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Electrical Calculations 7.2.3
Electrical Calculations is the best app in the electrical sector,ithas many calculations that can help you in your work. It cannotmiss in your smartphone! Wire size Calculation of voltagedropCalculation of current Calculation of voltage Calculation ofactivepower Calculation of apparent power Calculation of reactivepowerCalculation of power factor Calculation of resistance Maximumwirelength Current carrying capacity of insulated conductorsCurrentcarrying capacity of bare conductors Conduit fill Sizingthecircuit breaker Operating current Reactance Impedance Powerfactorcorrection Power factor correction of transformer MV/LVCapacitorpower at different voltage Earthing system Short circuitcurrentShort-circuit current min (approximate method) Shortcircuitcurrent with transformer substation Conductor resistanceResistorcolor code Inductor color code Resistor colors from valueSMDresistor code Capacitor code Fuses Sum resistors SumcapacitorsResonant frequency Voltage divider Current divider Zenerdiode asvoltage stabiliser Resistance to reduce voltage Resistancefor ledBattery life Primary/Secondary winding of transformerAntennalength CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculator Temperaturesensors(PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…) Analog signal values JouleeffectFault current of strings Motor from three-phase tosingle-phaseCapacitor start motor single-phase Motor efficiencyMotor speedMotor slip Maximum torque Motor full-load currentDiagrams of thethree-phase motor (6 leads) Diagrams of thethree-phase motor (9leads) Diagrams of the three-phase motor (12leads) Δ-Y conversionPower conversion AWG/mm² conversion tableSection conversion Lengthconversion Voltage (Amplitude) conversionsin/cos/tan/φ conversionEnergy conversion Temperature conversionPressure conversion Ah -kWh conversion Gauss - Tesla conversion RPM- rad/s - m/sconversion Torque conversion Byte conversion Angleconversion Fusesapplication categories UL/CSA fuse class Trippingcurves Table ofcables reactance Table of resistivity andconductivity Table ofunitary voltage drop IP/IK/NEMA protectionclasses Applianceclasses CCTV resolutions Thermocouple colour codesand data ANSIstandard device numbers Electrical symbols Electricityaround theworld Plug and socket types IEC 60320 connectors Wiringcolor codesSI Prefixes Units of measurement Pipes dimensionsEthernet wiring(RJ-45) Pinout Ethernet with PoE RJ-11,14,25,48Pinout Scart PinoutUSB Pinout HDMI Pinout VGA Pinout DVI PinoutRS-232 Pinout FireWire(IEEE1394) Pinout Molex Pinout Sata PinoutApple Lightning PinoutApple Dock Connector Pinout PS/2 Fiber opticcolor code Pinout ledPinout Raspberry PI Pinout ISO 10487 (Caraudio) Pinout XLR(Audio/DMX) Pinout MIDI Pinout Thunderbolt PinoutSD Card PinoutSim Card Formulary App multilanguage: Arabic,Bulgarian, Catalan,Croatian, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch,English, French, Greek,Hebrew, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian,Macedonian, Magyar, Malay,Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian (Latin), Simplified Chinese,Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish,Traditional Chinese, Turkish,Ukrainian, Vietnamese. Fulltranslatorslist:'t use the Evaluation System for reporting bugs. Instead,pleasecontact me directly. ******************FAQ:
Electrodroid - electronics in your hand 4.7
ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection ofelectronicstools and references.  This is the free version,whichcontains ads; you can also buy from the Market the PRO versionofthe app to support the developer, unlock more features and getridof the ads.    The app includes:  • Resistorcolorcode decoder (3-6 bands);  • SMD Resistor Code; •Inductor color code decoder;  • Ohm’s law calculator; •Reactance/Resonance calculator;  • Voltage divider; •Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel;  • Capacitorchargecalculation;  • Operational amplifier;  • LEDresistorcalculator;  • Adjustable voltageregulator/LM317calculator;  • Heat dissipation;  •Battery Lifecalculator;  • Inductor design tool;  •Voltage Dropcalculator;  • PCB Trace Width calculator;  •SimpleFilters calculator;  • NE555 calculator;  •PowerCalculator;  • Decibel Converter;  •FrequencyConverter;  • Analog-Digital Converter;  •Y-ΔTransformation;  • Port pin-out (USB, Serial,Parallel,Ethernet, RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA,Display Port,FireWire, Jack, RCA, Audio DIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATXPower, PCperipheral connectors, EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Gameport,Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II,25-pairphone cable color code, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables,MIDIconnector, ISO connector for car audio, Arduinopin-outs);  •Resources (USB specification, Resistivity table,Table of standardresistors and capacitors, Capacitor marking codes,AWG and SWG Wiresize, Ampacity Table, Symbols and Abbreviations,Circuit SchematicSymbols, SI Units prefixes, Battery info, Booleanlogic gate andalgebra Theorems, 7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes,Batterieslist, Coin Batteries, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts,SwitchInformation, Decibel Table, PIC ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD PackageSize,Radio frequencies);  • Full support for EIA resistorseriesfor all calculators;  ...and more to come!   Theapp has also support for plugins to expand functionality oftheapplication (e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllersDatabase,simulators, parts search).    If you like theprogram,please rate it, and buy the full version to supportthedevelopment.  Electrodroid PROlink:  For FAQ and full change-log, visit  TheAndroid robot in the logo ismodified from work created and sharedby Google and used accordingto terms described in the CC BY 3.0License.
Electronics Engineering Calculators 3.0.4-free
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and many other resources it's a great reference bookforstudents and engineers. Check the full list of tools below...ManyThanks! Enjoy! Calculators: # Ohm's Law - Direct Current-Alternating Current # Resistors: - Colour Code - By Value -SMDResistors - Series & Parallel - Voltage Divider -CurrentDivider - Standard Values - SMD Marking Code # Inductors: -ColourCode - Standard Values - Series & Parallel - Reactance(Xl) -Resonance # Capacitors: - Standard Values - Series &Parallel -Reactance (Xc) - Resonance - Marking Code # RLCImpedance: - Series/ Parallel : RL, RC, LC, RLC # VoltageRegulator: - 78xx & 79xx- LM317 & LM337 - Pinout #Operational Amplifier - Inverting -Non Inverting - SummingInverting - Differential # IC-555 - Astable- Monostable - Frequency- Pinout # Delta-Star Conversion # Battery- Average Life Time -Capacity # Converters - Number Converter(Dec, Bin, Hex, Oct) -Temperature Converter (Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit) - ScientificNotation Converter - AWG & SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, PeakTo Peak, Rms) - Current Converter(Peak, Peak To Peak, Rms) - PowerConverter (Db To Watts) - Degrees- Radians - Hp - Kw - Bit - Byte #Wavelength - Frequency - Length# PCB Trace Resistance # StepperMotor # Antenna Power Density #Led Resistor Value # Transformers #Zener Diode - Voltage Divider -Selector - Models # AWG -Characteristics - Conversion - VoltageDrop - Table Wire Size -Table Amperage # Karnaugh Map # Filters -Passive : High Pass &Low Pass Full list of Pinouts: RaspberryPi / Arduino / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / Fiber / USB 1.X/2.0 / USB 3.X/ PDMI / Serial RS232 /Parallel Port / Firewire / ATX / EIDE / ATA/ SATA / Ps-2At / CarObd-Ii / Car Audio Iso / Car Trailer /Display Port / HDMI / DVI /Vesa / Scart / S-Video / VGA / Audio /RCA / Audio Din / Midi / XLR/ SD Card / SIM Card / LM7xxx / LM3xx/ IC555 / 7 Seg Display / LCDScreen / LED / Transistors Lists: #Resistivity (Materials) #Circuit Symbols # Radiowave Frequency #Abbreviations # Db Values #Ascii Table # Logic Gates # FusesCategories # AWG Wire Size # AWGAmperage # SWG Wire Size # ScreenResolutions # IEC 60320 #Resistors Standard Values # CapacitorsMarking Code # InternationalSystem Of Units Theory: # Basic TheoryAnd Formulas Guides: # BlockDiagrams # Circuit Diagrams #Electricity # Series And Parallel #Voltage And Current # Meters #Multimeter # Oscilloscope # AC / DC #Analog And Digital # PowerSupply
Electrical Calculator 3.1.4
Electrical Calculator This app is a gift for all Electrical/Electronics Engineering graduates and students. Now you don'tneedto remember all those complex formulas. This app contains alltheElectrical Engineering calculations and conversionsincludingVoltage, Current, Power, Efficiency,Resistor/Capacitor/Inductorcombinations, Resonant Frequency,Reactance, 4-Band, 5-Band and6-Band Resistor Colour Coding,Inductor Colour Coding, Delta/StarImpedance Conversion,Single/Three Phase Real/Reactive/ApparentPower, Peak/RmsConversion, Watts to Horsepower conversion, PowerFactorcalculations, Transformer Calculations, LightingCalculations andmany others. Simply enter the values and get theresults. Amps to kWcalculator Amps to kVA calculator Amps to VAcaluclator Amps tovolts calculator Amps to watts calculatorElectricity billcalculator Energy consumption calculator Energycost calculator eVto volts calculator Joules to watts calculatorJoules to voltscalculator kVA to amps calculator kVA to wattscalculator kVA to kWcalculator kVA to VA calculator kW to ampscalculator kW to voltscalculator kW to kWh calculator kW to VAcalculator kW to kVAcalculator kWh to kW calculator kWh to wattscalculator mAh to Whcalculator Ohm's Law calculator Powercalculator Power factorcalculator VA to amps calculator VA towatts calculator VA to kWcalculator VA to kVA calculator Voltagedivider calculator Voltagedrop calculator Volts to amps calculatorVolts to watts calculatorVolts to kW calculator Volts to joulescalculator Volts to eVcalculator Watts-volts-amps-ohms calculatorWatts to amps calculatorWatts to joules calculator Watts to kWhcalculator Watts to voltscalculator Watts to VA calculator Wattsto kVA calculator Wh to mAhcalculator Wire gauge calculatorelectrical formulas electriciancalculator electricians calculatorelectrical power calculatorelectrical load calculation electricalapps electrical loadcalculator electrical power formula appselectrical electrical powercalculation electrical calculations appelectrical cable calculatorelectrical formulas calculatorelectrical engineering calculatorelectrical calculation formulaelectrical estimating electricalestimating software electrical appall electrical formulaselectricity use calculator electrical wirecalculator electriciancalculator pro calculator for electricianselectrician calculatorselectric calculator online constructioncalculator power calculationformula electrical installationelectrical wiring formula forelectrical power electroniccalculator online electrical calculatorelectrical energycalculation electricians calculator appengineering calculatorelectrical wire size calculator electricalcable size calculatorelectrical engineering formulas electricalcalculations proelectrical wiring diagram electric load calculatorelectricalformulae power use calculator electrical energycalculatorconstruction calculator app calculating electrical loadloadcalculator electrical power formula electricityelectricalcalculation for cable sizes electric calc pro electricalestimatingapps important electrical formulas formula forelectricityelectrical amps calculator calculate electrical powerelectricityconsumption calculator calculation of electrical energycalculationof electrical power online construction calculatorformula forcalculating electrical power household electricitycalculator powerformula in electrical nec load calculationworksheet electric powercalculations This free app is anelectricity calculator, which isable to calculate the mostimportant electrical sizes. You cancalculate the Electrical Power,Electrical Resistance, ElectricalCharge, Electrical Work andElectrical Current. Best tool forschool and college! If you are astudent this app will help you tolearn electrical engineering,electronics, electromagnetism andphysics.
