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Chest Training 1.0.5
- Professional Gym & home workouts - Most effectiveexercisesfor upper chest - 3-week training plans reach your goalsFeaturedon: - 100+ chest training gym workouts for upper your chest-4-week workout plans(Step-by-step photos, videos, andinstructions)to guide you every step of the way - 4000+ exercisesand animations- Apple Health integration - Cardio tracking
Resistance Bands by Fitify 1.6
Resistance Band Workouts by Fitify is a video coaching app,whichgives you full workout sessions with Resistance Band (a.k.aTherapyBand). Increase muscular strength, posture and balance aswell.Features • over 30 exercises • 4 unique workout programs •voicecoach • clear HD video demonstrations • works offlineCustomWorkouts Create your own workouts from our exerciselibrary.Adaptable difficulty We adjust your training level up ordown basedon your feedback. Be stronger, leaner, healthier withFitify – yourvery own personal trainer. Check other Fitify appswith differentfitness tools (such as TRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball,Bosu or FoamRoller).
Beginner workout - Your First Mounth Gym Program 2.1
App4Life dev
New to the Gym ? man or woman, mass-builder or fat-cutter, thisplanwill put you closer to where you want to be. Stop programhoppingand get serious with this 4 weeks free workout routine.ThisComplete beginner's guide and program includes everything youneedto know and to do in your first 4 weeks for starting a gymroutine.We'll give you a lot of tips for Starting your first monthgymroutine Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guidetobodybuilding. In this plan, your first month of training willbedemanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worseyet,burnout), and progressive in the sense that each weekyou’llgraduate to different exercises, higher volume, moreintensity orall of the above. After four weeks you’ll not only beready for thenext challenge but you’ll have built a significantamount ofquality muscle. This program isn’t just for the truebeginner whohas never touched a weight before; it’s also suitablefor anyonewho has taken an extended leave of absence fromtraining---------------------------- KEYWORDS ------------ What toDo WhenReturning to the Gym After a Long Break Steps to Easing BackInto aFitness Routine gym for beginners workout program beginnerworkoutbodyweight training gym workout for beginners exerciseforbeginners beginner workout plan gym program for beginnersbeginnergym workout female beginner workout program beginnerworkout athome weight lifting schedule fitness program forbeginners workoutguide weights for beginners gym schedule forbeginners weighttraining for beginners weight lifting workoutsweight workoutsfitness plan for beginners body weight training gymfor dummies gymexercises for beginners beginner workout for womenbasic workoutstrength training for beginners best beginner workoutstart workingout total gym workouts basic gym exercises exerciseplan forbeginners Upper body workouts Lower body workouts chestworkoutsfor beginners shoulders workouts foor beginners armworkouts forbeginners leg workouts for beginners back workouts forbeginnersworkout routines workout plans for beginners workout forbeginnersgym exercises for beginners treadmill workout gym workoutplan forbeginners gym program for beginners abs workout forbeginnersworkout program for beginners gym membership fitness planforbeginners exercise program for beginners exercise planforbeginners total gym workouts for beginners workout gymforbeginners workout plans for men workout routines for menfitnesscenter near me exercise routine gym workout scheduleworkouts forwomen workout schedule gym training workout plans forwomen workoutroutines for women gym workout routines exercise gym
LFconnect – Workout Tracking
Life Fitness
Life Fitness connects the world to fitness through theeasy-to-useLFconnect exerciser app. The largest manufacturer offitnessequipment now allows you to take control of your workoutsanywhereon any equipment with the LFconnect app. If you log intoourconsoles, you’ll find even more added features wheninteractingwith the equipment. UPDATES: -Create Workout - Createand save yourown strength and cardio workouts. Saved cardioworkouts can bere-selected on any Discover console worldwide.-Track Your Workout– View the progress of your workouts withdetailed data reports byyear, month, day or in real time. You canalso export your resultsto Excel or other media for tracking. Youcan also export specificworkouts to your calendar. -ScheduleWorkout - Schedule yourworkouts in app and scan to find your savedworkouts under theWorkouts tab. Keep track of your progress andtier your results bymaking use of scheduled workouts. -ReplicateYour Workout -Recreate the terrain of an outdoor workout using GPS.Save it as aGPS workout. Walk, run or bike your saved GPS workoutto have ourequipment increase/decrease incline or resistanceautomatically tomatch the terrain. -Strength Tracking – Scan the QRcode of anyLife Fitness equipment or use our easy input manualstrengthtracking. Select and track your sets, reps and weight.Takedetailed notes and attach them to your workouts for evenbettertracking. Questions about our updates or features?
ClassPass: Try Fitness - Boxing, Yoga, Spin & More 4.8.3
ClassPass is the leading membership to the world’s largestfitnessnetwork. With ClassPass, staying active has never beeneasier – ormore fun. Sign up through the app and try a no-risk,no-commitmentfree trial. • Search, find and book fitness activitiesnear youincluding: yoga, boxing, spinning, Pilates, barre, running,dance,martial arts, strength training, HIIT, body building, opengym timeand more. • Access 25,000+ studios and gyms at yourfingertips,including popular options like Flywheel, OrangetheoryFitness,CorePower, Crunch, Pure Barre, [solidcore], y7, Row Houseandbeyond. • In select markets, use your ClassPass membership tobookmassages, cryotherapy, sports recovery and otherwellnessactivities. Your fitness routine? It’ll be anything but.How doesit work? • Download the ClassPass app to start searchingforfitness activities near you • Browse classes by studio orgym,workout activity, location, time and more • Find the classesyouwant to take and reserve them instantly • Stream unlimited audioorvideo workouts when you can’t make it to class • Connect withyourfriends on ClassPass to plan workouts together • Tryclassesrecommended just for you based on your interests, locationandschedule • Read reviews and class ratings from otherClassPassersand know what to expect • Celebrate your fitnessmilestones andshare them with friends • Manage and adjust yourworkout scheduleseamlessly with one account • Pause, stop or changeyour plan atany time ClassPass is available in over 2,500 citiesacross 21+countries including: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,UnitedKingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands,Switzerland,Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand,Indonesia,Philippines, China, India, the United Arab Emirates andcoming soonto Norway, Spain & Portugal.
Go: Audio Workouts & Fitness 1.8.7
Go offers 1000+ classes (with 200 new classes added every month)inrunning, cycling, yoga, strength, pilates and more that youcanlisten to at home, at the gym or on the trail. Ourworld-classinstructors program every class and coach you through itso you canstart hitting your fitness goals whether you’re abeginner oradvanced athlete. And we know having the right playlistmatters –which is why we leave it up to you. Pick your playlist andfind themusic that motivates you most. Getting fitter and healthierallstarts when you press play. FEATURES: FIND THE PERFECT WORKOUTFORYOU: Going out for a run? Or ready to use some dumbbells?ClassPassGo offers beginner to advanced classes in activitiesincluding:Treadmill Outdoor Running Cycling Elliptical Walking HIITStrengthCore / Abs Yoga Meditation Pilates CLASSES TO MATCH YOURSCHEDULE:ClassPass Go workouts are ready whenever you are. Classesrangefrom 5 to 90 minutes so you can find a class no matter whatlifebrings on. ACCESS TO WORLD-CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Our coachesareformer athletes, Olympians and trainers at some of the topstudiosaround. Their expert instruction will help you start workingoutmore effectively and efficiently by eliminating all theguesswork.CREATE YOUR IDEAL ROUTINE: Combine a sprint workout witha shortstretching class to customize your routine to your goals.ClassPassGo is free to use, and you can take as many classes asyou’d like.GET MOTIVATED WITH MUSIC: The right music can make youwork outharder – or keep you pushing through that last set. You caneasilychange the playlist for each and every workout to match yourmood.Cue up EDM, hip-hop, pop and more, or change your tunehalfwaythrough the workout.
Suspension Workouts by Fitify
Fitify Apps
Suspension System Workouts is an app, which teaches you howtoexercise with every suspension system. Professional TRXtrainershows you the way to increase muscular strengthandcardiorespiratory condition as well. Features • over 100exercises• 5 unique workout programs • voice coach • clear HDvideodemonstrations • works offline • built by professional TRXtrainerMarek Safarik Custom Workouts Create your own workouts fromourexercise library. Adaptable difficulty We adjust yourtraininglevel up or down based on your feedback. Fitify Apps Bestronger,leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very own personaltrainer.Check out other Fitify apps with fitness tools (such asKettlebell,Swiss Ball, Foam Roller, Bosu or Resistance band).
com.zenplanner.memberapp 2.4.17
With Zen Planner's app, stay connected with your gym fromanywhere!Use the Zen Planner app to: - View your gym, school orstudio'scalendar - Reserve your spot in class or join a waitlist -Viewclass details and instructor bios - See who else is coming toyourfavorite class - Add and manage your saved credit cards -Viewdetails about your membership access - Update your profileanddisplay options - View and manage your upcoming reservations -Goto multiple gyms? Log in to all of your Zen Planner accounts,inone place - Workout Tracking: View a workout, log results,viewyour gym's leaderboard, like or comment on others' results -Useyour “account balance” to pay for items (you can now hold moneyonyour account to use later) Note: your gym, school or studiomustuse Zen Planner, and you must login with your validmembercredentials. Need help with our app? Contactsupport@zenplanner.comYour gym doesn't use Zen Planner? Tell yourbusiness owner to checkit out.
