Top 46 Games Similar to Tiny Rescuers

American FireFighter City Rescue 2018 1.0
If you want to work at afire-fighterdepartment or already job in rescue 911 you need toknow how youcontrol a top fire truck as the amazing fire truck inthis game.From this game you can learn the parking and drivingskills in this3D simulator game. So put on your fire barged dutyhelmet forsafety and get ready to drive your rescue truck as fastas possiblewith safety to the fire location or parking place. Whenyou driveIndian Fire Bridge truck is carefully that you don’tdamage or hitanything if any moment occurs you need to start thelevelagain.Fire truck rescue game 2018 is a cool new 3D fireman duty gamethatgives you the amazing chance to drive something else thenbus,cargo truck or luxury cars. When start the game level game timeisnot on your favour or side, be carefully driving so don’t takealong path with searching the fire building or parking spotrightposition.Fire truck rescue city game is a lite fire truck game that youcanfree download and play.In this truck emergency game many rescue truck mission and youmustbe in a temple city emergency all the time. From this game youfeelas a real rescue officer or fireman wait for the rescue call911 infire barraged department and be ready for quick action forsavepeople life. In this game you can drive different trucks aroundtheconstruction sites, parks, big city and even the beach. Drive3DFire truck fasten your truck seat belts and become a mad citytruckracer on impossible roads and show you’re driving skills. Bethebig hero or driver fireman save the live.It’s a challenging and dangerous emergency rescue service whereyourmad driving or truck for rescue driving skills enhance andtestedyour extreme skills. Get ready to secure city fire buildingorvehicle location and perform you rescue duty as a brave andamazingfireman and emergency driver. Avoid the heavy traffic roadthat willmake your cube truck duty more difficult than otherparking games.When you drive rescue truck emergency siren onbecause people awareabout emergency.In this game many city places or vehicles are in fire you duty istorescue the save people lives just like as a rescue 911 orAmericanfireman. You can use you siren to aware people or trafficabout theincident. You have to reach on the accident or firelocation andcontrol as soon as possible.When you play this game you can use your parking and firefightingskills to avoid damage or hit city vehicles. Then next onseveraldifferent locations rescue 911 missions. There will beschool,banks, shopping malls and even hospitals to rescue.If youwant tomake a fire man or fire fighter of this city then play thisamazingtruck simulator 3D game. This is a modern fire truckgame.You can free download fire truck game from Google play store.
Fire Fighter Truck Real City Heroes 1.0.2
Hey Fire Fighter hero start serving thenationby playing action, rescue, driving and parking games 3D. PlayFireFighter Truck Real City Heroes to serve the city to quenchtheburning buildings and vehicles! With Fire Fighter Truck RealCityRescue Heroes you encounter a building in flames. The entirecityis in flare your duty is to survive the lives just likefirebrigade tag team. Citizens are captured inside buildings andthismission is fully dangerous. Are you up for this bravochallenge?Grab your hose and slap on your combat fire fighterboots; firesdon’t wait for anybody. Fire Fighter Heavy Duty TruckReal CityRescue Game includes brigade truck driving & rescue911missions. You can race through the smooth city roads with yourteamin a quick car race. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe.Youare the real superhero and lives of people in this city dependonyou. So use your parking skills to avoid clashing withcityvehicles because there is already so much hassle going on inthecity. Next, embark on several firefighting rescue missionsindifferent locations. There will be shopping malls full ofpeople,city banks, schools, office buildings, and even hospitalsthatneeded to be rescued! Real Fire Fighter Truck City rescuesuperherogame 2018 is about heavy duty driving and parking 3d gamein amodern city for help, and then rescuing innocent people withyourfire brigade’s grand truck that you drive using your expertfastdriving skills.Being a super firefighter get ready for the rescue mission2018.Show your power of extreme bravery and drive yourfirefightingemergency vehicles and save pets, stop trouble andwater leaks, andcomplete many other dangerous missions, all withina gorgeous urbanspecially designed environment in city fire fightertruck rescuegame 2017! Enjoy the job of fireman who joins firedepartment andgets firefighting training session. Get the task, ifyou locate thesource of the fires quick enough for rescue, whetherthey be shops,plazas, or apartments, you’ll get a maximum rewardwhich is a granddeal! However, as you progress through thefirefighting heroesgame, levels will become more complex,challenging, and prettydangerous. There is the challenge to rescuethe nations and stampout the fire from the firefighter truck. Useyour whistle to awarethe city about the burning buildings and tryto become a bravofirefighter in one of the best 2018 firefightingtruck simulatorgame.This mission is not for the faint of heart, you need to be abravofirefighter commando. If you want to become a superherofirefighteryou need to learn the driving skills and parking a firetruck.Drive your speedy rescue truck to become a real super fireherofighter. Fireman job is terrible so be careful! Fire rescuetruckdriving is not that easy. Take care of other peoples becauseyouhave to pass through the grand city where you could challenge alotof rush. Exercise caution at all times to be extra careful.Being agrand firefighter truck driver your duty is to survive thelives ofcitizens and reach at the point of fire. You are a realfirefighterof this city. Make sure that the tank of water is full.In thisgame for every mission you have limited time. The mini Mapisguiding towards fire. Start driving heavy duty Firefighter truckinthe city today and extinguish all burning equipment in alimitedtime. Fire Fighter Truck Grand City Rescue Simulation is arealgame play with a variety stunts for the rescue and loadsofmissions. This game is above most addictive game with bigrescuefire truck in ambulance in Fire Fighter Truck Real CityHeroes. Youare an ultimate fireman to go on firefighter truck roadtrip withyour favorite fire fighter parking truck simulator. Goodwishes toplay this amazing firefighting 3D game.Key Features1- Amazing fire fighter trucks2- Grand city to rescue3- Challenging missions4- Easy fire fighter truck controls5- Amazing sound effects & 3D Environment
Fire Truck Driving Simulator
Gumdrop Games
Fire fighters! Ready to become a firemaninthis realistic fire fighting simulator? We're on emergencyrescueduty so you need to be ready to respond to fire emergenciesat anytime!Fire truck driving has never been this intense, you don't need tobea superhero firefighter but you're under pressure to get onsceneand rescue civilians!Fire Truck Driving Simulator is not only designed as part of ourfunkids games range but anyone can join in on this intense actionandbecome a hero!This isn't just a basic fire truck driving game! Not only willyoube driving your fire truck but also get out on foot, grab yourhoseand put out fires!Features:- Huge city to explore! Either drive or explore on foot!- Open world fire fighting!- Car fires and building fires to extinguish- Unlock new fire trucks as you complete missions and explore- Realistic fire truck vehicles- Intelligent AI traffic driving around the city- Dynamic HD camera angles with full camera control- Huge expansive city with tons of traffic- Easy to play with easy to use controls fun for kids and thewholefamily to play!- Full controller support- Play on your phone, tablet or android TV!Show us your fire fighting skills! Have you got what it takestoprotect the city and be a true fire fighting hero?Play Fire Truck Driving Simulator now for free, and we're sureit'llprobably be the greatest realistic fire fighting experienceyou'veever played!
