Top 49 Games Similar to Tiny Rescuers

Fire Truck Rescue: New York 1.0.2
There is an emergency going! Put on your suit and get yourhelmet,there is a building fire going! Drive in your firetruck totheemergency and get to the rescue. Are you the Fireman we arelookingfor in Fire Truck Rescue: New York ? Show us your skills andmaybeyou will become the hero of New York!Where are you waitingfor? Getin your truck ASAP! Take out all the fires of the city! InFireTruck Rescue: New York you won’t get bored, you will have totakeout car fires building fires and much more! And that’s not allinour rescue games , you can even unlock the most amazingfiretruckgames vehicles in our simulator. How cool is that. If youlike firetruck games and rescue games then wait no longer anddownload ouramazing fire truck games! Fire Truck Rescue: New York -RescueGames Features :- Amazing rescue games missions toaccomplish-Unlock all kind of ruck games vehicles- Put out carfires, buildingfires and much more- Become New York's favouritefire man- Don’tforget to rate and give feedbackFacebook- -
American FireFighter City Rescue 2018 1.0
If you want to work at a fire-fighter department or already jobinrescue 911 you need to know how you control a top fire truck astheamazing fire truck in this game. From this game you can learntheparking and driving skills in this 3D simulator game. So putonyour fire barged duty helmet for safety and get ready to driveyourrescue truck as fast as possible with safety to the firelocationor parking place. When you drive Indian Fire Bridge truckiscarefully that you don’t damage or hit anything if anymomentoccurs you need to start the level again.Fire truck rescuegame2018 is a cool new 3D fireman duty game that gives you theamazingchance to drive something else then bus, cargo truck orluxurycars. When start the game level game time is not on yourfavour orside, be carefully driving so don’t take a long path withsearchingthe fire building or parking spot right position. Firetruck rescuecity game is a lite fire truck game that you can freedownload andplay.In this truck emergency game many rescue truckmission and youmust be in a temple city emergency all the time.From this game youfeel as a real rescue officer or fireman wait forthe rescue call911 in fire barraged department and be ready forquick action forsave people life. In this game you can drivedifferent trucksaround the construction sites, parks, big city andeven the beach.Drive 3D Fire truck fasten your truck seat belts andbecome a madcity truck racer on impossible roads and show you’redrivingskills. Be the big hero or driver fireman save the live.It’sachallenging and dangerous emergency rescue service where yourmaddriving or truck for rescue driving skills enhance and testedyourextreme skills. Get ready to secure city fire building orvehiclelocation and perform you rescue duty as a brave and amazingfiremanand emergency driver. Avoid the heavy traffic road that willmakeyour cube truck duty more difficult than other parking games.Whenyou drive rescue truck emergency siren on because peopleawareabout emergency.In this game many city places or vehicles areinfire you duty is to rescue the save people lives just like asarescue 911 or American fireman. You can use you siren toawarepeople or traffic about the incident. You have to reach ontheaccident or fire location and control as soon as possible. Whenyouplay this game you can use your parking and fire fighting skillstoavoid damage or hit city vehicles. Then next on severaldifferentlocations rescue 911 missions. There will be school,banks,shopping malls and even hospitals to rescue.If you want tomake afire man or fire fighter of this city then play this amazingtrucksimulator 3D game. This is a modern fire truck game.You canfreedownload fire truck game from Google play store.
NY City Firefighter Station Craft & Simulation 1.1
Ashal Games
Once a sunny day you encounter a building in fire flames in anewYork city, you are brave fire fighter your duty is to savehumanlife from danger situation. You are a trained fire fighterwhenanywhere innocent people stuck in fire then it isyourresponsibilities that you will use all of your driving,truckparking and firefighting skills to survive peoples life. Thisgamehas many rescue missions in which you have assigned a firefightermission and firefighting station construction. In this gamerealfire fighter prove thrilling and amazing then others firefightergames. You will drive firefighting truck on city road invery fastspeed. Here is a challenge for you to reach at emergencyplace within short time. You will remain ready every moment to facethedanger situation if any incident occur then you will doquicklyaction on firefighting engine, turn firefighting trucktowarddestination. It is also your duty to avoid your firefightingtruckto crash in traffic and to hit any water tank or ambulancebecauseyou are a skilled driver in this most thrilling environment.Forinexpert driver it is necessary to take properfirefightingtraining and play role as real heroes firefighter. InNew York CityFirefighter Station Craft you will be act as modernfire truckdriving in realistic city rescue environment and alsoprovideemergency vehicles for city rescue. Big fire truck parkingonspecific area is not easy job it can be skilled driverduringemergency fire alarm and rescue sirens in burning area. NYCity hasmultiple fire brigade truck, emergency vehicle and alsofirefighteracademy for firefighting training, driving and parkingskills. Itis a challenge to rescue the innocent peoples andextinguish thefire emergency from the building. Brigade truckdriving and parkingskills is most thrilling and crazy drivingtechnique. You willreach on the fire burning building where smokespread everywhereyou will control on fire and smoke extinguisher.You will putfighting suit wear your helmet and grab the pipe toextinguish theflames. In this City Firefighter Station Craft gameyou will drivetruck on emergency call and start his journey fromhis station toextinguish fire building. When you will reach atshopping mall youwill rescue the innocent people. You will park bigfire truck onhighlighted area and extinguish fire and then getcitizen drop themto drive ambulance. Now you will craft a bigfirefighting stationfirstly you will drive big loaded trailer andpark it on markedarea. Then you will pick pillars from big trailerusing crane andplace pillars in dig area. You will place just fiveto six pillarsthen next you will drive concrete mixture truck andthen attach itwith a concrete pump to fills concrete base. By usingthe mobilecrane you will pick walls and place on highlighted area.After thenyou will drive loaded water tank and park on marked areathen byusing tower crane you will pick this loaded water tank andplace onspecific highlighted area. Now you will drive fire truckand parkon the highlighted area from where you will fill this firebrigadewater tank. Now you will drive big firefighting truck towardchurchand rescue to church, extinguish fire emergency, get citizenanddrop them through city ambulance rescue. NY CityFirefighterStation Craft & Simulation Features:★ Smooth andeasy control★Multiple challenges to complete★ Most thrilling rescuegames ★Realistic city environment★ Amazing super HD graphicsDownload andinstall this NY City Firefighter Station Craft&simulation gamecreated by Ashal Games. Give your valuablefeedback after playing.
911 FireTruck 1.11
EMERGENCY!! Fire brigade team! Get ready for the rescuemission!Everdream of being a fireman? Here is your chance to bethe HERO! Rushto save lives! You can reduce the death toll byrushing to therescue location! Drive an awesome fire truck andsave the peoplefrom hazard. You have the modern fire extinguishingequipment atyour hand! Your job is to reach the fire emergencydestination atthe minimum possible time!Go around the city drivingan awesome firetruck! It is the most amazing feeling to help savelives. You haveyour chance to save the day! Make the best ofit!You was recruitedas a fire fireman to help the city toextinguish burning buildingsand vehicles! All the city is inflames your duty is to rescue livesjust like rescue 911. Use yoursiren to aware everyone about thedisaster. You are thefire-fighter of this city. Rush to the sceneand put out the blaze.You have to reach the fire and get control onit as soon aspossible.911 FireTruck Emergency Rescue is a new kindof 3D Firetruck parking game. As a player you take control of afire truck.If you want to become a real firefighter you need tolearn theropes of driving and parking a fire truck in this fun andnewexciting fire truck 3D parking game.You also need to controlyourmighty water cannon to make a stop to the burningbuilding!★★★Features ★★★☀ 3 Different powerful Fire trucks withlights andsiren ☀ Real world 3D environment☀ Realistic controls☀ HDGraphics☀Animated fires and smoke☀ Animated fire hose and water☀Differentcamera angles that give you more control☀ Amazingbackground soundto enhance your gaming experience☀ 20 Challengingcity levels totest driving skills☀ In City Traffic VehiclesBuses,Trucks andCars.☀ Map of Whole City☀ Emergency QuickResponse.Wear your helmetand rush to put out fire! Prevent the cityfrom fire!
Robot Firefighter Truck Rescue City War 1.1.1
Your city is under attack by enemy robots, now what should youdo!!You need to fight the enemy fighting futuristic robot and saveyourcity in city games! You are the ultimate rescue fireighterrobotwho has to fight and defeat the enemy robots and gainvictory!!!Fight the enemy robots as firefighter robot indestructionfirefighter games. The enemy are flying robots whichplan to raidthe city and destroy it, you need to stop that fromhappening. Sofrom being an ordinary firefighter rescue truck,transform into theawesome firefighting robot and show enemy robotswho’s boss!!! Thefirefighter rescue superhero robot has variety ofthings to dowhich includes fighting of enemy robots, and superherofirefightingfire extinguisher missions to rescue buildings on fireand anyonewho is trapped in them! Help the firemen burn out thefire withfire extinguisher in this thrilling fire fightergames!!Get engagedwith all the futuristic robot technology in orderto fight withenemy robots and provide quick safety services to thecity andpeople and firemen and complete missions in flying robotsfirefighter games!!!In this firefighter robot game the enemy robotsaremaking a lot of destruction and you need to stop them since youarethe superhero firefighter robot and the safety of the city isinyour hands. As soon as you’re done with the stopping ofenemyrobots destruction the city rescue firemen team will need yourhelpto convert back to fireman and help them extinguish fire. Withalot of amazing features and controls help your firefightercompleteall your firefighter missions by flying in the air andfightingenemy robots. You can fire on them with fire beams, kick,and punchthem in the air and cause their destruction with yourfirefighterskills.With the firemen, you will have firefighter firetruckcontrols which will have the fire extinguisher control buttontohelp rid of all the fire and then there will be controls tomakeany other different fireman missions becomespossible!!***Featuresof Robot firefighter truck rescue city war***•Multiple thrillingwar and rescue firefighter levels. (10 levelsimulation)• Multiplefirefighter truck robots. (5 firefightingrobot choice)• Cityenvironment simulation. • Enemy simulator andsuperhero rescuefirefighter simulator. • HD graphics.• Thrillingsounds.• Firemensimulator.Download this amazing fightingfirefighter truck rescueand robot war game now to witness all theawesome fighting featuresand game play!!
