Top 48 Apps Similar to Password Wifi

WPSApp 1.6.22
WPSApp checks the security of your network using WPSprotocol.Thisprotocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network usingan 8-digitpin number that usually is predefined in the router, theproblem isthat the pin of many routers from different companies isknown oris known how to calculate it.This app uses these pins totry theconnection and check if the network is vulnerable. Itimplementsseveral known algorithms for pin generation and somedefault pins.Also calculates default key for some routers, allowsyou to viewWiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devicesconnected toyour network and analyzes the quality of the WiFichannels.Use isvery simple, when scanning networks around us, youwill seenetworks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks,they havedisabled the WPS protocol and default password isunknown.Thosethat appear with a question mark have enabled the WPSprotocol, butthe pin is unknown, in this case the applicationallows you to testthe most common.Finally, those with a green tickare most likelyvulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and theconnection pin isknown. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but thepassword is known, in this case it also appears ingreen and can beconnected to the key.For pin connection you need tobe ROOT user inless than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions. Theadvantage of beingROOT is that you can show network password if thepin connection issuccessful we will, otherwise you will connect tothe network butcannot show it. Each feature will be enabled ordisabled dependingon the situation of each terminal.NOTICE: Not allnetworks arevulnerable and that the network appears as such doesnot guarantee100% that it is, several companies have updatedfirmware of theirrouters to correct the fault.TRY IT ON YOURNETWORK AND IF YOU AREVULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPS andchange password for astrong and personalized.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLEFOR ANY MISUSE,INTRUSION INTO FOREIGN NETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BYLAW.From Android 6(Marshmallow) it is necessary to grant locationpermissions. It isa new requirement added by Google in thisversion. Moreinformationin: use encryption and do not show real passwords, theyshow along series of hexadecimal digits. Look for information ontheinternet or contact me if you want to know how to decryptthem.Pinconnection does not work on LG models with Android 7(Nougat). It'sa problem with LG's own software.Please understandhow theapplication works before giving an evaluation.Send anyproposal,failure or comment [email protected],thanks.Acknowledgments:Zhao Chunsheng, StefanViehböck, JustinOberdorf, Kcdtv, Patcher, Coeman76, Craig,Wifi-Libre, Lampiweb,David Jenne, Alessandro Arias.
multiWIFI Sweefy 2.2.0
Nuevos Routers soportados!!!¿Has olvidado la clave de tu redWiFi?¿Quieres comprobar si es segura? ¿Quieres ver la clavealmacenadaen el móvil?¿Quieres generar contraseñas seguras para turedwifi?multiWIFI Sweefy es una aplicación de suite deseguridadmultiple de redes Wi-Fi para dispositivos móviles. Conesta potenteherramienta podrás recuperar tus contraseñasalmacenadas y algunasde redes estándar.Esta excelente aplicación secompone de cincoherramientas principales:- Escaner de señal wifi,con este escanerpodrás ver la potencia wifi de tu red, y podrásbuscar el lugar conmejor señal o buscar puntos con poca señal paracambiar lainstalación de la antena wifi.El escaner está en versiónalpha,para realizar pruebas.- Generador de contraseñas seguras:estemódulo sirve para poder generar contraseñas WEP y WPA mássegurasque las que vienen cargadas por defecto en muchos delosrouters.Para cambiar la contraseña sólo debes acceder a turouter yseguir los pasos que se indiquen en la documentación delmismo.-Realizar Backups de las redes WiFi almacenadas en el móvil:podráscopiar la lista en un archivo en la tarjeta de memoriayrestaurarla cuando quieras con un solo clic! Se trata de unagranopción para cuando necesitas formatear tu dispositivo,restaurarlode fábrica, cambiar de ROM, etc. Podrás guardar unacopia deseguridad de tus redes WiFi y restaurarla una vez terminadoelproceso. Para este proceso es necesario ser ROOT.- Recuperadordecontraseñas ya guardadas en el móvil: perder u olvidarlascontraseñas es bastante común. Eso ya no será un problema ya queeneste módulo se recuperan las contraseñas que ya has introducidoenel teléfono. Para este proceso es necesario tener permisosROOT.-Escaneador de redes para recuperar las claves de tuwifirápidamente. Te permite recuperar tus claves para lasredesJAZZTEL_XXXX, WLAN_XXXX y varios Thomson, entre otros... Silacontraseña es la establecida por defecto, te podrás conectarsinproblemas.- Escaneador de redes con WPS activado, el protocoloWPSpermite acceder a las redes wifis que lo tienen activadosinnecesidad de contraseña, solo necesita el PIN, en estaaplicaciónestán incluidos todos los conocidos hasta la fechaactual. En casode tenerlo activado, debería desactivarlo en su redwifi. Si eresROOT podrás recuperar la contraseñas WPA/WP2 mediantela conexiónWPS.Si conoce algún nuevo algoritmo de generación decontraseñas deredes no incluido, por favor indiquenosló mediante uncorreoelectrónico e intentaremos incluirlo lo antes posible.Sitienesugerencias u otras nuevas mejoras a incluir, indiquenoslótambiénmediante correo electrónico para estudias la posibilidaddeintroducirlas.El uso de este producto de software deanálisiswireless debe ser una herramienta básica para profesionalesyparticulares que ansían conocer el nivel de seguridad desusinstalaciones inalámbricas, queda totalmente prohibido el uso delamisma para cometer actos delictivos de intrusión sobre lasredeswireless de las cuales no somos propietarios o no tenemoslospermisos pertinentes para analizar su nivel de seguridad. El usodela aplicación para este y otros fines para los que no hasidodiseñada será bajo la responsabilidad del usuario.NewRouterssupported !!!Have you forgotten the key to your WiFinetwork? Youwant to check if it is safe? Want stored in the mobilekey? Want togenerate secure passwords for your wifinetwork?multiWIFI Sweefy isan application of multiple securitysuite of Wi-Fi networks tomobile devices. With this powerful toolyou can retrieve yourstored passwords and some standardnetworks.This excellentapplication consists of five main tools:-Scanner WiFi signal withthis scanner will see the power of yourwireless network, and cansearch the place with better signal orpoor signal search points tochange the installation of the wirelessantenna.The scanner is inalpha version for testing.- StrongPassword Generator: This moduleis used to generate safer than thosethat come loaded by default inmany routers WEP and WPA passwords.Tochange the password you justhave to access your router and followthe steps indicated in thedocumentation.- Perform Backups of WiFinetworks stored in thephone: You can copy the list to a file on thememory card andrestore it whenever you want with a single click!This is a greatoption for when you need to reformat your device,restore factorychange ROM, etc. You can save a backup of your WiFinetwork andrestore it once the process is completed. This processis necessaryto be ROOT.- Recovery of passwords already stored onmobile: lostor forgotten passwords is quite common. That will notbe a problembecause in this module passwords you've entered in yourphonerecover. For this process you have permissions ROOTnecessary.-Scanners networks to retrieve your wifi keys quickly. Itallows youto recover your passwords for JAZZTEL_XXXX, WLAN_XXXX andseveralThomson, among others ... networks If the password is setbydefault, you can connect without problems.- Scanners networkswithWPS enabled, the WPS protocol allows access wifis networksthathave enabled without a password, you only need your PIN,thisapplication includes all known to the current date. If you haveitenabled, you should disable it in your wireless network. If youareROOT you can recover WPA / WP2 passwords using WPSconnection.Ifyou know any new algorithm for password generationnetwork notincluded, please let us know it by e-mail and try toinclude themas soon as possible.If you have suggestions or otherenhancementsto include, also please let us know via email to studythepossibility of introducing them.Use of this softwareproductwireless analysis is a basic tool for professionals andindividualswho are eager to know the level of security of yourwirelessinstallations, the use of it is strictly forbidden tocommitcriminal acts of intrusion on wireless networks which we donot ownor do not have the appropriate permissions to analyzetheirsecurity. The use of the application for this and otherpurposesfor which it was not designed be under the responsibilityof theuser.
Fing - Network Tools 7.2.0
Fing Limited
Fing, the top ranking, completely free and super-fastnetworkscanner, that’s used by millions of homes and professionalsaroundthe world. Discover which devices are connected to anyWi-Finetwork, map devices, detect intruders, assess networksecurityrisks, troubleshoot network problems and achieve bestnetworkperformance, with the world’s most popular network toolkit.Withmore than a dozen free network tools including; Wi-Fi scanner,portscanner, DNS lookup, ping and service monitoring – Fing isamust-have network utility. Fing network utilitiesinclude:+Wi-Fi/LAN scanner: discover all devices connected to anynetwork+Full device details including IP address, MAC address,Device Name,Vendor, Device Manufacturer and more+ Advanced analysisof NetBIOS,UPNP and Bonjour names, properties and device types+Inventory ofdevices and networks+ Internet connectivity checker+ISP analysisand location+ Subnet scanner + Port scanner: TCP portscanning thatautomatically finds open ports and available services+Ping andtraceroute: for network quality measurement+ WOL: remotelywake updevices+ DNS Lookup and reverse DNS lookup+ Connect toports(Browser, SSH, FTP)+ Network intruder detection +Networkmonitoring: device online and offline tracking+ Supportsdeviceidentification by IP address for bridged networksTogetherwith itsadd-on Fingbox hardware, you may also:+ Block devices andpauseInternet connection+ Analyze the usage of bandwidth+ Find theWi-FiSweet Spot+ Verify your Internet Speed+ Troubleshoot yourInternetconnection+ Monitor the Digital Presence on your network+Protectyour network with a wireless Digital Fence thatcontinuouslywatches over Wi-Fi devices around you.
