Top 7 Games Similar to Papaye Bang Bang

榮耀遠征:Journey To Glory 0.102.112
【THE STORY】 We conquered this land and built an empire toguardthesoul from evil. But there are whispers onthewind...........Mybrotherhood “spades prince” born in theshadows. 【GAMEDESCRIPTION】 "Journey To Glory" is an multiplayerKingdoms strategygameproduced by 175game. And it’s available rightnow in mobileApponly. You can customize army of Heroes and tryoutdifferentcombination in battle. Most of all, you can controlyourHero now,and target enemy buildings and foes the way you likeit!Combinethe PVP and PVE gameplay. You can win free diamondsbyEvents ordestroying other players , and earn resource with yourownbasetoo. Now create your own Alliance with other playerstoconquerother kingdoms and dominate the realm! 【UNIQUEFEATURE】●ControlHero unit in real-time strategy combat and crushyourenemies。●Mighty Building such as Dragon guard, ArtilleryandCyclops withover 35 Specials, make the most base of them! ●Raiseastrong armyof Heroes:Human, ORC and elf, use dozens ofskills,spells andtraps and experiment numerous combination ofstrategies!●Buildyour kingdom and dominate the realm. Receiveprecious prizesfromthe national tax. ●Challenge global players andBOSS to earnfreediamonds For all the latest info, follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook :
Clash Warlords - Might and Magic 1.0.35
Xin Games
《Clash Warlords》 features the zone exploration,turn-basedcombatsystem, as well as card collecting aspects, withathroughlydeveloped simulation system, as well as an abundantnumberofchallenging campaigns. The thrilling,mind-challenginggameplaywill keep war-chess gamefans gripped forhours. Get readyto enjoymore than 60 action-packed strategysimulation levels thatawaityou! Let the War begin! Command yourheroes to Charge!NowIntroducing [Arena] for PVP (Player VersusPlayer) This is abrandnew feather of the game which allow playersfight againsteachother, get upgraded and ranking. [Arena] is like aminigameincorporates serval parts as below: [Deploy] Players canchoosetheheroes, troops and tactic cards to be ready for thebattle.[PVE]In this area, players can fight against some mightyBOSS (AI)toearn some experience to upgrade their battle levelinArena.[Arena] This module has 4 compartments : Trainingroom,RankingRoom, Rank, Playback collection 1. In the training roomalltheequipments are united provided to players and theirbattleresultswill not count for ranking. 2 .In the ranking roomplayerswill beusing their own equipments and battle results will beusedto rank.3. A Leaderboard of up to 60 top players can be seen intherankingarea. 4. Playback allows players review their recentbattlesorcheck other player's battle by using a playbackreferenceid.[Quest] Players can get rewards by accomplish Questsprovidedanddifference quests are showing here according toplayers'slevel.[Shop] Where players can shop for some props andtokensspecialisedfor Arena. Have fun in the [Arena]! we willcontinuouslyimproveit! And if you have any problem with our game,please visitourwebsite :
Firmament Ode 1.2.4
Firmament Ode is based on Classic Turn-Based Strategygamewhichbrings lots of joy and memory of the old times.FirmamentOdeimproves the shortcomings of the slow-pacedandinconvenientoperation of the strategy round and adds morediverseskills andjoys. The original storyline and stunning musicbringsyou morejoyful while playing the game. The game is paid onceafterthedemo, and there is no extra charge for future game updates.
Rune Rebirth 1.968
“We do believe some good old days can beremembered!!!”Collectrunes, explore the unknown and defeat powerfulmonsters!Byperforming Quick Time Event, you can unleash the powerof runestodestroy thousands of dangerous monsters. Be cautionsofthemonsters, fight back with your wisdom and combat instinct !Canyouwin this battle? Why you should play Rune Rebirth ★ENJOYthegoodold days of classic RPG game The one of thebestold-fashionedstyle RPG game. Remember the happiness ofthechildhood. ★TAP tocombine different runes to performpowerfulattacks Assemble therunes on the screen to unleash mysticenergy★ACT fast and defeatthe monsters with QTE(Quick Time Event)Evademonster's attackswith Quick Time Event and win the battle★UNLOCKnew runes andupgrade your power Upgrade your runes duringthejourney andchallenge stronger monsters ★EXPLORE the mystery oftherunes worldEnjoy the epic story. Save the world with youruniquerunes power.COME & JOIN THE BATTLE WITH US !!!
