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Budget: expense tracker, planning and statistics
The application "Budget" is a part of the cloudapptronic.netservice for managing personal and family finances. IfYou havenever been conducted with budget – a smart assistant willhelpYouto create and plan your budget. For advanced users, it ispossibleto adjust the budget at its own discretion. Key features oftheapplication: - wizard for creating and planning the budget;-distribution of expenses and incomes by budget items; -accountingof expenses, incomes and other financial transactions; -countingmoney by accounts; - statistics; - planning and control ofexpensesand incomes; - the ability to work with multiplecurrenciessimultaneously; - smart data analysis in real time, whichwillassist You in keeping all records; - collaborate Your budgetwithother users; - automatic data synchronization between devices.Wecontinue to develop our application by adding new featuresandimproving existing ones. We believe that the control andplanningof personal finances - it is the way in which You willmanage Yourfinances effectively. We have tried ourselves to do thatand haveachieved excellent results! And now, we have created thisserviceto help others. Try: - to plan and monitor expenses andincomes; -to control the movement of funds on the accounts andwallets; -view Your purchase history and statistics; - to optimizeYourfinances and get more while spending less! The first 45 daysofsubscription are free of charge! We are confident that, inthemeantime, with the help of our service You can save much morethanwe charge for Your continued membership. In addition toconductinga personal budget is possible: - have a joint familybudget; -manage the budget of the private entrepreneur or a smallbusiness;- manage multiple budgets at the same time. Additional feeforaccess of other users to the budget or for creation ofadditionalbudgets is not applies. DATA SAFETY AND PROTECTION Theserviceworks with cloud storage, automaticallysynchronizingall the data in the background. You can use theapplication onmultiple devices (for example phone and tablet) -Your data will beautomatically synchronized between them. Soon italso will be ableto work through the website. We ensure the safetyof Your data byusing encryption in combination with othercommunications securitytechnologies, and our servers are located inthe Amazon WebServices data centers in Ireland, providing thehighest level ofsecurity. More information about data protectioncan be found inthe section "Privacy Policy" or on ourwebsite
com.lib.cwmoney 2.952
※※Over 5,000,000 Users,CWMoney the best finance managementsoftwarefor Android, free 、easy to record daily expense,incomemoney.※CWMoney is a Finance Management Software for Android, ThisFreeVersion have almost full function, it's easy to using, if youfeelthis free program help you,please give it good rating onMarket,Itwill keep us update it, thank you. ※If you like it,Upgrade thePro. Version now(special price $3.99 for limitedtime): Q:How toedit/delete account/transaction/balance etc? A: Long tap inthelist to bring up popup menu CWMoney is a personal financemanager.- UI Theme Select - Shortcut,Widget for QuickTrack. -Multipleaccounts - Multiple currency - SupportGPS,Camera,Album,Voice,Calc.- Transfers and Account Exange Rate -Hierarchical categories withcustom attributes - setMonth budgets -Catalog ,SubcatalogAppend/Edit - Filtering and PieChart reporting -Data Export (ExcelXML,CSV ) EX. - Backup Send to Dropbox , Gmail ,FTP... *WARNING*Please DO BACKUP before any upgrade! It is notrecommended to moveCWMoney to SD card. *PERMISSIONS* PHONE STATE -used to forget findback your password. LOCATION - to stamp currentlocation on atransactions, can be switched off in the preferencesINTERNET - forcheck update,and required by Google Maps component toedit/viewlocations CAMERA - to attach pictures to transactions 8.0.2
M.İkbal CAN
Budget tracking, income and expense management are mainfunctionsfor this application. The expense management applicationis anapplication developed to facilitate the tracking ofpersonalexpenses and revenues! You can easily save your expensesandrevenues, view them monthly under certain categories, andeasilymanage your budget.   You can add newcategoriesaccording to your needs.   You can see what youspendmost on the home screen with the pie chart   Theamountyou spend on what day is shown to you in the second graph onthehome screen.  The Accounts section is available for thecardaccounts or contact accounts that you want to followseparately.With accounts, you can follow up your debt or you canfollow thebalance of all your credit cards separately.  You canadd income expense from the main screen withquick income or quickexpense add functions.   You canview all details ofincome and expenses on a monthly basis and addnew income orexpense.   You can send your monthlyexpenses andrevenues via the e-mail buttons at the bottom of theincome andexpense screen. You can also make instant filteringthrough thesearch function on the expense screen.   Youcan keeptrack of your own notes by using the note screen  Youcan enter the spending in installments.  Plan yourmonthly budget from the plan screen  Fromthe report screenyou can see how much money you have spent on amonthly basis, howmuch revenue you have earned, and the totalprofit / loss status. At the end of the month you can followyour report on thereport screen   From the Accountsscreen, you can createaccounts such as current account, contactaccount, bank accountcredit card account and keep track of eachaccount easily via thisapplication.   You can see thedetails of yourexpenditures or the debit accounts you have with thepeople fromthe account movements   In the chat sectionyou can chatabout the 5 main topics.  You can see the graph ofyour incomeand expenses for all records annually. -Take detailedexcel reportwith single key and share it by mail.  With thisapplicationyou will be able to easily track where you spend yourmoney untilthe last penny and easily manage your income andexpenses.   Expense Management, House expense, carexpenses, marketshopping expenses, bank expense, savings, invoiceexpenses, such asthe costs you can save under the categories ofmonthly usagereports.  By seeing all your expenses, you willbe able toeasily manage your budget and control your financialsituation Expense Management, using the income and expensedata yourecorded, reports these expenditures / incomes to you on amonthlybasis and annually generates income and income graphs. Withthis application you can control your money account There area lot of features in this application to improveyour financialsituation.  You can open your account for freeand back upyour data to the cloud.  You can also use the costmanagementapplication in the form of debt collection. You can makemonthlybudget plan and see how you fit your plan on the reportscreen.After using the cost management application for 1 month, youcansee your wasted expenses and make savings and make yoursavingsgoals easier. Come on, follow your expenses!  You canfindvideos related to usage by searching in youtube under thename"Expense management".
Monefy - Money Manager 1.9.7
Aimbity AS
How to track your expenses successfully? We know that it’s easy.Youonly need to add each expense you do… no more than that! AndMonefyis going to help you. Just add new records when you arebuying acoffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one click, becauseyou don’tneed to fill anything except the amount. It has neverbeen so quickand enjoyable! Do you own a phone and a tablet? Oryou want to trackexpenses with your significant other? Monefy fitsthe best. You cansafely synchronize data between all your devices.Create or changerecords, add new categories or delete old ones andthey will bepresent on other devices right away! Key featureswhich maketracking enjoyable and powerful: 1. Intuitive and easyto use userinterface. No redundancy 2. Add new records extremelyfast 3. Handywidgets that could be used on lock screen 4.Multi-currency support5. See your spending distribution on thenice and informative chartor get detailed information from therecords list 6. Managecategories if defaults do not work for you7. Be safely synchronizedusing your own Google Drive or Dropboxaccount 8. Backup and exportdata in one click 9. Use budget mode10. Passcode protection 11.Multiple accounts support 12. Built-incalculator Supportedlanguages: English, Español, Deutsch,Français, Українська, 한국어,Ελληνικά, Русский, Português, Türkçe,İtaliano, Polski, Norsk,中文(繁體), 中文(简体), Română, Hrvatski Find moreinformation on ourwebsite - Facebook-
Fudget: Budget and expense tracking app 1.8.4
Danny Connell
Join over 1 million people who manage their personal finance&save money hassle-free with Fudget. Fudget is the budget appyoucan actually use. Download now for all your budget andexpensetracking needs! PRESS: “Fudget takes the stress out ofmoneymanagement” — Engadget “Fudget is good for trackingshort-termbudgets for the holidays, vacation or for trackingworkexpenses...” — Forbes “Fudget is an ideal app for anyone whowantsto keep track of their expenses in a concise, simple andefficientmanner, free from the clutter of other budgeting apps ...”— CUSTOMER REVIEWS: "The best budget app ever!!★★★★★Easiest way for saving money & most convenient way for metoorganise my finances & family!!" "Fab budgeting app ★★★★★Lovethis! Have tried lots of budget app but this is the best. Sosimpleto use and the most accurate for budgeting. Has nice featuressuchas rolling over direct debits for the next month.""Brilliantexpenditure app ★★★★★ This is brilliant. I can keep myfinancialrecords as I go then export them to other record keepersat aconvenient time." "Amazing best budget app I ever got ★★★★★This isthe best app I ever got if u want to budget and do itwithouthassle, get this!! Works well and I can actually see what Icanwork with every month" "Finally a budget planner I can savemoneywith!! ★★★★★ Finally a budget app that lets you manageyourexpenses based on how you're getting paid (weekly, fortnightlyormonthly)..I like how minimalist & functional it is...keeponthe good work!" FEATURES: ✔ Much simpler than otherpersonalfinance apps. You don't need a money management degree touse thisbudget and expense tracking app! ✔ Create simple lists ofincome& expenditure items - you can always see your balance atthebottom, along with your total expenses and income. Saving moneyhasnever been easier! ✔ Learn the interface in seconds - finallyabudget and expense tracking app that's actually easy to use✔One-tap adding & editing - a single tap to add/editanexpenditure or income item. Much faster budgeting than other apps-save money on the go ✔ Tap star on an income or expense torepeatit on future budgets - this budget planner makes recurringexpenseseffortless! ✔ No time constraints - use it monthly, weeklyorhowever you like to save money - Fudget gives you flexiblebudgetand expense tracking ✔ Drag to reorder income andexpenditureitems. Keep your budgeting organised ✔ Optional datecolumn ✔ Markan expenditure / income item as "paid" - optionallyview thebalance of only Paid items ✔ Choice of currency symbols -forbudgeting wherever you are ✔ Passcode lock & login. Keepyourpersonal finance information secure ✔ Universal app - installthisbudget planner on phone or tablet. Planning your personalfinance& saving money has never been so simple PRO FEATURES(requirepurchase); ✔ Dropbox Save & Restore - easily sync/shareyourbudgets with yourself across your devices or even with a lovedone.Save your personal finance data securely to Dropbox andrestorelater to any device. Money management from wherever you are✔Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes forpersonalisedbudget and expense tracking ✔ Calculator - quicklycalculate values(addition, subtraction, multiplication &division) and insertinto your budget planner ✔ Export CSV - exportany budget to a .csvfile and open in your spreadsheet software ✔Remove ads -distraction-free money management MORE INFO After overhalf amillion downloads on iOS, Fudget is now available on Androidtoempower your money management - saving money without the hassle.Ithas been featured by hugely popular websites (Engadget andForbes)and received countless 5 star customer reviews. The mainthingcustomers tend to say is that this budget planner is fareasier touse & save money with than other apps. It's free, sowhy notgive it a try? Download Fudget now and make saving moneyeasy!
