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Natural Metronome
Natural Metronome is a very simple metronome application thathelpsyou keep time. -Adjust BPM, beats per bar and clicksperbeat.-Natural wood block sound.-Visual indicators synced tothebeat.-Tap tempo to get the original BPM of the piece.-Noads.Allmetronome sounds by Pascal Schärli used under license.
Metrodrummer metronome and drum machine
Metrodrummer is much more than a metronome !- Metronome(metronomebeats) and drum machine with rhythm patterns ( Rhythmmachine, drumloops )- Rhythm functions: Start/Stop, Intro,Standard, Variation,Fill to Standard, Fill to Variation,Percussion, Ending- Timefunctions: Variation +/-, ritardando,accelerando, tempo lock, fadein/out- Ritardando and accelerandomust be editing- 12 Sections ofrhythms with possibility to uploadup to 24 rhythms for eachsection- User section where to store yourfavorite rhythms withtempo change- Select any tempo from 40 (largo)to 300 beats perminute (prestissimo) as a real metronome.-Different types ofmetronome- Speed Trainer- Perfect for practicingany instrumentsmuch better then a simply metronome- Ideal also forsolo and groupmusic practice, teaching, live performances,recording session-Metro drummer with realistic drum sounds- Alight, easy to use andfun application.Practicing with a metronomeseems like a boring anduseless thing to do, but with Metrodrummerit's a uniquefun.Metrodrummer: train your sense of rhythmVideo ofMetrodrummer,metronome Via Perlasca, 2 - 76011 Bisceglie ( BT ) - ITALY
Metronome: Tempo Lite
Tempo, the premier metronome app for iOS is now available asthisfree Lite version. Now you can enjoy Tempo's core featuresbeforeupgrading to its full suite of features. Tempo gives youthefeatures you need without sacrificing usability. Its engineiswritten from the ground up for high accuracy and stability.Overthat is wrapped an attractive and comprehensivesingle-screeninterface. Flashing LEDs also serve as buttons tocustomize beats,enabling the creation of complex rhythms.Features:- 8 differenttime signatures: 1-5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8- 6rhythm patterns for simplemeters and 3 for compound meters- Worksin both portrait andlandscape- Visual feedback in the form ofpulsating LEDs- Customizeaccents or turn beats off to create morecomplex rhythms- Tap tempofunction- Tempo ranges from 10 to 400- 3sounds sets- Multi-taskingsupport; playback continues outside ofapp
Tuner & Metronome
Tuner & Metronome is the best free appformusicians.Professional hands-free metronome and the mostaccuratechromatic tuner app.Designed by musicians - superfast,simple andeasy!With one touch, you can:• Start / Stop themetronome• Set acombination of sound / flash light / vibration /visual beats• Turnon tuner• Record your play• Select rhythmpattern• Use black screenbattery-saving modeCover the proximitysensor with hand motionsto:• Stop the metronome inbattery-savingmode==========================================★Features• Tunerwith 2 modes: (1) chromatic tuner measuring soundpitch andintensity (2) pitch fork mode• Customizable A4 frequency(440Hz bydefault)• A real metronome shouldn't lag beats: our appnever lags•Record your music with integrated one touch recorder★Flash lightmetronome modeIf you can't hear the sound of themetronome, due tothe speaker volume limit or loud background noise,you can turn onthe flash light metronome mode. In this mode you caneasily see thebeats as flashes of light. Project the flashlight tothe wall, thenthe entire wall can flash the beats.★ Large startbuttonStart themetronome with single easy press of the button.★Additionalfeatures• Supports all instruments, with many activepiano, guitar,ukulele, mandolin, violin, cello, viola, bass, drum,flute,harmonica users!• Supports all kind of transposedinstruments,including B-flat clarinet, F horn, E-flat saxophone,D-flatpiccolo, and many others.• Scales practice• Precise beatsperminute (BPM) control• BPM detector• Practice time tracker•Highprecision tuner• Visual metronome mode using flash light ofthecamera• Tuning fork, pitch pipe★ About permissionsAccess tocamerais required for flash light metronome, access to phone statusisrequired to stop the metronome when a call is incoming, accesstomicrophone is for recorder and tuner, and access to storage isforrecorder.
Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura
Rhythm with Tabla & Tanpura is an innovative app that letsyousing or practice songs anywhere, anytime. Just select the taalandsing along with the rhythm. Its a handy tool for everysinger,composer or a dancer. The beats have the flavour of realtabla andtanpura, giving an Indian classical feeling.The beatcounter helpsto sing or practice with ease. The vibration withevery beat addsan added layer of sense while singing. We like tomake thingssimple, hence controlling the volume of tabla andtanpura can bedone with the help of a single slider, same goes forthe tempo.Tabla bols are highlighted in a karaoke like style thathelps newlearners and tabla enthusiasts.* Hassle-Free* Easy to use*Musthave for every singers, composers and dancers* Beautiful toneofmanual tabla and tanpuraFeatures:* List of 10 taals (InPremiumversion you get 42 taals)* 1 Tanpura Kharaj (In Premiumversion youget 18 tanpuras)* C# scale (In Premium version you get12 scales)*Tanpura pitch fine tuner.* Tempo range from 30 - 240 (InPremiumversion you get few taals supporting min temp of 7. Listedbelow)*Beat counter* Vibrate on Beat (can be turned off fromsettings)*Karaoke style tabla bol highlighter* No time limit,continuesplaying even when the screen is turned off* Settings pagelets youcontrol vibration and taal name sorting preferenceTaal Listin FreeVersion:* Ada Chautal - 14 beats* Dadra 1 - 6 beats* Ektaal- 12beats* Jhaptal - 10 beats* Kaherwa 1 - 8 beats* Matta - 9beats*Pancham Sawari - 15 beats * Rudra - 11 beats* Rupak - 7beats*Tintal 1 - 16 beatsTaal List in Premium Version:* Ada Chautal- 14beats* Ada Dhumali - 8 beats* Adha - 16 beats* Adi - 8beats*Brahma - 14 beats* Champak Sawari - 11 beats* Chanchar - 10beats*Chautal - 12 beats* Dadra 1 - 6 beats* Dadra 2 - 6 beats*Dadra 3 -6 beats* Dadra 4 - 6 beats* Dadra Double - 6 beats*Deepchandi - 14beats* Dhamar 1 - 14 beats* Dhamar 2 - 14 beats*Dhumali - 8 beats*Ektaal - 12 beats* Forodast - 14 beats* GajJhampa - 15 beats*Jhaptal - 10 beats* Jhumra - 14 beats* Kaherwa 1- 8 beats* Kaherwa2 - 8 beats* Kaherwa 3 - 8 beats* Kaherwa 4 - 8beats* Kaherwa 5 -8 beats* Kaherwa 6 - 8 beats* Keharwa Bhajani - 8beats* Matta - 9beats* Pancham Sawari - 15 beats* Pastu - 7 beats*Punjabi - 7beats* Rudra - 11 beats* Rupak - 7 beats* Surfaktal - 10beats*Tapa - 16 beats* Tewra - 7 beats* Tilwada - 16 beats* Tintal1 - 16beats* Tintal 2 - 16 beats* Vishwa - 13 beatsMin Tempo 7SupportedTaals in Premium Version:* Chautal* Deepchandi* Ektaal*Jhaptal*Tilwada* Tintal 1Tanpura in Premium Version:* Kharaj* KomalRe* Re*Komal Ga* Ga* Ma* Teevra Ma* Pa* Komal Dha* Dha* Komal Ni*Ni* Sa*Komal Re High* Re High* Komal Ga High* Ga High* MaHighScales inPremium Version:G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F,F#Note:GooglePlay accepts only Credit Cards & Net Banking inIndia, we haveno control over the payment method. So for any issuescontactGoogle Play.You can now recharge your Google Play AccountusingPaytm and Freecharge
Drum Metronome (MetroDrum)
This app is metronome simple drum pattern that carve preciserhythmsand sophisticated design.Even train the sense of rhythmalone isgood, it is also good to instead of drummer in thesession,Can beused anytime, anywhere, definitive edition of theAndroid app"MetroDrum" appeared![Function]· 40 can be selected ormorepatterns!- All you have to do is! Just press the Play toselect thepattern!· BPM corresponds to a range of 60-300!· BPMother up anddown buttons of one, can be changed in the three typesof directinput, tap!· ON / OFF of the pre-count function can beselected!Andstop when the fill-in can also be selected!
