Top 16 Games Similar to Zombie Sniper Headshot

Last Hope - Zombie Sniper 3D 6.1
Pick up your Sniper Rifle and get ready to defendyourselfagainstincoming dead Zombies! As you progress throughthewasteland, yourinner abilities will unlock... Last Hope isanarcade Zombie Sniper3D Shooter placed in the desert. Thestorytakes you on a journeythrough a changed world, exploringsoccerfields in the desert, sadwilderness, small villages andinfectedcanyons. It’s all aboutsurviving the dead zombies as muchasearning highscores andreaching new experience levels. You’llneedto find out whichcombinations of Skills and Items work bestinorder to survive andclimb the ranks to become the best SniperinLast Hope. It’s easyto learn but hard to master! Burt, whichisyour best and onlyfriend still alive, will guide you through howtouse a SniperRifle by first practicing on cans and bottles. Whenyouare ready -you will venture out in the cold lonely desertfacingthe deadZombie menace, trying to find the reason whycivilizationended...When you are battling in the land now owned bythe dead youwillmeet tougher Zombies, so keep your skills fresh andstatshigh.Prepare yourself for a world you won’t forget...Features: -WorksOffline: No internet connection is required toplay. -Socialfeatures: Leaderboards and Achievements. - WidevariationsofGameplay modes and Goals. - Rich and colorful shootinggrounds.-Unlockable Items, Skills and Talents. - UpgradableWeapons. -Manyhours of Gameplay, even for the best. - Lots ofdifferenthungryzombies
Zombie Sniper 1.0.1
Zombie Sniper - is the new free shooting game! You and yoursniperrifle are the only survivors of a zombie infection. All yourcityis infected and blood is everywhere. Shoot zombies in the headtobe the best killer of the city and survive. Open gameenvironmentmakes you feel real! Pull the trigger and watch extremekills withits slow motion camera! In this game you can make zombiesbleed byshooting them on the face! Features: - Amazing specialeffects andslow-mo camera! - Rich game scenes and multi-storybuildings! -View of first-person makes you feel more immersive! -Smooth gamecontrol! Bring you new game experience!
Zombie Sniper Counter Shot 1.0.2
You and your sniper rifle are theonlysurvivorsof a zombie infection. In this free shooter game avirusinfected thewhole world except you.Last Hope is an arcadeZombieSniper 3DShooter placed in the desert. The story takes youon ajourneythrough a changed world, exploring soccer fields inthedesert, sadwilderness, small villages and infectedcanyons.ZombieSniper CounterShot 3D City Game is the new freeSniper shootinggame Zombie SniperCounter Shot 3DSniper Rifle by first practicing on cans and bottles. Whenyouareready - you will venture out in the cold lonely desertfacingthedead Zombie menace, trying to find the reasonwhycivilizationended.You need to be a BRAVE SNIPER HERO in thisbattleand leadsoldiers like a COMMANDO in this 3D zombie assaultgame andtakethe charge of the city back. Just pull the trigger,kill themalland rescue survivors.Zombie Sniper Counter Shot 3DIn Zombie Sniper Shot 3D City Game you will need tomanageyourgunship and bullets and kill every undead before theydrive youtodeath!This evil Zombie Sniper assault Zombie 3D sniperassassinshootinggame is a FPS.Zombie Sniper Counter Shot 3DThis epic game of the living dead opens a new charismaticgameofsplashing and splattering the Zombie blood. Acompletelyaddictivegame causing FPS mayhem. Fire wildly on thezombies beforetheydead target and get into completely crushing thetrucksanddrifting airplanes 3D side to side Zombie SniperCounterShot3DZombie Sniper Counter Shot Game's features: ZombieSniperCounterShotAction game.Enjoy the realistic sound effect and musicKills counter.Bring smash death to zombies which are chasing you.Accurate 3D sniper rifle.Realistic physics.Be a killer to slay zombies in style with epic weapon systemThe best sniper game “Zombie Sniper Counter Shot” PlayforFREEtoday! By “Entertainment Apps 2016”
Sniper 3D Killer:Zombie Hunter 3.9.0
Sniper 3D Killer:Zombie HunterShoot zombies in the head to be the best killer of the cityandsurvive, or just become another zombie like them. In ZombieSniperGun 3D City Game you will need to manage your gunship andbulletsand kill every undead before they drive you to death!Features:1 An impressive first-person 3D adventure blendingstunninggraphics, excellent music and realistic sound effects tocreate ahighly detailed world.2 Zombie world war environment.3 Waves of dead zombies to kill.4 Unlimited Ammo to kill zombies.5 Smooth zombie assault sniper action.6 Select your Weapons.7 Slow motion shooting.Give us your feedback please, So we can do improvement in ourupdate!
Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D 1.0
Big Sam Games
Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D is a first person 3D shooter game. Youwillplay as a Sniper and strike the zombies. Your task is tofightagainst the zombies and destroy the enemy remnants. One of theBest3D Sniper Shooter experiences is finally here on Google PlayStore,and for Free. Your mission in Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D Freewouldbe to clear the realistic levels with deadly Sniper precisiontovictory!  A Sniper Shooter on the Google Play store hasneverbeen more realistic. Download Zombie Sniper Shooter 3D forFree nowand have the best Sniper experience on mobile devices.Realisticgaming sound effects, so you have amore perfect realisticSniperexperience. You will be a true Sniper. ★★★ Best Game Features★★★1. Realistic Environment 2. Realistic Sniper Shooting 3. 3DBulletTime Camera  4. 3D Slow Motion Camera 5. Best SniperShootingExperience ever 6. Easy Sniper Controls 7.  SniperShooterFun! 8.  Its Free! 9. Zombies!! Who does not love them;) ★★★How to Play ★★★   1. Shoot at target with Sniper Gun 2.UserZoom Button to Zoom in for a kill 3. Enjoy the Slow MotionKillCam!
HeadShot Killer Sniper 1.1
Headshot Killer Sniper is arealisticactionshooting game. You take the role as the sniper basedin asniper,taking out the enemies that are coming to attack you.Tocompletethe level, you must use your sniper gun to shoot alltheenemy toadvance on to the next level. If you don't get alltheenemy beforeyour health is defeated, enemy Sniper Gun youwilllose. With eachlevel comes more enemy snipers who will moveintoposition to takeyou down. Harness you sniper skills and becomethegreatest sniperto defeat the enemy.You take the role as the sniper in an arcade pointsstyleshooterwere each shot to the enemy terrorist will build upyourhighscore. Time ends to get a high score, see if you canbeatyourfrontline commando sniper best with each try. Stop thefrontlinecommando war with your amazing assassin sniperskills.Gear up to fight against the mob of high-profile gangsterswhohavebuilt their clan inside the city. They take control ofthemajorcriminal activities around. Being a master sniperassassinmakethem your victims in this sniper 3d. Aim to shoot, killorgetkilled. The best possible way to get revenge in thissniperkilleris to complete the assassin contracts and kill thecriminals.Dutycalls when it’s a sniper 3d revenge mission. Enemyhasmoreintelligence has spotted you inside the city so becarefullinbattle against terrorist some sniper killers are comingfor you.Asa sniper assassin equipped with a sniper rifle go on aseriesofkilling and assassination contracts. Stealthmission,long-rangetargets and a mob of enemies make this a perfectsniperassassinshooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminatecriminals,snipers,robbers and some escaped prisoners while youtravel aroundthecityin search of your targets in this sniperkiller.How to playTap the screen where you want to aim and sniper zoom willappearjusttilt mobile to correct your aim and then click firebutton toshotkill opponentBeing headshot sniper shooter be ready as opponent arecomingfromnearby places and will not let you be relax for asinglemomentFeature->Free sniper amazing game->A total new variety in sniper game for free on store->Easy to learn and become master of sniper->Realistic animation->Endless tactical clash->Real sound effect->Nice environment
HEADSHOT: REALTIME FPS PVP!Welcome to the team, soldier! Your mission: Buildyourarsenal,neutralize the Cobra terrorists, and make a nameforyourself. Thisis what you’ve trained for – no rest,nosurrender!INTUITIVE CONTROLSSpend time shooting instead of learning thecontrols.Headshotdoesn’t just port PC or console controls onvirtual buttons– it isentirely optimized for the best mobileshootergamingexperience.INSTANT ACTIONStep right into the heat in this fast-paced shooter!Shoot,takecover, lob grenades, and dodge RPGs as fast as yourfingerscan.Only true skill will make you the best!ALL NEW FRONTIERExplore new maps with intense boss battlesindestructibleenvironments. Clash with snipers, heavyassaultsoldiers,demolition experts, tanks, attack helicopters,drones andmore! Useevery advantage to rain bullets on yourenemies!PVP & TOURNAMENTSTeam-up, challenge friends and slaughter foes inintensereal-timePVP battles. Join our regular online&internationaltournaments to bring the competition toanotherlevel.SQUADS & ARSENALSChoose from over 70 Assault Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, orMGs,andrecruit Squadmates to complement your combatstyle!Furthercustomize your weapons, armour, vehicle and loadouttoincludeRPGs, drones and much more!SURVIVE & THRIVEFight your way through 33 action-packed Campaign stagesandproveyour mettle in multiple game modes includingEliteChallenges,Survival and PVP! You won’t run out of heads toblow orbounty toclaim!---Website: http://headshot.garena.comFacebook Fanpage:
