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Linear Art 2.7
::: What is ? :::• Linear Art is a highly complex, kinetic,andinteractive visualizer yet it is also an amazingly beautifulworkof art. • Linear Art was designed to help people who want tothinkmore creatively or who need a change of pace.• Linear Art isanexcellent game/toy/party entertainment/interior design elementforanyone who loves fireworks, whirlwinds, firefly lights,aurora,rainbow, wave, mobius strip, heart or atomic symbol.• LinearArthas additional features that will remind you of the featuresaboveand more all while being intensely dynamic, plus it containstheoption to control each design parameter and characteristic.•Youwill also see Fireworks, Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb,VoltLightning, Midnight falling star, Black hole, Dark meter,Tsunami,Gravity, Halo, Earthquake, Gun fire, Ice, Space,Universe,Aurora, Fluid, Alien, Laser, Fish, Fly, Blue Sky, Wave,Surfing,Jupiter, Moon, Earth, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Comet,Pluto,Saturn and so on.• Technically, Linear Art was madewithmathematics, physics, and 3D graphic technics; its renderingsystemwas optimized using neon assembly codes for mobilecomputingenvironments. ::: Features :::• 10-Finger Multi-touchDisplay!• 5Music choices by Aden Ray (On/Off available)!• FastestSpeed (60FPS) emits 5,000 particles!• Customize Particle Length,Number,& Size!::: Support :::If you have any problems,questions, orideas related to this app, please feel free to contactme. I wouldreally like to [email protected]/
Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker 1.3
"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" allows youtocreate amazing designs without any graphic design skills.Noweveryone can become a professional designer deliveringimpressiveresults with this powerful graphic design tool! Wheneveryou feelinspired, you can always create awesome designs with ourextensiveartwork and easy to use tools, Irresistible YoutubeThumbnails,Channel Arts, crafting jaw dropping posters, flyers,cards,invitations, social media graphics, banners and much more.WithThumbnail Maker, turn Your Ideas into Stunning Artworks. Notonlycan you create Thumbnails for youtube, you can also create-Channel Art for Youtube - Ad Pages for Facebook - CoverforFacebook - Posts for Instagram - Cover for Youtube - CoverforTwitter - Cover for Linkedin - Cover for Twitch - Flyers in A4Size(72 DPI) - Device Wallpaper Portrait - Desktop Wallpaper - Logo-Cover for Google Plus - Art for Tumbler Graphic - Art forPinterestPin - Presentation - Infographic - Posts for Facebook -Thumbnailfor Youtube - Post for Twitter - Banners A highlycustomizablethumbnail maker app to design artwork for YouTube rightat yourfingertips. - Design an eye-catching thumbnails for YouTubethatboosts viewership - Make it impossible for your audience toscrollpast your thumbnail without having a click and a look. -Piecetogether a thumbnail design in no time. - PlaywithTextures/Fonts/Colors/Photos - You can edit and save yourdesignsas many times as you like. Every time you create a newdesign, suchas a YouTube thumbnail, it will appear in the “MyDesigns” section.Why Choose "Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & ChannelArt Maker"? -Rich Resources : Function-focused resources make itsimple tocreate collages, social media graphics, posters, cards,banners andmuch more with this Thumbnail Maker App. - PowerfulTools :Thumbnail maker provides powerful design and editing toolswhichenables you to achieve high-quality results quickly andwithout anyhassles or headaches. - Easy to Use : "Thumbnail, Cover,Posts& Channel Art Maker" is all about making designamazinglysimple for anyone. With only a few clicks, anyone cancreateprofessional artworks, even without any experience. Are youayoutuber? Download Thumbnail Maker now for Free and enjoycreatingchannel arts, banners and thumbnails within a fewminutes."Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" is allaboutmaking design amazingly simple for anyone. Try Now!!Disclaimer:"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" is notaffiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved byYouTube,Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, Google. All referencesto"YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, Google" aresolelyfor the purpose of identifying the app for potential users.Notrademark infringement is intended, Neither arethesecompanies/entities responsible for this app.
TRX Radio 1.2
TRX Radio Srl
Ascoltate gratuitamente la miglior musica rap nazionaleedinternazionale, 24 ore su 24, selezionata per voi daimiglioriartisti della scena rap italiana.TRX Radio promuove, suonaeracconta esclusivamente la musica rap, italiana edinternazionale,con playlist tematiche firmate dagli stessi artisti,in rotazione24 ore su 24.La selezione di TRX Radio è infatti curatadagliartisti e dalle personalità che appartengono alla scenanazionaleed internazionale, con la finalità di promuovere musicarap,attuale e passata, per poter offrire e raccontare unpanoramacompleto ed argomentato di una musica in continuaevoluzione.Tipiace TRX Radio? Clicca Mi piace suFacebook: Seguici su [email protected] best music for free national and internationalrap, 24 hours24, selected for you by the best artists of theItalian rapscene.TRX Radio promotes, sounds and only tells the rapmusic,Italian and international, with playlist issues signed bytheartists themselves, in rotation 24 hours 24.The selection ofTRXRadio is in fact organized by artists and personalities whobelongto the national and international scene, with the aim ofpromotingrap music, past and current, in order to offer and tell acompleteview and argued a music evolving.Like TRX Radio?Like usonFacebook: us [email protected]
DailyArt - Your Daily Dose of Art History 2.1.3
Every day get inspired by classic, modern and contemporaryartmasterpieces and read short stories about them. Join thecommunityof over 700.000 art lovers, for whom DailyArt is somethingthatenlightens their day, every day. For free! Furthermore: -Exploreand search the collection of more than 2000 masterpieces, -Read700 artist biographies and information about 500museumcollections, - Add masterpieces to your favorites, - EasilyfindDailyArts which you haven't seen yet, - Share everything amongyourfamily and friends, - Set up your account and use DailyArtonmultiple devices including tablets and smartwatches - Copy thetextof the description - Use a widget! - Set up a morning or aneveningtime for your push notification - And what's the mostimportant -enjoy art <3 Do you want to know why van Gogh cut offhis ear?Or who is the lady on Picasso's portrait? How JacksonPollockcreated his paintings? Open DailyArt and find out. Accordingtomedia and our users, DailyArt is a must-have app for allartlovers, as some journalists wrote about us: - "Even if youalreadyknow the work, you may not know all the fascinating detailsthe appserves up on the backstory of the art." - “DailyArt is yourdailydose of classic paintings, serving up a proverbial shot ofespressoto awaken the inner culture vulture in you (...) One of thebest 12educational apps of 2012" - "With its superb images andinformativebiographical blurbs, DailyArt is perfect for thoselooking to addsome culture to their day." Learn something new aboutart every day- you just need two minutes. Download your espressoshot of art,for free.
Photo Editor Free Pixerist FX Collage & Filters 2.5.2
Turn your pictures into a work of art ! Transform your picturesintoa Marvel like graphic novel by Frank Miller, an Anime drawingor apainting by famous artists like Andy Warhol, Picasso, Matisse,RoyLichtenstein, Degas, Lautrec, Renoir, Van Gogh, Hopper ... Edityourselfies in a fast, easy and professional way with the powerfulFREEphoto editor. Preview in real time and finish in highresolution.Pixerist turns any photo into a painting orillustration, justchoose from our 600+ filters and apply to yourimages with only onetouch. Pixerist offers hundreds of Prisma likefilters transformingyour photos into illustrations through anartificial intelligenceengine powered by last generation neuralnetwork and machinelearning algorithms. Pixerist speeds up thecreative process with asimple and inteligent interface. With justa few clicks you can trymultiple creative possibilities. The appis the perfect graphic toolyou need to turbo your blog orInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblraccounts. Our collection ofmore than 600 filters is constantlygrowing. Our team of artists isconstantly creating unique arts tofeed machine learning algorithmsand generate new and uniquefilters. It's an impressive filtersbank including galleries styleslike Neural Art,Cartoon, Comics,Mosaic, Color Line Art, BelleÉpoque, Magic, Mystic, Sketch,Graffiti, Wallpaint and many more.Pixerist is a very powerful fullscreen photo editor that turns yourdevice into a professionalphoto finishing room. The app offers avaried photo editingtoolkit: Levels, Brightness, Contrast, ColorBalance, Hue,Saturation, Glow, Color Vibrance, Blur, Mirror,Kaleidoscope, HolgaArt, Sharpen, Temperature, Multi-format Crop,Rotation, Gain,Gamma, Exposure.
Art Of Glow 1.0.8
From the Creator of 'Glow Hockey', we are proudly present youthe'Art of Glow' that brings you to new wonderful experience.'ArtofGlow' will make you feel more relax, fun, and easy tocreatevariety of glow artworks!Art of Glow is elegantly designedwith thehigh flexibility adjustments, vivid glow colors, andmanyoptions.What can 'Art Of Glow' do?+ Glow/lightpaintings.+Fireworks.+ Twinkle stars.+ Animated text arts.+ Andmuch more withunlimited settings + your imaginations.FEATURES:+High detailsgraphics.+ Colorful (ANIMATED) Glow Particles.+ Smoothand fun toplay.+ Unlimited styles of particles settings.+ SupportAll AndroidDevices.+ Support Multitasking.VideoTutorials:
Art of Vincent Van Gogh 1.10
Watch and enjoy the masterpieces works of one of the best knownandmost respected post-impressionism painter of all time! Morethan2100 masterpieces. Completely free application for phoneandtablet, ad supported. * Gallery with 16 categories: (1) Worksofthe young Van Gogh, (2) Early paintings, (3) Nuenen, (4)Antwerp,(5) Paris, (6) Arles, (7) Saint Remy, (8) Auvers Sur Oise,(9)Sketches In Letters, (10) Lithos, (11) (12) (13) (14)Drawings,(15) Watercolors, (16) 200 Famous Masterpieces * Full nameof everywork of art, with the year of creation * All paintings inthegallery can be set as wallpaper * Portrait and landscaperotationsupported * Share option * Understandable and easy forhandling *Working on android 2.0 and up * Tested on all majordevices * Someof the paintings from the gallery: - Road in Etten1881 - Two womenin the woods 1882 - Montmartre, Paris 1886 -Self-portrait withpipe 1886 - A pair of shoes 1886 - Still lifewith apples, pears,lemons and grapes 1887 - Vase with daisies andanemones 1887 -Sunflowers 1888 - Starry night over the Rhone 1888 -Café terraceat night 1888 - Yellow house at Arles 1888 - Greenwheat field withcypress, Saint Remy 1889 - The starry night 1889 -The bedroom1888-89 - The church at Auvers 1890 - Tree roots 1890and manyother. Vincent Willem Van Gogh, born March 30, 1853, was aDutchpost-impressionist painter whose work had a great influence on20thcentury art for its vivid colors and emotional impact. Hesufferedfrom anxiety and mental illness throughout his life. Hedied at age37 on July 29, 1890. What he died from a self-inflictedgunshotwound. His name at the time was not well known. Van Goghspent hisearly adulthood working for a many art dealers. When hewas young,he wanted to become a pastor and preach the gospel, andfrom 1879he worked as a missionary in a mining region in Belgium.Duringthis time, he began to sketch people from the community andin 1885painted his first major work, The Potato Eaters. The colorshe usedwere dull, plain colors. Not until much later did he includemuchricher colors. In March 1886, he moved to Paris and discoveredtheFrench Impressionists. Later he moved to the south of Franceandwas taken by the strong sunlight he found there. His workgrewbrighter in color and he developed the unique andhighlyrecognizable style which became fully realized in 1888. Hisfamegrew in the years after his death. Today, he is widely regardedasone of history's greatest painters and an important contributortothe foundations of modern art. Van Gogh did not beginpaintinguntil his late twenties, and most of his best-known workswereproduced during his last two years. He produced more than2,000artworks, 900 being paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches.Hiswork had a strong influence on the modern art that followed.Todaymany of his pieces; including his numerousself-portraits,landscapes, portraits and sunflowers, are among theworld's mostrecognizable and expensive works of art.