Blocky City: Emergency Hero 1.6
BLOCKY CITY NEEDS YOUR HELP!Police, Firefighters and Paramedicsarethe real heroes. In this fun and happy blocky world you need tobethe hero. Be fast and make sure to save the lives of all theblockycity citizens. Become a Emergency hero. Race with yourambulance tothe accident location and help the people in need.Quickly drive tothe forests around blocky city to put out fires.Precision drivingskills are necessary for the complex andchallenging missions inthis emergency simulator!QUICKLY, BEFORE ITIS TOO LATE!Get in yourlife saving ambulance and make sure you getto your patients intime! Reach high speeds with your firetruck, tohelp stoppingfires. Quickly drive surgeons to and from differentlocations.Become the best emergency hero in the blocky city.KeyFeatures:✔Fantastic Blocky Hero emergency sim game!✔ Multipleemergencyvehicles to choose from!✔ It is not an illusion! Thepatients arein trouble! Save them Hero!✔ City with surroundingmountains. Youcan drive everywhere!✔ Save the mountain residentsfrom acatastrophe!✔ More police, firefighter, ambulance andotheremergency hero simulator games coming soon!
Beat Stomper 1
Rocky Hong
Beat Stomper is an action arcade game, simple one - buttoncontrolwith endless fun!Jump, Hold, Stomp.It is born for you, andyou areborn for it.What are you waiting for?
Fire Fighter Truck Real City Heroes 1.0.5
Hey Fire Fighter hero start serving the nation by playingaction,rescue, driving and parking games 3D. Play Fire FighterTruck RealCity Heroes to serve the city to quench the burningbuildings andvehicles! With Fire Fighter Truck Real City RescueHeroes youencounter a building in flames. The entire city is inflare yourduty is to survive the lives just like fire brigade tagteam.Citizens are captured inside buildings and this mission isfullydangerous. Are you up for this bravo challenge? Grab your hoseandslap on your combat fire fighter boots; fires don’t waitforanybody. Fire Fighter Heavy Duty Truck Real City RescueGameincludes brigade truck driving & rescue 911 missions. Youcanrace through the smooth city roads with your team in a quickcarrace. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe. You are therealsuperhero and lives of people in this city depend on you. Souseyour parking skills to avoid clashing with city vehiclesbecausethere is already so much hassle going on in the city. Next,embarkon several firefighting rescue missions in differentlocations.There will be shopping malls full of people, city banks,schools,office buildings, and even hospitals that needed to berescued!Real Fire Fighter Truck City rescue superhero game 2018 isaboutheavy duty driving and parking 3d game in a modern city forhelp,and then rescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’sgrandtruck that you drive using your expert fast driving skills.Being asuper firefighter get ready for the rescue mission 2018.Show yourpower of extreme bravery and drive your firefightingemergencyvehicles and save pets, stop trouble and water leaks, andcompletemany other dangerous missions, all within a gorgeousurbanspecially designed environment in city fire fighter truckrescuegame 2017! Enjoy the job of fireman who joins fire departmentandgets firefighting training session. Get the task, if you locatethesource of the fires quick enough for rescue, whether they beshops,plazas, or apartments, you’ll get a maximum reward which is agranddeal! However, as you progress through the firefightingheroesgame, levels will become more complex, challenging, andprettydangerous. There is the challenge to rescue the nations andstampout the fire from the firefighter truck. Use your whistle toawarethe city about the burning buildings and try to become abravofirefighter in one of the best 2018 firefighting trucksimulatorgame. This mission is not for the faint of heart, you needto be abravo firefighter commando. If you want to become asuperherofirefighter you need to learn the driving skills andparking a firetruck. Drive your speedy rescue truck to become areal super firehero fighter. Fireman job is terrible so be careful!Fire rescuetruck driving is not that easy. Take care of otherpeoples becauseyou have to pass through the grand city where youcould challenge alot of rush. Exercise caution at all times to beextra careful.Being a grand firefighter truck driver your duty isto survive thelives of citizens and reach at the point of fire. Youare a realfirefighter of this city. Make sure that the tank ofwater is full.In this game for every mission you have limited time.The mini Mapis guiding towards fire. Start driving heavy dutyFirefighter truckin the city today and extinguish all burningequipment in a limitedtime. Fire Fighter Truck Grand City RescueSimulation is a realgame play with a variety stunts for the rescueand loads ofmissions. This game is above most addictive game withbig rescuefire truck in ambulance in Fire Fighter Truck Real CityHeroes. Youare an ultimate fireman to go on firefighter truck roadtrip withyour favorite fire fighter parking truck simulator. Goodwishes toplay this amazing firefighting 3D game. Key Features 1-Amazingfire fighter trucks 2- Grand city to rescue 3- Challengingmissions4- Easy fire fighter truck controls 5- Amazing soundeffects &3D Environment
Modern Firefighter Helicopter 2.7
The city has some of its buildings on fire. Have you ever hadachance to save the day or ever dream to be a firefighter??.Wellyou have got your chance because Modern Firefighter Helicopterwillgive you the opportunity of flying a Helicopter throughdifferentparts of the city and rescue people. Ordinary Firefightertrucks orfire-fighters can't help at this point. So here is thechallenge torescue the citizen and extinguish the fire from thehelicopter.Look for buildings on fire and help the people indanger. Test yourflying skills in one of the best simulator freegame. TheHelicopter will be parked on its heliport. After the firealarm ,truck drivers of fire department would rush to the effectedarea.Reach before they can to minimize the damage Multiplechallengingmissions ** Buildings on fire ** Fire due to accidents** Sensitivemilitary base on fire ** Rescue missions ** Publicplace rescuemission ** School Bus on fire ** Commercial Parkingarea***Features*** - Realistic gameplay - Helicopters withamazingcontrol - 3d city environment - Challenging missions - Realsoundeffects
Fire Truck Driving School: 911 Emergency Response 1.3
Experience driving the most advanced firefighter truck withdualdriving controls and start saving lives in modern fire enginetruckdriving school. You’re part of quick emergency response 911rescueservice, so get ready to respond in case of fireemergencysimulation in modern city sandbox simulator game. PlayFire TruckDriving School: 911 Emergency Response Simulator andmaneuvermodern fire truck using dual controls & save innocentlives asfireman rescue hero. Introducing for the very first timeamericanfirefighting truck with dual controls to drive fire enginefromfront and rear wheels. Grab your firemen rescue gear and stayalertto respond fire emergency when the bell rings in rescuefirestation.1st TIME EVER!!! DUAL DRIVING CHALLENGEIntroducinguniquetruck parking challenges using two steering wheels at onetime.Drive through checkpoints to reach emergency situation or playthefree roam mode. Steer rear wheel for sharp turns and drivethrucity traffic in speed. Drive rescue fire truck and becomeexpertdriver in real emergency simulation.QUICKEMERGENCYRESPONSEAmerican firefighter hero rescue people (andanimals) fromdangerous situations such as vehicle accidents,skyscraperstructural collapses and burning fire. Test youramericanFirefighter skills and save the metro city from disaster.It's yourduty to help the 911 rescue squad to extinguish fires andrescuecivilians. Turn on the rescue vehicle siren and driveamericanfirefighter truck to reach the fire emergency place atminimumpossible time. Experience fire emergencies like you've neverseenbefore as you battle to extinguish fire due to fireworksbeforeit's too late! Get enrolled in fire truck driving school,take onamerican firefighter missions to rescue civilians byextinguishingfires throughout the metro city. Start yourfirefighting trainingand play role of fire trucks driver to put outbigger flames incity rescue firefighter games. Become emergencyrescue driver andwork in fire station to save innocent citizens infire truck games.MODERN FIREFIGHTER TRUCKThe ladder on the truck israised andlowered using a hydraulic piston rod operated from rescuefireengine. This 911 rescue firefighter truck also hasspecializedequipment for forcible entry, ventilation & fire andcityrescue tasks. American firefighter are equipped with a widevarietyof equipment that include: ladder trucks, pumper trucks,tankertrucks, firehose, and fire extinguishers. Jump into yourrescue 911truck and drive towards the target location to put outfireworks.Climb up the ladder truck, grab firehose to extinguishthe burningflames and prove yourself as firefighter hero. FireTruck DrivingSchool: 911 Emergency Response Game Features:🚒Challenging firetruck driving and firefighter rescue missions🚒First ever dualcontrols gameplay for seamless fire truck driving🚒Play freeroaming mode for unlimited fun parking test🚒 Realisticsmoke andfire hose to spray water on burning flames🚒 Amazing firetrucksounds & city ambulance rescue sirens Download the lastestFireTruck Driving School: 911 Emergency Response Simulator Sandboxgamenow for FREE!
