Top 36 Apps Similar to Indian Browser

K-POP 2.0.2
We Love K-POP! This is a very easy to use free appspeciallycollects most popular K-POP music video. With floatingwindow orpopup view display, you can enjoy the music while surfingtheinternet; You can also use our app to search and create yourownfavorite MV list; You can also use our app to search and addinyour own favorite channel to get latest and timely update;Anyrecommendation or suggestion, Do email us:QA.ONETV@GMAIL.COM.Download now to enjoy the show!==========DISCLAIMER========== Thisis NOT an official app from thevarious media services, and this isonly an unofficial 3rd-partyclient that complies with their 3rdparty API terms of service. Thisapp is NOT an affiliated norrelated product of those services. Pertheir API developerterms:"You do not need special approval to use YouTube APIs or topromoteAPI functionality in your application" provided that theguidelinesare followed. ============================== This sectionAppPlayer for third-party media player, we did not upload anyvideos,has no intention of copyright infringement 1. This App is inlinewith the third-party player YouTube API Terms ofService videos are offered through the official API embedded playerforplayback ID system to safeguard the interests of copyrightholders 4. Ifwithoutlawful authority videos are uploaded, the right holder maysubmit acopyright takedown notice toYouTube If youhaveadditional questions, please contact us: INFORMATION ===== All videos are provided by thepublicthird-party media service YouTube. All trademarks andcopyrightsbelong to their respective owners and are used here underthe termsof Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act(DMCA). Sincethe app simply links to content on their service viatheir 3rdParty Developer API, the app does not have any directcontrol oftheir content. If there are any content that may infringeuponanyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to reportthecontent: Use of thissoftwarecomply with Youtube API specification: Video and sound maynot beseparated (not available for playback background) Nottampered withany video content (not available for voice removalfunction)Allowed to copy any video content (not available foroffline playor download)
Music for children the turkey and the turkey 1.0
Come come and enjoy this song with your family.
Dynamo - Animated Video Watermark 1.2
Get desired attention of audience by adding Animated Watermarkonyour Videos. Create your own brand identity(Logo) andwatermarkyour videos on social media. Protect your Videos byaddingwatermark. Dynamo is best for - TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU AREAdding yourlogo or watermark & text to the videos you share onsocialmedia will help potential customers easily recognize you andbecomeloyal customers HELP PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU Adding contactdetailsto your videos will help people reach out to you. Easily addyourwebsite, phone number, email or any other detail to yourvideosPROTECT YOUR VIDEOS This will prevent illegal miss-use ofyourVideos BRAND AWARENESS Easily get great brand awarenessthroughoutall social networks Make your day to day activity countbyconnecting people to your products and experiences. For thefirsttime ever, you can easily add your logo and brand to anyvideo, andinstantly share them on social media. HELP POTENTIALCUSTOMERS FINDYOU EASILY Social networks are a jungle. Millions ofpictures andproducts continually flood the minds of users acrossthe web. Makeit easy for potential customers to find you and buyyour products.Add your website, email, phone number or any otherdetails to yourvideos. ADD TEXT MESSAGE TO VIDEOS Easily add textto videos, andchoose your font out of a verity of free fonts -handwriting fonts,fancy fonts, girly fonts, stylish fonts and manyother cool fontsDYNAMO VIDEO WATERMARK FEATURES 1. BackgroundProcessing : VideoWatermark works in background and let you doother things whileadding watermark on videos, just select theoption 'Notify me whencompleted' while processing and it willnotify you when videoprocessing is completed. 2. AnimatedWatermark: Apply Multipletransition of watermark, adjust speed andstart time, adjustOpacity, Color, Hue 3. Create Watermark: Createyour own brandidentity(Watermark/Logo), apply your watermark onyour videos andget your desired attention from others by sharingyour eye catchingwatermarked videos on social media. 4. Doesn'tChange OriginalVideo Quality: Dynamo doesn't change the OriginalVideoQuality.Supports MP4 and major format in Videos. 5. PreviewYourVideos: You don't need to create videos until you aresatisfiedwith the animation and watermark positions. Dynamo - TheUltimateWatermarking solution for videos - TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!!!
ASD Player 1.8
مشغل فيديوات السريع ASD Player لتشغيل الفيديوات المباشرة.Rapidvideos player ASD Player to run direct videos.
Video Downloader - Video Manager for facebook 2.1.0

Be aware that users are eager to download videos or facebookontheir phone so they can be used for management, free viewing,oruse to upload to your social networks. We have createdanapplication that makes it easy to download videos and managethem.Video Downloader or Video Manager for facebook application isveryrooted. Salient features ❀ Save videos from facebook. ❀Reviewvideos. ❀ Share to social networks. So how to use 1. You openanaccepting application that allows the application to accesssomerequired permissions. 2. Click on the Browser Open Facebook.3.Enter your facebook account information. 4. You can find thevideoin the timeline, group or fan page in your account. 5. Youclickplay video and the application will give you the choice is towatchor download video application downloader app. Important Notes:-This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by theFacebookofficial network. - This app is intended to be used bypeople aged13+. - This Video Downloader works for Facebook only. -Anyunauthorized re-uploading or downloading of contentsand/orviolations of Intellectual property rights is thesoleresponsibility of the user. Thank you for using
AMPLayer 8.4
AMPLayer for Android is the leading free Multimedia player fortheAndroid operating system which allows you to watch allpopularvideo formats on your phone or tablet with hardwareaccelerationfor faster and smoother HD playback with unparalleledease andcomfort.