Pixel Art - Color by Number Sandbox Coloring 2018 1.2
Color, relax and release your inner artist with Pixel Art.Discovertons of amazing pictures for adults and kids, enjoybeautifulcolors and shades.Coloring with Pixel Art is an excellentway ofrelaxation and meditation. Color by number and developyourconcentration, color matching skills, accuracy andprecision.Choose from a wide range of fascinating pictures andcolor the onesyou like to create your own artworks!Discover thereal Art ofpixels:- Great variety of coloring pages for any taste:Mandalas,Patterns, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Places, Food and manyothers;-Easy coloring. Enjoy intuitive design and smoothperformance ofPixel Art;- Lots of amazing pictures. Explore dailyupdatedcollection of new images for you to color;- Various coloringtools.Use Magic Wand to paint multiple neighboring cells of thesamenumber and Grenade to color multiple neighboring cells ofanynumbers;- Quick sharing. Share your colored pictures withfriendson social networks or email in just one tap.- Easily coloranyimage and wait for the surprise in the end!- Share with friendsonInstagram, Twitter or Facebook Messenger- Family-friendlycontent:coloring for all ages- Perfect relaxing activityPixel Artis morethan just coloring. It’s a pleasant way to relax and bringout yourcreativity.Happy Coloring !
Pixel Art Pro - Color by Number 3.2
Play the best pixel art number coloring sandbox app on Android!ForFree!Pixel Art Pro - Color by Number Coloring Pages ispopularamong children and adult!It’s a free number draw sandbox APPforeveryone.There’re many interesting pixel cartoon charactersandnumber books for you to coloring.How to play:✔Paint by numbersinthis interesting sandbox game,✔Pick color and drop in thesamenumbers’ blocks.✔That you’ll finished a cool pixel work. "Colorbynumber cartoon pixel are a great way to teach your kids orstudentsbasic number recognition, how to use a legend, and it willgivethem the opportunity to develop sense of beauty and senseofart.""This is a great activity to practice your drawingskills.It’s also fun for any age to try to finish the drawing bycoloringthe numbers.”Highlights:✔ EASY to color with numbers✔ FUNto colorcartoon characters✔ ENJOY creating anti-stress pixel art✔FREE toplay with hundreds of pictures✔ SHARE your masterpieceswithfriends on Facebook, Instagram etc.Join Pixel Art Pro - ColorbyNumber Coloring Pages to create your pixel artwork easily! Itisperfect for adults and kids who love to paint and color bynumber.You will find so many free and fascinating cartoon picturesinPixel Art Pro - Color by Number Coloring Pages, likeflowers,animals, and food, which suit for both adults andkids.Let's makecoloring by number be your favorite hobby andaddicted to it again!
Art Basel - Official App 2.4.0
This is the official Art Basel App. Art Basel’s updated mobileAppprovides essential information regarding the shows, includinganinteractive floorplan and a global artworks catalog ofgalleriesparticipating at Art Basel’s shows.Art Basel stages theworld'spremier Modern and contemporary art fairs, staged annuallyinBasel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Art Basel's reputationforshowing work of the highest quality has attracted theleadinginternational gallerists and collectors, offering theshows'visitors the most important art that the world's bestgalleries canoffer.
Cats Color by Number- Meow Pixel Art Coloring 2018 1.0
Cat lovers, prepare for the cutest cat color by number! If youlovecats and coloring then Cat Color by Number with animals arewhatyou need. Escape your everyday worries, beat the stress andhavefun with free animal coloring games! Let your imagination runriot,use different colors, palettes, shades, textures and stickersandcreate your own masterpieces with these magic coloringsheets!Coloring by Number is fun to play,kids and adults love tocolor bynumbers and we have got alot of things for you to chooseand wealso included which is popular among the Children and AdultsCatColor by Number and make the awesome Rized andCross-Stitchingpicture of Cars.How to play:-Paint by numbers inthis interestingsandbox game.-Pick color and drop in the samenumbers blocks.-Thatyou’ll finished a cool pixel work. Features:-EASY to color withnumbers- FUN to color different cats- ENJOYcreating anti-stresspixel art- FREE to play with hundreds ofpictures- SHARE yourmasterpieces with friends on Facebook,Instagram etc.Join CatsColor by Number Coloring Pages to createyour pixel artwork easily!It is perfect for adults and kids wholove to paint and color bynumber. You will find so many free andfascinating cartoon catspictures in Cats Color by Number ColoringPages.This pixel coloringbook as a pixel art therapy helps yourelieve stress and anxiety.It also helps to develop children’sconcentration and recognitionof colors and numbers.There is lot ofinteresting themes waitingfor you which helps you relaxyourself.Let's make coloring bynumber be your favorite hobby andaddicted to it again.
Art Gallery ErgsArt - Visual Arts Masterpieces 2.4.7_art_phn
ErgSap Vision
Explore 60 000 arts masterpieces from greatest painters at aglancewithin a gorgeous gallery of paintings, drawings,sketches,sculptures. Find portraits of women painted by Monet intheeighties of impressionism or how Monet's vision was impactinghisarts performance with Art gallery ErgsArt, art masterpieces inyourpocket 🎨. Find answers in Art Gallery ErgsArt collection withsmartsearch for artworks within a timeline, a time travel inarthistory, simple, intuitive and smart, even by colors 🎭! ArtGalleryErgsArt is a virtual arts studio with famous paintings forartists,art-lovers to discover daily new art masterpieces, improveartknowledge and culture. Explore contemporary art with livefrommodern living artists directly within the art gallery.Discover,learn and improve arts culture with art games and drawinggame(just sketch on any paintings) included in the art gallery.Greatcollections of worldwide famous paintings from greatestartistslike Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Renoir can be explored at aglance, anart history. Discover famous artworks like The Jocondefrom DaVinci or masterpieces from Dutch painter Vermeer,impressionistartists Degas or Van Gogh, Klimt, Gauguin, Cezanne,Monet and more,at a glance. With daily arts notification, discoverthe mosttrending and popular artworks and engage with suggestions.Fromsculptures, watercolors, drawings, sketches to oilpaintings,portraits, landscapes explore and learn art with fun !ART MUSEUM ■Contemporary art with Live exhibition from modernliving artists ■60 000 world famous paintings in a timelineENTERTAINMENT ■ Dailyart suggestions, popular artworks and featuredpaintings ■ ArtSlideshow ■ Bookmark, sharing, collections,wallpaper ■ Art Widgetson your homepage FUN & ART GAME ■ Drawon paintings, sketch onany pictures or photos ■ Art finder game,chase the paintings of anartist ■ Art Quiz SEARCH & DISCOVERY ■Intelligent search bykeywords and colors ■ Explore popularpaintings, real-time arts,monthly, weekly or daily arts ■ Offlineartworks & galleries ■Download all public domain archives Havea great time travel infamous paintings, art masterpieces, arthistory, culture andknowledge within this art gallery 🎨!
Deep Art Effects - AI Photo Filter & Art Filter 1.5.5
The ultimate art editor filter app for high quality photofilterlovers, that transforms photos and selfies into famous fineartpaintings with the help of AI. Use free art filters andarteffects. Choose from more than 50+ art styles and findyourfavourite photo art effect.Share the unique and awesomeartworksyou created with hashtag #deeparteffects to the socialmediaplatforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and impressyourfollowers. Become an deep artist with the help of machinelearningalgorithms using artificial intelligence in combinationwith neuralnetworks! Draw in the style of artists such as Van Gogh,Monet,Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Raphael, Rembrandt,Daliand many others! Please note: The image rights always remainwiththe user. Artworks and pictures are not passed tothirdparties.FEATURESBasic Version★ Be an artist - Create Art withAI★Fast image processing near realtime★ HD Resolution forartworks(1080px)★ More than 40 filters from famous artists★ Changestylefilter intensity★ Enhanced prisma filters★ Encrypted datatransfer★Server in Europe for privacy★ No photos and artworks aresaved onour servers for guests★ Use login to manage your artworksin thecloud. Delete, rename, view and organize your artworks★Possibilityto buy a print version in ULTRA HD (3840px) withoutwatermark★Share your artworks with the communityPremium Version★FULL HDresolution for artworks (1920px)★ Remove watermarks★Exclusive newstyles for premium users★ No advertisingDeep ArtEffects is morethan filters and better than photo effects. It's aplace wheremasterpieces happen right out of your photos. And it'syou todecide what kind of art technique to base it on.For example,youmay want to convert a photo to sketch, pencil drawing or oiloncanvas. And not to some abstract, exactly you have Got ThisApp.Well, usual photo editing apps would have probably given uphere.Just create art with ai. Download now and check it out.TURNANYPHOTO INTO ARTWORK - FOR FREEWhat if Pablo Picasso paintedyourportrait? What if Vincent van Gogh painted Manhattan asstarrynight? Let’s say goodbye to the dull and traditional filterapp!Weuse an algorithm inspired by the human brain. It uses thestylisticelements of one image to draw the content of another. Getyour ownartwork in just three steps.HOW TO GET AWESOMEARTISTICPAINTINGS1.) Upload your photo.2.) Choose the style youwant totransform to.3.) Usually it is completed within a fewseconds inhigh resolution! Super fast!Optional: Register to manageyour deepartworkJOIN THE ART WORLDDeep Art Effects is acollaborationbetween human, machine, and our concept of art. It isan experimentto see what emerges when anyone can create amasterpiece.It is yogafor the brain. Brain for the yoga. It is auniversal art machinethat paints any image in the style of anyother, producingsometimes-beautiful, sometimes-disturbing,always-surprisingartworks.We encourage you to play. We can't waitto see what youmake with it!Do you have any suggestions forimprovement? Anyideas? Any issues with the app? Please let us know.