Robot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 1.0.1
Minja Studio
If you have enjoyed red robottransportfiretruck simulator or firetruck games in best robot games&real robot firetruck games categories with mech warriors ofnewrobot transformation games like best action games & bestrobotaction games, then Minja Studio presents its truck robot carfuturerobot battles or mech fighting games of the week: realRobotFirefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 like rescue botgameswith rescue firetruck simulator element in robot rescue gameswithfire brigade rescue robots. Rescue robot firefighter robot gameorrescue bot games is one of the best robot action gameswithvigilant battle truck robot simulator acting like futuristicrobotsuperheroes. Red fire truck robot firefighter in the modernage offuture robot games will be a red robot warrior & you willbe areal robot builder with rescue mobile. Flying bots &shootingrobots are a thing of the past & new monster robotgames areshifting focus to rescue robot survival games. Futuristicrobotwars of robot squad in fire truck rescue duty game isthroughtransform robot fighting machine has begun while superheroflyingrobot rescue bots have ended. Battlebot Rescue bots have tosavepeople from mech warriors robot armies who are trained incombataction skills. If you have enjoyed flying robot game then youwilllove fire truck rescue bot games with transforming robot toshootand fight evil robots. In emergency rescue 911 best robotactiongames you have to fight the bots & additionally rescuerobotfiretruck rescue games or best robot games will give yourescuemissions for robot rescue games & robot rescue firetrucksimulator. There is no need for hand to hand combat action,byplaying best robot fighting games & red robot adventuresyouwill also get into American fire fighter robot buildersurvivalmode & unlike other airbot flying robot game rules ofshootinggame or robot warrior flying games for best combat actiongamedon’t apply on fire engine battle truck real robots.Our red fire truck fire engine battle truck robot simulator:realRobot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 is abattletrucks rescue fire truck simulator & best robot firetruckgames to give you the chance to play with superrobottransformation not like other mech fighting games or futurerobotgames to save mankind in best robot games. Emergency rescue911missions will be unlike any other transforming firetrucksimulator.Perform robot transport fire brigade, ambulance game& firerescue tasks as new super robots rescue bots games inrobot actiongames & best action games. You can be the rescuerin firetruckgames or rescue bot games or the super hero with recuemobile inrobot transforming games. Battlebot mech warrior gamesliketransforming simulator futuristic robot game or fightingrobotfiretruck games keep you hooked in the machine build scenarioofsaving people from evil robots in rescue robot survival gamesredrobot adventures & rescue robot simulator. Real robotwarmission game has survival craft with rescue duty. Rescuemissionare a must for mech fighting games & red RobotFirefighterRescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 gives you robot wars& rescuemission like in robot rescue bots or robot rescue gamesso that youcan rescue robots flying robot firefighter games. Thisbattletrucks best robot game will sharpen your futuristic robotfiretruckrescue skills while playing fighting games in the genreoftransforming game.Enjoy great firetruck simulator 3D models in rescue bot games&red firetruck transform robot truck car with roboticsuperheroespowers & recue duty. Enhance your shooting skills offuturisticrobot fire truck games & transforming simulatorfirefighterrobot game in future robot wars. Download this rescuerobotsurvival game or robot firetruck games to enjoy easy &fungameplay of robot action games & best action games.
Airplane Emergency Fire Rescue 1.8
"Dedicated Emergency rescue crew rush totheaid in 911 Airplane Emergency Fire Rescue. You are in thefrontline of responders that are committed to saving lives, whenplanesor helicopters have a mayday situation up in the air. Whenplanesand aircrafts start falling from the sky, every second countas youtake on the role of a Ambulance paramedic and a firefighter.Makelife or death decisions make haste and rush to theemergencysituation. First put out the fire in this 3D emergencyservicesgame. As you are in the frontline of action you need toguard theairport to prevent a that a minor incident becomes amajoremergency. Your duties as a fireman and a paramedic areveryimportant.It’s a lifetime experience to be part of this airport truckparking3D simulator. Show crazy racer driver skills and drive firetruckwith high speed to save people’s lives. 911 rescue departmentcallsyour team to aid people in fire emergency, help ambulancetotransport injured patient to the nearest hospital.About the simulation game play of “911 Airplane EmergencyFireRescue”; you will see an airplane crashing that you have torescue.Then you will have an emergency fire truck ambulance thatyou haveto park in the fire exit of that airplane. Once you parkthat inemergency exit then the real task starts. You will have totake anambulance and park in the hospital parking so that peoplecan berescued safely. You have to be very quick as you have tosavelives.►►How to Play● First follow the red point to reach at the emergency point.● Then Use the spray button to Put off the fire.● Rescue the injured people by taking them to hospital.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Different powerful vehicles with lights and siren.◆ Real world 3D environment.◆ Realistic controls.◆ HD Graphics.◆ Animated fires and smoke.◆ Animated fire hose and water.◆ Different camera angles that give you more control.◆ Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience.◆ 20 Challenging city levels to test driving skills.◆ Amazing 4 heavy duty fire trucks to drive on emergencysite.◆ Map of Whole City.◆ In City Traffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars.◆ You got limited time to clear your missions so be as fastaspossible.◆ 911 Emergency Quick Response."
American Firefighter Emergency Rescue 1.0
American Firefighter Emergency RescueShow your courage and save peoples that are trap inburningbuildings.Innocent citizen lives are in your hand! This time it’s your turntobecome new fire brigade driver and saves innocent people livesinfirefighter games. These rescue games is about driving andparkingfire brigades on multiple city areas. Drive firefightertrucks andother emergency fire brigades for rescue busted and burncars inreal fire brigade game 2018. Fasten buckle up your seatbelt; holdbig steering in your hand and rescue peoples that are introuble infireman games. Become fireman and drive multipleemergency rescuetrucks in city area and other highway roads infirefighter games.This emergency rescue fire truck game, providereal emergency rescue3d service and save their lives by reachedthat navigated area. Youwill also take emergency racing thrillwhen you’re in hurry torescue busted and burn cars on busy roadsin rescue games. Drivelike an American fire fighter and reachedyour destination in timeotherwise fire will spread all around infirefighter games. Driveand reached burn places immediately torescue innocent peoples andchild’s that are in burn cars in thisfire brigade. You will takethrill of enjoyment while playing thesefireman games.In this NY firefighter rescue simulator 3d game drive firebrigadesand rescue peoples that are in trouble. We will give youmultiplefire stations; where you have to provide firefighterservice andtake control on fire by using fire brigades in modernfire brigadetruck game 3d. We will give you multiple thrilling andadventurousmissions in firefighter game. You will drive multiplefire brigadesand other rescue shuttles in these fireman games. Youwill becomefireman and built your 3d fire fighter team and provide24/7 rescueservice in this fire fighting. Become the hero of thecity byrescue peoples on the burn houses in fire hose. You willusemultiple fire trucks, rescue shuttle and other fire brigadesinrescue games. In this city firefighter simulator rescue gamesfree,we will give you multiple fire brigades and rescue shuttles.Showyour best fireman skills and rescue the peoples that are inproblemin real rescue helicopter games 2018. Become firefighter andusedfire extinguisher to take control on burn area in firefighters.Show your working performance and collect rewards, bonuscoinsaccording to your struggle in firefighter games. When you willhaveenough coins then upgrade your fire trucks in this realfirefighter game 2018. Help those peoples that are stuck introubles inthese rescue games. Take realistic fireman gamesenvironment withstunning firemen ranges. This 911 fire man rescuesimulator gamegives you in-app to unlock fire stations and toremove ads.In this firefighter games rescue simulator free game becomeAmericanfire fighter and using your ladder to rescue injured andburnpeoples on big height buildings. We will give you multiplerescueshuttles and fire trucks used to rescue burn cars on thecity roadsin these real fire fighter games 2018. We will give youhigh-classanimations with HD eye catching graphics in firebrigades. You willhelp the peoples that are seriously injured inburn cars in theserescue games. You will take incredible fun whileplaying these realfirefighter games 2017. So quickly download thisfire fightersimulator rescue driver 2017 game. Good Luck! Have afun!American Firefighter Emergency Rescue features:Ultra-realistic fire station and fire trucks• Multi-angle camera view and fire brigadesaddictiveenvironment• Awesome and varied firetrucks• Amazing city environments with 3D graphics• Realistically animated people to rescue• Many firefighter missions to complete• Thrilling precision truck driving experiences• Smooth and intuitive fireman gameplayIt’s free to play so quickly download this New York firefightersimulator 2018 game.
