Top 49 Games Similar to Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe

Truck Simulator PRO Europe 1.2
Mageeks Apps & Games
🌟 Truck Simulator Pro Europe 🌟 is so far the most advanced,detailoriented and the biggest driving simulation game availableformobile devices on Google Play! 💰 Become the most powerfultruckboss between your fiends by expanding different parts ofyourempire:🚚 drive 7 different trucks and customize them withyourneeds,🚚 upgrade engines, wheels and other parts to work fasterandmore efficient,🚚 take care of your business economy and unlockmostprofitable shipments,🚚 hire assistants to work for you andcreatehuge fleet,🚚 complete hundreds of different quests,🚚becometrucking empire BOSS!🛑This isn’t everything! 🛑Specially, forthemost advanced players we have prepared real-life effects thatareincluding:🚚 life-realistic manual clutch, shifting andsteeringwheel mode,🚚 realistic fuel consumption and fatiguesystem,🚚realistic 1st person view of cab interior and speedindicators,🚚real-life speed limits for each country,🚚 breathtakingopen worldto explore🚚 18 european cities and 10 countries that youcandiscover,🚚 over 30 different types of shipments todeliver!Toachieve highest efficiency of your company don’t forgetto buybigger engines and better wheels! Finally, hire workers to dothework for you! Become trucking boss! If you're a truck simulatorfandon't hesitate any longer. Start your Euro Truckadventuretoday!Mageeks is one of the oldest and mostexperiencedgame-development studio specialized in creatinglife-realisticsimulations! Check our other huge simulation games:🏗️ConstructionSimulator PRO,🚇 Train Simulator PRO 2018,🚜 Farming PRO.
Drive Simulator 3.8
App Holdings
Drive over 15 vehicles, operate large cranes and machines,completeeasy and complex objectives and explore a large detailedopen worldenvironment. Drive simulator 2016 is like no othersimulator, it'sthe complete simulation package packed with varietyof objectivebased levels such as: - Airport: Tow airplane, unloadluggage andpassengers, refuel plane etc.. - Construction: Demolishand build,transport machinery, operate large cranes etc.. - Depot:Remove andreplace vents, transport light goods etc.. - Dockyard:Unloadcontainers, operate large cranes, transport heavy cargo etc..-Recovery: Recover broken down vehicles Features: - Detailed3Denvironment - Over 15 Vehicles to drive - 5 different Modestochoose from - Operate cranes, machines, large trucks, trailersandtrolleys - easy controls Minimum Requirements: dual core 1.0ghz-1GB RAM
Rough Truck Simulator 2 1.1.6
Rough Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most addictiveandentertaining physics based driving game ever made. Which isthecontinuation of the first game. A more advanced version ofRoughTruck Simulator. More realistic graphics, better controls,longerroads are waiting for you in new game. The interior view ismuchbetter than the Rough Truck Simulator. Rough Truck Simulator2takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapesandwidely recognized landmarks around the highways. Take the loadwiththe heavy truck and take it to various places that are port,trainstation, mountain roads, airport etc. If you want to became aheavytruck driver and this is imposibble for some reason, you havetotry this game. GAME FEATURES: - Enjoy the realistic soundeffectand music - Realistic truck physics. - Realistic 3D graphics- 3different controller type - Many realistic heavy trucks -12different trailer type - 3 different camera angle - Alsomanyfeatures that will continue with updates The best mobileheavytruck simulation game you can play right now! Have fun..2dc1c1f421
Construction Sim 2017 1.3.1
Ovidiu Pop
Do you like heavy Construction Simulator? Try thelatestconstruction simulator where you can feel what's like totakecontrol of Extreme Vehicles such as Construction Excavators,DumperTrucks, Bulldozers, Haulers, Construction Cranes, GarbageTrucksand many more!Extreme Trucks Simulator features manyscenarios:country roads, quarry mine, deserts, mountains, citiesetc...Easyand intuitive controls will let you experience and feeltheseextreme trucks!Play with your friends in the multiplayer mode,loadthem with the excavator, transport rocks, logs, palletsotherconstruction stuff!More than 8 modes with a total of 80differentlevels waiting for you. Show off your construction skills,provethat you're the best! Play Extreme Trucks Simulator!All GamesinOne:-Construction Simulator-Tow TruckSimulator-ForkliftSimulator-Snow Truck SimulatorFeatures• More than8 modes-Construction Excavator And Dumper Truck -Bulldozer and HaulTruck-Log Crane Truck -Forklift and Flatbed -Crane -GarbageTruck-Cement Truck -Tow Truck -Snow Plow• Smooth and realisticphysics•Different locations to explore• More than 80 challenginglevels•Free Ride mode• Multiplayer mode• Detailed vehicleinteriors•Automatic and Manual Transmission (with Clutch)• Tiltsteering,buttons and touch steering wheel• Optional Slider Pedals•OnlineLeaderboards and Achievements• Multiplayer ConstructionSimulator•Real engine sounds• New awesome weather conditions •Request newmaps and modes on our social media pages!
Indian Truck Cargo Sim 2018 1.0
Curvee Tech
Through offroad mountains enjoy extreme cargo trip with hilltruck.Get ready to play a most realistic Indian truck free game.You canenjoy cargo simulation and crazy stunts on same timeTrucksimulation hill driving is a brand new story game. Go onyourindian truck driving. Roads are curly and fuel is short. Youare areal truck cargo Simulation driver 2018. Drive this TruckCargoSimulation Driving Hill truck simulator mountain drive Fill upyourtank and transport goods to its destination. This CargoTruckDriving Hill Simulation Truck speed driving 3D is reallyextremefun. This is a mountain truck, which gives you a chance tobe areal truck driver of this Truck Driving Hill SimulationTransportgame cargo truck. Let's go on to ride this euro truckhaving realfeatures of a Pk Truck or USA Truck. This Pk TruckDriver CargoSimulator 3D game is very hard to play. Drive thiscargo truck orgrand truck, to be a super hero of this Euro truck.It's time tosimulate your drive for furious jungle, in simulatortruck drivergame desert dirt and in snowy mountains. In hillMountains in thisTruck Cargo OffRoad Driving Hill Simulation gameyou are a roadrunner simulator truck offroad cargo truckdriver.Let's start heavyengine and drive monster 4x4 truck onfurious of snow, jungle anddesert. Unlock each mode of this TruckCargo Driving HillSimulation free game one by one by deliveringcargo.On in thisTruck Cargo Driving Hill Simulation truck game ortruck simulatorMonster truck real drive is a very crazy truck todrive. To winthis Truck Cargo Driving Hill Simulation truck drivinggame you areessential to be an excellent truck driver and be a realeuro truckracer for this truck racing game. Avoid crashes intooffroad tracksand drive truck hill station in hill mountain driveon real speedto enjoy as a subway runner. As a cargo transporterduty driverHill mountain drive is really amazing in rash drivingtruck rush ontruck speed or ultra speed to win this Truck CargoDriving HillSimulation subway rush or rash traffic rush. Don'tforget to fillyour fuel through the oil pumps in your way. Be thebest euro truckdriver and the pk truck driver. Enjoy this HillSimulation CargoTruck Driving 2018 your 3D truck drivingsimulator.Jungle is fullof dangerous animals so drive safe. Avoidto hit your super truckwith stones if cargo is laid down game willbe failed. It is UphillMountain Cargo Truck Drive Indian TruckSimulator racing game butfor sake of your life you have to drivefast in jungle else hungryanimals will eat you up. In differentareas have fun of your PKcargo truck transport. Go on a real truckhill simulator driving.Within the truck parking rush beat alldrivers of the truck racers.The whole desert is available to driveand desert cargo is apartfrom the city. So simulate your drive withmonster cargo truck anddrive around amazing arenas. Enjoy ups anddowns of lovely desert.Get ready for the epic drive of your 4x4monster cargo truck. Youare a heavy duty USA truck driver, whichbrings a lot ofresponsibilities towards you. Such as oil tankertransport, logsetc, your truck simulator has different loads. Go ona truckparking driving hill simulation. Also try not to damage youreurotruck simulator 3d. You are a pk real cargo truck driver.Whiledriving offroad oil tanker truck cargo be careful. ThisIndianTruck Driving Hill Simulation is no less than a monstertruck. Takeyour extreme hill cargo truck everywhere.In city roadsare full ofextreme traffic. Avoid hitting other cars. Drive safeand transportgoods to its destination. This Indian Truck DrivingHill Simulationcargo game gives you a feel of addictive which boundyou to playthis game for several hours. Let's download New TruckSimulator2018 Cargo Driving game from android play store and getthe realfun of drive.Truck Cargo Driving Hill Simulation: TruckGamesFeatures:Easy to playSmooth and steady controls
Truck Simulator Offroad 2 1.1.1
Hello again dear drivers. Sz Interactive presents to you anewawesome truck simulator offroad 2. Did you bored fromclassicalcargo based truck game? This game is exatcly for you.Emergencymissions, natural disasters, human disasters and muchmoreattractive event waiting for you. Start your engine andhelppeople! Do not stuck in the mud and release your monstershorsepower to complete mission. With Sz Interactive's improvedphysicengine you will feel the everything what is in your game.Autooptimized and hd graphic will give you better performenceandcoolest graphic as your devices handle as possible. Pleasefeelfree to leave a feedback and please report us if you find anybugin the game! Now download the game and start your engine tothemountains! Enjoy!
Grand Truck Simulator 1.13
Disclaimer: This is a beta version. The game was notfinishedyet.Recomended hardware: Quadcore - 1GB RamGTS is a trucksim formobile. These are some of its features:RealisticphysicsRealisticfuel consumeMods: You can make your own skins fortrucks andtrailers or download from other guysYou can modifysuspensions,lights (xenon), pente na turbina and automatic brakeassist (onlyfor modern trucks)You can damage your body truck andbrokeglassesFull working truck and trailer lightsFull workingtruckdashboardAirhornReal life truck sounds for engines, brakes,horns,Different types of trailers: Chassis, chassis + trailer, 3axlesemi, 2 axle semi, 2+1 axle semi, bitren 7 axle, etc.Realisticsunsystem (Day and night)FogYou can hire drivers and buy depositstopark your fleet of trucksThe map is based on some little citysfromSao Paulo - BrasilYou start with a basic truck and bygettingexperience will get better trucks and jobsAnd remember, thisgameis not finished but we are working hard to make your dreamstrue:)You can follow us on facebook to get the latest new aboutgamedevelopment or otherplayersskinswww.grandtrucksimulator.com
Truck Simulator : Offroad 1.2.1
This is the most realistic truck simulator game on androidmarket.Did you ever stuck in the mud? You will! If you want tobecame atruck driver and this is imposibble for some reason for youyouhave to try this game. Incredible mission, realistic physicsandoptimizated truly detailed graphics for every device. Youcanunlock items and share it on leader boards with your friends.Whatdo you have in this game: >Realistic physics>Detailedenviroment >Optimizated graphics, it doesnt matterwhat yourdevice is. >Ultra, High, Medium, Low graphic options.>Mud,Rope, River etc physics >Different kind ofvehicles>Different type of seasons >Day/Night missons Andmore ofthem waiting for you.