Hourglass Figure Workout: Small Waist Big Butt 1.0.16
App Xpert
First ever HourGlass Figure Workout App on Google Play,specificallydesigned exercises for curvy body shape with detailedillustrationsof each body move in: HourGlass Body Workout – SmallWaist Big Buttin 30 Days Female Fitness Your Bust & Hips areBalanced, YouHave a Defined Waist!!! Hourglass Figure Body Workout30 Days SmallWaist Big Butt is the perfect workout fitnesstraining app forfemales who want to get fit & curvy body shapewithout using anyequipment or going to gym by following simplebody workout exercisesfor specific parts and muscles that willhelp you achieve anhourglass figure pear sharped body. A smallerwaist is a dream ofmany A woman with a small waist will always beattractive as itmakes you look feminine, delicate and elegant. Ithelps the rest ofyour body parts & features to stand out, likeyour butt, thighsand legs with body curves that can help youachieve an HourGlassFigure Curvy Body without the need to purchaseany expensive gymmembership or equipment, easy exercises toperform home workout app.Hourglass Figure Body Workout App willinclude the followingtraining plans and workout programs as Awoman without curve is ajeans without pocket • 10 Days HourGlassShape Workout Plan • 30Days HourGlass Curvy Figure Workout SmallerWaist Bigger ButtWorkout • Exercises for a Curvy Body focusing onstrengthening chestmuscles • Ketogenic Diet to categorize your 7Days Keto Diet Plan& Keto Diet Food List • Figure Calculatorwill explain you whatfood chart and exercises are best for youIt's the best time toreshape your midsection. Shape and rip yourstomach with the workoutexercises designed to target small waistbig butt muscles for thecurvy body workout. Your Waist is at least25 percent smaller thanyour Hip and Bust measurements Hourglassbody shape traits includethat your Thighs are full but narrowerthan the Lower Hips.HourGlass Body Workout – Small Waist Big Buttsin 30 Days InnovativeFeatures • Different Workouts during a 10Days & 30 Days WorkoutPlan • No equipment needed, workouteverywhere • Training intensityincreases day by day • Regularexercise reminder • Clear descriptionof each exercise • Keto dieta very low-carb diet that increases fatburning & reduceshunger • Calculate figure and exercises forhourglass Body
IMLeagues 2.0.3
IMLeagues Is Changing The World Of CollegiateRecreation!Intramurals - Clubs - Fitness What We Do ForParticipants:IMLeagues makes playing intramurals, fitness, and clubsports muchmore fun for participants by giving them access to avast array ofinteractive features, essentially turning eachparticipant into afantasy player with lifetime stats, trophies, andachievements!What We Do For Administrators: Used by over 95% ofcollegiateintramural sports programs (and now fitness and clubsportsprograms too!), IMLeagues gives recreation department stafftheability to set up sports leagues, schedule games, track playersandstatistics, run Greek life/group leagues, send massnotificationson cancellations, make changes from any internetconnectedcomputer, and more.
com.powerups.titan 2.6.7
Power Ups
Be strong as Titan! Gain muscles, increase your strengthandstamina! Best bodyweight workouts: pull-ups, push-ups,squats,dips, plank run, six-pack abs and jump rope Titan Workoutsis aneffective fitness app that provides daily workout routines forallyour main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you canbuildmuscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to thegym.No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performedwithjust your body weight. Titan Workouts includes thefollowingtraining plans - 100 Pullups workout - 150 Dips workout -200Pushups workout - 500 Squats workout - Six-pack abs workout -JumpRope workout - Run 60 minutes - Stamina Booster - Plank -WeightLoss Workout Strength Training Workouts Titan Workouts ishighlyeffective fitness app for strength training and buildmuscles. Pullups and push ups workouts are effective for coremuscle strength.Plank and six-pack abs workouts are perfect forweight loss and fatburning. If you are looking for effective homeworkout app to buildstrength, boost stamina, lose weight and musclebuilding, TitanWorkouts is the best fitness app you can find amongother fitnessworkout apps. Stamina Booster Workouts Do you want toincrease yourstamina and run 60 minutes non-stop? Run and Jump Ropeworkoutswill boost your stamina to the top. Fat Burning and WeightLossWorkouts The best fat burning workouts and weight loss workoutsforbetter body shape. Burn calories with plank and six pack absfatburning workouts. Combine with run and jump rope workouts togetthe best results. You will burn calories and body fat. Getperfectsix pack abs now! With this effective fitness app withhomeworkouts you will see the results after 1 week oftrainings.Six-pack Abs Workout Do you want to lose weight, burncalories andbody fat, have a flat stomach and perfect six pack abs?This absworkout app is for you! Personal six-pack abs workout planwillhelp you to lose weight, burn calories and body fat if a fewweeks.Home Workouts for Men and Women Want effective home workoutsformen or looking for weight loss workout for women?Extremelyeffective push ups, pull ups and triceps dips workouts formen willhelp to increase core muscles strength. Run, Plank and JumpRopeworkouts are extremely effective for women who want to loseweightand burn belly fat. Get six pack abs in a short time. You'llfindhome workouts for men and women that most suitable for you. Tryourhome workouts now! Your Fitness Coach - Personal WorkoutPlansThese workouts are perfect for men and women, beginnersandprofessionals. Do you want to lose weight, burn fat,increasestrength and stamina? Based on your fitness level app willgenerateyour personal workout plan. Fast Results Looking forworkouts thatreally work? Effective workout plans created byprofessionalfitness coaches will help you to see the results after1 week!Multiple Exercises Pull ups, push ups, triceps dips, squats,situps, plank, crunch, jump rope, and more... EffectiveMotivationWe've prepared addicting motivation system which willturn yourworkout into addicting game. Achieve your Goals Each weekyou willhave your personal workout goals. Achieve it to get to thenextlevel. Track your progress Track your progress and see yourstatson the graphs. Reminders will help you don't miss theworkout.Challenge your Friends Invite your friends to theLeaderboard.Challenge your friends and users worldwide. Main appfeatures -Effective workout plans - core muscles strength andstaminaboosters - Nice and simple UI - Personal workout plans basedonyour fitness level - Addicting motivation system - Weekly goalsandprogress tracking - Leaderboard to challenge friends andworldwideusers - Reminders will help you don't miss a workout Startnow andget a perfect body you've always wanted!
TrainingPeaks 6.9.4
The on-the-go companion for triathletes, cyclists and runnerswhoare serious about achieving their goals. The freeTrainingPeaksmobile app syncs with your accountto provide acomplete web, mobile and desktop solution for tracking,analyzingand planning your training. TRACK • Log your runs, ridesor swimsin the TrainingPeaks Calendar • Keep track of daily statslikepower, speed, distance and more • Dash off post-workoutcommentsfor yourself and your coach ANALYZE • Check your progresswith thePerformance Management Chart • Customize your Dashboardcharts tosee the data that is important to you • View HR, power orGPS foryour workouts in the workout file viewer • See how much timeyouspent in your training zones during your workouts • Look atyourPeak HR, power, pace, and speed values from your workouts PLAN•Schedule training sessions from your Android device • Accessyourplanned workouts and meals on the road or the trail • Addworkoutsfrom your TrainingPeaks workout library (TrainingPeaksCoach orPremium Athlete users only) SHARE • Share your workoutsonFacebook, Twitter, e-mail or IM Then log account to perform deeper analysis ofyourtraining, upload workouts from over 90 devices, and planyourseason using a training plan or a coach. If you don’t account yet, you can sign up within the apporvisit REQUIREMENTS: • This app can be usedondevices running Android 4.0 or higher • You must have aninternetconnection, 3G or Wi-Fi, to use this app
Weight Loss In 20 Days PRO 4.0.3
With our proven workouts and exercises you will feel the burn ofagood workout, especially after your first one. Fast weightLossWorkout is made for everyone females and males, beginnersorathletes or anyone that just wants to get in shape. All ofourWorkouts and Exercises focus on bodyweight, so a fitness or gymisnot required. Routines can be done anywhere. Features: • Avirtualpersonal trainer • 2x 30 Day challenges that last for 30days thatwill change your life • 20 + unique exercises! • Maximumefficiency• High quality videos to assist you with your training •Simple buteffective workouts that best utilize your time •Categorisation ofall muscle exercises (Easy, Medium and Hard)! •Ability to createyour own Workouts which allow you to set your timeand reps • Aheavily focused user-friendly interface • New createworkouttechnology • Frequent non-major updates which allow us togive youa better experience with our application
Chest Master 1.0.2
Th Fitness App provides a free scientific customizedfitnessprogram, an ultra-clear film-level video course, a truecompanionfitness instruction for the instructor, and acomprehensivemulti-dimensional data recording user training processand resultsaccording to the user's appeal. Users can also get moreknowledge,partners and fun about sports, fitness, fashion andhealthy lifethrough the interactive methods such as punching,ranking, etc.,and improve the motivation to adhere to fitness.Future hot fitnesswill present more fashion, sports and healthrelated services tocreate a stylish and healthy lifestyle.
