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Do you like animals and everything about them? So you must tryourpet hotel! Spend time with cute creatures and fill your hotelasyou want. It is one of the best clicker games which is availableonyour Android. Create your own pet planet and feel like tycooninour clicker! Game features: Here you can invite guests,upgradeyour hotel and get money for it, add different animals andenjoythese cute animals. You can add cute cats, dogs, guineapigs,raccoons and other creatures so tap and click to discovermore! Ifyou love animals, so in our idle games you will be able tobuild avirtual hotel full of them. Add all the pets you need, takecare ofthem and bring your hotel to the top. This idle game is forkidsand adults, for all your family. All you need to start idlegame isjust tap! Click to invite your friends (they can visit yourhotelas bloggers). What is more? Advantages of animalgames:User-friendly design: tap and swipe if you want to take careforanimals in your hotel. Endless idle game: withoutanyinterruptions, you can improve the hotel for free in automode,take care of animals, and make money on this. Feel yourselflikefull tycoon with such upgrades. Home departure: you cantakeanimals home and get bonuses for it. Extra sweets: you canusecandies, jam, and jukebox songs to entertain heroes - pets.Yourfriends always with you: invite 2 or more friends as bloggersandthey will help in popularizing your hotel in the word. It willbelike multiplayer mode in simulator. Play everywhere you want:youcan play in our clicker online or offline (no wifi) for free.Justdownload and try Add cute cats, dogs, guinea pigs, raccoonsandother creatures and try this tapper, created your own pet planetinour simulator. Play our adventure with pleasure and prestige,getthe feeling as from 3d games, and go with your hotel to the topofthe rating. This game is not only for kids, for girls or babyandtoddlers, it is also for adults! Spend 5 minutes a day withcutecats and dogs in our clicker and you will have fun!
Spa Resort:Hotel Room Cleaning 3.1
⛱ Who knew house cleaning can be fun and exciting? Our newroommakeover games for girls are fast-paced time management gamessetin breathtaking luxury spa resorts, expensive hotels or evenroyalprincess castles! Download 🌌 Spa Resort:Hotel Room Cleaning 🌌,thebest room cleanup adventure for AndroidTM and make elegantandluxurious rooms in your spa shine! ⛱ Begin the most excitingraceagainst time and complete the ultimate hotel room makeoverbeforethe time runs out! Amazing spa resort cleaning game withmanydifferent levels and rooms that need cleaning and rearranging!🌌Spa Resort:Hotel Room Cleaning 🌌 has incredible roomcleaningfeatures that will make you feel like you're working in arealhotel spa! ** Over twenty cleaning tasks to complete in thegiventime! Clean every hotel room in your luxe spa for celebrities!** 8different rooms with beautiful furniture that you need toarrangeand make the room look pretty and perfectly clean again! **Clues –you can take a glance at the photo of the clean room if youneedhelp! ** Many different chores and cleanup tasks: dust thecobwebs,mop the floors, clean the windows, throw away any garbage,make thebeds, put scattered things back to their place and muchmore! **Use realistic cleaning tools such as a mop, broom, dusterand othernecessary "house cleaning" equipment! ⛱ Cleaning up messyroomsmight seem like a daunting task, but it is actuallyveryentertaining! Once you master our princess room cleanup,roommakeover and "hotel room cleaning games", you will become ahousecleaning expert! ⛱ If you are looking for fun "free games",thatare exciting and creative at the same time, our housemakeovergames, cleaning games and doll house decoration games areexactlywhat you need! With our room designer games, you willdiscover thejoy of having a clean room with beautiful room decorand furniture!⛱ Cleaning games with lots of levels are just so muchmore excitingthan regular room cleaning games for girls! That'swhy, in ourcleanup game, every hotel room in your luxury resort& spa is adifferent level that you need to finish before movingon to thenext room cleaning level! ⛱ Our fantastic hotel cleaninggame ismore than just a room cleaning adventure – it has elementsofmemory games, find the difference and time management games!Youwill improve many different skills while performingthefloor-to-ceiling hotel room makeover! ⛱ It's time to download 🌌SpaResort:Hotel Room Cleaning 🌌 , roll up your sleeves and cleanupall messy rooms! Remove all stains and dust, put the trash intothebin, pick up the bottles, clothes, jewelry and other thingsfromthe floor and place them where they should be: working in asparesort and doing hotel room cleanup can be very challenging! ⛱Doyou dream of being a room designer and doing house decorationlikea real interior designer? Our hotel room "cleaning games forgirls"offer you a chance to do a full room makeover of 8differentluxurious spa rooms! ⛱ Want to play free new housecleaning gamesfor girls? Room cleaning games come in so manydifferent themes, soyou'll never get bored of home cleaning! Cleanup hotel rooms,modern doll house, magic princess castle or whateverelse youdesire! ⛱ Come quick, we need your help to "clean up messyroom"and make our celebrity resort look fabulous! With 🌌SpaResort:Hotel Room Cleaning 🌌, the best of cleanup games withlevelsfor girls, and enjoy learning how to clean your room!
My Town : Hotel 1.11
How fun to pack your suitcase and go on a hotel adventure! Withmanyrooms to explore, there are new adventures to be had for hoursatthe My Town : Hotel. Have fun at the hotel pool and then headbackto the grand suite for a bit of relaxation time before pickingoutnew outfits to wear to dinner at the hotel restaurant, whereyou cansip on taste fruit juice cocktails. Be sure to visit thebiggesthotel playroom before you check out! Will you make up apirateadventure, play with the dollhouse or dress up in many ofthe newclothes available at the hotel? Perhaps you’ll assist thehotelcleaning staff clean the spider webs around the corners ofthehotel. There’s one cleaning lady to find who does NOT likespiders!FEATURES: *NEW extra special feature! We’ve added EMOTIONSto allthe characters, so now you can make each person laugh, cry,smilesimply by double tapping on their face, or long pressingonthem…they can mimic how YOU are feeling! *Brand new clothingandcostumes that you can take out of your suitcase. *Allnewcharacters have been added and you can even play with onesyou’veloved from previous games now in the hotel. RECOMMENDED AGEGROUPKids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parentsare outof the room. ABOUT MY TOWN The My Town Games studio designsdigitaldollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open endedplayfor your children all over the world. Loved by children andparentsalike, My Town games introduce environments and experiencesforhours of imaginative play. The company has offices inIsrael,Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information,pleasevisit
com.yasapets.xmas 1.1
Yasa Ltd
Yasa Pets Christmas is a fully interactive dollhouse where youwillfind the magic and excitement of Christmas morning every timeyouvisit. Join these adorable kittens as they celebrate withtheirfamily and have a wonderful time! Yasa Pets Christmas istotallyFREE with NO in app purchases !! Features include: * Playwiththree generations of this adorable family! * Share intheexcitement of xmas morning! * Check the Christmas stockings tofinddelicious surprises! * Open a lot of presents under theChristmastree! * Discover a variety of toys and outfits to playwith. *Welcome Grandma and Grandpa with mince pies and warm milk! *Helpset the dining table and serve up a delicious meal. * Get readyforxmas dinner by getting dressed up! * Enjoy a festive dinnerwiththe whole family. * Have fun with the whole family sitting bythefireplace. * Get ready for bedtime with a nice warm bubble bath!*Say goodnight to Gran and Grandpa before bedtime. * Changeourtired kittens into nightgowns and pyjamas. * Put them to bedaftera busy day! The house includes: LIVING ROOM : In the loungethere’sa cosy fireplace next to the magical xmas tree filled withloads ofpresents that can be opened and played with! KITCHEN : Afullyworking kitchen with a fridge full of food for all our dollstoeat. Including their favourites like milk and ice-creams!DININGROOM : The whole family can gather round the dinning table toenjoya festive dinner filled with traditional foods! 2 BEDROOMS :Kidsand parents bedrooms provide dolls with restful sleep after alongday of play and opening presents! BATHROOM : With a workingbathand sink these kittens can have a nice warm bath and brushtheirteeth before bedtime! OUTSIDE : Get wrapped up and go outsidetoplay in the snow! *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Christmas? Leave usareview, we love hearing from you. For any other issues send usanemail at Privacy is an issue that we takeveryseriously. To learn more, please read our privacy policy:
com.tivola.cathotel 2.1.7
