German, French, Italian,Russian, Czechand Spanish - Ad supported (can be removed with anin-app purchase)
Lunatio (Health and Wellness) 3.6.0
Lunatio is the lunar calendar that indicates the moon phases tobefollowed for health, beauty and well-being. The moon is anaturalsatellite of the Earth, which always affects humans,animals,plants, and the tides. Thank Lunatio now you can follow therhythmsof the moon to have better health and become more beautiful/handsome. Find out what are the best days to:   -Cut hair    - Shampoo   - Do thetint to the hair    -Weight Loss   - Eliminate vices    -To make themanicure    - Make cosmetictreatments   - Make a face mask    -Have amassage    - Going to the doctor   -Going to the dentist And discover what days toavoid. Our ancestorshad already discovered that:   - Many phenomena ofnature, like the tides, arerelated to the lunar course   - Many animals can beadjusted by the position ofthe moon.    - The humanbiorhythms are regulated bylunar rhythms. What does this mean? Thatthere are better days andworse days to do some things. Adjustedaccording to phases of themoon: new Moon, crescent Moon, full Moon,waning Moon
Garden Calendar 2.2
The software “Garden calendar” contains recommendations foreverydayhandling of plants according to the phase of the Moon.Differentphases of the Moon have different influence with plants.By usingthe software you will be able to tend plants properlyaccording tothe forces of nature. For example, during waning moonroots are veryhurtable, so this is not a good time fortransplanting.Moreover,software recommendations take into accountposition of the Moontowards zodiacal constellation.The softwaredefines favorable daysfor garden activity: days for planting,watering, weeding and manyother activities. The most distinctivefeature of this calendar(unlike any of other calendars existed onthe Internet) is thecorrection on precession phenomenon. As iswell-known, precessionphenomenon causes the move of first point ofaries towards the Sunby 1degree the 72 years. Approximately 2000years ago signs of thezodiac and zodiacal constellations almostcoincided, but the move byone sign of zodiac (approximately30degrees) has taken place betweennow and then. This points to thefact that ordinary lunar calendarsgo wrong with the position ofthe Moon in zodiacal constellations.This option is in programmesettings.
My Tide Times Pro - Tables, Forecasts & Charts!
My Tide Times Pro is the only tide tables application you'lleverneed. Whether you're surfing, fishing or just going to thebeachyou'll be able to use it to get quick and easy access to thetimes.We think it's the most beautiful tide times application onthemarket to date. FEATURES - Supports over 9,000 tidal stationsinover 30 countries (including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK,Spain,France, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand)! - Findthenearest locations to you when the app opens, so you can gettidetimes no matter where you are! - Never have to worry aboutensuringthe data is up-to-date because the app takes care of thatfor you!- See 7-day forecasts for all locations (some even have30-day tidecharts!) - View the moon phase, moonrise and moonsettimes! - Seecurrents information (the slacks, ebbs and flows foreach day) atselected locations around the US & Canada! Just tryto viewtide times as you normally would, if there's a currentsstationnearby you'll see an extra tab for "Currents". - Basic windspeedinformation for all tidal locations! - When information hasbeendownloaded it is stored on the phone so you can view it withoutaninternet connection! - It offers a clean interface that youjustwon't get from other apps! - No ads and includes widgets! Ifyou'rein need of tide tables, charts, forecasts or times, don'tgoelsewhere - you can install My Tide Times Pro today. This isthead-free version of My Tide Times!
Moon 3D 1.8b
Simple tool for calculating moon phase for any givendate.Features:-Visual display of the current moon phase- Dates ofthe next syzygies(new moon and full moon)- Select date in the pastor future- ChooseNorthern or Southern Hemisphere- Explorationmode: you can rotateand zoom spherical model of moon- Can beinstalled to SD card-WidgetIMPORTANT: it's not recommended toinstall the app onto SDcard if you are going to use widget.
Lunar calendar 6.6
Lunar calendar was designed to be simple and pleasant to use.Thisapplication is compatible phone and tablet.