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Imamia Jantri 2018 Offline 1.3
This beautiful religious app has been designed especially forthosewho are far from the areas where there is availability ofsuchbooks. This app contains "Most Read Shia Book" that is ShiaJantrialso called Imamia Jantri. This app let you to have fastestaccessto the most commonly used Imamia jantri. With this jantri youcanread your horoscope for whole year (2018).The prominent featuresofthis app are:- user friendly- eye catching layout- pageindexingfor navigation- zoom in / zoom out - easily shareable withfriendsand family.Let this app installed on your mobile phones andto haveone click access to Imamia jantri.Give us your feedbackthroughrating and commenting if you find it useful.Also Pray for myfatherthat may ALLAH grant him with high rank in jannat.
lu.pragma.editus 11.3.1 the user-friendly, interactive &intuitiveapplication by the leader for local searches inLuxembourg. All theprivate and business contacts on yoursmartphone/tablet. Whereveryou are, find the best contacts near youwho can meet your needs,whatever they are. With the editus.luapplication, look for ahairdresser or any other local business. Youcan also book arestaurant at any time, directly via theapplication. way to simplify your day! As a bonus,you can check the weatherin Luxembourg, read your daily horoscope,check the traffic on themotorways in the Grand Duchy live andaccess practical guides and adedicated voucher space. A PRACTICALWORLD A rapid search interfaceFind business contacts and thecontact details of privateindividuals in Luxembourg from the homepage via a unique searchengine. To facilitate and guide your mobilesearches, Editus.luoffers you smart search suggestions as soon asyou enter a request.The business you’re looking for, nearest towhere you are View yourposition using the GPS function on yoursmartphone/tablet andsituate the businesses close by. This functionis activatedautomatically, but you can deactivate it at any time.You can alsosearch for businesses close to your favourite places(configureyour favourite places in advance on yoursmartphone/tablet: “home”and “work”) Contact information Checkwhether the business you’researching for is open on the day of yoursearch by accessing itsdetailed opening hours and contact itdirectly (call, e-mail,website or sharing). Search history There’sa history of your mostrecent searches available in the suggestioninterface, so you canrun your favourite searches with ease. You canalso delete yourhistory via the application settings. Addingaddresses You can saveany contact you find via the application inyour smartphone/tabletaddress book, using the “add address”function, which automaticallycopies the company logo, name,telephone number, owner’s name andaddress of the contact inquestion. Practical information Inaddition to the directory, youcan also easily check informationuseful for your day-to-day life: •Luxembourg weather forecast(configure it yourself for where youlive in Luxembourg) • Yourdaily horoscope • Live trafficinformation (in Luxembourg) • Thelatest job offers in Luxembourg(in partnership with MooviJob) • A“practical guides” space thatgives you access to usefulinformation on a variety of themes • Adedicated voucher space withoffers from businesses listed Multilingual Choose yourlanguage for browsing in theapplication: French, German,Luxembourgish or English.
Learn Power BI 1.0.0
Power BI Tutorial# Contents:Power BI is a Data VisualizationandBusiness Intelligence tool that converts data from differentdatasources to interactive dashboards and BI reports. Power BIsuiteprovides multiple software, connector, and services - PowerBIdesktop, Power BI service based on Saas, and mobile Power BIappsavailable for different platforms. These set of services areusedby business users to consume data and build BI reports.Thistutorial covers all the important concepts in Power BI andprovidesa foundational understanding on how to use Power BI.#Features: +Very simple user interface+ Quick and easy navigation+Share foryour friends + Free appsGood lucky!
Crossword Solver King 3.26.00
FEATURES ★ Super fast search of over 280,000 built-in words ★Findwords with missing letters ★ Solves anagrams and codewords★Powerful filters to refine your searches ★ Look up worddefinitionsCROSSWORDS Use ? (press space) to represent a missingletter, tryc????w??? to find clockwork and crossword ANAGRAMS Tryvegdances tofind scavenged, also finds smaller words such asseance. CODEWORDSTry ??112332 to find cassette and pallette, usethe filters toexclude letters you already have found. BLANK LETTERSUse + torepresent blank letters, enter scrabb++ to find crabbersandscrabbly. DEFINITIONS Hold a word to bring up a list of websitestolook for the word definition, alternatively just press thesearchicon next to a word. Also works with the free EnglishDictionaryOffline app. HINTS & TIPS Scroll through the tips forquickreminders of all the features. There is also an online userguideshowing you how to use the app to crack cryptic crosswords.