Manage your very own cattery: Mrs. Miller has to go on anurgentbusiness trip and the Smith family are looking foraccommodationfor their house cat while they're on vacation. Yourcattery is thepurrfect place for them! Care for the kitties, feedthem and playwith them until their owners come to pick them upagain. Thefeatures at a glance ★ Manage your own cat hotel ★Develop yourcattery from a small hotel into a 5-star luxuryaccommodation forthe little sweeties ★ From the trusting Maine Coonto the gracefulBurma – care for and feed six different breeds ofcats ★ Decorateand design your cat hotel with individual objects ★Play with yourcats using the cat teaser toy, motivate them with thelaser pointergame or groom their fur with different brushes ★ Watchhow the catsplay together, chase each other and sleep peacefully intheirbaskets Take on exciting challenges every day! Every catisdifferent – the cuddly British Shorthair tomcat loves beingpetted,while Maggy, the curious ragdoll, finds the laser pointergamegreat fun. You can take care of six different cat breeds intotal.Find out the likes of each individual cat and take lovingcare ofyour feline friends. Check the health of the cats atcheck-in. Thenyour kitty guests need to be cared for, petted andfed. And that'swhen your day really starts! It's never boring inthe playroomThere are various items waiting for you in theplayroom: you canuse the laser pointer to chase the cats around theplayroom –breaking a vase or two along the way! You need a goodmemory andnerves of steel for the cat memory game, because if youdon'tmemorize all the items correctly, a glass might get knockedover!And do you know the cat teaser? Your hotel guests will love itandit'll keep them fit too. Long-lasting fun thanks toincreasingdifficulty If you take loving care of the cats, yourcattery willsoon become too small. Expand the rooms with cat trees,baskets andmore litter trays so you can take in more guests. Butyour furryfriends will get more and more demanding. They'll needmoreattention and their individual needs will increase. But themoresuccessful you are, the more stars your hotel will get and themoredecorations will be available. And then you’ll be able to careformore different cats. So quickly, download CatHotel and openyourvery own cattery! Support If you have questions or problemsrelatedto the app or in-app purchases, please feel free to contactus viaour facebook page
Virtual Manager Star 3D Hotel Sim 1.2
Get ready for new entertainment and thrilling tasks where youhiredas 3D hotel Manager to manage the hotel responsibilities byplayingthis Virtual Manager Star 3D Hotel Sim. You can play asvirtualmanager and manage hotel management in this 3D hotel game.You canget experience in hotel management game while playing asvirtualmanager and got all skills to manage hotel activities byyourself.Be a best virtual manager and check your room as well ashotelstaff while playing this thrilling simulator.Virtual ManagerStar3D Hotel Sim is entertaining game for all virtual game loversand3d hotel game fans. Help your hotel staff to maintain thehotelenvironment good and make the guest happy. Thrilling missionsareready to blast the game in gaming world with the help ofexcitingmissions as well as challenging missions. Check your staffandserve food to the customers who are waiting in the restaurantforlunch. Show your manager skill to controls the hotel staffwhileplaying this simulator.Gameplay:Virtual Manager Star 3D HotelSimis thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you playasvirtual manager and manage all hotel staff with the help ofyoumanagement skills. Virtual manager 3D hotel is thrilling gamewitheasy gameplay to understand. First missions are simple and easytoplay. Check Hotel dirty room and told the cleaning staff tocleanthe hotel rooms carefully. Then go to your office VIP guestarewaiting for you. Provide them luxury room and provide goodroomservice to get more score. Virtual Manager Star 3D hotel Simisspecially designed for all virtual manager game lovers andvirtualfamily simulation fans. This thrilling simulator is full offun. Weprovide you best cleaning staff, luxury rooms, tasty foodfor lunchand best room service for all 3D start hotel customer.This virtualsimulation is not only for virtual game fans but it’salso for 3Dhotel environment lovers. You become virtual manager andyour dutyis to check the hotel staff that they are doing their workneatlyor not. Addictive gameplay and 3D hotel environment made thisgameentertaining as well as interesting. Manage your timemanagementand provide all facilities to your customer on time whileplayingthis Virtual manager 3D sim. Being a hotel manager is not aneasyjob but gameplay is quite easy which will help you to manageallproblems which come in your way. Key Features:• Play asVirtualManager and manage your team• Entertaining levels of besthotelgames• Dealing with your customer• 3D Graphics andrealisticanimations• Interesting gameplay with smooth charactercontrols•Serve food to customer on time• Provide Best Room servicefor VIPguest• Polite conservation with your hotel guest orVirtualFamilies
com.tivola.doghotel 2.1.2
Open your own dog hotel! DogHotel invites you to manage a brandnewdog resort, put your dog sitting skills to the test and learnhowto run a successful doggy hotel business. Look after allthedoggies placed in your care. Granny Edith's pug needs to losesomeweight, beefy Lucky the Labrador wants to join the firedepartmentand little Lizzy the Poodle wants to learn her firsttricks. Makesure all the dogs have a nice time in your hotel andthat theyreturn to their owners happy. Care for Up to ten DifferentDogs Asa fresh, young pet boarding manager, you take control ofyour veryown dog hotel. You'll find dog-caring tasks waiting foryou there.Make sure your dogs are satisfied, pet them, groom them,keep theircages clean and when they get hungry, and don’t forget tofeed themwith highest quality nutritious and delicious dog food!Master theart of dog grooming! Pick up your dog brush and maketheir furhealthy and pretty - wash them when they get dirty, dogcleaningjust got fun! Play with your Dogs On the Lawn Gainexperience bydog walking and improve the fitness of your furryfriends on theobstacle course. Guide your cute virtual dogs overobstacles,through tunnels and across wobbly tree trunks. VariousTypes ofCute Dog Breeds Prepare to meet all sorts of four leggedfriends -Have fun with the playful Pugs, groom the cute Beagles,pet theloyal Labradors, and jog with the agile AustralianShepherds! Be anattentive dog sitter and keep a close eye on yourdogs' behavior -every dog has its own unique personality and needs!Extra features★ Complete exciting missions. Each dog has its ownstory andpresents you with challenging tasks! ★ Expand yourboarding kenneland decorate it to your tastes with pirate basketsor a magicalshower! ★ Pet and play with your dogs, or watch themplay togetheron the lawn! Get DogHotel today and open your own dogresort!Support If you have questions or problems related to the apporin-app purchases, please feel free to contact us via ourfacebookpage
Hotel Room Cleaning
Another provocation that we would like to present to you is theonewhere you are a hotel manager that needs to look after hisbusinessin order to not stain his reputation. Your job in thiscleaninggame is to make sure you get rid of this mess trying torefresh thedesign of these hotel's rooms with some tricks anddifferentstyles. First is the reception room and then you will haveto makesure you clean one of the hotel's room. The other things youhaveto do are: to get rid of the garbage, to collect it and placeit inthe trash can, to wash the carpet and make sure you don’t seeanyfootprints over there, to wash the tv and then to wipe it, toerasethe spider’s web and the dust. There are a lot of stains youneedto get rid of and in order to clean the place you willusedifferent devices like a vacuum cleaner or the special spraywiththat napkin. Once the reception is done you will go to the roomtoensure that the standards are accomplished for your level.Getthose stains away and clean the mini kitchen with propertools.Equip it and place the missing things in the right spot.Thebathroom needs your touch too. Wash the bath tube, refreshthetoilet and do not forget about the sink. The walls and thefloormust be sprayed as well as the mirror. In the room there aremanythings that needs to be repaired and you will use youralreadygained skills to do as it says. Now you can clean likeaprofessional anywhere and your work will be rewarded. More thanagreat experience this game has multiple features ready tobediscovered: - Managing the hotel's cleaning - Multitude oftasksand development in housekeeping - Dexterity in art of cleaning-Free to play - Easy control of the game - Great backgroundmusicand graphics - Cool opportunity to see how a reception shouldlooklike - Learn the basic rules for a good hotel room - Beresponsibleand get to know the importance of a well-cleaned hotel
Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D 1.4
Welcome to this haunted hotel full of evil spirits. If you lovetoexplore different haunted places. Then this game is exactlyforyou. Let’s enter into this scary hotel and deal withvampires,ghosts, demons, monsters, skeletons, zombies andmummies.HauntedHotel Shadow Escape 3D game is about a stickman whois going tostay for a night in a hotel. He doesn’t know that it’shaunted. Hegets a key and enters into his room.Player is sleepingin his roomwhen he hears a scream. He comes out to find the reasonbut thereare scary mummies outside. He runs to get help but invain. Thirstyvampires and ghosts are around and ready to attack. Isit scary??Find a safe place for you. Go to kitchen and search forsomemagical stuff to freeze the zombies and demons. Player isrunningin lobby and trying to hide in different rooms but vampiresarestalking and want to satisfy their thirst. Now he has no optionbutto fight with these evil spirits and use this magical stufftofreeze them. Face these scary ghosts. Don’t allow your feartoovercome you. Be daring and escape, otherwise you’ll be dead.Enterinto the lift and jump to ground floor. Casino is full withghostsand mummies. Don’t be panic, jump to the main door and runfor yourlife.Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D Features:Open WorldStyleInteractive HotelDifferent Rooms Occupied by EvilSpiritsHorrorThemes but Suitable for Kids of all AgeEasyControlsHigh Quality 3DGraphics
Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero 1.04
All games of the Jane's Hotel:Jane's Hotel 1 ('s Hotel 3: Hotel Mania ( would youdo, if you had a chance torestore the famous chain of hotels thatused to belong to yourfamily? Decide faster... because soon, youwould have theopportunity to help Jane to get back her heritage.Rule the hotelsin France, England, Japan and on the Canaries.Explore the world’slatest tendencies in hotel business andchallenge yourself with agreater goal.No one but you can make thechain of hotels prosperonce again.
