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Cute baby Runner
Cute baby Runner is a Free running Game and Jumping.It's veryfunand Addictive.Start your free running adventure Now!The StoryBeginOne Day there was a Very cute little Baby Kid.he was lookingforher Diamonds But the Kids Forest is full of danger Like someBoxesand Some Trees and Bombs, he was running and Jumping OvertheDangers to make it Safe and Live, So she need you to helpshe,StartCollecting the Diamonds Now !How to play Cute babyRunner:1 avoidall Dangers by Jumping Just touch the screen onetime2 touch screento control the Baby Kid Jump Run feel free !3collect as manyDiamonds as you Can and Make the Best Score you cando ever withyour Friends !features:+ Awesome Clean UI+ Easy toPlay+ CuteCharacter Baby Kid Pixel+ Collect Max of carrots aspossible+ morefun levels+ Kids game+ Funny and Addictive+ Great andFunny musicand sounds+ Funny and Cute Baby Pixel Kid+ More than 100Levelswith Beginning,Evolution and Experience