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HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster) 3.1 Release b2
HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster, stabilization of mobile network) -bestapplication, for force support HSPAP (3,75G) mobileconnectionusing customizable reconnects.How this app can help:●Decrease pingjumping to a minimum value, in online gaming, lag orfreezesbecomes much less.● Improve the quality of voice and videocalls,for example skypе.● Reduce delays in viewing online(streaming)video youtubе, and etc.● All of the above for use on alaptop, viaWiFi hot-spot from your device.Two types of customreconnect:●Check the ping to any host.● Download files of acertainsize.Additionally: This app is intended to stabilize theexisting3G H+ (HSPAP) connection, I recommend to enable 3G onlynetwork insettings. Some devices may not support the default viewandreconnect settings, you can manually directly during the serviceisenabled, select the parameters under which the maximum effectisachieved. Interstitial advertisement can be disabled for freeinabout section, advertisement.Feedback:In our VK group thereisdiscuss this application:,youcan post your own review here, I'll try to answerit!Sincerely,application developer, Roman.
Salon Evolve 2.1
Instantly create the perfect appointment for your schedule withtheSalon Evolve mobile app. Browse our complete menu, find thebestday and time, and voilà! You’ll receive confirmation of yournewappointment right through the app. No calling, no waiting. Andyoucan follow up with the details as needed after it’s beenconfirmed.Instant Satisfaction The Salon Evolve mobile app not onlylets youview our entire range of services from cut, color andstyling totreatments, facials and waxing, you can also do muchmore: • Shopour store • Meet the team • Read client reviews • Viewour photogallery • Follow our industry blog You can also purchase agiftcard redeemable for products or services right through the app.Ourteam of 21 stylists and support staff are dedicated tocreatinghappy, satisfied clients with every visit. Join The EvolveFamilySalon Evolve has grown over the years to become not only oneof thetop salons in the Philadelphia area but also isnationallyrecognized as a leading salon in North America. We’rededicated togrowing and evolving both personally andprofessionally. Join us.
Have you just moved to a neighborhood and not sure whichtelecomoperator to choose for getting a new SIM card as wellbroadbandinternet access? Do you know which provider has more radiocoverageand which internet service provider delivers higher speedwithlower ping time? What’s the average download rate of 4G, 3G,LTE,or even GSM connections in different mobile operators? Whataboutthe upload speed when going for a fixed internet service?It’sobvious that in order to answer such questions, you need tospendlots of time studying the reviews and testing theservicesyourself. And you cannot make a good decision withoutknowing theanswers. RFBENCHMARK, the free speed test and internetprovidersranking app, provides you with the answers to all ofyourquestions, and it even delivers more information about thequalityof the signal in your area, performance test, videostreaming test,and a lot more. So, if you are looking for anall-in-one toolbox totake care of your speed test, monitor yourdata usage, and provideyou with useful information about theranking of internetproviders, and signal strength, downloadRFBENCHMARK for free andInternet connection quality test has neverbeen more accurate,b>RFBENCHMARK comes with a clean and neatdesign and theinterface is so user-friendly that you’ll get thewhole idea afterbrowsing through menus and sections of this freeinternet meter appfor the very first time So, what to expect fromRFBENCHMARK ? Hereis the list of highlighted features of this freenetwork signalchecker and internet quality meter app: Ranking ofmobile operatorsin your area: Compare the ping time, downloadspeed, upload speed,signal level, as well as the share of data oftop 3 mobileoperators in your area and find out which provider isthe best foryou. Performance Test: Learn more about your currentinternetservice and see how powerful it is when it comes tobrowsing web,playing videos in SD quality, playing videos in HDquality, makingan HD video call, making a VOIP (Voice over IP)call, and playinggames in online mode. Video Streaming: Is your 4G,LTE, 3G, or GSMmobile network suitable for streaming videos fromYouTube? Well,let’s find out. The results of speed test determinewhether you canwatch Full HD videos smoothly or you need to watchvideos in lowerqualities. What else? Well, the features of thisfree internetquality and signal strength meter are not over yet.You get to filla questionnaire and let us know about the problemsyou’veexperienced on your current mobile network or cableinternetservice. There is also a detailed signal strength reportthatenables you to fully scan and investigate your connectednetwork.And last but not the least, is the Usage Tracker featurethatprovides you full data usage statistics a well as Wi-Fi datausagestatistics. Note that, since all the benchmarks andmeasurementsare independent and based on the real users’ reports,you caneasily rely on the given statistics. RFBENCHMARK mainfeatures at aglance: • Clean and neat design with fresh andintuitive interface• Independent and accurate benchmarks andmeasurements • Internetspeed checker and internet speed meter •Signal strength report •Ranking internet service providers based onthe ping, coverage,download speed and upload speed • Supports GSM,3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi,and cable networks So, RFBENCHMARK deliverseverything you shouldexpect from such free speed test and internetproviders rankingapplications, and it even sets the bar to a higherlevel byoffering accurate and reliable reports and rankings,detailed usagereport for both wireless and mobile data networks,performancetest, and a lot more. Download RFBENCHMARK for free,learn everydetail about the quality of your network and let us knowabout anybugs, feature requests or any other suggestions.
4G Only Network Mode 2.1
4G Only Network Mode opens a secret menu where advancednetworkconfigurations can be selected.Features - *change networkto"LTE(4G) only" mode*phone will disconnect less often leadingtoFASTER INTERNET SPEED*enable VoLTE on supporteddevices(enablesdirect call over 4G network)*advanced networkstatistics*changenetwork parameters*lock to any particular NetworkSignal like4G(LTE)/3G/2G onlySupports All Phone Brands withQualcomm Chips
3G 4G Converter - Volte Checker 1.21
All smart devices these days can automatically switch between 2Gor3G network mode if there is no 4G coverage available. Buttheproblem happens when devices don't automatically switch to 4GLTEmode even though there is 4G coverage available. This is wherethisapp shines. This app lets you manually select and changesyourpreferred network type with just one tap. Plus, this 4GSwitcherapp is totally free. The 4G Switcher app comes with manyothersmart utility features. 3G to 4G Converter providesmultiplefunctionalities. Following features are included in onesingle app:📱 Get Device (Phone) Info such as IMEI Number, ModelName, AndroidOS Name, Phone Resolution, API level, Hardware Info& Brand. 💾Get Sim information such as SIM Number, Country ISO,SIM OperatorCode & Operator Name. 📶 Get WIFI connectiondetails: Linkspeed, Frequency, IP Address, Netmask, RSSI, MACAddress and SSID.📲 Mobile Network Switcher: Switch your mobilenetwork from 3G to 4Gand 4G to 3G with one tap. 3G to 4G Switcherwill directly redirectto the page where you can manage your networksettings. 📱 MobileNumber Tracker: Get information on any Indianmobile number bysimply typing the 10 digit phone number. Getinformation likeCountry, Location & Network. 🌍 Internet SpeedTest: Get yourphone internet downloading and uploading speed. Cancheck internetspeed for both Mobile Data OR WiFi. Free InternetSpeed Meter. Why3G to 4G LTE Converter ☞ Small APK Size. ☞ Free Appwith No InAppsPurchases! ☞ No Extra Permission required ☞ Smooth& Clean UINote: This app does not modify any hardware settingsto change from3G to 4G Network, This just lands on Phones networksettings pagewhere you can switch your desired network.