Truck Simulator 3D: Sand Transport 1.1
Jansen Games
Welcome to Truck Simulator 3D: Sand Transport!In this SandTransportedition of Truck Simulator 3D you'll learn how totransport sandwith a truck and trailer. In 18 levels you'll facerealisticsituations such as driving reverse into tiny spots. Tofinish alevel you first have to attach the trailer, to do thatfollow thered arrows. After you've attached the trailer, you haveto park yourtruck and trailer, to do that follow the yellowarrows.TruckSimulator 3D: Sand Transport features:- Cityenvironment- Easy truckdriving controls- Google Play Games- 18levelsWhen you enjoyed TruckSimulator 3D: Sand Transport pleasesupport us by following us onTwitter:
Euro Truck Simulator Driver 3D 2018 1.0
Are you ready to drive your favorite euro truck on yourfavoritemountain tracks???These big truck driving simulator gamesare themission games to pick and drop goods from the warehouse tothedesired stops. This is the most addictive game and you willloveplaying this truck simulator game. This is your chance to showyourdriving skills and be the best heavy duty truck driver3D.UphillEuro Truck Simulator 2018In the big real truck simulatorgames yourmain duty is the cargo delivery of the goods that hasbeen bookedby you due to your good call. Carrier companies aren'tgetting theorders book as you are getting and they are puttingtheir heavyduty trucks for sale. So maintain your goodwill and bethe bestdriver 3D by delivering all goods on time. There are manyheavyduty trucks for sale so increase your wealth and have a lookon thegood ones to buy real trucks for sale and add them to yourconvoyof euro truck.Graphics plays an important role in designingthesefurious roads. Music is added in the game to increase theuserexperience and interest level. American truck off roaddrivingsimulator are the best in the category of heavy duty truckandheavy lorry. These growing big monster truck driving games arefunpacked that includes the drossel of the beautiful pickuprealoffroad euro truck. Americans love to see the cartoontrucksdriving on off road driving simulator experience. Everyhittingreal truck driving is notified by shocking car crash sounds.EuroTruck Heavy Duty 3D Rank yourself on top among the other realtruckdrivers and increase your chances to get hire as early aspossible.Big truck driving games is like addiction to many usersand it usesgame change to describe the scenes and show the thrill.Driving onthese tracks in the evening is a tough job to perform butit hasits own thrill. You cannot go backward on your euro truckwhileclimbing up hilly track. To our new generations these 18wheelergames serve like social food. Real trucks come with themanual andauto transmission. You can use the auto transmission ofthe trailerto focus on the road and avoid any damage. This ensureyou todecrease the risk of any damage to your 18 wheeler trailerandlimit the risk to its minimum level. Keep yourself safe fromeveryunexpected emergency that is coming towards you. You areprovidedwith different types of 18 wheeler truck trailer and youcan selectyour favorite one for your ride of delivering the goodsthroughoutthe country. Here is an option of real truck driving withtrailerand heavy duty truck driving without trailer to facilitateyourchoice.if you love cargo truck driving ion impossible trackthenthis Real Euro Truck Road 3D simulator game is best for youbeacuseit have both quality of offroad driving simulator and cargotruckdriving you will enjoy both cargo truck simulator and eurohighspeed 22 wheelers truck driving experience.Features of EuroTruckSimulator Driver 3d 2018 Game:Stunning HD graphicsExcitingsoundeffectsRealistic and simple game playDifferent types ofEnvironmentand Roads.How To Play:Separate pedals for: Race, Break,BackEasysteering controlSteering, Tilt and Icon view fordrivingDifferentcamera viewsHorn ButtonRealistic Physics
Truck Simulator 3D 2.1
Ovidiu Pop
Tired of parking trucks? Then you have to play Truck Simulator3D!Driving a big truck can be difficult, will you be able tofinishall the jobs? Truck Simulator 3D is set in USA, inlcudes 11bigamerican cities, 8 cool trucks to choose from and a lotofunexpected features! Try to be the best Truck Driver in theworld,become the King of the road!Truck parking is nothing, becomea realdriver and play Truck Simulator 3D!Features: - Americanmapincluding all the major cities - Realistic truck physics -Trafficcars system - Different trucks to drive - Truckcustomization - Day& night cycle - Realistic damage, fuel andfatigue - Tilting,buttons and steering wheel controls - InteriorCamera for all thetrucks! - Cool and smooth graphics - Challengeyour friends withonline rankings and achievementsTruck Simulator 3Dis now MOGAEnhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier storesand onlineat http://www.MOGAanywhere.comFor a smooth game play werecommendminimum 1GB RAM memory and 1 GHZ dual core processor. Havefun!
Winter Timber Truck Simulator 2.0
3D Games Here
Get ready for challenging winter missions. You can drive arealtimber truck in the Winter Timber Truck Simulator. Explorewinterforest and enjoy the timber truck simulator atmosphere. It isnoteasy simulator. Learn how to drive a timber truck and carryyourtimber cargo in winter. Do you like cargo games and driving?So, itis time to drive in Winter Timber Truck Simulator. Drive tofeelthe power of timber truck. Drive in winter without roads, it isagreat cargo truck simulator for real men! Features of WinterTimberTruck Simulator: - Truck upgrades - Easy driving controls -Offroadwinter terrain - Great 3D graphics - Real trucks sounds -Day andnight change - Many NPCs with unique missions - Mud physics-Weather effects - Career mode - Open World mode - NavigationmapGet a timber truck and become a professional driver in winter!Feellike a real worker! Load and drive your timber cargo and befast,other timber workers are waiting for timber truck. Driveacrosswinter roads in the simulator. Earn money and upgrade yourtimbertruck. Test your timber truck driving skills in winter withthesimulator. Use a timber crane to load and unload logs toyourtimber truck. Drive carefully and don't lose your cargo in thebigwinter forest. Deliver your timber cargo. Fight withoffroadterrain in the simulator. Test the power of timber truck. Itisgreat timber truck simulator! Drive and don't lose yourtimbercargo. Today is the best day to drive a cargo truck with ourtimbertruck simulator. Load and unload your timber truck withcargo. Thendrive your timber cargo in winter. Complete missions inthesimulator and enjoy the winter offroad. Drive your cargo intimbertruck and earn money. Then upgrade to drive cargo faster.Completetimber deliveries. Try to transport timber cargo in winter,raceyour timber truck and be accurate! Timber guys don't likewaitingfor cargo. Drive to destination point. Drive like a timbertruckdriver with our simulator. Finish all timber cargo missions.Becomea timber truck driver with Winter Timber Truck Simulator!
Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator 6.28
PAC Sistemas
With this simulator you will become the best Mercedes-Benztruckdriver of Rio de Janeiro. There are five truck modelsavailable,following the specifications of Mercedes-Benz, which canbepurchased at the dealership Guanabara Diesel. Each withdifferentconfigurations, being appropriate for various types ofcargotransportation. Always use the proper model for each servicethatis offered. Heavy models for simple services raisecosts,minimizing their profits. After complete a service, youwillreceive your payment, continually increasing your balance, andyoucan purchase a new Mercedes-Benz truck at Guanabara Diesel. Asyoupurchase new models, new services will be offered withhighervalues, increasing their profits. Follow the arrow abovethevehicle to get to their destination. To change the displaymode,click the top left button with the picture of a camera. Intheupper right you will find the Shop button that will presenttheMercedes-Benz truck models available in the simulator. Onthebottom are the accelerator and the brake right to left. In caseyouneed to engage the reverse gear, the left brake pedal hasthisfunction. To drive the trucks, just use the accelerator andturningthe phone to the left, right or left straight, similar tothemovements of the steering wheel. If you have questions abouttheMercedes Benz trucks, contact Guanabara Diesel, phone(21)2562-9500, or go straight in the showroom of the dealership,atAvenida Brazil, 8255, Ramos, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 21030- 000
Real Euro Truck : Driving Simulator Cargo Delivery 1.2
Real Euro Truck : Driving Simulator Cargo Delivery is the bestTruckDriving Game of this year as the user gets the ultimatechance tobecome a Euro Truck Delivery Driver Truck. The user isresponsibleto deliver goods to various locations in the map. Theuser wouldtake the cargo items and drive in the city and pick upgoods fromvarious locations, user would take the truck to harborand pickupcargo from there and later would take these goods toopen worldoffroad tracks. The user will drive the truck ontreacherous roadsas the suspension and driving skills will betested to the extreme.The main challenge is to drive the truck onnarrow tracks, the userneeds to keep the balance of the bigAmerican Truck on sharp turnswhile driving downhill. The game mostadvanced In trucks environmentwith realistic steering wheel,accelerator and brakes. The gamefeatures detailed instrumentcluster, as the user would drive thetruck on snow covered tracksand muddy roads. The game featuresEuropean trucks with lots ofcustomizations, this truck simulatordelivers an exciting drivingexperience that will make you feel likedriving real trucks. Travelacross many countries and feel theadventure of euro truck driveror offroad on hill climb maps,Explore the trucking worldexperience with realistic interiors viewand heavy cargo delivery.Enjoy this new truck simulator game maniaand transfer the supplyand totally different materials from onepurpose to the opposite.Your skills can facilitate in learning theextreme driving andparking dash game mania and you may feelamusement by finishing thedegree. There are many heavy duty trucksfor sale so increase yourwealth and have a look on the good ones tobuy real trucks for saleand add them to your convoy of euro truck.This American TrucksGame features many semi-truck brands, withrealistic engine soundsand detailed interiors! Drive acrossAmerica, transport cool stuffsuch as vehicles, gasoline, gravel,food, and many more.Followingare some amazing features:🚚 RealisticGraphics in this sky trackgame.🚚 Best ever sound track withmultiple sound effects (SFX).🚚Variety of Visual Effects (VFX).🚚Variety of animations andmultiple guidelines.🚚 Instrument clusterwith speedometer.🚚 HighDefinition (HD) Display.🚚 Impossible EuroTracks to drive.🚚 HeavyDuty Trailer Trucks on European Tracks.🚚Accurate Cargo TruckDriving Simulation.🚚 Amazing Physics behindCargo Truck drive.🚚Best ever lighting during the gameplay.🚚Realistic In truckcontrols with realistic driving experience. 🚚Free to Download.🚚Multiple Truck Hil Climb Challenges.🚚 CityTraffic in Rush Hour.🚚Best ever Trucks with advanced suspension.