com.dressupone.housecleanuprooms 1.0.13
bweb media
Cleaning up can be hard work and boring, but it doesn’t have tobewith the house clean up rooms game. This clean up game allowsyouto clean the kitchen, bedroom and more in a fun and excitingway.Here you can clean up spills, put rubbish in the bin, placeitemsback on the shelves, sweep/vacuum the floor, and so muchmorebefore you run out of time! With so much cleaning fun to behad,why not clean up rooms of all sorts within your house, and seewhatthe rooms look like before and after you do your cleaning magiconthem. ++ Choose A Room Take the time and choose the room youwantto clean up from the kitchen, bedroom or living room! ++ ThrowItIn The Bin Pick up all the rubbish off the floor and make thefloorlook clean and tidy without any stinky mess that you couldslip ortrip on! ++ Pick Up Personal Items Pick up all the utensilsandpersonal items and place them back on the shelves so you canfindthem again in a hurry! ++ Sweep, Scrub, Broom Sweep and scruballthe stains and excess dirt from the floor and walls so thewholeroom looks brand new and clean! ++ Time’s Up Race against theclockto clean each room before the time runs out! ++ What’s InsideHouseClean Up Room`s? Plenty of cleaning fun to be had Easyroomchoosing, clean your favourite room Easy throwing of therubbishfor a cleaner environment Rearranging of personal itemsandutensils Clock racing: race against the clock to see how goodyouare ++ House Clean Up Rooms Features Use the brooms and brushtosweep and scrub the walls and floors Place all the rubbish inthebin that may be slippery or go off Tidy up personal items soyoudon’t trip over them Rearrange furniture so it is nice andstraight
Escape a Parisian Hotel 1.3
Escape from a beautiful Hotel! "A Parisian Hotel" is the 12thEscapeGame produced by FUNKYLAND. This game is fairly simple, youneedonly escape from one room. Find the items and solve themysteries toescape from a Parisian Hotel♪. How to Play: - Just tap- Tap theitem icon twice to enlarge the display. - Tap the [+]button in theupper right hand corner to display the settingsscreen. GameFeatures: - Beautiful graphics - Auto-save - Easy andfun, even forthose not keen on escape games - Perfect game lengthto kill timeThe Save Function: The game auto-saves items you'veacquired andinstruments you've unlocked, allowing you to restartat the lastauto-save checkpoint. In case you can't restart, pleasecheck yourdevice settings as there may not be enough storagespace.
Miss Hollywood: Vacation 1.4
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood: Vacation! After winningadream getaway to visit a beautiful island resort, MissHollywoodand a group of her International pet friends arrive atParadiseCove. There is just one problem, the hotel is in shambles!Bycompeting in island adventure challenges, the pets can winprizesto help Paradise Cove become the dream destination it used tobe!ISLAND ADVENTURES • DECORATE 7 themed pet hotel rooms • EARNpetoutfits and play dress up • SURF the waves • PLAY mini golf •BUILDsand castles • CREATE and mix rainbow colored slushies! • COOKandroll sushi • DANCE to island jams 7 INTERNATIONAL PET FRIENDS•MISS HOLLYWOOD: a fashionista Chihuahua from glamorous LosAngeles• CHINOOK: an energetic Husky dog from Canada • LOULOU: aposhpoodle from Paris • KOKO: a loving Koala from Australia • JAG:anathletic Jaguar from Brazil • CLEO PAWTRA: a royal Sphinx catfromEgypt • AKI: a samurai Akita dog from Japan PRIVACY&ADVERTISING Budge Studios takes children's privacy seriouslyandensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws.Thisapplication has received the “ESRB (Entertainment SoftwareRatingBoard) Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. For moreinformation,please visit our privacy policyat:, or emailourData Protection Officer at: Beforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try, butsomecontent may only be available via in-app purchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to your account.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, changeyourdevice settings. This app may contain contextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads for rewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from our partners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may also containsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parental gate.TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This application issubject to anEnd-User License Agreement available through thefollowing link: ABOUTBUDGE STUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission toentertain andeducate children around the world, through innovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintains the higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones and tablets. Like us: Followus:@budgestudios Watch our app trailers: We always welcome your questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 at BUDGE,BUDGESTUDIOS and MISS HOLLYWOOD are trademarks of Budge StudiosInc.Miss Hollywood: Vacation © 2015 Budge Studios Inc. AllRightsReserved.
Escape Game: Budget hotel 2.21
【END:3】 Let's escape from the Budget hotel in Japan. [How toPlay:Escape game] Let's escape with hints and items. The game isfreeuntil the end. Menu BGM・・・・ BGM ON / OFF. Save・・・・ save thegame.BBS・・・Please share your hints and comments to help .
Escape Game - Star Hotel 1.0.2
Escape Game: Star Hotel is a point and click escape game. Apersonwho is on a business trip is staying at this star hotel in asuite.The person has to attend a meeting now, so got ready to leavethesuite. But the person is not able to get of the suite as the keytothe door is missing. You must help person escape from the roomandattend the meeting by finding the key. Use clues and solvepuzzlesto get the key. Have fun!
Iberostar Hotels & Resorts 6.0.1
We are delighted to present our new Iberostar App for IOSandAndroid, with exciting new features so you can get evengreaterenjoyment from your stay. • Plan your holiday and discoverplacesof interest in your destination • Access the web check-inserviceto make your arrival faster and more convenient • Enjoypermanentaccess to all event and activity times, and add them toyour diaryto make sure you don’t miss a thing • Book a table inourrestaurants or order dinner in your room • Obtain full detailsofall the hotel services and facilities with our interactive map•Chat with the hotel staff and eConcierge to solve all yourneedsand queries And of course, you will be able to continuebookingrooms at any Iberostar hotel at the best guaranteed rates.Don’tleave it a minute longer: download the new Iberostar Appnow,completely free of charge.
Talented Pet Beach Show 1.0
The first season of talent show makes the pets famous overnight!Isthis the end of show? Of course not! Now, the stars are takingacruise towards the next season. This time, they're going toanisland hotel. Sunbath, swimming, parties, a luxury hotel...theyimagined all the good things before arrival. But... life isnotalways what we want it to be. Look at the hotel, it'sreallyshabby. Finally, they got it. They need to earn furniture fortheirrooms just like the first season. The more furniture they get,themore beautiful the hotel will look. Sweetie, can't wait to checkitout? Come on now~Features:- Brand new beach theme providesspecialexperience for the cute starsSand, shells, cobbles... allthesebring more fun and the cuties can enjoy a summer party.-Uniquelevel system offers an overall view of pet statusEach pet gotitsown progress bar, and the hotel will change its appearance asasurprise.- Five decoration and dressing styles presentfivedifferent starsLadylike, marine, sports... which style catchesyoureyes?- 6 mini games bring endless funSurfing, makingdrinks,treasure hunt... what's more? Come find it outyourself!About LibiiGame:With over 500 million downloads andgrowing, Libii iscommitted to creating innovative games for kids.We'll keep workingon establishing a good relationship with bothparents and theirchildren and bringing a healthy, happy atmospherefor them.Visitus: us: Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at WeCare@libii.comNeed You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
Escape a Spanish Hotel 1.2
Escape from a beautiful Hotel!"A Spanish Hotel" is the 16thEscapeGame produced by FUNKYLAND.This game is fairly simple, youneedonly escape from one room.Find the items and solve themysteries toescape from a Spanish Hotel♪.How to Play:- Just tap-Tap the itemicon twice to enlarge the display.- Tap the [+] buttonin the upperright hand corner to display the settings screen.GameFeatures:-Beautiful graphics- Auto-save- Easy and fun, even forthose notkeen on escape games- Perfect game length to kill timeTheSaveFunction:The game auto-saves items you've acquired andinstrumentsyou've unlocked, allowing you to restart at the lastauto-savecheckpoint.In case you can't restart, please check yourdevicesettings as there may not be enough storage space.
Voyage Hotels 2.8
Voyage Hotels
The Voyage Hotels mobile application offers guests a holidaywithextended comfort. The app presents easy access to a wide rangeofservices, from the hotel restaurants’ special menus andopeninghours to a listing of current and daily activities. It’salsopossible to check from the app which activities are availableorwhich restaurants are open at the moment. The app alsoprovidesoptions to follow activities or restaurants you like,andnotifications of activity starting times, as well as the abilitytosend feedback to Voyage on these services and more. OfferingVoyageguests the ability to find detailed information about theVoyageworld, the app’s user-friendly design makes it easy to usefor bothguests within the hotel and those seeking to book rooms.