City Hunter 3D Zombie Killer 1.0
Kool Games
A city hunter becomes a zombie killer in this zombie shooter gameofa zombie hunter. This is a zombie game of zombie hunter wherezombieshooting and zombie killing is required by the zombiehunter.Background story:- Our zombie hunter has now moved from thejunglezombie hunting situation where zombie shooting for zombiekillingwas required. The zombie hunter is now in a city zombiehuntingsituation so our zombie shooter can be titled a city hunteror azombie killer as he will have to do zombie shooting forzombiekilling to save his life. What is this zombie game all about?Thiszombie hunting game is all about zombie shooting and zombiekillingby a city hunter. This zombie shooter game has differentzombiehunting levels. Each level of this zombie game has aninterestingmission for the zombie killer. There are a total of 30zombieshooter levels. Your objective in this zombie game as azombieshooter is to do zombie shooting and zombie killing to staysafe.How to play this zombie game? You are going to have yoursniperrifle on you for the zombie hunt in this zombie sniper gameas youwill need to shoot to keep yourself safe from the zombies.You needto use the sniper rifle in following manner to shoot: 1.Click onthe Zoom button in left bottom corner of the screen. 2.Once youhave enabled zoom, a bullet button will appear on the rightbottomcorner of the screen. 3. You can click the bullet button tofirebut you will also have the enhanced zoom option at this stage.4.Click the Zoom+ button on the top left corner of the screen tohavea better view of your target. 5. Aim well and try to take aheadshot to finish your enemy in one shot. 6. Touch the bulletbuttonto eliminate your enemy. 7. As this shooting game hasdifferentlevels so accomplish the mission set for a certain leveltosuccessfully unlock next level of this hunting game. 8. Onceyouhave cleared a level, you can always come back and give itanothershot to better your previous mission accomplishment time inthiszombie sniper game. Why this shooting game? You are surelygoing tolove this hunting game over the others due to followingsalientfeatures: 1. Totally Free: This shooting game is totallyfree! 2.Delightful graphics: This hunting game has awesome graphicswhichmake long lasting impressions on your mind and vision. Thegraphicsare high quality as well as very smooth so you are going tohaveyour best gaming experience while playing this great shootinggame.3. Entertaining music: This hunting game has a veryentertainingmusic for your pleasure. 4. Very realistic soundeffects: The soundeffects in this shooting game are very realisticand they keep youfully involved in this killer game. 5. Top QualityFun: Its greatfun to play this zombie sniper game as the aim is toget better andbetter until you are totally safe from the zombiesacting as yourenemies. 6. Realistic Missions: The missionassociated with eachlevel of this killer game is very realistic andit throws you inthe real world while keeping you fully engaged.Each mission istime bound with a specific elimination target ofzombies to keepyou focused on the job at hand. 7. Player Feedback:We are at alltimes looking for your feedback and try our best tomake yourgaming experience more and more interesting. Who shouldplay?Anybody who wants a challenge to keep himself safe from thezombiesshould play this zombie sniper game and establish the basicskillsin the simulating environment mapping to the real world.Everyoneelse looking for endless hunt of zombies is also welcome toplaythis killer game. When to play? Another great thing aboutthiszombie sniper game by Kool Games is that it can be playedatanytime during the day or during the night. You are at office orathome, whenever you have free time just pull out your gun andenjoyplaying this killer game. Please don't forget to rate ourgame/provide feedback. ENJOY & Thank you!