NY City FireFighter Hero: Rescue Truck Simulator 1.1
Logix Tech
The US city and innocent people lives are in your hands. The headofrescue firefighters gave you a duty to become an amazingUSsuperhero Firefighter rescue hero truck driver, save USA livesandrescue city buildings.Are you hearing the fire alarm? HurryUp!Drive your 911 firefighter rescue truck to save people'slives!Jump into the US City Firefighter Hero: Rescue TruckSimulatorGame, it is about driving rescue truck in a modern UScity, andthen full duty driver fire truck lite rescuing innocentpeople fromthe fire with fire brigade’s truck. Drive your emergencyfirebrigade truck fast and save pets, stop water and gasleaks,Electric short circuit and complete many other dangerousrescuemissions, all within a 2017 attractive 3D gorgeousurbanenvironment! The futuristic city is under flames and your dutyisto rescue people lives like rescue 911. Use your siren toawareeveryone about the disaster. You are superhero firefighterrescuetruck driver of this futuristic city. Rush to the scene andput outthe blaze. You have to reach the fire and get control on itas soonas possible with the fire brigade. This US 911 firefightertrucksimulation must be for you and your kids! Exercise caution atalltime fire truck 3D parking. It is the best US Firefighter2017rescue truck driving game & serves your city, town andyourpublic, with this ultimate fire truck simulator 3d game. Well,youhave got your chance because US Firefighter truck will give youtheopportunity becoming a superhero rescue truck driverthroughdifferent parts of the city and rescue people. Be asuperheroFirefighter rescue truck driver and fight with fire atdifferentlocations. It is a challenge to rescue the US citizenandextinguish the fire from the truck. Look for buildings on fireandhelp the people in danger. Test your speedy rescue truckdrivingskills in one of the best simulator free game. Innocentpeoplelives are in your hands. Fulfill your chance to become anamazingsuperhero US 911 Firefighter rescue truck driver & savelivesand USA city. Children are learning with fire truckdrivingsimulator mania how to save our world and nominated king ofthefirefighter. Get into your fire truck and rescue innocenthuman’slives! Then get in your speeding fire truck! Fight hazardousfires.Be the town superhero. Show your bravery in this realgrandsuperhero Firefighter rescue truck driver game is aboutdriving ina modern crazy city, and then full duty driver fire truckliterescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’s vehiclefreegame. US grand superhero Firefighter rescue game includesbrigadetruck driving, parking. Race through city roads with yourteam in aquick fashion. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe.Use yourparking skills to avoid clashing with city vehicles.USCityFirefighter Hero: Rescue Truck Superhero Game Features☆NewFirefighting equipment☆Thrilling & dangerous rescuemissions☆Easy Controls & Realistic gameplay☆ Awesome 3D UScityenvironment
American Firefighter School: Rescue Hero Training 1.1
Gear up with fire hose, fog nozzle, gas mask and allfirefightingequipment to being your career as trainee firefighter.PlayAmerican Firefighter School: Rescue Hero Training firsteverfirefighting academy game. Experience the physical trainingandmental training that people gets in firefighter school to becomeafireman. Save life under the crisis situation and ensure thepublicsafety with emergency medical service. Follow instruction byfirestation chief and prepare to handle fire incidents caused byarsonor negligence. Wear oxygen cylinder and breathing apparatus tosaveproperty, human lives and animals to full fill rescue heroduty.Salvage the building on fire to save innocent victims level upyourrank from trainee firefighter to station officer and firemarshalin modern city fire station. Join American firefighter teamandsave lives and city historic landmarks from blazing infernos.Thefire alarm ringing the fire truck is reaching the accidentzone,rescue people lives at stake. Clear the obstacle course withfireballs swinging across the path for firefighter trainee.Extinguishvehicle on fire, save pets life, stop gas leaks or saveinnocentlives in urban city. Save people in building on fire, stepintoshoes of fireman to extinguish infernos.Become firefighterrescuepass the firefighting academy and get posted into urban city.Saveenvironment, save property as station officer in thisAmericanFirefighter School: Rescue Hero Training game. Assistparamedicstaff save victims from fire, the police cars securingparameterand ambulance will transport victims to the city hospital.Your jobis to help people stuck in building on fire. Learn how tobecome afireman clear the obstacle course designed for realfirefighters.Jump from firebox, climb stairs on 10 feet walls andcross thefireball maze in this amazing firefighter training game.Feel likea superhero who can walk in fire and save the innocentvictims.Clean trainee firefighter training in the fireman school tobecomesuperhero rescuer.Features:Fire extinguish missionFiremanobstaclecourseChallenging game playSmooth controlsIntense gameplayDownloadAmerican Firefighter School: Rescue Hero Training gameand pass thefireman training school to become the savior.
🚒American Firefighter Rescue Truck - Fire Station 1.2
Experience life of USA firefighter hero and save lives inmodernfire truck simulator sandbox game. Captain Sam is onemergency 911rescue duty so get ready to respond the fire emergencyat any time!Play American Firefighter Rescue Truck - Fire Stationand startsaving lives to become a fireman rescue hero. Grab yourcity rescuegear and stay alert to respond fire emergency when thebell ringsin rescue fire station. Get behind the wheels ofamericanfirefighter truck to emergency response and drive towardstheincident location to extinguish fire due to fireworks.Firemenrescue hero use ladder truck to reach heights and usefirehoseattached with fire engine to spray 800 gpm of water. RUSHTO SAVELIVESAmerican firefighter hero rescue people (and animals)fromdangerous situations such as vehicle accidents,structuralcollapses and burning fire. Turn on the ‘WEE-OO’ sirenand driveamerican firefighter truck to reach the fire emergencydestinationat the minimum possible time! Start your firefightingtraining andplay role of fire trucks driver to put out biggerflames in cityrescue firefighter games. Become emergency rescuedriver and workin fire station to save innocent citizens in firetruck sandboxgame. Modern fire truck is equipped with state of artrescue gear,extinguisher and a very large ladder to reach shoppingmall ormulti-story building. Fire truck ladder is used to get USAfirefighters to the higher floors of modern city in sandbox game.Theladder on the truck is raised and lowered using a hydraulicpistonrod operated from rescue fire engine. This 911 rescuefirefightertruck also has specialized equipment for forcibleentry,ventilation & fire and city rescue tasks. FIRE FIGHTERSAND 911RESCUE SERVICEAttention Fireman! Citizens are trappedinsidebuildings and situation is alarming. Here’s your chance toshowbravery as a firemen rescue hero in emergency response. StartUSAfirefighting training from 911 rescue school and save people(andanimals) from extreme menacing situations. American firefighterareequipped with a wide variety of equipment that include:laddertrucks, pumper trucks, tanker trucks, firehose, andfireextinguishers. Jump into your rescue 911 truck and drivetowardsthe target location to put out fire from multi storeybuilding orshopping plaza in modern city. Climb up the laddertruck, grabfirehose to extinguish the burning flames and proveyourself asfirefighter hero. Fighting with burning flames due tofireworks ishazardous so american firefighters carry protectivegear at alltimes. American Firefighter Rescue Truck - Fire StationGamesFeatures:🚒 10 Challenging fire truck driving and firefighterrescuemissions🚒 Modern firefighting rescue gear in realistic fireenginesandbox game 🚒 Smooth controls for seamless fire truckdriving inrescue city environment🚒 Most advanced fire extinguishingcontrolswith real physics🚒 Realistic smoke and firehose to spraywater inemergency🚒 Amazing fire truck sounds & ‘WEE-OO’ cityrescuesirens Download American Firefighter Rescue Truck - FireStationgames NOW and help captain sam to save lives!
RhythmStar: Music Adventure
Play beautiful Music both ONLINE and OFFLINE It's time foradventurewith cute characters. ♬ ★ Music Various classical (likeCanon,Kankan, Black key, etc) and original music (over 100) ♬ ★Hero 1.Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, and dozens of otherclassicalmusicians turned into heroes! 2. Collect heroes ofvariouspersonalities. 3. Raise yourself to the strongest hero andwin thebattle. ♬ ★ Various modes 1. Compete with your friends at[Level]and go up to a higher level. 2. In [Music], play bothClassic andoriginal music freely 3. In [Event], clear variousmissions and getrewarded. 4. In [Concours] Challenge the absolutestrongest ofrhythm games ♬ ★ Box 1. Play the game and win variousboxes. 2. Thebox contains items to help you play the game. ♬ ★Story A distantfuture, devastated by the invasion of Dust! Thereyou are the lasthope. Playing beautiful Music with cool HeroesPlease return theuniverse to its former appearance! ◆ UserCommunity ◆ OfficialFacebook: OfficialTwitter: Official fancafe: *** Rhythm Starisrequesting the following permission. *** * READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:To upload images or videos to the community.
American Firefighter Emergency Rescue 1.0.2
American Firefighter Emergency Rescue Show your courage andsavepeoples that are trap in burning buildings. Innocent citizenlivesare in your hand! This time it’s your turn to become newfirebrigade driver and saves innocent people lives in firefightergame.Drive firefighter trucks and other emergency fire brigadesforrescue busted and burn cars in fire brigade game. Fasten buckleupyour seat belt; hold big steering in your hand and rescuepeoplesthat are in trouble in fireman game. This game, provideemergencyrescue service and save their lives by reached thatnavigated area.You will also take emergency racing thrill whenyou’re in hurry torescue busted and burn cars on busy roads in thisrescue game.Drive like an American fire fighter and reached yourdestination intime otherwise fire will spread all around infirefighter game. Inthis game drive fire brigades truck and rescuepeoples that are introuble. We will give you multiple firestations; where you have toprovide firefighter service and takecontrol on fire by using firebrigades in this fire brigade game. Wewill give you multiplethrilling and adventurous missions infirefighter game. You willdrive multiple fire brigades and otherrescue shuttles in thisgame. You will become fireman and built yourfire fighter team andprovide 24/7 rescue service. Become the heroof the city by rescuepeoples on the burn houses in fire hose. Youwill use multiple firetrucks, rescue shuttle and other firebrigades in firefighterrescue. We will give you multiple firebrigades and rescueshuttles. Show your best fireman skills andrescue the peoples thatare in problem. Become firefighter and usedfire extinguisher totake control on burn area in fire fighters.Show your workingperformance and collect rewards, bonus coinsaccording to yourstruggle in firefighter game. Help those peoplesthat are stuck introubles. Take realistic fireman games environmentwith stunningfiremen ranges. This game gives you in-app to unlockfire stationsand to remove ads. Good Luck! Have a fun! AmericanFirefighterEmergency Rescue features: Ultra-realistic fire stationand firetrucks • Multi-angle camera view and fire brigadesaddictiveenvironment • Awesome and varied firetrucks • Amazingcityenvironments with 3D graphics • Realistically animated peopletorescue • Many firefighter missions to complete •Thrillingprecision truck driving experiences • Smooth and intuitivefiremangameplay It’s free to play so quickly download this game andenjoy.
