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2048 2.8
- You join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Supportstiny(3x3), classic (4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8)boardsizes. Be ready for a new challenge! HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up,Down,Left or Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with thesamenumber touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created,theplayer wins! 8 .. 16 .. 128 .. 1024 .. 2048. FEATURES -Classic(4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6), huge (8x8) and tiny(3x3)boardoptions! - Super 2048 Plus puzzle game - Keep playing forhighscore after collected 2048 tile - Game is automatically savedandcontinue to play later. - One Undo move support - Beautiful,simpleand classic design. - High score and leaderboard fordifferentboard sizes. - Completely native implementation. - Play onany partof the screen.
2048 Classic Legend 1.0.3
2048 Classic Legend game - 2048 puzzle - a simple logically,super2048 plus puzzle but difficult to pass puzzle representingasomething between "Fifteen" and the game "Five in a row".Don’tworry about that, this 2048 puzzle game will help you to relaxandhave funny beacause it has super fast performance and super fun.Wesure that it is the best 2048 game optimized for Android.Pleaseplay puzzle express game! HOW TO PLAY: The playing field isasquare 4x4. You need to move and join the numbers to get tothe"2048" tile (you can proceed further). FEATURE: - AwesomeGraphicdesign with 2048 puzzle - Super 2048 Plus puzzle game -Highscoreboard google play service. - Super fast performance andsuper fun.- Smooth effect. - Challenge with best score - The best2048 gameOptimized for Android. - Game is automatically saved andcontinueto play later. TIPS: -Try to make highest block on theconer. -Push all block to the coner and 1 column. If you have someproblem,contact me via this mail:, wealways arewilling to explain your problem about this puzzle expressgame. Wewould like to thank all the half million users that usethis appfor the feedback and inspiration. Thank you for being partofmaking this app what it is today. :) Train, play and have funwith2048 Classic, super 2048 plus puzzle game. Thank you so much!Havea nice day with 2048 Classic Legend game - puzzle express game!
2048 1.0.8
Nice and addictive 2048 puzzle game to play with your friendsandfamily. Make high score and compare your score withpeopleworldwide in leaderboard. How to play: Slide same numbertilesup-down right-left and merge them to make bigger number. Forex.2+2=4, 4+4 =8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32,... and so on. As soon asyoucreate 2048 tiles you will win the game. To access leaderboardyouhave to login with your google plus account. Features: ✓Loadedwith Beautiful themes ✓ Multiple five boards(3x3, 4x4, 5x5,6x6,8x8) to play 2048 ✓ Undo move option ✓ Automatic save game ✓Highscore ✓ Reset game option Available Languages English,German,French, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish
2048 Plus 3.0
Aleaf Games
In 2048 Plus Puzzle you can play different board sizesincludingsmallest 3x3 and biggest 8x8 board sizes. Swipe 4directions (Left,Right, Up, Down) to move tiles and merge numbers.Try to reach the2048 tile by joining the numbers. Start with 2 thenreach4->16->64->512->1024->2048. You can continue toplayafter reaching the number 2048. - Night and Day mode -Differentboard options: Tiny (3x3), classic (4x4), big (5x5),bigger (6x6)and huge (8x8) - Leaderboard for each board size - Highscore foreach board size - Use any part of the screen for swipe -Classicand modern design - Relaxing game sound - Removing Adsoption -Share with friends and family
2048 Number puzzle game 7.05
2048 game is fun and addictive number puzzle game where your goalisto collect 2048 tile. Functionality and advantages of the game:+Optimised for performance and battery saving + Super 2048 gamemode(5x5) with unlimited undo + Game board with square board sizesof4x4 and 5x5 + Night and Day theme - saver for your eyes + Gameisautomatically autosaved and u can continue playing after+Leaderboards and 2048 puzzle modes statistic + Changesensitivityand animations speed - fully customisable + Keep playingforHigh-score after collected 2048 tile! + Best 2048 numberpuzzlegame Enjoy original 2048 free number puzzle game!
2048 Charm: Classic & New 2048, Number Puzzle Game 3.1501
DoPuz Games
Are you ready to play the most fun and innovative 2048 game inthemarket? New 2048 is here to offer you the most classic 2048puzzlegameplay along with 12 different variations, all in onecompletepackage! With rich gameplay, intuitive interface, and allthefunctions right at your fingertips, this 2048 number puzzle gameissure to be your favorite! Get immediate access to 2048 plusgamevariations like 4x4+ Board, 5x5 Board, Drop mode, Party mode,andother 12 fun number puzzles gameplay! 2048 Charm PuzzleGameFeatures: ♥ 12 unique & advanced 2048 gamemodes in one app♥Keep playing for High-slcore after collected 2048 tile ♥Classicand simple UI, smooth sliding block experience ♥ One Undomovesupport to adjust coolmath strategy ♥ Reset 2048 standardanytimein case you get stuck ♥ Detailed guide and rules for each2048classic modes ♥ Process and high score will be automaticallysavedHow to play 2048 Charm: Swipe the screen to move tiles left,right,up, and down. When two tiles with the same number touch, theymergeinto one! Every swipe, a new tile will randomly appear in anemptyspot on the board with a value of either 2 or 4. Slide thetiles tomerge them, 2+2→4, 8+8→16 ...32 ...256 ...1024..., when2048 tileis created, you win! Play this amazing 2048 game and havefun! 2048Charm Game Modes: Classic Mode: Classic (4x4), big (4x4+)amdbigger (2048 5x5) board options. This 2048 number challenge modeisan upgraded version of the original 2048 game. Click &Joy:Click the tile, the number +1 and compose a new numberwithadjoining tiles. Be prepared for a new super 2048 puzzlechallengefor best record! Drop Mode: Place the falling tiles to therightposition. Two tiles with same number will merge into one. Thisisthe interesting combination of 2 classic logic puzzles games:Blockcrush game & 2048 Ultimate. Party Mode: Click on theadjacenttiles with the same number, all the tiles will merge intoone anddouble its number. Explore deep cool math logic challengefor yourmind! Merge Mode: Click on the blank spot, blocks will movecloser.Start playing this awesome 2048 unlimited mode, merging thenumbersand experiencing the cool math logic game. Line Mode: Slidetoconnect the same number, the more you connect, the highernumberpuzzle game score you get. Compete with your friends to seewho canreach the best score. Spin Number: Line up numbers fromsmall tolarge to generate a more larger number. The longer the lineis, youhave more chance to win the 2048 pro magic puzzles game. 12LegendMode: Only the red 1 tile and the green 1 tile can combine a2.This is an amusing 2048 mania game mode that will get yourbraintrained, get fun out of it and make you think. More fun 2048gamesare waiting for you in our cool math games: 2048 Charm!Withendless 2048 you now have the famous math logic puzzle alwayswithyou – anytime and anywhere for free! We deliver all of thatwithina refined, appealing and easy to use interface! Relax or keepyourmind active – pass time in a pleasant way! If you want to haveagreat time while learning more math tricks in logic puzzleapps,this is the right brain teasers game to help you with that.Our2048 free number app will make the puzzle solving experiencesmoothcause you can have lots of fun as you explore all thepossibilitiesand everything that you might want from a popular 2048game! Likeus on Facebook: us onTwitter: Free toDownload Now! Enjoythe fun on this 2048 charm number puzzle games!