SWAT Shoot Strike Terrorist 1.7
SWAT Shoot Strike Terrorist FPS Game!AD 2050, the terrorist organization Terrorist.X ragingglobal,killings, kidnappings, bomb attacks,no one can stopthem.Whom theworld jittery moments, in order to defend justice,fighting againstevil, you are organized as a special forcesdelegated for the eliteteam to stop Terrorist.X continuedviolence.During the execution of tasks you need to bold butcautious,careful, race against time, to fight a duel with theterrorists ,rational use of sophisticated weaponry will help you togive them afatal blow.Of course, the more enemy killed as soon asyou can, themore reward items you will get, so that you canpurchase moreadvanced arms and ammunition.Pick up your weapon withnohesitation,please show no mercy.GAME FEATURES:1.Wonderful and diverse game modes. Each pattern brings you intoasense of cool realistic game....>In competitive mode, your task is to ferret outterroristsand every hurdle to destroy them all, headshot, whack, dowhat youcan to kill them....>In the bomb mode, you must find time bomb that setbyterrorists within the specified time. When you're looking forabomb , the terrorist will attacks on you from time to timealso,are you willing to meet the difficulties ?...>In the hostage mode, you must find the kidnapped hostagesassoon as possible, and brought them to the designated safeplace,take care, the terrorists will attack you on the way.2.A variety of weapons and equipment. As long as you aregoodenough, get enough reward gold, then you can buy anyadvancedweapons you want, so you can give them morenumerousstrike.Guns:AK47,MP5,K1A,M16,AWP,KRIS,M19113.Realistic battle scenes(Ice Fortress,MilitaryBase,ClassicDust2,Arms Depot,Construction Site).All the s nes arerealisticstyle, simulate real-world terrain features, desert 2,militarywarehouses, snow scene intersection etc. allow you toexperience anextraordinary journey killings.4.The shock of the game sound effects, bring youdifferentawesome shooting experience. Shot, headshot, sniping,explosions,etc..
Elite Sniper Killer 1.5.1
Hostile situation alert! A terrorist grouphashijacked lots of hostages in this city and requiring a heavyransomto free innocent citizens. Engage in commando action toeliminateground threat from extremist leader and rescue hostages.In 21st century, terrorism spreads rapidly around thewholeworld. As the anti-terrorism materials show that alltheseterrorist activities are tied to dark forces. They havequiteadvanced military weapons like automatic refiles and AK-47 inthismodern war combat. Now sniper, take headshot kill fromsafedistance and avoid killing innocent hostages. Become Ramboandengage in melee attack with terrorists until you completelydestroythem all!Lead the SWAT black ops rescue mission to save theinnocenthostages. You have police team professionals training andtheability to win this advanced war.Elite Sniper Game Features:-first person shooter action packed gameplay-huge array of weapons and equipment to use-advanced weapon upgrade system-destructive kinds of weapons and ammunition-thrilling anti-terrorist missions-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-exciting map with realistic fighting arena environment-zoom in and out to make headshot kill-each level with different missions to complete-with CHALLENGE and SURVIVAL mode to choose fromIs there any possibility to defeat all the terroristsattack,gangsters on the streets and rescue the hostage? Now, snipertake adeep breath and pull the trigger to make a kill shot!
Action of Mayday: Pet Heroes 1.0.4
In 2030, an unknown force invents abiochemicalweapon and attacks the Earth. The weapon spreads avirus that canmutate human genes. Most of mankind has turned intozombies. Theentire civilization is at stake.However, the virus does not have the same effect ondomesticatedpets, and even makes them much smarter. They take theweapons leftby their owners and go on a mission to hunt downzombies. They arethe only hope left to save the world!Pet Heroes is a game brought to you by the team behindthepopular Action of Mayday FPS games. It is made special for allFPSfans and players like you.Amazing 3D GraphicsWe have crafted the most beautiful next-generation game themesinorder for you to be fully immersed. The pets and enemies arewelldesigned with their own appearance and characters. We havedesigneda fluid 2D and 3D user interface, making this the mostnatural touse and easiest to navigate game among the mobile FirstPerson Shootgames.Awesome Game Plays• The in-game camera is designed in the Third PersonShooterview. You can take two squad mates to complete a mission.There aremany different types of enemies with different skills andabilitiesto make the missions interesting and challenging.