Top 44 Apps Similar to DARBS LATVIJĀ

My Work Shifts 2.0.8
Essential for those working with rotating shifts or want tokeeptrack of their work days. Enter shifts is incredibly fast, youjustneed to create a pattern shifts and indicate the date rangeinwhich it is repeated. You can define new shifts or modifyexistingones to adapt the calendar to your needs. Modifies thecolors ofthe environment to customize the calendar shifts. Takes athoroughcheck of your turns thanks to the statistics screen, soyou'llalways know what you have worked, holidays taken, holdingpersonalissues, etc ... You can also enter comments in the days youwant(an asterisk on the days you entered a comment will appear).Youcan also enter a second shift in the days or annotatedoubleovertime performed. The application has other featuresthatundoubtedly will be very useful. Manages different forms byusingthe backup. From version 1.5, the application has a widget, touseleft down briefly on the desk, on the options that emerge,selectwidget, finally looking and select "My Work Shifts". Anyquestionsor suggestions will be well received. Enjoy theapplication.
Emergency Police Boat Chase 3D 2017 1.11
Nucleus 3D
The best action packed game on play store emergency policeboatChase 3d, this boat simulator game will charge your innerpursuitin this latest boat crime and gang chase simulation game.Driving aluxury yacht and especially a police yacht is everyone'sdream.Make your dream true with this beautiful and luxury boat inthisrealistic police boat in the city crime chase game. you musthaveplayed police dog crime chase games, police horse stunts andcrimechase game and other police horse, car and dogs crime trainingandchasing games but this game is launched with a unique ideaofemergency police boat drive 3d game which is entirelydifferentcrime chase games as compare to all other police crimechase citygames on the play store.A police yacht like this is hardto get inreal life unless you have won a lottery, but this free 3Dboat gamecan you give the feeling of sail on the surface of oceanlike aship or cruise wandering around in sea. Your goal in thisgame isto set your target, drive and escape the dark ocean waterand pilotyour boat or yacht to kill the criminals. To catch thecriminals ina sea you must be trained enough to pilot your boat onethe roughand cruel surface of ocean especially taking your yachtout of theparking, controlling the speed and steering of the boat.It’s a betyou will find this boat crime chase game far better thanall otherboat parking and boat simulation games, as this game isnot asimple boat simulator game, you will certainly enjoy thejumpingspeedy boat with a firing sound of machine gun on thecriminals.Nomore crime city games, here we come with a police boatin a solopolice yacht crime chase game, with the conception ofthieves /smugglers vs. police boat crime chase games havinginspiring policeand yacht, ship and cruise chase missions.Get readyto kick off thefull accelerated action with a police boat in one ofthe dashingpolice boat games. In police boat crime chase gameadventure youhave a speedy and powerful engine boat.Your sea needsa hero, areyou brave enough to save your city fromcriminals.Emergency policeboat chase 3d: Crime Ocean or sea isabsolutely going to entertainyour inner police pursuit. You hadnever played such an awesome andstunning cop boat simulator. Boatcrime chase is indeed anunbelievable crazy boat chase simulator forall those boys, girlsand kids who love to have fun with a speedyboat windsurfing as apoliceman, cop or police pursuit.With thispolice crime chase youractual mission is to chase the prisoners,robbers, criminals,terrorists, smugglers and thieves who ran awayfrom the jail ortrying to escape from police in the country oceanor seaport andrunning fast in deep sea.Reach enemy boats and takedown withmachine gun but avoid cross fire.This speed boat simulatoris forall ages, just download it now and have everlasting funandadventure.-Kill or catch criminals.-Awesome ocean and seaharborenvironment-Real and amazing sound effects-High Quality 3Dgraphicsand game play-Realistic speedboat physicsEmergency policeboatchase 3d: Crime sea and ocean police crime chase yacht would bethebest game of 2016. It’s time to play police crime chase gameswiththe speedy police boat for police crime chase missions. Thisuniquechase boat simulator is the best game in all other policechasegames or crime chase games.This fascinating boat simulator isaunique game in 3D android games. Nucleus 3D believes indeliveringtop quality entertaining games.
Knots Guide Free 2.8
Knots Guide With this app you can get any type of knot withcords,either Scouts, hikers, adventurers, work or everyday uses,becauseknots can be used for many things such as work tasks,security orto simple moorings our home.Since each has its purposeand benefitsfor a certain kind of thing.The application is completeand thatthe explanations of the nodes are nicely detailed, consistsof animage accompanied by steps written explanation, so it is easytounderstand.Although there are many types, we will be addingmoreand more manuals knots so that each sees is a complete guide.
Crossbow Hunter: Wild Animals 1.3
Return to wilderness and prepare for the ultimate animalshuntingchallenge with Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals FPSHuntingSimulator. World’s greatest hunting experience while gettingnewtrophies, taking down wolves, bears and cheetahs. Shoot like apro,develop a steady hand and master your skills to take theperfectshot. Hunt or be hunted! Get them before they get you!Gettheultimate hunting experience with Crossbow Hunting: WildAnimals.Best hunting game on the store! If you got bored with“sniperzombie WW2” games and need some more sophisticatedhuntingentertainment - download Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals!It’sabsolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax whileshootingcrossbow and taking part in crossbow/arbalest hunting trip!Feellike William Tell! Be an arbalest champion! Shooting isconductedat distances from 10 to 100 meters! The goal is to hunttheanimals! While hunting be aware that animals will startle orattackyou when they hear shoot or any disturbing noise! Animals aresoreal they nearly jump off your screen! Pursue trophies inuniquelocations of USA, Europe, Asia and go to a huntingexpedition! Takedown predators before they get you! Travel acrossthe globe andenjoy the High-end, immersive tablet and mobilegameplay! Embarkthe animals hunting expedition! It’s open season -join the huntnow! No training needed. Simply release the string ofthe bow. Feelthe Inescapable addiction, enjoy the realisticshooting experience.Simple controls, moving targets, wind factorwill make youaddictedCrossbow Champion: Sport Shooting 3D givesyou:Beautiful 3DenvironmentRealistic crossbow experienceHuntingGame Fun! Over 40levelsVaried difficulty of the gameVaries missionsto train yourskills – hunt beasts, hit many targets at timePowerupsPlaying forFree - no “in app purchases”High scoreDifferentarrows andbowsAchievementsYou can play offline - no internetisneededRealistic shooting mechanicsSimple to play and easy tolearn– just tap and swipe to shoot at the targetFun!How toplay:Simplytap and hold the screen to stretch the crossbow and aim.Releasewhen ready to shoot. Be quick! The crossbow starts shakingwhenaiming for too long! Remember about the wind factor! Thegreaterthe shooting distance, the greater the correction must betaken inheight.When aiming must take into account wind directionand speed,and take correction to compensate for the offset ofarrow. Thecrossbow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focuson aimingthe targets. Aimt through the collimator. Optical sighthas 2xmagnification. Try to win the tournament, beware of thepredators!There are two types of gameplay:Time Attack: Get asmanyhits/points as you can in a limited time.Crossbow HuntingMaster:You get only couple of arrows and have to hunt certainanimals.Precision, focus and skill is required.You can play offline- nointernet is needed (no wifi, LTE)Coming soon:Deluxecrossbowshooting!40 new levelsMultiplayerNew crossbows2 controltypes
Manager reserves AppReserva 2.1.0
What is AppReserva?It is a tool to manage reservationsaccommodation(houses, hotels, apartments, pensions,etc).Facilitates data entryand management of the reserve andvarious displays for the completemanagement of reserves. Availablefor all resolutionsAll informationin reserves from their housingor accommodation in a centralizedsystem that will help in managingand save you time.What AppReservaoffer? - Creating and modifyingreservations for one or moreaccommodations. All with theinformation necessary for a completerecord. Management - Platformand web app with synchronized data,access to the same informationon all devices. - Different viewsoriented usability and easyhandling. - Sending emails with thecontact of booking and trackingemails sent. - Visibility ofhistorical reserves. - Filteringreserves for easy searching andviewing. - Customer Management -Compatible with any smartphone. -Different configurations tocustomize the application. - Ability tocall to your customer. -Control matching reserves on the samedates, - ConfigurableAccommodation (gites, rooms, etc) - Ability tocontrol / synccalendars from other websites through the calendarAppReservareservation. - Insertion Calendar on any web quickly andveryeasily. - Inserting a contact form on any web quickly andveryeasily. - Reception, email, contact management, andeasyreservation requests received. - Possibility to request apaymentif you have virtual POS or Paypal.Updating and increasedthefeatures and capabilities available in the application. Welistento your suggestions.