com.finperssaver 2.15.2
Finance PM - The main goal of this application is to helpuserscontrol money quickly and easily. As a rule, money ends at themostinappropriate moment, and then it is very difficult toremember:where and when you spent a rather large sum. It isdifficult tounderstand, how much money left your pocket for health,education,entertainment, etc. It is more difficult to save a largesum for avacation or to buy a house. This application will help youtomanage your expenses and reduce them. You will be able tocontrolany quantity of wallets and accounts in different currenciesusingpersonal financial manager. You will be able to save up moneyforany of your dreams. We recommend to create limits (budget)onexpenses for a month/day/any period. It will allow youtounderstand the difference between the actual and plannedexpenses.If you keep within a limit then you will control yourmoney flowscompletely. Finance PM is your personal budget plannerin yourpocket, personal financial manager in your Android phone oratablet. What will the user receive, after downloadingthisapplication? - Unlimited attention to your wishesandrecommendations - Convenient and functional interface -Reliablesupport ... and also: - Management of any quantity ofaccounts -Opportunity to add, edit and delete operations onwallets: income,expenses, transfers - Editable tree of categories,adjusts it foryourself (!) - Opportunity to add new currencies -Opportunity toadjust periodical (recurring) operations - Theapplication will beprecise on how much money you owe or somebodyowes you - Protectionof your personal information by password -Possibility tosynchronize data on several devices - Possibility tocreatetemplates operations - Import and export data - Export datato XLSOur money management application will satisfy all yourneeds!Finance PM is your personal money savior. If you like ourfinanceand expense management app, please don't forget to leave usapositive feedback! 5.4.19
Walnut is the best money manager app to automatically andsecurelytrack your monthly spends. Stay within budget, pay bills ontimeand SAVE more every month. Find out how much you spend onfood,shopping, groceries, etc. and how you are saving month onmonth.Walnut Prime = No tension! Keep using the app to get eligiblefor'Walnut Prime' - Instant line of credit for your purchases,largebills and any emergency. How does the app work? Simple,Walnutanalyses your SMS inbox on phone and detects importantinformationlike your spends, bills and even your train tickets.FEATURES ✅Take control of your MONEY and SAVE - 'What', 'How' &'Where'of your spends ✅ Keep an eye on credit card dues - nomoresurprises at end of month! ✅ SPLIT expenses with friends -Theslickest bill split experience! ✅ TRANSFER MONEY using BHIM UPI-direct bank to bank money transfer, no more money stuck inwallets.✅ Find ATMs with Cash near you in real-time ✅ Bank andcredit carddues at a GLANCE ✅ EXPORT your data and generate expensereports ✅Check BANK BALANCES ✅ 40+ Banks and cards supported (Indiaonly)AND MORE.. ✅ Keep track of train, taxi, movie bookings andmore ✅Make your own custom categories to track expenses and quicklyaddcash spent too ✅ Add notes, tags and bill/receipt photostotransactions ✅ Easily search for expenses, tags or notes ✅Lookupinformation on places you visit and share with friends andsocialnetworks ✅ Walnut does not read your personal SMSs or uploadanysensitive data, see for moredetails ✅Report your bank, card or any interesting messages rightfromwithin the app! We will quickly add support for these WhyWalnutneeds the following permissions: * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE&READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Explanation: Required for the GoogleMapsfunctionality to show the Active ATMs on a Map * READ_SMS&RECEIVE_SMS Explanation: This is at the heart of theautomatedexpense manager, we automatically figure out the expensesfrom BankSMSs that are received by the customer *ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONExplanation: Required for auto-categorisationof your spends and toshow you your spends & ATM location map *READ_CONTACTS(Optional for Android O and above) Explanation:Required beforeAndroid O to fetch your email to login into app.Optionally, youcan grant this permission if you use bill splits andpaymentsfeature. * SEND_SMS & READ_PHONE_STATE Explanation:Requiredfor phone number verification for BHIM UPI.
AndroMoney ( Expense Track ) 3.9.25
[The one of best tools for keeping accounts, efficientlytrackingeach expense report] [ Support Web, iOS and Android ]web: Thanks for recommendation of ShadyAlAref Bellah : a personal finance tool for use on your mobile phone.By usingthis tool, we hope you can better manage your wealth. Wefocus on:1.Ease of use: keep it intuitive to operate2.Powerful:dailyaccounting, managing categories, or even drawingdetail reports,AndroMoney can easily manage it. As this App's namesuggests, wehope AndroMoney will be the best personal finance toolon Android!If you have any problems about how to use it or ideasabout how toimprove it, feel free to email us. We appreciate yourfeedback!features - Multiple accounts and support account balance&account transfer - Cloud Storage (Dropbox , Google Docs) -SYNCwith other devices - Any currency with downloadable rates -Numberpad with calculation - Hierarchical categories withcustomattributes - Simple/ Detail / Custom Budgets - Trend, Pie andBarcharts for Expense and Cash Flow - Password Protection -Overviewyour expense and income summary - Back up data to Excel/Mac Number*Recommended by Manageyour expense and money easily !If you have problem please e-mailto us! ( We can't reply you ongoogle play...) Thank you! Special thank toMario Lüthy forGerman translation. Mike Kazonis for Greektranslation. Jean Mariefor French translation. Елена Трифонова forRussia translation.Alessio Salerno and Carlo Pite for Italiantranslation.
Money Manager Expense & Budget 4.2.6 FO
Realbyte Inc.
Money Manager - the #1 financial planning, review, expensetracking,and personal asset management app for Android! MoneyManager makesmanaging personal finances as easy as pie! Now easilyrecord yourpersonal and business financial transactions, generatespendingreports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financialdata andmanage your assets with Money Manager's spending trackerand budgetplanner. * Applying double entry bookkeeping accountingsystem MoneyManager facilitates efficient asset management andaccounting. Itdoes not just record your money coming in and out ofyour accountbut deposits your money into your account as soon asyour income isinput and draws money from your account as soon asyour expense isinput. * Budget and expense management functionMoney Manager showsyour budget and expenses by a graph so you cansee the amount ofyour expense against your budget quickly and makesuitable financialinferences * Credit / Debit Card managementfunction Entering asettlement date, you can see the payment amountand outstandingpayment at the asset tab. You can arrange theautomatic debit bysimply connecting your debit card with youraccount. * Passcode Youcan check passcode so you can safely manageyour financial reviewaccount book with Money Manager * Transfer,direct debit andrecurrence function Transfer between assets ispossible, which makesyour personal and business asset managementmore efficient. Inaddition, you can manage you a salary,insurance, term deposit andloan more easily by setting automatictransfer and recurrence. *Instant statistics Based on the dataentered, you can instantly seeyour expense by category and changesbetween each month. And you cansee the change of your assets andincome/expense indicated by agraph as well. * Bookmark functionYou can easily input yourfrequent expenses all at once bybookmarking them. * Backup /Restore You can make and view backupfiles in Excel file andbackup/restore is possible. * Otherfunctions - Change of startingdate - Calculator function (Amount> upper right button) - SubCategory ON-OFF function * Paidversion * - No Ads. - UnlimitedAssets (In the free version,limited to 10.) - Edit PC( You canview ‘“Money Manager”application using Wi-Fi. You can edit andsort the data by date,category or account group on the screen ofyour PC. In addition, youcan see fluctuations of your accountsindicated on graphs on yourPC. So, what are you waiting for?Download Money Money right now andstart managing, tracking, andplanning your budget, expenses andpersonal finances!
Expense Manager
Looking for an expense and budget tool? Stop searching.ExpenseManager is simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich appthat isjust designed for you. Everything you need at yourfingertips tomanage the expenditures, checkbook and budgets. 100%FREE – fullfeatures, no hidden charges or in-app purchases byBishinews, a toprated developer by Google. Expense Tracking •Tracking expenses andincomes • Split Transaction - Record all itemsin a singletransaction with different category and amount •Recurring expenseand income • Multiple accounts • Taking a pictureof receipt •Tracking tax • Tracking mileage • Tracking debts •Credit Card •Credit Card and bank SMS message parsing • Write,Print, and EmailChecks Budget and Bill Organizing • Organizingbills by week, monthand year as well as by categories • Schedulethe payments andrecurring payments • Payment alerts • Daily,weekly, monthly, andyearly budget with progress bar • Daily,weekly, monthly, andyearly summary • Calendar view for expense andincome • Calendarbudget forecasting Search and Report • Search bycategory,subcategory, payee/payer, payment method, status,description, tag,etc. • Reports in HTML, CSV, Excel and PDF •Import and exportaccount activities • Charts by category,subcategory, payee/payer,payment method, status, description, tag,date etc. • Email reportfor print Backup and Sync • Automaticbackup on Dropbox, GoogleDrive and SD Card • Automatic sync betweendevices via DropboxConnect to PC via Network • View all accounts onone page in biggerscreen • Do your regular work such as addexpense/income, editSettings, view charts etc. • Add multipleexpense or income records• Backup data and restore data on PCConvenient tools • Currencyconverter • Regular calculator • Tipcalculator • Loan calculator •Credit card payoff calculator •Interest calculator • Note •Shopping list Customization • User caneasily customize backgroundcolor, action bar color and buttoncolor. • Customizing date format• Customizing category andsubcategory • Payment method,payee/payer, Tags, income category andstatus can be entered orupdated by user • Multiple currenciessupport Languages • English •German • French • Spanish • Portuguese• Russian • Italian •Turkish • Indonesian • Chinese (Simplified) •Chinese (Traditional)Others • Widgets: overview, summary, budget,calculator, quick addetc. • PIN protection • No registration andinternet access arerequired. • Active developer support No otherapp can beat us onfeatures. It's all free. PERMISSIONS EXPLANATION:• Storage: backupdata in sdcard and external storage. Save purchasereceipt insdcard and external storage. • GET_ACCOUNTS: back up dataon GoogleDrive. • SMS: Parse SMS message from your credit card andbank andsave it automatically in the app. If you don't use thisfeature, goto phone Settings/Apps/Expense Manager/Permissions toswitch offSMS permission on phones with Android 6 and up.•ACCESS_WiFi_STATE: This permission allows PC connection viaWiFi.If you don't need to use this app on a PC browser, you candisablethis permission. All data save on your phone or yourpersonal cloudaccount. Nobody but you can access your account.Thanks for thehelp from: Emilio Blanco for Spanish translation.Christian Glassand Manuel Gruber for German translation. MichelGraciano, Gustavode Freitas Leite and Ricardo Gomes for PortuguesetranslationCerrato Renaud for French translation Key words: ExpenseManager,Budgeting Tools, Financial Planning, Expense Tracker,MoneyManager, Money Tracker, Budget Tracker, Spending Tracker,BudgetManager, Budget Planner, Checkbook, Finance Manager, DailyExpense,Home Budget Please email question and feature requestdirectly todeveloper at We actively supportusers.
Toshl Finance - Personal Budget & Expense Tracker 3.3.6
Toshl Inc.