Real Firefighter Rescue Driver: Free Rescue Games 1.0
It’s time to show yourself, a timewheninnocent people need you for their life. You are firefighterandsaving lives through the fire should by your utmostpriority.Warning: In fire emergency be a responsible firefighter!Saveyourself as well as other people’s lives!DRIVE FIRE BRIGADE’S TRUCK IN THE BIG CITYYou are responsible citizen of America, and you havedevotedyour-life to the fire rescue department of US and joinedtheservices of fire station as an firefighter. Fire fighter gameslikethis Real Firefighter Rescue Driver: Free Rescue Gamesalwaysbrings the extra venture with similar danger. It is a chanceforthose who always wanted to be a fire fighter and recuepeople’slives by fire fighting. Our Real Firefighter Rescue Driver:FreeRescue Games with dynamic controls and cutting edge citygraphicsmakes it best in firefighter games. In this fire rescuegame playthere is driving and parking of a rescue truck bringstogether allyour firefighters for the Rescue truck. In your parkinggaragethere are firetrucks of all range from red firetruck torescueoperation truck which make it best among the fire games andfiremangames.There is fire emergency in the modern city, fire engulfing thewholebuildings of the city and people are entrapped in thebuildings. Itis your chance to bring peace and prosperity in thiscity bystarting with the driving a rescue truck, but you must knowhow topark truck and how to drive truck, be the good truck driver.You arenot the only firefighter in this Real Firefighter RescueDriver:Free Rescue Games, to make a team and work in team is goodfor youand for your rescue operation. Start with learning fromthis gameand take the lessons about fire rescue and get yourselfjob in thefire brigade department with the permission of firedepartment. Ifyou are prepared to serve all the humanity thenthese fire rescuegames are best for you like our Real RescueFirefighter Drive: Free3D Games with fire fighting tasks for thefire fighters like you.Firefighter games always bring joy and hopein your while helpingthe dummy people in lifelike 3d environment.Sit in the fire stationand wait for the siren or 911 call and getin the truck and proveyourself an firefighter.Our Real Rescue Firefighter Drive: Free 3D Games is aboutdrivingand parking of resuce truck and a truck driver who is actingas anbrave firefighter and saving people’s lives by providing911services. Cutting edge graphics, 3d stunning graphics andrealistictruck driving controls make this Firefighter BigFiretruck: Free 3DGames best in fire fighter games and in freefirefighter games. Youare fire fighter and always ready for thehelp to rescue pets,animals and people from the buildings and treesby fire fightingoperations. you have to prove yourself afirefighter to drive thisrescue fire trucking system which you willget in emergency vehiclegarage.Rescue Real Firetruck: Firebrigade Games Features:• Lifelike emergency scenarios• 3d graphics and detailed environment• Realistic animated people• Thrilling mission to complete• Realistic truck driving• Intuitive truck controls• Addictive offline gameplayHave fun playing this exciting game offered by Gaming Globe.ThisRescue Real Firetruck: Firebrigade Games is not only a freegamebut is also an offline game. Fun is locked in theinstallbutton.
Fire Truck Rescue: New York 1.0.2
There is an emergency going!Put on your suit and get your helmet, there is a buildingfiregoing!Drive in your firetruck to the emergency and get totherescue. Areyou the Fireman we are looking for in FireTruckRescue: NewYork ? Show us your skills and maybe youwillbecome the hero ofNew York!Where are you waiting for? Get in your truck ASAP!Take out all the fires of the city!In Fire Truck Rescue: New York you won’t get bored, you willhavetotake out car fires building fires and much more! And that’snotallin our rescue games , you can even unlock the mostamazingfiretruckgames vehicles in our simulator. How cool is that.If youlike firetruck games and rescue games then wait no longeranddownload ouramazing fire truck games!Fire Truck Rescue: New York - RescueGamesFeatures:- Amazing rescue games missions to accomplish- Unlock all kind of ruck games vehicles- Put out car fires, building fires and much more- Become New York's favourite fire man- Don’t forget to rate and give feedbackFacebook - - -
Emergency Rescue Urban City 1.7
Rescue 911 - there’s a widespreadfireemergency & people are injured. Be the firefighter &rescueservices guy and save lives. You need to drive the fire truckin abig urban city and respond to emergency situations. Use thewatergun to put out the fire. The fire brigade department also runsafirst aid unit. Drive the ambulance in the city and reachtheemergency scene quickly to make sure the injured people getmedicalattention. It is an emergency rescue simulation game so youcanthink of yourself as a firefighter from fdny or a fire fighterfromsan francisco fire department. Just make sure you drivecarefullyand don’t bump into traffic and fixtures as it will onlyadd delaysand injured people are depending upon you. The fire truckandambulance are ready for firefighting and rescue duty.Drive rescue and emergency vehicles in the urban city.Fireextinguishing can be tricky so make sure you throw the waterwithpressure and keep the direction of the water gun steady. Keepthefire truck emergency siren on and speed away. Rush towardstheemergency scene to save the day and be the superhero fireman.Useyour water gun to put the fire out sensibly as you will alsohaveto collect water from multiple points to fill up the firetruck.Since it is a big urban city, there can be various firesandemergency situations. A fire in a high rise building, an airplanelanding gear on fire, fire caused due to a traffic accident –allthese emergency situations can arise in a big urban city and itisyour duty to make sure you respond to all theseemergencysituations by driving the fire truck in time forrescue.If you like fire truck games and emergency rescue games, we aresureyou will like this one.Features of Emergency Rescue Urban City 3D include:• Multiple firefighting & rescue missions• Smooth & enjoyable controls and navigation• Realistic environment of a big urban city• Fire trucks with water guns and ambulance vehicles• Amazing 3D graphics & soundsWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings arewelcomeand will help us in creating even better games foryou.
Fire truck Simulator, Impossible Metro City Rescue 1.0
Fire truck Simulator | ImpossibleMetroCityRescue you will act as a fireman and save the burningcityandairports. Fireman have a very tough and demanding job andtheyrisktheir own lives just to save us and do the impossibletasks. Asatribute to them, we have created this fire truck game inwhichyouwill act as a fireman and simulate their daily neartoimpossibletasks. You will be able to test your driving andparkingskills inthis game. Do the impossibleAs kids, we always fancy that bright red fire truckrunningaroundthe roads of the busy metro city. We always wonderhowthefiretruck driving has such precise impossible parkingskills.Deepin our hearts we all wanted to drive that truck one dayor atleasttake a ride on it. Well, here is your chance. You willnotonly beable to drive the fire truck but you will also besimulatingtheimpossible day to day tasks of a fireman. You willalso beparkingthose huge trucks just like the pro drivers. The gamehasmanyexciting levels in which you will get a chance to showyourfiremanskills and save lives, take care off burning airportsandpassengerplanes. You will also get to know how thefiretrucksladdersoperate and how firemen risks their lives andperform neartoimpossible tasks. You will be performingdifferentpreciseparking.This is not just a normal truck driving or bus drivinggame,thisgame will test your endurance to the extreme. We hope youwilllovethis game and provide us with your valuable feedback.Game FeaturesAmazing FiretrucksFull Driving Control with steering NavigationHand Breaks to take care of emergency driving situationsParking TasksFascinating 3D environmentsNearly Impossible Tasks
Fire Truck Emergency Rescue 1.0.1
Fire Truck EmergencyRescueSimulationgame!Rescue 911 - Emergency Rescue Center! Driving Firetruck,patrollingbig cities and streets with keen eyes, respondingtoemergencies andrushing to rescue sites, Save innocentlives.Do you want to be a fireman? Now, you can! Receivedemergencycallsfor people, Lead firefighters, the first time toreach therescuescene! The people is trapped in the building, Youwill becometheultimate savior, eliminate the fire, save people'ssafety.Here,the fire department also need to have ambulance, toensurethat theinjured were timely relief. Rescue is not a simpletask,since itis a big city that can have all kinds of firesandemergencies.Fire in the hospital, the school high-risebuildings,the landinggear on the plane, the fire caused by trafficaccidents,crowded,rescue task is a huge challenge. Take a firehose, showingthecourage of a real emergency firefighter.Driving rescue and emergency vehicles in urbanurbanareas!Elimination of the fire is a very urgent event, toensurethat thedirection of the water gun, as well as the stabilityofwaterpressure, the fastest speed of fire. Just make sureyoudrivecarefully, do not touch the mass flow and fixtures, rushtotheemergency rescue scene, start rescue mission!Free download Fire Truck Emergency Rescue, becomearealfireman!Fire Truck Features:- fire rescue mission- available to all players free of charge- fire truck, aircraft rescue simulation- Real city environment, real rescue experience- Use water pipes to remove fires and fumes- stunning 3D model- a lot of fire places- Simple, but hard to control- Rescue 911Driving the truck, starting your rescue mission!