com.rentcars.rentcarscom 2.0.3
Going travelling and need a car? Your car broken down? Looking foraquick weekend getaway? Or just need a car to get around? ThenCarRental is the perfect option for you. With the Rentcars.comapp,the ideal car for you is in the palm of your hands! * Comfortandfreedom * With the app you can search, compareandbook rental cars from over 160 countries. There areseveralcategories of rental vehicles, all to suit your uniqueprofile andneeds. * Excellence in service * Only at Rentcars.comyou´ll find acustomer service center available 7 days a week inPortuguese,English and Spanish. We take care of your booking fromstart tofinish, until the return of your rental car. * Benefits youonlyfind by renting a car with * - Guaranteed savingsofup to 30%. - Choose to Pre-pay Online or on arrival atyourdestination. - Great payment conditions - Brazilians payingonlinewith Brazilian Credit cards save on IOF (savings of 6.38%).-Multilingual Customer service center available 7 days a week.-More than 20 thousand locations worldwide. * Rent a car easierandquicker with! * is your go-topricecomparison, discount-hunting and car booking service hub inLatinAmerica and abroad. We have been in the market since January2009,spearheading the Latin American car rental market along andareconstantly expanding our services with the top car rentalcompaniesworldwide. Andy ou don´t need to worry about a thing – allRentinga car has never been easier or more practical - the best car rental comparison app. Find theidealcar for your needs! the best car rentalexperiencefrom start to finish!
Papercut Cutting Calculator 2.8
Resize your format, which can be in millimeters,centimeters,inches, and meters; enters the size of your graphicelements andcalculates how many you can get in each format, and howmany of thetotal of sheets you are going to use. With these data,PaperCutwill generate the percentage used for each spread, and thewastedarea of your layout; this application quickly creates acuttingscheme, which can be modified to make better use of thesubstrate.You can save the cutting scheme! This application letsyou save asJPG, for quick viewing when it’s required. -CalculatesSizes inmillimeters, centimeters, inches and meters. -Get thenumber ofcuts per sheet, and all the specifications. Thepercentages usedand wasted. -The Area used and wasted. -The Amountin width cuts inlong statement. -Export your cutting scheme in aJPG format image.-Choose the accommodation of your cuts in thestatement. -Withoutannoying advertising. -No internet connectionrequired. -Easy touse and intuitive interface.
Moon Live Wallpapers 1.9
The most beautiful photos of the only natural satellite ofourplanet are now available to you, just download free latestMoonLive Wallpapers app. It has never been so easy to enjoy theamazingphotographs of our universe. Set your background now withthe toplive wallpapers and give your smartphone or tablet a totallynewlook. Set a moving object on your screen. If you choosethisnatural satellite of Earth, it will change its shape, varyingfromthe full to the half-moon with all the amazing crates whichappearto be smiling at us. Or you can choose a shooting star andmake awish when it falls. Get the impression of being out there inspace,among the planets of our solar system and admire the view oftheSun and the night sky. The most popular Moon Live Wallpaperswillenable you to gaze at the stars on the sky and enjoy themoonlight.Feel the warmth of the Sun on your face and contemplateby the seawhile the sun rays are reflecting of its surface. Thecool animatedlive wallpapers are intended for people of all ageswho want tomake their devices modern and interesting. The colors ofthesestunning photographs are so vivid that you will get thefeeling ofbeing into the cosmos surrounded by the twinkling stars.Behold themeteor shower over the starry night. You will get thewish to graba telescope and observe them closely. With the latestMoon LiveWallpapers your device will be separated from all of therest andthe others will envy you on such sparkling and shininglandscapes.While the moon moves on your screen and tries to hidebehind thebig white fluffy clouds, you can relax and forget aboutall yourproblems. These soothing Moon Live Wallpapers are the mostpopular,so do not wait another minute and download them. You onlyhave totap once to preview the pictures and hold to set thechosenbackground. Do not hesitate any longer, the top MoonLiveWallpapers is the best for you and you can have itforfree!Features:- Amazing Live Wallpapers- Fantastic moving moonandstars- Breathtaking look for your phoneThe most popularlivewallpapers offer you the most beautiful pictures, which you cansetas a new background on your smartphone. Take a look atmagnificentworld of water and you will be thrilled. Choose from thevariety ofthe hottest live wallpapers, enjoy in their beauty andmake yourphone unique. If you can’t decide which one you like themost, thenyou can select slide show option. Activate it, check allwallpapersand then choose your favorite one. Also, this top liveapp offersyou a few flying objects such as stars, glow, as well asdropletsof water. These effects will be at your disposal and youcan tryall of them. This will make your photographs look stunningand moreattractive. Live wallpapers are perfect for any mobiledevice ortablet and they are suitable for girls and boys and peopleof allages. You will be forever lost in the beauty of theseHQbackgrounds. Do not hesitate anymore and download latestlivewallpapers free of charge on your Android™. Colorful sceneswilllight your day and raise your spirit. Relax and enter theamazingworld of the best live backgrounds right now.How to use:-Installapplication- Scroll wallpapers and choose one you like themost-Select favorite moving object- Use rotate option if you like-Set awallpaper and enjoy
com.werkbon 1.8.9
OutSmart will help you get grip on your organization and yourfieldservice. OutSmart is the digital generic solution forreplacing thepaper work order, for the entrepreneur who wants tostart withsetting up a more efficient field service. On the workorder youregister your hours and articles. You can add photos ofyour work(for example before and after) and your customer will signadigital signature below. Directly on the smartphone or tablet.Wewill ensure that the receipt is sent to your client as aPDF.Simple and effective.
Toi Driver - все для праздника 4.0.2
Free System for quick and easy retrieval of various services fortheevent. A distinctive feature of the application is that thecustomerservice itself has a cost and has a direct access to theperformerwithout any intermediaries in the face event managers andeventagencies. That driver includes all kinds of search servicesand therental of necessary equipment for the event.
