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Wise Man Sayings
Many famous people around the world provides a gem of a wisesaying.When you happy, lonely life of hope that wise saying! Youare nevertoo old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. "cslewis" wisesaying this precious one line - if get you hope~Developers can feelit rewarding Thank you. Functional Description- inspirational andmotivational quotes -provide more then 1500wisdom quotes /wisesaying - Random wise saying , My wise saying ,Scraps, sayingsClassifieds full view, search, Wisw saying to add,delete , andvoice search function - My wise saying ( my own wisesaying ) , wisesaying to add, modify , delete, search, backup feat, scrap function- Save quotes as favorites - Share quotes to yourfriend via socialmedia and email -Hear everyday wisdom quotes viavoice - Clip artstores , mail , text , Facebook, Twitter, etc. canshare with yourfriends wise saying Post - Filter (love, Life,success, time,effort, hope, challenge, confidence, art, learning,reading,friendship, humility, honor, health, happiness, couplesayings) toview support -saying a wise words is a art ,and artnever die -Various configuration functions.
Life Proverbs and Sayings 1.4
A saying is a usually a short, clever expression thatcontainsadvice or expresses of some obvious truth. These sayingsare alsocalled proverbs. In other words, proverbs are wise sayingsbased onthe practical experiences of different kinds and can mostlybe usedindependently to explain a situation in very few words.LifeProverbs and Sayings provides you only with the very bestenglishproverbs with meanings in detail. Browse through a varietyof onlythe best and most useful proverbs with meanings in everydaylife.App Highlights: • 100% Free Download • Compatible with 99%ofsmartphones worldwide • Requires only small space on device•Beautiful HD theme that emphasizes on the text • Very userfriendlyas it is very easy to select, scroll and navigate LifeProverbs andSayings contains 8 collections of inspirational, wise,life lessonproverbs and sayings with meanings. These proverbs areexclusivelycomprised in 8 collections for our user's easenavigating throughthe app. Life Proverbs and Sayings brings you theultimatecollection of Proverbs, Idioms & Quotes that can helpyousignificantly in your writing and essay writing, helping youmake alasting impression. These proverbs and meanings are simpleandconcrete sayings, but are among the most useful andpopularproverbs that can help you in bringing color into yourwriting andteaching life lessons in general. As we already know,proverbs andsayings are short statements of wisdom or advice thataretransmitted from generation to generation and have passedintogeneral use. While some proverbs and sayings express a basictruthor practical precept, some are also based on common senseorcultural experience that comes with a bit of humor. Wiselifelesson in the short but intensive sentences. Read on the wayhome,during study, or just anytime you want and allow thesegreatsayings folk wisdom raise your consciousness to a newlevel.Well-aimed, handy and commodious sayings to help you enrichyourthinking. The Life Proverbs and Sayings app is contains sayingsandtheir meanings including, love sayings, friendship sayings,shortsayings, popular sayings, and more. Also, these proverbs areall inEnglish so it will be very easy to use. The many Englishproverbscomprised in our app comes with detail meanings, making itperfectfor those looking for proverbs and meanings and lessons inlifequotes. The many proverbs contained in this app includes: •absencemakes the heart grow fonder • kill two birds with one stone•honesty is the best policy • the pen is mightier than the sword•out of sight, out of mind It is always good to know thereallycommon and useful proverbs and their meanings because we hearthemcome up in conversation all the time. Proverbs can also helpyou tounderstand how some people think about the world and bemeaningfullessons in life quotes for all. We hope the many proverbsandmeanings in our app will you help reflect and meditate onyourdaily life, emphasizing happiness, life, friendship, and love.Thatit will help you to become more aware of your actions and getthemost out of life, living it to the fullest. We will certainlyaddmore life proverbs and sayings in the future so stay tuned. Ifyoulike this app and find it useful, feel free to rate and leaveyourthoughts and opinions! Thank you!
Trust & Cheating Quotes Images 2.5
The collection of Best famous quotes saying proverbs picturesandlife lessons images about Trust and Cheating Relationship suchasLove, Friendship and marriages etc. Only those who trust, canfindlove and happiness. And only those who love, can be betrayed.Donot run in lack of words for expressing your feelings sorrowandloneliness. It takes just a single tap to share these messagesandquotations as photo in WhatsApp and any type of socialmediawebsite such as facebook twitter tumblr etc.
com.saudagran.statusandquotes 1.9.8
Read and share the best quotes, status and sayings whicharecategorized in 20 hot categories. The best quotes, statusandsayings app is a complete collection of motivated, deep,inspiring,quotes, status and sayings. Grab this beautiful quotesand sayingsapp completely free. FEATURES OF Best Quotes ,Status& SayingsAPP : ✔ 2019 Best Quotes and Sayings Collection ✔ Allquotes,statuses and sayings are free ✔ Works offline ✔ EasyNavigation,10Quotes display at a time. ✔ 30+ categories ✔ You cancopy quotes,status and sayings on your clipboard ✔ You can sharequotes, statusand saying via Whats App, Messenger, Facebook,Instagram, E-mail,or other chat apps ✔ All Quotes,Status andSayings are verycarefully selected to inspire you and your friends.Categories are: ✔ Life Quotes and Sayings ✔ Change Quotes andSayings ✔ HappinessQuotes and Sayings ✔ Relationship Quotes andSayings ✔ Life LessonsQuotes and Sayings ✔ Experience Quotes andSayings ✔ Moving forwardQuotes and Sayings ✔ Advice Quotes andSayings ✔ Wisdom Quotes andSayings ✔ Success Quotes and Sayings ✔Fake friends Quotes andSayings ✔ True Friends Quotes and Sayings ✔Respect Quotes andSayings ✔ Responsibility Quotes and Sayings ✔Value Quotes andSayings ✔ Mistakes Quotes and Sayings ✔ AttitudeQuotes and Sayings✔ Love Quotes and Sayings ✔ Some Times Quotes andSayings ✔ KeepingIt Real Quotes and Sayings ✔ Encouraging Quotesand Sayings ✔ TwoFaced People Quotes and Sayings ✔ Action Quotesand Sayings ✔WorthQuotes and Sayings ✔ Meaning of Life Quotes andSayings✔Motivational Quotes and Sayings ✔Real People Quotes andSayings✔Being nervous Quotes and Sayings ✔Faith Quotes andSayings✔Inspirational Quotes and Sayings ✔Inspirational Quotes andSayings✔Letting Go Quotes and Sayings ✔Men and Women Quotes andSayingsShare these wise words, motivational thoughts, lifelessons,inspiring words with your friends and family members tohelp them& motivate them.
Learn English Vocabulary & Sayings- Sayings Master 0.9.4
Learn English sayings for free as you play Sayings Master.SayingsMaster is a fun and educational game of English sayingsandproverbs for students and native speakers of the mostinternationallanguage of all, English, that seek to practiceEnglish in anentertaining and simple way. Learning English is noweasier andmore fun than ever, regardless of your level: if you havea basiclevel or if you are the head of the English Department at atopschool, Sayings Master will help you learn while you have agoodtime. How to play? It’s easy, the game consists of puttingthescrambled words in order to form a correct saying. If you makeamistake and click the English word in the incorrect order, thereisa time penalty. Once you have completed the sentence, youwillreceive a score based on how fast you were and your totalnumber oferrors. You can share your knowledge and compete withother playersworldwide or with your friends thanks to onlinemultiplayer mode.Are you learning English and you want to improveyour skills?Sayings Master will provide you with interestinginsight into thefolklore and popular values of the Englishlanguage, while youlearn new English vocabulary and grammar. Areyou a pure-bloodedEnglish speaker? Prove it in Competition mode.Sayings Master is agame designed and developed completely byeducators to helpstudents overcome one of the major challenges whenlearningEnglish, correct word order. With more than 1000 sayingsandproverbs, Sayings Master is a challenge for everyone,frombeginners to the most seasoned English language communicators.Doyou want to test your knowledge of popular English sayings? Doyouhave what it takes to be the next Sayings Master?
