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Dots and Boxes
Play the classical game Dots and Boxes in three modes:-Singleplayer: You versus computer!- Two players: Play with a friendinyour phone!- Championship: Player with players from all overtheworld!How to play?The game is played by two players, alternatinginturns. In his turn, a player draws a line between two dots. Ifaplayer makes a square, he scores and play again. The game endswhenall the lines are drawn.The goal is to make more squares thanyouropponent.Online Rank:Compete online with players of all theworldand try to be the best on the Championship Rank!
Dots & Boxes Online - Free Strategy Game (Squares)
DOTS & BOXES (Squares) is completely Free. If you lovegameslike Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and other challengingpastimegames of strategy and intelligence, you will love Dots&Boxes.The classic Dots and Boxes strategy game torememberchildhood. Also known as Dots & Boxes, Boxes,Squares,Paddocks, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Smart Dots, DotBoxing,ou Dot Game.This game is the most feature-rich andchallengingimplementation of the classic Dots and Boxes on GooglePlay. It iseasy to play. Just long press on a dot, drag to any oftheavailable dots and release to play your move.Dots & Boxesisfully equipped with turn-based multiplayer technology, so startanonline multiplayer game with random users or invite your friendstoa game. Online multiplayer games are turn-based, so you don’thaveto stay online for the whole game, just play when you gotfreetime, you will be notified when your opponent plays amove.Also,Dots and Boxes offer very challengingly AIFeatures:1)Play againstrandom users or invite your friends to a turn-basedonlinemultiplayer game.2) Quick notification alert when youropponentplays a move or your friend invites you to a turned-basedonlinemultiplayer game.3) Use hint if you are out of thoughts. Theyarenot free in multiplayer matches, so use them wisely.4) FourAIdifficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Medium and Hard. Use many hintsasyou want in an AI game. It's free.5) Up to 21X board sizes. AImodeand online multiplayer modes use different boards.6) Abilitytopinch to zoom the board where dots are so small. So you don’thaveto face any difficulty while touching a dot. Just pinch tozoom,and play your moves easily.7) Ability to choose your gameavatarfrom 10+ avatar images.***** HOW TO PLAY ****** The goal intheDots & Boxes game is to always close the square.* Ateachround, a player chooses where to draw a line between twoadjacentdots.* The player scores a point when he closes a square,in whichcase he continues to play.* When you invite your googleplus friendfor a turn-based online multiplayer game, you need toplay thefirst move, otherwise your friend will not get anyinvitations.Ifyou have any more confusions, queries, suggests orfrustrationabout this game, please let us know
Two Dots 3.23.3
From the makers of Dots <3“Dots, a Highly Addictive Game, Now Has a Successor” - The NewYorkTimes"Two Dots, The Sequel To Betaworks’ Dots, Is A Beautiful Monster"-TechCrunch-------------------------------Join two brave dots as they traverse the arctic tundra,navigatefiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths in the #1 hitgame inover 100 countries.-------------------------------• FREE to play for life• CONNECT one dot to another, sink anchors, make a line,createbombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free puzzlegame• ADVENTURE through 1435 fun and addicting levels• ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautifulgameabout connecting• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic flat design with relaxing gamemusicand fun sound fx• PLAY at your own pace to figure out the perfect movewithouthaving to worry about the old time clock• CHALLENGE your friends to a Two Dots match on Facebook, beattheirscores, and earn medals• MAKE a line or a square, not a circle, to connect every dot ofasingle color-------------------------------LET'S BE FACEBOOK US ON US ON love all of our friends and everyone who has played Dots andTwoDots. Why not connect? Add us on Facebook or your favoritesocialnetwork and send us your suggestions and feedback, as we arealwayslooking to add new levels and features!Use of Two Dots is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure 2.14.1
Explore beautiful landscapes and embark onavisual journey by solving puzzles with magical companions thathelpyou along the way.Are you ready, adventurer? Let’s go!WHY YOU’LL LOVE DOTS & CO• FREE to play!• CHALLENGE yourself with 320 NEW and completely originallevels,fun for Dots loyalists and new players alike• ENJOY simple, thoughtful gameplay where you connect one Dottoanother and play at your pace• MEET various original Companion characters that help youbeatlevels• SOLVE clever puzzles containing over 15 visual mechanicsusingyour wits to figure out the perfect move• TRAVEL through beautiful landscapes and get lost in the worldofDots & Co• PLAY beautifullyIf you loved Two Dots, you’ll love Dots & Co: wherenewcompanions and their distinct powers bring a whole new layerofmagic to the game you know and love.*Color blind mode is available*We remain committed to making sure all players can enjoy ourgames.You can turn on Color Blind Mode in the settings menu!PLAY GAMES SERVICESDots & Co uses Play Games Services in order to saveyourprogress within the game. While the game can be playedoffline,please make sure you are connected to Play Games Servicesand areonline in order to properly save your progress withourservers.SUPPORTHaving any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hearfromyou! You can reach us NOTE: Dots & Co is completely free to play, but youcanalso purchase some items within the game for real money.Justdisable in app purchases on your device if you don't want tousethis feature.Use of Dots & Co is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
Connect King
A puzzle game that connect the same color and fills allfieldsYoucan choose 4 different difficulty level Easy, Normal,Hard,MasterThousands of problem, you can complete thestep-by-stepdifficulty.If you win in multiplayer, you can get afreeproblem.Invite your friends to enjoy themultiplayer.Supportmultiplayer, achievements andleaderboard.Support alltabletdevices.Homepage:
Splashy Dots
Imagine yourself in a cozy art gallery, with the sounds of alivejazz act in the background, brush in your hand and a canvasinfront of you. You're all set. Create beautiful splatterartpaintings while solving Splashy Dots puzzle! This is so easy-swipe your finger (or a brush!) correctly so that all thestreaksform a smooth & artsy way to the very final dot.
Spots Connect 1.9.1
Spots Connect - from the makers ofBirdsPop mania & Pastry Jam, Halloween Witch Connect,GardenParadise, Candy World Fever games.Launchship Studios presents a brand new connecting 3 Spots dottodot game for the enthusiasts of simple and addictive puzzlegames.Spots Connect game is sensibly constructed withfun-filledunlimited entertainment.Connect 3 or more same color spots in a single touch and makethelongest possible line to unlock surprise game power-ups. Solvethegame puzzles cleverly and get a chance to earn up to 3 starsateach game completion. Collect as many stars as you can inthegameplay and claim rewards with your earned stars.Game Instructions to overcome the game challenges:Glass blocks: Blob Connect the match dot to dot strategicallytobreak the blocks and move to the next level.Wooden Blocks: Tactically remove that comes in your gameplayandearn the high score.Black Magic Color Dot: Destroy them quickly, before theygenerateadditional 2 for 2 blocks.GAME FEATURES:✔ FREE to play and contain in-app purchases.✔ Collect Gift Boxes contains power-ups and game boosters atevery15th level.✔ Daily Wheel Spin to collect Diamonds and Power-ups.✔ Three beautiful themes (Snow, Beach and Galaxy) and300+levels.✔ Simple graphics with beautiful colors 2 dot 2.✔ Different game modes: Time Play, Moves Limit andPropertiesCollect.✔ Facebook connectivity to share and challenge your journeywithfriends.✔ Integrated with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards.✔ Compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets.Contact Us!:★ Questions? Contact our Tech★ Having any problem in the game?Click here!>>>
Wired Pixel
The famous nostalgic game is now available on AndroidWired Pixelisa competitive strategic puzzle game that offers anaddictivegameplay. The game is inspired by the famous game Dots andBoxesthat millions have already enjoyed playing on a sheet of aboxedpaper and pen. We are more than thrilled to awaken thenostalgicfeelings people have towards this wonderful game and bringit toyour smartphones.Challenged by an equal foe, dare and conquerthemost territory you can acquire! Don’t let the game’ssimplicityfool you - with multiple strategies to implement, you canneverunderestimate your opponent or risk your territory, with thesameadrenaline to how you would experience a Battleship game! Messupyour game, or win it within few moments - strategize and adapttodominate your opponent line by line, box by box and the playerthatremains with the biggest conquered space, will be able to callhimor herself the king/queen of the hill.Prepare for therealchallenge by participating in the training mode, where you cantestyour strategies and build your technique to outperformyouropponents in quick-match mode or win tournament prizes!