WiFi Password: All-In-One WiFi Manager 1.83
Connect, share, manage all your WiFi networks with one app.WiFiPassword also comes with additional features such as NetBlocker& phone usage meter. ⭐Features⭐ WiFi Scanner Generates alistof all nearby WiFi networks & hotspots. Also, itprovidessecurity details of the said WiFi networks. ImprovesWiFiSecurity🗝️ Lets you generate secure passwords for yourWiFihotspots. Generates passwords for all key types with justonetouch. Copy the password generated & paste it in yourmobilehotspot settings. Net Blocker Lets you conveniently disabletheinternet for all apps you select. The selected apps will notbeable to go online. List of connected devices Get details ofalldevices currently connected to your WiFi network. Italsoconveniently provides access to your wifi/IP settings. AppDataUsage Shows time spent on phone, total launches, time spent oneachapp & app data consumption. WiFi Details Shows signalstrength,IP, MAC & DNS Address along with the link speed of thenetworkyou are connected to. 【LIKE us and STAYCONNECTED】 Feel free to provideyourfeedback and suggestion to our support
세븐나이츠 5.4.51
칠대성 아벨 등장! 아리스 신화각성! 더 다채로워진 세븐나이츠를 만나보세요! ▶공존의 쌍성 아벨 ◀ 유목민 부족의아벨!레긴레이프의 도움으로 위기에서 벗어난 아벨과 제라드는 레긴레이프에게 협력하기 시작하는데..! ▶ 아리스신화각성하다! ◀봉인구가 깨져 지룡에게 몸을 빼앗기지만 불굴의 정신력으로 지룡을 이겨내고 힘을 통제하게 되는 신화각성아리스! ▶ 무더운여름은 세나와 함께! ◀ 손쉬운 탐험! 매일 새로운 미션 용병단! 강함을 겨루는 결투장과 난이도별길드던전까지! 무더운여름은 시원하게 세나 즐기자! 더욱 편리하고 재미있는 세븐나이츠로 거듭날 수 있도록 언제나노력하겠습니다! 세나하자,세나~!! ■■■■■ 게임소개 ■■■■■ 비주얼이 다른 전략! 거부할 수 없는 초강력 비주얼RPG 세븐나이츠 1. 수백명의 영웅들과 팀을 만들어 모험을 떠나자! 2. 쉽고 빠른 자동전투로 누구나 손쉽게 즐길 수있는 게임! 3.다이나믹하고 다양한 게임모드! - 모험모드: 16개의 영지를 정복하며 나의 영웅을 성장시키자! -결투모드: 자웅을겨루고 최강임을 인증하는 결투장! - 요일던전: 매일 다른 영웅들을 조합하여 공략하는 재미! -공성/길드전: 길드원과협동하여 최강의 길드가 되자! - 스마트 세나: 편하고 FUN하게 즐기는 PVE 전투! ■ 상품정보 및 이용 조건 안내■ ※ 유료아이템 구매 시 별도의 요금이 부과됩니다. - 공급자 : 넷마블(주) 대표집행임원권영식 - 이용조건 및 기간: 게임 내 별도 고지된 내용에 따름 (사용기간이 표시되지 않은 경우, 서비스의 종료일까지를사용기간으로 간주) -결제금액 및 방법 : 상품 별 별도 고지된 결제금액 및 결제방법에 따름 (외화 결제 시 환율 및수수료 등으로 인해 실제청구금액과 다를 수 있음) - 상품지급방식 : 게임 내 구매한 아이디(캐릭터)로 즉시 지급 -넷마블 고객센터 :1588-3995 (평일 오전9시~오후6시 상담가능) - 최소사양 : CPU 듀얼코어 1.2GHz,Ram 1GB -주소: 서울특별시 구로구 디지털로300 - 사업자번호: 105-87-64746 -통신판매업번호:제2014-서울구로-1028 호 - 사업자 이메일: 개인정보처리방침 :서비스운영 정책:■접근권한 안내 ■ ▶ 필수적 접근권한 저장공간 - '단말기내 프로그램 설치 및 데이터 저장' 등을 위해필요합니다.휴대전화 상태 및 ID 읽기 - '이용자 계정 생성 및 확인'을 위해 필요합니다. ▶ 접근권한 철회방법 -운영체제6.0 이상 : 설정 > 어플리케이션 관리자 > 앱 선택 > 권한 > 접근권한 철회 가능-운영체제 6.0 미만 : 접근권한 철회가 불가능하므로, 앱 삭제로 철회 가능 ---- 개발자 연락처 :Netmarble고객센터 연락처: 02-1588-3995 서울시 구로구 디지털로 300 지밸리비즈플라자 20층 사업자번호 :105-87-64746 통신판매업 번호 : 제2014-서울구로-1028호
OpenSignal - 3G, 4G & 5G Signal & WiFi Speed Test 6.7.2-1
OpenSignal is a fully-featured mobile connectivity andnetworksignal speed test tool. Speed test, including download,upload andlatency - for 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G and WiFi Find the bestnetworkprovider in your area. Compare coverage on Sprint,T-Mobile,AT&T, Verizon and more. Video streaming test - checkstreamingexperience for Netflix, YouTube and others Compare whatyou’repaying for to what you’re actually getting by measuringconnectionquality on a Google map with a database of signal andspeed testresults Completely free and no adverts. Our mission is tocreate anopen-source map of connectivity so that everyone in theworld canenjoy the best mobile connection available Features - Testtab withspeed test and video streaming quality to analyze mobilevideoperformance with results for time spent buffering, loadingandplayback - Signal dashboard and ping test - for testinglatencyresponse - Connectivity map to show locations of 3G, 4G/LTE&5G tests - Network stats with average speeds for download,uploadand latency and network strength on major providers -Availabilitystats and historical log of your WiFi and 3G, 4G/LTE& 5G speedtests to check connectivity over time - Signal alertwhen you haveno data or call connectivity OpenSignal Speed TestsOpenSignalspeed tests measure your real experience of mobileconnectivity andsignal. The speed test runs a 10 sec download test,10 sec uploadtest and ping test to determine the speed you willlikelyexperience. The speed test runs on common internet CDNservers. Theresult is calculated with the middle range of samples.Check ifyou're getting the network quality you're paying for fromyourmobile network or internet provider. Use our coverage mapstocompare networks and data speed in your area. OpenSignal workswithWiFi mobile broadband internet. Video Speed Tests Slow videoloadtime? Video buffering? More time waiting than watching? Agoodaverage network speed isn’t enough for a great videoexperience.OpenSignal’s video test gives you the full picture ofyour networkexperience. OpenSignal video tests show you exactlywhat to expectwith HD and SD videos. Watch a 15 sec video snippetto test and logload time, buffering, and playback issues inreal-time. Monitor howvideo quality changes with time and location.Review video testresults in History to see if your networkexperience has changedover time. Availability Stats OpenSignalcalculates the time you’vespent on 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G or had no signal.This shows your networkavailability in the places you use yourphone the most. See whereyou are getting 3G, 4G/LTE & 5G andcheck you’re getting theservice you’re paying for from your networkprovider. If not, usethe data to prove connectivity and signalissues to your mobileoperator. Coverage Map OpenSignal’s coveragemaps show signalstrength down to street level using speed test andsignal data fromlocal users. With network stats on local networkoperators, you cancheck speeds ahead of a trip, find out if youwill get a signal inremote areas, check your signal against othersin the area to seeif you’re getting the best service, arrange thebest local SIM andcheck the signal strength when searching foraccommodation ortravelling. About Opensignal By using OpenSignal,you automaticallycontribute data on speed and 2G, 3G & 4G/LTEsignal, whichhelps us understand the true experience users receiveon mobilenetworks - information we use to help the operators buildbetterwireless networks. You can turn off data collection inSettings.OpenSignal is free. Your anonymized data helps us andglobalnetwork operators improve service on 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and5Gnetworks. Permissions LOCATION: Speed tests appear on a mapalsolets you contribute to network stats and Coverage Maps.TELEPHONY:To get better data on dual SIM devices
3G 4G 5G Signals Booster Prank 402.2
This app is for Fun and Entertainment purpose only. Don't takeitSerious. This is not real signal booster and it just simulatesthesignal booster. 3G WiFi Signal Optimizer Prank is thenewgeneration colorful 2G 3G 4G WIFI signal boosting simulator appforandroid device. This app is a simulation of network andinternetspeed Stabilizer or Optimizer.This is a prankapp.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Are you looking forbestentertainment and prank app? Congratulations you have come torightapp. How to use this 3g 4g wifi network speed connection prankapp?1. Run the app 2. Click optimize button 3. Wait while 'phonesignalbooster' will simulate scan or boosting process You canshowfriends that you really boosted network GPRS signals Itdidn'treally increase network SIGNALS strength orcoverage*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* This app is justasimulator of real SIGNAL SPEED MASTER. It shows how boostercanwork and strength the reception of target network range. It isnota real signal booster! This app shows how it reconnect themobilewith the fastest cell tower available on the place,but itdidn'treconnect the cell signal just simulates howitreconnects the cellphone signals. It shows simulation offindingbest signal carrier Reception from cell tower,cleansignalinterference,change settings of packet data. It showsthesimulation of improvement of low signal latency. If you doaspeedtest after optimizing using this app.,there won't beincreaseor decrease in cell signals strength because it is a prankapp. Youcan show friends that you really boosted network CDMA ,GPRSsignals It didn't really increase network and net signalstrengthor coverage. You can use it to make prank! This app is forfree!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Try it and feel thefunusing fresh network signal speedmaster prank app! Download 2g 3g4gSignal Speed Master Or Booster Prank for free!
JR-Speed Test 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, Wifi 2.0
JR-Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,5G,LTE,Wifi is a best advancedtoolfree 2018 helps you to measure Internet connection speed onAndroidtest speed.Main Features of JR-Internet Speed Test 2018:✓Run SpeedChecks for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTEconnections toimprove your coverage.✓ Test the Download and UploadSpeed and Pingof WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.✓ Nounnecessarypermissions.✓ Easily share your results✓ AbsolutelyFree!Pleasecontact us for feature request or bug
Speed test 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi & network coverage map 2.6.11
More than a simple speed test, nPerf brings you the best andthefullest mobile connection quality measurement tool up to 1Gb/sspeeds! Full QoS test: In few seconds, test your bitratespeed,latency, browsing speed and video streaming quality on yourmobiledevice. Comparison function: Compare your results with thoseofothers users and for each provider with a real timebarometer.Interactive map: Check network coverage and carriersperformancesin your area (in USA : AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,VerizonWireless). Network monitor: Stay informed on data speed inrealtime on the top of your mobile screen (status bar). Reportsyourdata plan usage (in notifications). A sliding menu (hamburgericonon top left corner) allows you to start every test separately:-Speed test - Browsing test - website loading speed - StreamingtestAll your results are saved in an history with all testslocationson a map. Easily share your results on social networkswith nPerfsharing pictures which present a useful summary of yourtest.Customize your application by switching the background themeusingthe Settings. nPerf relies on an homemade top technology andawordwide high speed servers network which can deliver thebitrateyou need for speed tests. With nPerf, you do not blow upyour dataplan: with many optimizations, testing consumes up to 2times lessdata than competing speed tests. In addition, a dataindicator willnotify you if the monthly threshold you can set inthe menuSettings is exceeded. All connection types can be testedover 1Gb/s speeds ! 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wimax, WiFi & Ethernetspeedtest. All WiFi technologies are supported. WiFi 802.11a/b/g/acdual-band, tri-band & quadri-band All LTE technologiesaresupported. LTE, LTE Advanced dual-band, tri-band & more 3G /4G/ 5G coverage & speeds maps : USA : AT&T, Sprint,T-Mobile,Verizon Wireless. Canada : Bell, MTS, Roger Wireless,Videotron,SaskTel, Telus, WIND. Malaysia : CellCom, DiGi, Maxis, UMobile.Singapore : MobilOne, SingTel, Starhub. and many morecountries allover the world ! Test your connection, diagnoseconnectivity issuesand keep your Internet service provider andcarriers honest!PERMISSIONS DETAILS Access to Photos/Media/Files ismandatory forGoogle Maps cache and for share picture storage. Thereis no accessto other files. Device ID & call information isused togenerate an UUID for each device. No private data is used.IMEI isused for UUID generation but never transmitted or stored inanyway. WE NEED YOU We are looking for speed test servers: Ifyourepresents an hoster or ISP company and want to supportnPerfproject by providing a speed test server, please contact us.We arelooking for translators: Your native language is notsupported yet?You want to contribute to the nPerf project? Contactus if you wantto translate nPerf in your language. You'll get alifetime premiumsubscription on all platforms.