Drum Loops for Guitar
★ Highly accurate BPM engine ★★ Designed and tested byprofessionalmusicians ★★ Perfect both for advanced and amateurs★Drum Loops forGuitar gives you a big choice of grooves, beats andtones. Thebeats are divided in categories, so that you can easilyselect yourgenre and the speed to play your track.You can sortbeats by: BPM,type (ballad, funk, hardrock, indie, pop, modern,movie), tempo andother. If you want - choose your favourite tracksand make your ownlist. ★ Application has organized and intuitiveinterface. Using ityou can choose among the fifty availablesamples.An intelligentlydesigned drum engine let's you change thespeed / BPM of each beat.This makes practicing even more fun andyou don't need yourmetronome or drum machine.★ High sound qualitymakes app soundsgreat whether for private practice or whenamplified for groupperformances.The result is an incredible handyand useful appdedicated to any musicians. Drum Loops for Guitar canalso help youwrite your own song: who has ever written a hitwithout a nicerhythm behind it?Sounds categories in Drum Loops forGuitar:★Ballad★ Hardrock★ Movie★ Indie★ Pop★ Funk★ModernFeatures:★Adjustable tempo speed★ Play in background★ Tunessorting★ Manybeats, tunes and drum backgrounds★ Can be use asmetronomeIf youhave any comments, feedback or you need help withDrum Loops forGuitar, please send an e-mail to
Metronome Beats
A free interactive metronome app and Speed Trainer designedbymusicians. With over 5 million downloads Metronome Beats isusedworldwide for solo and group music practice, teaching andliveconcerts. It is also used to keep a steady tempo duringrunning,golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities.Designedwith ease of use in mind, Metronome Beats has controls foreasilyincreasing and decreasing the tempo in small increments byonetouch of the screen. The visual beat indicators help you tokeeptrack of where you are in the bar and enable you to mutethemetronome whilst still monitoring the tempo visually. You canalsocreate your own custom sound settings or simply change thepitch tomake Metronome Beats easier to hear over your instrument.Only needa few bars lead in? Use the timer function to stopMetronome Beatswhen you want. You can also use Metronome Beats atthe same time asother apps, allowing you to read sheet music offyour Tablet whilstplaying the metronome to check your tempo. Onlarger devices theTablet specific layout gives you access to all ofthe MetronomeBeats features on one handy screen.Features include:-Separatelayout for larger devices - Speed Trainer- Select any tempofrom 1to 300 beats per minute.- Don’t know how many beats perminute youneed? Then use the tap tempo button to select a tempo. -Option tokeep the metronome playing when you exit allowing you touse itwith other apps - Set a timer to stop the metronome after acertainnumber of bars- Displays Italian tempo markings – handy ifyou’renot sure how fast Vivace should be.- Subdivide the beat withup to16 clicks per beat – so you can practice the timing ofyourtriplets.- Choose whether to accent the first beat of thebar.-Visual beat indication - mute the sound and use thevisualisationsto follow the beat.- Your settings are savedautomatically on exit– so you can carry on where you left off nexttime you play.-Change the pitch of the sound to make the metronomeeasier to hearover your instrument.Check out Metronome Beats Profor even morefeatures, including a “live” mode where you can createand play setlists. Metronome Beats is supported by adverts, whichis why itrequires the “INTERNET” and “ACCESS NETWORK STATE”permissions.Formore help with using Metronome Beats, see ourblogposts:
Loopz - Best Drum Loops!
Loopz is a powerful and easy to use drum machine and metronome.Itplays drum loops and you can jam along! An intelligentlydesigneddrum engine let's you change the speed / BPM of eachgroove. Thismakes practicing even more fun.Play along and improveyour timing.No boring metronome, but real drums with a human feel!Loopz canalso help you write your own song: who has ever written ahitwithout a nice rhythm behind it?You can filter beats inyourdesired style of music, BPM and time signature. From a heavyrocksong, to a raw blues rhythm and old school hip-hop to smoothjazz:everything is possible.
Metronome Cifra Club
Studio Sol
Keep your tempos during your musicalstudiesand performances with our application.You can choose the beat, listen to it, select the notes bytime,save your study history and bookmark compasses you usemoreoften.The metronome is another Cifra Club feature for those who wanttotake music everywhere!
Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords
Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is amobileversion of the world's largest catalog of guitar &ukulelechords, tabs and lyrics, available even offline. Learn howto playyour favorite songs on acoustic, electric guitar or ukulele.Getover 1,200,000 tabs and free daily updates with recent hitsongs!Learn how to play guitar from scratch or refresh yourknowledge ofthe instrument with our interactive lessons (availableas an in-apppurchase).App features:• Popular songs from latest releases• Guitar & ukulele chords, notes and scores for morethan500,000 songs• Chord diagrams with fingering. Each chord featuresmultiplevariations• Free daily updates• Оffline access to favorite tabs• Left-handed mode• Quick search by type, difficulty, tuning and rating• AutoscrollEditors' collections:Collections of hand selected songs edited and fine tunedtoperfection from professional guitarists for guitarists. Songsfromcollections chosen specifically for particular moments suchasgetting the party started or camping out in nature so youalwayshave the perfect playlist ready at hand. Or focus onguitartechniques with professionally picked songs. With newcollectionsreleased every Friday, endless possibilities for momentsareavailable for you.Powerful upgrades (available as an in-app purchase):• 200,000 additional tabs with playback andmultipleinstruments• Accurate tuner• Precision metronome• Chord library with over 2 mln guitar chords• Tab printing
WeDrum: Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator
WeDrum is free real drum set simulator games that hold all typesofelectric drums required by a true drummer! This virtual drumgameslets you play on the drum kit with drums sticks right alongwith apianist, guitarist and even a singer! No prior drumlessonsnecessary! The drum app suits anyone who loves music andwants toexperience what it’s like to be a drummer in a music band!Everyprofessional drummer knows that practicing drums regularly isa wayto success. WeDrum is made by musicians and is aimed to helpabeginner drummer learn to play drums as well as to help amastereddrum player keep everyday practicing when he is away fromhis musicinstrument. The app has multiple classic drum kits thatconsist ofbass, snare, tom-tom drums and percussions like hi-hat,crash,ride, cowbell cymbals.There is a number of popular songs thatyoucan play along with to improve your beat. Just pick one ofyourfavorite drum sets, choose a song and start playing. Suchpracticesdefinitely enhance your sense of rhythm and tempo. The appis aperfect beat machine for those who want to learn how to playdrumsand those who already play jazz or rock in music bands.KeyfeaturesSELECT: Choose your favorite music tune to play on adrumset from a rich collection of songs across a wide variety ofmusicgenres. New free songs are added to the Songbook regularly.GATHER:Pick a pianist, a guitarist and a vocalist to enjoy aband-likeexperience or take delight in playing on your own. PLAY:Drum alongto a song following bright dynamic hints and tips. Thebetter youplay, the better results you get.ACHIEVE: Keep up withthe tempoand earn the best score you can. Enjoy the crowd cheeringlike areal musician playing on the stage. Replay the song toimprove thescore.SHARE: Share your drumming experience with theworld viasocial media.More highlightsSwitch to SOLO mode to enjoyjammingand freestyling on a drum kit simulator app withprofessional Hi-Fisounds and an incredibly realistic drum machineset graphics.Here’swhat you get with our app: ★ Various drum setsfor you to choosefrom: - Jazz kit - Rock kit - Dance kit - ElectricPad (Electronicor Beat Pads) - Ethnic drums (Congas and Bongos) -Japanese drumsTaiko are coming soon ★ Advanced settings: - Mixer toset all thesounds - Touch zones to help you learn drums - Drumsticksanimation - Drum hitting animation ★ Some extras: - Thefastestresponse time without any delays - High quality soundsrecordedwith live drums - Popular songs for you to learn toaccompany withdrums ★ The app is a great tool that can be used to:- Learn toplay drums and electronic drum pad - Improve sense oftiming withrhythm games - Travel and practice drums on the go -Spend freetime playing drum games Are you going to be the nextfamous drummerwho rattles his drum sticks like a ninja? Or you’drather stay calmand wave them as wizards spell with their wands?It’s totally up toyou! Gismart offers you an ultimate drum kit appwith high qualitysounds that is designed to be handy for people whoprefer drums toother musical instruments, should they be the guitaror the piano,or whatever they are. Oh, yeah..! Keep it in mind thatrhythm musicgames like WeDrum is a perfect fit for a beginner beatmaker whospends 24 hours a day tapping drum pads as well.Plungeinto theworld of real drums with WeDrum! Learn, practice, playalong withto your favorite songs in the most realistic drum games !AboutGismartGismart is a team of devoted musicians and developerswith areal passion for music and everything about it! Find out moreaboutus: Like us onFacebook: Learn more aboutour officelife in our Instagram:
Metronome M1
Metronome M1 is a simple and extremely accurate metronome formobiledevices. Metronome M1 comes with only the most essentialfeaturesanyone will need from a metronome. The simple and cleanuserinterface of Metronome M1 lets you get to practicing yourinstrumentimmediately without having to spend any time exploringtheapp.Metronome M1 produces regular, metrical ticks (beats,clicks) —settable in BPM (beats per minute). These beats representa fixed,regular aural pulse and is an indispensable tool for everymusicianfor practicing. Along with the beat, Metronome M1 alsoshows avisual indication of the counts as animated bars. MetronomeM1supports a wide tempo range between 30-300 BPM, ranging fromGraveto Prestissimo covering all popular styles including Lento,Largo,Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, Vivace and Presto. The"TapTempo" feature lets you quickly set your desired tempo withthe easeof tapping a button. Metronome M1 supports the followingcommon TimeSignatures.Simple time signatures: - 2/4 (duple):Commonly used forpolkas or marches.- 3/4 (triple): Used widely forwaltzes, minuets,scherzi, country & western ballads, R&B.Also occasionallyused in pop.- 4/4 (quadruple): Also known ascommon time, this isused widely in most forms of Western popularmusic. It is also themost common time signature in rock, blues,country, funk, and pop.Most students start practicing with thistime signature.Compoundtime signatures:- 6/8 (duple): Thiscompound time signature is usedin double jigs, polkas, sega,salegy, tarantella, marches,barcarolles, Irish jigs, loures, andsome rock music.- 9/8 (triple):Also known as compound triple time,this is used in triple jigs.-12/8 (quadruple): Commonly used inslower blues (where it is calleda shuffle) and doo-wop; also usedmore recently in rock music.Metronome M1 also supports many otherpossible time signatures. Nowyou no longer have to give an excusefor practicing without ametronome as you can have the freeMetronome M1 app on your mobiledevice all the time. Make metronomeyour best friend and alwayspractice with it. Moreover, practicingwith metronome is proven toimprove your aural skills. So, downloadMetronome M1 for freetoday!Metronome M1 also contains otherfeatures includingsubdivisions, option to configure beat tone andoption to increasetempo progressively during practice.