GWPA Finder 5.1.0
This app (formerly known as Greek WPA Finder) wasoriginallyintended for use inside Greece as it can recover defaultWPA/WPSKeys of specific router brands that are popular withinGreece thushelping you test your network security.Nowadays there isan ongoingeffort to gradually support more routers around theworld.If youare not located inside Greece you can still try yourluck with thisapp but don't be frustrated if it doesn't fully workin yourterritory. In case you manage to connect to a network othenthanyours, you have to inform the owner so that he/shechangespassword.Have a look at the GWPA Finder - FAQshere:
Hi VPN - Super Fast VPN Proxy, Secure Hotspot VPN
The TOP secure & unlimited VPN Client for Android,unblockingsensitive websites and bypass apps, watching onlinevideos,protecting WiFi hotspots and browsing Internet privately&anonymously.The most user-friendly VPN serviceNo username,Nopassword, No registration, No data limitation.Hi VPN (Fast&Secure VPN Proxy) brings a high speed and encrypted VPNconnectionto your smartphone or tablet.Unblock your favoritewebsites andapps with the best worldwide free VPN proxy whenever,wherever.Browse anonymously and privately without being tracked.Hide yourIP address and enjoy the best ever private browsingexperience.Works all with WiFi, LTE, 3G, 4G and all other mobiledatacarriers. Multi quality VPN servers: United States ( USA ),France,Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore,Japan andIndia.Hi VPN’s selling points: Fast and Unlimited -Unlimited highspeed bandwidth whenever, wherever.Easy and Simple -Connect to VPNproxy server with just one tap. Stable and Free -Reliable serversto provide quality VPN service. Hi VPN defenderFree Key Benefits ⚡UNLOCKING WEBSITES AND APPS Connect to yourFavorite websites andapps, such as VK, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and YouTube.Enjoy your unlocked and unlimited Internetwhenever you want to. ⚡SECURE WIFI & MOBILE DATA CONNECTIONProtect Internetconnection and encrypt personal information so youcan safely surfthe web whether you are at home, work or in public.⚡ PROTECT YOURIDENTITY Anonymize your connection and prevent thirdparties fromtracking your identity and location from United States,Germany,Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada. ⚡ GUARD YOURPRIVACY Lockdown your online security to block third parties fromspying onyour web traffic, hotspot VPN private Internet access. ⚡SPEEDMONITOR Monitor VPN speed in real time. Network usage isprovidedwith detailed information about connection speed and more.⚡ FAKEGPS Mock Locations by utilising fake GPS. Trick your phoneintothinking that it is somewhere else. Next time your InstagramorFacebook check in places can London, New York or simply anywhereinthe world. ⚡ VIP HIGH SPEED SERVERS A range of VIP VPN serversareavailable on purchase at cheapest prices. Lower price butsuperfaster speed. Contact Hi VPNIf you have any questionsorsuggestions, feel free to reach [email protected]’d love to hear from you :)Note: Duetothe policy, Hi VPN is not available in China.
Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2
Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!!Shows theWi-Fichannels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channelforyour wireless router. theUSBread/write permission: This permission is used to save andloadsnapshots(see menu in my app).##########
WiFiAnalyzer (open-source) 1.9.3
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open-source)byexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels.Users'privacy andsecurity is a huge concern these days and WiFiAnalyzer(open-source) is designed to use as few permissions aspossible. Itasks for just enough to perform the analysis. Plus, itis all opensource so nothing is hidden! Most notably, thisapplication doesnot require access to internet, so you can be sureit does not sendany personal/device information to any other sourceand it does notreceive any information from other sources. WiFiAnalyzer is underactive development by volunteers.WiFi Analyzer isfree, has no-adsand does not collect any personal information.WiFiAnalyzer is nota WiFi password cracking or phishing tool.Features:-Identifynearby Access Points- Graph channels signal strength- GraphAccessPoint signal strength over time- Analyze WiFi networks toratechannels- HT/VHT Detection - 40/80/160MHz (Requires Android OS6+)-Access Point view complete or compact- Estimated Distance totheAccess Points- Export access points details- Dark or Lightthemeavailable- Pause/Resume scanning- Available filters: WiFiband,Signal strength, Security and SSID- Vendor/OUI DatabaseLookupUsageTips:- Tap the title bar to switch between 2.4 and 5 GHzWiFiband.- Swipe to manually refresh screen content.- Swipeleft/rightat the bottom of the screen to navigate to thenext/previousscreen- SSID with (***) means it is hidden.Pleasevisit our websitefor morehelpfulinformation: place to go for bug reports andcodecontributions:
Who Use My WiFi - Network Scanner 1.5.6
Your Wireless network is slowly and you believe someone isconnectedto your Wi-Fi and using the internet without yourknowledge. What doyou do in such situations? If you are lookingfor the fastest,smartest and easiest way to control and monitorthe number of usersconnected to your WiFi network and getinformation about theconnected devices, you’ve come to the rightplace.This applicationwill help you solved that.✔ Features• Scansall WiFi network devicesin seconds• Check who on my wifi / Detectwifi thief• Router Admin: or or, etc• Router PasswordList• Gives you ip, type of that device•Vendor address database tofind which vendor's device is connected•One-Click Quick Scan• GotoAdmin Router to lock strange deviceconnected to WiFi network•Rename device to save & mark yourfamily device✔ Pleaseunderstand that application is a free app andcontains ads tosupport develop cost.✔ If you want the app supportyour language,please help us translate from English to yourlanguage by access thelink below. Thank you!✔Please contact [email protected] for any issues you mayhave; and rate Us a 5stars if you found this app useful. Thankyou!
WPS-Check 1.1
¡ ROOT NO NECESARIO PARA CONECTAR !WPS-Check sirve para comprobaryconectarse a las redes Wifi (wireless) con protocoloWPSactivado...Únicamente usar para fines educativos.Losdesarrolladores de esta App no se hacen responsables del malusoque se le pueda dar o puedan acarrear.WPS-Check sirveparaverificar si tu router es vulnerable a los PINES (WPS) quelosrouters traen por defecto puesto que en el mercado existenmuchosrouters vulnerables al uso de PINES predefinidos pordefecto... ConWPS-Check verás si un router es vulnerable o noactuando enconsecuencia.Dispone de muchos PINS (por defecto) pararoutersnuevos y viejos conocidos junto a distintos algoritmos parasucorrecto funcionamiento.-_- Versión nueva con Routers nuevosypuntos de acceso compatibles -_-• Zhao• TrendNet• Dlink•Dlink+1•TP-Link• Belkin(root)• FTE-xxx• TrendNet• Asus•AiroconRealtek•EasyBox Arcadyan• Arris• Asus• Arcadyan• Arcadyan+1•ZyxelMásinformación sobre el protocoloWPS:¡ ROOTNONECESARIO PARA CONECTAR !ROOT NO NEED TO CONNECT!WPS-Check isusedto check and connect to wireless networks (wireless) withWPSprotocol enabled ...Used only for educational purposes. ThisAppdevelopers not responsible for any misuse that may be given ormaycarry are made.WPS-Check serves to verify if your routerisvulnerable to PINES (WPS) routers to their default because inthemarket there are many vulnerable routers to use PINESpredefineddefault ... With WPS-Check will see if a router it isvulnerable ornot acting accordingly.It has many PINS (default) fornew routersand old acquaintances with different algorithms forproperoperation.-_- new version with new routers and access pointsthatsupport -_-• Zhao• TrendNet• Dlink• Dlink + 1• Tp link•Belkin(root)• FTE-xxx• TrendNet• Asus• AiroconRealtek• EasyBoxArcadyan•Arris• Asus• Arcadyan• Arcadyan + 1• ZyxelMore informationaboutthe WPSprotocol: NONEED TOCONNECT!
WiFi Manager 4.2.6-213
Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection qualitywitha channel radar. Discover open networks around you. Set theapp toscan for and switch to best network.Includes home screenwidgets:-detailed connection info- connect to a network with asingle tap-toggle "best network switcher"New and improved:•Bettercompatibility with Android 6+.• Updated design.• Assign yourowndescriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks - neverforgetwhat that "XYZ1234" network is.• Connect to a network with asingletap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget.• "Bestnetworkswitcher" scans for and switches to a better network iffound (outof those configured, off by default, please see appsettings);Somefeatures require the premium package, available rightin theapplication through Google Wallet:Per-network options(description,icon, IP address), the one-tap connect widget, and twowidgetthemes inspired by Android 5.*.All the other - essential -featuresare free: the widget with detailed connection info (foursizes, twofree themes), scanning and connecting to networks, thenetwork listview, the network signal radar, the "best networkswitcher".Ordersare processed by Google and can be reactivatedafter a phone reset/ flash, or on a new phone.The free versioncontains ads. The full(premium) version is completelyad-free.Permissions:"Prevent phonefrom sleeping" is needed forautomatic scanning and discovery opennetworks around you."Storage"is for notifications about opennetworks, when enabled, and thesound file is picked from storage.Also used to back up / restoreyour per-network icons /descriptions to / from a file (in the menuon the app's mainscreen)."Change system settings" used by the"access point /tether" widget."Market billing service" forpurchasing the"premium" version.•••If you have an issue or aquestion, you canreach me at [email protected]•••
WiFi Master Key - by 4.5.20
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots shared byourusers globally, you can connect to free Wi-Fi with WiFi MasterKey(by - LinkSure Singapore)!Search & connecttoshared WiFi hotspots indicated by a Blue Key. Easy andsafe.THEWIFI MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE- Cost Savings: Save data costsbyconnecting to free shared WiFi hotspots.- Easy and Fast:justsearch for the blue key and tap to connect WiFi!- Safe andSecured:All shared password are not revealed. It is encrypted toprotectsharer’s privacy and security. - Easy to understand in yourownlanguage: Available in 19 languages across 223 countriesandregions. English,Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay,Vietnamese,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese TW,TraditionalChinese HK,Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian,Arabic,Turkish,Hindi, French, Italian, German...more languagescomingsoon.Disclaimer: WiFi Master Key is not a hacking tool. Itdoes notassist in unlocking passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots that arenot sharedby the users. Hacking is illegal.With our growingcommunity of over900 MILLION users (Chinese and Global versioncombined), we aim tobuild a trusted platform for everybody to enjoythe Internet. So,come join the world’s largest WiFi sharingcommunity today! If youdon’t find shared hotspot yet, don’t worry,give the community sometime to grow. We are handling over 4 BILLIONconnections daily andthe number is growing rapidly. There will bemore and more sharedWiFi to help you get connected online and surfthe Internetfree!Rate us to show us your love! It means a lot tokeep usgoing!Have a question? Wanna leave a feedback or suggestion?Sure,we’d love to hear them— tell us here or on our Facebookpage! the word, andkeepsharing WiFi!