Dots: A Game About Connecting 2.3.5
** #1 game in 23 countries**A beautifully addictive puzzle game about connecting thedots.Now featuring THREE new themes based on worlds from Two DotsandDots & Co.The goal is simple: connect same-colored dots verticallyandhorizontally to win points. Make a square to win evenmore!Dots has three modes to satisfy every type of player. Raceagainstthe clock in Timed Mode, think strategically in Moves Mode,or sitback and relax in Endless Mode. Stockpile dots along the waytogain power-ups.-------------------------------“The perfect puzzle game” - Business Insider“Dots, a deceptively simple game” - CNN“The most beautiful mobile game we’ve ever seen” - TechCrunch“A must have!” - SlideToPlay“A brilliantly designed non-game the world can’t quit!”-Wired-------------------------------GAME MODES• TIMED: Can you beat the clock? Connect as many same-coloreddotsas you can in 60 seconds• MOVES: An un-timed moves based mode; kick back & takeyourtime making the right moves• ENDLESS: Relax and play; the no-limits, gravity shuffling modeofDotsPOWER-UPS• TIME STOP: Pause time for five seconds, or add five extramoves.Perfect for racking up those final dots!• SHRINKER: Remove a single dot from the game board• EXPANDER: Remove all of the same colored dots from thegameboard-------------------------------LET'S BE FACEBOOK US ON of Dots is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
Find a Way: Addictive Puzzle
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci FindAWay is a simple minimalist puzzle game about connecting dotsandspreading happiness. This brain-stimulating puzzle game is freetoplay, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages. With over1,200+challenging & addictive levels, Find A Way is one of thebestpuzzle game that you will ever download.MainFeatures:UniqueConceptSometimes the most smallest ideas are themost thoughtful.Find A Way has a very simple premise, you arepresented with a gridof dots & squares and you must connect allthe dots. Soundseasy? But wait! dots cannot connect with squares.Dots cannot beconnected twice. You must connect all thedots(Obviously). All thiscombines to make an addictive puzzle gamethat brightens yourbrain.Beautiful minimal designEnjoy flatminimalist art stylegraphics with soothing music that relaxes yourbrain. Helps inbrightening your mind and developing logicalthinking.Levels withgradually increasing difficultySolve over1,200+ levels dividedbetween 640 free levels and 640 premiumlevels. Play the freelevels before and decide for yourself if youwish to continue thejourney. You can play this addictive puzzlegame in variousdifficulty levels. Each level pack has multiplelevels with anincreasing challenge. Want the real challenge? Boostyour brain byplaying the ultimate difficult levels.Dot StudioUnlockDot Studioand get access to 60+ custom dots such as cat, dog,panda, candy,pizza, cookie, santa, football and much more. MakeFind A Way atruly personalized experience.Magic wandStuck on alevel? Needhelp? Relax, use magic wand to solve those trickylevels. Beware,magic wand are limited and you must use them as lastresort.Alternatively, you can unlock Premium to get unlimitedmagicwands.Night modeNight Mode's main goal is to reduce thebrightnessof your screen so it does not strain your eyes whileplaying andyou can feel relaxed. Users always comes first, andnight mode isand will always remain free. User satisfaction is attopmostpriority.Smooth performanceFind A Way is a free game whichis verylow on system resources and it supports over a wide varietyofdevices. User of low end devices will experience smoothgameplaywithout any lag or hang.Find A Way is free, supported byads. Youcan upgrade to Premium and turn off the ads and unlock thefullpotential.Find A Way Premium features are:★ Removes ads,playuninterrupted.★ Unlock 640 premium levels, bigger&challenging.★ Dot Studio, get access to 64 custom dots.★DotInfinity, unlimited randomly generated levels★ Unlimitedmagicwands, just relax and use wand to solve those trickylevels.FollowZeroLogicGames on social media for exclusivepromotions, events andnews about new apps•Facebook:• Twitter:@ZeroLogicGames•E-mail: to use FindA Way in yournative language? Help by providing the translationsfor the app. Ifinterested, contact at you a fan ofminimalist art style? Join and lets work togetherto make someawesome minimal art style games.Find A Way is awesomelydesigned byArmando Gracia ( Game Designer)Emailarmando.gracia_tu@yahoo.deMade with ♥ and lots of code
248: Numbers and Dots Puzzle
248 is a beautifully addictive super casual puzzle gameaboutconnecting the numbers and dots. The goal is simple: connectsamenumbers in dots vertically and horizontally to win points inthisfun free puzzle game. As you connect the same numbers, they addupin multiples of 2. Make lines by connecting as many samenumbereddots as you can. The longer the line, the more points youget andthe longer you’ll survive in this game. If you get stuck,usepower-ups!- Slide the number up, down, left, right in any ofthefour directions.- Search and connect the same numbers ontheboard.- The result is a multiple of 2 for all connectednumberssum.- The score is the sum of all connected numbers.- Thegame endswhen there is no connectable number.- Featuring sevenfantasticthemes.- Enjoy beautiful minimalistic flat design withrelaxinggame music and fun sounds- Adorable fun, and thoughtfulgame designin this beautiful game about connecting number dots.-Free to playfor lifeYou will absolutely get addicted to this 248number puzzlegame!
The Dots
Connect dots of the same color to create a flow and solvethepuzzles.So to complete puzzles you need to make connectionsbetweeneach pair of dots with the same color.There are a dozen ofpuzzlepacks with different difficulty level, so you can always findtheright puzzle for you.You can also walk through amazing snowvillageand complete the Winter Quest.*Addictive Winter Holidayquest.*Over 1000 fantastic puzzles*Nice and attractivegraphics*Differentlevel packs for everyone*Absolutely amazingPremium packs*HelpfulHint systemYou can also play The Dots gamewith your kids, as thereis a special Kids Pack in the game.Just letthem play and you willsee how your kids love to connect dots andmake flows.There arealso lovely season Quests.In this quests youshould completespecial puzzles to get a special prize.Just create aconnections ora flow between dots and solve the puzzles.All ourpuzzles aresolvable and have a unique solution.So let's go on andmakeconnections and flows!Make flows between all dots andsolvepuzzles. Connect dots, make connections and flows, solvepuzzles,complete quests and have a great adventure.If you like tosolvepuzzles, you will love this The Dots game most of all otherpuzzlegames!Start playing The Dots puzzle game right now absolutelyFree.