Metronome with no ads & no permissions. ♩ Beats per Minute(BPM)from 10 up to 310 in 0.1 BPM intervals. ♩ Moving pendulumwithmotion blur effects. ♩ Accelerando slider for gradualspeedingup/slowing down. (0.1 to 10 BPM/bar)♩ Beats highlighted onmusicalstaff as they are played. Accent or mute any of the beatsbytapping above/below note.♩ Select up to 12 Beats per bar. Setbeatvalue to half note, quarter, eighth or sixteenth. ♩ Threedifferentsound effects to choose from. ♩ Select from 0 to 9 subbeatdivisions.
The Metronome by Soundbrenner
The metronome app you have been waiting for.—We didn’t likeexistingmetronome apps very much. So we made a better one. TheMetronome bySoundbrenner is designed to be a professional tool tohelp allmusicians to play with perfect precision. A powerfulmetronome appfor everyone, from beginner to professional,regardless ofinstrument choice The Metronome by Soundbrenner worksgreat fordaily practice, live performances or in the recordingstudio.TheMetronome by Soundbrenner is fully packed with profeatures, allfree of use. One of our pro features is the abilityto tap your owntempo. You can utilize it by hitting our tapbutton, keep the beatand your bpm will set, ready to startplaying. Tip tap top!Tappingout? Count in! We added a countfeature to give you the option toget familiar with the set bpm.Enable it in the settings, selectyour tempo and start playing.Your count in will work automaticallyand your bpm will be tighterthan ever.Practice makes perfect. Thatis why we have added thesetlists feature in for you to repeatcertain songs multiple timesuntil you get the right bpm and rhythm.Create a setlist, pick yoursongs and load the set! Not practicing?No problem. Our setlistscan be used in every situation; playinglive, recording in a studioor just jamming out with othermusicians.Practicing with your band?Or multiple musicians? That'sno problem with our advanced pro syncfeature: MultiplayerSynchronisation. Sync up to five musicians toplay seamlessly to theperfect bpm. With MultiplayerSynchronisation practicing is madeeasy, everyone can focus onplaying music and keeping the rightrhythm. Sync up!Become a bettermusician by practicing around withsubdivisions, time signatures oraccents. Pick a time signature, setdifferent subdivisions andchoose your accents to customize the wayyou play music. Get aperfect sound each time you practice andbecome the best.Behind allof these pro features is a sleek andbeautiful interface, aimed tobe easy to use for every musician. Youcan completely customize it,with different themes and sounds. Picka sound for the right beat,and select theme to set the right mood.Highlights and features:-Precise metronome packed into anintuitive, beautiful interface.-Change your time signature, choosea subdivision and set accents.-Powerful customization. Choose fromdifferent click sounds andenable Camera LED/Screen flash.- Worldclass setlist management.Save your own rhythms and load them in theMetronome.- Sync up tofive Metronomes with our MultiplayerSynchronisation feature.- Darkand light theme designed to befunctional. You have the power ofchoice.The Metronome bySoundbrenner is free without ads, for thebest experience possible.At Soundbrenner we believe everymusician, from beginner toprofessional, should practice theirmusic and rhythm in the best waypossible. That's why we decided tomake our app free to download.Set the bpm, sync up, press play andstart making music! What othermusicians are saying about TheMetronome: “This is such a beautifulinstrument, that it will helpyou maintain your humbleness and putyou on a path of correctness.”- John “JR” Robinson (The mostrecorded drummer ever)“As aprogressive musician, I find this veryuseful while practicingcomplex time signatures and improvising onthe go.“ - Jordan Rudess(Keyboardist from Dream Theater)AboutSoundbrenner:We're buildingthe future of rhythm. We're also themakers of the world's firstsmart wearable for musicians, theSoundbrenner Pulse. Learn more atwww.soundbrenner.comSoundbrennerwas previously featured onTechcrunch, Gizmodo, Guitar Player,, MusicRadar, CNET,Yahoo, VentureBeat, ZDNet
Free Metronome without ads.Accurate and ergonomic.Therearemetronomes on Google Play but many of them lose timing on highcpustress. B' Metronome is focused on reliability andprecisetiming.User experience is also very important here , that'swhythis metronome looks so different than all othermetronomes.Itsmain features are:- Totally FREE (with no ads, nofees, no paidfeatures, no spam)- No permissions- Made by amusician- As accurateas possible on Android (for that reason thereis no first beataccent)- 20-900 bpm- Fractional tempos such as90.7- Pixel sharpgraphics even on small screens- Landscape support-Lightweight (~500kB)- Auto play- Fully customizable tempo buttons-Fullscreenswipe for tempo change- Proper tap with average tempo-Random tempobutton- Timer- Training log / statisticsThis is version0.9.x;additional features soon to be implemented along withbugfixes.Thanks for your patience and interest in this adfreeMetronome :-)
Drumate Free - Drum Rudiments
Rudiments are basic exercises for drummers meant to increaseyourspeed, ability and creativity when playing the drums. But it'sjustnot enough to play along a single tempo track tomasterthem.Drumate lets you take advantage of the processing powerinyour phone to generate a vast amount of training patterns fromasingle rudiment. This makes it a lightweight and efficientapp,since it needs very little storage space, and it allows youtoexperiment with three practice modes: • Constant: practicetherudiment at a constant speed, with or without rests. This modeisuseful when getting used to the rudiment structure andfeel.•Steps: play for sets of steps, each at its own tempo. You cangofrom a slow to a fast tempo, or the other way round. The lengthofthe steps is adjustable and rests can be included as well. Usethismode to push you further when gaining speed.• Up and Down:start atan initial tempo that will be increased on each bar, untilit getsto a maximum value and then decreases to the initial value.Thismode allows you to practice from "open to close to open" andisgreat to cover a wide range of speed to increase yourresistanceand speed.The rudiments can be filtered by type, and youcan markrudiments as Favorites so you can filter them and focus onsets ofrudiments. It is a great tool for musicians, speciallydrummers andpercussionists. Drumate is the true mate to improveyour drumming!Imyself am a drummer and I developed this app becauseI thought itwas possible to harness the power of phones to do morethan justplay tracks. I have achieved this by creating an algorithmthatuses a single bar of a rudiment to generate diverse andadjustablepractice tracks that I believe will enrich the trainingsessions ofdrummers and interested musicians, while substantiallysaving phonestorage space.The app currently uses Android's internalsynthesizerfor playback, but with your appreciated help andcontribution wheninstalling Drumate Free or purchasing the Premiumversion, I willbe able to buy a software license for better snareand metronomesounds. Your help will also allow me to continueworking as anindependent developer to make it better, listen toyour opinionsand update it.