Ambulance Rescue Game Simulator 2018 1.0
Now you can drive amazing city ambulance save the injuredpeople-become hero.This is the first rescue emergency crazyambulance game2018.City ambulance is a amazing game for all thosepeople who isrescue worker or who want to help manyhumans.Ambulance games- Youcan become the great real Ambulancedriver by saving people’slives. You can start a career by doing awonderful rescue job as anambulance duty driver. Get inside the 3Dambulance and startsearching for any big accident and injuredpeoples in the city.From this game you can enjoy fast speedambulance driving in thecity. Saving people lives doesn’t mean thatyou can’t enjoy fastdriving. Collect money and coins and unlockcity rescue missionambulances vans. Ambulance Rescue driver 2018Simulator 3DWhen youplay this game you can enjoy the drivingambulance car simulator 3Ddue to the rescue staff member.In thisgame rescue the injured orbig accident peoples in need and get themto the city hospital assoon as possible to earn achievement coniesand cash. You can usethose cash and coins rewards to later updateyour ambulance orpurchase new ambulance or ambulance helicopter.You can drive manytypes’ ambulances as a emergency blocky,Armyambulance or racingambulance. Crazy 3D rescue Ambulance DriverDutyIn this game youcan control of your ambulance car with smoothcontrols to drive tothe accident person in short time and move themto the cityhospital. So if you enjoy driver city rescue ambulancegames youwouldn’t want to miss the chance this is a amazingambulancegames.You can free download big ambulance or lightsambulancegames.Stop searching for a great 3D ambulance game becausethegreat one is right in front of you so you can install it andplaythis air ambulance game with ambulance sound. We can predictyouwill recommend to your family members, friends play thisrealisticamazing game.This is one of the tremendous ambulance gameapp isavailable in the play store for fast speed drivingexercisepeoplerescue. You can install this ambulance game and getextreme andreal experience rescue 911 emergency staff duties freeof cost onjust a only on one click. You can enjoy this game as adroneambulance and you can transport accident passengers incityhospital and perform top driver skills in running onimpossiblecity and parking. You can enjoy from US Army crazyambulance dutieswhile playing driver city rescue ambulance 2018gamemission.★★★Driver city rescue ambulance 2018Features★★★•SmoothControl• Realistic graphics• Realistic game looks.• Stunningcityenvironment• Different routes across the city• Rescue gamesareamazing fun to play for boys and girls.
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 2.4.6
An anime music game, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, is anexcitinggame with simple controls! Tap to the rhythm of over 80songs,including original game songs and covered versions ofpopularJapanese anime songs such as “Silhouette”, “Butter-Fly”,“Guren noYumiya”, and “Soul's Refrain”. ** Google Play Best of2017 - GrandPrize for Players' Choice Game and Attractive Game**in Japan Jamtogether with the 5 charismatic girl bands in thegame! FeaturingPoppin’Party and Roselia from the animation BanGDream! and gameoriginal bands, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, andHello, Happy World!Features: ● Tap to the rhythm of over 80 songs● Select from 4levels for each song, EASY / NORMAL / HARD / EXPERT● Play 1-playermode or with up to 4 other players and enjoyJapanese anime rhythmgames ● Collect anime characters to form youroriginal band, or togroup them per the 5 official bands ● Trainanime characters toimprove their music performance ● Immerse ineach band's excitingjourney towards stardom through theirindividual band stories ●Interact with cute anime characters, andenjoy their rhythmicalactions and conversations ● Discover andexplore the town to peekthe daily lives of the anime charactersRecommended for people whoenjoy: - Anime rhythm games - Popularanime games - Free anime games- Anime games for mobile phones -Free anime music games - Animesong covers - Anime music - Japaneseanime music - Cute Japaneseanime characters - Asian anime - Cuteanime styled characters -Charming Anime Girl - Games with multipledifficulties to challengeyourself on - Rhythm games - Asian music- Global coop play - Asianrhythm games with deep gameplay -Putting on a live multiplayer show- Fun stories that unfold overtime - Japanese anime - Japaneseanime voice actors - Mp3 musicplayer - Mp3 games - Tap anime musicgame - Rhythm games withsimple controls - Losing yourself in themusic and rhythm - Playingrhythm games with people all across thecountry - Live musicSupport: Visit for FAQor contact usin game by going to Menu > Support. Follow fornews and updates:Facebook: (@bangdreamgbp_en)Instagram: (@bangdreamgbp_en)YouTubeChannel:
Rock Mania 1.0.4
Candy Mobile
Calling all rock stars! Have you ever dreamed of becoming atruerock hero? Here is your chance to make those dreams cometrue!RockMania is the most addictive rhythm game for music lovers!You needto pay attention to the rhythm: sync your taps with thesick beatsof the songs playing. The goal of the game is to tap thecoloredbuttons when they reach a line at the bottom of screen. Areyouready to rock now?Game Features:- Amazing art, animation andpianoaudio effects- 30+ preload songs in Free Play mode- 50+challenginglevels in Idol mode- You can also play your local musicfiles(mp3)Copyright Notes: All the preload songs are underCreativeCommons License( click the 'CC'label for detailed copyright information ofeach preload song.
MELOBEAT - Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game 1.6.4
Float32, Inc.
The awesome Music Game! 1. Be a pianist!! You can be a pianistwithMELOBEAT!! More than 30 songs would be added every month!! 2.MP3Rhythm Game Play MELOBEAT with your own MP3 files. MELOBEATcanplay any song on your device. DRM-protected files would notbesupported.
🚒 Rescue Fire Truck Simulator Driving School 2018 1.3
Superhero Fireman! Get in american firefighter rescue truck,startinferno fire engine & 911 rescue sirens to save people asareal fire truck driver. Play rescue fire truck drivingschoolsimulator game as smoke extinguisher to save innocentciviliansfrom burning fire in modern city. Turn on fire trucksirens anddrive like a real rescuer to reach modern city fire pointin 911rescue simulator fireman games.Ever wanted to become aamericanfirefighter truck driver on smashy roads? Now you can! It’sdutycall in fire emergency situation. Citizens are trappedinsidebuildings and situation is alarming in 911 games. Here’syourchance to show bravery as a fire extinguisher &ultimaterescuer. Play role of fire truck driver to put out biggerfireflames in rescue truck parking game. Become firemenemergencyrescue driver and work in fire brigade station to saveinnocentcitizens. Go on american firefighter driving schoolsimulatormissions of challenging emergency locations like multistoreyparking plaza, high school or city hospital. Get firetruckrefueled from gas station and park in fire brigade buildingwhileplaying 911 rescue simulator. Experience ambulance rush &reachcar accident spots as first responder rescuer in firemangames.Turn on fire truck siren and drive monster vehicle to becomesmokeextinguisher in best firefighter simulator 2018. Drive firetrucksout of fire station, car garage or hospital parking assuperherofireman games. You are firefighter savior by playingambulance rushsimulator 911 games. Firemen job is dangerous becausedriving firetruck driving school is not easy in 911 rescuesimulator. Controlfire extinguishing truck to upgrade driving andsuper fire-fightingskills for 911 rescue mission around super city.Be careful &don't get caught by burning fire flames to becomeultimate firemenin firefighter academy. Grab fire hose, race yourfire truck tosave lives and display courage of a real firefighteremergencydriver.Rescue Fire Truck Driving School 2018 is next leveldrivingsimulation game with very challenging gameplay. Mostaddictivefireman games with big fire trucks in emergency cardriving.Ultimate firemen to go on 911 rescue road trip with yourfavoritefire truck parking simulator. Drive fast to car accidentspot inmulti-storey parking plaza, park your firefighter rescuetruck anduse fire hose to extinguish blaze. Act like a real firemanagainstmenacing flames and become 911 rescue hero. Conquerhazardous fireall around super city in rescue 911 truck simulatorgame. Takeposition as american firefighter savior and ride 911rescue trucksimulator 3D.911 Rescue Firefighter Simulator 3D GameFeatures:🚒Thrilling fire rescue missions in realistic emergencysituations🚒Fire truck with water hose to clear fire and smoke🚒Subsist onmultiple extreme scenarios: each with its cool effects🚒Modernfirefighting equipment in realistic gameplay🚒 Smooth controlsforseamless driving simulator in massive environment🚒 Realisticsmokeand fire hose for water with real physics🚒 Amazing firetrucksounds & rescue sirens for 3D gaming experience🚒Realfirefighter truck driving & extreme ambulancerushadventureDownload & Play 911 Rescue Firefighter DrivingSchool2018 Game - racing like big truck driver to help savinginnocentlives in fire truck rescue missions.
Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game 1.6.5
Download Give It Up! 2 the free music blob game. It is funandchallenging at the same time. The Give It Up! 2 is the successorofthe cute Give It Up!. New adorable black blobs and slimes,crazymulti level tracks and new music. By downloading this gameyouagree to our terms of service; NewGiveIt Up! 2 features: One-tap gameplay, numerous challenges•Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up in this funnygame!• 27 crazy and challenging stages: proceed in an order ofyourchoice with your sweet blobs. • Tap to the rhythm of the musicandjump across the black platforms! • Watch out for spikes, stepsandother crazy obstacles! • Discover challenging hidden stages! •Jumplike a pro: accomplish 3 stars on every stage! • Collectadorableblobs and slimes. • New graphics effects, the adorable GiveIt Up!never looked so cool. Interactive music • New originalsoundtrack,electro-, rave music and the classic one from Give ItUp! • Themulti-layered music changes dynamically during the game. •You canrecord your own sounds and put it in the game. Are you a fanof theadorable Give It Up! games? If so then visit our website,like uson Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestnews:
Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game 1.6.1
Stay on the dance line with your dancing ballz in the bestmusictapping game - Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game.Becareful to tap to the music in our music line game. Timeyouractions, tap carefully and become the dancing master! Theonlyrule? Don’t fall off the track! Got questions/feedback forus?Email us at: [email protected]
Music Madman - Beat Moster 1.2.8
Music madman is a music-themed beats jumping game, 10levels,progressive, exciting.Play is very simple:* Click onthecorresponding color block control game characters jump ahead*Clickon the wrong color block, the protagonist crushing, endingthegameEveryone jumped up with the rhythm of it!