com.androbaby.original2048 3.2
2048 Original is the classic 2048 puzzle game. Slide the tilesandmerge them to reach 2048 tile. Start with 2 and reach 16, 32,128,512, 1024 and finally 2048. - Square and Rectangle boardoptions. -Different square board sizes. The smallest is 3x3 and thebiggestis 8x8. - Different rectangle board sizes. The smallest is3x5 andthe biggest is 6x9. - Achievements and Leaderboard -Continue thegame after reaching 2048. - Addictive 2048 play.
2248 1.24
2248 is a super casual puzzle number connection game forAndroid!Once started,It is difficult to end! The game is easy toplay. ◉Slide the number up, down, left, right, diagonal in any oftheeight directions. ◉ Search and connect two same numbers as astart.◉ The next connect number can be the same or can bemultiplied by2. ◉ The result is a multiple of 2 for all connectednumbers sum. ◉The score is the sum of all connected numbers. ◉ Thegame ends whenthere is no connectable number. 2248 is Suit for allage andcompletely FREE to play! contact us:Website: E-mail: curryvector@gmail.comFacebook:
Twenty 1.4.2
Watch out for imitations! This is the original Twenty createdbyStephen French.Twenty is a colorful arcade/puzzle game thatstartsat 5, looks easy until 10, gets fiendish at 15 and challengesyouto get to 20. Anyone can learn it, but you'll have toconcentrateto make it all the way.Think you've got it mastered? Tryone of thevariations like Bubbles, Drop, Flip-Flop. Try Zen mode torelax, orPanic mode for a real challenge.Take on a friend withTwentyTwo, acrazy two-player race to see who can get to Twentyfirst. Stealtiles from your opponent but be careful to guard yourown.Can youget to Twenty?
2048 Game
2048 is an addictive number puzzle game based on simpleaddition.You can enjoy all fun of number games, cool math games,logicpuzzle games, brain teaser, and mind blowing in this freesupernumbers puzzle. With 5 undos, 5 boards, smooth performance,lowstorage plus other features, this new free 2048 game bringsyoubest experience among all 2048 number games. HOW TO PLAY:Swipe(Up, Down, Left, Right) to move all tiles. After every swipe,a newtile of 2 or 4 will appear in a random empty spot. When twotilepuzzles with a same number touch, they merge into one.2+2=4,4+4=8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32, 32+32=64, 64+64=128, ..., 256 .. 512..1024 ..., when 2048 puzzle is created, you win! When there’szeroavailable spot and zero adjacent tiles with a same numeral,youlose. FEATURES: - Five undos. Most 2048 games have just oneundo. -Classic (4x4), small (3x3), big (5x5), bigger (6x6), huge(8x8)boards! - Endless mode. After winning at 2048 tile, youcanchallenge 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072 ... toENDLESS! -Process is automatically saved - Beautiful plus simpleUI, smoothanimations - Leaderboards. - Native implementation,bestperformance, low storage, small app - Supports androidversionsfrom 2.1 - Upgraded version of original popular classic2048 numbergame The three multiply three ( 3 x 3 ) mode is hardestwhile theeight multiply eight ( 8 x 8 ) mode is easiest since theyhavefewest and most empty spots separately. Slide screen, jointhenumbers, merge the puzzles, get to 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512,1024,… then win! This fun numbers app is for adult, teenagers,kids.Everyone can experience cool math logic in this fun puzzlesgame.Now start training your brain, your mind and enjoy playingthisfree cool math, educational, and addicting mini numbersgame!Challenge best score!
Journey of 2048 1.3.1
Journey of 2048Let's make your own Journey with this Journey of2048the simple classic Puzzle Game!This is kind of game that canhelpyou create a whole new Journey while doing puzzles.◆ How toplay?-Slide your finger to move the Animals!- Combine the sameAnimals tocreate new ones- Unlock New world with new Animals.◆Features- Supercool Isometric design.- So many Animals to unlockeach Map.- 6+ mapsto unlock.- Shiny effect.- Cute sound andmusic.Many Animals andMaps are going to show up!Well, let's enjoyit!If you have someproblems or suggest to make this game better,please contactus!Thank you so much!