Master Drum Beats
Master Drum Beats is the best method to learn new drum beats!Theselessons are much more than just a tutorial, more usefulthanreading a book or watching a video. Master the drums withthesedrum beat LESSONS. This method is 100% HANDS ON. With MasterDrumBeats you will learn over 80 drum BEATS. Each categoryincludesthree different levels of difficulty: beginner,intermediate andadvanced. You will see every piece of a VIRTUALDrum Kit ILLUMINATEas the sticks and pedals play the BEATS. Youwill experience audioand animations in perfect sync with eachother, at three differentplaying speeds which will show you how toplay any BEAT you want,for as long as you need to with the LOOPfunction. It doesn'tmatter if you are EXPERIENCED or BEGINNER,either way you willeasily enhance your rhythm's repertoire andbecome a more seasoneddrummer. You will enjoy while learning withthese easy, fun andno-complication lessons. These are some of thegenres you willlearn with Master Drum Beats: - Rock- Jazz- Latin-Blues-Bossanova- Progressive- Folk- Metal- Reggae- Pop
Drum Pads - Beat Maker Go
Beat Maker Go is an ultimate drum pads sampler or drum machineappthat gives you the opportunity to perform cool beats, makemusicand tracks on the go.Create awesome beats easily with BeatMakerGo. Enjoy superb sound packs from our fresh presets library.Tapdrum pads and apply multiple effects right away. Use loops,mixthem and record your performance into something really funonlaunchpad. Use the drum pads for creating five-star music setsormixtapes. Play on the go and make music with drum padsandcollaborate with friends! The presets library offers themostrecent sound packs in different EDM genres: - Trap - Dubstep-Drum-n-Bass- House- Hip-Hop and more!So do you want to makemusiclike popular EDM producer?Get the most out of Beat Maker Go :-Highquality samples are made by professional producers anddedicatedEDM musicians on drum pads. This partnership helps us beappup-to-date and provides you with even better beats on aregularbasis!- We have implemented a number of effects that youcancombine in any order. Use up to 5 effects simultaneouslyandconfigure them in real-time. Send each effect to aparticularsample pad out of 32 pads that we have in stock for you!You canbecome a real dubstep maker so easily!- Play sessions onyour drumpads using predefined beat loops that we provide withevery soundpack. Consider yourself a pro? Take a challenge: createand overdubup to 4 custom loops and use as launchpad whileperforming live orrecording your track on drum pads.- Share yoursuccess - exportyour music to YouTube or anywhere you like!★★★FEATURES★★★:- Freetrendy EDM packs with regular updates- Highquality samples(uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 KHz)- 32 pads in twobanks- Multipleaudio effects: Distortion, Delay, Equaliser,Flanger, Phaser andmore- Max 4 simultaneous effects on phone and nomore than 5 ontablet- Real-time configuration of applied effects-Predefined beatloops in every sound preset- Max 4 custom loops onphone and max 5on tablet- Overdub feature to add sounds to recordedloops-Built-in metronome and BPM control to help you play well-Musicsession recording and sharingBeat Maker Go app isfairlyeasy-to-use for beginners and advanced enough for mastereddubstepmakers! Follow our interactive tutorial and go through everystepof beat making right now!About GismartGismart is a team ofdevotedmusicians and developers with a real passion for musicandeverything about it! Find out more about us: Like usonFacebook: Learn moreaboutour office life in ourInstagram:
Drum Loops - Rock Beats
★ Highly accurate BPM engine ★★ Designed and tested byprofessionalmusicians ★★ Perfect both for advanced and amateurs★Drum LoopsRock Beats gives you a big choice of grooves, beats andtones. Thebeats are divided in categories, so that you can easilyselect yourgenre and the speed to play your track.You can sortbeats by: BPM,type (ballad, hardrock, heavy metal, indie, pop,punk), tempo andother. If you want - choose your favourite tracksand make your ownlist. ★ Application has organized and intuitiveinterface. Using ityou can choose among the fifty availablesamples.An intelligentlydesigned drum engine let's you change thespeed / BPM of each beat.This makes practicing even more fun andyou don't need yourmetronome or drum machine.★ High sound qualitymakes app soundsgreat whether for private practice or whenamplified for groupperformances.The result is an incredible handyand useful appdedicated to any musicians. Drum Loops Rock can alsohelp you writeyour own song: who has ever written a hit without anice rhythmbehind it?Sounds categories in Drum Loops Rock Beats:★Ballad★Hardrock★ Heavy Metal★ Indie★ Pop★ PunkFeatures:★ Adjustabletempospeed★ Play in background★ Tunes sorting★ Many beats, tunesanddrum backgrounds★ Can be use as metronomeIf you have anycomments,feedback or you need help with Drum Loops Rock Beats,please sendan e-mail to
Jam Tracks
Jam Tracks has a full collection of beats in 4/4 rangingindifferent tempos for every musician to practice and jam to.Greatfor guitar players, bass players, keyboards, wind instrumentsect.The perfect app to play along with as it's like a metronomebutwith a full drum beat. Leave the app while the beat isstillplaying to read guitar tabs, sheet music, learn lessons orwhateveryour needs require. Each beat is 3:30 minutes long thenrepeatsgiving endless time to practice!App Features:- 20 DrumBeats- 3:30Minute Tracks- 85 bpm- 105 bpm- 122 bpm- 140 bpm- LatinBeats- 4/4Beats
Jalra - Carnatic Mridangam - Metronome
Meet, Jalra - Carnatic Mridangam, an app to make your androiddeviceto play mridangam for Indian classical music, dance orbhajans.Thisapp is musician's best friend. Every student andprofessional willneed it. The purpose of the app is to accompanythe musician withthe sound of Indian percussion instruments calledJalra andMridangam. Once you spend few days with this app,figuring out howto configure and use it, the app will become thebest solution formusic or dance practice and performances. You canalso use it forBhajans.The app is very simple to use. It has manyadvanced featureslike playlist and beat editor. The design is veryintuitive andneeds no training to use it.If you are a student,show this app toyour teacher, who should be able to tell you howto use it properlyfor your practice. It will help you get a holdon the rhythm of yourmusic. If you are a teacher, teach the app toyour students, forhelping them to improve their rhythmicskills.Detailed HelpA verydetailed help is available at thislink:https://jalraapp.wordpress.comFeatures-> Mridangam andTamburaall pitch-> All Talam/Tala supported (count of 3, 4, 5,6, 7 and8)-> Carnatic Music's Saptha (7) Alankara Talamsareavaialble-> Displays count for visual feel of therhythm->Set any tempo you like for the beats-> TAP twice toguess/judgethe tempo-> No need to keep screen on while playing,runs in thebackground. Option to keep the screen on if youwish.->Convenient notification to stop/start and to bring theapp tofront. Works even from Android Wear (Watch)-> CreatePlaylist -**NEW** paid feature, combine more than 1 style to createa newlonger loop-> Create and Tweak Beats in the Beat Editor-**NEW** paid feature-> Save local files to google driveasbackup or sync across multiple personal devices - **NEW**paidfeature-> Keep Screen On, if requiredFill ButtonWhile theapp isplaying a style, hit the Fill button to play a staticfillvariation once. End ButtonWhen playing any variation, hit theEndbutton to wait for the app to finish the active playing theactivesound and then stop. Show / Hide PlaylistYou can show or hidetheplaylist with a toggle button. With the playlist hidden youwillget the classic screen simple screen to configure theapp.BeatEditor – InApp PurchasePress and Hold any one style to openitsbeat editor. Every beat is divided into 4 parts, with aon/offbutton for each part. Touch them to swith each part on or offtotweak the beat. When you try to use it for the first time, apromptwill be shown to buy the feature. Once you have bought thefeature,you can design / tweak the sound on the beat editor.PlayListYoucan add a style into the playlist. When you add a styleintoplaylist, the tempo and count that is active will be used forthatitem.There is option to Save playlist to save them as localfile.They are internal to the Jalra app. These files will not bevisiblein File Explorer app. Careful, these files will get deletedwhenyou uninstall the app!Sync files to Google Drive –PaidFeaturePlaylist and new Styles are stored in app's internalfiles.These files will get lost if you uninstall or reset phone. Sothereis a feature available to sync app's files with googledriveaccount as backup. Even on google drive these files will behidden.However, you can see their existence under Settings ->ManagingApps -> JalraApp.Hide Ads – Paid FeatureThe app showsbannerads. If you want to hide it, you can buy NoAds feature byclick on"Show or Hide Ads" menuoption.DemoVideos - Mora