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android >=5.0(Lollipop), can connect with this app but they CANNOT viewtheWEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid< 5.0 (Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and theyCANNOTview the WEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your AccessPoint isvulnerable at the WPS protocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is theapp thatyou need!With this app, you can test the connection to APwith WPSPIN.PINs are calculated withmanyalgorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBoxArcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOTALL AP ARECOMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINSBRUTEFORCE in a SMARTWAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTED DEVICES )WhySMART?Because, app will try 11000PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your deviceif the first 4 of 8 digits ofWPS PIN, are correct and the lastdigit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OFTHIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, appallows to notify if WPS is in LOCKSTATE ( ROOT AND NO ROOT ).NOOTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CANDO THIS.WPS Lock state is astate when Access Point, for securityreasons, does not allow nomore PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs. App needs rootpermissions for devices with Android version< 5.0 ( LOLLIPOP).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you cantest the PINs withthis app and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEEWPA ( OR WEP )PASSWORD WITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app onlywith your ownAP for do not go against the law.Privacy Policy:
AndroDumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect ) 2.43
Andro Dumpper will try to connect to WPS enabled Wifi Routersthathave the WPS vulnerability using some algorithms to connect totheWifi.Hacking anything is forbidden in all religions - Andthisapplication has been developed for totally Testing andEducationalpurposes only , im not responsible for any bad usage orhackingother Routers that you don't have the right to access***ROOTis NOTtotally required******** Location Permission is required forWifiNetwork Scanning By Android*****The application has two methodstoconnect:- Root Method : Supported all android version but shouldberooted.- No Root Method : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop)andup.For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:- If you are not rooted youcanuse the application to connect, but you cannot show passwordunlessyou are rooted.- If you are rooted will be alerted to chooseeitherRoot Method or No Root Method. , you can show the passwordusingboth methodsFor Android 4.4 and earlier:- You have to beROOTED forboth connecting and showing password- If Your are notRooted , thenyou cannot usetheapplication================================================-(OnlyRooted Users ) You can show passwords for your currentsavednetworks , just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks)ifyoualready know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and getthepassword using your PINNote: Please Before posting bad review ,,beinformed that this may fail with some Access Points sincetheseAccess Points may not be affected by the WPS bug, so its nottheApplication fault.Note: Trying the application on your networkorany already connected network will be useless , theapplicationwill success always with already connected or savednetwork, evenif your network is not effected by the WPS bugNote: ifthe routerhas only WPS Bush Button and doesn't have fixed PIN ,then this appwont work since it tries using the fixedI have createdrandom PinsDictionaries Lists for BruteForce ( for people who don'tknow whereto get or create dictionary ) can be downloaded fromlinksbelow:100Pins: AndroDumpper is free of charge in exchange for safely usingsomeof your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellulardata),and only when you are not using your device. You may turnthis offfrom the settings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation. Blog: OfficialPage: The Developer , andimpure Palestinian :)
Libreta de contraseñas 2.05
Yornel Marval
¿Tienes mala memoria? pues te presento Notebook una pequeñalibretadigital para alojar tus contraseñas de usuario, números decuentabancarios, datos personales y otros, de formas fácilysegura.Notebook (Libreta de contraseñas) es para guardartuscontraseñas de forma ordenada y sobre todo de forma seguragraciasa un cifrado con clave maestra donde solo tu tienes acceso aellas,(no guardamos en nuestro servidor tu contraseña maestra).4módulospara tu uso:* Cuentas de Usuario* Tarjetas* CuentasBancarias* YNotas (De Colores)Todo ordenado y muy intuitivo, ademaspronto consoporte para ver tu datos en ventas flotantes si lonecesitas.Queesperas, descarga ya Notebook y sera mucho fácilorganizar tuinformación personal!Do you have bad memory? Notebookas I presenta small digital to host your passwords, bank accountnumbers, andother personal data, easily and securely bookforms.Notebook(Notebook password) is to store your passwords in anorderly andabove all safely through an encrypted master key whichonly youhave access to them (do not store on our server yourmasterpassword).4 modules for your use:* User account* Cards*BankAccounts* And Notes (colors)Everything neat and veryintuitive,with support also soon to see your sales data floating ifyou needit.You expect, download Notebook and will be much easiertoorganize your personal information!
WiFi Warden ( WPS Connect ) 2.3.3
Using WiFi Warden, you can: ✔️ Analyze Wi-Fi networks✔️ Connecttoyour WiFi using WPS and passphrase✔️ Calculate the WPS PINs ofsomerouters✔️ Increase your security✔️ View saved WiFipasswords(requires root)✔️ View the information of connecteddevices to yournetwork (Include Name, MAC address, Vendor, IP)✔️Find the openports of a device on the network✔️ Create strongpasswords Byanalyzing Wi-Fi networks, you will be able to: ✔️ Seeall theinformation that can be found on the WiFi networks aroundyou.Including SSID, BSSID, Channel number, Channel bandwidth,Therouter manufacturer, Encryption, Security, Distance, etc.✔️ Findaless crowded channel to increase the signal quality ofyourwireless router. Do I need to root my device? 🔷 To connectwithWPS: You do not need root access on Android 5 (Lollipop) andhigherversions , But you need root on android 4.4 and earlier.🔷 ToviewWiFi passwords: You need root access on all Android versions.🔷Toget serial number of an access point: You need root access onallAndroid versions.🔷 To check WPS lock: You need root access onallAndroid versions.Please Note:* Connection using WPS doesn't workatall routers. The reason is not WiFi Warden, it's the router!Inthese cases, please use the passphrase to connect to the WiFi.*Toconnect with WPS, The AP must have enabled WPS. Access pointsthathave enabled WPS are marked with the word "WPS" in red.*FromAndroid 6 (Marshmallow) it is necessary to grantlocationpermission to display Wi-Fi networks around you.Moreinformationin:*Pleasedon't ask me to add more WPS PINs. If I find new WPS PIN, Iwill Putit in the future versions. if your router PIN is notavailable inthe app, just look for it on your product label.* Tosee the channelbandwidth, you need Android 6 (Marshmallow) andhigher version.*Currently increased security guidelines onlyavailable for Asus ,TP-Link , D-Link and Zyxel routers.* It'sbetter to use root methodfor testing null PIN.* Distance to therouter is calculated based ona Free-space path loss formula. Thisnumber is approximate.* In-apppurchases is only for removing ads,The app does not sell anything.All features are available forfree.* Connection using WPS PINwithout root, does not work on someLG and Huawei devices. It's aproblem related with LG and Huaweisoftwares not the WiFi Warden.*Some Samsung devices may useencryption and do not show the realpasswords. If you want to knowhow to decrypt them, Please look forthe information on theinternet or contact me.* Some of the tools ofthis application(Specially WPS Connection) has been developed forTesting andEducational purposes. Use it at your own risk. Thedeveloper ofthis app will not accept any responsibility.* Beforeleavingcomments, please make sure to know how the app works.