Distribution Truck Simulator 3D 1.0
Jansen Games
Welcome to Distribution Truck Simulator 3D!In DistributionTruckSimulator 3D you'll learn how to transport boxes and crateswithyour truck and trailer. The trailer is long and not easytomaneuver. Driving with a truck and dolly trailer is not easy,youneed to know your truck. You steer easily too much for example.Youalso need to know the turning radius of your truck andtrailer,otherwise you'll hit an object for example. In 15realisticsituations you'll learn how to drive and maneuver with thetruckand dolly trailer. To finish a level you first have to attachthetrailer, to do that follow the red arrows. After the trailerisattached, you have to park your truck and trailer, to dothatfollow the yellow arrows. The boxes and crates willloadautomatically. Distribution Truck Simulator 3D features:-Factoryenvironment- Easy truck driving controls- Google Play Games-15levelsWhen you enjoyed Distribution Truck Simulator 3Dpleasesupport us by following us onTwitter:
Euro Truck Driving Simulator 2018 2.4
Drive BIG Cargo Trucks across 4 beautiful cities! Euro TruckDrivingSimulator 2018 is an ACTION packed realistic trucksimulator gamethat will test your driving skills in real traffic!Euro TruckDriving Simulator 2018 gives you a REALISTIC truckdrivingexperience! Feel like a real Trucker and deliver heavypackagesloaded in your Euro truck. Operate big trucks to deliverpackagesand complete different MISSIONS Driving a big truck in theEXCITINGEuro Truck Driving Simulator 2018 game may not be easy asit looks!You must be an expert in parking trucks to deliverpackages to theright locations. Drive on the MASSIVE roads fromone city toanother. Drive your loaded truck in the beautifulEuropeancountryside, over dangerous mountains and hillyenvironment andalong green farms. Change the camera view as peryour comfort to thesturdy exterior or the realistic plushinteriors Play the careermode of this truck simulator, make moneyand purchase new trucks andupgrades. Explore the trucking worldand become the king of theroad! Euro Truck Driving Simulator 2018FEATURES: -- Realistictraffic environment -- Many cargo transfermissions -- Differenttrucks to choose from -- Realistic truckphysics -- Amazing 3Dgraphics -- Realistic Euro truck interiors --Realistic game soundeffects -- Many grand Euro trucks to drive --Easy steering wheel,buttons or tilting controls -- Realisticweather conditions -- Freshattractive music Get Euro Truck DrivingSimulator 2018 now to feellike you are driving a real truck! Driveyour truck between cities,highways and mountains to completeCHALLENGING missions and becomethe ULTIMATE truck cargo driver inthis Euro Truck Driving Simulator2018 game.
Heavy Truck Driver 3D 1.1
This game is exactly precision truck driving simulator andtruckdriver.Become truck driver in truck simulation game.
Truckers Wanted: Cargo Truck Transport Real Truck 1.41
Presents the next level lorry drive using real truck 18 wheelerforhill transport. Accelerate your hill truck, oil truck and dosomeimprovments for big trucks vexing cargo truck driving. Enjoythegreenery on the road side, drive safely with u haul or u-haulptcmega truck with future semi truck simulation. Become theproAmerican Truck Drive and drive you speedy truck on the roughroadfrom USA to Europe. This game will give your realistictruckexperience with future truck simulation for worldtruckhistorical-­simulation.So, you want the pro truck driver ineurotruck simulator 2017? Well you are on right trucking place asanewcomer you have been played lorry driving games or semitruckracing games but this truck simulator 2017 will giveyouunparralleled or blinker trucking experience. You can be adriverScania truck simulator or Volvo truck simulator. MackTruckSimulator will also a very good towing option for you.You jobis totransport the heavy load trailers using oversized 18 wheelertruckon the uphill road as well as on the city road. So, you willalsobecome the city truck simulator driver in this gameplay. Youhavebeen played peterbilt truck games or truck simualtor americabutthis game will give you realistic trucks Impossible stuntusingreal truck simulator physics.Features:Tilting, buttons andsteeringwheel6 realistic heavy and grand trucks6 eighteenwheelertrailersDriver Cargo Truckreal trucker phsyicsmonster truckwithheavy container trucktrucker usa or grand truck usa givesgrandtrucking experiencerefill diesel, cng, petrol or gasstationtruckhauling with thrilling driveManual and Automatickgearscity trucksimulatorDay & Night Cycle comingDamage and fuelSystemmorraoil truck transportercargo driver heavy transmission inusa or ineuropefreeway staring and refinery tanker shifter,slamming andkicking simulation haul and fell expereincehook andpullingsystemchassis, bulky, vader, roadmap ets and camcamperksHDGraphics and Environmentscs, lex, osi and hino drivingsimulationstoplight, clutch, braking, handbrake, blinker,reversing, hornsand limiterNow what are we waiting for let jump ingainesvilledriver fast and speedy with proton simulation. Caryoversizeluggage from one station and drop them to the othertrucking pointto become real truck driver and Heavy Truck Driver ofcrazy monstertruck. When you becoem the pro truck driver then Mrfreightlinerand jakes and camion and cummins will hired you as prousa driverto drive the mack truck simulator. On the freeway youwill see tollplaza where you have to give some of your revenue topass the tol.In order to pass the mission you must transport yourlori on thebase transport truck cargo truck driving simulator evenroad isjam, rough, uphill, relly, dirt or deserted. You will getdetaillex truck driving licence and your trucking daily earing whenyouconvoy your semi truck trailer without damage.When youhavecompleted the first 5 turcking missions you will become thetruckmaster of city truck simulator and gignatic truckdrivingsimulator. Now your next step is to become the pro master ofOilTruck Transporter, Heavy metal Transporter, WoodTransporter,Petrol, Desiel and Gas Transporter.ExtraFeatures:muddy, rig, haul,dump, stn, assi, gds, wanda and pentetransportation.faithful,punctual and reproduction expereincehootertruckingSo, Now letsjump in mack truck driving and peterbild truckdriving to becomereal truck simulator usa with turksih made andtruck physics withkenworth trucks. Mack and Kenworth TruckSimulator
Euro Truck Driver 2018 : Truckers Wanted 1.0.7
Zuuks Games
The game delivers an unparalleled driving experience which hasputit in the spot of the most popular truck drivingsimulator.Buildyour own company and increase your revenue. Becomethe King of theroad by playing Euro Truck Driver 2018 : TruckersWanted.GAMEFEATURES- 5 European trucks- Detailed interiors-Realistic truckdriving- Realistic traffic system- 50+ Challenginglevel- Driveacross country roads , city roads and highways- Variouscameraangles (Inner cam, Front cam, outer cam and more)-Realistictraffic rules- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic Truck soundeffects-Achievements and Leaderboards- Easy controls (Tilt, Buttonsorsteering wheel)- More than 15 language supportCompletelyrealisticTruck driving. Download Euro Truck Driver 2018 : TruckersWanted!game right now for free.HOW TO PLAY- Start your Truck byusingStart / Stop button.- Fasten your seat belts.- On the rightside ofyour screen, bring the shift to “D” position.- Control yourTruckby using break and acceleration buttons.TIPS- You may choosehow tocontrol your Truck on the Settings menu.- During thenightmissions, you can turn the headlights on by usingHeadlightsbutton.- When your Truck ran out of gas, you can buy gasfrom theGarage by touching gas button.- If you follow traffic rulesduringthe game, you will earn more money.- The faster you completethemission, more money you will earn.Attention: Drive safelyandfollow traffic rules in real life.For any inquires andopinionsplease contact us onYoutube: Facebook: usonTwitter:
Heavy Duty Euro Truck Parking 1.0
Heavy Duty Euro Truck ParkingDrive trailer and park onvariousmountain areas.Hello buddies! Are you ready to celebrateyourholidays with truck parking games of 2018? If you’re readythenthis truck of simulator is perfect for you. You will take aride onbig trucks and park them in parking lots to accomplish yourtasksin truck games. Don’t forget to use indicator when you willtaketurns in parking games. Drive multiple euro trucks with fullofcargo supplies and park them in accurate parking zones togetrating stars in parking trucks. You will drive trucks including18wheeler and park them in parking lots in truck games. We willgiveyou realistic parking games environment with stunning 3dtruckranges. Buckle up your seat belt and take a ride on yourfavoriteeuro trucks in parking of the simulator. Drive like alegend andpark your euro truck without any crush or damagedotherwise missionwill be failed in parking games. We will give youmultiplethrilling and adventurous levels with various hilly areas,snowareas, city areas or multi-story in this parking of the mania2018.Don’t forget to apply hand brake when you will park your 3dtruckin this truck of simulator.You will use indicator while taketurns,use seat belt while driving and also use headlights in nightinthis heavy duty euro truck parking game. We will give youmultiplelevels in trucker parking. Initial levels are easy to playtodevelop your parking skills in trailer parking. When you willshiftto middle levels then difficultly will be increased in parkingofsimulator. We will give you euro trucks loaded with cargosupplies;which you have to drive and park them in parking lots toget coinsin parking games. You will feel easy to control your cargotrucksbut it will be bit difficult to park them in accurate parkinglotsin these truck games. In this euro truck heavy-duty parkinggame,we will give you multiple parking lots on different places;whereyou have to park your cargo heavy-duty 3d trucks to get coins.It’snot an easy task for you to drive heavy trucks that are loadedwithgoods and park in reverse way in parking games. Show yourtruckdriving skills and park truck in reverse way in this truck ofthedriver. In truck of simulator, you will use euro heavy-dutytrucks,18 wheeler, lorry trucks, tractor truck and big trucks forthepurpose of parking. We will give you zig-zag tracks with fullofhurdles, barriers and traffic cones in parking of the mania.Drivemultiple trucks and get experience of parking in truckofsimulator. Don’t forget to upgrade your euro truck when youhaveenough coins in truck games. This heavy truck 3d parkingsimulatorgame gives you in-app to unlock big trucks and to removeads.Inthis transport trucker parking mania game, you will use yourcargotruck experience and park your truck on snow area. We willgive youmultiple gameplay modes; where you have to select one modeandenjoy your parking of truck journey in big heavy-duty trucks.Takea truck drive on city roads and park in marked parking lotsintruck of parking. We will give you limited time to accomplishyourparking level in truck games. Use real trucks for the purposeofcargo supplies and deliver that cargo supply on variouslocationsthat we will provide you in engine parking. You willtakeincredible fun while playing these parking games. So comeandquickly download this extreme parking 3d truck simulator game.GoodLuck!Heavy Duty Euro Truck Parking Features:• Realistic HDgraphicsand real truck background sound• Multi-angle camera view inparkingzones• Different euro trucks to drive• Precise parkingofsimulator• Awesome and realistic HD graphics• Hard but simpletruckdriving experience• Realistic truck game environmentIt’stotallyfree to play so quickly download this truck driver 3dcargotransport sim game on Google Play Store for your Androiddevices. 1.33
Welcome to the world of escape games where only genius can thinkoftheir way out. In our new escape game, you will be held captiveinthe police prisoner jail and challenged to survive, fightandescape your way out of high security prison. KEY FEATURES: •Freeand Offline Prison Game • Challenging, Tricky and HardEscapeMissions • Highly smooth and Easy Game Controls • A+ Classand HDGame Graphics • A Gameplay that makes your Heart Beat FasterYouare prisoned in the highest security jail of the city, theescapemissions in this action game are to determine the weaknessofpolice guards and then breach their security with your guts.Thereare special prison cells in this prisoner simulator. Now youarekept in the police jail and you will watch the jail guards andthenescape the jail. To escape the jail, you will walk, crawl andsneakto kill the guards, police officers from behind in this newescapegame 2019. There are so many thief games on play store whereaplayer does the escape mission but in this prison gameplaypresentthe new ideas of escaping and surviving. In this newsurvival game2019, you will be the prisoner and your mission issurvival in thejail and escape jail without getting caught, killedor shot. Thisescape game is about planning the prisoner breakoutwhich is kindof interesting and yet hard to complete thechallenging escapetasks. FIGHT WITH THE POLICE GUARDS TO GET OUTThere will be lot ofpolice fights and gangster combats when youwill be escaping inthis new action game 2019. There would be plentyof guards in thisprison game 2019 where you will pass with yourstealth skills andcombat skills to hand fight with gangsters.Escape from policestation by hacking door locks as soon as you findthe chance andthen get ready for guards fights at several tunnelpasses. Thisstealth action game is all about prisoner breakout,your experienceof escaping prison would help you to make fightingplans and thenfight with the police cops, gangsters and mafia headsin this jail.If you manage to survive from the police jail in thissurvivalgame, then you win this new games level. Escape mission inthis newgame 2019 is not easy; you will need your stealth plans,computerhacking plans, your escaping guts and fighting skills. Ifyou gotthe special skills of escaping prisons or the guts toescapegangsters then this new survival gameplay is best for you.SHOWYOUR SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE OF ESCAPING In this new escapegameplay,lot of police guards and jail criminals are around you tofight,shoot and kill you. In some escape missions of this survivalgame,you will have to clear gun shooting or stealth shootingmissions tokill guards, police cops and gangsters. Your solomission in thisprison game is to survive combats, escape jail andfly in yourhelicopter. Lots of escape missions of this prison gameare whereyou will get guns, knives and other fighting weapons.Escape fromjail and survival should be your only concern in thisfree game2019. Escape games are always interest for you to escapefrom thepolice and gangsters by using special escaping skills.Escape formgangster is easier than the escaping jail with lotpolice guardsand security. When you escape from police stationwatch the guardsand fight with them for your escape. Download nowthis free actiongame 2019 to start off your first escape missionwith the ghettolifestyle. Intuitive controls, 3d city environmentand realisticgame play make it worth playing and downloading.