WOD Machine-Crossfit workouts 1.0.9
Meentro LTD
Crossfit WOD/Workout generator by equipment in your gym.- Createacustom crossfit workout based on the equipment you have atyourdisposal- Get short video on every workout/WOD- Choosefromthousands workout/WOD benchmarks and train hard!- Create customWODtimers: countdown, stopwatch- We're Ad-free! Note: Meentro isnotaffiliated with CrossFit, Inc. in any way. CrossFit is aregisteredtrademark of CrossFit, Inc.
Gym Workout - Gym Exercises 1.0
This Gym Workout - Gym Exercises app will allow you togetintofitness shape body. Why you love it?- This Gym Workout-GymExercises app provide many programs and exercisewithusefulbodybuilding description and daily burn program that willfityourneeds. - In addition, Gym Workout - Gym Exercises isanextensivedatabase of exercises for every muscle, chest,arms,shoulders, …with a detailed description and image for botheachexercise andprogram. - Furthermore, our App provides workoutplansforbodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness for both man andwomanWeprovide features:- Workout & Fitness exercises withimageandtext description for every programs and gym excercises- Alistofthe most effective workouts for every muscle bodypart-Textinstruction with pictures for each exercise andfitnessworkouts-Bodybuidler database with new exercises that willbeupdatefrequencely- Exercises come with illustrations ofthetrainedmuscles;- Suitable for both man and woman- Play asgymtrainnerrole, you don’t need to spend money and time for gymcoachby usingthis gym app- Make your body stronger andweightlifting bydoingsome exercise daily with our applicationEnjoyits!
Buttocks Workout - Butt in 30 days - Butt and Legs 1.1.3
Workout Group
Thank you for your attention! This app will help you have asexybody and sexy butt without leaving home and without equipmentin 30days. Meet that need we introduce you a great application tolearnthe gym properly and effectively. The exercises and lessonplans weoffer are carefully selected and consulted by top expertsin thefield of fitness. Our exercises are tailored to suiteveryone, fromfat people to skinny people, from teenagers toadults. Want to havea sexy butt, try this app now. Don't need to goto gym, just useyour bodyweight and take a few minutes a day, ButtWorkout willgreatly help you keep fitness and lose weighteffectively. KeyFeatures • Increases exercise intensity step bystep • 30 day ButtWorkout • Train at home, no weights or gymequipment required! •Reminds you to workout every day • Challengetracker to keep trackof your progress. • Daily reminder alarm sothat you never miss asingle day of the challenge. • Weight trackerand workout trackerby calendar • Diet plan to help you archieveyour goal Best ButtChallenge Workout contains more than 20exercises. You can getlean, get toned and build muscle with theseaerobic routines,circuit training and weight training workouts. Theaim of this appis to bring you at the best shape possible athome.No equipment isrequired for doing any of the butt workouts.These butt workoutcircuits are going to help to build your body athome. So there isno need for GYM routines. Workouts are pureinsanity to lose thebelly fat and for pumping your iron muscles.With these workoutsand exercises, you will get functional strength,explosiveness(explosive power) and defined body. Mix those workoutsto improveyour stability, stamina, agility and coordination. App isbased onHIIT (High intensity Interval training) regimen, which willimproveyour cardio and fast up your fat loss. WORKOUTS AND FITNESSNOEQUIPMENT REQUIRE Each exercise has instruction, guidelineandvideo guide. eg: + Butt bridge + Squat + Donkey kick + Plank...Remember: Consult your doctor to let you know the best exerciseforyour physical condition. Get hydrated before, during andafterphysical exercise. warm up 15 minutes first to avoidmuscleinjuries. Perform 10 minutes of stretching after finishingyourworkout. Follow challenge plan and you will help your perfectbody.
Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout - Home Workout 4.0
Do you want have fit body with six pack abs? If answer is yes,SixPack in 30 Days - Abs Workout - Home Workouts right choices, itissuitable for all levels, and you can easily do them at homeoranywhere, anytime. All you need to do is to complete theabexercises day by day follow this app. Especially, you don’tneedneed equipment, no need for expensive fee to join fitnesscenterand do not spend too much time moving. App content includes a30day abs workout plan with increased intensity and help youburncalories to strengthen your abs. Why you’ll love Six Pack in30Days - Abs Workout - Home Workout - Amazing 30 daysworkouttraining for six pack abs and a stronger body Abs workoutexercisesare grouped by muscle group and difficulty level(beginner, normal,hard) help you burn belly fat as well as toneyour waist at home -Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout - HomeWorkout with no gymequipment required in this bodybuilding app. Youcan use thisbodybuilding app anytime, anywhere for your absworkout. - Six Packin 30 Days - Abs Workout - Home Workout withanimations and videoguides, you can make sure you perform eachexercise safely andeffectively - Tracking time your spending forworkout, and supportreminder feature help you don’t forget or lostdaily workout - SixPack in 30 Days - Abs Workout - Home Workoutsupport customizingyour workout suitable if you have a experiencewith workout or wantfaster burning your belly and body
Timer Plus - Workouts Timer 1.0.3
Interval Training Timer perfect for HIIT Circuit and TabataWorkoutsTimer Plus is an easy to use special app for highintensity intervalTraining. -Ability to display the number andduration of rounds andcycles. -Interval Stopwatch -Timer works inbackground mode-Informative screen flash -Create an infinitenumber of timers, savethem in the history of workouts. -Voiceguidance Use our Timer Plusapp while training at home, at the gym,boxing, MMA, Bodyweightexercises or other fitness activities.
Life Time Member App 2.6.0
The Life Time Member App puts the Healthy Way of Life experienceinthe palm of your hand. Whether you’re at home, on the go or intheclub, use the app to get the most out of your Life Time. MEMBERSHIP CARD Stop carrying your physical card. Check inwith theapp.   CLUB HOURS Look up your club’s operating hours,plushours for the LifeCafe, Kids Academy, pools and more.  FINDCLUBS Locate nearby clubs when traveling cross-country oracrosstown. Check out their features and amenities before youarrive.  CLASS SCHEDULES Find group fitness or yoga classschedules.You can save your searches to quickly access yourfavorite classesagain.   MYACCOUNT Change your paymentinformation, viewtransaction history and manage your communicationpreferences.  TRACK VISITS Track how often you have visitedthe club thismonth and check out your detailed daily stats.  REDEEM LTBUCK$ Manage your LT BUCK$ and redeem them on any serviceofferedat Life Time.   TRAINING Use LT Connect to trackexercise andupload stats to your phone. Can’t make it to the club?You canaccess strength and cardio workouts, and tutorials right ontheapp.   LIFECAFE ORDERING Order shakes and meals fromtheLifeCafe and pick them up after your workout to quicklyrefuel.  EVENTS Keep tabs on all the fun social eventshappening atyour favorite club. You can add them to your calendarso you don’tmiss a thing.   COURT RESERVATIONS Set up courttimes forfriendly games of tennis, squash or racquetball. LIFESPABOOKINGSchedule massage, hair, skin or nail services at ourfull-servicesalon and spa.
milon ME 1.2.1
Track your training data and results anytime and anywherewithmilon ME – the app for anyone doing milon circuittraining.milon ME is your new training platform – whether you're atacustomer terminal at a fitness studio or in the comfort of yourownhome.To use the app, you need to be a member of a fitnessstudiothat has milon training equipment. Not training with milonyet? OurStudiofinder makes it easy for you to search for studiosnearyou is extremely simple: just log in at the milon terminal atyourfitness studio and go to “Get the milon ME app now.” Open theapp onyour mobile device and scan the QR code on the customerterminal.And you’re ready to go!FEATURES:- GET INFORMED: look atyour workoutplan and see how to correctly execute the exercises init- TRACKYOUR TRAINING: Your performance on milon trainingequipment isautomatically documented, you can track all otherexercises in yourworkout plan yourself- ANALYZE YOUR PERFORMANCE:view detailedstatistics about your training and monitor yourprogress- TRAIN IN ABALANCED WAY: use the evaluations of yourmuscle groups to checkwhether there is a balanced ratio betweenthe muscles you aretraining- GET MOTIVATED: compare your trainingperformance withothers in your age group or at the same gym- STAYIN CONTACT WITHYOUR STUDIO 24/7: the milon ME app lets you readstudio news, takepart in surveys, and get personal messages fromyour trainer- TELLYOUR TRAINER HOW YOU’RE DOING: give feedbackdirectly to your gymFormore than 40 years now, we at milon havebeen working to providepeople with the simplest, safest and mosteffective means oftraining. The result is a range of uniquetraining systems,accompanying system solutions, and comprehensiveoperator concepts.