Holidu: Search engine for vacation rentals 5.1.8
Holidu GmbH
It has never been easier to find the perfect vacation rentalforyour next holiday. The Holidu Android App does the work for youandcompares over 14 million vacation rentals & holiday homesfromall major travel sites. With Holidu your next vacation home isjusta few taps away. The variety of offers - More than 14millionholiday rentals - The biggest variety of rentals – asidefromclassic holiday homes, you will also find penthouses, beachandlake houses, county homes, as well as house boats or castles -Thelargest selection of regions - your favorite location willsurelybe among our 30.000 plus destinations The search - The HoliduAppoffers the fastest comparison technology - Save up to 55% onthesame rental - Define a price range that suits your budget -Reviewsfrom fellow travelers help you select your favorite holidayhome -Numerous filter options make planning your next trip easier:Youcan filter apartments according to your needs - with pool, wifiorbalcony; or lodging that allow pets or dogs - With thedistancefilter, you can find rentals that are close the beach, thesea, orthe city center Save & Book - Save your favoriteaccommodationsand share them with your friends - Filter instantlybookable offersto directly book your vacation rental and avoidhaving to send outbooking inquiries Download the Holidu App now andsave up to 55% onyour next trip! Website:
Hong Kong Hotel 2.5
Search, compare and book hotels in Hong Kong quickly and easilyusethis application. Use our free app compare hotel booking sitestofind the best prices and cheap hotels near you, or yourdreamvacation destination! Main features ✓ quickly and easilyfindhotels all over the world with just one simple search. ✓ Findyourhotel near the current location, at any time. ✓ view photos,readdescriptions and hotel reviews to give you the best choice. ✓Checkstar hotels currency of your choice. ✓ clear,easy-to-useinterface, in your language! Find cheap hotels in ourbudget hotelreservation application will find you the cheapesthotels throughour comparison hotel system. 5-star hotel you canplan cheapholidays cheap prices. Download cheap hotels and book thenextholiday today!
Sweden Hotels
Kim Apps
Going for a business trip in Stockholm or a vacationinSweden?Visiting Gothenburg, Malmo or Uppsala in Sweden? Wish totryoutthe famous Swedish massage in Sweden? Or lookingforcomfortablehotel accommodation in Sweden?Sweden Hotels onlinehotelbookingapp gives you the best hotel deals that saves you up to80%evenfor some last minute hotel room reservations, whetheryouarebooking for cheap budget hotels or luxury 5 starshotelsinStockholm or Gothenburg or anywhere in Sweden or in anycountryinthe world and includes cities like London, Paris, NewYork,Sydney,Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo, Berlin or Milan etc. orresortplaces likeKoh Samui in Thailand, the Maldives Islands orthewonderfulbeaches of Bahamas or the Mauritius etc. Exactly whatyourhotelbookings need for wonderful trips around the world. Youwillneverbe short of choice hotels wherever places you like tovisit.SwedenHotels gives you the widest choice of hotels in Swedenandallcontinents, whether it is Europe, Asia, America,AfricaorAustralia.There is no fee using this app for hotelbooking,nomark-up and it is FREE to use.To get the best hotel ratesinSwedenor anywhere anytime, simply search by location, dateandnumber ofguests and Sweden Hotels booking app will quickly findyouthe besthotel discounts in Sweden or places ofyourchoice.Featuresinclude:• Simple search by location, datesandguests• “Around Me”or hotels near me search to find whatisavailable around you atthat exact moment and location•Searchresults can be viewed twoways - on a map or in a listformat•Interactive map with zoom in,zoom out, and swipe to revealmoresurrounding hotels in or nearStockholm Sweden, which can alsoserveas Stockholm map or cityguide• View all Sweden hotel details,guestratings, images andfeatures the hotels offer• Comparison tableforall hotels and thebest hotel rates available for all ourpartnerhotel booking sites•Refine your search by price, starratings,areas, hotel featuresand more• Book with our partnerwebsites bysimply clicking “book”on your hotel of choice• Big imagegallery •Apps in 41 languages•The only android hotel accommodationbookingapp that allows you tosearch for the best hotel deals,,! One search and this free hotel booking appwill searchallthe listed hotels and give you the best hotelprices in onescreenfor all the special hotel deals. Besides hoteldiscounts,hostel andmotel listings are also included in this app.Book yourroom now toenjoy the great discounts! Or download thisfree handytraveller'saccommodation guide app into yoursmartphones or devicesfor futurehotel room reservation use.Online hotel booking hasnever been thiseasy before!Use and enjoyfor free this great mobileonline hotelbooking app, a Kim travelerapp developed by Kim Appsstudio andrecommend it to your friendsand relatives too. This isthe onlyhotel booking app you ever needto book any hotel in theworld!
Candy's Vacation - Beach Hotel 1.0
Where will your vacation take you this time? Our girl Candy runsapopular beach hotel with crystal clear waters and whitesandbeaches around. Come and check it out.We all know Candy, a kindandsweet girl who always gets everything well prepared. No oneisbetter than her at running this place and serving the guestswithnon-stop surprises. See~ a tidy room with stunning sea viewisready. A variety of exciting activities like surfing, waterslideand other indoor games will absolutely refresh the guests!Thehotel is doing quite well and the little girl's tirelesseffortscreate a whole new level of attention for this place, wherepeopleflock to enjoy their beach vacation. Features:- Indulgeyourself inthe fun of living near the seaMake your dream vacationhappen inCandy's Hotel. Let warm sunshine wake you up in themorning and thesoothing sound of waves help you fall sleep in thecozy bed- Yourefforts can take this place to a whole new levelPlaythe mini gamesto earn more experience points, with which you canlevel up thisplace to a better one- Play some mini-games in2-player model withfriendsIt's kind of boring to play the gamesalone? We got you!Some games here are available for 2-playersmodel, invite yourfriends to start it.- Take a break from the hotsummer and keepyourself cooled hereSurfing, water slide,sunbath…what better wayto spend the summer time than getting intothe water activities orjust laying down and having a sunbathAboutLibii Game:With over 400million downloads and growing, Libii iscommitted to creatinginnovative games for kids. We'll keep workingon establishing agood relationship with both parents and theirchildren and bringinga healthy, happy atmosphere for them.Visitus: us:Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at WeCare@libii.comNeed You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
Costa Hotels 1.1
Scarica l'App di Costa Hotels e i tuoi pensieri perlevacanzesaranno terminati! La Romagna è la nostra terrà, illuogodoveavremo il piacere di ospitarvi. Hotel,Agriturismo,Ristoranti,Eventi, Escursioni, Tour enogastronomici, lanostrapassione edesperienza al vostro servizio. Scaricarel'applicazionesarà modoper accedere ad offerte esclusive cheverrannoaggiornatecostantemente, che saranno visibili solamenteagliutenti. Potràessere un "vademecum" della vostra vacanza,troveretetanteattività da svolgere (eventi, escursioni, ecc)neidintornidell'alloggio che sceglierete. Da anni lavoriamoperoffrire ainostri clienti il miglior compromessodiqualità/prezzo,arricchendo il pacchetto con attivitàconsolidatenel tempo chepermettono di trasformare la vostra vacanzainun'esperienza daricordare. Che aspetti? Scaricala e mettiamociincontatto:)Download the App Coast Hotels and your thoughts fortheholidayswill be over! The Romagna is our take place, theplacewherewe will have the pleasure towelcomeyou.  Hotel,Catering, Restaurants, Events,Excursions,Gourmet tours, ourpassion and experience atyourservice.  Download theapplication will be a way toaccessexclusive offers that will beconstantly updated, which onlywill bevisible to users. Itmay be a "handbook" of yourvacation, youwill find many activitiesto do (events, excursions,etc.) in thearea youchoose.  For years we work to offerour customersthebest compromise of quality / price, enriching thepackagewithactivities consolidated over time that allow you toturnyourvacation into an experience toremember.  Whataspects?Download it and let's get in touch:)
Hotels in Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Hotels 1.0
This is the simplest way to compare hotels and prices leadinghotelbooking systems. Whether you are planning your future vacationoryou’re stuck in the unfamiliar city — just press "Hotels nearme"button and Hotellook will find you the best cheap hotel! Bookhotelrooms in 2 taps!List of Hotels in EthiopiaAg PalaceHotelRadissonBlu Hotel Addis AbabaHilton Addis AbabaSheraton Addis,a LuxuryCollection HotelJupiter International Hotel, BoleJacarandaHotelBahir DarSidra InternationalElilly InternationalSabanaBeachResortWeygoss Guest HouseJupiter InternationalHotel,CazanchiseGoba Wabe ShebelleBook your hotels rooms inEthiopia topcities including Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar,Mekele, Dire Dawa,Harar, Awasa, Axum and Lalibela.Download this appto take advantageof exclusive services!