wifisfera 2.2
La app de wifisfera te permite el acceso a la red WiFi dealtavelocidad creada por telecable para que sus clientespuedandisfrutar del acceso a Internet por WiFi de forma segura yencualquier parte como si estuvieran en su propiacasa.Características: - Asistente de configuración:Mediantesencillaspreguntas, configura tu smartphone o tablet para que seconecteautomáticamente a wifisfera. Una vez configurado, no seránecesariovolver a repetir el proceso. - Volumen de tráfico enwifisferaLaapp wifisfera te informa del tráfico de datos realizadoen la redwifisfera. Si tienes una línea móvil de telecable en tuterminal,podrás consultar además el consumo que llevas en el mes encurso. -Conexión a wifisferaUna vez arrancada y configurada laaplicaciónse puede ver de forma sencilla cuando estás conectado awifisferagracias al icono que te aparecerá en la barra denotificaciones delterminal (parte superior izquierda). -CoberturaMediante unsencillo mapa puedes consultar la localizaciónde mayorprobabilidad de cobertura de la red wifisfera. Permiteigualmentecalcular la ruta hasta el punto de acceso seleccionado oposicionarla localización actual sobre el mapa. - SuscripciónSieres clientede telecable y no dispongas de credenciales de acceso awifisfera,puedes solicitarla desde la app y te serán entregadas entu correoelectrónico - Cambio de contraseñaDesde la app puedesrealizar elcambio de contraseña de acceso a wifisfera por la que túelijas. -Preguntas frecuentes (FAQs)Consulta las preguntas máshabitualessobre el servicio wifisfera directamente desde la app.-ContactoSolicita información adicional o envía tussugerenciasmediante un sencillo formularioNovedades:- Visualizacióndel iconowifisfera en la barra de notificaciones cuando el usuarioestáconectado la red.- Consulta de consumo 3G en caso de que elusuariose valide en wifisfera con una SIM de telecable.- Correccióndebugs en nuevas versiones Android.Wifisfera The app allowsyouaccess to high-speed WiFi network created by telecable foryourcustomers can enjoy WiFi Internet access safely and anywhere asifthey were at home. Characteristics: - SetupWizard:Bysimple questions, set your smartphone or tablet toautomaticallyconnect to wifisfera. Once configured, you will notneed to repeatthe process. - Traffic volume in wifisferaTheapp tells youwifisfera data traffic carried on the networkwifisfera. If youhave a mobile line telecable on your terminal, youcan also checkthe consumption you take in the current month. -ConnectionwifisferaOnce started and configured the application caneasily seewhen you are connected to wifisfera thanks to the iconthat willappear in the notification bar terminal (topleft). -CoverageUsing a simple map you can consult thelocation most likelyto wifisfera network coverage. Also calculatesthe route to theselected access point or position the currentlocation on themap. - SubscriptionIf you are a customer oftelecable and donot own wifisfera access credentials, you canrequest it from theapp and you will be delivered to youremail - PasswordchangeFrom the app you can change password foraccess to wifisferayou choose. - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)See also thequestions about wifisfera service directly fromthe app. -ContactRequest additional information or send yoursuggestionsusing a simple formNews:- Display wifisfera icon inthenotification bar when the user network is connected.-Consultation3G consumption if the user is validated on a SIMwifisferaTelecable.- Fixed bugs in new versions Android.
Oi WiFi 4.4.15
Oi WiFi is the service for accessing Oi’s wirelessnetwork,available in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes,stadiums,touristic attractions and in big events sponsored by Oi.Millionsof hotspots allover Brazil in a network that doesn’tstopgrowing.Who can have access?Premium Access: If you are anOiCustomer with an eligible plan* to Oi WiFi or bought a passyouwill be able to access the network withoutadditionalpublicity.(*Eligible plans: postpaid Customers, broadbandcustomer,Oi Controle customers and prepaid customers withactivecredits)Access with publicity: If you are not an Oi customeror donot have one of the eligible plans you will be able to connecttoOi WiFi on your device with additional publicity, while youareconnected. Remember joining the “access with publicity” optionsoyou can navigate. Is free, is for everyone.The App:The Oi WiFiappis an essential tool for those who want to stay connected.Downloadthe app and it will do all the work. After validating youraccessat the first time, the app will detect the Oi WiFi network ontherange of your smartphone and will connect you automatically. Itisalso possible to check the closest hotspots on the map or tosearchfor a location. New functionalities and evolutions havebeenincorporated, turning everything easier. And new featuresarecoming!New look: We want to stimulate interaction. The powerofconnecting people is one of the missions of Oi WiFi. Webelievethat connection + interaction bring newpossibilities.Intelligentlogin: Insert your phone number and theapp does the rest. Youdon’t remember your CPF/ID number during yourlogin? We send you aSMS.Forgot your password? Recover it using theapp.Facebook login:Associate your Facebook account once and yournext accesses will bedone in a simple way, without having to loginon the portal orremember your password. P.S.: We never postanything on yourtimeline ;)Ongoing evaluation: We want to know youropinion toimprove our services. You may receive a request throughanotification to evaluate us. Compliments, Suggestions andCriticsare always welcome to improve our product. We will also keepan eyeon the Google Play reviews.#ConnectedIsBetter
Router Keygen 4.0.2
Recover your keys for your wifi network.If you have keptyourdefault key you will instantaneous get your key back.Itsupports alot of common routers.All algorithms are from publicdomain.
TP-Link Tether 3.0.14
TP-Link Tether provides the easiest way to access and manageyourTP-Link Router/ xDSL Router/ Range Extender with yourmobiledevices. From quick setup to parental controls, Tetherprovides asimple, intuitive user interface to see your devicestatus, onlineclient devices and their privileges.- Setup SSID,password andInternet or VDSL/ADSL settings of your devices- Blockunauthorizedusers who are accessing your devices- Managepermissions of clientdevices- Parental control function withschedule and URL-basedInternet access management- Find the bestlocation to place yourrange extender- Automatically turn off theLEDs at specific time-Manage most of TP-Link devicessimultaneously★ Compatible Routers(listed hardware versions andabove)AD7200 V1Archer C5400 V1ArcherC3200 V1Archer C3150 V1ArcherC2600 V1Archer C2300 V1Archer A2300V1Archer C1900 V1Archer C9V1Archer C8 V1Archer C7 V2 Archer C5V2Archer C1200 V1Archer C60V1Archer C59 V1Archer C58 V1Archer C55V1Archer C50 V1Archer C2V1Archer C900 V1Archer C25 V1Archer C20 V1Archer C20i V1TL-WDR4300V1 TL-WDR3600 V1TL-WDR3500 V1TL-WR1045NDV2TL-WR1043ND V3TL-WR1043NV5TL-WR949N V5TL-WR945N V1TL-WR942NV1TL-WR941ND V5TL-WR940NV2TL-WR849N V4TL-WR845N V1TL-WR843NV4TL-WR842N V3TL-WR841NDV9TL-WR841N V9 TL-WR840N V2TL-WR749NV6TL-WR741ND V5TL-WR740NV5TL-WR941HP V1TL-WR841HP V2★ CompatiblexDSL Routers (listedhardware versions and above)Archer VR2800vV1Archer VR2800 V1ArcherVR2600v V1Archer VR2600 V1Archer VR900vV1Archer VR900 V1ArcherVR600v V1Archer VR600 V1Archer VR400vV1Archer VR400 V1Archer VR200vV1Archer VR200 V1Archer D9 V1ArcherD7 V1Archer D5 V1Archer D2V1Archer D20 V1TD-W9977 V1★ CompatibleRange Extenders (listedhardware versions and above)RE650 V1RE590TV1RE580D V1RE500 V1RE450V1RE380D V1RE355 V1RE350 V1RE305V1TL-WA860RE V2TL-WA855REV1TL-WA854RE V2TL-WA850RE V2TL-WA830REV3TL-WA820RE V1★CompatibleCable Modem Routers (listed hardwareversions and above)ArcherCR1900 V1★Compatible LTE Gateways (listedhardware versions andabove)Archer MR200 V2*To learn how to findthe hardware version ofyour device, go to devicessupported by Tetherare coming soon!Important Notes ● Upgradefirmware is required. Goto the download page to choose the correctversion and download thelatest firmware:● TP-LinkTether does not workwhen connected to guest network● For anyissue, please contact
Wifi Analyzer Classic 3.11.1-L
Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!!Shows theWi-Fichannels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channelforyour wireless router.
WPS Connect 1.3.6
With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which haveWPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version4.1.2of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I amnotresponsible for any misuse.Released under license CC BY-NC-ND4.0: isfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to adefault PIN.Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilitiesin thisaspect. With this application you can check if your routerisvulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs,aswell as algorithms such Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) orStefanViehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- SamsungGalaxyS3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that itserves theapplication.