All Latvian Radios in One Free 3.0
♫ App Features ♫ ■ Clear & HD Quality Sound ■ Easy RadioList& No Buffering ■ Quick Playing & Easy Volume Control■Smooth Interface & Very Easy to Use ■ Use This AppCompletelyFree Forever ■ Live Listen from Anywhere of The World ■All FM, AM& Online Radio Stations Included in One ♥ OtherDetails ♥latvia radio stations latvian radio 1 radio swh applatvian radio 2top radio latvia radio swh 105.2 latvian radio bandlatvijaskristigais radio riga radio latvian radio 3 latvijas radio2tiesraide latvijas radio 2 91.5 latvijas kristīgais radioonlineradio skonto 107.2 fm kurzemes radio riga radio app radiostationsriga latvia top radio 91.9 riga fm radio european hit radio104.3fm riga app rietumu radio arhivs radio mix fm 102.7 rigaonlineradio pik 100 fm online radio swh plus 105.7 radio swh rock89.2latgales radio lv star fm latvia live riga radio 94.5 fm rigaradiolive stream pieci lv radio stacija latvijas radio app radiotevlisten online super fm 96 8 radio baltkom 93.9 fm onlineradioalisa plus lv radio merkurs am 1485 khz radio naba latvialatvijasradio 6 latvijas radio 1 raidījums radio marija latvijaonlineradios divu krastu radio lv latvijas radio 3 klasika spin fm90.0online latvijas radio 1 tiešraide hiti rossii russkoe radiocapitalfm 94 9 radio 7 latvija just fm 97.3 radio retro fm latviaonlinefm radio gold fm riga hiti rossii latvija latvijas radiostationslatvian radio 2 latvia radio stations top radio latviaradio naba95.8 latvia radio station online riga radio latvian radiobandradio swh apps latvijas kristigais radio latvijas radio onlinetopradio 91.9 riga radio swh plus online latvia latvijas radio5tiešraide latgales radeja latvijas radio 1 fm capital fm riga94.9european hit radio 104.3 riga apsveikums kurzemes radioradioskonto plus 102.3 radio skonto 107.2 fm radio baltkom 93.9fmonline radio tev listen online spin fm lv online radio swhrockriga radio swh frekvence riga energy lv radio app dance musicradioradio pik latvia radio mix fm 102.7 riga online ambiancegroovelatvia radio merkurs am 1485 khz la rocca riga radiolatvijaskristīgais radio sludinājumi latvijas radio 4 tiešraiderietumuradio reklāma latvijas radio 3 klasika 103.7 fm radio appalisaplus lv 101.6 online radio oira latvia business news latviadivukrastu radio lv schlager time radio riga app gold fmlatvialatvijas radio 1 riga latvia radio news latvia radiostationslatvian radio 2 latvian radio 1 riga radio top radio latvialatviaradio station online latvian radio band latvian radio 3radiostations riga latvia latvian radio 1 latvian radio 2 latviaradiostations top radio latvia riga radio latvia radio app latvianradioband latvijas kristigais radio radio liepaja online radioskontoliepāja online radio liepaja 107.6 online radio app topradioliepaja online daugavpils radio online riga radio stationslatvianradio 1 latvian radio 2 latvia radio station online topradiolatvia latvian radio band latvijas kristigais radio latvianradio 3latvijas radio 2 tiesraide radio swh plus rietumu radioradio swhviļņi radio swh gold latvijas radio app android apklatvijaskristīgais radio online radio skonto app mix fm 102.7 rigakurzemesradio online top radio 91.9 riga european hit radio appradio pik100 fm radio swh plus 105.7 online radio swh rock 89.2latgalesradio tiešraide star fm 98.3 riga radio 94.5 latvian radioapp rigaradio live stream radio stations riga latvia latvian radio1latvian radio 2 latvia radio stations top radio latvia rigaradiolatvia radio station online latvian radio band latvijaskristigaisradio latvijas radio 1 tiešraide latvia radio stationslatvianradio 2 latvian radio 3 latvian radio 1 latvia radio stationonlinelatvian radio band top radio latvia latvijas radiotiešraidelatvijas radio 2 frekvence e radio lv radio ehr latvijasradio 1tiešraide top radio online e radio skonto radio online radiostarfm top radio online radio ehr iradio internet radio russkojeradio
Sorting Hat 1.11
Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Download thisappand find out which Hogwarts house you belong in and shareyourresult with your friends!
nl.waarisdetrein.shifts 1.4.3
This app provides insight into regularly scheduled shifts forDutchtrain drivers and conductors, operated by the largesttrainoperator in the Netherlands. Currently only domesticoperations areincluded in the data provided by the app. No 3G/Wifiis needed forthe operation of the app - data is stored offline andcan beupdated with a new version of the app. This app is notofficial -check with your company for the latest data. Forquestions,comments or other issues, contact us
Nada de Perfectas Soy Luna 1.2
Nada de Perfectas Soy Luna wallpaper is app that you canchooseimage of Nada de Perfectas Soy Luna to your phone, you cansave orset as wallpaper.Beautifull Carol Sevilla in the soy lunaserieswith the different image drawing.*noteThis is just fans apps,notofficial.Source image belongs to Nada de PerfectasYou canfollowinstagram of Nada dePerfectashere
Handwritten PDF e-signatures 2.1.3
Sign handwritten digital signatures on PDF documents fromyourtablet. FREE. No ads. No subscriptions. No limits. Fromanywhere.Without internet connection. SIMPLE and COMPLETE Sign andsend anydocument in three steps. It's simple! 1. Select thedocument fromyour Mailbox, from Drop-box, device storage, Evernote,GoogleDrive... 2. Sign with SIGNply: you can sign with your fingerorwith a pencil. 3. Save it and send to whoever you wish. Withtheconfiguration options, you can discover the mostcompletee-Signature signing App. LEGAL SECURITY Advancedelectronicsignature, complying with all guarantees required by theEuropeanLegislation and the Law on Electronic Signatures:Authenticity andintegrity guarantees. - SINGply collects biometricdata on eachline (pressure, speed...) which guarantees theauthenticity of thebiometric signature. - The document iselectronically signed toguarantee its integrity. The conventionaldigital signatureprotects the handwritten signature. SHA256 -PAdES-LTV Lastingsignature: SIGNply permits activating TSP timestamps and the statevalidation of certificate revocation at thetime of the OCSPsigning, with which a long-duration PAdES-XLsignature is obtained.These elements constitute the evidence thatguarantee success inany expert process. NOTE: You need an internetconnection to accessyour TSP and OCSP. FROM YOUR DEVICE Theelectronic signature isdone on your tablet: you don't need toconnect to a server. Don'tlose control of the document. You don'thave to send the documentto a third party to sign it. Only sendyour document to who youwant! FREE. IT'S FREE. Without anylimitation on the number ofsignatures. You can sign all thedocuments you need. Save time andmoney. Become a paperless office!SIGNply digital signatures canreplace paper. PERSONALIZE THESIGNATURE Drag and drop: bydragging, you can place the signature inany location and with sizeyou want. The configuration lets youdefine the the Author, reasonfor signature, contact information andlocation. FROM WHERE YOUWANT AND TO WHERE YOU WANT: MOBILITY Youcan sign and senddocuments from any place. To sign, you don't needan internetconnection. STANDARD The signature is embedded withinthe PDFdocument. You can verify the signature with Adobe Reader orwithany other standard solution. Biometric data is encryptedinaccordance with international interoperability standards.SIGNply:sign simply! It's easy, simple, safe! For more information,visitour website at
videosderisanew.videosviralesgraciosos.funnyvideoswhatsapp 7.0.0
Welcome to Funny videos 2018, with this new free applicationadaptedfor the world of humor and laughter, you can enjoy fromyour homewith a lot of the best videos from around the world for afun andhappy time. If you like funny video montages and freelaughtervideos, you will adore our videos with photos and music.The besthumor to have laughs with your mobile or with yourfriends, do notforget to share the content in the main socialnetworks. Freelaughter videos, it's perfect to have a fun time,it's perfect forthe little ones in the house as well as for theelderly, becauselaughing is essential in our lives. If you likefunny videos, funnyvideos of laughter or humor, football or othersports, this is alsoyour application because you will find thebest funny falls in theworld of sports and the most curious videosthat will make youlaugh. If you like free Funny videos and youlike humor videos, thenyou will like Funny videos for free, with acomplete content sincein this application we have included videosnot only from Spain butalso from England, Portugal, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, India,United States ......... since we havetranslated it into thefollowing languages, Spanish, English,Portuguese, French, Italian,German, Hindu, with only one clip onthe home screen you can selectthe language of more you like theapplication. The application hasthe following characteristics: -The content is updatedperiodically, do not worry when you haveseen all the free laughtervideos, as more will soon be added. -You can give us feedback ofthe application, we examine all thesuggestions - You will find thebest ones and the funny videos -The application is free and youwill not have to pay anything forit. Laugh is free - You can shareany video on social networks -The application records your viewedvideos and shows you the onesthat have been updated since your lastaccess. - Most shared andmost viewed videos - Update with the mostviewed videos of socialnetworks and shared by users. It is a goodday to start having funin the world of humor, since with thisapplication children andadults can enjoy together, with freelaughter videos like: • Funnyvideos of motorcycles, cars, sports,bicycles, skates andskateboards. • Funny babies. You will enjoy thefunny babies andlaughing children. Funny moments of birthdaysAdorable babies andfunny children are the best, children eatinglemons, childrensinging, children dancing, ... • The best wines. •Spicy humor. Ifyou like spicy videos, you will find models falling,..... •Vintage videos. We have the best fun and short videos fromtheinternet in 2018, 2017, 2015 ... etc. • Laugh with the failuresofsingers and fails of soccer. • Fails and clumsy girls. Manyotherfunny videos for free and much more spicy humor. • Funnyanimals.If you like videos of crazy animals (cute kittens, dogs,goats,cats, birds, puppies) you will enjoy a lot. • Jokes forHalloweenand scary costumes !!! • Viral videos. The best viral funvideos of2016, 2017 and 2018  So do not waste more time anddownloadthis application for free on your cell phone or tablet andyou willnot regret it, enjoy from your home the wonderful world oflaughterand humor videos.
