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Digital Clock and Weather Widget
Note: if the widget shows "Problem loading widget"afterupdating,please restart your device A simple, stylishandhighlycustomizable digital clock and weather widget. - Optionstoshowlocation-based current weather, weather forecast,severeweatheralerts and air quality information - Choose betweensmall(2x2),big (4x3), wide (4x1) and tall (2x3) resizable widgetstyleswith18 possible fonts - Adjust the time and date font colorandsizeand select your preferred time and date format - Optiontolaunchyour alarm app, calendar app, your favourite weather app,oranyapp of your choosing by tapping parts of the widget - Optiontoaddclickable icons launching your favourite or most used apps-Optionto show semi-transparent backplate with adjustable color-Backup& restore settings - Paid "Premium" upgradethatunlocksoptions for: - 25 additional fonts + a customuser-addedfontoption - Showing current time and weather in multiplelocations/time zones - Showing battery level info - Weathernotifications-Adjustable transparency level for the backplate-Removesadvertisements Note: Please keep in mind that addingtheshortcutto the settings window to your home screen willnotautomaticallyadd the actual widget to your home screen! Ifyoudon't know how toadd the widget to your home screen, please usethe"Help" option inthe settings window. If you have a question oraproblem with theapp, please contact us viaemail( Wewill gladly help you. Note:Therequired permissions are necessaryfor: - Downloadinglocation-basedcurrent weather, weatherforecast, severe weatheralerts and airquality information -Letting the user use customfonts (Premiumonly) - The Premiumin-app purchase - Backing up &restoringsettings - Locationdata may be used for providing you morerelevantads - Access thecorrect next alarm's time set by Samsung'sClockapp Help ustranslate the app in your language or improvethecurrenttranslation bygoingto: Note: Onsomedevicesyou may have to restart your device after installing forthewidgetto show up in the widget list!
DIGI Clock Widget 2.3.5
"DIGI Clock Widget" is free set offivehighly customizable digital time and date widgets:2x1 widget - small4x1 widget - wide optionally with seconds4x2 widget - big5x2 widget - for tablets and especially for Galaxy Note6x3 widget - for tablets.Features lots of customizations, like:- widget preview during setup- select widget click actions: tap on widget to loadalarmapplication, widget settings or any installedapplication- allows you select your preferred colors for time and date- shadow effect with selectable color- outlines- locale preference, set date output in your language- plenty of date formats + customizable date format- show/hide AM-PM- 12/24 hour selection- alarm icon- show time with seconds option (for 4x1 widget)- widget background with selectable color and opacity from0%(transparent) to 100% (completely opaque)- use picture as widget background- 40 great fonts for time and date ...- ... or use your favorite font saved on memory card- ready for Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean and LollipopAndroidversions- recommended for tablets- lock screen widget for Android Jelly Bean 4.2+... and even more ...Problems with installation?This is home screen widget and not the application, please readtheinstructions on how to use the widget:Older phones (before Android 4.0 ICS) and Android 4.4 KitKat:• To add a widget, touch and hold an empty location onahome-screen. Menu will pop-up, select Widgets.• "Choose Widget" menu will popup. From there, find and select"DIGIClock" widget of desired size.Newer phones and tablets, Android 4.0 and later (Ice CreamSandwich,Jelly Bean):• Touch the All Apps icon on your Home screen.• Click “Widgets” tab at the top of the screen.• From the main Widgets screen, you can swipe left until youfind"DIGI Clock”• Touch and hold the desired widget’s icon, slide your fingerwhereyou want to place it, and lift your finger.If there are missing "DIGI Clock" in list of widgets, try torestartphone, it might help.To add the widget to your Android 4.2+ device's lock screen,simplyswipe to the left-most page of your lock screen and touch thebig"+" icon. Then, select "DIGI Clock" add the widget. You canmakethis the primary lock screen widget, replacing the defaultclock,by first touching-and-holding it and then dragging ithorizontallyto the very rightmost position.NOTICEDo NOT move this app to SD-card! Widgets won't work once youmovethem to SD card.Please exclude this widget from any task killers, this willresolvethe time freezing issue in most instances.When you want help us with localization of "DIGI Clock Widget"toyour language, visit please this site: for using DIGI Clock Widget!
BobClockD3 1.1.1
Opensource digital style clock widget. Based around theCowonD3clock. Features: - customise colours - change dateformat-defaults to phones locale - launch your clock applicationfromthewidget - change the size of the date - 12hr and 24hrmodes-lowercase and uppercase modes If you don't like the updateyoucanfind the original 1.0 versionhere- thread on XDAforums- from - have problemswith the widget please contact me at thesupportemail, I will tryand help the best I can.
Clock 1.5
A customizable analog clock that can be used as a widget or asalive wallpaper. If the widget stops please disable any"batterysaving" features or use the live wallpaper version. To adda clockwidget: Go to home screen -> tap and hold on an emptyspace-> select "Apps and widgets" -> (tap on "Widgets" at thetopof the screen) -> find, then tap and hold "Analog Clock"widget-> drag the widget to a preferred position on the homescreen.To set the clock as a live wallpaper: Go to home screen-> tapand hold on an empty space -> select "Set wallpaper"->select "Live wallpapers" -> find and tap on "Analog Clock"->(customize the clock by tapping "Settings") -> tap"Setwallpaper". To customize a clock widget or live wallpaperclock:Open the "Clock" app -> find the clock you want tocustomize-> Your changes will be automatically saved when Youexit theapp.
Clock Widget 1.4.3
Clock Widget is a home screen digital time and date widgetforAndroid. Features: - Supports Android version 4.1 and above.-Google Material Design - Lots of customizations - Many fontsforclock and date - Select widget click actions - Tap on widgettoload up alarm/widget settings page To use the widget on Android:-Open the app drawer - Tap the "Widgets" tab - Find Clock Widgetanddrag it to the home screen NOTE: If you are using a TaskManager,make sure to add Clock Widget to the ignore list. When theapp iskilled, the time will stop updating.