Video downloader master 1.1
Video Downloader Master is best video downloader tool in playstore.A new easy way to download all those social videos you watchonFacebook, Instagram,... Video Downloader Master is an utilitythatallows you to download files from many web sites directly intoyoursdevice, so that you can open them every time you wantsavinginternet traffic. FEATURES: - Free - Simple and immediate-Integrated web browser for a faster usage (Beta) - Possibilitytodownload more files at the same time - Change folder downloadvideo- Support for large file videos (over 2 GB) - Supportdifferentformats: MP4, 3GP, FLV, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc. - Run inbackground -Several videos may be downloaded simultaneously or inqueue -Automatically detects the links from your Web browser - Openvideoswith your favorite media player - Support many languages:English,French, Spanish, etc. Want to download any video VideoDownloaderMaster is your app.Video Downloader Master is the bestapp todownload videos online from Internet to your Androidphone.Download All Videos you will be able to download Video filessuchas MPK, AVI, MP4, AVI, flash media such as FLV, SWF,applicationfiles such as APK, and AUDIO, TEXT such as MP3, DOC,XLS, RAR, ZIPto your device from web. It automatically detectslinks from theWeb browser, so you do not need to copy and pastethem in the app.Download Video Downloader Master now! ThisApplication agree withgoogle policy. Does not accept downloadyoutube videos.
V12 3.7.7
A simple P2P way for Camera. - Set up your Camera quickly. -Streamsecurely day or night – in HD or SD. - Get alerts whenthere’smotion while you’re away. - Talk and listen. Hear the baby.Or tellyour dog to get off the couch.
Video Compressor - Fast Compress Video & Photo 1.1.44
Quickly compress video, convert to MP4, cut video, extract MP3audiofrom video. Reduce video size, shrink video, save yourdevice'sstorage space. Batch Image Compressor, support quicklybatchcompress images / compress photos / compress pictures, saveyourstorage space. Features: # Compress videos withhigh/normal/lowquality # Cut and compress video # Fast forward andcompress video #Video to MP3 converter, can extract MP3 from videofile # Usehardware codec, fast compression # Share videos # Batchcompressimages # Free and Easy-to-use
Da Player - Video and live stream player 4.04
Watch your videos, live streams, protected video content troughDaPlayer. Add them one by one or in playlists. Also goodfordevelopers who want to test or distribute their contentwithoutbuilding an app. Supports .flv, .f4v, .ts, .mpeg, .mp4,.m4v, .mkv,.mov, .webm, .m3u8, .mpd, .aac, .amr, .f4a, .ogg, .mp3,.m4a,.opus, .flac, .wav, .m3u and .json files Features: - Add protected .json playlistsgeneratedthrough; - Add live video and audio streams;- Addonline video and audio files; - Add local video and audiofiles; -Add items as favorites for easy access; - Search option; -Customaudio and video codecs for some formats; - DVB subtitlesupport; -Audio and Video tracks support; - Floating pop-up playerwindow; -Option to choose default subtitle and audio languages; -Chromecastsupport; - Delete playlists or individual items in localplaylists;- Option to share playlists; - Volume and brightnesscontrols inplayer; - Orientation and aspect ratio options inplayer; - Supportfor non-touch devices including Android TV; Pleasenote that DaPlayer does not provide any content and is notresponsible for thequality of the content you add and watch throughthe app.
File Manager - Local and Cloud File Explorer 5.0.3
Smart File Manager (File Explorer) is the simplest, Powerful,Small,Free and perfect App to manage files like Images, movies,documents,Music, apps in your mobile. Features List : * FileManager - Fileexplorer to access and manage storage, copy andpaste files, deletefiles, backup files, transfer files, showhidden files, compress anddecompress files and many such similaractions easily. * CloudStorage - file manager for Dropbox, box,google drive and multipleclouds. * Application Manager - easilybackup,uninstall and createshortcut for your apps. * Root explorer- powerful root explorertool for root users, allows access to theentire file system and alldata directories. * Built-in variousfile types viewers and players: video player, image viewer,document reader inside app. * Appmanager - create backup, open,create shortcut and uninstall yourapp’s. * ZIP and RAR support :compressed and decompressed ZIP, RAR,JAR, TAR and APK files withpassword(encryption AES 256 bit). * FTPServer - using FTP manageyour files of mobile from Your PC. * SMB :access your home PCfiles on your mobile using samba. * View mediaby category : browseand access your media files by category (likeimage,video,recentfiles,history..). * Supports 30 languages. AppManager &Storage Cleaner * Manage system and user installedapps * Backupapps to apk file * Uninstall apps * Share apps CloudStorageManager * Supports multiple cloud storage :Onedrive(skydrive),Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OwnCloud, Yandex,Sugarsync, WebDAV,Mediafire and some more. * FTP client and WebDAVclient : accessand manage WebDAV servers just like your localstorage. * RemoteFile Manager : easily manage your phone files fromyour computer. *SMB (Windows) : access your home PC files usingSMB. MaterialDesign File Manager * Improved UI and UX for bestperformance * Theapp support multiple light and dark themes * Multicolor optionssupport * Simple and Clean in design FTP Server *access anddownload files and folders from your phone to PC. Help ustoTranslate the app * TranslationURL: Suggestions * Please let us know Featuresat a glance : - cloud file manager pro- all in one cloud storagemanager : support almost all popularcloud storage providers. - fileexplorer - cloud manager & filemanager. - android file explorer- browse internal storage andexternal sd card storage easily. -android file manager app - thisapplication will manage your filesefficiently. - storage analyserapp - free up mobile storage andfunctioning smart by analysingregularly. - file manager forexternal memory - access files on USBflash drive or access files onmicroSD. - filemanager - transfercontent between internal storage,external storage, usb flashdrive, and cloud storage easily. -fileexplorer : this app helpsyou to browse and access your mediafiles by category(likeimage,audio ,video...). - FTP file manager -transfer and managefiles or documents over ftp connection. - filecommander : easilyhandle all your files whether they are stored inyour device'smemory, microSD card, cloud storage, or local areanetwork(usingwifi). - SD Card Analyst : the app dashboard showscompleteanalyzed details of your phone storage. - A+ file manager -thisapp is rated “best file manager” by users based uponmultipleratings and reviews.
Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock🐬 12.1.5
🐬 Dolphin Browser is the best internet explorer browser forAndroidwith fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tabbar,sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player. Onceusersexperience the fast, smart and personal Web of Dolphin,regularMobile Internet feels like torture. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Best Mobile WebBrowseron Android Market 👍👍👍👍👍 Over 150,000,000 downloads onAndroid andiOS 🚀Great Features🚀 ✔ Flash Player ✔ AdBlock (pop upblocker) ✔Multiple Tabs bar ✔ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar ✔PersonalizedSearch ✔ Fast Download ✔ Incognito/private Browsing ✔Gestures ✔Sonar ★ Flash player Get the best gaming and HD videoexperiencewith player for Android support on Dolphin Browser. WithDolphinVideo, you can watch videos from YouTube, Dailymotion,Vimeo,Twitch and any other video website you like! ★ AdBlock (popupblocker) Dolphin Browser is one of the best AdBlock Browser.WithAdBlocker, you can block popups, ads, banners & ad-videos.FindAdBlocker add-on here: ★ Multiple tabsbarIt displays your open tabs, and lets you switch between thembyswiping. Let you browse the web as PC Browser &desktopbrowser. ★ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar It can beaccessed byswiping to the right from the left edge of the screenand showsyour bookmarks and browsing history. Swiping to the left,you canenjoy the best services with add-ons, such as VideoDownloader, Webto PDF and Dolphin Translate, etc. ★ Personalizedsearch Easilyswitch search engine with Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing,Duckduckgo,etc. ★ Fast download Download HTML5, Flash videos andmore withblazing fast speed from the Internet with videodownloader. You canalso easily delete or move downloaded files inthe file manager. ★Incognito/private browsing Dolphin Browser is asecure browser thatoffers you real private browsing experiencewithout leaving anyhistory data. ★ Gesture Access the Internet bycreating a personalGesture for websites and common features. Forexample, drawing aletter ”D” to go to Duckduckgo or “B” to go toBing. ★ SonarDolphin Browser gives you an actual web browser youcan talk to.Use your voice to search, share on your favorite socialnetworks,bookmark favorite websites, and navigate the web on yourphone.Search without typing, even with Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo.★Themes Customize your Dolphin Browser with a wide arrayofbackgrounds in the wallpaper library to suit any style or mood.★Quick Share Dolphin remembers your most recently used apps tohelpyou easily share content to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skypeandmore. 🚀Dolphin Add-ons🚀 - Dolphin Video Player – Flash Player;-Screen Cut – Screenshot app; - Web to PDF Converter & Editor;-Dolphin Jetpack; - Speed Booster for Android; - Dolphin Translate-Translator; - Dolphin QR & Barcode Scanner; - Dolphin Reader;-Dolphin Battery Saver; - Bookmarks Widget; - Dolphin Brightness;-Dolphin Tab Reload; - Dolphin Show IP; - Dolphin Ultimate Flag;-Pocket for Dolphin; - Dropbox for Dolphin; - Box for Dolphin;-Dolphin Alexa Rank. Contact us at JointheDolphin Facebook Fan page: Dolphin on Twitter:!/DolphinBrowserLearn more on our website: 🐬❤👪,🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃, 🚀🏁🏆🎆
P6SLite 2.2.2
P6SLite is a video transmission software based on P2Ptechnology,which supports multiple types of devices such asIPC/NVR/DVR. Themain functions include device management, videopreview, videoplayback, etc.
Video to MP3 Converter, MP3 Cutter & Video Cutter 2.0.2
Video to MP3 Converter is All-In-One tool for extract audiofromyourvideo files, cut audio and cut video. Extract high qualitymp3songsusing this powerful application. Make ringtone fromyourfavoritesong using mp3 cutter . You can convert video filestoaudio fileswith high quality. MP4 Video Cutter is freeapplicationhelp you cutyour Video very fast and keep originalVideo quality.Video after cuthas same quality with input Video.****Features***** Simple userinterface * Fast video conversion *Supports Videoformats includingwmv , MP4 , 3gp , flv , avi etc. *Integrated MP3Cutter for makingRingtone. * Simple and advancedmode MP3Conversion for advancedusers . * Fast Video cutter forcuttingvideo files easily . * Playpreview while cutting video. *Easy tocut Audio file : *.mp3, *.wav,*.3pg ..etc.. * Display allvideosafter cut. * Allow you to share,delete Video. * One tap toplaymusic files . * Is uses ffmpeg andmp3lame library. Tags :-Videoto mp3 converter, video cutter app,audio cutter, mp3 cutter,mp4cutter, trim audio, trim video, convertvideo to mp3, convertvideoto audio.