Track all your credit cards, bank accounts and cash in oneplace.Toshl Finance helps more than 2 million people keep track oftheirpersonal finances. Know your finances. Have fun! "Of all theappsfor monitoring spending, one of the hardest to beat isToshlFinance.” - New York Times "Now I know where my moneyisdisappearing to, thanks to Toshl...” - BBC Winner of TheEuropaaward for Best Commerce, Finance or Payments Startup Easydataentry - automatically connect over 13 000 different bankaccounts,credit cards or financial services in the United Statesand aroundthe world. Available connection include; Chase, Bank ofAmerica(BofA), Capital One, Charles Schwab (SCHW), Citi, HSBCnet,PNC,SunTrust, TD Bank, US Bank, Wells Fargo, PayPal,Wealthfront,Betterment, Coinbase, Bitstamp and others. - quick& easymanual expense entry in only 4 taps. Tip calculatorincluded. - useany currency. Almost 200 currencies with alwaysfresh exchangerates are supported, including 30 cryptocurrencies. -add rich datato entries: multiple tags, financial account,location,description, repeats, bill reminders with notifications,photos.Photos are great for keeping receipts, warranty info andexpensereporting. - import data from your online bank files (CSV,Excel,QIF, QFX, OFX etc.) in the web app Useful graphs -bigpicture overview of how your money flows each month - how muchyouhave left to spend this month while maintaining your budgetgoals -pie charts, bubble graphs, expense locations map Budgets -budgetsfor all expenses or filtered by categories, tags or accounts-budget for any time period - optional rollover to the nextbudgetperiod - notifications warn you when you approach yourbudgetlimits Sync with multiple mobile devices - use on anunlimitednumber of devices, on multiple mobile platforms - yourdataautomatically syncs to all devices and the web app -automaticbackup, data is safe even if you lose your device Syncswith web app - open on your laptop, desktopcomputeror tablet and use Toshl in comfort on a large screen-automatically synced with mobile app - extensivedatavisualisations with month-over-month comparisons and filteringbycategory, tag, location Toshl Pro & Toshl Medici You canusemost Toshl Finance features for free forever. We offer2subscription plans which unlock more advanced features. Free -2financial accounts, 2 budgets Pro - unlimited financialaccounts,unlimited budgets, save receipt photos with expenses,repeatexpenses, set bill reminders, unlock with fingerprint -$2.99/monthor $19.99/year Medici - automatically import data fromyour bank,credit card or other financial service. Also includes allToshl Profeatures. $4.99/month or $39.99/year Subscription to ToshlPro orToshl Medici will renew automatically unless cancelled atleast 24hours before the renewal in the Google Play app. Privacypolicy Terms ofService
Fortune City - A Finance App 3.1.2
Track your spending, grow a city! Fortune City gamifiesbookkeepingwith a fun city simulation game. Record your expenses,and watch asyour city flourishes into a beautiful metropolis. Pickup goodbudgeting habits as you track income and expenses, so youcan growyour personal fortune into a prosperouscity!-------------------------------------------- ◈ Have FunWhileTracking Expenses ◈-------------------------------------------- *Gamification gets youhooked on recording expenses so you can buildgood habits whilewatching your city develop and grow. * Simpletaps allow you toeasily track your spending and categorizetransactions. * Join Cashythe Cat, Fortune City’s Chief FinancialOfficer, and together expandyour city into a flourishingmetropolis!-------------------------------------------- ◈ AnalyzeExpenses at aGlance ◈ --------------------------------------------*Easy to useinterface lets you check income and expenses at aglance. *Piecharts and bar charts allow you to quickly understandyour personalspending habits. *Weekly, monthly, and seasonaltrends are displayedclearly for both long and short-term budgetingand goal-setting.-------------------------------------------- ◈Create Your OwnMetropolis ◈-------------------------------------------- *Build ityour way!Choose from over 100 different styles of buildings,uniquetransportation options, and friendly citizens to inhabit yourtown.*Invite other citizens to join your beautiful city. Thehappierthey are, the more prosperous your city will become!*Compete withfriends to see who can develop the most prosperouscity! Watch yourranking increase as your city flourishes. Butwait... there’s more!Special surprises for daily users Automaticcloud syncing so youdon’t have to worry about manual backupsPassword protection keepsyour personal data safe Fortune Cityrequests access to “Location”to enable "Smart Note”, which suggestsrecording notes based onyour behaviors and locations to allowefficient expense tracking.For other permissions, Please visit oursupport page: Anyproblems orsuggestions? Reach out to our support We’d love to hear from you. Find usonFacebook: Or visit ourwebsite: Privacy Policy and Terms ofService:
Money Lover: Money Manager, Budget Expense Tracker
★ Best of 2017 Android App ★ Google Top Developer ★ Editors'ChoiceApp since 2016 Money Lover was developed by a group ofmillennialsto first solve their personal finance issues. Afterearning andspending almost all of our first salaries, we realizedthat thereneeded to be a convenient tool to see where our money wasgoing andhow we can spend it better. Thus Money Lover was born -made byyoung professionals and for young professionals. KEYFEATURES ✔Money Manager: Track expenses and incomes by categories(food,fuel, etc.). ✔ Budget Planner: Set a limit on how much tospend ina category; get alerted when close to limit. ✔ Goal Wallet:Set asaving goal; automatically update your balances as youprogresstowards your goal ✔ Reporting: Financial reports give youoverviewof your spending, income by date or group. ✔ Linked Wallet:Connectwith bank accounts and get automatic bank feed. Security:Dataencrypted by RSA-1024 bit; support PIN code & Fingerprinttounlock. ✔ Credit Wallet: Manage credit cards and get remindedwhenrepayments are due Note: We support 17 countries. Please gotoConnect to bank and check the availability. With Premiumaccount,you have: ✔ Unlimited number of budgets, savings, wallets,events.✔ Export to CSV, Excel ✔ Picture attachment ✔ Ad-free--Clarification for Access Permissions: - NetworkCommunication(Internet Access) is for syncing data and gettingmoney exchangerate. - Social Information (Read Contact) is forsuggesting “WithWho” to tag your people in your contact list. -Your Location isfor identifying your location of the transaction. -Storage (modifyor delete contents on your USB storage) is forcreating and storingbackup data to the USB storage.
KeepFinance helps you easily and conveniently keep track ofyourfinances. You will always know exactly how much, what and whenyouspent money, how much you managed to save, met or not inyourbudget, control loans and deposits. KeepFinance will allow youto:- Quickly add costs, revenues, make money transfers - Setthemonthly budget for each expense category, monitortheimplementation of the plan - See your current balance,accounts,transactions, current expenses - Do not forget to make amandatorypayment - Parse SMS from banks to categorize operationsintoexpense categories Features: - Accounts (ordinary, loans,deposits)- Adding costs and incomes to different categories -Paymenttemplates (quickly make frequent purchases and payments)-Reminders (set up periodic payments, and KeepFinance willnotforget about them) - Transfers between accounts - List ofalloperations (possibility to change, repeat, cancel operation)-Display of the current balance (how many total and separatelyforthe accounts) - Display of the indicator "Before the salary"(youwill know when to expect the next income) - Deposit-piggybank(save on what you want) - Budget planning for eachexpenditurecategory (follow the plan) - Using labels for all typesofoperations - SMS recognition from any bank - automatic recordingoftransactions - Multicurrency (support for different currenciesformaintaining accounts, payments, currency converter) -Multipleaccounts (lead several accounts at once, for example, forhome andbusiness) - Reports of expenses and incomes by categories,per day,week, month, arbitrary period - Balance summary,accumulationstatistics - Selecting the base currency and thereporting day -Backup - Password protection (password lifetime) -Export to CSV -Calculator ** ATTENTION: The main page displaysinformation for thecurrent reporting month. When the new reportingperiod starts (youwill see a message), the information on the mainwill be updated,it may seem that you lost the data. This is nottrue: the balancewill be up-to-date, and the summary of revenuesand expenses willbe reset, A new period has begun. In reports, youcan see the wholehistory for the current and past months. On the"All transactions"tab, you will also find all the transactions forthe past months.
Fast Budget - Expense & Money Manager
Keep your personal or family finances easily under control withFastBudget. You can check your daily expenses and improve yoursavings.Visualize the flow of your money at a glance with thefullycustomizable Overview page. In Fast Budget, you have manytools formanaging your money better, like various types of chartsor a usefulcalendar. It is possible to synchronize up to fivedevices. FastBudget - Expense Manager features: OVERVIEW Theapplication includesa customizable overview page to see all theimportant information ata glance. ACCOUNTS AND CREDIT CARDS Createand modify your accountsas you like. There are two account types:normal and hidden. Thehidden accounts can be very useful fortracking small businesses orhobbies. Use the graphs of eachaccount to check the progress ofcapital on a daily, weekly ormonthly basis. In addition, there isan entire section for creditcards. Both accounts that credit cardscan be used in more than 90different currencies. CATEGORIES Manageyour daily expenses andincome as you wish. You can create as manycategories as you want,edit existing ones or rearrange them, tohave the most used on topof the list. TRANSACTIONS Insert yourrevenues and outgoings in aneasy and fast way. There are varioustools within this budgetmanager to speed up the insertion of atransaction: • Scheduledearnings and expenditures. • Transactiontemplates. • Defaultaccount for your profits and costs. • Twowidgets to accelerate thecreation of an operation. SCHEDULEDTRANSACTIONS Schedule yourincome or expenses to recur over time. Itis possible to set up areminder that notifies you when thetransaction is due. BUDGETSCreate custom budgets to always know howmuch money you still haveavailable. Budgets are divided by categoryand you can choose theduration they run for. You can also selectmore than one categoryfor each budget. CHARTS Control your financeswith differentgraphs: show and compare expenses and earnings toknow where tosave money. CALENDAR Keep an eye on your profits andcosts day byday, so you always know how much, when and where you’respending.You can also see the payments scheduled for the followingdays.OTHER • Synchronize up to five devices. • Export your data inPDF,CSV and XLS (Excel) format. • Handle debts and credits. •Darkmode. • Automatic backup in Dropbox to avoid data loss. •Protectyour data with a passcode. • Reminder to not forget toinsert yourdaily transactions. Some features are not available inthe freeversion. Check your personal, family or business financesnow withthis budget planner. Contact the developer of Fast Budget -ExpenseManagement via email for any problem
Monthly Budget Planner & Daily Expense Tracker 6.2.1
Download iSaveMoney for FREE and start take control of yourpersonalfinance and monthly budget. iSaveMoney is the ultimateFREE budgetapp to track spending and expenses. iSaveMoney is apowerful budgetmaker and expense tracker for everyone. This is avery powerfulfinance software while user friendly so that everyonecan use ourapp with ease. iSaveMoney has a lot of features andfunctions thatwill help you to plan your budget, record yourtransactions, andforecast your budget. If you have decided to takecontrol of yourfinancial situation you will need a powerfulfinance software thatwill let you create monthly budget, trackspending, and present thedata to you in a way that will allow youto have insights about yourhabit and know how to manage your moneybetter. iSaveMoney providesyou with all of the necessary functionsand you can get it for free.With just a touch of your finger youcan access the corefunctionalities of this budget app such addingincome, expenseaccount, and category. Here are some iSaveMoney TOPfeatures thatmake it such a powerful budgeting tool: ★ Userfriendly andintuitive navigation. ★ Powerful built in speechrecognition. ★Autocomplete function based on your previousentries. ★ Built incalculator to calculate your income andexpense. ★ Built in budgetmaker templates of categories to createa new monthly budget. ★Create your own budget planner templates.You can create as manytemplates as you want. ★ Help calculatingyour debt and saving basedon your income and expense information.★ Budget forecast.iSaveMoney will create a six month forecastsbased on your previoustransactions to see how you spend your moneyso far. ★ Dailytransactions monitoring. iSaveMoney will display abar chart thatshows the variation of the daily total expense. ★Manage youraccount expense better with Automatic Draft paymentfunction. Thispowerful expense tracker function will allow you toplan your daily,weekly, monthly or yearly recurring transactions.★ Export your datain CSV format to your Dropbox or Google Driveaccount. ★ iSaveMoneyautomatically backup your data to the cloudand restore it. Theseare just a few features you will get when youuse iSaveMoney as yourgo to budgeting tool. As a powerful spendingtracker, iSaveMoney hasmany more features that are very userfriendly. You can see and addnew transaction from one page.Whenever you insert an expensetransaction, this budget app willdisplay the fields which you fillthe data such as the transactionsamount and payee. There are manypeople who spend more than theyearn. They have problems with debtand not enough saving. Theydon’t track spending and they don’t plantheir monthly budgetbetter. There are a lot of transactions theyforget because theydon’t use expense tracker. They don’t know howto live off theirincome in responsible way. It is a path to afinancial disasterthat will land them in trouble in the future.Managing personalfinance is not easy with so many things we spendmoney on everyday. Sometimes we are not conscious on how much weare spendingmoney on things that are not important. We often wonderwhy ourincome is never enough. It is time to take back control ofourspending. Use iSaveMoney as your budget tracker and you canalsoplan your budget using our budget planner, and forecastyourexpense for the next 6 months based on your previous spendingmoneyhabit. iSaveMoney is very user friendly to everyone so youdon’tneed to worry you can’t use this it. This budget app is areallypowerful spending tracker for people who are concerned abouthowthey spend their money. This finance software will help youmanageyour saving and debt so that you will be responsible infinancialmatter and avoid unnecessary expense that will causeproblems inyour life. iSaveMoney your personal accounting software.