Reinforced concrete walls and frames Civil-Q
This program calculates the safety factors, reforced andstressestransmitted to the ground in a concrete walls andframes.Instructions availablein: read / write permissions to save preferences and reports.Esteprograma calcula los coeficientes de seguridad, armado ytensionestransmitidas al terreno en muros y marcos de hormigón.Instruccionesdisponiblesen: de lectura/escritura para guardar preferencias einformes.
Informatics Course 60.0
Basic informatics course for beginners, studying computerandinformation technology using information andcommunicationtechnologies, ranging from the basic learning of theuse of thecomputer, to the handling and application of specializedsoftware,according to the latest technological trends, includinginternet,for the Increased productivity in different economicactivities.Use the "Select Language" button to change the language.
My A1 1.1.114
A1 Bulgaria
My A1 - manage your telecom services on the go with A1Bulgariamobile application. My A1 is the self-service app of A1Bulgariathat helps you manage your mobile and fix services freely,easilyand securely using your mobile phone. Follow your currentbill andthe remaining usage for minutes, MB and SMS Check anddownload yourinvoices Pay online via debit/credit card View and addadd-ons andadditional packages with TV channels, minutes, MB andSMS that areavailable for your tariff plan Top-up credit for A1prepaid servicevia your invoice Search information and find thenearest A1 storeActivate/deactivate roaming service, check andchange your roamingtariff plan and additional package, manage yourDRT limit Reviewthe offers in our e-shop and A1 club Add and manageall yourservices via My A1 profile using your security code Shareyourfeedback about our services, network and customer service Checkthenetwork status at your address, district or city Andmoreadditional options My A1 is the first mobile applicationfortelecom services on the Bulgarian market. It is available forA1customers using postpaid, prepaid or business plan. Itsupportsautomatic recognition of the mobile number or you can enterinto MyA1 profile if you want to manage all your services from asingleplace. My A1 has two language versions - Bulgarian andEnglish. Youcan use the app via mobile or Wi-Fi network, both onsmartphonesand tablets with Android. The traffic used by theapplication ischarged as per your tariff plan. In case you continuewith theinstallation or update of the application, you agree withtheGeneral Terms and Conditions published here.
Signed Jobs Management 3.76
Application to manage delivery notes or work that our companymakeson-site facilities customers. The application lets youconfigurethe data of our company, create a list of our customersand manageour more usual tasks (maintenance, change power unit etc...). Oncethe work we can generate a delivery note, you can sign ourclienton the mobile phone. The signed delivery notes will be sentby mailto both the customer and our company. The delivery notescontainthe date of action, start and end, the customer data to betargeted, the work done, the name and the id of the person whosings and upto three images. The application allows you to savedelivery noteswhether signed or not signed by the customer, adelivery note andgenerated double remove or modify any deliverynote. Forget thepaper, with this application you can keep an eye onall work doneand signed ready order to bill. 1.1.6
Marble Mayan Temple 2 is a match 3 marble Style game.Hottesthottest marble match 3 style game finally come back. Androidfullversion is now. Today put it downloaded to your phone now.Yourtarget is to eliminate all the levels, and no time limit. It'samarble shoot out, match 3 Style game. It is simple butreallyaddictive. You will Chains to get the highest score. How toplay:1. Touch the screen where you want to shoot. 2. Match 3 ormoresame color balls to eliminate them. Features: Game features: -Morethan 380 levels. - By matching the same color to clear theballrolling in roulette. - Player moves props balls. - When threeormore balls with the same color together to score! - Easy toplay,it is fun for all age players. If you like our games, please'+1'this game use Google +1 and give us a five star rating!
Modern Door Designs 1.0
Doors are to our homes. They are one of the first things thatpeoplewill see when they first gaze upon your house. It shouldmake theright impression. From color to style, a door can reallymake agreat statement about the kind of person inside and the sortof homethat is behind it. There are a lot of door designs outthere tochoose from. From Dutch doors to Tudor styles, many arealreadyassociated with particular architectural styles. They tendto matchhomes that echo those styles. That doesn't mean you can'tuse themfor your home, but there are also additional alternativesavailableto you when you know how to find them.Custom door designsareoffered by prime door manufacturers. This is because they arewellaware that not everyone will want the same generic door fortheirhome. You can go to any home repair retail store and pick outadoor, but that doesn't mean you are going to be guaranteedquality -and you're certainly not going to be guaranteed a uniquedoor.Custom door designs allow you to choose each and every detailofyour future door.This means you can start by picking out thewood.Remember, wood can be stained, finished, and even painted soyoushould choose a wood that will work well with whatever plansyouhave in mind. Not sure what to choose? Quality doormanufacturerswill be able to offer you professional assistance,such as designconsultants, in order to help put your designtogether. If youaren't going to be working on the door plansyourself, they can alsowork with any plans provided by yourarchitect or designer.You willalso be the decision-maker of howmany panels you want the door tohave, how many glass lites (ifany) you want the door to include,whether or not a transom orsidelite will be added in, what kind ofglass you want in thelites, what sort of hardware you want for thehinges, and more.Every aspect can be discussed and decided uponbefore the door ismade. Once everything is ready, you should beable to receive anestimate from the manufacturer so you knowwhether or not you havegone over your budget, or if things are justright.You'll bethrilled to see the excellent work that can becrafted when youorder a custom door. It will look exactly as youhoped and become apermanent placement in your home.