org.minigamehouse.photoalbum 1.1
Smart Gallery usable for viewing photos, videos and gif. Itemscanbe sorted by date, size, name both ascending or descending,photoscan be zoomed in. Media files are shown in multiplecolumnsdepending on the size of the display, you can change thecolumncount by pinch gestures. They can be renamed, shared,deleted,copied, moved. Images can also be cropped, rotated, flippedor setas wallpaper directly from the app. * Features of Smartgallery: -Downloadable wallpaper. - Folder Exclude & Restore -Slide showanimation with unlimited photo pics of HD Gallery. -Multiselection move & copy paste files. - Beauty Camera Effectsonfavorite gallery images - Can Change Theme color from setting.-Move to different Album - Customize Background Color. -BestGallery video player. - Change Theme color from setting - Youcanset your photo as Wallpaper. - Open photo with preferable apps.-Supported all the popular image and video formats - Showphotodetails. - Single or double tap or pinch to zoom. - Able GridPhotoview. - Able List Photo view. - Easy to share pictures *Smartgallery include ‘Easy photo editing’ tool - Photo editing -Crop,rotate, flip - Quick adjust, adjust colors - Exclusive filters
X-plore File Manager 4.18.12
Highlights: ● Dual-pane tree view ● Root, FTP, SMB1 / SMB2,Sqlite,Zip, Rar, 7zip, DLNA/UPnP explorer ● Disk Map - see whichfilesconsume most space on your disk - ●Cloudstorage access: Google Drive™, Dropbox, Box, Amazon clouddrive,ОБЛАКО,, OneDrive, Flickr, Webdav,Yandex.disk,MediaFire, Owncloud, PCloud, SugarSync, GMX ● SSH FileTransfer(SFTP) and SSH Shell - *** ● Musicplayer ***● App manager ● USB OTG ● PDF viewer (on Android 5.0+) ●WiFi filesharing *** - ● Manage files from aPC webbrowser *** - ● Favorite folders ●Built-inviewers for images, audio, text ● Video player withsubtitles *** ●Batch rename ● Hex viewer ● Fast Image viewer withzoom and slideto previous/next images ● Thumbnails for images andvideo as wellas for various file types (depending on associatedapplication) ●Multi-selection - always available, yet notdisturbing ● View APKfiles as ZIP ● Share - send files byBluetooth, email, or whateverthe device supports, from any location● Configurable buttons andkey shortcuts ● Seamless work with Zip(as if it was normal folder)● Vault for encrypting sensitive files- *** ***marked features are paid - they requiredonation X-plore allows youto see inside of your Android device.And also outside. This is adual-pane explorer, there are twofolders shown at same time, andcommon operation such as copyingfiles are done from one pane toanother. And X-plore shows folderhierarchy in a tree view forclear orientation and fast switching toother location. You mayexplore internals of the device, and ifyou're power user and haveyour device rooted, you can make changesto system data - backupfiles, remove unwanted applications, etc. Ifyou're standard user,you may choose to hide internal memory fromview and be sure not tomess with system. You can comfortably seecontents of mass memorieson your device, or possibly attached USBmemory stick. Simple appmanager allows to see, run, copy, share,uninstall and furtherexplore installed applications. WiFi filesharing Access files onyour Android device from other Androiddevices over WiFi. Accessfrom a PC web browser Manage files on yourAndroid device from yourPC. Access to FTP and FTPS (secure FTP)servers is supported.Multiple servers may be configured. X-plorecan display sharedfolders on other computers in LAN. X-plore canaccess various webstorage "Cloud" servers, and access their files.You need to haveaccount in supported web service, then you canaccess your filesstored online through X-plore. Supported is alsoSSH File Transfer(SFTP) and Terminal shell emulator. X-plorecontains music playerthat can play music tracks from any availablelocation. With Vaultfunction, you can encrypt sensitive files, evenby yourfingerprint. Main operations are related to managing filesandfolders - viewing, copying, moving, deleting, compressing toZip,extracting, renaming, sharing, and more. SQLite databaseviewerX-plore can show SQLite database files (those with .dbextension)as expandable list of tables, each table containing listof rowsand columns with database entries. Main interaction is donebytouch screen, clicking on folders or files to open files,orlong-click to open context menu which contains options which canbedone on particular clicked item, or multiple selecteditems.Multi-selection allows to do operation on more files atonce.Opening file may mean to use one of built-in viewer formostpopular file types: images, audio, video and text. Or youmayconfigure X-plore to use system application for opening files,inwhich case system-predefined application that can openparticularfile is launched. Archives (currently supported are Zip,Rar and7zip) are displayed as other folders.
Simple Music Player - A cool player for your songs 5.2.5
A simple music player easily controllable from the status bar,homescreen widget or by hardware buttons on your headset. Itprovidesall expected functions like sorting in various ways, aswell aschanging the Equalizer. It offers extras like Search andshowingAlbum Art, a sleep timer and many other settings. Thiselegantmusic player allows you creating and managing playlists asyoudesire. Comes in dark theme by default, it is based on cleanandmodern Material design. Playlists are fully supported. You canaddeither individual files, or whole folders. If you won't likeafile, you can either just remove it from a playlist, or deletetheactual file altogether. Comes with a handy sleep timer so thatyoucan reliably delay the time of the app shutting down. Supportsbothshuffle, or repeating a particular song. Available inmanydifferent languages, offers multiple different equalizers.Easilycheck a file properties like the size, duration, lastmodified etc.Modify file EXIF data like the song title and artist.Quickly sharefiles with your friends on social networks, emails, oranywhere youwould like. This stylish music player contains a widgetwithcustomizable text color, alpha and the color of the backgroundforeasy access and control. Contains no ads orunnecessarypermissions. It is fully opensource, providescustomizable colors.This app is just one piece of a bigger seriesof apps. You can findthe rest of them at
New Movie HD Player 2
Simon Bibas
Please Follow the steps es per the instruction on the Application.
Media Player - MP4 HD Player and Music Player 1.2.5
Are you fond of music and like watching videos, movie in HD? Ifyes,then sit back and upgrade your Android phone with theall-newSensational and Fast Media Player App with mp3 mp4 player.Want toknow what makes this video player better than the rest? Witharound100000 Active Installers and over 3000+ Reviews at an averagestarrating of 4.50, this Media Player - MP4 HD Player and MusicPlayeris a powerful combination of video player apps and musicplayer. Soif you love to watch videos and movies or like listeningto music,then this media player is just the best video player foryou.What’s New: Now with clean dashboard design, watching andmanagingaudios and videos became more simple on the audio videoplayerDownload MP4 Player and mkv player For FREE now tostartexperiencing the change!! The amazing fact about this windowsmediaplayer is that it can play HD music and HD videos of allformatsand can play them in ultra HD video quality, also gives theperfect4K videos app experience. Features: 1. Video playerequalizer -Video Bass Booster: Watch videos with amazing soundeffects withthe use of the graphic video equalizer, bass booster init andenjoy the feel of the music or video as per the mood. Thein-appmp4 player equalizer will surely increase the bars set by theotherwindows media player mp4 with graphic equalizer. 2. FreeVideoPlayer: This Video Player HD is available free for all users.Userscan also upgrade it anytime to the pro version to remove adsandenjoy seamless video playing experience. 3. Free Music Player:Thisall-round MP3 Player and wmv player also has a free musicplayerapp built within itself, which can play music and songs ofanyformat in the best sound quality available without settinganylimits. 4. Support all types of Audio and Video File Formats:Themkv player and video player play most widely used formats ofvideosand audios in the best video or audio quality available.Itsupports formats like MP3 or MP4 and MKV or AVI, MOV, etc. 5.PlayHD Videos: This fully-featured HD All format Player - AVIplayerplays almost all commonly used formats in full HD or the bestvideoquality available without consuming much of phone memory.Thisfeature alone makes it one of the most efficient HDplayeravailable. Now play 4K Videos without getting the phoneoverheatedor lagging with this windows media player app and allformatplayer. 6. MP3 Player Music Library: No need to scan musicfilesonce this app is installed, This free music player accessesall theaudio files automatically from your phone. This is the bestmp3player or avplayer that has a separate media player mp4 libraryforboth audio and video files that allows the app to browse mp3playerfolders directly without needing two apps one for each. 7.AdvanceSlow Motion: The special feature in this video apps is theslowmotion feature, that allows a user to watch and enjoytheirfavorite videos or songs in real time slow motion withall-timebest speed adjusting feature on avi player. 8. Mp3 Mp4player: Themp3 mp4 player feature in this app plays all sorts ofaudio fileslike WAV, MP3, AAC, etc in the best sound qualityavplayer. 9.Subtitles: Supports almost all type of subtitles whichmakes iteasier for it’s users to play videos or movies in anylanguage onthis windows media player app and mkv player. 10.Supported in alldevices: The AVI Player and wmv player plays videosand songs in HDand is supported by all the Android devicesavplayer. 11. Mkvplayer This Mkv player is an offline video appsthat means thisaudio player does not require an internet connectionto work. Loadyour phone with your favorite playlist and start usingthe aviplayer.