Electromechanical course 1
Developing yourself as a professional is now easy, you willlearntheoretical and practical fundamentals on all the areas thatmakeup a true electromechanical.1. Maintenance of IndustrialBoilers2.Pneumatic3. Automatism4. Refrigeration -Introduction -Recovery and Recycling - ManualValves - SelenoidValves - Cooling oil - CleaningProcedures -Refrigerants - Psychrometry5. Mechanics-Introduction toMechanics- Engine Fundamentals- Distribution system-Lubricationsystem- Refrigeration system- Power System- Ignitionsystem-Ignition Timing6. Electricity- Calculators of voltage drop,cabletype, cable number, Solargis, consumption calculation and muchmore...- Automation- Electrical Contactors- Color code- CalculationofLoads- Cable Gauge- Intelligent Systems- Ohm's law- HorusSmartHomes- History- What is Materia?- PDF Solar Panels- PDFElectricalCircuits- PDF Analysis of Circuits- Technicalmanual-Interpretation of plans- Electric charges- Electrostatics-CoulombAct- Kirchhoff Laws- Conductive Materials- InsulatingMaterials-Ways of Generation- Power Source- Solar energy- Windpower-Hydroelectric- Electrical Risks- Signage- Fireextinguishers-Electromagnetism- Grounding- Exothermic Welding-Symbology-Alternating current- Continuous Current- Electricalcircuit-Circuit Series- Parallel circuit- Single Switch- DoubleSwitch-Three Way Four Way- Definition of Intensity andVoltage-Capacitors- Capacitors and Capacitance- Generator-Multimeter-Ammeter- Photocell- Motion sensorSmart- Protection-Ballast- Motorconnection- Engine Configuration- Electric motors-Installedpotency- Servomotor- BTicino- Installations, Channels andManeuverand ProtectionSOLAR ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS- Types ofPhotovoltaicSolar Energy Systems- Solar Photocells- How does asolar panelwork- How Much Does Solar Energy Cost?- Differencebetween SolarPanel and Solar Cell- Light! No batteries, no fuel orsunlight-What You Need to Know About Solar Energy- Battery Life-Energysaving, solar power functions- Solar Water HeatersElectricityis aphysical phenomenon and is related to the attraction betweentwoparticles."The force of attraction between electrons andprotons"
Mobile electrician 4.2
This is a free version that contains advertising. You can buyGooglePlay the full version to support the developer and get ridofadvertising banners. The app includes: Ohm's law for DC Ohm'slawfor AC LC Resonance Y-Δ Transformation Electrical EnergyCurrentDensity Ideal transformer AC circuits Connection ofcapacitorsCapacitive reactance Run a 3 phase motor on a singlephaseCapacitive Voltage Divider Capacitor Charge / EnergyCalculatorConnection of resistors Voltage divider LED ResistorDecode thecolor bands resistors Encode the color bands resistorsWheatstoneBridge Calculator Decode alphanumeric value Encodealphanumericvalue Conductor Resistance Conductor length Conductorsize Voltagedrop Electrical resistivity and conductivity Maximumlength ofconductor Calculate Amps Calculate Power Calculate kVA (3Phase)Calculate Power Factor(3 Phase) Calculate efficiencyCalculate ofthe motor slip Calculate motor torque Individualcompensationthree-phase induction motors Calculate motor power forcentrifugalpump Calculate motor power for piston compressorCalculate motorpower for the fan Three-Phase Motor VoltageUnbalance Three-PhaseMotor Current Unbalance Allowable ampacitiesfor wire(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE) Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Motorprotection(PUE) Maximum circuit conductorlength(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Maximum circuit ampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Conduit FillCalculator(NEC) Minimum levels of short-circuitcurrentShort-circuit current at the secondary terminals of aMV/LVdistribution transformer Calculate fuse Power of heatingelementHeating Element use Nichrome Leakage current Calculationsizing agenerator for your home IP Code Appliance classes Force ofanElectromagnet Electricity Cost Calculator Calculation ofelectricalloads applying demand factor UPS Battery size calculatorUPSBattery runtime calculator Conversion Wire sizesConversionVA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power CompensationConversioncos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ) AWG Conversions Conversion of unitsoftemperature Conversion distance Conversion units ofpressureConversion units of flow Conversion units of volumeConversionvoltage Conversion units of energy Conversion SIprefixesConversion Weight Time Units Conversion Power UnitsConversionCalculate number cables that fits in a pipe Cable ReelCapacityLength of cable on a reel Inductive reactance cableCalculate theweight of the metal in the cable Cable weight byformulas WiringColor Codes Length of a Hanging Cable Power lossesin cableSolitaire domino 15 Puzzle Print ScreenshotsMathematicalcalculator Percentage calculator Online and offlinehandbook Searchin the handbook, help, Wikipedia, Google Save theresult of somecalculation in HTML format, and then view and send.For eachcalculation is given a separate help Viewing informationaboutinput fields Dark and light themes application. If you liketheapplication, please rate it.
All joking aside, this time you will understand howelectroniccircuits work. "I stumbled upon some serious gold""This app takes design to a whole new level ofinteractivity" -Design News Build any circuit, tap play button, andwatch dynamicvoltage, current, and charge animations. This givesyou insightinto circuit operation like no equation does. Whilesimulation isrunning, adjust circuit parameters with analog knob,and thecircuit responds to your actions in real time. You canevengenerate an arbitrary input signal with your finger!That'sinteractivity and innovation you can't find in best SPICEtools forPC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice (trademarksbelong totheir respective owners). EveryCircuit is not just an eyecandy.Under the hood it packs custom-built simulation engineoptimizedfor interactive mobile use, serious numerical methods,andrealistic device models. In short, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff'scurrentand voltage laws, nonlinear semiconductor device equations,and allthe good stuff is there. Growing library of components givesyoufreedom to design any analog or digital circuit from asimplevoltage divider to transistor-level masterpiece. Schematiceditorfeatures automatic wire routing, and minimalistic userinterface.No nonsense, less tapping, more productivity.Simplicity,innovation, and power, combined with mobility, makeEveryCircuit amust-have companion for high school science andphysics students,electrical engineering college students,breadboard and printedcircuit board (PCB) enthusiasts, and hamradio hobbyists. Create anaccount to unlock the full functionalityfor a limited time. Thefull version will employ all of yourimagination, and all thescreen area of your tablet. JoinEveryCircuit cloud community tostore your circuits on cloud, accessthem from any of your devices,explore public community circuits andshare your own designs. Theapp requires a permission to access youraccount for authenticationin EveryCircuit community. Thanks toProf. N. Maghari for technicaldiscussions, feedback, and help withdesigning circuit examples.Features: + Growing public library ofcommunity circuits +Animations of voltage waveforms and currentflows + Animations ofcapacitor charges + Analog control knobadjusts circuit parameters+ Automatic wire routing + Oscilloscope +Seamless DC and transientsimulation + Single play/pause buttoncontrols simulation + Savingand loading of circuit schematic +Mobile simulation engine builtfrom ground-up + Shake the phone tokick-start oscillators +Intuitive user interface + No AdsComponents: + Sources, signalgenerators + Controlled sources, VCVS,VCCS, CCVS, CCCS +Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers +Voltmeter,amperemeter, ohmmeter + DC motor + Potentiometer, lamp +Switches,SPST, SPDT + Push buttons, NO, NC + Diodes, Zener diodes,lightemitting diodes (LED) + MOS transistors (MOSFET) + Bipolarjunctiontransistors (BJT) + Ideal operational amplifier (opamp) +Digitallogic gates, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR + Relay +555 timer+ Counter + 7-segment display and decoder Next: + MorecomponentsIf you like it, please rate, review, and buy!
Automotive mechanic 30
Learn the best, interactive course of mechanics.100%Explanatoryvideos with real exercises.Some CONTENTS:- IntroductiontoMechanics- Engine Operation- Distribution system-Lubricationsystem- Refrigeration system- Power System- Ignitionsystem-Ignition Timing- Virtual Workshop- How to do Tuning in yourcar,many manuals for many tuning things- Blog Mechanics-MechanicalChat- REPAIR ALTERNATORS- Much more.New content isupdated everyweek.
Circuit Jam
Meet Circuit Jam, an amazing new puzzle game from creatorsofEveryCircuit. We’ve gamified circuit learning, making is superfun,challenging, and rewarding. Packed with sophisticated graphicsandsimulation technologies, this app makes electroniccircuitsremarkably interactive and approachable. There are over 100puzzlesthat will take you for a fun and exciting ride. No... nogettingdeep into formulas or equations... just cool circuit gamesthattake you from the very basic to keep-you-up-all-nighters. Youwilllearn about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance anddeclarevictory each time you win! ★ Challenge yourself with over100puzzles ★ Discover 10 essential circuit components ★ Checkyourhomework answers ★ Invent your own circuits in sandbox ★ Getreadyto smile as you learn The objective is to build circuitsthatgenerate electronic signals of some shape. You will get tomakeconnections, set component values, and operate switches tosolvethe puzzles. Circuit Jam will also teach you how to add anddividevoltages and currents, work out equivalent resistanceandcapacitance, and use Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's laws. Asyoucomplete puzzles, new sandbox components are unlocked. Sandboxmodelets you build any circuit you can imagine out ofunlockedcomponents. With sandbox you can simulate examples inclass,animate textbook circuits, understand how they work, andcheckhomework answers. Or maybe you'll just have a brilliant ideaandinvent a new circuit. Five exciting puzzle collectionsareincluded, and the first one is FREE! Essential components canbeunlocked by solving puzzles: • Resistor • Capacitor • Lamp•Switches • Voltage source • Current source • Voltmeter•Amperemeter • Ohmmeter
Basic Electrical Engineering 6.2
The app is a complete free handbook of Basic ElectricalEngineeringwhich covers important topics, notes, materials, news& blogson the course. Download the App as a reference material&digital book for electrical engineering programs &degreecourses. This useful App lists 100 topics with detailednotes,diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, thetopics arelisted in 5 chapters. The app is must have for all theengineeringscience students & professionals. The app providesquickrevision and reference to the important topics like adetailedflash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for thestudent ora professional to cover the course syllabus quicklybefore an examsor interview for jobs. Track your learning, setreminders, edit thestudy material, add favourite topics, share thetopics on socialmedia. You can also blog about engineeringtechnology, innovation,engineering startups, college research work,institute updates,Informative links on course materials &education programs fromyour smartphone or tablet or at this useful engineering app asyour tutorial, digital book, areference guide for syllabus, coursematerial, project work,sharing your views on the blog. Some of thetopics Covered in theapp are:1. Introduction of electricalengineering2. Voltage andcurrent3. Electric Potential and Voltage4.Conductors andInsulators5. Conventional versus electron flow6.Ohm's Law7.Kirchoff's Voltage Law (KVL)8. Kirchoff's Current Law(KCL)9.Polarity of voltage drops10. Branch current method11. Meshcurrentmethod12. Introduction to network theorems13. Thevenin'sTheorem14.Norton's Theorem15. Maximum Power Transfer Source Transformation18. voltage andcurrentsources19. loop and nodal methods of analysis20. UnilateralandBilateral elements21. Active and passive elements22.alternatingcurrent (AC)23. AC Waveforms24. The Average andEffective Value ofan AC Waveform25. RMS Value of an AC Waveform26.Generation ofSinusoidal (AC) Voltage Waveform27. Concept ofPhasor28. PhaseDifference29. The Cosine Waveform30. Representationof SinusoidalSignal by a Phasor31. Phasor representation of VoltageandCurrent32. AC inductor circuits33. Seriesresistor-inductorcircuits: Impedance34. Inductor quirks35. Reviewof Resistance,Reactance, and Impedance36. Series R, L, and C37.Parallel R, L,and C38. Series-parallel R, L, and C39. SusceptanceandAdmittance40. Simple parallel (tank circuit) resonance41.Simpleseries resonance42. Power in AC Circuits43. Power Factor44.PowerFactor Correction45. Quality Factor and Bandwidth of aResonantCircuit46. Generation of Three-phase BalancedVoltages47.Three-Phase, Four-Wire System48. Wye and deltaconfigurations49.Distinction between line and phase voltages, andline and phasecurrents50. Power in balanced three-phase circuits51.Phaserotation52. Three-phase Y and Delta configurations53.Measurementof Power in Three phase circuit54. Introduction ofmeasuringinstruments55. Various forces/torques required inmeasuringinstruments56. General Theory Permanent Magnet Moving Coil(PMMC)Instruments57. Working Principles of PMMC58. Amulti-rangeammeters59. Multi-range voltmeter60. Basic principleoperation ofMoving-iron Instruments61. Construction ofMoving-ironInstruments62. Shunts and Multipliers for MIinstruments63.Dynamometer type Wattmeter64. Introduction to PowerSystem65. POWERTRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION66. Magnetic Circuit67.B-HCharacteristics68. Analysis of Series magnetic circuit69.Analysisof series-parallel magnetic circuitEach topic is completewithdiagrams, equations and other forms of graphicalrepresentationsfor better learning and quick understanding.Electrical engineeringis part of engineering education courses andtechnology degreeprograms of various universities.
Basic Electronics Question & Answers 7.0
ap developers
Basic Electronics Q&A provides you various Question &Answerfor electronics & its components. Electronics includesvarioustopics like tools & components of electronics, numbersystem,boolean algebra, electric circuits etc.Basic ElectronicsQ&Aalso contains fundamental concepts like Voltage,Current,Resistance, semiconductor, capacitor, Ohms Law etc. Anyelectricianor student of electronics can use our app forreference.Topicswhich included in Electronics Q&A app :-ElectronicsComponents- Electronics Tools- Voltage- Current- OhmsLaw- Diode-Basic Electronics Question And Answers- Semiconductors –PNJunction- Resistors- Capacitors- Special Purpose Diode-Rectifier-Electronic Meters- Number Systems And Code- Logic GatesAnd BooleanAlgebra- Logic Circuits- Power Electronics- Series andParallelCircuits- Difference Between AC and DC Currents-ElectrostaticForce- Static Electricity- Electric Fields- Battery& Types ofBatteries and Applications- Solar Panel- KirchhoffsLaws forcurrent and voltageElectronics Q&A app is useful forstudent,electrician, engineering field, electrical field ,professionalsetc. We frequently update our app with new topics ofquestion &answers. If you really like the Basic ElectronicsQuestion &Answers app kindle give us good feedback.