Funny Sayings Ringtones 8.0.9
Aura Funny Sayings Ringtones *Press the menu icon for features!-Includes more than 100 funny sayings ringtones - Easy to use UI-Set as a ringtone, notification or alarm - Assign a differenttonefor each contact - Mark as favorite
Romantic Love Messages & Quotes saying
The Best varity of Romantic Love Messages & Quotes sayinginmayn languages. We provided varity of Romantic Love Pictures,Romantic Love Messages, Romantic Love Quotes, Romantic Love SMS,insingle mobile application. Now we provided words of Love infamouslanguages such as 1. Romantic Love in English 2. RomanticLovemessages in Arabic 3. Romantic Love quotes in Chinese 4.RomanticLove words in German 5. Romantic Love SMS in spanish 6.RomanticLove in French 7. Romantic Love images in Indonesian 8.RomanticLove pictures in Italian 9. Romantic Love animated imagesinJapanese 10. Romantic Love quotes saying in Dutch 11. RomanticLovewords saying in Portuguese 12. Romantic Love messages sayinginRussian 13. Romantic Love poem in Thai Are you searching forLoveWords, Love Messages, Love Quotes and send to your loveranylanguages, any national, anywhere, anytime. Because Love is..."Love " is causing the power to do all things. " Love " makestheimpossible a reality. " Love " makes you both happy. Andsufferingalong the way. " Love" gives you a hope. Do not hesitateto say "ILove You" and " I Want You " and " I Need You be with me".InstallRomantic Love Messages & Quots saying today!
Learn English Sentence Master 1.3
Learn English and grammar free by ordering the words to formcorrectsentences and sayings. Sentence Master is a fun andeducational gamefor kids and English language students of all ageswho want to learnEnglish and improve their language skills in amore entertainingway. How do you play? It’s easy. The gameconsists of putting thescrambled words from each level in order toform a correct sentenceand learn English in a fun way. (Beginner,skilled, professional,expert, sayings.) If you make a mistake andclick the English wordin the incorrect order, there is a timepenalty. Once you havecompleted the sentence you will receive ascore based on how fastyou were and your total number of errors.You can share yourknowledge with other players worldwide thanks toonline multiplayermode or with your friends on Google Playservices. Are you anEnglish student who wants to improve yourskills? Sentence Masterwill help you learn English and organizethe words in your sentencescorrectly. Are you an English expertwho wants to show off yourskills? Prove it in Competition mode onGoogle Play services.Sentence Master is the first game of its kinddesigned and developedcompletely by educators to help studentseliminate the most commonmistake among English language learners,correct word order. Withfour levels from beginner to expert,Sentence Master is a challengefor everyone from the Beginner tothe most seasoned English languagecommunicators. The Proverbs andSayings level is a great way tolearn and remember popular Englishidioms and expressions. These arethe levels: Beginner: Ideal forchildren. This level contains theeasiest sentences with the fewestwords to unscramble. Skilled: Thisis where things start to getharder. This level is great for adultswho are beginning theirEnglish language learning adventure.Professional: Great for userswith a solid base in English who wantto keep their skills up todate. Expert: Only for those with themost proficient Englishskills. Are you one of them? Proverbs andSayings: Every languagehas its idioms and expressions. Learning therefrains of thelanguage of Shakespeare has never been so fun. Doyou have what ittakes to become the next Sentence Master? Try yourluck in singleplayer mode or against friends and other playersworldwide. LearnEnglish with a smile on your face.
Learn English Sentence Master Pro 1.3
MasterKey Games
Learn English and grammar by ordering the words to formcorrectsentences and sayings. Sentence Master is a fun andeducationalgame for kids and English language students of all ageswho want tolearn and improve their language skills in a moreentertaining way.How do you play? It’s easy. The game consists ofputting thescrambled words from each level in order to form acorrectsentence. (Beginner, skilled, professional, expert,sayings.) Ifyou make a mistake and click the English Word in theincorrectorder, there is a time penalty. Once you have completedthesentence you will receive a score based on how fast you wereandyour total number of errors. You can share your knowledgewithother players worldwide thanks to online multiplayer mode orwithyour friends. Are you an English student who wants to improveyourskills? Sentence Master will help you organize the words inyoursentences correctly. Are you an English expert who wants toshowoff your skills? Prove it in Competition mode. Sentence Masteristhe first game of its kind designed and developed completelybyeducators to help students eliminate the most common mistakeamongEnglish language learners, correct word order. With fourlevelsfrom beginner to expert, Sentence Master is a challengeforeveryone from the Beginner to the most seasoned Englishlanguagecommunicators. The Proverbs and Sayings level is a greatway tolearn and remember popular English idioms and expressions.Theseare the levels: Beginner: Ideal for children. This levelcontainsthe easiest sentences with the fewest words to unscramble.Skilled:This is where things start to get harder. This level isgreat foradults who are beginning their English language learningadventure.Professional: Great for users with a solid base inEnglish who wantto keep their skills up to date. Expert: Only forthose with themost proficient English skills. Are you one of them?Proverbs andSayings: Every language has its idioms and expressions.Learningthe refrains of the language of Shakespeare has never beenso fun.Do you have what it takes to become the next SentenceMaster? Tryyour luck in single player mode or against friends andotherplayers worldwide. Learn English with a smile on your face.
Proverbs 1.1
This application has compiled the proverbs more used ineverydayconversations of language spanish.
Best African Proverbs 1.0
English proverbs and values are the most incredible quotes forall.Not only proverbs that focus on all part of life, also thebestways to get anything to be a real and also motivate you.Thisapplication gives you Ancient African Proverbs About Love ThatWillMake You Rethink. It includes love quotes and lovestories.AfricanProverbs are usually thought of as having areligious origin orundertone but by definition proverbs are "ashort popular saying,usually of unknown and ancient origin.Thoughtfully expressing acommon and universal truth". This modernapp will give you Africanproverbs that will bring wisdom to yourlife. African Proverbs andProverbial Wisdom are very easy to beshared to all part of yourfamily and friends. These little nuggetsof wisdom have beenrepeated by many different cultures around theworld in variousways. After years of researching and gatheringquotations andproverbs for you as well as motivation material formy sales force,we have compiled an extraordinary amount of wisdomon varioussubjects and purposes. These proverbs from old andancient africanwere especially motivational, shedding insight intothe humanthought process's as well as human nature itself. AfricanProverbs- Inspirational Words of Wisdom, proverb and theirmeaning.Africa's proverb of the day is included in this simpleapps.Thegreat african philosopher, statesman, scientist, orator,&author. We have motivational quotes from proverbs that willguideyour life. This application has African Proverbs That'll TeachYouSome Valuable Life Lessons in bussiness, life, love, friendshipandalso time. we collect African Proverbs, Sayings and Storiesfromnigerian, Algeria and Angola.African Proverb It's very easy togetcaught up with trends or to go with the crowd. This isespeciallytrue when you're young, when you don't have a good senseof who youare and lack direction. Trends and crowds are very fickleandalways late to new opportunities. It would be wise to firstfigureout your dreams and passions before departing towardsadestination. Once you know your direction and path, everythingelsebecomes clear. Top Famous African Wise Proverbs and QuotesAboutLife, Rich quote and great examples for your inspirationalquotes.Best African Proverbs is an app which the great of Africanproverbsin a contemporary style. Enjoy this thought provoking,poetic andhumorous African proverbs. This applicatio will inspireyou, makeyou laugh and bring a smile to your face. You will findsome quotefrom Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia which islikeAfrican Proverbs Every Entrepreneur Can Use ForInspiration.english proverb and meaning are very popular. Here, wehavedifferent ways in sharing some quotes especially from african.Itis free download!Looking for way to get inspired and motivatedinyour life? With our powerful daily quotes, we can assure youthatit will make you feel amazing always and achieve you goalandgetting better life.