Network Cell Info Lite - Mobile & WiFi Signal 4.21.3
💪Thank you! We have reached 3,000,000+ unique users whohaveinstalled our app on at least one device for the first time⚠️We donot show/have carrier tower locations, but indications ofcelllocations from the Mozilla MLS database. Network Cell Signal&WiFi Info is a thorough cell network/WiFi monitorandmeasurements/diagnostic log tool(4G+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM)thathelps troubleshoot reception and connectivity issues and forthosethat like to be in the know about their local cell carrierradiofrequency landscape. Featurescomparison:📡Mainfeatures📡: ☆Almost Real-Time (1 sec.) monitoring ofcellularcarrier and WiFi signals, in Gauge/Raw Tabs (*) ☆GSM, CDMA,UMTS(WCDMA), IWLAN, LTE, LTE+ support ☆Dual-SIM support (*)☆2/3Signal-meter gauges for both SIMs and WiFi (*) ☆Signal Plots,up to2 cells ☆Band number (*) ☆SIM# preference option, for otherthanGauge tab ☆Map with network cellular info and signal-metergauges☆Logs, Measurements of cellular signals (in the Maptab)☆Indication of cell locations (not carrier cell towers) in theMap,from Mozilla Location Service (MLS), ☆excl. CDMA (*) ☆CrowdsourcedBest Signal Finder shows your carrier's nearest best signals☆Routecoloring (in the Map) according to the signal strength, andmapmarkers with location and signal info ☆Measurementssettings(minimum distance, minimum accuracy, motion sensor, etc.)☆Databaseexport measurements in KML 2.2, MLS Geosubmit v.2, CLFv.3,OpenCellID CSV, ☆CMWF database types ☆Network information inStatusBar ☆Raw view of carrier network cellular info☆Connectionstatistics (2G/3G/4G) ☆SIM and device info 📃Notes: Dataaccuracy isdependent on the device implementation of Android APIs.Not allmanufacturers/devices implement fully/correctly AndroidAPIs. ForAndroid < 5.0, Dual SIM is not supported fornon-MediaTekdevices, due to Android/device limitation. You may useMozillaStumbler app, to update the Mozilla MLS database in yourarea.Please check also the richer features of our paidapp:,whenavailable: (also FAQinsideapp settings / about) Common DatabaseFormats: DatabaseFormats: issues: Make sure you enable it in the appsettings, The measurements you make in the MAP tab,can be savedlocally on your device. * Tips to common installissues: 1. IfGoogle Play hangs while installing the app, rebootyour device. *Tips to common start-up issues: 1. Update app tolatest Release. 2.Uninstall the app, (reboot the device,) andre-install. 3. Performany pending system and/or google appsupdate(s), and re-install theapp. 4. If your Android/ROM/rootsomehow modifies the apk, then theapp will not work. 5. Turn theinternet on, before you start the appfor the first time (or aftera long time). 6. Email us to help you!Thanks for all the feedback!** Network Cell Signal & WiFi InfoLite is distributedexclusively in the Google Play Store **
Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2 2.6.7
Raz Games
If your kids love all things monster trucks, Then they willlovethis game! Monster Trucks racing game for young kids andtoddlers!Designed for young Children and toddlers between ages 2 to8 yearsold, Simple controls to drive the monster trucks along thecourse.the truck never flips ensuring your child always gets to thefinishline! Race against other trucks, Which slow down when theyareahead, to give your child the best chance of winning each race!Funbig buttons to Jump, Beep the horn and change the music trackforlots of fun sounds. Crush the cars along the course withthemonster machines, Collect stars, Fireworks and balloon poppingareat the end of each level to give more excitement to thekidsplaying. There is 4 mini games included. Balloon Pop MemoryCardsPuzzles Coloring pages With 15 cool looking monster trucksacross42 levels to blaze across, will create hours of fun foryourtoddlers. Monster Trucks Kids Game helps your child understandtheeducational mechanics of using mobile and tablet devices.withpuzzles, memory card and heaps of fun racing action. Features:* 15Monster Trucks to choose from * 42 Levels to play * Fun CartoonHDgraphics * 5 different kids music sound tracks for the childtoswitch between. * Cute Monster trucks, engines, horns + muchmorevibrant sounds * Balloon pop game & Fireworks at the endofeach race. * Mini Games such as Puzzles, Coloring pages,MemoryCards & Balloon Pop + much more. Privacy Information:Asparents ourselves, Razmobi takes children's privacy andprotectionvery seriously. We do not collect any personal data. Thisapp doescontain advertising as that allows us to give you the gamefor free– ads are carefully placed so kids are least likely toaccidentallyclick on them. and ads get removed on the actual racescreen. Thisapp includes the option for adults to unlock or buyadditionalin-game items with real money to enhance game play andremovingads. You may disable in-app purchases by adjusting yourdevicesettings. If you're having any problems with this app, orwouldlike any updates/enhancements, feel free to contact We would love to hear from you as wearecommitted to updating all our games and apps for the bestpossibleuser experience.
2G 3G 4G 5G Converter switcher speed booster PRANK 1.0
speed internet is very popular now a days and it’s become basicneedin smart phones. For getting high speed internet you must have3g or4g mobile device. If you don’t have 4g device than don’tworry 3G to4G power converter simulator prank app help you toconvert yourdevice from 3g to 4g.This app is just for fun. Enjoythis prank asmuch as you can. Share with your friends and familyfor moreentertainment. It is a smart tool to convert your 3gdevice into4g.Declaimer -: Please take into account that this appbecomes madesimplest for amusing and it's going to no longer do anactualConversion. Its miles most effective a simulation, so takeit as funand enjoy because no such application can convert 3g to4g.2g 3g 4gsignal booster prank give an impression that it willboost up your3g network signals.If your friend has a 2g, 3g or 4ginternet andyou want to make fun of him, then installthisapplicatoin in yourfriends mobile and give him an impressionthat it boost up your 3gsignal.Prank your friends and tell themthis is a new effectiveapplication will help to improve GSM, 3G,4G and LTEsignals on yourmobile phone/tablet.Are you looking forbest entertainment and prankapp?Congratulations you have come torightapp.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*How to use this 3g4gwifi network speed connection prank app?1. Run the app2.Clickoptimize button3. Wait while 'phone signal booster' willsimulatescan or boosting processYou can show friends that youreallyboosted network GPRS signalsIt didn't really increasenetworkstrength or coverageFeatures:The signal boosterprankShowimpression of the follwing features:- it show that itimprove GSM,3G, 4G, LTE signal , Actually it is a fun and joke.Heyfriends hereyou find that how to get 4G network mode on 3G phoneeasily, My 3G,4G, 5G Converter is a fun joke app that converts your3G signal to4G. Most smart phones only support 3G. So if you wantto supportyour smart phone 4G then download this App and convertyour 3Gsupport phone to 4G and enjoy a 4G supported phone.Today Ihavefound some tricks that can turn your 3G device into a 4G phone.Ihave provided a trick using MTK technical application. Withthetrick below, you can use a 4G restricted SIM network onyour3G-enabled smartphone.2g 3g 4g network mode changer, 3G to4Gconverter, 2G to 3G converter, 2g 3g 4g, 3g to 4g switch, from3Gto 4G converter, VoLTE supporter, VoLTE checker, VoLTEcheckerVoLTE Enabler. LTE checker, LTE Supporter VoLTE Checker forjio,checker VoLTE Checker jio, Jio joins support checker, 4Gsimulator,3g to 4g network converter, 3g to 4g convert mobile app,2g-3g-4gswitcher.Vital Records:1. Check your device'sspecifications tomake sure it runs on Mediatek Chipset (MTK).2. Thetrick ispreferred for Android KitKat Version 4.4.3. Now Downloadandinstall MTK Engineering Mode app on your Android 3G device.4.Openthe App and select the CSE settings.6. In the drop down listselect4G LTE / WCDMA / GSM and Save & Reboot YourPhone.empty.8.You're done Your device will run at 4G speed with 3Gnetwork using4G SIM card.Thanks to the Reliance Jio 4G SIM launch,the 4G dataservice is now available at a Key Features (Prank):✔Convert your3G support to 4G, 5G support.Other features:☑ InternetSpeedBooster Prank☑ VPN Access Connect Prank☑ Free Wifi Prank☑WifiPassword Hacker PrankDisclaimer:3G to 4G Converter does notchangeyour device Hardware or Software only with apps handbook Youcanmake your friends with 3G Phone Show You work with 4G speed Wedonot support any of the products and Apps listed above. Operateatyour own risk. ** not responsible for any damage incurred. Youcannot get 4G speed with this trick but your phone can support 4GSIMand run on 3G network. Feel free to comment below for anyhelpneeded.