com.lesmillsondemand 4.940.1
Les Mills
LES MILLS™ ON DEMAND: Stream Cardio, Strength, HIIT,Core,Flexibility Classes Online workouts from LES MILLS, theworldleaders in group fitness. Get unlimited access to 12differentfitness programs and hundreds of high-energy, effectiveworkoutswith LES MILLS On Demand. Everything from cardio, strength,highintensity interval training (HIIT), core toning toflexibility,whatever your age, fitness level or goal. Choose from avariety ofclasses, 30 – 55 minute workouts to fit your schedule.Great forworking out on the go. Stream to your favorite device athome, atwork, when you’re travelling or at the gym or clubfacility. Buildstrength, burn calories, increase flexibility orjust shake offyour stress – on your time, anywhere! SELECTEDFEATURES: 1. Movewith the best. Our inspiring, motivating team ofexpert instructorsaround the world will lead, push and challengeyou in every workout. Their expert advice will help you improveyour technique andget your fit, healthy and strong. 2. Experiencethe latest infitness research With over 35 years’ experience in theindustry, wewill set you up for success. All workouts are safe,effective, andscientifically proven. 3. Go harder and push higherwith unbeatablefitness music. Chart-topping tunes that make eachworkout the mostmotivating and inspiring experience. 4. More thanworkouts LESMILLS On Demand makes you part of a worldwide onlinecommunity.Connect with other fitness fans all over the globe forsupport,tips and motivation. 5. Weekly Updates New releases addedweekly tobring variety to your weekly fitness and training routine.You’llnever get bored doing the same old thing. Get access to: -LESMILLS BODYPUMP™ - LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT™ - LES MILLS BODYFLOW®(US)- LES MILLS BODYBALANCE™ (UK/EU/NZ) - LES MILLS BODYATTACK™ -LESMILLS BODYSTEP™ - LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio - LES MILLS GRIT™Strength- LES MILLS GRIT™ Plyo - LES MILLS RPM™ - LES MILLS SH’BAM™- LESMILLS CXWORX™ - and more…
• Warm-Up is performed before a performance or practice. itpreparesthe muscles for vigorous actions. According to ACSM,warm-up shouldbe a five to ten minutes of low- to moderate-levelactivity. •Cooling down is an easy exercise, done after a moreintenseactivity, to allow the body to gradually transition to aresting ornear-resting state. Cooling down allows the heart rateto return toits resting rate. A study has shown that athletes whoperform anappropriate cool-down are less likely to become injured.Features •over 65 bodyweight exercises • Warmup program • Cooldownprogram •no equipment needed • voice coach • clear HD videodemonstrations •works offline Custom Workouts Build your ownsession with customworkouts. Choose exercises, duration, restintervals and challengeyourself with your own training. WithFitify you have one customworkout for free. Fitify Apps Bestronger, leaner, healthier withFitify – your very own personaltrainer. Check out other Fitify appswith fitness tools (such asAbs & Core, TRX, Kettlebell, SwissBall, Foam Roller, Bosu orResistance band).
Interval Timer - HIIT 1.0
Alvin Lee
Interval Timer can be used for any type of intervaltraining(HIIT).Using this interval timer, you'll be able to quicklyandeasilycreate interval workouts of any kind.Key FeaturesInclude:-Simpleand easy to understand user interface- Customizablework andrestintervals- Ability to save workouts- Option to continuethetimerwhen the app is minimized / phone is lockedYou can usethistimer athome, at the gym, or for interval work on the trackaswell. Nomatter if you're doing cardio, bodyweight,callisthenics,highintensity interval training (HIIT), or circuittraining, thistimeris definitely the right one for you! Common HIITworkoutsincludeburpees, pushups, squats, kettle-bell swings,pull-ups,jumpingjacks, jumping rope, and various other movements aswell.Using thisinterval timer you'll be able to create workoutswithany number ofmovements you want, all to improve your healthandfitness.
com.powerups.dips 2.8.0
Power Ups
Do you think it is impossible to make 150 dips at a time? Trythisapp! We created over 18 Dips Workouts that will increaseyourstrength and stamina in a short time. First results in 7 days!Thisworkouts will increase your strength and stamina in a shorttimeBased on you results, the system will generate yourpersonalworkout plan for each week. 150 Triceps Dips -CalisthenicsBodyweight Workout incudes the following workout plans- RegularDips - Knees Raised Dips - Walking Dips - One Arm Dips -RussianDips - Reverse Dips - Side to Side - Support Dips - StaticDips -Horizontal Dips - Slowmo Dips - Fast Dips - Pump Dips -JumpingDips - Bench Dips - Knee Bench Dips - Single Leg Bench Dips- Sideto Side Bench Dips Your Fitness Coach - Personal WorkoutPlansThese workouts are perfect for beginners and professionals. Doyouwant to build muscles, increase strength and stamina? Based onyourfitness level app will generate your personal workout plan.FastResults Looking for workouts that really work? Effectiveworkoutplans created by professional fitness coaches will help youto seethe results after 1 week! Strength Training -CalisthenicsBodyweight Workouts This is highly effective fitnessapp for coremuscle strength and strength training. If you arelooking foreffective home workout app to build strength, booststamina, loseweight and muscle building, 150 Triceps Dips is thebestcalisthenics bodyweight fitness app. Effective MotivationWe'veprepared addicting motivation system which will turn yourworkoutinto addicting game. Achieve your Goals Each week you willhaveyour personal workout goals. Achieve it to get to the nextlevel.Track your progress Track your progress and see your stats onthegraphs. Reminders will help you don't miss the workout.Challengeyour Friends Invite your friends to the Leaderboard.Challenge yourfriends and users worldwide. Main app features -Effectivecalisthenics bodyweight workout plans - Nice and simple UI-Personal workout plans based on your fitness level -Addictingmotivation system - Weekly goals and progress tracking-Leaderboard to challenge friends and worldwide users -Reminderswill help you don't miss a workout Benefits of DipsWorkouts Bardips deliver excellent upper body mass and strengthgains, largelybecause of the unique mechanics of the movement. Dipshelp inbuilding strength by targeting several layers of yourupper-bodymuscle groups. Just 3 workouts per week. Start now andget aperfect body you've always wanted!
OneFit is a monthly All-in-One sports membership that givesyouaccess to the best gyms, studios and workouts in your city. WithaOneFit membership you can explore unlimited classes andvisitunlimited locations. Feel like practicing yoga, fitness,crossfitor kickboxing? With OneFit you have it all, just atyourfingertips. Combine different workouts, just as you loveit.Download the app and start exploring the countless optionsnearyou. MORE THAN JUST A GYM MEMBERSHIP Try spinning, yoga,fitness,barre, kickboxing, crossfit, pilates, swimming and muchmore! Withonly a tap you have access to all the best gyms, studiosandthousands of classes at your doorstep. Browse classes,locationsand get the fastest route how to get there. RESERVE YOURSPOT Withjust one tap you can book and confirm your reservationinstantly.No need to contact the studio. Not able to make it? Youcan cancelany reservation just as easy. 15 minutes before thecancellationperiod ends you will receive a notification. This wayyou willnever miss a great workout. CHECK-IN WITH YOUR PHONE Withthe appyou don’t need a member card. Simply check-in with the appand showyour confirmation at the gym or studio you are visiting.It’s thatsimple.
Radical Fitness Mobile 3.1.5
° RADICAL MOBILE – the new App by Radical Fitness. Music andvideosupdated for Radical Fitness Fans and Official Trainers ontheirsmartphone or tablet. RADICAL MOBILE is addictive becauseyourfavorite Radical Fitness programs will be automatically updatedanddownloaded into your smartphone, iPad or iPod every threemonths.There is no turning back! ° What is RADICAL MOBILE ? RADICALMOBILEis an App designed to provide support to the network ofcertifiedInstructors and Licensed Gyms/Clubs by RADICAL FITNESS.Thisinnovative tool will undoubtedly change the way in whichGroupFitness classes are delivered throughout the world. ° ABLE TOFITIN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND AND POCKET! No more carrying of CDsformusic in your classes, which sometimes don’t work or arescratched!Worry no more! Now, you can have RADICAL MOBILE. WithRADICALMOBILE you’ll have access to the most completeaudiovisualsoftware. All your Radical music and video library isnow portable,in your smartphone, iPad or iPod preventing it fromever beingdamaged or lost. Additionally, with RADICAL MOBILE, musicisencrypted. That means it can’t be downloaded or copied.Soon,piracy will be over. 1.12.9 Store The Store app is thefastestway to shop for your favorite vitamins, supplements, andsportsnutrition products. Use Wish List or Quick Reorder to getin, getout, and get back to your workout! Browse for the bestproducts (andsales!) in categories like protein, multivitamins,pre-workouts, andmore. Support all your health and fitness goalswith this fast andsimple shopping app from, thelargest onlinesupplement store in the world! Shop the LargestSelection ofSupplements Online: • Whey Protein Powder, CaseinProtein Powder,Soy Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder, • andProtein Bars •Pre-Workout Boosters and Nitric Oxide Boosters • FatBurners likeGarcinia Cambogia • Stimulant-Free Fat Burners likeConjugatedLinoleic Acid (CLA), and L-Carnitine • Post-WorkoutRecovery,Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and Glutamine •Vitamins andMultivitamins • Weight Gainers • Natural TestosteroneBoosters •Creatine HCL, Creatine Monohydrate, and MicronizedCreatine •Intra-Workout Supplements • Fish Oil and Flax Oil •Shaker Bottles,Lifting Belts, Wrist Wraps, Lifting Gloves, and GymBags • JointSupport • T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Shorts •Anti-Oxidant Supplementsand Green Foods • Growth Hormone Boosters• Low Carb Food • SleepAides • Digestive Health • AppetiteSuppressants • Diuretics We’veGot All Your Favorite Brands! •Optimum Nutrition • JYM by JimStoppani • MuscleTech • BSN •Cellucor • MusclePharm • Dymatize •BPI Sports • UniversalNutrition • Animal • RSP • EVL • QuestNutrition If you have anyquestions about your order, we encourageyou to talk to ourcustomer service team at 1-866-236-8417 (tollfree) or+1-208-377-9994 (international) before placing your order.