Dots and Boxes
Dots and Boxes is a fun puzzle game to play with friends oragainstcomputerGOAL OF THE GAME:Try to get highest points bycompletingthe squaresHOW TO PLAY :1)Click on the line to make aturn2)Arrowindicate whos turn it is3)A point is scored each time aplayercompletes a square4)If failed to complete the square opponentgetsthe turn 5)If you successfully complete the square,you get toplayanother turn
1LINE – One Line with One Touch
One Line with One Touch is a simple way to get some braintrainingexercise everyday. This is a great mind challenging gamewithsimple rules. Just try to connect all the dots with only onetouch.In this tricky mind game you will find a lot of good brainpuzzlepacks and a daily challenge.Just a couple of minutes a daywiththis mind game will help you activate your brain. Enjoy thisbraintraining game at home or at work, at a park or in a bus, inotherwords everywhere!This One Line with One Touch game doesn’toccupy alot of space on your device and it doesn’t drain yourbattery!InOne Line with One Touch you will find:• Hundreds ofchallengingpacks. All of them are free• Daily challenges. Trainyour mind withsmart brain puzzles everyday• Hints. In case you findyourselfstuck and without any idea how to connect the dots with onetouch.You are welcome to use hints!Only 1% of people can completesome ofthe puzzles in this game. Can you complete them?
Blob Connect - Match Game 1.5.4
Blob Connect: an addictive free matchingpuzzlegame for children and adults.Simply connect 3 or more dots on the board and clear them. Trytomake longer chains of dots/blobs to get more points.Play this challenging match game with 135 amazing puzzles ofthreedifferent types, and many types of boosters.In some levels you need to play until you reach a certainscore.Enjoy other levels with special gray squares which need tobecleared. Catch the diamond in later game levels. Also crosseswhichblock the way of dots/blobs need to be crushed! Hoursofentertainment guaranteed with this wonderful free puzzlegame!Play, use your brain, and use the blobs to beat yourfriends!Blob Connect Features:- Play three different level types: achieve a certain score,clearall gray squares or catch the diamond- sweet simple sound effects, boosters, fun animations- Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge yourgooglegames friends on the level map- Use offline on any Android phone or tablet- Share screenshot directly to Facebook or other social app- Making long chains of dots gives you a free blaster. Blastersareawesome, and clear whole rows of dots at a time! So try toconnectchains of the same color and make as long lines as possibleto getthe most points and more free blasters.Link the most blobs and win this game!
Dots & Squares
Enjoy the amazing puzzle about Dots and Squares. Easy to play,lotsof levels, friendly gameplay!
Brain Dots
◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇Let’s draw lines and bump balls!Drawingbrain-training app “BrainDots”!◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇The onlything you need to do isto “bump two balls.”Will you be able toclear these simple-lookingbut actually difficult stages?This is abrain-training game thateveryone from children to grown-ups will beable to enjoy!▼ Therules are simple!◆ Let's bump the two ballsAllyou need to do toclear a stage is to “make the blue and red ballsbump”.Draw linesand shapes freely to move and roll theballs.Flexible thinking isgoing to become the key to victory.◆Let's collect pensStarting offwith a simple pencil, moving ontocolor pencils, crayons and soon.We have prepared more than 25varieties of pens of differentcolors and sizes.Collect various pensand walk through the stages.◆Share the moment of victory You canreview the moment you cleared astage on video or picture.Share iton SNS to show off your superiorskills to your friends.Not tomention that watching your friends’gameplay might also become ahint!?◆ Your brain abilities will betestedThis game, continuingafter Brain Wars, also tests yourlogical thinking and theflexibility of your mind.As this gameincludes the elements ofriddle and “Escape the Room” type ofgames, we would recommend BrainDots to people who enjoy brain-typepuzzles, cards and strategygames.It might also have an impact onyour children’s intellectualgrowth and preventing braindeterioration?▼ Languages 15 languages!Brain Dots is played allover the world!Japanese / English / Korean/ Traditional Chinese /Simplified Chinese / Spanish / French /Portuguese(Brazil) /Swedish / Finnish / Russian / Vietnamese / Thai/ Indonesian /Hindi /▼LatestinformationTwitter:@braindots_appFacebook: trademark of Google Inc.The Android robot is reproducedormodified from work created and shared by Google and usedaccordingto terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 AttributionLicense.
Dot Matrix
This app is the implementation of the popular dots and boxesgame!.it has advanced features like bluetooth synchronization toplayacross devices. Also there is AI to play against thecomputer!.This was my project in university and I thought to shareit witheveryone!.Hope you guys will like it! if you need anyfeatures tobe added or bugs let me know in the comments sectionI'll make sureit will be added/corrected ASAP!!!.Thank youenjoy!!
Strategiespiel Käsekästchen / Dots and Boxes mit vielenspannendenFunktionen:- 2 - 4 Spieler gegeneinander auf einem Gerät(lokalerMultiplayer)- Alleine gegen denComputer(Singleplayer)Schwierigkeiten: einfach, mittel,schwer-Verschiedene Karten: klein, mittel, groß- Spielmodi:Klassisch,Zeitlimit, Bonuspunkte, Minuspunkte, und Schnelles Spielbeliebigkombinierbar- Musik und Sounds- Anleitung- Statistiken-KeineInternetverbindung nötig- Werbefrei- Keine In-App-KäufeDieseAppist im Zuge des P-Seminars „App Entwicklung“entstanden.VielSpaß!Bei Kritik/Abstürzen gerne eine Email schicken.Wir werden sieso schnell wie möglich umsetzen und Fehlerkorrigieren! :) Tags:Kästchen, kaesekaestchen, Striche, Punkte undBoxen, Dots, Boxes,Dots and Boxes, Strategie,StrategiespielStrategy game Dots andBoxes / Dots and Boxes withmany exciting features:- 2 - 4 playersagainst each other on adevice (local multiplayer)- Alone againstthe computer (SinglePlayer)Difficulty: easy, medium, hard- VariousCards: small, medium,largeGame modes - classical, time-out, bonuspoints, minus points,and Quickplay combined as desired- music andsounds- Manual-Statistics- No Internet connection required-Ad-free- No in-apppurchasesThis app was created as part of theP-seminar "appdevelopment."Have fun!welcome to send an email withcritics /crashes. We will implement them as quickly as possibleand correctmistakes! :)Tags: box, Dots and Boxes, dashes, dots andboxes, dots,Boxes, Dots and Boxes, strategy, strategy game
2248 Hexa
2248 Hexa is a super puzzle number link game for Android!Relax,Icanplay all day!Rules are simple.◉ Slide the number up, down,diagonalin any of the six directions.◉ Connect two same numbers asa start.◉The next connect number can be the same or can bemultiplied by 2.◉The result is a multiple of 2 for all connectednumbers sum.◉ Thescore is the sum of all connected numbers.◉ Thegame ends when nonumber can be connected.2248 Hexa is Suit for allage and completelyFREE to play!contact us:Website:http://www.crystalrover.comE-mail:curryvector@gmail.comFacebook:
Wood Block Puzzle Hexa
Everyone from Kids to Adults can Enjoy!Simple Wood BlockPuzzleGame! Combine Blocks to Fill-In the Blank!【Game Features】-Alleviated Stess from Playing! No Time Limit! No Restriction!NoTickets! - Playable without Data Connection (No 4G orWi-Firequired) - Random Daily Quests and Daily Reward -2,000Overwhelming Stages and Ranking Mode【Game Play】 - Combineproperblocks to perfectly fill in the blanks. - Drag the blocks andplaceit in the blank.