Signal Booster 3G 4G Wifi 1.0.1
Signal Booster 3G 4G Wifi is a is a stabilizing supportnetworkapplications with signal quality monitoring ping the serverandload the adjusted value.This application will lure 3g 4gwifinetwork signal you back to ping the data back to goundetected"request time out" and prevent the connection of yourInternetconnection is lost instantly.You need to know, when thisservice isactive. please do check regularly ping to get a goodsignalquality. to help the optimizer and stabilizer in thisapplicationwill allow you to regulate the use of the Internetnetworkefficiently.How It Work :- Make sure your network isconnected-Decrease ping jumping to a minimum value with monitoryour networkconnection by enable service, and then set the checkping theserver using the polling interval and a log frequency tothat iscontained in the settings.Disclaimer : This app only helpstomonitor and stabilize your connection network by managing theloadon the server ping. This application is not as a promoterorincrease your download speed. Please use this app wisely. Ifyoufeel that your network does not work well, please tell usyourproblem
3G 4G Speed Booster Prank 11.0
2g 3g 4g signal booster prank give an impression that it willboostup your 3g network signals. If your friend has a 2g, 3g or4ginternet and you want to make fun of him, then installthisapplicatoin in your friends mobile and give him an impressionthatit boost up your 3g signal. Prank your friends and tell themthisis a new effective application will help to improve GSM, 3G, 4GandLTE signals on your mobile phone/tablet. Are you looking forbestentertainment and prank app? Congratulations you have come torightapp. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* How to use this3g 4gwifi network speed connection prank app? 1. Run the app 2.Clickoptimize button 3. Wait while 'phone signal booster' willsimulatescan or boosting process You can show friends that youreallyboosted network GPRS signals It didn't really increasenetworkstrength or coverage *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Thisapp is just a simulator of real booster. It shows how boostercanwork and strength the reception of target network range. It isnota real signal booster! You can use it to make prank! This appisfor free! Features: The signal booster prankShow impression ofthefollwing features: - it show that it improve GSM, 3G, 4G,LTEsignal , Actually it is a fun and joke. - improve speedofdownloading and data transmission.(tell this feature toyourfriends and make fun. - get the strongest signal from thebasemobile tower. (All features are prank. Just showing you that inhowmany ways you can make joke of your friends) - if the signal islowbecause of poor coverage in the surrounding area, you willneedsignal improvement.( A prankfeature).*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Instruction: Itsourresponsibility to make the best possible user experience forourusers. 1 . Run the app 2 . Click SCAN button 3 . Wait while'phonesignal booster' will simulate scan or boosting process Youcan showfriends that you really boosted network GPRS signals Itdidn'treally increase network SIGNALS strength orcoverage*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Note: This is aprankapplication and does not boost up 3g signals. It only for funandentertainment purpose. Download signal booster prank and enjoy.
Internet and Wi-Fi Speed Test by SpeedChecker 2.6.39
Our Speed Checker app easily, quickly and accurately measuresyourWi-Fi network AND Mobile Internet Speed (download, upload andping)up to 1 Gb/s. Your Wi-Fi connection could be slowing you down.Useour built-in Wi-Fi Speed Test to identify problems with yourWi-FiSpeed and help you improve it. This could be as simple asmovingyour device a few feet! Our test compares your actual speedwiththe maximum attainable from your Wi-Fi router. It isspecificallycreated for mobile devices to ensure accurate andreliable results.Great for gamers and VOIP users to testconnections : Users canchoose to test the speed to servers locatedWorldwide, IncludingUK, USA, EU, Far East and South America. Yourresults history showsWi-Fi and mobile/LTE results. Identify thefastest providers inyour area using our dynamic results map tocompare results.Features: • Wi-Fi connection speed test (link speedAND throughput)• Identify congested, slow and unstable Wi-Fi • 5G,4G, 3G, LTE,Wi-Fi, GPRS • Accurate up to 1 Gb/s • Worldwide servers• Fullhistory • Dynamic map shows all users' results • Easy sharingofresults Using the SpeedChecker app you can browse results ofotherusers on the map who are on ISPs such as Virgin, BT, TalkTalk,Sky,Vodafone, Orange, EE in the UK as well as other providersallaround the world.
DNS Changer | Mobile Data & WiFi | IPv4 & IPv6 1193r
★★★World's first and most trusted DNS CHANGER for Android★★★DNSChanger is the easiest way to change your DNS and test the speedofDNS servers. Works without root and works for both WiFi andMobileNetwork Data Connection. The DNS Changer change’s yourdevice’s DNSaddress, not affecting your connection speed in anyway. So, it isfaster than a regular VPN. Install DNS Changer forAndroid and tryit yourself! Why to change DNS? • Explore freely onyour favoritesites & apps • Browse privately • Watch streaminglibrariesfrom any country • Stay secure on public Wi-Fi • Accesswebsites& apps while abroad • Enjoy the best net browsingperformance •Better online gaming experience • Easy one tap toconnect – noregistration, login or password required How does itimprove myinternet connection? If you have a high-speed Internetconnectionbut notice that your web browsing speed isn’t all thatit’s crackedup to be, then your problem may lie in the DNS. Byoptimizing yourdevice's DNS records, you can find the fastestroutes for your datapackets to take when traveling the Internet. Itwon’t boost to yourdownload/upload speed, but in some cases it canresult in quite anoticeable improvement in web browsing time. Attimes, you mayexperience slow hiccups while trying to use theinternet from yourdevice. Sometimes, these problems can beattributed to yourprovider's DNS settings because your ISP may notalways have thebest DNS server speeds. Your default DNS serverdirectly affectshow fast you’ll be able to connect to a website. Sochoosing thefastest server according to your location will helpspeed upbrowsing. With Net Optimizer, you can find the fastest DNSserverand connect to it with just one touch! So your browsing speedandgaming experience (ping and latency) can be improved. (Butyoushould remember that DNS settings will not affect yourinternetdownload / upload speed but response time) Test resultsshowed a132.1 percent improvement from using Google's DNS serversoverusing the stock DNS servers, but in real world usage, it mightnotbe exactly that much faster. Still, this one tweak might getyoufinally feeling like you have a blazing connection to theinternet!With DNS Speed Test feature: • Find & Connect thefastest DNSserver based on your location & network. • Improveweb surfingspeed with faster response time. • Fix lag and reducelatency (pingtime) on online games for better gaming experience.Improve yournetwork connection with DNS Speed Test. Find fastestDNS server andconnect it with a single touch. Key Features: ► Noroot required ►World's first DNS Changer for Android. ► Does notconsume anysystem resources (RAM/CPU/Battery etc.) ► DNS Speed Testfeature:Find the fastest DNS server for your connection. ► WiFi /MobileData Network (2G/3G/4G/5G) support ► Optional IPv4 & IPv6DNSsupport ► Tablet and smartphone support ► Unblock therestrictedweb content ► Browse faster on the net ► Improve onlinegamingexperience ► Use preconfigured DNS lists or ► Use any customIPv4or IPv6 DNS server you want ► Simple Design ► Always updatedforthe latest Android versions.
Internet Booster & Optimizer 1.98.3
INTERNET BOOSTER This app is intended to enhance yourinternetbrowsing experience. Your internet speed is determined byyourInternet Service Provider and we cannot change that, but therearemany other factors that may affect how your device takesadvantageof this speed. This is where this app starts boosting.Weautomatize a series of commands and optimizations that willputyour browser in the top of priority on your Android Systemmakingsure you get the most out of your ISP Internet speed anddeviceresources for a smooth browsing experience. This is no magic,thesecommands are actions you can perform manually one by onewithoutthe help of any app, but due to the time it'd take andotherreasons it could be considered impractical, and this is thereasonthis app exists! OPTIMIZATIONS TO ACCELERATE Whether yourdevice isrooted or not, or if you have a WiFi or Mobile Dataconnection (2g,3g, 4g LTE), we perform a series of automatizedtasks in order toaccelerate internet speed and browser'sperformance. Pausingsecondary processes, cleaning RAM memory,cleaning cache memory andflushing DNS are some of these tasks.TCP/IP OPTIMIZATION We runcommands intended to optimize the wayyour device connects withothers through the internet. In most casesthis improves ping andboosts overall speed resulting in a snappierinternet browsing. MTUsize, TTLL hops, buffer size and more, aresome of the settingsoptimized. These are available only for rootusers. DISCLAIMER * Ifyou are connected to a router, it might limityour MTUindependently of your device settings. * We cannotguarantee allthe desired results for all android devices. Androidversions,frameworks and their settings are too many, but weencourage you tocontact us if you find a bug or problem or send areport in case ofcrashes and forced stops. * (to root users) Thisapp attempts aseries of commands that could fail to apply ifsuperuser permissionisn't granted TECHNICAL TERMS MTU- TCP/IP- Buffer- Root/SuperUser-
Speed Internet 3G 4G Wifi 5.6.44
2G 3G 4G LTE Network Monitorfast internet and speed 3G,4G,LTEEnjoyfast internet without interruptionSpeed Internet3G,4G,WifiInternetspeed displays you have in the status bar.Internet Speed 3G 4GWifi 5GWifi AnalyserSpeed Internet 3G,WifiMonitor3G 4G WifiIncrease internet speed androidIncrease internetspeedIncreaseinternet speed on android workingAndroid wifi speedupinternetIncrease internet speed on android up to 1000Mbps2018maximize internet speed on android4G speed testSpeed upmobileinternet on Android
Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,LTE,Wifi 1.0
Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,LTE,Wifi is an application help youtestyour network speed include download and upload. Beside ofmainfeature - network speed test which helps you to measureInternetconnection speed on Android test speed for WiFi ,GPRS, 2G ,3G ,4G, LTE...Main feature:✓ Tests download speed (downlink)✓Testsupload speed (uplink)✓ Real-time upload and download speed✓IPaddress display✓ Share result with your friends viasocialnetworks.If you have any questions or suggestions on how wecouldmake this Internet Speed Test Meter for 3G,4G,LTE,Wifi appbetter,feel free to contact us via email download speed test app!