Computer Course 60.0
Free computer course, learn basics to use the computer as wellasthe basic knowledge to surf the Internet, use email, usesocialnetworks, etc. The course aims to be a computer manual tohelp yougain computer skills and as a first step to become anadvancedcomputer user, which will serve to your daily life, yourstudiesand work. Use the "Select Language" button to change thelanguage.
TV programs : TV Magazine 5.0.2
Check out all your favourite programmes and the latest news ontheAndroid TV Magazine application. You can search for TVprogrammesacross more than 200 channels over 14 days to make sureyou don'tmiss a thing. It will also keep you up-to-date withwhat'shappening in the news and the lives of the rich and famous.The TVMagazine app will allow you to customise your welcome screenandyour favourite TV channels as well as providing trailers forshowsyou might not yet discovered. Thanks to the TV Magazine’s markandopinion you will find programmes that should not be missed !Thesearch facility will allow you to look through all the contentyouwant from TV to news and in depth articles. If you’re not areadingaddict you can access slides presenting the news in pictures! TVMagazine app in a nutshell : - Direct access to currentprogramsthrough the “En ce moment” button - Live Tweet : commentand reactin real time TV programs thanks to this new functionality-Customization of the application (Welcome screen, TVchannels,number of programming days) - Watching trailers programsdirectlyon your TIZEN phone - Consultation of TV and celebrity news-Creation of “program alerts” from the viewing schedule toyourcalendar 7.17.2
With TPARK you can pay for e-vignette in Hungary (e-matrica)and:Arad, Bacău, Baia Mare, Băile Felix, Bistrița, Brașov,Cluj-Napoca,Constanța, Craiova, Dej, Dorohoi, Fălticeni, Galați,Gheorgheni,Mamaia, Mediaș, Miercurea Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc,Oradea, PiatraNeamț, Pitești, Ploiești, Reghin, Reșița, Satu Mare,SfântuGheorghe, Sighișoara, Sighetu Marmației, Slănic Moldova,TârguNeamț, Timișoara, Turda and Vatra Dornei. It’s simple, safeandconvenient. Now you have a „smart parking meter” in yourpocket,and you can extend your parking time wherever you are: attheoffice, at the coffee-shop or in the cinema. How to pay forparkingwith TPARK? Easy and fast! 1. Enter you plate number 2.Select thecity 3. Select the parking area 4. Touch „PARK” button.*** Do youpay for parking in Timișoara and Oradea by beep/voucher?Are youtired of buying the vouchers for Timisoara (10 lei and 30lei) andOradea (10 lei, 20 lei and 30 lei) from the news kiosks?You cannow buy them directly from the TPARK app using the creditcard.After completing the transaction, you will receive the vouchercodevia e-mail. *** Paying the parking with credit card directlyfromthe TPARK application? YES, you can do it! The new parkingpaymentservice is now available in Arad, Baile Herculane,Constanta,Mamaia, Mangalia, Pitesti, Tirgu Mures and Zalau, andthose who payfor parking with the card will receive the transactiondata andinvoice by e-mail. *** Are you planning a trip to Hungary?You canbuy the vignette using TPARK app (for vehicles with amaximumpermissible gross weight of 3.5 tons) and you can also payforparking in Hungary using the credit card. In addition, youwillreceive via email a notification that reminds you when thevignetteexpires. *** Furthermore, TPARK gives you more greatfeatures, thusdriving remains one of the daily pleasures. ➲ you canadd severalcars ➲ list of payment options for each city ➲ displaysthe chargefor each parking area ➲ START/STOP beep parking inTimișoara andOradea: ➲ automatically send SMS with the plate numberand the areaparking code selected ➲ receive parking confirmationfor via SMS(displays SMS confirmation message); ➲ pay parking fines(BăileFelix, Miercurea Ciuc, Oradea, Reșița, Satu Mare,SighetuMarmației, Turda) - secure card payment ➲ pay the taxforFetești-Cernavodă bridge ➲ buy vignette for any type of vehicle➲notifications (audio, vibrations or both options) ➲automaticupdates
Squash BE5T app 1.7.176
Squash is the healthiest sport in the world*. Start youradventurewith this sport with our app: locate your club, coach andpartners!Application used by the best Polish and global players.Nowavailable to everyone! Did not you play squash? No problem,youwill find information on how to get started, and if you haveapassion for squash, here are the possibilities you'll enjoy:★search and locate clubs in your area ★ trainer base ★ access tothereservation of courts ★ the history of your games ★ direct entrytotournaments and leagues ★ registering sparring ★ ladderandschedule always at hand ★ Notification of consecutive matches★current rankings (including Polish Federation Squash) andanalysis★ tournament stats ;-) ★ news about squash from Poland andtheworld We invite you to follow us onFacebook: If you have comments,ideas,suggestions, or you have outwitted our programmers andhaveencountered a bug, please contact us at: If theclubyou are playing is incomplete or out of date, please send amessageto the club to contact us in order to add them. *According to Forbes magazine and other independentstudies withinone hour you can burn more than 1,000 calories! Checkon your own!
mobilePORT is HPH Group’s real time application, and it’s madeforour customers at Mexico’s main Port Terminals. It’s designedtomake your operations transparent and to keep you up to date atalltimes, wherever you are. With this easy-to-use design, you canfindthe following functions on the App: - Information about yourcargoif you have the container number, the loading time, the orderorbooking number. - Follow-up on your merchandise by plate numberorSPF. - Ship’s itinerary, seeing where it is at all times. -Byusing the Favorites function, you can save information aboutthevessels, containers or carriers that interest you most, so youcando a detailed follow-up. You can even receive PushNotificationsautomatically about the most important events takingplace. - Youcan share this information with your collaborators bye-mail withjust a tap. - In addition, you’ll be able to keepyourself up todate on the most important news about the group. - Toget the mostfrom this service, you’ll need a user account andpassword. If youdon’t have this, please fill out the form on theLogin screen.(Don’t have an account? Register now!) If you don’thave an accountand a password, you can only access the followingfunctions: •Vessels’ itineraries (today, this week, by dates). •News. •Notifications (news, vessel and state of operations).