• You can collect/upgrade/advance 8 different squad matesfromyour favorite types of pets – dogs, cats, and rabbits• You can also collect Armors to make your character lookcoolerand have more power.Multiple Game Modes and Innovative Level Design• Play the Campaign mode to unlock the Dungeon mode andcollectthe soul stones to advance your weapons and squad mates.Play theDungeon mode to earn much bigger rewards to advance in theCampaignmode.• There are 80 normal stages plus 80 elite stages in additionto8 Dungeon stages for you to explore. You can play differentmissiontypes such as Sniper, Raid, Defense, and Support.Many Cool Weapons to Collect and Upgrade• Collect and upgrade/advance over 30 world-famousweaponsincluding assault rifles, shot guns, sniper rifles such asAK-47,M16, Frostwolf, and RPD as well as our own designedSci-Figuns.• You can upgrade a weapon to increase its power and alsocollectweapon soul stones to advance weapons for a much biggerpowerboost.• We have created a unique Trophy system. The more weaponsyoucollect, the more squad mates you own, the more powerful yourteamwill become.And much more• We have the best special effects, Slow Motion BulletTimetechnology, and thrilling headshot effects.• We provide 4 different types of innovative Props (Power-ups)inthe game to assist you for very tough missions – Slow Motion,RPG,Auto Target, and Drone.• A global Leaderboard is integrated with Google PlayGameServices.Now - what are you waiting
Point Blank Mobile 1.6.0
Play now using Facebook / TrueID / Gmail/Goodgames ID orRegister your game ID by using truemove H. Just dial *871*4# togetfree SMS!Have your still remember those excellent/incredible skillsChainKiller!! Triple Kill!! Fire In The Hole!!, with the mostfamouslegendary Library Map including supper Kriss Super V Gun andtop ofseries – AUG gun. Are you ready to surpass the limitationthat youhave had with the game on PC and enjoy the betterexperience onmobile device, no more limitation. Everything areunder control ofyour fingertips – Point Blank Mobile, excitement& enthusiasmcome from your fingers. Available with variousmodes, along withthe awesome graphics and sounds will bring you themost realisticbattlefield ever.-- Top features in game --## Game play ##Modes in game-PVP Mode: Compete in real time with friends and otherplayersworldwide by single/individual or team (1vs1,2vs2,4vs4)-Story mode: Challenge/adventure each stage of the story andconquerthe superb Boss-Survivor/ Raid / Challenge: Numerous special missions tohuntpremium weapons rewards and rare items.## Open e-Sports tournament globally! ##with real cashes as rewards and exclusive rare items. Tobecomeprofessional player/athletes domesticallyandinternationally!!!## Tons of military weapons and other tools ##Realistic usage of weapons, as right as real life. Numeroususagesof the weapons, one of a kind, not a general common weapons.Notonly with the famous reputation of Point Blank as M4A1 butalsonumerous famous guns Rifle, Sniper, SMG, HMG, Shotgun## Choose the fashion styles of your choices ##Players will freely mix and match fashion suits of your choicesasmuch as guns.## Easy shooting by your finger ##Beautiful graphics and easy/simple to control that never have hadinother games. Able to upgrade skills of character and guns asyourwishes, modify and upgrade any part of guns up to the best ofitspotential.## Languages ##Game system are available in various languages in gamesincluding:Thai, English, Chinese, Indonesia, Vietnam and Korean towelcomeinternational players in different countries.
Zombie Elite sniper 1.0.2
Become the best sniper elite zombie!Sniper Elite Zombie is a first-person 3D shooter. Your missionistodestroy as many zombies as possible within a time periodof60-90seconds. For each zombie you kill, you will receive $100.Ifyoumanage to score a double-kill, you will get double thereward!Afteryou have gained sufficient funds in this way, you willbeable tounlock new maps and weapons.Try out various weapons, such as the M24, M4, WA-2000,AWPandM82A1, each with their own individual characteristicsforcalibre,fire rate and ammunition. Once you are equipped, getreadyto huntzombies across three realistic maps - the City, theAirportand theHarbour.The game is optimized for many different devices.Itincludesvariable graphics settings that you can change to suitthepower ofyour device, so whether you are playing on ahigh-enddevice or alow-powered one, you are ensured of a goodgamingexperience.The game is Free to PlayInstructions for playing-------------------------------------------------- -------1) Choose your map (three lokace- Airport, Street, Harbour)2) Choose your weapon (M24, M4, WA-2000, AWP, M82A1)3) Turn on Start and go to shooting ZombieUpdate-------------------------------------------------- --------- repairs bugs- new map - HArbour- new weapons- new zombiesBecome the best sniper!