2 For 2: Connect the Numbers Puzzle
WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this 2 for 2puzzlegame. The object of 2 for 2 is to connect the numbers. DON’Trunout of moves!Make lines by connecting as many same numbered dotsasyou can. The longer the line, the more points you get andthelonger you’ll survive in this 2 for 2 game. As you connect thesamenumbers, they add up in multiples of 2. Ready, set, connect!Getaddicted to 2 for 2. ABOUT USCrazy Labs is a casual gamesbrand,under which TabTale develops and publishes fun and addictivegames.Crazy Labs partners with independent development studiosacross theglobe to create engaging mobile content for audiences ofall ages.Like us: us: US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. The appincludes:-advertising for TabTale and some third parties thatredirect usersto our sites, apps or third-party sites- socialnetworks links toconnect with others while playing- the option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates)- anage-gate to prevent access to some features to protectchildren(e.g. restrict behavioral advertising orinformationsharing).Privacy is important to us. The app may enabledatacollection for legal purposes (e.g. respond to supportqueries;enable, analyze and improve the app’s features andservices;personalize content including targeted advertising). Formoreinformation refer to our PrivacyPolicy: Note that referredthirdparties are subject to their own policies. Use of the appissubject to our Terms of Use:
Shapes Puzzles for Kids
This Free jigsaw-like puzzle game helpsyourkids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills whileplaying16 different Shapes – Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle,Oval,Diamond, Cross, Star, Heart, Parallelogram, Trapezium,Semi-circle,Crescent, Pentagon, Hexagon, Arrow. It is a fun andeducationallearning game for preschool-kindergarten childrenandtoddlers.Learn all the English names of shapes and associate objectsobjectthrough play. A pleasant voice will always encourage andpraiseyour kids and motivate them to continue to build theirvocabulary,memory, and cognitive skills while playing. The game isenrichedwith animations, pronunciations, sounds, and interactivityforrepeat playing & learning. It will keep your kids busy andyetyou will never be worried about them losing any piece ofthepuzzles!A child playing the connect the dots game will take awonderfulflight of imagination. Enjoy revealing shaped object byJoining thedots which helps kids fine motor skills. It teacheschildren torecognize and pronounce shapes and associated objects inakid-friendly way.HOW TO PLAY: The dots will be scattered all over the screen inacertain order, each dot bearing a number. Your toddler hastoconnect them one by one in the correct order. As you startthegame, the first dot is always highlighted to help the child gethisor her direction.If the child's choice of the next dot iswrong,the line won't be drawn in the puzzles for kids under 5.After thefull contour is ready, the kid will be showed a beautifulpicturewith animations and fireworks!The matching game provides a fun and easy way to learn shapesandalso associate objects with them. Be it matching the shape withanassociated object like 'Triangle' with a 'pizza slice' etc. itsallthere and its fun to do with beautiful images. After completingallthe matches, applause and appreciation for certain fortheachievement. It serves to boost the child's memoryandunderstanding. Kids will enjoy the thread burning animationatfinal.HOW TO PLAY: Just draw a line between the matching pair.And finally the sorting game... Tidying up the nursery hasneverbeen more fun. Teach your child about sorting and arrangingforthis fun, sorting application. This application helpsdevelopconceptualization, visual perception and fine motorskills.HOW TO PLAY: Sort the items by dragging each item into one oftheareas in the shelf above.Game Includes1. Learn Shapes with Associated Objects2. Jigsaw puzzles.3. Connect the dots.4. Matching shape with the associated object.5. Sorting the shaped objects.6. TRIVIA . Identify the object by its shape and by voiceFeatures:Simple & intuitive child-friendly interfaceUniversal app for all phones and tabletsEasy navigation between puzzlesEasy movement of puzzle pieces across screenHigh-quality graphicsDrag & drop animationsBalloon animation after each correctly solved puzzleAnd last but not least ***All puzzles are availableforFREE***Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, EDUBUZZKIDS takes children's wellnessandprivacy very seriously. Our app:• Does not contain links to social networks• Does not collect personal dataBut yes, it does contain advertising as that’s our meansofproviding the app free of cost to you – the ads arecarefullyplaced such that the kid is least likely to click on itwhileplaying.Feedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we couldfurtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games,pleasevisit our website or leave us amessageat We would be glad to hearfrom youas we are committed to update all of our apps and games onaregular basis with new features and also want to get some ideasforfuture app development.
SOS Glow
SOS Glow is a two player game played in a 2D grid. It is similartotic-tac-toe and dots and boxes, but has greatercomplexity.Playerstake turns to add either an "S" or an "O" to anysquare, with norequirement to use the same letter each turn. Theobject of thegame is for each player to attempt to create thestraight sequenceS-O-S among connected squares (either diagonally,horizontally, orvertically)The game played against thecomputer.Once the grid hasbeen filled up, the winner is the playerwho made the most SOSs. Ifthe grid is filled up and the number ofSOSs for each player is thesame, then the game is a draw.
One touch Connect : 1LINE–One Line with One Touch
★Match Dots -> Just draw everyting with only one touch :Let’sdraw line dot to dot for figure drawing.Concept:OneTouchConnect isa simple drawings yet addictive mindpuzzles game with dots andlines to draw shapes with challenge.Unpuzzling it will take fulltest of IQ. It is very entertainingline drawing game about linkthe dots.Gameplay:In this riddle gamejust swipe your finger todraw your decision to join logic dots ongiven figure to completeit.Enjoy amazing puzzle at your fingertipsthat will exercise andsharpen your brain power & skills.Fullfun:It is a fun way oftraining your brain with riddle dotsinvolving drawing pathswithout lines retracing. To enhance thinkingpower always playbrain-type puzzles, strategy games that tests yourlogical thinkingand the flexibility of your mind.Why are mind gamesgood for you?itwill improve your connecting abilities andconcentration. It's timeto get your 'Brain On' with this linedrawing puzzle game. It mightalso have an impact on your children’sintellectual growth andpreventing brain deterioration?.Do you likechallenges of one touchdraw games?One Touch game are alwayschallenging; We challenge youto draw lines to complete givenshapes. Will you be able to clearthese simple-looking but actuallydifficult stages?One TouchConnect will help to improve yourcognitive abilities. Do you likefun and drawing games - One touchdraw is for you.Five Game Modes:★Single Trace -> You can nottrace the same line twice.★ SingleDirectional Trace -> It's justlike Single Trace but withdirectional trace.★ Double Trace ->You can trace only red linetwice.★ Double Directional Trace ->Red line can be trace twicewith direction only.★ Swap Trace ->Game control will beswitched to next yellow dot as you reachit.LEVELS:★ Game levelstarts of easy and increases in difficultly.★Free play through250+ levels and added regularly.How to play onetouch games?★ Tapthe dots to choose a starting point to start theline and drag yourfinger to connect the sequential path in thepuzzle & connect 2dots of same vertex.★ Make smart move to joinDots to enjoy Fun andchallenging dots and squares puzzlegame.TIPS:★ Link the dots oneby one with single continuous line tofind the shortest path.★ Finda way to connect all the dots andcomplete level in less time toget maximum 3 stars.★ Take your owntime while playing mind gamesof. Guide the dot through differentroutes in this free mazeadventure.★ There is no only one correctsolution. Can you find thebest?★ For each level there is a help,but we suggest you to usehint only in extreme cases.★ Draw loopsthat must go trough themall - Solve interesting puzzles by drawingclosed loops with yourfinger! Features:★ Easy to play with friendlygameplay★ FREE toplay for life★ Light weight game.★ This is Freedrawing game andpainting over loaded image.★ This Line connectingpuzzles is lightweight with smooth game control.★ It is riddle withanswers forentire family, adults, teens, toddlers, children andkids that willhelp to stimulate the brain and increase agility.★Enjoy the gamewith various devices (Phones and Tablets).★ Itsamazing graphicswith attractive glow design are entertaining enoughand the game issuper addictive!★ Connect the dots to complete thelevels and runagainst time to get more stars.Note:Download this appfor free andno special permissions are required for this app!Checkoutourothergames@ us!appspartan@gmail.comGet ready to connect! Lots offun iswaiting for you. 😜 ! Happy Gaming !!!