Marbel Laundry Adventure
Educa Studio
Marbel is coming back with great and fun game! Have you everhelpedyour mom washing your clothes? If so, let's join MarbellaundryAdventure and clean up all of the room. Marbel LaundryAdventurehas 6 places need to be cleaned such as house, daycare,hotel,hospital, and theater. Put the trash at the garbage. Don'tgetwrong putting the trash. Tidy up all the stuffs. Place thewhiteclothes at the right bucket, don't mix them with the colorone. Usethe correct soap detergent. Watch how the wash machineworks. Onceyou finished wash all the clothes, dry all of them underthesunshine. Last, iron them until it looks neat. Playinglaundrygames is so much fun! You can learn how to wash your clotheswell.Use brush to clean up the dolls, bags, and shoes. Let's cleanupthe house with Marbel laundry adventure! Features - 6 places with6different experiences - Challenging clean up - A lot of toolstoclean up - More then 40 decoration
Booking Nepal Hotels 1.4
Booking Nepal Hotels - is the easy way foryouto find hotel rooms and make hotel reservations in Nepal.Whetheryou are travelling for a leisure holiday or mountainclimbing,outdoors trip, this mobile app is a fast way for you toselect agood accommodation. Now you can look for last minutehotels. Makeyour hotel booking and trip planning simple andhassle-free with ourmobile application! Features of Booking NepalHotels # Popularhotels for the city or area you’re heading to #Filter and sorthotels based on their star rating # Big range ofhotels includinginternational brand names. 5-star hotels, boutiquehotels, petfriendly hotels and more. # Hotel reservations for bigor smallgroups similar to # Make changes toyouronline hotel reservation from anywhere, up to the day beforeyourtravel date # Search for a hotel close to your desired placeoftravel # Save your preferred hotel choices if you wish to makeabooking later # Great last minute deals for those who havetoorganize a quick trip Most people would go to the usualhotelbooking page like on when trying toreservea hotel room. Traveling within Nepal may seem to be a greathassle,with the number of hotel reservations and bookings that youneed todo for different places. However, these days there is aneasyoption whereby you use this mobile app to search for and bookyourdesired hotels for the days you are spending at the variousplaces.Who is this Booking Nepal Hotels app for? *Holidaymakers,families, and those who love mountains and beautifulscenery *Corporate executives and business travellers staying insuites *Backpackers and those on a tight budget looking for budgethoteloptions * Families on a leisure trip looking to book hotelsinKathmandu or the sightseeing spots in Nepal * Those travellingtotake part in conventions or exhibitions Using the BookingNepalHotels app: # Open the app to the home page # Navigate to theHotelReservations page just like on # Searchfor aroom based on your destination, check-in and check-out dates,andnumber of guests # Filter the results based on the starrating,price, and type of property # See all details about yourselectedhotel room, such as free hotel breakfast, airport transferservice,complimentary Internet and corporate meeting rooms # Onceyou haveselected an option, you can go ahead to book your hotelroom HotelBookings Reviews and Index This Booking Nepal Hotels appuses asmart index gathered from all the major hotel bookingwebsites.Find out what other travellers have commented about thehotelsyou’re shortlisting! Nepal has no lack of good hotels. Whenlookingat major visitor centres such as Kathmandu, you could findmanywell-known hotel brands that are rated 4 or 5 stars. Even inthefar-flung travel destinations, there are usually a decent numberofhotel options including homestay lodges. If you have donehotelbooking such as on or other portals you mayalsohave noticed this. There are some small, family run hostelswhichcater mainly to backpackers and those with a tight budget.Thesemay not have currency exchange facilities available, so itwould bebest for you to change for Nepalese Rupee when in a majorcity.Hotel reservations can be made way in advance of yourholidaytravel time. We highly recommend that you book early toavoiddisappointment, especially if you plan to visit Nepal duringamajor holiday season. You could also find attractive dealsbybooking your hotel room early. Try our hotel reservations apptodayand let us know your feedback. We wish you a pleasant stayinNepal!
Phuket Hotels
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Going on a vacation, business trip, orplanningfor a honeymoon in Phuket? Or looking for comfortablehotelaccommodation in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai or Koh Samuioranywhere in Thailand?Phuket Hotels online hotel booking app gives you the besthoteldeals that saves you up to 80% even for some last minute hotelroomreservations, whether you are booking for cheap budget hotelsorluxury 5 stars hotels in Phuket or any part of the worldandincludes cities like Paris, New York, Sydney, London,Moscow,Tokyo, Berlin or Milan etc. or resort places like BaliinIndonesia, the Maldives Islands or the wonderful beaches ofBahamasetc.Exactly what your hotel bookings need for wonderful trips aroundtheworld. You will never be short of choice hotels wherever placesyoulike to visit. Phuket Hotels gives you the widest choice ofhotelsin all continents, whether it is Asia, Europe, America,Africa orAustralia.There is no fee using this app for hotel booking, no mark-up anditis FREE to use.To get the best hotel rates in Phuket or anywhere anytime,simplysearch by location, date and number of guests and PhuketHotelsbooking app will quickly find you the best hotel discountsinPhuket or places of your choice.Features include:• Simple search by location, dates and guests• “Around Me” or hotels near me search to find what isavailablearound you at that exact moment and location• Search results can be viewed two ways - on a map or in alistformat• Interactive map with zoom in, zoom out, and swipe to revealmoresurrounding hotels in or near Phuket, which can also serveasPhuket map or city guide• View all Phuket hotel details, guest ratings, images andfeaturesthe hotels offer• Comparison table for all hotels and the best hotel ratesavailablefor all our partner hotel booking sites• Refine your search by price, star ratings, areas, hotelfeaturesand more• Book with our partner websites by simply clicking “book” onyourhotel of choice• Big image gallery• Apps in 41 languages• The only android hotel accommodation booking app that allowsyouto search for the best hotel deals in Phuket Thailand,, PlazaLook no further! One search and this free hotel booking appwillsearch all the listed hotels and give you the best hotel pricesinone screen for all the special hotel deals. Besideshoteldiscounts, hostel and motel listings are also included in thisapp.Book your room now to enjoy the great discounts!Or download this free handy traveller's accommodation guide appintoyour smartphones or devices for future hotel room reservationuse.Online hotel booking has never been this easy before!
Booking Puerto Rico Hotels and Travel 1.4
Booking Puerto Rico Hotels and Travel - is aneasyway for you to search and make hotel bookings in PuertoRico.Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, thismobileapplication is the best way for you to choose a suitablehotel orinn. Make your hotel reservation and travel planning hasslefreewith this app. Features of Booking Puerto Rico Hotels andTravelUsing this app, you can see popular accommodation types forthearea you are going to. There is a wide range of hotels,includingfive-star international chains and small local inns. Youmay filterand sort hotels based on their star rating, and bookhotel roomsfor big groups or individuals just like Youcan also make changes to your reservationdates, and look for lastminute deals if you are in a rush. Mostpeople would go to theusual hotel booking websites like It may seemtroublesome having to book hotelrooms at different areas anddates. Using this app though, you couldeasily search for and bookrooms based on the area and date oftravel. Who should use thisBooking Puerto Rico Hotels and TravelApp… Business executives,backpackers, families on holiday in PuertoRico, visitors toconventions and exhibitions, frequent travellersin transit –basically anyone who needs to book a hotel or hostel.How to usethe Booking Puerto Rico Hotels and Travel app… Afteropening theapp, select “Book Hotels (Hotel Reservations)”. Chooseyour traveldates, number of guests and destination. Make sure tocheck alldetails of your preferred room, including airportshuttles, hotelbreakfast, Internet access, free cancellations etc.Then go aheadand book the room! Hotel Bookings – Index and ratingsystem TheBooking Puerto Rico Hotels and Travel app uses an indexthat iscollated from all the major hotel booking websites. You canreadwhat other travellers have commented about the hotels inyourchosen area. Puerto Rico is a popular destination with manyhotelsof all kinds, in San Juan, Ponce, and other smaller towns.Even inthe more remote areas, you could still find inns and hotels.If youhave done hotel bookings such as on you mayhavecome across backpacker hostels and homestay lodges. They maynotaccept foreign currency or certain cards, so be sure to getUSDollars (USD) when in town. Hotel reservations should be doneearlyif you want a good deal, or if you’re travelling duringholidayseason. We hope you have an enjoyable stay in Puerto Rico!