Cute & funny quotes of kids 1.0
Funny quotes from kids! Funny, strange and cute.- Many ofsayingsfrom kids- Free Application- Simple and easy to use.- Makefaovritelist.- Save image of quotation to your phone or tablet.-Share yourfavorite quotes with friends via social networks:Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Flick, WhatsApp...Download Kid'squotes andenjoy it!Keyword: Child's sayings, Kid's status,quotations fromchildren, funny sayings of child
Happiness Quotes with Images 2.6
A Great Free Android App with collection of Happiness Quotesimagesbest sayings and Proverbs. We have compiled a big collectionofbeautiful pictures with amazing messages and lessonsabouthappiness and unhappiness. Some of the categories ofquotationsare: • Inspirational • Wise • Funny and sad • Happiness •Beinghappy • Contentment • Unhappiness in life • Attitude You cansharethese quotes the same way as you share photos on your socialmedianetworking websites such as Facebook Linkedin PinterestInstagramand twitter etc. You can also save these quotes picturesto yourMobile phone storage or share via Bluetooth and emails etcor canshare through chat massagers such as WhatsApp and Snapchatetc.Happiness is a great thing to share. Start tapping and spreadthehappiness.
100000+ Quotes & Status 1.1
Quotes About is an archive for Quotes, Sayings & Proverbs.Wepluck and present the wisest of words spoken and written bythekeenest of minds in an elegant easy to read & shareformat.Every week thousands of new quotations are added to ourdatabase.Our team constantly watches for new quotes over variousmedium andpublishes them on Quotes About.→ Some Features of theapplication:★ 100,000+ Quotes★ 10,000+ Authors★ 2,500+ Topics ★7500+Proverbs★ Quote of the Day★ Author Image with Details★ MyQuotes(Add your own quotes)★ Dark/Light Theme★ Customize Text★RobustSearch★ Favorite Authors/Topics/Quotes.★ 100% freeapplication★Best user friendly UI ★ App can be moved to SD cardWehaveextensive collection of Quotes About Life - Love - Friendship -God- Attitude - Breakup - Change - Death - Kids - Relationships-Regrets - Happiness - Success - Trust & Status MessagesforWhatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and much more...→ Connect :Website:http://www.quotesabout.usE-mail :→Socialize:★ Facebook :★Twitter :★ Google Plus:★ Pinterest:★ Tumblr:★ Instagram: you have any suggestionorfeedback, please send us your feedback from our applicationbyselecting Home > Settings > Feedback or write to usatsupport@quotesabout.usIf you like our application, feel freetorate us!
Family Quotes & Sayings Images 2.7
The collection of best family quotes images beautifulsayingsPictures and inspirational, wise and funny quotations onfamiliesand family life. It is important to love your family. Inthe quotessaying and proverbs compilation of DRPU app you will findstrongfamily quotes to help express your deepest sentiments forsome ofyour closest and most beloved people in this world. Some oftheCategories of Topics include: * Lessons learnt from Family*Inspirational and motivational * Wise funny sad and humorousoldFamily quotes * Family sayings and motivations * Missing FamilyandFamily members * Family proverbs etc * Family Quotes PicturesYoucan share these Quotes photos images and Inspirational picturesonany social media website such as Facebook Tumblr PinterestTwitterand instagram etc. you can also share it on whatsApp andBluetoothetc or you can just save these images to your mobilephone.
Aphoristic: Quotes and Sayings 1.5
Raining Code
Aphoristic is an app where you can find famous Quotes and Phrasesofall kind. Do you want to impress your friends with asmartShakespeare's Quote but you don't remember it? This app iswhat youneed. It works well also off line. More than 900 of thebestAphorisms and Quotes of all time, constantly updated, dividedintoseveral categories,suchas:LoveLifeFriendshipCareer/businessDeathFeelingsPhilosophyReligionNature...andmany moreSome features:- A category with all your favoriteQuotes,ready to be shared - easy and cool widget that shows youthe dailyQuote in your home screen - Find more information aboutthe author,with a simple click on the name- Share the quotes onFacebook,Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger and Gmail by text or by acustompictures!Here's a list of authors that you canfind:AlbertEinsteinAristotleFriedrich NietzscheBlaisePascalWilliamShakespeareFrancis BaconJonathan SwiftGalileoGalileiBuddhaOscarWildeConfuciusEdgar Watson HoweCharles SpencerChaplinDorothyParkerArthur ShopenauerHonore de BalzacHenryFordJonathanSwiftHere's some examples of what you can find onAphoristic:Thegreatest mistake a person can make is to be afraid ofmaking one -Albert HubbardIf we don't know life, how can we knowdeath? -ConfuciusSo, what are you waiting for? Install Aphoristicand letus know how it is :)
Chinese Sayings 3.7
A splendid collection of sayings from the world’s greatestChinesephilosophers. Learn life lessons from the likes ofConfucious,Buddha, Sun Zhu, and other great eastern philosophers.-Largenumber of quotes- Share via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email andallyour social apps- Great search feature, search by quotesandauthors- Swipe to quickly view quotes- Add your own quotes(i.e.,add new quotes to the application)- Widgets allow you todisplay anew quote every day on your homescreen- Set how oftenquotes aredisplayed on widgets (e.g., hourly, daily, etc.)-Personalize -Fully control the look of your application. Choosefrom lots ofbackground images, fonts, font colors, size andappearance, andeven control transparency - Save your favoritequotes for laterviewing- Filter by author, category, favorites anduser generatedquotes- Backup and Restore your quotes- Read quotesintoapplication from external sources- Choose order of quotes-alphabetical or random- Copy Quote and paste into allyourapplications Contact me directly from application with yourgreatideas to make application better, or with any gripes!
Life Experiences Quotes Images 2.6
A collection of powerful life changing quotes pictures andlifeexperience Sayings lessons in images from people who havehadnear-death experiences, as well as those who have researchedLifeexperiences that are often be the best teachers. Life canbecomplicated. It can be simple. It can be happy or sad.Experiencelife in all possible ways good bad bitter sweet darklight summerwinter with these amazing best life lessons andInspirationThoughts that teach us something about ourselves fromsimply livingthe experience. Quotes and life lessons have beencompiled in someof the following category and flavors: Enjoy LifeExperienceInspirational Life Lessons Life Experience Live LifeThoughtsAdventure and Motivation Learning Beauty Freedom Funny wiseSadHappy and inspiring Famous authors and Celebrities Knowledgewisdomand Maturity Business and Social Media You can share thesequoteson Facebook WhatsApp Twitter etc social media websites andChatApplication in just single Tap or you can download it toyourmobile device. You can also email these Photos and PictureQuotes.
Arabic Popular Sayings Stories 1.4
ismail wahdan
- The application contains a group of Arab proverbsIncludesstories. - No need for Internet connection. - Small sizeand can bedownloaded through 3G. - If you like the app please rateit andshare it with friends and leave a comment. - You can contactus ifyou have any comments.
Quotes and sayings :messages and Status about life 1.41
simo & sofou
You are Looking for Quotes and sayings or Messages and Wishestoshare with your friends and family in all social media websitesandapps !!you are in the right place!! Quotes and Sayings aboutlifeApps shows the famous quotes and sayings about love, life,friendsand happy sayings with quotation. Also there areinspirationalslogans and sayings, i hope these quotes can motivateand inspireyou! In this Application Quotes and sayings about lifeyou willfind many quotations and saying on various topics andforscientiste and writers and famous person in the world.
