Top 44 Games Similar to Super Adventure Blue Bear

Dora Cat Robot Jet-pack 1.1
Cat Robot Jet-pack is game like Doraemonandhis friends, it is game is about a smart cat lost in a scarydarkworld trying to pass all the evils and the obstacles using theyoursuper power ,go help the cat to escape that world, it will beniceof you assist it, you have to use play carefully.This game is one of the best Cat Robot Jet-pack games themostincredible one, go score the highest distance and gold youcangather.This game contains :-An open level game- Smooth user interface with the best graphics.- Phone and Tablet support- Music and sound effects- Play for all ages (especially teen )- the game is free, no purchase required.- No Violence, crude pictures in the game (Suitable forkids,children and teens) No doubt that this is the number onebestAdventure and action games ever made Download to play yournewarcade game.hope you enjoy Dora Cat Robot Jetpack, good luck.
Dorae-Spider 1.1
One of the best superhero adventures gameofalltime re-mastered for android devices!are you one of fans of famous animated characters? Doyouloveplaying amazing arcade games and adventure game? If youranswerisyes just download doraspider hero nowThis hero awesome and doraemon simulator game is full ofactionsandmovementsand it needs excellent command over reflex andhand-eyecoordinationskill of its players.More you will master the control on the uncertaintyofhero’smovement,you will be able to score more and climb the higher levels!Fly around this adventure city and get as many coinsasyoucan.that will give you superheros power sush as doraemonsHow to Play Flying games- Press and hold your finger to navigate throughthesuperherosworld- Barriers Dodge as fast as you can with superherosFeatures Superhero free games:*The running track has lots of ups and downs: the has to jumpandhopin order to move ahead,*Super like mega runner, the superhero, nobita has to collectlotsofgolden coins: This is a part of game’s spatialattraction.* 100% Free Game App (games free:Not Include In-App Purchase)* High Score tracking, challenge your friends and getthehighestscore possible,
Super Doramon Castle Run 1.0
Welcome to Super doramon CastlejungleRunadventure .Super doramon Run is the best platform adventure foryourkidsEverything has been carefully designed for you to have alot offun.Doraemon Game objectives are to crush all difficultés anddefeatallenemies in his way to rescue the princess and his friendsNobyandShizuka from the hand of the evil black monster doramon.Super doramon games free Run is a Kids game for boys andgirlsthisgame inspired from doraemon movie .Cats games of supernatural schleich demons and spiritwhoinspiredalso from doramon cartoon.doraemon games Try to reach the max score in his adventure,runandjump and defeat enemies in adventure land of the doremongameCatscula .the little doremon game Cats is in his first time adventureinacastle trying to help his friends and his princessfightingagainstblack Doraemon game Cat who consedred as doremon game Cat boy to defeat enemies by shoottingfireandjump over them, try to not touch the enemies to not getlosethegamedoramon boy face a lot enemies in his way adventure and hiishavinglot of fun in a defférent world, castle world jungle iceageanddesert world## Super Doraemon Castle jungle adventure Features : #### Sensitive Go and Back and jump bottons## Completely free of charge## Super Ddoraemon effects and super sounds## Crazy ceaselessness adventure## Enjoy 4 challenging levels4 different Worlds and 80 levels for Dorae-moneCastleJungleadventure:* Jungle World* Castle World* Desert World* Ice Age World## Every World With diffrents Ghraphic## high-quality graphics and great music and the sounds ofthefairyplay, all that and more to spend quality time playingwithyourfriends.## Face a Boss For Every last Doraemon world's level## Doraemone Cat Run world with doramon and monsters## Cat Games## A lot of Hidden bonus levels and power up items## Blue Cat Super run adventure need to collect coinsandothervaluables to help him defeating enemies## Different Game Modes with different Obstacles and enemiesHow to play doraemon castle run games :## press X-button to jump## press O-button AND right or left for running press OandXtogether for a higher and wider jump## after eating a Blue sweet you become Super DdoraemongamesShooterwith gun will be able to shoot fire bullet -pressfire-Button forshooting!## after eating a Yellow Sweet you will become SuperDdoraemonRunFaste and will be able to destroy bricks and jumperhigher andgetFaster## Doraemone game adventure swimming: press X-Buttonmultipletimesto swim higher , release your finger from button to godown!Download the game Super dorae adventures now for freeandsummonedfriends to enjoy together.Don't forget rating this game 5 Stars if you like the Game.Disclaimer :This is a unofficial doraemon games Cartoon app.Made By Doramon Fans and lover.We are not affiliated in any way to Ddoraemon teamtrademarkownerteam cartoon we are not the makers of Ddoraemon movieand wedon'tclaim any relation with them.This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse".If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolationthatdoesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines pleasecontactusdirectly.
Super Doraemon Run 1.0
Join Doraemon, the futuristic robotcat,onanother one of his amazing adventure in thischallenginggameSuper Doraemon Run is an addictive game that will give you thejoyofplaying android gamesIn this game, Doramon constantly moves forward throughthecourseswhile you use jumps and double jumps to navigate.Dorayaki'sbestfriend with your help will gather coins, andreachnewlevels.Prepare to test your speed and reflexes!Super Doraemon Run Features:- Enjoy 4 challenging levelsSensitive Go and Back and jump bottons- Completely free of charge- Super effects and super sounds- Crazy ceaselessness adventureHelp Doraemon, Noby, Shizuka, and all his friends to gathermoreandmore coins and get to the last level and complete thisamazingSuperDoraemon Run***French descriptionRejoignez Doraemon, le robot robot futuriste, sur un autredesonincroyable aventure dans ce jeu difficileSuper Doraemon Run est un jeu addictif qui vous donnera lajoiedejouer à des jeux AndroidDans ce jeu, Doramon se déplace constamment dans lesparcourstandisque vous utilisez des sauts et des sauts doublespournaviguer.Meilleur ami de Dorayaki avec votre aide varecueillirdes pièces demonnaie, et d'atteindre de nouveauxniveaux.Préparez-vous à tester votre vitesse et vos réflexes!Caractéristiques Super Doraemon Run:- Profitez de 4 niveaux stimulantsSensitive Aller et revenir et sauter bottons- Entièrement gratuit- Super effets et super sons- Aventure folle sans finAidez Doraemon, Noby, Shizuka et tous ses amis à rassemblerdeplusen plus de pièces de monnaie et à atteindre le dernierniveauet àcompléter ce Super Doraemon Run*** Korean descrption ドラえもん미래의 로봇 고양이 인 도라에몽과 함께이 도전적인 게임에서 놀라운 모험을 경험하십시오.Super Dorae-mon Run은 안드로이드 게임을 즐기는 중독성 게임입니다.이 게임에서 Doramon은 이동을 위해 점프와 이중 점프를 사용하는 동안 지속적으로 코스를 진행합니다. 도와주신도라야키의 가장 친한 친구가 동전을 모으고 새로운 차원에 도달합니다.속도와 반사를 테스트 할 준비를하십시오!슈퍼 도라에몽 실행 특징 :- 4 가지 도전 레벨 즐기기민감한 이동 및 뒤로 이동 단추- 완전 무료- 수퍼 이펙트 및 수퍼 사운드- 미친 끊임없는 모험도라에몽, 노비, 시즈카 그리고 그의 친구들 모두가 더 많은 동전을 모으고 마지막 레벨에 도달하고이 놀라운슈퍼도라에몽실행을 완성하도록 도와주세요.*** Arabe desciptionإنضم إلى عبقور، الروبوت القط ، في واحدة أخرى من مغامرتهالرائعةفيهذه اللعبة الممتعةسوبر دورايمون لعبة الادمان التي سوف تعطيك متعةاللعببالروبوتالقطفي هذه اللعبة، دورايمون يتحرك باستمرار إلى الأمام معإمكانيةاستخدامقفزة وقفزة مزدوجة للتنقل. أفضل صديق لدوراكاي يطلبمساعدتكملجمعالقطع النقدية، والوصول إلى مستويات جديدة.استعد لاختبار سرعة وردود الفعل الخاصة بك!سوبر عبقور ميزات التشغيل:- استمتع 4 مستويات التحدي- أزرارحساسة للذهاب والعودة والقفز- سوبر غرافيك والأصوات سوبر- مغامرة شيقةمساعدة عبقور، نوبي، شيزوكا، وجميع أصدقائه لجمع المزيدوالمزيدمنالنقود والحصول على المستوى الموالي واستكمال هذه العبةالمدهشةلعبةدورايمون
Mikti Adventure 1.0.1
lovita game
Mikti Adventure is a fun adventure game.yourun and jump to explore the forest. make the highest scorebyjumping over all obstacles. Let's play and finishlevel.congratulations adventure.
Astronaut Dorae-space 1.1
Are you ready to join the new adventuregameinthe galaxy to start the exciting amazing doraemonandmiraculousGames adventure in the Galaxy ?play with the most biggest Astronaut adventure out thereandflyover the galaxy If that was not enough. Kill andeliminateenemyunits over the spqce and collect gold and coins,missiles andgetall the fighting power you need. A combination ofaction,run and pick up your coins to defend your galaxy.Astronautdoraemonand nobita is going on a new war game and he needyourhelp! Fightfor your home,fight for justice.This game is among the most addicting adventure games thatyoucanfind nowhere. It requires skill to be able to collectallthoseCoins!- Just tap the screen to let the hero Jump- cute Heroes cat- Awesome graphic art- Endless fun run game- Fun Action Game perfect for Everyone, man and woman
Guide for Doraemon Repair Shop 1.2
Doraemon Repair Shop the game is thebestinit's category and we being fans of Dorаеmοn Repair Shopmadethemost useful guide for it .Learn anything you need of Dorаеmοn Repair Shop recreationswithourguide.This is not a guide for Doraemon Repair Shop amusement demo ,itisthe guide of a genuine diversion .Here are information about either Doraemon Repair Shopnumberone.In the event that you will like this guide we guarantee tomakeaguide for Doraemon Repair Shop new overhaul excessively.Guide for ドラえもん (どらえもん)Guide for DoraemonDisclaimer.This guide is an unofficial and not endorsed or affiliatedwithaDoraemon game developers
Metal Dorae-Robot 1.0
Play One of the best superhero adventures game of all time onlyformobile devices Do you love playing with amazing metaldoraemonanimated characters? If your answer is yes just downloadmetal heronowThis metal doraemon hero simulator game is full ofactions andmovements and it needs excellent command over reflex andhand-eyecoordination skill of its players. More you will master thecontrolon the uncertainty of metal rush movement,you will be ableto scoremore and climb the higher levels!Fly around this adventuredashcity and get as many metal coins as you can.How to PlayFlyingmetal robot games- Press and hold your finger to navigatethroughthe superheros world- enjoy the game with yourfriendsFeaturesMetal Robot free games:*The running track has lotsof ups anddowns: the super ironfly has to jump and hop in order tomoveahead,*Super mega runner, has to collect lots of golden coins:Thisis a part of game's spatial attraction.* 100% Free GameApp(ironman games free:Not Include In-App Purchase)* HighScoretracking, challenge your friends and get the highestscorepossible, be the star ironmal of all time
😍 Nobita Running adventure 1.1
Adventure game fresh and fun forallloversNobita figure includes a number of levelsandchallengingtasksYou start racing challenge and starting in the depths ofthisuniqueadventureDownload the game Nobita Running adventure now and startinthisunique experience of the game Nobita do not forget toposttheresults achieved with your friendsAfter the game difficult thing but fun and worththeexperienceTry it now and let your friends to experience+ Game Features +📌 Good Quality Graphics📌 Many Challenging Levels📌 5 unique Worlds with 80 Levels📌 Amazing game control📌 Classic platform game styleSoon we will add new characters for the game to discussplayingmainfigure, for example, DoraemonAll the substance gave in Nobita and Doraemon is thecopyrightoftheir particular proprietor.We don't claim right on any document in this NobitaandDoraemon.🏃 the game Nobita Running adventure and get yourcopyforfree ,enjoy !! 😊Thank you !! 😍
super doraem 1.0
Doraemon game against King KongandhelpDoraemon save boy Amer of gorilla of exciting adventuregamesIplay with Doraemon and collect as many pointsbycollectinghamburger to go to different stages of the game andthemovement ofthe door opens for you the different stages
Adventure doremon racing 1.5
Adventure doremon racing free topgamesforandroid it's a car The snow game for kids Andadults,WithAdventure of Doraemon game you can have fun and enjoythe gamerundoing some cool moves with Doremon top fun high.Download Now is FreeGame Characteristics :-Good Quality Graphics and character- Easy for Kids- Cool background music-Very enjoyable top-Easy to use-adventure .