com.ub.wpri 1.0
* This game is also available offline.! 2048 Craft blocks ofthesame shape on the floor to create rabbits. Various rabbitsarewaiting for you. Combined rabbits are playing in the rabbitvillagefor life! ▶ Rabbit Village * use 2048 puzzle and Combinedrabbitsmove to the rabbit village. * Let's see what combinationrabbitsare playing. ▶ Carrots and rabbits * You can get a carrotwith alow probability during the puzzle. * Please give carrots tohungryrabbits in rabbit village. * The hungry rabbits give you anitem! ▶2048 Puzzles and items * As the stage goes up, thedifficultyincreases. * Look at the ads or use the items rabbitsgive. * It iseasier to combine new rabbits. ▼ Privilege: Thefollowingprivileges are required to provide advertisements.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
2048 classic puzzle +5 games
2048 Puzzle is simple, fun and addictive number puzzle gamealongwith 5 other games. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!2048game is upgraded and optimized version of the most popularpuzzlegame. Enjoy the super fast performance while having superfun. Itsupport classic 4x4 tile board, No time bound. Game state issavedinstantly, so you can resume game any time. Current score andalltime best score is shown on the game screen. To access thepersonalleader board you can click on the best score button. GameLogic isvery simple to learn- Use swipe to move the tiles. When twotilesof same number touch with swipe, they merge into one biggertile!Reach 2048 and win the game Start your fun on this additivepuzzlegame and explore deep challenge for your mind! Features-Classic4x4 tile board optimized for mobile screen size. Nativeoptimizedandroid performance, very swift animation. Keep playingmode forhigh scoring after 2048. Game state is instantly saved,resumeanytime. Undo game step supported Beautiful and simpleclassic UIHigh score, Personal Best score and leader board gamesupport foralmost all android devices Frequent game update withadditionalfeatures No extra mobile permission required to playNoregistration and login required Ads supported but not intrusivetogame play How to play- -Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to jointhenumbers. -When two tiles with the same no touch, they mergetocreate tile of double no. i.e when 2 2 merge it create tile with4no. -When a tile with 2048 number is created, game ends andyouwins. Please give your feedback in comments, we will make itthebest 2048 puzzle game. This game is based on classic opensource2048
2048 1.5
- The classic 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a simplenumberpuzzle game. You join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! -This2048 plus game is an upgraded version of the current popular2048game. This is a super 2048 plus puzzle, it supportstiny(3x3),classic (4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8)board sizes.Be ready for a new challenge! HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up,Down, Left,Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the samenumbertouch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, theplayerwins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048. To access Leaderboard, youwillhave to sign in using google plus account.FEATURES- Tiny(3x3),classic (4x4), big (5x5), bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8)boardoptions!- Super 2048 Plus puzzle game.- Keep playing forHigh-scoreafter collected 2048 tile- Game is automatically saved-One Undomove support- Beautiful and simple UI- High score-Leaderboard-Supports all devices including tablets- Completelynativeimplementation
4096 Jewels : Make Crown 2.0
The most addicted number puzzle game! 2048 puzzle game hasbeenupgraded! [HOW TO PLAY] 1. Swipe to push tiles 2. Two tilewithsame number will be merged. ( 2+2=4, 4+4=8 ... ) 3. Keepmerginguntil you get 4096! [FEATURES] - Simple and modern design-Leaderboard - Achievement - Aim for the Golden Tile (32768)![Multi language support] * This game requires Phone/ContactsAccesspermission to detect incoming phone calls while playinggame.Homepage:
2048 1.6.8
2048 game - a simple logically, but difficult to passpuzzlerepresenting a something between "Fifteen" and the game "Fivein arow". Help you relax and have fun. The playing field is asquare4x4. You need to move and join the numbers to get to the"2048"tile (you can proceed further). Has a bright attractivegraphicsand animation. Optimized for Android. Train, play and havefun! •This application is a complete analog paid application "2048Pro",except for the presence of advertising.
Wonders of 2048 - Fantasy City Making Game 8.2.2
CDI Studio
Connect the same blocks to discovery Wonders. Experience anewfeeling while building a city and descover Wonders in thepuzzlegame Wonders of 2048.▼ HOW TO PLAYSwipe (Up, Down, Left,Right) tomove the tiles. When two tiles with the same images touch,theymerge into one. When the wonder tile is created, the playerwins!To access Leaderboard, you will have to sign in using googleplusaccount.▼ Make strategic moves using various items* Recoverfromyour mistakes using Undo item* Use Magic Wand to evolveyourbuildings. * Cleaner item wipes out low level buildings tosparemore space for you!Facebook
City 2048 1.4.8
City 2048 is an exciting, addictive and easy to play puzzle game.Itis a unique version of the 2048 Number Game. Swipe to move thetileswith the blocks to build a huge metropolis! Develop yourcity. Getbonuses, and who knows what might be ahead...
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game 3.0.9
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game is a beat tappinggamewith classic gameplay and updated song contents. In this game,youwill be able to play all popular songs with various genres:Pop,EDM, Rock, Trap, Hiphop from US-UK, K-Pop, and others. Turnonmaximum volume or use headphone for the best experience withyourmost favorite popular song and enjoy the beat fever with thistaptap game. How To Play - Tap the ball as it reaches scoringareas.You score by getting as much combo as possible with Perfecttapaccuracy. - Turn on slake and slash in option. Slash when youseethe ball with the arrow come to the drop bar. Shake your phonewhenyou see the “shake” signal. - Challenge your friend in a1vs1match, Deathmatch or World Weekly Tournament. Game Features-Updated content including HIT SONGS from all genres. -MusicDeathMatch with maximum of 100 players: the last one wins.-Amazing sound quality and perfect timing beats. - Over 500mostpopular songs and counting. Are you ready to tap and becomethenext tap hero, or rhythm game incarnate? Try this now forFREE!P/S: We are adding more songs and always look for ways toimprovethe games. Please leave us feedback if any. Thank you!PrivacyPolicy: Where to find us:Facebook: 4.02
LTG Games
2 To 2 - Match 3 is a number connect puzzle game. Connect-3&merge the number! By connecting as many same numbered dots asyoucan. The longer the line, the more points you get and thelongeryou’ll survive. How to play: • Connect same numbers on ahorizontalor vertical line, cross line. • Connect-3 or more samenumbers tomerge them. • The result of connected value being amultiple of 2:4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048... • This"2 To 2 -Match 3" will end when you can't connect any more.Feature: •Addictive and innovative game play. • Easy to learn, hardtomaster. • Auto saved. • No time limit • Leaderboard: compareyourbest score with friends and orther players in the worlds.Support:• Any suggestion, please mail-to ""Thanks forplaying!
It is a fun and addictive puzzle game. You need to combinesamenumber to score bigger number Test your mind power now. Youcansave your score and compete with other players
DEAD 2048 ® Puzzle Tower Defense 1.5.5
Cogoo Inc.