Drum Pads 24 - Music Maker
Drum Pads 24 is the best all in one drum machine app: drumpadssampler and beats music mixer. Over 15,000,000 beat makersandfinger drummers already use it! Hot new music every day!Youcanmake music and tracks on the go with this epic DJ mixer andevenmore:★ Performing live★ Beatboxing★ Fingerdrumming★ Playingloops★Creating sounds★ Mastering your beat maker skills★ Recordingandsharing music session Are you a beatbox maker? Use our PadEditorto record your own voice and sounds and make perfect beatsmusic.Doyou like hiphop or rap? Use Drum Pads 24 as rappersoundboard appwith ready-to-use and high-quality sounds.Are you abeginnermusician? Watch our video tutorials and master your beatmakingskills step by step. Lightshow will make your practice evenmorefunny and stunning!Are you a beats maker pro? Create your ownsoundpack with our Pad Editor, share it with our huge beatmakerscommunity and grow your fan base. Or take part in our battlesonour social channels!Drum Pads 24 is one of the best dj appsformixing music and making music apps. It’s the key to havefastfingers so that can be epic on any drum padcontroller.Wecollaborate with popular music producers and producesound packs inour own music studio to provide you with music indifferent EDMgenres: ★ Hip-Hop★ Trap★ Dubstep★ House★ Drum-n-Bass★Electro★Future Bassand more!There are 2800+ high-quality sounds inourlibrary of music create app. New sound packs are releasedeveryweek. Use Drum Pads 24 to create your own music or mixtapes.Makingmusic beats is really easy for everyone with our drumpadmachineapp. Tap colourful pads and make music with drum pads 24everyday.Record video, collaborate with friends and share yourmasterpiecesto Youtube or Soundcloud.★★★ FEATURES ★★★- High qualitysamples(uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 KHz)- Popular EDM sound packs,new freeupdates regularly- Keep up with beat makers that you followanddiscover new content daily.- 24 pads in two scenes- Pitchaudioeffect- Step sequencer to make beat loops or use it as ametronome-Pad Editor to create your own sound pack with our samplesor yourfavorite song.- Music session recording and sharing-Videotutorials for mastering your skillsDrum Pads 24 is madebymusicians for musicians. It’s a perfect rhythm app approvedbyprofessional beat makers!Our team is always hard working toprovideyou with the high-quality app and sounds.Watchus: Likeus: (and take partinbattles!)Enjoy playing Drum Pads 24 and become a member ofhuge#drumpads24 family!
Drum Beats Metronome
Drum Beats Metronome will add drumming to your play as it isametronome that plays drum loops instead of a click!Thisdrummetronome is designed with simple and effective UI to give youallthe fatures of a standart metronome combined with realdrumssamples. You can easily set the tempo in BPM for the drumloops andplay or even record with the Drum Beats Metronome.Thesupportedrange for the tempo is from 70 BPM to 180 BPM. You canchange thetempo even when the drum loops are playing using thetempo BPMselector control or the Tap button. The drum beatsmetronome isuseing real drum kit recorded samples in stereo 44100HZso you canplug your phone directly into the mixer and play orrecord withit.Features:* fine tempo tuning from 70 BPM to 180 BPM*tap tempo*control for easily BPM selection* 6 - fast selectabledrum beats*acoustic drum kit sounds* keeps screen on* play in loop*real timeBPM change* freeThis drum metronome was created withguitar andbass players in mind but could be useful for anymusicianstoo.Enjoy the music with Drum Beats Metronome. That is oneof thebest metronome apps.
Flamenco Metronome PRO
MF is not just a simple metronome: it isapowerful tool for the study and practice of flamenco´s compásandmusic. It includes all the most important flamenco palos(Bulería,Jaleo, Alegría, Seguiriya, Solea, Rumba, Tango, Tiento,Tanguillo,Sevillanas, Fandango) and it also offers the option"práctica depalmas", where you can customize the accents andpractice the beat,up-beat and double palmas. You can choose theplaying speed (bpm)and select the accompaniment(cajón, palmas orboth).You can download the Demo version for free or you canstartpracticing with the full Pro version.Any feedback will be most appreciated.
Music Speed Changer (Classic)
Change the tempo and pitch of your music with SuperpoweredorSoundTouch processors. This version of the app is for peoplewhopreferred the old sound and does not contain the latestfeaturesand improvements. It will not be updated unless it isbroken byfuture Android versions. Music Speed Changer allows you tochangethe speed of audio files on your device in real timewithoutaffecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitchwithoutchanging the speed (pitch shift). Alternatively, both speedandpitch may be adjusted together. The app is a music looper aswell -you can slow down song speed and loop sections of the musicforeasy practice. Another feature is the ability to reverseaudio(play the music backwards). You can also save the adjustedaudio toan M4A (.m4a) audio file for sharing with friends orlistening inanother player. Music Speed Changer is great formusicianspracticing an instrument needing to slow down the tempo,speedingup audio books for faster listening, making nightcore orjustrocking out to your favorite song at 130%. Notice for GooglePlayMusic users: Google places DRM on songs purchased throughGooglePlay Music. Your songs purchased in that app will not bevisible inMusic Speed Changer (or any other music player). A simplewayaround this is to download the purchased songs through theGooglePlay Music desktop browser app, then transfer the downloaded.mp3file to your Android device. Features:-Pitch shifting- changesongpitch up or down 12 semi-tones, with fractionalsemi-tonesallowed.-Time stretching - change audio speed from 33% to300% oforiginal speed (change BPM of music).-Two differentsoundprocessors to choose from.-Rate adjustment - change the pitchandtempo of the audio together.-Music looper - seamlessly loopaudiosections and practice over and over (AB repeat player).-Reversemusic (play backwards). Decode the secret message or learnapassage backwards and forwards.-Great for makingNightcore.-Openaudio files from your device's storage, or from thecloud.-Exportyour adjustments to an M4A (.m4a) file for sharing orplaying inanother music player.-Modern material design UI andsimple touse.-Completely free and no restrictions on this musicspeedcontroller.This app is superpowered with Superpowered SDK.
Master Bass Guitar Tuner
★ Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your bass guitar★★Designed and tested by professional musicians ★★ Two modes:Tuner& Pitchfork ★★ Perfect both for professionals andamateurs★Master Bass Guitar Tuner is an easy-to-use applicationwith whichyou will be able to tune your bass guitar quickly. Theapplicationincludes sets of tunes: - bass guitar, standard,- bassguitar, 5strings, [+B0(H0)]- bass guitar, 5 strings [+C1],- bassguitar, 6strings [+B0(H0)], [+3],- bass guitar, 6 strings [+C1],[+C3].Thealgorithm has been adapted to recognize sounds of bassguitar mosteffectively. To get the best result of automatictuning, play thesound on the single string few times.Theapplication has two modes:pitchfork and tuner.- PitchforkYou canuse pitchfork to tune yourbass guitar in our application – justplay bass guitar sound of eachstring and check if the strings ofyour bass guitar are tunedproperly. You can also play all soundsautomatically (from lowest tohighest string) and during recording– tune strings of your bassguitar.- TunerIf you need any help withtuning your guitar, turn onthe auto tuner. The application willrecognize the sound played byyou and help you tune eachstring.Features:- recordings of realsounds of bass guitar,-pitchfork & tuner mode,- the ability toset different soundnames: American, European and solmization,- theability to set thefrequency of sound "a" (concert pitch) in Hz- theability todetermine the deviation from the base frequency incents.If youwill have any problems, please contact
Hip-Hop Producer Pads
Hip-Hop Producer Pads - is a virtual Sampler and Drum machine.WithHip-Hop Producer Pads you'll get the opportunity to create yourownHip-Hop audio tracks. You can use Loops, One-Shots and Samplestocreate melodies on the fly. Metronome will help you to keeptherhythm. Play together with your friends and create atrulyoutstanding Hit. Become a real music producer and show who thebestat party is.
Dubstep Producer Pads
Dubstep Producer Pads - is a virtual Sampler and Drum machine.WithDubstep Producer Pads you'll get the opportunity to create yourownDubstep audio tracks. You can use Loops, One-Shots and Samplestocreate melodies on the fly. Metronome will help you to keeptherhythm. Play together with your friends and create atrulyoutstanding Hit. Become a real music producer and show who thebestat party is.