Lawyers Club India - Legal Query. Advocates/Vakil 3.1.1
Lawyersclubindia is an Interactive Platform for Legal & LawOfIndia, Law Information, Legal News, Lawyers, Advocates,Attorney,& Law Firms Of India, Legal Service Provider OfIndia,Advocates Of India, Lawyers Of India, Attorney Of India, LawFirmsOf India, Legal & Law Network Of Indian Lawyers,Advocates& Law Firms. Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Company Law,IPR Law,Litigation Support Android app features : Access almostallsections of Laywersclubindia via app Login/logout/SignupGetrealtime alerts Push notification for new replies Ask queryinForum Download files Logically designed tab Slide tochoosemodules. Site Search
Storybook Rhymes Volume 6 2.1.1
Introducing Let's Go To The Farm!Read and sing along withbaby’sfavorite Laugh & Learn™ characters! This interactiveappfeatures an interactive story for baby to enjoy withdynamiccharacters, engaging music, sung songs, animations and5games/activities!Features:• An interactive story: - Let's Go ToTheFarm!• 5 games/activities featuring: Animals, Peek-A-Boo,Shapes,Sounds and more!• Three modes of play that grow withbaby’sdevelopment: - Read & Sing – For the younger baby, thenarratorsings the story and any touch advances the content - Read&Play – For the older baby, the narrator reads the storyandinteractive touch points along the way that revealsadditionalanimated content. As baby advances the story, sung songswill play- Record & Play – Record your voice and save up to 3versionsof the story for baby to hear again and again!• Song button–Allows easy access to animated songs in a sequential playlistfromthe main menu. If a song is associated with a page in thestory,the song icon will appear on that page for parent and baby toviewbefore returning back to the story• Tap the screen to interactwithsurprise animations • Hear engaging music and sung songs foryourbaby• Personalized book plate for your babyCustomizableOptions:•Turn sound on/off• Turn background music on/off• Turnnarratorvoice on/off• Turn home button on/off• Auto Play -willautomatically “turn the page” to advance contentforbaby================================================================================Werecommendparent and child joint media engagement. See our MediaViewing Tipsat:
Ewe Bible - Daily Verse 1.8
Full features *Easy navigation *Sharing of Bible quotes *Dailyversenotification *Home screen widget for daily verse
IQRA School 3.4
IQRA App is for Interactive Learning IQRA App has IQRAcurriculumfrom Nur to 7th Std. Consisting of IQRA books, workbooks,activitybooks, model papers, solutions and IQRA digital bookswithanimation, audio and video content. The App also hasbriefintroduction of IQRA activities and other importantinformation. Wetrust inshaAllah this app will help students inunderstanding thecurriculum easily in play way method. With all thecontent at oneplace, it will be handy for parents and teachers foreasy referenceand use. IQRA App is Team IQRA's one more steptowards makingIQRA's interactive and informative curriculum. Manageby GlobalEducational Trust In Mumbai
Amharic Bible መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ - audio ከድምጽ ጋር - ኢትዮጵያ 7.8.1.hotfix4
Amharic bible with Audio and all necessary function for biblestudyand spiritual growth. FEATURES ✅ Search the Bible ✅ HighlightBibleverses with different colors ✅ Attach your notes to any Bibleversewith integrated Amharic keyboard ✅ Strong's Greek andHebrewlexicon with concordance ✅ Reading plans to study andfinishAmharic Bible in one year ✅ Easy to use navigation andappealinginterface for best experience of reading Holy Bible inAmharic. ✅Daily Bible verse ✅ Share bible verses through SMS,Facebook,Whatsapp or Messenger etc ✅ Offline Amharic Bible - Allbooks ofOld testament and New testament are available ✅ Learn thelife andministry of Jesus christ and other prophets and acts withwelldesigned interface. This Amharic bible is prepared with GreatCareto give you the most correct and easy to use Bible app. we hopyouwill like it. MORE BIBLE FEATURES ❤ Daily Amharic Biblereadingplan added ❤ Chronological or Canonical and other short termplanslike Psalms, Proverbs and Gospel. ❤ make Amharic Bible verseimagewallpapers ❤ daily Amharic Bible verses ❤ Amharic Bible studytoolslike cross reference ❤ Amharic Bible comparison withothertranslations ❤ built in Amharic keyboard for search and notetaking❤ New Amharic bible themes ❤ Well designed and fast interfaceforbest bible reading experience. ❤ Better search with multiwordquery and ability to change search bible either Amhara bibleorother translation. Download most loved Amharic Bible for freeandstudy the bible. Share the word of God in Amharic or anyotherbible translation available for download. Truly made with loveforEthiopian Christian people to grow spiritually and dig deep intoword of God in Amharic. God bless you all please sharethiswonderful Holy Bible in Amharic. እግዚአብሔር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ።
Ekhtilajat Interpreter 4.4.4
Ekhtilajat is the interpreter science of manyconvulsions(involuntary shake in human body and ear tinnitus),explore andinterpret your Ekhtilajat by interactive images whichwill simplifygetting the results.You can interpret you ear tinnituswhich isvery common symptom for the humanity, it's not necessary tobe akind of disease, you can try and share your interpreted storywithus.Note: You can participate translating this app toanyunsupported language, kindly visit the settings screenofEkhtilajat app to know more.
Kristoni Metai (Bodo) 4
Mantu Boro
"Kristoni Metai" is a Christian song book in Bodo language usedinthe church..All the hymns in the application are collectedfrom"Kristoni Boro Mwtai Bijap". It is a light weight applicationwitha simple and easy navigation system, So that every userscannavigate to the song in a fastest way Keyword: "kristoniborometai" "kristoni boro methai" "kristoni metai" Kristonimetai(Bodo) Bodo Bible Gwthar Baibel(Bodo) Boroni Rwjabnai BijabBodoDictionary Kristoni Metai(Bodo) Bodo Bible(Multi)
Istanbul Metro Guide and Subway Route Planner 1.0.19
The Istanbul Metro Guide and Subway Route Planner is the quickandeasy way to navigate your way into and around the city usingthesubway service. Key features: - Accurate and up-to-date subwaymaps- Quick and convenient route planer with travel time anddistanceinformation - Exact trip cost calculator - Find the nearestsubwaystation to you using the Augmented Reality function -Usefulinformation about routes, prices and payment options -Worksoffline.
Barbarians: The Invasion Compendium 1.1
Evonove SRL
The Official Barbarians: The Invasion Compendium from TabulaGames.Included in the free companion app:* OSTThe first board gamewithan OST! Listen to the Original Sound Track for thisgame,exclusively crafted by talented composer Federico Pedini tocarryyou through your plays! You can listen to it as a looping 20minutebackground music, or select specific tracks to make certainparts,like the war, even more barbaric!* Interactive andsearchableRulebookWith the digitalized Rulebook you can look up anyterm orkeyword you may be interested in, to quickly disperse anydoubtduring your play without having to reach out for the papermanualand slowing down the game.* Digital ArtbookEnjoy adigitalizedversion of our artbook, with a selection of the finestworks byIvan Cavini and lore details about the world of Barbarians:TheInvasion.