Design of Beams Concrete FREE 1.7
Review and design sections of reinforced concrete beamsOMFaccording to ACI318-14 standard with the theory ofrectangularblock efforts Whitney.System of Units-International(SI)-English
I Do 1.85
I Do is unique app that advertises all services needed toorganizeyour wedding day in the Republic of Croatia and the rest oftheregion. This app contains 22 different service categories,planner,to-do lists, countdown timer and notifications. All in oneplace,so you wont miss a thing. I Do Features: - Budget planner -To-Dolist - Advanced notification system - GPS navigation -Weddingcountdown timer - Interactive map - County and cityfiltering -Quick access to service providers "I Do" currentlymostlycooperates with businesses in Vukovarsko-srijemskaandOsječko-baranjska county area and is constantly expanding. Weareconstantly improving. Do you like "I Do"? Leave a review! Weupdateregularly and add new features. If you have any tips, ideasorfeedback contact us at
Ukraine Calendar 2018 - 2019 1.16
Agus Haryanto
Ukraine Calendar with public holiday 2018 - 2020 - You can seethiscalendar like calendar on the wall - you can change ImageCalendarand set this height - set picture from camera - set firstdate inweek (sunday or monday) - add note/event with icon love,birthday,task - event notification reminder
Bankin’ 3.12.4
Bankin' is the ultimate award-winning finance app helping yougainin-depth understanding of your finances More than 3.2 millionuserstrust Bankin' to manage their personal and business financesMAINFEATURES • Detailed overview of your finances Your transactionsareautomatically categorised. Better Understand your financeswithsmart Graphs and Analysis • All your bank accounts in one place•Smart notifications Bankin' warns you when somethingimportantoccurs on your bank accounts • Advanced Search Search forall yourtransactions with unlimited history • No manual entryrequiredBankin' automatically synchronises your accounts daily.More than350 banks are available in Europe. • Business expensesTakepictures of your receipts, Bankin' extracts all the dataandgenerates your business expenses report automatically THE BESTOFBANKIN' IS FREE - Automatic categorisation of your transactions-Advanced search - Graph & Analysis - Smart notifications-Multi-bank synchronisation - Budget management - UnlimitedhistoricAWARD • European winner, Mobile World Congress Start-UpsChallenge- 2012 • "Best Bankin' app" Challenge AXA Banque - 2012SAFE ANDSECURE More information available on find our General terms andconditions of use by followingthis link: KEEP IN TOUCH • Feel freeto contactus if you have any questions --> •Like us onFacebook et follow us onTwitter
80s Radios Music, Eighties Radios for Free 2.0
Free 80s Radios Music. If you like the music of theeighties,definitely this application is for you, since here youwill findthe main radio stations of the world specialized in musicof the1980s. More than 50 Free eighties radios and growing! Free80sRadios Music is a simple but very complete application, youcanenjoy the best radio stations of the world live 24 hours a dayandno matter where you are. Among the available stations you canfind:.977 80's Hits, 104.6 RTL Best of the 80s, 80s And More,80sForever, 80s80s Radio, 181.FM Awesome 80's, FFH The 80's, HDRN-All 80's Hits Radio, Ochentera Radio, Radio 80, and lots ofothereighties radios! We will continually add new radios to makethisapp the most complete app of radios of the 80s available. Ifastation stops working, just let us know and we solve it, andofcourse if there is a particular radio that you want us to add,justtell us and we will do our best to include it in The firstupdatewe make. If you love the 80's and particularly the music oftheeighties, you must install this application, which by the wayisFREE. Do not hesitate, join the new trend of listening onlineradiofrom your smartphone, install this app, try it, and enjoy thebestof music from the 80s today.
Oktoplus - Loyalty management and airline tickets 4.4.0
Tracking all your loyalty programs is not an easy task. Therearetoo many usernames and passwords to remember. Oktoplus hascreateda solution to make your tracking easier and faster. Oktoplusishelping thousand of people to control their loyalty programs inansimple way. Loyalty programs miles and points are likevirtualcoins, and if used wisely can provide great savings whenpurchasingairline tickets, hotel rooms, products and cashbacks.With Oktoplusyou will be able to: ◉ REALTIME CONTROL OF YOURLOYALTY PROGRAMS -automated management of balances, transactionsand next expiringpoints. ◉ EXPIRING POINTS ALERTS - Oktoplus willsend you alertswhen your points/miles are expiring and a few tipsfor you to usethem. ◉ COMPARE AND PURCHASE AIRLINE TICKETS IN MILESAND CASH -Oktoplus smart search compares airline tickets in milesand cash inthe biggest Brazilian Airlines (Multiplus/Latam,Smiles/Gol,Amigo/Avianca e TudoAzul/Azul and Credit Cards loyaltyprogramas).You will be able to purchase airline tickets using yourown pointsor buying with cash. ◉ TRADE POINTS FOR CASH IN YOUR BANKACCOUNT -Using Oktoplus you will be able to safely trade yourpoints formoney in your bank account in 48 hours. ◉ SEARCH FORPRODUCTS TOREDDEM YOUR POINTS - Don't know what to do with yourpoints?Oktoplus has gathered some of the options of products thatyou canredeem on Multiplus and Smiles stores:,Netshoes,Casas Bahia, Grand Cru, Pepper, Zattini, Centauro andothers. ◉MANAGE FRIENDS AND FAMILY POINTS AND MILES - With Oktoplusyou canconnect other loyalty programs accounts and manage friendsandfamily miles in a single platform. ◉ ONLINE CALCULATORFORGATHERING YOUR POINTS A SINGLE LOYALTY PROGRAM - As youconnectyour programs, Oktoplus will show your potencial balance inaparticular program, allowing you to see programs that haveapartnership. Having trouble managing all you points andmiles?Download the app and feel how easy and cool loyalty programscanbe. Oktoplus has mores than 70 loyalty programs connections.
Fusion, fuel for projects 2
Ockam Razor
Find new projects, creations and scenarios with Fusion: therandomwords generator.Lack of ideas ? Blank paper to fill in ? Orjust aneed to something fun and random to lead you in the depths ofyourimagination ?That's what Fusion is made for !Easy and handy,pushthe "Roll" button to make it rolling some multiplespropositions,ready to be used. Whatever will happen next: the storythat'llappear, the game or novel that'll be born, it's up to you !Amoviewith "cofee" and "demon" ?A comic book with "pen" and"sculpture"?A video-game with "totem" and "lying" ?All mixs canhappen, tobring to you the seeds of creativity !Then, once the ideahere, youcan share it with your friends on thesocialsmedia.-------------About the Creator:I'm an applicationsdesignerand developer since several years. Passionate aboutvideo-games,films, comics book and everything around story-making.I frequentlygive teaching on the creativity field. Some of mylessons gave methe ideas of new apps.
Friends of God 96.0
Created in October 2013, the application "Friends of God" isalreadyused by more than 5,000 people. The app aims to helpmembers of theRCC in Brazil to deepen their personal spiritualityand to keep upwith the movement of the news. Users can findfunctions that assistin the practice of personal prayer areavailable several tools suchas the National Prayer Mobilization,the daily liturgy and evenvideo lessons of the NationalIntercession Network, and many otherfeatures. The application alsohas a list of prayers, from the mostknown in the Church to thosemost recited by the members of theMovement. It also offered aspace for members of the Ministry ofIntercession with specifictraining content, directions and news. Atthe sitting ofintercessors are available to National Network ofIntercession,which is updated every month, and roadmaps forintercession in thePrayer Group and the events of CCR. 6.030
Mit der offiziellen, dem OnlinemagazinüberEintracht Frankfurt, bist du immer blitzschnell überdeinenLieblingsverein aus Frankfurt informiert. AktuelleNews,Transfergerüchte, Interviews, Spielanalysen und vieles mehrwerdendir mit der aktivierten Push-Benachrichtigung direkt aufdeinemSmartphone angezeigt. So verpasst du nichts mehr über deineSGE.With the official App, an online magazineaboutEintracht Frankfurt, you will always be quickly on yourfavoriteteam from Frankfurt. Current news, transfer rumors,interviews,game analysis, and more are displayed to you with theactivatedpush notification directly to your smartphone. So you donot missanything about your SGE.