RepCount - Gym Log (Unreleased)
Siper Apps
RepCount is the simplest and fastest waytologyour strength training. It is designed to give you a quickwaytolog your reps and sets, and let you can focusonliftingweights!Logging your workouts with RepCount free. No ads andnorestrictions!Create unlimited log entries, create as manyworkoutprograms and addas many exercises as you like. For a smallfee youcan upgrade toRepCount Premium to gain access to statisticsofyour progressincluding graphs of estimated one rep maxes,exercisevolume, chartsof personal records and more.Free Features:* A simple and fast way to log your workouts* Easy to add your own exercises* Log unlimited number of workouts* Create unlimited number of workout programs* A simple rest timer* Prefills todays workouts with the weights from the lastworkout,tosave time and keep you motivated.* Basic cardio log of kcal, distance and durationFirst class customer support and active development. If yousendusan email, expect us to answer it, fast! Our team isverifyactiveon Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to follow usfor thelatestnews.Premium Features:* Table of rep records for each exercise.* Graphs of strength progress in estimated 1-rep max* Graphs of the total volume (weight lifted) for eachexercise* More premium features on the way…
GOWOD 2.4.2
Do you practice functional fitness? Download GOWOD for free totestand improve your mobility in a completely personalized way!Unleashall your athletic potential, reduce your risk of injuryandaccelerate your recovery in your functional fitness practice.GOWODoffers you to test your mobility and your personal flexibilityandallows you to improve it thanks to effective mobilizationprotocolsadapted to your weak points and your functional fitnesspractice.GOWOD lets you know how to mobilize before or after yourworkouts,whether you are in the box or at home. Whether it's toimprove yourperformance, speed up your recovery, improve yourwell-being orreduce your risk of injury, GOWOD adapts to eachcontext to guideyou easily in your practice of mobilization andstretching. GOWODis the perfect tool to accompany you in yourpractice of functionalfitness. Features: Free body mobility test todiscover yourstrengths and weaknesses. More than a hundred videosof highquality mobilization exercises available for free andperfectlyadapted to the practice of functional fitness. Allmobilizationvideos classified by body zones, type of exercises orequipment,accompanied by a description of the performance points toberespected for an optimal execution of the exercises. GOWODPREMIUM:PERSONALIZED MOBILITY. By opting for GOWOD Premium, youpush thelimits of your progression, improve your safety in the faceoftraining injuries, and gain access to a total personalizationofyour practice of mobilization exercises and stretching. TestGOWODPremium FREE for 14 days! Renewable mobility test every monthtoobserve your progress. Unlimited use of personalizedmobilizationprotocols Pre-WOD, post-WOD and Daily. GOWOD Premium isthepractical, simple and effective solution that you would havelikedto have since you started practicing functional fitness.Downloadthe application for free, and start unlocking yourpotential now.APPLICATION AND SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Downloadingand usingGOWOD is completely free of charge. The features of GOWODPremiumare accessible thanks to a monthly subscription with noobligationof duration and can be subscribed directly from theapplication. Bysubscribing to GOWOD Premium you pay monthly thefixed price foryour country, which is displayed in the applicationbefore thevalidation of your subscription. The subscription isrenewedautomatically every month, except in the case ofcancellation atleast 24 hours before the current subscriptionexpires. Youraccount will be debited within 24 hours before thecurrentsubscription expires. The current subscription cannot becancelledunder any circumstances, but the automatic renewal canbeterminated at any time from your account settings. If you haveanyfurther questions about the GOWOD application, please donothesitate to contact us at
Flat Stomach Workout 1.0.4
This Flat Stomach Workout app is specially designed for your abs-Burn calories and get flat belly with our daily workoutvideotraining program. Are you also dreaming about perfect sixpack?This awesome fitness app will get you a flat belly, slim coreandfit abs in less than two weeks! Sounds too easy? With our app,itreally is! Follow all the instructions of best bellyexercisesdaily and see the results yourself! Exercise athome,suited foranyone at any time.Don't have to go to gym,justutilize yourbody-weight and take a couple of minutes a day,Thisapplicationwill extraordinarily enable you to keep wellness and getthinnerviably. Top Features: ► Simple and yet the best efficientABS(Abdominal) exercises & workouts plan for every girl. ►Simpleprogress tracker - granular details of your weekly workout.►Complete health record - record your fitness data on the fly.►Calorie counter - log your calories, track you lose it value.Stickto our training exercises and fitness workouts. Continuedprogressis better than no progress, share your workout results withyourfriends thorough social media and stay motivated! Contact UsAnyquestions or suggestions, feel free to let us
Tone It Up: Workout, Exercise & Fitness App 1.3.4
Tone It Up
Whether you exercise at home, head to the gym or are justgettingstarted with a workout routine, Tone It Up is the fitnessapp foryou. Daily workout routines programmed by top personaltrainers forincredible results. These workouts are designed to makeyou sweat,and there’s a built-in supportive community of women tokeep youmotivated! We built our programs to give you what you needtoimprove your health and get active. Best part? It's all atyourfingertips including HIIT, yoga, barre, kickboxing,kettlebell,cardio, and our newest program, pregnancy workouts! So,whetheryou’re looking to strengthen your booty or tone those abs,we’rehere to help you achieve your goals. You're not in this alone!Wedesign our fitness workouts to make you sweat, and we builtourcommunity to keep you going. Each workout class is led by atopfitness trainer, who teaches proper exercise technique andwillkeep you going with motivation and inspiration! Build leanmusclewith full body workouts, and target specific areas with ourabs approutines, as well as butt, arm, and leg workouts! So,whetheryou’re working to get beach body ready or are just startingon yourfitness journey, working out with Tone It Up will get youthere.Oh, and did we mention you’ll sweat, burn calories, andfeelamazing too?! The TIU fitness app is one of the best exerciseappsfor women! You’ll find hundreds of cardio workouts, HIITworkouts,barre workouts, dumbbell workouts, yoga workouts, and somuch more!It’s perfect for home workouts and home fitness routines.We're allin this together and we can't wait to cheer you on! Whatare youwaiting for? Start your free 7-Day trial today. Let’s workout,together! --------------------------------------SubscriptionPricing & Terms Your Tone It Up app is free todownload andaccess. All new customers are welcome to a one-time,7-day freetrial period to the Studio, the premium, in-appsubscriptionpurchase. Premium access subscriptions areauto-renewing. If youdon’t elect to purchase premium features, youcan continue usingyour TIU App for free. Read our full Terms andConditionsat andourPrivacy Policyat
FanDuel Scout 1.2.3
Scout syncs with your FanDuel account to give youpersonalizedinjury notifications and player news from around theleague. Want acompetitive advantage this fantasy football season?Behind everygreat GM is a staff of hardworking assistants. FanDuelScout isyours, telling you the player news and stats you need toknowbefore you even ask. Scout does the work. You get thecredit.INJURY NOTIFICATIONS — Scout automatically syncs with yourFanDuelaccount. So if there are any unexpected changes in yourlineup,Scout will tell you. PLAYER NEWS — Get the most up-to-datenewsfrom around the league. If something important happens, like astarplayer going down in warmups, Scout will let you know. And tellyouwho’s starting in his place. WATCHLIST — Add players who peekyourinterest to your “watchlist” and Scout will keep you notifiedabouttheir progress. ADVANCED STATS — Scout goes deeper, digging upthenumbers that mean the most and presenting them in aneasy-to-readformat. POWERED BY numberFire™ — numberFire’s advancedanalyticsare the brains behind FanDuel Scout. And you can even getlineupideas and hot takes from numberFire’s expert articles, rightin theapp. A GM is only as good as his information. That’s whyFanDuelScout is your new #2. Scout tells you what you need to knowbeforeyou even ask — with automatic notifications about your lineupandplayer news from around the league. Plus, Scout is poweredbynumberFire, so you know there’s expert analytics behind everystatyou see. Scout will keep on eye on the players. You just focusonwinning.