Holy Bible Offline (Tamil) 1.0
Moses F
This Tami Bible application is leads you to the Word of God.Throughits attractive features it increases your interest inreading theWord of God thus drawing you closer to Him, TheAlmighty. Thefeatures are as follows ★ The right and light swipehelps you moveacross the scripture chapter by chapter. ★Navigation to aparticular verse are made possible by selecting theparticular book,particular chapter, and the particular versethrough the iconpresent in the bottom right corner enclosed in ared circle.Version1.0.0 » Initial version. ★ A reader can alsoaccess or get to thepreviously read chapter through the continueoption. ★ Bookmark isone of the most highlighted features that canbe done with the helpof the bookmark option. A verse can bebookmarked in a single touch.The bookmarked verse can be savedfolder wise. Renaming of foldersis possible. ★ A bookmarked versecan be further added to favorites.★ The whole chapter can beviewed when a bookmarked or favoriteverse is revisited. ★ Theapplication helps you get the GodsBlessing Words through the DailyVerse plan. ★ The applicationencourages you to draw your friendsand families closer to God byallowing sharing of the bible versesthrough social sites in asingle touch. ★ In order to make readingeasy and comfortable thefont size of the text can be increased ordecreased through thesetting option provided in the top rightcorner.
GeaCron History Maps 2.1
Interactive Historical World Atlas since 3000 BC Have you evertriedto identify the historical facts which weresimultaneouslyhappening, in any part of the globe, during a certainperiod oftime? If you try, you will see the enormous difficulty itconveys.In order to provide a solution to this issue and ease thestudy ofhistory, we started years ago the creation of a system torepresentthe historical events and the geopolitical maps of anyregion orcountry in the world. The system ables you to position inanygeographical area, both with a background map or relief map,zoom,navigate in time and search. Languages: English, Español,Français,Português, 简体中文, Italiano, Deutsch.
PZX Triangle 1.4
This is a first of its kind Mob App on Principles of Navigation.Itcovers 15 hours of classroom explanation by way of 34 sec movieandexplanation. There two chapters a) The Universe, b) TheCelestialSphere with several subtopics associated with a movie.Itis anattempt for beginners to be able to imagine and understandtheexplanation of PZX triangle which is so vital for understandingthePrinciples of Navigation (PON). In spite of the movieandExplanation our attempt has been to reduce the size ofapplicationto as minimum as possible.We are also working onPrinciples ofNavigation with around 11 Chapters. There will beseveral 3D moviesassociated with the explanation in this Mob Appfor PON. We arealso working on many more subjects for NavigatorsandEngineersThere are several animation features provided byAndroidand iOS which are now available for our programmers touse.We lookfor forward to your valuable Reviews and Ratings. Youcan alsocontact us directly by email.
Making plans and navigating the JCK Las Vegas 2018 isfasterandeasier with the official mobile app. Sponsored by Simplex,the2018JCK Las Vegas app puts all the information you need fortheshowright at your fingertips. Quick access to:- Full exhibitorlistforJCK, LUXURY and JIS Exchange- Interactive map- Showandexhibitorevent schedule- Important show info- My Show planner
Physical cosmology 8.4.2
The appendix contains a description of physical cosmology.Theapplication includes a handy search.
Maritime Dictionary 1.8.2
This dictionary is based on information connected with thesea,especially in relation to seaborne trade or naval matters. Thisappwill work as a great pocket resource for Maritime termsanddefinitions. Main Features: -> Thousand of maritimerelatedentries with definition and abbreviation includingShipping,Meteorological, Ship Chartering, Freight Forwarders,ShippingAgents, Tanker Terminologies, Yachting, Sailing, SeaNavigation,Maritime Law, Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding &OffshoreDefinitions. -> Browse from listing or use searchfeature ->Modern Material Design -> Simple and User Friendly->Favorite/Bookmark - where you can add words to your favoritelistby a single click -> History Feature - each word you everviewedis stored in history -> Change App font and text size->Powerful search system. With the amplified search, find anytermand/or definitions, examples and antonyms using differentcriteria.-> Big text option to improve readability Maritime areveryhelpful for Seafarers and this app contains complete list ofwordslike a dictionary. With its clear definitions and carefullychosenup-to-date vocabulary from all areas of Shipping,Meteorological,Ship Chartering, Freight Forwarders, ShippingAgents, TankerTerminologies, Yachting, Sailing, Sea Navigation,Maritime Law,Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding & Offshore,MaritimeDictionary will meet your everyday needs and will make yourtripsmore comfortable and fun.
Boroni Rwjabnai Bijab 6
Mantu Boro
"Boroni Rwjabnai Bijab " is a Christian song book in Bodolanguageused in the Church. All the hymns in the application arecollectedfrom "Boroni Rwjabnai Bijab". Its a light weightapplication with asimple and easy navigation system, So that everyusers can navigateto the song in a fastest way. Keyword: "boro""bodo" Bodo BibleGwthar Baibel(Bodo) Boroni Rwjabnai Bijab BodoDictionary KristoniMetai(Bodo) Bodo Bible(Multi)
Rabindranath Tagore 4.5
Rabindranath Tagore was a great humanist, painter, patriot,poet,playwright, novelist, storyteller, philosopher, andeducationist.As a cultural ambassador of India, he gave voice tothe country andbecame an instrument in spreading the knowledge ofIndian culturearound the world. India's first Nobel laureate,Tagore won the 1913Nobel Prize for Literature. He composed thenational anthems ofboth India and Bangladesh. Now all of his Poems,Stories, Novels,Plays, Songs, Essays and other writings areavailable as an AndroidApp. You can easily Find and Read anyliterature of RabindranathTagore in anywhere using this app and itdoes not require aninternet connection. You can also mark yourfavourite items andorganised them. Features of this app: ★ Works inOffline ★ AdvancedSearch ★ Bookmark your favourite items ★ ModernMaterial Design ★Font Size ★ Dark and Light Mode *** If you findany problem orerror please inform us quickly using the feedbackoption.
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240Program. The NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) Mobilemobileapplication provides US Navy personnel and other users withaone-stop overview of the NAVSEA organization, focusing primarilyonour 33 installations and activities located across 16states.Whether you’re a visitor or an employee who is alreadyfamiliarwith an installation, the NAVSEA Mobile app will help youbetterunderstand each NAVSEA facility and the services andamenitiesavailable on site and within the surrounding community.The NAVSEAMobile application provides information and detailed mapsthat helpusers get to an installation, navigate within theinstallation, andmore easily locate the right building, parking andother serviceson site. This app is also able to open the mapapplication on theuser’s mobile device to locate local amenities,such as hotels,restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. Theapp even includesa local news feed from the NAVSEA public site toprovide users withuseful information. The NAVSEA Mobile app isdivided into thefollowing sections for ease of use: • News. Thissection provides alive feed from the NAVSEA public site. •Commander’s Intent. Thissection features a message from the NAVSEAcommander about NAVSEApriorities. • Who We Are. This section is anoverview of NAVSEA’stop leadership, activities and programs. •Installations &Directory. This section lists NAVSEA’s WarfareCenters, shipyards,SUPSHIPS and PEOs, providing maps andinformation about each siteand its amenities, such as parking,buildings and services. •Resources. This section provides printablemaps, FAQs and otherhelpful information • Contact. This sectionoffers contactinformation for NAVSEA Headquarters and publicaffairs offices. •Emergency. This section provides emergency phonenumbers and usefullinks. Naval Sea Systems Command is the largestof the Navy's fivesystem commands, responsible for engineering,building, buying andmaintaining the Navy's ships, submarines andcombat systems. With aforce of 73,000 personnel and an annualbudget of roughly $30billion, NAVSEA accounts for one-quarter ofthe Navy's entirebudget. The NAVSEA Mobile mobile app is meant toassist Navypersonnel and contractors in finding and navigatinginstallationsand activities located across the US. The app iscomprehensive,easy to use and offers public content only --noauthentication/authorization required. Download yours today!
Apache Spark Tutorial 1.5
Apache Spark is a lightning-fast cluster computing designed forfastcomputation. It was built on top of Hadoop MapReduce and itextendsthe MapReduce model to efficiently use more types ofcomputationswhich includes Interactive Queries and StreamProcessing. This is abrief tutorial that explains the basics ofSpark Coreprogramming.This tutorial has been prepared forprofessionalsaspiring to learn the basics of Big Data Analyticsusing SparkFramework and become a Spark Developer. In addition, itwould beuseful for Analytics Professionals and ETL developers aswell.Beforeyou start proceeding with this tutorial, we assume thatyou haveprior exposure to Scala programming, database concepts,and any ofthe Linux operating system flavors.
Learn Tableau Full 2.0.0
Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool for visually analysingthedata. Users can create and distribute interactive andshareabledashboards which depict the trends, variations and densityof thedata in form of graphs and charts. Tableau can connect tofiles,relational and Big data sources to acquire and process data.Thesoftware allows data blending and real time collaboration,whichmakes it very unique. It is used by businesses,academicresearchers and many governments to do visual dataanalysis. It isalso positioned as a leader Business Intelligenceand AnalyticsPlatform in Gartner Magic Quadrant.This Learn TableauApp isdesigned for all those readers who want to create, read,write, andmodify Business Intelligence Reports using Tableau. Inaddition, itwill also be quite useful for those readers who wouldlike tobecome a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.Before proceedingwith thistutorial, you should have a basic understanding ofComputerProgramming terminologies and Data analysis. You shouldalso havesome knowledge on various types of graphs and charts.Familiaritywith SQL will help you learn it very fast.
English To Tamil Dictionary 1.5
English To Tamil Dictionary is a standard android app thatfulfillall the needs that are required for an English To TamilDictionary.This Application solve all the problems that occurredwhen an usertry to find out the meaning of English Words forTamilWords.Standard Features :-1.) Easy to use.2.) Very interactiveuserinterface.3.) More than 60,000 Words.
NASPA Mobile App 2.3
Guidebook Inc
The NASPA Mobile App is a single download that gives you accesstoGuides for almost every one of our events. Easily create yourownschedule within the app, check out future sessions, learnaboutspeakers, and navigate your way with interactive maps. Andbecausethis single app houses every Guide, there's no need todownload anew app for each conference you attend!
iShia Books 2.5.4
iShia Project
iShia Books is comprehensive E-Book reader containing around 5000-for now - reference and general Shia books and thosefrequentlyreferenced by Shia researchers.Arabic and Farsi (Persian)books arecurrently supported and English support is planned.We'llbe addingnew books and updating current books to the library whichisprovided by extra featuresareplanned that will be released in the nearfuture.Features:-Designed for Android 2.2+ supporting Arabic &Farsi.-Multilingual Interface. Arabic and Farsi are available rightnowand English will be available in the future releases.-DownloadManagement: books are downloaded as soon as being browsedor usercan batch download them at will.- Book list by category,title,author, publisher or source, with the ability to filterthelanguage of displayed book (Arabic/Farsi/English).-Searchesmultiple fields in book list.- Book navigation throughTOC.- Viewbook pages in a simple and useable fashion, and navigateeasily.-Shows indexes provided by "Qadatona Content Search Engine"inline,and quick transfer to to show thesearchresult for the selected keyword in other Shia sites.-Navigate tocross references in footnotes.- Online Full Text Search(on theserver) which is very fast and no need to dowload books inorder tosearch them.
Chattahoochee Valley Libraries 1.3
The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries is an seven-branch systemthatserves more than 250,000 people in four counties,Muscogee,Chattahoochee, Marion and Stewart. The Library system isthe mostwidely used cultural institution in the region, with morethan120,000 residents holding Library Cards. The ChattahoocheeValleyLibraries is owned and operated by the Muscogee CountySchoolSystem, but has its own board of directors, with themembersappointed by the School District Board. With the CVLGA app,youcan... - View all our locations and get turn-by-turn directions-See upcoming events - Browse our catalog of titles - Downloadbooksand music - See our recommendations - And so much more...
de.stodt.voegeleergoplus 1.3.0
stodt GmbH
The operation system that sets the standard The moretechnologiesintegrated in a machine, the more important theoperating concept.Only when users can quickly identify andergonomically operate allfunctions do they feel they haveeverything under control – andcontractors can be certain that everystep is carried outcorrectly. The “Dash 3” generation of VÖGELEroad pavers uses asolution called ErgoPlus 3, which has acquired anexcellentreputation on job sites all over the world, and for goodreason:the innovative operating system focuses on the operator,withoutany compromises.
Minsk Guide 4.5.9-release
Alex Nalivko
Public transportation in Minsk solved! Minsk Guide is aninteractivemap with a full support of city transport. It willcalculate thefastest route to any area of the city and tell youwhen the busarrives. Forget the frustration - Minsk Guide willhelp you navigatethe city easy and reliably. - Interactivemap of Minsk- Bestroute calculated in a single click- Full offlinesearch: stops,addresses, routes, and venues from Foursquare!-Favorites- Dailyautomatic updates of the schedule. Full match withthe official datafrom Minsktrans.
Nautical Dictionary offline 1.6
Dictionary of Naval and Maritime terms andabbreviationsNauticaldictionary offline freeThe dictionary isEnglish covers terms andabbreviations that are used in maritimeprofessions such as theNavy and Maritime Companies, Navigation andInformatics,Communications and other related sectors.+ Containsmore than 10000terms and abbreviations.+ The Nautical dictionarywith morecomplete Naval terms free+ A Maritime Glossary to helpyouunderstand all the concepts about the maritime world+ We willbeconstantly updating new water terms+ It allows you to shareanyconcept on your friends by means of watsap sms  Do notwaitany longer and download the app that will make your outfit atsea
de.vrsinfo 5.1.0
The VRS-HandyTicket makes using buses and trains more convenient.Nosmall change. No queuing. For single tickets there is even 10%discount compared to the ticket machine price. Just getyoursmartphone out and go! This app makes it even more convenient.Youcan plan your trips easily. With connection search,real-timetimetables and interactive route plan. You can also seecar sharingand rental bikes at your location. FEATURES • SEARCHEnter originand destination - get the best connections. Withfavourites andchoice of stopover and means of transport. • TICKETSThe correcttariff information for every connection - with directlink to theVRS-HandyTicket. Starting January 1th, 2019 there is a5% discounton all tickets - and 10% on all single tickets.Available tickets:- Single tickets, 24h tickets,VRS-AnschlussTickets - Weeklytickets, Monthly tickets,Formel9Tickets - Bicycle tickets, 1stclass surcharge tickets,various special tickets • „HERE & NOW“All stops and departuretimes in the vicinity of your location at atap - of course alsowith map display • INTERACTIVE LINE MAP Theentire rail network ofthe region at a glance - with interactivecontrol, selection ofdeparture times as well as origin, via anddestination stops.Detailed information on each stop is alsoavailable. • STOP PLACESLots of detailed information on every stopin the VRS area.Departure monitor, locations of P+R and B+R,current availability ofescalators and elevators or the availablerental bikes are just fourof many types of available information.More information:
Dalail ul Khairat Arambagh 2.0.3
Tech 92
App provides ability to read Dalail ul Khairat Shareef withfriendlyinterface. The Dalail ul Khairat Application includesfollowingfeatures: • Simple and user-friendly interface. • Read inbeautifuland distinguished Arabic style. • Download and ManageTranslations(Urdu, English and Swahili) • Have goto page option. •Have table ofcontents list. • Multi Language support(English,Swahili, Urdu,Arabic) • Ability to set every day reminder forrecitation. • Haveresume capability, to get where you left. • Havetoday feature, noneed to select day from list. • Ability to shareapp with others.It's an interactive application with aneye-catching interface. Giveus your reliable Feedback andsuggestions.
Mixer – Interactive Streaming 4.8.0
With the new Mixer app, you can do more than just watch — youcantake part in the action! Direct game choices, place objects,selectsounds and much more. Join now to experience the future oflive,interactive streaming for games like: Minecraft, the TelltaleCrowdPlay series (Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft Story ModeSeason2, Batman & The Walking Dead) Killing Floor 2, Death’sDoor,Hello Neighbor, & more! • Participate in your favoritestreamsby influencing or changing the streamer’s gameplay •Interact andchat with less than a second of latency. That’s FasterThan Light(FTL) technology. • Customize your content by followingto findwhat you want faster Mixer is more than just a streaming app– it’sa streaming community. We want to hear from you about whatyou wantto see in the app. Give us any feedback you have onTwitter@WatchMixer or at
ATD Events 5.6
ATIV Software
Keep up to date on the happenings and events at the AmericanSocietyof Training & Development with the ATD Events App.Access theinteractive event programs. Features include: • Nativeapp: No wificonnection required to access the conference program,schedule oranimated maps. • Now: Stay informed about hot issues,programchanges, your upcoming sessions, Twitter feeds andorganizermessages. • Contact Sharing: Easily share contact cardinformationvia QR or Bump technology. • Program: Browse the entireeventprogram to build your personal schedule, take notes, sharewithintegrated social net-working and more. • Session materials:Accesssession handouts and slides. Take notes and email them aspart ofyour trip report for reference. Current Events included:ASTD 2012(ASTD2012), ALC 2012 (ALC2012), TechKnowledge 2013(TK2013)ATD,ASTD,Events,ativ,eventpilot,conference app
Complete English Grammar Rules 1.5.5
The most comprehensive English grammar app, from thelanguageexperts at the hugely popular * 100%ad-freeand offline.* 175+ grammar lessons and quizzes included.Nothingelse to buy!Don't waste your time with "free trial" appsthatrequire hundreds of in-app purchases. Get all the rules ofproperEnglish grammar, explained in simple terms, all in oneapp.OnlyComplete English Grammar Rules gives you: * Thousands ofreal-lifeexample sentences.* Common grammar mistakes.*Importantexceptions.* 175+ interactive grammar quizzes designed tohelp youremember the most important information.Whether you're abeginneror an expert, there is always something new to learn. WithCompleteEnglish Grammar Rules, you'll be able to: * Quickly masterbasicEnglish grammar and learn more advanced topics along theway.*Easily identify the different types of nouns, verbs, and alltheparts of speech, including pronouns, adverbs,adjectives,prepositions, and more.* Master verb tenses, evenirregular verbsand exceptions. * Learn every type of sentence.*Avoid embarrassinggrammar errors. * Immediately put your grammarknowledge intoaction! Become a more effective communicator andwriter at work, inschool, and in everyday conversation.Finally, youcan get all theanswers to your grammar questions in oneuser-friendly app.How dowe do it? - Farlexapps have been downloadedtens of millions times across multipleplatforms, with top ratingsafter hundreds of thousands of userreviews. We work with the bestpublishers to bring together trustedcontent in the mostcomprehensive, authoritative reference apps onthe market. Ourflagship app is The Free Dictionary (TFD). Find ourother apps bysearching "Dictionary by Farlex" in Google Play.
All By Myself - Little Critter 2.40
Join Little Critter in this interactive book app as he shows usallthe things he can do by himself! Explore pictures, learnnewvocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read!Fromtying his shoes to pouring his own juice, find out howLittleCritter doesn't do everything perfectly, but he always makesaneffort to do the best he can! Explore All By Myself -LittleCritter: - ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlightednarration -FOLLOW along with three fun ways to read! - LEARN newvocabularywith tappable words - TAP objects to hear their name readaloudPlay a find-the-creature mini game! Can you can spot everycreaturethroughout the story? Tap to tally them up! Designed forchildrenages2-5------------------------------------------------------------------------We'dLove To Hear From You! - Please share your thoughts in areview!Your experience matters to us. - Need tech support? Contactusat - Say hello to usonFB! Official MercerMayerlicensed app: 1.6.10+121
When, how and where… qando Salzburg can tell you
. Themobileservice from Salzburg AG – Salzburger Lokalbahnen.
Usingreal-timeinformation and an integrated route-planner,incorporatingdisruption information as well as network maps andpoints ofinterest (POI); qando utilises the most up-to-datemobilityinformation to give travellers the best possible companionfor onthe go.

With qando Salzburg you will always know exactlywhen andwhere the next vehicle departs. It allows you to optimiseyourroutes and limits the time you spend waiting at bus stops andforconnections. Qando Salzburg combines information about all modesofpublic transport in Salzburg. With just a few clicks you knowhow,where and when. Contacts from the address book of your devicecanbe used for route requests

More information about how to usetheapp can be found in the tutorial („options“ on the main menu).
Cruise Guide for Marlborough 2.5.0
This interactive cruising guide provides detailed localknowledgeabout the hidden gems that the Marlborough Sounds has tooffer.Plan a weekend trip or discover more about the bays aroundyou.Learn about the available water-side facilities and the hazardstolook out for. Offline maps and detailed nautical charts allowyouto browse the moorings and safe anchorages while out on thewater,with guidance on safe boating and up-to-date tideforecasts.Information is constantly updated from a combination ofexperiencedlocal knowledge and the feedback our users provide fromwithin theapp. Features include: - Detailed information for mostbays, ports,anchorages and beaches - Downloadable maps and chartsfor offlineuse - Nautical charts, topographical maps and satelliteimagery -Tide time and height predictions for over 60 locations inandaround the Marlborough Sounds - Locations of club andprivatemoorings - Water-side facilities such as toilets, campinganddrinking water - Navigation warnings, hazards andsafetyinformation - Locations of boat ramps, jetties and water-skilanes- Information on travel, highlights, fishing and more NOTE:Thisapp is optimised for phone screen resolutions.