★ 'Dead 2048' Is a Clever Spin on the 'Threes!' and '2048' Formula-Touch Arcade ★ Awarded Top 3 at The Big Indie Pitch byPocketGamer(GSTAR NOV. 2017) ★ Awarded Top 5 at Global IndieGameDevelopment Contest(DEC. 2017) ★ Busan Indie Connect CasualGameFinalist(OCT. 2018) Welcome to the World’s 1st-ever 2048TowerDefense Game. It’s Dangerously Fun! It’s Free! Icecream,Anyone?DEAD 2048 | CONCEPT & STORY: The year is 2048. The worldhasbeen taken over by Zombies and its upto the player to survivetheinvasion of Zombie Waves. It’s an innovative &addictivecombination of 2048 puzzle fun factor and Tower Defensemechanics.Build Towers to defend, ultimately build-up a BiologyLaboratory tosave the world. Survival is all it matters. HOW TOPLAY: 1) Swipe(Diagonally Up, Down, Left, Right) to move thedefense towers. Whentwo towers with the same number touch, theymerge into one. 2)Build Higher Towers to defend against ZombieWaves along the fenceroad. 3) Wisely use upgrades and items to helpyou duringchallenging moments. 4) When 131072 DefenseTower(BiologyLaboratory) is created, the player wins! FOR PLAYERSWHO: 1) Arebig fans of the 2048 Free Games 2) Are big fans of theTowerDefense Games 3) Are big fans of Zombies 4) Are tired of thesamefree games 5) Are looking for a new experience 6) Love playingthegame to see the ending( Finale ) 7) Only keep games worthplaying8) Love uploading their plays on Youtube DEFENSE TOWERS:Help theMan’s job 2: Wood Frame Tower 4: Warehouse Tower 8: ChamberTower16: Head Quarter Tower 32: Post Tower 64: Big Post Tower128:Crossbow Tower 256: Big Crossbow Tower 512: Guard Tower 1024:BigGuard Tower 2048: Shotgun Tower 4096: Big Shotgun Tower8192:Cannon Tower 16384: Big Cannon Tower 32768: Nuclear Plant65536:Research Tower 131072: Biology Laboratory ★ It’s what theysay inthe south. A Man’s gotta do, what a Man’s gotta do. This gameisnot Ads Free. It also contains reward Ads that help you alongtheway. ZOMBIES along the Road Season 1: Walkers “People callmewalker, because I walk” vs The walking zombies Season 2: Bonies“Ilike brains, just like the rest of the walkers” vs Thewalkingzombies Season 3: Riders “You don’t need to outrun zombies,justyour friends" Season 4: Bursters “I am safe from head shots”vswalking Zombie Season 5: Scavengers “Beware of smartphonewalkingZombies" Season 6: Stalkers “I woke up like this” vs ThewalkingZombie Season 7: Pukers “I love it when people puke on me”vs Thewalking zombies Season 8: Giants “I am a big zombie buff” vsThewalking zombies GAME FEATURES No it's no ordinary 2048 puzzlefreegame No it’s no ordinary Zombie game No it’s no ordinaryTowerDefense game (Road to Survival) Easy and fun to play - (buthard tomaster) Extremely Addictive and a great time killer forfreeUpgrades and Boosters to help during challenging moments Canbeplayed without internet connection Game client available in11Languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Korean,Japanese,Simplified Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, Thai andVietnamese)Survival Road, Survival Road, Survival Road…That’s allit matters ★It’s what they say in the south. A Man’s gotta do, whata Man’sgotta do. Notice: - DEAD 2048 is not Ads Free. It alsocontainsreward Ads that help you along the way. - Buying Ads freeremovalpackage will get rid of intrusive ads that do not includethe HDReward Video Ads. - Dead 2048 is different from any 2048games outthere, including fibonacci , blocks , 6X6 , 5X5 , Cupcake, Doge ,bricks , + plus , inverse , journey of life , jelly ,knights ,luxury , merged , mania , backwards , flappy , hexagon,tycoon,sudoku, city, age, History, evolution, extended versionsandeditions. - Dead 2048 gives out free IAP items such as undocleaner- Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on theweb:
game.best2048.merge 1.9.6
2048 Original will take you to roots of the original numberpuzzlegame! This 2048 Original puzzle game is not an ordinaryone.Upgraded version of the original 2048 puzzle game: 1st Upgrade:Inaddition to classic (4x4) board size, You will find small(3x3),big (5x5), bigger (6x6), and huge (8x8) board sizes. 2ndUpgrade:You will have the chance to take your last move back: “Undobutton”Tutorial: »Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles.»Whentwo tiles with the same number touch each other, they mergeintoone number which is sum of those two numbers. (2+2=4,4+4=8,8+8=16,…., 1024+1024= 2048) Merged numbers can still bemerged withother tiles with same numbers. »If you reach the 2048tile, youwin! »Do not let the board be full of tiles. If there isno emptyspot on the board or two adjacent tiles with the samenumber whichcan merge into one, Game is over! 2048 Original puzzlegame is amarvelous harmony of puzzle games: Logic Puzzle Game, MathPuzzleGame, Classic Number Game. This 2048 puzzle game is free andalwayswill be so. People from all ages can play the 2048 Originalpuzzlegame: adults, teenagers and kids. High Scores button willtake youto Leaderboard in which you compete with others to climb intherankings. Do not forget: To be able to access the Leaderboard,youneed to sign in your google play games account. -FEATURES-⁂Gamewill not end with reaching the 2048. You can go beyond upto131072. Push your limits! ⁂Classic (4x4), small (3x3), big(5x5),bigger (6x6) and huge (8x8) grids! ⁂High score willbeautomatically saved if you exceed previous one. ⁂One Undo move:Youcan undo your last move and get back to one move earlierposition.⁂Simplistic UI. ⁂Leaderboard is available for all gridsizes. Donot confine yourself to just one grid. Taste the others...2048Original puzzle game was developed as a native android appthatmakes the 2048 Original puzzle game app work flawlessly inallandroid devices.
2048 3.15
Evgeniy Vel
Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!Swipe to move alltiles.When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge intoone.Getto the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!