Blessings Quotes & Sayings 6.1
Images of Blessing Quotes app offer you the most completecollectionin one place. We have Images and quotes to share withyour family orfriends at any time of the day. All the content youfind within theapp can be shared on your favorite social networks.It is a way tohave a special message at the right time. It is afree app, whichalso offers other additional functions such as anotepad, and a funpuzzle to play. Do not you think it's great? Theapp covers manycommon themes, whether for Christian groups, asmotivation, withmessages of love, forgiveness, good morning andmuch more. Allquotes with biblical bases and making a call toreflection everyday. With the quotes and images you will be ableto understand andmove forward regardless of the adversities or thestate of mind withwhich you find yourself, and will act in thesame way with thepeople to whom you share. Images of Christianblessings: beautifulquotes and images of blessings to reflect andshare with loved ones.Blessings Quotes for the family: the contentis very varied, you cansend a special note every day to yourfamily, to give them theblessing of God and have a better day.Blessings Quotes for myhusband: if your husband has gone to workand you have not had theopportunity to give him the blessing ofGod, you can send it to himthrough a special image. BlessingsQuotes for a friend: choose fromthe wide variety of images thatbest suits the mood of your friend,surely help you feel better.Images of good days and blessings: whatbetter way to start the daythan wishing God's blessing to all thepeople in your socialcircle, have an image on hand for each day ofthe week. You willalso find images of reflections, religious imagesand many phrasesof blessings. As an additional advantage, the appis constantlyupdated to bring you new images and quotes. You do nothave toworry about running out of ideas. Also, it is inconstantmaintenance to guarantee its functionality, facilitatenavigationand increase speed. Legal information The images used inthe designof this application are licensed by depositphotos.comunder thestandard license. The content that is part of theapplicationImages of Blessing Quotes are public domain, if bymistake we haveviolated any copyright, please contact us to correctthe errorimmediately.
Dabrowa Gornicza for active 2.0.8
Dąbrowa Górnicza is one of the fourteen cities included intheMetropolis of "Silesia" and the ninth largest city in Polandaswell. It is located in the Silesian Upland in the south ofPoland.Dąbrowa boasts on the famous Błędowska Desert. The officialapppresents town and its surroundings and is designed not onlyfortourists but also for residents. This interactive guideprovidesyou with the interesting places and presents wide range ofculturaland sports events in the city. There are detaileddescriptions ofhiking and biking tracks, enriched with a navigationcoordinators.You will find here some basic information as well,such as anaccommodation, restaurants and up-to-dated culturaloffer. AppUsers can also preview the images from the cameraslocated in thecity, use the browser of transport connections, checkthe latestnews and weather forecast. In a word, the mobile guideprovidestools and functionality useful for all those who want tospend timein an active way in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
3D Glass Water Keyboard 10001005
What is 3D Glass Water keyboard?3D Glass Water keyboard is asmartand magical keyboard, which provides you a unique, smooth andfuntyping experience. With the blue glass water design, 3D GlassWaterkeyboard would make you become the most trendy one amongyourfriends. Moreover, this keyboard applies to various mobiledevices,including Samsung, Huawei and HTC.How to use?1) Make sureyouinstall our keyboard platform from Google Play Storealready2)Download the 3D Glass Water keyoard and tap the APPLYbutton.3) Thekeyboard will be automatically installed on your phoneand you canstart to enjoy typing!Why do people love 3D Glass Waterkeyboard?1)Numerous themes of keyboard:Discovering diversekeyboards on thetheme center, including tech, classic, stylish,crystal, golden,sweet, blue, glass water styles and many more! Findall the themesof keyboard you want and there are more to come!2)Smooth animatedmotions: Enjoy the most smooth and fun typingexperience with theanimated motions on keyboards.3) Personalizedfonts: Besides theblue and glass water design, we also offer you anumber of fonts.No matter what kinds of styles you like, 3D GlassWater keyword canalways fulfill your needs. Can not find yourfonts? We are keepupdating, so more fonts will be available in thefuture.4) Autowords correction:The smart keyboard will detect themistyping andprovides you with the correct suggestion.5) Smartwordsprediction:We build delicate keyboard with blue and glasswaterdesign, and we care about our user experience as well. 3DGlassWater keyboard can predict the words you are typing by usingcloudcomputing technology. We aim to provide the most userfriendlykeyboard and make typing as enjoyable experience.6)Swypesupported:3D Glass Water keyboard support “swype”, which letyouexperience more convenient and efficient typing method.7) Weloveemoji: We understand that sometimes it’s hard to expressyourfeeling by using words, so we also provide abundant selectionsofemoji on Panda keyboard. Let’s make the chatroom more vividandcolorful!8) Speech to text:3D Glass Water keyboard supporttypingby recognizing your voice and speech. We aim to create thebestkeyboard, so we believe both fascinating user interface (e.g.,blueand glass water design) and useful functions (e.g., autowordscorrection, smart words prediction, speech to text, etc.)9)120+languages supported:3D Glass Water keyboard supports over120languages, including English, العربية, Hrvatski,Čeština,Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, עִברִית, हिंदी,BahasaIndonesia, Italiano, Malay, Pilipino, Polskie, Português,Română,Русский, Español, ไทย, Türk, Euskara, বাঙালি, ಕನ್ನಡ,ភាសាខ្មែរ,ພາສາລາວ, മലയാളം, मराठी, Монгол, नेपाली, தமிழ், తెలుగు,Zulu, andmore!Note: We won't collect or use any of your privateinformationwhile you're typing.Download 3D Glass Water keyboard.Typing is notboring anymore!
Гривня - Курсы валют 1.15
Hryvnia is a convenient informative application about theexchangerate changes in the NBU, Interbank, in the banks of Ukraineand onthe Black market. The application allows you tomonitorfluctuations in exchange rates for a day or a week for allorselected banks, and there is also a function to determinetheaverage value of the exchange rate of the selected currency.Theapplication includes a convenient and simple currency converterandprovides an opportunity to monitor the latest relevant news ofthefinancial sector of Ukraine. The exchange rate isupdatedthroughout the week, except for information provided by theBankand the NBU, which do not update the changes incurrencyfluctuations on weekends and public holidays. Mainfeatures: -current state of exchange rates of NBU, Interbank, banksof Ukraineand on the Black market - Dynamics of changes in theaverageexchange rate for the last week - exchange rates ofindividualbanks - the dynamics of the exchange rate change for thelast weekat the indicated bank - financial news - convenient andsimplecurrency converter - easy and intuitive interface -informationabout fuel's price on gas stations - widgets You do notneed tolook for an exchanger to find out the current exchange rate!It isenough to make a couple of clicks and need the information inyourhands!
Greek Laws 1.20
The "Greek Laws" application is the first non-subscriptiondatabaseof Greek laws. It offers 3 dynamic search capabilities thatmeetthe needs of both students and legal practitioners, as well asallinterested parties. Its content is fully up-to-date andcontinuallyenriched. Includes Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure,Penal Code,Code of Criminal Procedure, Constitution, Code ofAdministrativeProcedure, etc. It also enables the user tocommunicate directlythrough the application with the creators sothat the contentcontinually improves.This application is an attemptby a group ofstudents to help connect the legal science with ITapplications.Under no circumstances it substitutes the text of thelaw.The"location" permission is required by advertisers and not byus.Alladvertising revenue will be used to create acorrespondingapplication for IOS software.DISCLAIMER: APP IS ONLYAVAILABLE INGREEK LANGUAGE!