Expense Manager 6.80
Need an expense manager and budget planner to control yourmoney?HandWallet Expense Manager is a free, simple, intuitive andyetprofessional financial app to control spending, plan budget,trackexpense and income and avoid over-draft. • FREE •Unlimitedexpenses / expenditures • Tips to save money • Morefeatures thanany other expense manager app : Mint, Daily money,Daily expensemanager, Spending money and others • Manage your cashflow,checking, credit cards, e-wallet or giftcard expenses •Interactivegraphical charts of your expense and income • Voicerecognition!Record your expense without typing ( Expense TrackerRecorder ) •Save you time: more than 100 built in categories andsub categories(Food, Health, Transportation etc) • Multiple bankaccounts, cashand credit cards • Multiple currencies. exchangerates manager -automatically online exchange rates • Money manager- travel abroadand manage all expense in your home currency! • Canlink eachtransaction to categories (what is the expense ?),location (wheredid this expense took place?), persons (who did theexpense ?) orprojects (to what activity this expense is related?) •Budgeter -Plan budget for each category, person or project • Letyou attachimages, documents or voice memo • EXCLUSIVE! Paymentmanager andcredit card manager - calculate the exact payments inyour creditcard according to your "grace period" and "due day". Youwill neverbe surprised again • EXCLUSIVE! Loans manager - calculatetheinterest and linkage on your mortgage or loans •EXCLUSIVE!Consumption manager - manage your expense by consumption.If youpay for something for the whole year show in the chart onlytherelevant part for each month! • Personal accountant. Businessuserscan track invoices, receipts, delivery notes and VAT •Businessusers can manage different worlds: one for their businessand onefor their home • Personal finance management: personal /familycalculator. Cash control • Cash reports / income reports •Manageexpense anytime anywhere - internet connection not required•Advanced search options to find a transaction bill invoiceorexpenditure • Backup & restore of your expenses • Onlinehelpwithin the app • Fast, reliable & secured. PasswordprotectionWhy to use an expense manager / expense tracker ?Tracking expensesand personal finance on a daily basis will giveyou control of yourfinancial life, help you to be organized and paybills, save youmoney and give you a better chance to discover yourfull financialpotential. Why to use HandWallet Expense Manager ?Because it's thebest expense manager app. And because we arecreating expensemanager and personal finance accounting softwarefor 10 years andknow exactly why most people want to manage expensebut only fewsucceed. How to start ? Download the expense managerapp for free.Verify that your language, country and currency arecorrect. Thenpress the plus button and log your first expense /income. Trackexpenditures and revenue on a daily basis. How tomanage accounts ?Hand Wallet will create 3 default accounts: cash,bank account andcredit card. You can later change the names ofthese accounts bypressing the "Accounts" tab, for example HSBC,Barclays,Visa orelectronic wallet. How to manage budget ? Press themenu and thencategories. Select your category, for example " carexpense ". Editthe budget and select the type of budget: fixedbudget, summarizedbudget, mix budget and so on. You can define adifferent budget foreach period. How to see a bar or pie graph ofyour expense ? Pressthe "analyst" tab. Then select the category,for example " carexpense ". You can switch between expenses andbudget by using theicon at the right. More add-ons to expensemanager : Downloadbudget and budget widget, accounting widget,personal financelocation and bank SMS to add more features toHandWallet ExpenseManager
Bills Reminder, Budget & Expense Manager App 1.7.1
Fastest Growing Money Manager App Never miss bills and duedateswith Free TimelyBills App, which helps you pay your bills ontime,and avoid paying extra money towards late payment fee,UseTimelyBills App to track your income & expenses, and savemore.TimelyBills App is completely free with full version. Not atrialApp. FIVE AMAZING FEATURES: ➢ Manage your Bills and never paylatefee again. ➢ Manage your Income & Expenses and save more.➢Manage your Budget and receive alerts for over spending. ➢Usefulreports to give you actual view of your money & spendings📊📈. ➢Backup app data to your Google Drive account. ➢ Sync dataacrossall your devices. MORE FEATURES ➢ Automatic reminders forUpcomingand Overdue bills. ➢ Bills calendar widget for home screento showbills for current week. ➢ Monthly view of your spendingtrends. ➢Category wise spending trends to see how you spend over aperiod,isn't it cool. ➢ Consolidated expense report for month andyearlybasis. ➢ Generate Account statement as an Excel sheet. ➢Attachbill receipts with expenses for future reference. ➢ Supportforworldwide currencies. For more details visitus App requires following permissionsforbest user experience: WRITE/READ STORAGE (USB or EXTERNAL)→Required for local backup/restore of app data. INTERNET ACCESS→Required for Google Drive backup and online bill paymentfeature.START AT BOOT → Required to configure and displayappnotifications. App categories: Personal finance app, MoneyManager,Expense Manager, Income Manager, Budget Manager, MoneyTracker,Bills reminder free, Bills reminder app free, Bill paymentappfree, Bills organizer app free, Bills manager app free,Billreminder app free, Bills tracker app free, Bill payment trackerappfree, Bill reminder scheduler
Splitify - Split bills Manage Group Expenses 6.1
Splitify is best to Split bills share Expenses. It helps youtrackdaily records of your expense activities as daily expensesmanager.It helps you split the bills, share bills, track dailyexpenses,personal expenses, group expenses, travel expenses, workexpenses,and IOUs. Still making a mess of figuring out who oweswhat withnotebooks, Excel sheets and mind calculations? Don't splithairover money, instead, split bills with friends androommatesefficiently. “Let’s Split” just got easier. Let’sSPLITIFY! Weunderstand that splitting group expenses can beexhausting. Whichis why Splitify's expense tracker makes it easyfor you to act asthe official group expense manager and track themoney you spent ona dinner party with friends. Maintaining yourbudget and dailyexpenses were never so exciting and quick! KeyFeatures: • Create anew group activity, with one or more admin •Get approval for anynew addition or deletion of spends • Captureyour bill and uploadit to the activity • Receive push notificationson each activityand expense created • Email the expenses report inPDF format •Phone contacts get synced instantly • Add image to yourprofile •Add image to group activity • Forum activity with fineoptions LoveSplitify? Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: Follow us onInstagram:
Expense tracker is a best budget planner app. All of thesefeaturesis absolutely free. ☆ Main Modules ✓ Expense Manager ✓ BuyList /Shopping List ✓ Debt List / Debt Tracker ☆ Main features ✓CreateUnlimited category using modern icons ✓ Create Payment withlots ofoptions → Add Narrative → Add Hash Tag → Add Receipt Image →AddCategory ✓ Create Template for quick payment ✓ Create Budgetforsaving money. ✓ Create Unlimited Accounts withdifferentcategories, currencies, budgets, templates and etc. ✓Available allcurrencies ✓ Available in 6 language → English →Turkish →Azerbaijani → Russian → Deutsche → Chinese ✓ Export toExcel ✓Dynamic Reports ✓ App Lock ✓ Backup/Restore ✓ Auto Backup ✓ExpenseReminder ✓ Invite friend for removing ads ✓ CreditCalculator ►Required permissions → WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Forexpense writingFAQ What is a template? The template is tool whichwill help youadd standard periodic payments in one click. Thetemplate isincluded once (can be edited), and each time it isenough just toclick on the Payment button. What is Budget? It isthe amount whichyou can spend from your monthly income to certaincategory. If youspend more than 70% of the amount the yellowcolour, If you spendmore than 90% of the amount the red colourappears. Why do you needto create an additional account? To controla few "pockets".Example: You can record your money on a card in oneaccount, cashin another. Can I register my money in differentcurrency types?When you create an account, you can choosecompatible currency fromthe currency list. Only one currency can beregistered on eachaccount. The application supports all currencytypes (AZN, USD,GBP, etc.). How is the balance calculated? Thebalance is thedifference between revenue and expense for a choosenperiod oftime. Why do we need Hashtags (#)? Example: You havecreated aClothing category. When you buy clothing to your familymemebers,you can add this expense with #daugther, #wife hashtags,and thenyou can filter expenses by these hastags. Where does thepaymentstake place in the application which has not chosencategory? If acategory is not specified while adding a payment, itwill be addedunder Uncategorized. These payments can be viewed fromthe leftmenu or in the report section under the uncategorizedcategory. CanI view data in excell file? Yes. You can export thedata to theExcell file by clicking the "Export" button, and thenyou can sendit to your mailbox, or save it in another folder. Howcan I viewlast month's data? In the report section, click thefilter button.So you can choose a category filter, date filter(also you choosethem simultaneously) in this section. In the datefilter, it ispossible to mark the period that the user needs or touse templatedate filters. Expense Manager is a money app as abudget planner.Best free tracker app. You can use multi account inone app. Createnew records using template payment. Track expensesin any periodusing filters. Expenses tracker app will remind youwhen you willforgot about expenses. Using Expense Manager you canattach photoof receipt or filter by expense receipt photo.