BUKU Music + Art Project 2018 9.5
The BUKU Music + Art Project App is your official mobile guidetothe 2018 festival. Personalize your schedule, discover musicfromall our BUKU artists, keep up with surprise BUKU SpecialMoments,stay in the know with our #TOOBUKU social feed and infosections,locate all the food, bars, and restrooms on site and findyour wayaround using our BUKU site map.Features include:- Discover:A fanfavorite feature of the BUKU app! Easily listen to music fromeachartist and "discover" some extra lagniappe in BUKU SpecialMomentswhere you’ll get familiar with our local artists, BUKUBreakers,and find out what goes on in the minds of the BUKreatures.-Schedule: The most updated BUKU schedule is always the one intheapp! Be sure to enable notifications from us to be the firsttoknow if anything changes. Also, build your own custom scheduleforthe festival.- Maps: The BUKU grounds can seem huge if youdon'tknow where you're going. Explore the entire site with easewhen youhave all things BUKU in your pocket! Check out our fancymapsection and never feel lost again!- Explore: Got a breakbetweenthe next set? Let the Explore section be your guide! How?Well,FOOD! You know that pizza that’s been on your mind all day…Itain’t just about the grub- snag exclusive BUKU gear at theMerchbooth. AND check out our other talented vendors serving upfreshstyles from unique jewelry pieces, to body painting! Alwayssay yesto paint.- #TOOBUKU Stream: Check out our official socialstreams.Follow our most up-to-date posts and announcements on ourFacebook,Instagram and Twitter - all in one place!
Creative Photo Art Editor - Powerful Photo Editor. 6.0
Creative Photo Art Editor is one of the best photo editorandbeautiful frames to your photos. Choose the photo from Albumandselect a frame and generate your photo frames.Enjoy the bestphotoframes in App Store. - Get used to this new way of name artstylingon your Photos!! Write your names on any photo with uniquetextstyles/fonts, add funny stickers, Apply a cute background orelseany frame, draw/paint your name art and make out a photoeditsomething to be different and stylish..! - Bring out cool picswithyour favorite names with this name art photo editor. Alsobeexcited to write anything you want and convey yourdeepestemotions!! Find out the true meaning of name arts by thesimpleedits and enhancements. All you need is to expose yourstylish artsin your name!! - Art Filter Photo Editor, CreativePhoto ArtEditor, and Selfie Camera allow you create and pencilsketch andpop art photo work with amazing pop art filters. - Getthe bestcamera with selfie snap beauty camera and photo editor proapp inan all in one bundle. - Photo picture app is the latestCreativePhoto Art Editor app with numerous art filters (modern artfilters)to edit pictures and turn your photos into paintings. Withourpicture editor, you will be amazed by our effect, createawesomeartwork and art photo by yourself. - Art photo, picture appis thebest art camera, picture editor app & filters camera appforyou to snap photos and edit picture paintings. Want to seehowbeautiful you when you have a painting yourself? selfie cameraappis here to make your photos into artworks!❥ Set as LiveWallpaper -Make your favorite photo album look fabulous and Keepyour memoriessafe by framing and keeping it as wallpaper. Art toolmakes yourphoto colorful Make the best photos using feathers anddecorateyour image that gives a stunning look to your photo ❥ AddStickers- Smileys are one of the best features as everybody knowsabout it.Creative Photo Art Editor app provide stickers such aswishes,birthday, special days, birds, flowers, love, animals,fruits, toysetc.❥ Set a Profile Picture - You can also add text onyour imagesand make the Stylish name on your Profile Pictures andyou can alsogive the text a new look with font size, font color,and shadoweffect, gradient and shades is the essential feature aseverybodylike it.❥ Paint Tool - With this tool, you can paint onyour own.Creative Photo Art Editor app provides brush size, colorandopacity Undo, redo clear functions availableHow to use :1. Addyourphoto from gallery2. Apply beautiful Frames3. Write name onphoto,customize text styles4. Add meaningful stickers5. Draw onphotowith paints6. Save and Share your Creations throughsocialmedia.Feature :★ Easy to use UI★ Lots of backgrounds tochoosefrom!★ Lots of Stickers to choose from!★ Art filters inspiredbyfamous artists!★ Fascinating and unique Creative Photo ArtEditor★Sharing your art with your friends★ Amazing Creative PhotoArtEditor filters, powerful Creative Photo Art Editor★ It is Free!★Itworks Offline★ Simple art touch gestures to rotate, resize andmovecartoon paintings★ A full-featured cartoon photo editorcartooneffects★ Friendly Creative Photo Art Editor app interface,simplefilter design, easy Creative Photo Art Edit effects to use★Cartoon photo editor lets you share Creative Photo Art Editorwithyour friends via social networks★ Wall photo as life withanimationfilters & Creative Photo Art Editor★ Sketch art &Smoothpencil sketch art &Hard pencils sketch art by art filtersphotoeditor★ Easy to add Text★ Easy to Paint★ ChoosefavoriteAnimationsThank You...
Fill Art Photo Editor 1.3
Fill Art Photo Editor has many amazing photo effects and filtersandcontains all of the most commonly used image processingfunctions,simple operation that anyone can easily use. FillArt PhotoEditor App transforms your normal photo into some reallycoolartwork inspired by artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan,alongwith designs from famous ornaments and patterns.There aremanyimpressive filters available. You can select a suitable filterforediting images and convert your normal images to paintinglikeimages.This awesome app has many amazing photo effects andfilters.This app contains the entire most commonly used imageprocessingfunctions, simple operation, anyone can easily use.FillArt PhotoEditor come with over than 25 photo effects. Easy to usejustchoose your favorite picture and try effects and you cancustomizethe photo effects too.Fill Art Photo Editor App is greatway ofcreating Fill Art Effects and sharing on social networks.Itprovides multiple photo editing tools to retouch your imagesandcreate great artwork. This Photo editing app is all-in-onecollagemaker and photo grid. A great unique combination ofneuralnetworks and artificial intelligence helps you turnmemorablemoments into beautiful piece of art with Fill Art PhotoEditor.Youcan use another photo editing tool to design your photofast andeasily with wonderful effects: sepia, pencil sketch, black&white, vintage, old style and warm tones.Your new Fill ArtPhotoEditor playground:* 1000s of amazing photo editing featuresthatare fun and easy to use* Remix images with friends. It’s cool.*Newmagic AI-powered Magic Effects turn photos into art.* Makeany#FreeToEdit image your own. Do it, we dare you. * Photo grid,freeform collage, and collage layouts.* Free and premium photostickersand collage packs.* Add text with multiple fonts and texteffects.*Brand new AI and Fill Art Photo Editor style effects.*Freely shareto Social Networking And Media and more!Amazing FillArt PhotoEditor Features – • Apply Amazing Filters (Fill ArtPhotoEditor effects, black & white, pencil sketch)• AddUniqueFrames• Use Color Splash• Crop, rotate, and straighten yourimage•Turn your photos into real paintings• Auto focus•Instantprocessing• Blur intensity adjustment• Share image onSocialmediaApply clipart and stickers to your images:* Check outourspring stickers - trees, flowers and a lot more!* 1000s offreeclipart bundles, fonts to add text on photos, stickers,collagebackgrounds and emoji’s * Free To Edit stickers thatareavailable to use, remix, and share. Discover thousands ofstickersfrom others that you can personalize for your pictures anduse inRemix Chat messages.Be an artist! Turn your photos intoawesomeartworks:- Modern art filters!- Stunning photo effects-FastsharingThis awesome App is free photo editor online has awideselection of effects, amazing photo filters, and cool photoframes.You can edit your photos and create a number of creative andfunnypictures with your photos and share it on social media.FillArtPhoto Editor is collaboration between human, machine, andourconcept of art. It is an experiment to see what emerges whenanyonecan create a masterpiece.♫ Thanks for Installing “Fill ArtPhotoEditor” Application. Have More Fun Using It and pleaseRememberthat if you Have Any Suggestions for improvement, just Sendus aMessage. We read every Email and are Happy to reply… ♫♫ If youlikethis app than don’t forget to give rate & review also…♫Thanksfor your support…
May - Photo Fantasy Editor 2.10.2
May is an amazing photo editor app that adds colour toyourpriceless memories. It can create unique blending effects withyourphotos. May uses double exposure filters to blend two photosintoone great picture. May is a photo blender capable ofproducingpainting like pics.Editing photos with May is super easyand you'lllove it's photo blending filters. May uses oil paintingto createphotographic masterpieces. May-ed photos are insanelybeautiful anddreamlike. Photos undergo colour enhancement to createa fantasyeffect.May's photo editor new version can control filteropacity,intensity & colour saturation. You can also use skinglow tomake selfies more beautiful. May has beautiful photo filtersandits oil painting photo effects are a treat to the eye.Besidesbeing able to do oil painting, May can also act as aphotoblender.Take artistic pictures using May's selfie camera. Youcancreate amazing cartoon sketch effects from photos in gallery.Byadjusting color saturation, get pencil sketch/drawingeffect.Convert photo into dream world art using cartoon the photoeditoroption. Also, turn selfie photo into oil painting artworksforfree. Apply different photo art effects to images from camera.Livefilters are automatically applied to the saved photo. May letsyoutry variations of each artwork with the remix option.Editingphotos has never been this easy; add a photo, choose aneffect,make adjustments and save.You can take a photo or add animage fromgallery. Adjust the photograph and crop to square beforeapplyingfantasy filters. May has a collection of awesome doubleexposureeffects like sky mountain, bokeh nights. Other effectsincludestarry sky, flaming forests, living ocean and vibrant seas.We addnew double exposure frames weekly. Share may photos usinghashtagsmayapp, mayed, mayedBy and mayedIn.--NOTE--We are using theCameraand Read-Write permissions for the following:1. Taking aphoto tobe edited with May2. Adding a photo from gallery3. Savingan editedphotoBy installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:
Artribune. Arte intorno 3.5
L'arte ti appassiona? Artribune è l’app che fa per te. Pensatapernon perdere nemmeno una mostra o un evento, questa applicazionetipermette di sapere sempre tutto quello che di creativo tisuccedeintorno. Dall’arte contemporanea a quella antica,dall’archeologiaal design, qualsiasi siano i tuoi gusti, ilcalendario di Artribuneti aggiorna, in pochi secondi, su tutte lemostre in corso inItalia. Una volta individuata la tua posizionesulla mappa,infatti, l’applicazione ti segnala tutti gli eventi aportata dipasseggiata. Quelli in corso, quelli che stanno perchiudere eanche quelli che apriranno a breve. Ogni evento è dotatodiun’esauriente scheda informativa, che comprende testi,immagini,date, orari di apertura e contatti.Inoltre, con le sezioni"News" e"Magazine" resterete sempre aggiornati sulle notizieriguardanti ilmondo dell'arte e della cultura in Italia e nel mondo(con lapossibilità di attivare notifiche push).Artribune. Arteintorno,progettata e realizzata dal magazine di arte e cultura piùseguitodel Paese, è la vostra bussola nel mondo delle mostre.Theart youpassionate about? Artribune is the app for you. Designed tonevermiss a show or an event, this application allows you to alwaysknoweverything that's happening around you creative. Fromcontemporaryto the old, from archeology to design, whatever yourtastes, youArtribune calendar updates, in seconds, of all thecurrentexhibitions in Italy. Once you find your location on themap, infact, the application notifies you of all the events at yourwalk.Those in progress, those who are close to and even those thatwillopen soon. Each event has a comprehensive information sheet,whichincludes text, images, dates, opening hours and contactdetails.Inaddition, with the sections "News" and "Magazine" willalways stayup to date on news about the world of art and culture inItaly andin the world (with the ability to activatepushnotifications).Artribune. Around art, designed and built bythemagazine of art and culture most watched in the country, isyourcompass in the world of exhibitions.