Electrical Symbols 5.1.3
Electrical Symbols Electrical symbols are used to representvariouselectrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram ofanelectrical or electronic circuit. Electrical student andlearnercan be known about all Electrical symbols with descriptionusingthis apps See Symbols Of -Electrical Wire -Connected Wires-NotConnected Wires -SPST Toggle Switch -SPDT Toggle Switch-PushbuttonSwitch (N.O) -Pushbutton Switch (N.C) -DIP Switch -SPSTRelay -SPDTRelay -Jumper -Solder Bridge -Earth Ground -ChassisGround -Digital/ Common Ground -Resistor (IEEE) -Resistor (IEC)-Potentiometer(IEEE) -Potentiometer (IEC) -Variable ResislorlRheostat (IEEE)-Variable Resislorl Rheostat (IEC) -Trimmer Resistor-Thermistor-Photoresistor I Light dependent resistor (LDR)-Capacitor-Capacitor -Polarized Capacitor -Polarized Capacitor-VariableCapacitor -Inductor -Iron Core Inductor -Variable Inductor-VoltageSource -Current Source -AC Voltage Souroe -Generator-Battery Cell-Battery -Controlled Voltage Souroe -ControlledCurrent Source-Voltmeter -Ammeter -Onmmeter -Wattmeter -Lamp Ilight bulb -Lamp Ilight bulb -Lamp I light bulb -Diode -Zener Diode-Schottky Diode-Varactorl Varicap Diode -Tunnel Diode -LightEmitting Diode (LED)-Photodiode -NPN Bipolar Tmnsistor -PNP BipolarTmnsistor-Darlington Tmnsistor -JFET-N Tmnsistor -JFET-P Tmnsistor-NMOSTmnsistor -PMOS Tmnsistor -Motor -Tmnsformer -Electric bell-Buzzer-Fuse -Bus -Optoooupler I Opto-isolator -Loudspeaker-Microphone-Operational Amplifier -Schmitt Trigger-Analog-to-digital mnverler(ADC) -Digital-to-Analog oonverler (DAG)-Crystal Oscillator-Antenna I aerial -Antenna I aerial -DipoleAntenna -NOT Gate(Inverter) -AND Gate -NAND Gate -OR Gate -NOR Gate-XOR Gate -DFlip-Flop -Multiplexer / Mux 2 to 1 -Multiplexer / Mux4 to 1-Demultiplexer / Demux 1 to 4 electrical drawing symbolselectronicsymbols electrical diagram electrical schematic symbolselectricalwiring symbols electrical circuit diagram electricaldiagramsymbols electronics symbols electrical circuit symbolselectricitysymbols schematic symbols schematic diagram electricalsigns andsymbols electrical schematic electronic schematicsymbolselectrical engineering symbols standard electrical symbolselectriccircuit symbols wiring diagram symbols electroniccomponentssymbols all electrical symbols electrical schematicdiagramelectronic circuit symbols industrial electrical symbolswiringsymbols electrical symbols dwg electrician symbolselectricalswitch symbols common electrical symbols electricalschematicdrawing circuit diagram symbols electrical componentssymbolsdomestic electrical symbols automotive electrical symbolssymbolelectrical electrical symbols pdf electrical symbol listelectricalcad symbols cad electrical symbols circuit breakersymbolelectrical symbols for drawings electricity signssymbolselectrical and electronic symbols electronic diagramsymbolselectrical wiring diagram symbols list of electricalsymbolselectronic components and their symbols differentelectricalsymbols pressure switch symbol electrical layout symbolselectroniccomponents list and symbols symbol for electricityelectricaldesign symbols ansi electrical symbols electronicssymbolelectrical print symbols schematic diagram symbolselectricalcomponents and symbols electrical block electricalsymbolsstandards architectural electrical symbols electronicdiagramelectrical drafting symbols electric signs and symbolssymbols forelectrical drawings level switch symbol electrical powersymbolelectronics components symbols electrical stencilselectricalsymbols cad electrical cad blocks electronic componentsand symbolselectronic schematics
Cours d’Electricité 2.3
Pour votre formation en Electricité, il est importantd’accéderfacilement et à tout moment aux meilleurs Coursd’Electricité.Cette application gratuite est une Bibliothèquedynamique alimentéepar les meilleurs sites éducatifs françaisspécialisés dans descours en Electricité. Les cours sur les thèmessuivants sontprésents dans notre application. - Electricitédébutant, générale,industrielle, automobile, batiment, collège,CAP, lycée, spérieur -Energie électrique - Technicien électricitéElectricity for yourtraining, it is important to easily and at anytime to the best ofElectricity Course. This free app is a dynamiclibrary suppliedwith the best educational websites specialize inFrench courses inElectricity. The courses on the following themesare present in ourapplication. - Beginner Power, general,industrial, automotive,building, college, CAP, high school,Superiore - Electric energy -Electricity Technician
Learn Electronics Basics 9.0
ap developers
Learn Electronics app teaches you basics idea about theelectronics& it's concept. Electricity is basically vastsubject & canbe defined as the set of physical phenomenaassociated with thepresence and flow of electric charge.Electronics includes varioustopics like current, volt, power,capacitor, conductor, resistance,resister, diode, triode, arduino ,firewire, mosfet, proteus,tesla, solar etc. Electronics alsoincludes instruments likemultimeter, ammeter, voltmeter,potentiometer etc. It is alsoessential to know about battery &it's types as aa, aaa,lithium, alkaline. In electric study, solarsystem is alsoimportant. Most of the electrician can use this appfor thereference. Important Topics Included : - Electricity&Electronics - Voltage - Electric Current - Electrical Charge-Electrical Field - Watts -Power - Resistance - Ohms Law -Capacitor- Diodes - LED - Multimeter - Voltmeter - Ammeter - solarsystem -solar panels - Types of solar panels - Arduino, Tesla(upcoming) -Firewire (upcoming) - Battery & it's types as aa,aaa, lithium,alkaline (upcoming) Electronics app is useful forstudent,electrician, engineering field, electrical field ,professionalsetc. We frequently update our app with new chapters.If you likethe Learn Electronics Basics app kindly give us goodfeedback.
Electronics Toolkit 1.7.1
Electronics Toolkit is a helpful app with dozens oftools,calculators and references made for electronic engineers,studentsand hobbyists. Calculators: • Resistor color codes -calculate theresistance of resistors by selecting the colors of thebands • SMDresistor codes - calculate the resistance of SMDresistors byentering the number • LED resistor calculator -calculate theneeded resistance to connect en LED to a power source• Parallelresistors - calculate the resistance of resistors inparallel •Voltage divider - calculate the output voltage of avoltage divider• Series resistors - calculate the resistance ofresistors inseries • Ohm's law - calculate the voltage, current ofresistanceby entering the other two • Capacitance calculator -calculate thecapacitance, voltage or charge by entering the othertwo • Batterydischarge - calculate the time it takes to discharge abattery •Inductor color codes - calculate the inductance ofinductors byselecting the colors of the bands • Parallel capacitors- calculatethe capacitance of capacitors in parallel • Seriescapacitors -calculate the capacitance of capacitors in series •Unit converter- unit converter for length, temperature, area,volume, weight,time, angle, power and base • Op-amp calculator -calculate theoutput voltage of non-inverting, inverting, summinganddifferential opamps • Wheatstone bridge - calculate theresistanceof one resistor in a balanced bridge or calculate theoutputvoltage • Inductor codes - calculate the inductance ofinductors byentering the number • Capacitor codes - calculate thecapacitanceof capacitors by entering the number • DAC and ADCcalculator -calculate the output of digital-analog andanalog-digitalconverters • Wavelength frequency calculator -calculate thefrequency or wavelength of a wave • SI prefixes -convert numberswith SI prefixes • Capacitor energy - calculate theenergy in ancapacitor • Slew rate calculator - calculate the slewrate • Stardelta transformation - calculate the resistors in a stardeltatransformation • Zener calculator - calculate the resistanceof theresistor and voltage of the zener • Air core inductorcalculator -calculate the inductance and wire length of an air coreinductor •555 timer calculator - calculate the frequency, period,duty cycle,high time and low time of a popular 555 timer circuit •Platecapacitor calculator - calculate the capacity of a platecapacitor• Resistance to color code calculator - calculate thecolors on theresistor by entering the resistance • LM317 -calculate the outputvoltage of an LM317 • Low pass filters • Wireresistance -calculate the resistance of electrical wire • RMSvoltage • Decibelcalculator •Reactance Tables: • Logic gates -truth table of the 7logic gates with interactive buttons •7-segment display -interactive display that you can change byclicking on one of thesegments or by clicking on a button to show ahexadecimal character• ASCII - decimal, hexadecimal, binary, octaland char ASCII table• Resistivity - table with the resistivity ofcommon metals at 293K• Arduino pinout • Pinout diagrams of 4000 and7400 series ICsOther: • Bluetooth - connect to a bluetooth modulelike the HC-05to talk with an arduino or other microcontroller withthe terminal,button and slider modes PERMISSIONS • read thecontents of your USBstorage && modify or delete thecontents of your USBstorage - used to save images of IC pinoutdiagrams • receive datafrom Internet && view networkconnections && fullnetwork access - used to load the ICdata list and to collectstatistics with Google Firebase • pair withBluetooth devices&& access Bluetooth settings - used toconnect withbluetooth devices • prevent device from sleeping -preventsbluetooth devices from disconnecting
Electrical Calculations 2.1.6
This app is a gift for all Electrical / ElectronicsEngineeringgraduates and students. Now you don't need to rememberall thosecomplex formulas. This app contains all the ElectricalEngineeringcalculations and conversions including Voltage, Current,Power,Efficiency, Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations,ResonantFrequency, Reactance, 4-Band, 5-Band and 6-Band ResistorColourCoding, Inductor Colour Coding, Delta/Star ImpedanceConversion,Single/Three Phase Active/Reactive/Apparent Power,Peak/RmsConversion, Watts to Horsepower conversion, PowerFactorcalculations, Transformer Calculations, LightingCalculations,Cable Calculations and many others. Simply enter thevalues and getthe results. Formulas used in these calculations arealsodisplayed. Features / Calculations: ---> 4 band, 5 band and6band resistor colour coding. ---> Inductor colourcoding.---> Resistance colour coding from given value. --->Seriesand parallel combinations of resistance, inductanceandcapacitance. ---> Ohm's law calculations (current,voltage,resistance and power). ---> Joule's law calculations.--->Single phase power calculations (active power, reactivepower,apparent power, voltage, current, power factor). ---> 3phasepower calculations (active power, reactive power, apparentpower,voltage, current, power factor). ---> DC powercalculation.---> Line to phase voltage/current conversion andvice versa.---> Delta to star impedance conversion and viceversa. --->Capacitive/inductive reactance calculation. --->Resonantfrequency calculation. ---> Resistivity calculation.--->Peak to RMS voltage/current conversion and vice versa.--->Efficiency calculation. ---> Transformer calculations(turnsratio, primary/secondary voltage, primary/secondarycurrent,primary/secondary turns). ---> CT and PT calculations.--->horsepower to watts conversion and vice versa. --->LightingCalculations (Lumens - Lux, Lumens - Watts, Lux - Watts,Lumens -Candela, Lux - Candela, Lux - Foot-Candle). --> CableSizeCalculator. Your feedback has helped us a lot in improving thisappand we further request you to give your valuable feedback sothatwe keep on improving. Thanks. Hassaan [email protected]
Electronics Engineering Calculators PRO 3.0.4-pro
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and many other resources it's a great reference bookforstudents and engineers. Check the full list of tools below...ManyThanks! Enjoy! Calculators: # Ohm's Law - Direct Current-Alternating Current # Resistors: - Colour Code - By Value -SMDResistors - Series & Parallel - Voltage Divider -CurrentDivider - Standard Values - SMD Marking Code # Inductors: -ColourCode - Standard Values - Series & Parallel - Reactance(Xl) -Resonance # Capacitors: - Standard Values - Series &Parallel -Reactance (Xc) - Resonance - Marking Code # RLCImpedance: - Series/ Parallel : RL, RC, LC, RLC # VoltageRegulator: - 78xx & 79xx- LM317 & LM337 - Pinout #Operational Amplifier - Inverting -Non Inverting - SummingInverting - Differential # IC-555 - Astable- Monostable - Frequency- Pinout # Delta-Star Conversion # Battery- Average Life Time -Capacity # Converters - Number Converter(Dec, Bin, Hex, Oct) -Temperature Converter (Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit) - ScientificNotation Converter - AWG & SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, PeakTo Peak, Rms) - Current Converter(Peak, Peak To Peak, Rms) - PowerConverter (Db To Watts) - Degrees- Radians - Hp - Kw - Bit - Byte #Wavelength - Frequency - Length# PCB Trace Resistance # StepperMotor # Antenna Power Density #Led Resistor Value # Transformers #Zener Diode - Voltage Divider -Selector - Models # AWG -Characteristics - Conversion - VoltageDrop - Table Wire Size -Table Amperage # Karnaugh Map # Filters -Passive : High Pass &Low Pass Full list of Pinouts: RaspberryPi / Arduino / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / Fiber / USB 1.X/2.0 / USB 3.X/ PDMI / Serial RS232 /Parallel Port / Firewire / ATX / EIDE / ATA/ SATA / Ps-2At / CarObd-Ii / Car Audio Iso / Car Trailer /Display Port / HDMI / DVI /Vesa / Scart / S-Video / VGA / Audio /RCA / Audio Din / Midi / XLR/ SD Card / SIM Card / LM7xxx / LM3xx/ IC555 / 7 Seg Display / LCDScreen / LED / Transistors Lists: #Resistivity (Materials) #Circuit Symbols # Radiowave Frequency #Abbreviations # Db Values #Ascii Table # Logic Gates # FusesCategories # AWG Wire Size # AWGAmperage # SWG Wire Size # ScreenResolutions # IEC 60320 #Resistors Standard Values # CapacitorsMarking Code # InternationalSystem Of Units Theory: # Basic TheoryAnd Formulas Guides: # BlockDiagrams # Circuit Diagrams #Electricity # Series And Parallel #Voltage And Current # Meters #Multimeter # Oscilloscope # AC / DC #Analog And Digital # PowerSupply
REBT Calculate Sections
Useful for electrical calculations for various typesApplication.-Design of sections according to REBT- Calculating thecapacity of acapacitor bank in an installation.- Low VoltageElectrotechnicalRegulation 2002 in PDF.- Ingress protection againstsolid andliquid according to your design- Calculate Voltage Dropsections-Equivalence Table telephones [PRO]- Tension Calculation-Intensitycalculation- Calculation of Resistance- Active PowerCalculation-Apparent Power Calculation [PRO]- Reactive PowerCalculation [PRO]-Calculation of Motor Revolutions- Joule Effect-Calculate Capacitor[PRO]- Calculation of voltage drop [PRO]- UnitConverter - Distance[PRO] - Power Capacity - Electrical Load -Intensity Electric -Electric Potential - Electric Conductance [PRO]- ElectricalResistance [PRO] - Inductance [PRO] - MagneticInduction - MagneticField - Magnetic Flux [PRO] - ForceManetomotriz [PRO]translations:- Spanish - English -PortugueseDescription:This application hasbeen developed tocalculate the cross section of the electricalconductors by voltagedrop (cdt) depending on the length and theconductor ampacity asdefined in the Regulation for Low Voltage(REBT).