Bang Browser-All Video downloader & Ad blocker
❖ Bang is a free & secure browser with super fast downloadspeedby test! But it is amazingly of ONLY 7MB! ❖ IncludingpowerfulAd-block and data-saving ability, able to download videosfromsocial media and xxx websites, saving and sharing WhatsAppstatus...The most inspiring part is that you can enjoy the latesttrendingmovies like Marvel here! ❖ You can also find and downloadcustomizedcontents such as hottest movies, TV Series, funnyvideos, all kindsof music, breaking news and scoops in Bang. MainFeatures ★ Superfast download speed! videos & music Downloadsuper fast by testand enjoy movies, TV Series, videos & musicoffline anywhere andany moment. ★ Download zone Millions of freemovies, videos andmusic in the download zone for downloading.Enjoy latest and hottestmovies & videos & music freeanywhere any moment! ★ Superdownload ability Easy to downloadstatus on Whatsapp! Videos onFacebook、Instagram and xxx websitesand etc… ★ Save data whilesurfing Save more than 80% data whilesurfing websites &watching videos ★ Ad Block The bestAd-Blocking Ability ,Blockannoying ads while watch videos &browsing ★ Free and fun html5games zone Free and fun html5 gameszone contains tons of free HTML5online games. You can play action,arcade, racing, puzzle and matchgames. ★ Better video playerbetter experience to watch moviesonline or offline without stuck ★Breaking news & trendingvideos Best recommend content specialfor you ★ File Preview andunpacking Previewing and unpackinghundreds of files(Word, Excel,PDF etc.) in your mobile immediatelywith Bang ★ Incognito mode tosurf without history Browsing withoutany history and not to betraced ★ Special optimization forvisiting Facebook & InstagramSave more data and visit fasterwhile surfing Facebook &Instagram. Contact US For help &feedback, please : contact or facebookaccount : Bang Browser join in ourcustomer group: (link :
Add Watermark on Videos & Photos 1.3
Z Mobile Apps
Want to protect your photos & videos from unauthorized use?Wantto create your own brand identity? Watermark your photos&videos, right from your phone. Create and Apply fullycustomizablewatermarks. Forget about the expensive software andresourcesbecause this amazing tool will allow you to create yourownwatermarked video and photos without loosing its quality. TryNow!!Protect your Videos and Photos by adding watermark. Createyour ownbrand identity(Logo) and watermark your Videos and Photos.Bestthing is that you have lots of control to make your owncustomizedwatermark and adjust its size, transparency, rotation,alignment,then save and share it on any social networking platformdirectlyfrom the app. This Add Watermark App will make yourpicturesperfectly safe! Watermarking photos and video has neverbeeneasier! All you have to do is download the app to “AddWatermark onPhoto & Video” to make your images & videorecognizable.Simply load your images or videos from our customgallery, choosewatermark and adjust your watermark settings. Yourwatermarksettings will be used as template to apply on all theselectedimages. You can change them individually if you want. Addwatermarkprovides a complete watermarking solution right on yourphone. Saveyour time because you need not to wait for the processto completeif once started. Notification Feature show younotification withprocess(i.e. how much is done) even if your app isnot opened.FEATURE:- - User-friendly It's efficient, user-friendly,simple andSuper Fast. - Pre-designed Watermark Pre-designedwatermarks tosuit the needs of many of you. - Create and SaveWatermarks Saveyour watermarks as templates. Digital Stamps foralmost everythingyou can think of. - Batch Processing Watermarkhundreds of files atonce. - Add Watermark On Video Supports MP4 andmajor format inVideos - Add Watermark On Photos Just import imagesusing ourcustom gallery and Customize your pictures with the helpof thewatermarking app. - Watermark Patterns Choose one of ourpre-builtpattern to quickly add style to your watermark. -Pixel-perfectPositioning Position your watermarks with precision.All photos inbatch are updated simultaneously. - Unlimited ArtBuilt-in stickercollection, fonts, color and other effects. -Copyright SymbolsMake your watermark official with a copyright,trademark or aregistered symbol. - Digital Signature Digitally signyour picturesand create your own brand. - No loss of quality Noresolutiondowngrade, we maintain your resolution same as much aspossible.-Notification Feature Save your time, Notification Featureshow younotification with process(i.e. how much is done) even ifyour appis not opened. - View and Share View all generated video inalbumgallery and share to Social Media How it works :- ● Select aVideoor photos from gallery. ● Create or Choose a Watermark. ●Adjustsize, position, hue, color-filter and transparency ofWatermark. ●Place your watermark manually or Choose pre-builtpattern likeAutomatic Tiling, Cross Pattern. ● For photos you canchange adjustwatermark individually if you want or your defaultsettings will beused as template to apply on all the selectedimages. ● Then Applyand wait for process to complete or choose"Notify me whencompleted". ● "Notify me when completed" featurenotify you whenyour video or images with Watermark is ready. ●NotificationFeature show you notification with process(i.e. howmuch is done)even if your app is not opened. ● Preview your savedvideo &photos and share easily. Try it and share your feedback&suggestion with us and let us know how we can further improve.