An african quote per day 1.2
Radiance App
Every day, discover proverbs or quotes from Africa! Thisapplicationallows you to: - Discover proverbs and quotes fromAfrica-Personalize the look of your application with a choice oftwentybeautiful wallpapers - Share your favorite quotes onFacebook,Twitter, e-mail... - Have fun while inspiring your dailyThecountries represented in this application: Angola, Benin,Botswana,Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar,Mali,Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, Uganda,Zambiaand ZimbabweWe hope you enjoy this app!
Proverbo - English Proverbs 1.1.7
Sharply Group
Proverbo application allows You to explore best English proverbsandsayings with their meanings.Proverb is a simple popularlyknownsaying, that expresses wise meaning. They are often borrowedfromsimilar languages and cultures.Application offers you:→attractivedesign and interesting features→ exploring content orjustsearching what you want→ quickly saving your favouritewiseproverbs from list→ learning faster by using quiz→ developingyourEnglish grammar and vocabulary by using well knownsayingsTosimplify browsing, list of sayings is sortedalphabetically.Selecting category will help You limit the size ofentries to learnat once. Each entry is assigned to one of therelated category.Easy searching allows You to find out meaning ofalready knownEnglish proverb. The most important proverbs can besaved infavorites list for later use.Quiz is another method toquicklylearn proverbs of selected category. Exercises based onmatchingrelated meaning with a proverb is the best way to rememberallinteresting sayings. Our list of popular proverbs gives you agreatopportunity to learn quickly sayings in English. If you wantto dosome English exercises, don't waste your time and start Quiz.Thatcould also increase your grammar skills and help you become agreatspeaker. Learn and fun! :)Proverbo application allows youtoexplore best Angielski proverbs and sayings with Theirmeanings.Proverb is a simple saying popularly known, that expressesmeaningwise. They are often borrowed from similar languages​​andcultures. Application offers you: & Rarr; attractivedesign andinteresting features& Rarr; exploring content or justsearchingwhat you want& Rarr; quickly saving your favorite wiseproverbsfrom list& Rarr; learning faster by using quiz↠Angielski developing your grammar and vocabulary by usingwellknown sayingsIt simplify browsing, lists of sayings issortedalphabetically. Selecting category will help you limit thesize ofentries to learn at once. Each entry is assigned to one oftherelated category. Easy searching allows you to find out meaningofalready known Angielski proverb. The most important proverbs canbesaved in favorites list for later use. Quiz is another methodtoquickly learn proverbs of selected category. Exercises basedonmatching related meaning with a proverb is the best way torememberall interesting sayings.Our lists of popular proverbs givesyou agreat opportunity to learn quickly sayings in Angielski. Ifyouwant to to some Angielski exercises, do not waste your timeandstart Quiz . That could also Increase your grammar skills andhelpyou become a great speaker.Learn and fun! :)
Quotes, Status & Sayings Editor - 2018 8.0
Quotes, Status & Sayings Editor - 2018 Quotes, Status&Sayings Editor - 2018 Is Completely Offline and FREE appwithlatest collection of best statuses and quotes for setting asyourstatus.You can Also Edit Your Photo With Best Quotes and SavePhotoIn your Gallary. You can Also Change Background Of Photo,Fontcolour & Edit Your Photo Read, share and save over11,000+quotes by famous people, sayings and status in overVariouscategories for free. Setting a good status receives anincrease inlikes on your wall posts and reading inspirationalquotes on aregular basis can help a person become more successful,and lead ahappier, more fulfilling life. If you are looking for anice,inspiring and amazing collection of quotes, sayings andstatus,your search ends here! You can choose from thousands ofgreatquotes. in Quotes, Status & Sayings app you can also takephotofrom your gallary and edit in photo with best quotes andstatus andshare it in various social media. Quotes, Status &Sayings AppCategories are : ✔ Life Change Quotes, Status &Sayings ✔Happiness Quotes, Status & Sayings ✔ RelationshipQuotes,Status & Sayings ✔ Life Lessons Quotes, Status &Sayings ✔Moving forward Quotes, Status & Sayings ✔ AdviceQuotes, Status& Sayings ✔ Wisdom Quotes, Status & Sayings ✔SuccessQuotes, Status & Sayings ✔ True Friends Quotes, Status&Sayings ✔ Respect Quotes, Status & Sayings ✔ AttitudeQuotes,Status & Sayings ✔ Love Quotes, Status & Sayings✔Motivational Quotes, Status & Sayings Amazing Status","AngryStatus", "Anniversary Status", "Attitude Status","BirthdayStatus", "Break up Status", "Broken Heart Status", "CleverStatus","Crazy Status", "Creative Status", "Crush Status", "CuteStatus","Daring Status", "Decent Status", "Emotional Status","EngagementStatus", "Exam Status", "Flirt Status", "Food Status","FriendshipStatus", "Good Luck Status", "Good Morning Status","Good NightStatus", "Hello Status", "Kiss Status", "Life Status","Like IfStatus", "Love Status", "Man's Status", "Missing YouStatus","Motivational Status", "Nice Status", "Relationshipsstatus", "RudeStatus", "Sad Status", "School Status", "SelfishStatus", "SweetStatus", "Unique Status", "Wise Status", "Women'sStatus", "BestStatus", "Dirty Status", "Funny Status", "New LatestStatus","Naughty Status", "New Year", "Pickup Status", "RomanticStatus","Sorry Status", "Valentine Status", "Wife Status","HilariousStatus", "Facebook Status", "Wedding Status", "I Love YouStatus","Get Well Soon", "Famous Status", "April Fool", "BossStatus","Christmas Status", "Dirty Status", "Diwali Status","EasterStatus", "Eid Status", "Independence Day Status","CondolenceStatus", "Jokes Status", "Pregnancy Status", "IdeasStatus","Quotes Status", "Wishes Status", "Fathers Day Status","MusicStatus", "Girls and Boys Status", "Good Status", "TruthStatus","Holi Status", "Insult Status", "Islam Status", "KidsStatus","Kiss Status", "Mothers Day Status", "Sister Status","TeacherStatus", "Thanking You Status", "Other Status... Quotes,Status& Sayings Editor - 2018 App Features :- ★ All quotes,statusesand sayings are free ★ You can copy quotes,status andsayings onyour clipboard ★ You can Also Edit Your Photo With BestQuotes andSave Photo In your Gallary ★ You can Also ChangeBackground OfPhoto, Font colour & Edit Your Photo ★ CompletelyFree todownload app. ★ Works offline and has status quotes foralloccasions. ★ You can share quotes,status and saying viaWhatsApp,Messenger, Facebook, E-mail, or other chat apps
The Lost Words - Proverbs 2.0
By the creators of Words gone AWOL, comes The Lost Words -Proverbs,the brand new word guessing game that will help yourelax, have fun,and improve your cultural knowledge and spelling!Discover thisaddictive word puzzle game that you will enjoyplaying solo or withyour friends and kids!A proverb, and adage, anidiom or a saying hasbeen truncated, your goal is to find themissing word that completesit.“An excellent time-killer,particularly great to play with yourkids!” - Nick Cameron fromWiseGamesEasy to play!No complicatedrules. No timer. No longtutorial. Just fun, and you!Unique gameplayand design!Tired ofclones of clones? Well, this game is unique,brand new, never seenbefore. And absolutely no birds, flappy ornot, have been hurtduring the development!Learn & Enjoy!Testyour knowledge withthese 300 puzzles handpicked for you. Afterevery guess, you willfind the explanation. A great way to relax,laugh and learn at thesame time!If you love word trivia games, youwill love The LostWords - Proverbs! DOWNLOAD IT NOW WHILE IT’SFREE!SOME COMMENTSFROM OURBETATESTERS--------------------------------------------------------------------Anne_89:Helpsme improve my brain skills. Love it :)LeoMA: Excellenttimekillerand easy to play! Perfect for the wholefamily.Linda_love1: FUN! Andkinda challenging too!Perfect!FEATURES----------------Over 300proverbs to complete.30levels and more coming.No Facebookregistration required to play.NoInternet connection required toplay.