Gun Killer:Sniper 1.1.1
Welcome to Experience Third Person Shooting Game.Burst,Damage,Enemy Die. All kinds of exquisite weapons, more coolburstsense,to bring you the most realistic shooting experience,missiontosave the world feeling become a generation ofstranglehold!Manydifficulty levels, rich weapon system, hardLiansha dubbing,takeyou into our world. Here you need to seizeevery minute andsecond,circumspect. Rational use of weapons andequipment,carefullycalculated the cost and income of every battle,ready toonce againbattle of ammunition and new equipment purchase.A wealthofincentive mechanism, realistic shooting experience.Don'thesitateto join us! ★★★Game features: ★All kinds of assaultriflesAndsniperssuchasAK47,Barrett,M4,M40A3,SVD,AWP,AWM,DSR50,WA2000,M200,M60G,MG3,Scout,FinlandStarandso on,and other props will help you complete the task.★Thirdpersonshooting with 3D vision, shocking visual effectsshotrefreshedly,fully and delightfully experience! Zombie,kidnappers,scene, all 3Dproducing, build perfect third shootergame bepersonally on thescene. ★Perfect model: the game has guardmodeand sniping mode,bring super cool feeling! ★Busy streets, iceandsnow world and otherextreme scene map, let you experiencethewonderful world ofdifferent scenes of the journey!
Zombie Range 1.4
Heilan Coo
How many head shots can you get?This game features a unique camera bullet follow feature.Onimpact of shooting a zombie the camera will move to it'sposition.There are multiple ways these zombies can die includinghead shots!Currently there are three maps which are unlocked byplaying theprevious map. We will add more features and maps soon!Please besure to rate, share and download some of the free games wepromotevia ads.Please report any issues to greeniesgames@gmail.comFeatures:HEAD SHOTS!Exploding zombies!AK47 Sniper rifle(New) Zombie Launcher map(New) Tornado mapPractice range mapForrest mapCity mapMultiple high score boardsUnlock achievementsAdjust quality and aim sensitivityBullet camera timemore coming soon...
Sniper War:Alien Shooter 1.2
This is 2015's wonderful game about analieninvasion of TPS, That is a milestone! Here are someshockingthings: the alien scenes, weapons systems, the herocombinationsand Defense bunkers. If you like aliens -TPS, then thisgame isbest for you, my legend bounty hunter.AD 2137, the Titans Extraterrestrial Invade Earth, this is AMostViolent Year ever faced by mankind. Earthlings to the brinkofextinction, and you, as the last guardian, who will play maninblack, employ Defense bunkers, blocking aliens floodattack.Protect the survivors behind of you, waiting to fight backthesealien hybrids.You can play a sniper, a strike headshot! You can play amachinegunner, kombat Crossfire!!You can play therockettroops,Indiscriminate shelling!!!You can also play a bountyhunter,heroic warfare, do the best Brave shooter!!!! You will bethe focusof a unique, all the aliens invaders will launch afrenzied attackto you. In this warfare, the Titans ExtraterrestrialInvade Earth,the Earthlings is no winner! all you can do iscontinue to warfareto protect the people you love, and to live, asa survivor andguardian.In A Most Violent Year, you have to be like man in black todothe best shooter, and heroic combat the aliens. Like thebestsnipers to shoot the alien invaders.Civilization is on the brink of apocalypse, and you are abeaconof hope. Save the remnants of humanity in the alien-invadedcity,while slaughtering every alien in your sight! It's yourmission tohelp the survivors and fight back, send evil aliens towhere theybelong. Do what you have to in order to stay alive, keepcombat asfast as you can, and protect yourself by any meansnecessary. Endthis war NOW, and become a LEGEND tomorrow!Game features:1, make good use of a variety of Defense bunkers to Crossfire,willsave your life in battle.2. You are the focus of all the aliens, you must first kombatkillthem, do not let them close to you, or die that is you.3、19 devastating weapons, the arsenal of Shotguns, MachineGuns,Rocket Launchers, and Sniper Rifles.4、 14 ruthless alien types and 12 evil bosses to wipe out.5、 12 challenging levels, each with different guns andkillzones.6、 4 unique characters own 12 powerful skills with stunningvisualsand sound, such as "HEAD ONLY" "T-FREEZE" .7、 2 vicious game modes - Classic and Hell.For fans of defense game,FPS games, shooter games, freegames,alien games and war games! It's ongoing updates to delivernewmodes, features, and content. So go ahead install AlienwarfareSurvivors, starting up funny, free, and oneintenseadventure!If you like, please give us a five-star praise, thank you!