NEMA Configuration Guide 1.4.0
Find the receptacle or plug configuration you need. Quicklyidentifyan unknown NEMA configuration. Just plug in what you knowand viewall matching results. Perfect for electricians andelectricalprofessionals in the field or at a jobsite. SummitElectric Supply’sNEMA Configuration Guide puts over 240 NEMAconfigurations at yourfingertips. This app helps you quickly andeasily identify yourdevice so you can move on with your project.Search by NEMAconfiguration number or enter known information suchas voltage,amperage or poles to filter for matches. Tap on an iconand viewdetailed specifications. Use the handy plug/receptaclescrossreference option to quickly find matchingconfigurations.Features:•Filter by specifications such asamperage, voltage rating, phase,wires, poles, grounding and more•Compare configurations by image•Quickly jump to the matchingplug/receptacle• Over 240 configurationillustrations• Search byNEMA number• View circuit wiring diagrams
Cable Size Calculator 1.03r
Cable size calculator developed by Power Plus Cable Co.L.L.C.,Fujairah, U.A.E., provides a quick and easy way to selectthesuitable sizes of cables required for electric circuits.Suitablefor electrical engineers, consultants, electricianscableinstallers and designers. The cable size calculator also givesthevoltage drop in the circuit. An essential tool for allElectricalEngineers working in the MEP industry. With this tool inhand,cumbersome calculations can be easily done within a veryshortperiod of time thereby engineers will be able to carry theirworkwherever they go and do it efficiently with just a fewclicks.Thisapplication works offline, and hence can be operated atsiteswithout need of network coverage.The unique cable sizingcalculatorgives you access to the wide range of cables offered byPower PlusCable Co. L.L.C., Fujairah, U.A.E.Features:-• Simple andEasy touse interface• Operates offline• Suitable for copper as wellasAluminium cables.• Output can be viewed and saved as pdffile•Result can be directly attached to email for sending• Suitableformobiles as well as tablets• Consumes very less system resources.
Electrical Calculations 5.0.0
Features : 1- public conversions - Weight,length,power,voltage,-electrical charge,numbers, - frequency and others conversions.2-lighting calculations. - Watt-lumen conversions. -Lux-Lumenconversions. - Watt-Lux conversions. - Candela-Luxconversions. -Candela-Lumen conversions. - Lux-FootCandelaconversions. - Colortemperature. - Types of lamps. - Lampsproperties. - Ballast typesand connections - Types of Ceiling. -Lamp color coding. - Efficacyof lamps. - Switches diagrams. - Roomindex calculator. -Utilisation factor calculator. - CIBSE lightingLUX levelrecommendation. 3-Power Calculations: - Average powerdemand ofbuildings. - power consumption table. - power factorcalculator. -Watt-VA calculator. - Amp-KWatt-KVA calculator. -Kwatt to ampcalculator. - Types of electrical loads. - Line-phasecurrentconversion. - DC efficiency calculator. 4-Power cables : -AWG/mm2conversions - Voltage drop calculator. - cable sizecalculator. -Temperature correction factor - Ground temperaturefactor - Soilcorrection factor - Thermal resistance correctionfactor - Cabledepth correction factor. - Cable distance correctionfactor. -Cable grouping correction factor. - Cable construction. -Voltagedrop for low voltage cables - PVC vs XLPE cables. -Selecting apower cable. - KA short circuit current -Copperconductor-PVCinsulated - KA short circuit current -Copperconductor-XLPEinsulated - KA short circuit current -Aluminiumconductor-PVCinsulated - KA short circuit current -Aluminiumconductor-PVCinsulated 5-Transformers: - Introduction. -Construction. - Coolingtypes. - Liquid vs dry transformers -Technical specifications. -Transformers calculations. 6-CCTV : -Surveillance. -Purpose-considerations,securing. - CCTVstrengths,limitations ansoperation. - system diagram. - DVR -Monitoring,Resolution andchips types. - CCTV lenses - LUX -Attachments. - CCTV lensescalculators More features are waiting foryou to explore . Feelfree to contact us ,to ask us and to provideus with features youneed and how do you like it look like .
Electric Toolkit - Home Wiring 1.9.2
Electric Toolkit is an easy to use collection of electricalwiringdiagrams, pinouts, electrical calculators and otherusefulreferences for home wiring projects. The Electric Toolkitincludes:*Seven different 3-way switch wiring diagrams*Basic lightswitchwiring diagrams*4-way switching wiring diagram*Multiple GFCIwiringdiagram*Wall outlet wiring diagram*Ampacity table fordeterminingproper wire gauge*AWG resistance table*Max number ofconductors inconduit table*Common wire size reference sheet*ServiceEntranceGround Size Requirements table (based on NEC 2008,Table250-66)*Grounding conductor size calculator (NEC 2008 and NEC2011,Table 250-122)*Ohms Law calculator*Sizing a CircuitBreakercalculator (NEC 2008 and NEC 2011, 240-6(a))*Voltagedropcalculator*Wire Ampacity in Conduit: NEC 2008, 310.16referencesheet*Wire Ampacity in Conduit: NEC 2008, 310.16referencesheet*Audio/Video Cable pinouts*Pinouts: Component,DisplayPort,DVI, Ethernet, Firewire, HDMI, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI,LPT(parallelport), PS/2, RCA, Serial port, S-video, USB 3.0,Mini-USB, MicroUSB, USB, and VGA.If you have any suggestions, findbugs, or haveany requests, feel free to email themto:[email protected]: Any download or GoogleCheckoutissues are directly involved with Google Play. Pleasecontact themfor assistance.
Electrical Study हिंदी में 6.8
Electrical Study in Hindi Mobile App में ITI EclectricianतथाWireman Trade के महत्वपूर्ण नोट्स तथा प्रश्नोत्तर का समावेशकियागया है। यह आपको न सिर्फ शैक्षणिक परीक्षाओं बल्किप्रतियोगीपरीक्षाओं जैसे AVVNL, RPSC, SSC, Railway, UPSC,Electricity Boardआदि में मददगार साबित होगा । इलेक्ट्रिशियन पर सरलभाषा में औरसंक्षिप्त जानकारी देने का प्रयास किया गया है। ElectricalStudy inHindi Mobile App is useful for ITI Electrician, Wireman,BEElectronic, Electricals exams, Railway exams, SSCExams,Electricity Departments Exams, Technical Helper Exams,LinemanExam. Electrical Engineering Questions and AnswersinHindiELECTRICAL STUDY in HindiCELL & BATTERY THEORYinHindiSAFETY THEORY in HindiWIRING THEORY in HindiCAPACITORTHEORYin HindiBASIC ELECTRICAL THEORY in HindiMAGNET THEORYinHindi****Contants:» Safety Accessories» Totally closed fuse»Safety Precautions» Electrons, protons » Advantages&Disadvantages of A.C & D.C» Types of electricity » WhatisElectricity » Current, Voltage & EMF » Troubles of leadacidbattery » Characteristic of lead acid cell » Identification offullcharge battery » Difference between primary and Secondarycell»Advantages & Disadvantages of A.C & D.C » Cell andbattery» Chemical effect of electrical current » Magnetic field incurrentcaring conductor » Ohms law and Kirchoff's law» Resistance»Conductor and semi conductor » Capacitor / condenser » Work,power,energy » Characteristics of magnet » Difference betweenpermanentand temporary magnet » Magnetic lines » Classification ofmagnet »Electromagnet» Solenoid coil » Faraday's laws » Magneticflux,pole, circuit, saturation » Types of magnet » Electromagneticinduction » Fleming's right hand & left hands rules ,Lenz law» Magnetic field in current caring conductor » Edycurrentयह एपबिना इंटनेट के भी इस्तेमाल की जा सकती है !if you likethis app plzrate it five stars on google play-----------electricalinterviewquestions in hindielectrical engineering objectivequestions by j.bgupta free pdfelectrical engineering interviewquestions andanswers pdfelectrical questions in hindiobjectivequestions inhindiiti electrician objective type questions answersinhindiobjective questions and answerselectrical objectivequestionand answer in hindi pdfआईटीआई इलेक्ट्रीशियन क्वेश्चन पेपरइनहिंदीiti question paper in hindi electricianiti paper inhindiitiquestion paper electricianiti fitter question paper inhindipdffitter theory questions and answers in hindiiti questionpaper2015 pdfiti paper 2016-----------Great app for QuickRevisionGreatapp for Solving QuestionsFree Educational Apps fornationBySurendraTetarwal and Suresh Ola (tetarwalsuren)9413236018(Whats AppNo)[email protected] Study in Hindi has beentheinclusion of important notes and Q & A ITI EclectricianandWireman Trade in Mobile App. This is not just academicexaminationsrather competitive examinations will prove helpful insuch AVVNL,RPSC, SSC, Railway, UPSC, Electricity etc Board. Insimplelanguage, an electrician, and has attempted to give abriefdescription. Electrical Study in Hindi Mobile App is usefulfor ITIElectrician, Wireman, Bay Electronic, Electrical axams,railwayaxams, SSC axams, electricity departments axams, technicalhelperaxams, lineman exam. Electrical Engineering Questions andanswersin HindiElectrical Study in HindiCell & Battery TheoryinHindiSafety Theory in HindiWiring Theory in HindiKpasitr TheoryinHindiBasic Electrical Theory in HindiMagnet TheoryinHindi****Kantants:»Safety Accessories»Totally closedfuse»SafetyPricosns»Electrons, protons»Adwantages &Disodwantages OF Akk& Dikk»Types of Electricity»What iselectricity»Current,voltage & Mf»Troubles OF LEAD ACIDBATTERY»CharacteristicNegative lead acid cell»Identification OFfull batterycharge»Difference Between Primary and SecondaryCell»Adwantages& Disodwantages OF Akk & Dikk»Cell andBattery»ChemicalEFFECT OF Electrical Current»Magnetic Field inCurrent caringconductor»Ohams Law and Kircof'SLaw»Resistance»Conductors andsemi-conductors»Kpasitr /condenser»Work, Power,Energy»CHARACTERISTICS OF Magnet»DifferenceBetween Permanent andtemporary magnet»Magnetic Lines»ClassificationOFMagnet»Elektromagnet»Solenoid coil»Faraday'S Loz»Magneticflux,pole, circuit, Saturtion»Types of magnet»ElectroMagneticInduction»Fleming Men's Right Hand & Left Hands rules,LenzLaw»Magnetic Field in Current caring conductor»Adi currentThisisthe Internet without the app can also be used!If You Write ThisappPlz rate it five stars s Google Play-----------ElectricalInterviewQuestions in HindiElectrical engineering objectiveQuestions B JkbiGupta Free PDFElectrical Engineering InterviewQuestions andAnswers PDFElectrical Questions in HindiObjectiveQuestions inHindiITI Electrician Objective Type Questions answersinHindiObjective Questions and AnswersElectrical objectiveQuestionand answer in Hindi PDFITI Electrician Question paper inHindiITIQuestion paper in Hindi ElectricianITI paper in HindiITIQuestionPaper ElectricianITI fitter Question paper in HindiPDFFitterTheory Questions and Answers in HindiITI Question Paper2015 pdfITIPaper 2016-----------Great app for quick RavisionGreatapp forSolving QuestionsFree Educational Apps for NationBSurendraTetrwaland Suresh Ola (Tetrvlsuren)9413236018 (WattsAppNo)सुरेंसीकर@जीमेल.कॉम
Electrical Calc Elite Electric 2.2.6
Cyberprodigy LLC