Magic Tiles Piano Despacito 1.0.14
Ever heard of Beethoven, Chopin, Bach or Mozart? Ever had a dreamofbecoming an adored musician, a loved pianist surrounded by fansandadmirers? Ever dreamed of playing classical songs like LittleStarwith Piano Play Game, Cannon, Jingle Bells or Fur Elise on apianokey? This is a super fun Piano Tiles and highly addictivegamesuited for everyone best game 2017. No special skills neededforMagic Tiles Piano Play, all this game asks of you is anattentivemind and fast fingers! Game features: 1.Finish yourachievements toget more diamonds and coins. 2.Master's challengekicks off! Reachthe peak experience of speed challenge. 3.Brandnew slider tilegamplay brings you more exciting gamingexperiences. 4.There aremore albums and songs of various styles.5.You can add songs to yourfavorite, play both classical and popmusic to enrich your playingexperience. 6.New interface and newsong lists make it easier tochoose songs. 7.Compete with friendsand global players 8.Easy tomaster with visual effect incomparable10.Enjoy a brand-new level ofsound quality Game rules: Tap on theblack tiles while listening tomusic. Avoid the white ones! Hurrynow! Enjoy classical and popmusic, challenge your friends, improveyour tapping speed!. Competewith your friends and speed up yourfingers!
Give It Up! 1.9
Feel the Rhythm. Jump or Smear. Give It Up.GIVE IT UP is aratherhard game where you have to assist this cheerful, singingBlob injumping through 18 different tracks.Single tap control -soundseasy right?You have to feel the rhythm as Blob jumps up, overanddown with the help of the similarly crazy music.Beware, ifyoudon't tap at the right time, poor Blob will smear before youcancry Nooo and throw your device away.Who will love it?• Thosewholove challenges• Those who enjoy sweating during the game•Thosewho can feel the rhytm• Those who feel up to it• Those whodon'tfear for their devicesWho will hate it?• EVERYONE
Fire Truck Real Robot Transformation: Robot Wars 70
Prepare yourself for amazing Fire Truck Real RobotTransformation:Robot Wars, where the transforming fire truck &fire fighterrobot has to complete various city rescue missions.This robottransformation game, allows you as fire fighter robot togetengaged in futuristic city robot wars, in our real robotalsocalled fire truck robot along with their supreme leaderfuturisticflying robot have joined epic war which has caused lotofdestruction. In Fire Truck Real Robot Transformation: RobotWars,you will be engaged in city rescue & become vigilantfirefighter robot. Our superhero robot will have fireman gamesrescueskills of 911 fire brigade fire fighter along withfuturisticflying robot transform skills. Use destructive futuristicrobothero & deadly war machines weapons in robot battle arena.Areyou fan of Robot games or fire truck robot games along withbestfuturistic robot transformation games, then this blend oftruckgames & fire man games will give you exposure to bestrealisticfirefighter truck. In Fire Truck Real RobotTransformation: RobotWars, you as a fire fighter robot willstrategically move thefirefighter truck through dangerous locationsof the futuristiccity and robot games rescue innocent people. Be afuturistic robot& transforming robot car having fire fighterskills or firebrigade simulator and perform 911 fire fighter dutyin each rescuemission 911 robot games. In this fire truck robottransformationgame, you will battle in different city rescuemissions as firebrigade or eminent fire tuck Robot superhero forquick firemangames rescue of innocent people. Be fire trucktransformation as afirefighter truck of fireman games as otherrescue ambulances willbe late in reaching the rescue spot in therobot fighting games.You will have to utilize fireman games skillsalong with firebrigade simulator & quick robot transformabilities toaccomplishing rescue missions using transformingfirefighter truck.In Fire Truck Real Robot Transformation: RobotWars you as firefighter robot truck & futuristic robot car,where you will haveto accomplish city rescue missions astransforming robot truck& iron robot truck. In this firebrigade simulator you will berescuing people of NY City in thisamazing 911 games fire truckrobot simulator. In robot wars, youwill battle against viciousrobot car transform & real robothero along with supreme leaderfuturistic flying robot truck ondifferent destroyed places offuturistic city for performing 911rescue truck transforming robotgames duty. Eliminate all furiousreal robot truck or robot cartransform along with robot Warssupreme leader of futuristic flyingrobot games using fire fighterrobot car skills & robotsuperhero abilities to complete epicwar and spread robot wars infire truck transformation & truckrobot fighting games. Play asfire truck robot car transform alongwith superhero robot cartransform and use destructive war machines& futuristic robotweapons for eradicating evil Robot CarTransform form epic war& robot wars arena of deadly robot warsin this amazing firemangames. Amazing Transforming Robot Truck& Fire Truck RobotFighting Games Features: - Full HD 3DGraphics from realistic firefighter robot games. - Top qualitysounds effect of Firefightertruck with grand city rescueenvironment of robot games. - Highlyengaging & thrilling rescuemissions from robot transformgames. - Highly customized controlsfor robot hero from fire trucktransformation games. - Highlyengaging transforming robot gamesbased play mode. Download firetruck robot transformation now! Playas fire fighter robot &superhero robot transform and usehighly destructive fire fighterrobot & futuristic robot carweapons for quickly eradicating allevil robot transform from epicwar and robot battle arena of deadlyrobot wars.
TAPSONIC World Champion - rhythm game 3.3.0
Welcome to TAPSONIC World Champion! Players all around the worldarewaiting for you. ARE YOU READY TO BE THE WORLD CHAMPION? TWCinvitesyou to the worldwide competition. Be a member of nationalteam andcompete with other players all over the world. - AUTHENTICRHYTHMGAME - TWC is a traditional arcade-style rhythm game withmusicvideo. Music, beat, video, and notes. What more do we needforrhythm game? - RANKING - TWC provides various rankingsystems.Including rank by country, world, internationalcompetitions, andalso there are Masters Ranking for the truechampions. Prove yourskills in various rankings, and become therepresentatives of yourcountries! - CHAMPION'S TOUR - CAHMPION'STOUR provides a field ofcompetition with selected tracks andscheduled day to players.Similar to the real sports competition,there is only one chancefor all participants. Premium tracks thatusers have to buy to playwill be provided for free in CHAMPION'STOUR. It is a competitionthat you can truly show your skills. -PLAY-TO-WIN - TWC highlysupports 'Fair Play' attitude. There are nopay-to-win elements ingame such as characters or score boosters.You can play dozens oftracks for free including basically giventracks and ad-acquiredtracks. - Download free songs from theprevious TAPSONIC and DJMAXseries. - Tap & Slide, easy to play.- Experience high qualityof rhythm effect. - Challenge 3 differentdifficulties : Basic, Proand Legend. - Get more medals with highscore to make your countrywin. - Offline game mode supported. Youcan be the champion of aglobal rhythm game TAPSONIC World Champion!※ Forward all and anyinquiries to [email protected] @ NEOWIZAll rights reserved.