Internet Speed 4g Fast 2.5
Dream Apps.
Internet speed 4g fast networkInternet speed booster andoptimizeris best solution if your wifi or mobile network is slow toseeinternet current speed and be hopeful that soon Your devicewillfinally load web site. Internet Speed Meter, speed test&monitor internet. Internet Speed Master is also test Networkspeedtest - check real time network speed in status bar; DataMeter-monitor and keep records of internet data usage.- InternetSpeedMeter 2018 shows realtime Internet speed of yourInternetconnections on Status bar and Notification bar.- InternetSpeedMeter 2018 also shows daily both Mobile and WiFi data usagewithcurrent Internet (Download and Upload speed).Internet SpeedMetershows your internet speed in status bar and shows howmuchamount ofdata used in notification panel using Mobile network andWiFinetwork. Internet speed test is private internet access helpsyouto monitor network connection anytime while using yourAndroidSmartphone device like Internet Speed Master.Internet speedcheckerSpeed Test for Mobile helps to measure and verify thedownloadspeed and upload speed in a short span of time.MegaFeatures- Realtime internet speed test update in status bar andnotification.Smarter notifications of Speedtest app internet speedfaster.-Internet Speed Meter or Data Monitor or Bandwidth Monitoror SpeedTest Live Download and Upload Speed.- Internet speedindicatorMeasures all network speed accurately on GPRS, 3G, 4G andwificonnections. Internet speed optimizer.- jio internet speed TesttheDownload and Upload Speed and Ping of WiFi Hotspots on dsl,adsl,cable connections. Internet Speed Master.- Simple Speedcheckismade for easy, fast and accurate internet speed testing.Internetspeed reader show your internet speed in internet speedtest.- Testinternet speed kb, kbps internet speed lite, internetspeednotification bar Internet speed 4g fast network is checkeddownloadand upload speed, ping, signal strength, network name,internal andexternal IP and the test date.- Worldwide high speeddata servernetwork for reliable results.- Daily and Monthly BasisInternetUsage Record.- Real Time Speed in status bar andnotification bar-Private Internet Access, internet download managerandroid- RealTime Graphical representation of Download Upload, freeinternet forandroid 2018.- Graph to monitor last minute internetactivity. -Check Daily traffic usage in notificationSection barinternetspeedometer.- Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFinetwork.So You can easily analysis for your data and You can boostyourdata internet speed booster.- Internet speed and optimiserMonitorsyour traffic data for the last 30 days.- internet speedbooster forbio 4g save your battery also. So It’s like Batteryefficientapp.Internet Speed Meter Notification Dialog Appears WhenYou TapThe Notification Having. Consumer Reports Mobile and WI-Fiinternet30 Days To Resolution Pictures And See The Total Traffic.InternetSpeed For Android Download And Upload Speed In Screen-lockAndNotification-bar.Real-time graphs show connectionconsistency.Track past tests with detailed reporting testingInternet speeds,and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughoutthe industry!Mobile data speed meter, WiFi data speed meter,Internet SpeedMaster.
Advanced Signal Status
Samsung devices running Android 5.0 (lollipop) or later requirearooted device with SuperSU 2.49 beta or newer in order to usetheadditional settings shortcut. I won't be responding anymoretoreviews/emails telling me the "additional settingsshortcut"doesn't work for devices without root and rooted devicesthat don'thave at least SuperSU version 2.49 beta. If you need thatshortcutto work, please follow directions and root your devicebeforeblaming me or telling me it doesn't work. The shortcut doesworkfor most other rooted Android 5.0 devices and tested on mystockMoto (2014) X and Nexus 5. Android 4.x devices (not Samsung)workwithout root 99% of the time --- What do this app do? --- ►Togglebetween 3G and 4G with a few clicks for nearly anydeviceregardless of manufacturer. ► View all statistics yourcarrier usesto determine signal quality and 3G to 4G hand offs forCDMA, LTEand HSPA/HSPA+ in real time. ► Easy to read 3G and 4Gstatistics inpercentages based on the max/min values instead ofjust decibels. ►Quick access to info you can reference when youneed to complain toyour carrier about poor reception in your area.► Find dead spotsaround your home/office that affect phone calls,but not data (ordata, but not phone calls). ► Reception quality canbe misleadingwith bars only. See all the data Android and yourcarrier hidesfrom you to determine signal quality and how itvaries. ► Access tolow level information about your previous andcurrent wificonnections, including the current signal in decibels.Annoyed atthe lack of network signal information for your Androidphone yourcarrier hides from you? Can't switch between 3G and LTEeasily withyour phone? Wish you could know more about thestatistics yourcarrier uses to determine many bars your phone hasand the tower itconnects to? Want to see what your 3g and 4gsignals are at thesame time and also switch between them easily?Try out this freeapp and see all that information you've beenmissing when you couldonly look at number of bars and one signalunder status settings.Also includes hidden configuration settings(cell radioconfiguration, wifi config, battery info) normallyinvisible tousers. Compare your signal quality based on percentagesinstead ofjust decibels. Now, you can instantly see how great eachsignalreading is for your device based on a scale of 0% (worst) to100%(best). Percentages are configured to give the best readingforyour carrier by default. Use the info contained in this apptomonitor your current signal and find dead spots around yourhomeand office. Also useful for complaining to tier 2 tech supportwithyour carrier when your signal sucks. Be informed and use whattheyknow to your advantage! **If you want this app in anotherlanguage,please contact me either on the forums or with the listedemailhere to help. Translating can be done by anyonevia **Appworks best for phones with either a CMDA or LTE dataconnection,but I offer as much GSM info as I can provide. If itdoes not workwith your device, please contact me at my email and Ican work withyou to find out the issue. Note: not all informationmay beavailable depending on the OEM/OS. Info not displayed willshow as"N/A". If the advanced area button causes the app to crash,it'syour device and not me, sorry (not much I can do other thanremovethe button for your device only). It's an activity added tothepure Android OS and can be restricted by manufacturers(suchcertain Samsung ones). == PERMISSIONS ==CHANGE_NETWORK_STATEACCESS_NETWORK_STATE ↑ because the app won'tshow anything usefulwithout those ↑ INTERNET ↑ for the tiny bannerad I have ↑ACCESS_SUPERUSER ↑ Used only as a fallback for devicesthat can'taccess additional settings. I don't collect or store anypersonalinformation. Source Code:
Free WiFi Internet 3g, 4g 5g - Speed Test Checker 1.0.13
Internet Speed Test can testing speed for WiFi,wifi hotspot,GPRS,2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, DSL and ADSL modem. With just one tap youcannow speed check, the internet speed meter, with the mostaccuratereport, tests WiFi speed in seconds! It supports speed testof WiFihotspots. With WiFi speed test and internet speed test.Speed testfor easy, one-tap connection that makes you to get testresultstesting within in a few second accurateanywhere🎉-----------FEATURE-----------🎉 ■ Discover your Download,Uploadand Ping. ■ Tests download speed (downlink). ■ Tests uploadspeed(uplink). ■ Testing your WiFi speed ,Test the ping speed ofWiFihotspots on dsl, adsl, cable wifi connections. ■ History Recordofresults speed test show time ping upload download speed. Keeptrackof your tests in your personal results. This includes downloadandupload speed, ping. ■ Supports MBPS/KBPS. ■ show IPaddressdisplay. ■ Easily share your results. ■ Help make findingfree WiFi,wifi hotspots which one is better testing with fastnetworkconnections. ■ Compare your different GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G,LTE,DSL and ADSL modem cell speed tests. ■ No unnecessarypermissions.■ Run tests of cellular networks on GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G,5G, LTE, DSLand ADSL modem connections to improve your coverage.Compare yourdifferent GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, DSL and ADSL celltests. Studythe reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl, cableconnections overtime. ■ Keep track of your tests in your personalresult history.This includes download and upload speed, ping,signal strength,network name, internal and external IP and the testdate. ■Worldwide high speed data server network for reliableresults. ■Professional analysis tools of your connection speedsincludinggraphs and statistics ■ Automatic Background Speed Checksof newWiFi connections. ■ Show information detail network Full QoStest(Quality of service) : Test your bitrate speed, latency,browsingspeed quality on your mobile device. Comparison function:Compareyour results with those of others users and for eachprovider witha real time barometer. Network monitor and Interactivemap: Checknetwork coverage and carriers performances in your area.All yourresults are saved in an history with all tests locations ona map.Easily share your results on social networks facebook sharingwhichpresent a useful summary of your test. Support : 2G, 3G, 4G,5G,Wimax, WiFi & Ethernet speed test. All WiFi technologiesaresupported. WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/ac dual-band, tri-band&quadri-band , All LTE technologies are supported. LTE, LTEAdvanceddual-band, tri-band & more Test your connection,diagnoseconnectivity issues and keep your Internet service providerandcarriers honest! Test the Download and Upload Speed and PingofWiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections. Internet SpeedTestwill test your internet speed through thousands ofserversworldwide.