Real Robot Firefighter Truck Transform Robot Game 1.0.4
Prepare yourself for amazing RealRobotFirefighter Truck Transform Robot Game adventure, where thefiretruck robot or vicious iron robot has to complete variouscityrescue missions in NY City. This fire engine robottransformationgame, allows you as firefighter robot of cityambulance or eminentrobot firetruck to get engaged in futuristiccity robot war, inwhich real robot or vicious robot superhero alongwith theirsupreme leader flying robot have joined epic war whichhas causedlot of destruction in survival city. In Real RobotFirefighterTruck Transform Robot Game you will be engaged in cityrecue dutyas ambulance driver utilizing action simulator oradvanced rescuesimulator to become vigilant war robot or vicioussuperhero robothaving quick fire rescue or professional firebrigade fire fighteralong with smooth robot transform or ambulancerescue skills andfirefighter helicopter or steel robot abilities toconquer robotwar utilizing highly destructive futuristic robot ordeadly warmachine weapons in instant kill robot battle arena.In Real Robot Firefighter Truck Transform Robot Game you asafirefighter robot firetruck will strategically movethroughprominent locations as ambulance driver of the futuristiccity orNY City and fire rescue or fire truck rescue innocent peopleof bigcity from different damaged buildings. Be a vicious ironrobot oreminent fire truck robot possessing supersonic actionsimulator orfire brigade simulator along with advanced rescuesimulator andperform 911 emergency rescue fire fighter duty on cityambulance ineach rescue mission of survival city. Are you fan ofrobot fightinggame along with highly engaging robot transforminggames, then thisgame will fulfill your requirements. In this fireengine robotbattle game, you will battle against vicious X robotautobots oreminent real robot along with supreme leader flyingrobot ondifferent destroyed places of futuristic city forperforming 911emergency rescue fire fighter duty with advancedfiretrucks. Inthis robot transformation game, you will battle indifferent cityrescue missions as fire brigade or eminent robotsuperhero forquick fire rescue or pro fire truck rescue of innocentpeople ofgrand city. Be quick as other rescue ambulances will facetimeconstraint in reaching the rescue spot, you will have toexpertlyutilize supersonic action simulator along with firebrigadesimulator along with quick robot transform or ambulancerescueabilities to accomplishing rescue missions. Play as eminentwarrobot or eminent superhero robot and expertly utilizinghighlydestructive war machine or futuristic robot weapons forquicklyeradicating all evil robots form epic war and robot battlearena ofdeadly robot war.Real Robot Firefighter Truck Transform Robot Game gets youasfirefighter robot or vigilant futuristic robot along withrobotfiretruck engages in realistic action pack based play mode,whereyou as ambulance driver will have to accomplish various cityrescueor fire truck rescue missions as fire truck robot or eminentironrobot possessing highly advanced action simulator or firebrigadesimulator along with rescue simulator for rescuing innocentpeopleof NY City. Eliminate all furious real robot or X robotautobotsalong with robot battle supreme leader flying robotutilizing warrobot skills and extraordinary robot superhero or profire engineambulance rescue abilities to complete epic war and wellspreadrobot war.Features:- Astonishing highly colorful HD 3d Graphics from realisticrobotbattle game.- To notch firetrucks sounds & city ambulance effect withgrandcity environment from robot fighting game.- Highly engaging & thrilling rescue missions fromtransformingrobot games.- Highly customized controls for robot hero from firetruckgames.- Highly engaging robot game based play mode.
Airport Emergency Crash Rescue 1.5
Mayday! Mayday! An airplane flight crashnearthe airport runway in landing process. Airport EmergencyCrashRescue is next level driving race simulation game withverychallenging game play. Play as the firefighter emergencydriver,people priceless lives depends on your driving skills.Thealarmsounds, an airplane is having a problem. The airport needsyourhelp. Race your car to the scene of the accident as fastaspossible.3D Airport fire truck simulator is a realistic drivingsimulatorgame that allows you to drive a 3D fire truck on aairport. Becomea real fireman i one of the most dangerous places towork as afirefighter on the airport in 3D Airport fire trucksimulator. Befast because time is not on your side.Amazing game for teens and grownup boys and girls to save liveandtake out fire with 911 rescue fire truck 3D simulator.How to play 3D Airport fire truck simulator :- Rotate the steering wheel to steer the fire truck leftorright- To shift the fear tap it forward or tap again to goinreverse- To switch between camera modes tap the camera icon and theviewchanges- Press the gas pedal to accelerate the fire truck forwardorbackwards- To break the fire truck in this driving simulation game pressthebreak buttonAirport Emergency Crash Rescue Game Features:- Challenging and outstanding environment.- Real passenger jet / airplane landing simulation.- Clock is ticking so transport these racing firefighting trucksontime.- Extreme precision 3D fire trucks and ambulance simulator.- Great dynamic game play.- Excellent sound effects.- Amazing 3D graphics
Airplane Crash Rescue: Rescue Duty Game 1.2.3
"Mayday, Mayday" - the pilot shouted ontheradio. "We are feeling change in temperature of airplaneandtemperature is getting very hot. Cockpit filled with smoke andthepassenger in the backseats. We’ve loosing hydraulic controls.wecan't control, we can't control" As man on fire emergencycontrolroom airplane manager, it’s your worst terrifying moments.This isnot an exercise. The plane crashes down towards the runwayman onfire there. The plane changes into a huge fire ball. Youareimmediately gone out to evaluate the damage and check foranysurvivors activities. Hurry up! Race to the scene withrescueequipment; avoid collision with the other fast car, trucks,andplanes on the runway and prepare for impact.Now you must locate the fire before it spreading across theairportand other vehicles. Send the emergency firefighter servicesFiretrucks towards the airport plane crash to put out the fire.Takepart with the ambulance to help out the injuredandsurvivors.You might get a call about some suspicious persons runningaroundthe airport boundary in plane crash site. Move out thefirefighterpolice car to arrest the maxims.As you're within the front line of action you would like toprotectthe airport to stop and a minor incident becomes aseriousemergency. Your duties as a fireman sam and aparamedicvital.It’s a lifetime expertise to be a part of this airfieldtruckparking rescue gear 3D simulator. Show crazy firetruckdriverskills and drive firetruck with high speed to save people.911rescue firefighter police car department calls your team tohelpindividuals in airplane crash fire emergency, helpfirefighterpolice car and ambulance to transport injured patient totheclosest hospital.Hurry up to the airplane crash site and start rescue activitieslikea hero. Put water and foam on those flames out in the airplanewiththe fire hose attached on your fire truck.If you prefer firefighter simulation games this fireplacetrucksimulator could be a should play for you. So get in yourfavoritefiretruck simulator and rescue everyone in plane.Airport Plane crash Emergency Rescue 911 could be a firstrealfirefighter truck and ambulance simulator and you have gottobecome the best firetruck simulator driver to succeed in thefireemergency place on time. If you will be late the planewillexplode.Hurry up to the crash site and begin acting sort of a hero.Placethose flames out with the hoses attached on yourfiretrucksimulator in rescue duty game.REAL track plane operating airfield - be careful for theplanesthroughout takeoff and landing!About the airplane crash rescue simulation game play of 911planesEmergency Rescue you'll see an airplane crashing that youhave tobe compelled to rescue. Then you'll have an emergency firetruckfast car that you have to be compelled to park within the fireexitof that plane. You have got to be terribly fast as you have gottosave lots of lives.►How to Play● first follow the arrow to succeed in at theemergencypurpose.● Rescue the fire place put the water on fire place and carriesoutinjured people by taking them to hospital.Features◆ Super real different heavy vehicles with red and blue lightsandemergency sound.◆ World 3D atmosphere in emergency flight simulator.◆ Realistic controls in fire rescue.◆ Real Super HD Graphics in police car games.◆ Animated fires and smoke in emergency simulator.◆ Animated fire hose and water.◆ Completely different camera angles that offer youadditionalcontrol.◆ superb background sound to enhance yourrecreationexpertise.◆ 15 difficult town levels to check driving skills.◆ superb four serious duty fire trucks to drive onemergencysite.◆ Map of Whole town.◆ In town Traffic Vehicles Buses, Trucks and fast Car inemergencysimulator.◆ You got restricted time to clear your missions therefore beasquick as possible.