Double Kick Drum Beats
- Carefully designed to help you improve your double kickplayingability.- 25 different drum beats that can be combined tocreate avast amount of customized beats.- Every drum beat andcombinationscan be looped and played at different speeds, with anadded extraslow speed which allows easier and faster learning ofeven the mostcomplex beats.- Step by step mode shows a detailedprogressiveexplanation of each drum beat making it even easier tolearn.-Dynamic graphics and animations react to the sound tofurtherenhance the learning experience.- Metronome can be enabledordisabled at any time.- High quality studio drum kit sounds:Rock,Jazz, Metal, Funk.- Designed for Beginners, IntermediateandAdvanced drummers.- The best free tool to improve your doublekickor double kick pedal skills.- Very easy to use: Choose a beattolearn, turn on Step by Step mode, loop on, slow speed and youareready to go.- Fast improvement: Your speed and forcefulness onthekick drum will quickly improve and you will become a betterdrummerevery day.- Today's music requires drummers to have fullydevelopeddouble kick skills.- With Double Kick Drum Beats you willmake adifference, from ordinary to outstanding.
Beat Craft
It is really easy to use.Search for YouTube videos you want toplayusing the search button.You can enjoy a rhythm game withthatvideo.Features of BeatCraftA music game with which you cannowenjoy your favorite movies and music as you please!BeatCrafttherepresentative of music games that has been played by more than10million with which you can now play music game together withthevideos of YouTube!!!Let's play rhythm games with videos ofYouTubeand music stored in your mobile phone by simple operation!■Let'splay all the videos in YouTube!!!   VideosonYouTube will become the game!!!   Infinitemoviesthat you can play and infinite fun!■ Let's play songs thatare inyour smart phone!    You can play songswhichare stored in your smart phone.    Notesareall the same. It's not funnynow.    Let'senjoy the same song differentlywith automatic generation ofnotes!■ Let's save favorite notesafterplaying!    You can save the notes whichyoulike among those automatically generated.BEATCRAFT,beatcraft,bitcraft, BITCRAFT, MP3, mp3, rhythm game, piano, guitar,drum,youtube, BEAT CRAFT, bit, BIT, beat, beat craft, youtube game
Best Guitar Tuner
★ Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your guitarorother music instrument★ Designed and tested byprofessionalmusicians★ Perfect both for professionals and amateurs★Threemodes: Auto, Manual and PlayBest Guitar Tuner is aneasy-to-useapplication with which you will be able to tune yourguitar orother music instruments quickly. Tuner includes sets ofsoundscharacteristic for different types of instruments:-Guitar,Standard,- Guitar, Drop D,- Guitar, Open D,- Guitar, OpenG,-Guitar,Open A,- Guitar, 4 string bass,- Guitar, 5 stringbass,-Banjo,- Ukulele, soprano,- Ukulele, concert- Violin,-Viola,-Violoncello,- Double bass.The algorithm in tuner has beenadaptedto recognize sounds of instrument most effectively. To getthe bestresult of automatic tuning, play the sound few times.BestGuitarTuner has three modes: auto, sound and play.★ Auto –automatictuning - examined frequency of the signal is interpretedto thenext clear sound of the specific frequencies of pure sound,★Manual– sound tuning - select a specific sound that will be tuned,★Play– generate the sound based on the particularfrequency.Features:-recordings of real sounds of guitar,- theability to set differentsound names: American, European andsolmization,- sets of stringscharacteristic for different types ofguitars,- the ability to setthe frequency of sound "a" (concertpitch) in Hz,- the ability todetermine the deviation from the basefrequency in cents.If youwill have any problems with Best GuitarTuner, please contact
Music Instruments: Kids
Free music instruments for kidsappfeatures.-Music maker app is totally free.-Your child will be familiar with real musicalinstrumentsounds.-Designed for kids with animations and hand drawn picturesofcolorful instruments and much more.-Teaches your kids notes, beats, rhythms and hand toeyecoordination.-Includes rhythmic and melodic instruments.Music Instruments: Kids include four instrument games.1) Drums: Do you want a drummer in the house? You will have it.Withthe drum set we have drumming will be so fun for you and yourchildwith a full drum kit of bass drum, tom, kick drum, snareandsymbols, your toddler love will feel as a drummer infewseconds.2) Percussion: Do you want more percussive instruments inyourhouse? We have it. The percussion for kids set that is madeofbongos, cowbell, wood block, all made of real recorded soundsjustlet the rhythm flow.3) Piano: Our piano for kids has the sound of a real grand pianoandexcept the 16 notes it also includes all the half notes too,thiswill make you able to play any kid songs you remember fromyourchildhood.4) Xylophone: Specially designed for kids this colorfulxylophonewill teach your kids not only the xylophone for kidssounds butalso colors.To play the musical instrument app is very easy, just tapyourfinger on the colorful instruments and feel that you’re amusicianand enjoy watching your baby play the instruments too. Ifyou wantto feel like a rock star you have the drum kit, formelodies usethe keyboard/ piano and the xylophone for kids, lastbut not leastfor Latin rhythms we have the pull which means owl in Greek aims to make educationalgamesfor kids with this music instruments for kid you willintroduce yourchild to the wonderful world of music, we are anindie game andmultimedia production company located in Greece andwe love what wedo.Have fun !!!
Electro Drum Pad
Simply make beats and music by tapping colorful pads, eventhoughbeginners about music theory can create something sounds likeapopular EDM product with their own hands. In addition, weprovidemany melodies, which makes this drum machine full ofstrongplayability and endless possibility. Features: *Withdifferenttypes of high-quality samples*Make your own music tracks,trainyour finger drumming skills *Mix many sounds and melodies inrealtime*Record the music you created*Support share toYouTube,Instagram, Facebook and Google+*Totally 48 padsNewfeatures:Volumecontrol, to diversify your music- You can adjust allsounds withdifferent volume as you likeFade-in & fade-outeffects, to makeprofessional beats - Save all your beats &music with fadingeffectsSupport share tracks on social network-Share beats, sharemusic, share fun!Electro Drum Pad includes soundslike:- Drum-Bass- Loop- Synth- Percussion- Melodic- Lead- VocalComeand becomea music maker!
TempoPerfect Metronome Free
TempoPerfect is Free Metronome App for keeping a clear andprecisebeat. Metronomes are essential for keeping time, improvingpracticesessions, and for developing a consistent rhythmic feel.WithTempoPerfect musicians can accurately set the correct beatsperminute (BPM) for any simple or compound tempo. Additionalfeaturesallow you to subdivide beat patterns to hear trickypatterns liketriplets, or accent the first beat in a measure whenworking indifficult time signatures.TempoPerfect also includes atempo guidechart to quickly translate Italian tempo markings, sonot only willyou practice at the correct BPM, but you'll finallylearn thedifference between largo, andante, allegro andprestissimo.
Rhythm Trainer
Rhythm Trainer is an effective way to master your basicrhythmicskills whichever instrument you play.Rhythm is the basis ofallmusic. Exercise 10–15 minutes per day using fun andfield-testedmethod tailored to your personal learning speed.Whetheryou arepracticing alone or with a teacher, Rhythm Trainer will helpyouto:✓ Develop sense of rhythm✓ Easily figure out and play rhythmbyear✓ Sight-read rhythm notation in sheet musicRhythm by rhythm.Dayby day. Play rhythmically anywhere! Learn once, use forever.