2048: Hammer Zap 2.1.3
2048: Hammer Zap puzzle is a fun, addictive and a very simplenumberpuzzle game. HOW TO PLAY: Get the 2048 tile to win a game!Swipe tomove all Tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch,theymerge into one! It's over when the board fills up. Use Hammertodestroy a tile when needed. FEATURES: ➡️ Simple and Easy toplay. ➡️Keep playing for High-score after collected 2048 tile. ➡️Game isautomatically saved. ➡️ Hammer option for destroy a tilewhenneeded. ➡️ One Undo move support. ➡️ Enjoy Game withbackgroundmusic. ➡️ Beautiful and simple Design. ➡️ High score ➡️Help screenfor guidance about Game play. Enjoying this Game???Rate it. Sharethis game with your friend. By installing this appyou agree to thefollowing privacypolicy:''CONTACTUS: Hi-Fi Games Pro A good quality android game developerWebsite: Email:
Flood 2.0
Alan Tennent
Flood is a classic puzzle game in which you must fill the gameboardwith a single color in the fewest number of steps. ZenMode:Zen Modecomes with 4 board sizes and 5 color options. Yourhigh score istracked for each game mode, so there are 20 gamemodes to master!Level Mode:Track your progress in hundreds ofpre-made levels. Earnstars to complete the level packs.This gamewas designed with bothphones and tablets in mind, so the gamelooks great no matter whereyou play it.
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Indie Music 1.6.0
Amanotes JSC.
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm is a beat tapping game thatwillredefine the way you enjoy music by offering an immersivemusicexperience by allowing you to literally touch thebeats.----------How to play ----------Playing this is simple, butit is not easy atall - just feel the beats with your fingers: tapthe ball as itpasses scoring areas. The higher combo you reach, thegreater yourscore will be.Turn on maximum volume or use headphonefor the bestexperience as the songs are all about EDM and Rock. Youcan eventry this awesome music game with your rock band orchallenge yourfriends directly and beat them.---------- What’s toexpect----------- Have you ever dream to be a music star? Areyoubuilding a band in your own garage? Then this should beyourbeginning: be on top of the leaderboard and show the worldyouramazing sense of music.- Stunning visual and alegendarygame-playing style.- Song list of different genres arechosen andupdated every week.- Conquer all the quests andachievements todiscover more songs and become a real hero of yourband.- Challengeyour friends to see who is the boss! Don't worry ifyou lose,because you can Revenge them anytime by just one click. -Amazingsound quality and perfect timing beats shall give you awhole newlevel of playing a rhythm game on mobile.- Tap Tap Reborn:Best ofRhythm offers an Online Battle Mode, in which you cancompete withreal players around the world. This feature has madeour game evenmore addictive.Are you ready to tap and become thenext musichero?Try this now for free!P/S: We are adding more songsand alwayslook for ways to improve the games. Please leave usfeedback ifany. Thank you!If you are a music producer and wouldlike to spreadyour music to the world, please feel free to shoot usan email, youknow where to find it.Privacy Policy:
2048 Crush - Numbers Puzzle 1.0.3
Match number tiles, collect coins… Did you get bored becauseofplaying the same type 2048 games? Download this extraordinarydigitgame. It is different from similar ones! 512, 1024, 2048! Itiseasy for you to make these scores, if you are good at mathgames!Like most game, it is not an ordinary puzzles game! ★ FREEtoinstall and play. ★ Clear font and soft background. Designed nottotire your eyes even after playing for hours. ★ Simple to play,yetdifficult to master. ★ Entertaining and addictive to players ofallages. ★ Strengthen your logical and strategic thinking whilehavingfun. ★ Endless gameplay
Lonely Few
The new MUST HAVE game for Android PhonesandTablets… players and critics are raving about thisUNIQUEgame!"Blendoku stands out in a growing crowd of mobile puzzle games.Thepremise is unique and the game strikes a wonderful balancebetweensimple gameplay and difficult challenges." - USAToday*Over 5 million games played!*Rated 5 stars all around the world!Get it now and see what everyone's talking about!A puzzle game that will challenge your ability to distinguishandarrange colors. The game is based on color principles andexercisestaught in art schools around the world.Blend your way to beating the world average, beating yourpersonalbest, or go for a perfect score for those perfectionistsoutthere!Play through hundreds of levels with a wide gamut of difficulty(allfree!). The game is perfect for kids and adults, casual usersandexperienced gamers alike.The game is a mix of sudoku, crossword puzzles, flow, andpantoneall mix in one!Features:* 475 levels free with a wide gamut of difficulty* Compare yourself to the rest of the world* Perfect Badges for Perfectionists* Simple, intuitive touch controls* Addictive gameplay* Unique color strategy* *hidden* 'Negative Mode' increases total levels to 900+!* Save level progress automatically!* Check your score against the world leaderboards* Simple Level pack +150 levels!* Medium Level pack +150 levels!"A brilliantly simple yet challengingly in-depth twist onclassicSudoku. An overwhelming number of levels with perfectgradation ofdifficulty. Multiple tracked stats and challengesavailable. Canplay any level at any time and skip just as easily.IAPs arecompletely optional and actually beneficial; ads arebarelynoticeable." - Gamezebo"Blendoku is such a unique and addictive experience""it's all fun, games and beautiful color." – Nissa Campbell"Easy to play but with an increasing challenge, Blendoku is asimpleand yet compelling way to burn through some spare time."–"So addictive - 5 stars""Fun game! Absolutely love it! - 5 stars""We love this game! - 5 stars""The game is great. Never thought colors could be so fun. -5stars"
2048 Swipe Plus