Car Transport Euro Truck 2.1
Car Transport Euro Truck:It’s time to drive the limo cartransporttruck in the city environment. Let’s start your fast truckdrivingin many beautiful environments. This endless and level modegamerequires expert heavy vehicle racing skills. This multistorycarcargo trailer game is one of the best car multi transportergames.Become a transporter driver to transport the urban racingcars andPrado in this racer car delivery game 3d. Enjoy the drivingvehicletransport trailer in the realistic environment. In thistrucksimulator game needs special skills to load the sports carsandluxury jeep Prado in the transporter trucker; which arenotrequired in the other real truck games 2017. Get ready to playforthis new brand multi cargo game. Across the great challengesofparking adventure you will enjoy a super real trailerdriving.Inthis multistory cargo truck driver game you get a drivearound theworld on smooth and steady paths with a real racer carcarryingtrailer. SUV car carrying multi trailer is also known ascar hauleror auto transport trailer. In this extreme truck driversimulatorgame your job is to transport the racing cars from factoryto theshowroom of the auto mobile garage. Get behind the wheel ofthismultistory truck and drive to transport the limo cars insidethecity. In the history of fast truck driving games this sportscartransport challenge game is most popular. The drivingandtransporting task is so difficult but this will make you anexpertdriver. It is like driving schools for you where you learndrivemultiple vehicles. Your duty begins with driving sportscarsthrough the urban traffic and loads them inside the bigsteamengine. First the cars are loaded inside the transportertrailerthen you have to drive the transporting truck. Thiseurotransporter car trailer game gives you a chance to playsomethingelse other than the boring type fast truck driving games.You haveto complete your driving challenges within the time. Getready foran awesome and excellent driving experience. During thejourneyyour truck inspection is not allowed. This super fast truckdrivegame is not like the other old new multi truck games. It’stime toshow your perfect driving skills while you drive a heavytransporttruck. You should drive your trucker very carefullywithout hittingother cars. Drive very smoothly and make sure toreach on therequired destination point to unload your cargo truck.Thistransport vehicles game is different from the othertransportertruck driver games.We have added a very amazing and realcameraview option in this euro truck simulator game 3d. You cansetcamera angle at any place while the real truck is running. Ifyoulike truck front view or back view; just slide your finger onyourphone screen and leave it where you want. You can enjoybeautifulsceneries by selecting left or right truck side view. Ifyou loveSUV car transporter games 3d then this car transport eurotruckgame is best for you.After completing the first amazing levelyoucould permute to the next thrilling level. Each level ismostdifficult than the previous level. In app is also included inthiscargo truck game for the user’s interest and purchase manythings.Don’t hitting with the other truck vehicle. If time willfinishthen game will over. Are you ready to survive the challengesofthis free transporter truck adventure? Do you think that youcancomplete all the challenges of this heavy truck driving game?Ifanswer is yes then be ready to face the difficult challengesofthis multistory car cargo trailer game. Good luck!Features ofcartransport euro truck:Best parking simulation gameNicesoundeffectsSuperb 3D and HD graphics Real feel of drivingeurotruckTransport different modern vehicles on your transportertruck. 1.5
Get ready for the most thrilling US Army Transporter offroadarmytruck simulator jeep driving games. Transporter truck deadlyuphillrocky mountain offroad games driving adventure simulator inOffroadUS Army Truck transport games Uphill Driving Game 2018 whereyou asa US army transporter is going to perform challengingarmytransport, jeep driving flying helicopter, army bike ridingandoffroad army transporter games tasks to the military base inheavyduty multi trailer truck and in US Army helicopter. Among alltheoffroad driving games, offroad games and US Army Transport gamesongoogle play game, this US Army Transporter: Truck SimulatorJeepDriving Army Bike Games is all about adventure andexcitement.Perform thrilling US army transport games missions as USarmytransporter As offroad army truck driver transport the cargo,armybike and jeeps on multi trailer truck and drive throughdangerousRocky Mountains offroad games path. US Army TransportTruck DrivingSimulator Jeep Games has extreme dangerous turns onRocky Mountainoffroad driving games. Fly Army Helicopter high inthe air as USArmy flying pilot to transport cargo, bike and jeepsto the armybase. As army transporter games are all about thrill,drama,action, adventure and offroad games tasks, same userwillexperience in this deadly uphill driving US Army transportgames.It’s a high time to check your deadly uphill Rocky Mountainjeepdriving and US Army transport Truck Driving Simulator gamesskill.In this US Army Jeep Driving Truck games there are armybikes,jeeps, cargo and army relief that you need to load on heavytrailertruck and transport them safely within the given timeallotted. Asa real flying airplane pilot take goods, cargo, bikesand jeeps onhelicopter. Have a bird eye view of offroad gamesuphill stationwhile flying helicopter high in the sky. US ArmyTransport TruckSimulator Jeep Driving Bike Games has multipletransport gamesmission, driving games and flying helicoptermissions all filledwith thrill and adventure. All you need to do isshow your mountainoffroad driving games skills over dangerous hillsand mountainpaths. Let’s be ready for an extreme offroad games,ultimate USArmy Transporter games adventure and Army Bike gamesthrill in USArmy Transporter: Jeep Simulator Truck Driving GamesOffroad ArmyBike. Offroad Deadly uphill Rocky Mountains truckdriving duty is adeadly drive. You must have played many offroadgames, army games,driving games & transport games but this USArmy Transporter:Truck Simulator Driving Games is a hard duty toperform as you willgo through hard army training helicopter flyingsimulator drillsand driving skills. Your job is to fly the armyhelicopter from thearmy base unit and transport the army bikes,jeeps, cargo and armyrelief to the base camp. Most thrilling USArmy Transporter: TruckSimulator Driving Games on hill city offroadterrain is waiting foryou. Drive like a pro army transporter andload jeeps, bikes, cargogoods and relief on multi trailer truck andin helicopter. Of allarmy games, driving games and offroad gamesyou will experiencegreat thrill and adventure in US ArmyTransporter: Truck SimulatorDriving Games. Be the most responsibletransport driver of US armyand give your best in this militarytransportation simulator of2018. Fly helicopter for transportationpurpose and simulate yourall driving games skill as a transportertruck driver, bike riderand jeep driver in US Army Transporter:Truck Simulator DrivingGames. US Army Transporter: Truck SimulatorDriving GamesInnovative Features • Challenging offroad transportand drivingsim! • Enjoy army helicopter flying as pro army pilot! •Variety ofarmy transport missions in offroad driving adventure! •Dangerousoffroad turns, jeeps, truck, helicopter and much more! •Beautiful3d graphics and engaging sound effects!
Euro Truck Cargo Driving 2018 1.0.9
Fond of driving long vehicles!!! Then sit behind the eurotrucksteering wheel and fulfill your thirst of driver console.Thisdriving simulator help you out to become a euro truck 3d. Drivetheeuro truck simulator to the defined destination and deliverthegoods carefully. The best and most beautiful truck andtrailersgame. This is a truck simulator 3d with stunning graphicsandsmooth gameplay control. Truck driving is a difficult task, doyouconsider yourself skilled enough to complete all the missions?Thendrive, park and delivers the goods to complete your mission intheeuro truck simulator. This is one of the top truck driving andeurotruck simulation. In the start move truck out of the storageareaand move it towards your destination. You are a top truckfreedriver in this time and enjoy the trucker simulator. Youareplaying a cargo truck driving. You are a truck driver and playthisfree games. Hello buddies! Do you love to play euro truckgames? Ifyes then you’re in the right direction. You will driveyourgigantic crazy US trucks on different city and othermountainroads. In this euro truck simulator, you will work ondifferentcompanies to transport goods. In truck driving games, youwilldrive multiple 22 wheelers trucks on different uphillmountainroads to supply cargos. In euro truck games, you willdrivedifferent major company’s truck trailers to explore cityplaces;where you have to supply goods. These truck games 2018, youwillhired as a truck driver and take ride on your favorite USAtrucks.In the past history, you would have played many grand truckgames,but this Russian cargo truck is best for you. Show your besttruckdriving skills and drive your favorite heavy truck ondifferentcity, villages and mountain uphill tracks. Deal with careandattention in order to avoid any goods loss. This is the best3Dsimulator game on multiple hill climb tracks. You will usegrandtrucks for the purpose of cargo supplies. When you willreachedyour destination then park your loaded truck carefullywithoutdoing any single mistake in truck driving games. Trucksimulator isthe best game of 2018. Play as transporter of localgoods, armystuff and different cargo boxes. You have got number oftrucks.Enjoy the USA truck game on astounding 3D environment. Yourdrivingcareer begins here, so drive a big cargo truck on massivehighwayswith real physics and controls. Avoid collision with anyheavy dutyvehicles otherwise you will face huge destruction. Showyourexperience and skills in this challenging game-play. ThisAmericantruck, gives a chance to become best driver of the town andsupplygoods on hilly tracks warehouse. Avoid to exceed the speedlimitand also follow traffic rules. Control the steering oftransportertruck with alertness. The environment of realisticdrivingsimulator game. Better than other simulation. InvolvesEuropeantrucks with lots of customization. Travel across differentcitiesand supply cargo goods to earn money in truck games 2018. Onhillyareas to enhance your driving skills and take best trucksimulatorexperience. So drive the truck and become a euro truck.GameFeatures:- • Different Truck Models • Trucks customization •Realphysics • On screen control buttons • Amazing soundtracks•Excellent graphics • Reverse and forward transmission Downloadthisgame and go on the roads. Increase your skills and rate uswithyour experience.