Network & Internet Refresher
A perfect app to optimize your Mobile Network and Internetspeed.Many time you may be facing slow internet speed or poormobilenetwork, refreshing your network, WIFI and mobile data cansolve90% of your problems. The app has a magical refreshing buttonwhichwill refresh and optimize your mobile network and internetspeed.App features : - Instant refresh of mobile network, mobiledata andwifi. - Optimize the performance of mobile network, mobiledata andwifi. - Get important details of your wifi connection andsimdetails. - Connects to best wifi available. - Connects tobestoptimized mobile network of your network service provider.
Signal Strength 23.1.1
Are you living or working in a low signal area ? Are you surethatyour internet is connected ? Then this is the app for you.Withthis app you can get a good idea of the Cellular and WiFisignalstrength and find out which corners of your office or homearehaving the best reception. What this app gives you:- GeneralUser •Signal meter 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi • Connectivity check •Speed test• WiFi scan • Home screen signal widgets 6 typesincluding signal,connectivity/latency, network, battery, clock andstorage AdvancedUser • RF dBm, Channel, bandwidth, linkspeed,frequency • SignalLogger • Network stats • Cell towers • Latency •Out of service,low signal and roaming alerts. • Bluetooth LowEnergy (LE) devicessignal strength Additional features • Day Nighttheme with dark andlight modes Pro Features(Inapp Purchase) •AdFree • Premium widgets(6 types) • Speed test options IMPORTANT: •There are still a lotof bugs in manufacturer implementations and avery few phones arenot following the signal reporting standardfully especially dualSIM related. Some phones are also not reportednetwork cells whichis required for this app. If the signal strengthis not updatingthen this is a sure sign of a broken ROM. This is aknown issue andnot a problem with the App. • If you are seeing dualsim relatederrors in the app then try setting a default SIM forcalls and alsoset both calls and data to same SIM in Android SIMsettings. •Consider sending an email to describe bugs toincorporateworkarounds.
net.youyoudev.wifiassistant 4.5
It makes easy to create hotspot by your Mobile Phone. You canshareyour 2G/3G/4G data network with your friends or yourfamilyquickly. You can enable Hotspot quickly by adding widgetonhomescreen or floating view. Also you can enable Hotspot quicklybyclick Notification. It can display the client which connectstoyour Hotspot. Works good on Android 8.0 and later version.Hotspotname is the WiFi name to set. Password is the WiFi passwordto set.
Internet Speed Test 2.4
Broadband/3G/4G/5G Speed Test & Meter is the best toolofinternet speed test. It is also the best wifi analyzer.MainFeatures: - It checks both download and upload speeds as wellasPING / Latency. - Worldwide high speed data server networkforreliable results. - Uses smart speed testing technology. -Fast,Reliable and Smart servers help to produce fine results. -RunSpeedtest for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE ,5gconnectionsto improve your coverage. - Network booster: refresh netspeedPlease contact us for feature request or bug with the subject SpeedAnalytics
Internet Speed Meter Lite
Internet Speed Meter Lite displays your internet speed in statusbarand shows the amount of data used in notification pane. Thishelpsyou to monitor network connection anytime while using yourdevice.The app is completely Ad-Free. Lite Features - Real timespeedupdate in status bar and notification. - Daily traffic usageinnotification. - Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFinetwork.- Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days. -Batteryefficient Pro Features Notification Dialog A notificationdialogappears when you tap the notification having - Graph tomonitor lastminute internet activity - Time and usage of currentsession -Today's app usage for mobile and wifi SmarternotificationsNotification appears only when you are connected tointernet. Themessupport You can manually select the color of userinterface. Bluestatus bar icon Option to choose between blue orwhite status baricon. (only for KitKat and below versions ofAndroid) Upload andDownload Speed Option to show upload anddownload speed in separatenotifications. Warning: Do not move thisapp to SD card. It willstop (Force close) when you remove thecard.
Network Signal Speed Booster (White Stallion)
The Pioneer, Original, Best Network Signal Speed Booster forAndroidOS! Hello Friends, here's the new version, hope it helpssupportmore devices this time! Oh add my Twitter: @mcstealthappsI'm alwaysjust a DM away! - MCStealth -
Net Master - Free VPN & Speed Test , WiFi Boost
⚡Net Master is a handy and free network analyzer tool ( FreeVPN,WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Security, Mobile Data Usage Monitor,WiFiHacker Detector & Boost). Net Master key feature details:★Free & Unlimited VPN - Safe Connection ⚡ VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork) allows you to securely access a private network andsharedata remotely through public networks. Much like afirewallprotects your data on your computer, VPNs protect itonline. Nolimit on traffic and usage time at all. ★Internet SpeedTest - WiFiSpeed Test Meter⚡ Have you ever wondered about yourWi-Fi speed?Perhaps you’ve felt that your Wi-Fi is slow at times,but you justdon't know why. Use Net Master to test your Wi-Fispeed. ★WiFiAnalyzer & Security - WiFi Hacker Detection⚡Analysis yournetwork status, check router hijacking, ARP cheating,SSLhijacking, DNS hijacking and Portal encryption. Ensure WiFithatyou are connected to is 100% secure. No more WiFi hacker.★SignalStrongest Point Detector - Signal Strength Test⚡Intelligentlyanalyse signal strength and find the strongest signalaround you.Accessing stronger signal never been this easy. ★WiFiManager &Analyzer - Manage WLAN and Switch WiFi⚡ With NetMaster, you canview a list of all available WiFi networks nearby,along with allnecessary speed details. ★Mobile Data Monitor &Manager -Analysis Data Usage and Save Data⚡ Net Master also canshow allapps data usage status, especially mobile networkconsumption. Soyou know which app consumed most of your data gone.Then you cansave your valuable data. ★Floating Bubble Notification⚡Easy toaccess speed test and other network analyzer features. Onetap awayfrom knowing your network speed. ★Hotspot - Share MobileData⚡ Itis so easy to share your personal Hotspot with otherdevices. Ourgreatest network analyzer tool also supportsmulti-languages,including English, Português, Español, Pусский,Français, Italiano,हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عBahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, TiếngViệt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and 中文. Ifyou have any questions orany problems, please contact us
Doding Haleluya Simalungun 2017.09
Haleluya, Buku nyanyian Rohani berbahasa Simalungun. Pujima Jahowa
WiFi - 5g, 4g speed test 2.4
Use WiFi - 5g, 4g speed test for easy, one-tap connection testinginunder 20 seconds—accurate anywhere WiFi - wifi hotspot, wifi5g,wifi 4g can test 3g, 4g, 5g, lte, wifi hotspot, wifinetworkFunction WiFi - 5g, 4g speed test: - WiFi - 5g, 4g discoveryourDownload, Upload and Ping - WiFi - 5g, 4g showconnectionconsistency - WiFi - 5g, 4g show information detailnetwork - WiFi- 5g, 4g history speed test include wifi and wifihotspot, 5g, 4g,3g If you have any question about Free WiFi - 5g,4g speed testplease send to me via email:
Coverage - Cell and Wifi Network Signal Test 1.113
Coverage creates your own personal cell and WiFi coverage mapbasedon signal strength readings from your phone. See where yourdevicehas better signal strength and where it encounters deadzones. Putyour carrier's claims to the test by creating your ownpersonalcoverage map and by performing your own speed tests.Testyournetwork performance- Map your cell and WiFi coverage- WorkswithGSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE cell networks- Uses accurate WiFi andcellsignal strength readings from your phone- Find dead zones onyourcommute- Speed test your connection- Swap SIM cards andcompareyour coverage on different carriersLots of interesting WiFiandcell statistics about your phone- Your average LTE signalstrength-How many new cell towers you saw today- How much of yourtime doesyour phone spend connected to WiFi- How much of your timedoes yourphone spend on an LTE network- Your average WiFi signalstrength-Much more
Solar Mobile Charger Prank 10.0
✹Solar Battery Charger Prank :- This app is the simulation/prankofcharging your Mobile Phone.This app is entertainment andFun/JokeApp. In real.,the app doesn't charges your mobile phonebattery.Functionality of Solar Mobile Charger Prank is describedbelow:-The application is a prank. Please do not place your phoneundersunlight to avoid being damaged. Charging phone through solarlightis not possible. Please do not expose your phone to sunlightas itmay damage it. This application is a prank and developed forfunand entertainment purpose only. Download this Solar PhoneChargerPrank and enjoy! *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*ExtraFeatures Added: ✹ 3G 4G Signal Booster Prank: 2G 3G 4GnetworkSpeed booster prank give an prank/fake impression thatallows youto reconnect to the strongest, fastest internet 3g and 4gsignals.Prank your friends and tell them this is a neweffectiveapplication will help to improve GSM, 3G, 4G , 5G and LTEsignalson your mobile phone/tablet. It is a prank of net speedbooster 3gto 4g/ connection stabiliser / GSM signals booster Itshows theimpression of boosting internet faster. Note : This signalboostingapp is just for fun and it is a prank app.