Ice Princess Doll House Games 6.1.1
🏠 It’s winter, there’s a huge storm getting near, andPrincessFrosie needs her ice castle built before it’s too late!Shewelcomes you to her doll house decorating games and begs youtohurry up with the dollhouse design before sheuncontrollablyfreezes everything around her. Help her design herwinter dreamhome using amazing princess castle decoration items androyaldollhouse miniatures, and this ice princess castle will bethefirst step on her way of becoming a queen. Download ❆ IcePrincessDoll House Games ❆ right now and start building a kingdominastonishing “ice princess games”, some of the best housedesigngames for free you’ve ever seen! ❄❄❄❅❄❅❅❇❇❇❅❅❄❅❄❄❄ Buildtheperfect ice princess castle in the best baby doll housegames!❄❄❄❅❄❅❅❇❇❇❅❅❄❅❄❄❄ ❈ Choose a room to design in PrincessFrosie’snew virtual home! ❈ Meet her friends – cute baby dolls andpets! ❈Create an “ice castle” living room, bedroom, dining roomorbathroom – the plan for royal home design is all yours! ❈Usevarious dollhouse furniture items and house decorations tocreatebeautiful princess room designs! ❈ Extremely easy to use:justtouch the items and drag them wherever you want. ❈ Take aphoto,share it across all social networks and boast of your “dreamhome”for cute Princess Frosie! ❈ All this and much more awaits youonlyin our ❆ Ice Princess Doll House Games ❆ for FREE! 🏠 Make anewkingdom emerge in frozen isolation and turn our PrincessFrosieinto a beautiful queen by creating a baby doll “princesscastle” inthe latest princess room decoration games. If you’ve everwanted todesign a stunning baby doll house with the snow glowingwhite allaround it, now’s your chance to make your dream come truein theseprincess games with levels of the castle so magnificentthat you’llbe left speechless! The most fascinating princess roomdecor awaitsyou in our ice princess games. So, express all yourprincessbedroom ideas or ideas for any other princess room todesign anddecorate a magnificent ice castle playhouse. All you needis to getour newest ❆ Ice Princess Doll House Games ❆ for free andthedollhouse design fun is guaranteed! 🏠 Other dream home gamesandhouse design games won’t make you feel the wind howling astheapproaching storm swirls ever closer to your baby doll house.Themoment you enter our new princess castle games you’ll beinstantlydrawn to the numerous options for dollhouse design, andyou’llnever even wish to try other doll house decorating games. Youcandesign a playhome in them, but you’ll never be able to createanddecorate a baby doll princess castle placed inside theperfectwinter scenery. This dream-like decoration game will bringtheimage of the most beautiful winter fairy tale right in frontofyour eyes, and the best part is that you can design your ownhouseand make your own fairy-tale ending. Download ❆ Ice PrincessDollHouse Games ❆ completely free and see what real “princessroomdecoration” games look like! 🏠 The time for ice princess gameshascome! Be among the first to design and decorate your own houseforPrincess Frosie and share your creations with all your friendstoprove you’ve got the most extravagant dollhouses that youcreatedin amazing “princess castle games”. Don’t let your friendsmake arealistic baby dolls dream house for frosty winter first!This isyour chance to increase popularity, so don’t miss it! Getthe toptrending doll house games, the best ice princess castledecorationitems, and spend hours of leisure playing fantasticprincess gamesfree. Download ❆ Ice Princess Doll House Games ❆right now to meetravishing Princess Frosie and see for yourselfthat you’ve justdiscovered the best princess room decoration gameson the market!
Hotels Reservation Deals 1.1
Travel apps
Hotels Reservation Deals is simplest, fastest andsecurestHotelBooking App to reserve your Hotel Rooms, MotelsSpaces,VacationRentals and Cheap Apartments. It is the best dealsfinderonhotels.Hotels Reservation Deals is an absolutely freeandgreatvacation rental app that can give you cheap vacationsintruesense. Whether you’ve to find hotel or you wanthotelreservationtonight then Hotels Reservation Deals is best andfreeof costsolution for you to find nearby hotels, hotels onsaleandMotel.Hotels Reservation Deals is convenient andaffordabletripadvisor for you so you could enjoy the best of yourvacationswiththis amazing free trip source. Hotel reservations wasnever aseasybefore. Booking of hotels suite, hotel rooms,apartments andmotelspaces is just a single tap away with thisHotelsReservationDeals.Hotel booking online is always a hecticandstressful task asthere is no surety of your hotel reservationbutwith HotelsReservation Deals it is more reliable andtrustworthytask to do.Hotels Reservation Deals provides you withbest andcheapest dealsand a lot of options accordingly within yourpocketrange so youcould enjoy your vacations with your family atitsbest. How itWorks: ● Open Hotels Reservation Deals.● SelectCheckIn and CheckOut dates.● Select your location or use AroundCurrentLocation.●Select People to live in room.● Tap on Search.●Selectyour desiredvacation rental room displayed resultsandmakereservations.DISCLAIMER:● Hotels Reservation Deals isanauthorizedaffiliate of HotelsCombined.● Hotel Prices andRoomsQuality mayvary.● We do not store any user informationduringHotelReservation.Download one of the best Hotels ReservationDealsAppand make your traveling life convenient and vacationmorebeautifuland economicalIf you face any problems or havinganyissue, pleasedrop us an email we will try our best to get backtoyou as soon aspossible.
Marble - Hotels & Resorts 1.0.6
The Marble Hotels & Resorts mobile app offersadditionalservices to allow you to enjoy your stay at the resort tothefullest.Prior to arrival at the resort you can use the app tosendus your personal details, so that you don't have to wait inline atthe reception on check-in. The convenient passport scannerin theapp makes this a breeze!Discover the different facilitiesthat theMarble Hotels & Resorts have to offer via theinteractive map.Browse the menus from our different restaurants andbars andinstantly see their opening hours.The current version ofthe MarbleHotels & Resorts app has been specifically made forthe MarbleStella Maris Resort. Marble Stella Maris Ibiza offers youa trulymemorable experience in a unique environment. The twonearestpicturesque beaches of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta, andthelively town of San Antonio are also just a few minutes away bycar.The resort has a large variety of facilities and offers auniqueAll Inclusive concept, featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner andlocalalcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Premium services, such asà lacarte dining are offered at an additional cost. Enjoythisamazing resort, the stunning sunsets and spoil yourself withallthat Marble Hotels & Resorts has to offer!
Hotel MSSNGR 3.10.0
Hotel MSSNGR is a guest communication app for hotels to lettheirguests decide about what, when and where they want to beinformed.Hotel MSSNGR is an easy to use mobile app, whichdeliversinformation about activities and events right to the cellphone ofthe hotel guest. All information is automatically filteredby thepersonal and individual interests of each hotel guest. WithHotelMSSNGR no important information is lost on its way to theguest,Hotel MSSNGR ensures all guests receive the information theyreallycare about. Also everything to know about the hotel isdeliveredright to the smartphone by Hotel MSSNGR - always up todate andeasy to use.
Luxury Rooms Hotel Cleanup 1.0
Luxury Rooms Hotel Cleanup game for little girls and kids.Littlegirls kick-start your hotel room cleaning adventure and tidyup thehotel room with expert cleansing skills. Gather andimmaculateeverything to make the room comfy living. Wash and cleanevery itemin the luxury hotel room to make it more beautiful,adorable andcomfortable for guests. Clean up the hotel room like atrained maidwith this fun busting cleanup game.Learn to become anexpert hotelrooms cleaning service provider and clean the hotelreception,rooms, and lawns As Housekeeping personnel you areassignedcleaning duty of each room and management are expected fromyou toproperly complete a series of cleaning and sanitizingduties.Remove dirty linens, towels, and trash from the room andthebathroom. Remove the comforter/blanket; change the bed sheetandother things to make the room empty for cleaning. Clean theroomfloor, clean the bathroom and wash the tiles by using asponge,brush, broom, washing powder, and vacuum. Clean the mirrors,roomwindows, TV, and phone in the hotel room with the glass cleanerandmodern tools. Wipe down any hard surfaces of furniture such asthedesk, dresser, nightstand, lamps, and headboard andbedsidedrawers. Replace trash bags in the room regularly forthecleanliness of the hotel room. Use the best air fresheners inhotelrooms to be squeaky clean and to smell fresh. Show yourdexterityin the art of cleaning. Luxury Rooms Hotel Cleanup is thebestadventurous room cleaning game for kids and girls. You canenjoythe counter fun of hotel manager and room cleaner in thissinglegame for hotel cleanup. Become the manager of thehousekeepingstaff of the luxury hotel and taking charge of makingsure that thequality standards of the hotel are followed withregard to cleaningthe rooms. Get the basic rules of cleaning andmanaging hotelroom’s service business. Enjoy the exciting kids andgirls luxuryroom cleaning gameplay with stunning background music.As a Managersupervise and inspect the rooms cleaning for guestsatisfaction.It’s the duty of room planner and organizer to makesure thateverything is clean and hygienic. Luxury Rooms HotelCleanup ispacked with a variety of entertaining tasks for theplayers.
Coco Mar Hotels 1.5
Come and meet Coco, the virtual pet of Mar Hotels. He would lovetobe your best friend. Coco lives many adventures in the hotel,onthe beach or in the sea. Have fun playing his fantasticmini-gamesthat allow you to unlock new activities. Make sure thatCoco alwayshas enough food, drinks, health and love. Meet Coco'sfriends - thedolphin, the crab and the octopus.