Euro Truck Cargo Sim Game 2018 1.0
Spark Gamers
Drive euro truck cargo sim game and explore the real atmosphereandnatural hill. These trucks driving real track game testyourmountain truck driving. Drive heavy duty truck and transportcargoto the destination on mountain area in the big truckgame.Extremeweather condition lightening, rainfall, snowfall andland slidingin hilly and mountain area could block your road youneed to reachthe destination within time. Stunning HD graphics withsmoothcontrol create an amazing and wonderful interest and crazyaboutnext level.Now show your driving skill and drive heavy dutycargotruck transport and carrying cargo like wood, drum fruit, andheavymachine. If you love the real 3d truck driving sim game thentruckdriving 3d: euro truck game is best for you. Be carefulondangerous curl and turning the steering wheel while drivingyourtruck game and hill climb safely. Cargo truck real drive gameisdifferent from the other classic cargo truck game due to thetrueatmosphere and also different offroad vehicles that you candriveto real heavy duty truck transport. Get ready to drivecargosimulation truck transport game. This truck cargo 3d drivingsimgame is very dangerous and adventurous as well in the longdrivinggame all new transport. Feel the real thrill driving heavydutytruck drive game because it contains a lot of cargo truckwithdifferent and amazing tasks. Due to this natural feature,wonderfulenvironments and control becomes a fan of this truckdriving simgame. Smooth control and three control steering wheel,tilt andbutton will be made this truck transport cargo driving simgame tocrazy. Make perfect and move timely for the better parkingmaniaand this truck cargo driving sim game the heavydutytruck transport to faraway places but when the truck is backfromits duty travelling and transport the goods like wood andcementblock as more from pickup point to drop out point, there issomerest for driver as well as long travelled truck to cool down.Inthis short period of time, you are required to truck parking initsplace. Every level has a different truck with a differentfeatureyou need to change the cargo truck transport and also havemusicoption with the different track. Enjoy the driving parkingtruckmania and racing games.  Ultimate cargo truck driving2017feature:Real experience of offroad truck driving. HD graphicswith amazingcontrol. Most realistic heavy duty truck physics andreal drive. Smooth steering wheel and easy to play. Multiplecamera views inthis ultimate cargo truck driving 2017 game. Realcargo trucksimulator game. Amazing collection of cargo truckdriving.Truckcargo driving sim challenging game ready to play. Moveyour heavyduty truck transport to the right or left using steeringwheel.Press pedal button to race and brake button to stop. Downloaditenjoy offroad driving game experience.
Heavy Logging Cargo Truck Transport Simulator 1.0
Heavy Logging Cargo Truck Transport Simulator Free 3D is newarrivalin Logging Truck Games.You are going to experience realfeelingMountain Hill Climb "3D Truck Driving Simulator" Games onoffroad.If you want to become a heavy cargo truck driver 2019 thenyoushould play our offroad truck cargo simulator because it is thebestgame in all cargo transport games.As a Pk cargo driver youhave todrive wood transport truck in beautiful valleys to deliverthe woodcargo.This is a very dangerous truck cargo driving 3dgame.In jungleenvironment you have to play Real Truck Hill DriveSim 2019 tobecome a jungle wood cargo truck driver. TruckSimulator USA game isvery low mb in all low mb games.Show theworld that you havetransport fever.In this wood cargo hilltransport 2019 you will getthe real feel of offroad cargo truckdriver.One of the best featurein this euro wood cargo simulator 3dis its eye catching sceneriesthat attracts the Pak real cargotruck driver to have the adventureof offroad jeep hill climb drivein the mountainous areas.We can betyou have never played this eurowood cargo simulator 3d in loggingsimulator games. Take a part todrive the cargo truck trailertransport in mountain hill area.It isnot easy to become a cargotruck driver 3d because you have to showyour real driving skills inthis cargo transport simulator tobecome indian truck driver.Youwill never find this type of cargosimulator 2018 in Pk cargo allgames on playstore.This is the bestAmerican Truck Simulator.Playand get the idea of future trucktransport. This Pk cargo hill climbhave different offroad vehiclesthat you can drive to tracktransport heavy load highway.Getyourself ready to ride cargotransport simulator 2019.This game isvery adventurous and dangerousas well in long drive real truckdriving games new all transport.Youwill never get this type ofTruck Speed Driving 3D in Pk cargo games3d. Feel the real thrillof driving all transport 3d 2018 because itcontains a lot of cargotruck with different tasks.We know that allof you will becomecrazy after playing our Real Cargo Trucks Driving3d game andbecome a fan of this game due to its natural environmentandrealistic features and controls that make this one of the bestintruck transport all new games. Truck simulator 2019 ischallengingfor you. Top Cargo crew game. ⚫ Uphill Logging CargoTruckTransport Simulator Game Play ☛ Multiple TransportVehiclesincluding Oil Barrels Cargo Truck, Wood Transport Truck,Long DriveReal Truck for transporting Heavy Load ofwood,BuildingConstruction Cement Blocks. ☛ Big Heavy Dump Truck forTransportingHeavy stones and building construction Cement Blocks. ☛OffroadReal Jeep Driving on mountain hill climb 3d. ☛ Pickup Truckfortransporting different kind of barrels and boxes. ☛ WinterForest,Green Rain Forest Environment. Game Play of Heavy TransportTruckSimulator: Game starts with views of all dump Truck,LongCargoTruck, Oil Truck, Pickup Truck and Jeep parked in front ofyou.Select the mission and drive your selected Jeep,Pickup,LongHeavyDump Truck on hill climb mountain 4x4 off road extreme zigzagroadswhile following your parking point. ⚫ Our Future Games: ☛AnimalTruck Transport game In which you will have to transportzooanimal,qurbani animals from animal zoo market and transport themtohome city. ☛ Future Cargo Truck Simulato r: CPEC As a PakistanCPECTruck Driving Pak China will develop to promote and awarepeopleabout importance of CPEC For Pakistan India Saudi Arabia USAandother related countries.A transporter game in which you willdriveOffroad Hill Side Oil Tanker to different locations of Pak inoiltanker fuel truck.A car transport euro truck to transport carsincar hauler truck. ☛ Driving Simulator ☛ Cargo Truck 2 Keepplayingour Future Cargo Truck Logging Simulator 3D the "cargocrew".Regards, Offroad Games Studio
com.skisosoft.gts 1.5
Trash Truck Simulator Driving a garbage truck in city environmentisthe ultimate test of driving skill. Take a seat and start yourjobin a fully modeled and animated trucks that are based on realtruckmodels. Load up the truck and deliver the trash to yourgarbageprocessing plant, where it will be burned. Burning thetrashgenerates you money, which you can use to upgrade furnaces intheplant, or buy different trucks. There are many trucks tochoosefrom. There are also a lot of customisation options for thetrucks,including paints and acessories. Features: • Detailed truckmodelswith fully modeled interiors • All trucks are animated • Rear/side / front loaders • A lot of upgrades for each truckandprocessing plant • Dynamic day and night with weather effects•Different control options (buttons, tilt, sliders orsteeringwheel) • Manual and automatic gearbox options • Realisticphysics •Big open City without loading screens • Realistic enginesounds •Lively AI traffic system
Big Truck Simulator 2018: USA Truckers 1.5
Welcome to Big Truck Simulator 2018: USA Truckers!Drivingbetweenmega cities is known as an adventurous drive but imaginedrivingwith a heavy truck on city highways? Driving Mega Truck onCityhighways with city traffic is not an easy task. Get ready tostartyour truck driving journey between Chicago and Las Angeles,you aregoing to have a plenty of fun while driving 32 wheeler hugetruck.This 32 wheeler huge truck is provided with hydraulic brakestoavoid truck crashes. Drive sensibly due to city traffic andmanageto cut through the long tracks in lesser time. TruckDrivingSimulator offers a real trucking experience to explore theUS witha heavy vehicle under your control. Explore amazinglocations andmarvelous city routes to make this journeyadventurous. ThisAmerican Truck Driving game is composed of varioussemi truckbrands, realistic engine sounds, and detailed interiors!Driveacross American cities, transport heavy stuff and becomeaprofessional heavy duty truck driver. Big Truck Simulator 2018willgive you an adventurous experience of racing mega trucksonAmerican roads, take control of truck steering to get sometruckvehicle experience. Juggle up your truck driving skills tocompletetrucking missions. You have to reach your destiny alongwith hugetruck before the rival drivers. Drive across the tallbuildings andenjoy high quality graphics. Complete truckingmissions in time tounlock new tracks and cities. Enjoy the uniquefeatures likehydraulic brakes, grand interior, comfortable seat,truck horn,suspension shocks, colorful dashboard and easy controlsin thishuge truck driving simulator. Start truck engine and feelthe powerof this huge truck on city highways and complete the cityroutecraved between tall buildings. Advanced truck simulator.Registeryour transporting empire by unlocking new cities and trucktracks,explore amazing locations. Avoid truck collisions andbreakingspeed limits, remain on track to have a safe journey. Pushhard inthis advanced truck to make a transporting expire in lessertime.Become the best trucker by driving various semi truck brandsonAmerican roads. Big Truck Simulator 2018: USA TruckersFeatures:-Enjoy driving US Trucks on city highways- Unique featureslikehydraulic brakes, grand interior and truck horn.- RealLifesuspension shocks, colorful dashboard and easy controls-Completehuge truck driving adventure without truck crashes-Intuitivecontrols and smooth gameplay- Realistic engine sounds anddetailedinteriors- Avoid truck collisions and breaking speedlimits-Different background locations- Defeat the rival driversinAmerican roads truck driving
Oil Tanker Truck Simulator: Hill Driving
Oil Tanker Truck Simulator – Hill Driving is driving simulationgamewhich requires you to drive heavy duty trucks on all kindsofterrains to deliver precious oil resources to differentoilreserves. These roads will test your driving capability andwillalso enable you to increase your skill and experience on theroad.You have to drive these super huge trucks on dangerous roadsin themountains where even one mistake could lead to fatalconsequencesbut don’t worry this is just a driving game. Rememberto keep aneye on the fuel gauge so that you don't run out of fuel.Do notcrash the vehicle because you are delivering flammableliquids.This simulation game will give you the first classrealistic truckdriving game experience because this is one of thebest truckdriving games. Please feel free to suggest us anyimprovements thatcould help us make the game better. Thank You!