Proverbs of Naples 1.3
Discover the traditions of Italy! With this app you can listentomore 50 proverbs of Naples (20 in the free version).Thefullversion allows you to listen to all the 54 proverbs in the app.Buythe "Proverbi of Naples Key" App!Features:* 54 proverbs andsayingsto listen* Two background music (Santa Lucia, Naples)* Sharetheproverbs via email, SMS text message, social networks, etc.*Saveyour favorites* Search function* Browse page by page* App2SD*Sixcategories (Love, Advices, People, Fate, Life, Vices andVirtues)*Random choiceKeywords: Naples, Campania, Italy, proverb,sayings,phrases, italian tradition, neapolitan music
Quotes and Sayings 2018 1.1
Best Quotes and Sayings app has an array of quotes andstatushandpicked for you! Quotes and Sayings app hasStatusQuotes,Motivational Quotes and latest Quotes.With an elegantandeasy to use user interface you're only two taps away from yourbestquote! With a multitude of categories with easy tosearchfeatures.It contains sayings from philosophers, writers,spiritualthinkers and other great minds whose brilliant wordsinspired manyhuman beings. See it for yourself, download it now andget inspiredevery day!Quotes and statuses are categorized intofollowingcategories :★ Best Life Quotes★ Sad Quotes★ Life Quotes★HappinessQuotes★ Forgiveness Quotes★ Fitness Quotes★ Smile Quotes★AttitudeQuotes★ Action Quotes★ Positive Quotes★ Strong Quotes★ GoalQuotes★Mistake Quotes★ Confidence Quotes★ Change Quotes★ FailureQuotes★Give up Quotes★ Yourself Quotes★ Present Future Past Quotes★TimeQuotes★ People Quotes★ Proverbs Quotes★ Fake People Quotes★BeingThankful Quotes
Wisdom Quotes: Words of Wisdom 15.0
❝ Wisdom quotes is an application that offers you thousandsofincredible wisdom sayings and words of wisdom that wereselectedfrom the best phrases of all time.❞You can CREATE, DOWNLOADandSHARE all our exclusive wisdom stories in all your socialnetworks.Absolutely FREE!Main Features of wisdom quotes:🔥 You canCREATEyour own funds with exclusive funds from your own gallery.🔥You canSAVE YOUR favorite phrases on FAVORITES.🔥 You can DOWNLOADwisdomsayings whenever you want.🔥 You can EDIT your sentenceswithdifferent formats.🔥 You SHARE your favorite words of wisdomwithother applications and people.🌠 Available in 3 languages:SPANISH,PORTUGUESE AND ENGLISH.🌠 50+ collections of free extraphrases.🌠30,000+ daily wisdom with wise quotes.🌠 100,000+ fundstopersonalize your phone.🌠 New wise words with wisdom storiesaboutlove every day.👑 It has a simple design.👑 It is easy to usejustthe screen to see all the spiritual wisdom.👑 Requires littlespacein your memory.👑 A quick navigation between daily wisdom.Whydo youprefer wisdom quotes?Because it is a complete anduniqueapplication that focuses on providing day-to-day sentences ofthebest quality and design. In addition to findingdifferentcollections of the best phrases among them: daily words ofwisdom,wise sayings and spiritual wisdom. In this way, the planschoosethe most appropriate messages for each moment or mood.Whatdoeswords of wisdom offer you?Selected Phrases:We have selectedandcreated all kinds of daily wisdom more emotive, in which youwillalso find encouraging daily words of wisdom, intelligent quotesandintelligent words. Offering you miles of phrases with imagesthatwill make you think, reflect, motivate, fall in love, laugh,cry,it is all about finding the one that best suits what youarelooking for in each moment.Share them anytime:You SHARE allourdaily wisdom with whom you most desire, expressing everythingyoufeel or how you feel to your friends, family, a couple orcouplethrough your phone in all social networks.Unlimiteddownloads:Youcan DOWNLOAD and collect in your gallery all yourfavorite phraseswhere we offer you more than 30,000 intelligentjokes with wisdomquotes offline, plus 100,000 wallpapers topersonalize yourphonePhrase Maker:Our application of word of wisdomquotes we offeryou an exclusive tool in your life CREATE your ownfruits andthoughts with the best backgrounds that can be found inthewallpapers section It's not cool!Favorites section:You can addallthe favorite daily wisdom quotes to favorites, so you canselectthe ones you like the most quickly.Multilanguage:Enjoy allthebible wisdom quotes at any time and in the availablelanguages(SPANISH, PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH).With this applicationyou willfind the ideal phrase for every moment, you will findthousands ofincredible wise quotes and sayings, wise quotes ofwisdom, wisequotes app, etc.If you like wise man quotes do notenjoy it alone,share it with all your friends, acquaintances andfamily, leave usyour rating and also a comment as we can continueto improve togive you a better experience in our App.NotesSite:Alert: For somephrases, images and assemblies of public domainhave been used,since they are not identified in any way thatindicate theexistence of right of exploitation reserved on them.✏️Contact
God & Spiritual Quotes Images 2.6
This Free App is amazing collection of the best ReligiousSpiritualGod Prayer Quotes Images and Beautiful Inner PeaceKindness SayingsPictures from various communities and Traditions.We have compiledBeautiful Pics with most amazing positive spiritualreligiousmessages and sayings. Few of the topics include:SpiritualityBuddha Positivity Kindness Peace Destiny Dream FaithGod BiblePrayers Meditation Bless etc. Each Quote brightens thepath towardsSpiritual Life Philosophy and A better, brighter path.You canshare these Quotes Images on all social media websites suchasFacebook Twitter Linkedin Tumblr and instagram etc in justsingleTap. You can also email, or download and save to yourmobiledevice, share via BlueTooth or share these picture quotes onalltype of chat messages including WhatsApp SnapChat etc. Entertheamazing world of spirituality and meditation. Inner peace isjustfew tap away.
English Idioms & Phrases 1.2.1
MNG Mobile
Every language has its own collection of wise sayings. Theyofferadvice about how to live and also transfer some underlyingideas,principles and values of a given culture / society. Thesesayingsare called "idioms" - or proverbs if they are longer.Thesecombinations of words have (rarely complete sentences)a"figurative meaning" meaning, they basically work with"pictures".This List of commonly used idioms and sayings (ineverydayconversational English), can help to speak English bylearningEnglish idiomatic expressions. This app will help you learnIdiomsand Phrases in English very easily and effectively. Wehaveessential English Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Proverbs AndSlangscollected and refined from many Features: • Idioms arearrange bycategories and A-Z (over 9000 idioms) • One idiom haveexplanationand useful example • English proverbs with their meaning• MostCommon Phrasal Verbs • American Slangs - Bookmark yourfavouriteentries • Fully functional in offline mode
Proverbs and Sayings 2.0
Proverbs are the lamps to words and good sayings are likepearlsstrung together. So make your language more polished withgoodsayings. A saying is a short, clever expression thatusuallycontains advice or expresses some obvious truth. Thesesayings arecalled "proverbs". Proverbs are wise sayings in alanguage based onthe practical experiences of different kinds. Theycan mostly beused independently to explain a situation in very fewwords. Thisapp contains the collection of inspirational, wise, andhumorousproverbs and sayings with meanings. - Alphabetic andcategory wiseproverbs. - Easy sharing. - Easy searching. - You canlist out yourfavorite proverbs. - You can add/edit your proverb.
Gujarati Quotes, Status & Sayings Editor - 2018 8.0
Gujarati Quotes, Status, Shayari & Sayings Editor - 2018Quotes,Status & Sayings Editor - 2018 Is Completely Offlineand FREEapp with latest collection of best statuses and quotes forsettingas your status.You can Also Edit Your Photo With BestQuotes andSave Photo In your Gallary. You can Also ChangeBackground Of Photo,Font colour & Edit Your Photo. GujaratiQuotes, Status, Shayari& Sayings Editor - 2018 applicationcontain best and LatestQuotes, Status, Shayari and Messages inGujarati Language. It hashuge collection of statuses for alloccasions for quick updatestatus in social sites and for any chatapplication etc. In thisgreat Status application have each andcollection of status likeFunny status, Love status, New Yearstatus, Sad status, Nice status,Mother statuses, Father status,Clever status, Life status,Friendship status,attitude status andmany more status are overthere. Read, share and save over 11,000+quotes by famous people,sayings and status in over Variouscategories for free. Setting agood status receives an increase inlikes on your wall posts andreading inspirational quotes on aregular basis can help a personbecome more successful, and lead ahappier, more fulfilling life. Ifyou are looking for a nice,inspiring and amazing collection ofquotes, sayings and status,your search ends here! You can choosefrom thousands of greatquotes. in Quotes, Status & Sayings appyou can also take photofrom your gallary and edit in photo withbest quotes and status andshare it in various social media.Gujarati Quotes & Status AppCategories are : ✔ Life ChangeQuotes, Status & Sayings ✔Happiness Quotes, Status &Sayings ✔ Relationship Quotes,Status & Sayings ✔ Life LessonsQuotes, Status & Sayings ✔Success Quotes, Status & Sayings✔ True Friends Quotes, Status& Sayings ✔ Respect Quotes, Status& Sayings ✔ AttitudeQuotes, Status & Sayings ✔ Love Quotes,Status & Sayings ✔Motivational Quotes, Status & Sayings ✔Royal Gujarati Quotes& Status ✔ New Gujarati Shayari Quotes& Status ✔ GujaratiQuotes & Status2018 ✔ Gujarati Suvichar✔ Best Attitude Quotes& Status ✔ Friendship Quotes & Statusin Gujrati ✔Motivational Quotes & Status ✔ Funny Quotes &Status ✔Romantic Gujarati Quotes & Status ✔ Gujarati Sad Quotes&Status Amazing Status", "Angry Status", "AnniversaryStatus","Attitude Status", "Birthday Status", "Break up Status","BrokenHeart Status", "Clever Status", "Crazy Status", "EmotionalStatus","Engagement Status", "Exam Status", "Flirt Status", "FoodStatus","Friendship Status", "Good Luck Status", "Good MorningStatus","Good Night Status", "Hello Status", "Kiss Status", "LifeStatus","Like If Status", "Love Status", "Man's Status", "MissingYouStatus", "Motivational Status", "Nice Status","Relationshipsstatus", "Rude Status", "Sad Status", "SchoolStatus", "SelfishStatus", "Sweet Status", "Unique Status", "WiseStatus", "Women'sStatus", "Best Status", "Dirty Status", "FunnyStatus", "New LatestStatus", "Romantic Status", "Sorry Status","Valentine Status","Wife Status", "Hilarious Status", "FacebookStatus", "WeddingStatus", "I Love You Status", " "Fathers DayStatus", "MusicStatus", "Girls and Boys Status", "Good Status","Truth Status","Holi Status", "Insult Status", "Islam Status","Kiss Status","Mothers Day Status", "Sister Status", "TeacherStatus", "ThankingYou Status", "Other Status... Gujarati Quotes,Status, Shayari& Sayings Editor - 2018 App Features :- ★ Allquotes, statusesand sayings are free ★ You can copy quotes,statusand sayings onyour clipboard ★ You can Also Edit Your Photo WithBest Quotes andSave Photo In your Gallary ★ You can Also ChangeBackground OfPhoto, Font colour & Edit Your Photo ★ CompletelyFree todownload app. ★ Works offline and has status quotes foralloccasions. ★ You can share quotes,status and saying viaWhatsApp,Messenger, Facebook, E-mail, or other chat apps
Sad Love Quotes & Broken Heart Sayings with Images 2.1
A sad love quotes and Sayings collection for your heart!☆☆☆Categories of Quotes in this Sad Love Quotes App ☆☆☆ ♥ SadCrushquotes ♥ Loneliness Quotes ♥ The Broken Heart Quotes ♥ I’mSorryQuotes and more: ♥ Quotes About Love ♥ Funny Love Quotes ♥CuteLove quotes ♥ Crush Quotes ♥ Cute Crush Quotes ♥ SecretCrushQuotes ♥ Romantic Quotes ♥ Truth Quotes ♥ I Like You Quotes ♥SweetI Love You Quotes ♥ I Need You Quotes ♥ I Miss you quotes ♥ IWantYou Quotes ♥ I Love My Husband Quotes ♥ Thinking Of You Quotes♥First Love Quotes ♥ Breakup Quotes ♥ Jealousy Quotes ♥ LoveHurtQuotes ♥ Falling In Love Quotes ♥ Cute Couple Quotes ♥ SweetAndUnique Love Quotes For Him ♥ Unique Cute Boyfriend Quotes ♥SingleQuotes ♥ Cute Relationship Quotes ♥ Long DistanceRelationshipQuotes ♥ My Love For You Quotes ♥ Amazing Love Quotes ♥PerfectLove Quotes ♥ Marriage Quotes ♥ Heartfelt Quotes ♥ My ManQuotes ♥Love Of My Life Quotes ♥ Unexpected Love Quotes ♥ HiddenLoveQuotes ♥ Kiss Quotes ♥ Hug Quotes ♥ Heart Touching Quotes ♥Love AtFirst Sight Quotes ♥ Family Love Quotes ♥ Inspirational LoveQuotes♥ Funny Flirty Quotes Sad Love Quotes and Sayings is aniceapplication. Get a sample of free Sad Love Quotes and enjoyittoday! Thank you! Disclaimer: In case if any of thesequotesviolated your copyright/ IP right to remove the discrepancy.pleasesend us an e-mail. We will respond this at earliest. - LifeHackStudio - TAG: Sad Love Sayings and Quotes, sad quotes aboutpain,Love And Pain Sayings, Love And Pain Quotes, Broken HeartQuotes,Heartbroken Sayings, Heart Touching Broken Heart Quotes, sadbrokenheart Status, Best Sad Whatsapp Status, Heart BrokenWhatsappStatus, sad status english, heart touching status forwhatsapp, sadstatus about love, heart touching status lines,whatsapp statusabout love, whatsapp status broken trust
Family Quotes Images Full Pack 2.5
The collection of best family quotes images beautifulsayingsPictures and inspirational, wise and funny quotations onfamiliesand family life. It is important to love your family. Inthe quotessaying and proverbs compilation of DRPU app you will findstrongfamily quotes to help express your deepest sentiments forsome ofyour closest and most beloved people in this world. Some oftheCategories of Topics include: * Lessons learnt from Family*Inspirational and motivational * Wise funny sad and humorousoldFamily quotes * Family sayings and motivations * Missing FamilyandFamily members * Family proverbs etc * Family QuotesPicturesQuotes have been compiled with most of the familyrelationshipssuch as: * Parent Grandparent Children &Grandchildren *Husband Wife * Siblings Brother Sister *Grand-father Grand-motherFather Mother * Kids child Dad Mom You canshare these Quotesphotos images and Inspirational pictures on anysocial mediawebsite such as Facebook Tumblr Pinterest Twitter andinstagrametc. you can also share it on whatsApp and Bluetooth etcor you canjust save these images to your mobile phone.