■ About Game ■The 2048 game is fairly easy, with simple controlsanduncomplicated rules.Slide the screen and make numbers collideeachother to double the numbers. When two tiles with the samenumbertouch, they merge into one. Get the numbers bigger andbigger untilyou make 2048, 4096 ...etc.Get the same tiles todouble thenumbers!■ Game Features ■1. This game is free todownload.2. You canplay the game quickly and easily.3. You canplay easily by usinguseful features such as undoing and breakingblocks.4. There arespecial tiles that can double all tiles, so youcan play a strategicgame.5. It is a simple but not easy logicalgame. Test yourlimits!6. This game is very addictive.7. It is afun to play gamefor both adults and children.8. Try to score yourbest■ How To Play■1. Scroll left, right, top and bottom with yourfingers to movetiles.2. When two tiles of the same number toucheach other, theymerge into one.(2 → 4 → 8 → 16 → 32 → 64 →128….…1024 → 2048)3. TheHIT meter rises according to the number ofmerged tiles, and whenit’s filled up, a glittering tile iscreated.If you put this tile ona specific orange board, all tileswill be multiplied by x2.4. Get ahigher score to beat your ownrecord!5. Play a competitive scoregame with your friends!If youwant to explore the world of numberpuzzle, download 2048 SwipePlus now and play it for free!Visit now and Like the page so youcanstay up to date with the latest news andexcitingupdates!────────────────Lets play withAPXSOFT!────────────────Likeus onFacebook!! and Updates
Magnetic Monsters 1.011
Join the monsters of the same color together on a simple 4x4grid.To move a monster just slide your finger to desired direction.Thecolored monsters can move up, down, left or right. Whentwomonsters of the same color touch each other, they willjointogether. The joined monsters now move toghether as a group.Thepuzzle is solved when all the monsters of each color arejoinedtogether. But watch out, if you slide the monsters too fast,youmay get stuck on the board. There is a also a short turorialwhenopening the game for the first time, which will explain how toplaythe game.Magnetic Monsters is suitable for both kids andadults, afun game to play within the family that will train yourbrain andlogic skills. If you like simple and addictive blocksliding puzzlegames, then this is definitely a game for you! Itdevelops brainskills because of the different difficulty levelsthat areavailable: easy, medium and hard, while also your creativethinkingwill be challenged. With 225 enjoyable levels and eyecatchingcolorful cartoon like graphics with great attention todetails, itis just real fun to play! The menu is easy and intuitiveand thegame itself is easy to learn on the 4x4 grid slide, similarto 15Puzzle and 2048, only 4 columns & rows, but also uniqueanddifferent gameplay. Soon you will get the hang of it quick andgetinto the flow, but whatch out! Once some monsters aretogether,they may get into the way and hard to unblock other blocksin orderto find a way out.Magnetic Monsters Features:- Uniqueconcept-Original gameplay- Funny, cartoon, colorful HD graphics-Easy andclean user interface- 225 free puzzles- 3 difficultylevels-Suitable for both kids and adults- Keep track of theclearedpuzzles- Undo button- Short tutorial- four by four gridsimilarto15 puzzle game, but can get quite complicatedMagneticMonsterswith cartoon monster like graphics, ideal for both kids andadults.If you like block sliding puzzles like 15 puzzle, then youwillalso enjoy this game!Like usonFacebook! usonTwitter!@AlcyoneSt
2048 Bubbles 1.1.1
Join the 2048 bubbles championship games!Hit, Pop and Smash alltheballoons and become the ultimate winner of the 2048 puzzlegames.With so many exciting levels, cool boosters and puzzles,2048Bubbles is a must have game for your Android device. Get it nowforFREE and let the game begin! Put your matching skills to thetestas you shoot and pop bubbles and clear levels.Are you ready forthebubble champion games? Do you consider yourself a bubbleshooterexpert? Let’s put it to the test! We have developed thisawesomefree game for all of puzzles fans who are looking to trainthebrain and improve their matching skills.Download 2048 Bubblestodayand enjoy a classic bubble shooter puzzle game. Play andenjoythousands of fun levels packed with challenging puzzles andcoloredbubbles. Play the Fun Bubble Shooter GamePop all thecolorful ballsand clear levels. Beat challenging levels and winawesome prizes.Play today and experience a classic and addictivegame mode. Canyou get three stars on every level? Play now and findout! Dragyour finger to move the laser sight in the direction ofthe bubblesand lift your finger to shoot bubbles. Match at least 3bubbles ofthe same color to burst the group and complete levels.Try it outtoday and pop your way through the bubble packedchallenges.Warm upyour fingers and prepare for some bubble poppingfun! 2048 BUBBLESFEATURES- Awesome boosts and power-ups. - Funpuzzles and brainteasers. - Cool graphics and effects. - Tons ofthrilling levelsand challenges. - Free bubble swap. - Suitable forall ages to playand enjoy. - Free to play!HOW TO PLAY1. Drag yourfinger to movethe laser aiming and lift it to shoot bubbles. 2.Match at least 3bubbles of the same color or more to pop the combo.3. Clear theboard of all the colored bubbles and win levels. 4.Explorethousands of puzzle levels. 5. Charge up with awesomeboosters thatwill help you blast through the levels. 2048 Bubblesis a fun andaddictive puzzle game where you need to match colorsand pop balls.This game is totally free; no wifi connection isrequired so youcan enjoy an unlimited bubble popping fun! Aimcarefully and popyour way up to success. Have fun blasting all theballs! All rightsof Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon DynamicsLtd.
2 To 2 4.01
LTG Games
2 To 2 is a number connect puzzle game. Connect-2 & mergethenumber! How to play: - Connect same numbers on a horizontalorvertical line, excluding cross line. - The result ofconnectedvalue being a multiple of 2. - Connect numbers and grow upto 2, 4,8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048... - This "2 To 2"willend when you can't connect any more. Support: - Anysuggestion,please mail-to "" Thanks forplaying!
Number Knot 0.1.45
Nullify Games
The most popular official Hidato game with over 9 milliondownloads!Play hundreds of puzzles for free, with more on the way!Puzzlesrange from easy 3x3 grids to tough 12x12s - best playedontablets.Each puzzle starts with just a few numbers filled in.Youmust fill in the rest to build an ascending sequence ofconnectednumbers moving sideways or diagonally.Many puzzles haveseveralsolutions, but 300 are official Hidato puzzles that haveonly onesolution to find.Use hints to help you when you get stuck.Gainmore hints by watching an advert, or buy some from thein-gamestore. Find the free hidden hint each day!Thank you forsupportingindependent developers!