Truck Simulator 3D: Fuel Transport 1.1
Jansen Games
Welcome to Truck Simulator 3D: Fuel Transport!As a fuel truckdriveryou are responsible for the delivery of the fuel. This isanimportant task. In this Fuel Transport edition of TruckSimulator3D you'll learn how to drive with a fuel truck. As a fueltransporttruck driver you need to have maneuvering skills with yourtruck.You need to be able to deliver in tight spaces. In 18 levelsyou'lllearn how to drive with a fuel truck in realistic situations.Youneed to be able to drive reverse into an unloading spotforexample. Also you need to maneuver while driving forward. Tofinisha level you first have to attach the trailer, to do thatfollow thered arrows. After you've attached the trailer, you haveto unloadyour truck and trailer, to do that follow the yellowarrows. Thetrailer will unload automatically.Truck Simulator 3D:FuelTransport features:- Industrial environment- 18 levels- GooglePlayGames- Easy truck driving controlsWhen you enjoyed TruckSimulator3D: Fuel Transport please support us by following us onTwitter:
Heavy Duty : Cargo Euro Truck Simulator Game Free 1.0
Heavy Duty : Cargo Euro Truck Simulator Game Free is an amazingisthe best truck parking game where user will performvariousmissions. This off road truck driving game where user willbecomethe transporter for small valleys and villages uphill. Theeurotrucks featured in the game has amazing suspension andexpressspeed to be driven. Travel across many countries fromEurope, visitincredible places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome,Paris andmore! Play the career mode of this truck simulator. Theuser canpick and drop goods and various items from differentlocations andperform the transport mission. This American TruckSimulatorfeatures many semi-truck brands, with realistic enginesounds anddetailed interiors, transport cool stuff such asvehicles,gasoline, gravel, food, and many more. The user willprovided withpowerful mountain vehicles that can take any road.Drive moderncargo real euro truck to explore the city environmentand testyou’re driving skills in real traffic conditions. The BigAmericantruck is exclusively designed to ride on these tracks inanyenvironment. These trailers will try to deliver the desiredtimezone. The uphill roads are dangerous, bumpy roads andruggedterrains are very difficult for a new driver but this isyourchance to prove yourself in this ultimate driving challenge.Youhave to take extremely careful because the slightest shockcouldturn to explode oil tanker fire ball. Become the victoriouslikethe rally racer and claim the victory, drive the truck inopenworld desert track. Experience a real transporter truck whichisthe best jungle wood cargo transporter and a new addition totrucktransporter simulation games. Take the load with the heavytruckand take it to various places that are port, trainstation,mountain roads, airport etc. The user can achieve the worldstatusif the user can complete all the challenges that areassociatedwith this amazing Cargo Transport Game. If you want tobecome aheavy truck driver and this is impossible for some reason,you haveto try this game. Have the real In Truck environment as theuserwill have the real challenge down the road. The user will havethereal world tracks like snow covered tracks, mountaintracks.Various Trucks that have been featured could be driven inthe UAEdesert or any track of your choice. Let us explore someamazingfeatures:🚙 Realistic graphics.🚙 Hill climb & Mud drive.🚙Openworld off road tracks.🚙 Dynamic 360 camera angles.🚙 Varietyofcamera views.🚙 Smooth and easy controls.🚙 Multiplecontrollerscheme.🚙 Tilt, steering and button control.🚙 Motionsensor and tiltsensor integration.🚙 Sensitive tilt controls.🚙Physics engine.🚙Weather engine.🚙 Humvee & SUV.🚙 Open Worldsound effects(SFX).🚙 Variety of visual effects (VFX).🚙 Supersonicspeed.
Truck Simulator 2017 2.0.0
Zuuks Games
Truck Simulator----------------------------------------------BrandNew Game fromProducers of City Driving and Traffic Driver.The gamedelivers anunparalleled driving experience which has put it in thespot of themost popular Euro Truck Simulator.Completely realisticmissions andTruck driving experience are waiting for you.Buildyour own companyand increase your revenue. Become the King of theroad by playingTruck Simulator. GAME FEATURES - 4 European and 4American truckbrands- Detailed interiors- Realistic truck driving-Realistictraffic system- 50+ Challenging level- Drive acrosscountry roads ,city roads and highways- Various camera angles(Inner cam, Frontcam, outer cam and more)- Realistic weather(Rainy, Snowy, Sunny,Foggy weathers)- Realistic traffic rules-Realistic pedestriantraffic- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic Trucksound effects-Achievements and Leaderboards- Easy controls (Tilt,Buttons orsteering wheel)- More than 15 language supportCompletelyrealisticTruck driving. Download Truck Simulator game right nowfor free.HOWTO PLAY- Start your Truck by using Start / Stopbutton.- Fasten yourseat belts.- On the right side of your screen,bring the shift to“D” position.- Control your Truck by using breakand accelerationbuttons.TIPS- You may choose how to control yourTruck on theSettings menu.- During the night missions, you canturn theheadlights on by using Headlights button.- When your Truckran outof gas, you can buy gas from the Garage by touching gasbutton.- Ifyou follow traffic rules during the game, you will earnmore money.-The faster you complete the mission, more money youwill earn.Youcan reach us for any questions or problemsonhelp@zuuks.com_________________________________________________________________Ourwebsite:http://www.zuuks.comFollow us onFacebook: us onTwitter:
Truck Cargo Driving Hill Simulation: Truck Games 2.0.5
Truck Cargo Driving Hill Simulation: Truck Games Enjoy extremecargotrip with hill truck through off road. Get ready to play amostrealistic truck free game. Truck simulation hill driving is abrandnew story game where you can enjoy cargo simulation and crazystuntson same time. Go on your truck driving. Roads are curly andfuel isshort. You are a truck cargo driver 2017. Drive this TruckCargoDriving Hill Simulation truck simulator mountain drive Fillup yourtank and transport goods to its destination. This CargoTruckDriving Hill Simulation Truck speed driving 3D is reallyextremefun. This Truck Driving Hill Simulation Transport gamegives you achance to be a real truck driver of this cargo truck,which is amountain truck. Let's go on to ride this euro truckhaving realfeatures of a Pk Truck or USA Truck. This Pak TruckDriver CargoSimulator 3D game is very hard to play. Drive thiscargo truck orgrand truck, to be a super hero of this Euro truck.It's time tosimulate your drive for furious jungle, in simulatortruck drivergame desert dirt and in snowy mountains. You are anroad runnersimulator truck offroad cargo truck driver in hillMountains in thisTruck Cargo Off Road Driving Hill Simulationgame. Let's start heavyengine, and drive monster 4x4 truck onfurious of jungle, desert andsnow. Deliver cargo and unlock eachmode of this Truck Cargo DrivingHill Simulation free game one byone. Monster truck real drive is avery crazy truck to drive on inthis Truck Cargo Driving HillSimulation truck game or trucksimulator. You are essential to be anexcellent truck driver to winthis Truck Cargo Driving HillSimulation truck driving game and bea truck racer for this truckracing game. Avoid crashes intotraffic rush and drive truck hillstation in hill mountain drive onreal speed to enjoy as a subwayrunner. Hill mountain drive isreally amazing as a cargo transporterduty driver in rash drivingtruck rush on truck speed or ultra speedto win this Truck CargoDriving Hill Simulation subway rush or rashtraffic rush. Don'tforget to fill your fuel through the oil pumpsin your way. Be thebest euro truck driver and the pak truck driver.Enjoy this CargoTruck Driving Hill Simulation your 3D truck drivingsimulator.Jungle is full of dangerous animals so drive safe. Avoidto hityour super truck if cargo is laid down game should be over.It is aMountain Cargo Truck Drive: Truck Simulator racing game butyouhave to drive fast in jungle for sake of your life. Elsehungryanimals will eat you up. Have fun of your PK cargo trucktransportin different areas. Go on a truck sim hill simulatordriving. Beatall the truck racers within the truck parking rush.Desert cargo isapart from the city, and the whole desert isavailable to drive. Sosimulate your drive with monster cargo truckand drive aroundamazing arenas. Enjoy ups and downs of lovelydesert. Get ready forthe epic drive of your 4x4 monster cargotruck. You are a heavytruck driver, which brings a lot ofresponsibilities towards you.Your truck simulator has differentloads, such as oil tankertransport, logs etc. Go on a truck parkingdriving hill simulation.Also try not to damage your truck simulator3d. You are a pak realcargo truck driver. Take care when drivingoffroad oil tanker truckcargo. This Indian Truck Driving HillSimulation is no less than amonster truck. Take your extreme hillcargo truck everywhere. Incity roads are full of extreme traffic.Avoid to hit other cars.Drive safe and transport goods to itsdestination. This IndianTruck Driving Hill Simulation cargo gamegives you a feel ofaddictive which bound you to play this game forseveral hours.Let's download New Truck Simulator 2017 Cargo Drivinggame fromandroid play store and get the real fun of drive. TruckCargoDriving Hill Simulation: Truck Games Features: Easy to playSmoothand steady controls Quickly download this Cargo TruckMountainDriver Simulator 3D game.
Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Simulator 2.6
Drive BIG oil trucks across 4 beautiful cities! OilTankerTransporter Truck Simulator is an ACTION packed, realistictrucksimulator game that will test your driving skills in realtraffic!Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Simulator gives you aREALISTIC truckdriving experience! Feel like a real Trucker anddeliver heavy oiltanks loaded in your oil truck. Operate big trucksto deliver oiltanks and complete different missions. Driving a bigtruck in theexciting Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Simulator gamemay not beeasy as it looks! You must be an EXPERT in parking truckstodeliver oil tanks to the right locations. Drive from on theMASSIVEroads from one city to another. Drive your loaded truck inthebeautiful countryside, cities over dangerous mountains andhillyenvironment and along green farms. Be sure there is no leakageinyour tanker truck, or else oil will spill out and fine willbecharged from you according to the quantity wasted. ChangetheCAMERA view as per your comfort to the sturdy exterior ortherealistic plush interiors. Play the CAREER MODE of this oiltrucksimulator, make money and purchase new trucks and upgrades.Explorethe trucking world and become the king of the road! OilTankerTransporter Truck Simulator FEATURES -- Realistictrafficenvironment -- Many cargo transfer missions -- Differenttrucks tochoose from -- Realistic truck physics -- Amazing 3Dgraphics --Realistic oil truck interiors -- Realistic game soundeffects --Many grand oil trucks to drive -- Easy steering wheel,buttons ortilting controls -- Realistic weather conditions --Freshattractive music Get Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Simulatornow tofeel like you are driving a real truck! Drive your truckbetweencities, highways and mountains to complete CHALLENGINGmissions andbecome the ultimate truck oil driver in this Oil TankerTransporterTruck Simulator game.