Nice Simple Clock (Widget) 1.9.4
  A simple yet customizable clock widgetwithcolorfulsemi-transparent background     Features:   -Minimalisticstyle -Colorful semi-transparent background (You havethe completecontrolof the color, transparency, and even theroundness of theroundededges / corners) - Customizable text size,fatness, andcolor -Customizable time and date formats - Livepreview of thecustomizedclock in the setting screen - Possibilityto have morethan oneNice Simple Clock widgets on the home screen,each with itsowncustomization settings - Custom time offset optionfordisplayingtime in different timezones - Custom year offsetoptionfor specialcalendar systems - Ability to launch anyuser-selectedapplication(e.g. alarm clock) upon a click on thewidget -Different widgetsizes support - Battery-friendly design      Howto use: This is awidget for your homescreen (desktop). To useit,please followthese simple steps. For newer versions ofAndroid(e.g. 4.0), youmay drag and drop a "Nice Simple ClockWidget" itemfrom theWidgets tab of your app list to the homescreen.You mayrefer tothisdemonstrationvideo: Forolderversions(e.g. 2.3.3) you can long press (i.e. tap and hold) onanyemptyspace on your home screen, then select Widgets and choosea"NiceSimple Clock Widget" item. Different widget itemscorrespondtodifferent widget sizes (e.g. 1x1, 2x2, etc.). Afteraddingtheclock widget to your homescreen, tapping it willopentheconfiguration window. You can add more than one "NiceSimpleClockWidget" to your homescreen and each of them can have itsownuniquesettings. *NOTE* If the time does not updateproperly,pleaseexclude this widget from any task killer app thatyou mightbeusing. You can also try to remove this widget fromyourhomescreenand add it back again, and see if it solves theproblem.
Retro Clock Widget 1.0.2
* Retro Clock Widget Seems like a Mechanical FlippingRetroClock.(no flipping animation) - Totally FREE application.-Noadvertisement or any other disturbing items. - 5 RetroWidgets.-Application contains only widgets. - Date widgets willopenyourdefault Calendar application. (shortcut to Calendar)-Clockwidgets will open your default Alarm application.(shortcuttoAlarm Clock) * Please contact us if you have anyquestion oranyidea. To support: * Don'tforget to rateitfrom market.
Analog Clock Widget 1.0
Enjoy personalization of your home screen with thissimple,beautifuland useful analog clock widget. Tap on the widgettochoose one offive clock designs. • Simple, beautiful andusefulapplication; •Widget in 2x2 and 3x3 sizes; • Fiveclockfacedesigns in differentcolors; • App is free and no-ads.NOTE: Thisapp is a widget. Afterinstallation you should put it onyour homescreen from the widgetlist: - For Android 4.x - Openapplications,widgets tab, look for"Analog Clocks Widget" and dragit to yourhome screen; - For Androidunder 4.0 - Keep pressing thehomescreen till an additional menu ofwidgets appears. Pick out"AnalogClocks Widget" from a list ofwidgets. - In some caseswidgets willnot be added to the widget list- this is a commonproblem ofAndroid 4.0.x. In this case pleasereboot your device.
Sectograph. Planner & Time manager on clock widget 5.20.1
Laboratory 27
Sectograph is a time planner that visually displays a listoftasksand events for the day in the form of a 12-hour pie chart -awatchdial. The application will help you sharpen your sense oftimeandallow you to visualize your day. HOW IT WORKS In short, itisaprojection of your routine and tasks onto the clockface.Itvisualizes your day for precise timekeeping and offers youpeaceofmind. The scheduler works like an analog clockface.Itautomatically fetches all the events from your Googlecalendar(orlocal calendar) and places them on a 12-hour sectoredwatchface.This technology can be called a "Calendar clock". HOW ITLOOKSThelist of your calendar events is projected in the form ofapiechart in the application and on the home screen widget.Eventsaresectors, the beginning and duration of which you canclearlytrackusing special arcs to follow your plan. A calendar andanalogclockcombined gives you an amazingly visual representation ofyourwork,allowing you to effectively plan and calculate your day.WHATCANTHE APPLICATION BE USED FOR? ✔ Daily scheduling andvisualtiming.Track your daily tasks, agendas, appointments, andeventsinSectograph, and at any time, find out how much time isleftuntilthe end of the current event and the start of the nextone.Don'tbe late. ✔ Accounting and control of working hours. Keepyourphonein the docking station at your workstation and your officedayplanis under control. ✔ Schedule of classes. Keep your phonecloseathand and see how much time is left until the end ofthosetiringlectures – and never be late for lab workagain.✔Self-organization at home. Your daily routine isnowmoreconvenient than ever. Remember to balance work, restandphysicalactivity, just use the app as an organizer for yourhomeroutine. ✔Trip timer and flight duration. Do you lose track oftimedue toendless travel and flights? Visually control yourcheck-in,landingand flight duration. Keep everything under control.✔ Followyourmeal schedule, medication schedule, exercise therapy,andotherimportant activities. Lead the right lifestyle and behealthy!✔Convenient countdown of any lengthy scheduled events.Don'tmissthe end of your vacation and know exactly how many daysareleftuntil the end of your military service. ✔ Monitoreverydayaffairson the go and in your car. Achieve your goals bykeepingtheapplication installed on the device. ✔ Time managementusingGTDtechnology. Is planning your day confusing? With thefunctionofstriking out or hiding flagged events, keep your chart ascleanaspossible. Sectograph will improve your time management. ✔Mygoals.The app can be used to achieve goals from yourGooglecalendar. Itwill help you with timekeeping, organize yourday, andassist youin completing your goals on time. ✔Attention-deficit.According toour users, the application iseffective forattention-deficithyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). If youare wastingtime and havetrouble concentrating on tasks, this appmay be usefulto you. ✔The application will be useful for fans ofthe "Chronodex"concept.You can use the Sectograph as an analog of apaper diaryused bythis concept. ✔ Display doings from MicrosoftOutlookcalendar.(beta) SMARTWATCH on OS Wear (Android Wear) Do youhave aWear OSsmartwatch? Excellent! Use watch face Sectograph.Nowyoursmartwatch is an efficient planner! HOME SCREEN WIDGET Usethedayplanner widget on your device's home screen.Thewidgetautomatically updates events and its clock once a minute,aswellas after any new events appear in the calendar. Youcanviewdetails of the event on the widget and access some ofitsoptionsby clicking on the corresponding sector.
