Top 49 Apps Similar to Weebly

Wix 2.1141.0
Welcome to the all-new Wix mobile app! Discover a whole new waytoengage with people and manage your business on the go. Withyourown customizable mobile place on the Wix app, you canstartdiscussions, create a blog, host events, offer membershipplans,take bookings, and so much more. Invite your contacts to joinasmembers and enjoy all the benefits of your own app withoutthehassle and expense. The Wix mobile app caters to all yoursocialand business needs, with a customizable interface and tonsoffeatures. Managing a community? Engage with your audiencebystarting discussions around anything you like. Got your ownblog?Manage your posts and share your latest content withsubscribers.Managing an event? Invite guests, send updates and letpeople RSVPand buy tickets from their mobile. Got a business orstore? Easilymanage your bookings and get in touch with customerson the go. Youdon’t need a Wix website to create a place of yourown. Simplyinstall the app to start inviting your contacts to joinas members.Got an invite? Download the Wix app for free to join ina justcouple of taps. You can use the Wix app to: Create Your OwnPlaceon Mobile Build your own place inside the app and inviteyourcontacts to join as members. Invite your contacts Invite peopletobecome members so they can start discussions, share posts,RSVP,book your services and more from your place on the Wix app.Chatwith Members Start a live chat with members, respond tocustomermessages and create group chats. Manage Your Wix WebsitesNevermiss a thing! Manage all your Wix websites from your mobile.Add& Upload Photos Upload photos from your phone or take photosinthe app. Add them to your site, chats, forum, store or blog.KeepTrack of Your Bookings Easily manage your schedule, addnewappointments, and get instant notifications and reminders.ManageYour Online Store Stay open for business 24/7. Easily trackorders,add new products, and get notified on sales and when you’reout ofstock.
WordPress – Website & Blog Builder 5.3
Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right fromyourAndroid device: create and edit posts and pages, uploadyourfavorite photos and videos, view stats and reply to comments.WithWordPress for Android, you have the power to publish in thepalm ofyour hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snapand posta photo on your lunch break. Respond to your latestcomments, orcheck your stats to see what new countries today'sreaders arecoming from. WordPress for Android is an Open Sourceproject, whichmeans you too can contribute to its development.Learn more at WordPress forAndroidsupports and self-hosted sitesrunningWordPress 4.0 or higher. Need help with the app? Visit theforumsat us @WPAndroid.
Jimdo Creator 2018.09.03-189e0cc
Jimdo GmbH
Build your own website with the Jimdo website builder forAndroid!With the Jimdo Creator app you can create a free website,blog, orstore—no coding or technical skills required. Just use theapp toedit your website anywhere and from any device: mobile,tablet, ordesktop. More than 20 million websites have already beencreatedwith Jimdo’s do-it-yourself website builder. Just sign upandcreate a new website directly from the app. This is the fastestandeasiest way to get your new site online: select a template,enter aweb address, add texts and images—done! All Jimdo websitesareoptimized for mobile devices and look great on a desktop aswell.Jimdo Creator app features include: editing store orders,searchengine optimization, adding a contact form and more. WithJimdoCreator for Android, you can: Edit your site structure: Edityoursite’s navigation and create new pages. You can also hide,rename,rearrange, and delete pages within the app. Add content foryourwebsite: Create a gallery, add text, call-to-action buttons,orvideos. Take a photo with your smartphone or tablet and uploaditdirectly on your website. Insert individual photos or createagallery with multiple images. Then edit and crop images directlyinthe Jimdo Creator app. Check the statistics of your website: AsaJimdoPro or JimdoBusiness customer, you can see the mostimportantstatistics for your website directly from your Androiddevice—likevisitors, page views, and more. Experience a responsivedesign onevery device: The design of your Jimdo website isresponsive andautomatically optimized for smartphones, tablets, anddesktops.Create, edit, and publish blog posts: Write and publishblog postsby creating text, photos, or galleries on your mobiledevice ortablet. Add categories to your posts, choose which poststo displayon different parts of your website, then share them.Manage yourstore: View the list of orders and order archives. Markorders aspaid / delivered, add notes, and keep up-to-date with newordersvia push notifications. We are constantly updating ourJimdoCreator app and will regularly add new features. We lookforward toyour website! Feedback: Do you have any ideas orsuggestions toimprove our app? Feel free to write us an [email protected] Thank you for your support!Stayinformed: The Jimdo blog gives you all the news and tips onyourwebsite: General Terms ofBusiness: PrivacyPolicy:
Website Builder for Android 1.4.06
Presenting your business or hobbies on the internet is easierthanyou think. With SimDif you can - create - and maintain - yourownprofessional website also from your Android device. Buildyourpresentation site quickly and effectively. SimDif was designedtolet you focus on your area of expertise. No technical orpriorknowledge of building websites is necessary. You can getstraightdown to telling your story and organizing your content. : :: TheSimple Difference : : : • Our intuitively designed App allowsyouto switch seamlessly between your Android tablet, iOS deviceandyour computer(s) to work on your site. • SimpleDifferentwebsiteshave Free Hosting, No Ads, and No code to learn. • The Appis alsoa coach, with built-in tips and guides to help you write foryourreaders and search engines. • If you get stuck, we have fastandhelpful support to answer all your questions. : : : Features : ::STARTER SITES ARE FREE - Make websites of up to 7 Pages,withoptions for galleries, links, journal pages, a contact form,andregular web pages. - Add photos, Flickr Images, YouTubevideos,Facebook and Twitter like buttons, Google Maps … - Simplypublishyour site regularly to keep it online for free. PRO SITES -Up to30 Pages - And no need to re-publish your site. -ThemeDesigner -Create your own themes with our unique themedesigner. - GoogleAnalytics - Statistics about your visitors. -Integrate Paypal -The popular online payment solution. -Multi-language sites -Translate your site and get the first year ofyour translated prosite free. - Use your own domain - for example,,with your SimpleDifferent site.
Google AdSense 3.3
Google LLC
The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key datafromyour AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to accessreportingfeatures anywhere, directly from your mobile device. Theappprovides you with an account overview, as well as accesstodetailed performance reports on all key metrics. Availablereportsinclude: top ad units, channels, sites, countries and more.Theaccount earnings report is also accessible via aresizablewidget.Please note: YouTube revenue is not available inthisapp.Permissions Notice • Contacts: Needed to access yourAdSenseaccount.
BoothBook 1.9.29
Connect this app to your BoothBook website to view and manageyourbookings on the go.
Blogger 2.1.3
Google LLC
Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, andstartblogging on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:* Composeapost that you can save to draft or immediately publish*Editexisting posts* View list of your saved and published posts*Switchaccount/blog if you have more than one* Embed an image fromthegallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app* Addlabelsto your posts* Add location informationWith the Blogger appforAndroid, you can quickly and easily publish posts to yourblogwherever you are.