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Hotels South Korea
Going for a business trip, honeymoon or vacation in SouthKorea?Looking for comfortable hotel accommodation - budget hotelsorluxury 5 star hotels in Seoul or other cities or any part ofSouthKorea? Look no further! Hotels South Korea app gives youhoteldeals that save you up to 80% even for some last minute hotelroomreservations. There is no fee, no mark-up and this app is FREEtouse. To get the best hotel rates every time, simply searchbylocation, date and number of guests and Hotels South Koreaquicklyfinds you the best hotel discounts in South Korea.Featuresinclude: • Simple search by location, dates and guests •“AroundMe” search to find what is available around you at thatexactmoment and location • Search results can be viewed two ways -on amap or in a list format • Interactive map with zoom in, zoomout,and swipe to reveal more surrounding hotels • View allhoteldetails, guest ratings, images and features the hotel offers•Comparison table for all hotels and the best hotel ratesavailablefor all our partner hotel booking sites • Refine yoursearch byprice, star ratings, areas, hotel features and more • Bookonlinewith our partner websites by simply clicking “book” on yourhotelof choice • Big image gallery • Apps in 41 languages • Theonlyhotel app that allows you to search for the best hotel dealsinSouth Korea throughout:,, Marriott Skoosh GetaroomCrowne PlazaOne search and our app will search all the listedhotels and givesyou the best hotel prices in one screen for all thedeals. Besideshotels in South Korea, you can also search for otherpopular hotelsin other countries worldwide. Hostel and motellisting is also inour app. Book your room now to enjoy theattractive rates! Ordownload this free handy traveler's app intoyour androidsmartphones or devices for future use. Booking hotelonline hasnever been this easy before!
Sukosol Hotels 4.8.6
Appy Sphere
Sukosol Hotels Application showcases the hotels and enables youtohave easy access to our exclusive promotions, book andordervarious services, get useful information about the local area,andsend feedback to our property right on your device.ThisApplication will help you plan your holiday withsightseeingrecommendations and in-app promotions and also will beuseful toyou while on the property to make certain requests withease.Oncedownloaded, the Sukosol Hotels Application does notrequire a webconnection to display our hotel information and forthe Applicationto stay connected. Features to enjoy on SukosolHotelsApplication:- Special hotel promotions and exclusiveoffers-Loyalty Program benefits and discounts- Enjoy easy access toourhotel’s information- Enjoy sightseeing tips, travelinformation,and local weather information- Send feedback directlyand instantlyto us- Book and order our hotel services- Send yourassessment ofour hotel on the Guest Survey once you have completedyour stay-Share your photos at the hotel to your Facebook andTwitteraccounts- Multiple language optionsDownload Sukosol HotelsApp toyour device for a great stay!
GTDC Goa: Book holiday Hotels 1.4.2
Goa offers a wide spectrum of options for the holiday traveller.Lieon a beach or climb a mountain, Explore history or night life,shop,party. Discover exotic places to stay and interesting thingsto dowhile you are there. Her beaches are legendary, and theprospect ofsunny stretches of golden sand draws more than 2million tourists tothis state every year. The cuisine. Goa isnoted for herirresistible, spicy and tangy cuisine, and there areplenty ofeateries in all shapes and sizes that serve up authenticGoan meals.Don’t Miss- Tiracol Fort, Fontainhas, Reis Magos Fort,BackwaterCruises, Dolphin Spotting, Dudhsagar Waterfall(monsoon)GettingAround Two-Wheelers: All you need is a two-wheelerto get around.The most popular way to commute, scooters andmotorcycles areavailable for hire everywhere and come prettycheap.MotorcycleTaxis: If you plan to, say, spend long hours atthe beach or areheaded to a specific destination for the betterpart of the day, youmay not want to hire a two-wheeler.Ferries:Goa boasts many riversand estuaries, and ferries will get you fromone shore to the other.While the larger barges take cars to theother side, all of themtake at least a two-wheeler, apart fromlocals, tourists, livestockand coconuts!Trains: There arepassenger trains aplenty passingthrough Goa. So if you need to getfrom North to South Goa in ahurry, check train timetables, buy aticket and just hopon.Autoriskshaws: These black-and-yellowthree-wheelers areessentially a motorcycle with a couple of seatsmounted at the back.They are a common sight in smaller towns andrural areas. Anauthorised means of transport, they usually ignorethe meter. Makesure the price is right before you climbaboard.Buses: There is nodearth of buses, both private andstate-run, criss-crossing thestate. If you’re planning to board abus in Goa, brace yourself fora colourful experience!
Hotel Singh International Amritsar 0.0.1
Definitely servers as a royal locate for the business&holidaytraveler. The location also makes every corner ofAmritsareasilyaccessible. We offer rooms with many differentlayouts, foryourpleasure. We make every effort to give you thesolitude youdesire.We present you the privacy you deserve. Toprovide not justaservice but an experience.
IVH Travel 8.1
IVH Travel - Official reservation AppIVH app is the easier waytomanage your stay with experts. IVH is a leader inboutiqueaccommodations, value and services to independent travelersandindependent hotels worldwide. You can book your stay with morethan1.5 million hotels across more than 38 countries.Here is thelistof feature that IVH app offers to manage your reservations –•Youcan join IVH community by registering via app• You can edityourpersonal profile• You can view the hotel details likeimagegallery, location, policies etc and Book your stay atsuitableaccommodation• You can view / cancel your booking with IVH•Redeemyour Rewards Points to avail free Reward Night staysandmuchmore...
Venice Hotels, Italy 1.01
Looking for Venice Hotels, Italy? Look no more!Thishotelapplication's FREE for your device! Usual price is $0.99!Grabitwhile sales last!In today's situation when technologyhastakenover almost all areas of application of travel andtourism,itwould be difficult come across anyone who has not bookedahotelroom online. Online hotel booking provides you alltheinformationthat you need to know even before embarking onajourney. You canhave a complete list of the best hotels oftheplace you intend tovisit, information about the various roomsandtheir tariffs andeven about the offers and discountsbeingoffered.Star hotels havetheir own websites that allows you totakea virtual tour of thehotels and view the rooms from the comfortofyour homes before youmake your next move. Before you makeyouronline hotel bookings,there a few important things that mustbeconsidered.Choosing thebest hotel from a large listing canbechallenging, especially whenthe features and tariffs do notdiffermuch. The thumb rule tofollow in such cases is to bookwithreputable hotels that offeryou a wider choice of listingsandoptions for reservations on thedesignated date. At the sametime,you must also know about theircancellation and refunds policy,justin case there are someunavoidable last minutechanges.Anotherreliable way to choose agood hotel is to look forreviews aboutyour short-listed hotels ontravel portals and forums.Customersusually post their experiencesonline when they haveexperienced theservices -good or bad.Testimonials of customers onindependenttravel portals can betrusted for authenticity.As a rule,hotelrooms are always packedto capacity on weekends and holidays,makingthem the mostexpensive during these periods. If it ispossible, youcan try andbook for weekdays when the tariffs are attheir lowestandavailability of rooms are assured. Hotels alsoannounceattractivediscounts on rooms and food on weekdays to enticemoreguests, sokeep your eyes peeled for such offers. They can makeahugedifference to the overall savings on the trip.Bookinghotelroomsonline is definitely a huge money saver. Customersareencouragedby hotels to take the online route so that they canhaveassuredbookings for their rooms and also get paid beforeyouactuallyreach there. All you have to do is remember to useareliabletravel portal to book hotels online.This app offerstheability tosearch and securely book your choice of hotel roomsinthe city!Compare millions of local hotel prices for yourtravel.This appoffers a simple, secure booking process, a BestPriceGuarantee,and 24x7 customer support.It’s simply the best freehotelbookingapp out there, packed with cheap hotel listings forthiscity - andyou can book without leaving the app!Download thisappnow anddiscover these features: Use powerful sort &filteroptions tohelp you quickly find the right cheap hotel foryourtrip, Checkyour booking for Free, Get the latest info for anyhotelpricing -any available dates, Search for list of hotels -Fast,Find theperfect deal every time with our customizable filters-search byprice, time, area & star rating, Take advantage ofourBestPrice Guarantee, Book hotel rooms in the last minute forless,Andfinally, Save with our list of luxury hotel savings.We’vealsopartnered with many hotels so that you can savebigbucks!Inaddition, this app also offers: Best Car Rental incity,Traveltips & guides, as well as Things to do in city fortour&holidays. There is also Calendar & Notes foryourone-stopcalendar and note tool to write downyourimportantinformation/event during your stay!So, what areyouwaiting for?Getyour Venice Hotels, Italy app today while thepriceis still Free!