Full Movie Video Player 2.0
Play HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K video. KEY FEATURES: ● ALLformats,including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TSetc. ●Play HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K video. ● Hardwareacceleration. ●automatic identification of all the video files inthe phone ●quick browser your video folder ● thumbnail display thecontents ofthe video file ● recent playlist ● smooth playback ofFLV files; ●delete files, rename, play pause operation; ● HDplayback yourvideo files Note: - Our app doesn’t access or use aservice or APIin a manner that violates its terms of service.
Kollus Player 1.4.25
Kollus Player is required to play contents protected byKollusSecurity Pack. 1) Utilizes hardware codec. Software codecwill beused in case hardware codec is not supported. 2) Videoplayingspeed control (0.5 to 2.0) 3) Subtitle support(SMI, SRT)4)IcecreamSandwictch(4.x), JellyBean(4.1.x~4.3.x),KitKat(4.4.x),LolliPop(5.0.x) Recommended Devices: Vega Racer,Galaxy S3, GalaxyS4 mini, Galaxy Grand, Sony Xperial Tablet Z,Nexus 7 1stgeneration, Nexus 7 2nd Generation, Galaxy Note 2,Galaxy Note 10.1
video player 5.0.8
Powerful video player with advanced hardware accelerationandsubtitle support. Video player is the best video app to playmusic& video. It is simple operation, quick start, smoothplayback.It supports all types of video format and audio format.Videoplayer can plays all ultra high definition video (HD video,4kvideo) files too. Equalizer features can helps you to makeyouraudio playing super cool. Mp3 and music player can playyourfavorite songs. HARDWARE ACCELERATION - Hardware accelerationcanbe applied to more videos with the help of new HW+decoder.SUBTITLE SUPPORTED - You can load subtitle file .srt fromyourdevice KIDS LOCK - Keep your kids entertained without havingtoworry that they can make calls or touch other apps. Features:-Plays all video & audio files - Built-in 5 Band EqualizerwithBass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, Virtualizer & 10amazingpresets. - Small memory - Play in background - Music player- Coolmusic player Widget. - Play music & video by folder -Media andMovie player - Mp3 & usic player with equalizer - mp3and musicwith equalizer - Thumbnail of video and music files. -Supportsmultiple subtitle formats, automatic synchronization - Mp3player -Plays all types video and audio formats including HD videos- Videoformat: AVI, MP3, WAV, AAC, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLAC, 3GP,M4V,MKV, TS, MPG,FLV... Subtitle formats: - MicroDVD(.sub)-VobSub(.sub/.idx) - SubViewer2.0(.sub) - SubRip(.srt)-TMPlayer(.txt) - Teletext - PJS(.pjs) - WebVTT(.vtt) - MPL2(.mpl)-DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks. - SubStationAlpha(.ssa/.ass)with full styling. - SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tagsupport. It's bestvideo player. We are striving hard to make thismusic playerperfect for you. In any case,if you notice any bugs orcrashes,kindly REPORT it by sending a mail to
com.andromo.dev623845.app822454 1.1
Unicorn Wallpapers on your phone screen. You just select whichimageyou like and then you just turn it into wallpaper on yourmobilephone. Please check all screenshoots of "Unicorn Wallpapers"appgiven below to know how your device will look like. U’lldefinitelylove to have this app on your device. Share it with yourfriends.Enjoy the App and please rate us. Features of "UnicornWallpapers"app: - Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen. -You can previewthe image on your device first. - Easy to setwallpapers. - No needto download wallpapers. - Wallpapers arepreloaded in thisapplication.
HD Movie Player Free 0.5
Gargi Apps
Play HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K video. KEY FEATURES: - ALLformats,including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TSetc. -Play HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K video. - Hardwareacceleration. -automatic identification of all the video files inthe phone -quick browser your video folder - thumbnail display thecontents ofthe video file - recent playlist Note: - Our app doesn’taccess oruse a service or API in a manner that violates its termsofservice. - smooth playback of FLV files; - delete files,rename,play pause operation; - HD playback your video files
Video to Mp3 : Mute Video /Trim Video/Cut Video 1.25
Convert any Video file to Audio file in MP3 format with Video toMP3converter. Remove Audio from Video(Create Mute Video). TrimVideo ofany format, size & duration with same quality Output.Mix Audiowith Video and Add Audio to Video. No hidden cost. App isfree touse. Features- * Video to Mp3 converter - Extract Audiofrom Videoof any format and save as Mp3 file in your device. It istheeasiest-to-use mp3 converter and video converter. Easilyconvertvideo to mp3. * Mute Video - Wanna remove audio from Video?Use thisapp to Mute Video , voice mute and remove unwanted Audiofrom yourVideo. Create best quality mute videos. * Trim Video -Easily selectthe part of Video you wanna trim and get same qualityoutput TrimmedVideo using this video trimmer. Use this easy to usevideo cutter. *Add Audio To Video - Best Audio Video Mixer tochange videobackground music. Change video sound . * Mixing - Addmusic to videoeasily and do audio video mixing with this videomusic adder . *Supports Video formats including MP4, WMV, 3GP,AVI, MPG, M4V,MPEG4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, M2V, etc. * Best QualityOutput. * FastProcessing. Mute and Trim video in approx. no time.Fast Video toMp3 Conversion. *Easy to use with Intractive UI. *Output Gallery tosee created output files. Share and Delete outputfiles easily. Appuses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL. We welcomefeedback so if youhave any suggestions or problems with the app,contact us at We always try toupgrade to give youthe best experience. Download this awesome appto experience bestVideo Editing Features. 😊
Free music for Youtube: Music Player - Video Music 2.8