The Electrical Calc Elite™ is designed with electricalprofessionalsin mind to solve the most common electricalcalculations based onNational Electric Codes.Compliant with 2011,2008, 2005, 2002, and1999 NEC®Updateable Electrical CodeCalculator. An in-app purchaseis currently available for NEC 2014code update. Great forElectrical Contractors, Designers,Engineers, Electricians,Maintenance Inspectors, Planners,Builders, and LightingSpecialists. The Electrical Calc Elite™allows you to solvecode-related problems quickly andaccurately...the most commonNational Electric Code tables are nowat your fingertips!ElectricalCalculations• Wires Sizes• VoltageDrop on Wires• Conduit Sizing•Ohm's Law• Kirchhoff's Law• MotorFull-Load Amps• Power Factor andMotor Efficiency• Fuse and BreakerSizes• Service and EquipmentGrounding Sizes• Electrical Unitconversion• Parallel Resistance•Circular MILs Wire• NEMA startersize• NEC® references forcalculationsDescription of Calculations•Convert between Amps,Watts, Volts, VA, kVA, kW, PF%, Efficiency%,and DC Resistance.•Ohm's Law Calculations: enter any two values(ohms, volts, or amps)to solve for the third.• Calculate requiredwire size per NEC®tables 310-16 and 310-17; Copper or Aluminum, 3øor 1ø, 60°C, 75°C,90°C insulation ratings and 100% or 125% ofampacity. Adjust wiresizes for ambient temperatures other than30°C and for more thanthree wires in a raceway.• Calculate Voltagedrop: Find minimum VDwire size, maximum length for any given wiresize to stay withinspecificed VD, drop percentage, actual numberand percentage ofVolts dropped.• Conduit sizing for 12 types ofconduit per NEC®:Find recommended size of conduit for combinationsof #THW, #XHHW,and #THHN wires. Also calculates fill percentages,conduitcross-sectional areas, remaining areas and more.• FindMotorFull-Load current per current NEC®: Works in 1ø or 3ø,synchronousand DC motors per NEC® 430-247, 430-248, and 430-250.•CalculateFuse and Breaker Sizes per NEC® 430-52.• Parallel andderated wiresizing• Calculate parallel resistance• NEC Tablenumber displayswhen performing wire size calculations• Sizesoverload protectionper NEC® 430-32.• Finds NEMA starter sizes perICS 2-1988 (Tables2-327-1 and 2-327-2).• Calculates service andequipment groundingconductor sizes per NEC® 250-122 and 250-66.•Convert between BTUand Kilowatts per Hour• Circular MILscalculated for wire sizes•Works as a standard math or electriccalculator• Quick and easyupdates to future NEC® coderevisionsVisit ourwebsite: formoreinformation including our detailed user's manual.If you arenot100% satisfied with this calculator please email [email protected] so we can make things rightbeforeposting any negative reviews. We are also open to anysuggestionsyou may have for future enhancements to this electriccalculator.Please note that any download and Google Checkout issuesaredirectly involved with Google Play and should contact themforassistance.Electrical Calc Elite™ is not associatedwithElectriCalc® Pro and Cyberprodigy LLC is not affiliatedwithCalculated Industries, Inc.
Electrical Calc Canada 5.0.4
E-Calc is a professional electrical application for calculatingmanycommon electrical problems. This app is an essential tool forallelectricians and electrical engineers. Unlike other similarappsE-Calc not only calculates simple formulas but returns coderesultsincluding wire sizing, conduit sizing, fusing, overloadsize, groundand bond size and much more based on the CanadianElectric Code. Thefeatures of this app are too long to list buthere are a few of thekey ones; - Basic construction calculatorallows you to easilydivide rooms for lighting in imperial ormetric measurements. -Calculate any single motor and get maximumovercurrent, maximumoverload, minimum wire, minimum pipe, andminimum bond wire size. -Calculate any transformer size and getKVA, FLA, pipe size, fuse andbreaker size, bond size and groundsize, on both primary andsecondary. Easily choke down thetransformer and get appropriateresults for the modified demandload. - Calculate the allowableampacity of any wire type andderation situation. - Calculatemaximum number of similar sizedwires in a given pipe size. -Calculate box fill of any box and anysituation. - Calculate pipesize required for a list of any number,size, and type of wire. -Calculate required ground and bondingsizes. - Easily calculatecomplicated voltage drop calculations.Get results for percentagevoltage drop as well as maximum lengthsof runs. Derating is alsosupported. Support for wire sizes from#24awg to 2000mcm. -Calculate minimum burial depths for anysituation including specialsituations including mechanicalprotection, under slab, and rockencased. - Calculate recommenededtorque settings for all varietiesof lugs and terminations. -Convert many common units. - Find NEMAcodes and specs ofreceptacles. - Easily access in app support withquick links toyour phone's email.
SolarEdge Monitoring 3.4.1
The SolarEdge monitoring application enables PV installersandsystem owners to perform remote monitoring on the go usingtheirmobile Android device, thus maximizing solar energyharvesting. Theapplication enables users to view the most updateddata and be upto speed with their site’s performance. ApplicationFeatures:Dashboard: The application provides at-a-glance view ofthe systemperformance. Present and past measurements are available:• Currentsystem power • Energy – today, last month, lifetime. •Graphdisplay of daily power, weekly and yearly energyproductionWeather: Current and forecast weather are presented andassist inassessing the system’s performance. Site Image: The appallows thedisplay of the site’s image, which gives another visualdimensionof the system. Site List: A comprehensive list of all theuser’s PVsites, which gives high level data on each site (includingitsimage) for easy orientation. User Preferences: Configuresystemunits or switch the app interface to one of severalsupportedlanguages.
Southwire Voltage Drop 2.1.2
Southwire's voltage drop calculator will help you determinetheproper wire size for an electrical circuit based on thevoltagedrop and current carrying capacity of an electricalcircuit.Determines wire size to meet specific voltage drop limitsorcalculates voltage drop for a specific conductor run. Whensizingconductors, calculations limits wire size to voltage drop andNECampacity. Southwire's Voltage Drop Calculator is designedforapplications using AWG and KCMIL sizes only.
Power Factor Correction 1.4.4
The power factor of an AC electrical power system is defined astheratio of the real power flowing to the load, to the apparentpowerin the circuit.In an electric power system, a load with a lowpowerfactor draws more current than a load with a high power factorforthe same amount of useful power transferred. The highercurrentsincrease the energy lost in the distribution system, andrequirelarger wires and other equipment. Because of the costs oflargerequipment and wasted energy, electrical utilities willusuallycharge a higher cost to industrial or commercial customerswherethere is a low power factor.One way of improving the powerfactoris to use capacitors connected parallel to the load to raiseit to1 or close to it.This simple app calculates thecapacitancerequired to correct a given power factor in a 3 phaseelectricalcircuit to unity (1) or to a point below unity.Thusimproving theefficiency of that electrical circuit.It also includesa calculatorto calculate true power, apparent power or power factor
Electrical Amps 2 Watts Free 3.1
Free Amps to Watts calculator, a Free electrical calculatortoconvert the electrical power of Amps into Watts.> InputAmpsvalue> Input Volts value> Press calculateInput yourAmpsvalue, input your Watts value and press calculate and yourresultwill be displayed, quick, easy and simple!A very useful appwhichcan be used by any one. A free Electrical app for Androidphonesand tablets.Remember to check out our full suite ofelectrical appssuch as Cable Calc, Max Zs Values, Ohms Law, PFCCalculator, WattsAmps Volts Calculator, Adiabatic Equation,Electrical Tools &Reference, Earthing &Bonding...
OHM - A virtual science centre 1.1
OHM – A knowledge app about energy and electricity What exactlyisenergy and how is energy transferred from one form to another?Haveyou thought about how dependent you are on electricity inyourdaily life, or how quickly our society has developedafterelectricity was discovered at the end of the 1800s?Electriccarshave revolutionised the automotive industry over just a fewyears,and the transportation sector is next. High-speed charging ofanelectric ferry is not as easy as you might think.OHM is anexcitingand interactive way to learn about energy and electricity,and howour society has developed since the dawn of electricity, andnotleast to catch a glimpse of what an electric future wouldlooklike.StatnettThe future is electric
ElectriCalc Pro Calculator 1.2.0_01
NEW: Updated for NEC 2017The official US-based NationalElectricalCode® (NEC) ElectriCalc® Pro calculator from CalculatedIndustriesfor Android is a full-featured calculator emulation ofour popular#5065/#5070 models. And while perhaps obvious, if youchange froman Android device to an iPhone or iPad, you WILL need tobuy a newlicense as they are incompatible.In addition to built-inhelp, theElectriCalc Pro electrical code calculator is fullycompliant with2017, 2014, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1999, and 1996NEC®. Future NECcode updates will be available for in-app purchaseas they arereleased.Electrical Contractors, Designers, ElectriciansandLighting Specialists calculate tough electrical calculationsinseconds and deliver those solutions in conformance with thelatestNEC®. The ElectriCalc Pro calculator is a completeelectricalreference tool that will save time, trouble andmoney—this calcwill quickly become an electrician/electricalcontractor’s bestfriend.ElectriCalc Pro Calculator Solutions:• WireSizes• VoltageDrop• Conduit Sizing – 12 types of Conduit• MotorFull-Load Amps•Calculate Fuse and Breaker Sizes• NEC® Table Numberdisplayed whenperforming Wire Size calculations• Service andEquipment GroundingConductor Sizes• Enter BTU to find Kilowatts perHour• EnterKilowatts per Hour to find BTU• Parallel Resistance•Ohm’s LawCalculations – enter any two values to solve for the thirdusingOhm’s Law• Circular MILS wire sizesDescription of ElectriCalcProCalculations:• Work directly in and convert between Amps,Watts,Volts, Volt-Amps, kVA, kW, PF% and EFF% and DC Resistance•Calculate wire sizes per NEC® 310-16 and 310-17; Copperoraluminum, 3Ø/1Ø, 60°C, 75°C, 90°C insulation ratings and 100%or125% of ampacity. Can also adjust wire sizes forambienttemperatures other than 30◦ C and for more than three wiresin araceway • Integrated voltage drop solutions. Find minimumvoltagedrop wire size, maximum Length for any given wire size,voltagedrop percentage, actual number and percentage of Voltsdropped •This calc contains conduit sizing for 12 types of conduit.Per 2005and 2008 NEC® Table C1-C12, find sizing of all commonconduits forany combination for #THW, #XHHW and # THHN wires. Plus,gives fillpercentages, cross-sectional areas, remaining areas andmore • FindMotor Full-Load Amps per current NEC® directly in thecalc. Worksin 1Ø and 3Ø with the new expanded tables for 3Øinduction (to 500hp) synchronous (to 200 hp) and DC motors per NEC®430-247, 430-248 and 430-250. • Calculates Fuse and Breaker Sizes.Solves fuseand breaker sizes per NEC® 430-52 • Parallel and deratedwiresizing • Parallel Resistance • NEC Table number displayswhenperforming Wire Size calculations • Sizes overload protectionperNEC® 430-32 • Automatically finds NEMA starter sizes. •Calculatesservice and equipment grounding conductor sizes per NEC®250-122and 250-66; plus works directly in electrical terms. • EnterBTU tofind Kilowatts per Hour • Enter Kilowatts per Hour to findBTU •Ohm’s Law Calculations – enter any two values to solve forthethird using Ohm’s Law • Enter, solve or convert to CircularMILSwire sizesPerfect for Electrical Contractors,Designers,Electricians and Lighting Specialists.Note: Electricalmath isuniversal, however, code-based sizing solutions are based onthe USNational Electrical Code® (NEC); users in other countriesshouldcheck with their local Code Officials forapplicability.FreeTechnical Support: contact us with any questionon how to use yourcalc by visiting for supportdetails or email usat [email protected] Our Free TechnicalSupport can assistyou with any usage question you may have,however, for GoogleCheckout and/or download issues, please contactGoogle Play/AndroidMarket for assistance.