Dotster 2.0.3
Dotster is a beautifully crafted, connectdotspuzzle game with exceptional gameplay.With seven different game types and over 700 levels - you willbeentertained and challenged for hours.MATCH DOTS of same color by drawing lines between themandremoving them.There are SIX DIFFERENT GAME MODES to challenge yourstrategies.Each game mode requires you to approach the level with adifferentstyle of play!- Reach total number of dots (here you have to POP certainnumberof dots)- Reach number of points (collect enough points to completethislevel)- Save Yin-Yangs (guide the Yin-Yangs to the bottom of thegameboard)- Pop the bubbles (pop bubbles behind dots)- 1-2-3 (remove numbered dots in sequence)- POP required number of dots of certain colorEach game mode can be either time limited or you will havealimited number of moves to reach your goal!Dotster gameplay is extremely smooth, natural and anyone willbeable to pick it up quickly.If you LOVE puzzle games or just want to RELAX withgorgeousgraphics, sound and gameplay – PICK UP Dotster today andstartmatching.
Cube Connect: Connect the dots
LR Studios
Cube Connect is a simple and addictivepuzzlegame that will make you think in 3D.The goal is simple : connect the dots without the pathsoverlapping!Features :- More than 1,500 free puzzles, ranging from easy to very hard(3x3to 7x7).- Simple, colorful design- Train your brain with the "challenge" mode and connect the dotsasfast as you canMore free puzzles will be added over time, as well as some newcolorthemes for the dots and pipes.
GRAPHZ Puzzles: Think outside the box
GRAPHZ: Dots and Lines Puzzles - the most challenging newpuzzledots game on the store!A great pack of SIX brain games with480puzzling brain teasers to train your logic - ALL FREE!Welcometothe best puzzle land you’ve ever been to!As your hosts we makesureyou have endless fun and the best brain training thereis!Wepromise that if you play regularly, train your mind and becomethebest YOU WON’T HAVE TO SPEND A SINGLE DIME ON THIS GAME !Hereiswhat you will get : ★ A new kind of puzzle dots game withSIXDIFFERENT BRAIN GAMES in one app;★ ENDLESS FUN with 480 levelsandmore to come, that won’t let you rest until you solve themall;★SUCCESS RATE counter for each game - the better you do, themorelevels and puzzle games will be unlocked;★ STYLISH GRAPHICSanddesign paired with smooth animations and AIRY SOUNDTRACK to getyouin mood to train your brain;★ Multiple REPLAYS and NO TIME LIMIT-play the puzzle dots game at your own pace with replayablelevelsand no time restrictions;Download GRAPHZ: Dots and LinesPuzzlesand get six brain games instead of just one. Let us tell youa bitabout the brain-twisters:• UNTANGLE Who doesn’t like agooduntangle lines game? Uncross all lines by dragging theconnectingdots so that no lines intersect. The solid points cannotbe moved.The Untangle brain-teasers are solved when all lines andpointsbecome white.So, can you untangle all lines?! • ALL PATHSFind allpossible paths between two dots from the start dot to theend. Youcan’t repeat the already found paths as it will decreaseyourscore. Test your logic in this brain exercise to unlock thenextdots and lines games.• LINE PATHS Besides the challenge you’llfindin Line Paths you’ll be swept away by the beautiful simplicityofthese puzzling mind-boggles. The levels consist of dots andlines,you have to pass through all lines in one move withoutrepeatingany lines. Sounds easy enough, right? Or maybe not? Try itout foryourself!• GRAPH COLOURS You won’t find a game like GraphColorsevery day. It is quite simple at first glance but don’t letit foolyou. This game is quite addictive and not as easy as itlooks. Allyou need to do here is to give color to each dot so whentwo dotsare connected they have different colors. The catch is thatyouhave limited number of colors to choose from but still notimer.•POINT PATHS It’s all about the points! You’ve heard itbefore,right? Well in Point Paths it’s just like that. Try to passthroughall points in one move without visiting a point twice andsolve theaddictive puzzles one by one.• SHORTEST PATH Math may notbe foreveryone but in the Shortest Path you will see it in adifferentway. With this lines game it could be fun and addictive.Notconvinced yet? Just find the route between two connecting dotswiththe lowest possible sum from the start pinpoint to the endone.That’s it!Now it’s time to challenge yourself and yourfriends!Find out who’s better and show off your skills!Did we catchyourattention? If so, you can always find more about Graphz: DotsGamesand Lines Puzzles on social networks. Come for a chat orlatestnews about our work!We’ll be more than happy to hear fromyou!Havefun!FIND USONFACEBOOK USONTWITTER
Tic Tac Toe Glow
Play Tic Tac Toe on your Android phone. No need waste paper toplaypuzzle games! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Androiddevicefor free. Our new modern version appears in a cool glowdesign.TheAI for this puzzle game is one of the best you will see.It adaptsto your play style and is highly unpredictable. Unlikeother TicTac Toe games on the market you will always find Glow TicTac ToeAI to be fresh and entertaining. If that is not all the AIskillcan be adjusted on the fly in game. So you can crank upthedifficulty while playing or notch it down if you gotcornered.Thispuzzles games is recommended for kids & adultstoo. Features:--Single and 2 player mode (Computer and human)-- 3difficultylevels-- glow effects-- one of the best puzzle game inthe world
Dot to Dot : Connect the Dots
Dot to dot - Connect the Dots is great puzzle game from thecreatorsof very popular app “ColorMe - Coloring book free”. Startconnectingdots and create unique pictures! You can enjoy picturesof animals,sports, famous art, places and many more. Dot to dotfor adultshelps you to feel better and relax. You can easily startconnectingdots without any internet connection. Features:- Dot todot containsover 200 pictures to connect in the theme of animals,vehicles,famous places, art and many others. More coming soon. -Connectpictures of your favorite animal such as lion, elephant,shark, orsimply visit places like Paris, Italy, New York.-Pictures have gotfrom 300 to 1000 dots.- Dot to dot is alsodesigned for toddlers andkids. Both boys and girls will find theright picture.- Shareconnected pictures with friends and family onInstagram, Facebookand on other social apps.- Great family gamewhich train brain.-Many of free pictures.- Best anti stress appfull of nostalgicmemories which returns you to your childhood.-Special seasonalcategories: Halloween, Christmas, Easter.-Recently added Fashion,Music and Florals category.- After a puzzleis connected, nicecolored background is generated, so there is noneed forcoloring.How to play:- Connect the dots for adults is easyto use!-Connect numbers in order to create a picture.- Familyfriendlyenvironment.Discover beautiful puzzles of animals, cars,sports andpaintings. Every picture in the connect dots game hasbeen chosen soeven kids would like them. Let’s connect the dotsnow!- 1000 Dot todot for adults anywhere you want.Dots to dots foradults is a freeapplication which doesn’t require internetconnection. Have fun withthe puzzle game on holidays, in thegarden or on your way home. -Stress relief appForget about stressand let Dot 2 dot be your newpersonal therapist. One of the bestantistress connecting app willhelp you to be relaxed and gives yougreat brain training. Let dotsconnecting be your therapy.- Supportand Compatibility.We'recontinuously improving dots connecting gameso that all devices runthe game. Let us help to improve the gameby leaving an honestreview.Reveal a child in you and let’s joinall points in the bestnostalgic game.