Minimal Clock 1.8.3
IMPORTANT: Minimal Clock is a widget (not an application),itwillonly appear in the widgets section of your phone. Itwillnotappear in the applications list! If it does not appearinwidgetssection, try uninstall and reinstall the app! thank you:)Foranyone looking for the reliable (but battery draining)version,youcan download it from this link: clock widget for yourhomescreen. Minimal Clockislightweight and easy to use and has asimple design that manyuserswill love. Features - 2x2 Widget(resizable) - Highresolutionwidget option (Warning: high resolutionwidget willdecreasebattery life more than regular widget) -Displays hour,am/pm, dayof week, minute, and battery (arc) - Customcolors forclock faceborder, clock face fill, battery arc, hourtext, am/pm& day ofweek, minute text, minute face fill, andminute faceborder. -Colors support alpha (transparent) - Optional24hr format-Optional battery percentage - Optional date format(8/20, 20/8,Aug20, 20 Aug) - Adjustable text and line thickness -Easy accesstosettings by tapping bottom right corner of widget -Optional taptolaunch selected app To add this to your homescreen,go to yourappdrawers. Then navigate to your widgets section, andfindMinimalClock. Hold it down and move it to the screen you wanttoadd itto.
Clock Widget HD 1.148
Calathea Apps
Clock Widget HD provides a lots of gorgeous digitalclockwidgetswith a high level of customization. It's provides alots offunnywidgets backgrounds in HD quality. It also allows youtochoose andset your personal images as widget background. ThisAppalsoprovides detailed current weather observation andweatherforecastfor all world locations. It gives youatmosphericpressure,relative humidity, visibility distance, windspeed anddirectionand many other detailed information on yourlocationweather.Choose among themes like - Weed / Cannabis /Marijuana -Animals -Car / Motorcycle - Nature / Earth - Religion /Jesus /Allah /Boodah - Sport / Soccer / Basketball / Flag -Lifestyle /Tattoo -Music - Abstract Features: - Share your Widgetwith friendsandfamily - Choose between (4x2) and (5x2) re-sizabledigitalclockwidgets with more than 15 possible fonts - Adjust thetime anddatefont size and color and select your preferred time anddateformat- Show weather information and weather forecast on tap-Adjust thefont color and transparency - Launch your alarmapp,calendar appand your favorite weather app by tapping parts ofthewidget - Addthe widget to your lock screen (Android 4.2, 4.3and4,4 only*,supported on selected devices) - Paid "Premium"upgradeto Ads freeVersion - Show current time and weather - Showbatterylevel info
MiClock / LG G4 Clock Widget 2.0.76
A minimalistic yet fully customizable clock widget that is meanttoprovide ways to display the time on your home screen in style.Thewidget is available in multiple styles, is resizable, can beusedon both the home screen and the lock screen. The fonts,colors,relative element sizes, visibility and text style of eachwidgetelement can be customized - this allows you to make thewidget yourown and harmonize it with other visual elements of yourhomescreen. Enjoy! * Support for adding widgets to the lock screenhasbeen removed in Android 5.0 LG G4™ is a trademark orregisteredtrademark of LG Corp.
LED clock widget -Me Clock 2.11
How to use:1)Download "Me Clock-analog,digital widget" before using thisskin. Hold down your finger on the home screen.3) Add "Me Clock Widget" from your widget list.4) Pick this skin from the list.5)The widget will appear in your homescreen.What's "Me Clock Widget":- Design skins many themes.(Analog clock, Digital clock,Simple,Cool, and Elegant)- 24-hour format supported.(Digital clock)- Date format supported.(Digital clock)- Support scaling widget(Android3.1+)- Lock screen widget(Android4.2+)- Launch Application by tapping the clockwidget.(Alarm,Calendar,any other)- Free and no ads.Thank you.
Digital Clock Widget 1.0.6
Digital Clock WidgetDress up your phone or tablet home screen with pretty DigitalClockWidgets.Please take a look at our really pretty DigitalClockWidget.☆ 15 brilliant different digital clock styles, the best homescreendigital clock and date widgets for Android ( 7 styles supportClockwith Seconds display )☆ Configurable Smart Tools Bar -- You can choose 4 mostcommonlyused application shortcuts from installed apps- Include popular instant messengers- Built in App Uninstaller and Flashlight- Support different Alarm Clocks, popular Weather apps andGoogleweather search☆ Support both small screen and big screen HD/Full HD devices☆ Convenient Smart Notification Bar shortcuts which can besetseparately with application shortcuts like Alarm Clock,Weather,Flashlight and messengers etc.☆ Very easy settings - 24/12 hours-format, turn on/turn offSmartTools Bar and Smart Notification BarDigital clock widget is a home screen digital clock anddatewidget for Android.We try to build the best digital clock widget in thePlayStore.Feel free to download, enjoy and welcome feedback.How to add widget and use this clock widgetPlease take a look at the video. You can learn how to add awidgetto android home screen.At the same time learn to configure different Digital ClockWidgets-- LED Digital Clock, Digital Clock With Seconds, DigitalClockWith Weather, Digital Clock With Alarm Clock, Digital ClockWithFlashlight and Digital Clock With different pop messengersappsetc.
Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Minimalistic Text is a widget app thatdisplaysinformation in a minimalistic way.It can be configured to display time, date, battery andweatherinformation. The layout of the widget is highlycustomizablethrough the layout editor.YouTube videos:Barcode BatteryBar: custom fonts: to Willie ( for the Youtubepromovideo!Supported languages:* English* Danish* German* Greek* Dutch* Polish* Norwegian* French* Croatian* Serbian* Czech* Spanish* Estonian* Italian* Portuguese* Hungarian* Russian* Swedish* Simplified Chinese* Traditional Chinese* Slovak* Afrikaans* Slovenian* Hebrew* Bulgarian* Catalan* Korean* Turkish* Finnish* Ukrainian* ArabicExplanations for the permission requests:** android.permission.VIBRATE **used in the layout editor to give feedback that an item hasbeendragged** android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION **used by the weather service to get your coarse location andretrievethe weather for it** android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE **needed to determine if the weather data can be fetched** android.permission.INTERNET **needed to actually retrieve the weather data and to get the nameofthe location you are** android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED **needed to be able to wait until the phone bootedbeforeinitializing** android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE **to gain access to your SD card and save the preferences to it** android.permission.GET_TASKS **used to determine if the home screen is currently active. Thisisused by the automatic rendering option** android.permission.CHANGE_COMPONENT_ENABLED_STATE **To enable / disable widget sizes** android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE **To support WiFi variables** android.permission.READ_CALENDAR **To support calendar events** **To support In-App donation** de.devmil.minimaltext.permission.USE_DIRECT_CALL_ADDON **allows Minimalisitc Text to use the Minimalistic Text directcalladdon (if it is installed)If you have any problems, write me an email!Now with Buzz Launcher support! Minimalistic Text can berestoredexactly the way it has been packed using the Buzz Launcher.Thisway you can share your complete Homescreen easy with otherBuzzLauncher users!Download Buzz Launcherhere: don't use the comments for feature requests or bugs. Youcanwrite me an email ( (Of course youstillcan rate lower due to bugs or missing features)Tasker integration:1) add a Locale variable to your layout and set the variablename(click it)2) in Tasker select Plugins -> Minimalistic Text foranaction3) Click "Edit", a new activity starts4) enter the name of the variable and the text that shouldbedisplayed for this variable (you can use Tasker variables)doneWiki:
Retro Clock Widget
Now customize style and shortcuts withtheRetro Clock Settings app, for sale on Google Play!Retro Clock Widget was one of the first clock widgets availableforandroid and has been downloaded by millions of users overtheyears. Version 2.0 brings many improvements, while keepingthesimplicity that made it famous.This app provides a home screen clock and date widget based ontheclassical mechanical flipping clock. The widgets act asshortcutsto the systems alarm clock and calendarapplications.When you want to customize the look and feel (like thecolors,transparency, or shortcut applications), you can do so usingtheRetro Clock Settings companion app also available onGooglePlay.To use the widget on Android 4.0+:- open the app drawer- tap the "Widgets" tab- find Retro Clock / Date and drag it to the home screenTo use the widget on older versions of android:- long press an empty spot on the home screen- select "Widgets"- tap on Retro Clock / Date to add it to the home screenNOTE: If you are using a Task Manager, make sure to add RetroClockWidget to the ignore list. When the app is killed, the timewillstop updating.
Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper 6.5.1
Your screen will be with beautiful analog clocks, whicharemorebattery friendly than many other live wallpapers. It makesyouseethe time all the time when your screen is on! Sharewithyourfriends! Try a lite version to estimate the qualityofthewallpaper! Clockfaces: White (Default), Black, Digital,Gray,Quadwood, Roman, Rome transparent, Time, you candownloadadditional asplugins from settings option named Moreclockfaces.Backgrounds: 5built-in, own image from gallery, colors.Correctingclock size,position, rotation, transparency; inversion ofcolors(in the fullversion!). Seconds arrow modes: ticks,flowing,imitation of realclocks, linear shift or disabled (only inPRO).Arrows' colors(free for seconds, rewarded for minutes andhours).PRO versioncontain date with positioning options andadjustingcolor. You cancontrol opening settings by double tap withQuicksettings option.Also you can launch an alarm by double tapinsideclockface withAlarm launcher option. Standalone applicationmode isan optionwhich allows to launch this app by icon or frommenuwithoutneeding to set it as a live wallpaper. It works asascreensaverapp with screen off timeout. Controlling this optionisavailablethrough the settings launched by double tap. It worksasascreensaver in charging mode also, check it out fromyourandroidsettings (usually placed in display - screensaverorsimilar). Thismode has an option of auto shifting and scalingtheclockface toprevent from pixel burning (useful for AMOLEDscreens).Additionalinformation: Wallpaper supports phones andtablets(landscape andportrait orientation). Battery saving:Redrawing ofclocks maximumone time per second with seconds arrowenabled (intick mode ofseconds arrow, FPS limit in this caseaffects only toaccuracy ofupdating time) and one time per minutewhen disabled.Consumptionof resources is only if visible. Framesper secondlimit. Choosingof textures quality. OpenGL ES 2.0required. Some ofthe describedfunctions are only available whenpurchasing the fullversion. Anapplication can be extended to thefull version bydownloading thepaid version. When you taking in-apppurchases, youget lifetimeaccess to the acquired functions, even ifyour phonechanged ordata is lost.
Drawing clock widget -Me Clock 1.0
To use this skin, you must installed "Me Clock"..How to use:1)Download"MeClock-analog,digital widget" before using this skin . Hold down your finger on the home screen.3) Add "Me Clock Widget" from your widget list.4) Pick this skin from the list.5)The widget will appear in your homescreen.High precision, drawing design font clock widget for "MeClockWidget".Free and no ads.What's "Me Clock Widget":- Design skins many themes.(Analog clock, Digital clock,Simple,Cool, and Elegant)- 24-hour format supported.(Digital clock)- Date format supported.(Digital clock)- Support scaling widget(Android4.0+)- Lock screen widget(Android4.2+)- Launch Application by tapping the clockwidget.(Alarm,Calendar,any other)- Free and no ads.Thank you.