Doreamon Cat Blue Jungle Game 1.0
Come and see !!! What did we bring withusthistime to entertain you ??So who among us does not know the famous robot cat in theworldnamedDoreamon? The most famous character thanks to hiskindnessandintelligence, Doreamon the animated ambassador whotravelsthroughtime from the future to help the young boynamedNobita.This game is inspired by a cartoon series very adorablebyeveryone.Doramon is a very entertaining anime that is matchedbydifferentage categories, I hope that this game also bethefavorable cartoongame by all (children and adults).Travel with Dorae the kind character in a journey fullofadventuresthat came in this game to blast you out of fatigueandenjoyyourself with Dorae's thrilling adventures through a longwayindifferent levels.The anime favored by different age categories, and we wishthisgamealso be the game favorite by you* Download Doremon now on your Android devices for free.* Play with Dora in the adventure world.* Download Doremon fast Repair Shop* Travel full of adventures for free.* Crazy character and funny.* Perfect Sound Track and effect download it now* Live the moment with the famous character in a cartoon game* Easy to play with Doreamon.* Experience the moment in different levels.* I hope to gain the game you like and be at the levelofyourexpectations
Subway Train Nobita Run 1.0
Play through a fun adventure with theheroNobita and collect as much coins as you can for FREEtoday!In Subway Train Nobita Run!, you control the hero Nobitaandadventure through beautiful places and evade obstacles duringtheadventure such as other rocks, spikes and monsters whilecollectingcoins to get the top scores!!!Subway Train Nobita Run! is a fast-paced adventure game thatwillprovide fun and excitement through an adventure! So getSubwayTrain Nobita Run! for FREE now!!!FEATURES:★★★★★ BEAUTIFUL IN-GAME MAPS★★★★★ COOL GAME PHYSICS★★★★★ FUN AND EASY GAMEPLAY★★★★★ OVER 90++ LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY★★★★★ HD SOUNDS FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENTTIPS: Collect all the coins to help NOBITA speed and gettopscores!Download Subway Train Nobita Run! for FREE today!Rate the game 5 stars if you like it!!
Super Doramon Adventure 1.0
Be the Super Doraemon 2 and go to safetheworld.Survive through many obstacles.Ride with awesome friends like Honikawa and Nobitta be theultimate surfer.Tap screen to make Robin jump and avoid obstacles.Features of Super Doraemon 2 adventure:+ thrilling and fun running Doramon adventure+ frenzied, addicting and fast game experience+ easy game to play with one-touch controls+There are a lot of levels and more coming .+ various challenges, 5 amazing, mysterious worlds and100runninglevels+ beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics+ great music and intense sound effects+ small APK file size to download in short time.Super Doramon Adventure is stranded in many world. HelptheSuperDoarmon running through world and temples and try tofindallcoins.Run for your life and escape all troubles and obstacles.gotoCollectcoins, explore different areas and run along cliffs,trapsandbarriers.How far can you run? Can you beat the leader-boardhighscores?Go now to Test your treasure trapping skills !Play and Have fun .== Disclaimer ==Our application is an unofficial of Doramon! free games, thisisjustfor fans purpose only, it is not authorized or createdbytheoriginal creator.
Pirates Island Treasure Hunt 7 1.0.1
Pirates Island Treasure Hunt 7 You are on the Pirate Islandandthere is a big treasure. Your job finds the treasure and getthetreasure using your brain skill. Get all hidden objects andsolveall puzzles to unlock the locks. At this point and click gamehavelots of clues to open the lock. Using your brain skill unlocksalllocks and hunt the treasure. Have fun.FEATURES:Point, click,drag,and drop only use for puzzle solving.No chance to see thistype ofgame before.Ultimate enthusiastic many parts of thecave.Free ofcost.Updated with new Level.100% Free toDownload.Awesome Graphicsand technic.Best Adventure Game forfree.Brian Skill improvementfor Puzzles to Solving.Free EscapeGame.More than an hour gameplay.Find Hidden Objects in the givenmap.
DoriBheem 0.1
Help Doraemon to go to his home, he will face various hurdles asabest friend of DoriBheem you have to help him.
Doremon Adventure In Paris 4.0
Mobidev Games
Doremon Adventure In Paris a new 2017cartoonadventure game for kids, the super robot blue cat doremonwho cameback through time from the future to share his adventure,it's afun run and jump cartoon game free, so much thrill. Indoremon gamenew 2017 the blue cat doremon uses his future gadgetsto run andjump and surf in a platform side view of subway templejungle andevade obstacle avoiding obstacles across differentlevels.How to play? :Doremon game free and easy to play, even for kids, all you needisto guide the super robot blue cat doremon to run jump andcollectcoins to get the highest score from subway to temple tojungle.doremon game new 2017 has many challenges. It's cartoon freegameand has great graphics and it offers a good experience.Features:- Doremon game free to play; you don't have to purchase it.- Doremon Adventure In Paris is Easy for kids.- This gale of Doremon as 3 difficulties packs.- Many obstacles.- Good graphics.- New 2017 cartoon game of the amazing robot cat Doremon.
Traveling Doramon Adventure 2.0
Traveling Doraemon Adventure is takingyoutofly in an Island full of obstacles. you will have tocollectcoinsin nowhere land.avoid the monster and harmfulCreaturesandkeepyourself safe.Flying Doraemon game is a very challenge adventure game anditsveryintersting to play and addictive just press to jump andflythroughthe entire Island .Flying bird game guide:- Tap to flap-Avoid obstacles-Collect coins-Get high score
Dorae-Builder kitten 1.2
Magical Box
Dear friend are you ready foranothernewadventure with doraamon. Your mission is to go inadangerousjourney facing dozens of angry killer enemies, onlytosave yourbest friend. You are allowed to use a skateboard butnotlikeanything you knew before, it is a turbo skate that willallowyouto climb high things and jump over all your enemies. Youonlyneedto run fast and jump over everything.Doramon est de retour pour une nouvel aventure,Transforme-toienskater kitten juste comme doraemon est dispose toid'un superturbopouvoir particulier.Les nouveaux niveaux sont les plus amusants et les plusardusjamaiscréés : met à profit la puissance de votre turboskateboardpourdéjouer les énigmes, les pièges, les obstacles etvaincretesennemis.Features of the game:★ This free game is a platform for all ages.★ New running and jumping game are you ready to play!★ It is very easy to play, but difficult to master. (Show ushowfaryou can go!!).★ Great sounds of nature. You can feel the naturesurroundingyoursmart phone.★ Spirit of old school classic games.★ Great design and amazing 2D graphics.★ 3 different difficulties.★ dozens of challenging levels.Pour vivre l'expérience complète, télécharge la versionintégraledeangry doraemo-n skater Game. Enjoy playing our lovelygame. showuswhat you can do.