All English Idioms & Phrases 1.0
SmartDev team
This is very useful app for learning Idioms, Slangs, PhrasesandProverbs in English. It has over 10000 idioms, slangs, phrasesandproverbs.*******************************************************FEATURE:ThisEnglishIdioms and Phrases application has following features:-Freeapplication and offline.- Beautiful design & clearuserinterface- English idioms with over 1000 idioms by categories--The most common idioms are collected.- English idiom librarywithover 8000 idioms by alphabet.Alphabetical index makes it EASYTOFIND phrasal verb for any word in English Idioms- AmericanSlangs:most used American Slangs in everyday conversationalwithmeanings-English Proverbs with meaning: Collection ofinspirationalwise and humorous proverbs and sayings withmeanings-Most commonPhrasal verbs: collection of most commonphrasal verbs withmeaning, example- Search idiom easily andquickly.- Create andorganize your own LIST OF FAVORITE idiom- Copyphrasal verbs toclipboard- Share your phrasal verbs with friend toSocial Network-Idioms Quiz and Verbs Quiz with many questions forpracticing******************************************************************KEYWORDS:englishidiom, idiom, slang, verb
Tamil Proverbs தமிழ் பழமொழிகள் 2.4
* Daily a proverb makes you to be an ideal person of the society!*Because Tamil Proverbs are the short form of popularsayings,usually of unknown and an ancient origin. * We intend tospreadthese useful thoughts i.e. Tamil Proverbs to enhance thevalue ofhumanity and to widen the significance of tamil language. *In ourapp, notably you can share the tamil proverbs in tamilversion toother social media networks like Google +, WhatsAppMessenger &Facebook. The special aspects of our app: * Morethan 1500 preciousproverbs. * Proverbs on variety of categories *Tamil proverbs withtheir relevant English meaning. * Easy to shareit in any othersocial media networks in tamil version.
Fun Photo Camera 4.4
Make your halloween pictures unforgettable! With Fun PhotoCamera,you can create amazing photo montages with your favoritephotos.Any picture will be perfect for such a great moment!Createbeautiful and funny pictures with multiple templates:animals,costumes, handsome and atractive guys, tuxedos, etc Take aphotowhile you see the frame, so the picture comes out perfect.Send thephoto to your friends and family from within theapplicationthrough email, Facebook, Flickr, Whatsapp, Line,Twitter, Picasa,Skype, Instagram, etc. You can also set the pictureas wallpaper onyour phone. With "Fun Photo Camera“, you can: ★Select a photo fromthe gallery or take photos using the phone'scamera. ★ Wide rangeof styles and different templates for anypicture. ★ Scale, zoomand move your gallery picture for a perfectfit within thetemplate. ★ Crop the picture to have a better fit. ★Add stickersand custom text. ★ Apply amazing image effects to yourpictures:boost, brightness, color, contrast, emboss, engrave,flea,gaussian, gamma, grayscale, sharpen, sepia, hue, invert,saturationand many others. ★ Navigate through your image gallery. ★HDquality templates with vivid colors. ★ Share your creationsviaWhatsApp, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Instagram, Skypeandother social networks. ★ No internet connection needed.
Marathi Mhani 1.16
Urva Apps
In this Marathi Mhani app there are different types of"mhani"/"phrase" use in daily life according to the conditions.Also youcan enjoy by sharing any "phrase" through social siteslikeFacebook, twitter and many more. - Marathi Mhani - AdhunikMhani -Ahirani Mhani - Malvani Mhani - Other Mhani
com.smartwikioftf 1.0.32
⚡⚡⚡VIETNAMESE PROVERBS⚡⚡⚡ ✨ Interpret full meaning,convenientlookup✨ Proverbs is the complete statement, summarizingtheexperience of the people on natural and productive labor, humanandsocial. In favor of wisdom proverbs should generally be simileis"folk wisdom". Mind that it is very rich but also very diversetobe expressed in words, brief, concise, easy to remember, richinimage and rhythm. Proverbs can be considered folk literaturesaysit is often applied in people's daily life, communicationandsocial community or narrower as the voice and dining advice.Orthere is the fact that in everyday life, he / she or manipulatethefolk sayings in the saying - story to similes, hinted, this isthesecurity context if you do not fully understand the...Applications that will help you look up the folk proverbsandexplain fully. In addition, we added the proverb, poem,guillotinemanual wind: D of the young or used to enrich thetreasure of yourknowledge. Hopefully with this app, you betterunderstand thecountry folk.
Proverbes 6.1
LoliApps Team
Les beaux proverbes : Une application gratuite qui contientuneliste des meilleures proverbes classées par catégorie.Retrouvezles plus beaux proverbes et dictons à méditer surdifférents thèmestels que : l’amour, l’amitié, la vie, le bonheur,la patience,famille, etc.. L’application vous permet de lire etpartager desphrases ainsi que des expressions contenant une moraleou unevérité d’expérience plein de sagesse que l’on juge utilederappeler. Vous trouverez également dans l’applicationlescatégories : - Proverbes populaires. - Proverbes africains.-Proverbes français, chinois et japonais. Nous espérons quevousapprécierez notre application et attendons impatiemmentvoscommentaires. Beautiful proverbs: A free application thatcontainsa list of the best sayings categorized. Find the mostbeautifulproverbs and sayings to meditate on different themes suchas love,friendship, life, happiness, patience, family, etc ..Theapplication lets you read and share phrases andexpressionscontaining a moral or experience full of wisdom truththat we judgeuseful to recall. Also included in the applicationcategories: -Popular Proverbs. - African Proverbs. - ProverbsFrench, Chineseand Japanese. We hope you enjoy our application andlook forward toyour comments.
Full English Idioms & Phrases With Examples 1.0
Full English Idioms & Phrases with Tests has been updatedmorethan 20,000 English Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs. Hence, itwouldhelp you to search and learn English easily and effectively.Youcan find: - Popular Idioms in English - Idioms Dictionary-Favorite English Idioms - English proverbs and their meanings-Most Common Phrasal Verbs - America slang words and phrases-English Idioms with sentences - English Idioms with examples-English Idioms with pictures - English Idioms with meaning-Quizzes of Idioms, Tests of Idioms - Quizzes of PhrasalVerbs,Tests of Phrases Features: -  Search by keyword orfullphrase.  - View multiple example sentences to see how anidiomis used in everyday speech - View your favorite idiomsTags:English Idioms, Phrases, Slang, Quizzes, Tests, Sentences,Examples
Love sayings 7
Love sayings This application contains Love sayings pic. Statuspic& Love sayings images The application very fantasticandbeautiful . simple and easy to use . enjoy It ---- Featuresquotesapp --- * Offline access to lots of love sayings backgrounds* Youcan set any love sayings image as wallpaper * You can savelovesayings image on SD card * You can share your love sayingsimage onall social media websites. love sayings love saying for herlovesayings for wife love sayings to your boyfriend love sayingsimageslove saying quotes love saying for my wife love sayingwallpaper
O'zbek Hikmatlar 1.1
O'zbek HikmatlarУзбекские пословицы и поговоркиO'zbekHikmatlarUzbekproverbs
I Miss You Image Quotes 2.5
The Free android App of best “I miss you” Missing You QuotesandSayings of all nature and emotions. All quotes images andPicturesof our, I miss you messages and sayings collection, havebeencarefully selected for quality of content and beauty anduniquenessof post on any platform. Our Missing You quotescollection includesfollowing emotions and situations categories: *Romantic Happy andRomantic Sad * Long distance relationships *After break up regretfeelings * Recovering and learnt to move onafter break up *Sadness loneliness and sorrow * Husband and Wife *Girlfriend andBoyfriend * Feeling cheated * Anger and unhappiness *Pain Regretsand alone * Heartbreak Woe * Sleep time Missing youmessage Ideafor SMS Text messages * Random I muss you PictureQuotes Messagesfor him and For her * Missing you messages to sayGood night * Cutefunny and Sweet I miss you messages for beloved *New Love justbegan and couples into relationship recently You canshare theseQuotes images as Photo on any social media such asFacebook TumblrTwitter and instagram etc in just single tap. Youcan also sharethese amazing Picture Quotes on all type of chatmessengerapplications such as WhatsApp Snapchat and Viber etc.Besides this,App allows you to Save download to mobile devicememory, memorycard memory as well as share these via Bluetooth.Start expressingyour feelings. Awesomeness it just few Taps away!