Kastoria Galaxy Hotel 2.0
Kastoria Galaxy Hotel located just 5 minutes away fromKastoriacity, Galaxy Hotel – Piscine Club is an ideal accommodationoptionfor family holidays.The drive to the hotel goes 5km along theshoreof Kastoria lake in a beautiful natural scenery with a viewofKastoria city, the ‘jewel of the lake’.Recently renovated,therooms of Galaxy Hotel are surrounded by lush flower gardenswhichcreate a unique atmosphere for relaxing moments. - Flights and Hotels 4.0.3
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Hotel Room Clean up & fix it 1.0
Kids lets experience something new in cleanup & fix itworld.Hotel room management provides best facilities of cleanupservicesto their clients for their reliable stay. Keep your roomneat andclean at hotel shows about your manners and adequate. Afamily cameat hotel and before leaving room they clean it in properway andfix it. Hotel manager provides cleaning materials, tools andteamfor their help. They start washing and cleaning floor byusingdetergents and making it sharp elegant and neat in look.Vacuumroom properly and sets things in mind blowing way. Hotelcleanupteam decorate room wall texture and design beautiful andcharmingroom’s wall. Making messy and destructive room beautiful isamiracle art. Little girls and kids are fixing things on walls.Bedsheets and day bed covers changed wonderfully by expertlaundryteam. Washing & cleaning bathroom is also part ofroomcleaning. Brilliant kids and hotel team checking andmaintainingwater sanitation system of room. Well reputed, trainedand highlyconscientious cleaning staff curious about hygienicenvironment ofroom at hotel so they introduce new technology ofskilful cleaningart to family. Everyone surprised after watchingamazing work ofcleanup and fix it by family. Achieving highestlevel in cleaningservices can be done by practicing again andagain. Girls sometimesconfused about how to clean room in veryshort time so this is verygood time managing and exclusive game tolearn cleaning and washingtricks.
Maranton Hotel | Thasos 2.6
We warmly welcome you to Maranton Hotel in Thasos!MarantonHotelexclusive mobile application are designed to enhanceguest’sexperience and vacation planning. Android users can nowexperienceand explore the Hotel before even stepping into the frontdoor!CONTENT Ihotel is an innovative hotel application designedforSmartphones and Tablet Pcs and addressed to hoteliers that lovetomove one step further of their guests' expectations.ThisInteractive app enable guests to be equipped with usefulandpractical information during their stay such as activities ,linksto hotel’s website booking engine, social media links, callthereception button ,sights and local events ,access local mapswithdirections or make a reservation to Hotel’s Restaurant orBar.Guests can take advantage of special offers provided by thehoteland purchase in-room dining, book beauty and healthtreatments,shop from a wide variety of internal or external Hotel’sproducts,fully interact with hotel’s system such as Room or TVControls,access Travel Desk information like Travel Info and evenrequestAirline check in or Car rental. EXTRAS - Fast Check in -Expresscheck out - Conference room in the hotel. Find the idealmeetingspace based on group size and layout.- Weather Info Servicefor theLocation of the hotel - Hotel’s Guide. Virtually explore theBeautyof the Hotel with unique views into the property.- Oneclickcontact to a Hotel representative. - Multilingual support:Theapplication supports English, Greek, Italian, German, andRussianNOTES Offline Function: You can see the content withoutInternetconnection. However if you are online you can enjoyshopping androom service. You need Internet connection only for thefirst timeyou use our app so as to download and save the content.But staylogged in to use all the ingenious features of theapplication .SUPPORT For anything you need to ask about theapplication ,you cancontact the support team of the application
Dolmen Hotel Malta 2.2.0
Beautiful located at the waters edge, the Dolmen Resort Hotel istheperfect retreat for an island holiday in Malta.The DolmenResortsmartphone app showcases all the hotel’s amenities,facilities andservices. Users can also enjoy photos of theresort.The app tellsyou all the different attractions on theMaltese Islands andfeatures information about the latest eventsinside and outside theresort.You can also check how close you areto the beaches,restaurants and entertainment places, since everypoint has GPScoordinates.This is the MUST HAVE app for yoursmartphone. Downloadit now for free!
Amhsa Marina 3.20
Amhsa Marina
We are the largest "genuinely" Dominican hotel chain thatmanagesresorts across the country under the All Inclusive Conceptsince2000. Our highly qualified staff compiles over 2,000employees,fully identified with our "excellence in servicephilosophy"bringing you 24/7, the most unspoiled of services. Wemake ourguests feel welcome by speaking their language andunderstandingtheir costumes, culture and traditions; becoming theiralliesduring their treasured vacations, and conveying the best ofOurculture and traditions counter parted by the mostbeautifullandscapes across the Dominican Republic.
Booking Kenya Hotels 1.0
Booking Kenya Hotels - is an easy way for youtosearch and make hotel bookings in Kenya. Whether you aretravellingfor business or leisure, this mobile application is thebest wayfor you to choose a suitable hotel or inn. Make yourhotelreservation and travel planning hassle free with thisapp.Featuresof Booking Kenya HotelsUsing this app, you can seepopularaccommodation types for the area you are going to. There isa widerange of hotels, including five-star international chains andsmalllocal inns. You may filter and sort hotels based on theirstarrating, and book hotel rooms for big groups or individualsjustlike on You can also make changes toyourreservation dates, and look for last minute deals if you are inarush.Most people would go to the usual hotel booking websiteslikeon It may seem troublesome having to bookhotelrooms at different areas and dates. Using this app though,youcould easily search for and book rooms based on the area anddateof travel. Who should use this Booking Kenya HotelsApp…Businessexecutives, backpackers, families on holiday in Kenya,visitors toconventions and exhibitions, frequent travellers intransit –basically anyone who needs to book a hotel or hostel. Howto usethe Booking Kenya Hotels app…After opening the app, select“BookHotels (Hotel Reservations)”. Choose your travel dates, numberofguests and destination. Make sure to check all details ofyourpreferred room, including airport shuttles, hotelbreakfast,Internet access, free cancellations etc. Then go aheadand book theroom!Hotel Bookings – Index and rating systemTheBooking KenyaHotels app uses an index that is collated from all themajor hotelbooking websites. You can read what other travellershave commentedabout the hotels in your chosen area. Kenya is a bigcountry withmany places of interest and hotels of all kinds, incities likeNairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. Even in the rural areas,you canusually find inns and hotels for your accommodation.If youhavedone hotel bookings such as on you may havecomeacross backpacker hostels and homestay lodges. They may notacceptforeign currency or certain cards, so be sure to getKenyanShilling (KES) while you’re in the city. Hotel reservationsshouldbe done early if you want a good deal, or if you’retravellingduring holiday season. We hope you have an enjoyable stayin Kenya!
Booking Melbourne Hotels 1.1
Booking Melbourne Hotels - is theeasiestwayfor you to search and make hotel reservations inMelbourne.Whetheryou are travelling for business or on a holiday,this app isthebest way for you to choose a suitableaccommodation.Make yourhotelbooking and holiday planning simple andfuss-free with ourmobileapplication!Booking Melbourne HotelsFeatures:# Popularhotels forthe location you’re going to# Filterand see hotels basedon theirstar rating# Wide range of hotelsincluding internationalbrandnames- 5-star hotels and hostels alike#Hotel reservations forbiggroups or individuals and couples changes to your hotel reservationfromanywhere, up to the daybefore your travel date# Search for ahotelclose to your desiredarea# Save your preferred hotel choicesif youwish to make abooking later# Great last minute deals forthose whohave toorganize a rushed trip!Who is this app for?*Workingexecutives andbusiness travellers* Backpackers and those ona tightbudget*Families on holiday looking to book hotels inMelbourneandsurrounding areas such as Geelong and the Great OceanRoad*Thosetravelling to watch sporting events such as thetennisAustralianOpen or rugby matches* Holidaymakers from allaround theworldUsingthe Booking Melbourne Hotels app:# Open the appto thehome page#Navigate to the Hotel Booking page Search for a room basedonyourdestination, check-in and check-out dates, and numberofguests#Filter the results based on the star rating, price, andtypeofproperty# See all details about your selected hotel room,suchascomplimentary hotel breakfast, airport shuttleservice,Internetconnection and business lounge# Once you haveselected anoption,you can go ahead to book your hotel - ReviewsThis BookingMelbourne Hotelsappuses an intelligent index gathered from all theprimaryhotelbooking websites. Find out what other travellershavefeedbackedabout the hotels you’re considering!Melbourne’shotelstandards aregenerally high. Within the city area you couldfindmany well-knownhotel brands that are rated 4 or 5 stars. Eveninthe outskirts andtourist destinations along the coast ofVictoriastate, there isusually no lack of hotel bookingoptions.There arealso many small,independent hostels targeting atbackpackers andtravellers on abudget. However these may not havecurrency exchangefacilitieslocated on site; it would be best foryou to change forAustralianDollars (AUD) when in Melbourne citycentre itself.Hotelbookingsuch as on can be madeway in advance ofyourholiday travel time. We highly recommend thatyou book earlytoavoid disappointment, especially if you plan tovisit Melbourneonholiday seasons such as Christmas. You could alsochanceuponamazing deals by booking your hotel room early!TryourBookingMelbourne Hotels app today and let us know your comments.Wewishyou a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable visit to Melbourne!