Untangle it & Points
Have not solve complex problems? Now everyone has the opportunitytoget real pleasure from the gameplay. - Game "Untangle it!"Yourtaskis to unravel the pattern consisting of the points ofconnections ofthe lines, and make the lines do not intersect. Ateach levelpattern changes, and the game becomes more complicatedandinteresting.Game "Points"Your task - you need to set therecordstraight on the field so that the number of linear connectingpointdoes not exceed the figures shown on the point.The game"Points2"Your job - to connect a point on the field in such a waythat thenumber of linear connecting point does not exceed thenumbersprinted on the spot.Game "Circles"Place the parts of thecircles onthe field in such a way that all the resulting lines areclosed.
Set Dot
Set dot is a simple android game like hello world.Set linetocenter, make sure dot do not collide.How to play:1. Tap anywheretoset a dot.2. Avoid Collision with other dots.
Connect the dots : match game
Connect The Dots is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.Connectthedots games for free and create 1100 link with matching colors.Pairall colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle.Butwatch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!Connectthedots game is easy to use and fluent game, a very good GUI(funbrainjr ). Just link the dots with the same color to completethe leveland move on to another. Finishing a level gives you a newpuzzlewith a new game to beat each level !Characteristics:★Connectthedots for adults and connect the dots for kids★Kids connect thedotsconnect and play amazing puzzle games★dot game you can playfromyour Android phone or tablet★connect the dots hard dots gametomatch the dots and obtain a stream with many Funbrain withinthisgamesfree★ Funny games connect the dot games with over 1100dotconnect free puzzle games★ Change tags Candy, ball or evenpizza!Instead of connecting the dots connect the ball and playpuzzlegames pizza!★ Connect dots puzzle games with free game modesandaddictive gaming sessions★ Dots game and gameplay withhelpfunction to start an initiation with great Funbrain withinthisgamesfree.So what are you waiting for? Install the app andcombinethe right colors to dot connect approach.
Connect Free Colors
Connecting color dots is a simple and relaxed, to challengingandfrenetic, and everywhere in between. Matching colors aretheperfect time filler and brain puzzle exercise that anyonecanenjoy. In our matching colors game, you need to match the colorsofthe dots with same colors. It is a thrilling, interestingandengaging game for all ages!Connect matching colors with pipetocreate a connection color with easily. Pair all colors, andcoverthe entire board to solve each puzzle in Connect Colors. Butwatchout, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!Connect Colorsplayconsist of 680 levels. Connect Colors gameplay ranges fromSimpleand relaxed.Matching games are the perfect time filler andbrainpuzzle exercise that anyone can enjoy. In our ConnectColorspipeline game, you need to match the colors of the dots. Itis athrilling, interesting and engaging game for all ages!Most ofthestart up users can easilty play 5*5, 6*6 packs and know thegame,trill and start thinking towards next levels & solveWhichmakes you think, improves concentration and path memorylikeconnection (free path with dots connect).When it comes topipelinematching games, the key of a good game are the levels andthematrices. Match Connect Colors pipeline in 5x5 to10x10matrices(Connect Dots with colored pipe). They havedifferentdemands and are difficult in their own way.ConnectColorsfeatures:★ Over 680 free puzzles.★ Free Play.★ Clean,colorfulgraphics.★ Fun sound effects.★ HD graphics.★ Easy to play.★6 Packs(5*5, 6*6, 7*7, 8*8, 9*9, 10*10).★ Mobile & TabletVersion.★Offline Puzzle game.★ Less memory space occupied ondevice.★ FreeDownload.************************************Thrillingandinteresting, you will not want to turn off this puzzle matcher/dots connector.Pipes are complicated to match, since you cangothrough them.Think of a way to pass through the levels!Havefun,for free!Enjoy!
The Room Two
NOTE: If playing on a Tab3, you'll need the Android 4.4updateinstalled to run the game.Welcome to The Room Two, aphysicalpuzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifullytactile 3Dworld. The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’,recipient of aBAFTA award, is here at last. Follow a trail ofcryptic lettersfrom an enigmatic scientist known only as "AS" intoa compellingworld of mystery andexploration.*******************************************************************************************************************“Anintricatelywoven work of fiction perfectly suited to its format,this is thesort of game that it's worth sitting in the dark for.”- Pocketgamer“A gorgeous-looking game offering larger locationswith multipleinteractive areas and puzzles. A perfect game for acold winter'snight.” – Eurogamer “Leaves you thinking about how tosolve itspuzzles even when not playing; a sign of a classy game,which thismost definitely is.” – 148Apps “A superb sequel withstunningvisuals, the level of complexity on display here isquiteastounding. The Room Two should be on top of your gaminglist.” -GSM Arena “An exceptionally good puzzle game; if you likedTheRoom, be sure to download the sequel” – PadGadget “Anincrediblycompelling experience with clever puzzles, gorgeousvisuals, and aspooky atmosphere; absolutely brimming with newideas.” – TheVerge*******************************************************************************************************************PICK-UP-AND-PLAYDESIGNEasy to start, hard to put down, an entrancing mix ofintriguingpuzzles with a simple user interface INNOVATIVE TOUCHCONTROLS Atactile experience so natural you can almost feel thesurface ofeach object REALISTIC 3D LOCATIONS Immerse yourself in avariety ofstunning environments which will challenge your puzzlesolvingprowess. DETAILED 3D OBJECTS Pore over the intricatedetails ofdozens of artifacts in search of their hidden secrets.UNNERVINGAUDIO A haunting soundtrack and dynamic sound effectscreate asoundscape that reacts to your play. CLOUD SAVING NOWSUPPORTEDShare your progress between multiple devices, and unlockthe all-newachievements. MULTI LANGUAGE SUPPORT Available inEnglish, French,Italian, German, Spanish &BrazilianPortuguese.*******************************************************************************************************************FireproofGamesis a small independent studio based in Guildford in theUnitedKingdom.Find out more at Followus@Fireproof_Games
Connect The Dots - Mega Shapes : Color Pipe Lines
★ Have fun connecting the matching color dots on manydifferentshaped game boards with this free, fun, tricky pipe lineconnectiongame. ★ Connect the dots by creating a line of pipesbetween eachpair of color dots.★ Play Square, Rectangle, Diamond,Pentagon andHexagon game boards. ★ Over 3000 free and unlockedpuzzles for youto enjoy, with a wide variety of challengingconnection pipespuzzle shapes and sizes. ★ Pipe lines cannot cross,except on thespecial bridge cells, where a pipe line can passunderneath otherlines.★ Every connect the pipe lines puzzle is freeand unlocked,just enjoy playing your favorites.★ Quick Play, FreePlay and TimeTrial modes★ Connect the tube lines by creatingflowing tube linesbetween all the different shapes.★ Use trafficlight colors totrack your progress. Levels complete colors go fromred to green asyou complete the levels in a pack.★ Play regularpuzzles or puzzleswith bridge cells.★ Score 3 points for eachregular tube linepuzzle. Connect all the dots with the minimummoves to score 5points.★ Login to Google Play and share your scoreon theleaderboard. View your friend's scores and try to beattheirscores.★ Track your daily score against your best and on thedailyleaderboard. ★ Games in progress are saved automatically soyou cancome back and complete them later.★ Hints are available foreverypuzzle to help you find the solution.★ Get more hints for freebyinviting your friends to download and play.★ Easily share yourloveof the puzzles with friends through Facebook.★ Be careful nottobreak the pipe line or tube by crossing another pipe line,becausethen the connection will be lost. ★ A wide variety of bridgecellsadds to the challenge. They allow a tube or pipe to crossoverother pipes in lots of puzzling ways and make lots ofnewconnections. ★ Simple, but addictive game play with mindstretchingpuzzles.★ Up to five levels of difficulty (easy, mediumand hardplus even harder).★ Regular updates add new free puzzles tothegame, increasing the number of games you can play forfree.Downloadfor free this exciting puzzle game from Google Playnow.