Block Puzzle Mania
Block Puzzle Mania is a simple yet challenging and addictivegame.It can be played within few seconds anytime to refresh yourmind.The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroyfulllines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. Don'tforgetto keep the blocks from filling the screen. No color match.Justfill all the grids with the matching blocks. Features - 3Differentgame modes (Classic / Plus / Time) - 2 game themes, day& night 1.4.16
Baring's Prod
* Universal :SupportsBoth Phone & Tablet Devices * Guess what? NumberAddict™ isFREE, FULL playable: no in-apps, no hidden cost, nothingto pay :just fun & Entertainment! * Numbers Addict™ is aaddictive musthave: 4 millions players , +20’000 ratings for anaverage of 4.5/5stars, +6000 Facebook fans can’t be wrong! (iPhone+ iPad + Android+ Amazon Kindle Fire) What’s Numbers Addict™? It’sis a simpleaddictive puzzle game & is one of the mostentertaining &challenging puzzle games for your Android phone& tablet.Exercise your logic & enjoy this ultimate vividelectronic gamepastime! Be careful : it’s impossible to stopplaying! NumbersAddict™ is a fun, quick paced mobile game of basicmaths skills& simple mental calculation. If you are looking fora mathsgame to keep your basic skills sharp this is the one foryou. Playfor free on your Android as you match & detonate asmanybubbles / candies as you can in endless action-packed &competewith Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & the new Google Playfriendsboard. Swap the bubble / candy to Match 3 or more &createcascade explode to send your score soaring, & dominatetheweekly battle leaderboards Touch, drag & place 3 bubblesthreein a line, match3 them to shoot them. Touch, drag & drop4bubbles four in a line, match-3 or more to explose them. Swipethebubble 2 on the 3 & you have a 5! Planning your play tomorethan 5 bubbles five connect together to boost the bigblitzexplosion & earn thousands of points in one shot!Attention :Exploding bubble is not enough, you have to anticipatenext move toresolve the riddle on the grid, stay in live, &transform yourgame to an awesome success & ... super bingo! bethe top one,better than your friends! & maybe trigger a combosaga of thedead of explosions! Numbers Addict™ comes with 3numericalchallenge difficults levels ranging from Beginner toExpert bubbleshooter. 3 game modes versions - brain trainer &attentionfocus training - ways to become a stars! You can challengeyourselfin expert mode or choose to just lay back & relax whilesolvingyour puzzles in easy & medium modes . In medium mode,you have5 seconds to take your decision. In expert mode, you have aspecialitem who will give you some pain & you need to befaster. Aranking system & achievements are also added to keepyou evenmore challenged Numbers Addict™ «  improved my memory& mycognitive & concentration flexibility, I stimulatedbrain cellsthat were asleep… It’s the mansion of the math, kingdomof thestrategy » It's a mix with 2048 math workout test,sudoku,chess, logical raisonning. The best app for family, adults,kids,girls, boys, women, men, all ages and genders! If you are akid, aboy, a girl, a man, a woman or love space, puzzles, riddlesgamesand brain teaser. And test your brain Age too! If you desiretoimprove your brain performance and be above the line take thistestseveral times in a row. Even kids that like to play sandboxwilllove this game. You just need to know counting. keywords:epic,tile,black,white,swipe,threes,tiles Features: 
* 3difficultlevels ranging from Beginner to Expert (so 3 game modes,Relax Mode& Challenge Mode)
* Endless puzzles mania for you toenjoy
*Ranking system to keep you more challenged 
* Keep track ofall thescore * Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle 
* Testyour logic & your intelligence with these original puzzlemindquiz game, the only one who boost your IQ (Intelligencequotient).* Improve your result in Psycho-technical tests, IQ test/ QItester, competitive exam admission, MBA, luminosity,lumosity,GMAT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, CAT * Samsung Galaxy note, note2& note3stylus S PEN (SPEN) optimised * Facebook, Google+connect &Tweet on Twitter Support: 
something wrong? Need help?Or justaddicted? Please submit us an
⚡ Current Stream 1.34.04
Current Stream is a connection puzzle game, where you needtoconnect all the bulbs to a energy source.It is, in fact, averyengaging and focus improvement puzzle game. You will loveCurrentStream as it has:- 200 challenging levels,- Infinite Randomlevels-beautiful visuals,- relaxing, high-quality ambientmusic,-completely mind-bending final levels!How to Play CurrentStream?Thefirst levels will allow you to understand how CurrentStream worksand the goal you need to achieve. The essence is torotate each ofthe tiles to allow the energy to pass through ituntil all of thebulbs have light. Unlike the Flow game or pipesconnecting, hereyou have harder and challenging puzzle levels andit is much morefun!How many levels are there?There are currently 4free packageswith a total of 200 challenging and curated levels.There is alsothe infinite mode with infinite random levels. How tosave my gameprogress?Connect the game with Google Play Games on thebottom leftpanel in the home screen. You will be prompted a screento connectthe game to the cloud. This way your progress won't belost whenyou change devices.Do I need to pay anything to play thisgame?No.It is 100% free. You can pay us a small fee (the price of acoffee)though, to remove the ads from your game.Current Streamisdefinitely a special puzzle game and if you have any questionsorcomments, feel free to drop us an e-mail.Note: Song nameis"Reaktion", by Carbon Based Lifeforms
Block Puzzle 1.02
Block Puzzle - Best simple, classic, fun and addictive woodblockpuzzle gamesHOW TO PLAY BLOCK PUZZLE :1. Drag the blocks tomovethem.2. Place theme to fit full lines on the grid verticallyorhorizontally.3. Game over if there are no room for any shapeofbelow blockFEATURES OF BLOCK PUZZLE :- Easy to play, just draganddrop block- Free to play block puzzle- Download fast, apk sizeonly3M- Free Update Games: Hexa, brick craft, wood block modecommingsoon
Tap Tap Beat - the most addictive music game 1.01.16
Guide the Unicorn through the path! Listen carefully to thebeat,and play to the music or you'll fall off.Will you reach theend ofthe road?! And what about your friends, will they beatyou?Who willbe the best Unicorn rider?*Play on epic music*Evolveyour Unicorn!Watch it upgrade with awesome skins and armors*Try tobeat yourfriends score*Get daily gifts and rewards*Enjoy hundredsof levelsof increasing difficulty*Discover our magical universes:SkyHighand SpaceOperaReady to play the best game for Android? Timeto seethem Unicorns dancing!
Kickerinho 2.5.24
JUST *TAP* *TAP* AND KEEP IT UP! Kickerinho needs your helptobecome best juggler in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro!Willyou help him fulfill this dream? • Get additcted with simpleyetchallenging juggling gameplay • Choose from over hundredoffootball T-Shirts. Barcelona or Madrid? We have'em. Wanna wearasuit instead? We've got you covered. • Unlock dozens offootballtricks: juggle with foot, stall the ball on your head, showwho'sthe juggling master! • Be immersed by beautiful graphics andsmoothanimation. Remember: juggling is a skill that is improvedbyrepetition. The more you do the better you will get. WARNING:gameis highly addictive and may cause “let me try!” requestsfrompeople around you! Please note: Kickerinho is optimized foriPhone4s/ iPad 2/ iPod Touch 5th gen and up.
AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles 2.0.1
AuroraBound is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game, where youmatchpuzzle blocks together to discover beautiful hidden patterns.Canyou solve them all? Features: - Easy for anyone to pick up andplay- 1000s of unique puzzles to explore - A beautiful and serenevisualstyle - Soothing, dynamic background music - Gradualdifficultycurve for a satisfying experience - Hint system to helpyou out ifyou get stuck - Optimized for both tablets and phones -Translatedinto 16 languages Twitter : @finalgamestudio GameWebsite Company Website :www.finalgamestudio.comSupport:
com.neonplay.tiptapsoccer 1.5.0
Neon Play
The most addictive soccer game of all time! Grow your ownsoccerclub into the best in the world! Tap, tap, tap to encouragefansinto your stadium. Earn money by investing in merchandise,clubtours and tasty food. Boost your profits with lucrative TVdealsand attract the interest of mega investors. Spend yourmillions onbuilding bigger stadiums to attract thousands of fans!Download nowand become the next Tip Tap Soccer tycoon!
Magnet Balls Pro Free
crazy owl
Game play is match-three styled, but the balls are magnetic andcanshift around as the game progresses. You have a field ofcoloredmagnetic balls drifting down the screen. The goal of thegame is tocreate matches of three or more of these balls toeliminate themfrom game play. You accomplish this by shootingadditional ballsinto the mix, in hopes of creating the matches.Just tap the screenwhere you want to shoot the new ball and asmatches are created,the balls explode and points are earned.Features: ❶ Relaxing andaddictive gameplay ❷ Beautiful graphicsdesigned ❸ 5 bonus balls ❹Possibility to use an accelerometer ❺ 2game mode ❻ Compete for thebest score in the world
Flow Free 4.4
Flow Free® is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Connectmatchingcolors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors, andcover theentire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watchout,pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Free playthroughhundreds of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trialmode.Flow Free gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, tochallengingand frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play isup to you.So, give Flow Free a try, and experience "mind likewater"! FlowFree features: ★ Over 2,500 free puzzles ★ Free Playand Time Trialmodes ★ Clean, colorful graphics ★ Fun sound effectsSpecial thanksto Noodlecake Studios, creators of Super StickmanGolf, for theirwork on Flow Free! Enjoy.
2048 Endless
Welcome to 2048 EndlessTry this 2048 beautiful and addicted game, challenge your mindandimagination.It is very ease to play: swipe (up, down, left, right) to moveallcell.A new cell will be created, when two cells with samenumbertouched.Your score will increase as fast as more cell you will combine.Canyou reach the 32768th cell? It’s not an easy task! Enjoyandwin!As a pleasant bonus we added an AUTO-SAVING of your unfinishedgame,so you can continue playing last game whenever youwant!Features:Game center integration.Smooth animation.We 're listening to you.Nice sound and music.Auto save game so that you can continue whenever you want.Undo button.Beautiful graphics.Hope you will like 2048 endless, otherwise please leave a commentsowe can continue improving game!v1.0.13- Bug fixes, more numbers, more challenge and more funny.v1.0.12- Fix openssl issuev1.0.11- Bug Fixesv1.0.10- More effects, more interesting.v1.0.9- UI Improvements.- New layout changes.v1.0.8- UI & Performance improvements.- Reduce game size.v1.0.7- Support installing game on sd card.- UI Improvements.- Add button undo.v1.0.6- Now you 've to reach 8192 to won the game.- Fixed save game feature.- Add more sound effects.- UI Improvements.v1.0.5- Auto save.- UI Improvements.
TENX - Wooden Number Puzzle Game 1.4.1
LHP Studio
TENX is a number logic board game. Drag number blocks on theboardto get total of 10 in any row or column and then you getscores!Features: - Inventive new take on the puzzle genre -addictive,satisfying gameplay! - Use magic hat when need help! -Many numberblocks skins for your choices WHY CHOOSE THIS BLOCKNUMBER PUZZLELOGIC BOARD GAME? ★ Easy to learn and play, andpleasurable gamefor all ages! ★It is a free game! ★ Supportleaderboard. ★Easy toplay and Improve observation. Once you’vetried, you’ll neverstopped! TENX - Wooden Number Puzzle Game is atrue brain puzzlegame, if you ever love make hexa, wood blockpuzzle, brick classic,2048 plus or similar ones, you will love GetTEN.
Bloxorz - Block And Hole 1.3.7
Magic Bloxorz is a very challenging roll puzzle game designedforevery one who enjoys logic and math game. The goal of the gameisto put the magic bloxorz to the destination by rolling it.Playerneeds to take care that the magic bloxorz should not fall ofedgesor get stressed. You should also be aware of some traps withcanmake you fail the level. Each level require logic andbrainchallenge. Want to try a math block game? Want to find a bestbraintrain game? Let's try Magic Bloxorz. Magic Bloxorz is freetodownload and play with 200 levels Enjoy!
Our Last Journey 1.1.3
Amateral Inc.
An elderly woman who lost her beloved husband pursues him andgetslost in between this world and the next.- 45 handcraftedlevelswith a variety of obstacles and gimmicks- Dreamlike,minimalist 3Dgraphics- Tactile puzzles with intuitive controls thatanyone canenjoy- Movielike soundscape that adds to the game'simmersion (Werecommend using headphones for the best experience)**Our LastJourney is a recent 3D game which requires a device withrecentprocessing capabilities.
Bubble Breaker 5.3
Bubble Breaker (Шарики) is a game where you must select acolorgroup of bubbles on a grid and click to destroy them. Themorebubbles you destroy with a single click, the higher your scorewillbe. Bubble Breaker involves more deep thinking and strategyinsteadof fast paced action. It's very small (only 3 Mb) BubbleBreakerapp ! It working on all devices with all screen resolution !Toenable/disable sound effects please use hardware button MENU oruselong press in the game field. If you like this app please donotforget to give a positive feedback !!! Recently the rating thisappfell 99% anonymously from 4.5 to 3.9 :-(