Digi Clock Widget 1.0.4
A very beautiful digital clock widgets foryourAndroid homescreen with the following features> 3 Different Widget Sizes (Adding more)> Allows you to update the background color andtransparencylevel.> Allows you to update the text color withtransparencylevel.> Enable/disable battery level in the widget> Support 12 Hour and 24 Hour time format.Note for Upgrades: 1.0.4 is a major update with a newwidgetsize. So, it might show "problem with widget" if yes, thenonlyremove the widget from your screen and add them back.FAQs:Question: Digi Clock Widget isn't working correctly or showing onmydevice?Answer: If Digi Clock Widget is installed on the SD card, thenitmight not work properly because Android doesn't support widgetsonSD card! You have to move it to device and reboot youphone.Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - Digi Clock Widget-Move to Phone*** Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have problems withthewidget or want to suggest some new features ***
wp clock 2.5.6
make your android device look fantastic withwpclock - the beautiful typographic live wallpaper!this stylish design live wallpaper clock will display a lotofuseful informations directly on your home screen:- time, date, month, year and week or day of the year;- wifi / wlan (SSID) & telephony provider with signalstrengthand network type (like umts, hsdpa, lte, 3g, edge)- battery status in % with charging iconwp clock is highly customizable and optimized for mosttabletsand mobile phones. it supports portrait & landscapeorientationas well as animated background images and slide shows.start thestand alone version and convert your android tablet to astylishtypo watch!this animated hd live wallpaper is a must-have for all fansofbeautiful design and fancy typography!unlike the the most animated live wallpapers wp clock doesnotdrain the battery - it is super optimized in order tosavepower.visit our server to download wonderfully designed andespeciallyoptimized for mobile phones high quality 3D flags of yourcountryand create a patriotic theme! browse the library to findmany otherprofessional background photos!all permissions are explained on our website!having troubles? contact us:****go to -> settings -> appearance -> time -> toggle'fitto screen' YES/NO to make the time font fit to screen!- adjustable battery indicator- highly optimized for longer battery life- background image cropping tool (for OS 2.3.3+)- text animations- adjustable vertical position- save settings as presets- free adjustable colors, opacity & outlines foreachelement- multiple language support- soccer / football background images- android 4.2+ daydream functionality!- FULL SCREEN STAND ALONE VERSION
Make Your Clock Widget
Tomas Hubalek
Make your very own clock widgetdesign.Ultimate solution for your home screen modding.★★★ Learn more about app at ★★★You can create either minimalistic text-based clock widget orfullblown (weather, clock, battery)widget by yourself directly in your Android phone. Any layoutispossible. Except current time anddate you can add battery info, weather icon, weather forecastormemory stats.If you have a Taskmanager/Task Killer runningpleaseexclude/uninstall.Supported features:- you can make your own layou of all elements- you can adjusts many options for screen objectsSupported widget sizes:- 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1,3x2, 4x1, 4x2Clock- 12/24 hours Date & Time- Custom date formatWidget Editor Features:- Text size- Text color- Adjustable color of the text- Adjustable transparency- Background color- Font sizeWidget features:- Single Tap to start App- Disable Tap on ClickWeb Gallery- download designs from the webThere is also pro version of this widget that containsfollowingfeatures:Battery- Battery Voltage- Battery Temperature- Remaining Battery Capacity- Various battery indicators - circle, pie chart (comingsoon)Weather- Weather forecast autorefresh- Beautiful Weather Icon- Weather Forecast- Current Temperature- Minimum TemperatureMemory space- SD card space (coming soon)- Internal Memory space (coming soon)- Various Indicators - circle, pie chart (coming soon)PLEASE! If you have problems or a question send me an Email. Ican'thelp you if you leave comment on Android Market (I have nocontactto you).Other apps integration:- App can be used also as Locale plug-in.See for- For integration with Taskersee
Analog clocks widget – simple
This is simple analog clock widget. You can use it as analarmclock.Please enjoy personalizing your home screen with thisanalogclockWidget. Please tap on the widget to change a clockdesign.Powered byARTSPLANET
Night Digital Clock 5.0
Locos Apps
Night Digital Clock allows you to findtheideal digital clock theme among all the fun and innovativedesignsof time and date widget. Are you looking for a “digitalclock anddate widget” that can look soothing at all times and thatcaninspire serenity in you? If so, try this “digital clockblack”,blue or in any other color and let the subtle neon glow makeyoufall in love with your phone or tablet. No other “beautifulclockwidget” has so many different styles – from subtle and simpletointricate and groundbreaking designs, “night clock” HD withdatehas all that you need to feel at ease every time you glance atyourscreen. Download clock for Android™ and enjoy the pacifyingnightmode, while you let the night light enchant you with itssubtleglow. Get night clock free of charge and enjoy in the magicalhueson your screen, or try a lively color splash design to brightenupeach day. Let there be night light in your life!➤ This beautiful widget lets you enjoy your night “digitalclockwith date”!➤ First, you need to ADD the digital “night widget” to yourHOMESCREEN!➤ You should go to MENU and then press the 'ADD' buttonor,depending on your device, tap the empty space and hold yourfingeruntil the pop-up menu-window labeled 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN'appears(you might need to find + BUTTON, or the option 'WIDGET' toadd itto home screen).➤ When you download the widget, initially you get five widgetfaces,while the rest of them unlock over the next five days.➤ Choose from 10 cute Android™ widgets designs - find theperfect“night clock theme” and digits!➤ Tap on the cute “digital clock for Android™” and hold to moveyournew widget!➤ The awesome night clock app is not only a cool widget, but italsosaves your battery!➤ This “free clock widget” has easy and fun interface and agreatchoice of time and “date widget” designs!➤ Our “Digital Clocks” are compatible with 99% mobilephonedevices.➤ “Night Digital Clock” HD looks amazing on tablet devices aswellas on mobile phones.See for yourself how soothing night mode brightness can be withourbrand new and free “night clock widget” and you will bepleasantlysurprised! Go ahead, get this “free download” and giveyour SamsungGalaxy mobile phone or tablet a brand new mysteriouslook with our“digital clock night light”! Go ahead and download a“night clockapp for Android™” and impress all your friends with thesimple, yetintricate design of our amazing “time and date widget”!If you aretired of your old analog digital clock, it might be hightime youembellished your phone or tablet with a night mode “digitalclockwidget”! Like a breath of fresh air, these timekeepers willgiveyou the sensation of having a new phone! Try one of the best“freeapps for Android™” and you'll fall in love with the digitalclockdisplay that can appeal to every taste and style. This is notonlya night clock for kids, but also for boys and girls who canenjoyin the night mode screen equally with various widget skins.Makeyour “Android™ phone” look stunning with ten amazing andinnovativedesigns this night clock for tablet offers for free -impress allyour friends and try all ten skins to see which onesuits you best.Try our “digital clock night” or digital clocktransparent and seefor yourself which one can blow your mind withits uniqueness andmake your galaxy phone look mysterious, classyand cute, all at thesame time. Have fun with the cool time and datewidget!* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.* This widget is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.* This widget is ad-supported.
LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaper 1.36
If you don't have a watch to see what time right now then youareinthe right place, led digital clock brings correct time anddateforyou on your mobile home screen. LED Digital Clock iscompletelyfreeapplication in store for the current date and time onyourmobilehome screen. This is a free live wallpaper with LEDstyledigitalclock. LED Digital Clock Live Wallpaper also displayclockwith dateand day of the week. Thousands of colorcombinationsavailable fordisplay clock. You can set your photo asbackgroundof the digitalclock. After adding your photo in thebackground ofthe clock youcan move that clock at a particulardesired locationon the screenfor adorable decoration of the mobilehome screen.LED Digital ClockLive Wallpaper is a highlycustomizable livewallpaper application,you can customize thefollowing features: »Clock Style: 20 distinctLED clock stylesavailable for displayclock. » Clock Position: movethe clockanywhere in the home screenand set as wallpaper. »Background Color:set your favorite colorin the background of thedisplay clock. »Background Wallpaper: Setattractive wallpapers asbackground fordisplay clock. » PhotoBackground: Set display clockbackground fromcamera picture orphoto gallery. » Clock Color: setyour favoritecolor for displaytext in the digital clock. » ClockSize: set desiresize fordisplay text in the digital clock. » DateFormat: selectdifferentdate formats for the digital clock. » TimeFormat: chooseyourpreferred time format like 12-hour and 24-hour.» Show/Hide:glowfor time, seconds, date, day of the week. Adigital clock is atypeof clock that displays the time digitallylike numerals orothersymbols, as opposed to an analog clock, wherethe time isindicatedby the positions of rotating hands. Mostdigital clocksdisplay thehour of the day in 24-hour format; in theUnited Statesand a fewother countries, a commonly-used hoursequence option is a12-hourformat with some indication of AM orPM. Some timepieces,such asmany digital watches, can be switchedbetween 12-hour and24-hourmodes. Emulations of analog-style facesoften use an LCDscreen,and these are also sometimes described as"digital". Torepresentthe time, most digital clocks use aseven-segment LED, VFD,or LCDfor each of four digits. Theygenerally also include otherelementsto indicate whether the timeis AM or PM, whether or not analarmis set, and so on. LED digitalclock is a completelyFREEapplication for use, so enjoy your day.Please provideyourvaluable feedback to us to improve thisapplication.
Live Clock Wallpaper 2.5
If you are a true fashion freak and you love following thelatesttrends then get your own Live Clock Wallpaper! This is thenewesttechnological innovation for your smartphone or tablet thatwillmake any mobile device a state of the art gadget. You'll findthatthis cool app for phones is very useful because the clock willbealways on display, but it is also a fantastic way to turn youroldhome screen background into a stylish live wallpaper.Browsethrough a huge set of trendy live backgrounds and urbanskins,designed carefully and with taste just for you! Make yourfavoritedevice one of a kind, download Live Clock Wallpaper free ofchargeand have a new and different analog watch with a movingbackgroundevery single day! Features: ✔ Check out all thebackgrounds foryour screen! ✔ Design your own watch on screen! ✔Choose all thewatch elements separately! ✔ Choose a background,hand, ticking andwidget styles! ✔ See the preview of each elementcombination! ✔When you're done, sync the app with your device! ✔This is a realclock on display, not just a wallpaper! ✔ Simple touse, easy toconfigure and great looks under your fingertips! Inyour new phonepersonalization program there are several watch skinsand elegantlive wallpapers that will make your smartphone or tableta realtreat for the eyes. Make your device trendy and stylish withthisuseful gadget and you'll soon find yourself wondering how youcouldlive without it. There are many ways in which you cancustomizeyour own "analog watch on display" and design it accordingto yourneeds and desires. If you want an "analog clock on screen"and youlike the idea of having a different watch every single daythendownload "Live Clock Wallpaper" for free and have a trendynewwatch on your display now! With this free app you can build asmanyunique skins as you want! Moreover, the always on displayclockwill look much more appealing if it is on a beautifullivebackground with a modern design. When you install the best appforphone customization you won't be disappointed because it comeswitha variety of cool "analogue clock themes" for your display.Moderndesign is fused with old style and the result is an analogtimeteller that will make you say wow! Get Live Clock Wallpapertotallyfor free! This phone app lets you customize your tabletorsmartphone with different watch styles. Decorate your mobilewithsophisticated moving wallpapers and add a "large clock displayforhome screen" that is both practical and stylish. Convinceyourfriends to get the free app and sync watches with them so youcanbe on time wherever you go. When someone asks you what's thetime,you can now proudly take out your favorite gadget andswipeeveryone off their feet when they see the amazing watch faceskinson stunning moving backgrounds. Download Live Clock Wallpaperfreeof charge and begin your day knowing that wherever you goyou'll bethere on time!