Lines - Physics Drawing Puzzle
Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle is a new Zen puzzle published bythecreators of Puzzlerama and Mazes & More. Challenge yourbrain,draw, cut and erase to find the solution to the 250+ smartlevels.Relax, unwind and let the color flow into the labyrinth oflines,in a Zen experience that will let your mind flow freeandantistress. Some levels have a perfect symmetry, other are amazeof lines. Can you master all of them? No pencil needed!How toplayLines – Physics Drawing PuzzleDepending on the level, you willneedto tap to place a dot over a line, erase and opponent´s dot,cut ordraw lines. Then watch the colors unfold and flow!Lines –PhysicsDrawing Puzzle key features include:- 5 different modes:Point,Erase, Cut, Draw and Mix- Daily Challenges- 26 achievementstounlock-250 smart levels- Use your brain and logics to findthesolutions- Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for each level.-Infinitefun!Point ModeTap over a line to place a dot. Be smart andchooseand strategic and logic position for the dots. Sometimes youneedto place one, other two dots.Eraser ModeTap over an opponent´sdotto erase it. Draw ModeDraw a line with your fingers toconnectlines to your advantage. Use your brain!Cut Mode Cut a lineto stopthe flow of your opponent´s color. Hope you all guys enjoyLines –Physics Drawing Puzzle! Created by our Dutch friends fromGamious!
Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd liketorelax or keep mind active – pass your free time in a pleasantway!Get a small stimulating break or clear your head with sudoku.Takeyour favorite app with you wherever you go. Playing Sudokuonmobile is as good as with a real pencil and paper.Choose anylevelyou like. Play easier levels to exercise your brain,logicalthinking and memory, or try hard levels to give your mind arealworkout. Our classic puzzle game has some features that makesudokueasier for you: hints, auto-check, and duplicates highlight.Youcan use them or complete the challenge without help – it's uptoyou! What's more, in our app each puzzle has one solution. Youwillfind all you need whether you are playing your first sudoku,oryou've progressed to expert difficulty.Features✓ CompleteDailyChallenges and get unique trophies✓ Challenge yourselffiguring outyour mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see yourmistakes as you go✓Turn on Pencil mode to make notes as on paper.Each time you fillin a cell, notes are automatically updated!✓Highlight duplicatesto avoid repeating numbers in a row, column andblock✓ Hints canguide you through the points when you are stuckMorefeatures-Statistics. Track your progress for each difficulty level:analyzeyour best time and other achievements- Unlimited Undos. Madeamistake? Just put it back quickly!- Auto-save. If you leaveasudoku unfinished it will be saved. Continue playinganytime-Highlighting of a row, column and box related to theselected cell-Eraser. Get rid of all mistakesHighlights• More than5,000well-formed puzzles• 9x9 grid• 4 perfectly balanced levelsofdifficulty: easy, medium, hard, and expert• Support both phonesandtablets• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets• Simpleandintuitive designTrain your brain anywhere, anytime!
Atomas is a fascinating incremental puzzle game, which you canlearnin seconds but will entertain you for weeks. The perfect gameforyour spare time!Your little universe starts with hydrogen atomsonlybut with the help of the energy rich plus atoms you are abletofusion two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, 2 helium atomsintoone lithium atom and so on. Your primary goal is to createthevaluable elements like Gold, Platinum and Silver.But watch out,ifyour universe is overfilled with to many atoms it will cause abigcrunch and the game is over.One way to prevent this is to builduplong symmetries in your atoms and start big chainreactions.Fromtime to time minus atoms appear, use them forabsorbing andreplacing atoms within your universe or sacrifice themfor a plusatom.You see Atomas is not hard to play, but if you wantto get tothe top you'll need a good strategy, which keeps youratomsorganized.By creating new elements like oxygen or copper youunlocklucky charms, which effect the game in various ways andadjust itto your strategy.What Atomas offers you:- 4 different gamemodes-simple but addicting game mechanics- 124 different atoms tocreate- 12 different lucky charms- Google play games leaderboards&achievements- share your score on twitter and Facebook-quicktutorialThe developers high score is 66 543. Can you dobetter?