Angry Insult Rude Crazy Status 2.9
Free collection of Angry Insult Rude Crazy Status short QuotesandSayings for sharing on WhatsApp Facebook Twitter instagramandsnapchat etc. I you want to express your anger from Whatsapporsocial media Status, we have complied a huge collection ofsuchcool statuses for you. Quotes have been basically collectedonCategories including: * Attitude Status for girls and boys *StyleStatus * Cool proverbs & sayings * Crazy Status and Quotes*Annoying Messages and statuses * Anger Status * Hate & Karma*Advice about anger and life * Rude status and comeback messages*Insult & Idiot Quotes * Facebook Messages * Short Quotesandoneliners * Breakup * Broken Heart * Cheating * Clever *Dirty& Double Meaning * Flirt & Naughty * Sad &Loneliness *Relationship & Tears It just takes a single tap andyou canpost these quotes to any social media website or chat clientsuchas whatsapp snapchat hike as image or text status as peryourchoice. You can also copy paste these status and quotes ordownloadas image to your mobile phone memory or SD Card of yourcell phone.Go ahead, awesomeness is just few steps away.
The Scary Messenger-Prank Game 7
*** This application is scary and is not recommended forchildrenunder 14 years ****** NEW UPDATE 2018 ***>>>Congratulations!! Following the requests of our usersnow you cancreate your own personalized messages :-)See ourpromotional videoto better understand how it works Messenger is a joke game touse with your phone or tablet.Its operation is very simple.Are youready to have fun?1.- Start byselecting the language in which youwant the message to arrive.2.Choose a monster to scare yourfriend.3.- You will receive a falseWhatsApp message on your phoneor tablet.4.- Deliver your phone toyour friend and tell him thatyou have received a very importantmessage and have to read it.5.-As long as your friend is readingthe message, the zombie you havechosen will suddenly appear, themonster will make a big screamwhile the device is vibrating.Whowill scream more, the monster oryour friend? :)In the firstversion you can choose between 4different types of fright (betweenzombies and monsters), the firstzombie comes unlocked to be ableto use it from the outset, the restof monsters can unlock them byplaying Scary Dots.Scary Dots is avideo game that comes embedded.It has 100 levels of difficulty andits operation is very simple.You must shoot the small balls towardsthe central circle tryingnot to rub some balls with others. If youget all the balls in thecenter circle you will advance to the nextlevel.Each time you over25 levels will unlock a new Zombie in yourScary app that you canuse whenever you want to scare yourfriends.PLAY OFFLINE: Nointernet necesaryThis is a free game andcontains ads, if you needmore information visit oursites.Facebook:
Love Quotes and Sayings 4.6.2
Love Quotes and Sayings you can identify yourself with;)Acollectionof beautiful quotes to think about your significantother and beinspired and touched by the power of love.
English Idioms and Phrases 1.3
Open Mind Box
FREE!!!!English idioms, phrases, expressions, sayings and wordswithphrases along with their meanings. Learn idioms and phraseshelp youimprove English sentences for your conversationsIdioms isa phrasewherein the words when used together, have a meaningdifferent fromthe dictionary definitions of individual words. Thegroup of wordsin idiomatic expressions do not mean what theyappear to mean. Thisenglish grammar book app lists the Englishidioms and Phrases,idiomatic expression, proverbs and sayings withtheir meaning andexamples.Phrasal verbs are verbs, not idiomaticcuriosities. Thereis no logic to classifying take over with takethe bull by thehorns. Phrasal verbs are an essential part ofspoken and writtenEnglish at all levels, and no student who hopesto master thelanguage can afford to overlook them.Example:Idiom :Apple of one'seye > Meaning : FavoriteLearn some great phrases& vocabularyfrom this idioms and phrases app to improve yourfluency duringpublic speaking. These phrases can also be the bestconversationstarters.App Highlight & Features:+ English IdiomsDictionary+English Phrasal verb Dictionary+ Phrasal Verb Quizzes+SPECIALLY, Weadded Dictionary support you in translating for 26common languagesincludes: - English- Spanish - Arabic- Chinese-Czech- Danish-Dutch- Finnish- French- German- Greek- Hindi-Hungarian- Indonesian-Italian- Japanese- Korean- Norwegian-Polish- Portuguese- Romanian-Russian- Swedish- Swahili- Turkish-Esperanto- VietnameseIdioms& phrasal verbs in phrases andsayings are an ultimate challengefor language learners and sorequires advanced explanations. Wordswith phrases in this apphelps you improve your English proficiency.It's easy composition,illustrations in use and vocabulary areperfectly suitable forEnglish grammar practice for kids, homeworkas well as for spokenEnglish.
Wise Quotes 4.0.0
Nerd Pig
Find inspirational wise quotes, learn from it and share toyourfriends. This is app contains tons of great famous wise quotesfromgreat people like Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, etc.Thesearewisdom saying that teach you about life, success,family,friendship, love, etc. This is not only for yourself, youcan sharethem to your friends easily by clicking share button. ThisApp iseasy to use and have a clean user interface. Right now wehave morethan 300 wise quotes but they will be more because we willupdateit timely. You can switch between 2 views (summary view andsinglequote view). Summary view shows multiple quotes in list.Singlequote view shows only 1 quote in a screen. So you can choosewhichview to see freely. Since there are many wise quotes, youcansearch them easily with the search functionality. You can alsosaveyour favorite quotes easily and then you can read it later. Letmesummarize all great features: - At the beginning, we have morethan300 wisdom quotes but we will add more and more on timelybasis. -Clean user interface - 2 Views mode : You can select toview inlist or single view easily by clicking 1 button. -Searchfunctionality - Save quotes as favorites - Share quotes toyourfriend via social media and email - Great support &continuousimprovement. We are welcome to all of your feedback.Please feelfree to let me know your thought or any issue you see.We will workon that as soon as possible. You can email to or just go to website
com.jlin.funphrases 1.36
JL Soft
How many proverbs and idioms you have learned and memorized justbyreading them boringly until you are knocked out? Play EnglishGuessthe Phrase, a classic Hangman game that will broaden yourknowledgein proverbs and idioms in a fun way! More knowledge withEnglishphrases will help a lot for you to understand onEnglishliterature/movies you read/watch! =) ☆Feature Highlights☆ -Meaningprovided on all phrases for your hint on guessing and foryou tounderstand English better! - Proverbs and Idioms categorythatcontains more than 1500 phrases to guess. - Idioms category hasanadditional feature that will provide an example of the idiom useinnormal sentence after solving the puzzle. - Perfect way to passthetime while gaining your proverbs/idioms knowledge. -Difficultysettings provided to adjust the number of retries and tomatch withyour playing style. - Google Achievements to challengeyou more!You can click the achievement icon from the main screen tosee yourachievements. - You can also check your game progress byclickingthe "Stats" button from Options screen to see if you arenearingthe achievement's requirements. Download English Guess thePhrasefor free and sharpen your phrases knowledge now!