Union League
Join the Union League! Legendary heroes await yourarrival!Fightagainst other heroes in the Arena and claim yourvictory! ■UniqueHeroes Recruit heroes by completing the stage mode.Form thebestteam using combination of different heroes! ■ EasyControlsPlaythe game with our easy to use and intuitive touchcontrols.It’ssimple, yet there’s depth to our gameplay withdifferentskillcasting methods. ■ Various Ranking Systems Show offyourskillsthrough the Arena and Guild Dungeons. Earn rewards worthyofyourrankings!
Clash for Dawn: Guild War 1.8.9
Join 1 Million Players for the best ARPG action on mobile!Takeupyour weapon, choose your faction, assemble a teamofhardenedmercenaries and fight back against the forces ofdarkness,in thedungeon-raiding game, Clash for Dawn! Centuries ofpeace havebeentorn apart by the Dark Lord's desire to rule. Now, anarmy oftheundead marches on the City of Light, Luxis, itself! Butthebattleis not yet lost. The chosen warriors of the Angeli holdthepowerto turn back the forces of darkness. Will YOU answertheircall?AAA QUALITY GRAPHICS Stunning AAA graphics bring thebattle tolifein awesome fantasy locations CO-OP DUNGEONS Build ateam offriendsand take on the toughest dungeons to earn hugerewards CO-OPBOSSBATTLES Join forces with other players for EPICco-op bossbattlesFACTION VS FACTION BATTLEFIELD Join a world-widefaction ofTheBrotherhood or The Order and compete for power andgloryDRAGONSYSTEM You can choose dragons as your pets and getnewabilities!EPIC SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN Rise to the challengeandbattle yourway through beautiful lands and infernal pits inaGLORIOUSsingle-player adventure CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Selectfrom8battle hardened warrior classes to with customizableskillstoforge your own destiny MERCENARIES AT YOUR SIDEHireelitemercenaries to fight alongside you to destroy the DarkLord’seliteforces REAL TIME CHAT Enjoy real-time chat with yourfriendsandallies, even in the heat of battle DAILY EVENTS Competeindailyspecial events and play rich story quests as the ageoldfightbetween good and evil reaches its bloody climax MEGAREWARDSEarnprogressively massive rewards with every day ofplaySUPPORTQuestions or comments? Contact Likeus on Facebookat: Visit ourofficialwebsite: Clash forDawnforum: Follow us onTwitterat: Check out our videosandgametrailers on:
Adventurers War: Evolved 1.3.0
Featured by Google Play in 100+ countries !!! Joinmillionsofplayers worldwide in Adventurers War, the unique IDLEMMOcardRPG!! Collect legendary heroes, form a battle-hardenedteam,fightwith other players, and accomplish legendaryachievements. Youcanalso form a guild with other players to rulethe AdventurersWaruniverse! Deep in ancient ruins, your heroes mustexploredarkdungeons, defeat terrible monsters, and battle for gloryinthearena! Once you’ve unlocked a dungeon, it’s ripe forthereapingwith Adventurers War’s Auto Farming feature. Set yourheroestowork clearing out the dungeon and they will rush inandbattlethrough gaining experience, gold, and items along theway.Youdon’t even have to be in the game to win the rewardsofyourheroes’ auto farming! Features:  1. Auto Farminthebackground while you’re free to do other things. Checkbacklaterto collect your new equipment and see your heroes’progress.2.Explore dark dungeons, collect powerful heroes,challengeotherplayers in the arena to win riches abound. At the endofeachseason you can receive a unique rare hero! 3. Over200differentheroes of 6 different types to add to your team. 4.Randomlygenerated equipment and items so that you never getthesamethings. Collect a valuable inventory! 5. Create your ownguild,andteam up with other guild members to challenge thepowerfulguildboss as well as other competitions to see who will bethemastersof the floating island. Contactus:Email:dr_feedback@droidhang.comFacebook: