Top 24 Games Similar to Earth Crasher

DetonatorEffects 1.0
It is the application created in order totrythe effect of explosion.If it touches, a cartridge will be discharged, and if it hits abox,it will explode.Please use it for stress relief.The Refresh button can rebuild a box.The Detonator button changes the kind of explosion.In the explosion currently written to be (Sound On),soundsounds.*CautionsAt an Android terminal with low processing performance,operationmay become slow.This application is developed by Unity.Detonator Explosion Framework is used.
Mischief To Couple 1.0.8
I haven't been working.I have no friends.History of no girlfriend = AgeMy Life Is The WorstLet's Mischief to Couple !!
Mother Earth 1.0.1
Mother Earth is as much puzzle game as it is interactive story.HelpEarth grow and flourish, by aiding her evolution from aninanimaterock to a thriving planet. Explore the caringly craftedgame worldand discover all of its interactive elements. Solvepuzzles and letoceans, plants and animals emerge - but be warned;progress is ablessing and a curse at the same time…● Approx. 10minutes gametime● Easy touch controls● 6 puzzles● Surprisingending with amessage● Suitable for all ages● 3 geographical zonesand 3evolutionary phases of Earth● HelpsystemFacebook:
Falling to Earth 1.05
Naps Team
An astronaut survived after an asteroid crush against hisspaceship'Galaga Phoenix One' .He is now adrift in orbit andgravity is makehim falling to earth !His shuttle is destroyed ! Anendless andscary run against time into the space without control,air andatmosphere against gravity.A beautiful panorama of Earth ,nightlights, stars ,aliens , galaxy , planets and space joinyourjourney ! An interstellar saga, where there will be no rescue!alone in the dark space ,stay alive and collect oxygens !Jumpintothe Asteroids belt ,avoid meteors , debris, lost satellitesandmuch more !Your heart will beat like a drum ! Adrenalin willflowfast trough your veins !Be a Hero , don't think it's hopeless!reach the shuttle and save your life ! Jump into the Shuttle ,turnoff the fire , cut the rope and start the engines to back hometoearth !NASA , friends and parents are waiting for yourreturn!Retry and retry, again and again until you reach the safezone andmove to the next one !'this is what the gameofGravity should be !''space the final frontier ,I'mcoming !' 3 should be like that !
Protect Earth 1.2
If not now when? If not here where? If not you who?Have you givenita thought what beholds for the future generations to come? Averyfamous African quote says "If you want to go fast go alone, ifyouwant to go far go together!" its all about living in harmonyandsharing that runs in being a social animal.Sustainability istheneed of the hour; creating an ecosystem of clean environmentwillbreed the best culture that could be gifted to our kids. Ithas beenthe greatest quest of humanity to solve the everincreasing energycrisis. The ocean beds are no longer productiveto be extracted oilfrom, the amazons are being destroyed andtonnes of chemicals areinjected to the surrounding everyminute.The population explosion isdemanding resources that aredepleting as you read this message.Non-renewable resources cannotbe catered and shall become a luxuryin the times to come. We areall aware of the3Rs(Reduce,Reuse,Recycle) of sustainableenvironment, but let metell you there is a fourth R which isREFUSE. you can refuse to buyproducts that has ill effects on theplanet. So fellas! Care,Shareand nurture!! its our earth, sheneeds our help! After muchdeliberation we came up with anapplication that will reach out tothe masses in spreading themessage of global crisis. There arevarious levels designed on thetheme of ecological sustainability,you can have fun playing themwhile you can change your lifestylethat would make our Earth Smile:)Every day is a EarthDay. Lets makethe earth a better place tolive.
遊樂錢包 2.1.2
Earth Solar System
The Earth Solar System Game is a score kept matching game,featuringvarious objects of Earth's solar system. This game isfree andchallenges the memory. Score is kept allowing you to tryand dobetter each time.Another thrilling feature to the EarthSolar SystemGame that makes it even more awesome then just amatching game - youmust find the icons that match in some way!When you make a linkedmatch the solar system game for kids &adults will show thelink. You also get some help along the way.The Earth Solar SystemGame is addictive and will challenge yourmemory. Have Fun!!!SolarSystem: Planets (Definition ˑ Planetaryhabitability ˑ Terrestrialplanets ˑ Gas giants ˑ Rings) ˑ Dwarfplanets (Plutoid) ˑ Moons ˑExploration ˑ Colonization ˑ Discoverytimeline Solar System objectsmore massive than 1021 kilograms (oneyottagram ) are known orexpected to be approximately spherical.Astronomical bodies relaxinto rounded shapes (ellipsoids),achieving hydrostatic equilibrium,when the gravity of their massis sufficient to overcome thestructural strength of theirmaterial. Objects made of ice becomeround more easily than thosemade of rock, and many icy objects arespheroidal at far lowersizes. The cutoff boundary for roundness issomewhere between10060;km and 20060;km in radius.Solar Systemmodels, especiallymechanical models, called orreries, thatillustrate the relativepositions and motions of the planets andmoons in the Solar Systemhave been built for centuries. While theyoften showed relativesizes, these models were usually not built toscale. The enormousratio of interplanetary distances to planetarydiameters makesconstructing a scale model of the Solar System achallenging task.As one example of the difficulty, the distancebetween the Earthand the Sun is almost 12,000 times the diameter ofthe Earth.TheSolar System planets consists of celestial objectsformed from thecollapse of a giant molecular cloud approximately 6billion yearsago. The four smaller inner planets Mercury, Venus,Earth and Mars,also called the terrestrial planets are primarilycomposed of rockand metal. The four outer planets Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus andNeptune, also called the gas planets are composed largelyofhydrogen and helium and are far more massive thantheterrestrials.The Solar System is also home to two main beltsofsmall bodies. The asteroid belt, which lies between MarsandJupiter, is similar to the terrestrial planets as it iscomposedmainly of rock and metal. The Kuiper belt, which liesbeyondNeptune's orbit, is composed mostly of ices such as water,ammoniaand methane. Within these belts, five objects Ceres, Pluto,Haumea,Makemake and Eris are large enough to be termed dwarfplanets. Thehypothetical Oort cloud, which acts as the source forlong periodcomets, may also exist at a distance roughly a thousandtimesbeyond these regions.The solar system comprises two distinctsolarregions: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars form part of theinnersolar system, while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune formpartof the outer solar system. the planets in the inner solarsystem,also known as the rocky planets are thought to have beencondensefrom heavier elements and are composed principally of rockandmetal, while the outer planets, two of which are known as thegasgiants (Jupiter and Saturn) are composed of hydrogen andhelium;the outermost planets (Uranus and Neptune) are made of icewater,methane, and ammonia. therefore, they are referred as theicegiants.The Earth Solar System Game is addictive and willchallengeyour memory. Have Fun!!!
Treasure Looter 1.5.8
What's the definition about RPG? Yes, farming,leveling andrefiningfor equipments.So now, that will be all about ournewproject,"Treasure Looter".*Feature*There are three classicclassesfor player to choose:Warrior, specializes in close combatfight butweak at flying-type mobs.Archer, the one who can fightagainstflying-type mobs easily, but weak at ground-typeenemy.Sorcerer,skillful with area attack, but need time tospelling.Since playersare able to change classes anytime when notin battle scene, it isfree to pick any class when createcharacters.The ability ofplayer's equipment equals to thecharacter's strength. Players canrefine the weapon, armor oraccessory to level 30. Which means evena novice's gear can reachthe same ability with advance gear whenrefines to level 30. The wayto earn gold is from mob drops andsell them to the shop. Playerscan buy the different equipments todress up their characters. Ofcourse, mobs will drop equipments,too.The bar offers the way forplayers to share their characters toothers. Players can hire otherplayers' character to fighttogether. Players can also earn somecommission from someone elsewhen your character was recruited.Thereare five chapters (tenstages in each chapter) with different themesand types of mobs.After theses, there will have the challengestage-The Abyss indaily quest. Just need to beware of those mobs'powerful strength.You'll get points(PT) when pass the daily quest,it will raiseplayer's rank in rankinglist.---------------------Welcome to visitour FB if any problem orcomment :)
Monster Trainer 1.0.1
You might have played VPet when you areyoung,now it's back again! Train your VPet and have a battle withyourfriends now!There are 36 creatures in the game. The creature will evolvetodifferent looking according to your way of training. Theattributeof creature might grow slower if you don't respond tothecreature's call. Take good care of your creature and it willpayyou back by wining every battle for you!There's no separation between VPet and battles! The gameprovidesBluetooth battle mechanism for you to fight your friends.One personhost the game and another one join, it's as easy asclicking abutton!There are three type of elements of the creature and theirskills: fire, grass and water. Fire>Grass,Grass>Water,Water>Fire. If you use the skill that is the sameelement as themonster, the attack will be more powerful! Since youneed topredict what type of element your opponent will use toattack inorder to win the battle, keep using skill that easy toguess willput you in a disadvantage position.You gain skill by training successfully. Higher the skilllevel,high the damage it cause; however, the side effect and energycostis also greater. It's up to you to select the best skill thatfitsyou!It's a good way to interact with the creature by playingtoyswith it. Petting it will make it happy and hitting it will makeitsad. The mood of creature is not link to the battle so there'snoworry about sad monster might cause bad side effect tothebattle.This game is linked to our YoWallet, which you can purchasemorecoins with it (and it's FREE!). Please refer to the side linkformore detail(or you can get it in game also)*** FAQ ***Q: How to evolve my monster?A: The monster will evolve in a day or two in real time. Thegrowthof monster will not be paused even you leave the game viaHome/Backbutton on phone. The monster will send notification to youonce itneeds help.Facebook:
Oh!Cake! is a simple game that you can make a cake bycollectingnecessary ingredients using a rolling dough.Features:*motionsensor controlled dough * different cakes* several endingaccordingto score* achievement systemKW:cooking easy fun cute
你是在確認什麼拉-是紳士就撐過60秒 1.0.15
請詳讀使用規章之後再安裝遊戲使用規章0.你會被遊戲惡整,無法接受請不要玩。1.任何由本遊戲造成的友情糾紛本公司概不負責。2.因為遊玩本遊戲造成腦羞而導致的硬體損毀同樣不負責。3.你還在看這規章嗎?真令人驚訝。4.玩了本遊戲後必須到市場上替我們作五分的評價。6.你也許會想說這規章是怎麼回事?所以繼續往下看了。6.是說世界上最大的謊言就是按下我同意條文的按鈕。7.是說你有注意到第五條規章不見了嗎?8.你剛才確認一下對吧。9.然後第二條規章事實上也不見了。10.哈!騙到你了!11.我想應該沒多少人會看到這行。12.按下我同意之後必須將所有財產捐出去給孤兒院。13.然後捐款50給我們買午餐。14.之後了解到上面那些事實上不照作也不會怎樣。15.看到這行的你太認真了,不適合玩這款遊戲,請解除安裝。16.如果真的很想玩看看的話也是可以啦,人家才沒有想要你玩呢,哼!17.廢話到此結束,好好享受這讓人腦羞的遊戲吧。如果有任何問題的話也歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:官方網站: 請無視以下文章 ========以下為迴避官賤字的系統檢查用?雖然這個只是個很簡單有趣的休閒小遊戲,但是相信很多紳士都已經打破了60秒的極限並且加速到了更快的世界去了。本遊戲用到了體感跟水平儀的功能,遊戲中更有許多不同種惡搞跟kuso的元素,除了詭異的笑臉,搖滾的香蕉,馬利歐的香菇都出現了!不時有各種搗亂的視窗跳出來干擾你忍耐的界線,各種大叔跟美女圖的背景更是亂到不行,遊戲中有計時間跟計分數的排行榜可以使用喔。本遊戲推薦給喜歡搞怪或者想整人的你,因為內容充滿了各種開發者的惡意,拿去惡整朋友也許也是一絕,要是一個不小心眼殘或者手殘就會落得分數歸零或者直接遊戲結束的下場,不過只要能撐過60秒就有機率出現脫衣選項!究竟你的集中力跟專注力夠不夠呢?Please read throughtheuse of regulations and then install the gameTerms of useYou will be the game the whole evil, can not accept, please donotplay.1 any friendship disputes caused by the game the Company takesnoresponsibility.Play the game as a result of brain shame hardware damage isnotresponsible for the same.You still see this regulations? The really surprising.Play the game for us to market evaluation fifth.You may want to say that this regulation is how it? So continuetolook down.6 is the biggest lie in the world, I agree with is to pressthebutton of the provisions.7 is that you have noted that Article V regulations gone?You just confirm it.Then the second regulation is in fact disappeared.10 Ha! Fool you!11 I think it should not many people will see this line.12.Press I agree to donate all property must go totheorphanage.13. Then donated 500,000 to buy us lunch.14. Learned above after those who in fact did not have to take asitwill not how.15 see the line you too seriously, and is not suitable forplayingthe game, please uninstall.16 If you really want to play look also can be friends, othersitdid not want you to play with, oh!17. Nonsense ends, and enjoy people brain ashamed games.If you have any questions, welcome to leave a message onourFacebook.Facebook Page: Website:http://yodawnla.comPlease ignore the following article ======= ========Avoid the the official cheap word the system checks?Although this is just a very simple and fun casual game, butIbelieve many gentleman has broken the 60-second limitandaccelerate to faster world. This game uses the thesomatosensoryContact Level function game in many different kinds ofspoof withthe kuso the element is more, in addition to the smilingfaces ofstrange rock banana, Mario mushrooms appeared! All kinds oftroublethe window from time to time to come out to interfere withtheboundaries of your patience, Uncle background with the image ofthebeautiful chaos to not count the time in the game can use!Rankingscores with the meter.Recommend to the game like Funny you think of the wholeperson,because the content is full of all kinds of maliciousdeveloperstake a prank friends may also be a must, if one does notholdgrudges the residue or hands residue will end up with scorestozero or direct game the end of the end, but as long as we canmakeit through the 60 seconds have the chance to strip option!whatyour concentration with enough attention?
Whack The Beans 1.0.9
We whack a lot of stuff from moles to roaches but no one everwhackbeans! That why we make this game so you can whack these evilbeansfrom outer space to invade earth.You are the last defenseagainstthe beans so show no mercy. Hit as much as you can to enterhighscore but be careful about the counter attack from beans. Therearebombs in their shell and earth will be ruined if theyarrive!Aslevel progress, you will rise up into space and eventuallyget thethe mother star of the beans. Can you withstand their finalassaultagainst earth!? Take no chance and download now!This gameisconnected with Money Tree system so you can transfer coinsfrommoney tree if you need it.Welcome to visit our FB if anyproblem orcomment :)
天花板沒有洞卻一直掉下鑽石的原因,竟然是牆壁上有破一個大洞!?看透了這一切的是外表看似一隻貓,內心卻是一隻狗的名偵探-拉茲!明明有滿地的鑽石不撿,偏偏要跑去撿金幣,真是搞不懂它在想什麼。不過就算是這樣的它,你能夠幫助它完成撿金幣的心願嗎?如果有任何問題歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:問題排解中心官方網站:***加入Google社團獲得新遊戲測試資格*** been falling ceiling reasons diamonds have turned out tobe abig hole on the wall broken!?All this is seen through a catappearedto be, the heart is a dog detective - Raz!There areobviously notpicking up the floor of the diamond, but why run topick up coins,really do not understand what it was thinking.Buteven this is it,you can help it pick up coins to complete hisdream?If you have anyquestions please leave a message on ourFacebook.FacebookPage:***Join Google associations qualified toacquire new game testing***
Fun Fishing 1.0.2
Once again there's a cute cat lost onthesea.You need to help it survive!Shoot the fishes in the deep sea within time limit. Howmanyfishescan you catch!?Be aware that the fork is limited but if you can shoot 6fishesatonce you gain one extra fork.Try your best to get the most of the fishes!Please share your comment with us on our Facebook :)Facebook: Center Site:***Join G+ now to become new game tester***
Explosion Screen 1.2
WEYE Studio
Explosion Screen allow you magic best realistic explosion onyourphone/ tablet's screen. It's as game to relax and fun. Shaketomaigc explode and burst screen. Explosion burst yourphones/tablets. It's Explosion Screen.Feature of Explosion Screen:-Shakefor explode (shake mode)- Generate realistic explosion,burst-Explosion screen effects- Touch mode: touch screen tocreateexplosions- True sound- Shake strongly to create bigexplosion/burst on screenExplosion Screen can be a prank app. Enjoywithfriends!
想要嘗試飛上宇宙嗎?那就快來玩看看吧!如果有任何問題歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:問題排解中心官方網站:***加入Google社團獲得新遊戲測試資格*** try to fly the universe?Come and play to see it!If you haveanyquestions please leave a message on ourFacebook.FacebookPage:***Join Google associations qualified toacquire new game testing.***
友情破壞王 1.0.9
史上最強最破壞友情的多人同樂遊戲PartyGame來拉!內有各種有趣的競爭小遊戲,讓你跟朋友在一起互動的時候不怕沒話題!保持一顆競爭的心會讓遊戲玩起來更有趣!適合大人小孩的年度最佳同樂遊戲,現在馬上就下載吧~遊戲內各種小遊戲玩法:宇宙大戰爭(滑動手指移動戰機,放開手指發射子彈,每人5個生命,看誰先把對方給擊墜!彈接球達人(滑動手指阻擋對方的球穿越你的防線,每人5個生命,靈活的使用擦邊球是獲勝的關鍵!抹布擦髒汙(將抹布搶過來擦自己顏色的髒汙獲得1分,20分就獲勝!雙人打老鼠(打自己顏色的的老鼠可獲得1分,20分獲勝,如何阻擋對方的攻勢是個重點!超連打相撲(使出你最快的手速,盡全力連點自己方的畫面,成為最強的相撲王吧!旗幟爭奪戰(點了旗子就會變色,快狠準的把所有旗子變成自己的顏色就是贏家!金幣掠奪者(將所有金幣搶回自己的地盤就獲勝!不斷的掠奪把金幣通通搶過來吧!誰是釣魚王(魚嘴巴張開後放開釣竿就可以釣起魚來!每隻魚1分!20分獲勝!看看誰才是真正的釣魚王!新!OOXX(可隨意移動OOXX符號,三個符號連成一線就獲勝,唯一的規則就是沒有規則!你搶我奪(搶到金幣獲得1分,搶到炸彈扣1分,10分獲勝!要訣就是把炸彈堆給對手!雙人躲炸彈(躲避從天而降的炸彈!每人10個生命,想辦法把對方逼到死角就是致勝關鍵!地盤搶奪戰(想盡辦法衝入敵方的地盤,搶先獲得10分就獲勝!用力的擊倒敵人吧!※※※※※※※※※※!警告!※※※※※※※※※※玩本遊戲前請把指甲剪乾淨,避免誤傷無辜任何友情上破裂糾紛請自行負擔如果有任何問題歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:問題排解中心官方網站:***加入Google社團獲得新遊戲測試資格*** history of the most fun multiplayer destroy friendshipgameParty Game to pull!There are a variety of interestingcompetitionwithin the game, so when you are not afraid to interactwithfriends with no topic!Heart will remain a competitive gameplaymore fun!Best suited for adults and children fun games todownloadit right now ~A variety of small game play:Big War (slideyourfinger to move fighters, release your finger fired bullets,eachfive lives to hit each other to see who first fall!Playingcatch up(on the other side of the ball, slide your finger across toblockyour line of defense, each five lives, and flexible use of thekeyis walking a fine line to win!Rag to wipe dirt (the rag towipeyour own color rush over to get a dirty points, 20 pointswillwin!Double play mice (mice playing their own colors available1minute, 20 minutes to win, how to block each other's offensiveiskey!Even playing Super Sumo (resorted to you the fastesthandspeed, even some of their own party make every effort to screenandbecome the strongest sumo king now!Battle flag (the flag wouldbethe point of discoloration, fast hard quasi all the flagsintotheir color is the winner!Gold Marauders (snatch away all thecoinson their turf win! Ongoing plunder grabbed all the coinscome!Whois the king of fish (fish mouth open after the releaseangling rodcan be! Each fish a minute! 20 points wins! See who isthe realking fishing!New! OOXX (free to move OOXX symbol, threesymbols ina line on the winning, the only rule is no rules!You grabmy wins(grab coins to get a minute, grab a bomb, subtract 1 point,10points wins! Tips is to bomb the heap to the opponent!Doublehidebombs (to avoid the bombs fall from the sky! Per 10 lives,pushedeach other to find ways to put the dead is the key tosuccess!Sitesnatch war (the enemy to find ways into the site, thefirst to get10 points wins the game! Knock down enemy force it!※ ※※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※※ ※! WARNING! ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※Before playing thegame, pleaseput a clean nail scissors to avoid harming innocentAnyrupture thefriendship disputes YOUR OWNIf you have any questionsplease leavea message on ourFacebook.FacebookPage:***Join Google associations qualified toacquire new game testing***
隕石をよけて地球から脱出だぁ!! ■遊び方 画面タップでジャンプします。 隕石をよけて飛び続けます。■ルール隕石に当たったらゲームオーバーです。 どれだけ地球から離れることができるかを競います。とても簡単なので、誰でも気軽に遊べますよ。ベストスコアで世界ランキングに挑戦しよう!※音楽協力「12sound(Twitter:@t_okmt_12sound)」TheDaa escape from the earthmove out of a meteorite! !■ How to playIwill jump on the screentap.I will continue to fly move out of themeteorite.■ rulesThe gameis over When you hit themeteorite.Compete whether can leave theearth much.Because it isvery easy, anyone can play with ease.Let'schallenge the worldrankings at the best score!※ music cooperation"12sound (Twitter: @t_okmt_12sound)"
Restaurant Story: Earth Day
The #1 FREE virtual restaurant game returns with RestaurantStory:Earth Day! Decorate a Restaurant to celebrate Earth Day, andsharewith your friends! Become a cook and deliver delicioushigh-qualityfoods to your customers in a fast paced, action-filledrestaurantsetting. Impress your customers with fun decorations andtastytreats! Now with Earth Day-themed recipes, decorations,andREWARDING storylines!- DESIGN and build the perfect,personalizedRestaurant! Stunning variety and unlimitedcreativity! -DECORATE with thousands of items, choose tables,chairs, wallpaper,art, and more! - CUSTOMIZE a menu ofdelicious meals that maketummies grumble for more! - SOCIALIZEwith other restaurants,and collect bonus tips from players! -INVITE friends to setup shop right next door! Share secretrecipes! - FREE todownload, FREE to play, FREE weekly updateswith new dishes anddecorations!Restaurant Story: Earth Day is theBEST looking, FREEto play, most delicious restaurant game for yourAndroiddevice!Please note: Restaurant Story: Earth Day is an onlineonlygame. Your device must have an active internet connectiontoplay.Please note that Restaurant Story: Earth Day is free toplay,but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To disablethisfeature, go to the Google Play app on your device, tap theMenubutton, select Settings > Use password to restrictpurchases.Then follow the directions to complete setup. Inaddition,Restaurant Story: Earth Day may link to social mediaservices, suchas Facebook, and Storm8 will have access to yourinformationthrough such services.Storm8 Studios is the #1 MobileSocial GameDeveloper on Android.Use of this application is governedby theStorm8 Studios Terms of Service. Collection and use of dataaresubject to Storm8 Studios Privacy Policy. Both policiesareavailable at
搖錢樹 2.0.15
不知道你有沒有想過,要是錢可以自己長出來就好了?聽說在遙遠的國度裡有一種樹樹上長的不是一般的果實,而是閃閃發光的金幣人們稱這種樹叫做:搖錢樹今天,我們成功的將這種樹在手機上培植了在你需要錢的時候只要搖搖這顆樹,金幣便源源不絕的掉下來!對於之前存檔損毀的問題我們深感抱歉。在此推出了特殊版本的搖錢樹作為陪禮。本版搖錢樹金幣生長速度極快,升級速度也大幅提昇。只是如果還是有遇到存檔怪掉的問題還請多包涵見諒,也請利用遊戲中的存檔偵錯功能幫我們找到問題所在。感謝各位的支持與諒解!特殊功能:支援與其他遊戲連動,可將搖錢樹的金幣轉換到其他遊戲中使用喔!支援列表:打怪練功衝裝備節奏方塊毛豆大進擊巨人的進擊* 塔羅奇謀(製作中)如果有任何問題歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:官方網站:
噗唧拉 1.0
哥吉拉是許多大朋友的童年回憶,帥氣的噴射光束總是最能吸引我們的心!如今哥吉拉要重回大螢幕了,在手機的小螢幕上當然也要有帥氣的身影!可愛版的噗唧拉雖然小隻,破壞力卻不輸大隻的哥吉拉!跟朋友比賽看看誰能造成最多的經濟損失吧!!如果有任何問題歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:問題排解中心官方網站:***加入Google社團獲得新遊戲測試資格*** is a greatfriendof many childhood memories, handsome jet beam is always themostattractive in our hearts!Now Godzilla to return to the big screen, the small screen onthephone of course, also has a handsome figure!Lovely version of puff pull though only a small squirt,destructivenot only lose the big Godzilla!Game with friends to see who can cause the most economic damageit!!If you have any questions please leave a message onourFacebook.Facebook Page: problems center Website:*** Join Google associations qualified to acquire new gametesting.***
【放置】貓咪星球 -重建地球- 1.0.0
20XX年,人類因外星人的入侵而滅絕。在這荒廢的地球上殘存下來的……是貓咪。為了復興地球,貓咪們開始同心協力。最後貓咪們是否會被外星人吞下肚子呢!?貓咪能夠善用神秘力量來增加自己的同伴嗎!?貓咪及外星人之間的決戰即將展開。目標 1000兆隻!!