App Builder by Appy Pie-Create app(Free App Maker) 1.63
Appy Pie LLP
App Builder Appy Pie ( lets you buildyourown Android, iPhone, Windows or PWA App and put it on theappstores without any coding or programming skills. You can buildyourown app with App Builder Appy Pie with some simple drag anddropsteps; and help your business grow and reach the customers whocanbe anywhere in the world! “Make an app, as easy as pie!” AppyPie –the app builder lets you as an individual make an app foryourstart up, but is ideal for the small businesses supporting themtomake their products and services available to a wider audience.“Asoftware company wants to help you build a VR or AR app foryoursmall business.” Forbes “Definitely recommend it to peoplewhodon’t want or don’t know how to code (like myself). Overallverygood!” – Wayn Gaming “Even without layman users, Appy Pie hasatremendous client base, with more than 2 million apps createdand25,000 to 30,000 subscribers using the platform daily...”–International Business Times “Make An App With No CodingSkills,Download Appy Pie App Now!” 4.4 star ratings from genuineusers andour clientele is a homage to the quality of product andservicesoffered by Appy Pie. 100,000 downloads already done andstillcounting! * NO NEED FOR ** Learn Android Development,Androidlearning for beginners , Learn Android Programming ,Tutorials forAndroid:Examples ,Android Studio, ProgrammingKnowledge,No CodingKnowledge, Android Development Tutorial ,Android Programming,Android Studio Tutorial , Android appdevelopment tutorial,Android programming tutorials , Learn androidprogramming step bystep , Android app development tutorial usingAndroid studio ,Android mobile app development tutorial , Learnandroid appdevelopment step by step , Android development online ,Androidprograming tutorial * YOU NEED * App Builder App Maker AppCreatorApp generator Create an app Make your own app AppdevelopmentAndroid app maker Website builder Online app makerIphone appbuilder Create my own app Best app creator Easy appmakerArtificial intelligence in App Development Artificialintelligenceprogramming Artificial intelligence projects Do youknow how tocreate an ideal App? Are you looking to make an App foryourBusiness? How to make free Android App in minutes ? Your wishisover. With Let's App Builder ,It is the world's fastestgrowingmobile platform for business. Create your own androidapplicationfor free in minutes! No coding skills or technicalknowledgeneeded. Prime Let's App Builder - introduces the firstappdevelopment builder tool that doesn't needed any programming andisdesigned for the palm of hand. you will be able to create yourownapp with three easy steps : (i) Selection (ii) Design (iii)Build .Move your business M2M to the next IOT level by having amobile appright now. Easy way to use app maker and requires noprogrammingskills . You will be able to create powerful &awesome appdesign that will look and feel beautifully like a nativeapp.Features : - Instant deliver .apk file - FREE Trial - Materialuserinterface - Multiple app categories to choose from - themestobetter suit your needs - Give instant updates to end userwithupdating app - Versatile design to personalize your app withyourown images and text - Social Media integration, connectyourFacebook, YouTube and Twitter to your app - Publishing to appstoreplatforms (Google Play) - Send push notifications to yourusers -Flexible chat - Add various pages like-about,contact,home,map,chat,quiz,document,survey,portfolio e.t.c-Additional services Benefit : - No need for learningAndroidApplication Development tutorial - Free of coding ortechnicalskill - No need for learning JAVA or XML *You will needasubscription to keep your app published. A free trial is included.
Create native Android apps on your smartphone. Main Features:-Block programming similar to Scratch from MIT - Visual Drag&Drop Integrated development environment (IDE) -Automaticallytranslated source code (Java and XML) - Compile andbuild installfiles on your phone (APK file) - Monetize yourapplications usingAdMob - Publish and update to Google Play Store -Fully Compatiblewith Android Studio Sketchware is a Scratch-likeblock programmingbased integrated development environment (IDE) fordevelopingmobile Android apps. It's okay if you do not knowanything aboutdeveloping Android apps. Sketchware is an IDE thatuses blocklanguage like Scratch, an innovative programming languageinventedby MIT that transforms the complex language of text-basedcodinginto visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. Scratch is suchasimple language, even little children can learn todevelop.Sketchware translates Scratch into Java and XML sourcecodes, sothere is no limit on what you can develop. Sketchwareprovidesdocumentations you can follow to become an expert atScratch blockprogramming and Android app development. Each examplecontainsprogramming concepts you can understand by completing theproject.Visually design and develop apps, then simply run your appwith asingle click to build and install directly on your Androiddevice.The projects are fully compatible with Android Studio, anIDE usedon a PC, so you can export your finished project andcontinueworking on Android Studio, or your favorite editor.RequiredPermissions: - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE /READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Thispermission is required to save and runprojects. - GET_ACCOUNTS :This permission is required to login withGoogle Account.Disclaimer: This app was developed independently ofthe MIT ScratchTeam, which produces the Scratch programminglanguage and onlinecommunity. The Scratch name and Scratch cat aretrademarks of MIT.
Logo Maker Free 1.5
Logo Maker Free is Logo Maker 2018 and latest logo maker foryourcompany Logo Maker app is a professional logo design suitethatlets you create powerful branding for your business in a matterofMinutes! 3d Logo maker contains features of Visiting card makerandbusiness card maker. you can load your designs through galleryLogoMaker 3D app & Logo Creator app is designed with ease ofuse inmind and hence can be used by both professional designersandpeople without prior design experience to create custom,creativeand beautiful looking logos in a matter of minutes.strengthsinherited fromlogomaker/generator,3d logomaker,visitingcard/businesscardmaker,font studio - text photoeditor,my name picsname artandgreeting and invitation card maker weare honored tointroducethisart app for making cover photo and D.por profilephoto, Cover photo and dp maker is unique and latest appby whichyoucanmake or edit your profile photo and yourcoverphoto,thisappcontains many background of different categoriesonwhich youcanadd text,you can use it as stylish name maker canwritetextonyour own photos or backgrounds and then canmakeityourfacebook,twitter,instagram,youtube or anysocialnetworkprofilephoto and cover photo,you can also writequotesonyourphotos,wishes on your photos,or any message onyourphotos,Youcanmake or write your Name/Nickname/Any namesofyourfamilymembers/Friends/Girlfriend OR Baby inmanyuniquewritingstyles. You can write name on different lovelyframeswith unique andcoolwriting styles. You can edit,resize/modifycanchange text color and canchangefonts. you can use bolditalicsemibold or underline fonts asyouwant,Choose any style youwant tomake your textstylish.itcontains many beautiful backgroundsandwallpapers.youcan changetext background of your text bybackgroundchangeroption. its very easy to use with this you can addstylishbackgroundandstylish text.and can share you beautiful nameonanysocialmedianetworkslikefacebook,twitter,whatsapp,skype,e-mail,bluetooth,wifiandetc.oryoucan set it as profile photo or your coverphoto. its agreat appfor expressing your love with someone like youcanwritename of yourlove,valentine you can write a wishquotemessages adviseor poetryetc.i should be a wish gift forsomeoneon his/herbirthday,anniversary,valentinesday,friendshipday,chocolate day,teddy bearday or any celebrationevent come toyour can addbeautifulsmilies and emoji onyourphotos. its very useful timesaving forusers and provides goodlookingquality images along withtext.itallows you to createincredibletext effects easily andquickly justin one click. After writing the text you can zoom pinchor drag thetext. you can undo text by clicking on undo button. Byclicking onbackgrounds button there will be a gallery withgridviewcontainsall of backgrounds you can select yours. You can changecolor oftext and can control transparency of textbygoing to textcolorschemes. Custom fonts are provided (.ttf and .otf files).Customgallery is provided you can open it by clicking onmytextbutton atstart screen so there is no need to go toyourfilemanager sdcard/internal or external memory/space you canfindyoursaved textarts status,cover photo and dpcollectionforyour socialaccounts like whatsapp,facebook,andothers.setyourDp(displaypicture)and status according to youremotionandmood.completely freeapp with latest collection of bestD.P.statusphotos,and coverphotos,its best app in all dp maker appsandcoverphoto makerdesigner apps. create your digital/displayprofile with dp andcover maker thefreephoto frame + photo editor.try this brand newthing with more qualities.
My CPM 1.1.8
CPM Vietnam
Ứng dụng dành cho doanh nghiệp Applications for Business
APP Maker, Builder & Creator - DIY App Development 1.0
APP CREATOR, MAKER & BUILDER 2018 : CREATE YOUR OWN APP&MAKE EASY Mobile App Development with DIY APP BUILDER.AREYOULOOKING TO MAKE AN FREE APP FOR YOUR BUSINESS ? HOW TO MAKEFREEANDROID APP IN 3 MINUTES ? YOUR WISH IS OVER WITH “PRIMEAPPBUILDER”. APP Maker, Builder & Creator 2018 presents the#1android app development tool. It is the world's fastest growingDIYmobile app building platform for business. Create your ownandroidapplication for free in minutes! Design apps easily thatdoesn'tneeded any programming and is designed for the palm of hand.Nocoding skills or technical knowledge needed. Easy way to useappbuilder and create powerful app design that will look andfeelbeautifully like a native app.Create your own mobile app with3easy steps : (A) Scratch (B) Design (C) Build.*** APPFEATURES***DIY App Maker 2018Attractive material userinterfaceCustomizeapp pages anytime anywhereEasy Android AppDevelopmentInstant apppublicationNo Coding skill neededGive instantupdates to yourcustomersPublishing to app store platforms (GooglePlay)Design appseasilyCreate app with 3 easy steps : Scratch,Design &BuildConnect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to yourappSendpush notifications to your usersFlexible chat included####DON’TNEED ####Android App DeveloperLearn Android DevelopmentHowToCreate An AppAndroid Learning For Beginners How To DevelopAnAppLearn Android Programming Step By StepTutorials ForAndroidExamplesAndroid App DevelopmentLearn Android StudioHow ToBuild AnApp Programming KnowledgeCreate android appAndroidStudioTutorialNo Coding Skill NeededHow To Make An AppMobileAppDevelopment TutorialAndroid Development Online#### DO NEED####AppBuilderApp CreatorApp Generator Artificial IntelligenceProjectsCreate An App Make Your Own App App Development Android AppMakerArtificial Intelligence Programming Website BuilderArtificialIntelligence in App DevelopmentOnline App Maker Create MyOwn AppAndroid App MakerBest App Creator Easy App Maker OnlineThankyoufor your attention to application you can comment andencouragedthe developers With 5 star ★★★★★ rating.