Super Minion Dash Rush 1.0
Welcome to the game of Rush and Dashjumpandsurf.Super rush is an incredible and impossible Miniongameofcollecting Banana dash and dash throw obstacles inthejungleadventure with Minion caracter.Now play your favourite Minion Bananas Run Rush gamealongwithMinion and his friends.extreme Minion Run rush in 2D, have full control ofyourherominion!Physics, speed, crashes,!Immerse yourself in the world of Minion Banana Rush asyou'veneverdone.Enjoy the panorama while browsing the trajectories of 10tracksfullof surprises. Hold on tight to your seat when youfaceverysomersaults, whirlpools and accelerate through simulationpadsanddefeat the forces of gravity with loopedy loops.Enjoy playing the adventure with Minion bananas !****How To Play****-Just tap the screen and Flash jump on subway.-Collect Banana as many as you can.-Run to the end of the Game to pass the level.****Game FEATURE****- Do not fall off the subway ground.- Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.- Despicable me- Play for all ages- High-quality graphics.- Lightweight Game- Avoid Bad-guys, Jungle animals and Obstacles.- mobile games, phone games and tablets !- There are many obstacles and height object.- This game for everyone who loves Crash
Nobita run adventure 1.0
Kitokid Apps
Nobita run adventure a new game for kids who loves nobi anddoremonthe cat, just keep running and dont stop.He wears bigglasses, sonobita dont see well and he fall all the time hoat hinhhelp him dothe job and get a great score by taking some energiefrom bananasand Coins.Go to the leaderbord to see you results andCompete withyours friends and defeated them by running more andmore, until itwill be impossible the defeat yours own score in thegame.How toplay:too simple Just clic on the screen and nabito willJump foryou to reach the ground, try not to fall.Download and Enjoynow
Doreamon Heroes Adventures 1.0
New games and Free Download ..Doreamon Heroes Adventures is a blue cat that came fromthefuture,this game is inspired by the cartoon series isveryadorable. Hewas assigned to help the boys on earth. ThistimeDoramon have thechild's rescue mission. Come help Dorae missiontosave thechild.There are many obstacles that must Dorae through, likeSnowmen,Eagleand Monster stones etc. Let's finish the mission andcollectas manypoints as his lot.anime favored by different age categories, and we hope thatthisgameis also a favorite game. Download Doremon RepairShopfast.Features:*** The graphics are very good*** Many hurdles you must walk*** Very easy to play*** Games funny*** The sound track is nice*** Characters funny*** Exciting adventure
Panda Warior Run The Adventure
Boy jungle the adventureEnjoy double the coins during GooglePlayGame Fest. (4x the coins with the coin doubler!)------Join Altoandhis friends as they embark on an endless snowboardingodyssey.Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of theirnativewilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands,andlong-abandoned ruins.Along the way you'll rescue runawayllamas,grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit themountainelders – all while braving the ever changing elements andpassageof time upon the mountain.You are the lonely forest peopleon thisadventure island, you have to fight the monster, overcomeobstaclessuch a rocks, bonfires ... for keep yourself safe.You willplay asa hero to rescue the princess of an island which is arrestedby adark sorcerer. Through each region, you will enjoy thedifferenttracks.The brave primitive boy have to overcome thedifficulties,handle various monsters, pass variety types of traps.He will gothrough vast oceans, cold glaciers, mysterious junglesand darkcaves.From the maker of Jungle Adventures and Bmx KidTheFruityforest is in trouble, A mighty magician has stolen all thefruitsof the jungle to become immortal.Addu, Our fearlessadventureralong with his loyal pet bullion set out to bring allfruits backto breathe new life into his home land.Discover Addu’samazing newabilities.• Addu could jump, swim and throw stones.• Nowhe canpick up, throw and glide.• He can ride his pets to assist himinhis journey.FEATURES• Experience an exciting mix between ACTIONandEXPLORATION• SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the fruits and bringthemhome• Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALS•Smoothcontrols• Lots of bosses and super cute enemies to defeat.• Alotof fun+ Panda adventure fighting with magic and weaponsgames+Panda adventure farm+ Panda adventure games mystery+Pandaadventure hidden object full+ Panda adventure hidden objectgames+Panda hidden mystery object games full hidden object gameswithstory adventure free+ Panda adventure island+ Pandaadventureisland game+ Panda jungle adventure+ Panda jungleadventure 2+Panda adventure time card wars kingdom+ Panda kidsadventure games+Panda adventure games for kids+ Panda ninja swordfighting gameskid adventure+ Panda kids airport adventure+ Pandagames likeadventure capitalist+ Panda adventure maps+ Pandaadventure mysterygames+ Panda doraemon adventure new games+ Pandaall new actionadventure and shooting games for free offline game+Panda ninjaadventure+ Panda adventure puzzle games free+ Pandaadventurequest+ Panda adventure quest worlds+ Panda adventure questgames+Panda adventure quest 3d+ Panda adventure rpg+ Pandaadventure rpggames+ Panda adventure racing games+ Panda randomadventureroguelike+ Panda adventure shooting gamesRun andAdventures Jungleis the best adventure jungle game for ever. Thegame has manySuperBros runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemies in themedlevels. Super Smash have simple plots, typicallywith super smashboy rescuing the kidnapped Princess from theprimary antagonist.These include a multitude of power-ups and itemsthat give Mr Brosspecial magic powers such as fireball-throwing andsize-changinginto giant and miniature sizes.Super Smash JungleWorld is one ofthe most popular and enduring series of alltime.Super Smash JungleWorld the legend of Smash Bros games bringyour childhoodback!Features Of Super Smash World- Great graphicsand music.- 4super worlds unlock free when play to end of thatsuper world.- 80levels free.- 7 leaderboard: top score, top coins,top levels, topkilled...- Pay to unlock another worlds if you don'twant play endof current super world.- Many items: mushroom, flower,shield,hidden blocks...- 26 acchievement: level unlock, makecoins,killed...What are you waiting for? Play Super Smash JungleWorldnow!
Nobbitta Adventure 2.2
Play the thrilling and challenginggameplayofAdventure of doraёмon game of nobbitta. Finding thebestnobbittadoraёмon coral from the kingdom of underwaterworld!The adventure starts when doraёмon Went in a journey withhisfriendsto the old egyption era through out a time machine,theyweresupposed to stay together but after a while doraёмon gotlostso hehad to run as fast as he can to reach his friends andmeet upwiththem. Before that he has to pass through some realtasks toreachthem in which he will collect money, would you liketo helpthe poordoraёмon to meet with his friend doraёмon soon ?Startplaying nowand get the job done.Enjoy the stunning graphics and adventurous endless smoothgameofdoraёмon! Have fun finding Nobbitta and friends in the olderaof theegyptian Pyramids! There are doraёмon, the smart Waldo,thedoraёмon,and the fast Dorami and at last Shizuka and letthemcelebrate thecomingup new year and meet up with santa!Game Highlights :+ Interesting gameplay+ Up to 100 challenging levels+ Stunning Graphics and HD Background Music+ Have fun with finding Nobittaand doramon and Friends’treasureinthe ocean+ Gold coins collection challenge+ Adventurous and thrilling***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to jump .2. Collect Money as you can , dont touch/avoid the obstacles3. Run to the end of the levels to take the hero hometocelebratewith his friends and kids games !Download and play the Adventure of Nobbitta game andenjoytheDoremon/doraёмon games!
Banana Rush Adventure 1.0
cristina APP
hello!I know you're looking foranamazinggameAnd I'm telling you "You're in the right placeEverything has been carefully designed for yourenjoyment!bananaRushof the Jungle is a puzzlethis is a new super adventure For hero game on rails rushandminiononeeds your help For Guard The Zoo !Now play your favourite hero Banana Rush game along with heroandhisfriends.extreme Mini Banana Rush in 2D, have full control ofyourhero!Physics, speed, crashes,!Ugly Boy and amazing Naughty Boy.the thing is a hero Bananas for Guard zoo !Immerse yourself in the world of king Banana Rush asyou'veneverdone.Enjoy the panorama while browsing the trajectories of 10tracksfullof surprises. Hold on tight to your seat when youfaceverysomersaults, whirlpools and accelerate through simulationpadsanddefeat the forces of gravity with loopedy loops.Enjoy playing the adventure with Minion !How To Play:1.Just tap the screen and Flash jump on subway.2.Collect Banana as many as you can.3.Run to the end of the Game to pass the level.GAME FEATURES:- 100% free gameplay- Excellent HD Graphics- play free run games.- The game has levels.- you can play without interruption.- Platform 2d- you can share your score- Easy to control. but hard to masterEverything has been carefully designed for yourenjoyment!bananaGameof the Jungle is a puzzle games of a newgenre.Put yourheadphones onyour ears, relax in an jungle kingworld.Be careful not to touch an animal but you can smashanimalonheadbanana Rush amazing game of the Jungle new challengeintheworld.**Game FEATURE**- Do not fall off the subway ground.- Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.- Despicable me- Play for all ages- High-quality graphics.- Lightweight Game- Avoid Bad-guys, Jungle animals and Obstacles.- mobile games, phone games and tablets !- this is not official games- There are many obstacles and height object.- This game for everyone who loves Crash.-If you have any problem in installation or in thegame,pleasereport to us. We will try to fix it as soonaspossible.
Super Doremon Jungle Adventure 1
Run, jump and collect stars.Help doremon to avoid and kill the jungle monsters.One of the best doremon games and nobit games.Complete the levels to unlock new worlds.Download now and enjoy the super adventure ofyourfavoriteheroes.
Nobe Boy Skate Adventure
Nobe Boy Skate Adventure HD Experience the excited adventureofNobita Doraemon in the mysterious world of fantasy. is determinetobeat all the enemies ahead, avoid obstacles, and collect allthegold coins. as is trying make his way to victory! All yourfriendsare playing, can you beat their high score. Features:- NobeBoySkate Adventure HD is the best game.- Collect as much coinsaspossible.- Keep connected to your friend through Facebook.-Simpleaddictive gameplay.- Free to play with enjoyable graphicandsound.- Challenging missions are very exciting.- Suitable forALLtypes of smart PHONESWhat are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD theNobitaSkate Adventure HD Fun! now on ANY TYPES OF YOUR PHONES andTABLETTODAY !!!!
Doramon Driver Truck Escaping 1
AppTeam Pro
Play through a fun adveture withDoraemonDriverTruck Escaping you have to Drive and jump to collectmoreand morecoins.In Doramon Driver Truck Escaping you Driving the truckandJumpingthrough beautiful places and evade obstacle during thegamesuchother rocks and monsters while collecting coins togettopscores.Help doramon to run from Police by edriv and collect coinsDownload Now is Free and Let`s Have Fun* FUN AND EASY GAME FOR KIDS AND YOUR FAMILY*the best truck driver game** How to play **- Tap To Drive- Collect CoinsFEATURES:★★★★★ BEAUTIFUL IN-GAME MAPS★★★★★ COOL GAME PHYSICS★★★★★ FUN AND EASY GAMEPLAY★★★★★ OVER 90++ LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY★★★★★ HD SOUNDS FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT
Subway Doramon Surf Runner 1.0
AppTeam Pro
Subway Doramon Surf Runner game of thebluecatdoremon adventures is a games destined to kids andadultsaswell.Do you like to take a part of your time in thechallengingandthrilling adventure with doramon surfer!. so youdon't hesitateandplay this Game. you will like it I'm sure.What are you waiting for now just try? Just download thiscopyofdoraemon amazing gameFrom the creators of subway surf 2017 Rush is anawardwinningadventures action that takes place in a beautifullushforest, fullof funny people monster, trees and flowers .likejungle Althoughthe forest has air straight out of a fairy tale,theatmosphereseems very strange empire road-Off zombie jump !.Youcontrol oneof the inhabitants of the forest castle rush to findoutwhat'sgoing on.This last has unlimited levels, the game will last untilcrashingonany surface! If you're looking for a fun game fullofadventure!This will be the best choice to you .....sochooseit.3D Run Fast Animal Run is a 3D doraemon you can showoffyourrunning, jumping, and sliding skill to collect thehighestcoinsfor upgrading. Run and dash throughout the castle.Rushingtheendless game and pick up free special items you mustnotmissout.Enjoy the high quality graphic and exciting music...The hero super doremon surf run here is not the dorimonfromtheserie "“Doramon”" to be precise and has nothing to dowiththedoramon Character in the cartoon!!. As you can see thereisnoColoriage or Dorayaki,Peluche ,Nobita ... here ? It iscreatedforfun!! It is now available with so much fun. Run in thenature.Runin a fun world full of adventures. run over- For the first time ,the game will train you how tocontrolthesurfer- If the game stops, choose to resume or restart the game- Collect the coins as many as you can. They can be used tobuymoreitems- Look for the free limited time special items along the game
Dolaramon Running Rush
Dolaramon Running Rush Gather gem and thus accumulate agreattreasure. Use the touch to runner and jump.Doraemon RunningRushonline. How to play the game online Fun, casual game that canbringyou a lot of fun. With the mouse.FREE!!The new thrillingfantasyrunner game is here! Enjoy the adventurous run throughthemysterious cityGame Features - Multiple Challenging Levels tocrossin each world.- 3 level packs and 105 levels- Amazing gamecontrol-Collect gem as many as you can,do not fall off the ground.-Greatsound.- super world adventures- Fun and Colorful Graphics-Easy toplay- classic platformer for all ages - unique and easygameplay-Phone and Tablet support- Game is free, nopurchaserequired.Downloaded it today, do not wait for a fun andchallengingyour abilities. Your friends are playing it!!
Despicable Bear RUNNING ANIMAL 1.0
Play bear this fun and amazing adventure game is better thaneverand will surely be what you are looking for. CasualFunnyAdventures Games for Kids or everyone. This is Running 2DPlatformgames with like Teddy Bear character. Simple and Fun ,Enjoyed it.To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touchquickly twiceto double jump.Like side scrolling adventure that willrock youthrough more levels of challenging running and jumping.Enjoy thissuper hero Adventure through a challenging mode, you cangetexciting experience of jumping & running with thisdangerousmonsters.Simple touch the screen to jump and touch quicklytwice todouble jump. You can jump over your enemies to kill themand yourgoal is to guide bear World to the end. Be careful aboutthetroubles waiting for you on your way! Let's take adventure andhelpbear fight against the alien monsters even the Big Bosses.Simplegame play, nice graphic, funny monsters and sound,classicalcontroller, very funny and very interesting, you can helphimslide, jump, fire, attack. Features :4 Worlds – 36 levels total,4Big Bosses fight at final levelNice music and graphicsShopsystem,using coins to unlock new character and buy itemsHit blockstorelease random itemsSpecial bullet range attackDISCLAIMER:Wearenot affiliated in any way to teddy bear trademark owner.Thisapplication complies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly. Our application is anunofficial, thisdog game just for fans purpose only, it is notauthorized orcreated by the original creator.Download and Enjoy now!
Nobi Pharaoh Adventures 2017 1.0
ismail gabli
Play thrоugh a fun adventure with thеheroNobiаnd collect аѕ muсh points аѕ уоu саn fоr FREE today!Nobi Pharaoh Adventures, a nеw game fоr kids iѕ оnе оfthеbеѕtrunning games оf 2017, whо love nobita аnd doremonthеcat.In pyramids Nobita Run! Yоu control thе hero аndadventurethrоughbeautiful places аnd evade obstacles duringthеadventure.Hеlр nobi dо thе job аnd gеt a great score, juѕt kеерrunningаnddon’t stopFeatures:★★★★★ Easy control аnd nice design★★★★★ Beautiful graphics★★★★★ COOL GAME PHYSICS★★★★★ FUN AND EASY GAMEPLAY★★★★★ OVER 100++ LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY★★★★★ HD SOUNDS FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENTdownload Nobit Pharaoh Adventures and enjoy with уоurfriendsinbeautiful game click download.Rate thе game 5 stars if уоu likе it!!
Super Cat Adventure 1.0.1
This game is about the adventures of acutecat.The cat habitat was invaded by monsters that makesthemdisplaced.There is a brave cat that do not want to surrender,Hestart theadventures to get rid the monster out of thecatarea.This super cat has the ability to stomp the monsters and hasskillofthrowing bones to attack the monsters. Of course themonsterswaitinghim with so many stuffs and traps.Collect coins as many as you can, solve the level as fastasyoucan, and kill every enemies to maximize your score. Thereare8levels to play, the next levels are under construction.Features :- FREE- Easy to control- many kinds of enemies (walking, throwing weapon,flying,missile,etc)- hidden levels
Among the town zombies and mysterious creatures outbreak .Thepurpose is to escape from defeat One town the zombies in avarietyof weapons .It will be infected with the virus whenreceiving thezombies attack .Please note that the infection rate isgame overand to 100% .
Temple Dorae Run 2017 1.0
E.G Apps Dev
Welcome! Come join Dorae on a funadventure!Allthe running and jumping has made Dorae very ravenousandhungry! Comehelp Dorae collect as many dorayaki as possible.Hewill alsoencounter many obstacles so help him run, jump, dashanddodge!This game is easy to play, just a tap on the screen tojump.Thatsimple! This game has the famous soundtrack whicheveryoneloves.It has a HD background and interesting sounds too!Enjoy upto 90+interesting levels. This game is adventurous andthrillingand willbound to keep you entertained for hours! This gameissuitable forboth kids and adults!What are you waiting for? Download Temple Dorae Run 2017 now!