The only Android app that can prevent the internet connectionwhichoften to falter, and find out the condition when you aresurfing oninternet. Equipped with notification bar to allow you tomonitorthe internet connection at any time. Also, you can benotified bythis app when connectivity and condition of theconnection ischanged. So you can decide an action quickly. SignalDetector is amust have app for online gamers. The effect created bythis app isable to strengthen and stabilize your internetconnection. Try andfeel the difference while playing an online gameby running SignalDetector. NOTE #1: To make this app runs normally,please add anexception to this app on battery optimizationsettings. OnMarshmallow devices and newer, go to Settings > Openbatteryoptimization settings > All apps > Signal Detector> Don'toptimize. NOTE #2: Always install this app through PlayStore.Installing it via another media could crashes SignalDetector.• Prevent the Idle Connection → Some ISPs may enable therecyclingconnections system. It is a naughty system, makes youunable tosurf the internet normally. You may experienced themoments whereyour connections are often to falter or disconnectedfrom ISP,while your internet cable and modem are in good condition.This apphas a feature that can prevent it. • Know Your NetworkCondition →In some cases, you may ever use a chat app (e.g. BBM) toPING onyour friends, only to find out your current network statewhetherslow or fast, good or bad. This action may disturb them. Byusingthis app, you are no longer to do that. Just tap start, andthenetwork condition will appear on notification bar. Veryimportantto get the network condition before you surf theinternet,especially before download a file. Do not download thefile whilestatus is bad. Tips & Tricks Run this app whiledownloading anyfiles. Because of it could makes your device's CPUkeep wake up,while the screen is off. So that, it keeps yourdownload withoutbeing interrupted and stopped, and this method isbetter to saveyour battery power than keep the screen always on.Normally, allbackground tasks will be stopped by Android system ifthe device isasleep. So, activate this feature through Settings> Use partialwakelock. And many more! Tell us if you want thisapp to betranslated into your language. Check it on 'AddTranslation' menu!NOTICE If this app cannot prevent the internetconnection to notfalter or disconnected from ISP, please DO NOTleave your badcomment! Please check your internet cable or modem,something maygo wrong (e.g. broken cable). If the problem cannot beresolved,please contact your ISP's costumer service. Asking a newfeaturecan be sent through below email.
CleanConnect Master Connection 1.0
Improving the quality of your 4G smartphone connection,fasterbrowsing, faster downloads wiping your device connectionsgarbage.Clean Connect is the master of IMPROVE connections.★★★★★Well doneguys keep up the good work ★★★★★Connection problem(3G and H)Resolved * Want to speed up Chrome, Firefox ... or thebrowser youuse? * Have you ever been locked your phone when youconnect to theinternet? * Note that the connection is going slowerthan normal? *I take to receive Whatsapp or Line? * Want Improvedspeed internet?* Share music, share pictures, share quickly withtwo clicks. *Navigate faster, cleaner internet connection. When youwant toimprove the connection, open the APP, and in less than 10secondsyou will have a renewed connection with your phone company.Workswith all operators. With this application completely renewyourconnection, the telephone exchange of your operator will assignacompletely new IP. Try it and you will see how in two simpleclicksyou notice the improvements.
免費虛寶 1.2
應用程式介紹: ◎主要功能:免費領取各類遊戲虛擬寶物。◎最新最熱門的遊戲虛寶大彙整,上萬組遊戲虛寶免費拿。◎搜尋便利輕鬆找到想要的遊戲虛寶。 ◎全台數百個據點隨時查詢。 使用步驟:1.安裝免費虛寶APP 2.選擇要領取的遊戲虛寶3.至遊戲中領取虛寶關鍵字:免費、虛寶、通路、手遊、網路遊戲、Online、Client、網遊、頁遊、遊戲、虛擬寶物。
Mobile Counter Pro - 4G, WIFI 5.3
Invent Venture
Mobile Counter GSM, WiFi - application to count networktrafficGSM/CDMA/WIFI A lot of configuration options,widgets,notifications with network traffic, plan data, count dataforperiod Please check free version before buy pro. Languagessupport:English, German, Slovak, Polish, Chinese, Romanian,French,Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungary, Spain,Slovenia,Croatia Calculation types: - Standard counting(default)-Enable/Disable rounding in blocks (e.g to 100KB for session)-Enable/Disable separately round outgoing and incoming transfertoblock of data - Disable couting outgoing(sent)transferFunctionality added in pro version: - More widgets2X1(WIFI,transfer limits, billing period) - More widgets 1X1(GSM,WIFI,transfer limits, billing period) - New styles for notificationbar(limit transfer, mobile GSM/CDMA, billing period) - Transferusedby application (req. android>2.1, unavailable on DellStreak) -Export/Import data to SD card - Billing period calculation- Optionto not counting sent transfer - Option to set alerts whentransferlimit less than ... (in MB) will expire in ... (days) -Option toenable vibration when transfer limit will be exceeded -Option toset first day in week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) - Showapplicationicon in notification only when enable GSM/CDMA/WIFI -Setexpiration period in days, weeks, months - Option tocountseparately transfer for one WIFI SSID e.g to count hotspottraffic- New statistics (for billing period, WIFI SSID) - Option toaddnot used transfer from last period to next
Speed Browser 4G - Light & Fast 68.41.10
fast on 2G mobile network, very fast on 3G mobile network&super speedy on 4G mobile network. Download this beautifulbrowser.All in a few MB of dowload! It's free! ✔ Is perfect forbrowsingfast on low-end smartphones. With this lightweight, usefuland fastbrowser, for the install, is neccesary a few MB of memoryon yoursmartphone. Browse on the most important sites with pagespre-set,the best social network sites, the best news sites in theworld,the best search sites and the best weather sites. Specialfeatures:✔ Request desktop page. ✔ Quick links homepage (search,social,news, weather, translators, maps, email, cloud files, Hotelspeedysearch). ✔ Quick links news available in the languagesEnglish,Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, French, German,Portuguese,Italian. ✔ Quick links weather available in thelanguages English,Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, French,German, Portuguese,Italian. ✔ Multiple tab (Beta). ✔ Incognito tab(Beta). ✔ Readermode. ✔ Block image (Beta). ✔ Download list. ✔ Addyour favoritesites toBookmarks. ✔ Share (On other applications) theweb page youare viewing right now.
2G 3G 4G Signals Booster Prank 109.0
2G 3G 4G Signal Booster Prank is the 2G 3G 4G WIFI signalboostingsimulator app for android device.This app is a simulationofnetwork signal booster and internet speed booster orsignalOptimizer. This is aprankapp.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Highlights Of 2G 3G4Gsignal booster :- 1. User Friendly And Neat UI2. GorgeousInterfaceAnd High Performance App3. Simple To Use4. Fastest AndSmartestApp*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Features of 2g 3g4gsignal master: Are you looking for best entertainment andprankapp?Congratulations you have come to right app.How to use this3g4g wifi network speed connection prank app?1. Run the app2.Clickoptimize button3. Wait while 'phone signal booster' willsimulatescan or boosting processYou can show friends that youreallyboosted network GPRS signalsIt didn't really increasenetworkSIGNALS strengthorcoverage*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*This app is justasimulator of real SIGNAL SPEED MASTER.It shows how booster canworkand strength the reception of target network range.It is not arealsignal booster!This app shows how it reconnect the mobile withthefastest cell tower available on the place,but it didn'treconnectthe cell signal just simulates how itreconnects thecellphone signals.It shows simulation of finding bestsignalcarrier Reception from cell tower,clean signalinterference,changesettings of packet data.It shows the simulationof improvement oflow signal latency.If you do a speedtest afteroptimizing usingthis app.,there won't be increase or decrease incell signalsstrength because it is a prank app.You can show friendsthat youreally boosted network CDMA ,GPRS signalsIt didn't reallyincreasenetwork and net signal strength or coverage.You can use itto makeprank!This app isforfree!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Try it and feel thefunusing fresh network signal speedmaster prank app!Download 2g 3g4ginternet signal booster Prank for free!