Popular Notification Sounds 2018|Notification 2018 3.1
Are you Annoyed from your old phone notification sounds &AlarmSounds and you want to change your whatsapp™ notification andalarmsounds into remixed 100% Free Alarm and Popularnotificationringtones and message tones?Wish to have new bestNotificationsounds 2018, Android notification tones 2018 to updateon yourmobile? Change your whatsapp™ ringtones 2018 into remixed100% FreeAlarm sounds?Download “ Best text Notification Sounds andSMS 2018for facebook ", free app of iphone™ notification soundsforandroid, for text message, custom, loud, emails for all typeofphones: Lg, HTC™, galaxy s7 et s8 et autres Samsung™…Etc.AllFreeringtones 2018 have been selected carefully from thousands ofbestmobile music best whistle ringtones free for whatsapp™ 2018 andsmstones. Free fantastic Tones & sounds effects that youcandownload easily: Best cool notification sounds 2018 !Whateveryourchoice, custom its sound melodies is a pleasure for every user!Allyou need is to download ringtones and apps and change youroldtonalities with our amazing Android notifications alerts.Youcaneasily search & navigate through before finding what youlikebetween best phone tones android (games, Snapchat, chatlikemessenger, video games as well as Instagram™ and severalfreeringtones ).Whether you are looking for a new awesomeoriginalsound: cool notifications sound effect, funny ringtones,remixed,sms alerts, messenger sound, note or voice, this free appoffersyou melodies for any preference.Change your default soundwith us:It’s a bank of phone sounds, it is the unique new app of2018,last, and the best of the top tones even utlimate!Be uniquewithamazing ringtones, give new sense to your mobile and downloadmorefamous Free Ringtones Today to Enjoy sms message & freetextsounds!All melodies are updated regularly!💬 ♫ 💬 Some Features 💬♫💬🔔 Set as ringtone for your calls : Message tones / Alarm /MessageTones ... Etc.🔔 Timer to play original sounds 2018.🔔Setthefavorite melody widget button on your phone's homescreen.🔔Sharewith friends via e-mail or social media.💬 ♫ 💬Compatibility 💬 ♫💬Top Notification Sounds & SMS 2018 have beentested on severalmobile phones (Samsung™ Galaxy S6, Samsung™ GalaxyS7 and S7 Edge,also S8 iphone™ 7 & 8, Google™ Pixel, MotorcycleZ, G4, ZTEAxon 7, HTC™ 10, Sony™ Xperia XZ, Lumia 950, Huawei™ P9,Oppo™ F1,R7, X pure motorcycle, xiaomi™, Nokia™). Our app fits allAndroiddevices.
La Boîte à Khaled Freak 2.3.1
La Boîte à Khaled FreakLa première boîte à sons dédiée entièrementàKhaled Freak ! Retrouvez tous les meilleurs moments de sesvidéosvirales à la portée de votre main. Poudre deperlimpimpin,Pénélope, Jeanne, et plein d'autres. La boîte seramiserégulièrement à jour avec les nouvelles vidéosAprès le succèsde laBoîte à Baptiste, Monirapps revient avec une tonne denouvellesboîtes à sons pour vous marrer entre potes, entrecollègues, ou enfamille. Macron, La classe américaine, Le roiHeenok, il y en apour tous les goûts ! La boîte à sons vous permetde mettre enfavoris vos sons préférés pour les retrouverrapidement.Téléchargez l'appli une fois et recevez en temps réelles mises àjour de sons. Vos sons préférés seront remontés danslesclassements : cliquez et voyez si vos sons préférés sont aussiceuxdes autres utilisateurs de la boîte à sons !Faites un appuilongsur un des sons pour l'enregistrer en tant quenotification,sonnerie ou alarme de votre téléphone !Vous pouvezvoir facilementl'ensemble des boîtes à sons de Monirapps dansl'appli. Si vousavez une envie particulière, n'hésitez surtout pasà nous en fairepart en nous envoyant un mail à Nous feronstout notre possible pour ajouterles boîtes dont vous rêvez!Monirapps est un petit studio d'apps,donc soyez indulgents avecles pubs, ça nous fait manger ! Faitestourner les boîtes à tousvos amis et si l'appli vous plaît, metteznous 5 étoiles !Etn'oubliez pas, cette boîte à sons n'est ici quepour satisfaire vosbesoins en humour et divertissement. En aucuncas cette boîte nesaurait représenter une quelconque opinion de lapart desdéveloppeurs. Si vous vous sentez offensé, faites-le noussavoir ennous envoyant un mail à KhaledFreakThe firstsound box entirely dedicated to Khaled Freak! Findall the bestmoments of his viral videos at your fingertips.perlimpimpinpowder, Penelope, Joan, and many others. The box willbe updatedregularly with new videoAfter the success of the BoxBaptistMonirapps back with a ton of new sounds boxes you laughbetweenfriends, colleagues, or family. Macron, American class,KingHeenok, there's something for everyone!The sound box youcanBookmark your favorite sounds to find them quickly. Downloadtheapp once and receive real-time updates of sounds. Yourfavoritesounds will move up rankings: click and see if yourfavorite soundsare also those of other users of the sound box!Longpress on asound to save as notification, ringtone or alarm yourphone!You caneasily see all Monirapps sound boxes in the app. Ifyou have aparticular desire, do not hesitate to let us know bysending anemail to We will do our best to addthe boxesof your dreams!Monirapps is a small studio of apps, so belenientwith pubs, it makes us eat! Rotate the boxes to all yourfriendsand if the app Please put us 5 stars!And remember, thissound boxis only here to satisfy your humor and entertainmentneeds. In nocase the box can not represent any opinion whatsoeveron the partof developers. If you feel offended, let us know bysending anemail to
Singing lessons - Learn to sing EV 1.3
The mobile application "vocal coach" allows you to train yourvoicewith more than 30 vocal exercises that give results, allowingyouto expand up to an entire octave in your range, gain powerandbalance in the emission of sound, a greater volume whensinging,greater security and trust in your voice. This methodworksdifferent areas of your voice in each exercise, this isreallyincredible, while you work to obtain balance in the voice,expandyour vocal range imitating notes of different heights, as aresultyour mind, hearing and voice are coordinated, thus achievingthetotal transformation of your voice. This method is effective,itworks because it is natural, it is easy to assimilate evenforbeginning singers, while the most experienced can correctthemistakes they have acquired over time. It works in both menandwomen, can be used by children or adults alike . We start fromtheconcept that singing is sustained speech, so that if it is easytoproduce the voice to speak, it must also be easy to producethevoice when singing, regardless of the musical genre you play.Themain difference between our method and the others is thatweconcentrate on exercises, in action, because the progress inyourvoice is only achieved with constant practice. We only addthenecessary theory to understand how the technique works, then putitinto practice and learn to be part of the process. In thefirstpart of this program we will discuss the technical aspectofsinging, basic concepts, how the voice works and how to developitto the fullest. Then we move on to several sections ofexercisesthat increase the difficulty gradually, demanding you moreandmore. I understand that we all want to go directly to theexercisessection, but I recommend that you listen very carefully tothefirst lesson so that you understand how your voice works, whenyoudo, you will be ready to move on to the next part. Throughoutthistour you will notice an incredible transformation in yourvoice,the main benefits are: precise tuning, voice balance, tonequality,expand your vocal range, have adequate breathing,safety,confidence, eliminate disconnections to sing, sing highnotes, andalso special techniques like vibrato. We have severalsections thatwill be very useful for you. The main section of ourmobileapplication offers singing lessons with more than 30exercises. Wealso have a tool that allows you to send us an audioor video so wecan evaluate your voice and clarify any doubts youhave about yourrange and type of voice. We also have the section"Vocal Gym", thisis a series of advanced and high level exercisesfor you to trainat your own pace and without any explanations,recommended forthose who already master the first exercises. Thisis just part ofour great mobile application, I invite you todiscover all ourresources as you progress in your vocal training.Singing lessons,learn to sing, to sharpen the voice to sing, I wantto learn tosing, improve the voice, sing well, perfect sound,perfect pitch,vocal coach, singing lessons, master classes. Vocalcoach, learn tosing, start sing coach, course to read music, trainyour ear, learnto vocalize, musical theory, voice training,classroom singing,singing course, vocalist lite, vocalist pro, singbetter. changethe voice, auto tune, music, artists.