cz.destil.settleup 10.0.971
Step Up Labs
Settle Up keeps track of your gang’s expenses and IOUs – greatfortravellers, flatmates, couples and others. It shows who shouldpaynext to keep the balance. It also calculates how you shouldsettleat the end of the trip and minimizes the number of transfers.Allexpenses are backed up and synced across the group so eachmembercan see them. This app will help you settle the debts andtheemotions. Key features: 📱 Multi-platform: Android, iOS,Windows,and web 📶 Works offline 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Covers many use-cases (evensplit,split by weights, multiple people paid, incomes etc.) 🔗 Easygroupsharing via a link or to nearby devices 💱 Many currenciesandexchange rates 👥 No need for every group member to download theapp📊 Member statistics & transactions filter 🔔 Notificationsaboutchanges and history ➡️ Email and CSV export 🔒 Read-only access🔳Widget & shortcuts for quick expenses 🌐 Translated tomanylanguages 💐 Focus on a great design and user experience Theapp'sPremium plan includes: 🚫 No ads 📷 Adding receipt photos🏷️Categories 🔁 Recurring transactions 🌈 Extra colors of groups
Hysab Kytab: Track your Expense, Account & Budget 2.3.76
Do you feel that your money doesn’t linger with you? Or youfeelmoney management is an enigma that you can’t solve. Hysab Kytabisyour ultimate savior. It’s a multi-dimensional app. itrecord,track, and prepares monthly budgets to keep your financesup. Itcan be your expense tracker, budget manager and savingplanner.Hysab Kytab covers all areas of personal finance. “HysabKytab -Budgeting, Expense & Savings Tracker” works as ajunction forall of your personal financing activities. Hysab Kytabis acomplete package that keeps all of your finances at one place.Itdevelops a simple understanding of spending pattern andmoneybehavior. A user friendly app that allows you to add andoverseeall of your daily financial activities. With Hysab Kytab youcaneasily curb your finances. “Hysab Kytab - Budgeting, Expense&Savings Tracker” lets you keep a track of your regularpersonalexpenses and also helps you view report for your spendingpatternwith different breakdowns. You can view charts to analyzeyourspending pattern and reduce your spending. “Hysab Kytab:Budgeting,Expense & Savings Tracker” app has a friendly userinterface toallow you to add and view your expenses easily. Alongwith this,the app user controls are smooth so you can add yourexpensetransactions with ease. Hysab Kytab has various incrediblyamazingfeatures such as • Expense Tracker • Budget Manager • Chartsandreports • Saving planner Expense Tracker: Hysab Kytab works asanexpense tracker. It keeps track of you all money transactionsandactivities which enables you to have a better andhonestunderstanding of your spending pattern. Hysab Kytab basicallydrawsa real and clear picture of your finances. Budget Manager:LetHysab Kytab pave a way for you let it prepare and manageyourmonthly budgets on its own. Hysab Kytab will send time totimenotifications in order to keep you well informed. Hysab kytabwilllet know what percentage of budget is spent and what percentageofyour budget is left Saving Planner: Hysab Kytab helps you tobuildsaving habit. It offers you an immensely helpful option(Savinggoal). With the help of this option you can set saving goalswithHysab Kytab. When you set saving goal you indirectly startdoingoptimum utilization of your money and restrict yourimpulsespending. Charts and Reports: Charts and reports give usbetterunderstanding of our financial position. Hysab Kytabpreparescharts and reports of your spending. So that you know atexactlywhat category you spent what percentage of your budget. Alltheseexpense management features on the Hysab Kytab app areavailablefor free! So, what are you waiting for? Download thisoutstandingpersonal money manager app - “Hysab Kytab: Budgeting,Expense &Savings Tracker” now to manage your budget better andmoreeffectively.
Monito Expense Manager 7.3
• Easy to use: Monito is easy to understand and use. It'sclean& basic interface provides a simple yet elegant look.Anybodycan start using Monito within seconds. • Track transactions:Monitotakes care of your transactions by providing a separate view.Theyare shown with different colours. You can even add a photo ofyourreceipts with the transaction. • Analyse using graphs: Monitoshowspowerful graphs to analyse your incomes and expenses. •Manageusing categories: Monito allows you to add categories togrouptogether your incomes or expenses. You can set colourstocategories to easily distinguish your transactions. •AutomaticGoogle Drive backups: Monito automatically backs up yourdata toyour Google Drive Account. Restoring data is easy too. • Adfree:Monito too hates ads. Its guaranteed that you'll never see adsinMonito.
com.dencreak.spbook 3.10.5
Cleveni Inc.
[ OVERVIEW ] • Add your incomes and expenses very easily •Managingdata very quickly • In some countries, automaticallyinputsupported • Budgeting feature available for preventing wasteofmoney • Easy to search the incomes and expenses you entered•Statistics feature is very systematic • Pie and barchartsavailable • Other features for the managing expense • Simplelistthat can be seen at a glance [ KEY FEATURES ] • Automaticinputfeature based on SMS and MMS • Automatic input feature basedonPush messages • Managing incomes and expenses systematically•Search feature • Budget feature ( Weekly, Monthly, Yearly )•Statistics and chart feature ( By category, By subcategory,Bypayment method ) [ OTHER FEATURES ] • Google Drive backupfeature.• Various currencies supported • Various themes available•Passcode locking feature • Data export feature to a CSV file[PERMISSIONS REQUIRED ] • RECEIVE_SMS : It needs in order toparseSMS that include transaction data • RECEIVE_MMS : It needs inorderto parse MMS that include transaction data
Expense Manager - Tracker 1.3.0
Money management is always complicated and most of the time yougetto wonder where did all your money go and what are you spendingallyour savings on. In order to answer those questions we'vecreated avery simple to use expense manager application thatfocuses onquality, simplicity and user friendliness.Your financialwellnessdepends very much on how well organized you are with yourspendingbut it also helps if you are keeping an eye close to yourincomesand family budget.Manage your money, track your expensesandorganize your savings with ease by taking advantage of some ofthegreat features that this application provides:Key features: -easyto use, clean and intuitive expense & income tracker -mainscreen calendar with quick month overview on expenses andincomes -interactive charts - useful for analysis on your spending-integrated calculator - do all the math you want withoutleavingthe application - add image functionality - attach receiptsorimages with purchased products - helps you better identifyyourexpenses - quick main screen overview on incomes, expensesandaccount balance - charts section with custom time reports -monitorand compare - custom reminders for recurrent payments/transactions - customizable list with available expense andincomecategories - category view - view your transactions groupedbycategories - PIN code protection - world currencies - over100available currencies - custom currency format - decimalseparator -customizable first day of week (Monday or Sunday) - dataresetfunctionalityEither you are a student who wants to keep abettertrack of your money, or a person that is responsiblewithorganizing and managing the family budget, this applicationshouldbe the tool that provides better insights and enables youtoimprove your financial life.Best of luck!
1Money - expense tracker, money manager, budget 2.1.1
The app will show you where your money is going. Keeping trackofyour finances frequently isn't the most pleasant thing intheworld, and it requires specific skills and knowledge. That'swhywe've developed a program that will make it easy for you totrackyour expenses on the go. • ADD TRANSACTIONS INSTANTLY Add anewtransaction with a single tap. All you have to enter is theamount.• EXPENSES AT A GLANCE Log every expenditure over the courseofyour day, and the app will show you where your money went onaninformative chart. • BUDGET You can quickly and easily planyourincome and expenses, which will help you avoid makingaccidentalpurchases. • TRACK DEBTS AND SAVINGS Keep an eye on thebalances ofall your accounts and reach your financial goalsefficiently. • USEMULTIPLE CURRENCIES Automatically updatedexchange rates allow youto keep your finances up to date. •SYNCHRONIZATION Track yourfinances on all of your devicessimultaneously using cloud-baseddata synchronization.
Daily Expenses 2: Personal finance 2.6.80
Daily Expenses is an application designed to organize yourincomeand expenses, your movements of money are recorded by date,you canreview the reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.Organizingyour expenses allow you to have a better control overyour money. •Track your income and expenses , classify them bycategory . • Youcan modify or delete the records that you havecreated. • Theapplication will show reports grouped by periods ,along with yourbalance period. • You can also schedule recurringrecords , so theapplication added by you that are repetitivemovements in fixedperiods. • If you need it you can passwordprotect your information. • The application lets you create abackup of your database torestore your information if necessary . •Available translations:Spanish, English, Portuguese, German,French, Russian, Chinese,Italian, Ukrainian, Indonesian. • Widget3x1 with the summary ofthe month. • Available reports: daily,weekly, biweekly, monthlyand yearly. • Create graphical reports •Horizontal screen fortablets. • Choose the currency format and thedate format used inyour country.
CoinKeeper: spending tracker 2.3.9
Disrapp LLC
Popular personal finance management, budget, bills, incomeandexpense tracker. Now with new stunning Material designcreatedspecial for Google Play! What do they say about CoinKeeper?- “Iwould definitely recommend it if you are looking for a lesstediousway to budget". --- - "CoinKeeper is by farthe bestand easiest to use personal finance app I’ve ever used" - “CoinKeeper is a budgeting app that takes auniqueand very prismatic visual route to achieving financialcontrol.”--- Tap! Magazine Where do I spent money on? How to spendless?Download CoinKeeper​ — the handiest way to plan and manageyourfinances, created especially for smartphones and tablets.WithCoinKeeper you finally: * Know where the money goes to * Spentless* Plan your income and coming expenses * Increase yourwealthCoinKeeper allows you to: – Quickly add income or expense duetowonderful 'coin' interface – Set monthly budgets and dofinanciallyplanning in a better way – Manage a family budget or useyourCoinKeeper account on different devices with cloud sync – Seeallyour account, balance and expenses on the one screenCoinKeeperbetter than others because it has: – Financial goals: forexamplesave up money for a foto camera or a new prisma – Quickstart,tutorial and HelpCenter for new users – ​Reminders forrecurringpayments – Detailed statistics – Debts management – Codelock –Export to .CSV – Support for all world currencies CoinKeepergetsupdates with new features every month! ============= If youhaveany questions regarding CoinKeeper, please Follow us at: Twitter: p.s. Sometimes we'll send you acatty photo:)
Simple Expense Note 3.7
Simple Expense Note is your personal note to record yourdailyincomes and expenses. You can insert your new expenses orincomesin simple way. Our features: 1. Record your daily incomesandexpenses 2. Show your total daily, monthly, yearly incomesandexpenses 3. Backup data in Third party Google Drive (GoogleDrivemust be installed) 4. Export your data in .xls format 5. Easytouse 6. Working offline
Expensify - Expense Reports
Easily track your receipts and manage expenses on the gowithExpensify. Just take a photo of your receipt andExpensifyautomatically transcribes the details. Expensify cancategorize andcode each receipt, and can even automatically submitbusinessexpenses for approval and reimbursement. You can trackpersonalreceipts, submit business expenses to your company (even iftheydon’t officially use Expensify), or collect expense reportsfromcolleagues. With customers ranging from individual freelancersandsmall businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Expensify is theperfecttool for anyone who needs to keep track of receipts andautomateexpense management. "The Best Business Travel App" -BusinessInsider "Expensify is like a virtual accountant" - WallStreetJournal "A mobile app that helps you run your business" -ForbesFeatures: - Track and submit receipts and expenses -Next-daydirect deposit reimbursement - In-app purchase - Mileageand GPStracking - Automatic credit card import - Works withreceipts inany currency - Corporate card reconciliation -Candidatereimbursement - Per diem functionality - Accountingintegrations(QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Intacct, and more!)Awards: - Endorsedby the AICPA and - Readers' Choice Awards- CPA PracticeAdvisor, 2018 - App Partner of the Year - XeroAmericas, 2017 -Innovation Partner of the Year - NetSuite, 2017 -Best 100 CloudCompanies Worldwide - Forbes, 2016 To learn or email
Expense Manager: budget, money 1.0.105
It is a expense manager that help you to manage your monthlyexpenseand income graphically. You can set reminder for enteringspendingof the day. Pattern lock is available for privacyprotection. It isintegrated with calendar. Records can be backedup to Google drive.Calculator function allow you to do simplecalculation during input.Charts for income, expense, balance, andbudget are available foryour analysis. You can also export thetransaction record to CSVfile, and view it using Excel or otherspreadsheet tools. There areover 20 colorful themes. Publicholiday support for 40+ regions.