American Truck Driver - Simulator 1.5
American Truck Driver - Simulator is an action packedtrucksimulator game that will test your driving skills in realtraffic!Drive big cargo trucks across 4 beautiful cities!AmericanTruckDriver - Simulator gives you a realistic truck drivingexperience!Feel like a REAL TRUCKER and deliver heavy packagesloaded in yourAmerican truck. Operate big trailer trucks in the USAto deliverpackages and complete different missions.Driving a bigUSA truck inthe EXCITING American Truck Driver - Simulator game maynot be aseasy as it looks! You must be an expert in parking truckstodeliver packages to the right locations. Park your Americantruckat the right spot to unload your packages and deliver.Drive onwideroads from one city to another. Drive your loaded truck inthebeautiful American countryside, over dangerous mountains andhillyenvironment and along green farms.Change the CAMERA view asperyour comfort. View the sturdy exterior or the realisticplushinteriors of a typical American truck.American Truck Driver-Simulator FEATURES-- Realistic traffic environment-- Manycargotransfer missions-- Different trailers to choose from--Driveacross 4 large cities-- Fully working trucks withlights--Realistic truck physics-- Amazing 3D graphics-- RealisticUSA truckinteriors-- Realistic game sound effects-- Many grand USAtrucks todrive-- Easy steering wheel controlsGet American TruckDriver -Simulator now to feel like you are driving a real USAtrailertruck!Drive your trailer between cities, highways andmountains tocomplete challenging missions and become the ultimatetruck cargodriver in this American Truck Driver - Simulator game.
Offroad Cargo Truck Transport Driving Simulator 17 1.2
Do you love truck games? If yes then welcome to new cargotrucksimulator game of 2017. As a best trucker you are adesignateddriver to transport cargo in the valley of Seattle hillsandmountains. Drive the American trucks at high speeds both onhighwayand off road to help the valley by transporting heavy goods.As aman of truck you can hire trucks for drivers to drive at highspeedon NYC highways. Use lorry skills while climbing hill bygoingoffroads from the highway tracks. This hard driving game onoffroadis made for those who don't give up easily on impossibledrivingtracks. Fasten your big vehicle seat belt as duty driver fortheultimate test of driving skills. You have a chance to improvethetrailer truck precision skills by controlling the speed ofAmericanlorry on the USA roads and prove that you are the besttruck driverof Seattle hills. Driving in Seattle hills needs realtruckerskills to deliver the heavy material as fast as possible.Whiletruck speed driving make sure the powerful engine of eurotruckdon't get burn. There is trash and garbage on the hillsandmountains so race carefully to deliver cargo.This open worldtrucksimulator game is made with fully modeled and animated trucksonbeautiful mountain hills. These real truck models havefullymodeled interiors that gives a real feel of driving in truck.Yourtrucker mission is to pick the cargo load in the Russiantruckwithout dropping and deliver it to the hill station withintimestipulated. Limit your truck speed when you cross the bumpyjumpson the road of city. Be the best transporter by playing besttrucksimulator game of 2017! Offroad Cargo Truck TransportDrivingSimulator 2017 Features: - Multiple big cargo truck-Detailedvehicles models- Big open city and off-road hillenvironments- Manyluxury loader trucks to choose from- Lively AI ofracing trucks anddamage- Realistic weather effects- Automaticgearbox and manualbreak system- Thrilling Mountain truck drivingtransport missionson dangerous tracks- Four Unique camera anglesfor driving trucktrailer ( interior, cockpit, top, behind,sideways, rear ) CargoTransportation Missions:- Pick fuel fromwarehouse and deliver itto the customer- Deliver wood containers tofarm- Supply woodenlogs to trucking stations- Transport beveragesto customers- Supplygasoline to the gas station- Deliver food anddrinks to storehouse-Collect fertilizer bags and provide it intown- Pick soup from shopand transport it to village- Pickvegetables from plant and carryit to city- Transport garbage fromhills- Pick pile of woods fromstore and supply it in town market-Deliver natural gas to gasstations- Move over the truck trash fromcity roads- Transportpetroleum to customer in valley- Pick fruitsfrom storeroom anddeliver it to warehouseAbout Tech 3D GamesStudios( T3GSS ):Tech 3DGames Studios ( T3GSS ) publishes free toplay 3D games for allmobile platforms. Our goal is to producequality 3D games thateveryone can enjoy!Please remain intact forupdates. Formoreinformation,
Truck Driver 1.3
this game is a truck simulator game on roads. Be the king of roadin"Truck Simulator 3D". Become a truck driver in this excitingnewtruck simulation game. Get in your truck and deliver cargo toyourdestination. Features: - great graphics; - realistic physicsandgameplay - real truck simulator. - dirt roads with bumps andHolesbrings more reality and fun to the gam - realistic drivingpleasure- road-train - rigid truck
Euro Truck Driving Simulator
Game Pickle
Euro Truck Driving Simulator lets you drive Europeantrucksthroughout Europe in winter! Transport cargo and travelaround theisland whilst dealing with snow, ice roads andtraffic!Unlock newtrucks for driving whilst you deliver cargo!Truck drivingsimulators have never been so fun with real trucktrailer physicsand cargo physics! Explore the world as an ice roadtrucker ordeliver Christmas presents in time for Xmas! Thepossibilities areendless as a expert truck driver; make your ownrules out on thetough icy winter roads!Don't want to follow therules of the road?Smash into traffic, cause chaos and drift aroundon the winter iceroads! Load cargo, detach your trailer and havefun becoming theultimate truck driver in this all new trucksimulator!KeyFeatures:- 4 unique European trucks to choose fromwith uniquetrailers and cargo!- Realistic & fun to use drivingcontrols-Realistic truck & trailer physics- Winter roads withsnow andice- Smart AI traffic- Realistic truck sounds- Detailedrealistictrucks- Includes xmas themed cargo- Smash through cratesandsnowmen found throughout the world- Fully controllabletrailermechanics for unlinking and recoupling- Huge city for anawesomerealistic trucker simulation- Full controller support-Android TVsupportedExperience an all new big rig truck driving gameonandroid! Transport cargo of crates, xmas gifts and eventransportcars! Unhitch the trailer for more speed as you explorethe wintercity streets!Show off your driving skills in one of thegreatestfree truck driving games available to play now!
Cargo Transport Simulator 1.14.1
CTS: Cargo Transport Simulator Become a truck driver inthisexpansive open world truck driver simulator. Start from thebottomand work your company to the top. You start with aclassicvenerable truck. Deliver trailers and earn money, upgradeyourtruck or buy more modern trucks. If you are not into semitrucks,there is also a variety of Light Trucks. The choice isyours.Features: • Detailed truck models • Fully modeled interiorsforeach truck • A lot of upgrades for each truck • Dynamic day&night • Many different trailer options with different weightsandsizes • Frequent updates add new content and vehicles •Differentcontrol options (buttons, tilt, sliders or steering wheel)• Manualand automatic gearbox options • Realistic physics •Different roadtypes • Massive open world without loading screens •Realisticengine sounds • Lively AI traffic system
🌲⚙️ Sawmill 🚚 Truck Driver Simulator 3D 1.2
Feel the offroad sawmill atmosphere! Try how to be a driver of atowtruck, logging truck and harvester, all of them in onesimulator!Get ready for challenging sawmill missions. Even if youcan't drivein real life, you can drive a truck in the SawmillDriver Simulator3D. Do various tasks and enjoy the sawmillatmosphere. Try to domen's job in the forest, race your truck andbe accurate! Theselogging guys don't like waiting for cargo. Use anavigation map tofind a destination point. Race and exploreoffroad terrains withmud, hills and other obstacles. Drive like aprofessional tow truck,logging truck and harvester truck driverwith our simulator.Features of Sawmill Driver Simulator 3D: - Manyinteresting missions- Powerful sawmill trucks - Offroad terrainsimulator - Differentdrive controllers - Forest locations - Great3D graphics - Sawmillsounds It is not easy simulator. Learn how tosaw and drive in anysituations. Do you like cargo games andoffroad terrains as much aswe do? So, it is time to try ourSawmill Driver Simulator 3D. Raceto feel the power of sawmilltrucks. Drive without roads, climbhills, fight with forest. Agreat simulator for real men! Jump tothe cabin of a tow truck,logging truck or harvester and become aprofessional sawmilldriver! What will you do? Deal with differentoffroad vehicles; Sawtrees with forest harvester; Load and unloadtimber truck withlogs; Drive your cargo to the sawmill; Tow othertrucks from mud;Explore the forest roads; Test the power of bigtrucks with thesimulator: Forest Harvester - Drive the truck andsaw big trees.Logging Truck - Drive fast and carefully and neverlose your cargoin the big forest. Tow Truck - Rescue big trucksfrom mud with yourevacuator. Saw trees and find safe roads todeliver your timbercargo. Fight with rough terrain. Test the powerof truck and deepinto the sawmill atmosphere. It is not easysimulator! Try to driveas fast as you can and don't lose yourtimber cargo. Feel like areal sawmill worker! Deal with your timbercargo and be accurate,other workers need logs. Test your drivingskills with thesimulator. Complete interesting missions and enjoythe offroadatmosphere. Try our Sawmill Driver Simulator 3D. Meetwith the realsawmill work!
Euro Truck Transport Sim 2017 1.12
The game give you chance to prove your skills as cargo truckdriverand become a transporter. The have especially designed 3Dtruckerpath which gives you the most extreme thrill while playinggame. Inthe game you have to drive your euro truck from one spot tothegiven parking spot as shown by pointing arrow. You havefuriousracing against time on tricky and bumpy roads but be verycarefulfor the goods in your trolley not to let them fall as someportionof the path have some real hurdles. It will be very horribleifyour truck fall from the hilly track. At the end of each levelyouwill earn money with this money you can buy new trucks whichwillbe more powerful and gives you better preforms.Mainers arewaitingfor their goods to be deliver in time and safety lets acceptthechallenge and show them who realtransporter.Feature:===========◆Awesome 3D environment ◆ Multiplechoice for trucks◆ 3 euro trucks◆Heavy trucks◆ Hilly environment◆Rich textures◆ Multiple choice fortrucks◆ Multiple camera view ◆Realistic sounds ◆ Realchallenges◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆
Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) 3.1
Ovidiu Pop
Play the new Truck SimulatorUSA: Driver lets you become a real trucker! FeaturingEuropeantrucks with lots of customizations, this truck simulatordelivers anexciting driving experience that will make you feellike drivingreal trucks. Travel across many countries from Europe,visitincredible places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Parisand more!Play the career mode of this truck simulator, make money,purchasenew trucks and upgrades, explore the trucking world!Challenge yourfriends with the online multiplayer mode, show offyour customizedtruck! Become the King of The Road by playing EuroTruck Driver! NewMultiplayer System! Features: • 12 European truckbrands (4x2 and6x4 Axles) • More than 20 realistic cities • Driveacross countryroads, highways and offroads • Easy controls (tilt,buttons or touchsteering wheel) • Realistic weather conditions andday/night cycle •Visual damage on trucks • Detailed interiors foreach truck brand •Amazing engine sounds • Improved AI trafficsystem • OnlineMultiplayer with Servers or Convoy mode •Achievements andLeaderboards • Request new trucks or features onour Social Pages! •Controller Support, play with your Gamepad! Tryit on AndroidTV!