KISS Rock City - Road to Fame and Fortune 1.1.8
Want to be a rock star? In KISS Rock City that dream cancometrue!Your music adventure starts just as you're about to giveup.At an all time low in your attempt to be a rich and famousmusicianyou decide it's time to call it quits. However KISS haveotherideas for you. Impressed by your hard work and dedication,KISSdecide to mentor you and give you the motivation and supportyouneed to make it big. It won't be easy! Get a band together andkeepthem out of trouble while you juggle jobs and organise gigs.KISSwill be there to help but at the end of the day it'syourdedication and hard work that will win you a place in the rockandroll hall of fame!Take a trip to KISS Rock City! I Love it Loud-Sing-a-long with original KISS tunes while playing the fastpacedrhythm games!Dressed to Kill - A wide range of customizationitemsso you can style you and your band including KISS merchandiseandoutfits!Rock and Roll All Nite - Explore the streets of KISSRockCity and uncover its secrets!Psycho Circus - Keep your bandhappyand under control!Lick it Up - Earn fans and enjoy the rewardsofbecoming a rich and famous rock star!God Gave Rock 'n' Roll toYou- KISS Rock City is the one and only epicrock-adventure!PLEASENOTE: KISS - Rock City is free to download andplay, however, somegame items can also be purchased for real money.If you don't wantto use this feature, please disable in-apppurchases in yourdevice's settings. Also, under our Terms ofService and PrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age toplay or downloadKISS - Rock City. SUPPORT: Having problems? Send usa message at
Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game 1.9.1
New Dimension Rhythm Game "A harmony of Light awaits you in alostworld of musical Conflict." Touch, hold and slide to therhythmthrough a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style rhythmgameexperience featuring artists from Japan and across theEntireWorld. Experience brand new 3-dimensional 'Arc' gameplay:takingyour touch screen to its limits swiping and following totherhythm. Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict withinaforgotten world ⚏Play anywhere and anytime with nolimitations.Internet connection not required⚏ All songs playable onphone ortablet! Both free to play and paid songs available! Freelyplaymany songs any time as well as unlocking Arcaea-exclusiveoriginalsongs. ⚏Features ⚏ - A high difficulty ceiling -experiencepersonal growth as you develop skills in arcade-styleprogression -Over 90 songs from more than 50 artists famous acrossother games -3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song - Anexpanding musiclibrary through content updates - Full song jacketillustrations -Online friends and scoreboards Download now andexperience a brandnew music game experience! ⚏Story ⚏ Two younggirls wander in abroken world filled with remnants of its formerself: Arcaea.Arcaea are melodical shards of the past that call outto the girls,but each chooses to be experienced only by one or theother. Overtime, the girls begin to notice inconsistencies in theArcaea thatchoose them and develop conflicting views about theworld as itonce was. --- Follow Arcaea & News:Twitter:
Subway Santa Xmas Surf
Subway Santa Xmas Surf is an awesome infinity running game. ASantaClaus run and play in a subway, Help Him to run and collectallcoins and gifts. Subway Santa Xmas Surf need help to completehisjourney to the town by pass so many obstacles on his subway.Don'tforget to dodge all obstacles in the way. Run as fast aspossible.**** Game Features **** - Colorful & smooth graphics -Easyone-touch controls and gameplay - Rich background music andsoundeffects - Intense and exciting game rhythm - Face theunknowndangers and fear! ! ! **** HOW TO PLAY **** - Drag up tojump -Drag left,right to change the lane - Drag down to slide - Taptohit obstacles
Robot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 1.0.2
Minja Studio
If you have enjoyed red robot transport firetruck simulatororfiretruck games in best robot games & real robotfiretruckgames categories with mech warriors of new robottransformationgames like best action games & best robot actiongames, thenMinja Studio presents its truck robot car future robotbattles ormech fighting games of the week: real Robot FirefighterRescue FireTruck Simulator 2018 like rescue bot games with rescuefiretrucksimulator element in robot rescue games with fire brigaderescuerobots. Rescue robot firefighter robot game or rescue botgames isone of the best robot action games with vigilant battletruck robotsimulator acting like futuristic robot superheroes. Redfire truckrobot firefighter in the modern age of future robot gameswill be ared robot warrior & you will be a real robot builderwithrescue mobile. Flying bots & shooting robots are a thing ofthepast & new monster robot games are shifting focus torescuerobot survival games. Futuristic robot wars of robot squad infiretruck rescue duty game is through transform robot fightingmachinehas begun while superhero flying robot rescue bots haveended.Battlebot Rescue bots have to save people from mech warriorsrobotarmies who are trained in combat action skills. If you haveenjoyedflying robot game then you will love fire truck rescue botgameswith transforming robot to shoot and fight evil robots.Inemergency rescue 911 best robot action games you have to fightthebots & additionally rescue robot firetruck rescue games orbestrobot games will give you rescue missions for robot rescuegames& robot rescue fire truck simulator. There is no need forhandto hand combat action, by playing best robot fighting games&red robot adventures you will also get into American firefighterrobot builder survival mode & unlike other airbot flyingrobotgame rules of shooting game or robot warrior flying games forbestcombat action game don’t apply on fire engine battle truckrealrobots.Our red fire truck fire engine battle truck robotsimulator:real Robot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018is a battletrucks rescue fire truck simulator & best robot firetruckgames to give you the chance to play with superrobottransformation not like other mech fighting games or futurerobotgames to save mankind in best robot games. Emergency rescue911missions will be unlike any other transforming firetrucksimulator.Perform robot transport fire brigade, ambulance game& firerescue tasks as new super robots rescue bots games inrobot actiongames & best action games. You can be the rescuerin firetruckgames or rescue bot games or the super hero with recuemobile inrobot transforming games. Battlebot mech warrior gamesliketransforming simulator futuristic robot game or fightingrobotfiretruck games keep you hooked in the machine build scenarioofsaving people from evil robots in rescue robot survival gamesredrobot adventures & rescue robot simulator. Real robotwarmission game has survival craft with rescue duty. Rescuemissionare a must for mech fighting games & red RobotFirefighterRescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 gives you robot wars& rescuemission like in robot rescue bots or robot rescue gamesso that youcan rescue robots flying robot firefighter games. Thisbattletrucks best robot game will sharpen your futuristic robotfiretruckrescue skills while playing fighting games in the genreoftransforming game.Enjoy great firetruck simulator 3D modelsinrescue bot games & red firetruck transform robot truck carwithrobotic superheroes powers & recue duty. Enhance yourshootingskills of futuristic robot fire truck games &transformingsimulator firefighter robot game in future robot wars.Downloadthis rescue robot survival game or robot firetruck games toenjoyeasy & fun gameplay of robot action games & bestactiongames.
Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game ) 1.9.5
[ to previous purchasers ]Previous version of this game(FullofMusic) is suspended by a policy issue.For user already purchased,apromotion code will be served.Please make a inquiry onGooglePaymentspage( master of rhythm game!You can play with your own MP3files.-Please compare with other auto music note generation games!You canfeel a electrifying by distinctive analysis andsynchronizationalgorithm.- Concentrate to game playing on simple& clear userinterface.- Support various speed and difficulty.- Compete with thescores of other players around the world.*Recommend to play musicwith proper beats.
NY City FireFighter 2017 1.7
Want to serve humanity? Like rescue, action, driving andparkinggames? NY City Firefighter 2017 awaits!On a bright sunny dayin NewYork City, you encounter a building in flames! You are acourageousfirefighter, and your duty is to rescue your fellow NewYorkers.Are you up for the challenge?! Grab your hose and slap onyourcombat boots; fires don’t wait for anybody. NY CityFireFighterincludes brigade truck driving, parking, and actionplay. Racethrough city roads with your team in a quick fashion.Evade trafficand keep pedestrians safe. Use your parking skills toavoidclashing with city vehicles. Next, embark on severalrescuemissions in different locations. There will be shoppingmalls,banks, schools, office buildings, and even hospitals torescue!Drive your fire truck to a HOT location and COOL it down!Locatefire points using your radar to rescue within given time andgetmaximum mission completion points. As you progress within thegame,levels will become more interesting and challenging!NYCityFireFighter 2017 Features:•Amazing visual and Coolsoundseffects•Super thrilling Firefighter Missions tocomplete•Numbers ofFirefighters Trucks and ambulances•New York CityEnvironment withCool 3D Graphics•Numbers of Animated People toRescue•Smooth, Easy& Addictive GameplayAbout Tap2Play:Tap2Play,LLC is a whollyowned subsidiary of Tapinator, Inc.Tapinator Inc.(Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 350 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Ambulance & Helicopter Heroes 1.7
SAVE THE RESIDENTS OF THE AMAZING OPEN WORLD CITYBecome the heroofthe amazing open world city in this hill ridge helicopterandambulance simulator. You will not only fly with the lifesavinghelicopter but also race in the challenging mountain ridgecanyonroads! A lot of driving skills and flying skills arenecessary tocomplete all the timeless challenging missions of thislife savinghelicopter simulator!USE ALL YOUR RACING AND FLYINGSKILLS TOSUCCEEDGet in your life saving ambulance and make sure youget toyour patients in time in this timeless majestic 911 car! Goatludicrous speeds and it is surely not an illusion that thepatientsare nearly dieing. You have one job to do so do it the bestyoucan! Become the best ambulance rescue missions parker thateverylife threatened persons wants. Race through the mountainridgecanyon roads and fly with the ambulance helicopter through thetopsof the mountains!Key Features:✔ Timeless majestic 911 carsimulatorwith race against the clock missions!✔ It is not anillusion! Thepatients are in trouble! Save them!✔ Go at ludicrousspeed with the911 and the flying heli!✔ Save the mountain residentsfrom acatastrophe!✔ More police moto bike simulator games and armydronegames coming soon!
Project: Muse 2.9.0
**An incredible music adventure** It was an incredible music gameina different way! Every note,every voice is respond to your tapGameFeatures: • Rhythm Gameplay • Enjoy different style DEM • Easytoplay with unrivalled visual effect • Different characters •Competewith friends and global players Game rules: First,Tap thecharacterwhile following the rhyme Then,Ensure to get perfectImportant,Donot miss anyone Last but not least, Best experiencewith headphones。Hope you to enjoy thegame!Facebook:
Airplane Emergency Fire Rescue 1.8
"Dedicated Emergency rescue crew rush to the aid in 911AirplaneEmergency Fire Rescue. You are in the front line ofresponders thatare committed to saving lives, when planes orhelicopters have amayday situation up in the air. When planes andaircrafts startfalling from the sky, every second count as you takeon the role ofa Ambulance paramedic and a firefighter. Make life ordeathdecisions make haste and rush to the emergency situation.First putout the fire in this 3D emergency services game. As youare in thefrontline of action you need to guard the airport toprevent a thata minor incident becomes a major emergency. Yourduties as afireman and a paramedic are very important.It’s alifetimeexperience to be part of this airport truck parking 3Dsimulator.Show crazy racer driver skills and drive fire truck withhigh speedto save people’s lives. 911 rescue department calls yourteam toaid people in fire emergency, help ambulance to transportinjuredpatient to the nearest hospital.About the simulation gameplay of“911 Airplane Emergency Fire Rescue”; you will see anairplanecrashing that you have to rescue. Then you will have anemergencyfire truck ambulance that you have to park in the fireexit of thatairplane. Once you park that in emergency exit then thereal taskstarts. You will have to take an ambulance and park in thehospitalparking so that people can be rescued safely. You have tobe veryquick as you have to save lives.►►How to Play● First followthe redpoint to reach at the emergency point.● Then Use the spraybuttonto Put off the fire.● Rescue the injured people by takingthem tohospital.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Different powerful vehicles withlightsand siren.◆ Real world 3D environment.◆ Realistic controls.◆HDGraphics.◆ Animated fires and smoke.◆ Animated fire hoseandwater.◆ Different camera angles that give you morecontrol.◆Amazing background sound to enhance your gamingexperience.◆ 20Challenging city levels to test driving skills.◆Amazing 4 heavyduty fire trucks to drive on emergency site.◆ Map ofWhole City.◆In City Traffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars.◆ Yougot limitedtime to clear your missions so be as fast as possible.◆911Emergency Quick Response."
Driving Police Car Simulator 1.0
Do you like the roaring sounds of emergency cars? Would you liketoraced as an ambulance or the police around the city ?DownloadDriving Police Car Simulator app and make the dreams.Choose anemergency vehicle: an ambulance, police or fire engine.Turn on thesiren and drive along the city streets at a crazy speed.Go wherethe radar points arrows and playing gain the points. Ifyoucompleted one task find out the next. You faster arriveandeliminate the accident give your the more points.Theunpredictability situation, the thrill of the race around thecity,the howling of flashing lights and the thunderous sirenswillplease you and the friends. Arrange the competition who willscoremore points in the shortest time with friends. Pump drivingskillsin an extreme game and have fun together.Attention! DrivingPoliceCar Simulator app is simply the game created for fun.Extremedriving carries no danger to you and others.
FireFighter rescue - emergency firetruck simulator 1.0.2
FireFighter rescue 2018 is one is the best rescue app amongallfirefighter games. You have to show your professionalfirefightingskills to save the precious lives of innocentcivilians. Yourresponsibility of saving citizens must be the toppriority forplaying this mobile rescue game.You have chosenfirefightingresponsibility by your choice, so you have to show thatforAmerican firefighter position: you are the best driver inyourtown. You are the proud of rescue department and bestfirefighterof all fire stations. The town may suffer a rashfrom arsonattacks, so you always have to be ready for dealingwith an extremeemergency situation.American fighter not onlyentertain you but italso teaches moral values for saving theprecious lives ofcivilians who can be affected by arson attacksaccidentally. Youhave to be expert in all the rules and regulationswhich you havelearned in firefighter academy for extinguishing thefire,otherwise, you may be responsible for the loss of manylives.Thereis not a single relax or easy day in the lifefirefighter becausehe always has to ready for facinglife-threatening challenges. Anybuilding can be on fire at any timeor there may be car accidentsresulting in large fire flames, soyour firetruck robot always isready for helping the people introuble, unlike other firemangames. Parking garage of the firestation is full of a variety offiretrucks, accelerate yourdesignated fire truck and rush towardsthe emergency spot and be ahero of 911 games. Drive fast butcarefully, avoid hitting trafficcars and be precise while drivingfire truck of firebrigadegames.Fasten your seat belt, gather allfire extinguishing equipmentand accelerate your firefighter now assome skyscrapers buildingsare on fire. Reach there as soon aspossible because you have verylimited time otherwise wholebuilding may be turn out in ashotherwise you would be a loser ofthis fire truck game. Be afirefighter hero by rescuing thecitizens stuck in burningbuildings. You would find this game moreaddictive among allfirefighter games because you may have toperform driving stuntswhile reaching your destination in limitedtime.Being a fireman youno personal life because the life of firefighter turns around thefiretruck for helping the humanity. Manyfire stations have the bestamerican firetrucks that can containtons of water and are very easyto drive on the rushy us roadsfully loaded with traffic and youwould feel relax during firetruck driving. Firefighter parking andfiretruck parking is veryvast and fully parked with heavy-dutyvehicles that are alwaysready for emergency racing in thisfirefighter simulator game. Getready!!! Turn on your truck’s siren,there is a fire nearmulti-storey parking plaza, rush thereimmediately, park yourtruck, hold the fire hose firmly to put outthe fire blaze.Minimise the hazardous effects of fire byextinguishing with latesttechnologies you are equipped with,provided by the firedepartment. Be a fire man savior by savingprecious lives stuck inplazas and on us roads by driving firebrigade. There are multiplechallenging missions different fromother fire games. In everymission, you have to ready in advance inyour firetruck. In somemissions, your task would be to extinguishfire from high roofbuildings or from parking plazas. In othermissions, you have torescue the respected citizens by extinguishingthe fire, lit due toserious car accidents.*** Features ofFireFighter rescue -emergency firetruck simulator ***Heavy dutyFireFighter with smoothcontrolsRealistic physics Multiplechallenging missionsAnimatedfirehose Various emergency spotsLatestrescue trucksHDgraphicsLifetime free to playBest time killer cityrescue gamejustdownload this challenging firefighter game and helpcivilians byrescuing them from the emergency situations.
MELOPAD - Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game 1.5.1
Float32, Inc.
The awesome Music Game!1. Be a pianist!!You can be a pianistwithMELOPAD!!More than 30 songs would be added every month!!2.MP3Rhythm Game Play MELOPAD with your own MP3 files.MELOBEAT canplayany song on your device. DRM-protected files would notbesupported.
Fire Truck Emergency Rescue 1.0.1
Fire Truck Emergency Rescue Simulation game!Rescue 911 -EmergencyRescue Center! Driving Fire truck, patrolling big citiesandstreets with keen eyes, responding to emergencies and rushingtorescue sites, Save innocent lives.Do you want to be a fireman?Now,you can! Received emergency calls for people, Leadfirefighters,the first time to reach the rescue scene! The peopleis trapped inthe building, You will become the ultimate savior,eliminate thefire, save people's safety. Here, the fire departmentalso need tohave ambulance, to ensure that the injured were timelyrelief.Rescue is not a simple task, since it is a big city that canhaveall kinds of fires and emergencies. Fire in the hospital,theschool high-rise buildings, the landing gear on the plane, thefirecaused by traffic accidents, crowded, rescue task is ahugechallenge. Take a fire hose, showing the courage of arealemergency firefighter.Driving rescue and emergency vehiclesinurban urban areas! Elimination of the fire is a very urgentevent,to ensure that the direction of the water gun, as well asthestability of water pressure, the fastest speed of fire. Justmakesure you drive carefully, do not touch the mass flow andfixtures,rush to the emergency rescue scene, start rescuemission!Freedownload Fire Truck Emergency Rescue, become a realfireman!FireTruck Features:- fire rescue mission- available to allplayers freeof charge- fire truck, aircraft rescue simulation- Realcityenvironment, real rescue experience- Use water pipes toremovefires and fumes- stunning 3D model- a lot of fire places-Simple,but hard to control- Rescue 911Driving the truck, startingyourrescue mission!
Cytoid: A Community Music Game 1.5.2
Tiger Tang
Cytoid is a music game where you can create, share and play yourownlevels! Powered by community, with many dedicated creators,Cytoidprovides a huge variety of musical genres to enjoy and adiverserange of gameplay design. Interact with other playersthrough scoreleaderboards, a voting system to support yourfavourite levels, andthe new rating system to put your rhythmicalability to the test andcompete against the best of the best. Thinkyou’re up to it?Download player-created levels, view worldrankings and more: Join us on Discord: the project on GitHub: #Artists "Glow Dance" byiamMANOLIS ( under CC BY-NC-SA3.0) "Intro" by PTB10 "Sky" by Trifect"Ecstatic" by Delos #Disclaimer Cytoid is neither affiliated withCytus or Rayark Inc.
Fire Rescue Gyroscopic Bus: City Ambulance Driver 1.2
Welcome back to the future! After the huge success of Gyroscopicbusdriving simulator the Wacky Studio brings you another amazingtitle.Fire Rescue Gyroscopic Bus is next-gen futuristic vehicledesignedto respond the emergency situations and rescue civilianslike firetruck emergency response. Straddle big gyro bus above thejam-packedtraffic in modern city and reach incident place beforethe modernfire truck driving school. It’s a duty call in 911emergencyresponse!!! Citizens are trapped inside building andsituation isalarming. Maneuver american firefighter truck 911rescue vehicletowards the place of incident. Provide fire rescueservice tocitizens at the time of natural disaster as a profiremen in firetruck games. Learn to control 911 rescue gyroscopicbus and drive onmajor metro city roads to be an ultimate coach busdriver. Pull racelever with full throttle for fast city busdriving simulator 2018.As a Gyroscopic coach bus driver your dutyis to respond inemergency and reach the incident place fast likereal americanfirefighter. Drive metro city bus above traffic rushwithoutcollision and reach destination on time to save lives infire truckgames 2018. Get on board in gyroscopic city bus controlroom todrive futuristic 911 rescue ambulance on all routesresponding toemergency situation throughout NY city in coach busdrivingschool.Straddling elevated coach bus is powered byflywheelswound-up in the morning, and would continue to be poweredthroughoutthe day from energy supplied by solar panels mounted onthe roofs ofthe 911 rescue bus. Drive fire rescue truck ambulanceabove trafficrush without collision to reach destination on timein fire truckgames 2018. This modern gyroscopic rescue bus drives12 feet aboveground level so that modern city traffic flowsbeneath it withoutcollisions. This future innovation is designedfor fast paced worldto counter the problem of NY city traffic jamsand reach at place ofincident super fast before the fire truck or911 rescue ambulance.This gigantic modern vehicle has bigcompartment and is equippedwith american firefighter equipment andfire truck water engine.Enjoy first of its kind gyroscopic rescuebus simulator game 2018with challenging and unique gameplay.Forget traffic rush problemson busy roads when you can drivemodern elevated bus sky high fromground to save people as afiremen hero. This elevated rescue buscity ambulance is the futureof emergency service in major citiesaround the world like newyork, paris, london, beijing, tokyo,dubai. The tunnel likestructure can pass over the firefighterrescue truck and cityambulance driver with ease. At the time ofnatural disaster thisadvanced rescue vehicle can reach the incidentplace and save livesof the people before the 911 rescue ambulanceor americanfirefighter truck. Drive multiple elevated bus models inultrarealistic open world environment. Highly detailed futuristiceurobus rescue vehicle with complex interiors will make you feellikedriving a futuristic ambulance! An ultimate blend ofmodernfirefighter truck driving school and city ambulance drivinggames.Simply one of the best gyroscopic fire rescue simulator2018.Better than most of the city ambulance driver, 911rescuehelicopter or firefighter truck games.Fire Rescue GyroscopicBus:City Ambulance Driver Game Features: 🚨Provide rescue serviceandfirst aid in emergency around modern city🚨Unlock multiplefirerescue vehicle as you progress in game🚨Real firefighter jobofsaving innocent people in danger 🚨Real gyroscopic busphysicsimplemented for precise driving🚨Massive open world 3D bigcityenvironment🚨Highly detailed autobus interior withsmoothcontrols🚨Amazing animations to rescue people and fightfireDownloadFire Rescue Gyroscopic Bus: City Ambulance Driver gameand start torescue citizens in emergency situations around hugemodern city.