Network Analyzer Pro 3.3.5
Jiri Techet
Network Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in yourwifinetwork setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect variousissueson remote servers thanks to the wide range of tools itprovides. Itis equipped with a high-performance wifi devicediscovery tool,including all the LAN device's addresses,manufacturers and names,together with the Bonjour/DLNA servicesthey provide. Further,Network Analyzer contains standard netdiagnostic tools such asping, traceroute, port scanner, DNSlookup, whois, and network speedtest. Finally, it shows allneighbouring wi-fi networks togetherwith additional details suchas signal strength, encryption androuter manufacturer to helpdiscovering the best channel for awireless router. Everythingworks with both IPv4 and IPv6.Wifisignal meter:- Both graphicaland textual representation showingnetwork channels and signalstrengths- Channel usage graph - seeper-channel utilization- Wifinetwork type (WEP, WPA, WPA2)- Wifiencryption (AES, TKIP)- BSSID(router MAC address), manufacturer,WPS support- Bandwidth (Android6 and newer only)LAN scanner:- Fastand reliable detection of allnetwork devices- Vendor name, IP, andMAC addresses of alldiscovered devices - NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour),LLMNR, and DNS namewhere available - Pingability test of discovereddevices- IPv6availability and discovered IPv6 addresses- Wake onLAN (WOL)including remote WOL - Scan of custom IP ranges -Possibility toset custom device name- Filtering and search in thediscovereddevice listNetwork connections:- Similar to unix netstattool - seenetwork connections made by other apps- Local &remote addressand port number, state of the connection- Remotehostname- Name ofthe app which made the connection- TCP, UDP, IPv4and IPv6Routingtable:- Destination & gateway, interface used,flags- Both IPv4and IPv6Ping & traceroute:- Round trip delayincluding IPaddress and hostname for every network node -Geolocation dataincluding latitude, longitude, country, city, andtime zone - ASnumber and network name information - Complete traceroutevisualization on the map - Graphical ping statistics updatedinreal time- Both IPv4 and IPv6 - selectablePort scanner:-Fast,adaptive algorithm for scanning the most common ports oruserspecified port ranges - Detection of closed, firewalled, andopenports - Description of the known open port services- Scanofcomplete port range or user-editable common ports- Both IPv4andIPv6 - selectableWhois: - Whois of domains, IP addresses andASnumbers DNS lookup:- Functionality similar to nslookup or dig-Support for A, AAAA, SOA, PTR, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SPF, SRVrecordsInternet speed: - Test of both download and uploadspeeds-Graphical speed test view- Speedtest history Networkinformation:-Default gateway, external IP (v4 and v6), DNS server,HTTP proxy-Wifi network information such as SSID, BSSID, IPaddress, subnetmask , signal strength, etc.- Cell (3G, LTE) networkinformationsuch as IP address, signal strength, network provider,MCC, MNC,etc.Local service discovery:- Bonjour service browser-UPNP/DLNAservice and device browserMore:- Full IPv6 supporteverywhere-History of all performed tasks with the possibility tostar thefavorite ones - Export by email and other means- Copy/pastesupport- Detailed help- Regular updates, support page
AOSS 2.2.5
AOSS lets you easily connect your Android device to yourAirStationwith secure Wi-Fi.This app easily and securely connectsyourAndroid device to a Buffalo AirStation wireless router usingWi-Fi.Follow the instructions and press the AOSS button ontheAirStation. All security (encryption) settings areconfiguredautomatically.Note:If your Android device has Wi-Ficalling (somecarrier models such as T-Mobile, Orange UK, etc.),turn it offduring AOSS setup.Android 6.0 or later requirespermission toaccess location services. Follow the instructions forthesetting.This app does not collect location data.If a devicerunningAndroid 6.0 or later displays the NO_PACKET_SEQ error,disable thedevice's mobile data and try again. Enable mobile dataafter thedevice successfully connects to theAirStation.Troubleshooting: Ifan error occurs, try the actionsbelow.- Restart the Androiddevice.- Restart the AirStation.- Exitall other runningapplications.- Move the device closer to theAirStation and try thesetup procedure again.- Change the wirelesschannel of theAirStation.- If your AirStation is dual-band [2.4 GHz(11g) and 5GHz (11a)], switch to 2.4 GHz (11g).- If other apps thatcontrolthe Wi-Fi connection are installed, try exiting oruninstallingthem. Examples: Wi-Fi Manager app, Wi-Fi Calling app,etc.- Ifother Wi-Fi network settings are already stored, deleteanyunnecessary settings.Tested Versions:Android 2.1(Eclair)Android2.2 (Froyo)Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)Android 3.0 /3.1 / 3.2(Honeycomb)Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)Android 4.1 /4.2 / 4.3(Jelly Bean)Android 4.4 (KitKat)Android 5.0/5.1(Lollipop)Android6.0 (Marshmallow)Android 7.0 / 7.1 (Nougat)Android 8.0 / 8.1(Oreo)Tested Devices:- Nexus 5- Nexus 5X- Nexus 6-Nexus 6P- Nexus7 (2013)- Nexus 9Compatible AirStations (AccessPoints):Any thatinclude AOSS (AirStation One-touch SecureSystem)Not compatiblewith the AirStations models below.-WAPM-APG300N- WAPM-AG300N-WHR-AMPGAOSS is a trademark of BuffaloInc.
Who Use My WiFi? 📱 Network Tool 6.0.0
My wireless network is slow and I believe someone is connected tomyWi-Fi and using the internet without my knowledge. What do youdo insuch situations? If you are looking for the fastest, smartestandeasiest way to control and monitor the number of usersconnected toyour WiFi network and get information about theconnected devices,you’ve come to the right place.Who Use My WiFicomes with a cleanand neat design, and the interface is souser-friendly that doesn’ttake a genius to track the connectedusers and devices to yourwireless network. It’s fast, smart andreliable.Who Use My WiFi,shows some information about the currentnetwork, like Speed andName, and it also lets you know about thedevices connected to yourwireless network. So, you can easily findout who is using yourinternet and what their devices are.So, ifyour wireless network ison a limited plan and you believe someoneis sending and receivingdata without your permission, install thisWi-Fi monitor app forfree and look for the suspicious devicesconnected to your WiFi.WhoUse My WiFi Main Features at a Glance:•Clean and neat design withfresh and intuitive interface• Fastestand Smartest way to trackconnected devices• Learn more about yourcurrent network: Speed,Name and …• Learn more about connecteddevices• Port Scanning(coming soon)• Wake-on-LAN (coming soon)•Troubleshoot your Internetconnection (coming soon)• It’s fast,smart and reliable• VendorAddress Database• Useful for anyone•Less Ads• Free• light weight(3.83 MB)Scan your WiFi network inseconds.languages:- English-French- Arabic- Italian (coming soon)-Catalan (coming soon)-Russian (coming soon)- Spanish - PortugueseDownload Who Use My WiFifor free and let us know about any bugs,questions, feature requestsor any [email protected]✩✩✩✩✩ Rate Us 5 Stars ifyou foundthis app useful ✩✩✩✩✩whos on my networkhow to tell ifsomeone isusing your wifiwho is on my wifi downloadhow to see whois on yourwifihow to know if someone is using your wifihow to seewho isusing my wifihow to check if someone is using my wifiwifiusercheckerwho is on my wifi fullcheck wifi userwho is on mywifiultimatehow to check who is using your wifiwho in my wifihowtocheck wifi userswho is on my wifimy wifiwhos on my wifiwho isusingmy wifihow to check who is using my wifiwhoisonmywifiwho usesmywifiwifi thief finder
NETGEAR Genie 3.1.52
The NETGEAR genie app is an easy way to manage, monitor, andrepairyour home network--from the palm of your hand. While on yourhomenetwork, the NETGEAR genie app allows you to access all thecoolfeatures on your router with your mobile device. You can accessthefollowing router settings using the NETGEAR genie app:wirelesssettings, network map, Parental Controls, guest access,trafficmetering, MyMedia, and more. All you need is your tabletorsmartphone and the NETGEAR genie app. • Easily control yourhomenetwork through the genie dashboard • Stream music and videofilesanywhere in your network from your smartphone or tablet•Securelyconnect smart phones and tablets to your home wirelessnetwork witha QR code thanks to EZ Mobile Connect• Get analyticsabout yourWiFi home network using the WiFi Analytics featureTheNETGEAR genieapp does not work if your mobile device is connectedto therouter’s guest network.The NETGEAR genie only works whenyourmobile device is connected to a NETGEAR router that is inroutermode, not in access point mode. The NETGEAR genie app doesnot workwith a wireless extender or repeater.The NETGEAR genieappcurrently does not support IPv6. If IPV6 is enabled, loging intothe router using the genie app will fail.If you areexperiencingissues, contact [email protected] thatsupport the genie app: Android 4.2 or higherRefer tobelow link forsupportedrouterlist: Formoreinformation aboutMyMedia,visit
Mi Wi-Fi 2.2.30
Xiaomi Inc.
You can update the Mi Wi-Fi app to version 4.0 now. You're abletotake control of your Mi Wi-Fi with this smart assistant onphoneanytime and anywhere. Major updates:1. Device list: You canviewand manage devices connected to network, such as allow theiraccessto network and data or not, manage QoS allocation, and setnamesfor different devices.2. Storage management: As the familydatacenter and a mobile hard disk on your phone, this app makes youbeable to manage and download files easily. It supportsslidegestures. You can find resources and manage download taskshere aswell as access to all photos and videos in chronologicalorder.3.Tools: This feature helps you to learn more about MiWi-Fi.4.Settings: You can view and change settings of MiWi-Fi.Recommendation:* Guest Wi-Fi: WeChat friends and theirfriends canconnect to Wi-Fi without password.* Share Mi Wi-Fi:Share therouter with your family.* Mi Wi-Fi info: Share your routerstatswith friends.* Security: Protect home network from unknowndevices,hacking, malicious websites, and downloads…* Router status:You canview CPU performance and network speed of all parts.* Backupphotos & hard drive files: You can almost back upeverythingyou want on Mi Wi-Fi.* Tencent VIP: Exchange your idlebandwidthfor Tencent VIP easily (only hard disk router issupported).* MiCloud: Backups for photos and videos will be syncedautomaticallyand safely to Mi Cloud (only hard disk router issupported).*Broadband speed: Telecom Tianyi can accelerate theWi-Fi speed forits users. Learn more about Mi Wi-Fi
Wifi Hotspot - Connectify me [Free] 1.0.5
⚡️ Broadcast wifi from mobile network - GPGS/3G/4G free⚡️ Itisreally amazing to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi base stationandshare with your friends. Try it now - Portable Wifi Hotspot!Howtouse:✓ Make sure your device is connected to theinternet(3G/4G,...) before using Connectify Hotspot✓ Enter WifiName:choose whatever you like because this is your wifi :D✓EnterPassword: Password of your Wifi Hotspot must be at least8characters.✓ Press START to share wifi, press STOP to closeWifihotspot free.✓ Press Device Connecting to see list ofconnecteddevicesFeatures:★ One touch Connectify Hotspot.★ Chooseyour ownWifi Hotspot Name & Password.★ Auto-Save wifi name&password for next times.★ No bandwidth restrictions &unlimitedminutesThank you for using wifi broadcast application, wehope youwill be satisfied with this app! Please feel free tocontact us ifyou have any questions or suggestions about ConnectifyHotspot. Wecare about your feedback!