DICK'S Sporting Goods, Fitness 4.5.5
DICK’S Sporting Goods gives you exclusive access topersonalizedcoupons and offers, ScoreCard tracking, rewards, andaccess to allthe gear you need. You’ll find all the sporting goodsand sportingapparel you need for football, baseball, soccer,lacrosse and more,plus the latest workout, fitness and exercisegear. Every SeasonStarts at DICK’S. Features MOVE: Earn ScoreCardpoints forachieving your activity goals each day by integratingwith fitnessapps and fitness trackers like Apple Health, Garmin,Fitbit andMapMyRun. Hit daily exercise and health and fitness goalsjust bywalking/moving! Get Rewards: Manage your ScoreCard, scanRewardsand track your points Offers: Get custom offers and couponsShop:Shop anytime, anywhere. Make shopping for sporting and healthandfitness apparel and gear simple from anywhere. Receivepersonalizedcoupons and offers and find a store near you. See whatmakes DICK’SSporting Goods compare with the best shopping apps andfitnessapps! Youth Sports: Apply for funding for your youth sportsteam orleague. Every Season Starts at DICK’S.
Strength Training by "Muscle and Motion" 2.1.53
Muscle&Motion is a cross-platform muscle strength exercisingappwith 1 Million users. See why millions of fitnessprofessionals& enthusiasts love our 4000+ high-quality videos,800+ muscle& strength improving exercises & 70+ stretchesthat arebeautifully analyzed in 3D animations. GAIN STRENGTH – GETA GREATSOURCE OF EXERCISES & STRETCHES “Muscle&Motion –StrengthTraining” is a professional and interactive advancedanatomy andexercise app containing over four-thousand 3Dhigh-quality videos,tips and theory in the topics of muscle,movement, and fitness thatare guaranteed to help you become a proin your field. PERFECT 3DANIMATIONS WITH MUSCLE ANATOMY Eachexercise is animated with asee-through human body animation so youcan understand eachexercise easily. See why we have millions offitness enthusiasts& professional athletes and trainers usingour app to findmuscle strength exercises & understand themuscle anatomy.MUSCLE&MOTION – STRENGTH TRAINING IS USED BYCLOSE TO A MILLIONUSERS WORLDWIDE, INCLUDING: ☑️ Personal FitnessTrainers &Fitness Coaches ☑️ Pilates, Dance & YogaInstructors, Teachers☑️ Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters & Athletes☑️ Chiropractors andPhysical, Occupational and Massage Therapists☑️ Kinesiology &Anatomy Students and University & CollegeProfessors ☑️ FitnessLovers & Trainees STRENGTH TRAININGANALYSIS VIDEOS: ANATOMY,METHODS & TECHNIQUES: ☑️ Show traineeswhich muscles arestimulated during exercise and illustrate perfectform andtechnique. ☑️ Learn crucial nuances for every exercisethrough ourunique library of educational videos ☑️ Includes videoson strengthtraining anatomy, weight training, weightlifting,powerlifting andbodybuilding OVER 800 MUSCLE TRAINING &STRENGTH EXERCISESANALYZED, INCLUDING: ☑️ Bench press, leg press,shoulder press ☑️Dead-lift, clean, snatch, power clean ☑️ Lunges ☑️Curls: preachercurl, leg curl, bicep-curl ☑️ Squats, chair squat,full squat,front squat ☑️ Pull-ups, push-ups, pull-downs ☑️Extensions: Legextension, back extension, triceps extension, ☑️Chest-fly,shoulder fly ☑️ Lateral-raise, leg-raise ☑️ Crunch,sit-ups, coretraining exercises ☑️ Upright row, bent over row ☑️Hip abductor ☑️Seated calf raise, standing calf raise ☑️ And muchmore! STRENGTHTRAINING COMMON MISTAKES: Clearly, show clients howcommon mistakesin training may affect them. CONTENT INCLUDED: ☑️Dos & don’tsvideos in training ☑️ Injury Prevention ☑️ Causesof commonlimitations CORE TRAINING: ☑️ Learn the theory and secretsbehindCore Training. ☑️ Watch special videos containing more thanonehour of footage! Stretching Exercise Analysis Videos: 70STRETCHESANALYZED, INCLUDING: ☑️ Trunk Stretches ☑️ Hip Stretches☑️ LegStretches ☑️ Upper Body Stretches ☑️ Neck StretchesMUSCULOSKELETALANATOMY & KINESIOLOGY VIDEOS: Master the minutedistinctions ofmuscular movement, watching how they function as agroup over eachjoint. Strengthen your understanding of muscularanatomy in motion.MUSCLE STRENGTH EXERCISES & GAIN STRENGHTCONTENT INCLUDED: ☑️Anatomy of the human body muscular system(including essentialanatomy) ☑️ Specific analysis and functions ofall muscles andmuscle groups ☑️ Animations, pictures, and diagramsthat teach youhow muscles move and work ☑️ 3D anatomy of the humanskeletalsystem including bone and joint analysis AFFORDABLESUBSCRIPTIONOur subscription is a pay-once & use anywheremodel. Use acrossyour smartphones, desktop computer, tablets. Youcan log-in to theFree Trial which allows you to watch 15% of theVideos. AfterPurchasing a 1-year subscription, you will get 100%full access toall the Videos. Feel free to send us feedback forsuggestions andimprovements. With any question, we are here for Wishing you a fruitful andexcitinglearning experience Thank you! 3.9.8
HiFit is an effective fitness App, it provides scientificworkoutplan and various fitness courses. There is no equipmentneeded, soyou can easily do your daily workout anywhere and anytime. Thisworkout plan includes various training courses.Live-recorded HIITworkout courses are available at a great price.Each exercise hasvivid video guidance and detailed description. KeyFeatures ofHiFit: ✨Scientific daily workout plan; ✨Various workoutprogramsfor all levels; Different levels of workout programs aresuitablefrom beginners to pros. ✨Professional video guides withcoachingvoice; Instructional workout videos with coaching voiceareprovided for each exercise, which can help you understandandperform more accurately. ✨Enjoy funny short video duringtraining;There are various funny short videos about fitness tips,diet,fashion, sports. You can enjoy these interesting videoswhileduring the break. ✨Share daily achievement with yourfriends;Different levels of workout badges represent yourfitnessachievements. You can share these achievements with yourfriendsand invite them to join you in fitness challenges.✨Customizedworkout reminder You can set reminder time for dailyworkout andreminder days. This customized setup can effectivelypromote yourworkout plan. Workout Programs of HiFit: ★Classic FullBody★Workout Plan Challenge ★Morning Wake Up Stretch in the morningtorefresh you for a new day. ★Before-Sleep Stretch ★Leg Workout★ButtWorkout ★Abs Workout ★Three Levels of HIIT for Core TrainingJoinus NOW. Workout at home with no equipment needed. There will beadcontent shown in certain scenes in our app. For more details,visit
Goji Studios 2.2.3
Please download our App to experience Goji Studios. We are auniquefitness studio taking a holistic approach to health, fitnessandwellness. We believe that even in bustling Hong Kong, livingahealthier lifestyle is attainable for everyone. Goji,Gojistudios,Gym, fitness, health wellness, Gojistudio Pleasedownload our Appto experience Goji Studios. We are a unique fitnessstudio taking aholistic approach to health, fitness and wellness.We believe thateven in bustling Hong Kong, living a healthierlifestyle isattainable for everyone.   Goji, Gojistudios, Gym,fitness,health wellness, Gojistudio
MoodSpace - Mental Wellbeing 4.12.1
Imagine something… You're not feeling your best. You might callitstress, anxiety, depression, low mood, or somethingcompletelydifferent. What you do know is that you want to dosomething aboutit. So where do you begin? Enter the calming worldof MoodSpaceMoodSpace brings together mental health and wellbeingtechniquesfrom various areas of psychology, so you can figure outwhat's mostuseful to you. Thought Diary Look at distressingsituations in ahealthy, balanced way. Free technique. Three CloudsAppreciatelife's good moments by writing them down each day. Freetechnique.Guided Meditation Avoid rumination and overthinking bylearning tomeditate. Paid technique. Day Planner Schedule your timebased onwhat you value in life. Paid technique. A self-help appdriven bythe research MoodSpace takes its techniques fromcognitivebehavioural therapy (cbt), behaviouralactivation,mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (mcbt), andpositivepsychotherapy. However, MoodSpace isn't a replacement fortherapyor treatment – it's simply an introduction to mentalwellbeingtechniques and a relaxing way to learn about mentalhealth.