Michael Godard Art Gallery 1.0.6
The Michael Godard Art Gallery and Store is located inside theRIOHotel. The gallery features the #1 Selling Artist inAmerica,Michael Godard. We offer everything from Michael GodardFine ArtOriginals and Limited Editions to nicely framed prints,apparel& gift items featuring Michael Godard's famous olivepeople. Weship anywhere.Our Mobile app was created so you can shopon the goand have your favorite art pieces shipped directly to you.To helpyou find what your looking for take a picture and send it touswith the Art Finder feature! Other great features includesourevents section, QR Scanner, Fan Wall and so much more.
Art Widget 3.0
"Art Widget" app displays famous paintings and other artworksofwell-known artists who worked in various styles:Gothic,Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo,Neoclassicism,Romanticism, Realism, Pre-Raphaelites,Impressionism,Post-Impressionism, Neo-impressionism, Symbolism,Modernism,Cubism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco,Pop art,Futurism, Suprematism, Surrealism, Postmodernism,Contemporary art,Mannerism, New Wave, Orphism, Minimalism, AbstractExpressionism,Ancient Art, Dadaism, American Art, Sculpture. Clickon Refreshbutton to move to the next artwork. Click on the picturein thewidget to open application with detailed description oftheartwork. Click on the picture or on text inside the applicationtoshow even more detailed information from the Internet. UseSettingsmenu inside the application to change widget preferenceslikelanguage, refresh frequency and select information to be showninwidget. Use Share artwork menu inside the application toshareimage of artwork in Facebook, Twitter or other socialnetworks.Widget is resizable, so that you can choose the size thatsuitsyour needs. This program can show information about artworksinCatalan, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian,Spanishand Ukrainian. This program requires a network connectionforgetting images of artworks and access to device storage forcachingthem. Check out "Art Widget Pro" if you also want thesamefunctionality but bigger pictures and no banners.
Blackdove Motion Art Gallery 2.5.4
Blackdove is a digital motion art gallery representing today’smostcompelling global artists all packaged in a mobileapplication.Imagine your television elevating in purpose to fillyourenvironment with beautiful modern motion artwork. Simplydownloadthe app, connect to your internet connected television andbeginexperiencing the world's finest motion art. From within theapp,you are able to preview the artwork with a simple tap ofthescreen, learn more about artists and discover the techniquestheartists are using to build these fine works. Each month werotate asupply of featured art as part of our free collection. Whenyou areready to unlock the entire library of content, currentlyover 400works and growing daily, you can subscribe for a $5.00monthly fee.Half of these net proceeds go to the artists so you canbe assuredthat new content is always in development. We have workedhard tolet the technology become invisible, allowing a seamlessexperienceto display this content on smart and internet connectedscreens.Blackdove is about sharing a global experience. Artworkfrom aglobal roster of artists being displayed around the world.Join themovement. Welcome to Blackdove and thank you for thesupport.
Russian Art HD 1.3
The application contains 1500 works of 250 greatest Russianpainters- Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Savrasov, Repin, Levitan, Vrubel,Roerich,Surikov, Vasiliev and other famous painters.Ourapplication will notonly help you to become a more educatedperson, but also willprovide you a unique opportunity to walkthrough a sort of virtualmuseum and to enjoy the masterpieces ofworld painting. Enjoy yourviewing! KEY FEATURES -1500 paintings of250 masters of art-Separation of paintings by genres and authors -Export paintings toPhoto Album - Email paintings to your friends -Publication ofpaintings on Facebook - Convenient search forpaintings - Addingpaintings to My favorites - Download paintingsfor the offlineviewing - Zoom of Paintings
Flasia 3.2
::: What is Flasia? :::• Flasia is a highly complex, kinetic,andinteractive visualizer yet it is also an amazingly beautifulworkof art. • Flasia is designed to help people who want to thinkmorecreatively or who need a change of pace.• Flasia is anexcellentgame/toy/party entertainment/interior design element foranyone wholoves Whirlwinds, Firefly lights, Rainbow, Fluid, JacksonPollockpainting,Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb, VoltLightning,Midnight falling star, Black hole, Dark meter,Tsunami,Gravity, Halo, Earthquake, Gun fire, Ice, Space,Universe,Aurora, Fluid, Alien, Laser, Fish, Fly, Blue Sky, Wave,Surfing,Jupiter, Moon, Earth, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Comet,Pluto,Saturn and so on.::: Features :::• 5-Finger Multi-touchDisplay!• 5Music choices by Aden Ray (On/Off available)!• CustomizeParticleLength, Number, & Size!• 2 Play Modes (Gesture ControlandMulti-Touch Drawing)!• Awesome fluid effect with highFPS:::Support :::If you have any problems, questions, concerns, orideasrelated to this app, please feel free to contact me. I wouldreallylike to hear what [email protected]/
Varnist - Photo art effects 1.7
Varnist is an easy way to transform your photos into greatartworks.With Varnist you can make your pictures more beautiful,expressive,funny or crazy. We put at your disposal a great varietyof stylizedfilters. Simply snap a photo, choose a style and enjoy!You'll beable to share with everyone the images you create.Varnist offersstyles as different as: • paintings from famousartists like Picassoor Afremov, • drawing techniques like manga orsketch, • visualartworks like mosaics and stained glass, • coolnatural effects likefire and lightning, • crazy textures likepsychedelic paintings andan emoji pattern, • and many more! Inorder to achieve theseeffects, Varnist uses advanced techniques ofartificial intelligenceand neural networks. We're always excitedto hear from you! If youhave any feedback, questions, or concerns,please email us at:[email protected]
Rijksmuseum 3.0.12
Free Multimedia Tours: discover more and easily find your wayaround• Explore the museum your way: by area or on your own route.You’llget recommendations for new areas and tours nearby. Usinganinteractive map with route directions, the app guides you tothestarting point of a chosen area or tour. During your tour theappwill take you from room to room, and you can listen tostoriesabout the works of your choice. Your location is alwaysshown inblue. Be sure to activate your location services andBluetooth touse this feature. • The tours: perfect for everyone!The aim is tosee more. Each work has more layers: a 3D audio clip,an animationthat allows you to discover unique and surprisingdetails about thecollection, and for a number of works you canaccess additionalcommentary by inspiring experts and passionateenthusiasts.Rijksstudio: enjoy your favourite artwork anytime,anywhere •Enjoying the collection is now even easier and moreexciting withRijksstudio in the new app. You can scroll and swipethrough theartworks, zoom in on the smallest details and easilysave theimages. Tickets • Easily purchase tickets in the app, savethem andscan them at the ticket checkpoint. Information Bydownloading thisapplication you agree to the general terms andconditions whichapply to the use of the Rijksmuseum app and theservices providedvia the app. You can read Feedback orquestions?Send an email to [email protected] Like the app?Leave areview in the app store. We would love to hear what youthink!Bring your headphones to the museum If you want to use theapp inthe museum, be sure to bring your headphones. You can alsopurchasea headset at the museum for €2.50. Sponsor The app has beenmadepossible by KPN, a main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum.
Fine Art- History Of Indian Art 3.6
An art work which is created by an artist to fulfill desiresoraesthetics.Every art work becomes new on the basis of themes ,usedtechniques, mediums and methodology.There is no scope forrepeatingand copying the artwork.