☆ Free music offline Player Ever! Free music offline with MillionofSongs. Tube Music is a popular free music player app with stateofart features which lets you play your favorite free musicvideos.Youtube music, listening your favorite and new trendingsongs werenever been this easy: ✔ Free music player: smart playingmode, Hi-FiMusic, HQ Music Video ✔ Floating Pop-up music player:music pocket,multitasking supported ✔ Featured free MusicPlaylists: Genres&Artists; Hit Singles, Fresh Songs, MusicCharts, Music app, Dailyyoutube top list. ✔ Search all tube top20, video songs, discoverfree music player genres and browse thedaily music trending, freemusic downloader, youtube music! ☆ Maybeyou should use Free musicfor youtube, beacause: ✔ You can listento free music player, yourmusic apps for free, free musicdownload, youtube toplist and songapps with free music no wifi. ✔Free music for youtube has hugemusic store with best music thathelps you listen to music morecomfortably. ✔ Enjoy your unlimitedmusic, sad status video no stopany work with all free music plusand it’s free. ✔ Simple and easymusic player with youtube musicvideo. ✔ Floating player with freemusic offline: free music plus,song apps, free music download,youtube music video and can listenon repeat. ☆ Youtube Content: ✔Search among millions of YouTubemusic videos for free: smart searchwith suggestions ✔ Access 100music genres: Electronic, Songflip,Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rhythm &Blues, Disco, Jazz, Tube top 20, musicfm. ✔ Discover our radiosbased on YouTube music videos. Whether youwant to sleep, party,itube or do some workout, unlimited music foryou ✔ Start a radiofrom any video for hours of youtube music video,no need to freemusic downloader your tracks anymore ☆ Floatingvideo player: ✔Watch your free music no wifi in full screen or usethe floatingpopup for multitasking ✔ Move the floating popup playerwhereveryou want on the screen ✔ The compact size of the musicpocketscreen will be very convenient for you. ☆ Top Charts: ✔Discoverover 20 product categories with top online song apps in it.✔Discover new and popular youtube music. ☆ Playlist: ✔ Easyre-orderyour playlists with a simple ✔ Share your playlists and theyoutubemusic you love with your friends ✔ Add music pocket app andmanageyour current queue easily ☆ Search Music: ✔ Just enter themusicapp name information on your unlimited music. ✔ Save searchhistoryby date and saves the searched music pocket. ✔ Search foryoutubemusic with one click to play. ► Please note: ✔ This playerdoes notdownload YouTube videos or freegal music, not play YouTubevideosin the background, not play YouTube videos on the lock screenorwhen the screen is turned off to meet of Services. ✔ ThisFreemusic for youtube is music apps for free good with huge musicstoreand you are motivating us to improve this freegal musicappregularly based on your positive feedback. ✔ This app is NOTamusic downloader, UNABLE to download music. All the contentisprovided by YouTube service. Youtube music video does nothavedirect control over the content. ✔ Enjoy thehigh-qualityexperience with quality sound with any music pocket. Itis simple& Yet the best looking protube with all youtubetoplist. ☆ Morefeatures with Free music for Youtube: Music Player -Video Music: •Powerful Music Search: Use search to find any songsyou want. Freemusic no wifi help you music search result easily. •Music pocket,free music player, millions of Youtube music videosfor free. •Youtube toplist from trending music list. • Iplay anyartist,imusic offline, music pocket, youtube music video or freemusicdownload of your choice. ★★★ If you love this Free Musicforyoutube application, please rate us and comment toencouragedevelopers. ★★★
Sleep Timer for Spotify, Music, and Video 1.6.7
Mobile Tower
Sleep Timer lets you to listen your favorite music till youfallasleep. Simply start the timer and enjoy your favoritemusicwithout worrying your phone battery running out! Listen toyourfavorite music longer without open the app Sleep Timer enablesyouto extends the timer by clicks the button at the notificationsbarat one click! Better listening experience for your ear SleepTimersoftly lowers the volume before pauses the music. Never afraidofbattery draining again At the end of the timer, the music willbestopped so you will not have to worry if you falling asleepwhilelistening to your favorite music Input how long you want themusicto play Simply input how long you want the music to play(forexample: 30 minutes) Use sleep timer for another media playerSleepTimer is also can be used for stopping another music player,videoplayer, or even Youtube! Custom action added Choose actionthatwill triggered at the end of the timer: • turn off screen •turnoff wifi • turn off bluetooth • turn on silent mode *This appusesthe Device Administrator permission only if you need "turnoffscreen" feature. If you want to remove the permission,simplyuncheck "turn off screen" feature.
SwiftRepost 15.0
Download Pictures and Videos is much easier now! That's why ourappSwiftRepost is useful too! SwiftRepost lets you easilydownloadmultiple photos and videos and repost directly in yourfeed. Youcan save any public photos and videos you find includingyourTagged, Bookmarks, Display Picture (DP) and Save Stories inHD.FEATURES: ☆Download unlimited videos and photos directly toyourgallery. ☆ Search profile by Username, Hashtags &Location.☆Like and Share Videos that you love ☆ Savealbum(carousal) post inone click ☆ DownloadPopular/Bookmarked/Tagged Photos & Videos☆ Repost withauto-copy hashtags & caption. ☆Profile picturedownloader of anyuser in HD. ☆Save Stories before they disappearin 24 hours. ☆Password Protection with a 4 digit PIN (alsofingerprint forcompatible devices) GALLERY: - Watch saved videosoffline - Sortphotos and videos by username or date. - Videoplayer & imageviewer with slideshow - Repost, share, hide,delete, multi-select -Zoom, shuffle and much more… DISCLAIMER: -Please do not useSwiftRepost app to save photos/videos without thepermission of therespective owners. DM us on for quick support.