Flutter 1.0 1.0.5
Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDKcreatedby Google. It is used to develop applications for Androidand iOS,as well as being the primary method of creatingapplications forGoogle Fuchsia. Table of Content 1. Install 2. Setup an editor 3.Test drive 4. Write your first app 5. Learn moreFlutter for Androiddevs Flutter for iOS devs Flutter for ReactNative devs Flutter forweb devs Flutter for Xamarin.Forms devs ATour of the Dart LanguageA Tour of the Dart Libraries Sample appson GitHub Codelabs Sampleapp catalog (deprecated) Fade a Widget inand out Add a Drawer to ascreen Displaying SnackBars Exportingfonts from a package Updatingthe UI based on orientation UsingThemes to share colors and fontstyles Using custom fonts Workingwith Tabs Building a form withvalidation Create and style a textfield Focus on a Text FieldHandling changes to a text fieldRetrieve the value of a text fieldAdding Material Touch RipplesHandling Taps Implement Swipe toDismiss Display images from theinternet Fade in images with aplaceholder Working with cachedimages Basic List Create ahorizontal list Creating a Grid ListCreating lists with differenttypes of items Working with longlists Report errors to a serviceAnimating a Widget across screensNavigate to a new screen and backNavigate with named routes Returndata from a screen Send data to anew screen Fetch data from theinternet Making authenticatedrequests Parsing JSON in thebackground Working with WebSocketsReading and Writing FilesStoring key-value data on diskIntroduction to integration testingPerformance profiling withintegration tests Scrolling inintegration tests Introduction tounit testing Mock dependenciesusing Mockito Finding Widgets in aWidget Test Introduction toWidget testing Tapping, Dragging andEntering Text in Widget TestsIntroduction to Widgets Buildinglayouts Adding interactivityAssets and images Navigation androuting Introduction Animationsoverview Animations tutorial Heroanimations Staggered animationsSlivers Gestures Basics MaterialComponents Cupertino (iOS-stylewidgets) Layout Text Assets, Images,and Icons Input Animation andMotion Interaction Models StylingPainting and effects AsyncScrolling Accessibility State managementJSON and serializationFirebase Accessibility InternationalizationWritingplatform-specific code Using packages Developing packagesandplugins Background processes Android Studio / IntelliJVisualStudio Code Hot reload Code formatting Widget inspectorUpgradingArchive Debugging Using OEM debuggers Flutter's buildmodes TestingPerformance profiling Creating flavors for FlutterBuild andrelease for Android Build and release for iOS Continuousdeploymentwith fastlane Dart resources Inside Flutter TechnicaloverviewTechnical videos for learning Flutter FAQ Widget index
com.loudcrow.peterrabbit 2.4
★ Kirkus Top Book App of 2010 ★ ★ iPad Hall of Fame ★ ★Parents'Choice Gold Award ★ ★ Children's Technology Review Editor'sChoice★ ★ iTunes Rewind Top Interactive Storytelling App ★ ★ CTRBestApps for Kids 2010 ★ ★ Featured in the NY Times, Mashable, TheNewYorker, NPR, FOX, NPR, School Library Journal ★ Since itsrelease,PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit has been one of thebest-sellingbook apps and has quickly become an interactivesensationcaptivating children, parents, and educators from aroundthe world.★ "What makes Loud Crow’s version of Peter Rabbit soremarkable isthe care and ingenuity with which the company hasadapted theclassic Beatrix Potter tale to the touchscreen medium."- Mashable★ ”An amazing interactive experience!” – FOXNews ★ "LoudCrowInteractive hits one out of the park with their first app...oneofthe best children’s book adaptations we’ve seen.” – CommonSenseMedia ★ ”Elegant, easy to navigate and beautiful, it combinesthebest of print and digital.” – Kirkus Reviews ★ ”PopOut! takes ittoa new level with Beatrix Potter’s perennial childhood favourite.”–UR Magazine One of the most revolutionary digital booksevercreated has finally arrived for the Android market. PopOut!TheTale of Peter Rabbit is the first installment in thePopOut!™series of unique interactive digital books. Relive thisage-oldclassic tale of a mischievous rabbit's romp through agrumpyfarmer's field as pull-tabs, spin-wheels, andspring-mountedelements bring each of Beatrix Potter's wonderfuloriginalillustrations to life. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Abeautifulclassical piano soundtrack accompanies a charming vocalperformancemixed with the soothing sounds of birds, bonfires, andwindrustling through the fields. Explore every scene and discoverthemany delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips. Thisistruly an unforgettable experience you won't want to miss!Features:* Touch and drag objects to make them “spring” to life ortilt towatch them slide and move * Objects that literally PopOut!™of thepage to delight you and your family * Beautiful vocalperformance,music, and sound effects will immerse you in the story* "Read toMe" with word highlighting to help improve reading skills* Or readit yourself and hear individual words spoken with the tapof afinger * Over 50 pages of authentic text and illustrationswithrealistic page turning interactions just like theoriginalhardcover book Visit us: Like us:
com.discoverukraine.metro.beijing 1.0.15
The Beijing Subway Guide and Metro Route Planner is the quickandeasy way to navigate your way into and around the city usingthesubway service. Key features: - Accurate and up-to-date subwaymaps- Quick and convenient route planer with travel time anddistanceinformation - Exact trip cost calculator - Find the nearestsubwaystation to you using the Augmented Reality function -Usefulinformation about routes, prices and payment options -Worksoffline.
Storybook Rhymes Volume 1 2.8.0
Read and sing along to baby’s favorite nursery rhymes!Thisinteractive app encourages early learning with dynamiccharacters,engaging music, sung songs, animations and two greatclassicstories: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Itsy Bitsy Spider.Features:• Two classic nursery rhyme stories: - One, Two, Buckle MyShoe -Itsy Bitsy Spider • Two modes of play that grow withbaby’sdevelopment: - Sing to Me – For the younger baby, thenarratorsings the stories and any touch advances the content - Read&Learn – For the older baby, the narrator reads the stories andtheinteractive touch points reveal additional animated content •Tapthe screen to interact with surprise animations • Hearengagingmusic and sung songs for your baby • Personalized bookplate foryour baby Customizable Options: • Turn background musicon/off •Turn narrator voice on/off • Auto Play - will automatically“turnthe page” to advance content forbaby================================================================================Werecommend parent and child joint media engagement. See ourMediaViewing Tipsat: EndUserLicenseAgreement:
com.oceanhouse_media.bookohtheplaces_app 2.30
Oh, the places you'll go when you step inside this interactivebookapp! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow alongwiththree fun ways to read! Today is your day! What mountainswillyou move? Explore Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Dr. Seuss:-ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration - FOLLOWalongwith three fun ways to read! - LEARN new vocabulary withtappablewords - TAP objects to hear their name read aloud Designedforchildren ages 3-6 ------------------------------------------We'dLove To Hear From You! - Please share your thoughts in areview!Your experience matters to us. - Need tech support? Contactusat - Say hello to usonFB! Official Dr. SeusslicensedApp. Dr. Seuss Properties ™ & © 2011 Dr. SeussEnterprises,L.P. All rights reserved.