Brwanjeya - Mills Games Online
Get fully addicted and wildly entertained with the best boardgameversion of the match 3 multiplayer mills game. Just like NineMen’sMorris, Brwanjeya will enable you the same features, but in agreatgaming environment, available to play in multiplayer, singleplayeror 2 players on same device. Amazing match 3 puzzle game thatwilltrain your brain and make you smile and entertain if you playitwith your friends or family!HOW TO PLAYPlayers compete to stayonthe game board by swapping black and white pieces on the boardtomake a match of three points on the same straight line. It’sachallenging game that motivates you to compete withyourcompetitors.CONCETRATION AND FOCUS ARE KEYOne moment ofneglectingyour move and you can lose the game. Take on this amazingadventurealone or play with friends to see who can get the topscore! Justremember, each move matters!BASED ON THE POPULARBOARDGAMEBrwanjeya is based on the popular board game Nine Men'sMorris.It is something similar to a mills game or morabaraba game.Becausethe game is based on Nine Men's Morris, you can play NineMen'sMorris against computer and see how much you are good in thisgame.We know that Nine Men's Morris is one of the most popularboardgames worldwide.We hope you are enjoying the game as much aswe doand welcome any kind of feedback.BRWANJEYA FEATURES:*Motivatesyour intelligence. * Helps you to enjoy your time. *Connects youwith people around you to play together* Easy to learnattractiveto be played* Simple Design.* Nine Men's Morris style.Allrightsreserved © pixelgroup 2017
Knots - Puzzle
'Creativity is just connecting things'- SteveJobs.COLORFUL,CHALLENGING, ADDICTIVE! One of the best connectingDOTS puzzle gameavailable on Google Play!The Goal is to draw andconnect the colorstill the entire board is covered with beautifulcolored lines. Thechallenge increases gradually with harder levels& new twistslike cross-paths and multi-color paths.DownloadKNOTS completelyFree. Enjoy this new fun & logic game. - PLAYWITHFRIENDSPlaying with Friends is always FUN: Login withFacebook& challenge your friends straight from the game inEasy,Medium, Hard & Extreme modes- THRILLING LEVELSKNOTSfeaturesover a 1,000 elegantly designed levels which people of allages canenjoy for FREE- DAILY CHALLENGESExciting NEW challenges areofferedDAILY. Try to solve these in the shortest possible time. Seewhereyou stand in rankings against your friends and globally-FEATURES•Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game• Over 1000InterestingLevels available & more coming soon• Check-in everyday to earnmore DAILY REWARDS• Send GIFTS to you friends to helpthem solvedifficult levels.• Use "Hints" to solve a difficultlevel. EachHint connects two matching colors.• Use "Pauses" to stopthe timewhile completing a level• Music adds fun in the wholegamingexperience. So let's smile & celebrate the colors of lifewithKNOTS- JOIN US ONFACEBOOK US ONTWITTER FOLLOW USONINSTAGRAM DON’T FORGETTORATE USSend us your suggestions and feedback as we arealwayslooking to add new levels and features!Enjoy KNOTS TEAM Dots Battle Arena
Check out the latest io game by Clown Games: Dotz.ioYour goal istobecome the biggest dot among others! But there is a catch:Eachtime you level up, your mass shrinks and you have to scale upevenmore!Control your dot to get bigger and level up! Each levelwillbring you a bigger storage capacity. Collect the idle dots togetbigger and fill your capacity.Poke and kill other dots tobecomethe biggest! The bigger always eats the little. But watchout: Nomatter how big you are, you will start with a tiny dot whenyoulevel up! The more Poked And Killed Units you have, thestrongeryou become. In Dotz io game, regardless of the size of yourdot,you can beat the top scorer dots. Chase them to poke whentheybecome tiny again.Enjoy the easy to play but hard tomastergameplay. Choose your strategy: Are you a dragger or arusher? IOgame of survival in an endless action arena is is!Ifyou’re a rusher, speeding up is only one button away.But yourboost will only be full again when you level up. Use itwisely toget on top of the leaderboard.FEATURES:• Works on manydeviceswithout performance issues.• Internet connection is notneeded.•Easy & smooth control on mobile devices. WE VALUEYOURFEEDBACKClown Games, the creator of popular io games:Landix,Twix,Blobie, Jellies, Zlax, Pikes, Shooters and Fisp offersa new andfun experience for you. We will listen you to developDotzioaccording to your feedback! Your reviews are important forus!
Forest Quest Bubble
Burst and shooting everything in your path and help theforesttrolls elfWe have developed this exciting game for all ofthoselooking for a fun pastime, now available on Google Play.Downloadfor free and enjoy thousands of colorful levels filled withcoolboosters and power-ups.features:- awesome hand-made levels-lots ofcute animals to rescue- fun and exciting power-ups- greatgraphics-addictive gameplay- all the bubbles you can shoot- you getto savethe Forest
Remember The Dot
Remember The DotIn this crazy addicting game, you brain will beputto the test in order to see how many patterns you canremember!First you will watch a series of dots flash before you,each withtheir own musical sound. You must then remember thepattern inwhich they flashed. Every level you pass gets even morechallengingthan the previous as the amount of dots in a patternincreases withyour score. Keep playing and testing how much you canmemorize!"Remember The Dot" features high quality graphics andsounds. Testyour memory and boost your brain power with this greatgame similarto childhood favorite 'simon says'. Simply follow theleader! Thisgreat retro game can be enjoyed by all ages."RememberThe Dot" willmake a random sequence, starting with only one. Youhave to do isrepeat the pattern, taking turns with the computer.But be careful,you hit the wrong button "Game is Over!
Color Net
Color Net is challenging free puzzle game about connectingdots.Movedots to empty places. But watch out! Dots with same colorcan't beconnected to each other.Great and original puzzle game foryou.Tired of playing same games over and over again? DownloadColor Netnow, for free!
Free Dots
The fastest-growing game in App Store List,input in Safari, you can download thenewestiOS version, everybody is having it on his or her phone!Theauthentic feeling of shooting is simply too good! You can’tstopit! One finger is all that is needed to shoot the smallerballstowards the bigger one. Attention! No collision with othersmallballs circling the bigger one or you’ll fail. Besides, there’snotime limit, so take your time!FEATURES:-Minimalist yetelegantdesign, concise but customized background music, simplewhilechallenging levels.- Sometimes can tap smoothly withoutthinking,sometimes needs caution, it’s a good stimulation to yournervesystem.- 50 balls at most, 100 types of rotary speedwithunlimitied possibilities of directions. The mysterious leveliswaiting for a challenger!
▸▸▸ More than 8.000.000 games played! Thanks for your enthusiasmandfeedback, keep on playing.With more than 21 million gamessold,Triominos® adds a third dimension to the classic game ofdominoes.And if you know how to play dominoes you already know howto playTriominos, so you can start playing right away.Triominos®’combination of luck and skill means that you can beatyour friendsfair and square (or should we say, fair andtriangularly?). ▶ PLAYAGAINST YOUR FRIENDS . . .Triominos is anonline, multi-playergame, that lets you compete with your friendsand family anywhere,any time. Search for your friends by usernameor invite yourFacebook friends to play. You can play as many gamesas you want,simultaneously! Receive push notifications when someoneinvited youor made a move.▶ OR PLAY BY YOURSELFIf you want to playon your ownor practice in between games with friends, try thesingle playermode—you can test your skills and strategy by playingagainst thecomputer.▶ HOW TO PLAYSlide your triangular tiles ontothe “board,”matching one of the sides with the side of a tilethat’s already inplay. You’ll earn points for each tile you play,and bonus pointsfor making combinations like a bridge, a hexagon,or a doublehexagon. It’s easy to learn and quick to play—whetheryou sneak inquick moves while waiting in line for lunch or sit downand playfor hours.▶ PUZZLESChallenge yourself with the new Puzzles.Get 1,2 or 3 stars and complete all the levels. You can get jokerswhichwill fit in any place, but only the best complete it withoutit.Don’t underestimate the complexity of the puzzles andindulgeyourself in hours of fun. © 2015 Pressman ToyCorporationMade UnderLicense from Pressman Toy CorporationPeoplealso search for:domino, dominoes, muggins
Dot To Dot
Ultra-absorbing,color-basesd puzzle game for young kids,challengingenough to keep teens and adults playing through thehundreds oflevels. Dot To Dot is a top tricky puzzle game for you.Only withbrain and logical skills will you be possible to win eachlevel andmaster this points game! Connect two color points, pairall pointsand cover the entire board. Dot To Dot features:- Over1,000 freepuzzles - 2 modes: free play and time trial modes -clean,beautifulvisuals - 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard -very simple toplay, but requires complex thinking skills Shareyour high scoreswith your friends and beat their scores!
Ludo Pachisi
Play this fun game with up to 4playersonline.You can play with your friends in Internet game or againstthecomputer.Select the players, name, color and you can start playing. Throwthedice and move the figure by clicking on it. Your clashcanbegin.Ludo Pachisi also known as Parcheesi is classic board game forkidsand adults, one of the most popular board games - play, havefunand do not get angry :).Take all your figures to the finish houses as first!Enjoy the game and have fun! :)Team Azodus