Ticka - Metronome
Adding sample tone choices and useful notes setting to anuserfriendly metronome, so you can actually enjoy the funofrhythms.Features:1. Accurate tempo playing and displays.2.TapTempo.3. Various choices of tone library : drums, slap bass,analogsynth, english...etc4. Adjusting tone and volume of everynote withgreat flexibility.5. Three types of swing, customize yourswinggroove.6. Storable personal rhythm presets.7. Play with thescreenoff.Special thanks:Haha Tsai (Bassist/ WaHaHa musicstudio,Driftwood)Ming-Hsiu Chen (Drummer/ B.B.Bomb, Easy Shen)Airy(Vocal/Airy)Che-Tien Hsu (Guitarist)Albert Huang (Guitarist/ Sus2GuitarStudio, YOU-S)Eason Chiu (Guitarist/ Jock Rock studio)
Master Violin Tuner
★ Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your violin★★Designed and tested by professional musicians ★★ Two modes:Tuner& Pitchfork ★★ Perfect both for professionals andamateurs★Master Violin Tuner is an easy-to-use application withwhich youwill be able to tune your violin quickly. The algorithmhas beenadapted to recognize sounds of violin most effectively. Toget thebest result of automatic tuning, play the sound on thesinglestring few times.The application has two modes: pitchforkandtuner.- PitchforkYou can use pitchfork to tune your violin inourapplication – just play violin sound of each string and checkifthe strings of your violin are tuned properly. You can alsoplayall sounds automatically (from lowest to highest string) andduringrecording – tune strings of your violin.- TunerIf you needany helpwith tuning your violin, turn on the auto tuner. Theapplicationwill recognize the sound played by you and help you tuneeachstring.Features:- recordings of real sounds of violin,-pitchfork& tuner mode,- the ability to set different soundnames:American, European and solmization,- the ability to setthefrequency of sound "a" (concert pitch) in Hz- the abilitytodetermine the deviation from the base frequency in cents.Ifyouwill have any problems, please contact us:
ORG 2018
Let's see some videos: •••• • Morethan1000 musical instruments (Multi-sample and Recorded fromrealinstruments) • 3 Low-latency methods (in settings) •DNCInstruments and After-touch • Thousands of rhythms (IncludeIntros,Variations, Fills, Break, Endings, and Pads) with Real Chord(Press3 or more keys) • A lot of drum kits (General, Arabic,Persian,...) and Funny Human Drum kit • Connect to a real musicalkeyboardvia USB MIDI cable • Use the phone as a microphone withaudiofilters • Programmable Sound/Loop Buttons for play Audio files•Strong Windows tools for Create, Edit and ImportInstruments,Styles, ... (download from • Joystick,Ribbon,Effects, and Filters • Record, Re-record, Sing a Song,Save,Playback, ... • High-quality Stereo output • SimulateKORGkeyboards with: Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo,Transpose,Octave, Balance, Tune, Split, Chord Memory, TapTempo/Reset ... •Multi-touch with 10 fingers • Change volume ofeach Instrument orStyle Separately • Pedal, Metronome and TouchResponse • Quartertones (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish ...) • 1 and 2rows keyboard •Create high-quality MP3 and share with WhatsApp,Viber, Telegram,Line, ... • and more ...More information atwww.sofeh.comFacebook:, organ,guitar, flute, violin, pop, rock, jazz, music, play,record,entertainment, korg, pa3x, pa4x, sound, wave, mp3, fx, echo,midi,org 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
The Ukulele App
“The smartphone app for the smartphone of instruments!”Createdinconjunction with YouTube’s “The Ukulele Teacher” - theInternet’smost popular ukulele channel - this app has everythingyou need toget started with your ukulele!A Tuner that helps youkeep yourukulele in tune so that it sounds great!The most extensiveChordlibrary available - any chord, any key, every possiblevariation,everywhere on the fretboard!Reverse chord look-up - Youtell theapp what notes you’re playing and it tells you the name ofthechord.The most complete Scale library - generate hundredsofdifferent scales and modes across any key.Fully searchablevideolibrary featuring over 400 lessons and playlists from TheUkuleleTeacher himself with new videos being added every week!And anewChord progression tool with a built in metronome to help youmasterchanging chords smoothly and easily!This is the ultimateukulelepractice tool!Connect with the Ukulele Teacher via all hissocialmedia channels.Not sure how to use a feature? Click on TheUkuleleTeacher’s face in the top right-hand corner of every screenandhe’ll help you out.And we’re just getting started! The UkuleleAppis constantly being worked on and improved - and we still havelotsof big ideas for the future.If you have any feedback orsuggestionson how we can improve the app, with your ideas!
Camtronome - metronome with camera
Camtronome is an advanced metronome with recording feature,designedfor live performance, band rehearsal or personal practice.It savesinventory space - you can take just your phone on stage orrehearsaland have great metronome and camera in one device. Keyfeatures:-create and play any custom metronome with tempo or timesignaturechanging over timePlay any music without need of biglaptop PC-organise metronomes in playlistCreate live show setlistand make appremember the song order for you- use automaticmetronomes switchingto next from the playlistYou do not have totap anything else butplay on stage - Camtronome will set you upfor every songautomatically- create markers for particularmetronome barsEasilynavigate there if song fragment practice isneeded- use speechsynthesis to read markersYou will never forgetwhere the chorus orverse is- use camera to record yourperformances during metronometickingTrack your progress of playingmusic on rehearsals, practiceor live shows and share your greatestperformancesLike CamtronomeonFacebook:
- Detect and Shift the Key and Tempo of any of your songs!-DownloadBacking Tracks of different genres and see their chordprogressionwhile playing! You can even shift Key and Tempo ofthese tracks!-Drummers! You can download drumless tracks and playalong!- Reducethe leading instrument volume in the song!-Guitar/Piano display of16 musical scales in any key!- Guitar/Pianodisplay of more than 140chords!- The App gives you control overthe Bass/Middle/Treble ofthe song.- Save the song with yourchanges: new tempo, pitch and EQsettings! - Metronome for betterpractice!- The App will sort all ofyour songs according to theirkey or tempo.- Loop any part of thesong! The loop is gapless.-Overlay Guitar scales over any App! Thisis great for jamming overa track on YouTube.Backtrackit gives youthe best audio qualitywhen the pitch is shifted or the tempo ischanged. When the pitchis changed, the tempo remains the same dueto time-stretchingtechnique. Backtrackit is Superpowered.The App isstill underdevelopment. Please report bugs so we can fix them.
DubStep Music Maker – Rhythm Machine & Beat Maker
Download DubStep Music Maker and start creating your own musicforFREE now! Use our beatpad and song maker to create, discover,andshare your music. We make the music creating process simplerandeasier but with the ability to customize every aspect of thebeat.Start jamming, because the sky is the limit for yourcreativity!Have you ever dreamed to become a great DJ or musicproducer? Nowyou can kickstart your career by using your phone tomake music.With our FREE music and dub step song maker, you don’tneed tospend so much money purchasing a real beatpad to practice orcreatemusic. Turn your phone into a rhythm machine with our app andfeelthe magix as you tap on our music pad.=== GREAT SOUND FILTERSANDFX ===In DubStep Song Maker, we provide great sound filters andFXto make your music even better. We have Echo, Low pass, Highpass,Reverb, Distortion, Chorus, and Pitch. === CUSTOMIZEVISUALIZER===Customize the music pad’s visualizer. You can adjustthe app’s:-Bass Sensitivity- Bass Height- Treble Sensitivity-Treble Height-Global Scale- Sound bars=== CUSTOMIZE EACH PAD ===Youcan customizethe sequencer of each beatpad button. Simply tap onthe Equalizerand tap on any pad that you want to customize. You canalso adjustthe volume, pitch, stereopan, BPM, and other aspects ofthe music.=== USE YOUR OWN SOUND SAMPLES ===We provide some SoundPacks likeDubstep Hero Club and Rave On. You can also use CustomSoundsamples to start jamming or use your own Sound samples.===RECORDAND SHARE ===You can record the music you make with DubStepHero tolisten later or share with yourfriends.-------------------------------------------------------------Otherfeaturesof Dub StepMusicPad:--------------------------------------------------------------Userfriendly and simple to use- 8 x 4 beatpad- Stereopan- Stop andstartrecording with only one touch.- Pause buttonMastering our DubStepsong maker is not hard. With a little bit of practice you cancreatetruly awesome songs and music using only your phone. Youwill besurprised on the type of music you can create with ourawesome songmaker in a short amount of time. If you are trulydedicated tocreate cool music, you will be able to make some trulyastoundingdubstep music. Also, Dub Step is FREE so you don’t haveto spend anymoney to start creating. All you need is somecreativity and youwill be able to create some magix. Your journeyas an awesome DJ andmusic producer start here!Note: AlthoughDubStep Music Maker isFree, you can make in app purchases toremove ads and to add thelength of the recording. Please send usan email if you find anyissue when using DubStep Music Maker. Wewill fix the issue as soonas possible. We also promise tofrequently upgrade our app toimprove functionality and removebugs. Do you enjoy using our musiccreator app? If you do, pleasesupport us by leaving us a rating andreview!