Notion - Notes, Tasks, Wikis 0.3.7
Notion is a new editor that blends notes, tasks, wikis inoneapp.DRAG, DROP, EDITUse drag & drop and Force Touch toarrangeany content. Great for prioritizing lists andto-dos.RICHMEDIASupports images, to-dos, bookmarks, code snippetsand 20+block types.SYNC WITH MAC, WINDOWS, AND BROWSERDownloadthecompanion browser and desktop apps. Notion keeps everythinginsync.OFFLINEPages you visit online are downloaded for access onthego.COLLABORATE IN REAL-TIMEShare your pages, and edit togetheratthe same time, @mention, andcomments.FOLDERLESSORGANIZATIONOrganize your content using nestedpages. Say goodbyeto messy folders.To download the companiondesktop app, pleasevisit:
Learn HTML 5.5.2
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: a greatly improved learning environment with more lessons,realpractice opportunity, and community support.This FREE app willteachyou how to design a web page using HTML.In our interactiveHTMLcourseware, carefully selected content will be followed byquizzesand checkpoints. Complete a series of hands-on exercisesandpractice while writing real HTML code.Our content isconcise,checkpoints are enjoyable, and learning is guaranteed.Learnwhileplaying and play while learning with our FREE HTMLTutorial!Whetheryou want to further your career or simply gain anew skill, thistutorial will be useful for you.It is easy to start,easy to learn- are you still waiting? Start now!
Crayon – Easy website builder 1.4.0
Hands, Inc.
You can create a fully-fledged website and update it withsimpleoperations. Complete the website just by arranging theselectedphotos, text and maps. You can tap the portion you want tomodifyor revise while viewing the website and change it on thespot. Youcan make these websites for stores, companies, groups,unions aswell as websites for your hobbies. Many websites arecreated underthe "Free plan", however if you upgrade to the "Paidplan", youwill be able to utilize many useful functions. You canalso useyour own domain. -------------- Added online shop features!Now itimplements online shop features (shopping cart andordermanagement) which enable you to sell your products orservices. Wedesigned this simple online shop builder and operatorsystem for anapplication based on our over 10 years of experiencein developingand providing a online shop support system for morethan 7000stores. No longer need to have technical knowledge tobuild yourwebsite or online shop. You can update your websitequickly anytimeanywhere using Crayon app. -------------- Werecently celebratedour second anniversary. Thank you to all of you.We are gettingapproximately 2000 new users monthly. --------------[How to createa website] Arrange the parts and create a website.When writing anytext, just place the text parts and set thesentences in thoseparts. Select font color, background color, fontsize and design. Ascreen is also simple to make. When you want topost photos, justselect the photo parts and photos taken with yoursmartphone.Trimming (cutting) and rotation can be done afterselecting aphoto. You can change the order, or replicate and deleteparts thatyou have placed. [Recommendations] ◊ Contact You canreceivequeries and contacts from users who are viewing yourwebsite. Youcan use it as an application form for products andservices aswell. You can easily change and add the input form anduse it as aquestionnaire as well. ◊ Phone number You can set aphone callbutton. This is useful in case of contact by phone. ◊Slideshow Youcan display multiple images in a specific order.Recommended to usethis on the HOME page to make it better. ◊YouTube You can show avideo uploaded on YouTube on the website. ◊Map You can easily adda map (GoogleMAP). It is a highly functionalmap where you canzoom-in/ zoom-out and move with your fingers. ◊Coupon You canoffer a special discount or free service forcustomers who visityour website to bring them to your store. ◊Google Calendar You canembed your Google calendars with your Googleaccount. ◊ Online shopIt is easy to create a shop section. Justenter images, name andprice of a product, and a shopping cartbutton will be added. Whenan item is out of inventory, it isautomatically shown as “out ofstock” and cannot be purchasedanymore. Furthermore, you can setupthe item management, ordermanagement, shipping fee setting,payment methods and so on. Afterplacing an order on your website,an email will be sent to thecustomer. The order can be checked onthe management page so thatyou can confirm the order and ship theproducts to the customer. ◊HTML (Paid plan) This part is foradvanced users who can write HTMLcode. You can place a blog partsuch as Twitter's timeline. [Freeplan] With this plan, you can useour service for free. Mostwebsites are available on the "Freeplan". [Paid plan](Light) Thisplan offers you the use of multipleimages and pages. You can writeHTML code on your own and you canalso use Google Analytics. Yoursales will increase dramatically.[Own domain] You need to changethe plan in order to use your owndomain. Initial fee will becharged to use your own domain. You canalso use the domain that isregistered from another company. Termsof service privacypolicy
YuvanInfomedia 1.6
We, Yuvan Infomedia (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading IT Company basedinNew Delhi offer Web Technology Services for small togiantenterprises worldwide. We offer fully reliable &economicwebsite creation & effective online marketing for allbusinessmodel. We make your dream true here, come & experienceourinnovation.
Make Joke Of Creator 2.6
TBC groups
Make Joke of Creator helps you to create videos like one ofthefamous YouTube animated funny video Make joke of Creator(MJOC).Youcan add character & location and create videos andupload onYoutube, Facebook, WhatsApp and many moreYou can addcharacter andcustomize by yourself. And can choose a location fromgiven in theapp.You can make yourself famous and earn money toupload videos onYoutube with the help of Make Joke of CreatorYoucan create yourown videos with your groupMake Joke of Creator isfree for creatingvideos and upload on social apps.FEATURES:-1. Addcharacter2. Addlocation3. Customize character4. Record video5.Change charactermood (Happy, Angary and Normal)6. Watch recordedvideo7. Share onsocial apps
Webs - Create a Free Website 1.0
Webs, Inc. has made building your own website simple for 40millioncustomers over more than a decade.Stay connected to youryourcustomers by tracking your website visits and managingformsubmissions on the go in real time.Has the Webs app improvedyourbusiness? Consider leaving a quick review by tweeting us @webs
Best Website Creator Software 1.1
Easiest Web Site Builder Tool: Do-It-Yourself tool to quicklybuildwebsites. No coding needed.1. Select a template &customizeit2. Create webpage, Add content & images.3. Publishto the Webin minutesProfessional Mobile Friendly Designs - The BestWebsiteMaker software that has Newly added trendy designs. Looksgood onall devices including mobile.One-Stop Solution - The BestWeb PageBuilder tool for One stop solution that includes webdesign,hosting, domain name, ecommerce etc.Completely Customizable- AnOnline Web Page Creator tool to fully customize the websitebyenriching visual elements of the site.Industry-wiseReady-madeContent - A Business Website Builder app with which youcancustomize by selecting industry wise content createdbyprofessional copywriters.In-depth features adds value to the site-An Online Web Page Maker software that provides valueaddingfeatures to create a meaningful online presence.
Build a Website or Store - Boomer 7.3
BrandPier Inc
Welcome to Boomer Marketing – the extremely easy-to-usewebsitebuilder, that helps you handle your complete marketingonline.Ifyou run a business, the typical brick & mortar, or apureonline business, you just found the easiest way to createawebsite. Unlike every other app where one has to indulgeinpainful, time-consuming drag & drop, or where you can onlydominor content updates, our Boomer Marketing App helps you buildaCOMPLETELY modern & responsive website in just afewminutes.So, whether you’re looking to just create anonlinepresence of your offline business, or looking to sellproducts,& services online, Boomer Marketing is just theperfect app foryou to not just make a website, but to managewebsite in real-timecompletely from your phone.All you have to dois download BoomerMarketing app for Free, choose the theme that youlike from ourselection of responsive and professional templates,& Publishyour website. We guarantee that you will find theright theme foryour business. You can customize to your brandcolors, fonts, coverphotos, logo & so much more. Did we mentionIt’s super easy& fast? :) Why pick Boomer Marketing app insteadof otherwebsite builders?● Extremely easy-to-use. Not evendrag-and-droprequired like other website creators that were madefor PC.● Zerocoding or technical skills required. Trust us.. Youdon’t even haveto know what all that jargon HTML, CSS, PHP etc.mean.● There is aFREE Trial, that you can use to full test drivethe website builderfully. The subscription prices too are 10xcheaper & you getall the features in one place, which otherwiseyou'd do piecemeal,with multiple different apps & pc tools.●Modern, Professional& Responsive (auto-resize for device size:PC, iPad,Smartphones etc) website themes. We promise we’ll keepcreating newones that you can switch to anytime with Zero effort.●Completelycustomizable with logos, theme colors, fonts, coverpictures &so on. ● More users these days visit your websitefrom their phonesthan from PCs. Our themes are really lightweight& fast, forslow data connections.● You can update your websitecontent inreal-time directly from your phone.● As you can share thecontentto multiple social networks (FB, Twitter, Instagram,Google+,Whatsapp etc), essentially it allows to publish to yourwebsite,and social media at the same time.● Live Chat comes as abuilt-infeature with your website. You can respond to yourcustomers livechat messages directly from the app, even when you’reon the move.What’s even nicer is.. Unlike other chat plug-ins, youcan see yourcustomer interaction history. All this, & you don’teven haveto be at your PC.● Additional managers can be added tohelp youupdate the content, or to handle Live Chat on differentshifts(e.g. Morning shift, evening shift)● All the websites aresearchengine optimized (SEO). You can also pick search tags toinclude inyour website metadata. Improving your business’ positionin searchengine results page (SERP) has never been easier.● Createwebsiteusing help videos that are available from within the app●CreateOffers & publish to your website, social media accountsinreal-time. Increase footfalls to your physical stores toobycreating exclusive in-store offers.● Numerous options forPaymentGateways, Logistics, Analytics & other service providersareavailable (based on your country).● Create & Share InvoicesviaWhatsApp, SMS, Email etc. So, What are you waiting for?DownloadBoomer Marketing app now and build website that isprofessional,clean and responsive within a few minutes for Free.
Bancontact 2.10.0
The Bancontact app makes mobile payments fast and easy. WiththeBancontact app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you canpayback your friends in the blink of an eye, make hassle-freeonlineor in-app purchases, settle bills and invoices or even pay inashop. All it takes is just 3 easy steps: scan, PIN code, done.TheBancontact app is available to all Bancontact cardholders of oneofthe 20 participating banks. It supports payments acrossiOS,Android and Windows Phone operating systems. You can store upto 5different Bancontact cards in one app. Install the Bancontactappnow and start paying! The Bancontact app stores andaccessesinformation on your mobile device in order to allowregistrationand authentication for security purposes. TheBancontact app usesGoogle Analytics to anonymously track usagewithin the Bancontactapp. By downloading, installing and using theBancontact app, youconsent to Bancontact Company storing andaccessing information onyour device. For further information,including how to withdrawyour consent or to opt out from GoogleAnalytics, as well as aboutyour right of access, rectification andobjection to the processingof your personal data for marketingpurposes, please refer toBancontact Company's privacy policyavailable
WebMaster's HTML Editor 1.7.2
Have a handy HTML editor in your pocket! Source code editorforwebmasters and web designers. - Codecompletion(IntelliSense-like)- Syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP,CSS andJavaScript files- Built-in preview feature and virtual keysfortags and popular keyphrases for editing your HTML, CSSstylesheetsand JavaScript files- Dark and light color schemesavailable- HTMLEditor supports Japan, Cyrillic, Chinese, Westernand CentralEurope text encodings- Undo/Redo feature- Built-in Helpsystem forHTML, CSS and JavaScript- Code snippets for JS, PHP andHTML Idealweb editor for web authoring and programming on the go.Also,useful as source code, text, or XML editor with undo/redofeature.We recommend AndFtp ftp client to use with your server.Weareworking hard to add more new features to our html editor.Pleasefeel free to email your wishes to us!Supported file formats:js htmhtml html5 dhtml css php php3 php4 php5 txt, andxmlWebMaster'sHTML Editor is a set of tools: html, php, css andjavascript editorin a one application with multiple text encodings.Websitedeveloper can use the code editor as a development softwareforprogramming and html5 web development.
GetResponse Email Marketing Platformpresentsour Android App, which includes new capabilities and aninterfacethat is more intuitive than ever. Manage your emailmarketingcampaigns, collect leads, and keep up to date on yourstatisticswhile you’re on the go.FEATURES:• Create and Send - create emails on the go or send draftspreparedpreviously on your laptop or desktop. It’s availableanywhere yougo, anytime you need it.• Manage List - view new subscribers instantly and searchyourdatabase in real-time. It’s the handiest way to manage yourcontactlist.• Track and Report - check your campaign performance and forwardareport by email.• Add Subscribers - add contacts by manual entry or importfromsmartphone address book.• View Subscribers - check subscriber locationsandactivities.• Web form list - view statistics for your web forms in aclear,easy-to-read list.• Enhanced landing page module - get statistics, A/Btesting,link-sharing to landing page creator, inbox preview — allin asimple, accessible display.• Click-through ratio (CTR) for links in messages - checkstatisticson links clicked in your messages.• GetResponse blog module - view GetResponse blog posts,nowavailable directly from the dashboard.______________________________________________________Feel free to email us at [email protected] if youhavesuggestions or ideas about the app.______________________________________________________ABOUT GETRESPONSEGetResponse is a complete email marketing platform, with toolsforbuilding complete marketing programs from start to finish inoneplace. The platform includes innovative features such asresponsivedesign, landing page creator, email analytics,autoresponders, andsmart list import. Its user-friendly interface,best-in-class 99.5%deliverability, and 5-star customer service makeit the topsolution in the market. The platform is available in 19languagesand serves more than 350,000 customers from 193countries,delivering 12 billion emails per year.
AIDE IDE for PhoneGap/Cordova 1.2.160216
AIDE for PhoneGap is an integrated development environment (IDE)fordeveloping portable PhoneGap Apps directly on Android devices.Youcan use your exisiting HTML5/CSS/JavaScript web developmentskillsto build Apps which can be quite easily transfered tovarious mobileplatforms. AIDE supports the full edit-compile-runcycle: write codewith the feature rich editor offering advancedfeatures like codecompletion, real-time error checking,refactoring and smart codenavigation, and run your App with asingle click. AIDE is fullycompatible with Eclipse PhoneGapprojects. You can just copy thesourcecode to your device and openthe Eclipse project in AIDE tostart coding. Alternatively you cankeep your sourcecode on yourDropbox - AIDE integrates with Dropboxand allows to easily downloadfrom your Dropbox and sync back yourchanges. AIDE can also openAndroid Studio projects, which followthe default folder structure.AIDE supports GIT for professionaldevelopmentA brief summary offeatures...Edit-compile-run cycle:-Create a sample App with asingle click- Build PhoneGap/CordovaApps with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript-Use cutom PhoneGap plugins anddevelop your own- Run your App with asingle click- No root accessrequired- Incremental compilation forfast build times- UsesEclipse .classpath project format forcompatibility - Open defaultAndroid Studio projects- IntegratedLogCat viewerReal-time errorchecking:- Real time error analyisthroughout the whole project asyou type- Automatic Quick-Fixes formany errorsUI design:- PreviewHTML app pagesRefactoring:- Rename-Inline variable - IntroducevariableCode:- Code formatter-Out-comment codeCode navigation:-Goto defintion - Find usages- Gotosymbol- Goto classEditor:- Veryfast editor even with large files-Code completion for JavaScriptand HTML- PhoneGap API help- Syntaxhighlighting for JavaScript,HTML and CSS- Unlimited Undo/Redo-Pinch zoom- Smart expandselection- Keyboard support withconfigurable keybindings- UIoptimized for small screens to show asmuch code/content aspossibleFilebrowser:- Built-in file managerwith the most commonfeatures: Rename, delete, create file orfolder- Dropboxintegration- Git integrationwithCommit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSH support.
Web Alert Expansion Pack 0.82
Web Alert
This app adds new features Web Alert. Web Alert can monitor yourwebpages for changes and notify you when a change was detected(e.g.when the price of a product in an online store hasdropped).MainFeaturesSuitable for everyone:✔ Set any customfrequency for checks(e.g. every 5 seconds)✔ Only watch changes inthe text between word… and word …✔ Monitor a number for changes(e.g. the price of aproduct)✔ Define a time range without checksor withoutnotifications✔ Change notification only when a certainkeyword ispresent (or absent)✔ Access websites with SSLcertificate problems✔Limit alerts to a minimum change percentage✔Modify the URL oftrackers✔ Can notify when a website is down oroffline✔ Exportversions as a zip archiveSuitable especially fordedicated users andprofessionals:✔ Filter content with regularexpressions (RegEx)✔ UseCSS and jQuery selectors✔ Watch in HTMLsource code for changes✔Plug-in to integrate with Tasker, Automateand AutomagicFurtherfeatures will be added automatically.Currently in planning:• Optionto import and export all data•Option to duplicate trackers• AndroidWear integration so thatchanges can be seen on a watch• Viewchanges already in thenotification• Dynamically hide parts of theunchanged text in thechanges view• Other ideas sent to me byusersYou must have the WebAlert appinstalled: Tasker plugin many parts of the app becomeprogrammableeven without knowledge of a programming language. Youcan finddetails about the Tasker plug-inhere: these new features! :-)
The Lincolnite 3
The Lincolnite is the most read Lincoln website for dailynews,traffic updates, events and jobs in the city andsurroundingareas.Download our app to get push notifications forbreakingLincoln news and traffic incidents and to stay updated withthelatest stories from your city.The Lincolnite, anaward-winningpublication, is published independently by StonebowMedia Ltd since2010.• It's useful: Get push notifications forbreaking newsstories, traffic updates and for the sections youchoose • Stayconnected: Offline reading even when you're out ofconnectivity viabackground story sync• Join the community: Getengaged and haveyour say - read and join the discussion in ourcomments section
Mobirise Website Builder 4.7.5
Develop fully responsive, mobile-optimized websites thatlookamazing on any devices and browsers. Preview how your websitewillappear on smartphones, tablets and desktops directly in thevisualeditor.
Bootstrap Docs 1.1
Elyte Labs
Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end library fordesigningwebsites and web applications. It contains HTML- andCSS-baseddesign templates for typography, forms, buttons,navigation andother interface components, as well as optionalJavaScriptextensions. Unlike many web frameworks, it concernsitself withfront-end development only.Build responsive,mobile-first projectson the web with the world's most popularfront-end componentlibrary.Bootstrap is an open source toolkit fordeveloping withHTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype your ideas orbuild yourentire app with our Sass variables and mixins, responsivegridsystem, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful pluginsbuilton jQuery.Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JSframeworkfor developing responsive,web development, mobile firstprojects onthe web. Bootstrap makes front-end web developmentfaster andeasier. Bootstrap made for folks of all skill levels,devices ofall shapes, and projects of all sizes.With bootstrap wecan createresponsive websites that can run on any devices of anyshapes.Today millions of websites are built using bootstrapsbecause ofits dynamic and flexible structure. Now a days webdevelopment isincomplete without Bootstrap.Bootstrap Docs is yourone stopsolution to learn Bootstrap Framework step by step (withofflinecontent) . It contains bootstrap 4 documentation, which iseasy touse and works offline so you don't have to worry aboutslowinternet connection. **Features** **Gootstrap4documentation**Material Design**Easy touse**Optimized formobilesand Tablets **No internet connection required If you likeour workplease rate and leave a review
Gallery KK 2.0.3
★ NEW VERSION 2.0 ★Gallery KK is an improved version of theGallery& Photo editor app included on KitKat (Android 4.4)Ourgoal isto allow any Android phone or tablet can enjoy this greatgallery!This app is also perfect for Nexus or Android One devicesthat havelost the classic gallery app with the last upgrade toLollipop(Android 5.0). We are working on improving thecompatibility tosupport more devices. --- FEATURES ---● GALLERY:-Ultra fast photo& video viewer- Configurable thumbnailsize/colors- Photo tagviewer & editor- Grid view/Filmstripview- Custom actionbuttons (edit, delete, tags,...) in photo view-Scroll:Horizontal/Vertical- Animated GIF support- Hide unwantedfolders(customizable)- Configurable screen orientation- Show/hidestatusbar- Slideshow animations: Fade, zoom, slide & flip-Photosphere support (Settings→General→Photo sphere support)- Trim&mute videos- More cool features soon ...● PHOTO EDITOR:-Highquality photo editing- New exclusive filters (thermal&mosaic)- Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Mirror, Draw & morecooleffectsIf you prefer the old gallery (Android 4.0), youcandownload "Gallery ICS (classic version)"forfree:● What are tags? What is its used for?Tags are keywords thatyoucan attach to your photos to categorize and organize them.Abuilt-in tag editor will help you to manage them quickly.UsetheTags view to see all photos classified by tags. You can evenimporttags from the photos that you have in the gallery.Tags arestoredin the metadata of the photos and are not lost if youuninstall theapp.● What are the Action Buttons? How can I customizethem?Actionbuttons are two buttons that appear on the bottom of thefullpicture view.You can customize these buttonsfrom"Settings→Pictures→Action Button(left/right)" to assignyourfavorites quick actions (edit, delete, crop, rotate, ...). Ifyouprefer you can disable them to better fit your needs!● How canImove or copy files between albums?Unfortunately we have notyetintegrated this functionality into the current version.Anyway,youcan use apps from other devs that are compatible with GalleryKK,like “Gallery Folder Plugin” from "Tatuas Apps"dev:●Whydo you show ad banners within the app?Ads help us to make moneyandkeep working on improving and adding new features to the app.If youprefer you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase(“Removeads”).We use device identifiers to personalise content andads, toprovide social media features and to analyse our traffic.We alsoshare such identifiers and other information from yourdevice withour advertiser (Google Admob) and analytics platform(GoogleAnalytics). If you use this app is understood that that youacceptthese policies.The in-app purchase (“Remove ads”) alsodisables theshare of info with our analytics partner.● Why isrequested theapproximate location (network-based) permission?Onthe Locationsview the photos (if geotagged) are sorted based onyour proximity tothem.--- THANKS ---● Thanks to everyone who usesour applications.Your support helps us to keep working hard onthis project. Pleasecontact us at [email protected] if you haveany issue. We aredelighted to receive any feedback.● Thanks toGoogle for releasingthe Android open source project. Without theirgreat contribution tothe developer community our work would not bepossible.--- NOTES---● Android is a trademark of Google Inc.● Thisapp is notaffiliated or endorsed by Google Inc. - Instant Website Builder App 1.52
GET YOUR 'BUSINESS WEBSITE' DONE IN 15 MINUTES. and updateitthrough your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile app. Also, getyourwebsite ranked for your location based searches on Google :)Howoften have you been asked, “Whats your web address/Can I seeyourproducts online?”. Its time you answer those questions withyourwebsite. Through our app you can take your business onlineinminutes. What's more, you can change the content on yourwebsitethrough our app, web dashboard or sms without requiringanyexternal help. We help your business get discovered fasteronGoogle’s location based searches and drive more traffic toyourwebsite. More Traffic converts to more leads which converts tomorebusiness and more profit. Our instant website builder appalsoenables you to quickly and easily upload your products andserviceson your website and sell them online. All this from asimple web,mobile app or sms platform with an interface that's assimple asuploading your Facebook status update. With Zero codingortechnical skills, trust us.. HTML, CSS, PHP etc. is all jargonandyou don't need to know any of it. We mean it. HOW DOES GETTINGABUSINESS WEBSITE THROUGH US, GET YOU MORE BUSINESS? 1.) We getyourbusiness online instantly 2.) Update your website regularlywithupdates, offers and promos. Your updates are automaticallyalsoshared on your social network profiles. The more you update,themore business you get! 3.) Your Website gets discovered, ranksyoubetter in google search and gives you more traffic on yourwebsite.4.) More Traffic converts to more leads which converts tomorebusiness and more profit Features Include:- Free Domain,UnlimitedHosting, Unlimited Updates, Unlimited SEO KeywordsOptimisation,Unlimited Media uploads, Unlimited Product listings,E-commerceready, M-commerce ready, Get Business Statistics, GetBusinessEnquiries, Get Business Alerts, Powerful Auto-SEO, EasyAuto SocialMedia, Amazingly Fast & Very easy to use, and manymorefeatures.. ☆ Create Your Website By Importing Your FacebookPage inOne Click. Simply Connect And Import Your Facebook Page andyourwebsite will be created by importing the content of yourFacebookBusiness Page in one click. With this app you can manageyourbusiness anywhere, anytime through your mobile phone on - Instant Website Builder App Is Suitable For-Business Websites - e-commerce store Website - Blogs and Bloggers-And Much More Do it yourself or call us on +91 - 022 - 33756330andwe will do it for you. is the best strategy togetyour business online. Get online, Get discovered, Getvisibility,Get customers and Get more business. Download the appnow, createyour business website instantly.
Samsung Internet Browser
Experience the cutting edge of webbrowsingwith Samsung's fastest, smoothest, safest web browser forAndroid.Streamlined searching, enhanced security andad-blockercompatibility makes this Samsung's best Android browseryet.And with full optimization for Gear VR, you can download thefutureof web browsing straight to your phone.Now supports Android 5.0 and above.Our fastest Android browserSamsung Internet uses the built-in features of your device forthefastest download speed, without the battery drain.Declutter with ad blockSamsung Internet Browser has ad-block compatibility. Installthirdparty apps to browse the web with less clutter, saving youtime,data and battery.Security and privacyKeep your information safe and sound with the SamsungInternetbrowser. Secret Mode never reveals your browsing data,whilebiometric authentication provides another levelofprotection.As well as search engines like Google and Bing, theprivacy-focusedDuckDuckGo is also available, making it easy to keepyour browsingsecure.Ultra Power Saving ModeSamsung Galaxy devices provide an ultra power saving modeandemergency mode for prolonged battery life. Samsung Internet istheonly web browser that can be used in these modes.360˚ video and Gear VR optimizationSelect links simply by looking at them, view 3D and 360˚ videos,andvisit whole new realities with optimized web browsing for GearVR.If you want to watch a 360˚ video but don’t have a headset, youcanalso view them right in the browser.Features:* Download ManagerFeature to manage download history efficiently. You canpause,resume and cancel the download at your own ease. Managedownloadswith better notifications.* Downloadable Browser Bookmark syncSync with Samsung Cloud allows you to keep your bookmarks,savedpages and open tabs up to date on all your SamsungInternetdevices.* High Contrast ModeA new High Contrast Mode can be enabled in theAccessibilitysettings. The increased contrast can make reading moreaccessibleand comfortable, especially for those with impairedvision.* Tracking Blocker (Powered by Disconnect Inc.)Built-in extension to block all trackers and make yourbrowsing"Safe and Private"No user history data is shared* Content BlockersSamsung Internet for Android allows 3rd party apps toprovidefilters for Content Blocking. You can browse the webwithoutunnecessary content cluttering your screens.With a Content Blocker enabled, take a look in the menu to seehowmany contents have been blocked, with the new ContentBlockerStatus UI.* Tab SwipeSwipe left or right in the URL bar or bottom toolbar, to navigatetoyour previous/next tab.* Quick MenuA new Quick Menu can be enabled in the Extensions, providingfastaccess to useful features.* Progressive Web Apps indication badgeProgressive Web Apps are applications which can be installedlikeapps or used in the browser. When the page you are viewingsupportsthis feature, an indication badge will appear in the URLbar.* Web engine is upgraded to Chromium 56The following permissions are required for the app service.For optional permissions, the default functionality of theserviceis turned on, but not allowed.Required permissionsnoneOptional permissionsLocation: Used to provide location-based content requested bytheuser or location information requested by the webpage inuseCamera: Used to provide webpage shooting function and QRcodeshooting functionMicrophone: Used to provide recording function on webpageContacts: Used to store phone numbers from webpagesSMS: Used to provide automatic SMS authentication function forWi-Fisign-inStorage: Used to store files when downloading from webpagesIf your system software version is lower than Android 6.0,pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu indevicesettings after software update.
Speox 1.3.2
Speox ist ein Fahrt Management App zugehörig App zeigt die Fahrten und Lieferscheine amGoogle Maps.Speox is a travel management app belongs This appdisplays the rides and delivery notes onGoogle Maps.
Tumblr, Inc.
Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, andbondover the stuff you love. Whether it’s fandoms orphilosophy,fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interestsconnect you withyour people. EXPRESS YOURSELF — Post photos, GIFs,text, videos,live videos, audio, anything. — Make your own GIFs.Cover them instickers and text, if you like. BE YOURSELF — Lookhowever youwant. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout,everything. —Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. Find newones youdidn’t even know existed. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE — Joinmillionsof people in millions of communities across millions of#tags. —See something you love? Reblog it to your Tumblr and startaconversation. — Start a private conversation with your friendsinmessaging. — Or just follow, if you’re feeling shy. No bigdeal.Live streaming of sporting events on Tumblr in the UnitedStatesfeatures Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software whichwillallow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’sTVRatings. Please see formoreinformation. US users may also visit Settings in the app to optoutof Nielsen measurement.
Squarespace Analytics 2.2.0
At Squarespace we aim to empower our customers by creatingtoolsthat help you make informed business decisions.Makebetterdecisions for your business by making analytics a habit. ThenewSquarespace Analytics 2.0 app makes it easier than ever,allowingyou to access key website metrics and insightsanywhere,anytime.The Squarespace Analytics app presents rich anddetailedbusiness metrics in a clean, easy-to-use dashboardreimagined forthe smaller screens. Check key metrics at a glance,and drill downinto more granular views to uncover actionableinsights.Monitortraffic trends and visitor activity• TrafficSources: measure theimpact of marketing on website traffic andrevenue. • Activity Log:discover insights about website visitors,including geographicallocation and site path. Keep tabs on keysales metrics• TopProducts: view your best-selling products byrevenue. • PurchaseFunnel: track conversion through every step ofthe funnel, fromvisit to purchase.• Sales Overview: gain additionalinsight intoyour store’s sales by comparing trends to the previousperiod.Tocontact us via email or live chat, please goto
Nighthawk (formerly Up)
The Nighthawk App (formerly NETGEAR Up app) makes it easy to setupand get more from your WiFi. You can quickly install your WiFiinjust a few steps. A dashboard provides easy access toadditionalkey app features:• Remote Management. Manage your routerandconnected devices from anywhere with Internet access.•SmartParental Controls. Easily manage content & time onlinewithCircle® with Disney.• Internet Speed Check. Test thebroadbandspeeds from your service provider.• Pause Internet. PausetheInternet on any connected device.• Traffic Meter.SuperviseInternet traffic usage by day, week, month, and more•GuestNetwork. Set up a guest WiFi network to keep your mainnetworkprivate and secure• and more!For more information aboutyourrouter, visit
Safe Browser Parental Control
Kids Safe Browser Parental Control app is a cloud based webcontentfiltering browser to provide your kids a safer kids searchengine& internet browsing. Its parental controls and kids safesearchweb site filter can be remotely configured for young kids;teensand adults to block porn, adult, cyber bullying and anyotherpotential dangerous web sites. ❌FILTER CONTENT Keep your kidssafeand protected with this child browser and powerful parentalcontroltool! Advanced internet filter, web filter & superiorcontentfiltering is here to block everything that is not childrensafe!🌐THE NEEDED SAFE BROWSER TOOL In the modern era where contentthatis harmful is easily accessible, our kids safe browser is amuchneeded tool for every parent. Once install and perfectly setup,itgives a safety net and a peace of mind. We designed amazingwebfilter & content filtering so your kids only browsesafecontent! 🗒️CREATE WHITELIST / BLACKLIST You are in totalcontrol!Our safe search kids and safe browser allows for creationof customwhitelist; blacklist for websites/domains along withshortcuts towhitelist sites on home page for ease of use. The safebrowser appis also very useful for adults and teens with pornaddiction issue.👦WORKS FLAWLESSLY WITH KIDS PLACE PARENTAL CONTROLOur child safeinternet browser is versatile and easily integrated.So, our SafeBrowser app is also a plugin to the Kids Place -Parental Controlapp and adds web content filtering feature to it.Superior kidssafe search & content blocker tools blend to giveyou a great,universal parental control app! 🚫HELPFUL KIDS SAFEFEATURES: === 1.Blocks Porn, Adult, Social Media, SocialNetworking, Gaming,Pornography and over 50 other categories ofwebsites 2. Create yourown white list and black list of websites.3. Set your own webfiltering rules. 4. Configure web browser UI toallow address bar;searching; access to favorites etc. 5. Access tosettings protectedby Kids Place PIN. 6. Free 15 days trial accountfor personalizedweb content filtering on account creation.There isno requirementmake a purchase or provide payment information tocreate anaccount. On license expiration, you can purchase thesubscriptionvia in-app purchase. 7. Remotely manage web filteringsettings fromour cloud console at 8.Voice BasedNavigation 🔒MAJOR SECURITY FEATURES OF SAFE BROWSERPARENTALCONTROLS: ==== ★ Blocks Adult sites including pornography,adultcontent, sex, nudity ★ Blocks Sites hosting virus, phishing&spyware ★ Block Sites for weapons and gun violence ★ Blocksonlinegaming and time-wasting sites ★ Blocks Social-networking,datingand media streaming ★ Blocks Sites related to gambling★SafeBrowser Parental Control app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. This is completely optional but isrequested in caseparents wants to tamper proof the app for kids.Stop worrying aboutwhat your kids are viewing when they arebrowsing the internet.Relax – simply install kids safe search andkids browser that willconveniently block the harmful content.Download Safe Browser &Kids Search With Parental Control forFREE! ---- Important Note: Ifyou bought the license and you accountis not upgraded immediately,please contact us asap [email protected] and we will takecare of it immediately.Help/FAQ for the app: DataProtection: Also, please notethat noparental control software can replace a watchful eye. Thisapp cannot 100% protect your kid but can serve as one of many toolsandpractices to help your family use the device more safely.Pleasecontact us at [email protected] to report any issues;comments;feedback; bulk licensing and discounts for educationalinstitutes.
Intune Managed Browser 1.3.4021.1
The Intune Managed Browser app lets you safely view and navigatewebpages that might contain company information, and provides asecureweb-browsing experience for Microsoft Office and other appsmanagedby Microsoft Intune. This browser helps your ITadministratorprotect company information without restricting yourregular webbrowsing or app experience. Features:- Fullcompatibility with theMicrosoft Office apps, protecting sensitivecompany data withoutimpacting any of your personal information-Enables you to openrights-restricted data in a more secure app-Allows you to safelycut/copy/paste between apps managed withMicrosoft Intune- Helps youget to work faster by signing in onceand getting access to all yourSaaS apps using MicrosoftMyAppsImportant: This app works best withyour work account and aconnection to your company’s subscription toMicrosoft Intune. Somefunctionality is unavailable in certaincountries. If you haveissues with this software or questions aboutits use (includingyour company’s privacy policy), contact your ITadministrator. Donot contact your network operator, the devicemanufacturer, orMicrosoft for support.Microsoft Application LicenseTerms
Kronos Workforce Ready Mobile 1.58.1
Description for new Mobile App (Mercury) – Kronos WorkforceReadyMobile The Kronos Workforce Ready Mobile app delivers amodernarchitecture that’s designed to delight and built to engage.Thisresponsive, adaptive solution is available on mobile devices.Themobile experience focuses on simplicity, which translatesintohelping users accomplish tasks in as few steps aspossible,resulting in a product that is easy to learn and use. Allproductapplications within this mobile application integrateseamlesslywith your existing configuration, allowing for a unifieduserexperience whether you are using HR and Benefits, TimeandAttendance, Schedules or Payroll. Here are some of the thingsyoucan do within the app: • Check and/or edit your timesheetsforaccuracy • Submit and view time off requests • Checkvacation/sickbalances • Enroll in benefits and view existingbenefits • Checkyour schedule • View pay stubs This app isavailable for bothemployees and managers. Your employer must haveKronos WorkforceReady software configured for mobile use. Contactyour systemadministrator for more details. Note to Administrators:• Usersneed to be permissioned to have access via their UIPreferenceswidget within their security profile. • Companies needto be usingapproval workflows to process To Do Items. • SupportedTimesheetProfiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only.•Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name tousersfor login. To view and learn more about our privacy policy,pleaseclick here:  
Genneia 1.1.9
Genneia S.A.
Genneia S.A. pone al servicio una aplicación Mobile quepermitenavegar la página web de Genneia desde un dispositivo Mobilecomoasí también visualizar aplicaciones operativas.Genneia S.A.makesavailable one Mobile application allows you to browse the webpageGenneia from Mobile display device as well asoperationalapplications.
Jimdo Live Chat 2018.08.03-b5dc44d
Jimdo GmbH
Customer service, live and on the go. With Jimdo’s Live Chat appforAndroid, you can start a free live chat with your websitevisitorsin real time on your Jimdo website. Answer questions,offer help,and give seamless customer support for your website andonlineshop—all from your smartphone. Push notifications willinstantlyalert you when your website has a new visitor, so you canstart alive conversation. And if a visitor needs help, they’ll bethrilledto see that they can use the messenger to contact you andstart amobile chat in real time. Here’s how Jimdo’s Live Chatworks:Already have a Jimdo website? Excellent! Then just downloadthe freemessenger app and sign in with your Jimdo login. Nowebsite yet? Noproblem! Create a website with the Jimdo mobileapphere: widget is then automatically integrated into your Jimdowebsiteso you can offer live support to your customers. Andbecause we knowyou need to sleep at least sometimes, you’re incontrol of when youreceive notifications. Use the app to promoteshop sales, stop cartabandonment, and boost customer satisfaction,all while you’re onthe go. Think of live chat as an instant helpcenter so that you canbuild relationships with loyal, happywebsite visitors. By the way:This is a beta version of the livechat app. Let us know what youthink, and we’ll work to make theapp even better. Please send anemail to [email protected] for your support! Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Facebook Pages Manager
Manage your Facebook Page, right from your phone. With thePagesManager app you can stay informed and respond tocustomersimmediately.Mobile posting: post updates and manage yourPagewithout using a computer.Messages: read and reply to messagesthatyour customers send to your Page.Facebook and Instagram: linkyouraccounts to manage Facebook messages, comments on your postsandInstagram comments in one inbox.Push notifications: getalertsabout important activity, and see all of your Pagenotifications inone place.Insights: track promotions, stats andactivity on yourPage so you can build your business.Anyone whomanages a FacebookPage can download and use this app for free.
Feedly - Get Smarter 38.0.0
Feedly Team
Your central place to organize, read, and share the informationyouneed to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry.Everyday, millions of professionals and passionate learners useFeedlyon their phones and tablets to follow the blogs, magazines,andother sources that matter to them. With Feedly, you caneasilyorganize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, andmorein one place and consume and share more efficiently. No morezigzagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a cleanandeasy-to-read format.People use Feedly to read blogs, learnnewtopics, and track keywords, brands and companies.Faster accesstolots of different sources of news and information means thatyoucan more easily keep up with important trends in your industryandbuild up expertise on the topics you really careabout.BecauseFeedly is connect to more than 40 million feeds, youcan really godeep and find the niche content that is specific toyour work orpassion - this is a big difference from alternativesthat feel veryshallow and random in the content that isavailable.From tech tobusiness, design to marketing, media andbeyond, Feedly helps youdiscover great feeds that you can organizein your feedly and readin one place.Because it is powered by RSS,Feedly is an opensystem: you can add any RSS feed and read itwherever you go. Justenter the URL of that feed in the search baror search for it byname.Feedly offers useful integrations withFacebook, Twitter,Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn,IFTTT, and Zapierso that you can easily share stories with yournetworks andteammates.We believe in speed and simplicity. We spenta lot oftime making sure Feedly is the best free reader availableon theAndroid phones and tablets. The app loads fast and offers asimpleand clean reading experience.The best way to start is tosearch fora blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add itto yourFeedly.If you are looking for inspiration, you can open thesearchpanel and browse some of our popular topics. We help youdiscoverthe best blogs for tech, business, food,marketing,entrepreneurship, design, baking, photography andmore.Our missionis to deliver in one place all the knowledge andinspiration youneed to keep ahead.Happy reading![We [email protected] [email protected] if you need support or want to report abug]
Okyanus Interaktif Web 6.1
Okyanus Interaktif web üzerinden tüm araçlaraerişebilmenizisağlarOcean gives you access to all the tools outInteractive web
MicroStrategy Library 10.11.1000.0124
The MicroStrategy Library is a personalized portal that enablesendusers to access all of their dossiers from a singlelocation.Library combines powerful search functionality,real-timecollaboration, and a simplified UX design to makeaccessing andsharing analytics faster and easier thaneverbefore. Featuring a brand-new streamlinedinterface,MicroStrategy dossiers go beyond dashboards and bringtogether datafrom across the organization in intuitive,interactiveapplications. Organized into a familiar chapter and pagestructure,dossiers make it easy to navigate through reportsandvisualizations. And with live collaboration, commenting,andnotifications, your team can stay in sync and ready totakeinformed action when it counts. The MicroStrategy Libraryappsupports:• Fully responsive design• Proactivealerts/pushnotifications• Touch-optimized controls• Visual filters•Downloadto .mstr• Export to pdf
Akixi Wallboard 1.0.0
Akixi Limited
Akixi is a cloud-based call management and analyticscompany,offering unprecedented insight into how your contactprocesses areworking and how you can optimise them for agame-changing,ultra-responsive customer experience.The wallboard,which isavailable with both Akixi 1000 and 2000, can be customisedon thedesktop to suit your company’s specific needs and offers youafantastic overview of your business’s performance helpingtomotivate your teams. And now, via the Akixi Wallboardapplication,Akixi users can display their real time call statisticsfrom amobile device. It offers a highly visual display with optionstonotify you of activated alarms with a sound notificationorvibration alert - perfect if you are in a meeting, on the roadorworking remotely.