Spending Tracker 2.2.5
MH Riley Ltd
Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendlyexpensemanager app in the store. The simple fact is, by trackingyourspending you will be able to stick to a budget and thereforeSAVEMONEY. So download it for free, enter your expenses and income,andhave instant control over your spending! ★ Features★--------------- ✔ Simple and intuitive user interface - helpsyouto easily manage your spending - super fast expense entry✔Flexible Time Periods - choose to track Weekly, Monthly or Yearly✔Budget Mode - optionally set a fixed budget amount to help youmeetyour spending targets - carry over any remaining budget to thenextmonth or week ✔ Summary View - overview of your currentbalancealong with expense and income totals - see your main areasofspending ✔ Log Expense and Income - repeat transactionsdaily,weekly or monthly - export to CSV for use in a spreadsheet -exportto PDF for viewing and printing (Pro Upgrade required) ✔MultipleAccounts - create separate personal, business and savingsaccountsfor example ✔ Reports - beautiful and interactive chartsallow easyvisualisation of where your money goes - view spendinggrouped bycategory - see your history so you can track yourprogress ✔Categories - editable expense and income categories -choose aquality icon for each category ✔ Syncing (Pro Upgraderequired) -automatically sync your data to other Android devices -you canalso sync to iOS and Windows versions of Spending Tracker,whichwill require a separate upgrade on these platforms ✔ Backups -keepyour data safe by backing up to Dropbox - the auto backupsfeaturewill take care of it for you ✔ Widget - put the widget onyour homescreen for easy access - quick add buttons ✔ Local Tips-optionally receive tips when you enter participating localvenues(requires location and bluetooth permissions) - this couldincludemoney saving offers ✔ Special design layout for tablets -optimaluse of larger screen size makes it even better for managingyourmoney
My Finances is a perfect tool for expense control and managehomebudget. Home budget management will become easier from now.Thanksto carefully selected functions not only will you be able tosavemore money, but also analyze your expenses more precisely. Youcansay: From now my expenses will be classified, and there ismoremoney in wallet. An attractive and intuitive interface willhelpyou to add easily new transactions and analyze the existentones.With a few clicks you can attach the expense or income, checkthecurrent balance of employed accounts (defined by youinapplication). My Finances allows you to sum up all costs andgainsincluding category and time period specification. Saving moneyhasnever been so nice and comfortable. Your expenses and incomeswillbe in one place. Get started today to control yourspending!Essential program functions: - Attaching incomes andoutgoings inan intuitive way. With one move of the cursor you maypass to a newoperation adding window. Then insert necessaryinformation, save,and that’s all. Simplicity and utility are themain attributes ofapplication. - Category and subcategory creationat yourdiscretion. You can assign the color to each category whatmakesthe data clear. - Multi- account management – to operateyourportfolio more accurately, you are free to create any numberofaccounts, however, it’s not everything… - The great advantageofthe budget managing application is the filtering option ofeveryoperation within the accounts. Our application provides it foryou,just select the accounts you wish to be visible in theoperatingarea at the current moment. - Repeated operations option,to makeyour home budget management even easier. Define theoperation, setits frequency and the application will do the restfor you! Theexample of such order is a phone bill, a flat rent oryour salary.- Planned operations which allow you to foresee thetotal ofincomes and expenses in given months. It’s particularlyuseful ifyou realize an investments or you just like to plan andyou want toestimate how much you would be able to save in followingmonths. -The history with developed filter let you follow your ownearningsand payments. Everyone who decides to use this type ofprogram,wants also to know the exact process of their finances.Thanks toMy Finances you have access to this function, it’spossible toobserve the home budget very precisely. - Operationsreviewincluding categories and subcategories specification willreveal toyou, what you spend mostly your money on. By making aproperanalysis, you will be able to plan, how to save more. -Statisticsis a really handy function for resources managing. Itallows you tomake a comparison of incomes and payments. - Withcharts you mayanalyze present and previous transactions accordingto given month,year and category specification. - It was just apart of availablefunctions. Additionally, for more flexibility, MyFinances givesyou the option of choosing the initial day of month(e.g. in casewhen you receive the salary every 10-th day). Theprogram offersalso csv files importing and exporting to analyzefinances moreprecisely, or backup- for your security. - Morefeatures comingsoon - big money comes from smaller ones My Financesis a smartassistant for home budget managing, it helps you to takefullcontrol over home finances. If you are still wondering whyyourfunds are running out so quickly and for what- this applicationisjust designed for you. My finances from now will help youmaintainyour expenses and home budget If you have any idea toimprove ourproduct or you have noticed an error, we are lookingforward toyour message: Why we needspecificpermissions? WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-import / export / backup RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - startingstandingorders service ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE/INTERNET - adsREAD_LOGS -reporting bugs via ACRA
Organizze: Personal Finance, Budget, Bills 2.11.11
Organizze is a made-for-you budget manager. Keep yourexpensetracking up to date and make your money management easy andclear!Ditch your old spreadsheets and notebooks. Organizze is themostsimple, beautiful and fun to use financial app around - said byourmore than a million users. Give it a try! It combinestheflexibility of mobile management with the safety of havingyourdata stored in encrypted-ultra-secure data centers. Getyourfinances up in the cloud, and access them from your phoneorcomputer, anywhere. * Intuitive, simple and easy-to-use interface*Works even without an internet connection * Completely safe:allyour data is encrypted * No banking information requiredMainfeatures: * Access to multiple wallets and accounts *One-clicktransactions * Register your expenses, incomes andtransfers * Seebills and money in one place, month by month *Password protectionto access your data * Easy navigation throughperiods: days, weeks,months, quarters, years * Set up your freeaccount in seconds *Access multiple wallets or accounts, and stoplogging in multiplesites * Track and pay your bills with on click *Use categories andtags to classify your transactions * Top expensesgraph show aclear vision of your money outcome More than a simplebudgetingapp, Organizze is made to change your life, beginning byyourwallet! Any questions? Talk to us on Signupfree, effortlessly, today!
My Money Manager 1.15
Now keep a track on your income, expenses and savings withMyManager App. Attractive graphs to reflect your income andsavingswhich can actually help to track and get smart in terms ofsavingyour hard earned money. Savings is what everyone cravesfor;however, every month end, we brainstorm our minds andquestionourselves, where all my income went? Now you will knowwhere itwent and can get smart and know more about the unnecessaryexpenseswhich we had been spending but didn’t pay attention to.Best way tomanage and track your expenses and spending. Get MoreinformationPlease visit our website : http://www.ydoodle.comFeedbacks andsuggestions: We’d love to hear from you!! Send us yourfeedbacks ★ Features ★ --------------- ✔ Simpleandintuitive user interface - helps you track your spendingquicklyand easily - super fast expense entry ✔ Flexible TimePeriods -choose to track Monthly or Yearly ✔ Log Expense and Income- easyand quick transaction entry - sort by date ✔ Reports -beautifuland interactive charts - view spending grouped by category- seethe history of your spending ✔ Categories - editable expenseandincome categories ✔ Backups - keep your data safe by backing uptosdcard
Start managing your budget the smart way in no time! "QuickMoneyRecorder" is full of useful features designed to make moneyandspending tracking quick and easy. Create a budget, trackyourexpense and be in control of your finance! A great personalfinancetool that will help you save money! Key Features: **Clearinterfaceto enter your spending transactions in no time **Nocomplicatedsettings or need to link to a bank account **Customizeyour ownexpense categories and set your budget **Visualize whereyou cansave money with easy to understand charts **Use the camerafunctionto take pictures of your receipts **Available in multiplelanguagesand 113 international currencies **NOW over 3.5 millionDownloads**Try the Premium Subscription of "Quick Money Recorder "for moresmart budget features Premium features include: **Exporting datato Excel on Windows/Mac and exporting Graphs toPDF**Dropbox/Evernote backup to ensure your data's safety **CloudSyncto always keep your spending transactions up to datebetweenmultiple devices **More customization: theme colours,categorynumber increase, no ad banner... 2.3.1
Do you spend money after setting a monthly or weekly budget ? Doyouhave a difficulty in calculating how much budget are left,spent ,or how many days remain? You can check the budgetinformation at aglance by writing spending/income easily. Also, Itis available tocheck your spending/income histories by thecalendar, and thespending/income statistics with the chart at aglance. [FEATURES] ●Easy and fast writing for spending/income Easyand simple managementfor spending/income ( input, correction,deletion ) ● Usercustomized budget setting Budget amount, budgetperiod ( a month, aweek ) ● Calendar view Total histories of eachmonth's and day'sspending/income ● Photo attachment and memoReceipts attachment onyour spending history and memo function,writing the details (time/date ) ● Spending/income/paymentcustomized categoriesSupporting a variety of categories incons andthe manual categorysorting function the way you want. ●Spending/income/paymentstatistics graphs Supporting the varioustypes of charts aboutspending/income ( total/a 1-year basis/a6-month basis/a 1-monthbasis ) ● Spending/income and budget statusoverview Display avariety of statistics, total spending/income andremaining budget. (The day and the month that you've spent moneymost or least ) ●Backup and recovery Easy backup and recovery by'dropbox' ●Passsword and Touch ID Keep your app safe with passwordor TouchID."