Piano Holic2 2.1.0
----- Meet All-New Piano Holic Now ----------- Every songwasrearranged by real composers ------Piano Holic offers thebestsound and highest quality as the best Piano rhythm game. It'smagicto your ears!Forget about all the rhythm games in the past.PianoHolic is the only rhythm game you enjoy with apiano.Withchildren's songs for beginners to infamous classics fromBeethovenand Mozart for experts, people of all ages and levels canenjoymore than 150 songs without ever looking at a sheet ofmusic!As thenotes will guide you through your playing, anyone caneasily tapthe keyboards to play your music. Without sheets ofmusic, tap thefalling notes to the right beat, right timing to playyour piano.(Rhythm Gaming System)You can now play like Mozart andBeethoven!It's time for your ears to enjoy music magic andmasterpieces.★★Specifics of Piano Holic★★ - Highest quality sounds-Multi-touchKeyboard- Touch & Drag Keyboard- Preview sound andgameplayavailable- No music sheets necessary- 5 different notestyles-Music auto-play- EASY,NORMAL,HARD,HELL: 4 Difficulty Levelswithover 100 songs each (includes Mozart, Beethoven, and manygreatclassics)- SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,D,E,F: Scored in 9Levels-Perfect,Great,Good,Miss Guide- Different Effects varyingonsituation- Combo system- Practice mode containing all typesofpiano supported- Octaves shown in Practice Keyboard mode-Samequality as a real piano - Continuous updates on music-Compatiblewith all devices and resolutions
Your Dance Avatar 1.5.1
Create your character and throw some hot dance moves in thisnewgame! There are dozens of tunes waiting for you, alongside loadsofoutfits, plus achievements and leaderboards... ★Uniqueheroes★Glamorous (and sometimes daring) outfits, trendyaccessories,beautiful dance floors, and much more. Create theavatar of yourdreams, and share photos with friends! The variety ofposes liftsthis game to a new level for dressing up games. ★Theparty neverends★ When you've created your anime girl, invite her todance inan amazing rhythm game! ★Music to suit any taste★ We'veassembledfree soundtracks of the most varied genres in this game:pop,disco, hip-hop, rock... ★A world of competitions★ Gainachievementsand top the rankings! Tell the whole world aboutyourself, or justcompete against your friends. Dance, listen tomusic, and have funin a world of songs and love... Show off yourcoolest moves, likethe vocaloids! Become a famous idol of Japaneseanime or manga...Do you want to get hold of a track you like? Allthe music from thegame can be downloaded free from the opengameartwebsite, inaccordance with the license terms (CC BY 3.0)
Cytus II 2.0.0
Celebrating Cytus's 7th anniversary! Characters Cherry, JOE,Xenon,ConneR 50% off! ---------------------------- "Cytus II" is amusicrhythm game created by Rayark Games. It's our fourth rhythmgametitle, following the footsteps of three global successes,"Cytus","DEEMO" and "VOEZ". This sequel to "Cytus" brings back theoriginalstaff and is a product of hardwork and devotion. In thefuture,humans have redefined internet development and connections.We cannow easily sync the real world with the internet world,changinglife as we have known for thousands of years. In the megavirtualinternet space cyTus, there exists a mysterious DJ legendÆsir. Hismusic has an irresistible charm; people fall madly in lovewith hismusic. Rumor has it that every note and beat of his musichits theaudiences in the depths of their souls. One day, Æsir, whohadnever shown his face before, suddenly announced that he willbeholding the first mega virtual concert —— Æsir-FEST and willinvitea top idol singer and a popular DJ as opening performances.Theinstant the ticket sales began, an unprecedented rushoccurred.Everyone wanted to see Æsir's real face. On the day of theFEST,millions of people were connected to the event. At one hourbeforethe event started, the previous world record for mostsimultaneousconnection was smashed. The whole city was on its feet,waiting forÆsir to descent from the skies... Game Features: - Theunique"Active Judgement Line" rhythm game playstyle Tap the notesas thejudgement line hits them to achieve a high score. Throughfivedifferent kinds of notes and the judgement line thatactivelyadjusts its speed according to the beat, the gameplayexperience isfurther combined with the music. Players can easilyimmersethemselves in the songs. - A total of 100+ high-qualitysongs (35+in base game, 70+ as IAP) The game includes songs bycomposers fromall across the world, Japan, Korea, the US, Europe,Taiwan andmore. Through the characters, players get to play songsfromdifferent genres including but not limited to: electronic, rockandclassical. We are confident that this game will live up to thehypeand expectations. - Over 300 different charts Over 300differentcharts designed, from easy to hard. The rich game contentcansatisfy players of different levels. Experience excitingchallengesand enjoyment through the sensation of your fingertips. -Explorethe virtual internet world with the game's charactersTheone-of-a-kind story system "iM" will lead the players andthein-game characters to slowly piece together the story andworldbehind "Cytus II". Reveal the truth of the story with arich,cinematic visualexperience.--------------------------------------- ※ This gamecontains mildviolence and vulgar language. Suitable for users age15 and above.※ This game contains additional in-app purchases.Please purchasedbase on personal interest and ability. Do notoverspend. ※ Pleasepay attention to your game time and avoidaddiction. ※ Please donot use this game for gambling or otherillegal purposes.
Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty 1.0
Gear up your survival skills to enjoy the mostadventurous,thrilling and lifesaving adventures as the openwaterrescuers in the aquatic environment as thememberof American lifeguard beach rescue team. As a shipfullof people lost its way in a storm and got on the wrong path alotof people jumped off in the water to save their lives and waitforthe  emergency services to help them with theirmuchneeded rescue aids. Keeping in mindthe nationallifeguard standards of the beach rescueduty team,this is the best coast guard games tointroducethe emergency fast drives. The beach lifeguard rescueteamalways show competency in lifeguard readiness and quick aidbyrescue boat driver or other means. Wear your bathing suit asrescueswimmers, boaters, so the Beach Rescue Team or lifeguard teamsendsthe beach lifeguards of beach rescue lifeguard team to theaccidentlocation instantly. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty gamehas anurgent requirement of rescue boats as a beachfinder, rescuecans,lifeboat, rescue tubes, rescueboards and mostimportantly rescue teams so you aregoing to bethat rescue hero. Rescue buoy on beach duty andSpinal boardsare also present to help in the rescue process.Conduct along beach search and rescue mission implementsomegood rescue techniques and lifeguarding techniquestorescue patients from the distressed swimmers,the activedrowning victims and the passive drowningvictims. Thecoast guard beach ensures the presence of beach rescuelifeguardduring all night hours as well with fast water boat .Makeyour hovercrafts and inflatable boats readyandget to rescue duty. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty isthebest beach rescue simulator forany lifebuoy inthe boat rescue.Coast Lifeguard BeachRescue Duty offersvarious types of rescue missions so either bepart of beachrescue human chain or the member ofAmericanfirefighters or give the ambulance drivingtest tobecome an ambulance driver or Ambulance RescueDriver. You have great rescue training to perform ambulanceduty orambulance rush, With passing time the people are gettinginjuredand more accidents are taking place at the spot so get readyforthe most dangerous firefightergames and firefighter simulators. Be the mostactivemember of the fire service department andworkfor fire prevention with the useof fireextinguisher. If firefighting is your domainthen bethere, get ready for the firefight and learne firebrigade truck driving to accelerate theadventure. Boostup your active fireman qualities.Being thebest coast guardgames and ambulance game thisgame “Coast LifeguardBeach Rescue Duty “offers the thrillof emergency fastdrive in the emergencyambulance while blinking thewarning lights.What is the waitfor now? Start your cityambulance rescue simulator, gearup the surf lifesaver mode on while hooking the beach andbeing the most eagerrescue boy for the hassle createdin waterrescue lifeboats. Emergency medical servicesshould beprovided to all the victims in the shortest time possibleso getgoing.Game FeaturesAttractive and captivatingBeachEnvironmentsHigh Level Challenge ScenariosDifferentRescueMissionsSmooth controls to make your journey excitingHDQualitysound effects for the great driving experience
Dynamix 3.12.01
Dynamix is a mobile music game that integrates arcadegamingexperience into mobile device. C4Cat brings you the fruitofcreativity of worldwide composers within this pocket sizemobilegame. With triple-dropping track design, you feel likeplayingdifferent instruments while hitting different sides. Justclick onthe button and download Dynamix to enjoy the varied type ofmusic!Feature: Weekly new songs updated in Event system 5 leveloptionsthat suit your level Rank Up to unlock more tracks, morethan 20tracks is avaliable for free version Collect characters tohelppass the difficult levels Over 100 tracks by composers all overtheworld, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kongincludedin game Wide range choice of music including J-Pop,Trancecore,Chiptune, New Age and so on Facebook and Twitter resultsharingfunction *free version limited to 30 rank , purchase premiumtounlock further rank Offical Website:http://dynamix.c4-cat.comC4Cat Official Facebook Page: Dynamix OfficialFacebook Page: Trailer: Play Trail: Causal, Normal &Hard: Mega &Giga:
Subway Princess - Endless Run
Subway Princess - Endless Run is anawesomeinfinity running game.A Princess run and play in a subway, Help Him to run and collectallcoins and gifts.Subway Princess - Endless Run need help to complete her journeytothe city by pass so many obstacles on her subway.Don't forget to dodge all obstacles in the way.Run as fast as possible.*** Game Features ***- Colorful & smooth graphics- Rich background music and sound effects- Easy one-touch controls and gameplay- Intense and exciting game rhythm- Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !*** HOW TO PLAY ***- Drag up to jump- Drag left,right to change the lane- Tap to hit obstacles- Drag down to slide
Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap 2.1
Words Mobile
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm gamethatyou can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythmasyou tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rockandrevenge? Tap your way through the songs with this easy tolearnrhythm game. You can play with the preload songs or yourlocalmusic files by your favorite artists. Music Hero includes abrandnew visual experience with beautiful lighting effectsandanimations.How to Play:- Tap the discs when passing the bar atthebottom to score points for accuracy and timingGameFeatures:-Support local MP3 music files- Simple, Standard andExpertdifficulty levels- Visually striking user interfaceNotes: 1.Theembedded guitar music comes from permissions is needed to help set your own musicasringtone.