Web Page Clipper for Evernote 4.0
Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) is the best and easiest way tosavethe all contents of a web page to Evernote in Android forphonesand tablets. Just like clipping web pages in your desktopbrowser,Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) allows you to save contentto yourEvernote note nooks...It is incredibly easy and convenient!All“clipped” contents are saved in your personal Evernote accountandyou can access the content at any time.Web Page Clipper(forEvernote) offers a consistent user experience on all AndroidPhonesand Tablets. It includes many custom designs for theAndroidoperating system. Take a look at the features:★ Clipping inStyle!Our Clipper grabs all of the page content, in its originalformat!★Easily access your Clipped bookmarks from the StockBrowser. With aswipe from the left you can access a sidebar with alist of allyour bookmarks, and after loading a bookmark you canclip it with asingle click...★ Web Page Clipper (for Evernote)shares URL’s fromall Android applications. It automatically grabsthe URL in thesystem clipboard and cache copies the URL in thesidebar for easyaccess.★ Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) worksperfectly as anadd-on for Boat Browser! You will find the Clipperin Boat Browserstoolbar/sidebar. When surfing the Net with BoatBrowsers powerfuland fully optimized tools with one click you canclip and save awebpage to share or read at your leisure.Experiencethe samefunctionality as a desktop browser with all your Androiddevices.There is no limit to this add-on’s ability to help you toshare,surf and save the most important parts of your internet.BoatBrowser is already the industry leader, with built- indynamicdownload capability and a full range of add-ons.Please trybelowfeatures when it works as a Web Page Clipper Add-on:* Autosavelogin session. You only need to login for the first time! *Edittitles before clipping* Choose an Evernote notebookbeforeclipping...* Edit tag before clipping. You can also easilychooseexisting tags.* Edit and comment before clipping* Supportstwo waysto clip a web page: clip the URL and clip the wholepage.Try it outand have fun! You can find BoatBrowserhere: always appreciated. Please email us with anyquestions orfeature requests.Our Email: [email protected] more aboutus at:Twitter - -
Learn Web Development 6.8
Learning Web Development and Web Designing Programming is a stepbystep guide/tutorial on Web Development, it is aimed at thosewhoare starting or have just started learning PHP, CSS, CSS3,HTML,HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, AngularJS, Bootstrap,Python,MySQL, Ajax, JSON, Web Services, Developer Guide and alltopicscover Interview Questions. Learn Web Development in thequickesttime possible with this concise app that teaches you alltheessentials about Web Development. This app is useful for allBE,BCA, B.Sc. Comp. Sci., MCA, M.Sc. and IT student.ThisApplicationprovides an introduction to Web Development and WebDesigningProgramming with PHP, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript,jQuery,jQueryUI, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Python, MySQL, Ajax, JSON,WebServices, Developer Guide and all topics cover InterviewQuestionsand php programming and allows someone with a basicknowledge ofprogramming to start creating Applications. It is alight course tocover fundamentals of Web Development and WebDesigningProgramming.It will read you the Web Development and WebDesigningProgramming php programming Paradigm and how to thinkwhilecreating a php program. We will cover topics such asOverview,Installation, Life Cycle, Event Handling, Sessions, GET& POSTMethods, File uploading and Object Oriented PHP in WebDevelopmentand Web Designing Programming.*FEATURES*This applicationNoInternet connection required.*Lifetime access to all basicconceptof PHP, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery,jQueryUI,AngularJS, Bootstrap, Python, MySQL, Ajax, JSON, WebServices,Developer Guide and all topics cover InterviewQuestions.*You canlearn easily web development designing andprogramming.*You will beable to create Web & Desktopapplications based on yourideas.*Able to choose the best layout foryour applications.*AllBasic and Advanced Interview Questions
BlackBerry Access
BlackBerry Access™ enables enterprise mobile app users tosecurelyaccess intranet and popular web-based productivityapplicationsusing their device of choice.    WithBlackBerryAccess secure mobile browser, you get: • The nextgeneration ofBlackBerry’s secure mobile browser built on theBlackBerryDynamics® Secure Mobility Platform • Secure, intuitiveandcollaborative user experience – Interoperability withBlackBerryCollaboration Suite and other third party BlackBerry-securedapplications for complete business workflows • Flexibledeploymentoptions such as Direct Connect for point-to-pointcommunicationbypassing the BlackBerry Secure Cloud This app usesthe BlackBerryDynamics Secure Mobility Platform to safelysegregatecorporate data from personal data on Android devices,personallyowned or corporate liable, without compromising userprivacy.BlackBerry-secured apps protect business data on thedevice, overthe air and when shared between apps. Learn more aboutBlackBerryTechnology at If you likeBlackBerryAccess, please take the time to give us a review.
Scan to Web 5.0.4
Thousands of business like yours are using Scan to Web toscanbarcode information into websites and fill out web formshandsfree! Stop manual updates and start using Barcode Scan to Web.BEDSPlus use this app to save them time on their inventory. Theysavedso much time that they are starting a community garden. Theygaveour app and our app support five stars! “It’s been workinggreat.Someone called the other day and suggested we do a drivefortoothbrushes. I can check in my office in real time andIimmediately know that we have over 700. That saves me the drivetoget to the building, and now we know we can focus on otherthings.”–Molek, Volunteer Coordinator, BEDs Plus Scan barcodesinto: -Google Drive Forms (spreadsheets) - Your own intranetwebsite - Anywebsite Features: • Speak to web - Voice to text inyour forms! •Tab to next - Cursor moves to next field after scan. •Duplicatescan check - to ensure reliable information. • Javascriptafterscan - For web developers who want complete control afterscan.Scan to Web provides the iOS device user with a basic webbrowserand the ability to scan into web fields on web pages theuser hasbrowsed to. No external hardware is needed. Scan to Webuses thecamera scanner in your iOS device to scan barcodes so it’sa greatoption for bring your own device (BYOD). Use your ownwebsite forscanning inventory, check in/out sheets, attendance; anynumber ofbusiness related problems can be solved with Scan to Web.Open anyweb page or search engine and scan any barcode instead oftyping.+17 required as this is a fully functional web browser. Toscaninto a web page: - Scan to place barcode result wherever cursorison the web page. - If text field is not active, scan result willbeentered in first text field available - If Submit on Scansettingis ON, the web page will “Submit” after the scan resultSettings: -Scan Suffix: Submit on Scan or Do nothing. Determineswhat the website will do after a scan - Home page: URL of the homepage in theapp - Hide address bar: Hides or displays the addressbar when theapp starts. Use [ Show/Hide ] Subscription Model: Theapp is freeto download and test out, but after a number of scans,the app willask you to subscribe. We are continually supporting andupgradingScan to Web. Please let us know what options and updatesyou’d liketo see. Barcode symbology supported: - QR Code - Aztec -EAN / UPC- Code 3 of 9 (Code39) (*10 to 15 characters max) - Code128(Code128) (*20 characters max) - Code 93 - PDF417(Driver'slicense) - Data Matrix Please note: Long values ormultiple closeCode 3 of 9 barcodes can become out of focus in thecamera scannerand result in poor barcode scanning performance. *LEGAL and In-App subscription requirements Unlimited usesubscription; yearly ormonthly billing cycles. Payment will becharged to your account atthe confirmation of purchase.Subscriptions will automaticallyrenew, unless auto-renew is turnedoff no later than 24 hoursbefore the end of the current period.Account will be charged forrenewal within 24 hours prior to the endof the current period, andidentify the cost of the renewal.Subscriptions and auto-renewalcan be managed/turned off in youraccount settings. Any unusedportion of the free trial period isforfeited as soon as asubscription is purchased. PrivacyPolicy