Expense Manager 3.1.0
Expense Manager helps you to keep track of your finances. Theappalso gives you to record your expenses easily and making iteasierto plan purchases over the upcoming. Main features: 1. Easyto useuser interface. 2. Record expenses. 3. Add note to yourexpenses.4. Add photos to your expenses. 5. Passcode protection. 6.Multipleaccounts. 7. Backup and export data. EmergencyPasscode3392-6266-2785-266
com.bizce.accountbook 7.3.2
Account Book is a powerful money manager for both personalandcommercial accounting: Monitor your personal budget or cash flowofyour business. COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT - Createincome,expense, bank, credit card, bill, payable, receivable, bank,debit,credit, saving, exchange, budget accounts. - Createcustomer,supplier, inventory, personnel or cash accounts fordifferentprojects of your business. FOLLOW THE PAYMENT DATES -Follow sale,tax, payment and bill dates. - Create repeatingtransactions suchas rent, salary, bank credit. - Be informed aboutincoming paymentsand bills. Get notifications and never miss any ofthem. ACCESSFROM EVERYWHERE - Login with your password fromhttp://defter.netfrom your computer. ADVANCED REPORTS - Analyseaccounts withadvanced reports - See your financial statement withsummaryreports - Send account reports as Excel files via emailACCOUNTSHARING - Share accounts with your business partners,co-workers oraccountants - Create and share customer accounts -Followtransactions with suppliers or other busines owners - Createandshare separate budgets for family members OTHER FEATURES -Accessfrom many devices simultaneously - Offline access - No needtobackup. All of your data are always under protection -Budget,Cash, Bank, Credit Card, Inventory, Stock, Personnel,Saving,Payable / Receivable accounts - 16 languages - More than150currencies and units - Advanced and simple account management-Archive - Advanced search - App lock - Comprehensive help content-Fast response to feedbacks - New features which areconsistentlyadded with the experience of more than 1,000,000+ users
Bluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense Manager 8.8.4
BLUECOINS is an incredibly simple app for expense tracking&planning where your money goes. Behind this simplicity, it isalsoregarded as the most powerful app on the market today!!!BLUECOINShelps you to easily plan a budget, never forget a bill& spendmoney with confidence! Create transactions quickly fromGoogle Pay,PayPal and all your bank/credit card notifications andwith cloudsync, multi-currency support, you have instant access toyourpersonal finance data on any device, anytime, anywhere! ⭐EDITOR'SCHOICE ⭐ -Google, January 2018 "minimalist and efficient,withseamless syncing of data across devices. It helps users keeptrackof credit cards, bank accounts, loans, and debts throughgraphreports, and allows for customizable budgeting categories thatcanbe viewed per week, month, quarter, and year, among others."-CNN,July 2018 WHY BLUECOINS? Finance Made Easy - Featuring aclean,simple UI that makes it very easy to understand yourfinancialstanding from the big picture to the smallest details.Bluecoinsuses internationally recognized standard accountingprinciples, itwould not take long before everything becomesfamiliar to you.Information Dashboard - Get a clear picture of yourmost importantfinancial figures when you open the app. Your dailysummaries, netearnings, cash flow, budget summaries & creditcard reports atyour fingertips. Export reports in PDF, Excel &HTML! FlexibleBudgeting - Learn to budget using very sound andeffectivetechniques that is very simple and easy to learn. Predicthow muchmoney you will spend and money remaining to keep you aheadof anypotential troubles. Account Management - The only app of it'skindthat gives you a complete picture of your balance sheet andnetworth. Reconciling your accounts with your bank records andcreditcard statements is a breeze! Quick Transaction Entry - Recordyourtransactions and attach receipts in seconds. Want to findthatdinner receipt from 3 years ago? No worries with the verypowerfulintegrated search engine. Much more, import yourtransactions usingQIF, Excel (csv) and banking/SMS notifications!Bills &Reminder - Never miss a bill again! Setup yourutilities, bills andany obligations and let the app notify you whenit is due! CloudBackup - Access your data across multiple devicesand familymembers! Backup, sync & share data using Google DriveorDropBox International Support - Traveling around theworld?Managing accounts in many currencies? Bluecoins is designedtohandle complex currency transactions and account management.Usersaround the world have supported Bluecoins and it is nowtranslatedto more than 30 languages! PERMISSIONS REQUESTIdentity/Contact-Required if filtering banking notifications bycontact. Required ifusing Google Drive for syncing read more of guides, tips & supportavailable at Ifever you run into any issues, thebest place to discuss is bysending email
FinEX - Budget Expense Manager 2.0.9
Start managing your expense and budget the smart way innotime!"FinEX" is a budget tracker tools, full of usefulfeaturesdesigned to make money and spending tracking quick andeasy. Createa budget, track your expense and be in control of yourfinance! Agreat personal finance tool that will help you savemoney!KEYFEATURES: Summary✓ This is a handy section to see asummary of yourcash flow in the last periodAccounts✓ Create andmanage accountssuch as Savings, Credit, Cash, etc. ✓ Associate yourexpense andincome entries with your accounts and accurately trackaccountbalances. ✓ View transactions, and do transfer betweenaccounts.Categories and Budget✓ Manage income and expensecategories ✓ Set abudget, and track expenses at the category level✓Receive anotification when budget exceed limit amount Transaction✓Insertyour daily revenues and outgoings in an easy and fast way.✓You canenter scheduled earnings and expenditures.✓ You cancreatetransaction templates.✓ You can set a default account foryourprofits and costs. Calendar✓ View your day-to-day profitsandoutlays. Be always aware of when and where you have spent. ✓Viewtransaction when select a day inside a calendarReports ✓Trendchart for Expense, Budget and Income for the daily,weekly,monthly, yearly basis✓ Share or save chart to friends andfamily ✓Export data/reports to PDF, CSV or XLS(Excel) filesOther ✓Homescreen widget for quick expense entry (Ongoing)✓ AutomaticBackupin the device memory for complete application data, includingallreceipts ✓ Notification reminder for not forget to insertyourdaily transactions✓ Choose between more than 90 currenciesandcustomize the currency and date format✓ Reset all datatodefaultJoin community of PREMIUM users and enjoy:✓ No ads✓Createand manage unlimited Accounts, Budgets✓ Full feature forcalendarand charts✓ Colour the pages for more than 10 coloursavailable✓Unlimited photo of your bills, income and receipts✓Schedule andsync automatic Backup to a cloud✓ Protect your datawith apasswordCheck your personal or family finances now with thisbudgetplanner.This application will continue to be developed in theweek,months to come.New features will be added to ensure a betteruserexperience.If you encounter problems or have suggestions,contactthe developer of FinEX - Budget
Day-to-day Expenses
Day To Day Expenses is a FREE ,SIMPLE AND SECURE expense trackerappavailable for Android devices. With this app installed inyourphone, you can quickly make a note on your spending on the go.Itis as convenient and as easy as it is to write it down onyourpocket hand book. You just have to enter your income andexpensesas you earn and spend, and the app does the math foryou.CATEGORIZATION OF INCOME/EXPENSE: You can mark yourincome/expenseswith different categories and the app gives you thetotal categorywise. There are many categories provided by defaultand you arefree to create your own categories too. Colorful andmeaningfulicons represent each category for easy identification.DAILY /MONTHLY / YEARLY REPORTS: Unlike other apps, Day to DayExpensesgives you an instant report of your earnings andexpenditure at aglance under three simple tabs. SAVE AS PDF /EXPORT TO EXCEL : Notjust viewing , you are able to save yoursummary in PDF format withjust a click. With "Export Data as ExcelSheet Option " , one cansave entire data in excel format and shareit. BACK UP TO GOOGLEDRIVE : Your data is not saved anywhere elseother than your ownGoogle Drive. This way your data is safe andsecure. Day To DayExpenses do not store any of your personal data.CHARTVISUALIZATION: Allergic to numbers?? See your spendingstatisticson colorful pie chart. OTHER OPTIONS: Search for anentry, applyyour favorite theme, set reminder to note expenses,custom daterange reports and so on. Available in Tamil, Telugu,Hindi,English, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Kannada languages.Day ToDay Expenses = Expense Manager, Budgeting tool, Financialplanner,Expense tracker, Money Manager, Money Tracker, BudgetTracker ,Spending Tracker, Budget Manager , Budget Planner,Checkbook,Finance Manager , Daily Expense , Home Budget, Utilityandtools---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Do not download this app from any other sources other thanGooglePlay Store.
Expense IQ Money Manager 2.0.8
Handy Apps
Expense IQ (formerly EasyMoney) is your ultimate money managerappthat combines an expense tracker, a budget planner, acheckbookregister, integrated bills reminder and more rolled intoonepowerful personal finance app! The only money manager thatgrowswith you! As Featured: ★ Google Play: "New Year New You","GoldenEgg Lunar New Year 2017" Collections ★ Android Police: "Ifyou'relooking for a good financial tool, Expense IQ shoulddefinitely beon your list of apps to check out." ★ AndroidAuthority: "Polishedbudget app that has Material Design and givesyou a lot ofinformation." ★ Tom's Guide: Best Budgeting andPersonal FinanceApps ★ "Got your salary? Track with a greatexpense app!"Find out why Expense IQ is trusted by hundreds ofthousands ofusers: Bring your finances together ▶ Know where EVERYcent of yourmoney goes. ▶ Track your daily expenses quickly andeasily! Takesonly seconds to enter your personal or businessexpenses.▶ Repeating transactions: save the hassle of entering yourbillsevery time! ▶ The more you use, the more convenient andquicker itgets! Smart predictive engine helps fill in transactiondetails soyou can add records in just 2 taps! ▶ Attachphotos/images to eachtransaction! ▶ Create Projects to grouprelated expenses liketravelling or occasions Stay out of debts forlife with effectivebudget planning Spend less, save more by keepingto your budgetseasily. Set monthly budgets to accounts categoriesand check at oneglance from the color-coded health bars. Getwarnings when youoverspend/exceed your budget! Never pay late feesagain with timelybill reminders Remember to pay all your bills withreminders.Optionally, take a photo of your bills/invoices to keeprecords.Clear in-depth reports Analyze your spending pattern withrich,detailed & fully customizable reports. 12+ reports andchartsincluding: Expenses by Category, Monthly Cash Flow, IncomevsExpense, Daily/Monthly Expense & more... Easy-to-useadvancedfeatures ▶ Split transactions with transfers formulti-categoriesin one transaction like when shopping atsupermarkets (Eg Walmart)▶ Convenient and intuitive design - getthings done quickly▶ Secure Cloud Sync and backup across yourdevices, or share anaccount with family ▶ Add favorite transactionscard to addfrequent items ▶ Widgets to be on top of your financesany time▶ Multi-currency support for travel, business andinvestments Listof smart features users love: ・ Smart Overview withhandyshortcuts, account balances, expense reports, upcoming/overduebillreminders, budget warnings etc ・ Repeating Transactions Manager・Detailed & Interactive Reports with ability to drill deepintoeach item ・ Multi-account with currency conversion ・Transfersbetween Accounts ・ Split Transactions ・ Budget Plannerwith smartcolor-coded Budget Health indicators at a glance! ・IntegratedCheckbook Register ・ Unlimited customizable categoriesand payees ・Take photos of bills/receipts ・ Encrypted backupoffline or on aprivate Google Cloud ・ Import & export to/fromformats like QIF& CSV (works with Quicken, Excel etc) ・ CloudSync (Unlimiteddevices) ・ Tablet-optimized ・ 3 themes! ・ HomescreenWidget - Quickadding of entries/transactions with shortcuts ・Secure access witha PIN lock ・ 30+ languages and 150+ currencies!PermissionsGET_ACCOUNTS: Obtain Google Accounts on device for CloudSyncREAD/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For daily backup,import/exportQIF/CSV, store attached photos etc We are dedicated toyour dataprivacy and do not take any of your personal data. Followus onFacebook ( For support,guidesand more, check out Expense IQMoneyManager is proudly brought to you by Handy Apps.