Rescue Robot Transformation Firetruck Simulator 1.0.1
You must have played a lot of firetruckgamesor firetruck simulator with best robot games and robotfiretruckgames having mech warriors in new robot transformationgames asbest action games or best robot action games. This time ofyear weare bringing you the future robot battles or mech fightinggameswith rescue firetruck simulator or rescue bot games elementwithfire brigade rescue robots in robot rescue games. The rescuebotgames or rescue robot firefighter robot game has all the bestrobotaction games with futuristic robot superheroes in vigilantbattletruck robot simulator, the robot firefighter of future robotgameswill be conducted on the platform we provide with rescuemobile.The era of flying and shooting robots is over and monsterrobotgames are moving towards the rescue robot survival games. Thefiretruck rescue duty game with robot squad or futuristic robotwars totransform robot into fighting machine has ended andsuperheroflying robot rescue bots is on the mission to save theworld fromrobot armies, rescue bots and mech warriors in a trainedcombataction skills. You must have played a lot of flying robotgame buttransforming robot into a fire truck rescue bot games aftershootand blast evil robots. In rescue robot firetruck rescue gameshaveto fight the bots but the emergency rescue 911 best robotactiongames or best robot games will provide rescue mission forrobotrescue fire truck simulator or robot rescue games. The timeforcombat action is over and the best robot fighting games havetakena leap into the survival mode. This is not like any otherairbot orflying robot game and the rules of flying and shootinggame in thebest combat action game do not apply here.This truck robot simulator, the best robot fire truck gamesorrescue fire truck simulator of year and provides you withanopportunity to perform super robot transformation not as anyotherfuture robot games or mech fighting games and save humanity inbestrobot games. Plan your emergency rescue 911 not as anyothertransforming firetruck simulator. Be on the side of superrobotsrescue bots games of ambulance game with fire rescue, firebrigadeand rescue bots in best action games or best robot actiongamesGiving you the flexibility of being a savior in the firetruckgamesor rescue bot games or robot transforming games emergencyrescue911 with rescue mobile. The transforming simulator futuristicrobotgame or fighting robot firetruck games or mech warrior gameswillpush you to the edges of adrenaline rush and give you a trueflavorof a machine build for saving civilians from evil robots inrescuerobot simulator or rescue robot survival games. This is notlikeany robot war mission game; it gives you a rescue duty elementforthe survival craft. All the mech fighting games need arescuemission and we are providing you the same platform so thatyou planand play the robot rescue games or robot rescue bots inorder torescue robots flying robot firefighter games and all otherrobotfighting games available in the genera of transforming game.Thisbest robot game will train your futuristic robot firetruckrescueskills to perform at optimal level.The best 3D models for firetruck simulator in redfiretrucktransform robot and rescue bot games on this firetrucksimulatorrescue duty with robotic superheroes powers. Test yourtransformingsimulator firefighter robot game or futuristic robotfire truckgames and shooting skills in future robot wars. Play therescuerobot survival game with this fun to play robot firetruckgames.The ultimate gameplay of the best action games or best robotactiongames to fight the criminals against humanity.Key Features of the best robot action games or rescue firetrucksimulatorBest 3D robot transformation models.Smooth execution of transforming simulator fire brigade robotrescuebot games.Ultimate training emergency rescue 911 sound effects.
Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue City Hero 1.0
Are you ready to be emergencyambulancedriverand emergency firetruck driver?Get your hands dirty with modern fire trucks andstartemergencyrescue mission. Complete your 911 driving schoolrescuetrainingand start your rescue duty.Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue City Hero is acityambulancerescue duty game packed with ambulance driving,emergencylandingand rescue operations. Being an Americanfirefighter and911emergency driver, your nyc job is to provideambulance servicefortraffic rush accidents and become a town hero.Thisemergencysimulator game is fully loaded with high speedpolicechase, highspeed car chase, luxury police cop city moderndrivingandemergency police chase. You have the responsibility ofcityrescue,ambulance duty and firefight on your shoulders, sogetyourselfready for paramedic rescue missions,emergency parkingnewyork cityand rescue duty driving. Being a member of rescuesquadandemergency squad, you have to handle different rescuevehiclesandbrigade truck driving. So download this firetruckrescueandfirefighter rescue game and be a part of rescue heroesandpolicepursuit.Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue City Hero is a policevscrimedriver and police criminal chase game offering citytrafficrushdriving, criminal escape and gangster chase. Getyourrescueequipment ready and start 911 rescue as a fireman.Youremergencyresponse time must be as short as possible to becomesanmateo cityhero and ny city firefighter. So enjoy the adventureofpolicerescue, fire rescue, emergency medical rescue andon-dutyambulancedriver and protect your big city. Call ambulancefor superherosquad and enjoy the thrill of police car chase.Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue City Hero is nycitypoliceofficer car driver game and fire truck hero citygameofferingpolice chase crash, emergency room and rescueambulanza.Protectthis hero city and superhero city and become alifeguard foryourcitizens.So what are you waiting for? Download this new yorkcityambulancerescue duty game and start your rescue mission.Features of Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue City Hero:Play as 911 emergency driver and provide ambulance servicetoyourcitizens.Challenging & addictive city rescue missions.Real people for rescue operations.Download Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue CityHeroandenjoy!
Offroad Ambulance Emergency Rescue Helicopter Game 1.1
Go on amazing virtual off road snowrescueandexploration missions this winter in the mountain ridgecanyonandrush to save many helpless injured victims of carcrashdestructionaccident that need your help and make them happy inyouremergencyambulance and your rescue helicopter plane. Thereisnothing fakeabout it. In the hilly region, people may fall andgetstuck in asnow mountain ridge canyon or become victims ofanavalanche or carcrash destruction accident & you are theironlyhope forrescue. You are the skilled driver & helicopterplaneflightenthusiast, who knows how to drive happy wheelsambulanceUphilland go Offroad in the city to help the people andpatientswhilehaving fun, so use your craft to complete your tasks.You canalsohelp them like a boss by flying your helicopter plane totheareaswhere your rescue services are required. This Offroadandflightrescue game is full of rush adventure and crazyexperienceswithreal physics vehicles to thrill drive and fly aroundtwistedturnsand breathtaking hilly scenes like a boss.Become a part of the off road hero rescue squad forthissnowambulance and chopper hill flight rescue in thissimulatorwhichhas rescue and exploration missions in the mountainridgecanyonlike no helicopter plane or ambulance drivingrescuesimulatorgames. You can use your craft to show your herodrivingand flightskills in the city highway.This is an amazing fun game for those who like todrivevehiclesuphill in the snow and go Off road for explorationandrescue.Drive the ultimate ambulance like a boss and savehelplesspeople.This City Hill Climb and Flying Rescue game is agreat happywheelsdriving and flight simulation experience withbeautiful hillsandwonderful Offroad adventure experiences. Thesteep mountainsandhills keep the excitement level very high duringthesimulationgame play.There is one thing to remember; the people who are stuckinthemountain ridge canyon do not have much time & you havetorushto rescue them very quickly. If you fail, keep trying orfakeittill you make it.You may be an amazing hero rescue driver on the cityhighwayforhelping car crash destruction accident victims, butdrivinganambulance in the hilly/slippery area is no joke and it canbeverydangerous driving a heavy vehicle with happy wheels inthesnowyand hilly mountains. Play this awesome hero off roadsimulatorgamelike a boss to get better at driving in suchconditions anduseyour craft to complete your missions.There are many fun levels with many missions to rushtohelplesspeople. Some involve driving the ambulance uphillanddownhill offroad to rescue people and patients involve flyinganamazinghelicopter plane to get to places where the ambulancecannothelpthe suffering animal.Offroad Ambulance Emergency RescueHelicopterGamefeatures:- Offroad & Uphill driving in a happy wheels ambulance- Take an adventure flight in the huge chopper- Amazing game controls for driving and flying- Dynamic camera angles for the ambulance and helicopterplane- Huge Offroad and hilly virtual environment- Amazing fun animation of animals getting stuck and rescued- Awesome life like adventure simulatorDownload Now, this amazing and fun filled rescueadventuresimulatorgame with an amazing driving and flyingexperience. Thereis nothingfake about this game. Drive Offroad inan amazinglyrealisticambulance in the mountain ridge canyon withhappy wheelsand flylike a hero in a life-like helicopter. Theamazinganimations andstory will keep you captivated in theadventure andyou are sure tokeep playing for hours and hours.This virtual hero adventure off road city highway game islikenoother as you play with an ambulance and a helicopterinacombination of driving and flight simulator. Improve yourskillandcraft by playing all the levels and completing thevirtualmissionsto rush to save victims of a car crashdestructionaccident.
Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty 1.0
Gear up your survival skills to enjoy themostadventurous, thrilling and lifesaving adventures asthe openwater rescuers in the aquaticenvironment as themember of American lifeguard beachrescue team. As a shipfull of people lost its way in a stormand got on the wrong path alot of people jumped off in the water tosave their lives and waitfor the  emergency services tohelp them with their muchneeded rescue aids. Keeping in mindthe nationallifeguard standards of the beach rescueduty team,this is the best coast guard games tointroducethe emergency fast drives. The beach lifeguard rescueteamalways show competency in lifeguard readiness and quick aidbyrescue boat driver or other means. Wear your bathing suit asrescueswimmers, boaters, so the Beach Rescue Team or lifeguard teamsendsthe beach lifeguards of beach rescue lifeguard team to theaccidentlocation instantly. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty gamehas anurgent requirement of rescue boats as a beachfinder, rescuecans,lifeboat, rescue tubes, rescueboards and mostimportantly rescue teams so you aregoing to bethat rescue hero. Rescue buoy on beach duty andSpinal boardsare also present to help in the rescue process.Conduct along beach search and rescue mission implementsomegood rescue techniques and lifeguarding techniquestorescue patients from the distressed swimmers,the activedrowning victims and the passive drowningvictims. Thecoast guard beach ensures the presence of beach rescuelifeguardduring all night hours as well with fast water boat .Makeyour hovercrafts and inflatable boats readyandget to rescue duty. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty isthebest beach rescue simulator forany lifebuoy inthe boat rescue.Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty offers various types ofrescuemissions so either be part of beach rescue humanchain orthe member of American firefighters orgivethe ambulance driving test to becomean ambulancedriver or Ambulance Rescue Driver.  You havegreat rescuetraining to perform ambulance duty or ambulance rush,With passingtime the people are getting injured and more accidentsare takingplace at the spot so get ready for the mostdangerous firefighter games and firefightersimulators. Be the mostactive member ofthe fire service department andwork for fireprevention with the use of fireextinguisher.If firefighting is your domain then bethere, get readyfor the firefight and learn e firebrigadetruck driving to accelerate the adventure. Boostup youractive fireman qualities.Being the best coast guardgames and ambulancegame this game “Coast LifeguardBeach Rescue Duty “offers thethrill of emergency fastdrive in the emergencyambulance while blinking thewarning lights.What is the wait for now? Start your cityambulancerescue simulator, gear up the surf lifesaver modeon while hooking the beach and being the most eagerrescueboy for the hassle createdin waterrescue lifeboats. Emergency medical servicesshould beprovided to all the victims in the shortest time possibleso getgoing.Game FeaturesAttractive and captivating Beach EnvironmentsHigh Level Challenge ScenariosDifferent Rescue MissionsSmooth controls to make your journey excitingHD Quality sound effects for the great driving experience
Snow Rescue Emergency 2016 1.3
Recent snow blizzards and storm has leftthecity with snow blocking the roads & daily life. Snow haspiledup on the roads. Roads accidents and medical emergency casesarehigh due to extreme winter conditions. You have been give theroleof a snow rescue driver in this snow plow simulator 3d. A newwayto enjoy the city simulation driving and playing as a snowrescueoperation driver is more interesting. Come to rescuecitizenshaving problems with the recent snow storm. Get ready to bethereal hero of your town. You might have mastered the truckdrivingor snow plow excavator driving skills, this is a new taskinextreme winter conditions.Most streets in the city are blocked due to snowfall andextremewinter weather. You are the incharge of the team to get thesnowcleared and bring back the flow of traffic. The snowymountains,weather conditions and smooth driving make this 3dsimulator fundriving for you. Identify the affected areas and moveto the spot.You also play as the city ambulance driver in this 3dsimulator.Rush to the accident spots and provide medicalassistance. Bring inyour skills as the snow plow driver to evacuatesnow from the cityroads. Construction process and city traffic flowis on a pausenow! Time to bring back the life with snow rescueoperations. Enjoyaddictive simulation with multiple gameplaytasks.FEATURES:- Snow plow truck driver duty- Snow rescue operations in extreme weather- Multiple gameplay tasks to enjoy- Drive multiple vehicles- Rescue city civilians in emergency- Clear city roads for traffic to move smoothly
Robot Firefighter Truck Rescue City War 1.1.1
Your city is under attack by enemy robots,nowwhat should you do!! You need to fight the enemyfightingfuturistic robot and save your city in city games! You aretheultimate rescue fireighter robot who has to fight and defeattheenemy robots and gain victory!!!Fight the enemy robots as firefighter robot indestructionfirefighter games. The enemy are flying robots whichplan to raidthe city and destroy it, you need to stop thatfromhappening. So from being an ordinary firefighter rescuetruck,transform into the awesome firefighting robot and show enemyrobotswho’s boss!!!The firefighter rescue superhero robot has variety of things todowhich includes fighting of enemy robots, and superherofirefightingfire extinguisher missions to rescue buildings on fireand anyonewho is trapped in them! Help the firemen burn out thefire withfire extinguisher in this thrilling fire fightergames!!Get engaged with all the futuristic robot technology in ordertofight with enemy robots and provide quick safety services tothecity and people and firemen and complete missions in flyingrobotsfire fighter games!!!In this firefighter robot game the enemy robots are making a lotofdestruction and you need to stop them since you are thesuperherofirefighter robot and the safety of the city is in yourhands. Assoon as you’re done with the stopping of enemy robotsdestructionthe city rescue firemen team will need your help toconvert back tofireman and help them extinguish fire.With a lot of amazing features and controls help yourfirefightercomplete all your firefighter missions by flying in theair andfighting enemy robots. You can fire on them with fire beams,kick,and punch them in the air and cause their destruction withyourfirefighter skills.With the firemen, you will have firefighter fire truckcontrolswhich will have the fire extinguisher control button tohelp rid ofall the fire and then there will be controls to make anyotherdifferent fireman missions becomes possible!!***Features of Robot firefighter truck rescue city war***• Multiple thrilling war and rescue firefighter levels. (10levelsimulation)• Multiple firefighter truck robots. (5 firefightingrobotchoice)• City environment simulation.• Enemy simulator and superhero rescue firefighter simulator.• HD graphics.• Thrilling sounds.• Firemen simulator.Download this amazing fighting firefighter truck rescue androbotwar game now to witness all the awesome fighting features andgameplay!!