Linksys 2.7.0
Linksys LLC
Control your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi products, including Velop,fromanywhere. Tap into your Wi-Fi: check connected devices, setupguest access, or keep your kids off social networking siteswhenthey should be doing homework.New app adds support for Velop,amodular system of tri-band connection points that provideseamless,full-strength Wi-Fi for the whole family.Key Features:•RemoteAccess – Access and manage your Wi-Fi from anywhere.•Dashboard –Quickly view the status of your Wi-Fi.• Guest Access –Protect yourinformation by giving friends and family internet-onlyaccess on aseparate guest network.• Device Prioritization - Decidewhichdevices get Wi-Fi priority for less lag and buffering.•ParentalControls - Create a safe internet experience for your kids– evenif they’re home and you’re not. Restrict access to certainwebsitesor block specific devices from accessing theinternet.SystemRequirements:• The Linksys app works with Velopsystems and LinksysSmart Wi-Fi routers. To view the full list ofsupportedrouters,visit:•Useraccounts are created in the app orat Simply associate your accountwithyour Wi-Fi to log in from your devices.• Compatible withAndroid4.1 and greaterOur new Velop product line features asetupexperience that uses Bluetooth. In Android 6 and higher, appsmustrequest location permissions to use Bluetooth. We don't collectoruse any location information in our app.For additional help,visitour support site at
Jinvoo Smart 1..2.3
UC Smart
This Wifi Smart Socket is a big step forward inhouseholdintelligence.It can remote control your appliance in anytime atanywhere with access to internet, So you can know the statusofyour appliance at all times. It also has timing function. thenyoudo not need to worry about your appliance will beovercharger-ed.100% brand new and high quality guaranteed.Withtheconnect to Internet, Control your sockets in real time with asmartphone.Support status tracking, home appliances statustimelyfeedback to your device.The UCsmart House app features acountdown,multiple timer function,multiple timer settings and scenesetting.Feature:Working Principle: Smart Socket connects toInternetthrough WIFI and controls the power of socket from APP inSmartPhone.Fitted with SmartLink technology.Supports WiFi network&remote network connection through the router.SupportSmartconfigure net technology, easy to access settings.Know thestatusof your sockets at all times.If you switch it on, the Appwill showyou that it’s on and vice versa.The socket integrates thelatestand most reliable SmartLink technology.The UCsmart House appundergoes frequent updates to maximize the user experience.TwoWifisockets can be plugged in the same double socket with roomtospare.Designed to allow access your sockets ON/OFF switch.Intermsof size, reliability and performance this socket is withoutanequal.CE, ROHS, certififedPlug and play, no need toinstallbattery( Plug into socket and operate according thedetailedInstruction Manual). Specification:Working voltage:AC110~240V.Maxpower: 1100W(resistance loading)( In US).Workingcurrent: Max10A.Material: ABS flame retarding polymer.PlugStandard:US.Wireless frequency: 2.412 ~ 2.484GHz.Wireless IEEEstandards:WiFi 2.4GHz b/g/n.Security type: WEP/TKIP/AES.Securityregime:WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.Wireless consuming: ≤0.3W.Workingtemperature:-20~ 40 degree.Working humidity: ≤80%.
WiFi Password Recovery 2.5.3
When you use Recovery ,your device need rooted.WifiPasswordRecovery is the app to recover the ever lost password ofWiFinetworks that you have connected."WIFI Password Recovery"willrecover wlan passwords of previously connected wifi networksonyour android device.This app that recover or restore yourownpasswords and view wifi passwords. How to use WIFIPasswordRecovery?1.Open the WIFI Passwords Recovery app2.Use arooteddevice and authorize super-user permissions3.RecoverSaved/ScannedWIFIFeatures:* Free:Free WIFI password Recovey app*Passwords:Listall wifi passwords that you connected(root required)*Detail:ShowSSID and wlan passwords and detect wifi history*Easy:Copy the WIFIwifipasswords to Clipboard(to be able to pastekey anywhere) Encodeyour wifi password for another device to scanand access thenetwork*Share:Share WIFI Passwords by some way orcreate QR codefor other apps to scan it or sms,mail,noteetc.*Backed up:If yousign in GoogleAccount and back up your ownWIFI passwords,then youcan recovery your all passwords on otherroot devices.Have you everconnected to so many wifi networks andforgot wlan passwords? WIFIPassword Recovery is an application toview all your saved/scannedWiFi passwords on your androiddevices.Remeber it’s only restoreconnected wifi passwords.WIFIPassword Recovery is a simple andpowerful tool to view wlanpasswords on your androiddevices.Recovery wifi passwords won`t workwithout root. Forgetyour wlan password but need to re-connect yournew device to WiFiand want to share a WiFi password with yourfriend?--WIFI PasswordRecovery,Monitor Network to backup all WiFipasswords on yourGoogleAccount, and restore it with just one step!Share withfriends through SMS or email. Never lose your wifipasswordagain.Send us email if you have any problem:[email protected]
Wifi password all in one contains all the applications toprotectyou from hackers and crackers.Includes four functions- Viewthelist of WiFi networks available in your area- Generate apasswordweb, wpa and wpa2 for your wifi router- See the signal andall theinformation about your wifiOptimized for mobilesandtablets.Compatible with Android 8.0 and more.
Instabridge - Free WiFi Passwords and Hotspots
Would you like to connect automatically to free WiFi every timeit'spossible, without the hassle of asking for the password?It's easy as pie: download Instabridge >>you'redone!With 1 million secure, up-to-date WiFi spots andhotspots,Instabridge is the simplest way to surf the internet forfree.Instabridge knows which Wi Fis work and automatically keepsyou offthose that don't. No setup required. It just works.**Don’t miss the chance to be part of the largestWi-Fi-sharingcommunity**Just install the app and discover all the Wi-Fi signalsandpasswords around you that have already been shared by theawesomecommunity 💙FEATURES• Get free Wi-Fi connections in all major cities• No data limitation, no cost• Auto-connect to Wi Fi as soon as available• Go to 'travel settings' and make it work even when you’re lowondata• Become a hero by helping the world to connectWhat others are saying about Instabridge:"Instabridge is a Swedish company that’s invented somethingsosimple, and so awesome, that you’ve got to wonder what tookthisindustry so long!"Android Authority“Today’s application is, simply, exceptional. It's a brilliantidea,an excellent solution and executed perfectly. I'm inlove.”El Android Libre"Instabridge is an elegant solution"Lifehacker"A simple interface allows friends to get access without havingtotype in a convoluted string of numbers and letters from a scrapofpaper."The EconomistWith 1 million secure, up-to-date free WiFi connectionsandhotspots, plus wi fi passwords on your phone, getinstantaccess to internet in your city and the whole world 🌎 🌍🌏*****Important: Note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fitetheringnor is it a Wi-Fi hacker tool and cannot be used for Wi Fihackingin any way. Instabridge syncs wifi passwords between yourowndevices and to people you have chosen to trust.*****Questions or improvement suggestions?Please contact [email protected] with Instabridge Free WiFi on:Twitter @ @ Resources:Help Center Lite
UniFi 1.7.0
Introducing the UniFi mobile application. Use the UniFi app to:-Access the UniFi Controller to manage entire networks ofdeviceswhile on the go.- Provision a UniFi Access Point (AP) forbasicfunctionality without configuring a UniFiController.Requirement:The UniFi AP must be physically connectedvia an Ethernet cable toa network that provides IP addresses usingDHCP.How To:1. Ensurethat the UniFi AP is in its factory defaultstate, displaying asolidly white LED.2. Log into your Ubiquiticommunity or SSO(Single Sign-On) account for backup/restorefunctionality. (If youwish, you can skip this login.)3. The UniFiAP should appear on thedevice list if your device Wi-Fi is enabledand both your deviceand UniFi AP are on the same layer-2 network.(This is similar tothe device discovery feature for other Ubiquitiproducts.)4. Ifyour device Wi-Fi is not enabled (or your device ison anothersubnet), then select scan QR code from the menu. Note:This isavailable only for models with the QRcodesticker.
Phone Clone
Free to use, completely wireless, easy four-step-migration&ultra-fast speed using local hotspot.Transfer contacts,messages,photos, videos, music & apps from your old Android toyour newHuawei Smartphone.Transfer contacts, photos & videosfrom youriPhone to your new Huawei Smartphone.Even moretransfercapabilities from Huawei to Huawei Smartphones: Transfercontacts,messages, photos, videos, music, apps & app data,settings,alarms, memos, browser bookmarks & phonelayout.Updatedescription:1 Completely new interface,more convenientoperation;2Support onekey-match through scan QR Code for Androidphone; 3Support more system data ( Settings,Inputmethod,Shortcuts,etc)migration ( only EMUI5.0 and above) ; 4 Revealthe cause of failureof data migration; 5 Fix some bugs; If youinstalled V3.2.0 orlower version of Phone Clone on your old phone,you need to upgradethe version to V5.0.0 and above for use.
WiFi Signal Strength Meter - Test WiFi Signal 1.0.15
WiFi Signal Strength Meter can help you Find the sweet spots inyourwifi network.WiFi Signal Strength Meter can View your currentwificonnection signal strength and detect WiFi Signal Strengtharoundyou in real time.WiFi Signal Strength Meter can Quicklycheck yourwifi strength to find the best location.WiFi SignalStrength Meterwill help you find best wifi connection around youin workplace oryour location. List gets continuously updated whenyou movearound.WiFi Signal Strength Meter is a simple tool thatallows youto view your current WiFi connection signal strength.Its useful infinding good areas of WiFi connectivity in your WiFinetwork.WiFiSignal Strength Meter is constantly updating thesignal strength soyou can walk around your house, work, oranywhere your connected toWiFi to find the best connection and youcan find out which cornersof your office or home are having thebest reception.WiFi SignalStrength Meter is the best tool you'llhave to analyze the signal ofyour wifi. It allows you to detectany change of the wifi signal inreal time with a very neat design.You also have the option to showthe signal strength as apercentage on your device's task bar. Thisapp is really helpfulfor the following WiFi stuff:* WifiConnections Signals Strength*Wifi Signal Strength Meter* WifiSignal Meter* Wifi StrengthCalculator* find wifi signal source*Optimize Signal Strength* testwifi signal* Test wifi signalstrength* Check wifi signal* Wifisignal meter* Wifi signal Strengthmeter* check wifi signalstrength* Measure signal strength* testwifi strength* test wificonnection* detect wifi signal* Monitorstrength of nearby wifinetworks* Shows signal strength* wifi testsignalNote:Signalstrength below 50% can cause disconnection issues.Its better tohave signal strength above 60%.