Daily Expenses 3: Personal finance 3.2.80
Daily Expenses is an application designed to organize yourincomeand expenses, your movements of money are recorded by date,you canreview the reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.Organizingyour expenses allow you to have a better control overyour money. •Track your income and expenses , classify them bycategory . • Youcan modify or delete the records that you havecreated. • Theapplication will show reports grouped by periods ,along with yourbalance period. • You can also schedule recurringrecords , so theapplication added by you that are repetitivemovements in fixedperiods. • If you need it you can passwordprotect your information. • The application lets you create abackup of your database torestore your information if necessary . •Available translations:Spanish, English, Portuguese, German,French, Russian, Chinese,Italian, Ukrainian, Indonesian. • Widget3x1 with the summary ofthe month. • Available reports: daily,weekly, biweekly, monthlyand yearly. • Create graphical reports •Horizontal screen fortablets. • Choose the currency format and thedate format used inyour country.
Desi Hisab - Expense Manager 1.4.8
Desi Hisab is a cashbook expense manager app which will help youtomanage your personal finance and daily expenses. Track yourdailybudget & personal money management with DesiHisab.Worriedabout managing your daily expenses? Finding itdifficult to keep atab on your inflow and outflow of expenses? Needyour own DailyExpense Manager? Managing funds will no more be ahectic process.Desi Hisab is new cashbook app, your own pocketexpense manager tohelp keep track of your expense and income. DesiHisab is acustomized expense tracker to keep a record of your dailybudgethandy. Compiled with user-friendly features, daily expensetrackingof the budget is going to be all the easier. Maintain yourdailyoutgoing and incoming cash flow with ease. Debit, creditandbalance your finances all in one place with this new cashbookapp.Cashbook is all in one - your own personal expense manager.Yourown daily budget planner and money expense manager.Compactcashbook ledger with simple steps and easy to use features.Manageall your inward and outward incomes with this simpleapplication.Your daily expense tracker is just a click away!DesiHisab offersyou distinctive features like:View day wise record ofyour dailybudget displayed on your home screen. Inward entry data:add yourincomes, your cash inflows, daily incomes and cash receivedOutwardentries: add your expense amount, your outflows, andpayments andbalance.Report: enabled detail record of day to dayfinancialactivities.Search by memo: viewing of detailed incomes andexpensesdaily, monthly or yearly.Export to email: backup your databyexporting it to email.Helping you reduce the worry of humanerror,get away from stacking messy sheets of paper, Desi Hisab, ishereto take care of your budgets. With our newly fixed bugsandadditional features like export to excel and enabling a viewofmonth/day wise report, this cashbook app is your all newpersonalmoney manager.Amidst many funky apps, won't you need an appthatmanages your budgets and daily expenses? Download Desi Hisab –yourall new daily budget manager and cashbook app to managetourexpenses and incomes. Get detailed outflow and inflow ofmoneyrecorded, daily expense tracker to keep a tab on yourfinances.Weare persistently working on providing you better contentandfeatures on our app. Feel free to share with us yourvaluablefeedback. We would always feel motivated to know youropinions. Ifyou have any queries or suggestion, you can share itwith us at:'s new?Version 1.4 -- Editthe outwardand inward entry including memo- Export reports to excel& sendit to your email address- Minor bug fixes andperformanceenhancement- Month/day wise reportVersion 1.3 - - Exportas pdf-Inward listing- Outward listing- Day wise report- Search bymemo
FINART: Safe Expense Manager 1.9.7
#1 Simple & most secure expense management app to trackyourexpenses and plan your monthly budget automatically based onSMSalerts from US banks and credit cards FinArt expense managerisfree to download and comes with 5-days free trial so you cantryall the premium features before you decide to pay forthesubscription. Key features: • Expense management ✅ Trackyourexpenses automatically. FinArt expense manager tracksSMStransaction alerts and add matching expenses. ✅ SMS parsingisavailable for most leading US banks and credit cards (If yourSMSis not detected by FinArt, please drop an email with sample SMStous at, we will fix it right away) ✅ SMSparsingis an optional feature, you can disable SMS permission ifautoparsing is not required. You can add expenses manually. •Financialdata privacy At FinArt, we care a great deal about privacyandsecurity of your financial data, FinArt expense manager is firstinthe industry to offer unprecedented data privacy andsecuritycontrols for managing your financial data: ✅ No email/phonenumberregistration. ✅ Private Mode Option - It ensures none of yourSMStext or bank transaction data go outside your phone. ✅ Storesyourfinancial data backup on your own Google Drive instead of 3rdpartyserver ✅ Multi device sync using secure peer to peerconnection tomanage family expenses ✅ Does not connect to your bankaccountsusing login/password instead it works based on SMS syncOtherfeatures • Budget planner - Set your monthly home budgetincludingcategory wise budget • Automatic categorization of yourspends indifferent heads - i.e. groceries, travel, office • Trackyour bankbalance (reads SMS) • Credit card management - Manage allyourcredit card expenses at one location • Sync your expensedataacross multiple devices • Global app with multi currencysupport. •Set any day of the month as start day ie salary day asmonth start• Ad free experience, forever. Lifestyle app FinArtexpense managerhelps by automatically tracking expenses for allbanks & creditcards (reads SMS) and presenting these in verycreative &intuitive fashion inside the app. It makes it easierfor you toreview your financial health in a snapshot and driverelevantfinancial inferences about your expenses and budgetmanagement. Italso helps in your family budget planning where youcan set monthlyspending limits for any specific category or overallmonthly limit.Why money manager needs SMS permission? SMSpermission is optionaland required only if you want to track yourexpenses and billsautomatically based on SMS alerts. These SMS aresent by banks andcredit card firms for every transaction, due billsand payments.
Budget Calendar 1.58
Budget Calendar is a budget and payment planning application.Alltransactions are shown on a calendar (compare to thecomplicatedledger system used by some budget applications). Eachpayment canhave a unique icon. Move a transaction to a differentday to fityour needs. See where you are going to spend money in thefuture.Get clear statistics and reports for one or more months.Adjust thebudget balance to match your actual balance. Smartphoneversionfile format is compatible with the desktop versions(separatepurchase). Google Drive may be used for syncing betweenyourdevices and PCs. Experiment with the TRIAL desktop version togetthe feel for Budget Calendar.
com.did.abcba 3.13.3
This is an expense splitter, expense sharing, group budgetcontrolapplication. It's goal is to ease the management of expensesin agroup of friends. It tells you who owes what to whom.Duringholidays, roommate, or any event, expense split can becomplicated.ABCBA will allow you to enter any expense done bymembers of agroup, specifying who must participate. The applicationcalculatesautomatically who owes to whom. No internet connectionrequired. Noneed anymore to make a kitty, or to do money exchangesat eachexpense! Event account can be synchronized online. Peoplewho havethe application can contribute, others can verify expenseson amobile web site. It is also possible to generate and sharereportsin different formats: PDF, Excel (XLS), email, SMS...SupportsEnglish, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. Specialthanks to: -Carlo Pite for Italian translation - Eneko Larrazabalfor Spanishtranslation. - Tomasz Dubicki for Polish translationThis versionis free but limited in total operation count. Thelimitationshouldn't be an issue to manage expenses of a normal weekofholidays with friends. If you reach the quota, deleteuselessoperations and events to decrease the total count, and youwill beable to create new ones. The second limitation of thisfreeversion, is the import of an exported event. The export isallowedbut not the import. Features: - Graphical interface designedtominimize user actions - Possibility to change who owes towhomaccording to affinities - No internet connection required-Possibility to share online, friends can contribute -Receiptscanner with powerful cropping and image processing -Supportmultiple currency with exchange rate - Icon customized foraccountsand expense categories (don't hesitate to send an email ifyou needadditional icons) - Not only manage expenses but alsorefunds andprior debts - Possibility to customize the currency andamountprecision for each account - Contact integration (name,picture,email addresses and phone number for reporting) -Generation andsharing/saving of PDF, Excel and text reports byemail, sms, Drive,Dropbox, Evernote, etc... - Possibility toexport/import accountsdirectly from Drive, Dropbox, SD card... (forbackup or sharing) -Displays user friendly charts to easeunderstanding of accounts(PDF reports as well)
Goodbudget: Budget & Finance 2.10
Goodbudget (formerly EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) is amoneymanager and expense tracker that’s great for home budgetplanning.This personal finance manager is a virtual update on yourgrandma’senvelope system--a proactive budget planner that helps youstay ontop of your bills and finances. Built for easy, real-timetracking.And, sync across Android, iPhone, and the web to shareyour budgetwith your budgeting partners. Keep everyone on the samepage withhousehold finances! The best income and expense trackingtool.Ever. Yup. Not yet convinced? • Recommended by Experts.Google. TheNew York Times. Forbes. LifetimeTV. Boston,Lifehacker, the Register, Verizon Wireless, Leave DebtBehind, yadayada yada. • Top quality. Ranked #3 in App Qualityacross ALLfinance apps in both major app stores. [1] • Downloadedover3,000,000 times And loved by users everywhere ...which, afterall,is what matters most… CHOCK FULL OF FEATURES SYNC ACROSSMULTIPLEDEVICES (AND WEB) • Automagically syncs across Android,iPhone, andthe web • Stay on the same page about finances withloved ones •Data is automatically and securely backed up toGoodbudget’swebsite PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGER FOR LIFE ON-THE-GO •Expensetracking optimized for speed! • Check Envelope &Accountbalances • Save for the future with Goal and AnnualEnvelopes •Scheduled transactions and Envelope fills • Splitexpensetransactions • Save time with smart payee and categorysuggestions• Easily transfer funds between Envelopes and Accounts •Search fortransactions • Add income • Choose budget period to matchreal-life• Add and edit Accounts • Location-based widget! Entercommontransactions in exactly 3 touches. Control in Settings.(Note:widget will not be available if you move app to SD due toAndroidlimitation) • Edit budget as needed! INSIGHTFUL REPORTS •Analyzespending with Spending by Envelope Report • Monitor cashflowwithIncome vs. Spending Report ALSO ON THE WEB • Downloadtransactionsto CSV • Bank account statement import in QFX (Quicken)and OFX(Microsoft Money) formats with auto-matching to manuallyenteredtransactions • Clear/reconcile transactions • Even morereports!BASED ON PROVEN ENVELOPE SYSTEM • No physicalenvelopes...onlyvirtual ones! • Roll unused funds over to the newmonth to rewardyour amazing self-control! • Plan finances ahead oftime to keepbudget on track • Live within your means • A darn cuteenvelopemascot Ad-free, Free Forever version includes 10 regularenvelopes& 10 annual envelopes. Use envelope budgeting to planyourspending, not just track it! SUBSCRIBERS GET MORE FEATURES!•Unlimited Envelopes AND Accounts • Sync up to 5 devices • 7yearsof transaction history • Personal and friendly emailsupportLooking for a finance manager, money tracker, checkbookledger, orhousehold budget planner? Try us out! Goodbudget: Budgetwell. Livelife. Do good. Features, bugs? Please email! We're happy to help![1]