Glad Games
Truck Driver Games is the best speed truck simulator game. Inthistruck driving game, there are different tasks and multiplelevelsof transportation with different goods. Tighten your seatbelts andtake your trucks into the streets of city. Your mission istotransport cargo from start to your destination, but you have tobecareful so you don't lose it while driving on extremelydangerousmountain roads. But you should also pay attention to theruggedmountain road, to ensure that the goods will not be damaged.Eachlevel of truck driving is more challenging and more excitingthanthe previous one! Get to test your driving skill in a bigopenworld, full of different locations, treacherous roads,travelacross the road network, visit the beautiful cities. On theway totransport you will experience the beautiful scenery, feel therealclimate and real truck simulator. It's time to become arealtrucker! This truck simulator delivers amazing truckdrivingexperience with lots of challenging levels, upgrade yourtrucks andcustomize them. Become the king of the offloads andtransport allthe cargo in time. Are you ready for realistic andexciting drivingexperience ? Game features : - Free to Play! -Realistic physicsand high quality graphics. - Traffic cars system.- Amazing 3DEnvironment - Simple and intuitive Truck drivingcontrols -Different trucks to drive. - Real trucks simulator. -Dangerousroads. - Fun Unlimited - Real time Multiplayer mode comingsoon.Download "Truck Driver Games" fast paced game-play withsuperbsounds and vivid graphics for your android phone and tablet.Comeand play the most exciting truck simulator.
Garbage 2.0
Clean up the city and make your home healthy and beautiful.Sitbehind the wheel of a heavy garbage truck and drive around thecitykeeping things fresh. If you are a fan of driving massivegarbagetransporter truck here is an amazing opportunity for you tohelp inthe process.Test your driving skills. Can you can handle ajumbo4x4 garbage truck? Your task is to collect the garbage fromthestreets and take it to the recycling plant. It is a chance foryouto rid your city of awful trash and do good, plus you get todrivea gigantic truck!Handle the truck with care! Don’t bump intostuff,you're better than that!Sit behind the wheel of a realisticgarbagetruck of your choosing.Garbage Truck Driver 3D featuresinclude:•Stunning 3D graphics• Realistic city environments• Garbagetruckswith amazing controls• Exciting trash collecting anddumpingmissions• Multiple camera views
com.gmstdiostrtrck.truckdriving3droadspeddd 4.2
speed roads 3d game. this game is a truck simulator game onroads.your goal is to put in the truck without dropping the load totheend point you to deliver within the time stipulated. - realtrucksimulator. - high quality graphics - realistic drivingpleasurehave fun..
City Car Cargo Truck Transport 1.0
City Car Cargo Truck Transport: truck simulator gamesGet readyforthe game of heavy vehicle modern transporter games. Your vehicleinthe extra-large trailer cargo cars is started to go to theirgivendestination. Car loading over truck games with multiplecarriermissions. Once the cars are driving inside the cargo truckthen youwill have to drive your truck and drop them on theirdestination.You have to show your perfect driving skills to managethe heavytruck. You have a transporter truck and multiple cars todrive.Challenge yourself to become an expert 3d driver ofthisheavyweight duty car transport trailer truck. Manage andcontrol ahuge monster car transporter truck and trailer carryjourney intothe city and highways for delivery cars. Vehicle roadis awesomebut congested area with challenges environments enhanceits morefeatures. Successfully complete the mission of cartransportingtrailer game and be the professional cargo truckdriver.In thissimulation city car cargo truck transport game youfeel that youare driving transporter trailer in real life. Drivecargo trailercarrying huge loads of cars is very difficult task.You will enjoythe features of all other transport games likeshipment truckgames, heavy truck load driving games all in one inthis drive eurocar transportation wonderful brand new car carriertruck drivinggames. Big jumbo truck transporter 2017 simulationgives youenjoyment cargo trucker in a classic simulation games. Youare theowner and driver of the transport trailer. Drive carefullywhileturning sharp turns. Enhance your driving skills anddrivecarefully put away from parking vehicles and trafficviolations.You should be crazy because you are not only driving ahuge dumpbut it contains expensive and luxurious sports cars .Yourduty isto transport Mmx hill climb truck safely. Time is too shortsodrive cargo truck free fast on complicated roads to delivercargoin time.The automobile trailer game also includesexcellentbuilding work station and market. The car transportertrailer truck3d simulation will test your driving and parkingskills. The truckdriving simulation is real and addictive is a lotof fun to play.Several different camera views are available in thismulti storybus transport 3d game you can change the polaroid viewby justpressing on the camera button. Control your truck with therace andbrake pedal buttons on the bottom right corner. Brakebutton isalso used to reverse the truck. Don’t over speed of yourpowerengine vehicle because it may cause a dangerous accident ordamagedthe building material. The level of this car transportingtruck2017 3D game is fantastic, fun and crazy. City Car CargoTruckTransport: truck simulator games Feature:• HD and relatedgraphic.•Realistic city environment• Trailers trucks drivingexperience.•Explore the city road environment• User friendlycontrols• Smoothgame play• Awesome Engine on/off sounds.
com.zact.offroad.truck.simulator 1.07
Mud Truck Driver : Real Truck Simulator 2018 says Welcome toalllet's discover the unseen adventure and thrill in jungletruckdriving game. With the most powerful vehicles in this mudtruckingsimulator you can have the most wanted action and fun allin oneplace. Mega truck game is best 4x4 truck drives that make youcrazywith its game environment and the obstacles that you mustface.Drive offroad trucks to see the crazy gaming experience whichyouhave never seen before! The trucker sim is cargotransportationgame for FREE for real gamers. You need to pick upthe cargo usingtrailer and loads it into the driving simulator. Butbeing a cargotransporter is not an easy task to accomplish as thisdrivingsimulator the 3d game has come up with the new challengesand tasksthat makes you addict. The euro truck needs an experttruck driversim who is known for his truck driving skills. This isyourlifetime chance to explore your hidden talent. Being a fanofsimulation games, find truck game like extreme 3d trucker.freelogging truck is excellent vehicle to transport heavy 3dcargoacross the world. The simulator truck 3d is known for itsgiganticappearance and reliable transportation purposes. The supertruck isdream truck for the heavy driving games fanatics. Thetrucktransport introduces the extremely dangerous andchallenginglocation to transport luggage and other stuff. There ismuddyterrain as well as the off-road tracks for truck drivingserves.Explore off-road where you find the curvy paths to drive thegrandsuper cargo truck sim 19. Take care of your log truck becausethelogging truck can be damaged with the muddy paths on the way.Youmust safely transport the army cargo to its destination.Theoffroad hilly truck drive is one of best driving games forfree.The big cargo truck is best for truck games with heavy cargo.So,buckle up yourself because you need to play up to mark to wineachlevel in track game. In every level of this new cargo truckmuddriving game you will find the chain of adventurous events. Asyouplay 4x4 off-road truck over some of the wild landscapes whereyouneed off road driving in mud plus many impossible tracks. Solet’splay truck driving and drive the legendary euro 3d trucks. Howtoplay: We are proudly presenting this mountain track game whosegameplay and game environment is tremendous. The uphill climb trucknewfree games for mud lovers. Just select your favorite luxurytruckfrom the biggest collection of amazingly designed vehicles. Inthisall terrain truck game, you need to transport the cargo.Drivemodern trailers and load the cargo. Complete each levelbydefeating all the hurdles in a specified time. So, withoutanydelay go to play store and download this new 4x4 Game. MudTruckDriver : Real Truck Simulator 2018 Features: 1. 3d amazinggameenvironment and real game play 2. Real truck simulatorwitnessedever 3. Smooth steering control and hydraulic brakes infree cargotruck sim 4. All-terrain vehicles like trailers, trucksetc 5.Awesome collection of mud trucks 6. Let multiple camera viewshelpyou to drive free truck simulator 3d 1.01
Be a truck driver and transport goods earn money in this truckgame.Get a driving experience of most popular 18-wheeler truck onOffRoadtracks with realistic truck driving. Become the boss of thetruckersby driving on impossible tracks. Prove your cargo truckdrivingskills in this truck simulator. Deliver goods on heavytruck onvarious OffRoad hill stations locations. So hold thesteering anddrive truck on hilly mountains tracks with realisticcockpit truckdriving. Stunning environment of this fast truck gamewill enhanceyour truck driving and truck parking skill. Hold truckstaring anddrive it through different obstacles and checkpoints asbest truckdriver. Be like a skillful truck driver to handle allbig trucks andother cargo truck drive smoothly. This trucksimulator willdefinitely enhance your excitement level like allpopular trailergames and cargo transport games. So, why are youwaiting for! Justdownload this truck game and enjoy your starewith truck driving.Tips for cargo drive truck simulator. Luxury18-wheeler realistictrucks 15 hill stations locations Naturalmountain tracks Realisticcontrols (tilt, buttons or touch steeringwheel)) Different weatherconditions Truck interiors for arealistic drive Realistic trucksounds Realistic traffic system
Truck Simulator : 2018 Euro Truck Cargo Simulator 1.0
Truck Simulator : 2018 Euro Truck Cargo Simulator is anewlydesigned off road truck 3D game. Drive heavy duty truckandtransport cargo to the destination on mountain area in thebigtruck game. The game features multiple trucks to drive as theuserprime responsibility is to deliver goods at variouslocationswithin the map the user will transport goods to the cityandmultiple other location offroad. Travel across many countriesfromEurope, visit incredible places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid,Rome,Paris and more! Play the career mode of this truck simulator,makemoney. Use will either pick or drop goods from thededicatedlocation within the city. Feel like a real Trucker anddeliverheavy packages loaded in your Euro truck. Operate big truckstodeliver packages. The user will then take these goods uphillwhereuser has to drive the Big Truck through narrow roads. Drivetheeuro truck simulator to the defined destination and deliverthegoods carefully. These roads have sharp and curvy turnsthatrequires extra care and ultimate driving skills from the user.Showyour best truck driving skills and drive your favorite heavytruckon different city, villages and mountain uphill tracks. Themainobjective of the user is to transport goods in time withoutlettingthese goods have any damage whatsoever. Visit the hillymountainsas well as euro beaches on the truck and deliver the cargotodestination. Drive carefully through rugged terrains as thetruckis heavy and if it loses its balance the truck will bedifficult tocontrol. Drive this off-road cargo giant truck quick,follow thegame watch and reach the destination within time. Theoffroadtracks have bumpy roads so user must be extra careful. Usethe 8x8and 6x6 transmission uphill as the truck needs to climb uphill.Take the load with the heavy truck and take it to variousplacesthat are port, train station, mountain roads, airportetc.Following are some amazing features:🚚 Realistic Graphics inthissky track game.🚚 Best ever sound track with multiple soundeffects(SFX).🚚 Variety of Visual Effects (VFX).🚚 Variety ofanimations andmultiple guidelines.🚚 Instrument cluster withspeedometer.🚚 HighDefinition (HD) Display.🚚 Impossible track todrive.🚚 AccurateCargo Truck Driving Simulation.🚚 Amazing Physicsbehind Cargo Truckdrive.🚚 Best ever lighting during the gameplay.🚚No In AppPurchases.🚚 Free to Download.🚚 Multiple Truck HillClimbChallenges.🚚 City Traffic in Rush Hour.🚚 Best ever Trucks andCarsto compete with.