ElectroDroid Pro 4.7
ElectroDroid PRO is a simple and powerful collection ofelectronicstools and references.  The PRO version ofElectrodroid doesn'thave any ads, and it has more features than thefree version.   The app includes:  • Resistor colorcode decoder (3-6bands, with inverse look-up);  • SMD ResistorCode;  •Inductor color code decoder;  • Ohm’s lawcalculator;  •Reactance/Resonance calculator;  • Voltagedivider;  •Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel;  •Capacitor chargecalculation;  • Operational amplifier;  •LED resistorcalculator (with customizable database);  • ZenerDiodeCalculator;  • Adjustable voltage regulator/LM317calculator(with customizable values);  • Heatdissipation;  •Battery Life calculator;  • Inductordesign tool;  •Voltage Drop calculator;  • PCB TraceWidth calculator; • Simple Filters calculator;  • NE555calculator;  •Power Calculator;  • RMS Converter;  •DecibelConverter;  • Frequency Converter;  •Analog-DigitalConverter;  • Y-Δ Transformation;  •RangeConverter;  • Port pin-out (USB, Serial, Parallel,Ethernet,RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA, Display Port,FireWire,Jack, RCA, Audio DIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATX Power, PCperipheralconnectors, EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Game port,Apple 30-pin,Apple Lightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II, 25-pair phonecable colorcode, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables, MIDI connector,SD card,Raspberry Pi, LCD, GPIB/IEEE-488, ISO connector for caraudio,Trailer connector, Thermocouples colors, Arduino pin-outs,JTAGpinouts, BeagleBone boards);  • Resources (USBspecification,Resistivity table, Table of standard resistors andcapacitors,Capacitor marking codes, AWG and SWG Wire size, AmpacityTable,Symbols and Abbreviations, Circuit Schematic Symbols, SIUnitsprefixes, Battery info, Boolean logic gate and algebraTheorems,7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes, Batteries list, CoinBatteries,78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts, Switch Information, DecibelTable, PICICSP/AVR ISP, SMD Package Size, Radio frequencies, PT100ConversionTable, Fuses and Automotive Fuses color code, DIN47100colorcoding, IP marking, World Plugs & Sockets,IECConnectors);  • Full support for EIA resistor series forallcalculators;  ...and more to come!    The apphasalso support for plugins to expand functionality of theapplication(e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllers Database,simulators, partssearch).    If you like the program,please rateit.    For FAQ and full change-log,visit  The Android robot in the logoismodified from work created and shared by Google and usedaccordingto terms described in the CC BY 3.0 License.
Voltage drop / Cable size /Short circuit Calcs 4.0.1
Version : 1.0.1 Oct2015 Features : - AWG AND Metric. - Voltagedropcalculator. - Cable size calculator. -Short CircuitsCalculators-Voltage Drop Tables. - Short Circuit tables. -Temperaturecorrection factor in air . - Ground temperaturecorrection factor .- Soil Correction factor . - Thermal correctionfactor . - Cabledistance correction factor . - Cable depthcorrection factor. -Cable grouping factor. - Cables construction. -Voltage drop forsingle core LV cables (Copper). - Voltage drop forMulti-core LVcables (Copper). - Voltage drop for single core LVcables(Aluminium). - Voltage drop for multi-core LVcables(Aluminium). -PVC vs XLPE cables. - Selecting a power cable.- KA short circuitcurrent - copper conductor- PVC insulated. - KAshort circuitcurrent - copper conductor- XLPE insulated. - KA shortcircuitcurrent - Aluminium conductor- PVC insulated. - KA shortcircuitcurrent - Aluminium conductor- XLPE insulated.
Motor Control Circuits 1.2.9
Peirazo Apps
Motor starting methods is a mobile application dedicatedtoindividuals in the field of electrical technologies to helpthemunderstand the various methods use for starting inductionmotors.To use this application, a basic knowledge electricaltechnology isrecommended. This application is structured in tothree separatetabs (All circuits, single phase symbols, three phasesymbols) TheAll circuit tab which contains a list detail view ofvariousstarting circuits with explanatory for each method. Theother twotabs contains a list of single phase and three phasesymbol of alldevices in both EU and US/CAN standards used in theapplicationrespectively.
Droid Tesla Demo 6.0
This is a demo version for Droid Tesla Pro!Droid Tesla is asimpleand powerful SPICE engine(circuit simulator).Perfect forstudentsnew to electronics circuit design and construction,hobbyist andtinkerers and even seasoned professionals who want aquick, handytool to perform electronics circuit designcalculations.That'sinteractivity and innovation you can't find inbest SPICE tools forPC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice(trademarks belong totheir respective owners).DroidTesla simulatorsolves basicresistive circuits using Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCL)in much thesame way a student in a circuits class would,thesimulatorsystematically forms a matrix in accordancewith KCL andthenproceeds to solve for the unknown quantities usingvariousalgebraictechniques such as Gaussian elimination and sparsematrixtechniques.For non-linear components, such as the diode andBJT,DroidTesla engine searching for the approximate solution bymakingan initial guess at an answerand then improving the solutionwithsuccessive calculations built upon this guess.This is calledaniterative process.DroidTesla simulation uses theNewton-Raphsoniterative algorithmto solve circuits with non-linearI/Vrelationships.For reactive elements(capacitors andinductors),theDroidTesla uses numeric integration methods toapproximate thestate of the reactive elements as a function oftime.DroidTeslaoffers the Trapezoidal(I'll add a GEAR method later)integrationmethods to approximate the state of the reactiveelements.Althoughfor most circuits, both methods will providealmost identicalresults,it is generally regarded that the Gearmethod is morestable, but trapezoidal method is faster andmoreaccurate.DroidTesla for nowcansimulate:-Resistor-Capacitor-Inductor-Potentiometer (availableonlyin pro version)-Light Bulb (available only in proversion)-Idealoperational amplifier-Bipolar junction transistor(NPN PNP)-MOSFETN-channel depletion-MOSFET N-channelenhancement-MOSFET P-channeldepletion-MOSFET P-channelenhancement-JFET N and P (available onlyin pro version)-PN Diode-PNLed diode-PN Zener diode-AC currentsource-DC current source-ACvoltage source-DC voltage(battery)source-CCVS - current controlledvoltage source-CCCS - currentcontrolled current source-VCVS -voltage controlled voltagesource-VCCS - voltage controlled currentsource-Square wave voltagesource (available only in proversion)-Triangle wave voltage source(available only in proversion)-AC ampermeter-DC ampermeter-ACvoltmeter-DC voltmeter-Twochanne oscilloscope (available only inpro version)-SPST Switch(available only in pro version)-SPDTSwitch (available only in proversion)-Voltage controlled switch(available only in proversion)-Current controlled switch(available only in proversion)-AND (available only in proversion)-NAND (available only inpro version)-OR (available only inpro version)-NOR (available onlyin pro version)-NOT (availableonly in pro version)-XOR (availableonly in pro version)-XNOR(available only in pro version)-JKflip-flop (available only in proversion)-7 Segment Display(available only in pro version)-IC 555(available only in proversion)-Transformer (available only in proversion)-GraetzCircuit(available only in pro version)If you aremakinganoscillators you have to put a small initial value on someofthereactive elements.(see the examples)
Solar Battery Charger Prank 1.16
Solar Battery Charger Prank is the best solution to chargeyourphone, fast and environmental friendlly. No sooner does yourphonehas enough light than its battery is charged. In addition,thanksto quick charging technonoly, solar battery charging speedisfaster than 70% compare with normal charging speed.Completelyfreeand no adsAll that you want to do is place your phoneundersunlight, then start Solar Battery Charger Prank, theapplicationwill charge automatically. If sunlight measure largerthan 300,your phone will be charged automatically. Solar BatteryChargerPrank also intergrates with quick charging, supports yourdevicesquick charging approximately 70%Features☆ Solar quickcharging☆ Uselight sensor with solar panel to quick charging yourphone☆ Show anotification when your phone is fully charged☆Wonderful chargingtheme, useful and friendlyNote: The applicationis a prank. Pleasedo not place your phone under sunlight to avoidbeing damaged.
* This is the worlds first IC Dictionary app Facing trouble togetdatasheet or other information of your desired IntegratedCircuitor other Electronic components? This app will help you a lottofind your desired information. Features # Easy to search andfindby IC name # Download and Save Datasheet # Built in PDF Reader#Save for offline use # Over 3000 components are already available#All categories are well organized # Easy to find by CategoriesandSub-Categories # Find Arduino, PIC Microcontroller, variousanalogand digital ICs # Download and Read related books # You cansuggestyour desired component This app is not a typical WebViewapp. Weare adding more components daily. You can suggest morecomponentsto improve this app.
Mobile Electrician Pro 4.3
Basic electrical calculations on your mobile phone. The PROversionof Mobile Electrician doesn't have any ads. The appincludes: Ohm'slaw for DC Ohm's law for AC LC Resonance Y-ΔTransformationElectrical Energy Current Density Ideal transformerAC circuits RCsnubbers Connection of capacitors Capacitivereactance Run a 3phase motor on a single phase Capacitive VoltageDivider CapacitorCharge / Energy Calculator Capacitor to reducevoltage Connectionof resistors Voltage divider LED Resistor Decodethe color bandsresistors Encode the color bands resistorsWheatstone BridgeCalculator Decode alphanumeric value Encodealphanumeric valueConductor Resistance Conductor length Conductorsize Voltage dropElectrical resistivity and conductivity Maximumlength of conductorCalculate Amps Calculate Power Calculate kVA (3Phase) CalculatePower Factor(3 Phase) Calculate efficiencyCalculate of the motorslip Calculate motor torque Individualcompensation three-phaseinduction motors Calculate motor power forcentrifugal pumpCalculate motor power for piston compressorCalculate motor powerfor the fan Three-Phase Motor VoltageUnbalance Three-Phase MotorCurrent Unbalance Allowable ampacitiesfor wire (NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Motor protection(PUE) Maximumcircuit conductorlength(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE) Maximum circuitampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Conduit Fill Calculator(NEC) Minimumlevels of short-circuit currentShort-circuit current at thesecondary terminals of a MV/LVdistribution transformer Calculatefuse Power of heating elementHeating Element use Nichrome Leakagecurrent Calculation sizing agenerator for your home IP CodeAppliance classes Force of anElectromagnet Electricity CostCalculator Calculation of electricalloads applying demand factorUPS Battery size calculator UPS Batteryruntime calculatorCalculation of transformer rating Conversion Wiresizes ConversionVA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power CompensationConversioncos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ) AWG Conversions Conversion of unitsoftemperature Conversion distance Conversion units ofpressureConversion units of flow Conversion units of volumeConversionvoltage Conversion units of energy Conversion SIprefixesConversion Weight Time Units Conversion Power UnitsConversionCalculate number cables that fits in a pipe Cable ReelCapacityLength of cable on a reel Inductive reactance cableCalculate theweight of the metal in the cable Cable weight byformulas WiringColor Codes Length of a Hanging Cable Power lossesin cableSolitaire domino 15 Puzzle Widgets Print ScreenshotsMathematicalcalculator Percentage calculator Time calculator Onlineand offlinehandbook Search in the handbook, help, Wikipedia, GoogleSave theresult of all calculation in HTML format, and then view andsend.For each calculation is given a separate help Viewinginformationabout input fields Dark and light themes application. Ifyou likethe application, please rate it.
Electrical Calculations PRO Key 2.1.2
Ettore Gallina
This is the unlock key to transform the FREE version of"ElectricalCalculations" to the PRO version. This application doesnot work onits own. Before you buy this app, you will need toinstall the mainapp, "Electrical Calculations." Instructions: Step1: Install the"Electrical Calculations FREE" app. Step 2: Now,install this ProKey to enable all the functions. (Kindly do notremove the freeversion of the app). This app is essential for anelectrician: Wiresize Calculation of voltage drop Calculation ofcurrent Calculationof voltage Calculation of active powerCalculation of apparentpower Calculation of reactive powerCalculation of power factorCalculation of resistance Maximum wirelength Current carryingcapacity of insulated conductors Currentcarrying capacity of bareconductors Conduit fill Sizing the circuitbreaker Operatingcurrent Reactance Impedance Power factorcorrection Power factorcorrection of transformer MV/LV Capacitorpower at differentvoltage Earthing system Short circuit currentShort-circuit currentmin (approximate method) Short circuit currentwith transformersubstation Conductor resistance Resistor color codeInductor colorcode Resistor colors from value SMD resistor codeCapacitor codeFuses Sum resistors Sum capacitors Resonant frequencyVoltagedivider Current divider Zener diode as voltagestabiliserResistance to reduce voltage Resistance for led BatterylifePrimary/Secondary winding of transformer Antenna lengthCCTVHarddrive/Bandwidth calculator Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU,NTC,Thermocouples…) Analog signal values Joule effect Fault currentofstrings Motor from three-phase to single-phase Capacitorstartmotor single-phase Motor efficiency Motor speed Motor slipMaximumtorque Motor full-load current Diagrams of the three-phasemotor (6leads) Diagrams of the three-phase motor (9 leads) Diagramsof thethree-phase motor (12 leads) Δ-Y conversion PowerconversionAWG/mm² conversion table Section conversion LengthconversionVoltage (Amplitude) conversion sin/cos/tan/φ conversionEnergyconversion Temperature conversion Pressure conversion Ah -kWhconversion Gauss - Tesla conversion RPM - rad/s - m/sconversionTorque conversion Byte conversion Angle conversionFusesapplication categories UL/CSA fuse class Tripping curves Tableofcables reactance Table of resistivity and conductivity Tableofunitary voltage drop IP/IK/NEMA protection classesApplianceclasses CCTV resolutions Thermocouple colour codes anddata ANSIstandard device numbers Electrical symbols Electricityaround theworld Plug and socket types IEC 60320 connectors Wiringcolor codesSI Prefixes Units of measurement Pipes dimensionsEthernet wiring(RJ-45) Pinout Ethernet with PoE RJ-11,14,25,48Pinout Scart PinoutUSB Pinout HDMI Pinout VGA Pinout DVI PinoutRS-232 Pinout FireWire(IEEE1394) Pinout Molex Pinout Sata PinoutApple Lightning PinoutApple Dock Connector Pinout PS/2 Fiber opticcolor code Pinout ledPinout Raspberry PI Pinout ISO 10487 (Caraudio) Pinout XLR(Audio/DMX) Pinout MIDI Pinout Thunderbolt PinoutSD Card PinoutSim Card Formulary All languages and translatorslist:*************************FAQ:
Fast Electrical calculator: with formulas - free 4.8.2
This electricity quick calculator is one of ourelectricalengineering app & an Electrical Load calculator(andelectrician helper) This electrical engineering app is designedbyan electrical engineer. and supports 20 languages. It is beingusedin more than 60 world wide countries. Added in the newversion:>> All electrical equations and formulas are added toallsections... all you need is to click on the help button toshowformulas and equation of the selected electricalcalculations.>> Auto electrical cable selector and cablesizer ( cable amprating) for 3 phase motors and loads >>Electrical Notessection, in this Notes section you can record yourelectricalinspection notes, remarks and electrical calculations atwork. Thisfree electric calculator contains many electricalcalculations like: >> awg converter which has : >>AWGto mm2 converter(awg to mm2 wire gauge size) >> voltage dropcalculator tohelp in cable sizer calculations >> electricallibrary whichhas information about: > circuit breaker,transformer,electrical wiring (cables) ,fusion elements types(types of fusesDC and AC). >> amp calculator 1 phase and ampcalculator 3phase. >> electric motors amp calculator(horsepower &amps to kw ) >> watt calculator 1 phase ...3 phase >>transformer calculations (electrical transformeramp calculator )>> power converter from kw to hp calculations(kilowattconverter to horsepower) >> horsepower to kilowattpowerconverter >> power converter from kva to kw &kilowattsto kva calc. >> kva to amps converter (kvacalculations)>> amps to watts & kilowatt converter toamps >>amp to hp converter calculations >> CalculationAmps motor(watts to amps) >> Calculation power motor (amps towatts)>> Calculation of apparent power >> Aluminumcables andwires Current carrying capacity (ampacity table) (forefferent Wiresize) >> Copper cables and wires ampacity table(xlpe cable,& pvc cable) >> XLPE insulated cables>>kvacalculations >> copper cable and aluminum PVCinsulatedcables (most Wire size ampacity ). this power converterapp isuseful for those who are working in electrical energy aroundtheworld, electrician or electrical engineers. using the voltagedropcalculator in this application could help electricians involtagedrop of wire, cables , and OHTL wires which is important incablesizer calculations. If you are an electrician ,engineer orneed appfor electricians this one can be the right electricalcalculationsapp. also this app has volt ampere to watt calculations,voltampere to HP calculations and volt ampere calculationsfortransformers. This new app can help in electrical installationformotors , lighting ,electrical panel & electricalbreakers.Because this is apps for electricians all electricalengineeringformulas and equations used in this application arereviewed by anelectrical formula expert engineer.
Electrician's Bible Lite
A must have utility for electrician's, electrical contractorsorthose looking to pass an electrical certification. CalculationsperNational Electric Code 2014.Calculationsincluded:VoltageDrop-Circuit’s Conductors voltage drop.-MinimumConductor Size.PipeBend-Offset.-Three bend saddles.-RollingOffset-Detail ConduitSupport.-Segment bending.Racewaycalculations.-Raceway sizecalculation.-Raceway calculation-Maximumnumber of same sizewires-Conduit Support\n-ConductorsSupport-Conduitspacing-Conductor Applications and Insulations-CableTrayCalculation-Metric Trade Size Designators.-R90, RW75,TWN75,T90,TW, TW75, TWU, TWU75Ampacity-Conductor Ampacity, wiresize.-table301.15(B)(16).Box Fill-Sizing outlet box.-Sizing Pullbox.Loadcalculation (Residential)-Single family.-Range anddryer’scalculation.-Service \ FeederConductors.Transformers-TransformersSize.-Transformers OCPDcalculations.-Transformers Short Circuitcalculations.-Delta-Wyetransformers Calculations.Motorscalculations-Motor OCPDcalculations.-Motor NEMA Starterscalculation.-Motor Locked RotorCalculation.Electrical schematics-Delta-delta transformers.-Delta-Wye transformers.- Three wayswitch.- Start/stop AC motor.- 3phase A.C. Motor Winding andConnections Wye- 3 phase A.C. MotorWinding and Connections Delta-Network cable wiring pin-out.- WyeStart-Delta Run.- ElectricalSymbolsBurial Depth-600v or less.-Over600v.Grounding-EquipmentGrounding-Grounding ElectrodeConductor.-Grounded Conductor, MainBonding Jumper, System BondingJumper, and Supply-Side BondingJumper for Alternating-CurrentSystems.NEMA DeviceConfigurations.-Plugs.-Enclosures.ElectricalCalculations.-FormulaWheel.-Power Triangle.-Series/Parallel.NECTables section.ColorCode.-Resistors color code.-Phase wire colorcode.-Panel colorcode.NEC Calculations Examples.-Bank loadcalculation.-Store loadcalculation.-Scholl loadcalculation.-Multi-family dwelling loadcalculation.-Office buildingload calculation.-Restaurant loadcalculation.-Motor I loadcalculation.-Motor II loadcalculation.-Ranges load calculation.2014NEC Code Changes.UnitsConverter.- Temperature.- Energy.- Length.-AWG to millimeter.-Watts to Lumens.- Torque.NFPA 70E Table 130.7(C) (16).Arc FlashCalculation.- NFPA 70E Table 130.7 (C)(15)(a).Torque Specs forlugs and bolts.- Squared D.- GE.-morecoming soon.release versionhistory:( Dec 14,2015( Feb 5, 2013NationalElectrical Code and "NEC" areregistered trademarks of the NFPA-Andmore coming soon! Stay tunedfor updates.If you like to report bugsor suggestions, please sendthem to [email protected]
Electrical Technology 1.2
Welcome to the “Electrical Technology” Android App. A veryusefulapp about Electrical & Electronics Engineering&Technology. The plus point of this Electrical Android App isthatyou can use it offline i.e. without internet connection. So youareable to use the useful Electrical tools as well as Electrical&Electronics Engineering Calculators and Articles to learnsomethingnew anytime, anywhere without worrying about mobile datacharges.In addition, it is Free and Always will be ;). What’s New10+Advance Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators★Advance Voltage Drop Calculator ★ Electrical Wire & CableSizeCalculator (Cu & Al) ★ Parallel Resistor Calculator ★VoltageDivider Rule Calculator ★ Required Value of Resistor forLED’sCircuit Calculator ★ IC 555 Timer Calculator with formulas&Equations ★ Battery Capacity & Size Calculator ★ WireSizeCalculator in AWG ★ Cramer’s Rule & Calculator (2x2 &3x3)for Linear Circuit Analysis ★ Zener Diode & ZenerVoltageRegulator Calculator ★ Power, Voltage, Current &ResistanceCalculator Electrical & Electronics Engineering Notes&Articles ★ Basic Concepts ★ Power System ★ Basic Electronics★Solar Power System ★ Repairing & Troubleshooting ★ And More…Additional features ★ Can be used in Offline mode i.e.withoutInternet Connection ★ 46 Language Supported Navigation ★46Language Supported Navigation ★ Beautiful and easy tiuseNavigation ★ Icon viz Menu ★ Two additional App themes (LightWhiteand Dark Blue) ★ And more Want to add even more … or do youhavefeedback or suggestion…. Please! Feel free to contact [email protected] We will add the desired topic or tool intheElectrical Technology App ASAP. Thanks. Moreover, don’t forgettoRATE this app with 5 Star rating. We would be very thankful.Note:When you installed the "Electrical Technology" App, ThenpleaseSynchronize in the setting. So that, It will get the latestpostsfrom the site. Regards : Electrical Technology
Electronics Calculator 4.1.0
Electronics Calculator is a utility application consistingofvarious calculators, conversions, reference tables and basicpocketcalculator.Calculators:DC Circuits:• Ohm`s Law• Voltagedivider -resistive• LED resistor• 555 Timer• RL Circuits• RCCircuitsACCircuits:• Reactance• Impedance• Star DeltaTransformation• ACPower• DecibelPower Supply:• Transformer ratios•Rectifiers•Capacitor filter• Transformer efficiencyComponents:•SeriesCircuits (resistor, capacitor & inductor)• ParallelCircuits(resistor, capacitor & inductor)• Capacitors (charge,energystored, time constant)• Inductors (energy stored, timeconstant)•Diodes (Diode current, diode voltage)• Resistor colorcodes (encode& decode 4, 5 & 6 bands)• Resistor color codes(encode& decode 4 & 5 bands)• Capacitor printedcodesPhysics:•Coulomb`s Law• Magnetism• Joule`s Law -heatingConverters:• Area(sq in., mm², cm², sq ft., m², ha, km²)•Angle (Degree, Gradian,Radian)• Temperature (°C, °F, K, °R)• Power(Btu/min, ftlbf/min,hp, W, kW)• Distance/length (cm, in., ft, m,yd, km, mi)• Numberbase (binary, octal, decimal,hexadecimal)Reference:• SI unitprefixes• Logic gates• 74xx ic•ASCII• Decibel suffixes• RFspectrum
PCB Droid 4.0.15
PCB Droid
PCB Droid provides an easy way to design your printed circuitboardsfor your electronic DIY projects. It can be an extensionhardwarefor your raspberry PI or arduino panel, or even a printedcircuitboard for the drone or 3d printer you designed. Create yourcustomPCBs on your mobile and on your tablet fast and efficiently.Shareand export your finished designs. Save time by working onyourprojects during your daily commute, no matter where you are.PCBDroid’s easy to use experience makes the application theperfectchoice for electronic hobbyists and also a great designertool foreducation purposes. The application doesn’t utilizepreviously madecircuit diagrams. Draw your lines, place yourthrough holes and SMDpads the way you want to. Download theavailable macros to help yourdesigning process or create your ownand use them later on. Log inwith your own PCB Droid account oruse your Gmail account and startcustomizing your circuit boards asyou wish! If you are havingtrouble using the application, checkout our official tutorial onour website. Features: -Designdouble-sided PCBs,switch between layers, hide the unnecessarylayers for improvedtransparency -Expanding downloadable componentlibrary -Create andsave your own macros -Share your finishedprinted circuit boardswith your friends/colleagues -Export yourprojects to PDF, IMG orGERBER format -Reach your project frommultiple devices with droidcloud integration Download now and sendus your feedbacks andquestions to [email protected] or more information visit
ElectroBuddy 1.4
ElectroBuddy- The great collection of most widely usedelectronicstools under one roof for all electronics students,enthusiasts andindustry professionals. The best part of this appis- its windowslook-alike user interface for its user making it toofriendly tolove it. The goal of this app is to provide you with aneasy andsmart way to learn all you want about electronicsengineering viareference tables, pinouts and formulae. Whether youare a student,hobbyist, or just curious about electronics, this appwill provideyou with the all information you need helping you toachieve yourobjectives.It has three main categories namelyCalculators, Pinoutsand Tables. Calculators:Free version has best30 calculators in arow to ease out your calculation part along withall necessaryformulae/circuits for your reference.1) Resistor ColorCode (4band, 5 band, 6 band with color code to value and value tocolorcode feature)2) Ohm’s Law 3) LED Series Resistor (LED type,Supplyvoltage and forward current)4) Charge/Energy5) Capacitor Code(codeto value and value to code)6) Power (AC and DC)7) InductorColorCode (color code to value and value to color code feature)8)PowerDissipation9) Inductor Series/Parallel (addition become withthistool)10) Capacitor Series/Parallel (addition become withthistool)11) 555 Timer (Monostable and Bistable Mode)12)CapacitorUnits 13) Resistor Series/Parallel (addition become withthistool)14) Reactance calculator (Inductive, capacitiveandresonance)15) Voltage Divider 16) Logic Gates (covered allBooleanlogic Gates along with easy tip to remember)17) ResistorRatio(with invert operation feature)18) Wheatstone Bridgevaluecalculator19) Battery Life( with complete life span in day,hours,min)20) Frequency (customization available with somestandardwavelengths offered)21) ADC (Resolution, Quantization, ADCvalueand SQNR)22) Op-Amp (Differential, inverting and noninvertingamplifiers)23) Start-Delta Transformation 24)Peak-RMS(Peak, RMS,Peak-Peak)25) Resistor SMD Code26) PCB TraceWidth27) InductorDesign Tool28) Adjustable Voltage Regulator29)Decibel 30)FilterPINOUTS:Free version has best 39 PINOUTS Diagramin a row toease out your pinning need.Electronic Components:1)MOSFET2) Diode(1N4001)3) LED4) Diode (1N4007)5) Capacitor6) Diode(1N4148)7) NPNTransistor (2N2222)8) Piezo Buzzer9) Transistor (BC548)10) RFModule (433MHz)11) BC 54712) Trim POT13) Relay14) IRLED15)TransformerDisplay Devices:1) 16x2 LCD2) Seven SegmentDisplay3)Graphical LCDConnectors:1) Serial Port2) VGA 3) ParallelPort4)RCA5) SCART6) EIDE/ATA-SATA7) HDMI8) XLR and DMX9) DisplayPort10)PS/2-AT11) S-Video12) USB (2.0 Standard, Mini, Micro, USB3.X)13)DVI(with mini)14) Car Audio ISO15) Ethernet Port16)PDMI17)FireWire18) DC Power(Male and Female)19) MIDI20) ArduinoUNOBoard(complete pinout with overview, layout, headerandfeatures)21) Registered Jack(RJ 48C, RJ 48X, RJ 61)Tables1) WhoamI? ( Get the description, type and packaging of theenteredelectronic components)2) AWG/SWG Wire Size 3) ElectronicTerms(Search Alphabetically)4) 7400 Series 5) LED6) Logic Gates(withBoolean Theorems)7) Ohm’s Law8) POT Code 9) Relay Type10)CircuitSymbols (with categories)11) LED Resistor12) Resistivity13)SIUnits14) RF Spectrum15) Standard Capacitors16) VoltageRegulator(78XX Series and LM Series)17) Standard Resistor18)Abbreviations(Latest what you can look for)19) Frequency20)Power/Energy21)TransistorElectroBuddy- Your true electronicscompanionAll theabove calculators comprise of formulae and relevantcircuits.Forall those who wanted an ad free version of the app,wehave launchedour pro version with improved features.ElectroBuddyPro:Kindlydownload the app
Mechanical Engineering 9.8
✴This Mechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution forAllMechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains VariousImportantMechanical Engineering Concepts.✴ ☆ It Covers 1000+topics, whichis useful for all mechanical engineering students aswell asmechanical professionals. ☆In this app one can review anysubjectrelated concept instantly through the search functionalitywithinthe app. ☆This is very useful for people who are preparingforCompetitive Exams and Job Interviews as well. ❰ Not OnlyMechanicalEngineers get benefit from this App Other Fields likeElectricalEngineering,Civil Engineering,ProductionEngineering,ManufacturingEngineering,AutomobileEngineering,MaterialsEngineering,Instrumentation,Mechatronics,PolymerTechnology,PlasticTechnology, Physics Students,Chemistry Studentsand related fieldstudents.❱ ►The Aim of this App is to MotivateEngineering Studentsand Professionals across the World intoLearning All ImportantConcepts of Engineering. 【Categories Given】 ❏General Concepts ❏Welding Processes ❏ Manufacturing Processes ❏Hydraulic Machines ❏Thermodynamics ❏ Engineering Materials ❏Engineering Mechanics ❏Industrial Engineering & ProductionManagement ❏ I.C Engines ❏Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics ❏ SystemPrinciples ❏ MachineDesign ❏ HVAC ❏ FEA ❏ Strength of Materials ❏AutomobileEngineering ❏ Power Plant Engineering ❏ EngineeringDrawing ❏CAD/CAM ❏ Machine Design II ❏ Mechanical Videos ❏ TheoryofMachines 【Few Important Topics covered in this App areListedBelow】 ⇢2 stroke and 4 stroke Engine ⇢Forging ⇢Casting⇢Superchargers ⇢Thermodynamics ⇢Mechanical Forces ⇢Types ofLoads⇢Air-cooling System ⇢Internal Combustion Engines ⇢HeatTreatmentProcesses ⇢Types of fluids ⇢Kennedy’s,Varignon’s,Lami’sTheorem⇢Fluid Mechanics ⇢Brazing ⇢Welding and Types ⇢Pattern andTheirTypes ⇢Airplane Parts and their Function ⇢Failure of CuttingTools⇢MRP Terminology and Lot Sizing Techniques ⇢HeatExchangers:Introduction and Classification ⇢Types of fluids ⇢LinearActuators⇢Glass Fiber and Its Manufacturing ⇢Industrial Engineering⇢Modesof Heat Transfer ⇢Reynolds Number ⇢Lubricants ⇢FuelCell⇢Engineering Materials ⇢Rolling Types ⇢Classification ofGears⇢Types of Magnets ⇢Hydroelectric Power Plant and ItsLayout⇢Components of the Nuclear Power Plant ⇢Laws ofFriction⇢Classification of Automobiles ⇢Gas Turbine⇢ThermodynamicEquilibrium ⇢Turbine and Types of turbines ⇢Pascal’sLaw ⇢SecondLaw of Thermodynamics ⇢Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion⇢Newton’sLaws of Motion ⇢Gas Laws ⇢Grashof’s Law ⇢Zeroth LawofThermodynamics ⇢Super Alloys ⇢Refrigerant ⇢Mechanical PropertiesofMetals ⇢Cutting Fluids ⇢Properties of Good Lubricants⇢Cavitation⇢Centrifugal Pumps ⇢Multistage Centrifugal Pumps⇢Specific Speed ofCentrifugal Pump ⇢Net Positive Suction Head(NPSH) ⇢Model Testingand Similarity of Pumps ⇢Reciprocating Pump⇢Air Vessels⇢Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines ⇢Thermodynamic System⇢Propertiesof a System ⇢Thermal Equilibrium ⇢Laws of Thermodynamics⇢Laws ofPerfect Gases ⇢General Gas Equation ⇢CharacteristicEquation of aGas ⇢Joule's Law ⇢Avogadro's Law ⇢Universal GasConstant⇢Dimensionless Numbers ⇢Essential Software skills ⇢LiquidNitrogenPlant ⇢What is Machine Design? . ⇢Factors to be consideredduringMachine Design . ⇢Machine Design Procedure . ⇢CalculatingtheStoichiometric Air-Fuel Ratio . ⇢Threaded Metal Jointers .⇢BasicSkills for Metal Riveting . ⇢Calculation Methods for PulleySystems. ⇢What is Magnetic Levitation? . ⇢Magnetic Levitation inHighSpeed Trains . and much more ✫ ➻ ⚠ An offline App needs memory.Incase your device has low memory, please consider to use theonlineApp:
Electrical Engineering 5.0.1
Electrical Engineering MCQs Handbook Electrical Engineering MCQsisa simple app with all the latest questions inElectricalEngineering. It contains over 200++ questions coveringall topicsincluding Electrostatics, Electrical circuits, PhysicalLaws,System Modelling/Analysis, Electronics, Power Engineering,ElectricVehicles etc. We add new questions with each new version.Pleaseemail us in case of any errors/omissions. This is arguablythelargest and best app for Electrical engineering multiplechoicequestions and answers on Google Play Store. As a student youcanuse it for your Exam preperation, Job Tests, InterviewPerperation.This app is also useful for professors to refreshmaterial. Thesubjects covered in the book include: ElectricalEngineering BasicsParallel Circuits Capacitors Quantities and UnitsMagnetism andElectromagnetism RC Circuits Transformers Voltage,Current andResistance Branch, Loop and Node Analyses PassiveFiltersThree-Phase Systems in Power Applications SeriesCircuitsSeries-Parallel Circuits RLC Circuits and Resonance Ohm’sLawAlternating Current and Voltage RL Circuits Time ResponseofReactive Circuits Energy and Power Inductors Circuit Theorems inACAnalysis Electrical engineering is a field of engineeringthatgenerally deals with the study and application ofelectricity,electronics, and electromagnetism. This field firstbecame anidentifiable occupation in the later half of the 19thcentury aftercommercialization of the electric telegraph, thetelephone, andelectric power distribution and use. Subsequently,broadcasting andrecording media made electronics part of dailylife. The inventionof the transistor, and later the integratedcircuit, brought downthe cost of electronics to the point they canbe used in almost anyhousehold object. electrical objectivequestions electricalquestions electrical engineering objectivequestions objectiveelectrical engineering electrical mcq electricalquestions andanswers objective questions in electrical engineeringelectricalobjective electrical objective type questions basicelectricalquestions basic electrical engineering questionsobjectivequestions on electrical engineering mcq on electricalengineeringbasic electrical engineering objective type questionsanswers Appobjective question for electrical engineering mcqelectricalelectrical engineering questions mcq electricalengineering itielectrician objective type questions answersobjective typequestions in electrical engineering electricalprojects electricalengineering objective books electrical machinesobjective questionsiti electrician objective type questions answersquestion bank inelectrical engineering mcq for electricalengineering electricalengineering books basic electricalengineering about electricalengineering eee engineering electricengineer basic electrical andelectronics engineering engineeringelectrical electricalengineering basics electrical electronicengineering electricitydepartment be electrical engineeringelectrical for u The appprovides quick revision and reference tothe important topics likea detailed flash card notes, it makes iteasy & useful for thestudent or a professional to cover thecourse syllabus quicklybefore an exams or interview for jobs. ThisElectrical Engineeringapp. comes with certain features: - Questionsare categorised intotopics - Regular Electrical Engineeringquestions update. -Electrical Engineering app has wide ranges ofElectricalEngineering questions - Electrical Engineering appcontainsElectrical Engineering questions with answer and solution.-Electrical Engineering app contains interview puzzles usefulforthose preparing for job interview. - Electrical Engineeringandpuzzles are very important for freshers to crack theElectricalEngineering test and interview of any company. - Usefulfor allcampus placement Electrical Engineering tests
SafetyCalc Free 2.1
SafetyCalc - is a free tool without advertising that helpalldesigner and installer of security systems and low voltagesystems.If you need to determine the workability of an branchedlow-currentcircuits, calculate capacity of the power supply andbatterysystems for access control systeml, calculate thecamera'sobjective lens for surveillance video systems , thisapplicationfor you.SafetyCalc features :- Calculation of thevoltage drop in abranched electric circuit with many loads for eachload, and todetermine the minimum cabel wire section;- Calculationof thevoltage drop in a branched electric circuit with many loadsforeach load, if all of the loads connected to a common power buswithcable with various wire section ;- Calculation of the voltagedropin a branched electric circuit with many loads for each load,ifall of the loads connected to a common power bus with cablewiththe same wire section ;- Calculation of the power supplyandbattery capacity for a access control system, for standby (8hours)and alarm (3 hours) working mode;- Calculation of thecamera'sobjective lens for for surveillance video systems:determination ofthe vertical and horizontal focal length,definition viewing angleboth vertically and horizontally, thedefinition of deadzones;Features of the free version:- Free toolwithout advertising-Number of loads is limited to 10The applicationis optimized fortablets and is able to be installed on the memorycard.If you likethis application, please rate it.Program can befound on thefollowing needs: electric chain, calculation ofvoltage, cablecalculation, access control, CCTV, low current,battery capacity,calculation section, calculation of angles, focallengthcalculation
Electrician training 1.05
If you want to learn everything related with electricity,bothamateur and professional, download this app. You will findallkinds of lessons on how to understand and work withelectricity.Learn to be an electrician with our courses andlessons. Discoverall the secrets about the electricity that youwill be very usefulboth in your home and in your work. Do you havea plug spoiled anddon't want to spend money on an electrician? Solearn your self torepair it with this app. Repair lights that donot work, shorts, oreven make the electrical installation in yourhome. And for themore experts, we have advanced lessons, includingautoCAD lessons.