Sand Draw Sketch Drawing Pad: Creative Doodle Art 3.4.2
Sand Draw is a fun drawing app which lets you draw free artonrealistic beach sand! It's the ultimate unreal exhilaratingdrawingpad! After a couple of minutes sketching with the unrealSand Drawit will be hard for you to stop drawing, since the resultyou getlooks so real as you continue to sketch, and easilyachieved.Suitable for kids. Want to draw and doodle a new sanddraw? Justshake the device, and let the unreal sketch pad waveswipe out thesand - kids love it! Sand Draw can be used to send aromanticgreeting to your loved one, play Tic-Tac-Toe and othergames, orjust draw whatever comes up on your mind! It's a fundrawing app!Draw as many drawings as you like. Special needsteachers havereported to use it with kids with autism as a wordsspelling aid.You can draw on rocky sand, lava sand, unreal dead seamuddy sand,grassy sand, white beach and many more. With Sand DrawFree yoursand drawings will look more like sand painting as it istheultimate sketch pad. Your line drawing will look smoothandrealistic with unlimited free drawings, easy, quick and fun.Sanddraw app is suitable for children and adults as one, so youcouldsketch together any painting or sand art that your heartfollows onyour beach drawing pad. Teachers have testified this appis greatwith special needs and kids with autism & use it aspart of theOrton Gillingham approach. You can also paint the colorof the sandwith one touch, try and switch those colors! There is noneed toknow how to draw, to take drawing lessons or be a drawingguru, goahead and doodle around your paintings using it a drawingpad orsketch pad, and become a digital artist! Save your artwork toyourlocal artwork gallery or share your graphic design viasocialnetworks or mail. It's wonderful with burnishing,chiaroscuro,cross hatching and even linear perspective &atmosphericperspective drawing methods. Con esta aplicación es muyfácil dedibujar y diseñar el dibujo! Sand draw is one of the bestkidsdoodle & drawing apps out there - it is great & fun foranykid's entertainment. Some teachers wrote reviews about SandDrawand its benefits especially for kids with special needs andautism.The full version features a special 'sea view' ability plusspecialabilities to select the colors of the beach, sea & sky,whichmakes doodling and drawing much more enjoyable andentertaining. -Recommended for special needs children with autism.Draw ahead yourwildest imaginative concepts from your head, it'seasy to draw withthis virtual beach sand since there is an easingdrawing mechanismwhich softens the drawing strokes which let's youexpress yourcreativity better just by doodling - you will get asmooth drawingart. * great for orton gillingham approach and forkids with autism& special needs. Go ahead, and try to draw,doodle & paintwith the sand draw app. It's free, fun and greatfor kids :-)
Famous Paintings 1.6.0
Learn about the works of classic artists likeMichelangelo,Rembrandt, and van Gogh. Over 100 famous paintingshave beencaptured for you to love and admire. Pinch-to-zoom letsyouinvestigate the finer details of each painting. Enjoy ahighlyenergetic parade for the art-lover on the go.
Girls minimal art pictures 1.3
Eddy inc.
Cool "Girly Minimal art Pictures" HD For all fans of GirlMinimalistStyle - Funny Minimal Pictures Graphics 3D IllustrationsFreeDownload!Girl Minimal compositions are one of the mostpowerful waysto create an eye-catching photo. The simplest photosare often themost beautiful, and also the most intriguing. Byincluding a largeamount of empty space in your images, you cangive your subject theattention it deserves, even if it’s verysmall within the frame.Girl Minimalism is a style of design thatreduces the amount ofdistractions to allow us to enjoy and focuson the main message of apiece of art. This Girl minimalism trendis nothing new. Some of ushave already applied it to our dailylives. There are a number ofLifehack articles tthat show you howto apply minimalism in yourlife. Now, we have created a list ofawesome "Girly Minimalist artpictures" that helps you to apply zento your desktop. Declutteryour desktop and enjoy the beauty ofsimplicity!
Art Drawing Ideas 1.3
Art Drawings remain a popular source for both study andrecreation,with millions of amateur sketches and drawers around theworldpracticing their skills whenever they have an opportunity.Thisapplication aims to provide some assistance to those lookingtolearn new art drawing skills and also include famousdrawingartists from whom much can be learned. Drawing artistsinclude afull array of everything from amateur artists doodlingduringmonotonous meetings through to professional artists who maketheirliving from selling personally hand-crafted sketches oflandscapesand portraits. This can also include caricature artistswho cannormally be found in most touristy areas of largeEuropeancities.This app contains some categories such as:- Creativedrawingideas,- Ideas to draw,- Drawing ideas easy,- Simple drawingideas,-Good drawing ideas,Ideas to drawOne of the most importantthings indrawing and drawing ideas for kids illustration iscrosshatching.Crosshatching is shading with two or more sets ofintersectingparallel lines. drawing idea generator These are gradedmarkingsthat indicate shaded and simple art drawing ideas lightareas inyour drawings or paintings things kids can draw . SimpledrawingideasWhen you learn the basics of drawing, ideas for what todrawit will show in your quality of drawings and art. This takesagreat amount of practice, especially if you've never donethisbefore. To practice, easy sketches for kids create a columnofabout 5 blocks. With a 2B pencil, life drawing techniques makethelast block on the right as dark as possible. kids easy drawingOnthe other end, you want to keep that block white. In between,youcreate a graduation from dark to light.Good drawing ideasDrawingisa visual art, and it can be created using different media.Artdrawing ideas is nothing but the painting made using pencilorcharcoal. An artist can use each and every subject of lifetocreate art drawings. It can be based on realistic topics orcreatedfrom the imagination power of an artist. There is no suchboundaryof an art drawing. It is not for commercial purpose, itissomething, which gives huge satisfaction to the artist as wellasto the viewer.Creative drawing ideasMany people areusuallyfamiliar with the partial fact of art drawings. An artistshouldhave bright focus while he is going to create art drawing onanysubject.Drawing ideas easyDrawings can be created in any numberofmedia, often used together in combinations, and popularchoicesinclude graphite pencils, pen and ink, inked brushes, waxcolorpencils, crayons, charcoals, chalk, pastels, markers, stylus,orvarious metals like silverpoint. These tools of choice can thenbeapplied to the any of cardboard, plastic, leather, canvas andboardto create the desired work, once the artist has called ontheir owncreative powers.
Lightning Art 3.1
::: What is ? :::• Lightning Art is a highly complex, kinetic,andinteractive visualizer yet it is also an amazingly beautifulworkof art. • Lightning Art is designed to help people who wanttothink more creatively or who need a change of pace.• LightningArtis an excellent game/toy/party entertainment/interiordesignelement for anyone who loves fireworks, whirlwinds, fireflylights,aurora, rainbow, wave, mobius strip, heart or atomicsymbol.•Lightning Art has additional features that will remind youof thefeatures above and more all while being intensely dynamic,plus itcontains the option to control each design parameterandcharacteristic.• Technically, Lightning Art was madewithmathematics, physics, and 3D graphic technics; its renderingsystemwas optimized using neon assembly codes for mobilecomputingenvironments. • Lightning Art is an excellentgame/toy/partyentertainment/interior design element for anyone wholovesWhirlwinds, Firefly lights, Rainbow, Fluid, JacksonPollockpainting,Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb, VoltLightning,Midnight falling star, Black hole, Dark meter,Tsunami,Gravity, Halo, Earthquake, Gun fire, Ice, Space,Universe,Aurora, Fluid, Alien, Laser, Fish, Fly, Blue Sky, Wave,Surfing,Jupiter, Moon, Earth, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Comet,Pluto,Saturn and so on.::: Features :::• 10-Finger Multi-touchDisplay!•5 Music choices by Aden Ray (On/Off available)!• FastestSpeed (60FPS) emits 5,000 particles!• Customize Particle Length,Number,& Size!::: Support :::If you have any problems,questions, orideas related to this app, please feel free to contactme. I wouldreally like to [email protected]/
Photo editor - Abstract art filter 1.0.19122017
Art Filter Photo Editor, Cartoon Photo and Selfie Camera allowsyoucreate cartoon and pencil sketch and pop art photo workwithamazing pop art filters. Get the best cartoon camera withselfiesnap beauty camera and photo editor pro app in a all inonebundle!Preview and fine-tune settings for unique results,andrender realistic paintings in high resolution. When you arereadyto unveil your masterpiece to the world with Photo editor pro,save or share your painting with friends and family by emailorsocial networks. Also, join our awesome community where youcandisplay your artwork, get feedback and engage otherlike-mindedartists.FEATURES★ Be an artist - Create Art with AI★Fast imageprocessing near real-time★ More than 35 filters fromfamousartists★ Photo editor pro ★ Change style filter intensity★Enhancedprisma filters★ Encrypted data transfer★ No photos andartworks aresaved on our servers for guests★ Share your artworkswith thecommunity
Il Segreto di Castel Lupo Free 2.5.0
3x1010 s.r.l.