Power 20 - 20 Minute Workouts 1.5
Power 20
Follow these carefully-curated workout routines to get inshapefast. Get a full-body workout; you'll exercise the arms,legs,butt, chest, neck, abs and back muscles equally. Work yourwaythrough increasingly luxurious settings, starting at the gymandworking your way onto a yacht and a mansion. Power 20workoutsimprove overall fitness with exercises focused onstrength,balance, and muscle tone. ✓ Guides you through a full20-minute,full-body workout ✓ Improves overall fitness: strength,balance,and muscle tone ✓ No equipment necessary ✓ Listen to yourown musicwhile you use it ✓ Diabetic friendly: helps lowerblood-sugarlevels Put your phone or tablet on the floor, hit Start,and withinseconds you’ll be lunging, stretching, jumping, dippingand diving.A foxy guide shows you when to rest and when to move. Atthe end of20 minutes you’ll be panting, sweating, and smiling. It’slikehaving your own personal trainer wherever you are! --- Power20apps consist of plyometric and body weight movements you can doathome without any equipment. Each workout video is about 20minuteslong and is designed to enhance strength, endurance,balance, andmuscle tone. The movements used in Power 20 are similarto thoseused by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) whentestingthe efficacy of bodyweight movements. FOR EVERYONE Power 20is safeand effective for people of all ages. Choose from one ofthreeworkout levels. You don’t need any prior knowledge of exerciseorto be in great shape to use it. Just be sure you have yourdoctor’sapproval for doing any kind of exercise routine. NEVERBORINGYou’ll never do more than a minute-and-a-half of onemovement, andevery workout is a different combination of movements.DETAILEDINSTRUCTIONS Simple and clear diagrams accompany everyexercise soyou can get a great workout and learn proper form. YOUROWN MUSICListen to your own playlists while working out to Power20. Weallow music from any application to play while you use Power20.UNLOCK MORE WORKOUTS With every workout you finish, you’llunlock anew scene and workout combination. Work your way from thegym to aprivate yacht. AWARDS You’ll start accumulating awards witheveryworkout you finish. The awards are a handy way to let youknowwhich exercises you have done, and how frequently you’ve donethem.WHAT IS HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING? High IntensityIntervalTraining (HIIT) involves brief, high-intensity movementfollowed bybrief periods of rest. HIIT workouts can be moreeffective than 30or 60-minute workouts. Power 20 is a form of highintensityinterval training. WHAT ARE PLYOMETRICS? Many exercises inPower 20are “plyometric” exercises. Plyometrics are designed toproducefast and powerful movements that improve your ability to douseful,real-life tasks, like running in short bursts, liftingthings,climbing stairs, and avoiding falls.
Nike Run Club
Nike, Inc.
Nike Run Club: Your Perfect Running Partner Nike Run Club hasthetools you need to run better, including GPS run tracking;audioguided runs; weekly, monthly and custom distancechallenges;customized coaching plans for your goals; and nonstopmotivationfrom your friends. Reach your goals and have fun alongthe way withNike Run Club. - FULL SUPPORT FOR ANDROID WEAR OSDEVICES - TRACKAND STORE RUNS - AUDIO GUIDED RUNS WITH NIKE COACHESAND ATHLETES -GLOBAL AND CUSTOM CHALLENGES - PERSONALIZED COACHINGPLANS -TROPHIES AND BADGES TO CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS - COMPETEONLEADERBOARDS - IN-RUN CHEERS FROM FRIENDS - SHARE RUNS WITHANYONENRC ON ANDROID WEAR OS DEVICES Get your perfect runningpartner onyour wrist. Record and track your runs with Android WearOSsupported devices. Quickly view current run details such asyourdistance, pace, duration and heart-rate (on heart-ratesupporteddevices) during your run--we’ll save all your stats forlater.  TRACK AND STORE RUNS Get the details you need,includingpace, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate, and milesplits,complete with audio feedback to keep on track. AUDIO GUIDEDRUNSWITH NIKE COACHES AND ATHLETES Get guidance, motivationandinspiration through in-ear audio from Nike coaches, eliteathletesand entertainers like Mo Farah and Kevin Hart. AGRs are afun wayto help runners improve strength, speed and endurance.Because theintervals are automatically marked, all you have to dois tap startand go. MOTIVATE YOURSELF WITH CHALLENGES Join the Nikeglobalcommunity of runners in weekly and monthly distanceChallenges orcreate a Challenge and invite your Friends. Reachgoals, earnachievements and go the distance. COACHING PLANSPERSONALIZED FORYOU Whether you want to get started, get fitter orget race-ready,NRC has adaptive plans for your goals and fitnesslevel. CELEBRATEYOUR ACHIEVEMENTS WITH TROPHIES AND BADGES Earnmilestone badgesand trophies for smashing personal bests like yourfastest 5K orlongest run. COMPARE AND COMPETE WITH LEADERBOARDSEasily compareand compete with friends on the distance leaderboard.GET IN-RUNCHEERS FROM FRIENDS Receive motivating in-run audiocheers fromfriends and send them support with cheers of your own.CUSTOMIZABLEPOST-RUN SHARING Personalize activity posts by addingphotos, statsand stickers and tailor who sees them, from everyoneto only yourclose friends. Nike Run Club works with Google Fit tosync workoutsand record heart-rate data. Continued use of GPSrunning in thebackground can decrease battery life. Go for a runand feel free togive us any feedback by emailing us
A simple and easy workout log for fitness It contains a varietyoftraining programs with detailed descriptions of each exerciseandexclusive photos and videos. GymApp helps you choose thetrainingprogram that is right for you based on your fitness level.Itsability to log training results will help you makeprogress.Training diary GymApp is perfect for both practicing athome and inthe gym. Features: ✓ Fast and easy data input ✓ Hugedatabase ofexercises ✓ 144 professional training programs ✓ Createyourindividual training course and your own exercises ✓Detailedhistory ✓ Progress monitoring via graphs and stats
Jabra Sport Life 3.4.4
Jabra Sport Life is the companion app for the Jabra Sportwirelessrange of headphones. Jabra Sport Life is the nextgenerationtraining partner that will manage your fitness activityand coachyou towards gaining the maximum benefit from yourtraining.Integrated Training Management The intelligent Jabra SportLife appensures you get the most out of your Jabra sportsheadphones byhelping you to create, manage, track and evaluate yourworkouts.Always Stay Informed! Precise fitness algorithms allowJabra SportLife to calculate your fitness levels through a varietyof tests.Set your goals and track your progress. A comprehensiveworkouthistory and achievements log keeps your workout data atyourfingertips. In-ear Voice Coaching Real-time, in-ear voicecoachingkeeps you updated on your workout progress. Set automaticvoicecoaching to a specific interval, or hear on-the-go readoutsbytapping the Sports button on the Jabra sports headphones.Richerworkout tracking With Jabra Sport Life you can quickly andeasilyset up a wide range of workouts, from running tocross-trainingcircuits. Enjoy advanced tracking of your workout:pace, distance,step count, cadence and calories burned. Precisionin-ear voicecoaching optimized for cross-training keeps you ontrack. Simpleand Clear Jabra Sport Life allows you to choose whichlive traininginformation you see on your smartphone. Please Note:While JabraElite Sport and Jabra Sport Pulse together with theJabra SportLife app provide detailed and accurate heart rateinformation, itis not a replacement for a qualified medicalprofessional. For moreinformation, please read the disclaimer inthe app (go toAbout/Legal disclaimer). Jabra Sport Life may use thephone’s GPSto track your workouts. Continued use of GPS candramaticallydecrease your phone’s battery life.
Wendler log 531 Pro 16.4
5-3-1 log app to plan log and track your powerlifting andstrengthtraining Wendler 5 3 1 workout program. No more fiddlingaroundwith printed spreadsheets at the gym. Enter your current 1rep maxand the app will calculate and manage your workout program.The appwill automatically layout the weights and reps for eachworkoutday. Tapping on the weight plate logo will take you to theupcomingworkout session. You can also deviate from the order selectanylift any time. Perform the lifts and save it. A lotofcustomization's are available to make the program to customizetoachieve your own goals. One time purchase gives you access toallfeatures and updates. Features ★ Calculates one rep max (IRM)basedon your current lifts ★ Calculates weight can be adjustedduringworkout ★ Configurable training max percentage ★Configurablenumber of cycles ★ Configurable weekly workout order ★Warm-up setsincluded ★ Boring but big sets included ★ Custom boringbut bigsets percentages ★ 16 predefined assistance exercises(customizable ) ★ Possibility to add your own assistance exercises★Cycles overview with estimated and achieved one rep max ★Progressindication of workouts in cycle overview ★ Platescalculator showsthe plates to load ★ Rest timer with differentlengths ★ CSV exportvia email, google drive ★ Backup to Googledrive, OneDrive orDropbox ★ Local backup after each workout ★Workout orderconfigurable ★ Upon completion of initial program.Extra cycles canbe added without resetting the app ★ Kg/Lb support★ Progresscharts to show your current 1 rep max ★ Track your bodyweightBeyond 5/3/1 features ★ Joker sets included ★ Pyramid setsincluded★ 13 week challenge ( staring week, percentages and repsareconfigurable ) ★ Another main lift as Boring But Big ★ Firstsetlast ( AMRAP and custom variation ) ★ Simple strength ★★★Thisappis not affiliated with Jim Wendler(creator of the program).Pleasebuy his book(s) to fully utilize the ideas behind 531! ★★★
Abs workout - 21 Day Fitness Challenge
Fit apps
This application is ideal for those 👩🏻 👱🏻 who want to feel thebodytonus and be in good shape.Trainings consist of 20 differentabsexercises, which can be done at home without taking much timeandhelp you build six pack abs . All ab workout programs havebeenelaborated by professional fitness coaches and divided intotwolevels of difficulty: 💪🏻Beginner - for people who are newtophysical activities. 💪🏻Advanced - for experienced ready toteststhemselves. Formation of good habit takes 21 days, that is whyeachprogram of training is effective for three weeks in order tomakephysical activity an integral part of your life and help youhavethe desired shape.For maximum effect, we strongly recommend tokeepto the program by the elaborated schedule and stick to agooddiet🍏. If you have some restrictions: injuries,headaches,illnesses, consult with a doctor before startingphysicalactivities. We are not responsible for injuries that youmay sufferduring trainings. Key features of Abs Workout: - Noequipment , allyou need is your body weight, only bodyweightfitness - Track youprogress with ease - Daily workout reminders - 2levels ofdifficulty ( including beginners) - Home exercises for menandwomen - Strength training at home - 20 abs exercises forAbsWorkout. - Home workout app offline - Without gym for men andwomenIf you are looking for: flat tummy exercises at home, flattummyexercises for ladies at home, flat stomach workout, flatstomachexercise for ladies, belly fat burning workouts, bellyfatexercise, burn tummy fat, flatten stomach exercise, toneyourstomach, trim your waistline - download our app! The Mostmentionedkeywords in user comments Tabata, hiit, exercise, stomach,belly,flat tummy, ab workout, workout, fitness, muscle, absworkout,tummy, abs challenge, exercise, six pack, build muscle,abs,abdomen, fitness challenge, abdominal, ab challenge, sixpacks,best abs workout, abdominals, fitness challenge app, 6packs,training, workout challenge, free fitness app, sexy abs,athomefitness, ab, belly workout, ab exercise, women workout,abdominalmuscle, abs exercises JOIN US NOW!! Train your abs everyday toensure sexy abs! Download to experience the best abs workoutapp toget flat tummy in minutes!
Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout PRO 4.0.3
Get fit with Six Pack Abs Workouts , no equipment required! SixPackAbs Workouts will keep your abdominal muscles fit and inshape! Injust a few minutes a day you can be healthy, Six Pack AbsWorkoutsis equipped with more than 20 workouts for every fitnesslevel andwith more than 100 exercises to pick from to create yourown workoutroutines.But training only won’t help you lose weightfast thats whySix Pack Abs Workouts has custom nutrition plansbuilt it which willtransform your abs in just two weeks! Six PackAbs Workouts offerslots of different workout types (hiit, highinensity, advanced,intermediate, beginner ….) which contain numberof calories and infoas which muscle group is being used in thatworkout and whats itsintensity. But to make sure that you don’tget injured and that youcan work out to the fullest Six Pack AbsWorkouts containsstretching and warm up workouts which will keepyour muscles andspine healthy, and prevent any injuries. Ourexercise library ismore than 100 and we are adding exercises everyweek!The highquality videos and animations will help you executethe rightmovement of the exercise. Six Pack Abs Workouts do notonly containhigh quality workouts the app also contains advancedtraining andworkout plans which will guide you though the processof becoming astronger version of your self. Beside workout andtraining plans SixPack Abs Workouts contain also high quality andscientificallyproofed nutrition and diet plans which will showresults in twoweeks of use. Detailed meal plans and guides willhelp you maximiseyour results and achieve the body you deserve!Beside from thequality of workouts, warm up workouts , stretchingworkouts,exercises ,training & nutrition plans and meal plansthe app hasfeatures which will help you stay motivated and trainon time!Feature list: - Record workouts and plan history - Logyourcalories, workouts and plan history on Apple Health - TrainwithApple Watch and Apple TV - Stay motivated with a achievementsystem- Filter exercises by muscle group or hardness - Ability tocreateyour own workout routines - Personal trainer with reminderswhichwill notify you when to work out! - Video followed workoutsAnd muchmore…. Major muscle groups that the workouts hit: -Abdominals Sothere is no need for GYM routines. Workouts are pureinsanity tolose the belly fat and for pumping your iron absmuscles. With theseworkouts and exercises, you will get functionalstrength,explosiveness (explosive power) and defined body. Mixthose workoutsto improve your stability, stamina, agility andcoordination. App isbased on HIIT (High intensity Intervaltraining) regimen, which willimprove your cardio and fast up yourfat loss. Main function of thisapp is cardio, bodyweight andaerobics - better fitness, bodyhealth, fast metabolism for fatburning with a workout plan andexercise training program. Aportion of the exercise list: Sit ups,wall sit, jumping jacks,punch, Abs Scissors, Chin Ups,Crab Walk….And many more
1 Rep Max Calculator and Log 6.2.0
1 Rep Max Calculator is a must have app for every weight lifter.Itcalculates the maximum weight that you can lift for 1repetitiongiven information that you already know. Just enter theweight andreps that you were previously able to achieve and letthecalculator do the rest! It can also be used to calculatethepercentages of your one rep max and your Wilks Score. This appisdesigned for bodybuilding and powerlifting, so it's importanttotrack your progress. Log your best 1 rep max records usingthebuilt in log feature. Add exercises and log new records towatchyour strength grow over time. Need help determining whichweightsto put on the bar? Simply tap on any weight in the app toview theplate loader calculator. It will let you pick which weightsyouhave available and the bar type you're using. Trying to keeptrackof changes in your body weight? 1 Rep Max Calculator allowsyou totrack your body weight and view the change over time. You canevenset a goal body weight. There are many 1 Rep Max formulas tochoosefrom: Epley, Brzycki, Lombardi, Mayhew, McGlothin, OConner,Wathan.You can choose just a single formula or get an average ofthe onesyou select.
com.taka.kickboxing 1.1.1
Takalogy Corp
How Kickboxing Can Change Your Body and Your Life?Fitnesskickboxing is a group fitness class that combines martialartstechniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energyworkoutchallenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Buildstamina,improve self defence, coordination and flexibility, andburncalories as you build lean muscle with this fun andchallengingworkout. Fitness kickboxing is a good fitness choice forthoselooking to burn calories for weight loss, or to improvestamina andheart health. People who become easily bored withstationary cardioequipment like treadmills and stair steppers willenjoy the fastpace and new movements in a cardio kickboxing class.If you performthe punches with precision and power, you willstrengthen yourupper body and eventually see more muscledefinition. The kickswill strengthen your legs. And the kneetechniques (a strike inwhich you thrust your bent knee upward) willfirm your abdominalmuscles; in fact, all of the moves, when donecorrectly, will makeyour torso into a solid base that lets you doday-to-day tasks moreeasily. FEATURES:  - Training Program aregrouped bydifficulty level : Beginnger, Intermediate and Advanced.- Allkickboxing techniques are designed by 3D modeling with HDvideos. -Only 10 to 30 minutes total body workout per day. -Trackingcalories burned everyday. - Developed by a certifiedpersonaltrainer. - Absolutely no gym equipment required forworkouttraining. Use app anytime, anywhere for men or women.
com.FBCurves.TDGym 2.0
**Important** Restart your device after installation Amazing3Dvisuals, a powerful search engine, zoom functions, 360degreesrotation, different camera angles, speed variation....All attheend of your finger! A revolutionary teaching tool bringingallgymnastic elements to life. It is designed to helpcoaches,gymnasts, judges and the gymnastic community fullyunderstand eachgymnastic element. With the help of our 3D systemyou will be ableto control each element with screen touch andbutton controls. TheApp is free to download with 45 skills for youto use. Get a feelfor this great gymnastic tool and see just howpowerful it is, youcan upgrade to a simple version with 500elements values A to C, orupgrade to the complete version with 800elements all values."Bringing gymnastics to life, made by gymnastsfor gymnasts" Withover 800 men’s gymnastics elements to choosefrom, our 3D videoshave brought the “code of points” to life.Discover, teach anddevelop with this powerful teaching aide. Apowerful search engineThe App has a powerfull search engine builtin to facilitate yoursearch for skills. You can filter your searchthrough selectingskills in catagories such as forward rotation,backward rotation,twisting or difficulty. You can also search withthe name of theelement or just freely browse all of our 3D videos.A great tool tohelp with routine construction or to generate ideasfor moves tocomplete a routine within a certain category. 360Degres rotationOnce you have chosen your skill you can rotatefreely around thespace, viewing it from every angle possible. Greatforunderstanding, visualising and teaching all elements. Zoom Onceyouhave chosen your skill you can zoom in and out on eachvideo,getting close to the move helps to see the hand positioningor bodyposition. This great function really helps understand thetechniqueof each element in depth, making teaching andunderstanding a loteasier for all. Camera angles With our multicamera option built inyou can choose your point of view to watcheach skill. A greatoption to see body positions during a skill, agreat help todevelop ideas to teach the skill selected Speedvariation anddirection With our multi camera option built in youcan choose yourpoint of view to watch each skill. A great option tosee bodypositions during a skill, a great help to develop ideas toteachthe skill selected. Restart your device after installation
Xercise4Less Fitness Partner 7.6.3
PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED A Xercise4Less ACCOUNT TOACCESSTHIS APP. IF YOU'RE A MEMBER FOR FREE AT YOUR GYM! Beginyourjourney to a healthier lifestyleandlet Xercise4Less help you along theway.Introducing Xercise4Less, most comprehensivefitnessplatform with: * Check class schedules and opening hours *Trackyour daily fitness activities * Track your weight and otherbodymetrics * Over 2000+ exercises and activities * Clear 3Dexercisedemonstrations * Preset workouts and the option to createyour own* Over 150 badges to earn Select workouts online andsynchronizethem with your app to workout at home or in the gymwhile keepingtrack of your progress. From strength to weightlifting, this appacts as your own personal trainer guiding andgiving you themotivation you need.