TownWiFi | Wi-Fi Everywhere 4.2.2
You can connect and authenticate to over 2M PublicWi-Fiautomatically.No need for login and register for each Wi-FiYoucanuse public Wi-Fi like your home Wi-Fi.■Countries we can useUSA,Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau■Wi-Fi which you canuse-Public: SF WiFi, Santa Monica WiFI, Hawaii WiFi, Guam WiFi andsoon- Trasport: SFO WiFi, LAX WiFi, Guam WiFi and so on-Food:Starbucks WiFi, MCD WiFi, Pizza Hut WiFi, Coffee Bean WiFi andsoon- Bank: Bank of America WiFi, Citi WiFi- Retail: WalmartWiFi,Nordstorm WiFi, Target WiFi and so on- Telecom: att WiFi,VerizonWiFi, T-Mobile WiFi■How it worksJust add the Wi-Fi which youwantto use.You will be connected when you go to that place.No needtoopen Wi-Fi list at your SmartPhone, nor open the browsertoregister each time.Have a nice wifi life by usingTownWifi(townwifi, TownWi-Fi)
ASUS Router
ASUS Router is a revolutionary app for android and iPhone, tomanageyour home network ASUS Wi-Fi AP, Wi-Fi Router, and Modem.Weareaiming to provide best Wi-Fi, and internet surfing experiencestoyour life, and indicate any security issue such as passwordstrengthdeficiency, unknown services running...etc.Supportedrouter (Pleaseupdate the latest firmware from official site,firmware versionshould be later than Blue Cave-BRT-AC828- GT-AC5300-RT-AC5300- RT-AC3100- RT-AC88U- RT-AC3200-RT-AC2900- RT-AC87U/R-RT-AC86U- RT-AC85U- RT-AC68U/R/P/W/UF-RT-AC65U- RT-AC1900-RT-AC1900P/U- RT-AC1750- RT-AC1750 B1-RT-AC66U/R/W- RT-AC66U B1-RT-AC66U+- RT-AC1300UHP- RT-AC1200-RT-AC1200G/HP/G+- RT-AC58U-RT-AC56U/R/S- RT-AC55U- RT-AC55UHP-RT-AC53U- RT-AC53- RT-AC52U-RT-AC52U B1- RT-AC51U- RT-AC51U+-RT-ACRH17- RT-ACRH13- RT-N66U/R/W-RT-N18U- RT-N16- RT-N14UHP-RT-N12E B1/C1- RT-N12HP B1- RT-N12VP B1-RT-N12+- RT-N12+ B1-RT-N12D1- DSL-AC68U/RAP mode and RemoteConnection (DDNS) issupported now!!! And more router models, andDSL series would besupported in the future!ASUS Router is an apprevolution to make itvery easy to manage your home network.RouterMonitoring andManagement- CPU and RAM monitoring- Real-time trafficmonitoring-Router status checking- Multi-router managementClientDeviceManagement - Monitor client device connect to your router-Changedevice icon and nickname to identify- Set bandwidth limitsfor it-Block its Internet access if you wantMore Features- QuickInternetSetup- Game boost- Share Wi-Fi easily- Network securityscan-Firmware update- Router setting backupMore functionscomingsoon!!!!!
Generates a random key to protect your router. The algorithmiscapable of achieving security keys compatible with WEP, WPA,WPA2with a high level of authentication. The application alsodisplaysa list of networks that are open to facilitate the searchthe user.This application is totally free if you want you cancontribute toremove advertising. Is optimized for Android phonesand tablets.
WPS wifi Connect 1.2
- WPS wifi Connect checks the security of your network usingWPSprotocol, This protocol allows you to connect to a WiFinetworkusing an 8-digit pin number that usually is predefined intherouter, the problem is that the pin of many routers fromdifferentcompanies is known or is known how to calculate it. Whatis WPS?Therouter has a function called WPS. If its WiFi with WPSopen, we cancall this wifi 'WPS WiFi'. Unlike password, WPS WiFican beaccessed by using 8 digits PIN which is usually fixed.e.g.12345678. People can use PIN to connect WPS WiFi and ignoreanypassword changes.WiFi WPS Tester is a utility which helpsyoudetect the potential risk of the WiFi, which include passwordriskand WPS risk. Shipped with more than 30 PIN algorithms and50000known PINs, WiFi WPS Tester helps you detect the potentialWPSrisk. And with millions of hotspots, WiFi WPS Tester may findthepossible Password risk. We don't store your original key,neitherdo we share with other users. But if your WPS WiFi can beconnectedwithout manual inputs, it is suggesting that you shouldchange thekey to a more complicated one or turn off WPS. ***ROOT isNOTtotally required******** Location Permission is required forWifiNetwork Scanning By Android*****The application has two methodstoconnect:- Root Method : Supported all android version but shouldberooted.- No Root Method : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop)andup.For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:- If you are not rooted youcanuse the application to connect, but you cannot show passwordunlessyou are rooted.- If you are rooted will be alerted to chooseeitherRoot Method or No Root Method. , you can show the passwordusingboth methodsFor Android 4.4 and earlier:- You have to beROOTED forboth connecting and showing password- If Your are notRooted , thenyou cannot usetheapplication================================================-(OnlyRooted Users ) You can show passwords for your currentsavednetworks , just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks)ifyoualready know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and getthepassword using your PIN
WiFi Monitor - analyzer of Wi-Fi networks 1.9
WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to watch thestateof Wi-Fi networks and gather data about its parameters(signalstrength, frequency, connection speed, etc). It is usefulforsetting up a wireless router, WiFi usage monitoring andcheckingthe connected devices."Connection" tab displays informationaboutthe connected Wi-Fi hotspot:• name (SSID) and identifier(BSSID)•router manufacturer• connection speed• router signalstrength•frequency and channel number• hotspot security options•MAC addressand IP address of smartphone• subnet mask, defaultgateway and DNSaddress."Networks" tab allows to compare allavailable WiFinetworks by the following parameters: type, equipmentmanufacturer,signal level, security protocol. Access points withthe same name(SSID) are grouped together."Channels" tab displayshotspots signallevel depending on its frequencies. Routers usingsame frequenciesprovide bad quality of a Wi-Ficonnection."Strength" chart helps tocompare received power levelsof available WiFi hotspots andmonitor its dynamics. The higherrouter signal strength, the betterquality of connection."Speed"chart displays the real amount oftransmitted and received data inthe connected network. This willhelp to track usage of ahotspot."Scanning" section performs searchof devices in theconnected network and displays its parameters. Ifyou find foreigndevices in your wireless infrastructure, blockthem inroutersettings.
Free Wifi Password Scan
Free Wifi Password is the best security tool to for your WifiAccesspoint because it generates very secure and powerfulpasswords.Withthis app you can get every information youwantFeatures:* Scan WiFiNetworks around by you* Generate secureand large passwords* Want toknow your IP address, then downloadthis app and it gives you everyinformation about like local IP,external IP, router name, routercompany name, etc...* Test yourinternet speed with a single click,test download and upload speedof your internet* Check all thedevices connected to your Accesspoint
Easy VPN - Free VPN proxy master, super VPN shield 1.4.4
★ Easy VPN's unique features (our strengths) ★ ★ Very Fast,willconnect to the fastest VPN proxy server, show latency (pingtime)and VPN Usage rate. that help you to select fittest VPNserver. ★Multi VPN Mode, switch easily to IPsec(IKEv2) Mode,OpenVPN TCPMode, Openvpn UDP Mode, Shadowsocks Mode, Unblock anywebsitewherever you are.Easy VPN is 100% VPN unblock master.★supportspecified app agents - you can enable proxy services forapps youspecify, if your device system is higher than Android5.0Easy VPN -WiFi hotspot security shield and unlimited free VPNclient forandroidEasy VPN is the best free unlimited vpn proxyclients forandroid. It can to unblock sites, bypass blocked apps,WiFi hotspotsecure and protect privacy.Brings a high speed andencrypted VPNconnection to improve your mobile better net to accessinternet,and WiFi security under WiFi hotspot. Enjoy multiple proxyserverand multiple VPN Mode to bypass blocked website and apps asif youwere in another country. faster, safer and more smooth,isdefinitely the best free VPN client for android and proxy servertooptimize personal information security and privateinternetaccess.You should download the best super vpn for androidnow! ★With Easy VPN ( Free super VPN & hotspot VPN shield ),youcan:√ Easiest - One tap to connect to VPN proxy server- reallyOneTap VPN, connect within 5 second- Easy to Use, just press abuttonand connect a betternet√ Most Stable & Fastest - withturbohigh VPN speed- 100+ free cloud proxy server to provide betternetVPN service.100% top speed vpn server.- You can choose VPNserverseasily with high speed, unlimited bandwidth and unlimitedserverswitches, you can connect from anywhere in the world- vpnforUnited States, American VPN(USA VPN) is suitable for NorthAmericanand South American users- vpn for Germany, suitable forusers inthe Middle East countries- vpn for India, suitable forusers in theMiddle East countries and South Asian- vpn forSingapore, suitablefor Asian users- vpn for Russia, suitable forUkraine and Russia,support VK for Ukraine- vpn for Japan, JapanVPN, suitable forAsian users, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam- vpnfor UnintedKindom, UK VPN, suitable for users in the Middle Eastcountries-Support voice call and video call for Arabian countries,such asSaudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Oman and soon√Unblock & Access your favorite sites wherever you are-Bypassthe firewalls as school free VPN proxy for school wifi andschoolcomputer. - Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filtersandcensorship - Unblock websites with free VPN proxy server. Itcanalso unblock video not available in your country.- Unblocksocialnetworks websites or apps, such as: Line, QQ, WeChat,Instagram,Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc ...- UnblockVoIPnetworks and video call, such as: Skype, Viber, WhatsCall, Imoetc...- Unblock video websites and download, such as YouTube,Netflix√Incognito browsing anonymously - The most reliable privacyguardand safety shield tunnel for online browsing- never recordyouronline behavior and will never upload your privacyinformation-passed the "DNS Leak" test, can effectively prevent DNSleaks, toprovide you with fake IP, hide the real IP- Encrypts yourinternettraffic, protect your privacy, and keep you safe from 3rdpartytracking for your information security- Protect dataprivacy,personal information security and internet security.-Protect yourdata from hackers and surveillance when you’reconnected to apublic WIFI hotspot shield.- Avoid being snooped ormonitored byyour ISP or government censorships - Encrypts datausingIPsec(IKEv2), OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP), Shadowsocks.We donotprovide BitTorrent and any P2P (pier to pier) serviceForpolicyreason, this service can not be used in China. We apologizefor anyinconvenience caused.