Il Segreto di Castel Lupo è un libro interattivo dove il destinodeiprotagonisti è nelle mani dei lettori! Simon e Violet Weird,ivalorosi gemelli, hanno appena scoperto di essere i discendentidiun folle alchimista vissuto nel 1500… e di aver ereditato ilsuoantico castello nel cuore delle Alpi! Quale agghiacciantesegretosi nasconde nei sotterranei di quel maniero decrepito? Seguiiprotagonisti attraverso le stanze di Castel Lupo; decidicomeproseguire l’avventura; usa gli oggetti e risolvi glienigmi;interagisci con gli altri personaggi fino a svelarel’ultimomistero! Tra perfidi cavalieri, mostri di plastilina,mummiecentenarie e giardinieri diabolici, questa sarà davvero unavacanzaindimenticabile per i gemelli Weird… Il principaleintentodidattico della nostra collana di libri interattivi èfareappassionare i più giovani alla lettura... giocando. Lenostreapplicazioni coniugano le storie classiche dell'editoriaperragazzi al linguaggio moderno dei videogame. Inoltre Il SegretodiCastel Lupo incoraggia i lettori/giocatori al ragionamento eallariflessione, necessari per risolvere gli enigmi interattivieportare a termine l'avventura. Sebbene la nostra applicazionesiapensata per un pubblico di giovanissimi (target: 8+), siamocertiche potrà appassionare anche voi lettori più maturi. Manondisperate se non ci riuscirete... siamo altrettanto sicuri cheivostri figli saranno ben felici di suggerirvi la strategiamiglioreper proseguire la lettura!In sintesi:1 fantastico librointerattivoper un’avventura mozzafiato! 2 intrepidi gemelli per unastoria dibrividi e risate! 12 bizzarri personaggi con cuiinteragire duranteil racconto! 32 stanze zeppe di folli rompicapo etrappolemicidiali!The Secret of Castle Wolf is an interactive bookwherethe fate of the protagonists is in the hands of readers!SimonandViolet Weird, the brave twins, have just found out thatthedescendants of a mad alchemist lived in 1500 ... and tohaveinherited its ancient castle in the Alps!Which chilling secretishidden in the basement of the decrepit manor?Follow thestarsthrough the rooms of Castel Wolf; decide how to continuetheadventure; uses objects and solve puzzles; interact with theothercharacters to reveal the ultimate mystery!Among evil knightsandmonsters of plasticine, and centuries-old mummiesgardenersdiabolical, this will really be an unforgettable holidayfor twinsWeird ...The main aim of our educational series ofinteractivebooks is to enthuse more young people to read ...playing.Ourapplications combine the classic stories of children'slanguage ofmodern video games. Also The Secret of Castle Wolfencouragesreaders / players to reasoning and reflection, necessaryto solvepuzzles and complete interactive adventure.Although ourapplicationis designed for a young audience (target: 8+), we areconfidentthat will excite you even more mature readers.But do notdespair ifyou do not succeed ... we are equally sure that yourchildren willbe happy to suggest the best strategy to continuereading!Insummary:1 great interactive book for a breathtakingadventure!2intrepid twins for a history of thrills and laughter!12bizarrecharacters to interact with during the story!32 roomscrammed withcrazy puzzles and deadly traps!
Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab
Cartoon Photo & SelfieCamera(PaintLab):******Best App of 2016 on Google Play inseveralcountries!******Super popular Spring Paris Pink filters are coming!Try it inPhotoCartoon Camera- PaintLab right now. So pink and romantic, youwon'twanna miss it.Great all-in-one Cartoon Camera & Filter Camera &Photoeditor pro app Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera (PaintLab)allowsyou create pop art photo, art pics, cartoon pics, pencilsketchphoto, photo of painting style, photo of cartoon moviestyle,perfect selfie picture and own the perfect beauty camera&selfie camera & Photo editor pro app for Andriod at thesametime!So many filters we prepared for you: modern art filters,artpainting filters, animated film filters, cartoon filters, popartfilters, Christmas Art Filter, various beauty selfie filters,etc.Every filter is unique and amazing. Turn your photos intogreatpics of art.★ Key Features: ★★ Unique cartoon Art Filter★ Glamour Pop Art Photo Filters & Cartoon Filters &Gorgeousselfie beauty Filters & Art Effects★ Spring Paris Pink filters, Tokyo, Hongkong film filters★ Awesome HD Camera, perfect Selfie Camera with Photo CollageMaker& Layouts& Grid★ Art Filters Photo editor: cartoon Filters, art paintingeffects,modern art filters, pencil sketch effects★ Beauty Filters Photo editor: various stylish & perfectselfiefilters& Remix blending filters★ Powerful selfie camera: Double Exposure & Glamour Glowlayer& Quick Snap& blending filters★ Super Easy-to-use photo editor with Photo Frame Blur&LayoutsBlur& Vignette Blur★ Perfect Look & Simply & Clean UI design#A New Way# to play with your pictures and to record themeaningfulmoment and perfect look of you. Let’s turn your photogallery intoan perfect art pics exhibition.1. Numerous amazing cartoon & gorgeous selfie beautyfiltersand art & sketch effects are prepared for you inPaintLab.Easily turn your photos into perfect look artpics.- Powerful photo editor pro, selfie beauty camera make your selfieaperfect look.- Pop Art Photo Filters & cartoon filters& ChristmasArtFilters turn photos into works of art pics, cartoonphotos.- Turn your photo gallery into an art painting & artpicsexhibition.2. Perfect beauty filters selfie camera with HD foto, livePhotoCollage Maker & Layouts& Grid* Powerful face recognition& Fast capture snap yourperfectlook* Numerous gorgeous selfie beauty Filters* Live photo collage maker& layouts& gridselfiecamera* Powerful photo retouch tools: Photo Frame Blur&layoutsblur& Vignette Blur3. Superior photo studio with Simply UI design. Easy to use.Onetap snap& transform.#1: Snap a picture or choose a photo from your photo gallery.#2: Select the art filters, cartoon filters, pencil sketcheffects,or the selfie beauty filters you like.#3: Photo editor & photo retouch: add Photo Frame Blur&Vignette BlurPhotos into works of art pics & cartoon pictures &pencilsketches. Save it to your photo gallery and share ittoInstagram.4. Share your art pictures to impress your friends.- Share the unique and awesome art photo, cartoon pictures,pencilsketch effect photo or the perfect selfie retouched with livephotocollage maker and photo frame blur & vignette blur tothesocial media platforms such as Instagram,Facebook.- Impress your Instagram followers.Contact Us:Facebook: [email protected]
Radial 1.2.1
Radial is all about creating beautiful and intricatedrawings.Fast.As you draw, each stroke is duplicated andtransformed,creating complex patterns. Radial symmetry makes eventhe simplestdrawings look like professional works of art.Astreamlined andintuitive user interface lets you unleash yourcreativity withouthaving to deal with confusing dialogs. Live Iconschange theirappearance as you change the settings. You never haveto guess whatyour next stroke will look like.★ Powerful brushsystem★ Intuitiveuser interface with live icons★ In-App saving andsharingWhat willyou create?
Guess The Artist 1.4
"Guess the Artist" - an exciting game that will test youreruditionand reinforce knowledge. In this game you will have toguess thename of the painting and the name of the author using justthepicture. Tp pass the game you need to complete all levels,whichwill increase in complexity. The next quiz "Guess the Artist"willhelp expand and enhance your knowledge, improve your mood, andhelpto pass the time.The application does not requireinternetconnection.
Name Art Photo Editor 1.0.3
Get used to this new way of name art styling on yourPhotos!!Writeyour names on any photo with unique text styles/fonts,add funnystickers ,Apply a cute background or else any frame,draw/paintyour name art and make outa photo edit something to bedifferentand stylish..!Bring out cool pics with your favorite nameswiththis name art photo editor. Alsobe excited to write anythingyouwant and convey your deepest emotions!!Find out the true meaningofname arts by the simple edits and enhancements. Allyou need istoexpose your stylish arts in your name!!Features :- A Special wayofName art editing- Add inbuilt bgs or set photo/color/blur asbg-Decorate with Text, Funny Stickers, Frames for your photos-AddArts and Paint for your name- Doesn’t drains your battery whenappin use- Able to use without NetIts very easy to use this nameartphoto editor.. Just perform edits with simple stepssuch as--Take afavorite photo of your choice- Add bg's or else setcolor/galleryphoto/blur as your bg.- Perform decoration with Funnystickers andFrames- Add Text and apply arts & paint for thattext- Save andShare Your Edits with your family & friends orelse set it asWallpaper.So what are you waiting for.. Look up thisname art photoeditor for super dupercreative arts of your name.Also Do rate uswith your valuable feedback to supportus!!
Pixly - Color by Number,Pixel Art,Sandbox Coloring 2.3
Pixly - Color by number Coloring book is the best Pixel Art apptocolor by number and draw your modern masterpiece based onthenumbers!Creating masterpieces of digital art by usingUnicornnumber coloring book.Complete variety of anti stresspictures andrelease your stress by just tapping and fillingcolors.Lots ofpictures with animals, flowers, fascinating patternswill help youto relieve stress, develop color matching skills andbring out yourinner artist.Color by number coloring book isexcellent forrelaxation, meditation, developing concentration andprovides awide range of beautiful pictures, allowing you to impressyourfriends, family and the whole World with your creativity!Thisis agreat activity to practice your drawing skills. It’s also funforany age to try to finish the drawing.Choose from a wide rangeoffascinating pictures and color the ones you like to create yourownartworks! Relax and release your inner artist with PixelArtImages.Pixly - Color by Number Sandbox Coloring brings to you:-Agreat variety of coloring pages for any taste: In our colorbynumber app you can find beautiful pictures of Animals,Birds,Flowers, Patterns, Mandalas, Places, Food and manyothers-User-friendly interface: enjoy intuitive design andsmoothperformance of our color by number app;- Quick sharing: shareyourcolorfy number pictures with friends just in one tap.- Lotsofamazing content to explore.Painting by numbers is an easy waytorelease your inner artist.You will always get a harmonic workofart as a result of the colory process.How to Use:- Choosethepicture you’d like to color.- Zoom it and you’ll see it consistsoflots of small boxes with numbers inside.- Look at the numberinsidethe box.- Pick out the colors according to numbers.-Justfollow thenumbers in pictures and make an amazing drawing.If youwill paintbox by other number then no need to be worried.You canalso have anopportunity to recover your box by the exact colornumber &release your creativity.Features:-Coloring By Number isan amazingway to improve drawing skills.-Color By Number Pixel is alot ofFun to complete Sandbox Number Coloring Book.-SandboxPixelColoring have many interesting pixel pages and number booksfor youto color.-Amazing way to teach your kids students basicnumberrecognition.-Kids and adults love to color by numbers and wehavegot alot of things for you to choose and we also includedUnicornColor By Pixel in Numbers and make the awesome pictureofUnicorn.Color by number pages are a great way to teach your kidsorstudents basic number recognition better hand-eyecoordination,focus, concentration and color while having greatfun!Pixly is alsoa fun coloring book, which helps to develop finemotor skills,introduces numbers and colors, teaches accuracyandprecision.Develop your color matching skills & make theawesomeRized and Cross-Stitching picture of Unicorns with SandBoxColoringin this game.Its a time killer app which trains yourconcentrationand steadiness to improve your coloring skills.