911 Rescue Firefighter and Fire Truck Simulator 3D 1.11
"These are the real heroes , they are notcops,politicians or of thegovernment alphabet agencies, they care of nothing but savinglivesandputting out fires while risking everything and asking nothinginreturn,they are just citizens who chose their profession knowingtherisks,one of the most noble and honorable professions on the planet.ialwaysadmired the fireman and my hat is off to them" Jim ManDo you know how the firefighters work? You have an opportunitytodrive a fire engine and to fight a fire inside and outsidethebuilding.We present you new rescue firefighter simulator in the open3Dworld. Install fire engine driving simulator and checkyourfirefighter skills. Can you put out all the fire and getthroughthe all missions?During this unusual and exciting game, you have to overcomenumerousobstacles on the way to the main heroic goal – rescue thecity fromthe fire. Only brave and smart firefighter which does notafraid ofthis challenge can manage with this complicatedmission.Now you can fight the fire both from the fire engine andfire-hoseinside the building and it will take you in the atmosphereof thecomplicated firefighter’s job even more. You need to find allthehot-spots inside the building and if the access to the fireisblocked you should work with an ax what gives the gamemorerealism.Driving the fire engine is also a difficult process which cryforefforts and concentration of attention. The experience yougetpassing through complicated but interesting levelsispriceless.Reach the maximum the fire engine is capable of.Advantages:- Variety of different levels- 5 different fire engines- Realistic simulator of a fire extinguishing- High-quality realistic graphic- Exciting 3D driving simulator- Open world- Perfect country music- Fire extinguishing inside the building- Ability to break the obstacles with an ax
Hero Lead: Rescue Operation Initiative 1.0
Do you like playing lead hero games?Weproudly introduce our charismatic introduction withinnovationoverdose to maverick rescue games that is a remarkableamalgamationof hero games with super fighting games . HEROLEAD: RESCUEOPERATIONS INITIVIATIVE is an unflawed action filledsimulation offlying hero who is savior of super city with superbcapability ofusing super powers to rescue contemporaries in need ofhelp. Savekids from injuries occurring from any calamity hazards,showadroitness and fight crime in this summit of rescue games. Ontheother side of city gangsters are active, crime rate isgettinghigh, criminal activities are at its vertex and people areindanger. They need their lead hero to come and save them inthismaverick inclusion to fighting games! Suit up in yourspecialoutfit and get ready to use your super powers to saveinnocentpeople while you fight crime in this amazing super rescuegame. Flylow around supe city while being vigilant to spot peoplein need ofhelp; there might be a victim of tragic accident incriticalcondition seeking help of an ambulance or somebody may havebeenkept as a captive in exchange for ransom. You being the leadheroshould use your futuristic powers and become a true hero ofthismetropolitan in this finest of hero games. Release your firetokill enemies and rescue the innocent hostages in this rescuegame.There may be people who need your help for getting out ofbuildingthat has caught fire or they might be drowning in water,make anynimble effort that you can to help as many as possible.Your rescuehero mission is 24 hours duty, no matter what time ofthe day itis. This rescue game will assign you a fun filled task ineverymission whether it is dropping an injured person to a hospitalinan emergency or putting gangsters to sleep. Make the bestflyinghero in this amazing flying games of 2017! So get ready tohave themost wonderful experience in this exciting rescue herogame.***Gameplay Features***• An absolute treat for the lovers of super rescue gameswithcomprehensive gameplay of 4 missions (each mission has5levels).• Breathtaking realistic 3D animations with eye catching HDgraphicsto relish details of hero final battle.• Thrilling sound effects.• Large city map with multiple buildings to fly yourrescuehero.• Impressive and easy on screen controls to pursue your heroicacts.• Playable on multiple devices.This rescue hero game has a refreshing ploy for lovers of leadherogames in every level for making this great city a safe andsecureplace. Take initiative, live life of a lead hero in thispremium ofrescue games, download now “HERO LEAD: RESCUEOPERATIONSINITIATIVE” and enjoy the greatest of rescue games.
911 Emergency 2.0
iPlay Studio
An accident has been reported on thehighwayand you must respond. Get in your police car and drive fastto theaccident. Once there, you access the scene and decide what todo.Do you send the Ambulance? Maybe the Firetruck? School bus?Ormaybe, you can handle this yourself. Choose correctly!!! Thinkthesame way a 911 first responder would think to solvethescenario.Features:✔ Race to the scene of an accident in your police car✔ Decide on the best rescue action to take✔ Drive an Ambulance, Firetruck, School Bus or Backup Police cartothe scene✔ Awesome 3D graphics and exciting gameplay✔ Realistic accident scenarios✔ 15 Missions to Complete✔ Amazingly Realistic Parking Situations✔ Emergency Quick Response✔ Drive your vehicle using steering or Tilt controlAll with super fun 3D graphics and game play. Think like a 911firstresponder to help solve the situation.
US Hurricane Flood Rescue Mission 1.0
Drive, buoy and surf in futuristichelicopterrescue adventure to perform safeguard close to theshoreline.Your city is in extreme peril, the entire city town is floodingwithwater this is the ideal opportunity for pontoon extremelife-savingwater rescue driving game darlings to assume a genuinepart. Everyone of the lanes and streets are shrouded with surgewater in thislife guard car rescue simulator. Play thisastonishing emergencyarmy helicopter rescue for genuine waterrace. This water car reliefmission 3D is an exemplary waterhelicopter pilot 3D flight crashsimulator to spare the life ofsuffocating individuals in this Realmulti level helicoptersfighters 3D As per the news channels, thereis a disturbingcircumstance in the flood relief army helicopter 3D,a submergedseismic tremor caused sea water to frame enormoushazardous tidalwave waves in this vessel extreme water rescue carsimulator. Thesetremendous and effective dangerous wave wavesoverflowed the lanesof this futuristic city helicopter rescue. Thisfascinating watersurfing diversion give you most gutsy ride,dissimilar to otherauto recreations.helicopter city flood rescue 3D & emergency car survivalrescueis a drift safeguard and guard protect vessel driverdiversionwhere you need to control shoreline risk exercises withyour crowedwatercraft. It is safe to say that you are prepared toappreciatesculling today? It's a perpetual vessel movement, soprepare for awatercraft ride. Call specialist for crisis mishapssince it's aspecialist save, on obligation emergency vehicle issearching forharmed individuals day and night and they are workingtaking careof business level to enhance safeguard closing. Chopperis takingindividuals to safe zone, drive surge pontoon to reachtocasualties and convey them to safe place. Utilize binocularstofilter the zone for ensuring security of individuals.Monitorpickup save weapons for ensuring the wellbeing ofguiltlessindividuals. It's a match save time.Shoreline is completely swarmed and numerous recreationalexercisesare going on, for example, shoreline race, swimming raceand streamwatercraft dashing. Individuals are confronting numeroussetbacksand mishaps on the shoreline and shoreline safeguardlifeguardgroup is taking a stab at the security of harmedindividuals. Thereis a prompt need of save helicopter, protectemergency vehicle andsafeguard carry for battling against shorelineassault. It'sprotect time and you are on a safeguard mission, soexpel tidy fromyour swimming outfit, turn into an individual fromthe driftmonitor squad and spare individuals from gettingsuffocated in theremote ocean.Have you at any point imagined to be a shoreline lifeguardsavevessel driver? on the off chance that yes; at that point it isbestopen door for you, release your internal sharpness and valortowind up plainly a crisis ambulance fire fighter rescuesimulationjust with playing this most recent helicopter city rescuearmyflight flood helicopter flying 3D is an astounding crisis savesuperflying helicopter transport simulator. the suffocatedindividuals,shark assaults and occurrences like these continueoccurring on theocean drift and on shoreline in every day life. asa lifeguard atshoreline it is your obligation to spare peoplegroups and helpthem to bring safe zones. get on your quick waterwatercraft andsave patients who are in crisis and call for offerassistance. as arescuer obligation you should be ready untouched!furthermore,utilize binoculars to see individuals who are incrisis. ride yoursafeguard pontoon to reach at your casualties andconvey them towellbeing.Features:★40 to a great degree testing salvage missions★Operate escavator excavator crane and fly help helicoptertestsystem★Realistic movements for emergency circumstance instormyclimate★Multiple controllers and smooth on-screen controls★Superb outlines and 3D illustrations
Firefighter Rescue Games 3D 1.0
Firefighter Rescue Games 3D isnextlevelrunning race simulation game with very challenging gameplay.Playas the firefighter emergency jumper, people pricelesslivesdependson your driving skills.Have you ever had the dream to become a fireman? Now youcan!play911 firefighter simulator Truck 3D and save citizensfromdangerousfires! Make your way to the fire point bydrivingdifferent firetrucks!Firefighter Rescue Games 3D is a endless runner similartotheawesome game Temple Run.- Beautiful 3D graphics - Multiple obstacles- Captivating music- Collect over 60 retro 3D styled, pop art inspiredcharacters- Dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot- Simple, pure, innovative gameplay- Roads, car truck, and more – endlessly hopforeverlocations.- Endless gameplay- Smooth Inchy Thief Run touch-based controls- Simple and fun game mechanics.- Free to playWe offer you hours of game-play with endless excitementandfun.Amazing game for teens and grownup boys and girls to saveliveandtake out fire with 911 rescue fire truck 3D simulator.You recruit was urgently by the fire fireman as avolunteertohelp the city to extinguish burning buildings!Firefighter Rescue Games 3D is an awesomesimulationgame,runnning around the city in your fire truck puttingout firesandsaving civilians, drive to the correct location, parkyourfireengine in the parking zone and use the hose to put out thefireonthe buildingsHave fun anywhere and anytime on your mobile device. Havefunandget a big win!