Music for children Vaca Loca 1.0
It is a song for the whole family. Let's wait ...
Video downloader for Twitter 1.4
Twitter video downloader 2018 is app helps you to downloadTwittervideos that you love to your device in the easy and quickway, soyou can open the video anytime, anywhere you want or shareit withyour friends or share it on other socials network example:yourfacebook, your g+, your insta etc. Featured: ✓ DownloadTwittervideos very easy and fast with some simple steps. ✓ Use adatabaseto save your query, save internet traffic, help you avoiddownloadsame Twitter videos. ✓ Can choose the video resolutions(if+1 videoavailable) to download. ✓ Can show the size of the downloadvideo,easy to decide which the video you should download. ✓Built-inshare function, easy to share the actual video to othersocial appssuch as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook... ✓ Thedownloadedvideos saved to external storage, help you can play oraccess fromother apps, like the gallery, file manager, video playerapp etc. ✓Multi-task download, download a lot of files at the sametime. ✓Very little advertising, best user experience, you will loveit.How to download Twitter videos with this app? it's very easyandsimple: 1. In the Twitter app, below the video or gif thatyoulove, click the share icon. 2. Choose Share Tweet via... 3.ChooseTwitter video downloader 2018 app. 4. Inside the downloadtwittervideos app, click the download icon. 5. Select the videoresolutionthat you want if +1 video available. 6. Wait or browseothertwitter videos. Another way to download twitter videos iscopyingthe tweet that contains video or gif and pastes the link tothe appif you don't open it yet, or it will automatically paste thelink.Then click the download icon. ✨✨✨✨✨Let's install thisawesomeTwitter video downloader app now! ✨✨✨ Notes: ✘ Do not useDownloadTwitter Videos app to save videos, save gifs or retweetthemwithout the permission of respective owner. We respect therightsof Twitter. ✘ This Twitter video downloader app is notaffiliatedwith Twitter, but it is a tool to help download videosfromTwitter, save gif from Twitter. If Download Twitter Videos appishelpful for you, please rate me 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, improve this app bygivingme a feedback in the comment box, I will make it better.Thank youso much for using Twitter video downloader 2018 app.
Video Downloader for Facebook Video Downloader 1.1.9
InShot Inc.
Wanna download videos from Facebook and IGTV? Looking foraneasy-to-use and light weight video downloader for Facebook?Youneed to try this one! This video downloader can help youdownloadand save videos from your Facebook news feed, groups,pages,friends, etc. You can easily download high-quality videosbyfollowing simple steps and check them in the historylist.Multi-video downloading is supported; it makes downloadingmoreconvenient. Additionally, the user-friendly and clear UImakesvideo download easily. Enjoy your downloaded videosoffline.Features: * Download videos from Facebook * IGTV downloader*Multi-video download * Download videos and play offline *Fastdownload speed * Share downloaded videos with your friendsSteps todownload videos from Facebook: * Log in your Facebook *Find andclick the video * Download the video Use the IGTVdownloader andvideo downloader for Facebook to enjoy social mediaanywhere,anytime. Disclaimer: * This app is NOT affiliated with orendorsedby Facebook's official network. * Any unauthorizedactions(re-uploading or downloading of contents) and/or violationsofintellectual property rights is the sole responsibility oftheuser. Can't find the video downloader for facebook videodownload?If you want to download videos from facebook videodownloader canhelp you. It not only can download videos fromfacebook downloadercan also help you download HD videos.
INOX 3.0.20
The new INOX application for Android is now availableabsolutelyFREE. Get movie & cinema listings, check showtimes,choose yourseats and buy tickets directly from your phone. Also,INOXapplication supports multiple payment options which is 100%secure.
Play Tube : Video Tube Player 1.1.2
Play Tube - Video Tube Player is a free lite third party clientforYouTube , allows you to easily find great videos and free musicinall over of the world and your country. Play Tube & VideoTubePlayer can search videos, channels and playlists, play musictubeand movie tube with full screen or floating popup windowwhichalways keeps on top. The floating tube popup player allows youtouse your apps while playing YouTube music and tube video.FEATURES:☆ Collection of favorite videos ☆ Watch unlimited YouTubevideosand music ☆ Popup mode (floating player) ☆ Search videos,channelsand playlists ☆ Listen to YouTube videos (experimental) ☆Displaygeneral information about a video Now just get this cool appandenjoy millions of free music and videos! Important NOTE: 1.PlayTube HD & video tube lite player is using the third-partyAPIsource from YouTube. All the free video is provided byYoutubeservices. And you can search and play the videos on Youtube.2. Bycomplying with the API Terms of Use, we do not provide cachinganddownloading any tracks (not a video downloader) 3. Please usethefollowing link to report any content that may infringecopyrights: 4.Playing musicwhen thescreen is off or on the lock screen is not allowed byYouTube termsof use.
Instant Save - HD photo downloader for Instagram 1.3
Amal Paul
Want to download and repost videos and images from Instagram? Itissimple now! You just need Instant Save - Photo downloaderforInstagram. With Instant Save - Photo downloader for Instagram,youcan copy captions from Instagram easily. With just oneclick,Instant Save - Photo downloader for Instagram will helpyoudownload or repost your favorite videos and pictures onInstagram.And it is 100% FREE. Features: * Download videos orphotos fromInstagram * Save videos and pictures from Instagram inyour gallery* Copy captions from Instagram * Share your favoritevideos andpictures with others * Repost on Instagram Follow thesesimplesteps to download or repost videos and photos: * OpenInstagram andcopy share URL. * Open Instant Save - Photo downloaderforInstagram. * Then download or repost. That's it. You're done.UseInstant Save - Photo downloader for Instagram and enjoysocialmedia anywhere, anytime. According to the Instagram usercopyrightprocedures, you need to get permission from the owner ifyou wantto repost them. Disclaimer: * Please get the PERMISSIONfrom theowner before you repost videos or photos; * We are notresponsiblefor any intellectual property violation that resultsfrom anunauthorized repost of a video or photo; * This app isnotassociated with Instagram.