ClasseViva Studenti
Il cuore pulsante della scuola del futuro Crediamo che la“classe”sia il fulcro della Scuola: essa costituisce una comunitàviva einterattiva di Studenti, Docenti, Famiglie e AlteProfessionalità.Abbiamo pensato a questi soggetti e ad un modonuovo di farescuola: vivace, partecipato e condiviso attraversol'utilizzointelligente della tecnologia. È nato ClasseVivaStudenti, ilsistema evoluto per la scuola digitale, un prodotto cheguida,accompagna e supporta gli studenti coinvolti in questoprocesso: il“cuore pulsante” dell’attività scolastica. The heart ofthe schoolof the future Button We believe that "class" is the focusof theschool: it is a living community and interactiveStudents,Teachers, Families and top professionals. We thought aboutthesesubjects and to a new way of school: lively, participatoryandshared through the intelligent use of technology. BornClasseVivaStudents, the advanced system for the digital school, aproductthat guides, supports and accompanies the students involvedin thisprocess: the "heart" of scholastic button.
Photo Art Editor - Focus n Filters - Name art 1.0.6
Photo Art Editor - Focus n FiltersTurn your photos into amazingArtswith "Photo Art Editor".Write your name on photo with uniquestyles,add beautiful emojis or stickers, set a nice bg, draw anice patternand make your photo unique, different and stylish.Setas a profilepic on social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp,Instagram andmany more..How to use:1. Add your photo fromgallery2. Applybeautiful Frames3. Write name on photo, customizetext styles4. Addmeaningful stickers5. Draw on photo with paints6.Save and Shareyour Creations through social media.Photo Art KeyFeatures:★ Easy touse UI★ Lots of backgrounds to choose from!★Lots of Stickers tochoose from!★ Easy to add Text★ Easy to Paint★Its Free!★ It worksOffline★ Choose favorite AnimationsThis PhotoArt photo editorallows you to make your creations unique. - Bringthe best from yourphotos. - Make many amazing photos that youcan't find anywhereelse.- make your photos creative with ease within no time.Set asLive WallpaperMake your favorite photo album lookfabulous and Keepyour memories safe by framing and keeping it aswall paper Art toolmakes your photo colorfulMake the best photosusing feathers anddecorate your image that gives a stunning lookto your photo ★ AddStickersSmileys are one of the best feature aseverybody knows aboutit.Photo art(2017) app provide stickers suchas wishes, birthday,special days, birds, flowers,love, cartoon,animals, fruits, toysetc.★ Set a Profile PictureYou can also addtext on your images andmake Stylish name on your Profile Picturesand you can also give thetext a new look with font size, fontcolor and shadow effect,gradient and shades is the most essentialfeature as everybody likeit.★ Paint ToolWith this tool you canpaint on your own. Photoart(2017) app provides brush size, colorand opacityUndo, redo clearfunctions available★ Save all the PhotoArts in my creations andshare them to your friends and familymembers.Download the Best"Photo Art Editor 2017" now for Free!
Photo To Art Effects 6.1
Photo to painting conversion with cool photo effects: oilpainting,photo as artPhoto To Art is a photo as art editor that canturn aphoto into painting.Using beautiful artistic photo paintingeffectsyou can get a brilliant oil painting from photo. Also if youhaveever asked “How can I turn my photo into sketch?”, this phototopainting app is what you need. Besides that, you can convertphototo drawing or pop art.It’s not a traditional picture editor,itcompletely redraws any photo using algorithms of deepneuralnetworks and lets you turn photo into painting. Actuallyartificialintelligence is doing all work for you. You can easilyget an oilpainting from photo with a help of Photo To Art usingcool photoeffects.Photo to Painting Features★ More than 100artistic photopainting effects for your pictures. (28 art effectsin freeversion)★ Photo to art effects for every taste: photosketch, oilpainting, photo as painting, photo to drawing and manymore.★ Coolphoto effects based on famous paintings of greatartists: Munch,Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and many other.If you want toturn your photo to sketch, maybe, the best option isto use a"Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci.★ Photo To Art usesalgorithmsbased on deep neural networks to create unique artworks.Every timewhen you get an oil painting from photo or turn photointo drawing,the result is an absolutely unique picture.How to usephoto topainting conversion?It's really easy to use: 1) LaunchPhoto ToArt.2) Pick a photo from gallery or take a shot fromcamera.3)Choose one of cool photo effects that you want: oilpaintingeffect, photo sketch, pop art or any other.4) Wait a fewseconds.5)Get a beautiful painting from photo.6) You can adjust allarteffects to get an ideal result and your images will look likerealpaintings.7) Don't forget to share a brilliant photo topaintingartwork with your friends!The Most Cool Photo Effects★Amazing popart effect based on brilliant pop art pictures. Arteffects turnphotos into paintings easily! There are many cool photoeffects toturn photo into cartoon or pop art.★ Photo sketch effect.You canuse many different art effects to turn your photo to sketch.It'sthe most wonderful type of photo as painting effects. Nowtoconvert photo into drawing from photo you just need a one second!★Oil painting. It's the most convenient way to turn a photo intoapainting. There are lots of various artworks you can use tocreatean awesome oil painting from photo.Please, if you enjoy thisphototo painting editor or you have any questions, give us a reviewonGoogle Play below! Thanks!FollowUs:Instagram:
ClasseViva Famiglia
Il cuore pulsante della scuola del futuro Crediamo che la“classe”sia il fulcro della Scuola: essa costituisce una comunitàviva einterattiva di Studenti, Docenti, Famiglie e AlteProfessionalità.Abbiamo pensato a questi soggetti e ad un modonuovo di farescuola: vivace, partecipato e condiviso attraversol'utilizzointelligente della tecnologia. È nato ClasseVivaFamiglia, ilsistema evoluto per la scuola digitale, un prodotto cheguida,accompagna e supporta i genitori coinvolti in questoprocesso: il“cuore pulsante” dell’attività scolastica. The heart ofthe schoolof the future Button We believe that "class" is the focusof theschool: it is a living community and interactiveStudents,Teachers, Families and top professionals. We thought aboutthesesubjects and to a new way of school: lively, participatoryandshared through the intelligent use of technology. BornClasseVivaFamily, the advanced system for the digital school, aproductguide, accompanies and supports the parents involved inthisprocess: the "heart" of scholastic button.
Photo Art Editor - Create Art on Photos 1.0.2
Photo Art EditorTurn your photos into beautiful andamazingcreations using “Photo Art Editor”.This app provides uniqueanddifferent arts, frames, overlays, stickers to decorate yourphotoin a beautiful way. You can write your name with differentarts,frames, emojis, stickers. Also you can paint a nice pattern onyourphoto to make it more beautiful.This Photo Art Editor Appallows tocreate your own creations on your photo.Options that youcan see inthis cool Photo Art Photo Editor app:❤ Pick img: You canchooseyour favorite photo from gallery to decorate your photo. ❤Art:Create beautiful art on your selected photo withstars,butterflies, flowers, chocolates and hearts using Dotsintensity. ❤Frames: Apply different unique frames to your photo tolook morebeautiful. ❤ Overlay: Try Different overlays on yourphoto, whereyou have an option to change the overlay transparancy.❤ Name: Thisoption allows you to write customized text on picturesin a stylishway. Adding text to picture is easy & quick. ❤Stickers:Stickers are one of the best feature as everybody knowsabout it.This Photo art editor app provide stickers such asSmileys,birthday, feathers, cakes, flowers,love, cartoon, animals,fruits,toys etc. ❤ Paint: This Paint brush allows you to expressyourdrawing text on your photo. Opacity, undo, redo, clearallfunctions are also available.Extra Features include:- easy touse.-easy to add text.- easy to insert photo.- easy to draw apaint.-easy to add frames.- easy to add stickers- easy to save.-easy toshare. Install this stylish and fancy "Photo Art Editor"appabsolutely free and create awesome pic.