Walk Band - Multitracks Music 7.0.4
Walk Band is a music studio (a toolkit of virtualmusicalinstruments) customized for Android. It contains tons offeaturesincluding Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit,Drum Machine, Bass,Multi-trackssynthesizer etc. All instruments use the realisticinstrumentsounds. You can add the drum beats and guitar chords toyour pianomelody. Play your favorite music everywhere with yourphone.Another fantastic feature, External MIDI Keyboard over USB isalsosupported. You can connect your YAMAHA, Rolandmidikeyboard/controller with Walk Band. ☆ Best DownloadingMusicalInstruments APP.☆ Multitrack Synthesizer / Mixer. ☆ StudioAudioQuality.Features: [ Piano ] - 88 keys piano keyboard. - SingleRowMode. Dual Row Mode. Two Player Mode. - Multi-Touch. -Touchpressure detecting. - Key width adjustment. - Five KeyboardSound:Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth. - Midi and AudioRecording,Playback and Sharing - Set recordings as Ringtone. -Metronome.[Guitar ] - Chords Mode. - Solo Mode. - 3 Guitar TypeSound: NylonGuitar, Steel String Guitar, Clean Electric Guitar. -Midi andAudio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Pitch Bend for solomode.[Drum Kit ] - Play Along feature: Play beats while playbackyourfavorite mp3. - Five Drum Kit Program: Jazz, Rock,HipHop,Percussion, Dance. - Drum Pad Mode. - Various Demo Beats:Rock,Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz etc. - MidiandAudio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Set As Ringtone etc.[DrumMachine ] - Create your own beats with this battery - FiveDrumKitSound: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance. - 11 preloaddemopatterns. - Pitch control. - Speed control. - MIDI recording.[Bass ] - Chords Mode. - Solo Mode. - 3 Bass Type Sound:AcousticBass, Picked Bass, Slap Bass. - Midi and Audio Recording,Playbackand Sharing - Pitch Bend for solo mode.[ MultitrackSynthesizer /Mixer ] - Multitrack synthesizer for differentinstruments - Mergedifferent tracks of the same instrument to one -Import existrecording - For the track recording, you can edit itrespectively,such as mute, delete, add the recording, change thevolume. - Shareyour multitrack recording as a standard midi file -MidiSynthesizer - Midi Editor (Piano Roll) Mode - Follows standardmidiprotocol - Convert MIDI to MP3. This need your AndroidsupportFEATURE_AUDIO_LOW_LATENCY flag[ Music Zone ] - Upload, shareandlisten to other user's midi music recording - Add goodmidirecording to your collection and listen later - Share toyoursocial network[ External Midi Keyboard over USB ] - SupportforExternal MIDI Keyboard over USB MIDI. You can play PerfectPianovia the external midi keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, RolandF-120,Xkey, etc) over USB - Pitch Bend wheel support - Notice:Requireconnect through a USB OTG Cable. A MIDI to USB line alsoneeded ifyou keyboard only has a MIDI interface[ Sound Plugins ] -Keyboard:Cello, Flute, High Quality Grand Piano, Soprano Sax,Violin,Strings Ensemble, Electronic Piano, Xylophone, Trumpet,Synth Bass1, Sitar - Guitar: Acoustic Bass, Jazz Guitar, OverdriveGuitar,Distortion Guitar - Drum Pad / Drum Machine: Metal Kit, NewHipHopKit, House Kit - Bass: Fingered Bass, Palm Muted BassThis isone ofthe best musical instrument toolkit for musician,composer,performers, drummers, guitarist, bassist andpianist.Notice: - LikeWalk Band on Facebook: - -Teachers are welcomed to use it on musicclass. We are excited ifthis app help.
Simple Drums Rock - Realistic Drum Set
Simple Drums - Rock is simple and easy to use. The mainmenupresents you with the 4 realistic drum kits and the drum padstochoose from: tap on one and start jamming! You can tweak thevolumeand tune of each individual cymbal and drum from the mastervolumeoptions, and tapping on the play button presents you with40different rock, metal, and jazz tracks to jam to. You can playtoyour own MP3 tracks - simply by tapping on the play buttonandchoosing MP3, then selecting from the tracks on your device.SimpleDrums - Rock is incredibly responsive to your touch, andsupportmulti-touch playing. And most importantly, the sound qualityisvery pleasing!Really easy and simple to use. Quick responsetime.Supports multi-touch. Have Fun!Features:- SupportMulti-touch.- 25realistic percussion sounds.- 40 jam tracks.- 4different real drumset.- Drum Pads.- Reverb FX, Hall & Room.-Animated effects.-Realistic graphic.- Simple and easy to use.
Drums Sheet Reading
This is the free version.It includes:- seventy lessons-seventyquizzesThese exercises correspond to several contemporarymusicstyles for the Drum Set:- Rock Pop- Blues Rock- Jazz- Funk-LatinMusic- Fusion On each Lesson you will see a score and youwilllisten to what is written on it with animations of the beatsandthe notes on the staff. You can listen just to the Drum Setbyclicking on the light blue button or you can listen to thewholeband by clicking the dark blue button.On each Quiz you havetoclick on the red rectangle when each of the notes or silencesthatare marked with red take place. There is a maximum of 10rightguesses per Quiz. We recommend not to go further and reviewthecorresponding Lesson if you don´t get a score minimum of 8perQuiz.In the same way as reading piano music, flute music,violinmusic or guitar music, all require practice; reading drumsbecomeseasier if you practice it on a daily basis. Knowing how toreadmusic is very useful if you get drum lessons. Being abletounderstand a music score helps you to get a better understandingofany type of drum beats. Practicing is the key and this app hasbeencreated to let you practice reading drums sheet music whenyoudon´t have your drum set. Music notation for electronic drum setisthe same.Just as a piano player becomes better if hepracticesreading piano sheet music, a drummer becomes better if hepracticesreading drum sheet music.
Cifra Club Tuner
Just play a note of your instrument to tune it anywhere usingyoursmartphone or tablet!To tune your string instruments, suchasacoustic guitar, guitar, bass and cavaquinho, follow theon-screenpointer and look at the note and frequency that areclosest to theplayed string.
Drum Beats+ Rhythm Metronome
Drum Beats+ is the metronome app thatimprovesyour timing using great sounding drum beats, not aboringclick!But that’s not all. It can also help you write songs, jamwithfriends, or even perform live. It's a learning, jammingandperforming tool that keeps getting better, just like you.“No more annoying metronome ticks or digital clicktempos!”AnthonyVilla, March 3, 2015“Awesome sounding and authentically grooving drum loops…but alsoagreat practice tool for timing.” Ets5017, March 10, 2015**"Sorry drummers...but I use this on live gigs.” RBJ555, Aug.29,2015“A proper replacement for your deadbeat drummer.” RollingStoneMagazine, Dec. 14, 2011- - -FEATURESCheaper than a metronome, simpler than a drum machine.• The simple design means you’ll spend more time playing, lesstimelearning the app• Comes with over 100 great sounding drum beats in rock, bluesandother styles• Play any beat at any tempo without changing the pitch• Includes tempos ranging from 60 to 190 beats per minute insimple5 bpm intervals• "Favorite" the beats you like best so you can accessthemquicker- - -As you advance as a player, you’ll grow into the app’sadvancedfeatures.• Improve your timing with Bar Break beats that rest for entirebarsor more• Refine your ear with beats that alternate between swingandstraight feels, loud and soft volumes and beats per bar• Export your favorite beats to other audio apps forrecording,sequencing, or live performance• Jam loud by using Bluetooth to play beats through your stereoorGoogle Chrome device• Hit the randomizer button to challenge yourself with beatsyoumight not choose- - -So many drummers, so little time. Drum Beats+ includes fivebeatpacks of different styles—100+ beats in all.• Starter Pack. 17 essential rock, jazz, blues andelectronicbeats• Hit Songs 1 Pack. 16 beats based on popular songs everyguitaristshould know• Break Beats Pack. 16 bumping beats of classic funk andsoulbreaks• Pop Rock 1 Pack. 12 beats spanning funk, straight aheadrock,shuffles and more• Rhythm & Timing 1 Pack. 41 beats that alternategrooves,volumes, beats per bar and rests• Every beat features different sounds—booming rock bassdrums,snappy soul snares and more. All digitally mastered tomakepracticing a pleasure- - -No need to replace the app with a complicated drum machine, orevena drummer. Just add more drum beat packs. They start at 99centseach—just pennies per beat! Preview them all inside theapp.• Blues 1 Pack. A mix of 14 traditional blues beats.Includingstraight and shuffle, sticks and brushes• Blues 2 Pack. 15 thumping beats that dive deep intotheblues• Country 1 Pack. 14 ballads, trains, shuffles and more. Perfectforcountry and beyond• Heavy Metal 1 Pack. 11 thunderous and shredtasticdouble-bassbeats• Jazz 1 Pack. 20 essential jazz beats masterfully playedwithsticks and brushes• R&B Essentials Pack. 12 drum machine-inspiredR&Bbeats• Latin Jazz Pack. 20 crisp and percussive Afro-Cuban,Brazilianbeats and more• World Beats Pack. 20 world-famous beats including salsa, rumbaandbossa nova• Tambourines Pack. 10 sizzling tambourine loops invariousrhythms• Artificial 1 Pack. 16 excellent modern andvintage-soundingelectronic beats