VPN Dog - Everyone's favorite permanent free VPN 2.6.0
★What is VPNA VPN creates a secure, encrypted “tunnel” overtheinternet between your computer, smartphone or tablet andwhateverwebsite or app you are trying to access.This is madepossible byredirecting your connection via a VPN server in anothercountry,which makes it appear to a website or application that youare justanother ‘local’ visitor.You become effectively anonymous asyour IPaddress (the numerical label that identifies your device’sonlineconnection) is replaced with that of the VPN server.All ourserversare fast connected to Internet. We offer 60 static severs in11countries. Fastest netflix VPN connection is guaranteed andthereis no traffic limit. You can use our service to download andstreammedia content 24hours a day if you wish! ★Free Access to anyhotWebsites and ApplicationsWith Free VPN proxy, you can useYouTube,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, BigoLive,, PlayBoy, Tinder and other social networks at work, ataschool at a hotel or coffee shop, in a word, anywhere aroundtheworld.★ Anonymous & SecurityVPN DOG successfully passedthe"DNS Leak" test, can effectively prevent DNS leaks, to provideyouwith fake IP, hide the real IP.All traffic (UDP / TCP) isencryptedwhen best vpn for free is running.VPN DOG can protect yournetworktraffic under the WiFi hotspot anonymous browsing,withouttracking.★Why Paid money if you can find a really free andgoodVPN?Unlike other VPN providers, VPN DOG is 100% Free to use.★Whichcountries are using VPNDOG100% people of the UnitedArabEmirates100% the people of Iran80% people of Saudi Arabia80%peopleof the United States★ Fast & Stable VPN Dog proxy serverhascovered more than 10 different regions of the world, the numberofmore than 500 proxy servers.Our high speed VPN proxy cloudserversare located in India, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA,Japan,Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc ..- vpn forUnitedStates- vpn for Germany- vpn for United Arab Emirates- vpnforSingapore- vpn for Canada- vpn for Australia- vpn for Japan-vpnfor France- vpn for Korean - vpn for French - vpn for Canadian-vpn for TaiwanTry it now.Don't forget to give us 5-Star (★ ★ ★ ★★)rating, if you like us.Don't forget to share it with yourfriends,if you would like to helpus.★Support:[email protected]://
StationRadar 1.4
"StationRadar" lets you easily find and manage your AirStationfromyour Android device.To use "StationRadar", your Androiddeviceshould be connected to the same network asyourAirStation.Features:- Find your AirStation- Access Settingsandmanage your AirStation- Check AirStation'sstatusCompatibleProducts: AirStations that support configurationfrom mobiledevices. (*)* For the products below, update thefirmware toversion 2.08 or later before using this application.-WZR-1166DHP-WZR-1750DHPNotes: - HTC devices sometimes cannot searchforAirStations due to device restrictions.
unifi mobile care 4.05
Everything is done quickly and smoothly - anytime, anywhere.Allthis just at the tip of your fingers!Be in control of yourownmobile self-care account with instant access intoinformativefeatures and huge amount of details through yourphone.No fuss, noworries as we'll make it personal for you -because everyone issimply unique. You get to decide exactly whatyou want, wheneveryou want it through mobil self-care App.mobileself-care App letsyou:- Check and make changes to your accountdetails andparticulars (name, email, billing and shippingaddresses, roamingcharges and many more).- Change your password forincreasedsecurity and ease of mind.- Go through your bill info(unbilledamount, total amount, payment history and make billpayments). -Buy the Personal WiFi Pass- Receive the PersonalUnlocking Key(PUK) code to unlock your SIM card. - Get onlineassistance andsupport from the Live Chat team.- Check out thelatest offers,discounts and exclusive treats from unifi!You'll getto enjoy allthese perks with unifi!Visit us at toget the access into the wonderfulworld of the self-care App.Hangon, we're not finished yet - there'smore! Mobile self-care App isabsolutely FREE for all!However, justa little reminder that thereare international roaming charges ifyou use the app overseas.Now,all you have to do is sit tight andget ready to enjoy thenever-ending wonders of surfing and getonboard the future ofmobile!
WiFi Analyzer
The most intuitive WiFi network analyzer application on theAndroidMarket!Are you ready to discover your Wifi?Optimize wifiwith themost intuitive WiFi analyzer tool on the GooglePlay!Increase thenetwork performance via analyzing and monitoringyour wifinetwork!Highlighted features:* Find who uses your Wifi!Detect allconnected network devices, scan your wireless network*2.4 and 5GHz support* Check wifi security problems* Analyze signalstrengthand latency (ping)* detect crowded channels, verify DNSworking*Detailed information about your network and your accesspointincluding the vendor of the Access Point, frequency, channelwidth,security level and DHCP info, BSSID (router MAC address).*Openrouter settings* Recommendation for the best channel*Checkwireless networks easily on several charts* Export result *Wifianalytics* Wifi network type: WEP, WPA, WPA2Dark or Light themearealso availableAvailable filters: SSID, wifi band,overlappingchannelsThis wifi tool app monitors and analyzes yournetwork andwarns you if there are problems.For beginners: easy tounderstand,you don't need to be an IT expert. You can detect theproblemswithout knowing how the RSSI, link speed work or what theymean.♛This is a free, ad-supported application. Donation willremoveads.You can donate by buying the WiFi Network Analyzer Pro -make adonation from the application or visit the Google Play siteof WiFiNetwork AnalyzerPro: 6 (Marshmallow): Please enable locationservice(Settings>Location) or the app won't work properly. Thisis notrequired for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0(without itthe app won't see the networks).
WiFi Password 3.9.3
Millions of free wifi available, one click to connect wifi,withoutknowing wifi password!-Millions of wifi hotspots-Oneclick:freewifi connection-Personal network security guard-Sharewifi passwordsafely-Scan the current wifi, detect wifisecurityFeatures:1.FreeWiFi"WiFi Password " provide millions offree wifi hotspot nearby,you can connect to wifi without knowingwifi password.2.SafeWiFi"WiFi Password " provide trusted wifiservices. Only free wifiand wifi shared by users can be find andconnect.3.Easy andfastJust one click, connect wifi and share wifipassword. "WiFiPassword " will detect wifi automatically.4.SecurityTest“WiFiPassword” provide security test,click current connectedwifi,youcan detect current wifi security.Declairation:All sharedWiFipassword are unrevealed to insure safety and privacyofusers.🏆Connect WiFi:Search free WiFi hotspot around you,oneclickconnect to WiFi hotspot,without knowing wifipassword.Wi-Ficonnection will be safety and quickly."WiFi Password"helps youinquire Wi-Fi password stored on our server and wifipasswordshared by other users.🏆Share WiFi:You can share Free WiFiwithothers with simple operation.Share free Wi-Fi: You can addFreeWi-Fi hotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi password with otherusers.Sharepersonal WiFi hotspot:Turn your mobile phone into arouter andshare your mobile network with your friends.🏆WiFisecurity:WiFiconnection will be safety and trusted.WiFi Passwordwill beunrevealed and "WiFi Password " can help you away fromunsafe Wi-Fihotspot and ensure the safety of connected Wi-Fi whenyou in aunfamiliar environment .The range of Security detection isEncryptDetecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting.Rate us with fivestars toshow us your love!And please feel free to contact us if youhaveany problems or suggestion to WiFi Password.We are readytohelp.Our Emial: [email protected]
tpMiFi 1.4.10
tpMiFi provides the easiest way to manage your TP-LINKMobileWi-Fivia the connected Android devices. It allows you tomanageyourMobile Wi-Fi's data usage, battery life and connecteddeviceswitha few taps.tpMiFi management is available only aftertheAndroiddevice is connected to the Wi-Fi network of TP-LINKMobileWi-Fi.Disconnected from the MiFi will appear on the interfaceifthedevice is not connected to the Mobile Wi-Fi.Somefeatures(displaying data usage, battery life, carrierinformationandsignal strength) are available when the Androiddevice isconnectedto the Mobile Wi-Fi but doesn't log in; while allfeaturesareavailable when the Android device logs in. The loginusernameandpassword are the same as the administrator username andpasswordofthe Mobile Wi-Fi.This app only supports M7350,M7310,M7300,M7650*, M7450* at this moment.*M7650 and M7450 willbeavailable inthe near future.