Clock save battery, time, alarm 2.0.3
Clock is optimised to save phone battery. It is widget youhavetobring it to your home screen manually. Press on free spaceonyourscreen and select Widgets. Then add Clock by dragging. Alsoyoucanadjust size from 1 tile to 6. Save you time andbattery.Previousnames - GioClock, Clock, Watch.
LED clock widget free 1.20
Paul Evseev
Free version of LED/LCD digital clock widget Only one itemofthistype in your widget list, default size is 4x2, resizeissupportedHigh-res tablets screens support Choose any coloryouwant,move/scale elements inside widget like you wantDifferentdigitalstyle fonts Time/date display 12H/24H time formatsSecondsdisplay(this mode requires frequent widget update, which canleadtoincreased battery consumption)Glow/glass/gradient/shadoweffectsBuilt-in styles, custom style canbe saved for instant setupThisis Ad-supported version IF WIDGETCLOCK IS STOPPED FOR SOMEREASON(REPORTED ON SOME DEVICES) JUSTENTER SETTINGS MODE BYCLICKING ONWIDGET THEN SETTINGS BUTTON, THENPRESS OK OR CANCELBUTTON. NOTETO ANDROID 4.0.x (ICS) USERS: If youhave Android 4.0.xand widgetdoes not appears in list try to rebootyour device orjust restartlauncher. It's an Android 4.0.x issue.
Star Clock Widget 1.4.1_accu
Welcome to Star Clock Widget, an elegant Home &LockscreenClock, Weather and Calendar widget. Features: -Highlycustomizableclock, weather and calendar - Weather panelwithYahoo!,OpenWeatherMap weather providers - Calendar panelshowingascrollable list of upcoming events - Customize weathericons-Change clock style: analog and digital clock. -Showupcomingcalendar events
Gold Clock 2021 1.309.1.121
With a classic design a beautiful color, our new LiveWallpaperisthe perfect choice for you. Download the Gold Clock 2021nowandmake your device awesome. This amazing LiveWallpapercancompletely change the way you use and interact withyour phone!Ourlatest Live Wallpaper, Gold Clock 2021, lets youcustomizeyourbackground with awesome personalization features! ★With ournewLive Wallpaper, you get: • A library of free LiveWallpapers!Youcan download free Live Wallpapers from the app'smenu! Onceyoudownload a design, you can reapply it at any time! •Customizeyourbackground with different fun elements and colors! •Choosetheinteractive effects! Pick the way in which yourcolourchangingLive Wallpaper reacts when you touch the screen! •HDgraphics anda fantastic design! ★ We've created one of thebestfree LiveWallpapers just for you! Try Gold Clock 2021 today! !★How toinstall this super Live Wallpaper ★ • Download GoldClock2021 andwait for the app to install; • Open the app andbeginpersonalizingyour awesome Live Wallpaper; • Select "SetActiveTheme" and theinstallation is complete! • Enjoy one of ourmostamazing LiveWallpaper apps, Gold Clock 2021! ★ Get more freeLiveWallpaperslik Gold Clock 2021!★ Visit our developer page formoreamazingLive Wallpapers HD to personalize your Android phoneortablet! Doyou like this epic Live Wallpaper? Then please rateandreview it!End User Licence Agreement Read to find outtheconditions fordownloading, installing, using and accessingfeaturesof this app - Privacy Policy We do notstorepersonalinformation. See what data we analyze and how it isused-
Minimal Clock Widget 1.5
Tom Swartz
This is a little widget that displays a very minimalisticclockonyour homescreen. To add it to yourhomescreenselectmenu>add>widgets and then you will beprompted tocustomizethe time display options! If you like thisapplication,feel freeto donate a few dollars tomycause: If youhaveanyquestions or concerns, please do not include them in thereview,asI cannot respond to them- instead, please email me usingthelinkprovided on the Store Page. Thanks! Please be aware thatIneededto remove the color picker, as it was causing the apptocrash. Ihope to return this feature sometime soon. Volunteersarewelcome!
Clean Clock Widget
Clean Clock Widget ... Simple and cleanlookingClock.Available widget sizes 1x1, 2x2, 4x2.Features:- Choose between different colors for date- Custom color also available- Show/Hide Date- Different Date Formats (Not available in widget size 1x1)- Tap on widget to open Widget-Settings/Alarm Clock/CalendarNOTE:Exclude Clean Clock Widget from your task killersEMAIL Problems / Feedback /
Digital Clock Live Wallpaper
Digital Clock Live Wallpaper Live Wallpaper thatdisplayscurrenttime, date and day of the week. All date and timeformatsaresupported. Names of month and day of week is displayingonscreen.So many colour are available in clock live wallpaperandclock sizeown selected with settings. Features:- *Change FontSizeof Clock.*Digital Clock Live Wallpaper in one more option isglowas peryour choice. *Time format (12Hr & 24Hr). *Selectedcolourseton your digital clock live wallpaper. *DisplaysCurrentDayDate(Optional/ Settable by user) *Change format ofDateDisplay*Multiple Colour Settings for Led Clock(Using ColourPicker)*GlowEffect(Enable/Disable) for the Clock *Clock Style OrFontSelection*Neon Effect Selection(Enable/Disable) for theClock*ClockBackground Selection Hints:- * To change date or timeformatpress:"Home - Menu - Settings - Date and Time format". Use:-Pressbutton"Settings..." to configure the wallpaper. Pressbutton"Setwallpaper" to set it and start to use. You mayconfigurewallpaperagain.