Fireman! 1.5.3029
HELP! Call 911! The commercialbuildingis on fire, lots of people are trapped. We are in a rescuerush! Soplease put your fire suit on, jump onto the firefightingtruck. Wehave to fight for survivor!Features:◆ Different rescue missions◆ Real medical tools for emergency treatment◆ Lots of interesting cure processes◆ Cool fire extinguisher and fire truckRescue people, and cure them! To all firefighters, you all aretheheroes!
Firefighter Gyroscopic Futuristic Truck 1.0
**Emergency** Fire brigadeteam!Getready for the 911 rescue mission! Forget theRoadFiretruckrescue mission. Now get the experience ofFutureGyroscopicFiretruck Simulation, this is Airself-balancefirerescue.Every honest people dream of being a fireman? Hereisyourprobability to be the HERO of the city Peoples! Rush tosavelives!You can reduce the death toll by rushing to therescuelocation!Drive a future firefighter truck and savethepeople fromhazard. You have the modern fire extinguishing toolatyour hand!You were recruited as a fireman to help the citytoterminateburning buildings and vehicles.Firefighter Gyroscopic Firetruck Emergency 911 Rescue is anewkindof future 3D Fire truck simulation game. As a player youhavefullcontrol of a fire truck.If you want to become a real firefighter notonlyfiretruck driver so you need to learn the rules ofdrivingandparking a fire truck in this enjoyable and new excitingfiretruck3D parking game. You also need to control your mightywatercannonto make a stop to the burning building orvehicles.Do not play this game just as a gamer rather play this gameasaReal Life Super Hero!What is Gyroscope?A Gyroscope is a device that uses Earth's gravity tohelpdetermineorientation. Its design consists of a freely-rotatingdiskcalled arotor, mounted onto a spinning axis in the center ofalarger andmore stable wheel.Features:🚑 1 Future Gyroscopic Firetruck🚑 Real world 3D environment🚑 Realistic controls🚑 Simple but colorful and fast HD graphics rendering🚑 Animated fires and smoke🚑 Animated fire hose and water🚑 Different camera angles that give you more control🚑 Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience🚑 10 Challenging city levels to test driving skills🚑 In City Traffic Vehicles Buses, Trucks and Cars.🚑 Map of Whole City🚑 Emergency Quick Response.Download & Play Firefighter Gyroscopic FiretruckSimulator3DGame Free before it go to Paid Version - racing likebigtruckdriver to help saving innocent lives in firetruckrescuemissions.Suggestion:Your Feedback's and ratings are Important for ustokeep“gamesoultech” busy in creating more fun in thegamestoengage you, your family and your friends. In case if youfindanybug that needed to be addressed just send us an email,wewillimprove it and reply to your email as soon as possible.Pleasetryour other games by clicking “More from Developer”orbyvisiting our publisher account.
Fire Driver Truck City Rescue 1.21
🚒 Drivenow the rescue mission! FireTruckGamesSimulator Driver & fire fighter City Rescue officerheardthesituation of buildings in burning fire in city drivingzone,Waterhelicopter breaches on plane crash site & sawcriticaldamage;casualties are increasing. Rescue Team of fireaccidentsare on way,fireman lifesaver experts are prepared forrescueservice.911 Fire fighters saving the city against rescuedefenserescuemissionComplete the missions with crew transport trucks, putonyourFirefighter helmet and Jump into zone. switch gear and Hurryup!Save the flame over Chicago city traffic, rushed or sneakoutyourdriving truck challenge from the busy traffic,communicatethesituation to the firefighter pilot to breach .ExtinguishTrucks& fireman foreman to rescue hostages firefighter.Fire department rescue mission is throwing pressurewateroverfire plane flames. Burning town with voiding horriblerescuesirensof ambulances in chaos makes terrifying scenario forspecial911rescue Chinatown team will save from fire guard skillsand alifesaver fire truck games.Voiding city firefighter station is always active andreadyfor911 rescue Emergency fire incidents of firefightersFasten your seat belts. Takeout firefighter grandTrucks,Startthe firetruck engines ; Drive fire truck games withthemanualtruck challenge and see the location on map. Get yourfirebrigadejob done before the injuries. Highly firetruck flameexpertsandperfect skilled truck racer and vehicle drivers force isdoinghisjob. The multilevel storey fire truck games ofextinguishingfireat city park plaza and avoid block traffic jamwith firefighterfiretruck.Call and alert the firetruckCrossover fireman brigade through heli air supportandtakeassistance for extinguishing at heights. 911 fire rescueviewwillcross and pass the heavy and busy traffic in city fireplace,Avoiddamage and crashes, fly the ambulance helicopter chopssafelyandstay focus with ambulance truck driving. Highflying Airrescuewilljoin the crew shortly. Heli air firefighters attack.Control wheels and aircrafts in realisticfiredsituationchief,Grand truck 911 rescue truck and keep saving world onfireTruckgames . Change the manual truck, choose the pattern todriveandprove your responsibilities. Real life saver &mostrealisticsimulation area for rescue story! Pickup youremergencymissions toperform task and firefighters brigade will savelives!FEATURES Fire Truck Drive City Rescue :◆ Real Fighting missions with ambulance rescue◆ Added 2 High Speed Fire Trak and rescue helicopter◆ Steer Controls for strong Trucks and Helicopters◆ Free mode and Career Mode with enhanced control◆ Challenge with complete rescue missions◆ Realistic Sound Effects with city ambulance sirens
Helicopter Rescue Mission 2017 1.2
Kooky Games
Helicopter Rescue simulation game in fashionofhelicopter games or helicopter rescue games? Yes! Thishelicoptergame with the blend of rescue helicopter is uniquehelicopter rescue3d simulator for multiple rescue missions andrelief cargo duty. Flyyour rescue helicopter in huge environmentsand multiple locationslike Hilly mountains, forests and city withsky scrapper. Hold thecontrols of rescue helicopter and be atrained pilot with armyhelicopter driving games and get ready forsome exciting emergencyhelicopter rescue missions with your armyhelicopter games free 3dreal missions. Helicopter driving games 3dand helicopter drive gamefor firing were never been so thrill!Play as a fire fighter andrelief cargo in helicopter rescue gamesas pilot to take high riskmission in emergency. Play in multiplethrill missions with armyhelicopter driving games. Ever wanted toplay helicopter drive game?Now you are just a download away fromthis unique but adventure ideaof army helicopter games free 3dreal mission with our ARMYHELICOPTER RESCUE 2017 3D!GAME-PLAY OF HELICOPTER RESCUE GAMES:You have multiple helicopter rescue and relief cargo missionsinarmy helicopter fighting games! save lives from big buildingwhichis in fire and also throw water on building from your rescuearmyhelicopter. Pick some heavy containers from hill area andtransportthem to the city with your helicopter driving games andhelicopterdrive game for firing. Your prime duty is to start yourreliefcargo mission as deliver some food stuff to the flood areaand alsorescue people in helicopter rescue 3d games. Just followthehighlighted red place to complete your rescue missions.Thishelicopter rescue needs some special helicopter driving.FEATURES OF ARMY HELICOPTER DRIVING GAMES:• An absolute treat for the lovers of army helicopter fightinggamesand helicopter rescue games.• 20 comprehensive helicopter rescue missions with hoursofgame-play.• Avoid collisions otherwise level will be failed in armyhelicoptergames.• Adrenaline filled real world flight and helicopterrescuemissions.• Epic helicopter air ambulance simulator games with latest2017features.So army helicopter pilot! are you ready to start your reliefcargoand helicopter rescue missions with this action packedhelicopterrescue 3d games then download rite now ARMY HELICOPTERRESCUE 20173D the epic army helicopter rescue game.