Bayan Quran 6.0.3
Next-Generation Interactive Quran App with WordDefinitions,Translations, Recitations, Library & More. BayanQuran is themost beautiful Quran you've ever seen on a mobiledevice. BayanQuran has been exclusively designed from the ground upespeciallyfor Android devices. The art in the app was customdesigned by someof the best Quran artists in the world. Paintedgreens, illuminatedgold ink, and beautiful paper give you anamazing experience.FEATURING: *QuranWords* (NEW) For the first timeever long tap onany word in the Quran to instantly access itstranslation, rootword, root word definition, grammar, andtransliteration. Neverskip a word you don't know any more and learnnew words every timeyou read! *QuranLibrary* Tap on any Ayah Numberto access thelibrary panel and tap on the title of the current bookto choosefrom any of the available books in your library. Add anybooks youwant from the bookstore including Translations,Commentaries,Reasons of Revelation (asbab nuzul), and much more.(some of thiscoming soon). *Quran & Phonics Player* BeautifulQuran audioplayer that is easy to use and allows you to set therange ofverses and the number of repeats for each verse and for thewholeselection. Choose from 17 reciters to stream or download.Manageyour recitations and reciters within the app and playanywhere.MORE FEATURES: Custom Quran Art Vector Madina Mus'hafZooming UserAccounts Sync User Data Multiple Supported LanguagesActivityStream Gifts Prayer Times Qiblah Adhkar Notes Search (withrootword search) Page Bookmarks Ayah Bookmarks Notes &Bookmarks& Share Management Verse Highlighting Page Slider withcompletepage info Intuitive Navigation through Surah Name &Juz' NumberBookStore Instant Content on (Vese Ring & Word)TutorialSharing * The app will try to enhance your experience baseduponyour current location. ***About Bayan*** Bayan is a technologyandnew media company founded with the purpose to present and sharetheQuran, the Sacred book of Islam, in a manner relevant inthedigital age. Translations, commentaries, notes, audiorecitations,dictionaries, and more are all easily and instantlyaccessible. Bypresenting content with minimal friction, Bayan Quranenables youto experience the Quran like never before, fullyimmersive andcomprehensive. Our work is split into two main areas:1) Developingexcellent software and creative user interfaces thattake fulladvantage of modern day devices and technologies, and 2)Producingoriginal content that is uniquely suited to the medium andrelevantto our times.
The Supplier's Day 2018 app is the best way to keep youconnectedwith Navigator. It's simple and easy to use. Here you canfind allthe information you need for the 9th May 2018 event. Theagenda,the speakers and all the content you need to have aninnovativeexperience.
Trees of Britain 2.1
Identify and learn about the trees of Britain. All nativeandnaturalized species are covered, plus varieties andcultivarscommonly seen in public parks and gardens.Trees arelistedalphabetically and by Family. Each tree is presented withadescription, botanical data, key identificationpoints,cross-references to similar species, and a set ofclickablethumbnails showing various aspects of the species.There isaphotographic key to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter featurestohelp you to identify trees in the field, and you can testandimprove your knowledge with the interactivequiz!NatureBritainpledges a proportion of app revenues tosupporting woodlandconservation, education and research projects inthe UK.
A must-have app for library users! Easily borrow physicalitemsusing your mobile device, receive reminders, manage receiptsanddiscover new digital content all within the cloudLibraryapp!Extremely intuitive, all it takes is a library card to loginandget started! Designed for an enjoyable experience, userscanbenefit from many new features, depending on theirlibrary’ssubscription. - Easily accessible library card, whichconvenientlydisplays when you’re near the library - Switch accountswith easeand manage multiple library cards from one mobile device -Downloadand enjoy free eBooks and Audiobooks - Keep track of yourphysicaland digital library activity in one place - Receivehelpfulreceipts, due-date reminders and packable checklists -Visible pushnotifications alert when hold items are available -View upcominglibrary events and programs - Checkout print items atyour libraryusing your mobile device - Fun and loveablecustomizations includeThemes, Avatars and Nicknames For librariesthat have asubscription to offer eBooks and Audiobooks: - Customizeyourhomepage bookshelves to display your preferred genres -Simpleinterface makes browsing and saving titles a breeze -Filtercontent by format, availability and language to displayexactlywhat you are looking for - Mark titles as favorites or readto helpwith literary conversations with friends - Sync digitalcontentacross multiple devices to easily pick up where you left off- Viewcurrent books, full reading history, items on hold and savedtitlesin one place - Sort titles by name or author to easily findwhatyou’re looking for - Receive reading recommendations orviewadditional titles by author or series - Select font size,marginsand background colors to create your preferred readingexperience -Search eBooks for a particular phrase to get back tothat one spotyou wanted to reference - Bookmark pages and add notesif needed -Return titles early when you’re finished and makeavailable forother readers Elevate your library experience todaywith thecloudLibrary app!
Endless Numbers 1.4.0
As a follow-up to Endless Alphabet, set the stage for earlynumeracylearning with Endless Numbers! Kids will have a blastlearningnumber recognition, sequences, quantity, numericalpatterns, andsimple addition with the adorable Endless monsters.Each numberfeatures interactive sequences and equation puzzleswith numbersthat come alive, and a short animation that providescontext andmeaning to each number. Features: - 5 numbers are freeto try withnumbers in Number Packs available for purchase. -Delightfulanimations reinforce number recognition, quantity, andcounting. -Interactive number puzzles reinforce basic numeracyskills. -Endless Numbers was designed with your children in mind.There areno high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your childrencaninteract with the app at their own pace.