Super-Minion monster Adventure 2.3
Super Minion Clarence Adventure is aNewrunning and jumping game.Start your free running adventure withthebeest clarence game.Super Minion Clarence Adventure is a running game where you needtocross different obstacles, overcome dangers in the superwhilecollecting as Monster Minion Balls as you can to scorethehighest..You will use the monster clarence to start play, just run andjumpand collect Monster balls faster.Our Best Monster clarence was jumping and running to makehimselfstronger,he needs your help to complete this amazingadventure inthe jungle and collect all monster balls..Hr :- choose a monster- Run and jump.- Cross Obstacles- Collect Monster Ballsminion here is our super star monster, we think that minion istheonly monster that can collect all Monster balls, so try to helptoreach his goal[Features]+ Clean and colorful graphics+ Smooth user interface+ Music and sound effects+ Play for all ages+ Great Sounds and Graphics.+ Game is free, no purchase required.+ Suitable for kids and children+ More than 100 levels of increasing difficulty+ Phone and Tablet supportEnjoy this new Fun game Super clarence Monster Adventure freeandshare it with your friends.Play Now Super clarence Monster And try to complete it as soon asifyou can
Tai Panda Warrior 1.4
Tai Panda Warrior is one amazing game! In this great great game,youmust draw bamboo lines and the panda will jump to thesebamboos. Themain purpose of the game is, to collect as many fruitsas yo can.AVOID the black spots. They will kill your speed, andyour pandacould fall, if you are not fast enough to draw bamboosto save it.Inthis amazing PANDA HIGH game, you will find theseamazing featuresfor you:● Amazing gameplay!● Fruits collectingsystem.● Highscoresystem!● Different level landscapes. (The faryou go, the differentthe landscape would be)● Super experience andlots of fun!Don'tforget to collect capes for bigger jumps. And HITthe flying birdsin order to get turbo speed.Enjoy playingPANDAWARRIOR!-------------------------------Check out my websitefor theBest Free Android Apps===> Advertising.
Super doremon 1.0
Join super Doraemon, the robot cat,onanotherone of his amazing adventure in this challenginggameSuper Doraemon Run is an addictive game that will give you thejoyofplaying android gamesIn this game, peppa constantly pig moves forward throughthecourseswhile you use jumps and double jumps tonavigate.Dorayaki's bestfriend with your help will gather coins,and reachnew doremon game Cat boy to defeat enemies by shoottingfireandjump over them, try to not touch the enemies to not getlosethegame** How to play **- Tap To jump- Collect Coins* Jungle World* Castle World* Desert World* Ice Age World***French descriptionRejoignez Doraemon, le robot robot futuriste, sur un autredesonincroyable aventure dans ce jeu difficileSuper Doraemon Run est un jeu qui vous donnera la joie de joueràdesjeux Android nommé NobitaDans ce jeu, paw se déplace patrol constamment danslesparcourstandis que vous utilisez des sauts et des sautsdoublespournaviguer. Meilleur ami de Dorayaki avec votre aidevarecueillirdes pièces de monnaie, et d'atteindre denouveauxniveaux.Préparez-vous à tester votre vitesse et vos réflexes!*** Arabe desciptionسوبر دورايمون لعبة الادمان التي سوف تعطيك متعةاللعببالروبوتالقطفي هذه اللعبة، دورايمون يتحرك باستمرار إلى الأمام معإمكانيةاستخدامقفزة وقفزة مزدوجة للتنقل. أفضل صديق لدوراكاي يطلبمساعدتكملجمعالقطع النقدية، والوصول إلى مستويات جديدة.مساعدة عبقور، نوبي، شيزوكا
Ninja Revenge Loot Devil Rush
Play now Ninja Revenge Loot Monster Rush : The great warrioryouhave been called upon to defend your village, so you must racebackto save it from certain destruction. You're in for some actionandadventure during your ninja combat.Download today to achieveyourgoal, while its still 100% free!***CONSTANT CHALLENGES ANDENDLESSFUN***Only by jumping up the platforms can you reach yourgoal intime. Make sure you land correctly, for if you miss aplatform youcould fall to your doom. Watch out for the trickyobstacles anddangerous spikes. Worse yet are your enemies who wantnothing morethan to attack and defeat you!***WARNING: HIGHLYADDICTIVE:***Alongthe way (if you manage to survive) you cancollect precious gems,better weapons and special power-ups. Collectthese dragon balls ifyou hope to reach your ninja island in time!
Lust in Terror Manor | Otome 1.5.2
13 men and women trapped in a Western hotel on an island. Youareroped into a cruel game. Trapped on a land full of strangers.Inthis situation filled with distrust, the one who appeared infrontof you was― Why do you know me!? In this dangerous situation,youshare a secret with the handsome man that wants to protectyou.Trapped in an inescapable room, will you be able to live onwithhim―!? Experience a suspenseful environment, Love inTerrorManor!◆Recommended for people who: ・love suspense ・want toenjoyexciting development with their boyfriend ・are playing otomegamesfor the first time ・are interested in werewolves ・lovenaughtyyounger man ◆Game summary Love in Terror Manor is a gamewhere youuse Story Tickets to progress the story and is free forbasic play(cash shop available!) as a dating game on smartphones.Itsfunctions are easy to use and hence also suitable forfirst-timeplayers of otome games! Look forward to experiencing anexcitinglove with your handsome boyfriend. You get to choose whichman youwould like to date! You will be able to experience acaptivatingstory with beautiful illustrations with your chosen man.There arealso many cute coordinates♪ Catch his attention whichattractiveavatars! Enjoy the lovey dovey story in afashionablemanner.◆Character Introduction <Hayato Natsukawa>Height:180cmOccupation:No.1 Model <Rui Akizuki> Height:177cmOccupation:Sadistic Teacher <Naoto Fuyuno> Height: 170 cmOccupation: GeniusHigh-school Student <Ai Tamaki> Height: 172 cmOccupation:Charismatic patissier <Kou Tamaki> Height: 172 cmOccupation: BestItalian Chef <Takuma Kido> Height: 178 cmOccupation: youngbusinessman <Kazutoshi Tateno> Height: 185 cmOccupation:???【Genre】Dating Game for Women 【Price】Free for BasicPlay/Item ShopAvailable 【Main Illustration】Chatora OkitaForinquiries andtroubles, contact [email protected] Whentheapplication terminates unintentionally,· Update to latestOS·Increase the free space of your SD card· Increase the free spaceofyour devicePlease try the threepointsabove.--------------------------
The most dynamic game of MINION RUSH BIRD , intense and jumperbirdin the mobile market recent times! Challenge your friends andreachhighest level.You will be attacked by some zombies bird likeinserie despicable me 2 in the sea whom you can avoid by yoursmartstrategy on the game.To enjoy the game join then the communityofthe wonderful and fantastic game jumper chicken. Run thecrazychicken and earn massive points, Try to jump betweennestsEnjoy thebest game of the bird jumpers. The bird or the smallchicken jumpfrom platform to new one. Challenge your friends andenjoy.It's AMINION RUSH BIRD ... .. It's Flappy chicken.
Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana Adventure game 1.2.2
Drift away in the world of magic, where paintings come aliveinMysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana, a dark hidden objectadventuregame.TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAY this darkmysteryadventure game forever offline!Once upon a time in a landfar, faraway there ruled a wise king and a graceful queen. They hadtwotalented daughters, both born with magic. Young Arabella wasasweet child, and older Morgiana often felt jealous of herparents’attention. In thirst for revenge she decided to resort toblackmagic thinking not of the price. But dark powers are not tobetrifled with, and the once glorious kingdom now lies inruins.Discover the end of that long-forgotten story as you exploreatumbledown castle, avoid its malevolent dwellers and passthroughdangerous traps and challenging puzzles to recall whoyouare.Features- a bewitching adventure game full of mysteryandmagic- 8 hidden object puzzles and numerousbrain-teasers-interactive map to help you navigate through thepainted worlds-replayable cutscenes and professional voice acting-smart and cutelittle companion- eldritch environments and soundeffects- TRY ITfree, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THEGAME!Mysteriesand Nightmares: Morgiana takes you on a journeythrough multipleworlds -- to picturesque jungles, full of life andvibrant colors,to frozen caverns with unimaginable eerie creaturesand thescorched land of Anazgharod, the realm of fire. Though, youwon’tbe alone in your quest. An amusing speaking mouse will helpyoufind hidden objects, reach the items beyond your grasp andsolvemind-bending puzzles. By the way, this hide and seek gamefeaturesa remarkable collection of mini-games. These are classicboardgames like tangrams, jigsaw puzzles and unblock games, butalso afew match 3 levels and more original brain-teasers.While youfollowthe compelling storyline, you are going to learn quite a fewmagictricks, often turned into a spectacular game movie.Theeye-catching animations, spine-chilling sound effects andghostlyapparitions maintain the entourage which every scary hiddenobjectgames fan will definitely appreciate. So, wait no more andset outfor a blood-curdling adventure in Mysteries andNightmares:Morgiana. Prove the find it games master and retrieveyour trueself and your destiny as you unearth the legend of thebygonetimes.*** Discover more from Absolutist***VISITUS:www.absolutist.comWATCH
Bluecat Survival 1.4.9
Blue cat Survival Is a simple and addictive adventurous 2dEndlessrun game with awesome gameplay for all including kids OurBluecatSurvival is trapped with spikes and bladeshelp the BluecatSurvival to run and toggle all the obstacles Just click onthescreen to make our Blue cat Survival to jump from allobstacles.This Blue cat Survival is the best adventure game withone touchcontrol. It has the best 2d run game with good graphicsand musicfor kids. Bluecat Survival is well designed for allpeopleincluding kids to enjoy.***FEATURES***1. Tap the screen tomakeBluecat run.2. Run and survive from the obstacles.3. Havegoodrelaxing music and sound effects.4. Have one touch controlsuitablefor all including kids.***How to Play***1. Just tap thescreen tojump the Bluecat 2. Run till the end and get best score.
Dragon World :jungle adventure 1.3
Dragon World :jungle adventure isasuperclassic adventure and legendary side-scrollingarcadeplatformer.+ addictive, thrilling and challenging worlds :jungleadventure,cave, desert ,castle+ old school jump and run platform / obstacles runnerbutwithperfect graphic+ free game with a classic platformer for kids,childrenandadults+ Easy controls with a side-scroller gameplay+ easy and awsome to play - hard to master+ classic jungle retro running and jumping adventure+Many levels and adventureTo save the princess our dragon must avoid andjumpoverobstacles, escape traps, fight and shoot against angrybees,crocs,crawfishes, snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs,mushrooms,skeletons,leps, snails and many other monsters.You must be careful many enemies, and bosses willmaketroublesand defend your way through the jungle , the desert ,thecave andinto dark castle tooTo win you must grow up and be stronger by eating meat tobeableclimbing up huge mountains, fight perhistoric enemies,avoidfallingbricks and traps , find hidden blocks and levels,collectcoins anddiamonds, swim through dangerous seas, explore lotofchallengingand addictive jungle worlds and lands and defeatallcruel enemiesand bosses.Your dragon can also spit fire byeatinggolden flower soyou can destroy all enemiesFor each world we have tried to stick to a theme whileattemptingtomake each level feel unique, I hope you will enjoyplayingtheselevels.As a hidden bonus, we have placed a special hidden MegaMeatineach stage, can you find them all!?This cool Jump and Run game is an addictive non-stopoldschoolarcade jungle adventure game! You will find your selfplayingoverand over againFeatures of Dragon World :jungle adventure+ You’ll find 4 different addictive worlds (wonderland,crazyforest, egypt world and cave land)+ 80 beautiful, well-designed and challening levels+ 8 Dangerous boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerousspider,beegolem and crocodile boss)+ power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items likemeat,golden flower+ over 20 different, great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs,spiders, snails and many more+ high resolution graphics - great mix between 2Dand3Dgraphics+ perfect, intuitve game control through retro control padlikeonconsole games+ special dragon skills hidden in destroyable blocksandbricks+ sea and water worlds - jumping, running and swimming !+ try to unlock all achievementsHow to play Dragon World :jungle adventure+ for moving the dragon character click on right or leftonthecontrol pad!+ click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get toabonuslevel!+ press B-button to make dragon jumping!+ press A-button for running;+ after eating meat you become big dragon and will be abletodestroybricks!+ after eating a golden flower you become Super big dragonandwillbe able to shoot fire balls - press B-Buttonforshooting!+ Dragon can swim just press A-Button multiple timestoswimhigherWe hope all our players have a great time playing it,pleaserateand thanks a lot for playing!We will keep working and updating more levels!