FORM Clock Widget 1.3.3
This is a home screen clock widget, ported fromRomanNurik'sgorgeous FORM Watch Face for Android Wear. The widgetusesthetypeface design for FORM, Google's first designconference.Formore on FORM, see Inthecompanionsettings app you can choose your widget colours or letthewidgetcolour itself based on your current wallpaper. OnAndroidKitkatand above, you can choose to have the widget animatewhen thetimechanges. Please note that enabling animation maycauseperformanceissues including increased battery consumption!Muzei isfullysupported! Please make sure the widget is installedtointernalmemory - Android will not recognise widgets installedonanexternal SD card. FORM typeface and animations thanks tothegreatwork of the UXA team at Google. Thanks to Roman Nurik forhiswatchface -availableat source code. This app and widget are open source. Thecodeisavailable from to make suggestions for new features, postyourfavouriteconfiguration, see the latest change log, or gethelpwith anyproblems, please see my Google+communityat
Digital Clock Widget 2.0
Digital Clock Widget is a simple digital clock for yourlockscreenand home screen which is stylish and no fuss. If youownTimmoClock Pro, You will be able to launch it directlyfromthesewidgets by tapping on the clock to utilise featuressuchasshortcuts, night mode and stopwatch for example. You canfindithere:
Live Clock Wallpaper 1.309.1.144
The Live Clock Wallpaper will look awesome as Live Wallpaperonyourdevice. Download the Live Clock Wallpaper now and youcandecide alot of the features for this app and animate yourscreenwith thefeatures you like most! This amazing Live Wallpapercancompletelychange the way you use and interact with your phone!Ourlatest LiveWallpaper, Live Clock Wallpaper, lets youcustomizeyour backgroundwith awesome personalization features! ★With ournew LiveWallpaper, you get: • A library of free LiveWallpapers!You candownload free Live Wallpapers from the app'smenu! Once youdownloada design, you can reapply it at any time! •Customizeyourbackground with different fun elements and colors! •Choosetheinteractive effects! Pick the way in which yourcolourchangingLive Wallpaper reacts when you touch the screen! •HDgraphics anda fantastic design! ★ We've created one of thebestfree LiveWallpapers just for you! Try Live Clock Wallpapertoday! !★ How toinstall this super Live Wallpaper ★ • Download LiveClockWallpaperand wait for the app to install; • Open the appandbeginpersonalizing your awesome Live Wallpaper; • Select"SetActiveTheme" and the installation is complete! • Enjoy one ofourmostamazing Live Wallpaper apps, Live Clock Wallpaper! ★ GetmorefreeLive Wallpapers!★ Visit our developer page for moreamazingLiveWallpapers HD to personalize your Android phone ortablet! Doyoulike this epic Live Wallpaper? Then please rate andreview it!EndUser Licence Agreement Read to find out theconditionsfordownloading, installing, using and accessing featuresof thisapp - Privacy Policy We do notstorepersonalinformation. See what data we analyze and how it isused-
Roboto Clock 2.1
andrew dev
Clock widget !!! Simple widget with Roboto style !!! Thintextlookpretty on different screens !!! Current features: -Enable/disable shadows - Set the time format - Enable / disabledate -Runthe clock by touching - Widgets: 2x1, 3x2, 4x2, 4x1 Youcansendrecommendations aboutimprovement:develop.andrew@gmail.comAcknowledgements: Yandex.Money-410011730464599
Minimalistic Digital Clock 1.2
Badal Surana
A very Simple and clean Digital Clock Widget.It Comes with following features*Change Clock Color*Transparency*Show/hide background*Change Background*Show/Hide Date*Change Date color*Show/Hide Am/PmThis Clock Widget Is absolutely free and there are no ads.
Background Clock Wallpaper 1.6
Give your phone a new look with our Background Clock Wallpaper!Weare happy to present our newest creation among coolwallpaperswhich we created to suit your needs and provide you witha homescreen design which your phone actually deserves! If youlikemoving backgrounds with a clock widget, you will like our freeappbest. Add to it the fact that you can change the parts likehandsand markers just the way you like, well, you will not onlylike,but love this live clock wallpaper! It's high time to changeandcustomize your phone or tablet, so take advantage of thisliveclock wallpaper download and get the best live clock forthebackground! What else do you need to make your device uniqueandtrendy, and fully functional at the same time? DownloadBackgroundClock Wallpaper and define the clock background just theway youlike! ◕ Check out all the wallpapers and backgrounds foryourscreen! ◕ Choose among beautiful live clock skins! ◕ Sync itwithyour digital watch! ◕ Or design your own “live clock”! ◕ Chooseallthe watch elements separately! ◕ Choose a background, hand,tickingand widget styles! ◕ See the preview of each elementcombination! ◕When you're done, sync the app with your device! ◕Both round andsquare watches supported! ◕ Simple to use, easy toconfigure! ◕ Getthe best clock widget right away! Are you lookingfor a live clockwallpaper download for mobile and tablet, the oneyou would forfree? Well, search no more, luckily, you've comeacross an analogclock live wallpaper which will leave youspeechless! The world of“moving wallpapers” has become richer fornew live backgroundthemes which are easily distinguishable by theirunique design andhigh quality performance. We designed BackgroundClock Wallpaperwith lots of love and care to meet all your needswhen “movingbackgrounds” are in question. You will love the stylishhands ofthe background clock and “really cool wallpapers” weprepared foryou. It's a matter of seconds that before you becomecompletelycrazy about clock widgets for home screen from this app.Downloadit now and see for yourself! ◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕ If you fancybeingtrendy and always have the best apps before anyone else, don'tmissthe opportunity to get “Background Clock Wallpaper” as well!Oneyou can take for sure – you can design the watch live wallpaperbycombining the elements separately and have a new one every day.Sowhat are you waiting for to make your own watch? Withthecollection of “clock themes” we provided for you, you will getthepossibility to change the backgrounds according to your own moodasmany times as you want! That is the good side of having“coolwallpapers that move” - you can never get bored with or bythem!Define the home screen background and let everyone seeit!◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕⌚◕ Don't hesitate even for a second! We havestrongreasons to believe that this “clock live wallpaper” isworthdownloading! If your friends boast with having a fancylivewallpaper clock with date and time, show them your newbackgroundimage clock live wallpaper and make them green with envy!Ofcourse, you can show them how to download our “live wallpaperfree”and then enjoy using it all together. Now that sounds cool,doesn'tit? What a better free app could you found than “livewatchwallpaper”? Well, you might try, but the choice will alwaysget youback to Background Clock Wallpaper! So don't waste your timeanddownload now!