3G 4G Speed Booster Prank 1.0.2
3g 4g speed booster prank3G 4G Speed Optimizer apk prank giveanimpression that it will boost up your 3g network signals.Ifyourfriend has a 2g, 3g or 4g internet and you want to make fun ofhim,then install thisapplicatoin in your friends mobile and givehim animpression that it boost up your 3g signal.Prank your friendsandtell them this is a new effective application will help toimproveGSM, 3G, 4G and LTE signals on your mobile.3g 4g signalboosterprank give an impression that it will boost up your 3gnetworksignals. If your friend has a 3g or 4g internet and you wanttomake fun of him, then install this applicatoin in yourfriendsmobile and give him an impression that it boost up your3gsignal.This app is just a simulator of real booster. It showshowbooster can work and strength the reception of targetnetworkrange. It is not a real signal booster! You can use it tomakeprank! Note: You can show friends that you really boosted 3G4Gnetwork signals,3G 4G speed optimizer Prank APP didn'treallyincrease network strength or coverage.CopyrightDisclaimer:Allimages/videos are copyright of their respectiveowners. All imagesin the app are available on public domains. Thisimage is notendorsed by any of the respective owners, and theimages are usedonly for informative purpose. In case if you haveany issuesregarding your intellectual information found on ourapplication,Let us know
4G Speed Test & Meter 12.4
Speed Test for Mobile helps to measure and verify the downloadspeedand upload speed in a short span of time. Meter to checkInternetSpeed Discover the blazing speed of internet connectionconnectionwith the new android app. Other Features * Measures allnetworkspeed accurately on GPRS, 3G, 4G and wifi connections. *Share thespeed results with your friends. * Troubleshoot or verifythe speedyou were promised. By installing this app you agree tothe followingprivacypolicy:
Network Signal Refresher Lite 10.0.5
Refresh network signal in one click!UPDATE 8.0.0: New Android7.0+Experimental feature + Root Mode. Millions of users gettheirsignal back using NSR, try our network tool today andenjoy!NetworkSignal cannot be boosted by an app, Network signal canbe refreshedand recovered. Network Signal Refresher is not anetwork signalbooster, its a network tool that can be used torefresh networksignal. Signal booster app is a myth, while NSRtries to refreshthe signal several times till you get a bettersignal. So afterusing NSR, Your network signal can get increased instrength (If astrong signal is present in that area) or stayconstant (If thereis no stronger signal in that area). NSR canrefresh signalconnection in Android Lollipop and above (5.0+)One ofthe highestrated network signal tool. 13000+ 5 star reviews![[Worksfor CDMAtechnology. GSM may not always work.]]NOTICE: THIS APPWON'T ALWAYSWORK ON DUAL SIM DEVICES.Basically this app refreshesthe signalcertain number of times until a good signal is found. Thesignalsetting is done by Android system itself when signal isforcefullyrefreshed by this app.★Features/Expected results:★Refresh NetworkSignal(4G/3G/2G) and WiFi in 1Click.★ Refreshes WiFiconnection ,Data connection & Signal Strength together in oneclick.★Fastest refreshing of signal, not more than a minute.★ AutoCloseafter Refreshing network.★ Notify last Refresh time.★ Nofakeboosting offered, but refreshes/resets the signal and sets thebestpossible signal strength in that area. Know that the resultsaresame as any other "Network Booster" apps.★ Home ScreenWidget[PRO]This is lite version with Ad, Try Pro. Pro Features:★Homescreen Widget. 1 click Refresher.★ Automatic Signal Refreshforcontinuous low signal.★ Faster refresh of Signal.★ No Ads.HSPAtweaks and signal booster apps in Google Play are fake! But NSRisa genuine app that can reset radio signal connectionandre-establish the reception.Permissionrequirement:READ_PHONE_STATE: For determining the system statebefore refreshing signal.By8JAPPS
4G Data Plan Nigeria 2.4.5
Internet Data Plans App for Nigeria. By the App you caneasilysubscribe & activated, deactivated any data Plans &4Gconnection , Also check data & account balance anycellularmobile phone networks and operators 2G, 3G & 4Ginternet dataplans in Nigeria. - 4G & 3G Data Plans &Packages. -Internet Data packages
3G Watchdog Pro monitors your Mobile and WiFi Internet data usage:*Mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS...), roaming & WiFi usage counting*Advanced data usage prediction * Billing rules (counts inblocks,ignores uploads, exclude apps, exclude time periods, do notcount2G or 4G) * Usage history with graph & CSV export * Usagebyapplication (Android 2.2+, unavailable on Dell Streak) * RealTimetraffic graphs (local, roaming and WiFi) * Alerts &optionalauto-disable of mobile network * Data usage widget (2 sizes/ 5styles). Mobile network enable/disable widget (Android 2.3 -4.4).* Backup/restore with optional auto-backup * "Holo" userinterface* Account per SIM with auto switch (requires a phone witha SIM -WARNING! may not work well with dual-SIM phones). * Importsettings& data from 3GW free (don't uninstall 3GW freebeforeimporting!) Translated in over 20 languages. KNOWN PROBLEMS:*Doesn't count properly usage on Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A(SM-G906Sand SM-G901F) with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Please contact usfor arefund, or if you want to help us to fix this problem. * OnAndroid5.0+ the "Disable mobile network" function does not work(themobile data switch widget and the auto-disable feature arebothaffected). This is because on Lollipop the enable/disablefunctionis no longer accessible to third-party apps. * Doesn'tcountproperly global usage on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 -thisproblem affects other data counting applications as well andiscaused by a bug on the tablet itself. You may try to checkthe"Calculate global usage from usage by app" advanced option asapossible workaround (feedback welcome). * Doesn't countproperlyglobal mobile usage on Samsung Galaxy R / Z (i9103) andpossiblyGalaxy Y. Problems were also reported with the CaptivateGlide.Same workaround as for the Galaxy Tab (see above). OTHERPROBLEMS:If you run into problems and wish to help to solve theproblemwhile giving the community a chance to get a better 3GW Pro,pleasesend a mail to with details. ->Seethe FAQ at
Net Master - Speed Test 2.0.4
What do you expect from a great Network Master app?​NetworkBoost,Speed Test, Security Check, Signal Enhance, Data Monitor,​FreeWiFi, Wi-Fi Spy Detect​. —— Net Master(Speed Test) has all youwant!!!It is exactly the best Network Master app you are lookingfor.★Boost ​Your phone is slower?Network Boost​ can improveyourphone speed by ​stopping background apps that using networkormemory, give all the broadband and CPU to the app you areusing.★Speed Test ​Net Master(Speed Test) can test your downloadspeed,upload speed and PING time, very accurate andprofessional.Real-time speed is also shown in dashboard​.★ Wi-FiSpy Detect​Check how many devices are sharing the bandwidth andwhat their MACaddress are to protect your Wi-Fi. ★ SecurityCheck ExceptBoost and Speed Test, ​Net Master(Speed Test) also hasan SecurityCheck feature.Check your network's security​, Net Masterprotectyour phone from insecure public Wi-Fi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing.​★ SignalEnhanceSignal too weak?Why not try Signal Strength Enhance, Makeyoursignal strong immediately!Net Master can enhancing the signal,giveyou the best network experience.​★ Data Monitor ​Monitor mobileandWi-Fi data usage listed by day and month.Data Monitor alsosendnotification to you when your mobile data is about to runout.★Free Wi-Fi​ Lots of Free Wi-Fi hot spot shared by users aroundtheworld. Easy to find the nearby FREE Wi-Fi foryou.★Multi-Language​ Available in English, Indonesia, Portuguese​andSpanish.​ This Network Master app can be used for allpeople.★Feedback​ You are welcome to contact Net Master developerby✓ Here is your best network masterandnetwork manager, don’t hesitate to download it!​
4G Internet Browser - Fast 8.15.19
ACE Dev Team.
4G Internet Browser is a fast, user-friendly and secureandroidinternet browser. It is designed for both mobile phone andtablet,brings you an amazing broadband experience Key Features: -TabbedInternet Browsing - Small Package size - Homepage - FastStartTimes - Bookmarks - History - Full-screen mode - Quicksearch:Google, Yahoo and other default search engines - Sharing-Super-easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contentsthroughFacebook, Twitter, Email, SMS by one click. - AdvancedSettings
3G Watchdog - Data Usage
3G Watchdog monitors your Mobile and WiFi Internet data usage:*Counts your Mobile (4G / 3G / Edge / GPRS) & WiFi usageanddisplays it as graph, text, and table. * Usage byapplication(Android 2.2+) * Shows your current usage status as anotificationicon (green/orange/red) in the status bar. * Plan &day usagehistory with CSV export/import. * Alerts &optionalauto-disable of mobile network * Data usage widget (2sizes).Mobile network disable/enable widget (Android 2.3 - 4.4). *RealTime traffic graphs (Mobile and WiFi) Translated in over20languages. NOTES: - Should NOT be installed on SD card!KNOWNPROBLEMS: * On the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 dual-SIM phone3GWcounts mobile data usage only for the SIM card inserted inthefirst slot. * Doesn't count properly usage on Samsung GalaxyS5LTE-A (SM-G906S and SM-G901F) with Android 5.0 Lollipop.Pleasecontact us if you want to help to fix this problem. * OnAndroid5.0+ the "Disable mobile network" function does not work(themobile data switch widget and the auto-disable feature arebothaffected). This is because on Lollipop the enable/disablefunctionis no longer accessible to third-party apps. * Doesn'tcountproperly global usage on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 -thisproblem affects other data counting applications as well andiscaused by a bug on the tablet itself. * Doesn't countproperlyglobal mobile usage on Samsung Galaxy R / Z (i9103) andpossiblyGalaxy Y. Problems were also reported with the CaptivateGlide. *HTC Velocity 4G and HTC Vivid on ICS: be sure to CHECK the"Usepre-froyo.." option in 3GW Settings > Advanced, or mobileusagewon't be counted. OTHER PROBLEMS: If you run into problems andwishto help to solve the problem while giving the community achance toget a better 3GW, please send a mail withdetails. -> See the FAQ at