Tuttocampo - Calcio
Tutto il calcio dilettantisticod'Italia...enon solo!Tuttocampo ti permette di avere a portata di manorisultati,classifiche, marcatori, rose, news e ogni informazionepossibile sututte le squadre di calcio d'Italia, dalla Serie A allaTerzaCategoria, passando per campionati giovanili, femminili,calcio a5, amatori e tornei minori.Numerose sono le funzionalità che offriamo:☆ Risultati, con possibiltà di inserimento e consultazione intemporeale☆ Classifiche, suddivise in varie tipologie☆ Scheda partita con marcatori, formazioni, commenti, videoeimmagini, pronostici☆ Pronostici di tutte le partita☆ Marcatori☆ Rose delle squadre☆ Tutte le informazioni sulle squadre, comprese immagini emappainterattiva del campo☆ Tutte le informazioni sui giocatori☆ Possibilità di inserire loghi delle squadre e fotodeigiocatori☆ News sui campionati☆ Squadre e campionati preferiti☆ Notifiche in tempo reale sui risultati delle squadrechesegui☆ Motore di ricerca squadre, giocatori e campionati☆ Archivio storico delle stagioni precedentiPuoi interagire con i nostri servizi grazie alla funzionalitàdiinserimento dei risultati, anche in tempo reale!Inviando i risultati della partita della tua squadra si potràavereun servizio in tempo reale e sempre aggiornato.Un semplice ed efficiente sistema di notifiche ti permette diesseresempre informato sui risultati: scegli una o più squadre enonappena i risultati di queste saranno aggiornati ti arriveràunanotifica.Non sai dove si trova il campo di una squadra? Nessun problema!Puoicliccare sul nome di ciascuna squadra per ottenereinformazionidettagliate su di essa: dalla mappa del campo aicolori sociali, dallogo ai recapiti telefonici! Inoltre basta unclick per avviare ilnavigatore ed arrivare subito al campo digioco.È possibile acquistare la Versione Premium di Tuttocampochepermettere di utilizzare l'app senza la presenza dibannerpubblicitari.Per ogni regione troverete i dati di questi campionati:• Serie D• Eccellenza• Promozione• Prima Categoria• Seconda Categoria• Terza Categoria• Juniores Nazionali• Juniores Regionali e Provinciali• Allievi Regionali e Provinciali• Giovanissimi Regionali e Provinciali• Calcio a 5• Amatori• Calcio FemminileInoltre mettiamo a disposizione i dati dei maggioricampionatinazionali:• Serie A• Serie B• Serie CL'applicazione si appoggia al sito http://www.tuttocampo.itAll amateur footballinItaly ... and more!Tuttocampo allows you to have at hand results, standings,scorers,roses, news and full information on all the football teamsofItaly, from Serie A to the third category, through youthleagues,women, football 5, amateurs and smaller tournaments.There are numerous features that we offer:☆ results, with the possibility of real-time insertionandconsultation☆ Ranks, divided into various types☆ game board with markers, formations, comments, videosandpictures, predictions☆ Predictions of all game☆ Markers☆ Rose teams☆ All information on the teams, including images and interactivemapof the area☆ All information on players☆ Ability to insert team logos and player pictures☆ News on championships☆ Favorite Teams and leagues☆ Real-time Notifications on teams that follow results☆ Bot teams, players and leagues☆ Historical archive of previous seasonsYou can interact with our services thanks to the functionalityofinclusion of the results, even in real time!By submitting the results of the match of your team you can haveareal-time service and up to date.A simple and efficient notification system allows you to beinformedon the results: Choose one or more teams, and as soon asthe resultsof these will be updated will notify you.You do not know where is the field of a team? No problem! Youcanclick on the name of each team to get detailed information onit:from the field plan to colors, from the logo to thetelephonenumbers! Also just click to start the browser and getright to theplaying field.You can purchase the Premium version Tuttocampo that allow youtouse the app without the presence of ad banners.For each region you will find the data of thesechampionships:• Series D• Excellence• Promotion• First Category• Second Category• Third Category• Junior National• Junior Regional and Provincial• Students Regional and Provincial• Juniors Regional and Provincial• 5-a-side football• Amateurs• Women's soccerIn addition we provide the data of the majornationalchampionships:• A league• B series• Series CThe application relies on the site
Cars Coloring Book & Drawing Book 3.0.0
Coloring Book of Car Game is designed for kids and adultstointroduces coloring and drawing concept. This app containsmanycoloring images optimized for most of android devices!CARSCOLORINGBOOK & DRAWING BOOK APP FEATURES:✐ Finger ColoringExperienceby dragging your finger on the screen✐ Images ofdifferent cars.✐Provided blank page to draw and color/paint yourimagination✐Create your own drawing images and fill the color✐Color insideimage✐ Choose a variety of color pencils✐ Flexiblepencils sizes✐Color any part of image by ZOOM Image✐ Eraseravailable to eraseyour mistakes✐ Undo/Redo functionality to saveyour time✐ Save yourartwork into your mobile/tablet gallery✐ Shareyour colored imageswith friends and family✐ No required internetconnection for thisappChildren can draw, paint and color with theirimagination andfun. Let your kids be creative by downloading thisfree game forkids with many pictures of different cars.Let's startcoloring booknow!
Photo To Art Pro 6.1
You can create awesome artworks easily using photo arteffects!Proversion of the "Photo To Art" has 84 more styles. Alsothere is nowatermark on results and there is noadvertisement."Photo To Art"is a brand new photo editor that cantransform your photo intopainting.Using beautiful artistic imageeffects you can make yourpictures look like a pencil sketch, oilpainting or pop art.It’snot a traditional, boring picture editor,it completely redraws anyphoto using algorithms of deep neuralnetworks. Actually artificialintelligence is doing all work foryou. You can easily get apainting from photo with a help of "PhotoTo Art".Features★ Morethan 100 artistic filters for your pictures.★Image effects forevery taste: sketch from photo, oil painting,photo as painting,photo to cartoon and many more.★ Filters forimages based on famouspaintings of great artists: Munch, Van Gogh,Leonardo da Vinci,Picasso and many other.★ "Photo To Art" usesalgorithms based ondeep neural networks to create unique artworks.Every time when youtransform photo into a painting, the result isan absolutely uniquepicture.How to use it?It's really easy to use:1) Launch "Photo ToArt".2) Pick a photo from gallery or take a shotfrom camera.3)Choose any painting style that you like.4) Wait a fewseconds.5)Get a beautiful painting from photo.6) You can adjust allpictureeffects to get an ideal result and your images will looklike realpaintings.7) Don't forget to share a brilliant artworkwith yourfriends!Please, if you enjoy this image editor or you haveanyquestions, give us a review on Google Play below!Thanks!FollowUs:Instagram:
Cat Coloring Pages 2.7
Give your little cat lover something to be entertained: downloadCatColoring Pages and watch your child create cute littlemaster-piecesthrough coloring games. Your kid will be grateful toyou. There isnothing more precious for a parent than a child whois entertainedby fun and educational things. Coloring pages havealways been agreat way for kids to awaken their creativity and tokeep themamused for a long time. The joy of coloring in the wholepage,following the lines and bringing life to simple cat drawingsarereal achievements for kids. Let your child become a tinyversion ofVan Gogh or Monet. Download Cat Coloring Pages andsupport yourchild's imagination. FEATURES: ★ 4 ways to color:bucket, brush,spray and color pencil ★ Add stickers and color withpatterns ★Background music on/off ★ 10+ color palettes ★ 26coloring pages ★INSPIRATION: see what your fellow artist usershave colored ★ Shareyour art on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram★ Zoom in fordetailed coloring Kitty cat is a favorite animal to alot of kids.We have collected and made different cat drawings yourchild willenjoy coloring in. They will certainly enjoy the timespent playingcoloring games and finding the right nuance for thosesmall furrykittens. And while kids are busy playing with their newfavoritecoloring book app, you will have a moment for yourself.Coloringbook will entertain kids long enough, so that they evenhave acalming effect on you, too. Coloring games have never had somanyadvantages! Download and install Cat Coloring Pages andenjoycolorful silence! ADVANTAGES OF COLORING PAGES Coloring pagesforkids as an educational tool is an excellent method to improvemotorskills, fine motor movement, hand to eye coordination,handwritingand color perception and recognition. Psychologistssuggest thatcoloring pages for kids have a therapeutic effect ascoloring is acentering activity that can train focusing and calmthe mind. Eventhough coloring pages can contain simple pictures, itcan be achallenging task for kids. The ability to complete apicturesuccessfully builds a better self - esteem and confidenceamongchildren. Many kids like to color and coloring pages seem tobemore than just a fun free time activity. Coloring books shouldbeused every day as a part of educational material in every schoolasit is proven to be influential to personality developmentstartingfrom early childhood. LEGAL INFO All the drawings andimages in theapp are copyright of PeakselGames. For any questionsand/orsuggestions, please contact us at [email protected]
Horse Color by Number-Pixel Art Draw Coloring Book 1.0
If you or your child is fascinated by horses, foals and ponysthenthis simple game will give inspiration for hours ofcreativity,play and learning.These animals are making us companyforcenturies. Its beauty and grace have always impressed us.Horsesareincredible, beautiful & powerful animals which is whypeoplelove them so much. Horse Color By Number Book for Adults isan antistress coloring book for grown ups. You would be verysurprised bythe energy and mindfulness you could achieve with horsecoloringpages for adults.Would you like to relax and do somethingcreative?Download Horse Color By Number and delight in thefantasticsketches that you will have a blast painting.Thesebeautiful andelegant animals have always been of assistance tomankind and youcan even find them depicted in so many folklorestories.If you haveever tried horseback riding you know whatincredible feeling isgoing through nature carried on the back ofyour favoritecreature.Relax and forget about all your worries whilefilling inthe new illustrations that we have prepared for you.Colorby numberdevelop your concentration, color matching skills,accuracy andprecision.Choose from a wide range of fascinatingpictures andcolor the ones you like to create your ownartworks!Features: -Teaching children simple arithmetic, Additionand subtraction-Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms-Coloring byletters.- Well designed anti-stress pixel pictures-Paint easilyand watch how you draw the image in the end- Verysimple programinterface that any child can master - Easy-to-usepalette thatallows you to put together your own unique set ofcolors-High-quality drawings of all pictures - Visual effects andsoundeffects - Pleasing background music - Coloredpicturesautomatically saved on closing the program- And many otherusefulfeatures that make coloring entertainingHow to Play:- Firstof allchoose the worksheet or picture you want to paint.- Zoom anpixelimage with two fingers till boxes with numbers appear.- Pickcolorsin the palette and color boxes with matching number.- Justfollowthe numbers in pictures and make an amazing drawing.If youwillpaint box by other number then no need to be worried.You canalsohave an opportunity to recover your box by the exact colornumber& release your creativity.Paint by numbers - aninteractivehorse coloring book for children. This mathematical gameteacheschildren to recognize numbers and solve simplemathematicalexamples. In addition, this program develops memory,attention,imagination and logical abilities.Anxiety coloring booksand stressrelief coloring books are all anti stress coloring pagesfor adultsthat come in many forms, but horse color by number pagesfor adultsmight be the best kind to reach the state ofmindfulness.One thingis certain – the reason anyone should take uphorse coloring in acoloring book for adults is improved quality oflife that comeswith calmness, steadiness and strong mentalhealth.While fillingwith amazing shades all those popular picturesyou will enter inthe world of horses.There you will forget all yourproblems andworries in a blink of an eye.Express your creativenesswith thevirtual painting book and make the masterpiece of art.Share itwith friends and family or set it as the wallpaper.
Love Color by Number 1.5.7
32 pixel presents you a Love Color by Number to help you drawinganunique handmade artworks for your boyfriend or girlfriend.Heartcolor by number contains daily updated coloring book with alot ofbeautiful images for boys and girls, for men and women: •Romanticand cute images for valentines day • Love letters, funnymessagesand quotes for adults • Valentines cards and stickers withheart,kiss, lips and bouquets of flowers • Kitten, puppy, panda,teddybear, etc. Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend on birthday,14February lovers day, wedding or any other day by makingthemyour-own artwork and tell them how much is your love. Howtocoloring with Color by Number Love: • Select one of thousandsofimages • Fill up the blank pixels with prepared colors frompalette• Personalize your own love postcard with the differentshapes ofpixels • Save and share your gift with someone you love byemail,on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Color by number heart is agreatmobile app where it is very easy to create your own beautifulpixelcoloring love card. Express your love for someone you love onSaintValentine's Day with Heart pixel art! Surprise! Just now as agiftalong with the downloading pixel art heart app you are gettingafree unlimited access to premium content. Hurry up to seehowinteresting it is!